SAP ABAP Data Element - Index I, page 22
Data Element - I
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 INS_CNT_64 Number of INSERT attempts ABAP_MSIZE DEC 
2 INS_EURO IS-M/AM: Advertiser for currency conversion GPNR CHAR 
3 INS_FAIL_64 Number of Failed INSERT Attempts ABAP_MSIZE DEC 
4 INS_NAME IS-M: Advertiser name TEXT30 CHAR 
5 INS_TOTAL_KK Open amount of installment plan at BAPI interface BAPICURR DEC 
6 INS_UP_DEL Insert/Update/Delete INS_UP_DEL CHAR 
7 INS_ZMGRP_TXT Additional Dunning Grouping Field INS_ZMGRP_TXT CHAR 
8 INT1 Dummy for B20 int1 (Local Everywhere) INT1 INT1 
9 INT1_DATA Data for the Call of "SAPOSCOL" with RFC INT1 INT1 
10 INT2 2 byte integer (signed) INT2 INT2 
11 INT2_DATA Data for the Call of "SAPOSCOL" with RFC INT2 INT2 
12 INT3 3-Character Integer Field TRV03 NUMC 
13 INT4 Natural number INT4 INT4 
14 INT4_DATA Data for tables to call "SAPOSCOL" SYST_LONG INT4 
15 INTAB Lower Range Limit for Current Date DATUM DATS 
16 INTACCNT_VK Sequential Number for Multiple Activities NUM02 NUMC 
18 INTACTFB_VK Function Module for Activity FUNCNAME CHAR 
19 INTACTFR_VK Application Form for Correspondence FORMKEY CHAR 
20 INTACTYP_VK Activity Category for Ins. Objects. w. Acct. Bal. Int. Calc. INTACTYP_VK CHAR 
21 INTAD Internet address of partner company clerk TXT130 CHAR 
22 INTAG_EB Interpretation algorithm INTAG_EB NUMC 
23 INTAK Type of node hierarchy CHAR1 CHAR 
24 INTALL_KK Complete Interest Refund XFELD CHAR 
25 INTANPDAT Last Internet Adjustment   DATS 
26 INTANPNUM Counter for Internet Adjustments   NUMC 
27 INTAS Imp.proced.ctrl INTRASTAT for declarations to authorities FT XFELD CHAR 
28 INTBASE Internal Name for Database CHAR1 CHAR 
29 INTBI Current Date Range Upper Limit DATUM DATS 
30 INTBL Internal Document Number for the FI Interface BELNR CHAR 
32 INTBR Internal Statistical Key -PSG- INTBR CHAR 
33 INTBT Interest Amount BETRG CURR 
34 INTBUDAT Posting date of invoicing reversal DATUM DATS 
35 INTBU_KK Reason for Automatic Creation of Posting INTBU_KK CHAR 
36 INTBX Table index for internal use SYST_LONG INT4 
37 INTCA Country ISO code INTCA CHAR 
38 INTCA3 ISO country code 3 char INTCA3 CHAR 
39 INTCA_005Z Country ISO code INTCA CHAR 
40 INTCD_EBBE Internal identification of account number CHAR10 CHAR 
41 INTCN Intrastat Code NUM03 NUMC 
42 INTCN3 ISO Country Code Numeric 3-Characters NUM03 NUMC 
44 INTCNTRCAT Cat. of Enhanced Interval Procedure INTCNTRCAT CHAR 
45 INTCNTRCATTEXT Text for Category of Enhanced Interval Procedure TEXT40 CHAR 
46 INTCNTRTYPE Type of Enhanced Interval Procedure INTCNTRTYPE CHAR 
47 INTCNTRTYPETEXT Text for Type of Enhanced Interval Procedure TEXT40 CHAR 
48 INTCODE Service Category SERVCD CHAR 
49 INTCOM Indicator for call context INTCOM CHAR 
50 INTCOMMIT Number of internal commits since connect   CHAR 
51 INTCOMPEL Elimination of Internal Business Volume XFELD CHAR 
52 INTCO_BR_KK Internal Code for Boleto Processing INTCO_BR_KK CHAR 
53 INTCPUDT Date on which invoicing reversal was entered DATUM DATS 
54 INTCR_KK Interest Credit Memo for Installment Plan Deactivation INTCR_KK CHAR 
55 INTCS MD: Control table: collective display initialized CHAR1 CHAR 
56 INTD Interface name in literal table SYNUM10 NUMC 
57 INTDAYS Number of interest-relevant days ANZ INT4 
58 INTDECIM Number of decimal places in the field NTABSHORT RAW 
60 INTDROLL Number of rollbacks due to deadlocks since connect   CHAR 
61 INTDT_F02D Key date of the last interest calculation CHAR10 CHAR 
62 INTEB Internal code for level INTEBENE NUMC 
63 INTEGER Whole Number with +/- Sign (-2.147.483.648 .. 2.147.483.647) INTEGER INT4 
64 INTEGER1 Integer 1 INT1 INT1 
65 INTEGER2 Integer 2 INT2 INT2 
66 INTEGER3 Proxy Data Element (generated)   INT4 
67 INTEGER4 Integer 4   INT4 
68 INTEGER64 64-bit integer replacement   DEC 
69 INTEGER_VALUE Proxy Data Element (Generated)   INT4 
70 INTEGRATED_INVOICE_KK Activate Invoicing Functions XFELD CHAR 
71 INTEGRATION_NEEDED_SOCM Flag: Integration with Change Management Required XFELD CHAR 
72 INTEG_CO Type of integration between G/L accounts and cost elements INTEG_CO CHAR 
73 INTEL Maintenance Planner Group Telephone Number CHAR12 CHAR 
74 INTEN Highlighted Field CHAR1_X CHAR 
75 INTENS The field is displayed as highlighted F_MODUS CHAR 
76 INTENSI Intensive color display required XFELD CHAR 
77 INTENSIFIED Characteristic intensified (list output) XFELD CHAR 
78 INTEN_KZ IS-H: Intensive Care XFELD CHAR 
79 INTER International address version ID NATION CHAR 
80 INTERACT_USERS_ALV Number of Interactive Users CHAR4 CHAR 
81 INTEREA0 Interest A0   CHAR 
82 INTERESTTYPE_CA FI-CA Indicator for Installment Plan Interest INTERESTTYPE_CA CHAR 
83 INTEREST_ITAGCY Surcharges for Late Payment WRTV7 CURR 
84 INTEREST_KK Interest amount (part of an annuity) WRTV7 CURR 
86 INTERFACE Name of Sample Function Module FUNCNAME CHAR 
87 INTERFACEREF_DESCR Description for dmd objects   SSTR 
88 INTERFACE_ELEMENT_IDCONTENT Proxy Datenelement (generiert)   CHAR 
89 INTERFFLAG Indicator for Package Interface FLAG CHAR 
90 INTERFLDNM Intermediate work area CHAR70 CHAR 
91 INTERMACC Interim Account SAKNR CHAR 
92 INTERMEDIATE_CODE2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
93 INTERMEDIATE_COMPRESSED_PART2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
94 INTERMEDIATE_COMPRESSED_PART3 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
95 INTERMEDIATE_COMPRESSED_PART4 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
96 INTERMEDIATE_COMPRESSED_PART6 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
97 INTERMEDIATE_COMPRESSED_PART7 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
98 INTERMEDIATE_COMPRESSED_PART8 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
99 INTERMEDIATE_TAX_CODE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
100 INTERMEDIATE_TAX_CODE1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
101 INTERMEDIATE_TAX_CODE3 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
102 INTERMEDIATE_TAX_CODE4 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
103 INTERMEDIATE_TAX_CODE5 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
104 INTERMEDIATE_TAX_CODE_STRUCT1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
105 INTERMEDIATE_TRIVIAL_COMMUTAT Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
106 INTERMEDIATE_WEEK_OR_MONTH_NU Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
107 INTERN Internal status INTERN CHAR 
108 INTERNAL_SYS_TYPE Internal System Type CHAR1 CHAR 
109 INTERNET Internet Release SYCHAR132 CHAR 
110 INTERPAUTO Interpolate meter reading result automatically INTERPAUTO CHAR 
111 INTERPMAN Indicator: interpolate meter reading manually INTERPMAN CHAR 
112 INTERRUPTS_HOUR_ALV Interrupts /hour   INT4 
113 INTERV Interval Length for Leave Entitlement INTERV NUMC 
114 INTERVALID ID of Offer Interval   INT4 
115 INTERVAL_BOUNDARY_TYPE_CODE Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
117 INTERVUPLPER MROC interval for upload of periodic results ANZTA NUMC 
118 INTERV_TOL Interval number for tolerance limits INTERV_TOL NUMC 
119 INTER_KK Subject To Interest Calculation (Additional Receivables) XFELD CHAR 
120 INTEV Internal business event CHAR1 CHAR 
121 INTEX Indicator for internal/external bus.event costs transferred CHAR1 CHAR 
122 INTEXT Output field: internal or external business event TEXT10 CHAR 
123 INTFD Connection to third-party payroll: Interface field CHAR254 CHAR 
124 INTFDECL Reference to interface declaration SYNUM05 NUMC 
125 INTFD_KK Date Limit   NUMC 
126 INTFIRST_KK Calculation of Interest before Charges in Dunning Program XFELD CHAR 
127 INTFPREFX Prefix for Package Interfaces (Suggested Value)   CHAR 
128 INTFROMESTIRES Also Derive from Estimated MR Results KENNZX CHAR 
129 INTFROMMIO Lower Limit of Interval, Move-In/Move-Out INTERVAL NUMC 
130 INTFROMREG Lower Limit of Interval, Regular INTERVAL NUMC 
131 INTFR_EBBE Change external transaction - accounts from one company code XFELD CHAR 
132 INTF_STATUS Interface table status INTF_STATUS CHAR 
133 INTF_XFELD Insert ID for interface table XFELD CHAR 
134 INTGR Increment for cash position and liquidity forecast NUMC2 NUMC 
135 INTHI_KK Upper Interval Limit CHAR20 CHAR 
136 INTHI_OK Upper limit of interval CHAR20 CHAR 
137 INTILEN Length of INTI area SYNUM05 NUMC 
138 INTIM Processing Time OC Workbench UZEIT TIMS 
139 INTINAME Name of ID for OO table INTI SYNUM05 NUMC 
140 INTIRUDI Start of INTI area for a class SYNUM10 NUMC 
141 INTKA Interpretation of the planning calendar events INTKA CHAR 
142 INTKLART Internal class type XFELD CHAR 
143 INTKY Internal Key for Family Attribute CHAR1 CHAR 
144 INTLEN Internal Length in Bytes DDLENG NUMC 
145 INTLENGTH_MSIM Time Period for Update to Business Warehouse INTLENGTH_MSIM CHAR 
146 INTLEN_COM Total length of compound characteristic NUMC6 NUMC 
147 INTLFNGNR IS-M: Internal Assignment Number for Deliveries NUMC8 NUMC 
148 INTLO_KK Lower Interval Limit CHAR20 CHAR 
149 INTLO_UK Lower limit of interval CHAR20 CHAR 
150 INTMA_KK Minimum Interest Amount LIMIT_KK CURR 
151 INTMN To Be Used in Termination INTMN CHAR 
152 INTNA Name of file layout CHAR8 CHAR 
153 INTNAME Interface name SYNUM05 NUMC 
154 INTNK IS-H: Number Range for Internal Number Assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
155 INTNOR_SC Unrounded Interest Amount WRTV7 CURR 
156 INTNOR_VK Unrounded Interest Amount WRTV7 CURR 
157 INTNR Interval for Limits INTNR CHAR 
158 INTNRBW_KK Number of Interval within Variant (BW Extraction) NUMC07 NUMC 
159 INTNR_BNKA Internal bank key NUMC10 NUMC 
160 INTNR_I_KK Interval Number CHAR10 CHAR 
161 INTNR_KK Number of interval within variant INT4 INT4 
162 INTNU Connection to third-party payroll: Field number NUM5 NUMC 
163 INTNUMBER Flag: Internal Number Assignment XFELD CHAR 
164 INTOPBEL Number of Print Document Used to Reverse Document E_PRINTDOC CHAR 
165 INTOT Total input amount PMCURR CURR 
166 INTPART_KK Partial Interest Credit Memo XFELD CHAR 
167 INTPEROFF_DI FS-CD: Interest Calculation Base Days CHAR4 CHAR 
168 INTPEROFF_MD FS-CD: Interest Calculation Base Days INTPEROFF_MD CHAR 
169 INTPEROFF_SC Base Days for Balance Interest Calculation INTPEROFF_SC CHAR 
170 INTPER_DI FS-CD: Interest Calculation Base Period CHAR1 CHAR 
171 INTPER_MD FS-CD: Interest Calculation Base Period INTPER_MD CHAR 
172 INTPER_MD_T Interest Calculation Base Period CHAR1 CHAR 
173 INTPER_SC Base Period for Balance Interest Calculation INTPER_SC CHAR 
174 INTPOINT Internal pointer INTPOINT DEC 
175 INTPOS Item Number of the SD Document POSNR NUMC 
176 INTPREIS_X Display internal sales CHAR1_X CHAR 
177 INTPRF Internal cert. period is longer than calibration validity KENNZX CHAR 
178 INTR Intra material TEXT25 CHAR 
179 INTRA Relevant to Intrastat (declarations re foreign trade stats.) XFELD CHAR 
180 INTRACOMP_FPM Intracompany Payment XFELD CHAR 
181 INTRADAY_EN Intraday processing flag CHAR1 CHAR 
182 INTRANSIT SED: ID for export in transit INTRANSIT CHAR 
183 INTRATE Interest Rate INTRATE DEC 
184 INTRA_FI_NUMBER Italy - Number of Financial Accounting Document CHAR15 CHAR 
185 INTRA_PAYMENT_CODE Italy - Payment Method for Services INTRA_PAYMENT_CODE CHAR 
187 INTRA_SUPPLY_CODE Italy - Type of Delivery with Services INTRA_SUPPLY_CODE CHAR 
188 INTRE Interest-Relevant Loan Wage Types   CHAR 
189 INTREBINDS Number of auto rebinds since connect   CHAR 
190 INTREF Internal Reference: Item Text TEXT50 CHAR 
191 INTRH Increment for memo record copy function NUMC2 NUMC 
192 INTRM Intra Material MATNR CHAR 
193 INTROLL Number of internal rollbacks since connect   CHAR 
194 INTROW Internal line number for limits NUMC10 NUMC 
195 INTROWSDEL Number of cascade deletes since connect   CHAR 
196 INTROWSUPD Number of set zero deletes since connect   CHAR 
197 INTROW_EKBE Line Number of Service INTROW NUMC 
198 INTRS Expected Incoming Interest Payment in Local Currency WRTV7 CURR 
199 INTRT_F02D Interest calculation frequency in months CHAR2 CHAR 
200 INTRV Cost element interval INTRV NUMC 
201 INTRVALL Days between meter reading order creation and sched. MR date INTRVALL NUMC 
202 INTRVALL3 Days between scheduled reading date and sched. billing date NUM3 NUMC 
203 INTR_LOCK_KK Interest Lock XFELD CHAR 
204 INTSAL Interest amount WERTV8 CURR 
205 INTSE Connection to third-party payroll: Interface sequence number NUM3 NUMC 
206 INTSF Highlighted INTSF CHAR 
207 INTSIZE Interval length INTSIZE NUMC 
209 INTSIZETEXT Interval length description TEXT30 CHAR 
210 INTSIZETYPE Interval length category INTSIZETYPE NUMC 
211 INTST_CA Indicator: Calculate Interest XFELD CHAR 
212 INTST_KK Interest Receivable from Collection Agency WRTV7 CURR 
213 INTSUMCATT_VK Description of Summarization for Balance Interest Calc. TXT50 CHAR 
214 INTSUMCAT_VK Summarization Category for Balance Interest Calculation ISUMCAT_VK CHAR 
215 INTSV Internal Key Identifier Benefits Payment CHAR2 CHAR 
216 INTSYS Source system of a consolidation route SYSNAME CHAR 
217 INTSYS_OLD Obsolete field (do not use anymore) SYSNAME CHAR 
218 INTTA Connection to third-party payroll: Interface table CHAR3 CHAR 
219 INTTAB_FLG Transfer Internal Table INT_TAB Directly via Interface X CHAR 
220 INTTEILN Internal number of attendees sorted CHAR1_X CHAR 
221 INTTME Time of last interest run SYTIME TIMS 
222 INTTOMIO Upper Limit of Interval, Move-In/Out INTERVAL NUMC 
223 INTTOREG Upper Limit of Interval, Regular INTERVAL NUMC 
224 INTTO_MD FS-CD: Date up to Which Interest Is Calculated DATS DATS 
225 INTTX Long text for field description CHAR30 CHAR 
226 INTTXT Text for internal category INTTXT CHAR 
227 INTTXT_KK Text for Interval Status (Table FKKDIPOTMP) TEXT50_KK CHAR 
228 INTTY Connection to third-party payroll: Interface type CHAR2 CHAR 
229 INTTYP Internal type name INTTYP CHAR 
230 INTTYPE ABAP data type (C,D,N,...) INTTYPE CHAR 
231 INTUMSATZ Internal sales sorted CHAR1_X CHAR 
232 INTUSE Is the field group allocated internally MKNFLAG CHAR 
233 INTVAL_CA Interval to Next Payment INTVAL_CA NUMC 
234 INTVK_KK Cash Desk/Cash Journal: Value Date Move on Card Payment INTVL_KK DEC 
235 INTVL Payment period interval DEC3 DEC 
236 INTVL_KK Cash Desk/Cash Journal: Value Date Move on Check Payment INTVL_KK DEC 
237 INTVO_VK Internal Key For Subtransaction FS-CD INTVO_VK CHAR 
238 INTV_DEVREPL Device replacement interval ANZTA NUMC 
239 INTV_INTERNET Interval for internet meter reading ANZTA NUMC 
240 INTV_PROP_MOVEIN Interval for determining default value for move-in ANZTA NUMC 
241 INTWORD_KK Selection Not Active   CHAR 
242 INTXMNO Internal transmission number CHAR20 CHAR 
243 INTXT Infotype Text TEXT35 CHAR 
244 INTYP Daily Work Schedule: Interval Type for an Employee INTYP CHAR 
245 INTYP_VK Information Category INTYP_VK CHAR 
246 INT_1 Int1 INT1 INT1 
247 INT_4 Four integer long data element INT4 INT4 
248 INT_5 Number field, 5 positions INDEX5 INT2 
249 INT_AMOUNT Interest Amount WRTV8 CURR 
250 INT_AUFROM Item Interest Calculation: Select Cleared Documents From DATUM DATS 
251 INT_BASAMT Base Amount of Interest Calculation in Interest Currency WRTV8 CURR 
252 INT_BASEDAYS FI Item Interest Calculation: Base Days DECV3_7 DEC 
253 INT_BEGIN Start of Interest Calculation in Respective Period DATUM DATS 
254 INT_CLEARED Item Interest Calc.: No Calc. of Interest for Cleared Items XFELD CHAR 
255 INT_CROSSREFNO IDE: internal cross reference number   CHAR 
256 INT_DOC_TYPE_KK Doc type for interest doc BLART_KK CHAR 
257 INT_DTM1 Internal date type CHAR2 CHAR 
258 INT_END FI Item Interest Calc.: End of Int. Calc. for Item/Int. Rate DATUM DATS 
259 INT_ENQ_SET_KK Interval Lock Set on Business Partner/Contract Account XFELD CHAR 
260 INT_FIRST_BEGIN First Day of Interest Calculation of Item DATUM DATS 
261 INT_FLAG Internal Jurisdiction Indicator XFELD CHAR 
262 INT_FORM Form Number for New Item Interest Calculation BELNR CHAR 
263 INT_FXDAT FI Interest Calc: Date for Determination of Fixed Amounts DATUM DATS 
264 INT_FX_CONVDATE Conversion Date for Fixed Amounts in Interest Calculation INT_FX_CONVDATE CHAR 
265 INT_GROUP FI Item Interest Calculation: Grouping for Posting and Form   CHAR 
266 INT_HEAD Item Interest Calculation: Also Evaluate Head office Accts XFELD CHAR 
267 INT_ID Object ID CHAR40 CHAR 
268 INT_INFLATION Calculate Interest on Bill of Exchange in Advance XFELD CHAR 
269 INT_MIGR Prepare Migration to New Interest Calculation XFELD CHAR 
270 INT_MR_BICO_FUT Future Interval for Control Reading ANZTA NUMC 
271 INT_MR_BICO_PAST Past Interval for Control Reading ANZTA NUMC 
272 INT_NR Interval number NUM4 NUMC 
276 INT_OFF_INST No integration for instructors CHAR1_X CHAR 
277 INT_OFF_PART No integration for attendees CHAR1_X CHAR 
278 INT_PAYDT Indicator: Also Calculate Interest for Clearing Day XFELD CHAR 
279 INT_POSTFIELD FI Item Interest Calculation: Transfer Content to Int. Pstg FDNAME CHAR 
280 INT_POSTREBZG FI Item Interest Calculation: Posting with Invoice Reference XFELD CHAR 
281 INT_POST_TO_VK Interest Posted to DATUM DATS 
282 INT_PRINT_INV Interval between invoicing printout and end of billing per. INTERVALL DEC 
283 INT_REASON_CA FI-CA: Dispute Internal Reason Code INT_REASON_CA CHAR 
284 INT_REFDATE FI Item Interest Calculation: Reference Date REFADTE NUMC 
285 INT_REF_CA Internal Reference CHAR12 CHAR 
286 INT_SALE Control indicator for internal sales X CHAR 
289 INT_SET Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
290 INT_SET1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
291 INT_SET2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
292 INT_SET3 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
293 INT_SET4 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
294 INT_SET5 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
295 INT_SET6 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
296 INT_SHKZG FI Item Interest Calculation: Debit or Credit Interest Rate SHKZG CHAR 
297 INT_STATUS Status of Interest Calculation INT_STATUS CHAR 
298 INT_STATUS_ICON Icon: Status   CHAR 
299 INT_TARGET_BILL Interval between scheduled billing date and end of bill.per. INTERVALL DEC 
300 INT_TARGET_READ Interval btw. scheduled reading date and end of billing per. INTERVALL DEC 
301 INT_TECH interface technology INT_TECH CHAR 
302 INT_TOTAL_END FI Interest Calculation: End of Int. Calculation for Item DATUM DATS 
303 INT_UI Internal key for point of delivery INT_POD CHAR 
304 INT_UI_BW Internal Point of Delivery Key for BW SYSUUID_C CHAR 
305 INT_USE Service package is used for internal services XFELD CHAR 
306 INT_VARTYP Check box: Internal variable XFELD CHAR 
307 INT_WORK Internal Work INT_WORK QUAN 
308 INUM Internal ABAP/4 text number INO CHAR 
309 INUMB Internal number RAW1 RAW 
310 INUMK Last text number assigned NUM8 NUMC 
311 INUMKN Sequential number of account assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
312 INUMKR Internal number range CHAR2 CHAR 
313 INUMNR Number of number range for internal number assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
314 INUSE Indicator: CAPP element is used XFLAG CHAR 
315 INUSR Off-Cycle Workbench Processor CHAR12 CHAR 
316 INVAL Indicator: qualification expired CHAR1 CHAR 
317 INVALIDATE Oracle: v$librarycache.invalidations DEC17 DEC 
318 INVALID_PC_RULE PCA: Control Indicator for Invalid Profit Center INVALID_PC_RULE CHAR 
319 INVART Physical Inventory Type INVART CHAR 
320 INVBLART_KK Document Type for Temporary Installment Plan Interest BLART_KK CHAR 
322 INVCDT Invoice reference: date DATUM DATS 
323 INVCD_AMNT Invoiced Amount WERTV9 CURR 
324 INVCLASS_KK Biller Direct: Type of Bill INVCLASS_KK CHAR 
325 INVCLOC Invoice reference: location TEXT25 CHAR 
326 INVCNR Reference to invoice number TEXT25 CHAR 
327 INVCOPA_FUNCC_KK Name of Function Module for Characteristic Derivation FUNCNAME CHAR 
328 INVDATE Inverse date INVDATE NUMC 
329 INVDAT_KK Invoice issuing date DATUM DATS 
330 INVDOCITEM_KK Sequential Number of Document Item INVDOCITEM_KK NUMC 
331 INVDOCNO_CFC_KK Number of Control Document of Invoicing for Clarificatn Case INVDOCNO_KK NUMC 
332 INVDOCNO_KK Number of Invoicing Document INVDOCNO_KK NUMC 
333 INVDOCNO_OLD_KK Document Number of Last Invoicing of Source Document INVDOCNO_KK NUMC 
334 INVDOC_BWUPD_KK Last Invoicing Document Extracted to BW INVDOCNO_KK NUMC 
335 INVDOC_I_REL_KK Indicator: Create Invoicing Item for Posting Item XFELD CHAR 
336 INVDOC_SELECTED_KK Invoicing Document Selected XFELD CHAR 
337 INVDS Indicator: Default set is not displayed XFELD CHAR 
338 INVDT Invoice Date in Document DATUM DATS 
339 INVEINZ Indicator: Line item proof for investment support XFELD CHAR 
340 INVENT_LOC Inventory Location SYSUUID RAW 
341 INVENT_LOC_BUPA Delivering Location BU_PARTNER CHAR 
343 INVERS Inverse characteristic (list output) XFELD CHAR 
344 INVERSE Inverse display required XFELD CHAR 
345 INVERSION_CALC Flag: Inversion Mode CHAR1 CHAR 
346 INVERSKNZ IS-M: Reversed Indicator XFELD CHAR 
347 INVERT Invert Flag for Relationships CHAR1_X CHAR 
348 INVEST_OBJ Is the Object a Capital Investment Measure? KKACHR1 CHAR 
349 INVETX Investment support measures TEXT50 CHAR 
350 INVFLAG Visible Screen Field XFELD CHAR 
351 INVFR From Doc. No. NUM8 NUMC 
352 INVFRC First Invoice Number CHAR8 CHAR 
353 INVFUNC_ACCT_MAINT_D_KK Invoicing Function: Manual Account Maintenance (Dialog Call) CHAR12 CHAR 
354 INVFUNC_ACCT_MAINT_KK Invoicing Function: Automatic Account Maintenance CHAR12 CHAR 
355 INVFUNC_ACTIVATE_OI_KK Invoicing Function: Activation of Open Items CHAR12 CHAR 
356 INVFUNC_ADD_DOC_KK Invoicing Function: Create Additional Documents CHAR12 CHAR 
357 INVFUNC_BW_INTEGR_KK Invoicing Function: Integration in BW Sales Statistics CHAR12 CHAR 
358 INVFUNC_CHARGE_DISC_KK Invoicing Function: Charges and Discounts CHAR12 CHAR 
359 INVFUNC_DEBIT_STAT_I_KK Invoicing Function: Debit Entry of Statistical Documents CHAR12 CHAR 
360 INVFUNC_DEF_REVENUES_KK Invoicing Function: Deferred Revenues CHAR12 CHAR 
361 INVFUNC_DUNNING_PROP_KK Invoicing Function: Dunning Proposal CHAR12 CHAR 
362 INVFUNC_HIST_ITEMS_KK Invoicing Function: Subitems CHAR12 CHAR 
363 INVFUNC_INTEREST_DEB_KK Invoicing Function: Calculation of Interest on Open Items CHAR12 CHAR 
364 INVFUNC_INTEREST_SEC_KK Invoicing Function: Calculation of Interest on Cash Sec. Dep CHAR12 CHAR 
365 INVFUNC_INV_BILL_DOC_KK Invoicing Function: Invoicing of Billing Documents CHAR12 CHAR 
366 INVFUNC_INV_COLLBILL_KK Invoicing Function: Creation of Collective Inv. Documents CHAR12 CHAR 
367 INVFUNC_INV_SD_DOC_KK Invoicing Function: Invoicing of SD Documents CHAR12 CHAR 
368 INVFUNC_OFFIC_DOC_NO_KK Invoicing Function: Official Document Number CHAR12 CHAR 
369 INVFUNC_PAYFORM_KK Invoicing Function: Payment Form   CHAR 
370 INVFUNC_PAYM_HISTORY_KK Invoicing Function: Payment History CHAR12 CHAR 
371 INVFUNC_PAYM_METHOD_KK Invoicing Function: Payment Method Determination CHAR12 CHAR 
372 INVFUNC_REVERSAL_KK Invoicing Function: Invoicing Reversal CHAR12 CHAR 
373 INVFUNC_REV_STAT_IT_KK Invoicing Function: Reversal of Statistical Line Items CHAR12 CHAR 
374 INVFUNC_RND_INV_DOC_KK Invoicing Function: Rounding per Invoicing Document CHAR12 CHAR 
375 INVFUNC_RND_POST_DOC_KK Invoicing Function: Rounding per Posting Document CHAR12 CHAR 
376 INVGROUP_KK FSCM Biller Direct: Grouping Term for Bills INVGROUP_KK CHAR 
377 INVGR_KK Grouping Key for Invoicing CHAR4 CHAR 
378 INVHISTORY_ASSIGNED_AMOUNT Invoice History: Amount Assigned to an Invoice WRTV8 CURR 
379 INVHISTORY_OPEN_AMOUNT Invoice History: Open Amount for a Line Item WRTV8 CURR 
380 INVHISTORY_TOTAL_AMOUNT Invoice History: Total Amount of Item WRTV8 CURR 
381 INVID_CA Invoice Number CHAR40 CHAR 
383 INVID_KK Invoice Number CHAR24 CHAR 
384 INVIS Hide field XFELD CHAR 
385 INVISBLK Suppress FormBlock CHAR1_X CHAR 
386 INVISCOL Invisible Column CHAR1_X CHAR 
387 INVISIBLE The field is invisible F_MODUS CHAR 
388 INVITEMS_PS Item Selection for Invoice Printout and Incoming Payt Method XFELD CHAR 
389 INVITEM_CRMET_KK Creation Method of Invoicing Document Item INVITEM_CRMET_KK CHAR 
390 INVKOS Investment Costs of an App. Request Variant WERTV8 CURR 
391 INVKOS_COMP_LONG Investment Costs of an App. Request Variant WERTV10 CURR 
392 INVKOS_LONG Investment Costs of an App. Request Variant WERTV10 CURR 
393 INVKZ Indicator: Movement type is physical inventory CHAR1 CHAR 
394 INVNR Inventory number INVNR_ANLA CHAR 
395 INVNR_ANLA Inventory number INVNR_ANLA CHAR 
396 INVNR_PS Invoice Number NRZAS_KK CHAR 
397 INVNU Physical inventory number XBLNR CHAR 
398 INVNU1 Physical inventory number XBLNR1 CHAR 
399 INVNU_LONG Physical Inventory Number (Dependencies see Long Text) XBLNR_LONG CHAR 
400 INVOICE Invoice-relevant CHAR01 CHAR 
401 INVOICECY Invoice Currency WAERS CUKY 
402 INVOICED Indicator: document posted KENNZX CHAR 
403 INVOICED_KK Contract Object is Finally Settled XFLAG CHAR 
404 INVOICE_DATE_KK Invoicing Date   DATS 
405 INVOICE_EBLB Number of a Customer Invoice BELNR CHAR 
406 INVOICE_FIRST_ICA Earliest Billing Date   DATS 
407 INVOICE_FIRST_KK Earliest Date of Invoicing   DATS 
408 INVOICE_PATH_EBPP Access Path for Bill Detail (such as URL) Biller Direct CHAR4096 CHAR 
409 INVOICE_PATH_FIS Biller Direct: Access Path for Bill Detail (such as URL) CHAR4096 CHAR 
410 INVOICING_PARTY Service Provider That Invoices the Contract SERVICE_PROV CHAR 
411 INVOX Indicator: Relevant for billing CHAR1_X CHAR 
412 INVPAYITEM_PS Item Sel. Invoice Printout Incoming Payt Method (not active) INVPAYITEM_PS NUMC 
413 INVPERCAT_KK Category of Invoicing Period INVPERCAT_KK CHAR 
414 INVPERIOD_CAT_KK Period Category for Period Assignment of Invoicing Document INVPERIODID_KK CHAR 
415 INVPERIOD_FROM_KK Start of Invoicing Period DATS DATS 
416 INVPERIOD_KK Invoicing Period DATS DATS 
417 INVPR Tolerance group for persons processing phys.inv. differences INVPR CHAR 
419 INVPROV_FLAG Service Provider That Invoices the Contract INVPROV_FLAG CHAR 
420 INVQT Number of Invoices NUM6 NUMC 
421 INVREL Grouping Characteristic for Invoice Verification NUMC6 NUMC 
422 INVRT_S Objects Without This Infotype CHAR1_X CHAR 
423 INVSB Invisible Field CHAR1_X CHAR 
424 INVSIMICON_KK Icons for Simulations in ALV   CHAR 
425 INVSIM_EXTRACT_ICON_KK Icons for Extraction Simulations in ALV   CHAR 
426 INVSIM_EXT_EXPAND_ICON Icon for Expansion of Reconciliation Key in ALV   CHAR 
427 INVSL Investment support key INVSL CHAR 
428 INVSL_COPY Investment key, which is to be copied INVSL CHAR 
429 INVSPL_ACTIVE Invoice Split for Spain active IV_XFELD CHAR 
430 INVSRC_FNAM_KK Source Field for CO-PA Characteristic Derivation FDNAME CHAR 
431 INVSTAT Trading Contract: Overall Invoice Status of the Item CHAR30 CHAR 
432 INVTO Last Document Number NUM8 NUMC 
433 INVTOC Last Invoice Number CHAR8 CHAR 
434 INVTP Form Type CHAR2 CHAR 
435 INVTP_PS Invoice Type INVTP_PS CHAR 
436 INVTT Form Type Description TEXT20 CHAR 
437 INVTX Text: Investment support measures combination TEXT50 CHAR 
438 INVTYP_BRO Invoicing Type for Broker INVTYP_BRO CHAR 
439 INVTYP_T Invoice Type DDTEXT CHAR 
440 INVVORG Invoicing transaction INVVORG CHAR 
441 INVZL Proportional investment grant for the year ANLKWERT CURR 
442 INVZL_ALTD Proportional investment support current year CHAR15 CHAR 
443 INVZM Investment grant for the year ANLKWERT CURR 
444 INVZM_SUM Investition measures: Total of all claims ANLKWERT CURR 
445 INVZU_ANLA Supplementary inventory specifications INVZU_ANLA CHAR 
446 INVZV Proportional cumulative investment grants ANLKWERT CURR 
447 INVZV_ALTD Proportional investment support from previous years CHAR15 CHAR 
448 INVZ_SUM Total of investment grants displayed ANLKWERT CURR 
449 INV_ACTIVITY Authority Check for Activity INV_ACTIVITY CHAR 
450 INV_ACTN Action Within Bill/Payment Advice Note Processing INV_ACTN NUMC 
451 INV_ADDR_DSP Display Address Details INV_KENNZX CHAR 
452 INV_ADVSEND_INTERNAL Advice Note To Be Processed Internally INV_KENNZX CHAR 
453 INV_ADV_LINE_STATUS Payment Advice Line Status SYCHAR132 CHAR 
455 INV_AMOUNT_CA Total Invoice Amount WRTV7 CURR 
456 INV_ANT Proportional investment support ANLKWERT CURR 
457 INV_AUTOAVIS Create Payment Advice Note from Customer Data INV_KENNZX CHAR 
458 INV_AUTOMAT_CREATED Indicator: System Automatically Generated Doc. Line Items INV_KENNZX CHAR 
459 INV_AVISSETTYPE Type of Payment Advice Note Issue INV_AVISSETTYPE NUMC 
461 INV_AVIS_REF Reference to Original Doc. During Payment Advice Dispatch CHAR30 CHAR 
462 INV_BANK_TXT Bank Data   CHAR 
463 INV_BANK_TXT_RECV Bank Data: Recipient   CHAR 
464 INV_BETRW_BCBLN Amt for Aggr. Posting in Transaction Currency with +/- Sign WRTV7 CURR 
465 INV_BETRW_CHECK_SUM Check Sum of Gross Amount in Transaction Currency with +/- WRTV7 CURR 
466 INV_BETRW_DIF Difference Amount Between Aggregated Posting and DFKKTHI WRTV7 CURR 
467 INV_BETRW_GIVEN_CHECK_SUM Preassigned Check Sum f. Gross Amt in Trans. Currency w. +/- WRTV7 CURR 
468 INV_BETRW_GROSS Gross Amount in Transaction Currency with +/- Sign WRTV7 CURR 
469 INV_BETRW_NET Net Amount in Transaction Currency with +/- Sign WRTV7 CURR 
470 INV_BETRW_SKONTO Cash Discount Amount in Transaction Currency with +/+ Sign WRTV7 CURR 
472 INV_BEW Transactions on investment support ANLKWERT CURR 
473 INV_BILL_SORT_KK Processing Sequence of Source Documents in Invoicing Doc.   NUMC 
474 INV_BULK_REF Data Exchange Group Reference Number TEXT22 CHAR 
475 INV_BUPA_CITY Location of Business Partner TEXT25 CHAR 
476 INV_BUPA_NAME1 Last Name of Business Partner BU_MCNAME1_GK CHAR 
477 INV_BUPA_NAME2 Name 2/First Name of Business Partner BU_MCNAME2_GK CHAR 
478 INV_BUPA_STREET Street of Business Partner TEXT25 CHAR 
479 INV_BVRKO Clearing Account for Aggregation/Payment Distribution SAKNR CHAR 
480 INV_BVT Bank Details ID for Sender   CHAR 
481 INV_BVT_R Bank Details ID for Recipient   CHAR 
484 INV_CATEGORY_TXT_KK Name of Invoicing Category TEXT50 CHAR 
485 INV_CFCSIMULATED_KK Control Document for Clarif. Case (Sim. Invoicing Document) XFELD CHAR 
486 INV_CHANGEIDOC Indicator: IDoc is Modifiable INV_KENNZX CHAR 
487 INV_CHANGE_ACTIVE Allow Changes to Posted Invoices CHAR1 CHAR 
489 INV_CHECK_GRPA Check Group After Data is Copied INV_PROCESS NUMC 
490 INV_CHECK_GRPB Check Group Before Data is Copied INV_PROCESS NUMC 
492 INV_COMMIT Indicator: start commit in invoicing KENNZX CHAR 
493 INV_COMPRINT Print Notification INV_KENNZX CHAR 
496 INV_CREDITLEV Value Limit for Settlement of Credit Memos WRTV7 CURR 
497 INV_CRMODE_KK Creation Mode of Invoicing Document INV_CRMODE_KK CHAR 
498 INV_CURR_ICA Billing Target Currency WAERS CUKY 
499 INV_CURR_KK Target Currency of Invoicing WAERS CUKY 
500 INV_CUST_ACTION Customer Action in Monitoring of Bill/PAN Receipt INV_CUST_ACTION NUMC