SAP ABAP Data Element - Index I, page 20
Data Element - I
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 INDEX_AUF Positng.index referring to first entry of in list SYST_LONG INT4 
2 INDEX_CL Index of the invalid record SYST_LONG INT4 
3 INDEX_CLR Sequential Number for Clearing Information NUMC06 NUMC 
4 INDEX_CLU Cluster index exists (MSS)   CHAR 
5 INDEX_EAPL Index in equip.task list gp counter allocation doc. table TABIX INT4 
6 INDEX_END Index referrng to the last rec'd of a list in the dialog tab SYST_LONG INT4 
7 INDEX_FLRE Index referring to reference in record table for sequences TABIX INT4 
8 INDEX_I Index INT1 INT1 
9 INDEX_ITAB Line number of an entry in index table ITAB TABIX INT4 
10 INDEX_KB Size of (primary) index in KByte   INT4 
11 INDEX_KBED Index referring to ops. in rec'd tab. for cap. requirements TABIX INT4 
12 INDEX_KORE Index referring to reference record in header record table TABIX INT4 
13 INDEX_MAPL Index referring to record tab. for mat. alloc. to task list TABIX INT4 
14 INDEX_MAX Number of entries in internal table INT4 INT4 
15 INDEX_MKAL Index for production version TABIX INT4 
16 INDEX_MLST Index for milestone document table TABIX INT4 
17 INDEX_NAME Index name CHAR30 CHAR 
19 INDEX_PICK Index referring to the selected record TABIX INT4 
20 INDEX_PLAB Index referring to PLAB record table TABIX INT4 
21 INDEX_PLAS Index referring to record table for item allocations TABIX INT4 
22 INDEX_PLFL Index referring to record table for sequences TABIX INT4 
23 INDEX_PLFT Index referring to process instruction buffer table TABIX INT4 
24 INDEX_PLFV Index referring to PI characteristic buffer table TABIX INT4 
25 INDEX_PLF_ Index for the production resources/tools document table TABIX INT4 
26 INDEX_PLKO Index referring to record table for headers TABIX INT4 
27 INDEX_PLMK Index referring to record tab. for inspectn. characteristics TABIX INT4 
28 INDEX_PLMW Index referring to record tab. for insp. charact. values TABIX INT4 
29 INDEX_PLMZ Index referring to material staging TABIX INT4 
30 INDEX_PLPH Index referring to buffer table, phases TABIX INT4 
31 INDEX_PLPO Index referring to record table for items TABIX INT4 
32 INDEX_PLTX Index to the info text document table TABIX INT4 
33 INDEX_PLWP Index for maintenance package allocation TABIX INT4 
34 INDEX_POS First displayed entry from internal table INT4 INT4 
35 INDEX_POVW Index referring to reference record in item record table TABIX INT4 
36 INDEX_RESB Index pointing to RESB document table TABIX INT4 
37 INDEX_SKBD Index for indiv.capacity requirements document TABIX INT4 
38 INDEX_SNET Index for sub-networks TABIX INT4 
39 INDEX_STA Index referring to first record of list in dialog tab. SYST_LONG INT4 
40 INDEX_STA_ Availability of Area Index Entries in the Archive XFELD CHAR 
42 INDFL Indicator: A management record is required for each object XFELD CHAR 
43 INDFN Indicator for large family CHAR1 CHAR 
44 INDGRUND Financial document processing: Indicator for change reason CHAR1 CHAR 
45 INDI0 Sort sequence of structure CHAR18 CHAR 
46 INDIC IA/ID and NID indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
48 INDICATOR1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
50 INDICE_DATA Date index for insurance jumps   NUMC 
51 INDIC_KK Record Type for File Transfer - External Payment Collector CHAR1 CHAR 
52 INDIF_KK Amount of Recalculated Interest WRTV7 CURR 
53 INDIK Indicator: Completed/planned CHAR1 CHAR 
54 INDIKANN Optional value for operand KENNZX CHAR 
55 INDIMUSS Indicator: Required Value for Operand KENNZX CHAR 
56 INDIN Individual Interest Rate DEC2_4 DEC 
57 INDIV Max. 1 Individual Working Day CHAR1 CHAR 
58 INDJHR Indexing year GJAHR NUMC 
59 INDKEY Individual part of key ISU_IND_KEY CHAR 
60 INDLC Indicator: Consolidation system LC X CHAR 
61 INDLG Indicator for wage type assignment INDLG CHAR 
62 INDLTX Object Long Text Available CHAR1 CHAR 
64 INDMC EC-CS Consolidation System X CHAR 
65 INDMON Indexing month KMONAT NUMC 
66 INDNS Hired in Payroll Period CHAR1 CHAR 
67 INDPARTBY Index partitioning INDPARTBY CHAR 
68 INDPER Index period in fiscal year INDPER NUMC 
69 INDPO Read purchase order X CHAR 
70 INDPRZ Index percentage DEC5_3 DEC 
71 INDPRZ_LINK Index Percentage Rate for Chaining Indices DEC5_3 DEC 
72 INDRE Reduction indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
73 INDREQ Planned independent requirements for network XFELD CHAR 
74 INDREQ_KA Planned independent requirements for sales document XFELD CHAR 
75 INDREQ_PR Planned independent requirements for WBS element XFELD CHAR 
76 INDRFKONS Indicator: Consolidation system RF-KONS X CHAR 
77 INDRHY Indexing cycle INDRHY NUMC 
78 INDRQ Individual requirement CHAR1 CHAR 
79 INDSC Industry sector INDSC CHAR 
80 INDSECTT Text for industry BU_TEXT40 CHAR 
81 INDSH_EBES Debit/credit indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
82 INDSTATUSB Activate Status Bar in Text Control KREUZ CHAR 
83 INDTABNAME Table Name for Index INDTAB CHAR 
84 INDTAG Indexing day KTAG NUMC 
85 INDTAXINVOICE Individual Tax Invoices XFELD CHAR 
86 INDTOOLB Activate Application Toolbar in Text Control KREUZ CHAR 
87 INDTX Description of the calculation key TEXT20 CHAR 
88 INDTXT Index series names TEXT50 CHAR 
89 INDTYP Type of Industry INDTYP CHAR 
90 INDTYPE Reference from table RTYPE SYNUM10 NUMC 
91 INDTYPE_K This is the industry type for the korea report   CHAR 
92 INDU Equipment update indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
93 INDUPD Update indicator (I/U/D) INDUPD CHAR 
95 INDUSTRYSECT_UI Utilities: Industry   CHAR 
97 INDVE Indicator for reading status of SD document header INDVE CHAR 
98 INDWR Export control: Membership of an economic area CHAR6 CHAR 
99 INDXC_CC Indicator: Define Customer Index? XFELD CHAR 
100 INDXEXIST Information if index exists in the database TEXT35 CHAR 
102 INDXGF2 Type for Table INDXGF DEC20 DEC 
103 INDXGF_1 Type for Table INDXGF CHAR20 CHAR 
104 INDXGF_2 Type for Table INDXGF DEC20 DEC 
106 INDXKEYSOCF Key for INDX Table for IMG per Project/Logical Component   CHAR 
107 INDXN Name of the saved data CHAR10 CHAR 
108 INDXN_PREF Name prefix for selection data CHAR6 CHAR 
109 INDXPWD Password for saved data CHAR8 CHAR 
110 INDXREOG Is Table T044Z to be Restructured ? XFELD CHAR 
111 INDXT Indicator: Save data permanently XFELD CHAR 
112 INDX_CLSTR Length field for user data in EXPORT/IMPORT tables SYBIN2 INT2 
113 INDX_CLSTR_DELE Cluster table: row length INDX_CLSTR_DOM INT2 
114 INDX_CLUST Data field for IMPORT/EXPORT database tables INDX_CLUST LRAW 
115 INDX_CLUST_DELE Cluster table: data INDX_CLUST_DOM LRAW 
116 INDX_D Index DEC08 DEC 
117 INDX_ID Index CHAR18 CHAR 
119 INDX_SRTF2 Next record counter in EXPORT/IMPORT data tables SYBIN4 INT4 
120 INDX_SRTFD User-defined key in table INDX SYCHAR22 CHAR 
121 INDX_ZR_VALUE Value of pooled payment index field CHAR20 CHAR 
122 INDYN_VK Key for Index/Dynamic Basis of an Insurance Contract INDYN_VK CHAR 
123 IND_ABRVO Indicator showing settlement rule maintained CHAR01 CHAR 
124 IND_ALREADY_CHECK Indicator: Counter in Dialog Already Checked XFLAG CHAR 
125 IND_BAL Indicator for Displaying Business Application Log X CHAR 
126 IND_BAUK Construction costs index WBIND CHAR 
127 IND_CALC_DATE_I_PAST Indicator: Costed Plan Date was in the Past XFLAG CHAR 
128 IND_CALLS_ON_HOLD Indicator: Delete Calls on Hold after IPRM0005 for IP30 XFLAG CHAR 
129 IND_CALL_UPDATE Indicator for Adapting Basic Dates of Call Object XFELD CHAR 
130 IND_CITY Indicator: Location is a city CHAR1_X CHAR 
131 IND_CITYAPT Indicator: Location is an airport CHAR1_X CHAR 
132 IND_CODE Industry   CHAR 
133 IND_ENHANCED_MPC Enhancement for Multiple Counter Plan Active XFELD CHAR 
134 IND_GEWRK_INPUT Flag: Work Center Changed Manually XFLAG CHAR 
135 IND_IATA Indicator: Location is an IATA location CHAR1_X CHAR 
136 IND_ILOA_UPD Flag: ILOA was changed XFLAG CHAR 
137 IND_INACTAPT Location Is Not an Active Airport CHAR1_X CHAR 
138 IND_IWERK_INPUT Flag: Maintenance Planning Plant Changed Manually XFLAG CHAR 
139 IND_LEAF Indicator for base layout area XFELD CHAR 
140 IND_LGTXT Long text indicator X CHAR 
141 IND_LTEXT_UPD Flag: Long text was changed XFLAG CHAR 
142 IND_MANUAL_CALL Indicator: Manual Calls Available XFLAG CHAR 
143 IND_MCP_EXT Enhancement Multiple Counter Plan XFELD CHAR 
144 IND_MPLAN Copy Plan Data as Completion Data XFELD CHAR 
145 IND_MPLAN_DATE Completion Data for Maintenance Plan XFELD CHAR 
146 IND_MPLAN_OBJECT Copy Completion Data from Reference Data of the Object XFELD CHAR 
147 IND_MPLA_API Maintenance Plan Was Created/Changed by API IND_API CHAR 
148 IND_MPOS_API Maintenance Item Was Created/Changed by API IND_API CHAR 
149 IND_MULTAPT Indicator: Location groups airports CHAR1_X CHAR 
150 IND_NEW_TASK_LST Indicator: New Task List Created During Dialog FLAG CHAR 
151 IND_NO_CALL_OBJECT Indicator, No Maintenance Call Object for Item and Call No. XFELD CHAR 
152 IND_OBJECT_AUTO Determine Completion Data for Object Using Customizing XFELD CHAR 
153 IND_OBJECT_MAN Enter Completion Data for Call Object Manually XFELD CHAR 
154 IND_OBJK_UPD Flag: Object List Changed (X=Changed, L=Obeject List Empty) CHAR1 CHAR 
155 IND_OBJ_CHANGED Flag: Reference Object Changed in Maintenance Item XFLAG CHAR 
156 IND_OWNER Index owner CHAR30 CHAR 
157 IND_PAST_DATE Plan Date can also be in the Past XFELD CHAR 
158 IND_PLANT_CALENDER Indicator: Factory Calendar Scheduling XFLAG CHAR 
159 IND_PLZAEH Indicator: next planned counter reading maintained X CHAR 
161 IND_PROXY_BID Indicator:Permit proxy bidding CHAR1 CHAR 
162 IND_REPAIRED Error Cause Eliminated KENNZX CHAR 
163 IND_SCHEDULED_CALL Indicator: Scheduled Calls Available XFLAG CHAR 
164 IND_SEMREL Error Cause for Semi-Automatic Correction Released KENNZX CHAR 
165 IND_SEMREP Ind.: All Semi-Automatic Repairs Executed KENNZX CHAR 
166 IND_SERV_PACK Indicator: Active if Service Specifications Created/Changed FLAG CHAR 
167 IND_SETTLE_RULE_UPD Flag: Settlement rule was changed XFLAG CHAR 
168 IND_SETTL_RULE Indicator: Settlement Rule Exists XFELD CHAR 
169 IND_SET_REPEAT Repeat Factor for Cycle Set Sequence NUMC2 NUMC 
170 IND_SEVERAL_PRICES ID for various variant prices XFELD CHAR 
172 IND_STATUS_INAK Flag: Status 'inactive' is set XFLAG CHAR 
173 IND_STATUS_LOKZ Flag: Deletion indicator was set XFLAG CHAR 
174 IND_STATUS_LOVM Flag: Deletion flag set XFLAG CHAR 
175 IND_STATUS_UPD Flag: Status update is required XFLAG CHAR 
176 IND_TASKLST_DEL Ind.: Task List Assignment Deleted if >=1 Maintenance Item FLAG CHAR 
177 IND_TASK_LIST_DEL Flag: Task list was deleted XFLAG CHAR 
178 IND_VARKEY Key for screen variant buffer CHAR_30 CHAR 
179 IND_WPGRP_INPUT Flag: Maintenance Planning Group Changed Manually XFLAG CHAR 
180 INEGCALC_KK Calculate Negative Interest XFELD CHAR 
181 INEIN Individual Contr. of Non-Recur. Payments for Suppl. Mat. Pay XFELD CHAR 
182 INEKA Release documentation XFELD CHAR 
183 INEKB Purchase order history XFELD CHAR 
184 INEKE Schedule lines XFELD CHAR 
185 INERR Number of errors TEXT03 CHAR 
186 INERR_TXT Error Text CHAR1 CHAR 
187 INET_CHDOC Indicator: Generate change documents X CHAR 
188 INEW Instance Inserted Manually INEW CHAR 
189 INEXCL Inclusive/Exclusive Condition INEXCL CHAR 
190 INEX_CHANG Expenditure FM acct asst in revenues incr.budget changed XFELD CHAR 
191 INEX_INCR Expenditure budget already increased by revenue CHAR1 CHAR 
192 INF90 Entry in infotype 90 allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
193 INFAE Inverted Date for Net Due Date CHAR08 CHAR 
194 INFAELEVEL INFORMIX: Archive (event) level ('onarchive list/rec.') INT4 INT4 
195 INFAK_VK Index Value or Dynamic Factor-Insurance Contracts to Adjust DEC5_3 DEC 
196 INFAK_VKC Index Value or Dynamic Factor in CHAR Format CHAR17 CHAR 
197 INFCFGALCO INFCFGCHECK: Monit. attribute color CHAR1 CHAR 
198 INFCFGALFB INFCFGCHECK: monit. attribute fallback text TEXT120 CHAR 
199 INFCFGALID INFCFGCHECK: Monit. attribute identifier (name) TEXT40 CHAR 
200 INFCFGALMC INFCFGCHECK: monit. attribute message class ('HH', ...) TEXT20 CHAR 
201 INFCFGALMI INFCFGCHECK: monit. attribute message id ('101', ...) INT4 INT4 
202 INFCFGALNO INFCFGCHECK: Monit. attribute unique number INT4 INT4 
203 INFCFGALPA INFCFGCHECK: monit. attribute char param TEXT50 CHAR 
204 INFCFGALSE INFCFGCHECK: result serial (short number) INT2 INT2 
205 INFCHKFLAG INFORMIX: Chunk status (online,...) INT2 INT2 
206 INFCHKFREE INFORMIX: Freespace in a 'chunk' (in KB) INT4 INT4 
207 INFCHKOFFS INFORMIX: Offset of a 'chunk' in the 'raw device' (in KB) INT4 INT4 
208 INFCHKSIZE INFORMIX: Total size of a 'chunk' (in KB) INT4 INT4 
209 INFCHKTEXT INFORMIX: 'Chunk' status (online, offline,...) CHAR15 CHAR 
210 INFCOLIST Column list for hash fragmentation INFCOLIST CHAR 
211 INFCPDNAME Complete Component Name for Info System for Classes CHAR61 CHAR 
212 INFDBNAME Informix Database Name CHAR18 CHAR 
213 INFDBSFLAG INFORMIX: 'dbspace' flag (onine, ...) INT2 INT2 
214 INFDBSFREE INFORMIX: Freespace in a 'dbspace' (KB) INT4 INT4 
215 INFDBSMIRR INFORMIX: Is the 'dbspace' mirrored? (y/n) CHAR1 CHAR 
216 INFDBSNAME Definition of name for disk areas (DBspace) INFDBSNAME CHAR 
217 INFDBSNO INFORMIX: (Internal) 'dbspace' number INT2 INT2 
218 INFDBSSIZE INFORMIX: Size of a 'dbspace' in KB INT4 INT4 
219 INFDBSTMP INFORMIX: Is the 'dbspace' temp.? (y/n) CHAR1 CHAR 
220 INFDEADLCK Number of Deadlocks on a table SINT4_NOS INT4 
221 INFDEVNAME Informix Chunk I/O Statistics - Path Name CHAR50 CHAR 
222 INFDEVNO Last no. in '.../sapdata/physdev1' or drive ID (WinNT) CHAR5 CHAR 
223 INFEXPRTXT Expressions text for fragmentation by expression INFEXPRTXT CHAR 
224 INFFILELIN INFORMIX:Line with dbspace-/filenames ('onarchive list/rec') CHAR80 CHAR 
225 INFFLAG Informix RSINF033 Flag CHAR2 CHAR 
226 INFFRAGFL INFORMIX: Is the current table a fragment? ('sysfragments') CHAR1 CHAR 
228 INFFRAGTYP Fragmentation category INFFRAGTYP CHAR 
229 INFFSTSIZE Size of an initial INFORMIX extent in KB INFEXT NUMC 
230 INFID_CA Info ID for Account Balance Information Link   CHAR 
231 INFID_KK Info ID for Account Balance Information Link   CHAR 
232 INFINDX Informix Index Name CHAR11 CHAR 
233 INFIOMPREA Total Number of Disk Pages Read on Mirrored Chunk SINT4_NOS INT4 
234 INFIOMPWRI Total Number of Disk Pages Written on Mirrored Chunk SINT4_NOS INT4 
235 INFIOMREAD Total Number of Disk Reads on Mirrored Chunk SINT4_NOS INT4 
236 INFIOMWRIT Total Number of Disk Writes on Mirrored Chunk SINT4_NOS INT4 
237 INFIOPREAD Total Number of Disk Pages Read SINT4_NOS INT4 
238 INFIOPWRIT Total Number of Disk Pages Written SINT4_NOS INT4 
239 INFIOREADS Total Number of Disk Reads SINT4_NOS INT4 
240 INFIOWRITE Total Number of Disk Writes SINT4_NOS INT4 
241 INFKN Indicator: Infotype/dialog CHAR1 CHAR 
242 INFKZ IS-H: Infectious Disease Indicator XFELD CHAR 
244 INFLI Voluminous list XFELD CHAR 
245 INFLS Read customer-material info record ? XFELD CHAR 
246 INFL_OUTFL_FLAG Indicator Distinguishing Inflow-To from Outflow-From INFL_OUTFLOW_FLAG CHAR 
247 INFMAXEXT Maximum number of INFORMIX extents INFEXTNUM NUMC 
248 INFMAXEXT1 Informix Maximum Number of Extents in a Table SINT4_NOS INT4 
249 INFMAXEXTN Size of Maximum Extents in DBSpace SINT4_NOS INT4 
250 INFMDEVNAM Informix Chunk I/O Statistics - Mirrored Path Name CHAR50 CHAR 
251 INFMINEXT Minimum number of INFORMIX extents INFEXTNUM NUMC 
252 INFNCHUNKS INFORMIX: Number of 'chunks' (for a 'dbspace') INT2 INT2 
253 INFNR Number of purchasing info record INFNR CHAR 
254 INFNR_EXT Number of purchasing info record INFNR CHAR 
255 INFNTABS INFORMIX: Number of tables (in a 'dbspace') INT2 INT2 
256 INFNUSEDEX INFORMIX: Number of used extents (in a dbspace) INT2 INT2 
257 INFNXTSIZE Size of an INFORMIX next extent in KB INFEXT NUMC 
258 INFO Info field CHAR4 CHAR 
259 INFO1_EB Additional information 1 CHAR30 CHAR 
260 INFO1_EBVV Additional information CHAR30 CHAR 
261 INFO1_PP Author/Update CHAR1 CHAR 
262 INFO2_EB Additional information 2 CHAR30 CHAR 
263 INFO2_PP Attributes CHAR1 CHAR 
265 INFOCNTL_COMP Info control component data type   CHAR 
266 INFOCODE Record Code for Clieop02 Payment Transactions (Domestic NL) CHAR4 CHAR 
267 INFODATED Date of most recent Information INFODATED CHAR 
268 INFOF Variable infofield CHAR8 CHAR 
269 INFOFIELD Information field for device TEXT50 CHAR 
270 INFOFIELDEG30 Information on device for installation/removal/replacement TEXT100 CHAR 
271 INFOFLD_BRO Additional information CHAR30 CHAR 
272 INFOF_KK Additional information CHAR50 CHAR 
273 INFOHKF_VI Information Origin INFOHKF_VI CHAR 
274 INFOHR Infofield in PDC interface for balances CHAR8 CHAR 
275 INFOICON_VI Status of Forwarding   CHAR 
276 INFOID_CA FI-CA ID for Additional Information   CHAR 
278 INFOLINE Information Line CHAR79 CHAR 
279 INFON Info field number CHAR1 CHAR 
280 INFOP Info record requirement in case of quota arrangement XFELD CHAR 
281 INFOPROCESS_VI Name of Creating Information Type   CHAR 
282 INFOPROT Information: Has a log been generated CHAR1 CHAR 
283 INFOREL Release Status for Installation Data INFOREL CHAR 
284 INFORELTEXT Text for Release Status for Installation Data TEXT40 CHAR 
285 INFORM Informatory Line CHAR01 CHAR 
286 INFORMATIONSPROFIL Information Profile   CHAR 
287 INFOSICHT Info view for SD analysis INFOSICHT CHAR 
288 INFOSYS Other information systems OBJNAME CHAR 
289 INFOTAB Use of archive file info table TABNAME CHAR 
290 INFOTEXT_LINE Lines of info text for a variant TEXT132 CHAR 
291 INFOTEXT_LINENR Line number of info text for a variant NUMC3 NUMC 
292 INFOTXT Information field for variable text display CHAR70 CHAR 
294 INFOTYPE_CA FI-CA Infotype for Additional Information TEXT50 CHAR 
295 INFOTYP_ACTIVE_VI Update Info Data in Information Container XFELD CHAR 
296 INFOTYP_VI Information Type INFOTYP_VI CHAR 
297 INFOWNER Informix Table Owner CHAR8 CHAR 
298 INFOZ Info : Line is stock line CHAR3 CHAR 
299 INFOZ_B_KK Internal information about interest calculation -batch input CHAR3 CHAR 
300 INFOZ_KK Doubtful Item Entry/Individual Value Adjustment INFOZ_KK NUMC 
301 INFO_AENDERN_KK Explanation of Change Processing CHAR1 CHAR 
302 INFO_ART Note on why equipment allocation cannot be changed ERROR_ART CHAR 
303 INFO_AUSGLEICH_KK Explanation for Clearing Processing CHAR1 CHAR 
304 INFO_DTKEY Additional Information on an Entry in DME Administration TEXT20 CHAR 
305 INFO_EXISTS Purchasing Info Record Usage   CHAR 
306 INFO_FUNC_ Repository Infosystem: Function ID (S,C,U) CHAR8 CHAR 
307 INFO_ICON Overview of meter reading data CHAR4 CHAR 
308 INFO_ICON_ALV Overview of Meter Reading Data CHAR60 CHAR 
309 INFO_KLAERUNG_KK Explanation of Clarification Processing CHAR1 CHAR 
310 INFO_LAUFD_VI Date ID for Forwarding Run DATUM DATS 
311 INFO_LAUFI_VI Additional Identification Characteristic for Forwarding Run INFO_LAUFI_VI CHAR 
312 INFO_NARRATIVE Information Notification Narrative INFO_NARRATIVE CHAR 
313 INFO_OBJ Development object ID INFO_OBJ CHAR 
314 INFO_OBJNO Object number for link to DW info CHAR2 CHAR 
316 INFO_PAYSPEC_KK Explanation for Payment Specification CHAR1 CHAR 
317 INFO_RECORD IP: Info records XFELD CHAR 
318 INFO_SENDNUMBER_VI Information Container: Number of Send Transactions CHAR4 CHAR 
319 INFO_URL URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of Information Source TEXT255 CHAR 
321 INFRAWNAM INFORMIX: 'basename' of a (chunk) 'raw device' CHAR25 CHAR 
322 INFRC Infotype return code CHAR4 CHAR 
323 INFREADS Total Number of Physical and Buffer Reads SINT4_NOS INT4 
324 INFREESPAC Informix Free Space in Partition (KB) SINT4_NOS INT4 
325 INFRELEASE Full qualified Informix release ('7.20.EV3P6') or '*' CHAR10 CHAR 
326 INFREQDATE INFORMIX: Execution date of request ('onarchive list/rec.') CHAR20 CHAR 
327 INFREQTYPE INFORMIX:request type:BK...Backup,...('onarchive list/rec.') CHAR2 CHAR 
328 INFROWSIZE INFORMIX: Line size of a table (in bytes) INT4 INT4 
329 INFSA Read info record with generic article (+,-, ) XFELD CHAR 
330 INFSIZE INFORMIX: Size specification INFSIZE INT4 
331 INFSU Concatenated string of infotype and subtype CHAR8 CHAR 
332 INFSUB Combination of infotype number and subtype number CHAR8 CHAR 
333 INFSYSCPU Informix System CPU (microseconds) FLOATING FLTP 
334 INFS_STOC Info Structure for Stock MCINF CHAR 
335 INFS_TURN Info Structure for Business Volume MCINF CHAR 
336 INFT1 Infotype for Matchcode Processing Only INFOTYP CHAR 
337 INFTABCOL INFORMIX: Number of columns for a table INT2 INT2 
338 INFTABEXTS INFORMIX: Number of 'extents' (for specified table) INT2 INT2 
339 INFTABGROW INFORMIX: Growth of a Table (in KB) INT4 INT4 
340 INFTABL Structure for Infotype-Specific Fields AS4TAB CHAR 
341 INFTABNAME Informix Monitor Table Name CHAR18 CHAR 
342 INFTABSIZE INFORMIX: Size of a table (in KB) INT4 INT4 
343 INFTB Table Infotype Breakdown Yes/No INFTB NUMC 
344 INFTFLAG_D Informix Table Extents 1,2 All Tables, 3 All DBspaces SINT4_NOS INT4 
345 INFTINCL Infotype Include for Logical Database PNP/PCH PROGRAMM CHAR 
346 INFTT Header for Infotypes - Screen 5000 TEXT1 CHAR 
347 INFTTX Text for info category TEXT20 CHAR 
348 INFTX Infotype text TEXT132 CHAR 
351 INFTY_TYPE Type of payroll infotype PY_INFTY_TYPE CHAR 
352 INFTY_XFELD Posting ID for infotype XFELD CHAR 
353 INFUN Function module: read data FUNCNAME CHAR 
354 INFUP Info record update XFELD CHAR 
355 INFVSETDEV INFORMIX:Volume set device:TAPES,... ('onarchive list/rec.') CHAR18 CHAR 
356 INFWK Info record at plant level XFELD CHAR 
357 INFWRITES Total Number of Writes SINT4_NOS INT4 
358 INF_CROWS Number of rows at last check INT4 INT4 
359 INF_DPAGES Number of data pages used INT4 INT4 
360 INF_DURAT Duration of update statistics INT4 INT4 
361 INF_ERW Customer Fields CHAR1_X CHAR 
362 INF_FIELD Info Field for Transfer of On-Site Billing Data (EL35) CHAR16 CHAR 
363 INF_IPAGES Number of index pages used INT4 INT4 
364 INF_LIST Additional List Fields CHAR1_X CHAR 
365 INF_LROWS Number of rows at last statistics update INT4 INT4 
366 INF_MPOOL Module Pool CHAR1_X CHAR 
367 INF_SUBSCR Subscreen Number CHAR4 CHAR 
369 INF_TABNAM Informix table name (according to systables) INF_TABNAM CHAR 
370 INF_TFILL Table fill level INT2 INT2 
371 INF_THRESH Threshold for update statistics INT2 INT2 
372 INGEG Indicator: Entry allowed in asset catalog XFELD CHAR 
373 INGES_KK Total of Interest Not Contained in Installment Plan WRTV7 CURR 
374 INGRM Individual/group indicator XFELD CHAR 
375 INGRP Planner Group for Customer Service and Plant Maintenance INGRP CHAR 
376 INHAL Net contents MENG13 QUAN 
377 INHALT Description of Handling Unit Content TEXT40 CHAR 
379 INHBC Ageing counter for PM data transfer terminations INHBC NUMC 
380 INHBR Gross contents MENG13 QUAN 
381 INHBS Indicator SI (Equalization) Deduction [VB] (Civil Servants) KDSV1 CHAR 
382 INHEAD Indicator: heading for line XFELD CHAR 
383 INHER Data origin indicator INHER CHAR 
384 INHERITANCE_FLAG PM: Inheritance Indicator for Installing/Uninstalling APIs INHERITANCE_FLAG CHAR 
385 INHERITFROM_ID Source object (for inheritance e.g. requirements) CHAR45 CHAR 
386 INHERITFROM_TYPE Source Object Type (For Inheritance e.g. Requirements) OTYPE CHAR 
387 INHERIT_TEXT Inheritance Text CHAR70 CHAR 
388 INHERSRC Allocation: Inherit from sender based on the receiver XFELD CHAR 
389 INHER_MA Checkbox: data origin from superior functional location RADIO CHAR 
390 INHER_NO Check box: individual maintenance, no data origin RADIO CHAR 
391 INHER_REF Check field: data origin from reference location RADIO CHAR 
392 INHKOM_GRP IS-M: Content Component Group INHKOM_GRP CHAR 
393 INHKOM_TYP IS-M: Content Component Type INHKOM_TYP CHAR 
394 INHK_EINT IS-M: Schedule line content component INHALTSKOM CHAR 
395 INHK_KFM IS-M: Business Content Component INHALTSKOM CHAR 
396 INHK_KFMTX IS-M: Business Content Component (Text) TEXT15 CHAR 
397 INHK_KONT IS-M: Sales activity content components INHALTSKOM CHAR 
398 INHK_LEV1 IS-M: Level 1 content component in the hierarchy INHALTSKOM CHAR 
399 INHK_PLAZ IS-M: Positioning content component INHALTSKOM CHAR 
400 INHK_PRICE IS-M: Content component from price hierarchy INHALTSKOM CHAR 
401 INHK_PUBREL IS-M: Publication-Relevant Content Component INHALTSKOM CHAR 
402 INHK_SOVER IS-M: Special Publication Content Component INHALTSKOM CHAR 
403 INHK_SOVTX IS-M: Content Component for Special Publication (Text) TEXT15 CHAR 
404 INHK_TECH1 IS-M: Technical Content Component (Positioning View) INHALTSKOM CHAR 
405 INHK_UPOS IS-M: Content component for the sub-item INHALTSKOM CHAR 
406 INHLT Contents of a kanban container C10 CHAR010 CHAR 
407 INHME Content unit MEINS UNIT 
408 INHME_ISO Content unit in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
409 INHOUSE_BANK Indicator for In-House Bank XFELD CHAR 
410 INHOUSE_MAIL_ID1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
411 INHPR Deduction Indicator for EE Contribution to Private HI INHPR CHAR 
412 INHRT Amount Available Stored for Resource Type CHAR1_X CHAR 
413 INHTX Text for SI (Equalization) Deduction [VB] TEXT20 CHAR 
414 INHVO_VK Internal Key for Main Transaction INHVO_VK CHAR 
415 INH_ABCKZI Data origin for ABC indicator field INHER CHAR 
416 INH_ADRNRI Data origin for address field INHER CHAR 
417 INH_ANLNRI Data origin for asset main no./sub-no. fields INHER CHAR 
418 INH_AUFNRI Data origin for settlement order field INHER CHAR 
419 INH_BEBERI Data origin for company area field INHER CHAR 
420 INH_BEGRUI Data origin for authorization group field INHER CHAR 
421 INH_BUKRSI Data origin for company code field INHER CHAR 
422 INH_DAUFNI Data origin of standing order number field INHER CHAR 
423 INH_EQFNRI Data origin for sort field INHER CHAR 
424 INH_GSBERI Data origin for business area field INHER CHAR 
425 INH_IEQUII Data origin for equip. inst. allowed field INHER CHAR 
426 INH_INDEX Sequence of Responsibility INT4 INT4 
427 INH_INGRPI Data origin for maintenance planner group field INHER CHAR 
428 INH_IWERKI Data origin for planning plant field INHER CHAR 
429 INH_KOKRSI Data origin for controlling area field INHER CHAR 
430 INH_KOSTLI Data origin for cost center field INHER CHAR 
431 INH_LGWIDI Data Origin for the Field 'Work Center' INHER CHAR 
432 INH_MAPARI Data origin for manufacturer part number field INHER CHAR 
433 INH_MSGRPI Data origin for room number field INHER CHAR 
434 INH_PPSIDI Data origin for PP work center field INHER CHAR 
435 INH_PROIDI Data origin for WBS element field INHER CHAR 
436 INH_RBNR_I Data origin for maintenance catalog field INHER CHAR 
437 INH_SPARTI Data origin for division field INHER CHAR 
438 INH_STORTI Data origin for location field INHER CHAR 
439 INH_SUBMTI Data origin for construction type field INHER CHAR 
440 INH_SWERKI Data origin for maintenance plant field INHER CHAR 
441 INH_TIDNRI Data origin for technical identification number field INHER CHAR 
442 INH_TPLNRI Data origin for functional location field INHER CHAR 
443 INH_VKORGI Data origin for sales organization field INHER CHAR 
444 INH_VTWEGI Data origin of distribution channel field INHER CHAR 
445 INIDA Date of initial data entry DATUM DATS 
446 INIDATCRDC Consecutive number of the initial data creation document INIDATCRDC CHAR 
447 INIDATCRDI Consec. no. of installation for initial data creation doc. INIDATCRDI CHAR 
448 INIDT Date of First Creation of a Scheduling Agreement Release DATUM DATS 
449 INIFL_BHDG Flag for reinitializing XFELD CHAR 
450 INIFM_KK INIT module for Subscreen FUNCNAME CHAR 
451 INIID_KK FSCM Biller Direct: Identification for INIT Data INIID_KK CHAR 
452 INILT NID indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
453 ININD Indicator: Data entry in group currency? XFELD CHAR 
454 ININF_FIS Notification for the Posting of Bills BOOLE CHAR 
455 ININV Physical inventory interval (in workdays) for cycle counting NUM3 NUMC 
456 INIT Initialization indicator for resetup of S032 R/2-R/3 CHAR1 CHAR 
457 INITDATE_BRO Date Info or Correspondence Received from Broker DATUM DATS 
458 INITDATE_X_BRO Date Info or Correspondence Received From Broker (External) CHAR8 CHAR 
459 INITDEFER iSeries: Constraint defined as initially deferred (Yes/No) QCHAR3 CHAR 
460 INITEXT Oracle: dba_tables.initial_extent DEC17 DEC 
461 INITEXTENT Size of Initial Extent (KB) SINT4_NOS INT4 
462 INITIAL blank ('X': Dimension set to 0 value) XFLAG CHAR 
463 INITIALS "Middle Initial" or initials CHAR10 CHAR 
464 INITIAL_FLAG Flag for Controlling Blank Entries   CHAR 
465 INITIAL_KBETR Condition Rate of Zero Allowed in Insert/Update Case (BAPI) XFELD CHAR 
466 INITIAL_STATUS Initial Status When Creating Waste Disposal Order INITIAL_STATUS CHAR 
467 INITIATING_PARTY Initiating Party CHAR70 CHAR 
468 INITIND ATP: Initialization indicator for the check INITIND NUMC 
469 INITL Indicator: no display, if initial XFELD CHAR 
470 INITM Time of First Creation of a Scheduling Agreement Release UZEIT TIMS 
471 INITME Include Objects Without Characteristic Values XFELD CHAR 
472 INITMO Date of Initial Award Month INITMO CHAR 
473 INITPAGX Initial page W3TXT90X CHAR 
474 INITRANS Oracle: dba_tables.ini_trans DEC17 DEC 
475 INITREAS_BRO Trigger for Creating a Broker Report INITREAS_BRO CHAR 
476 INITS Initials TEXT10 CHAR 
477 INITSB Initial record layout SYNUM10 NUMC 
478 INITSCREEN Initial screen for configuration CHAR01 CHAR 
479 INITX ATP Server: reconstruct availability check tables XFELD CHAR 
480 INITYR Date of Initial Award Year INITYR CHAR 
481 INIT_BUDGET Contingent Planning: Initialize the New Planning Data BOOLE CHAR 
482 INIT_CHOOSE Selection   CHAR 
483 INIT_DATE Date of initialization run AS4DATE DATS 
484 INIT_EXT InitialExtent: Initial NextExtent size   INT4 
485 INIT_EXT_ Initial extents (dba_segments) DEC14 DEC 
486 INIT_STRU Indicator that NOT NULL is forced for this field NOTNULL CHAR 
487 INIT_TIME Time of initialization AS4TIME TIMS 
488 INI_TRANS Ini trans DEC17 DEC 
490 INJIT JIT Call in Internet INJIT CHAR 
491 INKBR Indicator for inclusion in business event brochure NUM01 NUMC 
492 INKDOCTYP_KK Type of Collection Agency Document INKDOCTYP_KK CHAR 
493 INKEN Inventory indicator XFELD CHAR 
495 INKGPI_KK Collection Agency BU_PARTNER CHAR 
496 INKGP_CA Collection Agency BU_PARTNER CHAR 
497 INKGP_KK Collection Agency BU_PARTNER CHAR 
498 INKHK_KK General Ledger Account for Collection Agency SAKNR CHAR 
499 INKKD Income Indicator P05_INKKD NUMC 
500 INKLPAR Name of a parameter of the including search help FDNAME CHAR