SAP ABAP Data Element - Index I, page 45
Data Element - I
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 IW_TRANST Translation type (for translation package) IW_TRANST CHAR 
2 IW_TRNS_ST Translation-Relevant IW_TRNS_ST CHAR 
3 IW_TRN_GRTP Translatable Graphic IW_TRN_GR CHAR 
4 IW_TSRCLAN Source Language of Translation SPTXT16 CHAR 
5 IW_TTRGLAN Target language SPTXT16 CHAR 
6 IW_TXT Short Text TEXT50 CHAR 
7 IW_TYPE Content types CHAR1 CHAR 
8 IW_TYPETX2 Long text for content type TEXT132 CHAR 
10 IW_TYPE_RES Type of Check Results for Help Links IW_TYPE_RES CHAR 
11 IW_URCOD_F Cause Code for "Broken Down" QCODE CHAR 
12 IW_URCOD_N Cause Code for "Not Broken Down" QCODE CHAR 
13 IW_URCOD_X Cause Code for "Undecided" QCODE CHAR 
14 IW_URL_PARA Search Strings for URL Analysis IW_URL_PARA CHAR 
15 IW_UUID_C UUID in character representation (replacement for SYSUUID_C) CHAR32 CHAR 
16 IW_VERS Version for macros, templates, etc. CHAR64 CHAR 
18 IW_VISIBLE_AT_RUNTIME Info Object Is Visible in the Context at Runtime IW_CHAR10 CHAR 
19 IW_VISIBLE_IN_CONTEXT Info Object Is Visible in the Context IW_CHAR10 CHAR 
20 IW_VVER Viewer Version CHAR10 CHAR 
21 IW_WF_SUP Workflow support IW_WF_SUP CHAR 
23 IW_YES_NO With Structure: Yes/No TEXT6 CHAR 
24 IXBCCHAN Channel for the iXML BC http server registration IXBCCHAN CHAR 
25 IXBCFILT Filter class name for iXML BC http server registration IXBCFILT CHAR 
26 IXBCHAND Handler class name for iXML BC http server registration IXBCHAND CHAR 
27 IXBCHSID Registration ID for iXML BC http server IXBCHSID NUMC 
28 IXBCNAME Name of iXML Binary Connector HTTP Header Field IXBCNAME CHAR 
29 IXBCORDE Order of iXML BC http server registration entries IXBCORDE INT4 
30 IXBCSELE Selector for iXML BC http server registration IXBCSELE CHAR 
31 IXBCSIZE iXML / Business Connector Size of Data Exchanged   INT4 
32 IXBCVAL Value of iXML Binary Connector HTTP Header Field IXBCVAL CHAR 
33 IXCREATOR iSeries: Owner of index QCHAR10 CHAR 
34 IXML_C1 iXML: C(1) Data Type   CHAR 
35 IXML_X1 iXML: X(1) Data Type   RAW 
36 IXTEXT Index name text TEXT30 CHAR 
37 IXVON_TXT Entry .. from .. CHAR1 CHAR 
38 IX_COLCNT iSeries: Number of columns in index key QINT4 INT4 
39 IX_CREDATE Create index: Date SYDATS DATS 
40 IX_CRENAME Create index: Author XUBNAME CHAR 
41 IX_CRETIME Create index: Time SYTIME TIMS 
42 IX_TEXT Text field for index selection TEXT28 CHAR 
43 IZAHL Interval Limit No.: Del. Time/Quantity Reliab. Statistics IZAHL NUMC 
44 IZEILE Row position NUMC3 NUMC 
45 IZUST Initial status of a new batch IZUST CHAR 
46 IZWEK Reason for investment IZWEK CHAR 
47 I_ABRMENGE Billing quantity for internal billing format I_ABRMENGE DEC 
48 I_ABRMENGEVOR Billing Quantity: Internal Format of Previous Billing I_ABRMENGE DEC 
49 I_ABSTGEO Opening stock at purchase price without tax WERTV10 CURR 
50 I_ABSTGVO Opening stock at sales price without tax WERTV10 CURR 
51 I_ABSTGVP Actual opening stock at sales price including tax WERTV10 CURR 
52 I_ABSTMNG Actual opening stock quantity in base unit of measure MENGV15_3 QUAN 
53 I_ACTI R/3 Activity CHAR4 CHAR 
54 I_ALTWERT Old value for internal billing format I_ALTWERT DEC 
55 I_ANSCHAUF Interval between MR announcement and order creation INTERVALL DEC 
56 I_ANZ Number of instructors of business event DEC3 DEC 
57 I_ANZEABL Number of devices to which EABL relates LFDNR2 NUMC 
58 I_ANZKAP IBIP: Char. - No. of Required Capacity CHAR3 CHAR 
59 I_ANZ_AB Display Object Information if Completed Notifications Exist XFELD CHAR 
60 I_ANZ_OFN Display Object Information if Outstanding Notifs Exist XFELD CHAR 
61 I_APROZENT IBIP: Char. - Labor Percentage Rate CHAR3 CHAR 
62 I_ASTATEX PM order status exclusive TEXT4 CHAR 
63 I_ASTATIN PM order status inclusive TEXT4 CHAR 
64 I_AUFTRABL Interval between order creation and scheduled reading date INTERVALL DEC 
65 I_AUKSAAUF Interval btw. customer MR order printout and order creation INTERVALL DEC 
66 I_BDT_LS IS-H: Date when Service Performance Starts (Actual) RI_DATUM DATS 
67 I_BELAST Special Search Help for Partner in Order Hdr of Cat. Person XFELD CHAR 
68 I_BEZUG Reference Object Info I_BEZUG CHAR 
69 I_BGR Assembly MATNR CHAR 
70 I_BSTAR Stock Type (Physical Inventory BSTAR CHAR 
71 I_BUSI Retractor Control R/3 Component D_BUSI NUMC 
72 I_BZT_LS IS-H: Time when Service Performance Starts (Actual) UHRZT TIMS 
73 I_CASE Retractor Control D_CASE NUMC 
74 I_CELM InfoObject Cost Element D_FNAM CHAR 
75 I_CLASS Display Characteristics if Corresponding Class Data XFELD CHAR 
76 I_COAR InfoObject Controlling Area D_FNAM CHAR 
77 I_COMPFORMAT INTERNAL: calculation format for readings and consumption I_COMPFORMAT DEC 
78 I_COND Condition indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
79 I_CONFSTORNO Confirmation Cancellation I_CONFSTORNO CHAR 
80 I_CONTRACT Display if Contract Exists XFELD CHAR 
81 I_COUNT Counter for differentiation 6-digit NUM6 NUMC 
82 I_CTYP InfoObject Cost Element Category D_FNAM CHAR 
83 I_CTYPVAL Values for Cost Element Categories D_CTYPVAL NUMC 
84 I_CURR Currency of amount on which interest is to be paid WAERS CUKY 
85 I_CUSTFLG Customer Reference (Object Info) XFELD CHAR 
86 I_DATE DB Field Contents Must Be Valid at This Date DATS DATS 
87 I_DAY Day   CHAR 
88 I_DBNAME PC Database Name for Download RFCEXEC CHAR 
89 I_DEPTRESP Department responsible CHAR12 CHAR 
90 I_DEST Destination for Download RFCDEST CHAR 
91 I_DFZ Actual execution time DAUER_6_1V QUAN 
92 I_DFZ_EX Actual execution time (exact) DAUER_10_2V QUAN 
93 I_DI Service "Tuesday" XFELD CHAR 
94 I_DISPLAY Display position in PM report NUM2 NUMC 
95 I_DISPSEL Position in display NUM2 NUMC 
96 I_DLZ Actual lead time DAUER_6_1V QUAN 
97 I_DLZ_EX Actual lead time (exact) DAUER_10_2V QUAN 
98 I_DO Service "Thursday" XFELD CHAR 
99 I_DOWNLABL Interval between download and meter reading INTERVALL DEC 
100 I_DRUCKABL Days between printout of meter reading orders and MR INTERVALL DEC 
101 I_EDT_LS IS-H: Date when Service Performance Ends (Actual) RI_DATUM DATS 
102 I_ENDPEABL Interval between meter reading and end of meter reading per. DEC3 DEC 
103 I_EQ_ADDRNUM Equipment address number AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
104 I_EQ_OBJNR Equipment object number J_OBJNR CHAR 
105 I_ERFME Unit of entry (physical inventory) MEINS UNIT 
106 I_ERFMG Quantity in unit of entry (physical inventory) MENG13 QUAN 
107 I_ESCAL Response Profile I_ESCAL CHAR 
108 I_ESCALTX Response Time Text TEXT20 CHAR 
110 I_ESCUNIT Unit of Time MEINS UNIT 
111 I_ESTATEX Equipment status excluded TEXT4 CHAR 
112 I_ESTATIN Equipment status included TEXT4 CHAR 
113 I_EZT_LS IS-H: Time Service Performance Ends (Actual) UHRZT TIMS 
114 I_FGEN Force Generation D_FLAG NUMC 
115 I_FIELDTXT PM field description SCRTEXT_M CHAR 
116 I_FLAG Indicator for selecting actual assignments CHAR1 CHAR 
117 I_FL_ADDRNUM Functional location address number AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
118 I_FL_OBJNR Functional location object number J_OBJNR CHAR 
119 I_FR Service "Friday" XFELD CHAR 
120 I_GENE RFC Generation D_FLAG NUMC 
121 I_HIER Escalation Profile Hierarchy Level NUM2 NUMC 
122 I_HO Service on Holidays XFELD CHAR 
123 I_INFOWIND Parameter ID Object Info I_INFOWIND CHAR 
124 I_INFO_AUT Display Object Info Automatically XFELD CHAR 
125 I_KEY Key for transfer of location data CHAR50 CHAR 
126 I_KEYCOL No. of Key Columns NUM1 NUMC 
127 I_KLART_EQ View Indicator SICHTKZ CHAR 
128 I_KLART_TP Display indicator for view SICHTKZ CHAR 
130 I_MASSCHANGE Mass Data Change Object Type I_MASSCHANGE CHAR 
131 I_MENG_LS Service Quantity LEISMENGE NUMC 
132 I_MI Service "Wednesday" XFELD CHAR 
133 I_MITAB With calls (for RIVEDA00) XFELD CHAR 
134 I_MITAP With task lists (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
135 I_MITAUF With orders (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
136 I_MITBG With assemblies (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
137 I_MITEQ With equipment (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
138 I_MITLB With service entry sheet (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
139 I_MITQM With notifications (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
140 I_MITSIM With further dates (as result of simulation) XFELD CHAR 
141 I_MITTP With functional locations (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
142 I_MITUVO With sub-operations (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
143 I_MITWA With maintenance plans (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
144 I_MITWO With maintenance items (for RIMHIS00) XFELD CHAR 
145 I_MO Service "Monday" XFELD CHAR 
146 I_MONTH Month   NUMC 
147 I_NAME_INT List name of internal employee resp.for carrying out job NAME CHAR 
148 I_NAME_LST Name for list displays NAME CHAR 
149 I_NAME_VERA List Name of Partner Responsible for Execution (Pers./User) NAME CHAR 
150 I_NETTOBTR_L Long Net Amount - Internal Billing Format I_NETTOBTR_L DEC 
151 I_NEUWERT New value for internal billing format I_NEUWERT DEC 
152 I_NOTE Dynamic note to field service G_NOTE CHAR 
153 I_NOT_DAYS Selection Days - For Notifications NUM4 NUMC 
154 I_OBJECT Description of object table for field selection CHAR40 CHAR 
156 I_OBJKEY Object Key for Order Long Text   CHAR 
157 I_ORT City: instructor TEXT20 CHAR 
159 I_PARNRINT Number of partner responsible for performing the job I_PARNR CHAR 
160 I_PARNR_VERA Partner Responsible for Execution (Person/User) I_PARNR CHAR 
161 I_PERTOT Period/Annual Values D_PERTOT NUMC 
162 I_PLZ Postal code: instructor PSTLZ CHAR 
163 I_PMIS_DAY No. of Days in the Past for PMIS Selection NUM4 NUMC 
164 I_PM_POSID Work Breakdown Structure Element (WBS Element) for List CHAR24 CHAR 
165 I_PM_POSID_HEADER Work breakdown structure element (WBS element) order header CHAR24 CHAR 
166 I_PM_POSID_OPERATION Work Breakdown Structure Element (WBS Element) of Operation CHAR24 CHAR 
167 I_PM_POSID_SER Work Breakdown Structure Element (WBS Element) Serial Data CHAR24 CHAR 
168 I_PM_VAGRP Responsible Planner Group/Department from Task List VAGRP CHAR 
169 I_PRED Predecessor XFELD CHAR 
170 I_PSTATEX Functional location status: exclusive TEXT4 CHAR 
171 I_PSTATIN Functional location status: inclusive TEXT4 CHAR 
172 I_QSTATEX Excluded Status of a Maintenance Notification TEXT4 CHAR 
173 I_QSTATIN PM Notification Status Inclusive TEXT4 CHAR 
174 I_RESTRICT Call Information System with restricted search (CROSS+ENVI) CHAR1 CHAR 
175 I_SA Service "Saturday" XFELD CHAR 
176 I_SEL_AB Select Completed Notifications XFELD CHAR 
177 I_SERVAUF Permissible Order Type for Service Processing XFELD CHAR 
178 I_SERVICE Service transaction XFELD CHAR 
179 I_SERWI Service Profile I_SERWI CHAR 
180 I_SERWITX Service Profile Text TEXT20 CHAR 
181 I_SO Service "Sunday" XFELD CHAR 
182 I_STATSEL Status Selection Field XFELD CHAR 
184 I_STRNM Retraction NewGL: Strukture for Customer Fields D_STRNM CHAR 
186 I_SUCC_DIS Display successors I_SUCC_DIS CHAR 
187 I_TATP Transaction Type CHAR3 CHAR 
188 I_TERMAB From date DATUM DATS 
190 I_TEXT Desc. for transfer of location data CHAR40 CHAR 
191 I_TIMEFR Service From UZEIT TIMS 
193 I_TYPE_FLAG (SOLMAN App.Log) Flag for Message Type 'I' UFFLAG CHAR 
194 I_UMWMENGE Quantity after Conversion, Prepared for Billing Line Item I_UMWMENGE DEC 
195 I_USTXT Description of user status TEXT40 CHAR 
196 I_VALUE Value for transfer of location data CHAR40 CHAR 
197 I_VERBERW Expected consumption: internal format I_VERBR DEC 
198 I_VERS R/3 Version   CHAR 
199 I_VISIBLE Data base field invisible for user XFELD CHAR 
200 I_VSEL Retraction NewGL: Value Selection D_VSEL NUMC 
201 I_VSTATEX PM Order operation status exclusive TEXT4 CHAR 
202 I_VSTATIN PM Order operation status inclusive TEXT4 CHAR 
203 I_WAIT BAPI: Commit and Wait D_FLAG NUMC 
204 I_WTZ Actual queue time DAUER_6_1V QUAN 
205 I_XLOEK Item is Deleted (Physical Inventory) XFELD CHAR 
206 I_ZAHL Number fields in internal billing format I_ZAHL DEC 
207 I_ZDT_LS Interim Billing Date for Services Performed RI_DATUM DATS 
208 I_ZET_LS IS-H: end date of the interim billing period of the service RI_DATUM DATS 
209 I_ZWSTAND Meter reading recorded I_ZWSTAND DEC 
210 I_ZWSTDIFF Meter reading difference in internal format I_ZWSTDIFF DEC 
211 I_ZWSTERW Expected meter reading: internal format I_ZWSTAND DEC 
212 I_ZWSTNDAB Billed meter reading I_ZWSTAND DEC 
213 I_ZWSTVOR Previous meter reading I_ZWSTAND DEC