SAP ABAP Function Module - Index F, page 38
Function Module - F
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 FMFG_CHECK_CMMTSTR Clears commitment string, if not used 
2 FMFG_CHECK_FACTS_PROGRM_VERSN Check if data exists for a version in summary table FMFGF2VERSION 
3 FMFG_CHECK_FMAREAR_FOR_BLEXT Check, whether this fmarea can be used for the BL ext. 
4 FMFG_CHECK_PO_PPU_BASE Federal price per unit document tolerance check PO/PO 
5 FMFG_CHECK_PO_VAL_BASE Value Based PR/PO tolerance check 
6 FMFG_CHECK_PPA_ITEM_EXCLUDE Check whether exclude indicator for PPA is active 
7 FMFG_CHOOSE_RECON_VIEW_FIELDS Dialog for choosing sort/group fields for recon report 
8 FMFG_CMX_CHECK_DATA_CHANGED Check if US Fed Gov't Customer Master Extensions Changed 
9 FMFG_CMX_GET_DATA Get US Fed Gov't Customer Master Extensions screen data 
10 FMFG_CMX_GET_FLDNAM_FOR_CH_DOC Transfer Field Name for Change Document Display 
11 FMFG_CMX_INITIALIZE_DATA Initialize US Fed Gov't Customer Master Extensions 
12 FMFG_CMX_READ_DATA Read US Fed Gov't Customer Master Extensions 
13 FMFG_CMX_SAVE_DATA Save US Fed Gov't Customer Master Extensions 
14 FMFG_CMX_SET_DATA Set US Fed Gov't Customer Master Extensions screen data 
15 FMFG_COLLECT_FMIFIIT Collect FMIFIIT records so FMBUZEI is controlled 
16 FMFG_CREATE_FMIFIIT_RECORDS Create FMIFIHD and FMIFIIT records for paid lines 
17 FMFG_CREATE_PAYMENT_ITEMS Create payment lines for US budgetary ledger 
18 FMFG_CREATE_RESET_PAYMNT_LINES Create payment lines for US budgetary ledger 
19 FMFG_DERIVATION_STRUCTURE_FILL Derives the accounts for Actuals and Obligations 
20 FMFG_DERIVE_ACCOUNT Calls the derivation and controls trace 
21 FMFG_DERIVE_BL_TRACE_STATUS Log the results of a trace 
22 FMFG_DERIVE_DISPLAY_TRACE Display derivation trace results 
23 FMFG_DERIVE_GET_TRACE_STATUS Log the results of a trace 
24 FMFG_DERIVE_LOG_TRACE Log the results of a trace 
25 FMFG_DERIVE_REFRESH_TRACE Clear derivation trace log 
26 FMFG_DERIVE_TRACE_ACTIVATE Log the results of a trace 
27 FMFG_DERIVE_TRACE_DEACTIV_ALL Deactivate all derivation tracing 
28 FMFG_DERIVE_TRACE_END End derivation trace; save results; optional display 
29 FMFG_DERIVE_YRCL Derives FM acc. assign. in year end 
30 FMFG_DERIVE_YRCL_TEST Derivation FM acc assign. yearend test tool 
31 FMFG_DISPLAY_LEDGERVIEW Display Selected Documents for Payment Directive 
32 FMFG_DISPLAY_LEDGER_VIEW Display Selected Documents for Payment Directive 
33 FMFG_DIST_ALC Copies Pmt Supp Meth from Vendor to GL lines 
34 FMFG_DOCUMENT_TIMING Passing the document timing table to the global area 
35 FMFG_DRV_STRAT_GET Get info for derivation strategies in FMFG Deriv. cockpit 
36 FMFG_EXCLUDE_DOCUMENTS Exclude documents created later while rebuilding 
37 FMFG_EXCL_WASHOUT_ACCOUNT_GET Gets the classification for an account 
38 FMFG_F2_FINUSE_READ Get Application of Funds 
39 FMFG_FACTS_DERIVE Derive values for FACTS 
40 FMFG_FEDERAL_FLG_GET Get federal flag 
41 FMFG_FIELD_MOVEMENT Calls the derivation and controls trace 
42 FMFG_FILL_BITBL_WITH_OWNSGMNT Fill BI Table with Own Segment 
43 FMFG_FILL_FIELD_MAP Fills Field Mapping 
44 FMFG_FI_F4_FIELDNAME Anzeige/Prüfung von Tabellenfeldnamen 
45 FMFG_GENERATE_ITEMS_WITHOUT_FM Generates items from lines not being updated in FM 
46 FMFG_GENERATE_PAYMENT_ITEMS Create payment lines for US budgetary ledger 
47 FMFG_GET_ACCCR_NEW Get current delivered/paid amounts for current posting 
48 FMFG_GET_ACC_DOC Get reference to accounting document 
49 FMFG_GET_FMIFIIT_TOTALS Calculate payment lines from FMIFIIT 
50 FMFG_GET_INV_PPA_DATA Get field values from invoice extension 
51 FMFG_GET_RECON_SEL_DATA Pass selection table to function group 
52 FMFG_GR_INVOICE_UPDATE Automatic update of invoice(s) from GR 
53 FMFG_INIT_STAT_SAMPLE_BLOCK Payment sampling block initialization 
54 FMFG_INVOICE_AUTO_UPDATE Automatic invoice update on goods receipt 
55 FMFG_INVOICE_REFERENCES Get related Documents based in Invoice Reference 
56 FMFG_INVOICE_RELEASE_UPDATE Invoice release functionality from PPA 
57 FMFG_IPAC_FB05_POST_CLEARING US Federal IPAC Interface post with clearing 
58 FMFG_MM_DPAY_CLEARING_ADDACCIT Add lines to ACCIT for automatic Downpayment clearing 
59 FMFG_MM_DPAY_CLEARING_HISTORY Automatic downpayment clearing 
60 FMFG_MM_PO_OBLIGFLAG Release Strategy - Obligations Flag 
61 FMFG_MM_PR_OBLIGFLAG Release Strategy - Obligation Flag 
62 FMFG_MM_REQ_CHANGE R Update Enjoy purchase requisition 
63 FMFG_MM_REQ_PENDING_UPDATE Apply pending updates to PReq from notification 
64 FMFG_NOSPLIT_BL_DOCUMENT Create payment lines for US budgetary ledger 
65 FMFG_PASS_NON_STANDARD Process a Non Standard IDOC Segment 
66 FMFG_PAYFUND_ACTIV Check Activation of Payment per Account Assignment 
67 FMFG_PAYFUND_ACTIV_FOR_IPAC Check the activation status for IPACed program 
68 FMFG_PAYFUND_CLEAR Clear open items 
70 FMFG_PAYFUND_SET_GET_BKPF Set get header information 
71 FMFG_PAYFUND_SET_GET_BSEG Get the line information 
72 FMFG_PAYMENT_CONVERSION Create payment lines FMIFIIT/57 as needed 
73 FMFG_POPUP_ASK_FILE_OVERWRITE Popup to the question whether existing file should be ovewritten 
74 FMFG_POP_RESET_CLEARING Belegaufteilung: RW-Beleg bei Rücknahme Ausgleich erzeugen 
75 FMFG_POST_PAYMENT_IPAC Post partial payments from IPAC program 
76 FMFG_POST_RESET_PAYMNT_LINES Post BL payment lines from reset clearing 
77 FMFG_PO_HISTORY Purchase Order History 
78 FMFG_PO_PENDING_ITEM_OPEN Read pending items from FMFG_VEKPO 
79 FMFG_PO_PENDING_ITEM_POST Save pending items to FMFG_VEKPO 
80 FMFG_PO_PENDING_ITEM_READ Read pending items from buffer 
81 FMFG_PO_PENDING_ITEM_VIEW Pending Details View 
82 FMFG_PPA_DOCUMENT_CHECK PPA Reason Code(s) - Check [RWIN Interface] 
83 FMFG_PPA_DOCUMENT_POST Post RWIN Interface - Reason Codes for Invoices (PPA) 
84 FMFG_PPA_DOCUMENT_PROJECT Project RWIN Interface - Reason Codes for Invoices (PPA) 
85 FMFG_PPA_INV_HD_UPDATE Update FMFG_HEADER_INV should be called in upd task 
87 FMFG_READ_ACCOUNT_WITH_CLASS Gets all the accounts for a certain class 
88 FMFG_RE_ALC_SHLP_EXIT Example for a search help exit 
90 FMFG_RE_PMT_OFF_SHLP_EXIT Example for a search help exit 
91 FMFG_RE_PPA_EX_GUI_PBO RECN Condition: PPA Exclude Flag GUI PBO 
92 FMFG_RO_CHECK Check if the SD order is a reimbursable order 
93 FMFG_RPTA_DERIVATION_TEST Additional Reporting Attribute Derivation 
95 FMFG_SET_BL_CMMT_STR Build budgetary ledger commitment string from obligation for split ledger 
96 FMFG_SET_CCR_DISP_FIELDS Set the CCR fields display only where customized as such 
97 FMFG_SET_PAYMENT_METHOD Set payment methode for 0$ transactions 
98 FMFG_SET_RECON_GROUP User selection of current reconciliation group 
99 FMFG_SET_RECON_SEL_DATA Pass selection table to function group 
100 FMFG_SET_RECON_SEL_UPDATE_MODE Set to display only or updateable mode 
101 FMFG_SGL_ACCOUNT_CLASS_GET Gets the classification for an account 
102 FMFG_SHOW_DOC_CHAIN Display the Document Chain 
103 FMFG_SIMULATE_SPLIT_LEDGER Simulate split ledger so the account assignment is set 
104 FMFG_STAT_SAMPLE_BLOCK_CHK Payment Statistical Sampling Block Verification 
105 FMFG_SUBKEY_GET Liefert Herkunftsnummer zu vorgegebenen Merkmalsausprägungen 
106 FMFG_SUBKEY_GET96 Liefert Herkunftsnummer zu vorgegebenen Merkmalsausprägungen 
107 FMFG_SUBKEY_GET97 Liefert Herkunftsnummer zu vorgegebenen Merkmalsausprägungen 
108 FMFG_TC_GET_ALC Get Agency Location Code (ALC) 
109 FMFG_TC_GET_PMT_METH_SUPP Get Payment Method Supplement from ALC & Pmt Office 
110 FMFG_TC_GET_PMT_TYPE Get payment type 
111 FMFG_TC_GET_PMT_TYPE_PLUS Get payment type 
112 FMFG_TC_GET_RFC Get the Regional Financial Center (RFC) 
113 FMFG_TC_GET_SCHEDULENO Generate or get existing schedule number 
114 FMFG_TC_GET_UZAWE_PID get user default Payment Method Supplement 
115 FMFG_TC_MANUAL_CONFIRMATION Manual Correction & Confirmation of Treasury Schedule Confirmations 
116 FMFG_TC_MANUAL_CONFIR_NEW Manual Correction & Confirmation of Treasury Schedule Confirmations 
117 FMFG_TC_PS_US_ACTIVE Check if US Public Sector is active in current client 
118 FMFG_TC_PS_US_ACTIVE_CORE Check if US Public Sector is active in current client 
119 FMFG_TC_SCHED_ENTRY Screen to enter multiple schedule info 
120 FMFG_TC_SCHED_ENTRY_NEW Screen to enter multiple schedule info 
121 FMFG_TC_SET_SCHEDULE_STATUS Set status of schedule 
122 FMFG_TC_VOID_CHK_PREV_RUN_DATE Get cancel check previous payment run date 
123 FMFG_TRADE_ID_GET Get trading partner 
124 FMFG_VENDOR_FT_TAB_FILL FM used to fill Batch structures specific to US Federal 
125 FMFG_VMX_CHECK_DATA_CHANGED Check if US Fed Gov't Vendor Master Extensions Changed 
126 FMFG_VMX_GET_DATA Get US Fed Gov't Vendor Master Extensions screen data 
127 FMFG_VMX_GET_FLDNAM_FOR_CH_DOC Transfer Field Name for Change Document Display 
128 FMFG_VMX_INITIALIZE_DATA Initialize US Fed Gov't Vendor Master Extensions 
129 FMFG_VMX_READ_DATA Read US Fed Gov't Vendor Master Extensions 
130 FMFG_VMX_SAVE_DATA Save US Fed Gov't Vendor Master Extensions 
131 FMFG_VMX_SET_DATA Set US Fed Gov't Vendor Master Extensions screen data 
132 FMFITAB_CASH_DISPLAY Anzeige der aus dem System ermittelten Kassenistbestände 
133 FMFITAB_DOCUMENTS_GET Einlesen von FI Belegen für den Tagesabschluss (FI-Basis) 
134 FMFITAB_DOCUMENTS_SUM Summen der Bankbelege je Verdichtungsschlüssel 
135 FMFITAB_FETCH_FI_AMOUNTS Holen der Istbestände aus dem System 
136 FMFITAB_GET_CUSTOMIZING Customizing für FI-Konten lesen 
137 FMFITAB_GET_ZEITBUCH Zeitbuch erzeugen 
138 FMFITAB_SET_STATUS Status für einen Verdichtungsschlüssel setzen 
139 FMFK_BUKRS_CHECK_FMAKTIV FMFK: Testet, ob eine bestimmte Fortschreibung aktiv ist 
140 FMFK_FIKRS_READ HHM: Finanzkreis lesen 
141 FMFK_FIKRS_YEAR_READ Jahresabhängige Parameter Finanzkreis lesen 
142 FMFK_GET_BUKRS_AKTIV_FLAGS Aktivflags (CA,CB,CO) für einen bestimmten Buchungskreis holen 
143 FMFK_GET_FIKRS_FROM_BUKRS FMFK: Finanzkreis zu einem Buchungskreis ermitteln 
145 FMFPO_READ_QUICK FIFM: Lesen einer Kontierungsfinanzposition mit eigenem Puffer 
146 FMFPO_READ_QUICK_POSIT FIFM: Lesen einer Kontierungsposition mit eigenem Puffer sort. nach Posit 
148 FMFR_CHANGE_ACCOUNTING_OBJECTS Kontierungsobjekte von Mittelvormerkungspositionen ändern 
149 FMFR_CHANGE_COMPLETION_FLAG Erledigtkennzeichen von Mittelvormerkungspositionen setzen/zurücksetzen 
150 FMFR_CHANGE_FROM_DATA Mittelvormerkung ändern 
151 FMFR_CREATE_FROM_DATA Reservierungsbeleg anlegen 
152 FMFR_MAINTAIN_MULTIPLE Create/Maintain Earmarked funds 
154 FMFR_POST_MULTIPLE Buchen Änderungen an Mittelvormerkungen 
155 FMFR_READ_KBLP Belegposition einlesen 
156 FMFR_REFERENCE_DATA_POPUP Aufruf des Popup für die Referenzdaten eines Entwicklungssatzes 
157 FMFR_RESERVATION_TRANSACTION Verwaltung von Reservierungsbelegen über Transaktionen 
159 FMFS_GET_DOCUMENT_NUMBER_FI FI-Belegnr. aus Einzelpostennr. ermitteln 
160 FMFS_GET_FIVOR Ermitteln Finanzvorgang aus Werttyp 
161 FMFS_GET_ITEM_NUMBER_FI Einzelpostennr. aus FI-Belegnr. ermitteln 
162 FMFS_GET_WRTTP Werttyp aus Finanzvorgang ermitteln 
163 FMFS_MOVE_AMOUNT_TO_PERBL Betraege in Periodenblock uebertragen 
167 FMF_EXTERNAL_STATUS_SET Datenquellendialog auf Funktionscode FC05 ausblenden 
168 FMGL_BTE00001011_PSPC Prüft, ob die Periode für die Kontierung geöffnet ist 
169 FMGL_CHECK_PERIODS_CLOSE Prüft, ob die Periode für die Kontierung geöffnet ist 
170 FMGL_CHECK_PERIODS_REV_REAL Periodenprüfung beim echten Storno 
171 FMGR_RED_COLLECT_REDUCTIONS Collect GR reductions triggered by deleted documents 
172 FMGR_RED_GET_REDUCTIONS_MM Get total of existing FM reductions from MM 
173 FMGR_RED_RESTORE_REDUCTIONS Recalculate and create missing GR reductions 
174 FMHD_CHECK_LAYOUT_IN_HEADER Check if a layout has been used in FMHBH 
175 FMHD_DELETE_HEADER Delete a held document in both FMHBH and FMHBL 
176 FMHD_DELETE_LINES Delete a held document in both FMHBH and FMHBL 
177 FMHD_GET_HEADER Get header contents from FMBH 
178 FMHD_GET_LINES Get entry document line items from FMBL 
179 FMHD_GET_LIST Get list of held documents 
180 FMHD_WRITE_HEADER Write an FM entry document to the database 
181 FMHD_WRITE_LINES Write an entry document line item to the database 
182 FMHH_FILL_UPDATE_TABLE_FMHICTR Füllen der Tabelle mit den zu verändernden Sätzen der FMHICTR 
183 FMHH_FILL_UPDATE_TABLE_FMHIPOS Füllen der Tabelle mit den zu verändernden Sätzen der FMHIPOS 
184 FMHH_MASTER_DATA_CHECK Prüfen der Hierarchietabelle(n) 
185 FMHH_MASTER_DATA_CTR Fin.Stellen: Grundbaustein für die Prüfung der Stammdatenhierarchie 
186 FMHH_MASTER_DATA_POS Fin.Positionen: Grundbaustein für die Prüfung der Stammdatenhierarchie 
187 FMHH_READ_TABLE_HIERARCHY_CTR Lesen der Hierarchietabelle für die Finanzstellen 
188 FMHH_READ_TABLE_HIERARCHY_POS Lesen der Hierarchietabelle für die Finanzpositionen 
189 FMHH_UPDATE_HIERARCHY_CTR UPDATE der Hierarchietabelle der Stellen 
190 FMHH_UPDATE_HIERARCHY_POS UPDATE der Hierarchietabelle der Finanzpositionen 
191 FMHIE_ADD_NODE_MANUALLY Dialog box for manually adding a new node into the hierarchy 
192 FMHIE_CHECK_ACTIVATION Check Whether Budget Hierarchy is Active 
193 FMHIE_CUST_CHECK_CONSISTENCY Check the Customizing Consistency for Bdgt Hierarchy 
194 FMHIE_CUST_READ_ROLES Read Customizing for Hierarchy Roles 
195 FMHIE_DELETE_HEADER_ENTRY Delete header entry for constant part of hierarchy nodes 
196 FMHIE_DELETE_HIE_ID Delete header entry for constant part of hierarchy nodes 
197 FMHIE_DELETE_NODE Delete hierarchy node in the DB 
198 FMHIE_GLOBAL_ACTIVATION Global activation (Hide Hierarchy for ERP 2005) 
199 FMHIE_MASS_DELETE_NODES Delete multiple nodes in the DB 
200 FMHIE_MASS_UPDATE_NODES Update multiple nodes in the DB 
201 FMHIE_READ_HEADER_ENTRY Read Hierarchy Header Entry for Hierarchy ID 
202 FMHIE_READ_HIE_ID Read Hierarchy Header Entry for Hierarchy ID 
203 FMHIE_READ_NODE Read hierarchy node 
204 FMHIE_RESET_HEADERS_BUFFER Refresh the buffer of header entries 
205 FMHIE_RESET_HIE_ID_BUFFER Refresh the buffer of header entries 
206 FMHIE_RESET_NODES_BUFFER Refresh buffer of hierarchy nodes 
207 FMHIE_SET_FMAREA_BS Set Hierarchy Id in Generation Transaction 
208 FMHIE_SET_HIEID Set Hierarchy Id 
209 FMHIE_UPDATE_HEADERS_BUFFER Update buffer for header entries 
210 FMHIE_UPDATE_HEADER_ENTRY Update header entry for constant part of hierarchy nodes 
211 FMHIE_UPDATE_HIE_ID Update header entry for constant part of hierarchy nodes 
212 FMHIE_UPDATE_HIE_ID_BUFFER Update buffer for header entries 
213 FMHIE_UPDATE_HIE_ID_TEXTS Update texts of header entry 
214 FMHIE_UPDATE_HIE_ID_TEXTS_BUFF Update buffer for texts of header entries 
215 FMHIE_UPDATE_NODE Update hierarchy node in DB 
216 FMHIE_UPDATE_NODES_BUFFER Update the read buffer of hierarchy nodes 
226 FMHVMTXT_READ Lesen eines Haushaltsvermerkes zu einer HHM-Kontierung 
228 FMITPOFM_CALL_FBRA Rücknahme Ausgleich 
229 FMITPOFM_CLEARED_ITEMS_GET Ausgeglichene Belegpositionen feststellen 
230 FMITPOFM_CLEARED_ITEM_CHECK Belegposition auf Ausgleich prüfen 
231 FMITPOFM_CREATE_DWN_PYT_MULT Umbuchung: Bank an Anzahlung 
232 FMITPOFM_FB05_RUECK Umbuchung: Bankspesen buchen 
233 FMITPOFM_FB05_TRANS_MUL Umbuchung: Anzahlung an Anzahlung 
234 FMITPOFM_FB05_ZWKNR_MUL Umbuchung: Anzahlung über Dummy-Verrechnungskonto 
235 FMITPOFM_GET_CUSTOMIZING Lesen der Customizing-Tabelle FMITPOCT 
236 FMITPOFM_GET_FMITPOCT Lesen der Customizing-Tabelle FMITPOCT 
237 FMITPOFM_INTERNAL_TRANSFER_MUL Umbuchung: Anzahlung an Anzahlung 
238 FMITPOFM_ITEMS_CLEARING Umbuchung: Posten ausgleichen 
239 FMITPOFM_ITEM_GET Beleg-Positionsdaten aus Einzelposten ableiten 
240 FMITPOFM_PAYMENT_DATA Debitoren-Stammdaten übernehmen 
241 FMITPOFM_PAYMENT_RETURN Umbuchung: Anzahlung für Erstattung 
242 FMITPOFM_READ_T074 IS-PS: Einzelzugriff auf Tabelle t074 
243 FMITPOFM_SHOW_BANK_STATEMENT Anzeigen des Bankauszugs 
244 FMITPOFM_T003T_READ Text für Belegart lesen 
245 FMITPOFM_T003_READ Belegart lesen 
246 FMITPOFM_T042Z_READ Text für Zahlweg lesen 
247 FMITPOFM_UPDATE_DOCUMENT FI-Beleg auf der Datenbank ändern: FM_UMART übernehmen 
248 FMITPOMP_FMITPO_CALL Schnittstelle für die Zahlungsumbuchung 
249 FMIT_DETERMINE_BEST_ROUTINE Determine the best routine for reading 
250 FMIT_READ_TOTALS_WITH_RANGES Read FMIT for large ranges 
251 FMIT_SUM_UP_PERIODES_TO_YEAR calculate the totals of revenue over a year 
253 FMKBO_ALV_LIST Ausgabe der Betrags-/ Verdichtungsobjekte 
254 FMKBO_ALV_LIST_GRID Ausgabe der Betrags-/ Verdichtungsobjekte 
255 FMKBO_CHECK_CFIELD Überprüfung der Gültigkeit des Betragsobjektfeldes 
256 FMKBO_CHECK_FIELDS Überprüfung der Gültigkeit der Felder 
257 FMKBO_DYN_LOOP Dyn. Bearbeitungsschleife der internen Datentabelle 
258 FMKBO_GET_CFIELD Ermittlung der Berechnungsfelder 
259 FMKBO_GET_CI_INCLUDE Name des Customer-Include bestimmen 
260 FMKBO_GET_DYN_PERFORM Ermittlung des Dyn. Perfoms 
261 FMKBO_GET_REF_STRUCT Ermmittlung der DDIC Referenzstruktur 
262 FMKBO_READ_CFIELDS Lesen der Felder aus der Berechnungsvorschrift 
263 FMKBO_READ_FMCOBJH Lesen der Zuordnung Betragsobjekt (Kopf) 
264 FMKBO_SET_SELECTIONS Fülen der Selektionskriterien 
265 FMKBO_SET_SIGN Setzen der Vorzeichen (Einnahmen/Ausgaben) für Felder einer Struktur 
266 FMKBO_SET_TITLE Lesen des Titels anhand der Reportvarainte 
267 FMKBO_SET_VARIANT Setzen der in FMCOBJH eingestellten Reportvariante 
268 FMKB_HANDLER_MAIN Haushaltsmanagement Kommunen, Zusatzdaten 
269 FMKB_READ_FMKOBP Haushaltsmanagement, Lesen Zusatzdaten Kommunen 
270 FMKF_ADD_GUID Add a guid 
271 FMKF_IS_SIGNIFICANT_ON_PERIODS Check if a key figure is significant at period level 
272 FMKL_GET_TABLES Read classification search results 
273 FMKL_OBJECTS_SEARCH_IN_CLASS Carry out search via classification 
274 FMKOBP_INPUT_DIRECT Direct input Zusatzdaten Haushaltsmanagement Kommunen 
275 FMKO_CHECK_SAKNR_PSOBT Überprüfung der Tagesabschlussrelevanz des Sachkontos 
276 FMKO_GET_FM_FROM_FI HHM Kontierung aus dem FI-Beleg ermitteln 
277 FMKO_READ_ITEMS Lesen der Einzelposten über Reportingtool 
279 FMKT_CHECK_001 Zulässigkeit der Haushaltsstellenart im Deckungsring prüfen 
280 FMKT_CHECK_001M Zulässigkeit der Haushaltsstellenart im Deckungsring prüfen / Massenpflege 
281 FMKT_CHECK_002 Zulässigkeit der Haushaltsstellenart bei einseitiger Deckungsfähigkeit 
282 FMKT_CHECK_003 Zulässigkeit der Haushaltsstellenart bei budgeterhöh. Einnahmen 
283 FMKT_CHECK_011 Keine Deckungsfähigkeit bei Ausgaben-HMK mit budgeterh. Einnahmen erlaubt 
284 FMKT_CHECK_012 Keine budgeterh. Einn. bei Ausgaben-HMK mit einseitiger Deckungsf. erlaubt 
285 FMKT_CHECK_013 Keine budgeterh. Einn. bei im Deckungsring deckungspfl. HMK erlaubt 
286 FMKT_CHECK_021 Keine Zuordnung zu Einn. Deckungring bei Einnahmen HHMK mit Regeln 
287 FMKT_CHECK_023 Keine budgeterh. Einn. bei im Deckungsring enthaltenen Einnahmen HHMK 
288 FMKT_CHECK_BDGT_CARRIER Konsistenzprüfungen für Kontierungsträger 
289 FMKT_SET_UPDATE_FLAG Bearbeitungsart bestimmen 
290 FMKU_0050_CREATE R Create FM Budgeting Entry document 
291 FMKU_0050_CREATE_WITH_COMMIT Create FM Budgeting Entry document 
292 FMKU_0050_REVERSE_WITH_COMMIT Reverse FM Budgeting Entry document 
293 FMKU_0051_UPDATE_WITH_COMMIT R FM Budgeting - Update totals with COMMIT 
294 FMKU_ALE_CREATE_IDOC Create the IDOCs to be distributed 
295 FMKU_ALE_INBOUND_ED Inbound Fct Mod. to create BCS ED from IDOC 
296 FMKU_BA_BUDGET_QUERY Call Query for Retrieve Budget Addresses from FMBDT 
297 FMKU_BA_MULTIPLE_QUERY Call Query for Retrieve Budget Addresses from Multiple Selection Tool 
298 FMKU_BUDGET_TEXT_FREE Free all ALV Container 
299 FMKU_BUDGET_TEXT_LIST Edit , Display Budget Text list 
300 FMKU_BUDGET_TEXT_QUERY_POPUP Call Query for Budget Texts 
301 FMKU_CALL_DERIVATION_AL Derive control object using environment for strategy ID AFMA 
302 FMKU_CALL_DERIVATION_ALE Derive ALE targets using environment for strategy ID AFM 
303 FMKU_CALL_DERIVATION_MIG Derive control object using environment for strategy ID AFMA 
304 FMKU_CALL_DERIVATION_MIG_ED Derive control object using environment for strategy ID AFMA 
305 FMKU_CALL_DERIVATION_SUB Derive control object using environment for strategy ID BFMS 
306 FMKU_CHECK_BUDGETING_PERIOD Check validity of budgeting period 
307 FMKU_CHECK_CC_BCS Check the consistency of the BCS customizing 
308 FMKU_CHECK_CUSTOMIZING Customizing Checks 
309 FMKU_CHECK_MD Master data checks 
310 FMKU_CHECK_NB_ACTIVATION Check if BCS solution is activated 
311 FMKU_COM_ITEM_READ_MULTIPLE Read & check commitment item for budgeting 
312 FMKU_COM_ITEM_READ_SINGLE_DATA Read & check commitment item for budgeting 
313 FMKU_CONSTRUCT_TEXTNAME Create textname 
314 FMKU_CONV_RANGES_INTO_PACKET Convert large ranges of FM AA into packet 
316 FMKU_CUMULATE_MSG cumulate msg in the log 
317 FMKU_CUMULATE_MSG_FROM_EXCEPT cumulate msg in the log from exceptions catched 
318 FMKU_CUMULATE_MSG_IN_LINE cumulate msg in a specific line 
319 FMKU_DELETE_ED Delete Entry Documents 
320 FMKU_DELETE_ED_FROM_AW Delete Entry Documents 
321 FMKU_DELETE_HELD_TEXT Delete held document text 
322 FMKU_DEQUEUE Enqueue of totals record 
323 FMKU_DEQUEUE_BY_ADDRESS Lock data by addresses 
324 FMKU_DEQUEUE_EDTOTALS Dequeue totals from entry document contents 
325 FMKU_DERI_TEST_ENV_BFMA Test environment for strategy ID BFMA 
326 FMKU_DERI_TEST_ENV_BFMD Test environment for strategy ID BFMD 
327 FMKU_DERI_TEST_ENV_BFME Test environment for strategy ID BFME 
328 FMKU_DERI_TEST_ENV_BFMM Test environment for strategy ID BFMM 
329 FMKU_DERI_TEST_ENV_BFMS Test environment for strategy ID BFMS 
330 FMKU_DISTRIBUTE_VALUES Distribution according too given distribution key 
331 FMKU_DOCUMENT_RECORD List of BCS documents 
332 FMKU_EDIT_LONGTEXT Long text management 
333 FMKU_EDIT_STD_TEXT Standard text as longtext 
334 FMKU_ED_DISPLAY Display entry document from AW fields 
335 FMKU_ENQUEUE Enqueue of totals record 
336 FMKU_ENQUEUE_BY_ADDRESS Lock data by addresses 
337 FMKU_GETDETAIL_BUDGET_ADDRESS Retrieve the detailed of the budget addresses 
338 FMKU_GET_BCS_ACTIVE_SETTINGS Get BCS activation settings 
339 FMKU_GET_BUDGET_YEARS Determine all years for which budget data exists 
340 FMKU_GET_BUD_STRUCTURE_YEARS Determine all years for which budget data exists 
341 FMKU_GET_DOCFAM Fill the Document Family 
342 FMKU_GET_PERIOD_INFO Get period info linked to fiscal year variant 
343 FMKU_GET_REVERSAL_FACTOR Get reversal factor for sign conversion 
344 FMKU_GET_SIGN_CONVERSION Get settings for sign conversion 
345 FMKU_LAST_CHECK Trigger the last check need for BCS (Bl, RIB AVC) 
346 FMKU_LI_DISPLAY Display line items document from AW fields 
347 FMKU_LOCK_EDTOTALS Lock totals from entry document contents 
348 FMKU_LVALXX_TO_PERIODS Get periods with values from VALXX 
349 FMKU_NEXT_FMBDP_NB call FMBDP number get next 
350 FMKU_PERIOD_TO_VALXX Set VALXX from periods 
351 FMKU_PERSIST_LONGTEXT Write long text to the database 
352 FMKU_READ_TECHORG Read the data contained in TECHORG 
353 FMKU_READ_TEXT Load text into memory 
354 FMKU_REASSIGNMENT_RULE Get reassignment rule 
355 FMKU_REASSIGN_ADDRESS Reassignment of FMAA values from one year to another 
356 FMKU_REASSIGN_DIMTABS Reassignment of FMAA values from one year to another 
357 FMKU_RENAME_PROVISARY Rename existing text as temporary 
358 FMKU_SELECT_BA_FROM_BUDGET Select Budget Address from Application Data 
359 FMKU_SELECT_BA_MANUALY Select Budget Address from Multiple selection tool 
360 FMKU_SELECT_BA_MULTIPLE Select Budget Address from Multiple selection tool 
361 FMKU_SET_FM_AREA Set FM Area with SET/GET Parameter and/or PopUp 
362 FMKU_SHOW_ED_DOCUMENT F4 Help for entry documents 
363 FMKU_SHOW_LI_DOCUMENT F4 Help for line items documents 
364 FMKU_SIGN_REVERSE Reverse sign according process and commitment item category 
365 FMKU_TEST_CALL_INBOUND_ALE Test function for Inbound ALE 
366 FMKU_VALXX_PER_SUM Sum up period values of VALXX table 
367 FMKU_VALXX_TO_PERIODS Get periods with values from VALXX 
368 FMKU_WARNINGS_POPUP Call a Pop-up of BWB in case of warnings 
369 FMMA_CHECK_ACTIVATION Check activation of multi-annual budgeting 
370 FMMA_READ_CVRGRP_PERCENTAGE Read percentage sets assigned to cover groups 
371 FMMA_READ_STANDARD_PERCENTAGE Read standard percentage set (Multi-annual Budgeting) 
372 FMMD_FGDT_EVENT_CHGD1 CHGD1: Change Docs - Transfer Selection Values (SE38) 
373 FMMD_FGDT_EVENT_CHGD2 CHGD2: Change Docs - Collect Objects with Object ID 
374 FMMD_FGDT_EVENT_CHGD3 CHGD3 : Change Docs - Relevant Header? 
375 FMMD_FGDT_EVENT_CHGD4 CHGD4: Change Docs - Relevant Item? 
377 FMME_DI_DATA_COMMON Create common data for DI 
378 FMME_DI_DATA_HEADER Create header data for DI 
379 FMME_DI_MAINTAIN Maintain Funded Program via direct input 
380 FMME_FMME_CHECK_HDR Header checks 
381 FMME_FMME_EVENT_AUTH1 Authorization event 
382 FMME_FMME_EVENT_CHGD1 CHGD1: Change Docs - Transfer Selection Values (SE38) 
383 FMME_FMME_EVENT_CHGD2 CHGD2: Change Docs - Collect Objects with Object ID 
384 FMME_FMME_EVENT_CHGD3 CHGD3 : Change Docs - Relevant Header? 
385 FMME_FMME_EVENT_CHGD4 CHGD4: Change Docs - Relevant Item? 
386 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DCHCK Measure checks before saving (cross-view) 
387 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DCUAC Measure change GUI status 
388 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DCUAD Measure Determine GUI status 
389 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DELE1 Deletion Program: Check Deletability 
390 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DELE2 Deletion Program: Delete 
391 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DINP1 BDT: FMME event 'DI fill header data' 
392 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DINP2 BDT: FMME event 'DI fill data' 
393 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DLVE1 Measure Exit maintenance (one account) 
394 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DLVE2 Measure Exit maintenance (all accounts) 
395 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DSAVE Measure Save data in database (from local memory) 
396 FMME_FMME_EVENT_DTAKE Measure Hold data (in local memory) 
397 FMME_FMME_EVENT_FCODE Measure Separate function code 
398 FMME_FMME_EVENT_FMOD1_FMAREA Fieldmod. Criteria for FM Area 
399 FMME_FMME_EVENT_FMOD2 Individual field group status control override 
400 FMME_FMME_EVENT_ISDAT Measure Read data (owner application) 
401 FMME_FMME_EVENT_ISDST Measure Distribute data (to participating applications) 
402 FMME_FMME_EVENT_ISSTA Measure Initialization 
403 FMME_FMME_EVENT_XCHNG Measure Check whether data has been changed 
405 FMME_FMME_FMMEASURET_GET Measure Master maintenance in BDT 
406 FMME_FMME_FMMEASURE_COLLECT Collction of data for fmmeasure 
407 FMME_FMME_FMMEASURE_GET Measure Master maintenance in BDT 
408 FMME_FMME_PAI_FMME00 Measure selection screen PAI 
409 FMME_FMME_PBC_FMME00 Before selection screen callup 
410 FMME_FMME_PBO_FMME00 Measure selection screen PBO 
411 FMME_FMME_PFSTATUS_SET Measure master data maintenance 
412 FMMM_PROCESS_PURCHASE_ORDER Neuaufbau der Ist-Daten auf Grundlage von Bestellungen 
413 FMMP_FILL_BUDCAT_CEFFYEAR Call dialog box for Budget Category - Year of Cash Effectivty 
414 FMMP_FILL_BUDCAT_YCE_TARGET Call dialog box for Budget Category - Year of Cash Effectivty 
415 FMMP_GET_BUDCAT_CEFFYEAR Call dialog box for Budget Category - Year of Cash Effectivty 
416 FMMP_INIT_VAR_BUDCAT_CEFFYEAR Initialize from variant 
417 FMMP_SET_BUDCAT_CEFFYEAR Call dialog box for Budget Category - Year of Cash Effectivty 
418 FMMP_SET_BUDCAT_YCE_TARGET Call dialog box for Budget Category - Year of Cash Effectivty 
420 FMOD_DISP OBSOLET: Bitte nicht mehr verwenden 
421 FMOD_FG_VALID_FROM OBSOLET: Bitte nicht mehr verwenden 
422 FMOD_INVISIBLE_FIELDS Field Modification for Hidden Fields 
424 FMPAY_CHECK_MASTER_DATA Stammdatenverprobung 
425 FMPAY_FI_DOCUMNT_ARCH_READ_MLT Einzelzugriff auf einen FI-Beleg im Archiv über BELNR mittels Archivindex 
426 FMPAY_FI_DOCUMNT_READ_IDX_MLT Einzelbelegsuche im Archivindex über BELNR 
427 FMPAY_PAYMENT_TRANSFER Rahmenprogramm zur Zahlungsumsetzung 
428 FMPDOC_PAYMENT_BLOCK_1130 Process to set payment blocks according to customizing 
429 FMPD_DB_UPDATE_DOC Datenbankupdate für die Zahlungsverteilung 
430 FMPD_DOCUMENT_POST Zahlungsverteilung buchen 
431 FMPD_DOCUMENT_SAVE Zahlungsverteilung sichern 
432 FMPD_F4EXIT_DOC Suchhilfe-Exit für Zahlungsverteilungen 
433 FMPEB_ADJTAXIND_CHECK prüft Korrektursteuerkennzeichen 
434 FMPEB_COBL_CHECK Coding Block Check and Derivation 
435 FMPEB_DOCUMENT_CHECK Belegprüfungen für teilw. steuerbefreite Einrichtungen 
436 FMPEB_SET_DOCUMENT_COMPRESS Bestimmen ob Beleg komprimiert werden soll 
437 FMPEB_TAXIND_CHECK Prüfung der Zulässigkeit eines SteuerKZ 
438 FMPEB_TRANSFER_CHECK Umbuchung mit zeilenweise Steuern 
439 FMPEB_XTXIT_SET Zeilenweise Steuer setzen 
440 FMPEP_DISTKEY_SHLP_EXIT Search Help Exit for Distribution Key (SPRED) 
441 FMPEP_HANDLE_EXCEPTION Handle exception, only work with FMPEP 
442 FMPEP_MUTIPLE_BUDGET Enrty for the New PLanning Tool 
443 FMPEP_SET_ADDITIONAL_DATA Set additionnal data for Entry document 
444 FMPEP_SET_FMAREA_LAYOUT Set Layout and FM Area 
445 FMPEP_SET_LAYOUT Set the layout 
446 FMPEP_SET_VARIANT Save the session as variant 
447 FMPF_GET_FUND Get Fund using Commitment Item. 
449 FMPOP_CHECK_DOCUMENT_TYPE Check Principle of Prudence flag for document type 
450 FMPOP_DOCUMENT_PROJECT Delayed return of funds Post to Clear 
451 FMPOP_GET_DOCUMENT_LINES Get the saved document type 
452 FMPOP_PUT_DOCUMENT_LINES Save the current document type 
453 FMPO_POSIT_DELETE FIFM: Löschen der internen Positionsnummer einer Finanzposition 
454 FMPO_POSIT_DETERMINE FIFM: Ermitteln einer neuen internen Positionsnummer 
455 FMPO_POSIT_DUMMY_DETERMINE FIFM: Vergabe einer Dummy-Positionsnummer für eine neue Finanzposition 
456 FMPP_CALL_SCREEN Dummy Call Screen 100 
457 FMPP_CHANGE_DOCUMENT Change Document (for Partial Payment by Fund) 
458 FMPP_CHECK_1025 Common check module for event 00001025 
459 FMPP_CHECK_1820_BADI Zahlprogramm: Selektion der offenen Posten 
460 FMPP_CHECK_AUTO_CLEARING block the fmpp documents in auto clearing 
461 FMPP_CHECK_CLEARING check fmpp docs in clearing process 
462 FMPP_CHECK_CM_CHANGE Check on credit memo and invoice reference (change) 
463 FMPP_CHECK_CM_CREATE Check Credit Memo for creating 
464 FMPP_CHECK_DOCUMENT Check for Partial Payment by Fund 
465 FMPP_CHECK_INVOICE_REF forbid to change invoice reference for FMPP partial payment 
466 FMPP_CHECK_INV_MOD_OUTOFFMPP Check if the invoice is modified out of fmpp while posting PR 
467 FMPP_CHECK_PROJECT R RWIN: Check FMPP documents 
468 FMPP_CM_VS_INV check credit memo against invoice in FMPP transaction 
469 FMPP_DISPLAY_REL_DOC Display Related Documents 
470 FMPP_RESTRICT_SELECTIONS Zahlprogramm: Selektion der offenen Posten 
471 FMPP_SET_PAYMENT_BLOCK Set Payment Block when creating a Credit Memo 
472 FMPP_SET_PRCTR Set Profitcenter for partial payments 
473 FMPP_SHLP_EXIT Search Help Exit for GL-Entities (Partial Payment by Fund) 
474 FMPP_SHLP_GEBER Search Help for Fund 
476 FMPRPP_GET_PR_FROM_DB Zahlungsanforderung holen (Zahlung pro Fonds) 
477 FMPRPP_PREP_ACC_ASGMT Ableitung und Vorbereitung der Kontierung 
478 FMPSO_DRB_DISPLAY DRB: Anordnung anzeigen 
479 FMPSO_DRB_FORMAT DRB: Objektschlüssel formatieren für Anordnung 
480 FMPSO_DRB_ORIGIN_GET Datenquelle ermitteln für Anordnung 
481 FMPSO_DRB_RELATIONS_GET DRB: Verknüpfungen zu Anordnungen liefern 
482 FMPSO_HD_DRB_DISPLAY DRB: Anordnung anzeigen 
483 FMPSO_HD_DRB_FORMAT DRB: Objektschlüssel formatieren für Anordnung 
484 FMPSO_HD_DRB_OBJTYPE_TEXT_GET DRB: Beschreibung zum Objekttyp ermitteln 
485 FMPSO_HD_DRB_ORIGIN_GET Datenquelle ermitteln für Anordnung 
486 FMR0_DOCCLASS_DETERMINE Bestimmen Dokumentklasse für Rollenauflösung 
487 FMR0_REASONS_INPUT_HELP Eingabehilfe für Entscheidungsgründe bei Mittelreservierungen 
488 FMR0_RESERVATION_TCODE_GET Transaktionscode zum Belegtyp besorgen (Genehmigen) 
489 FMR0_RESERVATION_TEXT_GET Bezeichnung des Belegtyps einer Mittelreservierung besorgen 
490 FMR0_ROLE_DETERMINE Ermittlung Gruppen fuer par for each im Workflow 
491 FMR0_ROLE_DET_FIFM_GROUP Rollenfindung und Gruppenbildung im FIFM 
492 FMR0_WFSTATUS_OF_OBJECT_GET Aktueller Status der letzter Workitems zu einem Objekt 
493 FMR0_WF_CHANGE_RESERVATION Workflow Reservation: Change for Update 
494 FMR0_WF_UPDATE_RESERVATION Workflow Reservation: Update approval/rejection etc 
495 FMR0_WORKITEMS_OF_OBJECT_GET Read Work Item for an Object 
496 FMR1_GET_DOCUMENT_FIELDSTATUS Feldstatus pro Belegart ermitteln 
497 FMR1_GET_DOCUMENT_WORKFLOW Workflowflag der Belegart lesen 
498 FMR1_GET_FIELDSELECTLINE Feldauswahlleiste für Variante/Gruppe einer Mittelreservierung ermitteln 
499 FMR1_GET_FIELDSTATUSGROUP Feldstatusgruppe für Belegart/Belegtyp einer Mittelreservierung ermitteln 
500 FMR1_GET_FIELDSTATUSVARIANT Feldstatus pro Belegart ermitteln