SAP ABAP Data Element - Index Q, page 6
Data Element - Q
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 QQIDCTTIME iSeries: Total Time Used by Index Creates (Database Monitor)   DEC 
2 QQIDXA iSeries: Optimizer Advised Index (Database Monitor) QQYN CHAR 
3 QQIDXD iSeries: Key Fields for the Advised Index QQIDXD CHAR 
4 QQIDXK iSeries: No. of Key Fields of Advised Index QQDEC150 DEC 
5 QQIDXN iSeries: Indexes (Database Monitor) QQCHAR1000 LCHR 
7 QQILNM iSeries: System Name of Index Library (Database Monitor) QQTLN CHAR 
8 QQIMNM Index member QQTMN CHAR 
9 QQINSCNT iSeries: Number of Executed INSERTs (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
10 QQIRSN iSeries: Index Reason Code (Database Monitor) QQC301 CHAR 
11 QQISXN QQISXN: Indexes (database monitor for iSeries) QQCHAR1000 LCHR 
12 QQJFLD Join field QQJFLD RAW 
13 QQJNDS iSeries: Dataspace Number (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
14 QQJNG Join criterion QQYN CHAR 
15 QQJNMT iSeries: Join Method (Database Monitor) QQC21 CHAR 
16 QQJNOP iSeries: Join Operator (Database Monitor) QQC21 CHAR 
17 QQJNP Join position QQJNP INT4 
18 QQJNTY iSeries: Join Type (Database Monitor) QQC21 CHAR 
19 QQJNUM iSeries: Job Number (Database Monitor) QQJNUM CHAR 
20 QQJOB iSeries: Job Name (Database Monitor) QQJOB CHAR 
21 QQJOBPID iSeries: Process ID of a Work Process INT4 INT4 
22 QQKEY iSeries: Key Field (Database Monitor) QQKEY CHAR 
23 QQKEY2 iSeries: 2nd Key Field of Database Monitor Files QQDEC150 DEC 
24 QQKP iSeries: Key Positioning (Database Monitor) QQYN CHAR 
25 QQKPN iSeries: No. of Key Positioning Keys (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
26 QQKS iSeries: Key Selection (Database Monitor) QQYN CHAR 
27 QQKSEL Estimated number of rows returned by key selection QQKSEL INT4 
28 QQKZ2 Quality Score Squared QSTATWERT FLTP 
29 QQKZDEF Definition of Quality Score Classes QQKZDEF CHAR 
30 QQLIFN iSeries: Index Name (Database Monitor)   CHAR 
31 QQLILN iSeries: Index Library (Database Monitor)   CHAR 
32 QQLNLN iSeries: NLSS Library (Database Monitor)   CHAR 
33 QQLNTN iSeries: NLSS Table (Database Monitor)   CHAR 
34 QQLOCK iSeries: Jobs Holding/Waiting for a Database Record Lock QQBYTE CHAR 
35 QQLOCKTYPE iSeries: Record Lock Type (Read/Update) QQBYTE CHAR 
36 QQLPTF iSeries: Base Table (Database Monitor)   CHAR 
37 QQLPTL iSeries: Base Library (Database Monitor)   CHAR 
38 QQLTFN iSeries: Table Name (Database Monitor)   CHAR 
39 QQLTLN iSeries: Library Name (Database Monitor)   CHAR 
40 QQLTU iSeries: Time Last Used (Database Monitor) QQTIME CHAR 
41 QQMATL Nested level of views subselected QQMATL INT4 
42 QQMATN Subselect of materialized view QQMATN INT4 
43 QQMAXT iSeries: Maximum Time (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
44 QQMETU iSeries: Timest. of Most Expensive Stmt. (Database Monitor) QQTIME CHAR 
45 QQMINT iSeries: Minimum Time (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
46 QQMNOTLIGHTS Monitor Control for Quality Notifications in Worklist QKZ CHAR 
47 QQMRGQ iSeries: Merged QDTs (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
48 QQM_EA_SELECT_ALL_ATTACHMENTS Select All Attachments for Notification XFLAG CHAR 
49 QQM_EA_SELECT_ALL_PARTNERS Select All Partners for Notification XFLAG CHAR 
50 QQM_EA_SEL_AND_RELATION Linkage of Selection Relationship for Partner QQM_EA_SEL_RELATION CHAR 
51 QQM_EA_SEL_OR_RELATION Linkage of Selection Relationship for Partner QQM_EA_SEL_RELATION CHAR 
52 QQM_EA_SEL_RELATION Selection Relationship: 'Or' or 'And' Relationship QQM_EA_SEL_RELATION CHAR 
53 QQM_EA_SHOW_ATTACHMENTS Display Selection of Attachments for Notification XFLAG CHAR 
54 QQM_EA_SHOW_PARTNERS Display Selection of Partners for Notification XFLAG CHAR 
55 QQM_SMPL_N Phys.-Sample Number from Original Phys.-Sample Record CHAR8 CHAR 
56 QQNLNM iSeries: System Name of NLSS Library (Database Monitor) QQTLN CHAR 
57 QQNTNM iSeries: System Name of NLSS Table (Database Monitor) QQTFN CHAR 
58 QQODFTIME iSeries: Timestamp of Oldest Data (Database Monitor) QQTIME CHAR 
59 QQODPI iSeries: ODP Implementation (Database Monitor) QQC11 CHAR 
60 QQOPNT iSeries: Open time (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
62 QQORGQ iSeries: Original Number of QDTs (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
63 QQOTHCNT iSeries: Number of Miscellaneous Statements QQDEC150 DEC 
64 QQOTHT iSeries: Any other time (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
65 QQPID iSeries: Pool ID (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
66 QQPLIB iSeries: Package/Program Library (Database Monitor) QQC10 CHAR 
67 QQPNAM iSeries: Package/Program Name (Database Monitor) QQC10 CHAR 
68 QQPSIZ iSeries: Pool Size (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
69 QQPSUO iSeries: Number of PSEUDO OPENs (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
70 QQPTFN iSeries: Physical File (Dtabhase Monitor) QQTFN CHAR 
71 QQPTLN iSeries: System Name of Base Library (Database Monitor) QQTLN CHAR 
72 QQPTMN iSeries: Physical Member (Database Monitor) QQTMN CHAR 
73 QQQDTL Nested level of subselect QQQDTL INT4 
74 QQQDTN Subselect number QQQDTN INT4 
75 QQQRYCNT iSeries: Number of Different Statements (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
76 QQRBKCNT iSeries: Number of Executed ROLLBACKs (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
77 QQRCDS Record selection QQYN CHAR 
78 QQRCOD Reason code QQRCOD CHAR 
80 QQRCODIDC iSeries: Reason Code (Database Monitor) QQRCOD CHAR 
81 QQRCODIDU iSeries: Reason Code for Used Index (Database Monitor) QQRCOD CHAR 
82 QQRCODSRT iSeries: Reason Code (Database Monitor) QQRCOD CHAR 
83 QQRCODTMF iSeries: Reason Code for Temp. Table (Database Monitor) QQRCOD CHAR 
84 QQRCODTSC iSeries: Reason Code for Table Scan (Database Monitor) QQRCOD CHAR 
85 QQRDBN Relational database name QQRDBN CHAR 
86 QQREST Estimated number of rows selected QQROWS INT4 
88 QQRIDX Number of entries in index QQROWS INT4 
89 QQRKART Control Chart Type QQRKART CHAR 
90 QQRKCPC Process Capability Index (cp) QSTATWERTC CHAR 
91 QQRKCPKC Process Capability Index (cpk) QSTATWERTC CHAR 
92 QQRKDTOL Display Specification Limits in Control Chart Track QQRKDTOL CHAR 
93 QQRKFPAR Statistical Parameter in a Control Chart QSTATWERT FLTP 
94 QQRKFPAR1C Parameter 1 for Control Charts QSOLLWERTC CHAR 
95 QQRKFPAR2C Parameter 2 for Control Charts QSOLLWERTC CHAR 
96 QQRKFPAR3C Parameter 3 for Control Charts QSOLLWERTC CHAR 
97 QQRKFPAR4C Parameter 4 for Control Charts QSOLLWERTC CHAR 
98 QQRKIPAR Statistical Parameter in a Control Chart QANZAHL4 INT4 
99 QQRKIPAR1 Statistical Parameter in a Control Chart QANZAHL4 INT4 
100 QQRKIPAR2 Statistical Parameter in a Control Chart QANZAHL4 INT4 
101 QQRKKZRAS0 Control Chart Assignment in Each Inspection Lot QRADIO CHAR 
102 QQRKKZRAS1 Control Chart Assignment for Each Inspection Point QRADIO CHAR 
103 QQRKKZRAST Control Chart Assignment for Each Inspection Point QKZ CHAR 
104 QQRKMIL Center Line of a Control Chart QSTATWERT FLTP 
105 QQRKMILC Center Line of a Control Chart QSTATWERTC CHAR 
106 QQRKNR Control Chart Number QQRKNR NUMC 
107 QQRKOBJECT Description of an Object in a Control chart TEXT20 CHAR 
108 QQRKOEG Upper Action Limit of a Control Chart QSTATWERT FLTP 
109 QQRKOEGC Upper Action Limit of a Control Chart QSTATWERTC CHAR 
110 QQRKOWG Upper Warning Limit of a Control Chart QSTATWERT FLTP 
111 QQRKOWGC Upper Warning Limit of a Control Chart QSTATWERTC CHAR 
112 QQRKPC Average Fraction of Nonconforming Units QSTATWERTC CHAR 
113 QQRKPINTVL Interval Length in Control Chart QQRKPINTVL INT1 
114 QQRKRGMAE Control Limits Can Be Changed Manually QKZ CHAR 
115 QQRKRGMAN Control Limits Changed Manually QQRKRGMAN CHAR 
116 QQRKSPUR Control Chart Track QQRKSPUR NUMC 
118 QQRKUEG Lower Action Limit of a Control Chart QSTATWERT FLTP 
119 QQRKUEGC Lower Action Limit of a Control Chart QSTATWERTC CHAR 
120 QQRKUWG Lower Warning Limit of a Control Chart QSTATWERT FLTP 
121 QQRKUWGC Lower Warning Limit of a Control Chart QSTATWERTC CHAR 
122 QQRRN iSeries: Relative Record Number (Database Monitor) INT4 INT4 
123 QQRROW iSeries: Result Rows (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
124 QQRSS iSeries: No. of Rows Selected or Sorted (Database Monitor) QQROWS INT4 
125 QQSCGT QM: Q-score must be greater for posting NUM3 NUMC 
126 QQSELCNT iSeries: Number of Executed SELECTs (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
127 QQSNAM iSeries: Statement Name (Database Monitor) QQC18 CHAR 
128 QQSPLF iSeries: Name of a Spool File QCHAR10 CHAR 
129 QQSPLFNO iSeries: Number of a Spool File QCHAR6 CHAR 
130 QQSPLFSTS iSeries: Status of a Spool File QCHAR10 CHAR 
131 QQSRTCNT iSeries: Number of Sorts (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
132 QQSRTTOTR iSeries: Total Rows Sorted (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
133 QQSRTTTIME iSeries: Total Time Used by Sorts (Database Monitor)   DEC 
134 QQSSIZ iSeries: Sort Size (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
135 QQSSP No Manual Inventory Posting for QM-Relevant Material QKZ CHAR 
136 QQSSYSDAT Validity date of certification QQSSYSDAT DATS 
137 QQSTATUS iSeries: Job Status CHAR4 CHAR 
138 QQSTF iSeries: Statement Function (Database Monitor) QQSTF CHAR 
139 QQSTGUSE iSeries: Storage Used for Memory Based Database Monitor INT4 INT4 
140 QQSTIM Start timestamp QQTIME CHAR 
141 QQSTN Statement number (unique) QQSTN INT4 
142 QQSTOP iSeries: Statement Operation (Database Monitor) QQC21 CHAR 
143 QQSTTX iSeries: Statement Text (Database Monitor) QQLCHR LCHR 
144 QQSUBQ Subquery QQYN CHAR 
145 QQSUMCNT iSeries: Number of Executed SQL Statements QQDEC150 DEC 
146 QQSV Document Is Used as Quality Assurance Agreement QKZ CHAR 
147 QQSVVORH Quality Assurance Agreement Exists QKZ CHAR 
148 QQSYS System name QQSYS CHAR 
149 QQTDBTIME iSeries: Total Database Processing Time (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
150 QQTFN File name QQTFN CHAR 
151 QQTIM QQTIMx: Timestamp, currently not used QQTIME CHAR 
152 QQTIME iSeries: Record Creation Timestamp (Database Monitor) QQTIME CHAR 
153 QQTLN iSeries: System Name of Library (Database Monitor) QQTLN CHAR 
154 QQTMFCNT iSeries: Number of Temporary Files Created QQDEC150 DEC 
155 QQTMFTTIME iSeries: Total Time Used by Temp. File Creates   DEC 
156 QQTMN Member name QQTMN CHAR 
157 QQTMPR Number of rows in temporary file QQROWS INT4 
158 QQTOTAVGT iSeries: Overall Average Execution Time (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
159 QQTOTR Total rows in table QQROWS INT4 
160 QQTOUT iSeries: Timeout (Database Monitor) QQC11 CHAR 
161 QQTSCCNT iSeries: Number of Table Scans QQDEC150 DEC 
162 QQTSCTOTR iSeries: Total Rows Read by Table Scans QQDEC150 DEC 
163 QQTSCTTIME iSeries: Total Time Used by Table Scans   DEC 
164 QQTTIM iSeries: Time for Index Create (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
165 QQTTIM_SRT iSeries: Sort Time (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
166 QQTTIM_TF iSeries: Create Time of Temporary Table (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
167 QQTY_ILOTS_ACC Cumulated quantity of accepted inspection lots QMENGEPLOS QUAN 
168 QQTY_ILOTS_REJ Cumulated quantity of rejected inspection lots QMENGEPLOS QUAN 
170 QQUDEF User-defined field QQUDEF CHAR 
171 QQUNIN UNION clause specified QQYN CHAR 
172 QQUNUM Number of Reference Quota Arrangement QUNUM CHAR 
173 QQUPDCNT iSeries: Number of Executed UPDATEs (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
174 QQUSER iSeries: Job User (Database Monitor) QQUSER CHAR 
175 QQVREQ Quality Assurance Agreement Is Required QKZ CHAR 
176 QRASTEH_BI Grid unit of measure (batch input) CHAR3 CHAR 
177 QRASTER Inspection Frequency (Only for Inspection with Insp. Points) QRASTER NUMC 
178 QRASTEREH Grid Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
179 QRASTERMNG Quantity for Grid Point Definition QPROBEFAK DEC 
180 QRASTMENG Quantity Between Two Inspections MENG13 QUAN 
181 QRASTMENG_ Quantity Between Two Inspections CHAR17 CHAR 
183 QRASTZEHT_ Time Unit for Inspection Points (Batch Input) CHAR3 CHAR 
185 QRASTZFAK_ Time Factor for Inspection Points (Batch Input) CHAR6 CHAR 
186 QRBNREQUI Copy Catalog Profile from Equipment QKZ CHAR 
187 QRBNRMATNR Copy Catalog Profile from Material Master QKZ CHAR 
188 QRBNRQMART Copy Catalog Profile from Quality Notification Type QKZ CHAR 
189 QRBNRTCHPL Copy Catalog Profile from Functional Location QKZ CHAR 
190 QRDKLASPLA Marginal Classes up to the Plausibility Limits QKZ CHAR 
191 QREADONLY Field Ready for Input TEXT10 CHAR 
192 QREDSTUFE New Inspection Stage if OK QPRSTUFE NUMC 
193 QREFAKTIV Activate Dynamic Modification Level Reference QKZ CHAR 
194 QREFERAMK Values Are Referenced in the Specification QKZ CHAR 
195 QREFFLD Reference Field QREFFLD CHAR 
196 QREFMERK Master Inspection Characteristic to be Used As Copy Model QMERKNR CHAR 
197 QREFMETH Inspection Method Used As a Copy Model QPMETHODE CHAR 
198 QREFOBJ Reference to Object for Multiple Specification   NUMC 
200 QREOHANDLE Control Program for Archiving TABIX INT4 
201 QREPAUF Repair Order VBELN CHAR 
202 QREPORT_NO Evaluation Number NUMC4 NUMC 
203 QREP_COUNT Maximum No. of Evaluations per Call NUMC4 NUMC 
204 QREQUIRED Required Entry QKZ CHAR 
205 QRESARCH Retention Period for Transaction Data in Quality Inspection QRESIDENZ NUMC 
206 QRESDAT Reset Date of Quality Level DATUM DATS 
207 QRESDETEE Retention Period for QM Transaction Data on Level 4 QRESIDENZ NUMC 
208 QRESET iSeries: Flag to indicate reset in ST04 QQCHAR1 CHAR 
209 QRESNO_C Result Number (Characteristic) NUMC8 NUMC 
210 QRESPERRE Block Invoice QKZ CHAR 
211 QRESPROBEN Retention Period for QM Transaction Data on Level 3 QRESIDENZ NUMC 
212 QRESQALS Retention Period for QM Transaction Data on Level 1 QRESIDENZ NUMC 
213 QRESQDQL Expiry Period of Q-Level in Days QRESIDENZ NUMC 
214 QRESQDQLCH Expiry Date of Quality Level (with Batch) in Days QRESIDENZ NUMC 
215 QRESQMTB Retention Period for Archiving Inspection Methods QRESIDENZ NUMC 
216 QRESQPMK Retention Period for Archiving Master Insp. Characs QRESIDENZ NUMC 
217 QRESQPRS Residence Time of Physical Samples in Days QRESIDENZ NUMC 
218 QREST iSeries: Estimated No. of Selected Rows (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
219 QRESTEXT Results Text TEXT80 CHAR 
220 QRESTIMEQL Reset Time Period for Quality Level in Days QRESIDENZ NUMC 
222 QRESVOMK Retention Period for QM Transaction Data in Level 2 QRESIDENZ NUMC 
223 QRES_ATTR Results Record Attribute QATTRIBUT CHAR 
225 QRES_INVAL Invalid Result CHAR1 CHAR 
226 QRES_NO Result Number (Physical Sample) NUMC8 NUMC 
228 QRES_ORG_T Text for Data Origin TEXT40 CHAR 
229 QRES_REMAR Inspection Description for Single Value TEXT40 CHAR 
230 QRES_TEXT Text for Code TEXT80 CHAR 
231 QRES_VAL Numerical Evaluation Result QIFLTP CHAR 
232 QRES_VALUE Measured Value QIFLTP CHAR 
233 QREVLV Not Used at the Moment REVLV CHAR 
234 QRFCCHAR RFC Transfer Protocol with qRFC Version QRFCCHAR CHAR 
235 QRFCSTATE Transactional tRFC queue status QRFCSTATE CHAR 
236 QRFCTID Transaction ID RFCCHAR24 CHAR 
237 QRFCVERS qRFC Version for NetWeaver QRFCVERS INT1 
238 QRFC_CFG_ARG Argument for a qRFC configuration entry   CHAR 
239 QRFC_CFG_NAME Name of a qRFC configuration entry   CHAR 
240 QRFC_DEST RFC Destination TEXT32 CHAR 
242 QRFC_QUEUE_STATE State of Background Queue   INT4 
243 QRFPN Reference personnel number PERNR NUMC 
244 QRIDX iSeries: Number of Entries in Created Index QQDEC150 DEC 
245 QRKANZE Display Control Charts QKZ CHAR 
246 QRKXGROUP Reference Axis of a Control Chart QQRKXGROUP CHAR 
247 QRMDE Influence of QM Results Recording on Confirmation QRMDE CHAR 
248 QROWCOUNT Number of Lines INT4 INT4 
249 QRPROFIL Confirmation Profile QRPROFIL CHAR 
250 QRP_ACCASSOBJ Account Assignment Object (UID) SYSUUID RAW 
251 QRP_ACTUAL_SCRAP_QTY Actual Scrap Quantity Based on Components MENG13V QUAN 
252 QRP_ORDERID Key (UID) for an Order in APO SYSUUID_22 CHAR 
253 QRP_PLANNED_SCRAP_QTY Planned Scrap Quantity Based On Components MENG13V QUAN 
254 QRP_TARGET_QTY Target Quantity Based on Components MENG13V QUAN 
255 QRP_TYP_POST_MODE Call Mode for APO Reporting Point Posting QRP_POST_MODE CHAR 
256 QRP_VAR_QTY Variance Quantity Based On Components MENG13V QUAN 
258 QRP_WIP_QTY Work-in-Process Quantity Based On Components MENG13V QUAN 
259 QRSCHLMK Sequence Key of the Master Inspection Characteristic CIM_RSCHL CHAR 
260 QRSDAT Date when the Ordered Quantity Was Reset QFREIDAT DATS 
261 QRSS iSeries: Number of Rows Sorted (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
262 QRS_HDR_NO Production Version Number CHAR12 CHAR 
263 QRT Calendar quarter of observation period CHAR1 CHAR 
264 QRUECKNR Confirmation Number for Inspection Characteristic QRUECKNR NUMC 
265 QRUECKNRVE Use Confirmation Number QKZ CHAR 
266 QRUECKWEIS Reject Characteristic (Partial Sample) QKZ CHAR 
267 QRUECKWEZ Rejection Number QANZAHL2 INT2 
268 QRUECKWEZP Rejection Number QANZAHL2 INT2 
269 QRUECKWEZP2 Rejection Number for the 2nd Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
270 QRUECKWEZP3 Rejection Number for the 3rd Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
271 QRUECKWEZP4 Rejection Number for the 4th Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
272 QRUECKWEZP5 Rejection Number for the 5th Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
273 QRUECKWEZP6 Rejection Number for the 6th Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
274 QRUECKWEZP7 Rejection Number for the 7th Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
275 QRUECKWEZ_INT4 Rejection Number INT4 INT4 
276 QRUECKWZP2 Rejection Number for the 2nd Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
277 QRUECKWZP3 Rejection Number for the 3rd Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
278 QRUECKWZP4 Rejection Number for the 4th Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
279 QRUECKWZP5 Rejection Number for the 5th Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
280 QRUECKWZP6 Rejection Number for the 6th Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
281 QRUECKWZP7 Rejection Number for the 7th Sample QANZAHL2 INT2 
282 QRWQUOTE Rejection Rate (Total Number/Share of Rejections) QSTATWERT FLTP 
283 QRWQUOTEMG Rejection Rate (Rejected Quantity/Total Quantity) QSTATWERT FLTP 
284 QRZWAN1 Optional Characteristic QRADIO CHAR 
285 QRZWAN2 Conditional Characteristic After Acceptance QRADIO CHAR 
286 QRZWAN3 Conditional Characteristic After Rejection QRADIO CHAR 
287 QRZWAN4 Required Characteristic QRADIO CHAR 
288 QRZWANG Characteristic Category QRZWANG CHAR 
289 QSACHVERH Problem Details CHAR1 CHAR 
290 QSAMPLERES Sample Results QKZ CHAR 
291 QSAMPLE_LAST_VALID Last Inspected Sample Is Valid QKZ CHAR 
292 QSAMPLE_NO Physical Sample Number NUMC8 NUMC 
293 QSATR Reduced Withholding Tax Rate for Exemption PRZ22 DEC 
294 QSATS German Reunification Tax for the Withholding Tax PRZ22 DEC 
295 QSATZ Withholding Tax Rate PRZ22 DEC 
296 QSATZ_KK Additional Withholding Tax Rate QSATZ_KK DEC 
297 QSAVLASTVA Automatic Save on Confirmation of Last Value QKZ CHAR 
298 QSBEI_KK Total Withholding Tax Amount That We Retain WRTV7 CURR 
299 QSBEZ Description of Withholding Tax Code TEXT40 CHAR 
300 QSBFR_KK Withholding Tax Amount Retained By Partner WRTV7 CURR 
301 QSBGR Authority for Exemption from Withholding Tax QSBGR CHAR 
302 QSBT1 Withholding tax amount DEC5 DEC 
303 QSBTR Withholding tax amount WERT5 CURR 
304 QSCENARIO Key for a Scenario QSCENARIO CHAR 
306 QSCENARIOKX Short Description of Notification Scenario TEXT40 CHAR 
307 QSCHLQUOTE Defective Quantity Rate (Defective Qty/Sample Qty) QSTATWERT FLTP 
308 QSCHTEXT Text Field: Inspection Severity QKURZTEXT CHAR 
309 QSCOD Official Withholding Tax Code CHAR4 CHAR 
311 QSDEVANT Standard Deviation of Share of Nonconforming Units QSTATWERT FLTP 
312 QSDEVDLZT Standard Deviation of Lead Time QSTATWERT FLTP 
313 QSDEVQKZ Standard Deviation of Quality Score QSTATWERT FLTP 
314 QSEL Radio button for qualifications requirements KREUZ CHAR 
315 QSELAKTIV Selection Criteria Active QKZ CHAR 
316 QSELDAT Key Date for Selecting the Planned Changes DATUM DATS 
317 QSELEINST Characteristic Type for Control Key QKZEINSTMK CHAR 
318 QSELEKT Selection Indicator QKZ CHAR 
319 QSELEZEIT Selection Period for Inspection Lot Processing in Days QANZAHL2 INT2 
320 QSELLIMIT Selection Limit for the Selected Entries QSELLIMIT INT2 
321 QSELLOTBYEQUI Inspection Lot Selection Using Equipment QKZ CHAR 
322 QSELLOTBYFUNC Inspection Lot Selection Using Functional Locations QKZ CHAR 
323 QSEL_SET Selected Set CHAR8 CHAR 
324 QSEL_SET_P Plant for Selected Set CHAR4 CHAR 
325 QSENDEFLAG Characteristic Result Confirmation from Control Station QSENDEFLAG CHAR 
326 QSEPARATOR Separator for Single Values CHAR1 CHAR 
327 QSERIALNR Single-Unit Number for the Unit to Be Inspected QSERIALNR CHAR 
328 QSERIALNRVER Use Single Unit Number QKZ CHAR 
329 QSERNPINST Record PM Serial Numbers QKZ CHAR 
330 QSERNRKZ Change History with Serial Number QKZ CHAR 
331 QSERNROFF No Serial Numbers Active QKZ CHAR 
332 QSERRUECK Results Confirmation Exists for Unit to Be Inspected QKZ CHAR 
333 QSETNR Default set for evaluations SETID CHAR 
334 QSFBH Amount Exempt from Withholding Tax (in Local Currency) WERT7 CURR 
335 QSFBT Withholding Tax-Exempt Amount (in Document Currency) WERT7 CURR 
336 QSFBT_BI Withholding Tax-Exempt Amount (in Doc.Curr.) (Batch Input) CHAR16 CHAR 
337 QSFBT_KQST Tax-Exempt Amount for Calculation of Withholding Tax WERTV7 CURR 
338 QSFBT_O Obsolete: amount exempt of withholding tax: do NOT use WERT7 CURR 
339 QSFBT_VZ Amount Free of Withhld.Tax (in Doc.Curr.) with +/- Sign WRTV7 CURR 
340 QSFBT_X8 Withholding Tax Exempt Amount in Document Currency WRTV8 CURR 
341 QSIAUSPRG Characteristic Overview for Characteristic Attributes QKZ CHAR 
342 QSIEINFELD Characteristic Overview (Summarized) QKZ CHAR 
343 QSIEINFELDPLUS Characteristic Overview (Summarized Plus) QKZ CHAR 
344 QSIFEHLEH Characteristic Overview for Nonconforming Units QKZ CHAR 
345 QSIFEHLER Characteristic Overview of Defect Numbers QKZ CHAR 
346 QSIGMA Standard Deviation for Measured Values QSIGMA FLTP 
347 QSIGMAIN Internal Dispersion QSTATWERT FLTP 
349 QSIGMAMQ Mean Quadratic Dispersion QSTATWERT FLTP 
350 QSINGLERES Single Results QKZ CHAR 
351 QSINPROC Call for Each Selection QKZ CHAR 
352 QSIOCX OCX Characteristic Overview QKZ CHAR 
353 QSIPRUEFL Characteristic Overview of Unit to Be Inspected QKZ CHAR 
354 QSISUMPLUS Characteristic Overview (Summarized Plus) QKZ CHAR 
355 QSIUEBERB Characteristic Overview QKZ CHAR 
356 QSIVARIAB Characteristic Overview of Confirmation of Measured Values QKZ CHAR 
357 QSKIPOVERV Skip Characteristic Overview Screen QKZ CHAR 
358 QSKIPQTMG Skipped Quantity (Skip Quantity/Total Quantity) QSTATWERT FLTP 
359 QSKIPQUOTE Skip Rate (Number of Skips/Total Number) QSTATWERT FLTP 
360 QSKIP_TIME Waiting Time (Minutes) Since Insp. Lot Creation for Skip Lot NUMC4 NUMC 
361 QSKIP_WL Skip Worklist QKZ CHAR 
362 QSKOA_KK Withholding Tax Account For Outgoing Payment SAKNR CHAR 
363 QSKOE_KK Withholding Tax Account For Incoming Payment SAKNR CHAR 
364 QSKOV_KK G/L Account For Statistical Withholding Tax Item SAKNR CHAR 
365 QSKZDPC Donations/Pyts on Act (Donativos/Pagos) fr Wth.Tx Rep CHAR01 CHAR 
366 QSLVT12 Balance carried forward quantity MENGV12 QUAN 
367 QSLWBEZ Identification for the Inspection Point Field Combination QSLWBEZ CHAR 
368 QSLXX12 Quantity in a period MENGV12 QUAN 
369 QSMBT Minimum amounts for 1099 reporting WERT7 CURR 
370 QSMGANDMAT Cumulated Quantity that Was Posted to Another Material QKUMMENGE QUAN 
371 QSMGANGENS Accumulated Quantity of Accepted Inspection Lots (with Skip) QKUMMENGE QUAN 
372 QSMGDIFF Accumulated Qty Difference Between Target Qty and Actual Qty QKUMMENGE QUAN 
373 QSMGDIFFPR Accumulated Quantity Difference of Sample Quantity in Lot QKUMMENGE QUAN 
374 QSMGFREIBE Accumulated Qty that Was Posted to Unrestricted-Use Stock QKUMMENGE QUAN 
375 QSMGGEPRFT Cumulated Sample Quantity QKUMMENGE QUAN 
376 QSMGGPRFTI Cumulated Sample Quantity (Actual) QKUMMENGE QUAN 
377 QSMGGUT Cumulated Inspected and Accepted Quantity QKUMMENGE QUAN 
378 QSMGMINUS Cumulated Quantity Posted as an Underdelivery QKUMMENGE QUAN 
379 QSMGPLUS Cumulated Quantity Posted as an Overdelivery QKUMMENGE QUAN 
380 QSMGRLIEF Cumulated Quantity Posted Back to the Vendor QKUMMENGE QUAN 
381 QSMGRUECK Cumulated Quantity of Rejected Inspection Lots QKUMMENGE QUAN 
382 QSMGRUECKL Cumulated Quantity Posted to Reserves QKUMMENGE QUAN 
383 QSMGSCHL Cumulated Inspected and Defective Quantity QKUMMENGE QUAN 
384 QSMGSCHRTT Cumulated Quantity Posted to Scrap QKUMMENGE QUAN 
385 QSMGSELECT Cumulated Quantity of Summarized Inspection Lots QKUMMENGE QUAN 
386 QSMGSKIP Cumulated Quantity of Skipped Inspection Lots QKUMMENGE QUAN 
387 QSMGSPERR Cumulated Quantity Posted to Blocked Stock QKUMMENGE QUAN 
388 QSMGSTPR Cumulated Quantity Posted to Sample QKUMMENGE QUAN 
389 QSMGZERSTR Cumulated Quantity Destroyed During Inspection QKUMMENGE QUAN 
390 QSMGZUBUCH Accumulated Quantity Still To Be Posted QKUMMENGE QUAN 
391 QSMMGEIG Total Defective Quantity (Internal) QKUMMENGE QUAN 
392 QSMMGFRD Total Defective Quantity (External) QKUMMENGE QUAN 
394 QSMNUM Sort number for task NUMC04 NUMC 
395 QSMPL_ATTR Physical Sample Attribute QATTRIBUT CHAR 
396 QSMPL_INVA Invalid Physical Sample CHAR1 CHAR 
397 QSMPL_REMR Inspection Description for Sample TEXT40 CHAR 
398 QSMPL_SIZE Sample Size n CHAR10 CHAR 
399 QSMRGMNG Total Quantity Returned QKUMMENGE QUAN 
400 QSMRKMNG Total Complaint Quantity QKUMMENGE QUAN 
401 QSMSTTXT Task Status TEXT40 CHAR 
402 QSOLLWERTC Target Value for a Quantitative Characteristic QSOLLWERTC CHAR 
403 QSOLLWERTE Target Value for a Quantitative Characteristic QSOLLWERTE FLTP 
404 QSORTFELD Search Field CHAR40 CHAR 
405 QSORTINKR Sort Number Increment NUMC4 NUMC 
406 QSORTNR Sort Number NUMC4 NUMC 
407 QSOSTPANZ Number of Planned Partial Samples QANZAHL2 INT2 
408 QSPANNWEI Range of Valid Measured Values QSTATWERT FLTP 
409 QSPANNWEIC Range of Valid Measured Values QSTATWERTC CHAR 
411 QSPCMK SPC Characteristic QKZ CHAR 
412 QSPC_ALT1 Retain SPC Criterion QKZ CHAR 
413 QSPC_ALT2 Supplement SPC Criterion QKZ CHAR 
414 QSPC_ALT3 Change SPC Criterion QKZ CHAR 
416 QSPERRFKT Function That Will Be Blocked QSPERRFKT CHAR 
417 QSPERRGR Blocking reason QKURZTEXT CHAR 
418 QSPERRLEV QM: Block Level for Block Code QSPERRLEV CHAR 
419 QSPEZUEBER Inspect with Material Specification QKZ CHAR 
420 QSPINAKT Block Is Inactive QKZ CHAR 
421 QSPRASARG Starting Language for the Displayed List SPRAS LANG 
423 QSPRED Distribution key for quantities SPRED CHAR 
424 QSPRN Fee for Withholding Tax NUM5 NUMC 
425 QSPRO Withholding Tax Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
426 QSPROZ Inspection Percentage DEC3 DEC 
427 QSPTP_KK Line Item Category From Withholding Tax View QSPTP_KK CHAR 
428 QSRCBTCH First Batch in Source Inspection Lot: GR Control QSRCBTCH CHAR 
429 QSRCGR GR Control for Rejected Source Inspection Lot QSRCGR CHAR 
430 QSREC Vendor Recipient Type QSREC CHAR 
431 QSREP Recipient Code for Recipient Type QSREP CHAR 
432 QSS1VERFKZ Tqss1 Sampling Procedure Setting QSS1VERFKZ CHAR 
433 QSSBE_KK Additional Withholding Tax Base Amount QSSBE_KK CHAR 
434 QSSBW Inspection by quality assurance QSSBW CHAR 
435 QSSEW_KK Withholding Tax Supplement QSSEW_KK CHAR 
436 QSSH2 Withholding Tax Base Amount in Second Local Currency WERT7 CURR 
437 QSSH3 Withholding Tax Base Amount in Third Local Currency WERT7 CURR 
438 QSSHB Withholding Tax Base Amount WERT7 CURR 
439 QSSHB8_KK Tax Base Amount WRTV8 CURR 
440 QSSHB_BI Withholding Tax Base Amount (Batch Input Field) CHAR16 CHAR 
441 QSSHB_B_KK Base Amount For Withholding Tax With +/- Sign (Batch Input) CHAR16 CHAR 
442 QSSHB_KK Tax Base Amount WRTV7 CURR 
443 QSSHB_KQST Withholding Tax Base Amount WERTV7 CURR 
444 QSSHB_O Old: Withholding tax base amount: do NOT use WERT7 CURR 
445 QSSHB_VZ Withholding Tax Base Amount with +/- Sign WRTV7 CURR 
446 QSSHB_X8 Withholding Tax Base Amount in Document Currency WRTV8 CURR 
447 QSSHH Withholding Tax Base Amount (Local Currency) WERT7 CURR 
448 QSSHK Inspection Lot Origin QHERK CHAR 
449 QSSHK_H Origin of inspection lot (credit) QHERK CHAR 
450 QSSHK_S Origin of inspection lot (debit) QHERK CHAR 
451 QSSKZ Withholding Tax Code QSSKZ CHAR 
452 QSSKZ_A_KK Witholding Tax Code For Outgoing Payments QSSKZ CHAR 
453 QSSKZ_E_KK Withholding Tax Code For Incoming Payments QSSKZ CHAR 
454 QSSKZ_O Obsolete: Withholding tax indicator: do NOT use QSSKZ CHAR 
455 QSSKZ_S_KK Withholding Tax Code from Contract Account QSSKZ CHAR 
456 QSSKZ_V_KK Differing Witholding Tax Code for Transaction QSSKZ CHAR 
457 QSSPUR Control Key for Quality Management in Procurement QSSPUR CHAR 
458 QSSTAT Status of QINF Status Profile J_ESTAT CHAR 
459 QSSTA_KK Withholding Tax Processing Status QSSTA_KK CHAR 
460 QSSYS Target QM System for Vendor QSSYS CHAR 
461 QSSYSBEW Valuation of Vendor QM System QSSYSBEW NUMC 
462 QSSYSFAM Actual QM System of Vendor QSSYSFAM CHAR 
463 QSSYSZERT Certified QM System - Skip QKZ CHAR 
464 QSSYS_IST Vendor's QM system QSSYSFAM CHAR 
465 QSSYS_SOLL Required QM system for vendor QSSYS CHAR 
466 QSTABI Inspection lot for stability study QSTABI CHAR 
468 QSTABICONTXT Description of Storage Condition TEXT120 CHAR 
469 QSTABIEINFELD Field for Summarized Results in the Stability Study CHAR50 CHAR 
470 QSTABILOT Inspection Lot for Stability Study QSTABILOT CHAR 
471 QSTABIWPAKETE Stability Study: Other Packages Available QKZ CHAR 
472 QSTARTPROB Starting Value for the Assignment of Sample Numbers QPROBENR NUMC 
473 QSTARTZEIT Inspection Start Time QZEIT TIMS 
474 QSTAT0 Optional Characteristic (Processing Is Optional) QKZ CHAR 
475 QSTAT01 Inspection Lot is Created Automatically QKZ CHAR 
476 QSTAT1 Required Characteristic (Processing Required) QKZ CHAR 
477 QSTAT14 Completion of Short-Term Inspection QKZ CHAR 
478 QSTAT16 All Inspections Completed QKZ CHAR 
479 QSTAT19 Documentation Required for Inspection Lot QKZ CHAR 
480 QSTAT2 Characteristic Is Being Processed QKZ CHAR 
481 QSTAT20 Inspection Plan Required QKZ CHAR 
482 QSTAT21 Enter Sample Manually QKZ CHAR 
483 QSTAT27 Inspection Lot is an R/2 Inspection Lot QKZ CHAR 
484 QSTAT28 Select Characteristics Manually QKZ CHAR 
485 QSTAT3 Characteristic Is Valuated QKZ CHAR 
486 QSTAT31 Trigger Sample Calculation Manually QKZ CHAR 
487 QSTAT34 Stock Postings Completed QKZ CHAR 
488 QSTAT35 Usage Decision Has Been Made QKZ CHAR 
489 QSTAT4 Characteristic Is Skipped QKZ CHAR 
490 QSTAT45 Material as Dynamic Modification Criterion QKZ CHAR 
491 QSTAT46 Vendor as Dynamic Modification Criterion QKZ CHAR 
492 QSTAT47 Manufacturer as Dynamic Modification Criterion QKZ CHAR 
493 QSTAT48 Customer as Dynamic Modification Criterion QKZ CHAR 
494 QSTAT49 Machine as Dynamic Modification Criterion QKZ CHAR 
495 QSTAT5 Characteristic Is Closed QKZ CHAR 
496 QSTAT50 Project as Dynamic Modification Criterion QKZ CHAR 
497 QSTAT6 Copy Inspection Characteristic to Subsystem QKZ CHAR 
498 QSTAT7 Characteristic Is Fixed (Processing Not Possible) QKZ CHAR 
499 QSTAT9 Characteristic Is Blocked for Evaluations QKZ CHAR 
500 QSTATA Required Charac. when Controlling Charac. Is Accepted QKZ CHAR