SAP ABAP Data Element - Index D, page 37
Data Element - D
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 DZASTL Paying office ZASTL CHAR 
2 DZATXT Paying office text TEXT25 CHAR 
3 DZAUSW Time Recording ID Number ZAUSW NUMC 
5 DZA_TAB Schedule deviation: input date in relation to output date DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
6 DZBD1P Cash discount percentage 1 PRZ23 DEC 
7 DZBD1P_BI Cash Discount Percentage 1 (Batch Input Field) CHAR6 CHAR 
8 DZBD1P_BIW Cash Discount Percentage 1 PRZ23 DEC 
9 DZBD1T Cash discount days 1 ZBDXT DEC 
10 DZBD1T_BI Cash Discount Days 1 (Batch Input Field) CHAR3 CHAR 
11 DZBD1T_BIW Days for First Cash Discount ZBDXT DEC 
12 DZBD2P Cash Discount Percentage 2 PRZ23 DEC 
13 DZBD2P_BI Cash Discount Percentage 2 (Batch Input Field) CHAR6 CHAR 
14 DZBD2P_BIW Cash Discount Percentage 2 PRZ23 DEC 
15 DZBD2T Cash discount days 2 ZBDXT DEC 
16 DZBD2T_BI Cash Discount Days 2 (Batch Input Field) CHAR3 CHAR 
17 DZBD2T_BIW Days for Second Cash Discount ZBDXT DEC 
18 DZBD3T Net Payment Terms Period ZBDXT DEC 
19 DZBD3T_BI Period for Net Amount Conditions (Batch Input Field) CHAR3 CHAR 
20 DZBD3T_BIW Net Payment Terms Period ZBDXT DEC 
21 DZBDET Cash (Prompt Payment) Discount Days ZBDXT DEC 
22 DZBDPR_F14 Cash Discount Percent PRZ23 DEC 
23 DZBDTA_F14 Period for Terms of Payment ZBDXT DEC 
24 DZBDTOFF Offset Cash Discount Days ZBDXT DEC 
25 DZBDXP Selected cash discount percentage rate PRZ23 DEC 
26 DZBDXP_INT Internal: Selected Cash Discount Percentage Rate PRZ23 DEC 
27 DZBDXT Selected cash discount days ZBDXT DEC 
28 DZBEH Challenge indicator XFELD CHAR 
29 DZBETR_49C Payment Amount NUM10 NUMC 
30 DZBETR_FCU Payment Amount WERT6 CURR 
31 DZBFIX Fixed Payment Terms ZBFIX CHAR 
32 DZBGRP Sub-assembly XFELD CHAR 
33 DZBKON Bank Control Key of the Payee's Bank BKONT CHAR 
34 DZBLID Day segment name ZBLID CHAR 
35 DZBLND Description of Country of Payee's Bank TEXT15 CHAR 
36 DZBNKA Name of the Payee's Bank TEXT60 CHAR 
37 DZBNKL Bank number of the payee's bank BANKL CHAR 
38 DZBNKN Bank account number of the payee BANKN CHAR 
39 DZBNKN35 Bank Account Number of the Payee BANKN35 CHAR 
40 DZBNKS Country Key LAND1 CHAR 
41 DZBNKY Bank key of the payee's bank BANKK CHAR 
42 DZBORT City of the Payee's Bank TEXT35 CHAR 
43 DZBREGX_FPM Name of the Payee Bank Region TEXT20 CHAR 
44 DZBSTR Street of the Payee's Bank TEXT35 CHAR 
45 DZBTAB Time Constraint Table When TC is Subtype-Dependent TNAME CHAR 
46 DZBTXT Term of Payment TEXT80 CHAR 
47 DZBUKR Paying company code BUKRS CHAR 
48 DZBUKRDISP Target Company Code for FF73 BUKRS CHAR 
49 DZBUKRS Company code BUKRS CHAR 
50 DZBVTY Bank Data Indicator for the Payee BVTYP CHAR 
51 DZCAUFN Indicator: Time-based cost order CHAR1 CHAR 
52 DZCODE Reference number for standard value code ZCODE CHAR 
53 DZCOMP Components ZCOMP CHAR 
55 DZDATA Variable end-user field CHAR50 CHAR 
56 DZDATE First payment date DATUM DATS 
57 DZDGBE Off-site work athorization CHAR1 CHAR 
58 DZEART Standard value type ZEART CHAR 
59 DZEATX Description of the value type TEXT40 CHAR 
60 DZEBKN Serial number for PReq account assignment segment ZEBKN NUMC 
61 DZEIAR Document type (without Document Management system) ZEIAR CHAR 
62 DZEIAU Line layout (standard variants) TEXT35 CHAR 
63 DZEICH Reference of orderer CHAR70 CHAR 
64 DZEIEH Unit for the performance of maintenance tasks MEINS UNIT 
65 DZEIER Unit for the break time MEINS UNIT 
66 DZEIFD Field to appear on fast entry screen XFELD CHAR 
67 DZEIFO Page format of document (without Document Management system) DINFO CHAR 
68 DZEIIN Record usage history for equipment XFELD CHAR 
69 DZEIL Layout of a line DZEIL CHAR 
70 DZEIL77 CHAR field, length 77 CHAR77 CHAR 
74 DZEILETXT Table entry TEXT10 CHAR 
75 DZEILE_011 Line number of the financial statement item NUM01 NUMC 
76 DZEILE_F05 Current Line Item from the List PACK4 DEC 
77 DZEILE_LEE Current line of the list layout is empty XFELD CHAR 
78 DZEILI_BI Line number (batch input field) CHAR3 CHAR 
79 DZEILM Unit for the maximum wait time MEINS UNIT 
80 DZEILN Line number NUMC10 NUMC 
81 DZEILP Unit for the required wait time MEINS UNIT 
83 DZEIL_RA04 Explanatory text for a screen TEXT70 CHAR 
84 DZEIMB Unit for the minimum processing time MEINS UNIT 
85 DZEIMU Unit for the minimum overlap time MEINS UNIT 
86 DZEINR Document number (without document management system) CHAR22 CHAR 
87 DZEINR_180 Header line number in SD reporting NUM1 NUMC 
88 DZEINR_XPO Row number ZEINR INT4 
89 DZEINZ Time unit for determining next payment RPMSH CHAR 
90 DZEIT In-house production time DEC3 DEC 
91 DZEITB Time Constraint ZEITB CHAR 
93 DZEITGRAD Performance efficiency rate for scheduling NUM03 NUMC 
94 DZEITGRADK Performance efficiency rate costing NUM03 NUMC 
95 DZEITM Unit for the minimum move time MEINS UNIT 
96 DZEITN Unit for the standard move time MEINS UNIT 
97 DZEITP Event for which updating should take place ZEITP CHAR 
98 DZEITVA Time from which the link created is valid UZEIT TIMS 
99 DZEITVB Time until which the link created is valid UZEIT TIMS 
100 DZEITX Time/Measurement Unit Text EINTX CHAR 
101 DZEITY Employee Subgroup Grouping for Work Schedules ZEITY CHAR 
102 DZEIT_BI In-house production time (BTCI) CHAR03 CHAR 
103 DZEIVR Document version (without Document Management system) VERSI CHAR 
104 DZEIWM Unit for the minumum queue time MEINS UNIT 
105 DZEIWM_DX Unit for the minumum queue time CHAR003 CHAR 
106 DZEIWM_WC Unit of Minimum Queue Time from Work Center in EWB View MEINS UNIT 
107 DZEIWN Unit for the standard queue time MEINS UNIT 
108 DZEIWN_DX Unit for the standard queue time CHAR3 CHAR 
109 DZEIWN_WC Unit of Normal Queue Time from Work Center in EWB View MEINS UNIT 
110 DZEKKN Sequential Number of Account Assignment NUM02 NUMC 
111 DZEKKN1 Sequential number of account assignment NUM02 NUMC 
112 DZEKPB Sequential No. of "Material Provided" Item in Purch. Doc. NUM04 NUMC 
113 DZENDE End mark CHAR1 CHAR 
114 DZEOBE Upper Limit of Time Period DATUM DATS 
115 DZEORD Number of Source List Record NUM5 NUMC 
116 DZERMA Type of standard value calculation ZERMA CHAR 
117 DZERMA_TXT Description of the type of standard value determination TEXT30 CHAR 
118 DZERO Ind.: Insert blank records? XFELD CHAR 
119 DZEROR Display format for zero ZEROR CHAR 
120 DZETXT Text for time recording status (IT Planned Working Time) TEXT50 CHAR 
121 DZEUNT Lower Limit of Time Period DATUM DATS 
122 DZFAEL Calendar Day for the Baseline Date for Payment TAG01 NUMC 
123 DZFBDT Baseline date for due date calculation DATUM DATS 
125 DZFBDT_BIW Baseline Date for Due Date Calculation DATUM DATS 
126 DZFBDT_KQS Payment Baseline Date CHAR08 CHAR 
127 DZFELD Target Field for Derivation FELD CHAR 
128 DZFORN Name of the Form for the Payment Transfer Medium TDFORM CHAR 
129 DZFORN_PDF Name of the PDF-based Form for the Payment Medium FPNAME CHAR 
130 DZFPER First payment period PABRP NUMC 
131 DZFRST_047 Payment deadline in days NUM02 NUMC 
132 DZFWMA Maximum ZFW (Netherlands) BVBDR DEC 
133 DZGDAT Date when the standard value was calculated CJAHR CHAR 
134 DZGEVJANTL Post profit/loss from previous periods X CHAR 
135 DZGE_CUTYP Exchange rate indicator CUTYP CHAR 
136 DZGE_GEGB Indicator: Offset.item in elimination of interco.profit/loss X CHAR 
137 DZGE_LTYPE List type for elim.of intercompany profit/loss (inventory) ZGE_LTYPE NUMC 
138 DZGE_NURAS Only the supplying company RCOMP CHAR 
139 DZGE_NURGE Only the inventory-managing company RCOMP CHAR 
140 DZGE_VJANT Post profit/loss from previous periods X CHAR 
141 DZGJAHR Valid to vintage year GJAHR NUMC 
142 DZGRAO Maximum Time Target Percentage for Piecework DEC3_2 DEC 
143 DZGRAU Minimum Time Target Percentage for Piecework DEC3_2 DEC 
144 DZGRUP Key for Payment Grouping ZGRUP CHAR 
145 DZGSBER Indicator: Time-based business area CHAR1 CHAR 
146 DZHLAFIH Number of orders INT4 INT4 
147 DZHLAFIH_AB Number of Closed Orders INT4 INT4 
148 DZHLAFIH_GPL Number of Planned Orders INT4 INT4 
149 DZHLAFIH_ND Number of orders not to be run INT4 INT4 
150 DZHLAFIH_OF Number of Open Orders INT4 INT4 
151 DZHLAFIH_SOF Number of Immediate Orders INT4 INT4 
152 DZHLAFIH_TE Number of On-time Closed Orders INT4 INT4 
153 DZHLAFIH_UPL Number of Unscheduled Orders INT4 INT4 
154 DZHLER Counter CHAR5 CHAR 
155 DZHLGTI Amortization payment deadline DATUM DATS 
156 DZHLGZI Interest payment deadline DATUM DATS 
157 DZHLNG Total debit side payments (down payments and payments) WERTV8 CURR 
158 DZHLNGOC Total Customer Payments (Down Payments and Payments) OC WERTV8 CURR 
159 DZIAUFN Indicator:Time-based maintenance order CHAR1 CHAR 
160 DZIBAN IBAN of the Payee IBAN CHAR 
161 DZIELD_F15 Target date DATUM DATS 
162 DZIELK Target Account SAKNR CHAR 
163 DZIEME Target quantity UoM MEINS UNIT 
164 DZIFAELL 1st interest due date DATUM DATS 
165 DZIFF Figure CHAR1 CHAR 
166 DZIFNA Field for condition table FDNAME CHAR 
167 DZIFNA_T Description of condition field TEXT25 CHAR 
168 DZIMNR Room Number CHAR6 CHAR 
169 DZINBG Start date for interest calculation DATUM DATS 
170 DZINBT_MHN Interest total for dunning notice in dunning currency WRTV8 CURR 
171 DZINBUC Indicator: Post imputed interest XFELD CHAR 
172 DZINCL "Including overheads" - indicator XFELD CHAR 
173 DZINDT Key date of the last interest calculation DATUM DATS 
174 DZINDT_DI Key Date of Last Interest Calculation (Direct Input) CHAR10 CHAR 
175 DZINHA Credit interest rate PRZ43 DEC 
176 DZINHW_MHN Interest total for dunning notice in company code currency WRTV8 CURR 
177 DZINKZ Exempted from Interest Calculation ZINKZ CHAR 
178 DZINRT Interest calculation frequency in months ZINRT NUMC 
179 DZINRT_BI Interest Frequency in Months (Batch Input) CHAR2 CHAR 
180 DZINRT_DI Interest Calculation Frequency in Months (Direct Input)   CHAR 
181 DZINSB Interest on transaction ANLKWERT CURR 
182 DZINSG Interest posted for the year ANLKWERT CURR 
183 DZINSG_ALT Interest posted for the year (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CHAR16 CHAR 
184 DZINSM Manual interest planned for the year ANLKWERT CURR 
185 DZINSO Debit interest rate PRZ43 DEC 
186 DZINSP Interest planned for the year ANLKWERT CURR 
187 DZINSS Interest rate PRZ43 DEC 
188 DZINSSAHAB Credit interest rate ZINSSATZ DEC 
189 DZINSSASOL Debit interest rate ZINSSATZ DEC 
191 DZINSSATZH Credit interest rate ZSATZ DEC 
192 DZINSSATZS Debit interest rate ZSATZ DEC 
193 DZINSSL Internal interest calculation key AFARSL CHAR 
194 DZINSSL_NEW Default value for interest key AFASL CHAR 
195 DZINST Number of days for which interest is calculated WRTV3 DEC 
196 DZINSZ Interest Calculation Numerator (Days in Arrears * Amount) WRTV8 CURR 
197 DZINSZAHL Interest calculation numerator WRTV7 CURR 
198 DZINSZAHLF Interest calc.numerator or interest in foreign currency WRTV7 CURR 
199 DZINSZAHLH Interest calc.numerator or interest in local currency WRTV7 CURR 
200 DZINS_KK Calculate Interest from Original Items DZINS_KK CHAR 
201 DZINZB Interest for the year to be posted ANLKWERT CURR 
202 DZIPROJ Indicator: Time-based maintenance project CHAR1 CHAR 
203 DZIREFDATA Effective-From Date DATUM DATS 
204 DZISBIVA Interest Posting Value Date DATUM DATS 
205 DZISFODE Output Form to Printer XFELD CHAR 
206 DZISFODR Form Printer (Batch) RSPOPNAME CHAR 
207 DZISLIDR Printer for Overview List (Batch) RSPOPNAME CHAR 
208 DZISOL Interest rate ZSATZ DEC 
209 DZISSADA Letter Issue Date DATUM DATS 
210 DZISSUMS Evaluate Special Sales XFELD CHAR 
211 DZISVDST Summarization Level DZIVDST NUMC 
212 DZKDAT Date as of which the price is valid DATUM DATS 
213 DZKDAT_BI Price valid from date (BTCI) CHAR10 CHAR 
214 DZKONT Clearing account for actual posting SKPSK CHAR 
215 DZKONTO Cash concentration: CM account name of target account SKPSK CHAR 
216 DZKOSTL Indicator: Time-based cost center CHAR1 CHAR 
217 DZKOVT_007 Additional Tax Cost Distribution ZKOVT CHAR 
218 DZKPRS Future price WERT11 CURR 
219 DZKPRS_BI Future standard price (BTCI) CHAR14 CHAR 
220 DZKRIZ Counter for additional criteria ZKRIZ NUMC 
221 DZLAND Country Key LAND1 CHAR 
222 DZLART Payment type ZLSCH CHAR 
223 DZLBIS_019 To Line for Window NUM02 NUMC 
224 DZLDAT Date of last count DATUM DATS 
225 DZLEAB "From" row in costing sheet STUNR NUMC 
226 DZLEBI "To" row in costing sheet STUNR NUMC 
227 DZLENR Document Item Number NUM3 NUMC 
228 DZLKLS Counting class for absences ZLKLS NUMC 
229 DZLMAX Maximum wait time VGWRT QUAN 
230 DZLNDX Name of the Payee's Country TEXT15 CHAR 
231 DZLNID_AP Line ID (Requirement to Capitalize) KKA_ZID CHAR 
232 DZLNID_AW Line ID (Option to Capitalize) KKA_ZID CHAR 
233 DZLNID_NAF Line ID (Prohibition to Capitalize) KKA_ZID CHAR 
234 DZLNUM Row number STUNR NUMC 
235 DZLPRO Minimum wait time VGWRT QUAN 
236 DZLSCH Payment method ZLSCH CHAR 
237 DZLSCHN New payment method of debit memo ZLSCH CHAR 
238 DZLSCH_BIW Payment Method ZLSCH CHAR 
239 DZLSCH_DELETE_EB Delete Payment Method XFELD CHAR 
240 DZLSCH_EB Change Payment Method ZLSCH CHAR 
241 DZLSHB_F15 Payment Amount (+/-) WERTV7 CURR 
243 DZLSP2 Column ZLSP1 NUMC 
244 DZLSP3 Total number of filled lines ZLSP1 NUMC 
245 DZLSP4 Total number filled columns ZLSP1 NUMC 
246 DZLSP5 Specification: from line/column ZLSP1 NUMC 
247 DZLSP6 Total number of filled lines/columns ZLSP1 NUMC 
248 DZLSPR Payment Block Key ZAHLS CHAR 
249 DZLSPRN Key for new payment block ZAHLS CHAR 
250 DZLSPR_BIW Payment Block Key ZAHLS CHAR 
251 DZLSTAR Indicator: Time-based activitiy type CHAR1 CHAR 
252 DZLSTN Name of the Dataset for the Form Printout CHAR6 CHAR 
253 DZLSTXT09 Payment Key Text Infotype 0009 TEXT50 CHAR 
254 DZLSUM Indicator for totals row for overhead rates XFELD CHAR 
255 DZLVON_019 From Line for Window NUM02 NUMC 
256 DZMAIL Mail indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
257 DZMBM0 Comparison Operand for Target Quantity VGOPE CHAR 
258 DZMBMT Tolerance for Comparison with Target Quantity PRZ21 DEC 
259 DZMENG Target quantity in sales units MENG13 QUAN 
260 DZMENGC Target quantity with 3 decimal places (in sales units) NUMC13 NUMC 
261 DZMENGV Target quantity in sales units MENGE QUAN 
263 DZMGEN Standard overtime CHAR1 CHAR 
264 DZMINB Minimum processing time VGWRT QUAN 
265 DZMINU Minimum overlap time VGWRT QUAN 
266 DZMODK Permissibility string for counting class of period WS CHAR10 CHAR 
267 DZMODN Period Work Schedule ZMODN CHAR 
268 DZMONA Additional Months NUM02 NUMC 
269 DZMSFAK Indicator: Time-based multi-shift factor CHAR1 CHAR 
270 DZMWEA Target Tax Code for Deferred EU Acquisition Tax, Output Tax MWSKZ CHAR 
271 DZMWEE Target Tax Code for Deferred EU Acquisition Tax, Input Tax MWSKZ CHAR 
272 DZMWSK Target Tax Code (for Deferred Tax) MWSKZ CHAR 
273 DZMWSK_007 Target Taxes on Sales/Purchases Code MWSKZ CHAR 
274 DZNBFG Interest per business area WRTV7 CURR 
275 DZNBFS Total Amount WRTV7 CURR 
276 DZNBFW Net interest amount WRTV7 CURR 
277 DZNME1 Name of the payee TEXT35 CHAR 
278 DZNPER Number of periods between two payments NUM2 NUMC 
279 DZNRPROG Program exit for document number PROGNAME CHAR 
280 DZOLL1 Customs office: Customs office 1 for foreign trade ZOLLS CHAR 
281 DZOLL2 Customs office: Customs office 2 for foreign trade ZOLLS CHAR 
282 DZOLL3 Customs office: Customs office 3 for foreign trade ZOLLS CHAR 
283 DZOLL4 Customs office: Customs office 4 for foreign trade ZOLLS CHAR 
284 DZOLL5 Customs office: Customs office 5 for foreign trade ZOLLS CHAR 
285 DZOLL6 Customs office: Customs office 6 for foreign trade ZOLLS CHAR 
286 DZOLLB Customs office: Office of destination for foreign trade ZOLLS CHAR 
287 DZOLLD Customs Date DATUM DATS 
288 DZOLLS Customs Office: Office of Exit/Entry for Foreign Trade ZOLLS CHAR 
289 DZOLLT Customs Tariff Number ZOLLT CHAR 
290 DZONE1 Regional zone ZONE CHAR 
291 DZORT1 City of the payee TEXT35 CHAR 
292 DZOSCFRMAV Central Frames Available   INT4 
293 DZOSCFRMDEF Central Frames Defined   INT4 
295 DZOSMVSCUTL Average CPU (z/OS)   INT4 
296 DZOSPGIN Total Pages Paged in   INT4 
297 DZOSPGINBLCK Blocked Pages Paged in   INT4 
298 DZOSPGINBUM Number of Blocks   INT4 
299 DZOSPGINPRV Private Pages Paged in   INT4 
300 DZOSPGOUT Total Pages Paged out   INT4 
301 DZOSPGOUTPRV Private Pages Paged out   INT4 
302 DZOSPROCUTIL Average CPU (z/OS)   INT4 
303 DZOSSYSPGRT Average System Paging Rate   INT4 
304 DZPANZ Number for Determining Additional Pension Increases DEC2 DEC 
305 DZPAR0 Generation of text lines for charact. with value 0 or blank XFLAG CHAR 
306 DZPERS Person responsible PERNR NUMC 
307 DZPFAC P.O. box of the payee PFACH CHAR 
308 DZPINC Personal code CHAR4 CHAR 
309 DZPLD1 Date from Which Future Planned Price 1 Is Valid DATUM DATS 
310 DZPLD2 Date from Which Future Planned Price 2 Is Valid DATUM DATS 
311 DZPLD3 Date from Which Future Planned Price 3 Is Valid DATUM DATS 
312 DZPLOR Postal Code/City of the Payee's Display Field TEXT46 CHAR 
313 DZPLOR_FPM Postal Code/City of the Payee's Display Field TEXT46 CHAR 
314 DZPLP1 Future Planned Price 1 WERT11 CURR 
315 DZPLP1_BAPI Future Planned Price 1 BAPICURR DEC 
316 DZPLP2 Future Planned Price 2 WERT11 CURR 
317 DZPLP2_BAPI Future Planned Price 2 BAPICURR DEC 
318 DZPLP3 Future Planned Price 3 WERT11 CURR 
319 DZPLP3_BAPI Future Planned Price 3 BAPICURR DEC 
320 DZPLPR Future planned price WERT11 CURR 
321 DZPLPR_BAPI Future Planned Price BAPICURR DEC 
323 DZPROZ Cash Discount Percentage Rate PRZ23 DEC 
324 DZPSKT Post Office Bank Account Number of Payee PSKTO CHAR 
325 DZPST2 P.O. box postal code of the payee PSTLZ CHAR 
326 DZPSTL Postal code of the payee PSTLZ CHAR 
327 DZQUNUM Number of Target Quota Arrangement QUNUM CHAR 
328 DZRAUMN Indicator:Time-based room/building CHAR1 CHAR 
329 DZRDAT Data from selection period DATUM DATS 
330 DZREGI Regional code of the payee REGIO CHAR 
331 DZREGX_FPM Name of the Payee Region TEXT20 CHAR 
332 DZRMKN Period indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
333 DZRMKZ Period indicator: key date / interval CHAR1 CHAR 
334 DZRPER Personnel selection period DATUM DATS 
335 DZSABE Accounting clerk at customer or vendor TEXT15 CHAR 
336 DZSABE_D User at customer TEXT15 CHAR 
337 DZSABE_K Clerk at vendor TEXT15 CHAR 
338 DZSABF_007 Indicator: Postponed accounting system XFELD CHAR 
339 DZSART Type of name affix P014_ZSART CHAR 
340 DZSATZ_007 Tax Rate for Additional Tax PRZ32 DEC 
341 DZSBAS_007 Rule for the Base Amount of the Additional Tax ZSBAS CHAR 
342 DZSBTR Interest amount in local currency WRTV7 CURR 
343 DZSCHF_052 Payment Block (Default Value) ZAHLS CHAR 
344 DZSCOL Indicator: Suppress zero columns XFIELD CHAR 
345 DZSIA Shift worker indicator XFELD CHAR 
346 DZSJHR Interest year GJAHR NUMC 
347 DZSMN1_052 Additional Months for Special Condition (Term 1) NUM02 NUMC 
348 DZSMN2_052 Additional Months for Special Condition (Term 2) NUM02 NUMC 
349 DZSMN3_052 Additional Months for Special Condition (Term 3) NUM02 NUMC 
350 DZSOLL Debit Interest DEC2_4 DEC 
351 DZSPER Interest period PABRP NUMC 
352 DZSPRA Language key of the payee SPRAS LANG 
353 DZSROW Indicator: Hide zero rows XFIELD CHAR 
354 DZSTAT Status of count ZSTAT CHAR 
355 DZSTG1_052 Due Date for Special Condition TAG01 NUMC 
356 DZSTNR Paying Office Number CHAR10 CHAR 
357 DZSTORT Indicator:Time-based location CHAR1 CHAR 
358 DZSTRA Street and house number of the payee TEXT35 CHAR 
359 DZSVNR Line Number in Infotype RAW1 RAW 
360 DZTAGE Days from Baseline Date for Payment NUM03 NUMC 
361 DZTAGG_052 Day Limit TAGGZ_052 NUMC 
362 DZTANZ Number of Payment Transfer Media with Protective Asterisks TEXT10 CHAR 
363 DZTEIN Time/measurement unit MEINS UNIT 
364 DZTERM Terms of payment key ZTERM CHAR 
365 DZTERM_043 Standard Payment Term for Carryforward Postings ZTERM CHAR 
366 DZTERM_BEZ Description of terms of payment TEXT30 CHAR 
367 DZTERM_BIW Terms of Payment Key ZTERM CHAR 
368 DZTEXT Line heading for cash mgmt position and liquidity forecast TEXT15 CHAR 
369 DZTFLG Flag for time-based unit costing YNFLG CHAR 
370 DZTMIN Minimum move time VGWRT QUAN 
371 DZTNOR Standard move time VGWRT QUAN 
372 DZTTXT Text for employee subgroup grouping for work schedules TEXT20 CHAR 
373 DZTZUA Time Bonus/Deduction DECV3_2 DEC 
374 DZUABS Overhead as absolute figure CVAL8 CURR 
375 DZUART Access type CHAR2 CHAR 
376 DZUART_VB Access type ZUART_VB CHAR 
377 DZUAWA Key for sorting according to assignment numbers ZUAWA CHAR 
378 DZUBB Average valuated stock receipts quantity MENGV15 QUAN 
379 DZUBED Indicator: requirement available for allocation XFELD CHAR 
380 DZUBIS Date up to which approval has to be given DDAT DATS 
381 DZUCOD Sub-classification of asset acquisitions(currently not used) AZCOD NUMC 
382 DZUDIALOG Identifier for overhead calculation in dialog CHAR1 CHAR 
383 DZUDIV Integral divisor for cutting measures ZUDIV NUMC 
384 DZUENT Overhead Credit Key KVSCHL CHAR 
385 DZUFKT Overhead factor QBJ_FK2 DEC 
386 DZUGAN Acquisition in fiscal year ANLKWERT CURR 
387 DZUGANG Date (position change) of inflow for line item assignment DATUM DATS 
388 DZUGBA Assigned Source of Supply XFELD CHAR 
389 DZUGDAT Asset value date of the first posting DATUM DATS 
390 DZUGME Quantity of goods received in current year MENGV15 QUAN 
391 DZUGMN Duration in Years and Months NUM4 NUMC 
392 DZUGWE Value of goods received in current year WERT15 CURR 
393 DZUJAHR Fiscal year in which first acquisition was posted GJAHR NUMC 
394 DZUJHR Asset acquisition year (currently not used) GJAHR NUMC 
395 DZUKB Average consignment stock receipts quantity MENGV15 QUAN 
396 DZUKON Indicator: Other Additional Account Assignments ? XFELD CHAR 
397 DZUKON_VF Name of sample program for displaying conditions PROGRAMM CHAR 
398 DZUKRI Combination criteria in the billing document CHAR40 CHAR 
399 DZUKRL Combination criteria for delivery CHAR40 CHAR 
400 DZUKUN Checkbox: take account of forecast SCRPFLAG CHAR 
401 DZULAG Code for bonus AUSPR CHAR 
402 DZULME Quantity of goods received in current period MENGV13 QUAN 
403 DZULNR Basis for standard value calculation ZULNR CHAR 
404 DZULWE Value of goods received in current period WERT13 CURR 
405 DZUMEE Qty of goods received in current year (external receipts) MENGV15 QUAN 
406 DZUMEI Unit for cutting measures MEINS UNIT 
407 DZUMKZ_074 List of the Target Special G/L Indicators from Requests CHAR20 CHAR 
408 DZUMNG Dynamically allocated quantity MENG13 QUAN 
409 DZUMS1 Cutting measure 1 MENG13 QUAN 
410 DZUMS2 Cutting measure 2 MENG13 QUAN 
411 DZUMS3 Cutting measure 3 MENG13 QUAN 
412 DZUMSK Target Special G/L Indicator UMSKZ CHAR 
413 DZUOBEG_IN Valid from Period: Read Table Entry with Current Period KKGNUM7 NUMC 
414 DZUODT Assignment date of the events in the forecast DATUM DATS 
415 DZUOKR Criterion for allocation ZUOKR CHAR 
416 DZUOKZ Allocation Indicator ZUOKZ CHAR 
417 DZUONR Assignment number ZUONR CHAR 
418 DZUONR_AO Assignment number ZUONR CHAR 
419 DZUORC Assignment value NUM1 NUMC 
420 DZUORD Assignment number CHAR20 CHAR 
421 DZUORD_011 Item key representing the non-assignable accounts ERGSL CHAR 
422 DZUPAR Partner function of the person responsible for the transact. PARVW CHAR 
423 DZUPER Period in which first acquisition was posted POPER NUMC 
424 DZUPRG Name of sample program for accessing conditions PROGRAMM CHAR 
425 DZUSAA Write-up on unplanned depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
426 DZUSAGE Loan - Date of Commitment by Lender DATUM DATS 
427 DZUSAGE_ORIGIN Date of the Original Approval from the Lender DATUM DATS 
428 DZUSATZ Additional Relationship Data CHAR1 CHAR 
429 DZUSATZEXI Ind.: Exit for additional values or additional information ZUSATZEXIT CHAR 
430 DZUSATZNUM Additional number for Intrastat (Wiesbaden) NUM03 NUMC 
431 DZUSBT Subsidizable Amount SVBTR CURR 
432 DZUSCH Batch status key ZUSCH CHAR 
433 DZUSCHLZIN Premium or discount on reference interest ZSATZ DEC 
434 DZUSFE Display: additional field TEXT20 CHAR 
435 DZUSKA Additional Health Insurance Fund KVSCH CHAR 
436 DZUSKO Number of additional condition NUM02 NUMC 
437 DZUSKZ Additional indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
438 DZUSMA Write-up on transferred reserves ANLKWERT CURR 
439 DZUSNA Write-up on ordinary depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
440 DZUSSA Write-up on special depreciation ANLKWERT CURR 
441 DZUSSL Overhead rate KSCHL CHAR 
442 DZUSST Additional hours DEC2_2 DEC 
443 DZUSTD Batch in Restricted-Use Stock XFELD CHAR 
444 DZUSTIM Approval date of rent adjustment DDAT DATS 
445 DZUSTZ Additional Data in Characteristics Management XFELD CHAR 
446 DZUV Allocation interval: dynamic allocation in the past DEC3 DEC 
447 DZUVKZ Consumption indicator ZUVKZ CHAR 
448 DZUWFA IS-H: Org. Unit with Departmental Assignment to Case ORGID CHAR 
449 DZUWPF Org. Unit with Nursing Assignment to Case ORGID CHAR 
450 DZUZ Allocation interval: dynamic allocation in the future DEC3 DEC 
451 DZVORW_007 Additional Tax +/- Sign Change XFELD CHAR 
452 DZVSOD Supplementary Pension (Civil Service) (Obsolete with ZVMP) CHAR1 CHAR 
453 DZVTXT Short Text for SI Supplementary Insurance TEXT20 CHAR 
454 DZW1MA Maximum ZW (Netherlands) BVBDR DEC 
455 DZWABS Deduction Type P032_ZWABS CHAR 
456 DZWAER Target currency (for currency translation in CO reports) WAERS CUKY 
457 DZWAERS Second currency (invoice and payment currency different) WAERS CUKY 
458 DZWAUF Indicator: Purpose Task CHAR1_X CHAR 
459 DZWBB Average valuated stock receipts value WERT15 CURR 
460 DZWBW0 Comparison Operand for Target Value VGOPE CHAR 
461 DZWBWT Tolerance for Comparison with Target Value PRZ21 DEC 
462 DZWECK Purpose of Bank Transfers TEXT40 CHAR 
463 DZWECK_015 Reason for payment TXT70 CHAR 
464 DZWEIG Contribution type CHAR1 CHAR 
465 DZWELS List of the Payment Methods to be Considered ZWELS CHAR 
466 DZWERKS Indicator: Time-based plant CHAR1 CHAR 
467 DZWERT Target value for outline agreement in document currency WERT7 CURR 
468 DZWERT_EXT Target Value for Outline Agreement in Document Currency CHAR16 CHAR 
469 DZWHWT Target Value of Outline Agreement Item in Local Currency WERT7 CURR 
470 DZWMIN Minimum queue time VGWRT QUAN 
471 DZWMIN_DX Minimum queue time CHAR11 CHAR 
472 DZWMIN_WC Minimum Queue Time from Work Center in EWB View VGWRT QUAN 
473 DZWNOR Standard queue time VGWRT QUAN 
474 DZWNOR_DX Standard queue time CHAR11 CHAR 
475 DZWNOR_WC Normal Queue Time from Work Center in EWB Views VGWRT QUAN 
476 DZWORT Figure in words (units, tens, ...) TEXT7 CHAR 
477 DZWORT_L Figure in Words (ones, tens, ...), Longer TEXT25 CHAR 
478 DZWVER Second Insurance Contract XFELD CHAR 
479 DZW_PROZ Percentage rate - Elim.of intercompany profit/loss PRZ34 DEC 
480 DZXSTIL Indicator: Time-based shutdown indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
481 DZYK1_GES Total cycle duration of a maintenance strategy FLTP FLTP 
482 DZYK1_GGT Smallest step between two maintenance packages FLTP FLTP 
483 DZYK2_GES Total cycle duration of a maintenance strategy FLTP FLTP 
484 DZYK2_GGT Smallest step between two performance-based MaintPackages FLTP FLTP 
485 DZYKDAU Length of the interval cycle NUM02 NUMC 
486 DZYKEL Cyclic distribution key CHOICE CHAR 
487 DZYKLS Feature for determining variable key CHAR5 CHAR 
488 DZYK_LEIST Total counter reading on call date FLTP FLTP 
489 DZYK_OFFLS Start offset of a performance-based maintenance package FLTP FLTP 
490 DZYK_OFFZT Start offset of a time-based maintenance package FLTP FLTP 
491 DZYK_ZEIT Maintenance package cycle/offset FLTP FLTP 
492 DZZPKX Payment periods CHAR46 CHAR 
493 D_64 External planning tool: display PFS_64 CHAR 
494 D_ACACTIVE Active objects ST02_10 CHAR 
495 D_ACDELETE Deletes ST02_10 CHAR 
496 D_ACINSERT Inserts ST02_10 CHAR 
497 D_ACREORG Buffer reorgs STAT_I4 INT4 
498 D_ACSWAP Object swaps from buffer STAT_I4 INT4 
499 D_AKTBWBW Asset: Change in book value in position/transaction curr. WERTV8_TR CURR 
500 D_AKTBWHW Asset: Change in book value in local currency WERTV8_TR CURR