SAP ABAP Data Element - Index D, page 26
Data Element - D
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 DOC_COMPLETE Document Complete BOOLE CHAR 
2 DOC_CREATYPE_BRO Broker Report: Specify How Document Was Generated DOC_CREATYPE_BRO CHAR 
3 DOC_DATE Document Date DATE DATS 
4 DOC_DATE_TEXT Text of the type of Date displayed in docflow CHAR35 CHAR 
5 DOC_DESCR Description for the Document (Display Attribute) TEXT60 CHAR 
6 DOC_FLAG Documents Used Flag   CHAR 
7 DOC_IAC_AENNR_DISP IAC-document search - display change number XFELD CHAR 
8 DOC_IAC_AENNR_SEL IAC-document search - change number can be selected XFELD CHAR 
9 DOC_IAC_DAPPL_SEL IAC Document Search - Application Can be Selected XFELD CHAR 
10 DOC_IAC_DEF_AENNR IAC-document search - default for change number AENNR CHAR 
11 DOC_IAC_DEF_DAPPL IAC-document search - default for application DAPPL CHAR 
12 DOC_IAC_DEF_DAPPL1 IAC-Find document -Display application 1 DAPPL CHAR 
13 DOC_IAC_DEF_DAPPL2 IAC-Find document -Display appliaction 2 DAPPL CHAR 
14 DOC_IAC_DEF_DAPPL3 IAC- Find document -Display application 3 DAPPL CHAR 
15 DOC_IAC_DEF_DOKST IAC-document search - default for status DOKST CHAR 
16 DOC_IAC_DEF_DOKTL IAC-document search - detail for document part DOKTL CHAR 
17 DOC_IAC_DEF_DOKVR IAC-document search - default for version DOKVR CHAR 
18 DOC_IAC_DEF_DTTRG IAC-document search - default for data carrier DTTRG CHAR 
19 DOC_IAC_DEF_DWNAM IAC-document search - default for user XUBNAME CHAR 
20 DOC_IAC_DEF_LABOR IAC-document search - default for laboratory LABOR CHAR 
21 DOC_IAC_DKTXT_DISP IAC-document search - display description XFELD CHAR 
22 DOC_IAC_DOKAR_DISP IAC-document search - display document type XFELD CHAR 
23 DOC_IAC_DOKST_DISP IAC-document search - display status XFELD CHAR 
24 DOC_IAC_DOKST_SEL IAC-document search - status can be selected XFELD CHAR 
25 DOC_IAC_DOKTL_DISP IAC-document search - display document part XFELD CHAR 
26 DOC_IAC_DOKTL_SEL IAC-document search - document part can be selected XFELD CHAR 
27 DOC_IAC_DOKVR_DISP IAC-document search - display version XFELD CHAR 
28 DOC_IAC_DOKVR_SEL IAC-document search - version can be selected XFELD CHAR 
29 DOC_IAC_DOKXTL_SEL IAC -Find document - Short text selectable XFELD CHAR 
30 DOC_IAC_DTTRG_SEL IAC-Document search - Data carrier can be selected XFELD CHAR 
31 DOC_IAC_DWNAM_DISP IAC-document search - display person responsible XFELD CHAR 
32 DOC_IAC_DWNAM_SEL IAC-document search - person responsible can be selected XFELD CHAR 
33 DOC_IAC_GROUP Selection group for document search via Internet CHAR10 CHAR 
34 DOC_IAC_LABOR_DISP IAC document search - display laboratory XFELD CHAR 
35 DOC_IAC_LABOR_SEL IAC document search - laboratory can be selected XFELD CHAR 
36 DOC_IAC_ORIG1_DISP IAC document search - display original 1 XFELD CHAR 
37 DOC_IAC_ORIG2_DISP IAC document search - display original 2 XFELD CHAR 
38 DOC_ITEMS Number of Document Items   DEC 
39 DOC_KEY_CA Document Key CHAR20 CHAR 
40 DOC_KEY_R3 Doc. Cat. for Mobile Req. DOC_KEY_R3 CHAR 
41 DOC_LINK Documentation Object DOC_LINK CHAR 
42 DOC_MEMO Doc. Memo CHAR40 CHAR 
43 DOC_NAME Name of requirement coverage request TEXT40 CHAR 
44 DOC_NO Document Number BBP_PDNO CHAR 
45 DOC_NUM Requisition Number DOC_NUM CHAR 
46 DOC_NUMBER Doc. no. (IDoc number, application document no., etc.) CHAR70 CHAR 
47 DOC_NUM_DK Payment Document/Order Number XFELD CHAR 
50 DOC_OBJTYPE_PS_E1 CRM Document Object Type OJ_NAME CHAR 
51 DOC_ORIG Original of document CRMPLM TEXT255 CHAR 
52 DOC_OVERLY Doc. tools: Doc. enhancement - Overwrite DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
53 DOC_POSNR Item Number Document Links CHAR6 CHAR 
54 DOC_ROLE Descriptive Text for Roles OBLDESCR CHAR 
55 DOC_STATUS_RIB Document Status: Revenues Increasing the Budget DOC_STATUS_RIB CHAR 
56 DOC_STR_KK Document Details Output Format DOC_STR_KK CHAR 
57 DOC_TYPE Requirement coverage request type DOC_TYPE NUMC 
58 DOC_TYPE_DESCRIPTION EDMS: Document Type/Language-Dependent Description TEXT50 CHAR 
59 DOC_TYPE_EXI Document Type CHAR2 CHAR 
60 DOC_TYPE_REVERS Cancellation Document Type BLART CHAR 
61 DOC_USER_STAT User Status for Docflow TEXT40 CHAR 
62 DODAT Date of Download DATS DATS 
63 DOFFSET Field Offset in Work Area DOFFSET NUMC 
64 DOGBB Acct Modification: Offsetting Entry for Inventory Posting KOMOK CHAR 
66 DOHRC Additional Account Modification (HRC) CHAR4 CHAR 
67 DOHRI Account Modification for HR Postings KOMOK CHAR 
68 DOKACTIV Person responsible for package CHAR1 CHAR 
69 DOKAR Document Type DOKAR CHAR 
70 DOKART Processing type CHAR1 CHAR 
71 DOKART_KA IS-H: Document Type in DMS for 'Medical Record' Document DOKAR CHAR 
72 DOKAR_N New document type (PRT) DOKAR CHAR 
73 DOKCLASS Hypertext: Object Class DOKU_CLS CHAR 
74 DOKCLSTYP1 Document name up to 60 characters. CHAR30 CHAR 
75 DOKDATS Document created on DATS DATS 
76 DOKELEMENT Documentation element CHAR8 CHAR 
77 DOKFREI Financial document processing: Free entry of docs possible FLAG CHAR 
78 DOKID_BKPF Document Name in the Archive System CHAR40 CHAR 
79 DOKID_VK Document Key CHAR16 CHAR 
80 DOKKL Documentation class CHAR2 CHAR 
81 DOKKZ Address Indicator DOKKZ CHAR 
82 DOKLANG Valid languages CHAR20 CHAR 
84 DOKMODE Documentation element mode AS4LOCAL CHAR 
85 DOKNAME Text module name DOKU_OBJ CHAR 
86 DOKNODOCU WL does not require documentation DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
87 DOKNR Document number DOKNR CHAR 
88 DOKNR_CL Document number DOKNR_CL CHAR 
89 DOKNR_EXT Document Number DOKNR_EXT CHAR 
90 DOKNR_N New document number (PRT) DOKNR CHAR 
91 DOKNR_TREX Document Number CHAR25 CHAR 
92 DOKNR_VL Document Number of Source Document DOKNR CHAR 
93 DOKNR_VL_EXT Document Number of Source Document DOKNR_EXT CHAR 
94 DOKNU Foreign Trade: Printing - Document Number CHAR25 CHAR 
95 DOKOB Linked SAP Object DOKOB CHAR 
96 DOKOBJEKT Hypertext: Do not use this data element DOKOBJEKT CHAR 
98 DOKPF Documentation Required for Inspection Results DOKPF CHAR 
99 DOKPROF Documentation transaction settings CHAR7 CHAR 
102 DOKST Document Status DOKST CHAR 
103 DOKSTATE Status of documentation module AS4STATE CHAR 
104 DOKTL_D Document part DOKTL CHAR 
105 DOKTL_N New document part (PRT) DOKTL CHAR 
106 DOKTL_VL Document part of source document DOKTL CHAR 
107 DOKTX Text line for issuing documentation CHAR62 CHAR 
108 DOKTYPSTD_ Documentation type TEXT40 CHAR 
109 DOKU ID for documentation output AUSWAHL CHAR 
110 DOKUA Current line in documentation NUM4 NUMC 
111 DOKUCHECK Indicator: document structure XFELD CHAR 
112 DOKUFORMAT Documentation format from SAPscript CHAR2 CHAR 
113 DOKUG Total number of lines in documentation NUM4 NUMC 
114 DOKUKENNZ Document screen XFELD CHAR 
115 DOKUSER User of documentation tools DDUSER CHAR 
116 DOKUSTATE Save status CHAR1 CHAR 
117 DOKU_ACT Editing status DOKU_ACT CHAR 
118 DOKU_ACTIV Documentation: the active version is to be displayed DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
119 DOKU_ACTXT Documentation: type text DOKU_C0030 CHAR 
120 DOKU_ANYLT Hypertext: select all link types DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
122 DOKU_ASPCT Aspect of documentation CHAR1 CHAR 
123 DOKU_ATTR1 Attribute 1 of the documentation DOKU_ATTR1 CHAR 
124 DOKU_AUTHO Hypertext: authorization check for this class DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
125 DOKU_BINLE Documentation: size of a WinHelp file DOKU_BINLE CHAR 
126 DOKU_BINTE Text Line Saved in Binary DOKU_BINTE RAW 
127 DOKU_CANCL Hypertext: function was cancelled DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
128 DOKU_CBUTT Field for selection (multiple selection possible) DOKU_CBUTT CHAR 
129 DOKU_CLASS Hypertext: Object Class DOKU_CLS CHAR 
130 DOKU_CLS Documentation: Class DOKU_CLS CHAR 
131 DOKU_CONT Contents of the docu object are in the documentation tables DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
132 DOKU_CUSMD Documentation: flag indicating a modification DOKU_CBUTT CHAR 
134 DOKU_DESC Object name TEXT60 CHAR 
135 DOKU_DESCR Object: entry field description DOKU_DESCR CHAR 
136 DOKU_DEVCL Package for which docu. auth. has been assigned DEVCLASS CHAR 
137 DOKU_DSCHK Hypertext - check required / carried out DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
138 DOKU_EDICL Hypertext: editor class of the object DOKU_CLS CHAR 
139 DOKU_F4HLP F4 help for object name exists DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
140 DOKU_FDATE Date documentation was created SYDATS DATS 
141 DOKU_FIELD Name of the attribute field DOKU_FIELD CHAR 
142 DOKU_FLUSE Hypertext: flag for link display ('X'=where-used list) DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
143 DOKU_FORM Documentation form selection DOKU_FORM CHAR 
144 DOKU_FRCIN Hypertext: Regenerate indirect links DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
145 DOKU_FTIME Time at which documentation was created SYTIME TIMS 
146 DOKU_FUSER Documentation created by DOKU_USER CHAR 
147 DOKU_GLILI Hypertext: type can be chapter in layout DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
148 DOKU_HLPF Documentation: name of a WinHelp file DOKU_OUTL CHAR 
149 DOKU_ID Document class DOKU_ID CHAR 
150 DOKU_IMMID Hypertext: execute a report link immediately DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
151 DOKU_INV Entry not visible for normal display DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
152 DOKU_KZSCP SAPscript: documentation output ID DOKU_KZSCP CHAR 
153 DOKU_KZSRT Field sort sequence ID DOKU_KZSRT CHAR 
154 DOKU_LAN Documentation language SPRAS LANG 
155 DOKU_LANGU Documentation language SPRAS LANG 
156 DOKU_LDATE Date of last change to documentation SYDATS DATS 
157 DOKU_LEN Output length: object name DOKU_LEN INT1 
158 DOKU_LFD Sequence number for search tab CHAR2 CHAR 
159 DOKU_LIN Line number within the documentation element NUM6 NUMC 
160 DOKU_LINE Line number within the documentation element NUM6 NUMC 
161 DOKU_LINK Flag indicating if document can be linked DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
162 DOKU_LINNO Line number within the text module NUM6 NUMC 
163 DOKU_LITXT Hypertext: text that belongs to a link and is selected DOKU_C0040 CHAR 
164 DOKU_LKIND Indicator for an indirect link DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
165 DOKU_LNK Name of a link in the text TDSTXLLINE CHAR 
166 DOKU_LTDAT Hypertext: latest start date for a report link SYDATS DATS 
167 DOKU_LTIME Time of last change to documentation SYTIME TIMS 
168 DOKU_LTTIM Hypertext: latest start time for a report link SYTIME TIMS 
169 DOKU_LTYPE Link type for links between documentation/hypertext modules DOKU_LTYPE CHAR 
170 DOKU_LTYPT ID for a link type DOKU_T0020 CHAR 
171 DOKU_LUSER Documentation last changed by DOKU_USER CHAR 
172 DOKU_MAINE Hypertext: maintain end user docu in docu maint. transaction DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
173 DOKU_MAINI Order management: internal documentation DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
174 DOKU_MAINT Hypertext: maintain techn. docu. in docu. maint. transaction DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
175 DOKU_MLANG Documentation: Master Language SPRAS LANG 
176 DOKU_MOD Output control for search dynpro CHAR1 CHAR 
177 DOKU_MODAU Class can be modified DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
178 DOKU_MODE Authorization to maintain, translate DOKU_MODE CHAR 
179 DOKU_MODIF Flag indicating original has been modified DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
180 DOKU_NAMCL Document class is included in the object names DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
181 DOKU_NAMLE Length of Object Name DOKU_C0002 CHAR 
182 DOKU_NODOC WL does not require documentation DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
183 DOKU_NODOK Object does not appear in the interface, no documentation CHAR1 CHAR 
184 DOKU_NTYPE Valid note types DOKU_NTYPE CHAR 
185 DOKU_OBJ Documentation Object DOKU_OBJ CHAR 
186 DOKU_OBJ30 Documentation object (30 characters) CHAR30 CHAR 
187 DOKU_OB_1 Name or partial name of a document TEXT60 CHAR 
188 DOKU_OB_2 Name or partial name of document TEXT60 CHAR 
189 DOKU_ONAME Documentation Object Name DOKU_ONAME CHAR 
190 DOKU_OP Logical operator for the search screen CHAR10 CHAR 
191 DOKU_OUTL Name of the outline DOKU_OUTL CHAR 
192 DOKU_OUTLI Structures: name of the structure DOKU_OUTLI CHAR 
193 DOKU_PARCL Hypertext: Superordinate Class DOKU_ID CHAR 
194 DOKU_PRNOT Documentation: Print Note DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
196 DOKU_PRSOR Print: Table of Contents Sorted Alphabetically DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
197 DOKU_PRTXT Documentation: Print Text DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
198 DOKU_PVIEW Name of template view DOKU_VIEWN CHAR 
199 DOKU_QUIT Press F15 to exit function DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
200 DOKU_RANGE Document class level CHAR1 CHAR 
202 DOKU_SAMEL Structure extension: 'X'=chapter is at same level DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
203 DOKU_SEARC Word/character string structure display search type XFELD CHAR 
204 DOKU_SELFD Object documentation status DOKU_SELFD CHAR 
205 DOKU_SEQN1 Sequence number DOKU_SEQN1 NUMC 
206 DOKU_SEQN2 Sequential number (2 characters) DOKU_SEQN2 NUMC 
207 DOKU_SEQN4 Sequence number DOKU_SEQN4 NUMC 
208 DOKU_SEQN5 Sequential number, 5 characters DOKU_SEQN5 NUMC 
209 DOKU_SEQNO Sequence number DOKU_SEQNO NUMC 
210 DOKU_SHWAL Display All Entries DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
212 DOKU_SOURC Hypertext: source DOKU_C0004 CHAR 
213 DOKU_STAT Status in Which Document Is Saved CHAR1 CHAR 
214 DOKU_STATE Status of documentation module AS4STATE CHAR 
215 DOKU_STATX Documentation: status text DOKU_C0030 CHAR 
216 DOKU_STDAT Hypertext: start date for a report link SYDATS DATS 
217 DOKU_STR Search expression for search screen WORD CHAR 
218 DOKU_STTIM Hypertext: start time for a report link SYTIME TIMS 
219 DOKU_TERMI Hypertext: entry of time at which the report link starts DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
220 DOKU_TEXT Text line in the documentation module CHAR72 CHAR 
222 DOKU_TIT50 50 Characters for Title DOKU_TIT50 CHAR 
223 DOKU_TITEL Document title is stored in documentation tables DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
224 DOKU_TITLE Module Title TEXT60 CHAR 
225 DOKU_TNODK Object does not currently require documentation CHAR1 CHAR 
226 DOKU_TOOL Can be maintained using general documentation tool DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
227 DOKU_TRANS Hypertext: object is connected to the Transport System DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
228 DOKU_TXT70 Documentation: text line DOKU_C0070 CHAR 
229 DOKU_TYP Documentation type CHAR1 CHAR 
230 DOKU_TYPTX Documentation: type text DOKU_C0030 CHAR 
231 DOKU_UPDAT Date on which object was changed DATUM DATS 
232 DOKU_VER Version of Documentation Module AS4VERS NUMC 
233 DOKU_VERS Version of document AS4VERS NUMC 
234 DOKU_VIEWC Data field no. 1 for view DOKU_VIEWC CHAR 
235 DOKU_VIEWN Structures: Name of View DOKU_VIEWN CHAR 
237 DOKU_VIEWV Data field no. 2 for view DOKU_VIEWV CHAR 
238 DOKU_XFND Indicator for data records found DOKU_FLAG CHAR 
239 DOKVERS Version of Documentation Module AS4VERS NUMC 
240 DOKVR Document version DOKVR CHAR 
241 DOKVR_N New document version (PRT) DOKVR CHAR 
242 DOKVR_VL Document version of source document DOKVR CHAR 
243 DOK_ABGEN IS-M: Number/Quantity/Sales Volume Sold in the Contract SYCHAR01 CHAR 
244 DOK_BONUS IS-M: Bonus Record in the Contract RABATT DEC 
245 DOK_DEVL Technical writer DDUSER CHAR 
246 DOK_ELEM Choose a documentation element CHAR1 CHAR 
247 DOK_FKT Function CHAR3 CHAR 
248 DOK_FORMAT Documentation format from SAPscript CHAR2 CHAR 
249 DOK_ID Document class DOK_ID CHAR 
250 DOK_LONG Long function name CHAR20 CHAR 
251 DOK_NDOK Number of documented objects SYBIN2 INT2 
252 DOK_NDOKE Number documented objects status E SYBIN2 INT2 
253 DOK_NDOKR Number of documentation objects with status R SYBIN2 INT2 
254 DOK_NLIN Number of lines in a documentation object SYBIN2 INT2 
255 DOK_NOBJ Number of objects SYBIN2 INT2 
256 DOK_NOBJS Number of objects, short text statistics SYBIN2 INT2 
257 DOK_PREIS IS-M: Price per Unit of Measure from the Contract WERTV8 CURR 
258 DOK_PRZ Editing status in percent NUM3 NUMC 
259 DOK_RABATT IS-M: Discount Record in the Contract RABATT DEC 
260 DOK_SHORT Short function name CHAR5 CHAR 
261 DOK_TEXT Text line in the documentation module TEXT72 CHAR 
262 DOK_USE Usage flag CHAR1 CHAR 
263 DOMAI_LSEP Name of the reference field CHAR10 CHAR 
264 DOMANAME Parameter for domain name SELPAR CHAR 
265 DOMAN_ADOK Documentation object name CHAR20 CHAR 
266 DOMCODE Overseas areas France (DoM) CHAR1 CHAR 
268 DOMNAME30 Domain Name CHAR30 CHAR 
270 DOMTX_AA General text for domain value TEXT60 CHAR 
271 DOMVA Tax clearing on down payments account modification KOMOK CHAR 
272 DOMVALUE ABAP/4 Dictionary: values for domains DOMVALUE CHAR 
273 DOMVALUE_H Values for domains, upper limit DOMVAL CHAR 
274 DOMVALUE_L Values for Domains: Single Value / Upper Limit DOMVAL CHAR 
275 DOMVAL_HD Language-specific values for domains, upper limit DOMVAL CHAR 
276 DOMVAL_LD Language-specific values for domains, lower limit DOMVAL CHAR 
277 DOM_REF Domain used DOMNAME CHAR 
278 DONAM File Name for Download TEXT255 CHAR 
279 DONAR New document type DOKAR CHAR 
280 DONE Flag for Edited Tables CHAR1_X CHAR 
281 DONEEXTR Extract Successfully Processed and Billed KENNZX CHAR 
282 DONE_KK Processed? XFELD CHAR 
283 DONNE Thursday XFELD CHAR 
284 DONNERSTKZ Thursday flag CHAR1 CHAR 
285 DONNR New document DOKNR CHAR 
286 DONOTPRINT If Active, NO Remuneration Statement for ESS User CHAR1 CHAR 
287 DONTL New document part DOKTL CHAR 
288 DONT_ARCH Ind.: "Do Not Archive" XFELD CHAR 
289 DONT_RESET_ABLART Do Not Reset MR Type for Estimated Meter Readings KENNZX CHAR 
290 DONT_USE Indicator: Number range empty / do not use further XFELD CHAR 
291 DONT_USE_BELZART Do Not Use Document Line Type KENNZX CHAR 
292 DONT_USE_OPER Do not Use Operand 2 KENNZX CHAR 
293 DONT_USE_OPER1 Do not Use Operand 1 KENNZX CHAR 
294 DONT_USE_PROG Do not Use Variant Program KENNZX CHAR 
296 DONT_USE_STGRAMT Do not Use Statistics Group Amount KENNZX CHAR 
297 DONT_USE_STGRQNT Do Not Use Statitistics Group Quantity KENNZX CHAR 
298 DONVN New document version DOKVR CHAR 
299 DOPEN Open document XFELD CHAR 
300 DOPFLG Indicator: double entry XFELD CHAR 
301 DOPOAKON Reconciliation Account SAKNR CHAR 
302 DOPOAKONT Reconciliation Account CHAR10 CHAR 
303 DOPOCPDI Display One-Time Data XFELD CHAR 
304 DOPOGSBE Total per Business Area XFELD CHAR 
305 DOPOKONZ Group Version XFELD CHAR 
306 DOPOPOKZ Sort Indicator for Item Data CHAR1 CHAR 
307 DOPOPSOR P-Sort Indicator (1-7) CHAR1 CHAR 
308 DOPOSBEL Statistical Documents XFELD CHAR 
309 DOPOSOKZ Sort Indicator for Master Records CHAR1 CHAR 
310 DOPOSSOR S-Sort Indicator (1-8) CHAR1 CHAR 
311 DOPOVDSH Configuration of Line Item Report XFELD CHAR 
312 DOPOVDSU Line Items Required XFELD CHAR 
313 DOPOWAER Total by Currency XFELD CHAR 
314 DOPOXCPD X - Display One-Time Data CHAR1 CHAR 
315 DOPOXGSB X - Total per Business Area CHAR1 CHAR 
316 DOPOXKON X - Group Version CHAR1 CHAR 
317 DOPOXVST Summarization Level (0-1) CHAR1 CHAR 
318 DOPOXWAE X - Total per Currency CHAR1 CHAR 
319 DOPOXZWI X - Subtotal CHAR1 CHAR 
321 DOPRAGO2 Absolute Total Liabilities F130DECV15 DEC 
322 DOPRAGOB Absolute Total Liabilities WRTV8 CURR 
323 DOPRANZP Number of Periods NUM2 NUMC 
324 DOPRBABZ Authorized Deductions (in Local Currency) F130DECV15 DEC 
326 DOPRFAKT Rounding Factor/Decimal Places CHAR1 CHAR 
327 DOPRHITL Sort by Balance of Overdue Items XFELD CHAR 
328 DOPRKUMA Accumulated Clearing Amount in the Fiscal Year F130DECV15 DEC 
329 DOPRKZIN Acc.Int.Calc.Numerator for Payment Arrears in Fiscal Year F130DECV15 DEC 
330 DOPRLAST Also take the current period into consideration? XFELD CHAR 
331 DOPRMTVZ Average Arrears CHAR5 CHAR 
332 DOPROPVL Open Item Volumes F130DECV15 DEC 
333 DOPRRAST OI Sorted List Summarization (0-2) CHAR1 CHAR 
334 DOPRRBIS Due Date Sorted List CHAR2 CHAR 
335 DOPRRGOB Credit Limit Used in % WERT7 CURR 
336 DOPRRNET Net Due Date Sorted List XFELD CHAR 
337 DOPRRSKT Cash Discount Due Date Sorted List XFELD CHAR 
338 DOPRRUEB Days Overdue Sorted List XFELD CHAR 
339 DOPRRZHL Incoming Payments Sorted List XFELD CHAR 
340 DOPRSAL2 Balance F130DECV15 DEC 
342 DOPRSHBO List of Special G/L Inds for which Balances are Displayed CHAR10 CHAR 
343 DOPRSOAR OI List Sorting (1,2) CHAR1 CHAR 
345 DOPRUABZ Accepted Deductions Taken after End of Discount Period F130DECV15 DEC 
346 DOPRUEB2 Balance of Overdue Items F130DECV15 DEC 
347 DOPRUEBS Balance of Overdue Items WRTV8 CURR 
348 DOPRVER2 Summarization Level (0-6) CHAR1 CHAR 
349 DOPRVERD Summarization Level (0-5) CHAR1 CHAR 
351 DOPRXGAW Separate Display in Sorted List XFELD CHAR 
352 DOPRXNFO Total of Overdue Receivables XFELD CHAR 
353 DOPRZAHV Payment Volume F130DECV15 DEC 
354 DOPRZUOR Invoice-Related Items to be Assigned XFELD CHAR 
355 DOP_VL_LOC Total down payments in local currency BAPICURR DEC 
356 DORDD Order date DATUM DATS 
357 DORDER Order day DATUM DATS 
358 DORGN RPDSYS00 - Origin of Documentation CHAR8 CHAR 
359 DORSM Provision Method Account Modification KOMOK CHAR 
360 DOSAR Document status type DOSAR CHAR 
361 DOSGA Account Modification for Statistical Offsetting Entries KOMOK CHAR 
362 DOSTX Description of document status TEXT16 CHAR 
363 DOS_CTTYP Contract Type CTTYP CHAR 
365 DOS_DSNAME File name CHAR50 CHAR 
366 DOS_FORMU Form indicator FORMU CHAR 
367 DOS_MKM Feature CHAR5 CHAR 
368 DOS_OBJNAM TemSe Object Name CHAR20 CHAR 
369 DOS_OBJNR TemSe Object Number CHAR10 CHAR 
370 DOS_SART School Type for College Statistics DOS_SART CHAR 
371 DOS_VDR Notification to Association of Pension Funds (VdR) XFELD CHAR 
373 DOTAX Tax Code Account Modification KOMOK CHAR 
374 DOTID HR documentation: Table indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
375 DOTIM Time of Download UZEIT TIMS 
376 DOTPE Object type: Business event type OTYPE CHAR 
377 DOTXT RPDSYS00 - Documentation text TEXT67 CHAR 
378 DOTYP Documentation Object Type BIG4 CHAR 
379 DOTYP_CA Document Category CHAR4 CHAR 
380 DOUSR User Name for Carrying Out Download UNAME CHAR 
381 DOVER Document dispatch (telex, edifact, printout, facsimile...) DOVER CHAR 
382 DOWNGRADE_CLASS Consider other classes CHAR1_X CHAR 
383 DOWNLD_DTA Display Field - Download was Carried Out XFELD CHAR 
384 DOWNLD_TDTA Display field - download was carried out XFELD CHAR 
385 DOWNLOAD Display Field: Download has Already been Carried Out or Not XFELD CHAR 
387 DOWNL_KAL Use FC for Interval: Download to Meter Reading KENNZX CHAR 
388 DOWNPAY_REQ Total of Down Payment Requests in Company Code Currency WERT7 CURR 
389 DOWNT Downtime DTDEC5_2 DEC 
390 DOWN_FORM Form for download FORMKEY CHAR 
391 DOWN_OSB Only Display Onsite Meter Reading Orders KENNZX CHAR 
392 DOWN_SORT Sort in descending order CHAR1_X CHAR 
393 DOZDI Reason Code Account Modification KOMOK CHAR 
394 DO_CE2_UPD Post CO-PA Line Items KENNZX CHAR 
395 DO_CHANGES DD: Action for depends. and domain after domain activation DO_CHANGES CHAR 
396 DO_DEPCAL_SECREG Do not include secondary meter in dependent validation KENNZX CHAR 
397 DO_MODIFY Generate New Structure CHAR01 CHAR 
398 DO_NOT_SHOW_POPUP Don't show retail popup in WB01/WB03 BOOLE CHAR 
399 DO_NOT_USE_ZW Do not use register KENNZX CHAR 
400 DO_RECONCI Work with Reconciliation CHAR01 CHAR 
401 DO_SUM X = Create total for this field XFELD CHAR 
402 DP45MN P45 Tax month number (Previous tax year) PABRP NUMC 
403 DP45PY P45 taxable pay (Previous tax year) WERTV5 CURR 
404 DP45TX P45 tax paid (Previous tax year) WERTV5 CURR 
405 DP45WK P45 Tax week number (Previous tax year) PABRP NUMC 
406 DPA92 Double vacation bonus before 1992 CHAR7 CHAR 
407 DPABF Planned date for shipment completion DATUM DATS 
408 DPAC_CR Direct Difference Posting Created in FI SBP_CR CHAR 
409 DPAC_NF Direct Difference Posting Required in FI SBP_NF CHAR 
410 DPAG1 Display with Values, One Characteristic Per Page CL_RADIO CHAR 
411 DPAGE Display field for page number on screen DPAGE NUMC 
412 DPAGIN_ALV Number of Pages Paged In per Hour   INT4 
413 DPAGOUTAVG Number of Pages Paged Out per Hour (Average)   INT4 
414 DPAGOUTMAX Number of Pages Paged Out per Hour (Maximum)   INT4 
415 DPAMT Used down payment amount in document currency WRBTR CURR 
416 DPART Print parts used for printing orders DPART CHAR 
417 DPASSV Date of submission of passport DDAT DATS 
418 DPAST_KK Number of Days in the Past DPAST_KK NUMC 
419 DPATT Data Sample CHAR40 CHAR 
420 DPBED Message if independent requirement is created for material FEDIA CHAR 
421 DPBP_ACTIVE Billing Plan in Resource-Related Billing Is Active XFELD CHAR 
422 DPBP_AUARG_MILESTONE Credit Memo Request Sales Document Type for Milestone Billng AUART CHAR 
423 DPBP_AUART_DPR Sales Document Type for Down Payment Requests (Sales) AUART CHAR 
424 DPBP_AUART_MILESTONE Debit Memo Req. Sales Doc. Type for Milestone Billing AUART CHAR 
425 DPCCHG_CONF Change directly manufactured component if op. confirmed OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
426 DPCCHG_GISS Change directly manufactured component if already withdrawn OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
427 DPCCHG_HIER Permit Hierarchical Changes in Collective Order FLAG CHAR 
428 DPCCHG_PCNF Change directly manuf. component if op.partially confirmed OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
429 DPCCHG_RELE Change directly manufactured component if operation released OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
430 DPCDEL_CMAN Delete a manually created directly manufactured component OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
431 DPCDEL_CONF Delete directly manufactured component if op. confirmed OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
432 DPCDEL_GISS Delete directly manufactured component if already confirmed OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
433 DPCDEL_PCNF Delete directly confirmed comp. if op. partially confirmed OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
434 DPCDEL_RELE Delete directly manufactured component if operation released OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
435 DPCDT Accounting Document Category in Down Payment Chain DPCDT CHAR 
436 DPCFLG Flag: Dummy profit center FLAG CHAR 
437 DPCINS_CONF Create directly manufactured component if op.confirmed OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
438 DPCINS_PCNF Create directly manufactured component if op.partially conf. OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
439 DPCINS_RELE Create directly manufactured component if operation released OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
440 DPCMAN_NEXE Delete manual direct production component "do not execute" FLAG CHAR 
441 DPCMOV_GISS Reassign direct production component if already withdrawn OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
442 DPCMVD_CONF Reassign directly produced component if target op. confirmed OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
443 DPCMVD_PCNF Reassign directly produced comp. if target op.part.confirmed OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
444 DPCMVD_RELE Reassign directly produced component if target op.released OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
445 DPCMVS_CONF Reassign directly produced component if source op.confirmed OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
446 DPCMVS_PCNF Reassign directly produced component if source op.part.conf. OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
447 DPCMVS_RELE Reassign directly produced component if source op.released OCM_CONFLICT CHAR 
449 DPCOMMON_DEFAULT Selected as Default XFELD CHAR 
451 DPCOMMON_PARTNER Web Interface Partner KUNNR CHAR 
452 DPCOMMON_WDY_COMPONENT_NAME Web Dynpro Component Name   CHAR 
453 DPCOMMON_WDY_WB_VC_CONTROLLER Web Dynpro: View Name/Controller Name   CHAR 
454 DPCOMPR Posting key date for summarization of loan document data DATUM DATS 
455 DPC_MR Execute Check for DPC for Entry of MR Results KENNZX CHAR 
456 DPD92 Double vacation bonus after 1992 CHAR8 CHAR 
457 DPDAT_FLB Deposit Date for Lockbox YYMMDD DATE6 CHAR 
458 DPERB Period end of closed date interval DPERB DATS 
459 DPERI Loan period PRIOD CHAR 
460 DPERKOSEIG PMIS: PM costs for internal wages WERTV8 CURR 
461 DPERKOSFRD PMIS: PM costs for external wages WERTV8 CURR 
462 DPERV Period start of closed date interval DPERV DATS 
464 DPE_KIND_OF Kind of search KIND_OF CHAR 
465 DPFLG_EURO Reconcile net book values CHAR1_X CHAR 
466 DPHFL Ordering autonomy of store CHAR1 CHAR 
467 DPICB_CURRENT_PERIOD Period with Current Date XFELD CHAR 
468 DPICB_OBJNR Object Number of Original Object J_OBJNR CHAR 
469 DPICB_PERIOD_FROM_SEL_SCREEN Period from Selection Screen XFELD CHAR 
470 DPICB_PREVIOUS_PERIOD Period Previous to Current Date's Period XFELD CHAR 
471 DPLAF Indicator: Delete planned orders XFELD CHAR 
472 DPLBG Planned date for start of loading DATUM DATS 
473 DPLCO Indicator for boycott list check within legal control DPLCO CHAR 
474 DPLEN Output Length NUM2 NUMC 
475 DPLEND Planned date for end of loading DATUM DATS 
476 DPLENG Field output length NUMC3 NUMC 
477 DPLFS Fair share rule DPLFS CHAR 
478 DPLHO Deployment horizon in days DEC3 DEC 
479 DPLHO_C Deployment Horizon in Days (Data Transfer) CHAR3 CHAR 
481 DPLKNZSOFT Immediate Maintenance Order XFLAG CHAR 
482 DPLKNZUNGP Unplanned PM order XFLAG CHAR 
483 DPLKT Indicator: Duplicate XFELD CHAR 
484 DPLNG Field output length INT2 INT2 
485 DPLNG_CL Field output length INT2_CL INT2 
486 DPLPU Indicator: push distribution DPLPU CHAR 
487 DPL_DYNNRS Display assigned maintenance screen numbers XFLAG CHAR 
488 DPL_RANGES Free number ranges for maintenance screens XFLAG CHAR 
489 DPMESTVAL Estimated total of maintenance order (costs - revenue) WERTV8 CURR 
490 DPMISCKFG PMIS: Customer-specific cost/quantity key figure (PMIS) PM_KENNZ CHAR 
491 DPMISTVAL Actual sum of maintenance order (costs - revenues) WERTV8 CURR 
492 DPMPLANVAL Plan sum of maintenance order (costs - revenues) WERTV8 CURR 
493 DPNBUDAT Journal date DATUM DATS 
494 DPOS Sequence Number of Allocation Document DPOS NUMC 
495 DPP_APPL_CODE Personal Data Destruction: Application Code DPP_APPL_CODE CHAR 
496 DPP_DATA_ELEMENT Personal Data Destruction: Data Element DPP_DATA_ELEMENT CHAR 
497 DPP_FIELDNAME Data field name   CHAR 
498 DPP_FIELD_DATA Personal Data Destruction: Field Data DPP_FIELD_DATA CHAR 
499 DPP_FIELD_NAME Personal Data Destruction: Field Name DPP_FIELD_NAME CHAR 
500 DPP_FLAG_FOR_ORIGINAL_VAL Personal Data Destruction: Flag For Original Value DPP_FLAG_FOR_ORIGINAL_VAL CHAR