SAP ABAP Data Element - Index D, page 11
Data Element - D
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 DBTABL Database Table AS4TAB CHAR 
2 DBTAB_NROBJ_KK Name of Database Table for Checking Document Number DBOBJ_NAME CHAR 
3 DBTAG Run Date (Recurring Entry) KTAG NUMC 
4 DBTCH Distribution Mode for the Delivery DBTCH CHAR 
5 DBTHREADST DB thread status CHAR6 CHAR 
6 DBTIME Database Time in ms   DEC 
7 DBTIME2 Database Time in ms   DEC 
8 DBTIME_D Difference: Database Time (%) DECV10_2 DEC 
9 DBTIME_LONG Database Time in ms   DEC 
10 DBTIME_SAW Standard Deviation: Database Time in ms   DEC 
11 DBTINX Debit Type Index CHAR1 CHAR 
12 DBTOOL Tool for performing a DB operation DBTOOL CHAR 
13 DBTRG Payment Amount P_AMT07 CURR 
14 DBTRG_F05K Customer Balance Control Totals WRTV8 CURR 
15 DBTRN DUEVO Company Number   CHAR 
16 DBTRW_KK Total Amount for Split WRTV7 CURR 
17 DBTYPE Database type DBTYPE CHAR 
18 DBUDAT_FROM Posting date from DATS DATS 
19 DBUDAT_TO Posting date to DATS DATS 
20 DBUFALLOW Buffering status DD_RADIO CHAR 
21 DBUPD Update Flag (Selected if the Database is Updated) XFELD CHAR 
22 DBUTBACKGR Processing category background DYNPCHOICE CHAR 
23 DBUTDIREKT Processing category direct DYNPCHOICE CHAR 
24 DBUTTBATG Processing category mass processing (TBATG) DYNPCHOICE CHAR 
25 DBVENDOR Database Vendor CHAR3 CHAR 
26 DBVIEWNAME DD: Name of View on Database DBVIEWNAME CHAR 
27 DBVKZ Indicator: reqmts date already exists in database X CHAR 
28 DBVMU Conversion of Planning File Entries for MRP Areas D_DBVMU CHAR 
29 DBVORM Date of approval of priority notice DATUM DATS 
30 DBW0196HT Holder token   INT4 
31 DBWAE_CM Currency of recommended credit limit WAERS CUKY 
32 DBWBEST Average quantity of valuated stock MENGV15 QUAN 
33 DBWRCROSSI DBWR cross instance writes CHAR24 CHAR 
34 DBZHL Number of Runs (Recurring Entries) PACK3 DEC 
35 DB_ACC Indicator: Account has a dunning block XFELD CHAR 
36 DB_ACCESS_ALV Database Accesses ABAP_MSIZE DEC 
37 DB_ACCESS_MODE Access mode to database CDCHNGIND CHAR 
38 DB_ACTION Action on database CHAR1 CHAR 
39 DB_CALLS_ALV Database Total Calls ABAP_MSIZE DEC 
40 DB_CHARSET Installed database character set CHAR32 CHAR 
41 DB_CLIREL Database client software release CHAR32 CHAR 
42 DB_CONT Container Class (DB) SEOCLSNAME CHAR 
43 DB_COR_NA Object not relevant in commercial evaluation XFELD CHAR 
46 DB_FLAG Server Where the Database is Running CHAR1 CHAR 
47 DB_FLG_ACT Indicator: Select activities (outside WBS) XFELD CHAR 
48 DB_FLG_AOB Select relationships XFELD CHAR 
49 DB_FLG_APS Indicator: Select WBS activities XFELD CHAR 
50 DB_FLG_ARC Indicator: Entry from archives allowed XFELD CHAR 
51 DB_FLG_CON Indicator: Select confirmations XFELD CHAR 
52 DB_FLG_COR Indicator: Commercial evaluation XFELD CHAR 
53 DB_FLG_EBL Select Purchasing Data XFELD CHAR 
54 DB_FLG_EVA Indicator: Select earned values XFELD CHAR 
55 DB_FLG_FHM Indicator: Select PRT XFELD CHAR 
56 DB_FLG_KAP Indicator: Select capacity requirements XFELD CHAR 
57 DB_FLG_LEV Maximum display in the Project Info System INT1 INT1 
58 DB_FLG_MLT Indicator: Select milestones XFELD CHAR 
59 DB_FLG_MOD Indicator: Database parameters modified by report XFELD CHAR 
60 DB_FLG_MRS Indicator: Select components XFELD CHAR 
61 DB_FLG_NET Indicator: Select networks/orders (not those for WBS) XFELD CHAR 
62 DB_FLG_NPS Indicator: Select networks/orders for WBS XFELD CHAR 
63 DB_FLG_OBJ Indicator: Select account assignment data (CO object) XFELD CHAR 
64 DB_FLG_PLF Indicator: Select planned orders XFELD CHAR 
65 DB_FLG_PRO Indicator: Select project definitions XFELD CHAR 
66 DB_FLG_PSP Indicator: Select WBS elements XFELD CHAR 
67 DB_FLG_PTX Indicator: Select PS texts/documents XFELD CHAR 
68 DB_FLG_SOR Select sales document XFELD CHAR 
69 DB_FLG_STD Indicator: Standard structures XFELD CHAR 
70 DB_FLG_TPR Indicator: Subproject view of WBS hierarchy XFELD CHAR 
71 DB_FLG_VER Indicator: Entry from versions allowed XFELD CHAR 
72 DB_GEN_FOR Force regeneration CHAR1 CHAR 
73 DB_GKT_NUMBER Customer Number, Deutsche Bahn Corporate Customer Discount CHAR20 CHAR 
74 DB_IDENTIFIER Amadeus Interface identification CHAR30 CHAR 
75 DB_INSTANC Database instance (OPS) CHAR16 CHAR 
76 DB_ITEM Indicator: Item Contains Dunning Block XFELD CHAR 
77 DB_NAME Name of database CHAR3 CHAR 
78 DB_NORMAL Generation if required CHAR1 CHAR 
79 DB_OBJECT Object: Name of table or index CHAR81 CHAR 
81 DB_PROFILE Traveler profile (DB) DB_PROFILE CHAR 
82 DB_PROG_VERSION DB program version (not yet in use) CHAR4 CHAR 
83 DB_RELTEXT Supported database releases CHAR80 CHAR 
84 DB_SCHEMA Database Schema CHAR30 CHAR 
85 DB_SERV Name of database server CHAR16 CHAR 
86 DB_SERVER DB Server (Yes/No) ? CHAR1 CHAR 
87 DB_SESSIONS Max. number of parallel connections (not yet in use) NUMC3 NUMC 
88 DB_SIZE DB2 UDB for iSeries: Total Size of Database DEC15 DEC 
89 DB_SRVREL Database server release CHAR32 CHAR 
90 DB_START_ID START identification CHAR20 CHAR 
92 DB_TA1E Tables with more than one extent CHAR6 CHAR 
93 DB_TACI Tables: Missing in database CHAR6 CHAR 
94 DB_TANO Tables: Total number CHAR6 CHAR 
95 DB_TAOI Tables: Missing in ABAP DDIC CHAR6 CHAR 
96 DB_TASI Tables: Total size (kbyte) CHAR14 CHAR 
97 DB_TAVI Tables with freespace problems CHAR6 CHAR 
98 DB_THREAD Database instance thread ID CHAR8 CHAR 
99 DB_TI1E Indexes with more than one extent CHAR6 CHAR 
100 DB_TICI Indexes: Missing in database CHAR6 CHAR 
101 DB_TINO Indexes: Total number CHAR6 CHAR 
102 DB_TIOI Indexes: Missing in APAP DDIC CHAR6 CHAR 
103 DB_TISI Indexes: Total size (kbyte) CHAR14 CHAR 
104 DB_TIVI Indexes with freespace problems CHAR6 CHAR 
105 DB_TOTSIZE DB2 UDB for iSeries: Total Size of Database DEC15 DEC 
106 DB_TSAU Total maximum autoextensible size (Kbyte) CHAR14 CHAR 
107 DB_TSAUPCT % of maximum autoextensible size used   INT4 
108 DB_TSFR Total size of the database (kbyte)? CHAR14 CHAR 
109 DB_TSFRP Total size of the database (%) CHAR3 CHAR 
110 DB_TSMF Minimum freespace per tablespace (kbyte) CHAR14 CHAR 
111 DB_TSNO Number of tablespaces CHAR3 CHAR 
112 DB_TSSI Total size of the database (kbyte) CHAR14 CHAR 
113 DB_TSUS Number of tablespaces with freespace problems CHAR3 CHAR 
114 DB_UPDTE Archived data delete flag XFELD CHAR 
115 DB_UP_DATE Date of database start DATS DATS 
116 DB_UP_DAYS Number of Days since DB Start Up SINT4_NOS INT4 
117 DB_UP_TIME Time of database start T TIMS 
118 DB_USER Database user CHAR30 CHAR 
119 DB_WAITS Number of times a process had to wait to obtain a DB lock INT4 INT4 
120 DB_W_TIME Cumulative time (millisec.) spent on database lock waits INT4 INT4 
121 DCACCMODE DD: Check: Valid value in access type flag DD_CHECK CHAR 
122 DCACDE0001 Flag for activating dependent objects DCACDO0001 CHAR 
123 DCACDE0002 Flag if all dependencies must be reactivated DDBOOL CHAR 
124 DCACDE0003 Flag if activation is performed as dependencies DDBOOL CHAR 
125 DCACDE0004 Flag if and what type of upgrade is running DCADE0004 CHAR 
126 DCACRS0001 Result of activation of dependencies DCENRES003 CHAR 
127 DCACRS0002 Flag if runtime object must be changed DDBOOL CHAR 
128 DCACT DD: Activate or check a DD object DDBOOL CHAR 
129 DCACTCHK DD: For A-version: N-version already activated ? DDBOOL CHAR 
130 DCACTCHKB DD: Check if higher-level object already activated DDBOOL CHAR 
131 DCACTCMP DD: Compute the necessary actions DDBOOL CHAR 
132 DCACTEXE Execution of mass activation via table TACOB DDFLAG CHAR 
133 DCACTMODNC DD: Definition of activation mode (NUMC version) DCACTMODNC NUMC 
134 DCACTORIGIN Source of Change; Example: Entity Node, Attribute, Index   CHAR 
135 DCADDSTRU DD: New structured field: Does one of its fields contain '-' DD_CHECK CHAR 
137 DCANLVER DD: Flag if versions are analyzed DD_ACTEXE CHAR 
138 DCARE Amount to be deducted WERTV5 CURR 
139 DCAUTHCHK DD: 'X': Perform check authority, '': No authority check DDBOOL CHAR 
140 DCAYX Indicator: depreciation meter CHAR1_X CHAR 
141 DCBIDILTR Check, if setting of bidi or ltr flags makes sense DD_CHECK CHAR 
143 DCCHECKTYP DD: Typ eines Massenchecks DCCHECKTYP CHAR 
144 DCCHKCOLDEF Checks for correct field definition for Full Text Index DD_CHECK CHAR 
145 DCCHKCOLST Checks in Full Text Index whether storage type Column or Tab DD_CHECK CHAR 
147 DCCNVEXE Execution of conversion via table TBATG DDFLAG CHAR 
148 DCCNVORDER DD: Category of conversion with set TRANSPFLAG DDBOOL CHAR 
149 DCCNVSCAN Number of runs performed for data transfer DCCNVSCAN CHAR 
150 DCCOMPARE DD: Control of Comparison N Version with A Version DCCOMPARE CHAR 
151 DCDBAUTH DD.: Flag if author. check for DB changes executed DD_ACTEXE CHAR 
152 DCDDLNAMECHK DD: Checks the name of the DDL source DD_CHECK CHAR 
153 DCDDLPARSE_STRICTNESS DD: Controls the stringency of checks during parsing DCDDLPARSE_STRICTNESS INT4 
154 DCDDTYPNAM Check for conflict with name of a built-in DD type DD_CHECK CHAR 
155 DCDEFOBJNAMECHK DD: Checks the names defined in the DDL source DD_CHECK CHAR 
156 DCDEL Delete keyword XFELD CHAR 
157 DCDELTRANS DD: Flag if specifications for translation cat. are deleted DD_ACTEXE CHAR 
158 DCDEPTABS DD: Flag if dependent tables are activated DD_ACTEXE CHAR 
159 DCDIRTYPE DD: Check: Data type defined for direct type entry DD_CHECK CHAR 
160 DCDOMA0001 DD: Check: Data type VARC when changing/creating a domain DD_CHECK CHAR 
161 DCDOMA0002 DD: Check: Specified data type exists DD_CHECK CHAR 
162 DCDOMA0003 DD: Check of domain name regarding SAA standard DD_CHECK CHAR 
163 DCDOMA0004 DD: Check: Number of positions appropriate for data type DD_CHECK CHAR 
164 DCDOMA0005 DD: Check: Number of decimal places appropriate DD_CHECK CHAR 
165 DCDOMA0006 DD: Check: Sign appropriate for data type DD_CHECK CHAR 
166 DCDOMA0007 DD: Check: Number of places appropriate for data type in DB DD_CHECK CHAR 
167 DCDOMA0008 DD: Check: Valid values in ACTFLAG DD_CHECK CHAR 
168 DCDOMA0009 DD: Check: Output lenth approp. for data ty., no. of pos... DD_CHECK CHAR 
169 DCDOMA0010 DD: Check: Fixed values (data type, number of positions, ..) DD_CHECK CHAR 
170 DCDOMA0011 DD: Check: Key domain/data element of value table DD_CHECK CHAR 
171 DCDOMA0012 DD: Check: Value table for several domains/data elements DD_CHECK CHAR 
172 DCDOMA0013 DD: Check: Lowercase flag appropriate for data type DD_CHECK CHAR 
173 DCDOMA0014 DD: Check: Valid values in SIGNFLAG DD_CHECK CHAR 
174 DCDOMA0015 DD: Check: Specify data type DD_CHECK CHAR 
175 DCDOMA0016 DD: Check: Valid values in VALEXI flag DD_CHECK CHAR 
176 DCDOMA0017 DD: Check: disjunct values + ranges for fixed values DD_CHECK CHAR 
177 DCDOMA0018 DD: Check: Data type TMST for changing/creating a domain DD_CHECK CHAR 
178 DCDOMA0019 DD: Check on language-dependent fixed values DD_CHECK CHAR 
179 DCDOMA0020 DD: Check: Fixed value definition allowed for the data type DD_CHECK CHAR 
180 DCDOMA0021 DD: Check for duplicate single fixed values / limits DD_CHECK CHAR 
181 DCDOMA0022 DD: Check the fixed value lower and upper limit DD_CHECK CHAR 
182 DCDOMA0023 DD: Check if data type with input check on mask DD_CHECK CHAR 
183 DCDOMA0024 DD: Check fixed value ranges regarding EBCDIC sequence DD_CHECK CHAR 
184 DCDOMA0025 DD: Check: Does the value table have the correct table cat. DD_CHECK CHAR 
185 DCDOMA0026 DD: Was the value table changed DD_CHECK CHAR 
186 DCDOMA0027 DD: check if conversion routine exists DD_CHECK CHAR 
187 DCDOMA0028 DD: check: valid values in lowercase flag DD_CHECK CHAR 
188 DCDOMA0029 DD: Check if conversion routine is valid DD_CHECK CHAR 
189 DCDOMA0030 DD: Check: Lowercase permitted for data type DD_CHECK CHAR 
190 DCDOMA0031 DD: Check if definition of value table is valid DD_CHECK CHAR 
191 DCDOMA0032 DD: Check: Max. output length on screens exceeded DD_CHECK CHAR 
192 DCDOMA0033 DD: Checks for attributes of protected domains DD_CHECK CHAR 
193 DCDOMA0034 DD: Check for existing fixed values for fixed value append DD_CHECK CHAR 
194 DCDOMA0035 DD: Package Check DD_CHECK CHAR 
195 DCDOMA0036 DD: Check if output style correctly maintained (type values) DD_CHECK CHAR 
196 DCDOMA0100 DD: Activation mode of domain DCDOMA0100 NUMC 
197 DCDOMA0301 DD: Write status of domain OBJSTATE CHAR 
198 DCDOMA0501 DD: Check string ID DCDOMA0200 NUMC 
199 DCDTEL0001 Test for valid parameter ID DD_CHECK CHAR 
200 DCDTEL0003 Test of length of short text DD_CHECK CHAR 
201 DCDTEL0004 Test of short keyword DD_CHECK CHAR 
202 DCDTEL0005 Test of medium key word DD_CHECK CHAR 
203 DCDTEL0006 Test of long key word DD_CHECK CHAR 
204 DCDTEL0007 Test for valid values in LOGFLAG DD_CHECK CHAR 
205 DCDTEL0008 Test for valid values in ACTFLAG DD_CHECK CHAR 
206 DCDTEL0009 Force test (e.g. for online activation) CHAR1 CHAR 
207 DCDTEL0010 DD: Was the domain changed DD_CHECK CHAR 
208 DCDTEL0011 Check if change documents are valid DD_CHECK CHAR 
209 DCDTEL0100 Activation mode of the data element DCDTEL0100 NUMC 
210 DCDTEL0101 Check time and amount restrictions CHAR1 CHAR 
211 DCDTEL0102 Set activation lock CHAR1 CHAR 
212 DCDTEL0103 Reset activation lock CHAR1 CHAR 
213 DCDTEL0104 Commit transaction CHAR1 CHAR 
214 DCDTEL0105 Carry out consistency checks CHAR1 CHAR 
215 DCDTEL0106 Activation of objects depending on DD objects CHAR1 CHAR 
216 DCDTEL0107 Flag for sending success message DCDTEL0107 CHAR 
217 DCDTEL0108 Flag to output user, date and time DCDTEL0108 CHAR 
218 DCDTEL0110 Work area of message for start of activation ARBGB CHAR 
219 DCDTEL0111 Work area of message for successful activation ARBGB CHAR 
220 DCDTEL0112 Work area of message for incorrect activation ARBGB CHAR 
221 DCDTEL0113 Number of message for start of activation MSGNR CHAR 
222 DCDTEL0114 Number of message for successful activation MSGNR CHAR 
223 DCDTEL0115 Number of message for incorrect activation MSGNR CHAR 
224 DCDTEL0116 DD: Flag for outputting a start message of the activation DD_ACTEXE CHAR 
225 DCDTEL0117 DD: Flag for outputting an final error message of activation DD_ACTEXE CHAR 
226 DCDTEL0201 Read status of data element OBJSTATE CHAR 
227 DCDTEL0202 Read corresponding domain OBJSTATE CHAR 
228 DCDTEL0203 Read corresponding parameter ID OBJSTATE CHAR 
229 DCDTEL0204 DD: Compute dependencies of DD object CHAR1 CHAR 
230 DCDTEL0301 Write status of data element OBJSTATE CHAR 
231 DCDTEL0401 DD: Read status of object or default setting DCOBJSTATE CHAR 
232 DCDTEL0402 DD: With/without commit or default setting DCEXTBOOL CHAR 
233 DCDTEL0403 DD: Write status for nametab or default setting DCNTSTATE CHAR 
234 DCDTEL0404 DD: Set time stamp or default setting DCSETTMST CHAR 
235 DCDTEL0405 DD: with/without success message or default setting DCEXTBOOL CHAR 
236 DCDTEL0406 DD: with/without start message or default setting DCEXTBOOL CHAR 
237 DCDTEL0407 DD: with/without failure message or default setting DCEXTBOOL CHAR 
238 DCDTEL0501 Aliases for activation mode DCDTEL0501 CHAR 
239 DCDTELCHG DD: views also correct for table after DTEL change ? DD_CHECK CHAR 
240 DCDTMIDPER Check if a parameter ID is valid DD_CHECK CHAR 
241 DCDUNIT PMIS: Unit for Actual Costs per Reserved Route MEINS UNIT 
242 DCEIHD0001 Test if name of external index is valid DD_CHECK CHAR 
243 DCEIHD0002 Test if Search Server Relation is allowed DD_CHECK CHAR 
244 DCEIHD0003 Test if selection method for external index is correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
245 DCEIHD0004 Test if function module is correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
246 DCEIHD0005 Test if data source of external index is correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
247 DCEIHD0006 Test if log table for external index is correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
248 DCEIHD0007 Test if degree of fuzziness is correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
249 DCEIHD0008 Test if key definition of log table is correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
250 DCEIHD0009 Test if necessary includes exist in log table DD_CHECK CHAR 
251 DCEIHD0010 Test if there are document attributes DD_CHECK CHAR 
252 DCEIHD0011 Test for duplicate document attributes DD_CHECK CHAR 
253 DCEIHD0012 Test if name exists for document contents DD_CHECK CHAR 
254 DCEIHD0013 Test if document attributes and contents are correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
255 DCEIHD0014 Test if language field is correct if language-specific DD_CHECK CHAR 
256 DCEIHD0015 Test if languages are defined if language-specific DD_CHECK CHAR 
257 DCEIHD0016 Test if clients are defined if client-specific DD_CHECK CHAR 
258 DCEIHD0017 Test if language field is correct if language-specific DD_CHECK CHAR 
259 DCEIHD0018 Test if tables parameter DOCATTRTAB exists DD_CHECK CHAR 
260 DCEIHD0019 Test if table parameter DOCCONTTAB exists DD_CHECK CHAR 
261 DCEIHD0020 Test if tables parameter DOCIDTAB exists DD_CHECK CHAR 
262 DCEIHD0021 Test if changing parameter SELCONTROL exists DD_CHECK CHAR 
263 DCEIHD0022 Test if index is defined as import parameter DD_CHECK CHAR 
264 DCEIHD0023 Test if a document key was defined DD_CHECK CHAR 
265 DCEIHD0024 Test if synchronization of external index is correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
266 DCEIL Ceiling amount for disability BSI_WAGE DEC 
267 DCEMPTYKEY DD: Check: Default key not empty DD_CHECK CHAR 
268 DCENBT0001 Test: Do all base tables belong to lock object DD_CHECK CHAR 
269 DCENBT0002 Test: Is primary table consistent? DD_CHECK CHAR 
270 DCENBT0003 Test: Are all base tables active? DD_CHECK CHAR 
271 DCENBT0004 Test: Do any base tables occur twice? DD_CHECK CHAR 
272 DCENBT0005 Test: Are lock modes defined only for base tables DD_CHECK CHAR 
273 DCENBT0006 Test: Do all base tables of lock object have allowed type DD_CHECK CHAR 
274 DCENBT0007 Test: Are TABPOS entries correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
275 DCENBT0009 Test: Is a lock mode defined for each base table DD_CHECK CHAR 
276 DCENBT0010 Test if all entered lock modes are valid DD_CHECK CHAR 
277 DCENDE0001 Flag: if ENQUEUE/DEQUEUE function modules generated DDBOOL CHAR 
278 DCENDE0002 Flag: Are sources of lock object written/if so how? DDBOOL CHAR 
279 DCENDE0003 Flag if COMMI/ROLLBACK required during activation DDBOOL CHAR 
280 DCENDE0004 Flag if operation is executed online DDBOOL CHAR 
281 DCENDE0005 Is active or latest version to be dealt with? OBJSTATE CHAR 
282 DCENDE0006 Do not execute checks or execute them as warnings only DD_CHECK CHAR 
283 DCENDE0007 Is timer to be set? DDBOOL CHAR 
284 DCENDE0008 Flag if header and tail of object to be included in log DDBOOL CHAR 
285 DCENDE0009 Flag if TBATG entries for the object should be retained DDBOOL CHAR 
286 DCENDMSS Write End Message to Log DDBOOL CHAR 
287 DCENDT0008 Test: Can at least one base table be locked? DD_CHECK CHAR 
288 DCENFD0001 Test: Do all fields belong to the lock object? DD_CHECK CHAR 
289 DCENFD0002 Test: Does lock object have at least one lock parameter? DD_CHECK CHAR 
290 DCENFD0004 Test: Do lock parameters belong to base table fields? DD_CHECK CHAR 
291 DCENFD0005 Test: Does each field belong to at least one lock parameter? DD_CHECK CHAR 
292 DCENFF0002 Test: Have foreign keys been changed? DD_CHECK CHAR 
293 DCENFF0003 Test: Have only foreign keys to base tables been changed? DD_CHECK CHAR 
294 DCENFF0004 Test: Is foreign key table above check table? DD_CHECK CHAR 
295 DCENFF0005 Test: Do fields from base tables max. of one for. key fields DD_CHECK CHAR 
296 DCENFK0001 Test: Do all lock parameters belong to key fields? DD_CHECK CHAR 
297 DCENFK0002 Test: Does the foreign key dependency really exist? DD_CHECK CHAR 
298 DCENFK0003 Test: Has foreign key dependency been entered correctly? DD_CHECK CHAR 
299 DCENFK0004 Test: Is predecessor table base table? DD_CHECK CHAR 
300 DCENFK0005 Test: Do lock parameters not belong to a check field DD_CHECK CHAR 
301 DCENFK0006 Test: Are all foreign key fields key fields? DD_CHECK CHAR 
302 DCENGP0001 Test if total length per argument is =< 120 DD_CHECK CHAR 
303 DCENGP0002 Test if each lock parameter locks at least one table DD_CHECK CHAR 
304 DCENGP0003 Test, if all lock fields have allowed type DD_CHECK CHAR 
305 DCENGP0004 Test if interface of lock function module is narrow enough DD_CHECK CHAR 
306 DCENGP0005 Test if all lock fields have a valid type DD_CHECK CHAR 
307 DCENHD0001 Test: Does lock object name correspond to that in header DD_CHECK CHAR 
308 DCENHD0002 Test: Does lock object header have aggregate type 'E' DD_CHECK CHAR 
309 DCENHD0003 Test: Does the lock object exist? DD_CHECK CHAR 
310 DCENHD0004 Test: Is name of lock object allowable? DD_CHECK CHAR 
311 DCENNM0001 Test: Are names of the lock parameters valid field names? DD_CHECK CHAR 
312 DCENNM0002 Test: Does name of lock parameter not start with 'X_' DD_CHECK CHAR 
313 DCENNM0003 Test: Does name of lock parameter not start with 'MODE_' DD_CHECK CHAR 
314 DCENNM0004 Test: Do all lock parameters have different names? DD_CHECK CHAR 
315 DCENNM0005 Check for name conflict lock parameters - base tables DD_CHECK CHAR 
316 DCENNM0006 Check whether the lock parameters are not invalid DD_CHECK CHAR 
317 DCENRS0001 Are sources read successfully? OBJSTATE CHAR 
318 DCENRS0002 Indicates whether sources of base tables are to be read DDBOOL CHAR 
319 DCENRS0003 Result of check DCENRES003 CHAR 
320 DCENRS0004 Indicates whether sources were written DDBOOL CHAR 
321 DCENRS0005 Indicates whether function modules were generated DDBOOL CHAR 
322 DCERRACTF DD: ACTFLAG handling as error ACTFLAG for depend. act. DDBOOL CHAR 
326 DCEXCOMMIT DD: Flag ('X','') if commit should be performed DD_ACTEXE CHAR 
327 DCEXTCHECKS DD: Additional Checks for Evaluation of an Extend DCCHECKMODE INT1 
328 DCEXTCHKMODE DD: Additional Checks for Evaluation of an Extend DCCHECKMODE INT1 
329 DCFEATURESUPP Checks whether a database feature is allowed DD_CHECK CHAR 
330 DCFIELDDEL DD: check if views also correct for deleted tab. field DD_CHECK CHAR 
331 DCFLATSTRU DD: Flat -> structures type: Does one field contains '-' ? DD_CHECK CHAR 
332 DCFLDEXTNL Flag if the value is given in external representation DDBOOL CHAR 
333 DCFLDFOUND Flag if field exists DDBOOL CHAR 
334 DCFLDVALUE Reference to field contents DATA REF 
335 DCFLG_EBJP Closing balance sign (+/-) NUMC1 NUMC 
338 DCFL_AN_SPEC_DYN_TYPENAME Accounting Notification: BO-Specific (Dynamic Node) DBOBJ_NAME CHAR 
339 DCFL_AN_SPEC_ITEM_TYPENAME Accounting Notification: BO-Specific Item DBOBJ_NAME CHAR 
340 DCFL_AN_SPEC_ROOT_TYPENAME Accounting Notification: BO-Specific Root DBOBJ_NAME CHAR 
349 DCFL_EBELN Purchase Order Number (Source System) DCFL_REFID CHAR 
350 DCFL_FIN_POST_TYPENAME Import Structure: Posting in Financial Accounting OBJECTNAME CHAR 
351 DCFL_FIN_PREPPOSTTYPENAME Import Structure: Prepare Posting for Fin. Acctg OBJECTNAME CHAR 
352 DCFL_INBOUND_MESSAGE_ID ID of an Inbound Message   CHAR 
353 DCFL_INT_MSG_TYPENAME Message Structure (Internal) OBJECTNAME CHAR 
355 DCFL_KDAUF Sales Order Number (Source System) DCFL_REFID CHAR 
356 DCFL_LFBNR Reference Document Number (Source System) DCFL_REFID CHAR 
357 DCFL_LIFNR Filter by Vendor of Purchase Order from External System LIFNR CHAR 
358 DCFL_LOGSYS Logistics Source System LOGSYS CHAR 
359 DCFL_LOG_POST_TYPENAME Import Structure: Posting in Logistics OBJECTNAME CHAR 
360 DCFL_LOG_PREPPOSTTYPENAME Import Structure: Prepare Posting for Logistics OBJECTNAME CHAR 
362 DCFL_NUMBER_INT Internal Number for ID Mapping DCFL_NUMBER_INT NUMC 
364 DCFL_POSTDAT Optional Posting Date DATUM DATS 
365 DCFL_REFID Accounting Notification: Reference ID DCFL_REFID CHAR 
366 DCFL_REFID_REV Reversal: Reference ID in Accounting Notification DCFL_REFID CHAR 
368 DCFL_RELATED_OBJECT_OBJKEY Object Key of an Error-related Object SWO_TYPEID CHAR 
371 DCFL_RTKEY Runtime Key for Preprocessor DCFL_RTKEY NUMC 
375 DCFL_TRANSDAT Transaction Date DATUM DATS 
376 DCFL_VBELN Sales and Distribution Doc. No. (Source System) DCFL_REFID CHAR 
377 DCFL_XMAIN_RELATED_OBJ Error-Related Object is the Main Object BOOLE CHAR 
378 DCFRKCHG DD: Foreign key change: view definitions still o.k. DD_CHECK CHAR 
379 DCFULLTXTNOUNIQUE Checks that Full Text and Unique were not both selected DD_CHECK CHAR 
380 DCFUNCT 'ACT' for Activate, 'CHK' for Check DCFUNCT CHAR 
381 DCGREQUALF DD: Group name identical to field name?   CHAR 
382 DCGROUPDUP DD: Check group names for duplication   CHAR 
383 DCHANDLED0 Number of converted data records in first run DCHANDLED0 CHAR 
384 DCHANDLED1 Number of converted data records in current run DCHANDLED1 CHAR 
385 DCHANDLED2 Number of converted data records in last run DCHANDLED2 CHAR 
386 DCHANDLED3 Number of converted data records in last but one run DCHANDLED3 CHAR 
388 DCHAR10 Char 10 for Dictionary, for delivery DCHAR10 CHAR 
389 DCHAR2 Char 2 for VERIS DCHAR2 CHAR 
390 DCHAR40 Char 40 for VERIS DCHAR40 CHAR 
391 DCHAR5 Character of length 5   CHAR 
392 DCHAR5_LC Character of length 5 with domain lowercase DCHAR5_LC CHAR 
397 DCIDEL0001 Test: Are fields to be deleted reference fields? DD_CHECK CHAR 
398 DCIDEL0002 Test: Are fields to be deleted used in aggregate? DD_CHECK CHAR 
399 DCIGNORE_ASSOCIATION DD: Controls whether associations will be ignored DCIGNORE_ASSOCIATION CHAR 
400 DCILTY0001 Test: Is use of type VARC correct? DD_CHECK CHAR 
401 DCILTY0002 Test: Is use of type RAW correct ? DD_CHECK CHAR 
402 DCILTY0003 Test: Is use of type LCHR correct? DD_CHECK CHAR 
403 DCILTY0004 Test: Is use of type LRAW correct? DD_CHECK CHAR 
404 DCILTY0005 Test: Does more than one LONG field exist? DD_CHECK CHAR 
405 DCINACTPRT Activate part of indexes without errors DDFLAG CHAR 
406 DCINAUTHCH Flag if authority check made for DB changes DD_CHECK CHAR 
407 DCINBTTRAN Base table must be transparent DD_CHECK CHAR 
408 DCINCHKDBB Check if base table created in DB DDFLAG CHAR 
409 DCINCHKDBI Check index with DB index DDFLAG CHAR 
410 DCINCONTSQ Other index covers start sequence of fields DD_CHECK CHAR 
411 DCINCUSSAP Customer namespace used in R/3 System DD_CHECK CHAR 
412 DCIND +/- sign indicator (Report Writer) DCIND CHAR 
413 DCINDBACNV Activation program reaction if index has to be converted DD_CHECK CHAR 
414 DCINDBACRE Activation program reaction if index has to be created DD_CHECK CHAR 
415 DCINDBADEL Activation program reaction if index has to be deleted DD_CHECK CHAR 
416 DCINDBBAT Flag if background processing is to be recommended DD_CHECK CHAR 
417 DCINDBDEP DB dependency defined meaningfully (correctly) DD_CHECK CHAR 
418 DCINDBOFFU Unique index may not be deactivated on DB DD_CHECK CHAR 
419 DCINDDPUT Should active index be updated? DD_CHECK CHAR 
420 DCINDUPFLD Check of duplicate field names DD_CHECK CHAR 
421 DCINDXHDR DD: Check: Valid Flags in Secondary Index Headers DD_CHECK CHAR 
422 DCINDXINCOMPLETE DD. 'X': Index Sourcen werden nicht komplett übergeben   CHAR 
423 DCIND_KK Plus/Minus Sign of Generated Document DCIND_KK CHAR 
424 DCINEXIFLD Check if fields exist in the base table? DD_CHECK CHAR 
425 DCINFO_COMPLETE DD: Indicator that current info is complete DCINFO_COMPLETE CHAR 
426 DCINIMMEDI Flag if DB action should be executed immediately DD_CHECK CHAR 
427 DCINMANDTF Check: Is client field included ? (for UNIQUE indexes) DD_CHECK CHAR 
428 DCINMAXFCN Maximum number of fields exceeded DD_CHECK CHAR 
429 DCINMAXFLN Maximum allowed field length (total) exceeded DD_CHECK CHAR 
430 DCINMAXIC2 Maximum number of indexes on current DB exceeded DD_CHECK CHAR 
431 DCINMAXICN Maximum allowed number of indexes exceeded DD_CHECK CHAR 
432 DCINNAMECH Check: Is name allowed ? DD_CHECK CHAR 
433 DCINNOFLDS Check: Are any fields defined for the index ? DD_CHECK CHAR 
434 DCINNRCUST Namespace of customer is not allowed DD_CHECK CHAR 
435 DCINNRPART Namespace of partners is not allowed DD_CHECK CHAR 
436 DCINNRSAPC Namespace of SAP from customer view is not allowed DD_CHECK CHAR 
437 DCINNRSAPP Namespace of SAP from partner view is not allowed DD_CHECK CHAR 
438 DCINNTACTA Table being used must be active (active nametab) DD_CHECK CHAR 
439 DCINNTACTM Base table must be active (inactive nametab) DD_CHECK CHAR 
440 DCINNU0001 Authorization check for the not null flag DD_CHECK CHAR 
441 DCINNU0002 Test of the length restriction of NOT NULL fields DD_CHECK CHAR 
442 DCINPARTNA Name may not lie in partner namespace DDFLAG CHAR 
443 DCINPARTSA Partner namespace is locked in SAP systems DD_CHECK CHAR 
444 DCINPREFIX Check whether index name is significant in first two places DD_CHECK CHAR 
445 DCINPUTREP Delete all old A versions DD_CHECK CHAR 
446 DCINRETPRT Return only indexes without errors DDFLAG CHAR 
447 DCINSAMESQ Multiple indexes via the same field sequence DD_CHECK CHAR 
448 DCINSAPCUS SAP namespace used in customer system DD_CHECK CHAR 
449 DCINTBATGE Make background entries in TBATG DD_CHECK CHAR 
450 DCINTBATGM Mode: on making entry in TBATG (I or SPACE) DD_CHECK CHAR 
451 DCINWRITE Flag: Save index in database DDFLAG CHAR 
452 DCIPOO0001 Test: Do pooled tables have keys of an allowed data type ? DD_CHECK CHAR 
453 DCIPOO0002 Test: Is key of a pooled table too long? DD_CHECK CHAR 
454 DCIPOO0003 Test: Are the fields of a pooled table too long? DD_CHECK CHAR 
455 DCIPOO0004 Length check for special logical pooled tables DD_CHECK CHAR 
456 DCIREF0001 Test: Do reference table and reference field exist? DD_CHECK CHAR 
457 DCIREF0002 Reference table is table to be activated DD_CHECK CHAR 
458 DCIREF0003 Reference table is a different table DD_CHECK CHAR 
459 DCISCYCLE Flag: Dictionary Object Is in a Cycle DCEXTBOOL CHAR 
460 DCISUSED Flag: Dictionary Object Is Used Yes / No DCEXTBOOL CHAR 
461 DCITES0001 Test: Is key field number OK for generic buffering? DD_CHECK CHAR 
462 DCITES0002 Test: Is the table to be logged too long? DD_CHECK CHAR 
463 DCIVAL0001 Test: Does the KEYFLAG have an allowed value? DD_CHECK CHAR 
464 DCIVAL0002 Test: Does the MANDATORY flag have an allowed value? DD_CHECK CHAR 
465 DCIVAL0003 Test: Is the value for the INCLUDE level allowed? DD_CHECK CHAR 
466 DCIVAL0004 Test: Does the NOT NULL flag have an allowed value? DD_CHECK CHAR 
467 DCJSTRUK Length of key for coding DCJSTRUK NUMC 
468 DCKBLTFORM Form for cover sheet FORMKEY CHAR 
469 DCKEYACC DD: Check: Access mode and key type/def. consistent DD_CHECK CHAR 
470 DCKEYC0001 Test: Does key field exist? DD_CHECK CHAR 
471 DCKEYC0002 Test: Are there too many key fields? DD_CHECK CHAR 
472 DCKEYC0003 Test: Do key fields belong together ? DD_CHECK CHAR 
473 DCKEYC0004 Test: Is key located at the start? DD_CHECK CHAR 
474 DCKEYC0005 Test: Is the key too long? DD_CHECK CHAR 
475 DCKEYC0006 Test: Does key have a maximum of 120 bytes ? DD_CHECK CHAR 
476 DCKEYDEF DD: Check: Valid value in flag KEYDEF DD_CHECK CHAR 
477 DCKEYDKIND DD: Check: Key type consistent with key DD_CHECK CHAR 
478 DCKEYDOUBL DD: Check: multiple key components DD_CHECK CHAR 
479 DCKEYFDCNT DD: Check: Number of key fields correct DD_CHECK CHAR 
480 DCKEYFDPOS DD: Check: Position of key fields DD_CHECK CHAR 
481 DCKEYFDSYN DD: Check: Syntax paths for key components DD_CHECK CHAR 
482 DCKEYFLG DD: insert with views possible in table DD_CHECK CHAR 
483 DCKEYKIND DD: Check: Valid value in flag key type DD_CHECK CHAR 
484 DCKEY_TAB DD: Check: Key contains no tables DD_CHECK CHAR 
485 DCKFDEXIST DD: Check: Existence of key fields in line type DD_CHECK CHAR 
486 DCKNR_044E Cover Number CHAR7 CHAR 
487 DCLANGUAGE Master Language of Package SPRAS LANG 
488 DCMATCHDOU Analysis of multiple occurrences when matching DCMATCHDOU NUMC 
489 DCMATCHMIN Minimum requirements for data compatibility DCMATCHFOR NUMC 
490 DCMATCHREQ Flag if field must, should or may occur in matching DCMATCHREQ NUMC 
491 DCMATCHTYP Field identification when matching DCMATCHTYP CHAR 
492 DCMATCHWAN Desired correspondence of types when matching DCMATCHFOR NUMC 
493 DCMDE_LENGTH DE for Length of decimal Places DCM_LENGTH NUMC 
494 DCMNC Copy documentation of personnel calculation rule XFELD CHAR 
495 DCMNT Copy documentation of schema XFELD CHAR 
496 DCMODE DD: mode in the mass activation program DCMODE CHAR 
497 DCMRP Versions for Purchase Requisition from APO XFELD CHAR 
498 DCMSGPAR DD: Parameter for a message CHAR30 CHAR 
500 DCMXACTIO_ DD: function code for multiplexing action TGFCT CHAR