SAP ABAP Data Element - Index L, page 18
Data Element - L
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 LVC_MERGE ALV control: Disable cell merging CHAR1 CHAR 
2 LVC_MERGE_WAO ALV Control: Switch Off Cell Merge (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
3 LVC_NKEY ALV Tree Control: Node Key   CHAR 
4 LVC_NOAUTH ALV control: Do not perform ALV standard authority check CHAR01 CHAR 
5 LVC_NOAUTH_WAO ALV Control: Do Not Perform ALV Standard Authoriz. Check WAO CHAR01 CHAR 
6 LVC_NOCONV ALV control: Do not consider conversion exit for output CHAR01 CHAR 
7 LVC_NOKEYC ALV control: Override key color CHAR1 CHAR 
8 LVC_NOKFIX ALV control: Do not fix key columns CHAR01 CHAR 
9 LVC_NOKFIX_WAO ALV Control: Do Not Fix Key Columns (Web Add-On) CHAR01 CHAR 
10 LVC_NOOUT ALV control: Column is not output CHAR1 CHAR 
11 LVC_NOSIGN ALV Control: Suppress Signs for Output XFLAG CHAR 
12 LVC_NOSIGN_WAO ALV Control: Suppress Sign During Output (WAO) XFLAG CHAR 
13 LVC_NOSUM ALV control: No aggregation over values of column XFLAG CHAR 
14 LVC_NOTOTL ALV control: Do not output totals line CHAR1 CHAR 
15 LVC_NOTOTL_WAO ALV Control: Do Not Output End Totals Line (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
16 LVC_NOZERO ALV control: Suppress zeros for output XFLAG CHAR 
17 LVC_NUMCTO ALV control: Disallow NUMC field summation CHAR1 CHAR 
18 LVC_NUMCTO_WAO ALV Control: Allow Totalling of NUMC Fields (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
19 LVC_ONAM ALV control: BRST sender object CHAR54 CHAR 
20 LVC_OSTYPE liveCache: Operating system CHAR30 CHAR 
21 LVC_OUTLEN ALV control: Column width in characters DDLENG NUMC 
22 LVC_PRINFO Print time of GRID_TITLE   CHAR 
23 LVC_PRINT ALV control: Print output CHAR1 CHAR 
24 LVC_QFNAME ALV control: Field name for unit of measure referenced CHAR30 CHAR 
25 LVC_QUAN ALV control: Unit of measure CHAR3 CHAR 
26 LVC_REGIS ALV control: Event registered CHAR01 CHAR 
27 LVC_REPREP ALV control: Enable report/report interface CHAR1 CHAR 
28 LVC_RFNAME ALV control: Reference field name for internal table field CHAR30 CHAR 
29 LVC_RFNAME_WAO ALV Control: Ref. Field Name for Internal Table Field (WAO) CHAR30 CHAR 
30 LVC_RNDFN ALV control: Field name with ROUND specification CHAR30 CHAR 
31 LVC_ROID ALV Control: Row ID   INT4 
32 LVC_ROLL ALV control: Data element for F1 help ROLLNAME CHAR 
33 LVC_ROUND ALV control: ROUND value   INT4 
34 LVC_ROWMK ALV control: Disable row selections CHAR1 CHAR 
35 LVC_ROWMK_WAO ALV Control: Switch Off Row Selections (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
36 LVC_ROWPOS ALV control: Output line (INTERNAL USE)   INT4 
37 LVC_ROWPOS_WAO ALV Control: Output Row (INTERNAL USE) (Web Add-On) INT4 INT4 
38 LVC_ROWST ALV control: Row-based stable refresh CHAR1 CHAR 
39 LVC_RSVLN ALV control: Number of reserved lines for END_OF_PAGE   INT4 
40 LVC_RTNAME ALV control: Reference table name for internal table field CHAR30 CHAR 
41 LVC_RTNAME_WAO ALV control: Reference table name for internal table field CHAR30 CHAR 
42 LVC_RTYPE ALV Control: Row type CHAR23 CHAR 
43 LVC_SCRIT ALV control: Subtotals criterion CHAR30 CHAR 
44 LVC_SELECT Indicates if a column in the tree control can be selected CHAR1 CHAR 
45 LVC_SELINF ALV control: Read selection screen of calling report CHAR1 CHAR 
46 LVC_SGLCLH ALV control: SingleClick on column header   CHAR 
47 LVC_SGLCLH_WAO ALV Control: Single Click Column Header (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
48 LVC_SLINFO ALV control: Do not print selection information CHAR1 CHAR 
49 LVC_SORT Indicator for saving defined sort conditions CHAR1 CHAR 
50 LVC_SPGRP Group key CHAR4 CHAR 
51 LVC_STOOL ALV control: BRST sender tool CHAR2 CHAR 
53 LVC_STRING Search string for ALV grid control SC_STRING CHAR 
54 LVC_STYLE ALV control: Style HEX4 RAW 
55 LVC_STYLE_WAO ALV Control: Style (Web Add-On) HEX4_WAO RAW 
56 LVC_SUBC ALV control: BRST sender sub-application CHAR2 CHAR 
57 LVC_SYMBOL ALV control: Output as symbol CHAR1 CHAR 
58 LVC_S_FTF Test Field of Type FLOAT S_FTF_F FLTP 
59 LVC_S_HTF Test Field of Type HEX S_HTF_H RAW 
60 LVC_S_ICON Data Element for Icons   CHAR 
61 LVC_S_ITF Test Field of Type INTEGER S_ITF_I INT4 
64 LVC_TCOL ALV control: Internal use   INT4 
65 LVC_TCOMP ALV control: Internal use XFLAG CHAR 
66 LVC_TCRIT ALV control: Text for subtotals criterion TEXT255 CHAR 
67 LVC_TECH ALV control: Technical field XFLAG CHAR 
68 LVC_TEXT Group description TEXT40 CHAR 
69 LVC_TFORM ALV control: Internal use   INT4 
70 LVC_TIME OMS_Versions: Create_time CHAR8 CHAR 
71 LVC_TIP ALV control: Tool tip for column header TEXT40 CHAR 
72 LVC_TIP_WAO ALV Control: Tooltip for Column Header (Web Add-On) TEXT40 CHAR 
73 LVC_TITLE ALV Control: Title bar text TEXT70 CHAR 
74 LVC_TITLE_WAO ALV Control: Title Row Text (Web Add-On) SYCHAR70 CHAR 
75 LVC_TITSZ ALV control: Title size CHAR1 CHAR 
76 LVC_TITSZ_WAO ALV Control: Title Size (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
77 LVC_TNAME LVC tab name   CHAR 
78 LVC_TNAME_WAO LVC Tab Name (Web Add-On) CHAR30 CHAR 
79 LVC_TOOLB ALV control: Hide toolbar CHAR1 CHAR 
80 LVC_TOOLB_WAO ALV Control: Hide Toolbar (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
81 LVC_TOTBEF ALV control: Totals output before individual records CHAR1 CHAR 
82 LVC_TOTBEF_WAO ALV Control: Totals Output Before Single Recs (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
83 LVC_TXT ALV control: Column identifier for dialog functions TEXT40 CHAR 
84 LVC_TXT132 ALV: Text of length 132, upper and lower case LVC_T132K CHAR 
85 LVC_TXTCOL ALV control: Column heading TEXT40 CHAR 
86 LVC_TXT_L ALV control: Column identifier long text TEXT40 CHAR 
87 LVC_TXT_L_WAO ALV Control: Column Descriptor Long Text (Web Add-On) TEXT40 CHAR 
88 LVC_TXT_M ALV control: Column identifier medium text TEXT30 CHAR 
89 LVC_TXT_S ALV control: Column identifier short text TEXT20 CHAR 
90 LVC_TXT_WAO ALV Control: Column Descriptor for Screen Functions (Web AO) TEXT40 CHAR 
91 LVC_TYPE Type Description CHAR01 CHAR 
92 LVC_UNITSP ALV control: Split totals lines by unit CHAR1 CHAR 
93 LVC_UNITSP_WAO ALV Control: Split of Totals Rows Acc. to Unit (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
94 LVC_USER Indicator for user-specific saving CHAR1 CHAR 
95 LVC_VALUE ALV Control: Cell Content TEXT128 CHAR 
96 LVC_VALUE_WAO ALV Control: Cell Content (Web Add-On) TEXT128 CHAR 
98 LVC_VERSID Version ID of liveCache database CHAR6 CHAR 
99 LVC_VGRID ALV control: Hide vertical grid lines CHAR1 CHAR 
100 LVC_VGRID_WAO ALV Control: Switch Off Vertical Gridlines (Web Add-On) CHAR1 CHAR 
101 LVC_V_INFO Information for list variant   CHAR 
102 LVC_WEBROW ALV control: Number of lines to be displayed in the Web   INT4 
103 LVC_WEBROW_WAO ALV Control: Number of Rows to Be Displayed in Web (WAO) INT4 INT4 
104 LVC_ZEBRA ALV control: Alternating line color (striped) CHAR1 CHAR 
105 LVC_ZEBRA_WAO ALV Control: Alternating Row Colors (Zebra Pattern) (WAO) CHAR1 CHAR 
106 LVC_ZSUM Indicator for saving defined subtotals CHAR1 CHAR 
107 LVC_ZSUMS Indicator for saving the subtotals selection CHAR1 CHAR 
108 LVDAT Leasing agreement date DATUM DATS 
109 LVFLG Indicator: Notification of leaving received CHAR1 CHAR 
110 LVF_TEXT Name Partial Delivery at Item Level TEXT30 CHAR 
111 LVGDT Date of last transaction for reorg. DATUM DATS 
112 LVIND Subcontracting Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
113 LVKA_LST_KK Lock Reasons for Outgoing Payments from Contract Account CHAR1 CHAR 
114 LVKE_LST_KK Lock Reasons for Incoming Contract Account CHAR1 CHAR 
115 LVKM_LST_KK Dunning Lock Reasons for Contract Account CHAR1 CHAR 
116 LVKOP Copy bill of services LVKOP CHAR 
117 LVKST Wage Type for Church Tax from Previous Employer LGART CHAR 
118 LVLFM Issued quantity MENG13 QUAN 
119 LVLIND ATP: Check level LVLIND CHAR 
120 LVLST Wage Type for Employment Tax from Previous Employer LGART CHAR 
121 LVMAX_ACC Maximum accrual entitlement PTM_QUONUM DEC 
122 LVMAX_ENT Maximum total entitlement PTM_QUONUM DEC 
123 LVMPD Reduce Wage Tax per Day DECV4_2 DEC 
124 LVMPK Reduce Wage Tax per Quarter DECV4_2 DEC 
125 LVMPM Reduce Wage Tax per Month DECV4_2 DEC 
126 LVMPV Reduce Wage Tax per 4 Weeks DECV4_2 DEC 
127 LVMPW Reduce Wage Tax per Week DECV4_2 DEC 
128 LVNAM Logical view name CHAR8 CHAR 
129 LVNUM Constant value of base entitlement for leave accrual PTM_QUONUM DEC 
130 LVOBA Deletion flag for all material data of a valuation type XFELD CHAR 
131 LVOBK Indicator: Flag material for deletion at company code level XFELD CHAR 
132 LVOBW Indicator: Flag material for deletion at valuation level XFELD CHAR 
133 LVOC1 Deletion Flag for All Data in a Batch XFELD CHAR 
134 LVOCA Deletion Flag for All Data on a Batch at a Plant XFELD CHAR 
135 LVOCB Deletion Flag for All Data on a Batch Stock XFELD CHAR 
136 LVOKL Deletion Flag for All Data on a Consignment Stock XFELD CHAR 
137 LVOKP Deletion Flag for All Data on a Consignment Material XFELD CHAR 
138 LVOLG Flag Material for Deletion at Storage Location Level XFELD CHAR 
139 LVOLN Deletion flag for all material data of a warehouse number XFELD CHAR 
140 LVOLT Deletion flag for all material data of a storage type XFELD CHAR 
141 LVOMA Flag Material for Deletion at Client Level XFELD CHAR 
142 LVORM Deletion Indicator XFELD CHAR 
143 LVORS Advance payments XFELD CHAR 
144 LVOR_BWKEY Ind.: deletion flag set for valuation area CHAR1 CHAR 
145 LVOR_LGNUM Ind.: deletion flag set for warehouse number CHAR1 CHAR 
146 LVOR_WERKS Ind.: deletion flag set for plant CHAR1 CHAR 
147 LVOR_ZENTR Indicator: deletion flag set at client level CHAR1 CHAR 
148 LVOVK Ind.: Flag material for deletion at distribution chain level XFELD CHAR 
149 LVOWK Flag Material for Deletion at Plant Level XFELD CHAR 
150 LVPER Time of transfer to leave entitlement CHAR1 CHAR 
151 LVRMG Quantity of "material provided" accounted for MENG13 QUAN 
152 LVRWR Value of materials provided accounted for WERT7 CURR 
153 LVSDA Date on which notification of leaving was issued DATUM DATS 
154 LVSOZ Wage Type for Supplementary Tax from Previous Employer LGART CHAR 
155 LVSTA Status of warehouse management activities STATV CHAR 
156 LVSTA_BEZ Description: OVerall status for WM activities TEXT20 CHAR 
157 LVSTK Overall status of warehouse management activities STATV CHAR 
158 LVS_2SKMAT Indicator: 2-step characteristic material-dependent LVS_2SKM CHAR 
159 LVS_2SKPREL Relevance for 2-Step Picking in Reference Document Item LVS_2SKPREL CHAR 
160 LVS_2SKREL Relevance for 2-step picking LVS_2SKREL CHAR 
161 LVS_ANGPL Number of blocked storage bins LVS_ANZLP NUMC 
162 LVS_ANZGR Code: Quantity of picking labels LVS_ANZGR CHAR 
163 LVS_ANZKZ Code: Quantity of picking labels LVS_ANZKZ NUMC 
164 LVS_ANZLE Number of Storage Units to be Placed Into Storage LVS_ANZLE DEC 
165 LVS_ANZLP Number of storage bins LVS_ANZLP NUMC 
166 LVS_ANZSLI Number of selected deliveries LVS_ANZSLI NUMC 
167 LVS_AUSFB TO processing comment (code) LVS_AUSFB CHAR 
168 LVS_AUSFT Long text: TO processing comment LVS_AUSFT CHAR 
169 LVS_AUSSP Selection of storage bins with stock removal block XFELD CHAR 
170 LVS_AUTTA Automatic Transfer Order Creation AUTTA CHAR 
171 LVS_BENUM Requirement Number LVS_BENUM CHAR 
172 LVS_BETYP Requirement Type LVS_BETYP CHAR 
173 LVS_BLOCK Bulk storage indicator LVS_BLOCK CHAR 
174 LVS_BLOCK2 Bulk storage indicator LVS_BLOCK2 CHAR 
176 LVS_BRAND Fire-containment section LVS_BRAND CHAR 
177 LVS_BRANT Name of Fire-Containment Section TEXT20 CHAR 
178 LVS_BRRES Reset fire-containment section XFELD CHAR 
179 LVS_BSSKT Description of special movement indicator TEXT20 CHAR 
180 LVS_BSSKZ Special movement indicator for warehouse management LVS_BSSKZ CHAR 
181 LVS_BTYPT Description of requirement type TEXT25 CHAR 
182 LVS_BWREF Reference to movement type during storage type search LVS_BWREF NUMC 
183 LVS_CDSTO Create Transfer Order for Multiple Deliveries XFELD CHAR 
184 LVS_CDTKZ Ind.: Cross-docking XFELD CHAR 
185 LVS_CMOFF Emergency Switch: Deactivate Change Management XFELD CHAR 
186 LVS_CUS WM active/not active LVS_CUS CHAR 
187 LVS_CUSTXT Customizing Text CHAR_30 CHAR 
188 LVS_CWERT Value difference (with comment) CHAR18 CHAR 
189 LVS_D0001 Source : Transfer Direction LVS_DOKU CHAR 
190 LVS_D0002 Dest: Transfer direction LVS_DOKU CHAR 
191 LVS_D0003 Ret.: Transf.direction LVS_DOKU CHAR 
192 LVS_D0004 Target quantity: Heading for various quantities LVS_DOKU CHAR 
193 LVS_D0005 Actual quantity: Heading for various quantities LVS_DOKU CHAR 
194 LVS_D0006 Multiplication sign LVS_DOKU CHAR 
195 LVS_D0008 Percentage symbol LVS_DOKU CHAR 
196 LVS_D0009 Text field: selection LDOKUD0009 CHAR 
197 LVS_D0010 Text field: control LDOKUD0009 CHAR 
198 LVS_D0011 Source and destination confirmation LVS_DOKU CHAR 
200 LVS_DIRTA Automatic TO Creation Immediately After TR Generation XFELD CHAR 
201 LVS_DIS_VARIANT_SAPMV53M Variant of list viewer for picking wave monitor SLIS_VARI CHAR 
203 LVS_DOCNUM Currently Processed Document Number NUMC10 NUMC 
204 LVS_DRSTA Print time for multiple processing LVS_DRSTA CHAR 
205 LVS_DRUCK Indicator: transfer order item is printed XFELD CHAR 
206 LVS_DRUKZ Indicator: form and sort code for printing transfer orders LVS_DRUKZ CHAR 
207 LVS_DSTKZ Dynamic control indicator for communication no. definition LVS_DSTKZ CHAR 
208 LVS_DUNKL Foreground/Background Processing - Control of Screens LVS_DUNKL CHAR 
209 LVS_DWERT Value difference (can be added up) WERT13N CURR 
210 LVS_EIDIF Ind.: input of difference during transfer order confirmation XFELD CHAR 
211 LVS_EINLM Adopt putaway quantity as qty in delivery / Post GR LVS_EINLM CHAR 
212 LVS_EINSP Selection of storage bins with putaway block XFELD CHAR 
213 LVS_ENQUE Blocking logic in Warehouse Management LVS_ENQUE CHAR 
214 LVS_ESOAS Selection of storage bins with stock placement/removal block XFELD CHAR 
215 LVS_EXSTI Customer exit for handling inspection sample in WM XFELD CHAR 
216 LVS_EXWMS Indicator: Item for external WM XFELD CHAR 
217 LVS_FA016 Field selection of length 16 TEXT16 CHAR 
218 LVS_FA064 Field selection of length 64 CHA64 CHAR 
219 LVS_FEHLT Indicator: Preallocated stock processing already finished XFELD CHAR 
220 LVS_FORM1 Additional form for printing transfer orders TDFORMNEW CHAR 
221 LVS_FORM2 Form for printing storage unit slip TDFORM CHAR 
222 LVS_FORM3 Form for printing transfer order slip for storage unit TDFORM CHAR 
223 LVS_FORM4 Form for printing storage unit contents TDFORM CHAR 
224 LVS_FORM5 Form for printing labels TDFORMNEW CHAR 
225 LVS_FORM7 Form for printing HUM label TDFORM CHAR 
226 LVS_FORMU Form for transfer order print TDFORM CHAR 
227 LVS_FTEXT Error Text for LVS Multiple Processing TEXT72 CHAR 
228 LVS_FTTKZ Indicator for flow-through XFELD CHAR 
229 LVS_GRAPHICAL_BAR Field for GANTT diagram in report RLLT2900 LVS_GRAPHICAL_BAR CHAR 
230 LVS_GROSS Large quantity for printing picking label in WM MENG13 QUAN 
231 LVS_GWGEW Limiting value based on weight DEC8_3 DEC 
232 LVS_GWSOZ Limiting value based on planned TO processing time LVS_ZEITD QUAN 
233 LVS_GWVOL Limiting value based on volume MENG13 QUAN 
234 LVS_HUQUA Ind: Quant for reposting belongs to HU storage location XFELD CHAR 
235 LVS_IDANW Identifier for application LVS_IDANW CHAR 
236 LVS_IDATU Date of inventory DATUM DATS 
237 LVS_IDENTPOS Identifier for transfer order items TAPOS NUMC 
238 LVS_IMREL Trigger posting in Inventory Management LVS_IMREL CHAR 
239 LVS_INVCC Inventory through Cycle Counting XFELD CHAR 
240 LVS_INVPE Continuous inventory upon placement into stock XFELD CHAR 
241 LVS_INVPN Continuous inventory based on zero stock check XFELD CHAR 
242 LVS_IRNUM Inventory reference number LVS_IRNUM CHAR 
243 LVS_ISEIT Inventory page LVS_ISEIT NUMC 
244 LVS_IVAKT Inventory active XFELD CHAR 
245 LVS_IVIVO Inventory in preparation XFELD CHAR 
246 LVS_IVNUM Number of system inventory record BELNR CHAR 
247 LVS_IVPOS Item number in inventory document LVS_IVPOS NUMC 
248 LVS_KBERT Picking area name TEXT25 CHAR 
249 LVS_KDEST Logical name of communication partner for WM link LVS_KDEST CHAR 
250 LVS_KDLIF Consignee from delivery document for WMS link CHAR8 CHAR 
251 LVS_KGVNQ Indicator: Separate confirmation possible XFELD CHAR 
252 LVS_KISTP Indicator: Input requirement for actual data XFELD CHAR 
253 LVS_KISTZ Indicator: Actual time required in TO LVS_KISTZ CHAR 
254 LVS_KKAPV Capacity usage of storage unit type DEC8_3 DEC 
255 LVS_KNDNR Sold-to party from delivery document for WMS link CHAR8 CHAR 
256 LVS_KODAB Picking date, to DATUM DATS 
257 LVS_KODAV Picking date, from DATUM DATS 
258 LVS_KOMID Identification of WM communication records LVS_KOMID CHAR 
259 LVS_KOMIM Adopt Pick Quantity as Del. Qty in Delivery / Post GI LVS_KOMIM CHAR 
260 LVS_KOMNR Picking number from delivery document for WM link LVS_KOMNR NUMC 
261 LVS_KOMTK Picking technique in warehouse management LVS_KOMTK CHAR 
262 LVS_KORES Reset picking area XFELD CHAR 
263 LVS_KUNNR Customer number from delivery document for WM link KUNNR CHAR 
264 LVS_KUNWE Ship-to-party for delivery for WMS KUNNR CHAR 
265 LVS_KZAUF Indicator: Round off inspecton sample to pallet quantity XFELD CHAR 
266 LVS_KZBEF Indicator Inventory Management active XFELD CHAR 
267 LVS_KZBEW Movement indicator LVS_KZBEW CHAR 
268 LVS_KZCHM Indicator batch entered manually XFELD CHAR 
269 LVS_KZDIF Difference indicator LVS_KZDIF CHAR 
270 LVS_KZDLG Indicator: dynamic storage bin in warehouse management XFELD CHAR 
271 LVS_KZDR2 Indicator: Call up R/2 directly (RM posting) LVS_KZDR2 CHAR 
272 LVS_KZDYN Indicator: dynamic storage bin XFELD CHAR 
273 LVS_KZECH Indicator: Confirm Batch to PP XFELD CHAR 
274 LVS_KZINV Inventory method LVS_KZINV CHAR 
275 LVS_KZKUB Indicator: Do not create posting change notice XFELD CHAR 
276 LVS_KZLEI Indicator for performance data LVS_KZLEI CHAR 
277 LVS_KZLEQ Code: Quant in storage unit XFELD CHAR 
278 LVS_KZMAI Indicator: mail to be created XFELD CHAR 
279 LVS_KZNFTA Indicator: storage unit item already on storage unit XFELD CHAR 
280 LVS_KZNKO Indicator: Execute Zero Stock Check XFELD CHAR 
281 LVS_KZPLA Indicator: preplanned transfer order XFELD CHAR 
282 LVS_KZSTI Indicator: Inspection sample handling in WM LVS_KZSTI CHAR 
283 LVS_KZUAP Indicator: post and leave materials in same storage bin XFELD CHAR 
284 LVS_KZVEP Indicator: Connection to packaging in WM LVS_KZVEP CHAR 
285 LVS_KZVFD Indicator shelf life expiration date relevant LVS_KZVFD CHAR 
286 LVS_KZVN Indicator: transfer order item is source or destination item LVS_KZVN CHAR 
287 LVS_KZZUL Indicator: addition to existing stock in storage unit XFELD CHAR 
288 LVS_L2ART Type of WT for Active 2-Step Picking CHAR12 CHAR 
289 LVS_LAGKL Storage class MGEF_LAGKL CHAR 
290 LVS_LASTPOS Indicator for last TO item in split TO XFELD CHAR 
291 LVS_LAZVT Warehouse activity monitor: Name of layout TEXT25 CHAR 
292 LVS_LBDAT Date of last change DATUM DATS 
293 LVS_LBERT Name of storage area TEXT25 CHAR 
294 LVS_LBKZT Description storage section indicator TEXT20 CHAR 
295 LVS_LBSTA Warehouse activity monitor: processing status LVS_LBSTA CHAR 
296 LVS_LBWAT Name of Flow Type TEXT25 CHAR 
297 LVS_LBZEI Warehouse activity monitor: Time of last change UZEIT TIMS 
298 LVS_LBZOT Text for matl staging area TEXT25 CHAR 
299 LVS_LDES1 Printer for additional combined pick list RSPOPNAME CHAR 
300 LVS_LDES2 Printer for SU slip RSPOPNAME CHAR 
301 LVS_LDES3 Printer for storage unit transfer order slip RSPOPNAME CHAR 
302 LVS_LDES4 Printer for storage unit contents RSPOPNAME CHAR 
303 LVS_LDES5 Printer for Labels RSPOPNAME CHAR 
304 LVS_LDES7 Printer for HU label RSPOPNAME CHAR 
305 LVS_LDEST Name of printer RSPOPNAME CHAR 
306 LVS_LEDAT Warehouse activity monitor: Creation date DATUM DATS 
307 LVS_LEMEL Placement quantity per storage unit in stockkeeping unit MENG13 QUAN 
308 LVS_LEMEN Quantity per Storage Unit to be Placed into Stock in Alt.UoM MENG13 QUAN 
309 LVS_LETYP Storage Unit Type LVS_LETYP CHAR 
310 LVS_LETYP1 1st storage unit type LVS_LETYP CHAR 
311 LVS_LETYP2 2nd storage unit type LVS_LETYP CHAR 
312 LVS_LETYP3 3rd storage unit type LVS_LETYP CHAR 
313 LVS_LETYT Name of storage unit type TEXT20 CHAR 
314 LVS_LEZEI Warehouse activity monitor: Creation time UZEIT TIMS 
315 LVS_LFDNR Sequence number LVS_LFDNR CHAR 
316 LVS_LGBKZ Storage Section Indicators LVS_LGBKZ CHAR 
317 LVS_LGNTB Do not adopt storage location into transfer requirement XFELD CHAR 
318 LVS_LGREF Storage loc. ref. LVS_LGREF CHAR 
319 LVS_LGRES Reset storage bin weight XFELD CHAR 
320 LVS_LGRET Name for storage location reference TEXT25 CHAR 
321 LVS_LGTKZ Storage Type Indicator LVS_LGTKZ CHAR 
322 LVS_LHMNG Loading equipment quantity MENG13 QUAN 
323 LVS_LHMNG1 Loading equipment quantity 1 MENG13 QUAN 
324 LVS_LHMNG2 Loading equipment quantity 2 MENG13 QUAN 
325 LVS_LHMNG3 Loading equipment quantity 3 MENG13 QUAN 
326 LVS_LIFNR Account number of vendor for inbound delivery WMS LIFNR CHAR 
327 LVS_LINNO Line number in ABAP list LVS_LINNO DEC 
328 LVS_LKRES Reset maximum capacity XFELD CHAR 
329 LVS_LLAKT Warehouse monitor activity LVS_LLAKT CHAR 
330 LVS_LLAZV Display variant for warehouse monitor object LVS_LLAZV NUMC 
331 LVS_LNKOM Sequence Number in a Communication Record LVS_LNKOM NUMC 
332 LVS_LNUMT Warehouse number description TEXT25 CHAR 
333 LVS_LOBID Identification of warehouse monitor object LVS_LOBID CHAR 
334 LVS_LOEKZ Indicator: entry marked for deletion XFELD CHAR 
335 LVS_LPRES Reset storage bin type XFELD CHAR 
336 LVS_LPTYP Storage bin type LVS_LPTYP CHAR 
338 LVS_LSONR Special Stock Number LVS_LSONR CHAR 
339 LVS_LTEXT Processing note for a critical activity LVS_LTEXT CHAR 
340 LVS_LTKZT Description of Storage Type Indicator TEXT20 CHAR 
341 LVS_LTORT Door text TEXT25 CHAR 
342 LVS_LTYPT Name of storage type TEXT25 CHAR 
343 LVS_LVSDZ Indicator: Warehouse Number as Decentralized ECC LVS XFELD CHAR 
344 LVS_LVSME Warehouse Management Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
346 LVS_LZNUM Additional Reference Number for Transport LVS_LZNUM CHAR 
347 LVS_MAILK Mail control for background processing LVS_MAILK CHAR 
348 LVS_MENQU Quant amount (alt.UoM) that exists after complete confirmat. MENSH QUAN 
349 LVS_MHDKZ Management of shelf life expiration date active XFELD CHAR 
350 LVS_MINPS Maximum number of items in system inventory record LVS_MINPS NUMC 
351 LVS_MODNR Number of routine to be called up for data struct.: WM link NUMC2 NUMC 
352 LVS_MULTL Transfer Order for Multiple Deliveries XFELD CHAR 
353 LVS_NGESP Selection of storage bins that are not blocked XFELD CHAR 
354 LVS_NOBUF Select data directly from database LVS_NOBUF CHAR 
355 LVS_NOVAL Value cannot be determined XFELD CHAR 
356 LVS_NPLEI Dest.stor.bin changeable during confirmation LVS_NPLEI CHAR 
357 LVS_NROBJ Names for WMS number range objects CHAR5 CHAR 
359 LVS_NR_TO_ITEM Number of TO items LVS_NR_TO_HEAD INT4 
360 LVS_NR_UOM Number of accesses LVS_NR_TO_HEAD INT4 
361 LVS_NUKIQ Number range for inventory numbers in quant inventory LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
362 LVS_NUKIT Inventory number range assignment for transfer orders LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
363 LVS_NUKIV Number range for assignment of inventory numbers LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
364 LVS_NUKLB Number range for assignment of whse material documents LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
365 LVS_NUKLE Number range for the assignment of storage unit numbers LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
366 LVS_NUKQU Number range for assignment of quant numbers LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
367 LVS_NUKRF Number range for assignment of WM reference numbers LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
368 LVS_NUKTA Number range for the assignment of transfer order numbers LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
369 LVS_NUKTB Number range for assignment of transfer requirement numbers LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
370 LVS_NUKUB Number range for the assignment of posting change numbers LVS_NUMKR CHAR 
371 LVS_OBEST Extent Warehouse Management LVS_OBEST CHAR 
372 LVS_PAGNO Page number in ABAP list LVS_PAGNO DEC 
373 LVS_PARAM Domain Text for Parameter Setting DDTEXT CHAR 
374 LVS_PLALL Selection of bins independently of blocking indicator XFELD CHAR 
375 LVS_PLAUF Section of a storage bin LVS_PLAUF CHAR 
376 LVS_PLDAT Planned execution date for a transfer order DATUM DATS 
377 LVS_PLEER Selection: only empty storage bins XFELD CHAR 
378 LVS_PLPOS Position in storage bin LVS_PLPOS CHAR 
379 LVS_POOLN Number for ILTAP pools T312_PRSPL CHAR 
380 LVS_PRAUS Percentage utilization RL01SPRPRO DEC 
381 LVS_PRBEL Percentage Usage RL01SPRPRO DEC 
382 LVS_PROCESSED Inventory item processed LVS_PROCESSED CHAR 
383 LVS_PTYPT Description of storage bin type TEXT20 CHAR 
384 LVS_QMSTT Name for WM-QM interface control TEXT25 CHAR 
385 LVS_QUART Type of TO confirmation: Single-step/two-step confirmation LVS_QUART CHAR 
386 LVS_QUSEL Indicator as to which quants will be selected LVS_QUSEL CHAR 
387 LVS_R2BKR Company code for WM link LVS_R2BKR CHAR 
388 LVS_R2LHP Delivery document main item from the R/2 system NUMC4 NUMC 
389 LVS_R2LNR Delivery document number from the R/2 system BELNR CHAR 
390 LVS_R2LUP Delivery document subitem from the R/2 system NUMC4 NUMC 
391 LVS_RADIO_ANALYSIS Radio button for controlling data evaluation XFELD CHAR 
392 LVS_RADIO_GRAPHIC Radio button for selecting table column in graphic display XFELD CHAR 
393 LVS_RBNUM Document with reference to WMS reference number LVS_RBNUM CHAR 
394 LVS_RBTYP Type of reference document for group LVS_RBTYP CHAR 
396 LVS_REFNR_2ST Group relevant for 2-step picking LVS_REFNR CHAR 
397 LVS_REFNT Group Description TEXT40 CHAR 
398 LVS_RFRES Reset sequence field XFELD CHAR 
399 LVS_RUZEI Setup time for determining planned TO processing time LVS_ZEITD QUAN 
400 LVS_SAKOM Type of communication record LVS_SAKOM CHAR 
401 LVS_SAMR2 Ind: Delivery document (R/2) selected for multiple process. XFELD CHAR 
403 LVS_SELKZ Selection for list displays XFELD CHAR 
404 LVS_SEL_VARIANT_RLLT2900 Selection variant of report for picking progress RALDB_VARI CHAR 
405 LVS_SKZLP Blocking indicator: storage bin XFELD CHAR 
406 LVS_SLGOR Standard storage location of plant in this warehouse number XFELD CHAR 
407 LVS_SMBEL Number of Occupied Bins CDINT4 INT4 
408 LVS_SMLER Number of Empty Bins CDINT4 INT4 
409 LVS_SNKOM Record number of communication document for WMS link LVS_SNKOM NUMC 
410 LVS_SOBUB Indicator for special stock posting change XFELD CHAR 
411 LVS_SOKNZ Sort indicator for transfer order LVS_SOKNZ NUMC 
412 LVS_SONUM Special Stock Number LVS_SONUM CHAR 
413 LVS_SOPRF Sort profile for transfer order LVS_SOKNZ NUMC 
414 LVS_SORES Reset sort field XFELD CHAR 
415 LVS_SPERR Indicator for storage bin block XFELD CHAR 
416 LVS_SPGRU Blocking reason LVS_SPGRU CHAR 
417 LVS_SPGTX Text for blocking reason TEXT20 CHAR 
418 LVS_SPLBE Split by single transfer order XFELD CHAR 
419 LVS_SPLKB Split by picking area XFELD CHAR 
420 LVS_SPOO1 Spool control data for additional print of a comb.pick list LVS_SPOOL CHAR 
421 LVS_SPOO2 Spool control data for printing storage unit slip LVS_SPOOL CHAR 
422 LVS_SPOO3 Spool data for printing storage unit transfer order slip LVS_SPOOL CHAR 
423 LVS_SPOO4 Spool control data for printing storage unit contents LVS_SPOOL CHAR 
424 LVS_SPOO5 Spool control data for printing labels LVS_SPOOL CHAR 
425 LVS_SPOO7 Spool data for printing HUM label LVS_SPOOL CHAR 
426 LVS_SPOOL Indicator: Spool control data for printing transfer orders LVS_SPOOL CHAR 
428 LVS_SSKOM Status of Communication Record for WMS Link LVS_SSKOM CHAR 
430 LVS_STIKZ Indicator: what has happened to insp.sample (QM) in WM LVS_STIKZ CHAR 
431 LVS_STIMG Sample in base unit of measure provided by WM MENG13 QUAN 
432 LVS_STOAN Cancellation req. for TO item (currently only from Kanban) XFELD CHAR 
433 LVS_SUM_PLANNED_TIME Sum of planned TO processing times DEC13_3 DEC 
434 LVS_SUM_VOLUME Total volume DEC13_3 DEC 
435 LVS_SUM_WEIGHT Total weight DEC8_3 DEC 
436 LVS_SWABW Threshold value of planned/actual time deviation as percent LVS_SWABW NUMC 
437 LVS_TAERZ Indicator: Transfer order already created XFELD CHAR 
438 LVS_TAFKZ Indicator: do not cal up automatic TO creation XFELD CHAR 
439 LVS_TBBEL Material doc. no. of transfer requirement to be cancelled BELNR CHAR 
440 LVS_TBBJR Material doc. year of transfer requirement to be cancelled GJAHR NUMC 
441 LVS_TBBPO Material doc. item of transf.reqmnt item to be cancelled MBLPO NUMC 
442 LVS_TBELI Set transfer requirement to processing complete / close XFELD CHAR 
443 LVS_TBFKZ Indicator: No Transfer Requirement Created XFELD CHAR 
444 LVS_TBLGO Storage location of WM transfer requirement LGORT CHAR 
445 LVS_TEILS Partial picking for multiple processing LVS_TEILS CHAR 
447 LVS_TOURN Route number from delivery document for WMS link LVS_TOURN CHAR 
449 LVS_UMBKZ Posting change indicator in Warehouse Management (WM) XFELD CHAR 
450 LVS_UMLGO Receiving storage location LGORT CHAR 
451 LVS_UMRBL Reference movement type for transfer in warehouse mgmt LVS_BWREF NUMC 
452 LVS_UMRBU Reference movement type for posting change in whse mgmt LVS_BWREF NUMC 
453 LVS_UMWRK Receiving plant WERKS CHAR 
454 LVS_VARIA Variant for link MM-WM -> external system LVS_VARIA CHAR 
455 LVS_VARIT Variant description for link MM-WM -> external system TEXT20 CHAR 
456 LVS_VORGA Transaction type VORGA CHAR 
457 LVS_VORGK WMS Activity Key for ECC - R/2 Linkage LVS_VORGK CHAR 
458 LVS_VSART Dispatch type from delivery document for WMS link LVS_VSART CHAR 
459 LVS_VSENR Shipment number from delivery document for WMS link LVS_VSENR NUMC 
460 LVS_VZCHN Preindicator for Posting LVS_VZCHN CHAR 
461 LVS_WATKZ Indicator for Goods Issue XFELD CHAR 
462 LVS_WDATU Date of goods receipt DATUM DATS 
463 LVS_WENUM Goods Receipt Number BELNR CHAR 
464 LVS_WEPOS Goods receipt item MBLPO NUMC 
465 LVS_WETKZ Indicator for goods receipt XFELD CHAR 
466 LVS_WEZEI Time for determining planned TO processing time LVS_ZEITD QUAN 
467 LVS_WMSTA WM status for container material LVS_WMSTA CHAR 
468 LVS_XFELD General all-purpose parameters for funct.module interface XFELD CHAR 
469 LVS_ZEIEI Time unit for performance data MEINS UNIT 
470 LVS_ZEUGN Certificate Number LVS_ZEUGN CHAR 
471 LVS_ZUSTE Transfer of batches with status 'restricted' allowed XFELD CHAR 
472 LVTA_LST_KK Lock Reasons for Outgoing Industry Objects CHAR1 CHAR 
473 LVTE_LST_KK Lock Reasons for Incoming Industry Objects CHAR1 CHAR 
474 LVTM_LST_KK Dunning Lock Reasons for Industry Objects CHAR1 CHAR 
475 LVTNR Leasing agreement number CHAR15 CHAR 
476 LVVBZ Wage Type for Pensions and Related Benefits from Previous ER LGART CHAR 
477 LVWERT Gross Value of Service Specifications WERT11 CURR 
478 LVZLART IDoc service specifications line type LVZLART CHAR 
479 LVZLTYP IDoc service specifications line category LVZLTYP CHAR 
480 LWAER Entry currency WAERS CUKY 
481 LWAERS Leading currency in exchange rate quotation WAERS CUKY 
482 LWAGG Forecast Delivery Schedule Creation with Weekly Aggregation ANZTA NUMC 
483 LWAITER Agent ID holding lock   CHAR 
484 LWBAS_BSET Tax Base in Country Currency WERTV8 CURR 
485 LWBAS_DEF Tax Base in Country Currency WERTV8 CURR 
486 LWBAS_HU_KK Tax Base Amount in National Currency WRTV7 CURR 
487 LWBAS_ZM_KK Tax Base Amount in National Currency WRTV7 CURR 
488 LWBTR_DEF Gross Amount in National Currency WERTV8 CURR 
489 LWBTR_DEFTAX_ITEM Gross Amount in National Currency WERTV8 CURR 
490 LWDAT Delivery date of delivery phase CHAR10 CHAR 
491 LWE FRC: Activate No. of GRs/Inbound Deliveries Greater Than 1 XFELD CHAR 
492 LWEDT Date of last goods receipt DATUM DATS 
493 LWERT Value of Services WERT11 CURR 
494 LWERTB Gross Value in Entry Currency CVAL8 CURR 
495 LWERTFX Fixed Value in Entry Currency CVAL8 CURR 
496 LWERTN Net Value in Entry Currency CVAL8 CURR 
497 LWERT_NET Net value of entry sheet WERT11 CURR 
498 LWE_DATE Workflow Container Element for a Date   DATS 
499 LWE_FLOAT Workflow Container Element for Floating Point Number   FLTP 
500 LWE_INTEGER Workflow Container Element for an Integer Number   INT4