SAP ABAP Data Element - Index L, page 6
Data Element - L
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 LGARW Wage type (Infotype Recurring Payments/Deductions) LGART CHAR 
3 LGASHOST Application server computer name LGASHOST CHAR 
4 LGASI Wage type on SI-tape record LGART CHAR 
5 LGASIPAD Application server IP address LGASIPAD CHAR 
6 LGASREL SAP Release of Kernel of Application Server SYCHAR04 CHAR 
7 LGASSERV Application server service LGASSERV CHAR 
8 LGAWS Statement wage type LGART CHAR 
9 LGA_CMTY Cumuation type of CRT CHAR1 CHAR 
10 LGA_PRINT Print control CHAR4 CHAR 
11 LGBER Storage Section LGBER CHAR 
12 LGBP1 Premise Percentage 1 DEC2_2 DEC 
13 LGBP2 Premise Percentage 2 DEC2_2 DEC 
14 LGBP4 Premise Percentage 4 DEC2_2 DEC 
15 LGBST Storage loc./batch stock XFELD CHAR 
16 LGBZO Staging Area for Warehouse Complex LGBZO CHAR 
17 LGDAT Date of posting DATUM DATS 
18 LGDET Type of license determination for legal control LGDET CHAR 
19 LGENE Payroll infotype generated LGENE CHAR 
20 LGERIST_IS IS-M: Actual warehouse returns CHAR6 CHAR 
21 LGFEG Logical field group LGFEG NUMC 
22 LGFEGBEZ Name of logical field group TXT30 CHAR 
23 LGFERT Indicator: Make-to-stock repetitive manufacturing CHAR1 CHAR 
24 LGFSB Default storage location for external procurement LGORT CHAR 
25 LGGZM Wage Type Basis for Supplement to Maternity Pay LGART CHAR 
26 LGINT Iterpretation of MRP dates: long-term planning INTKA CHAR 
27 LGJAHR Last fiscal year opened by the fiscal year change GJAHR NUMC 
28 LGJAN Last fiscal year for the annual values in Asset Acct. GJAHR NUMC 
29 LGKART Delivery Group Correlation Type LGKART CHAR 
30 LGKEN Processing Indicator CHAR5 CHAR 
31 LGKND Lot-size calculation in make-to-order production LGKND CHAR 
32 LGLKZ Lot-size indicator for long-term lot-sizing procedure LOSKZ CHAR 
33 LGLVF Lot-sizing procedure for long-term lot-sizing LOSVF CHAR 
34 LGMNG Actual quantity delivered in stockkeeping units MENG13 QUAN 
35 LGMNG_DIFF Difference in actual delivery quantity in stockkeeping unit MENG13 QUAN 
36 LGMNG_DIFF_FLO Internal field: difference in actual deliv. qty in SKU float FLTP FLTP 
37 LGMNG_FLO Internal field/ Do not use / LGMNG in float / MUM FLTP FLTP 
38 LGMOD Mode for wage type assignment CHAR1 CHAR 
39 LGMSHOST Computer name of message server (possibly w/ router string) LGMSHOST CHAR 
40 LGMST Wage type model CHAR8 CHAR 
41 LGMUL Fixed value DEC03_2 DEC 
42 LGMUS Wage Type Model CHAR2 CHAR 
43 LGNBZ Total comparison wage types LGART CHAR 
44 LGNTOR_TXT Concatenated description for warehouse number / gate TEXT50 CHAR 
45 LGNUM Warehouse Number / Warehouse Complex LGNUM CHAR 
46 LGNUMA Point of departure: Warehouse number LGNUM CHAR 
47 LGNUMZ Destination: Warehouse number LGNUM CHAR 
48 LGNUM_TXT Warehouse number description TEXT25 CHAR 
49 LGOBE Description of Storage Location TEXT16 CHAR 
50 LGOFI Storage location determination analysis is activated ACTFLAG CHAR 
51 LGOKZ Indicator: Do Not Check Storage Location XFELD CHAR 
52 LGOPR Logical link LGOPR CHAR 
53 LGOR1 Storage location MRP in the planning table CHAR1 CHAR 
54 LGOR2 Excluded storage locations in the planning table CHAR1 CHAR 
55 LGORTA Departure point: Storage location in plant LGORT CHAR 
56 LGORTALT Receiving storage location for old device LGORT CHAR 
57 LGORTNEU Receiving storage location for new device LGORT CHAR 
58 LGORTZ Destination: Storage location in plant LGORT CHAR 
59 LGORT_A_S Receiving Device Storage Location for Removal Reversal LGORT CHAR 
60 LGORT_B To storage location LGORT CHAR 
61 LGORT_D Storage location LGORT CHAR 
62 LGORT_E_S Receiving Device Storage Location for Installation Removal LGORT CHAR 
63 LGORT_R Storage Location LGORT CHAR 
64 LGORT_RES Storage location storage resource LGORT CHAR 
65 LGORT_S Storage Location LGORT CHAR 
66 LGORT_SE Storage location LGORT CHAR 
67 LGORT_TXT Description of storage location TEXT16 CHAR 
68 LGORT_V From storage location LGORT CHAR 
69 LGOZW Storage location is absolutely necessary XFELD CHAR 
70 LGPAZ Number of periods for long-term lot size DEC03 DEC 
71 LGPBE Storage Bin CHAR10 CHAR 
72 LGPLA Storage Bin LGPLA CHAR 
73 LGPRO Issue storage location LGORT CHAR 
74 LGPRZ Percentage increase for wage type NUM5 NUMC 
75 LGRAD Service level DEC2_1 DEC 
76 LGRAD_BI Service level (BTCI) CHAR4 CHAR 
77 LGRFA Trip Country/Country Group for Travel Costs LNDGR CHAR 
78 LGRGK Country Grouping for Legal Control LGRGK CHAR 
79 LGRHB Trip Country/Country Group for Maximum Rates LNDGR CHAR 
80 LGRLZ Remaining shelf life: Warehouse XFELD CHAR 
81 LGRP_TXT Description of the wage group TEXT30 CHAR 
82 LGRUN Trip Country/Country Group for Accommodations LNDGR CHAR 
83 LGRUP Country grouping for export control LGRUP CHAR 
84 LGRVE Trip Country/Country Group for Meals LNDGR CHAR 
85 LGR_ASN_SORT Sort Criterion for Last GRs/Shipping Notifications FDNAME CHAR 
86 LGR_KAPA Avail.cap. - production line group view CHAR1 CHAR 
87 LGR_KAPBE Cap.reqmts - production line group view CHAR1 CHAR 
88 LGR_KAPBES Capacity reqmts from RS - production line group view CHAR1 CHAR 
89 LGR_KAPBL Capacity load - production line group view CHAR1 CHAR 
90 LGSHB Wage Payment WERTV8 CURR 
91 LGSPL Indicator: splitting quota in the long-term horizon XFELD CHAR 
92 LGTER Scheduling the long-term period lot-sizing procedure TERBV CHAR 
93 LGTEXT Language Text CHAR16 CHAR 
94 LGTEXT08 Wage Type Long Text Infotype 0008 TEXT25 CHAR 
95 LGTEXT10 Wage Type Long Text Infotype 0010 TEXT25 CHAR 
96 LGTH_AUS Width of output NUM03 NUMC 
97 LGTIM Time of posting UZEIT TIMS 
98 LGTOR Door for Warehouse Number LGTOR CHAR 
99 LGTORA Point of departure: Gate for warehouse number LGTOR CHAR 
100 LGTORZ Destination. Gate for warehouse number LGTOR CHAR 
101 LGTOR_TXT Door description TEXT25 CHAR 
102 LGTXB Wage type long text (Infotype Basic Pay) TEXT25 CHAR 
103 LGTXE Wage type long text (Infotype Additional Payments) TEXT25 CHAR 
104 LGTXICON SDB: Language Text Icon SYCHAR40 CHAR 
105 LGTXT Wage Type Long Text TEXT25 CHAR 
106 LGTXT_T52A0 Long Texts for Table T52A0 TEXT70 CHAR 
107 LGTXW Wage type long text (Infotype Recurring Payments/Deductions) TEXT25 CHAR 
108 LGTYP Storage Type LGTYP CHAR 
109 LGUEL Overlapping indiactor for long-term lot sizing UELAP CHAR 
110 LGVBR Wage Type Overrides Gross Amt for Maternity Pay Supplement LGART CHAR 
111 LGVBT Benefits Payments Wage Type Group TEXT80 CHAR 
112 LGVBZ Benefits Payments Wage Type Group P_SUML CHAR 
113 LGVEX Wage Type Group for Benefits Payments Exists XFELD CHAR 
114 LGVMZ Manual Entry of Wage Type for Supplement to Maternity Pay LGART CHAR 
115 LGVNE Wage Type Overrides Net Amount for Maternity Pay Supplement LGART CHAR 
116 LGWHR_D Ledger currency difference (not the same as local currency) WERTV8 CURR 
117 LGWID Object ID of the Work Center CR_OBJID NUMC 
118 LGZAP Overwrite wage type? CHAR1 CHAR 
119 LGZMG Wage Type for Supplement to Maternity Pay LGART CHAR 
120 LGZUSATZ Additional Information on Location LGZUSATZ CHAR 
121 LHBEW Local Account for Gain from Valuation SAKNR CHAR 
122 LHBIS Upper limit for number of days since last consumption BCSP3 DEC 
123 LHEAD Text Element for Line Heading CHAR3 CHAR 
124 LHGUT Returnable packaging at customer XFELD CHAR 
125 LHIENR01 Vendor hierarchy 1 LIFNR CHAR 
126 LHIENR02 Vendor hierarchy 2 LIFNR CHAR 
127 LHIENR03 Vendor hierarchy 3 LIFNR CHAR 
128 LHIENR04 Vendor hierarchy 4 LIFNR CHAR 
129 LHIENR05 Vendor hierarchy 5 LIFNR CHAR 
130 LHIENR06 Vendor hierarchy 6 LIFNR CHAR 
131 LHIENR07 Vendor hierarchy 7 LIFNR CHAR 
132 LHIENR08 Vendor hierarchy 8 LIFNR CHAR 
133 LHIENR09 Vendor hierarchy 9 LIFNR CHAR 
134 LHIENR10 Vendor hierarchy 10 LIFNR CHAR 
135 LHIENR11 Vendor hierarchy 11 LIFNR CHAR 
136 LHIENR12 Vendor hierarchy 12 LIFNR CHAR 
137 LHIENR13 Vendor hierarchy 13 LIFNR CHAR 
138 LHIENR14 Vendor hierarchy 14 LIFNR CHAR 
139 LHIENR15 Vendor hierarchy 15 LIFNR CHAR 
140 LHLINEFROM Start of Recognized Structure/Line SYST_SHORT INT4 
141 LHLINETO End of Structure/Line SYST_SHORT INT4 
142 LHMEH Unit of measure for loading equipment quantity MEINS UNIT 
143 LHMEH1 Unit of measure for loading equipment quantity 1 MEINS UNIT 
144 LHMEH1_ISO Unit of measure for loading equipment quantity 1 in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
145 LHMEH2 Unit of measure for loading equipment quantity 2 MEINS UNIT 
146 LHMEH2_ISO Unit of measure for loading equipment quantity 2 in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
147 LHMEH3 Unit of measure for loading equipment quantity 3 MEINS UNIT 
148 LHMEH3_ISO Unit of measure for loading equipment quantity 3 in ISO code ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
149 LHMNG_BI Loading equipment quantity (BTCI) CHAR17 CHAR 
150 LHM_CASE_KEY Unique Technical Key for a Case   CHAR 
151 LHM_COMPANY Company Name   CHAR 
153 LHM_DESCRIPTION Description   CHAR 
154 LHM_HOLD_TYPE_CODE Type of Legal Hold CHAR4 CHAR 
155 LHM_LEGAL_HOLD_CREATED Date of Legal Hold Creation DATUM DATS 
156 LHM_LEGAL_HOLD_RESCINDED Date of Legal Hold Revocation DATUM DATS 
157 LHM_LH_STATUS Status of a Legal Hold LHM_LH_STATUS CHAR 
158 LHM_MATTER_ID Internal Reference ID for a Legal Case   CHAR 
162 LHM_OBJECT_LOC_EXT Additional Information Related to Object Origin   CHAR 
164 LHM_PLANT Plant   CHAR 
165 LHM_RW_TESTFLAG Simulate Retention Warehaous Switch - For Test Purposes Only LHM_RW_TESTFLAG CHAR 
166 LHM_TODO Synchronization Actions LHM_TODO CHAR 
167 LHOLDER Agent ID holding lock   CHAR 
168 LHPAGEFROM Start of Pattern/Page SYST_SHORT INT4 
169 LHPAGETO End of Structure/Page SYST_SHORT INT4 
170 LHPATERN ABAP List Heuristic Pattern CHAR40 CHAR 
171 LHPC1 Wage Tax [LH] Percentage for Tax Class 1 DEC2_3 DEC 
172 LHPC2 Wage Tax [LH] Percentage for Tax Class 2 DEC2_3 DEC 
173 LHPC3 Wage Tax [LH] Percentage for Tax Class 3 DEC2_3 DEC 
174 LHPC4 Wage Tax [LH] Percentage for Tax Class 4 DEC2_3 DEC 
175 LHPC5 Wage Tax [LH] Percentage for Tax Class 5 DEC2_3 DEC 
176 LHPE2 Wage Tax (LH) Percentage DEC2_2 DEC 
177 LHPER Wage Tax (LH) Percentage DEC2_2 DEC 
178 LHREA Local Account for Realized Exchange Gains SAKNR CHAR 
179 LHROWFROM Start of Structure/Column SYST_SHORT INT4 
180 LHROWTO End of Structure/Column SYST_SHORT INT4 
181 LHTRA Local Account for Gain from Translation SAKNR CHAR 
182 LHTRV Local Account for Clearing Translation Loss SAKNR CHAR 
183 LHVON Minimum number of days since last consumption BCSP3 DEC 
184 LIANP Change delivery quantity XFELD CHAR 
185 LIANZ Flag whether system is to display vendor CHAR1 CHAR 
186 LIART List Type in SI Statement (D) LIART CHAR 
187 LIA_ANP Recalculation for standardizing entries X CHAR 
188 LIA_KON Recalculation for consolidation entries X CHAR 
189 LIB Library LIB CHAR 
190 LIB01 Description of age criterion TEXT20 CHAR 
191 LIBCGETS Oracle: v$librarycache.gets DEC17 DEC 
192 LIBCPINS Oracle: v$librarycache.pins DEC17 DEC 
193 LIBEG List begins with CHAR1 CHAR 
194 LIBELLE Account Name FIL20 CHAR 
195 LIBEL_EBFR Payment Notes CHAR31 CHAR 
196 LIBES Order entry by vendor CHAR1 CHAR 
197 LIBMON Name of Currency BDF TEXT30 CHAR 
198 LIBNK Account number of vendor for delivery costs LIFNR CHAR 
199 LIBUE Source System Accounting Unit for RBD CHAR4 CHAR 
200 LIB_FIELD Indicator: Use characteristic XFELD CHAR 
201 LIB_PROG Form class library PROGNAME CHAR 
202 LICDT Date license granted DATUM DATS 
203 LICENSENO License number CHAR20 CHAR 
204 LICENSE_NUM License plate number LICENSE_NUM CHAR 
205 LICHN Vendor Batch Number LICHN CHAR 
206 LICNO Tax exemption license number LICNO CHAR 
207 LICNR License number LICNR CHAR 
208 LICNT Number of entries in a table structure NUM3 NUMC 
209 LICOD Location coding for freight terms CHAR8 CHAR 
210 LICONITM_INDPAY Payment Specification: Status Display at Item Level CHAR50 CHAR 
211 LICON_INDPAY Payment Specification: Status Display CHAR50 CHAR 
212 LICON_IPDIF Payment Specification: Status Display for Difference (W-Off) CHAR50 CHAR 
213 LICON_KK Special Status Display CHAR80 CHAR 
214 LICOZ Key for key figure assignment LIS - CO/PA LICOZ CHAR 
215 LICOZK Key for key figure assignment CO-PA - LIS LICOZ CHAR 
216 LICOZM Key for characteristic allocation: flexible planning - CO/PA LICOZM CHAR 
217 LICOZU Assignment of info structure to operating concern LISCOZU CHAR 
218 LIDOC_T Last IDoc for Transfer EDI_DOCNUM NUMC 
219 LIDO_APLZL Counter for distinguishing DB entries CHAR8 CHAR 
220 LIDO_AUFPL Planning number for transactions in the order in CHAR format CHAR10 CHAR 
221 LIDO_AUFPS Number of order item in CHAR format CHAR4 CHAR 
222 LIDO_BDMNG Requirement quantity in CHAR format CHAR15 CHAR 
223 LIDO_BLDAT Document date in document in CHAR format CHAR8 CHAR 
224 LIDO_BLOCK Block storage bins XFELD CHAR 
225 LIDO_BPMNG Quantity in Order Price Quantity Unit CHAR15 CHAR 
226 LIDO_BPRME Order Price Unit (purchasing) CHAR3 CHAR 
227 LIDO_BSTME Order unit CHAR3 CHAR 
228 LIDO_BSTMG Goods receipt quantity in order unit in CHAR format CHAR15 CHAR 
229 LIDO_BUDAT Posting data in document in CHAR format CHAR8 CHAR 
230 LIDO_BWLVS Movement Type for Warehouse Management CHAR3 CHAR 
231 LIDO_CANCL Reply to canc.transfer order XFELD CHAR 
232 LIDO_CANRQ Inquiry Canceled Transfer Order XFELD CHAR 
233 LIDO_DATUM Date in char.format for link to sub-systems CHAR8 CHAR 
234 LIDO_DEBLO Unblock storage bins XFELD CHAR 
235 LIDO_DIFFM Difference from bulk storage confirmat. CHAR15 CHAR 
236 LIDO_DMBTR Amount in local currency in CHAR format CHAR15 CHAR 
237 LIDO_EBELP Item number of purchasing document in char.format CHAR5 CHAR 
238 LIDO_ENMNG Issued quantity in char.format CHAR15 CHAR 
239 LIDO_ERFME Unit of entry in char.format CHAR3 CHAR 
240 LIDO_ERFMG Quantity in unit of entry CHAR15 CHAR 
241 LIDO_EXBLN External document number CHAR10 CHAR 
242 LIDO_EXVKW Sales Value Specified Externally in Loc.Currency (CHAR-FORM) CHAR15 CHAR 
243 LIDO_EXWRT Externally entered posting amount in local currency CHAR15 CHAR 
244 LIDO_FEHKZ Error indicator for determining order quantity date CHAR1 CHAR 
245 LIDO_FTEXT Error text for determining order quantity data CHAR80 CHAR 
246 LIDO_GRUND Indicator: Reason for goods movement in char. format CHAR4 CHAR 
247 LIDO_IDATU Date of physical inventory CHAR8 CHAR 
248 LIDO_ISEIT Inventory page CHAR4 CHAR 
249 LIDO_ITEXT Information text for linking sub-systems to MM-WM CHAR80 CHAR 
250 LIDO_IVPOS Physical inventory item CHAR4 CHAR 
251 LIDO_KDEIN Scheduling of customer order in char.format CHAR4 CHAR 
252 LIDO_KDPOS Item number in customer order in char.format CHAR6 CHAR 
253 LIDO_KTBAE Flag: Change transfer requirement XFELD CHAR 
254 LIDO_KZFOL Indicator subseq.action CHAR1 CHAR 
255 LIDO_L2KSO 2-step picking: Release level LIDO_L2KSO NUMC 
256 LIDO_LFBJA Fiscal year of a reference document in char.format CHAR4 CHAR 
257 LIDO_LFPOS Item in a reference document in char.format CHAR4 CHAR 
258 LIDO_LQNUM Quant number CHAR10 CHAR 
259 LIDO_MENGA Quantity for counting result entry CHAR15 CHAR 
260 LIDO_MENGE Transfer request qty CHAR15 CHAR 
261 LIDO_MHDRZ Indicator: shelf life expiration date required XFELD CHAR 
262 LIDO_NANUM Inventory recount number CHAR2 CHAR 
263 LIDO_NDIFA Dest.difference qty CHAR15 CHAR 
264 LIDO_NISTA Dest.act.qty CHAR15 CHAR 
265 LIDO_NSOLM Destination target quantity in stockkeeping unit CHAR15 CHAR 
266 LIDO_NULKO Status of zero stock check in transfer order item CHAR1 CHAR 
267 LIDO_NVERS Inventory recount version CHAR2 CHAR 
268 LIDO_OBJEN Number for profitab.segment (CO-PA) in char.format CHAR10 CHAR 
269 LIDO_PDATU Date of planned execution of transfer request CHAR8 CHAR 
270 LIDO_PICKM Picking qty for block stor.confirm. CHAR15 CHAR 
271 LIDO_PISTA Remain.qty after zero st.chck CHAR15 CHAR 
272 LIDO_PLDAT Planned execution date for a transfer order CHAR8 CHAR 
273 LIDO_PLZEI Planned execution time for a transfer order CHAR6 CHAR 
274 LIDO_POSNR Delivery item for subsystem link in CHAR format CHAR6 CHAR 
275 LIDO_PRSTR Project structure plan element (WBS element) in char.format CHAR8 CHAR 
276 LIDO_PZEIT Time of planned execution of transfer requirement CHAR6 CHAR 
277 LIDO_QNAME User name for confirmation USNAM CHAR 
278 LIDO_QPLOS Inspection lot number in char.format CHAR12 CHAR 
279 LIDO_RDIFA Diff.quantity for returned stock CHAR15 CHAR 
280 LIDO_RESTM Remaining quantity after bulk storage confirmation CHAR15 CHAR 
281 LIDO_RISTA Actual returned quantity CHAR15 CHAR 
282 LIDO_RSNUM Number of reservation / dependent requirements CHAR10 CHAR 
283 LIDO_RSOLM Return target quantity in stockkeeping unit CHAR15 CHAR 
284 LIDO_RSPOS Item number of reservation / dependent requirements CHAR4 CHAR 
285 LIDO_SFEHL Indicator: error during cancellation of transfer order XFELD CHAR 
286 LIDO_SFTXT Error text for cancellat.or cancellat.req. for CHAR80 CHAR 
287 LIDO_SJAHR Material document year in char.format CHAR4 CHAR 
288 LIDO_SMBLP Item in material document in char.format CHAR4 CHAR 
289 LIDO_SNAME User name for TO cancellation USNAM CHAR 
290 LIDO_SOPOS Cancel entire TO (without item selection) XFELD CHAR 
291 LIDO_SSQUI Flag: Confirm entire storage unit (actual = target) XFELD CHAR 
292 LIDO_STOGR Cancellation Reason - Link to Subsystems CHAR1 CHAR 
293 LIDO_STQUI Flag: Confirm entire transfer order (actual = target) XFELD CHAR 
294 LIDO_TANUM Transfer order number CHAR10 CHAR 
295 LIDO_TAPOS Transfer order item CHAR4 CHAR 
296 LIDO_TBNUM Transfer requirement for IDoc CHAR10 CHAR 
297 LIDO_TBPOS Transfer requirement item for IDoc CHAR4 CHAR 
298 LIDO_TBRUE Indicator for verifying transfer requirement XFELD CHAR 
299 LIDO_UMCHA Receiving/Issuing Batch CHAR10 CHAR 
300 LIDO_UMREN Denominator for conversion to base unit of measure CHAR5 CHAR 
301 LIDO_UMREZ Numerator for the conversion factor CHAR5 CHAR 
302 LIDO_UZEIT Time in char.format for link to subsystems CHAR6 CHAR 
303 LIDO_VFDAT Expiration Date or Best-Before Date (IDoc) CHAR8 CHAR 
304 LIDO_VSOLM Source target quantity in stockkeeping unit CHAR15 CHAR 
305 LIDO_WAERS Currency Key CHAR5 CHAR 
306 LIDO_WDATU Date of goods receipt CHAR8 CHAR 
307 LIDO_WEPOS Goods receipt item CHAR4 CHAR 
308 LIDO_XSTOR Flag: Reverse Posting XFELD CHAR 
309 LIEAN Delivery to (nationality) FLAG CHAR 
310 LIEF External processing LIEF CHAR 
311 LIEFARTBZA Delivery type for mix offer LIEFERART CHAR 
312 LIEFARTTR Delivery type for carrying issue LIEFERART CHAR 
313 LIEFART_RW Delivery type for backdated shipping LIEFERART CHAR 
314 LIEFBARNR Sequence number for delivery/home delivery viability set LIEFBARNR CHAR 
315 LIEFBEG IS-M: Start of delivery of sales order item DATUM DATS 
316 LIEFBZ Indicator: Other vendor(s) assigned to EAN XFELD CHAR 
317 LIEFDAT IS-H: Desired Delivery Date RI_DATUM DATS 
318 LIEFDIF_IS IS-M: Delivery difference NUM5 NUMC 
319 LIEFE Name of asset supplier TEXT30 CHAR 
320 LIEFENDEG Requested end of delivery DATUM DATS 
321 LIEFENDEI Actual end of delivery DATUM DATS 
322 LIEFENDEM Possible end of delivery DATUM DATS 
324 LIEFERARTA Alternative delivery type LIEFERART CHAR 
325 LIEFERTERMIN Delivery date for order DATUM DATS 
326 LIEFERWAE Declarations to the authorities: Currency key of the vendor WAERS CUKY 
327 LIEFFB Vendor error including tax WERTV7 CURR 
328 LIEFFBW Actual vendor error in document currency WERT7 CURR 
329 LIEFFB_O Obsolete: vendor error incl. VAT: do NOT use! WERTV7 CURR 
330 LIEFFHW Actual vendor error in local currency WERT7 CURR 
331 LIEFFM Quantity erorr on part of vendor MENG13V QUAN 
332 LIEFFMW Tax in vendor error WERTV7 CURR 
333 LIEFFN Vendor error (exclusive of tax) WERTV7 CURR 
334 LIEFF_MRM Vendor error (incl. tax) WERTV7 CURR 
335 LIEFK Indicator: Assignment to vendor LIEFK CHAR 
336 LIEFMENGE Goods arrival quantity MENGGPOS QUAN 
337 LIEFMENGE_T IS-M: Quantity Arrival Quantity (to a Thousandth of a UM) LIEFMENGE_T CHAR 
338 LIEFMNGPL Quantity to be delivered MENGGPOS QUAN 
339 LIEFMNGWU Requested quantity of ad pre-prints for delivery MENGGPOS QUAN 
340 LIEFRMENG2 Delivery quantity of edition LIEFRMENG2 QUAN 
341 LIEFRMENGE Edition delivery quantity LIEFRMENGE DEC 
342 LIEFRMENGE_N Edition Delivery Quantity   NUMC 
343 LIEFRUINR Vendor VAT registration number STCEG CHAR 
344 LIEFUMTYP Carry out EMU currency conversion XFELD CHAR 
345 LIEFUMXEIN Time unit for maximum delivery suspension MEINS UNIT 
346 LIEFUNTMAX Maximum Delivery Suspension ISPMNG2 QUAN 
347 LIEFUNTMXN IS-M: Maximum suspension of delivery - numerical NUMC2 NUMC 
348 LIEFVON Regular start of delivery for item in sales order DATUM DATS 
349 LIEFW Flag: delivery phase exists CHAR1 CHAR 
350 LIEFXUHR Time of latest delivery UZEIT TIMS 
351 LIEFZ Indicator: Assign EAN to vendor XFELD CHAR 
352 LIEF_DAZU Is the vendor master record to be read as well? XFELD CHAR 
353 LIEGEZEIT Wait time used for scheduling CX_ZEIT FLTP 
354 LIEKZ Indicator: select by vendor CHAR1 CHAR 
355 LIEST Status: generate deliveries ASTAB CHAR 
356 LIEUA Tax amount deducted in lieu of standard calculation WERTV5 CURR 
357 LIEUP Tax percentage in lieu of standard value DEC3_4 DEC 
358 LIEZU Aggregate alloc tbl items in deliveries LIEZU CHAR 
359 LIF16 Vendor Account Number LIF16 CHAR 
360 LIFAB Available (Deliverable) From DATUM DATS 
361 LIFAB_BI Available from (BTCI) CHAR10 CHAR 
362 LIFANZ Number of delivery notes created NUM6 NUMC 
363 LIFAT Material no. of vendor CHAR22 CHAR 
364 LIFBI Available (Deliverable) Until DATUM DATS 
365 LIFBI_BI Available until (BTCI) CHAR10 CHAR 
366 LIFCO Validity for specif. vendors for legal control XFELD CHAR 
367 LIFEDAY Retention Time - Days   INT1 
368 LIFELD Sales Pricing: List Field for Determining Sales Price LIFELD CHAR 
369 LIFEX External Identification of Delivery Note TEXT35 CHAR 
370 LIFEXPOS External item number POSNR NUMC 
371 LIFEX_CAP External Delivery Note ID (Capital Letters) CHAR35 CHAR 
372 LIFFZ Cumulative delivered quantity MENGV15 QUAN 
373 LIFFZ_AB From cumulative delivery go-ahead quantity MENG15 QUAN 
374 LIFIX Indicator for fixed part of the list variant LIFIX CHAR 
375 LIFKL Vendor Class MATKL CHAR 
376 LIFKZ Automatic Schedule Lines (Scheduling Agreements) LIFKZ CHAR 
377 LIFLAG Import Flag for Language Import CHAR1 CHAR 
378 LIFME Delivery unit MEINS UNIT 
379 LIFMG Delivery qty MENG13 QUAN 
380 LIFN2 Reference to other vendor LIFNR CHAR 
381 LIFNA Vendor number of departure point LIFNR CHAR 
382 LIFNK Vendor for account maintenance LIFNR CHAR 
383 LIFNR Account Number of Vendor or Creditor LIFNR CHAR 
384 LIFNR_DEF Account Number of Vendor LIFNR CHAR 
385 LIFNR_EB Account Number of Supplier or Vendor LIFNR CHAR 
386 LIFNR_EBMC Vendor matchcode field CHAR7 CHAR 
387 LIFNR_ED1 Vendor number at customer location CHAR17 CHAR 
388 LIFNR_EDI Vendor number sent with EDI EDIF3039 CHAR 
389 LIFNR_EXT Account Number of Vendor   CHAR 
390 LIFNR_LH Vendor number of vendor hierarchy LIFNR CHAR 
391 LIFNR_NEU Other vendor LIF16 CHAR 
392 LIFNR_NO_ALPHA Vendor (Creditor) Account Number LIFNR_NO_ALPHA CHAR 
393 LIFNR_P Account Number of Supplier or Vendor LIFNR CHAR 
394 LIFNR_SUST_ID Vendor Sustainability ID SSTN_ID CHAR 
395 LIFNR_TREX Enterprise Search: Exernal Representation of LIFNR   CHAR 
396 LIFNR_TXT Vendor description NAME CHAR 
397 LIFNR_WK Vendor number of plant LIFNR CHAR 
398 LIFNUM Vendor Account Number LIFNR CHAR 
399 LIFNZ Vendor number of destination point LIFNR CHAR 
400 LIFOB_CUS LIFO valuation active/not active LIFOB_CUS CHAR 
401 LIFOCOPY Layer Version Created Automatically XFELD CHAR 
402 LIFRE Different Invoicing Party LIFNR CHAR 
403 LIFSD_V Customer delivery block (sales area) LIFSP CHAR 
404 LIFSD_X Central delivery block for the customer LIFSP CHAR 
405 LIFSK Delivery block (document header) LIFSP CHAR 
406 LIFSK_BEZ Description of reason for delivery block TEXT20 CHAR 
407 LIFSM Delivery block LIFSP CHAR 
408 LIFSP Default delivery block LIFSP CHAR 
409 LIFSP_EP Schedule line blocked for delivery LIFSP CHAR 
410 LIFSP_VG Delivery block for header or schedule line LIFSP CHAR 
411 LIFST Delivery status key CHAR1 CHAR 
412 LIFTX Description of the delivery schedule indicator TEXT40 CHAR 
413 LIFTY Vendor category VLFKZ CHAR 
414 LIFTYP BAFA (German Federal Export Office) diskette: Document type CHAR1 CHAR 
415 LIFTYT Text for the vendor category DDTEXT CHAR 
416 LIFUE Indicates whether char. value is converted for every vendor XFELD CHAR 
417 LIFUNCTION LIS: Permitted Function CHAR30 CHAR 
418 LIFVZ Bring delivery date forward to the beginning of the period LIFVZ CHAR 
419 LIFZT Delivery Time in Days DEC3 DEC 
420 LIFZT_BI Delivery time in days CHAR3 CHAR 
421 LIF_AUFHOL LIFO Price Calculated from Mixed Values XFELD CHAR 
422 LIF_BRT LIFO Price Calculated from Gross Values XFELD CHAR 
423 LIF_BWA Display Overview of Selected Movement Types XFELD CHAR 
424 LIF_CURRENT Current Values XFELD CHAR 
425 LIF_LIMIT Upper limit of posting period for method SDT NUMC2 NUMC 
426 LIF_LISTE List Documents Entered XFELD CHAR 
427 LIF_LSI Indicator: LIFO valuation based on index LIFO XFELD CHAR 
428 LIF_LSM Indicator: LIFO valuation based on quantity LIFO XFELD CHAR 
429 LIF_NETTO LIFO Price Calculated from Net Values XFELD CHAR 
430 LIF_POOL Set Pool Numbers XFELD CHAR 
431 LIF_PROT Indicator: generate quantity control list only XFELD CHAR 
432 LIF_SDJ Valuation Principle "Material Master Price" XFELD CHAR 
433 LIF_SDM Valuation Principle "Total Settlement Period" XFELD CHAR 
434 LIF_SDT Valuation Principle "Partial Year" XFELD CHAR 
435 LIF_SMP Valuation Principle "Fill-Up Basis" XFELD CHAR 
436 LIF_SUM Display total values only XFELD CHAR 
437 LIF_UPDA Overwrite Pool Numbers XFELD CHAR 
438 LIF_VJAHR Values for Previous Year XFELD CHAR 
439 LIF_VMONAT Previous Month's Values XFELD CHAR 
440 LIF_VVJAHR Values for Year Before Last XFELD CHAR 
441 LIF_VVMONAT Indicator: Use Values from Month Before Last XFELD CHAR 
442 LIGHT Luminosity exponent DIMEX INT2 
443 LIGHTCONSUMPTION Consumption for streetlight OPWERT DEC 
444 LIGHTCURR Absol. Threshold for Currency Amount in Exception Reporting CURRV13 CURR 
445 LIGHTCURR1 Absolute Threshold for Currency Amount for Exception (Red) CURRV13 CURR 
446 LIGHTCURR2 Absolute Threshold for Currency Amount for Exception (Yel) CURRV13 CURR 
447 LIGHTPERC Threshold Percentage for Exception Reporting INT4 INT4 
448 LIGHTPERC1 Threshold Percentage for Exception Reporting (Red) INT4 INT4 
449 LIGHTPERC2 Threshold Percentage for Exception Reporting (Yellow) INT4 INT4 
450 LIGHTS Stoplight Flag AUFKN CHAR 
451 LIGHT_FORM Text of a Rule Basis for Exception Rules LIGHT_FORM CHAR 
452 LIGHT_KZ Indicator: highlighted display X CHAR 
453 LIGHT_RULE Key of Rule Basis of Exception Rule LIGHT_RULE CHAR 
454 LIGRD List group for displaying sales price conditions LIGRD CHAR 
455 LIGRD_TX Text for basic listing rule AS4TEXT CHAR 
456 LIGRU List group LIGRU CHAR 
457 LIGZE Unit of measure for wait time EINHEIT UNIT 
458 LIIDT Date of Last Issue DATS DATS 
459 LIINV Last Official Document Number Issued NUM8 NUMC 
460 LIK01 Delivery condition for freight for shipping unit CHAR1 CHAR 
461 LIKEFIELD Reference field/structure of a parameter LIKEFIELD CHAR 
462 LIKEY Internal: Unique Line Item Number in Enjoy Trans. at Runtime DOKU_SEQN5 NUMC 
465 LIKEY_ERRNUM Error Number of a LIKEY Error Message   INT4 
466 LIKEY_ERRTEXT Error Message from the LIKEY Library   STRG 
467 LIKEY_HWKEY Hardware Key of a LIKEY License   CHAR 
468 LIKEY_INSTALL_NO Installation Number of a LIKEY License   CHAR 
469 LIKEY_LSC_DATE Date of the Last Successful License Check LIKEY_DATE DATS 
470 LIKEY_SID System ID of a LIKEY License   CHAR 
471 LIKEY_SW_PRODUCT Software Product for Which a LIKEY License Was Issued   CHAR 
472 LIKEY_SW_PROD_LIMIT Number of Users Permitted to Work with a LIKEY License   INT4 
473 LIKEY_SW_PROD_TEXT Long Text for a Software Product   CHAR 
474 LIKEY_SYSTEM_NO System Number of a LIKEY License   CHAR 
477 LIKE_FIELD LIKE field for parameters CHAR61 CHAR 
478 LIKP00006 Documentation for key figure LIKP 00006 age structure CHAR1 CHAR 
479 LIKP00013 Documentation for key figure IKP 00013 docs with int. nos CHAR1 CHAR 
480 LIKP00014 Documentation for key figure LIKP 00014 ext. number assig. CHAR1 CHAR 
481 LIKP00015 Documentation for key figure LIKP 00015 CHAR1 CHAR 
482 LIKP00016 Documentation for key figure LIKP 00016 CHAR1 CHAR 
483 LIKPARCHIVIERT Delivery already archived XFELD CHAR 
484 LIKP_DEL Flag: delete delivery XFELD CHAR 
485 LILBL Actual activity in document CQUA8 QUAN 
486 LILI Indicator: Also List Supplying Plant XFELD CHAR 
487 LILXX Actual Activity CQUA8 QUAN 
488 LIM1X_CA Use First Notification XFELD CHAR 
489 LIM2X_CA Use Second Notification XFELD CHAR 
490 LIM3X_CA Use Third Notification XFELD CHAR 
491 LIMEH Unit of measure for delivery MEINS UNIT 
492 LIMIT Reduction rule LIMIT CHAR 
493 LIMITD Time limit of order LIMITD CHAR 
494 LIMITF Order notation LIMITF CHAR 
495 LIMITLIST Limit Length of List XFELD CHAR 
497 LIMITWERT Limit Values CHAR072 CHAR 
499 LIMIT_AUF Minimum Purchase Order Value WERT11 CURR 
500 LIMIT_BEG Start of validity period DATUM DATS