SAP ABAP Data Element - Index L, page 5
Data Element - L
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 LEIN_UVPLA Stor.bin to which rem.goods are posted after compl.stck rem. LGPLA CHAR 
2 LEIN_UVPOS Position in transfer bin LVS_PLPOS CHAR 
3 LEIN_UVTYP Stor.type to which rem.goods are posted after LGTYP CHAR 
4 LEIN_WEAQU Number of quants with missing GR posting LEIN_WEAQU DEC 
5 LEIN_WEPLA Storage bin where GR posting takes place LGPLA CHAR 
6 LEIN_WESTA Goods Movement Status for Storage Bin LEIN_WESTA CHAR 
7 LEIN_WETYP Storage type where GR posting takes place LGTYP CHAR 
8 LEIS Indicator: Post activities CHAR1 CHAR 
10 LEIST Combination string CHAR20 CHAR 
11 LEISTALL Control of which demand values are used LEISTALL CHAR 
12 LEISTE Characteristics table LEISTE CHAR 
13 LEISTG_TAG Counter activity per day WZYKL CHAR 
14 LEISTMONAT Control of demand validity period LEISTMONAT CHAR 
15 LEISTMS Estimation of watt and resetting registers LEISTMS CHAR 
16 LEISTTYP Demand category (e.g. cont. demand limit, service conn.) LEISTTYP CHAR 
17 LEISTUNG Power of a machine in KW NUM9 NUMC 
18 LEIST_AUT IS-H: Service Code (Authorization) TARLS CHAR 
19 LEIST_MARK IS-H: Sort Sequence for Service Number SORT_RANGF NUMC 
20 LEIST_SFAP Field Selection String FA050 CHAR 
21 LEIST_SORT IS-H: Sort sequence for service number ISH_SORT04 NUMC 
22 LEITWAERS Leading currency: Variable for forming cross rates WAERS CUKY 
23 LEITWEG Routing instructions (for printing on bag label) CHAR30 CHAR 
24 LEITYP IS-H: Service Category LEITYP CHAR 
25 LEIWS Next service/delivery WERTV8 CURR 
26 LEI_ABTYP IS-H: Billing Category for Individual Billing Control ISH_ABTYP CHAR 
27 LEI_EVENT IS-H: Event that generates services ISH_EVENT NUMC 
28 LEI_EVT_UP IS-H: Event that Changed Services ISH_EVT_UP NUMC 
29 LEI_OBJECT IS-H: Object that generated services ISH_OBJECT CHAR 
30 LEI_OBJ_UP IS-H: Object that changed services ISH_OBJ_UP CHAR 
31 LEJAR Length of lease in years JARAF NUMC 
32 LEJAR_ALTD Length of lease (Legacy Data Transfer FI-AA) CHAR3 CHAR 
33 LEK0X Flag: No remaining work expected XFELD CHAR 
34 LEKNW Indicator: No Remaining Work Expected XFELD CHAR 
35 LELIW Only select materials with production CHAR1 CHAR 
36 LEMOD Indicator: Letter changed CHAR1 CHAR 
37 LEN Number of table entries for a search object LEN NUMC 
38 LENDD Logical end date DATUM DATS 
39 LENDE Posting Run Ended XFELD CHAR 
40 LENDT Logical end time UZEIT TIMS 
41 LENG Length exponent DIMEX INT2 
42 LENG1_ZGR Number of Characters to be Considered NUM02 NUMC 
43 LENG1_ZUN Number of Characters To Be Copied (Field 1) NUM02 NUMC 
44 LENG2_ZUN Number of Characters To Be Copied (Field 2) NUM02 NUMC 
45 LENG3_ZUN Number of Characters To Be Copied (Field 3) NUM02 NUMC 
46 LENG4_ZUN Number of Characters To Be Copied (Field 4) NUM02 NUMC 
47 LENGA HR: Comp. 709: Length of a field (ABAP/4-Type) LENGT NUMC 
48 LENGHT_FPM Field Length for Reference Information NUMC3 NUMC 
49 LENGP HR: Comp. 709: Length of a field (Program type) LENGT NUMC 
50 LENGT Display Length NUM02 NUMC 
51 LENGTH iSeries: Table field length QINT4 INT4 
52 LENGTH_DATA Length of HTTP body of SET wake-up message INT4 INT4 
54 LENGTH_PAY Length of fields for reference information (note to payee) NUMC3 NUMC 
55 LENGT_021F Fast Entry: Field Output Length NUM02 NUMC 
56 LENGT_KK Screen variants: Length of field output NUM02 NUMC 
57 LENGT_ZKK Display length NUM02 NUMC 
58 LENGX_TXD Length of the Nth Part of the Tax Jurisdiction Code NUM02 NUMC 
59 LENG_BHINF Key field length CHAR2 CHAR 
60 LENG_CHA Internal field for DD03L-LENGTH LENG_CHA CHAR 
61 LENG_____7 Text length LENG_____7 RAW 
62 LENMAIL IS-HCM Length of HCM message (in character) VARCLEN INT2 
63 LENPRD Length of the period LENPRD NUMC 
64 LENUM Storage Unit Number LENUM CHAR 
65 LEN_ACTPRF Activities to be performed at loading finish of shipment RALDB_VARI CHAR 
66 LEN_EAN Length of an EAN with leading zeros NUMC2 NUMC 
67 LEN_LAUFI_KK Mass Activities: Permitted Length for Run Identification LEN_LAUFI_KK CHAR 
68 LEONARDO_PARAM URL Parameter of SAP Customer CHAR50 CHAR 
69 LEONARDO_REFERRER Parameter of Amadeus-Leonardo Customer CHAR50 CHAR 
70 LEONARDO_URL URL for Amadeus-Leonardo TEXT255 CHAR 
71 LEPAD_KZ_AKTIV Indicator set for determination log CHAR5 CHAR 
72 LEPAD_LGORT_CHECK Storage location segment not created JANE CHAR 
73 LEPAD_LGORT_COUNT Number of warehouses that a plant has HIER_COUNT INT1 
74 LEPAD_PROTOKOLLANT Log users (active) CHAR20 CHAR 
75 LEPAD_REGEL_CHECK Recognized storage location determination rule JANE CHAR 
76 LEPAD_VORGABE_DATEN Value from preceding data CHAR40 CHAR 
77 LEPAD_WERK_CHECK Check if plant in storage location determination exists JANE CHAR 
78 LEPER Length of lease in periods PERAF NUMC 
79 LEPER_ALTD Length of lease in periods (legacy data transfer FI-AA) CHAR3 CHAR 
80 LEPI_PODREL POD Control (Proof of Delivery) LEPI_PODREL CHAR 
81 LEPOS Last item number ABELP NUMC 
82 LERBID IS-H: ID of person performing service LERBID CHAR 
83 LERBR_DAT IS-H: rendering date up to which the services are billed RI_DATUM DATS 
84 LERBTYP IS-H: Type of Service Performer LERBTYP CHAR 
85 LERRPRO Error log for TR processing TEXT80 CHAR 
86 LESDAT IS-H: Date when Results Read for the First Time RI_DATUM DATS 
87 LESER Do not generate read routine XFELD CHAR 
88 LESGU Indicator: read credit memos XFELD CHAR 
89 LESHP_ADD_DELIVERIES Add to Delivery According to Free Selection XFELD CHAR 
90 LESHP_ALLOW_DECENTRAL_SPLIT Release Subsequent Delivery Split in Decentralized System XFELD CHAR 
91 LESHP_BYPASSING_BUFFER Database Access Does Not Take Application Buffer Into Accnt LESHP_BYPASSING_BUFFER CHAR 
92 LESHP_COMB_CRIT External order combination/split criteria for delivery LESHP_COMB_CRIT NUMC 
93 LESHP_DATABASE_UPDATE Saving a Delivery can be Deactivated: See Fixed Values LESHP_DATABASE_UPDATE CHAR 
94 LESHP_DELI_CHECK_MODE Mode for Checks and Determination in Delivery Processing LESHP_DELI_CHECK_MODE CHAR 
95 LESHP_DEL_FOR_PREDECESSOR Do Not Select Deliveries for Preceding Documents XFELD CHAR 
96 LESHP_DOCUMENT_TYPE Type of Document to Which Processing Pertains LESHP_DOCUMENT_TYPE CHAR 
97 LESHP_DOCUMENT_TYPE_PRE Document Type of the Preceding Document for a Delivery   CHAR 
98 LESHP_ENQUED_BY_BUFFER Enqueue Block Managed in Buffer XFELD CHAR 
99 LESHP_ERROR_TOLERANCE Tolerance for Error Handling in Delivery Processing LESHP_ERROR_TOLERANCE CHAR 
100 LESHP_EXTEND_DELIVERY Existing Deliveries Were Extended XFELD CHAR 
102 LESHP_FCP_FILL_Z_LIKP Fill ZLIKP - Only Relevant for Collective Processing JANE CHAR 
103 LESHP_FCP_INIT_COM_PART Initialize Common Part Before Filling Common Part JANE CHAR 
104 LESHP_FCP_VERSION_BUFFER Version of the Buffered Object ( -1 = Database status)   INT4 
105 LESHP_FORCE_ORPOS_REDUCTION Reduction of the Picked Quantity in the Original Item XFELD CHAR 
106 LESHP_ICON_OBJECT Graphical Display of an Object from Delivery Processing LESHP_ICON_OBJECT CHAR 
107 LESHP_INTERFACE_ID Unique Number for a Delivery-Processing Request INT4 INT4 
108 LESHP_ITEM_CATEGORY_PRE Item Category of Preceding Item   CHAR 
109 LESHP_ITEM_GEN Generation of Delivery Items for HU Packaging Materials LESHP_ITEM_GEN_DOM CHAR 
110 LESHP_ITEM_TYPE Delivery item type that can be predefined LESHP_ITEM_TYPE CHAR 
111 LESHP_KMPMG Component Relationship of a Bill of Material Subitem FLTP FLTP 
112 LESHP_MAX_NUMBERS_DELIVERIES Maximum Number of Deliveries that Can Be Created   INT4 
113 LESHP_NO_BILLING Suppress Billing Relevance XFELD CHAR 
114 LESHP_NO_CHECKED_DELIVERIES Do Not Select Checked Deliveries XFELD CHAR 
115 LESHP_NO_MORE_DELIVERIES Delivery Completed Indicator: No Further Deliveries XFELD CHAR 
116 LESHP_NUMKI_RULE Rule for Determining Number Ranges for Decentralized LES LESHP_NUMKI_RULE CHAR 
117 LESHP_OBJECT_TYPE Document Type of a Document That is Delivery's Precding Doc. LESHP_OBJECT_TYPE CHAR 
118 LESHP_ONLY_ENQUED Only Read In Blockable Deliveries and Lock Them LESHP_ENQUEUE_MODE CHAR 
120 LESHP_PRED_ENQUED Preceding Docs for Delivery Are Blocked XFELD CHAR 
123 LESHP_UOM Unit of Measure for Delivery Quantity MEINS UNIT 
124 LESIV ID: Read intercompany billing XFELD CHAR 
125 LESLA Indicator: read debit memos XFELD CHAR 
126 LESNAM IS-H: First reader of results USNAM CHAR 
127 LESPR ID: Read proforma billing documents XFELD CHAR 
128 LESRE Indicator: read invoices XFELD CHAR 
129 LESST Indicator: read cancelled billing documents XFELD CHAR 
130 LESTIM IS-H: Time when Results First Read UHRZT TIMS 
131 LES_ATP_TYPE Version of the ATP check that is used in the delivery LES_ATP_TYPE CHAR 
132 LES_SHP_REQ_VBTYP Requirement Type of the Delivery LES_SHP_REQ_VBTYP CHAR 
133 LET01 Tolerance days - Dunning level 1 NUMC2 NUMC 
134 LET02 Tolerance days - Dunning level 2 NUMC2 NUMC 
135 LET03 Tolerance days - Dunning level 3 NUMC2 NUMC 
136 LETAG Last day of the period to which the values refer DATUM DATS 
137 LETEX Indicator: Letter saved CHAR1 CHAR 
138 LETJA Year last used GJAHR NUMC 
139 LETPE Period of last use POPER NUMC 
140 LETTE_WEDE Accompanying letter to bank XFELD CHAR 
141 LETXT Leasing data text TEXT50 CHAR 
142 LETYP Lease category LEASTYP NUMC 
143 LETZTABG Date: last (i.e. most recent) goods issue DATS DATS 
144 LETZTAUSZBELEG Move-out document last created AUSZBELEG CHAR 
145 LETZTBEW Date: last (i.e. most recent) goods movement DATS DATS 
146 LETZTEFAKZ Budget Billing Plan Item - Payment in Advance LETZTEFAKZ CHAR 
147 LETZTEINZBELEG Move-in document last created EINZBELEG CHAR 
148 LETZTE_LNR IS-H: Record Contains Latest Seq. Number per Service XFELD CHAR 
149 LETZTVER Date: last (i.e. most recent) consumption DATS DATS 
150 LETZTZUG Date: Last Receipt DATS DATS 
151 LEUCHTNR External lighting number LEUCHTNR CHAR 
152 LEV1NAME Name of Level 1 Object LEV1NAME CHAR 
153 LEV1TYPE Type of Level 1 Object LEV1TYPE CHAR 
154 LEV2NAME Name of Level 2 Object LEV2NAME CHAR 
155 LEV2TYPE Type of Level 2 Object LEV2TYPE CHAR 
156 LEVDO Number of hierarchy levels to be exploded below NUM2 NUMC 
157 LEVEL Partner maintenance level (plant, VSR, plant and VSR) CHAR01 CHAR 
158 LEVEL_DPTH Current nesting depth of source code unit SABP_INT4 INT4 
159 LEVEL_EB Authorization Level CHAR1 CHAR 
160 LEVEL_FROM Index of first statement of a level in the statement table SABP_INT4 INT4 
161 LEVEL_LEVL Index of superior source code unit in the LEVEL table SABP_INT4 INT4 
162 LEVEL_NAME Name of source code unit PROGRAMM CHAR 
163 LEVEL_STMT Index of call statement in statement table SABP_INT4 INT4 
164 LEVEL_TO Index of last statement of a level in the statement table SABP_INT4 INT4 
165 LEVEL_TYPE Type of source code unit (program, RMAC macro, DEFINE macro) SYCHAR01 CHAR 
166 LEVL Level in DSYS structure LEVL NUMC 
167 LEVOBJID Object ID With Level Display TEXT18 CHAR 
168 LEVON_MARK IS-H: Sort Sequence for Service "From-Date" ISH_SORT04 NUMC 
169 LEVON_SORT IS-H: Sort Sequence for Service "From-Date" ISH_SORT04 NUMC 
170 LEVSHORT Object Abbreviation With Level Display TEXT22 CHAR 
171 LEVSTEXT Object Name With Level Display TEXT50 CHAR 
172 LEVUP Number of hierarchy levels to be exploded above NUM2 NUMC 
173 LEVY_CODE_BR_KK Brazil: Barcode Levy Code CHAR2 CHAR 
174 LEVY_CODE_BR_TXT_KK Levy Code Description CHAR30 CHAR 
175 LEV_GPART_KK FICA-DM: Business Partner Detail Level XFELD CHAR 
176 LEV_OPBEL_KK FICA-DM: Document Detail Level XFELD CHAR 
177 LEV_VKONT_KK FICA-DM: Contract Account Detail Level XFELD CHAR 
178 LEV_VTREF_KK FICA-DM: Contract Detail Level XFELD CHAR 
179 LEWED Latest Possible Goods Receipt DATUM DATS 
180 LEXFLAG Indicator for lexicographical material numbers LEXFLAG CHAR 
181 LEXLEN Transfer Length for Export INT4 INT4 
183 LE_AMPEL Vendor declaration traffic light CHAR30 CHAR 
184 LE_ATP_GRP_MODUS Delivery group check session LE_ATP_GRP_MODUS CHAR 
186 LE_DISP_DLV_WEBDIALOG Display Option in WEB Dialog for Inbound Deliveries LE_DISP_DLV_WEBDIALOG CHAR 
188 LE_DLV_SIMULATE_CHG Simulation of Delivery Change (No DB Change) XFELD CHAR 
189 LE_PACK_SALES_QTY Packed Sales Quantity in the Handling Unit Item MENG15 QUAN 
190 LE_PAD_BELEG Collective processing number and delivery number CHAR40 CHAR 
191 LE_RSPOPNAME30 Spool: Name of an Output Device - 30 Characters for BAPIs LE_RSPOPNAME30 CHAR 
193 LE_SHP_DATERANGE Definition of Selection Periods (Delivery Monitor) LE_SHP_DATERANGE CHAR 
194 LE_SHP_RZLLI_APCL Server Group for Parallel Processing of Delivery Creation RZLLI_ACN CHAR 
195 LE_SHP_SPLIT_LOG Activate Split Log XFELD CHAR 
196 LE_SHP_TCODE Functional Transaction Code in Delivery Processing TCODE CHAR 
197 LE_UMREV Conversion Factor of Delivery Quantity VRKME for MEINS FLTP FLTP 
198 LE_VERWE Application group using a print profile LE_VERWE CHAR 
199 LE_VL10_SZENARIO User-specific delivery scenario SHP_VL10_SZENARIO CHAR 
200 LFABC ABC indicator LFABC CHAR 
201 LFABW Smoothing Factor: Date Variance GLATT DEC 
202 LFAKS Agency business: cancelled (reversed) document WBELN CHAR 
203 LFART Delivery Type LFART CHAR 
204 LFART1 Delivery Type for Stock Transfers Within a Company Code LFART CHAR 
205 LFART2 Delivery Type for Stock Transfers Between Two Company Codes LFART CHAR 
206 LFARTAUFTR Delivery Type for Order Delivery Viability Set LIEFERART CHAR 
207 LFARTLOG Logistical delivery type LIEFERART CHAR 
208 LFARTLOGRW Logistical delivery type for backdated shipping LIEFERART CHAR 
209 LFARTLOG_PRESHIP Logistical Delivery Type for Preshipping LIEFERART CHAR 
210 LFARTREISE Default delivery type for redirection LIEFERART CHAR 
211 LFARTTAT Actual delivery type (usually DT for dist.viability set) LIEFERART CHAR 
212 LFART_AUFT Delivery type of allocation table LFART CHAR 
213 LFART_BEZ Delivery type description TEXT20 CHAR 
214 LFART_ERP Delivery type ERP system LFART CHAR 
215 LFART_NACH Copying control: Target delivery type LFART CHAR 
216 LFART_SIT Delivery Type Inbound Delivery Stock in Transit LFART CHAR 
217 LFART_VL35 Delivery type LFART CHAR 
218 LFART_VON Copy control: from delivery type LFART CHAR 
219 LFART_WMS Delivery type WM system LFART CHAR 
220 LFARV Default delivery type LFART CHAR 
221 LFBARDAT Delivery viability set for sales order item valid from DATUM DATS 
222 LFBEG_VK Start of Benefit-Exempt Period for an Insurance Object DATUM DATS 
223 LFBGR Career Group NUM1 NUMC 
224 LFBGR2 Career Group (to) NUM1 NUMC 
225 LFBGT Career Group Names TEXT25 CHAR 
226 LFBJA Fiscal Year of a Reference Document GJAHR NUMC 
227 LFBNR Document number of a reference document BELNR CHAR 
228 LFBNRAUF Order-related viability set LIEFBARNR CHAR 
229 LFBNRVBR Distribution viability set LIEFBARNR CHAR 
230 LFBNR_NEU Viability set created again XFELD CHAR 
231 LFCNOTIF Select: logical function code - notification abbreviation CHAR13 CHAR 
232 LFCOD Key: Activity LFCOD CHAR 
233 LFCODT Name of Activity TEXT40 CHAR 
234 LFCON Delivery Type for Transfers to Consignment Stock LFART CHAR 
235 LFD Sequence no. NUMC3 NUMC 
236 LFDAT Delivery date DATUM DATS 
237 LFDATRET Delivery date of return DATUM DATS 
238 LFDAT_1 1st delivery date of sales document item DATUM DATS 
239 LFDAT_A Delivery selection date DATUM DATS 
240 LFDAT_AB Deliveries from DATUM DATS 
241 LFDAT_BI Delivery date (BTCI) CHAR10 CHAR 
242 LFDAT_BIS Delivery date to DATUM DATS 
243 LFDAT_EXT Delivery date CHAR10 CHAR 
244 LFDAT_GW Date of delivery DATUM DATS 
245 LFDAT_LA Delivery date DATUM DATS 
246 LFDAT_LIPS Delivery Date of Delivery from Project DATUM DATS 
247 LFDAT_V Delivery Date DATUM DATS 
248 LFDAT_VK Target Date for Start or End of Benefit-Exempt Period DATUM DATS 
249 LFDAT_VON Delivery date from DATS DATS 
250 LFDBEW IS-H: Sequence Number of Movement LFDBEW NUMC 
251 LFDDIA IS-H: Sequence Number of Diagnosis LFDDIA NUMC 
252 LFDDOK Sequence Number of Document INT4_NOS INT4 
253 LFDEZ Not relevant for distribution for WMS LFDEZ CHAR 
254 LFDFAG IS-H: Sequential number of a case accrual LFDBEW NUMC 
255 LFDFD IS-HCM: Sequence Number of Field in Segment LFDFD NUMC 
256 LFDFPZ IS-H: Sequence Number of Case-to-Person Assignment LFDFPZ NUMC 
257 LFDHR Sequential number NUM2 NUMC 
258 LFDKD Date of last delivery posted by the customer DATUM DATS 
259 LFDKLF Sequence Number of Case Classification NUMC06 NUMC 
260 LFDKNR Number for parallel links between objects LFDKNR NUMC 
261 LFDKONV IS-H: Sequential number of a partial payment NUMC5 NUMC 
262 LFDKUA IS-H: Sequence Number of IV Request per Case LFDKUA CHAR 
263 LFDKZ IS-H: Sequence Number of Line CHAR2 CHAR 
264 LFDLANF IS-H: Sequence Number of Service Request LFDLANF NUMC 
265 LFDLEI IS-H: Sequence Number per Service (Time-Dependent) LNRLS CHAR 
266 LFDMEHR Sequence Number of a Multiple Birth LFDMEHR NUMC 
267 LFDN1 Sequence Number CHAR2 CHAR 
268 LFDN2_KK Access sequence NUMC3 NUMC 
269 LFDN3 Sequence number NUMC3 NUMC 
270 LFDN3_CMPRO Sequence Number in Category Project Definition NUMC3 NUMC 
271 LFDNB Sequence number NUMC3 NUMC 
272 LFDNB_VK Seq. Number - Single Document NUMC3 NUMC 
273 LFDNM Serial Number of Incorrect Notification SEQNP NUMC 
274 LFDNN_VK Sequence Number CHAR3 CHAR 
275 LFDNO Sequence Number RAW1 RAW 
276 LFDNR Sequence Number LFDNR CHAR 
277 LFDNR2 Sequential Number CHAR2 CHAR 
278 LFDNR3 Sequence number (three characters) NUMC3 NUMC 
279 LFDNR4 Sequence number (four characters) NUMC4 NUMC 
280 LFDNR5 Sequence number NUMC5 NUMC 
281 LFDNR6 Sequence Number NUMC06 NUMC 
282 LFDNR7 Sequence Number NUMC07 NUMC 
283 LFDNRAENNR_CL Sequence Number of the Change State LFDNRAENNR_CL NUMC 
284 LFDNRBUND IS-M: Sequential postal pack number (shipping doc.printing) NUMC10 NUMC 
285 LFDNRGBNDE IS-M: Seq.container number (for shipping doc.printing) NUMC10 NUMC 
286 LFDNRVEKA Sequential number for Kobra decl.master record (B record) NUMC5 NUMC 
287 LFDNRZUORD IS-M: Seq.number for truck route-publication/edition assgmt LFDNRZUORD CHAR 
288 LFDNR_005Z Rule Number NUMC07 NUMC 
289 LFDNR_512E Number SEQNP NUMC 
290 LFDNR_AMBG IS-H: Sequence Number of Request for Medical Grounds LFDNR_MBEG NUMC 
291 LFDNR_ANF IS-H: Sequence Number of Request for Medical Grounds LFDNR_ANF NUMC 
292 LFDNR_COPY Copy internal sequential number NUM3 NUMC 
293 LFDNR_FBWE Sequential number of the presentation NUMC4 NUMC 
294 LFDNR_FPM Sequential Payment Number NUMC8 NUMC 
295 LFDNR_HU_KK Sequence Number for Entries in Domestic Sales NUMC6 NUMC 
296 LFDNR_ICPM IS-H: Sequence Number for ICPM Data Record NUM06 NUMC 
297 LFDNR_ILN Sequence number ILN basis number assignment LFDNR_1 NUMC 
298 LFDNR_I_KK Sequential Number NUMC12 NUMC 
299 LFDNR_KK Sequence Number (Internal Use Only) NUMC3 NUMC 
300 LFDNR_MAMT Consecutive Number for MAMT (2-Digit) LFD_MAMT NUMC 
301 LFDNR_MBEG IS-H: Sequence Number for Medical Grounds LFDNR_MBEG NUMC 
303 LFDNR_MM Sequential Number of Correction in Current Year NUMC10 NUMC 
304 LFDNR_N Sequence number NUM3 NUMC 
305 LFDNR_NFOR Sequence Number of Form Logging LFDNR_NFOR NUMC 
306 LFDNR_NSHIFT IS-H: Case Revision - Sequence Number of Log LFDNR_NSHIFT NUMC 
307 LFDNR_PAY Sequential Number of Payment (for POR Payment Procedure) NUMC8 NUMC 
308 LFDNR_RSET Sequence in which table is processed NUM06 NUMC 
309 LFDNR_SR IS-H: Serial no. of billing document in collective invoice LFDSR NUMC 
310 LFDNR_T093 Sequential number for legacy data transfer NUM02 NUMC 
311 LFDNR_TWLAD Sequential address number LFDNR CHAR 
312 LFDNR_VEEA Sequential no.for Extrastat declaration NUM07 NUMC 
313 LFDNR_VEIA Sequential number for Intrastat declaration NUM07 NUMC 
314 LFDNR_VNTXT Laufende Nummer Textzeile Veränderungsnachweis NUMC4 NUMC 
315 LFDNR_ZIN Sequential number CHAR3 CHAR 
316 LFDNR_ZM_KK Sequence Number for Entries for EC Sales List NUMC6 NUMC 
317 LFDNR____1 Sequential number of the number range LFDNR____1 DEC 
318 LFDNU Sequential Number NUMC3 NUMC 
319 LFDNUM Sequence Number NUM03 NUMC 
320 LFDNUMMER Sequential Number NUM03 NUMC 
321 LFDNUM_VK Sequence Number NUM02 NUMC 
323 LFDPLZ IS-H: Sequential number of a postal code LFDPLZ NUMC 
324 LFDPOS IS-H: (sequential) item number LFDPOS NUMC 
325 LFDPPERKG Periodic Value for Current Period: Total in CO Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
326 LFDPR Current support payments - percentage of net income DEC2_2 DEC 
327 LFDREF IS-H: Sequence Number of Subsequent Movement LFDBEW NUMC 
328 LFDSATZ_CL Sequence Number of the Data Record LFDSATZ_CL NUMC 
329 LFDSEL Current selection number CHAR2 CHAR 
330 LFDSG Sequence Number of Segment in Message Type LFDSG NUMC 
331 LFDSL_KK Sequence Number NUM05 NUMC 
332 LFDSORT Position of sort-/output criterion in list NUMC3 NUMC 
333 LFDST Sequential number for status table LFDST NUMC 
334 LFDTX Sequential number of text ID group LFDTX NUMC 
335 LFDUN Current Maintenance Payments WERT05 CURR 
336 LFDVV IS-H: Sequence Number of Insurance Relationship LFDVV NUMC 
337 LFDVVP IS-H: Seq. No. of Ins.Relationship per Patient and Ins.Prov. LFDVVP NUMC 
338 LFDWB Current number for replenishment LFDWB INT4 
339 LFDZL Current row LFDZL NUMC 
340 LFD_ANSAZ Change in Down Payment Value for Asset in Fiscal Year ANLKWERT CURR 
341 LFD_ANSWL Changes to acquisition value of asset in fiscal year ANLKWERT CURR 
342 LFD_BCHWRT Current Book Value of Asset ANLKWERT CURR 
343 LFD_ISP06 IS-M: 6-digit sequence number NUMC06 NUMC 
344 LFD_KANSW Current asset acquisition value ANLKWERT CURR 
345 LFD_MAFA Transfer of reserves in current year ANLKWERT CURR 
346 LFD_NDAE IS-H: Sequence Number of Borrowing Episode LFD_NDAE NUMC 
347 LFD_RSTWRT Changes to book value of asset in current fiscal year ANLKWERT CURR 
348 LFD_SATZNR Consecutive Number for Posting Records for Same RA Data LFD_SATZNR NUMC 
349 LFEAN Indicator: Main EAN of the vendor XFELD CHAR 
350 LFEDL Last dlv. note sent by ext. service agent to the customer CHAR20 CHAR 
351 LFEHL Type of vendor error LFEHL CHAR 
352 LFEMNG Quantity error on part of vendor in order units MENG13V QUAN 
353 LFEND_VK End of Benefit-Exempt Period for an Insurance Object DATUM DATS 
354 LFERR_WBON Sequence Number for Message (for Stable Sorting) SYST_LONG INT4 
355 LFFDT Long-term planning: firming date DATUM DATS 
356 LFGEW Gross weight of delivery MENG15 QUAN 
357 LFGEW_NEW Gross Weight of Delivery MENG15 QUAN 
358 LFGJA Fiscal Year of Current Period GJAHR NUMC 
359 LFGSA Overall Delivery Status of the Item STATV CHAR 
360 LFGSA_BEZ Overall delivery status TEXT20 CHAR 
361 LFG_SPERRE IS-M: Deliveries/orders are blocked XFELD CHAR 
362 LFIMG Actual quantity delivered (in sales units) MENG13 QUAN 
363 LFIMG_DIFF Deviation in quantity actually delivered in sales unit MENG13 QUAN 
364 LFIMG_DIFF_FLO Internal field: deviation in actual delivered qty in float FLTP FLTP 
365 LFIMG_DV Delivery quantity (special storage for decentral.shipping) NUM14 NUMC 
366 LFIMG_FLO Internal field/ Do not use / LFIMG in float / MUM FLTP FLTP 
367 LFIMG_V Dlv. quantity to be packed in sales unit MENG13 QUAN 
368 LFINB Delivery type (inbound delivery) LFART CHAR 
369 LFIND Storage Location Determination LFIND CHAR 
370 LFINP List field ready for input? XFELD CHAR 
371 LFIN_KK Edited to Line INT4 INT4 
372 LFIN_VK Edited to Line INT4 INT4 
373 LFKEY_KK Reconciliation Key for General Ledger FIKEY_KK CHAR 
374 LFLAG List All Existing Storage Locations (Collective Entry) XFELD CHAR 
375 LFLGC Flag for objects in a class XFELD CHAR 
376 LFLGE Flag for BOM item restrictions XFELD CHAR 
377 LFLGK BOM header indicator XFELD CHAR 
378 LFLGP BOM item indicator XFELD CHAR 
379 LFLGU BOM Subitem Indicator XFELD CHAR 
380 LFLGZ Indicator for allocation table XFELD CHAR 
381 LFMAIS Last pick-up sheet sent by the customer BSTNK CHAR 
382 LFMKD Last delivery quantity received by the customer MENG13 QUAN 
383 LFMNGTSTAT Delivery quantity for daily statistics STMENGE DEC 
384 LFMON Current period (posting period) MONAT NUMC 
385 LFN05 Sequence Number NUMC5 NUMC 
386 LFNDR Sequence Number NUM4 NUMC 
387 LFNDR_CL Serial number NUM4 NUMC 
388 LFNDR_MNG IS-M: Sequence Number for Quantity Schedule Line NUMC8 NUMC 
389 LFNDY Sequential screen number CHAR2 CHAR 
390 LFNFD Sequential number (field) CHAR2 CHAR 
391 LFNGART Type of Delivery LFNGART CHAR 
392 LFNGNR IS-M: Sequence Number for Delivery LFNGNR NUMC 
393 LFNKD Last delivery confirmed by the customer VBELN CHAR 
394 LFNKN Sequential number of account assignment LFNKN NUMC 
395 LFNKN_FP Sequence number of the planning profile LFNKN_FP NUMC 
396 LFNO Sequence number, 3-figure LFNO NUMC 
397 LFNR2 Sequence Number NUM02 NUMC 
398 LFNR2_KK Sequence Number NUM2 NUMC 
399 LFNR3 Serial number LFNR3 NUMC 
400 LFNRU Account no. of vendor / creditor of sub-item LIFNR CHAR 
401 LFNUM Consecutive number CHAR5 CHAR 
402 LFNUMB Global Performance Analysis: Sequence Number CHAR8 CHAR 
403 LFNUMC Test Case Sequence for Log ID   NUMC 
404 LFNUM_ASCH Sequence Number in an Evaluation Object CHAR8 CHAR 
405 LFNUM_KK Sequential Number NUMC10 NUMC 
406 LFOUB Delivery type (outbound delivery) LFART CHAR 
407 LFPEO Stocks: current period CHAR30 CHAR 
408 LFPER Current period in the form YYYYMM BUPER ACCP 
409 LFPET Indicator: Contract release order/SA delivery schedule XFELD CHAR 
410 LFPKZ Indicator: call from long-term planning LFPKZ CHAR 
411 LFPMG Quantity to be delivered in sales units MENGV13 QUAN 
412 LFPOS Item of a reference document MBLPO NUMC 
413 LFPP1 Calculation of Order Value Using the Info Record XFELD CHAR 
414 LFPP2 Calc. the order value using standard/moving average price XFELD CHAR 
415 LFPP3 Calculating order value using new planned price XFELD CHAR 
416 LFPP4 Calculating order value using planned price XFELD CHAR 
417 LFPPP Planned price LFPPP CHAR 
418 LFPRO Current support payments - percentage of net income DEC2_2 DEC 
419 LFREG Supply region (region supplied) ZONE CHAR 
420 LFREL Item is Relevant for Delivery XFELD CHAR 
421 LFREL_AP Item is relevant for delivery XFELD CHAR 
422 LFRET Delivery Type for Returns to Vendors LFART CHAR 
423 LFRFL Delivery type for store returns LFART CHAR 
424 LFRHY Planning cycle MRPPP CHAR 
425 LFRHY_A Planning cycle (old value=) MRPPP CHAR 
426 LFRMA Account number of the dunning recipient LIFNR CHAR 
427 LFSNR Number of external delivery note XBLNR CHAR 
428 LFSNR1 Number of External Delivery Note XBLNR1 CHAR 
429 LFSNR_KK Current Record Number COUNT_KK INT4 
430 LFSNR_LONG Number of Extern. Delivery Note (Dependencies see Long Text) XBLNR_LONG CHAR 
431 LFSPG_BEZ Agency Business: Description of Vendor Billing Block TEXT40 CHAR 
432 LFSTA Delivery status STATV CHAR 
434 LFSTATUSINFO Status Info for Last Deliveries/Notifications CHAR132 CHAR 
435 LFSTA_BEZ Delivery status description TEXT20 CHAR 
436 LFSTK Delivery status STATV CHAR 
437 LFTAG Delivery day CHAR1 CHAR 
438 LFTKF Eligibility string for next day's holiday class LFTKL CHAR 
439 LFTKL Eligibility string for public holiday class on current day LFTKL CHAR 
440 LFTMG Left margin CHAR2 CHAR 
441 LFTRP Delivery type (posting change) LFART CHAR 
443 LFTYP Sales Price Calculation: List field category LFTYP CHAR 
444 LFUHR Time of delivery LFUHR TIMS 
445 LFUHR_GW Time of delivery LFUHR TIMS 
446 LFUHR_LA Time of delivery LFUHR TIMS 
447 LFUNCNAME Function Name: Language Dependent TEXT30 CHAR 
448 LFUNT Current Maintenance Payments WERT05 CURR 
449 LFVER Switch off availability check for delivery item LFVER CHAR 
450 LFVOL Delivery volume MENG15 QUAN 
451 LFVOL_NEW Delivery Volume MENG15 QUAN 
452 LFWRT Vendor characteristic value TEXT30 CHAR 
453 LFWTB Description for vendor characteristic value TEXT30 CHAR 
454 LFW_INDEX Street Route Index for each Meter Reading Unit NUM6 NUMC 
455 LFYEAR Year in which the correction was carried out GJAHR NUMC 
456 LFZAB Validity period expired XFELD CHAR 
457 LFZBEG IS-M: Start of Validity Period DATUM DATS 
458 LFZED End of continued pay DATUM DATS 
459 LFZEND IS-M: End of Validity Period DATUM DATS 
460 LFZFL Absence Outside Continued Pay Period (indicator) XFELD CHAR 
461 LFZFR Period of Continued Pay (Number) DEC3 DEC 
462 LFZKY Runtime key CHAR29 CHAR 
463 LFZSO Special Rules for Continued Pay NUM2 NUMC 
464 LFZSR Special Rule for Continued Pay NUM2 NUMC 
465 LFZWO_KK Additional Life for Write-Off Documents (Days) NUM4 NUMC 
466 LFZZH Period of Continued Pay (Unit) RPMSH CHAR 
467 LFZ_VORL Lead Time for Pending Validity Period End Date (Contract) NUMC02 NUMC 
468 LF_BLKS number of leaf blocks in the b-tree DEC14 DEC 
469 LF_BLK_LEN number of leaf blocks in the b-tree DEC14 DEC 
470 LF_FILTTYP Filter type: Delivery to shipment/leg LF_FILTTYP CHAR 
471 LF_ROWS number of leaf rows (values in the index) DEC14 DEC 
472 LF_ROW_LEN sum of the lengths of all the branch blocks DEC14 DEC 
473 LF_SUBSTITUTE Characters for Linefeed in Target System LF_SUBSTITUTE CHAR 
474 LGABA Payroll wage type LGART CHAR 
475 LGABB Payroll wage type LGART CHAR 
476 LGABC Payroll wage type LGART CHAR 
477 LGABR Wage Type (Payroll) Gross Allowance for Maternity Pay Suppl. LGART CHAR 
478 LGABS Wage type of the gross submitted LGART CHAR 
479 LGABZ Total of guaranteed wage types LGART CHAR 
480 LGANR Wage type number NUM3 NUMC 
481 LGANZ Number of hours per wage type STDAZ DEC 
482 LGAPA Payroll wage type LGART CHAR 
483 LGAPB Payroll wage type LGART CHAR 
484 LGAPC Payroll wage type LGART CHAR 
485 LGAPS Wage Type Number NUM2 NUMC 
486 LGAR1 Wage type LGART CHAR 
488 LGAR3 Wage type LGART CHAR 
489 LGAR4 Equalization Wage Type LGART CHAR 
490 LGARB Wage type (Infotype Basic Pay) LGART CHAR 
491 LGARD Wage/time type LGART CHAR 
492 LGARE Wage type (Infotype Additional Payments) LGART CHAR 
493 LGARH Second Wage Type LGART CHAR 
494 LGARL First Wage Type LGART CHAR 
495 LGARP Third Wage Type LGART CHAR 
496 LGARQ Marking indicator for required wage type XFELD CHAR 
498 LGART1 Wage type CHAR4 CHAR 
499 LGART_512R Cumulation wage type LGART_512R CHAR 
500 LGART_ID Form indicator CHAR4 CHAR