SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 4
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CC_NUMC8 Numeric, 8 characters NUMC   
2 CC_OBJTYPE Object type client copy CHAR   
3 CC_OCM_CH_PROC OCM: Operation leading to change of an object CHAR   
4 CC_PART Control Composite: Section of the Definition CHAR   
6 CC_PLNNR Number of the task list CHAR   
7 CC_PLNTY Task list type CHAR   
8 CC_POSNR Item number of the SD document NUMC   
9 CC_PRODUCTID Internal Product Number in APO CHAR 22    
10 CC_PRODUCTID_CONV Internal Product Number in APO with Conversion Exit CCPRD CHAR 22    
11 CC_PROF ECH: Effectivity Profile CHAR   
12 CC_PROFIL Engineering change management: profile CHAR   
13 CC_PS_POSID Project item number (external) CHAR 24    
14 CC_PS_POSNR WBS element number (internal counter as DB key) NUMC   
15 CC_PS_PSPID Project number (external) CHAR 24    
16 CC_PVSTY PVS type CHAR   
17 CC_PVS_PNODE Engineering Change Management: PVS: Node name CHAR 40    
18 CC_PVS_POSVAR Engineering Change Management: PVS: Comp. variants CHAR   
19 CC_QMNUM Notification Number CHAR 12    
20 CC_REVLV Revision level CHAR   
21 CC_RLKEY Engineering change management: release key NUMC   
22 CC_SCEN scenario domain CHAR   
23 CC_SERNR Equipment serial number CHAR 18    
24 CC_SIGNSTRAT Signature strategy CHAR   
25 CC_SORT Sort field for effectivity parameters NUMC   
26 CC_SPRAS Language Key LANG   
27 CC_STARTUP Start-Up Parameters for Effectivity CHAR 30    
28 CC_STARTUP_EFF Start-Up Parameters for Effectivity CHAR 30    
29 CC_STLAN BOM usage CHAR   
30 CC_STLTY BOM category CHAR   
31 CC_STNUM BOM number CHAR   
32 CC_SUBNAME Control Composite: Subname CHAR 59    
33 CC_TECHS Effectivity object CHAR 12    
34 CC_TEXT Description of effectivity object CHAR 30    
35 CC_TEXT10 Text (length 10) CHAR 10    
36 CC_TEXT30 Text (30 Characters) CHAR 30    
37 CC_TEXT40 Text (40 characters) CHAR 40    
38 CC_TEXT60 Text (60 Characters) CHAR 60    
39 CC_TPLNR Functional location CHAR 30    
40 CC_TRTYP Transaction type CHAR   
41 CC_TYPES ECH: Active Effectivity Types CHAR 110    
42 CC_USNAM User name CHAR 12    
43 CC_UZEIT Time TIMS   
44 CC_VBELN Sales and distribution document number CHAR 10    
45 CC_VERBUCHER Update program indicator CHAR   
46 CC_VKORG Sales organization CHAR   
47 CC_VSNMR Number or description of a version CHAR 12    
48 CC_VTWEG Distribution channel CHAR   
49 CC_WERKS Plant CHAR   
50 CC_XFELD Yes/No field CHAR   
51 CC_XLINE Line index for internal table processing INT4 10    
52 CD0ACCP Domäne mit TYP ACCP für Veri- Projekt Data Diactionary ACCP   
53 CD0CHAR Domäne Typ CHAR 10 für Veri - Projekt Data Dictionary CHAR 10    
54 CD0CHAR1 DD Veri: Domain CHAR1 CHAR   
55 CD0CHAR200 DD veri: set of base domains CHAR 200    
56 CD0CHAR254 AD Veri: maximum allowed length for type CHAR CHAR 254    
57 CD0CHAR255 AD veri: domain that overwrites allowed length for type CHAR CHAR 255    
58 CD0CHAR4 DD veri: default domain CHAR   
59 CD0CLNT Domäne Typ CLNT für Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary CLNT   
60 CD0CUKY Domäne Typ CUKY für Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary CUKY   
61 CD0CURR Domäne Typ CURR für Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary CURR 10 
62 CD0D100DOM Basic domain for veris CHAR   
63 CD0D110DOM Basic domain for veris CHAR   
64 CD0D120DOM Domain that previously had a value table DEC 10 
65 CD0D130DOM Primary key of the value table was changed CHAR   
66 CD0D200DOM Domain with value table CHAR   
67 CD0DATS Domäne Typ DATS für Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary DATS   
68 CD0DEC Domäne Typ DEC für Veri- Projekt data Dictionary DEC 10 
69 CD0DEC17 AD veri: maximum allowed length for type DEC DEC 17    
70 CD0DEC18 AD veri: domain that exceeds allowed length for type DEC DEC 18    
71 CD0DO1CFRK Domain for testing partial foreign keys CHAR   
72 CD0DO2MC Domain for matchcode object verification CHAR   
73 CD0DO3MC Domain for matchcode object verification NUMC   
74 CD0DO4MC Domain for matchcode object verification CHAR   
75 CD0DO5MC Domain for matchcode object verification NUMC 10    
76 CD0DOLANGD Domain for language test. Activated in German CHAR   
79 CD0ENT1 DD veri: domain with value table CHAR 10    
80 CD0ENT2 DD veri: domain with value table CHAR   
81 CD0ENT3 DD veri: domain with value table NUMC   
82 CD0ENT4 DD veri: domain with value table INT1   
83 CD0ENT5 Domain with value table DATS   
84 CD0F4VAL Testdomäne mit Wertetabelle CHAR   
85 CD0FLTP Domänte Typ Fltp Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary FLTP 16  16 
86 CD0FVAL01 Test mit einzelnen Festwerten und Intervallen CHAR   
87 CD0FVAL02 Domäne mit Intertvallen als Festwert CHAR   
88 CD0INT1 Domäne Typ INT1 (1Byte) Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary INT1   
89 CD0INT2 Domäne Typ INT2 (2 Bytes) Veri- Projekt Datan Dictionary INT2   
90 CD0INT4 Domäne Typ INT4 (4 Bytes) Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary INT4 10    
91 CD0LANG Domäne Typ LANG Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary LANG   
92 CD0MANDT AD veri: copy of CLIENT CLNT   
93 CD0NUMC Domäne Typ NUMC Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary NUMC   
94 CD0NUMC4 DD Veri: default domain NUMC4 NUMC   
95 CD0PREC Domäne Typ PREC Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary PREC   
96 CD0QUAN Domäne Typ QUAN Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary QUAN   
97 CD0RAW260 Domäne Typ RAW Länge 260. Veri- Projekt Data Dictionary RAW 260    
98 CD0RAW50 Domäne Typ Raw Länge 50. Veri Projekt Data Dictionary RAW 50    
99 CD0TYPACCP Set of domains with all data types ACCP   
100 CD0TYPCLNT Set of domains with all data types CLNT   
101 CD0TYPCUKY Set of domains with all data types CLNT   
102 CD0TYPINT2 Set of domains with all data types INT2   
103 CD0TYPINT4 Set of domains with all data types INT4 10    
104 CD0TYPPREC Set of domains with all data types PREC   
105 CD0TYPQUAN Set of domains with all data types QUAN 10    
106 CD0TYPUNIT Set of domains with all data types UNIT   
107 CD0VI2 DD veri: domain for view model CHAR   
108 CD0VI3 DD veri: domain for view model NUMC   
109 CD0VI4 DD veri: domain for view model CHAR   
110 CD0VI5 DD veri: domain for view model INT4 10    
111 CD2HV1P Domain with value table CD2HV1PTAB CHAR   
112 CD3COMMENT Comment on an entry in the veri control table CHAR 80    
113 CD3OBJTYP Object types allowed for verification CHAR   
114 CD3REIHENF Veri run sequence NUMC   
115 CD3STATUSG Status at GET CHAR   
116 CD3THEMA Veri run subject CHAR 20    
117 CD9D009DOM Hilfsobjekt für Domänenveri CHAR   
118 CD9VRSVERI zu lang CHAR 100001    
119 CDACCP Period in the form YYYYMM ACCP   
120 CDATA_KK Correspondence Data Field CHAR 32    
121 CDATA_KK_463 Correspondence Data Field: Pre 4.64 Length CHAR 25    
122 CDATA_VI Process Information CHAR 32    
123 CDAYS Number of Calendar Days of Attendance/Absence Record INT4 10    
124 CDBTABNAME CDB table name for extraction CHAR 30    
126 CDBT_CND_LANGU Language CHAR   
127 CDB_ACCPL_PPR_FLAG Account Planner PPR Indicator(Mobile) CHAR   
128 CDB_APPL_SET Application Set CHAR 20    
129 CDB_APPL_TYPE Application Type CHAR   
130 CDB_ARCH_DESCR CDB Acrchiving Object Description CHAR 40    
132 CDB_ATTACH_YES_NO Transfer Content CHAR   
133 CDB_ATT_DESCR Description of PPR attributes CHAR 40    
134 CDB_BOOL Boolean Value CHAR   
135 CDB_CHAR2 Alphanum 2 CHAR   
136 CDB_CHAR3 Text Character 3 CHAR   
137 CDB_CHR128 128 Character text CHAR 128    
138 CDB_CND_GUID Global Unique Identifier 32 Digits CHAR 32    
139 CDB_COND_TYPE Condition Type (CDB) CHAR   
140 CDB_CURR Currency domain CUKY   
141 CDB_DATE Date DATS   
143 CDB_DECNUM23 Numeric/currency value DEC 23  14 
144 CDB_DECNUM25 Numeric Value DEC 25 
145 CDB_DECNUM44 Numeric length 30 NUMC 30    
146 CDB_DOCCLASS Document Class CHAR 20    
147 CDB_GUID Global Unique Identifier 32 digits CHAR 32    
148 CDB_ITEM_NO Partner Product Range: ITEM No (CDB) NUMC 10    
149 CDB_NUM_VAL Numeric value of PPR attribute DEC 25 
150 CDB_OBJ_TYPE Object Type PPR (CDB) CHAR   
151 CDB_OPTION Partner Product Range: Option (CDB) CHAR   
152 CDB_ORG_FLAG1 Org. dependency Flag CHAR   
153 CDB_PARAM_ID Partner Product Range: Parameter Id (CDB) CHAR   
154 CDB_PARTNER_FCT Partner Function CHAR   
155 CDB_PPR_COND_ACCESS Partner Product Range: Condition Access (CDB) CHAR   
156 CDB_PPR_ITEM2 Flag to indicate Item type 2 for PPRs CHAR   
157 CDB_PPR_NROBJ Partner Product Range: Name of Number Range (CDB) CHAR 10    
158 CDB_PPR_OBJECT_NAME Partner Product Range: Object (CDB) CHAR 30    
159 CDB_PPR_SHTEXT Partner Product Range: Description of Assignment (CDB) CHAR 40    
160 CDB_PPR_SORT_ID Partner Product Range: Sort ID for PPR Object (CDB) CHAR   
161 CDB_PROCESS_TYPE Business Transaction Type (CDB) CHAR   
162 CDB_PRP_ID Partner Product Range: External Identifier (CDB) CHAR 40    
163 CDB_PRP_I_ID Partner Product Range: Item Identifier (CDB) CHAR 40    
164 CDB_PRP_REF_TYPE Partner Product Range: Reference Type to PPR Object (CDB) CHAR   
165 CDB_PRP_STATUS Partner Product Range: Status (CDB) CHAR   
166 CDB_PRP_TYPE Partner Product Range: Type of Assignment CHAR   
167 CDB_RULEID Partner Product Range: Rule ID (CDB) CHAR   
168 CDB_RULE_ID Partner Product Range: Identifier for PPR Rule (CDB) CHAR   
169 CDB_SEL_OPI Partner Product Range: Select option (CDB) CHAR 45    
170 CDB_SHELF_STATUS Domain for On / Off status of Shelf management CHAR   
171 CDB_SIGN Partner Product Range: Sign (CDB) CHAR   
172 CDB_TAB_NAME Partner Product Range: Table Name for Parameters (CDB) CHAR 30    
173 CDB_TERRITORY_AFT Territory Assignment: Function Category CHAR   
174 CDB_TERRITORY_AFT_ACTIVE Function: Territory Assignment Function Category Active CHAR   
175 CDB_TEXT60 Text Character60 CHAR 60    
176 CDB_TIME Time TIMS   
177 CDB_TIMS Value Time Field TIMS   
180 CDB_TOUR_FREQUENCY Frequency of the Tour NUMC   
181 CDB_TOUR_NO Tour ID CHAR 10    
182 CDB_TOUR_STATUS Tour Status CHAR   
184 CDB_TS_FLAG Flag to indicate TS for an item. CHAR   
185 CDB_TXT55 55 character text CHAR 55    
186 CDB_TXT64 64 character text CHAR 64    
187 CDB_TXT900 255 Character text CHAR 255    
188 CDB_UNIT unit domain UNIT   
189 CDB_USAGE Usage flag for campaign productgroup customizing CHAR   
190 CDB_VALID_END Validity End Date DATS   
191 CDB_VALID_START Validity Start Date DATS   
192 CDB_VALUE132 Attribute Value Character 132 CHAR 132    
193 CDB_VALUE80 Value Character80 CHAR 80    
194 CDCHANGENR Change document number CHAR 10    
195 CDCHAR1 Change Document Domain CHAR1 CHAR   
196 CDCHARKEY CHAR key for change documents CHAR 70    
197 CDCHARKONV Character with conversion CHAR 10    
198 CDCHNGIND Change documents: Change type (U, I, E, D) CHAR   
199 CDCHNGIND_PI Change documents: Change type (U, I, E, D) CHAR   
200 CDCURR Currency CURR 10 
201 CDCURR0 Packed without decimal places DEC 10    
202 CDC_CHAR30 Character 30 CHAR 30    
203 CDC_CHAR40 Character 40 CHAR 40    
204 CDC_CHAR60 Character 60 CHAR 60    
205 CDC_CONNECTION_TYPE Type of connection to system where Recorder is running CHAR   
206 CDC_CONN_TYPE CDC: Connection Type (controls required connection params) CHAR 10    
207 CDC_DATA_TYPE CDC: Data type of extracted source data CHAR   
208 CDC_DDIC_SUPPORT CDC: Source type provides Data Dictionary support CHAR   
209 CDC_DESCRIPTION Description (case-sensitive) CHAR 255    
210 CDC_INCON_TYPE Inconsistency Type CHAR   
211 CDC_JNET_SOURCE Source Types for JNet display CHAR   
212 CDC_LOGGING_TABLE_STATUS Status of a logging table CHAR   
213 CDC_LOGGING_TABLE_TYPE Type of a logging table CHAR   
214 CDC_OPTION Options for CDC-Filter CHAR   
215 CDC_OWNER Owner of a recorder or replicator CHAR 20    
216 CDC_RECORDING_STATUS recording state (inactive / active / active in other client) CHAR   
217 CDC_SIGN Selection operator SIGN (as per range table) CHAR   
218 CDC_STATUS Status of a comparison run CHAR 10    
219 CDC_SYSTEM_TYPE Type of system where Recorder is running CHAR   
220 CDC_TABLE_STATUS Status of table being subject to recording CHAR   
221 CDC_TIMESTAMP CDC: Time Stamp with Conversion Exit to User Timezone DEC 15    
222 CDC_TRIGGER_STATUS Status of a DB trigger CHAR   
223 CDC_TRIGGER_TYPE Type of a DB trigger CHAR   
224 CDC_TYPE Source Types for CDC CHAR   
225 CDC_VAR_FILTER Fields to be used as variable filter CHAR   
226 CDDATAGEN Alternative Generation with DATA Statement CHAR   
227 CDDEC Decimal for change documents DEC 10 
228 CDECO BDF: State CB indic. CHAR   
229 CDESK_D_ATTRIBUTCLASS Domain for SAP Attribute Class CHAR 20    
230 CDESK_D_ATTRIBUTCLASS_B Create Domain for SAP Attribute Class with BOM CHAR 20    
231 CDESK_D_ATTRIBUTNAME Attribute Name for "Create Document" in CAD Desktop CHAR 30    
232 CDESK_D_ATTRIBUTNAME_B Attribute Name for "Create BOM" in CAD Desktop CHAR 20    
233 CDESK_D_ATTRIBUTNAME_M Attribute Name for "Create Material" in CAD Desktop CHAR 30    
234 CDESK_D_AUTH_OBJ_CREATE_DATE Creation Date of an Authorization Object DATS   
235 CDESK_D_CADABK Abbreviation of CAD System CHAR   
236 CDESK_D_CADBEZ Description of CAD System CHAR 30    
237 CDESK_D_CDESKFLAG Flag for Desktop Relevance CHAR   
238 CDESK_D_FILETERM Domain for File Name Extension CHAR 20    
239 CDESK_D_GROUP Domain for User Groups in CAD Desktop CHAR 20    
240 CDESK_D_RELTYP CAD Relationship Type CHAR 20    
242 CDESK_D_SOURCE Determination Type CHAR 20    
243 CDESK_D_SOURCEATTRIBUT Determination Parameters CHAR 255    
244 CDESK_D_SOURCEATTRIBUT_B Determination Parameters for "Create BOM" CHAR 255    
245 CDESK_D_SOURCEATTRIBUT_M Determination Parameters for "Create Material" CHAR 255    
246 CDESK_D_SOURCE_M Determination Type for "Create Material/BOM" CHAR 20    
247 CDESK_D_TYPE Type of Action for Application Determination CHAR 30    
248 CDESK_D_VALUE Value of CAD Parameter CHAR 255    
249 CDESK_FILTER_NAME Name of a Filter CHAR 30    
250 CDESK_LOG_NAME Name of Trace File CHAR 30    
251 CDESK_SRV_D_AUTH_BUF_DEL Authorization Buffer deletion options CHAR   
252 CDESK_SRV_D_CREATE_OPTION Domain for DIR Create options CHAR   
253 CDESK_SRV_D_EXPLOSION_OPTION Version exchange options for BOD Explosion CHAR   
254 CDESK_SRV_D_EXPL_CADFIELD Domain: CAD field names for document structure explosion CHAR 30    
255 CDESK_SRV_D_MSG_SEVERITY Message Severity CHAR   
257 CDESK_SRV_D_SEARCH_OPERATOR Search Operator (AND, OR, LIKE, EQ...) CHAR 10    
258 CDESK_SRV_D_SEARCH_VALUE Search Value CHAR 255    
259 CDESK_SRV_D_UPLOAD_ACTION Domain for File Upload action CHAR   
260 CDESK_USER_NAME User Name CHAR 12    
261 CDESK_VERSION Version Number for CAD Desktop CHAR 20    
262 CDESK_VIEW_TYPE Name of Views in CAD Desktop CHAR 20    
263 CDFLOAT Test change documents FLTP 16  16 
264 CDFMNR Error number CHAR   
265 CDHEX Test change documents RAW   
266 CDINT1 Change Document 1 Byte Integer INT1   
267 CDINT2 2-byte integer INT2   
268 CDINT4 4 Byte Integer INT4 10    
269 CDIRFLENG Field length in cluster (internal table: header line length) INT2   
270 CDIRNAME Name of object in cluster CHAR 30    
271 CDIROTYPE Cluster object type: F(ield), R(ecord), T(able) CHAR   
272 CDIRTFILL No. of internal table lines in cluster INT4 10    
273 CDMON BDF Currency key CHAR   
274 CDMVT Transaction code CHAR   
275 CDNUM Digits NUMC 10    
276 CDPAI Payment code NUMC   
277 CDPAY Country key BDF CHAR   
278 CDPREFIX SZD: Prefix for generated structures CHAR 14    
279 CDRAWSTRING RAWSTRING Field for Change Documents RSTR   
280 CDREPORT Last 4 characters of the change document update program CHAR 26    
281 CDSBOOLEAN DD: For Boolean Values in CDS CHAR   
282 CDSHORTSTRING Short String for Change Documents SSTR 255    
283 CDSTA_KK Status of Cash Desk Closing CHAR   
284 CDSTRINGVAL STRING Field for Change Documents STRG   
285 CDS_CHANNEL_DOMAIN Communication Channels CHAR   
286 CDS_PROPERTY_DOMAIN Connection Data Properties CHAR   
287 CDS_TYPE_DOMAIN Connection Types INT1   
288 CDTEXTART Create change document: Text type CHAR   
289 CDT_ROLE Role CHAR 20    
290 CDT_STRATEGY Strategy CHAR 20    
291 CDUNIT Unit UNIT   
292 CDURAT Leave cycle duration NUMC   
293 CDV_STRING Change Document Viewer String STRG   
294 CEBUCOCODE Domain for Cebuco Code CHAR   
295 CEKEY Transaction Key (Supplied by Credit Card Company) CHAR 10    
296 CELEC No longer used CHAR   
297 CEPLEXITTP Type of customer function CHAR   
298 CEPLQSCHEM Ratio scheme CHAR   
300 CEPLREREG Calculation type in planning using ratios CHAR   
301 CEPLTDVERF Method of top-down distribution CHAR   
302 CEPLVTPRFL Distribution profile CHAR   
303 CEPLWFZUO Value field assignment CHAR   
304 CEPOK Status expected price CHAR   
305 CEP_AXICON_VAL CEP icon numbers for offline control NUMC   
306 CEP_AX_CATEGORY CEP: Specification describing object relationship NUMC   
307 CEP_AX_CATEGORY_BOM CEP: BOM Relat. Describing Specifications NUMC   
308 CEP_AX_DESCRIPTION CEP: Additional specification describing object relationship CHAR 30    
309 CEP_COLL_BID Collaboration or competitive scenario CHAR   
310 CEP_IBASE_COMMENT Title comment in IBASE CHAR 20    
311 CEP_REVIEWFOLDER_STATUS_DOM Domain with Fixed Values for STATUS of a Review Folder CHAR   
312 CEP_STATUS CEP: Status CHAR   
313 CEP_WFACT CEP: Action in workflow CHAR   
314 CERR_KZ Copying of Conditions Error Indicator CHAR   
315 CERTCAT Certificate Category CHAR   
316 CERTF Document Status NUMC   
317 CERTISSUERDYNP Issuer of X.509 certificate CHAR 255    
318 CERTSTATUS Revocation Status of the Certificate CHAR   
319 CERTSTATUS_SOURCE Source of entry (Manual, CRL, OCSP, Unknown) CHAR   
320 CERTSTATUS_SOURCE_DETAIL Source Detail of entry (Manual, CRL, OCSP, Unknown) CHAR   
321 CERTSUBJCTDYNP Owner of X.509 certificate CHAR 255    
322 CERT_ATTRIBUTE Attribute in a Certificate Entry CHAR   
323 CERT_BOOLEAN Boolean Value CHAR   
324 CERT_DN_FORMAT Format Specification for a Distinguished Name INT4 10    
325 CERT_DP_TYPE CRL Distribution Point Type INT4 10    
326 CERT_ENTRY Entry in an X.509 Certificate CHAR   
327 CERT_FILTERCASE Uppercase/Lowercase in Certificate Filter CHAR   
328 CERT_INDEX Index Area for Certificate Rules INT1   
329 CERT_LOGONWITH Logon Attributes in Certificate Rules CHAR   
330 CERT_OPTION Options for a Certificate Rule RAW   
331 CERT_STRING Variable Character String in a Certificate STRG   
332 CESBOOL RPT: Boolean value CHAR   
333 CESSION_KZ Accounts receivable pledging indicator CHAR   
334 CESSION_STATUS Accounts receivable pledging status CHAR   
335 CE_BOOL B2E [Base] DDIC Bool Type Domain CHAR   
336 CE_CLASSF Class filter CHAR   
337 CE_DESCR B2E [Base] Description (Short Text) CHAR 40    
338 CE_DESIGN Design name CHAR 18    
339 CE_FEREL Ind. relevant to production CHAR   
340 CE_FLBOOL Checkbox for Boolean characteristics CHAR   
341 CE_ID B2E [Base] ID of B2E objects (semanticless) CHAR 22    
342 CE_INREL Ind. relevant to Plant Maintenance CHAR   
343 CE_KAREL Ind. relevant to costing CHAR   
344 CE_KOREL Ind. relevant to engineering/design CHAR   
345 CE_LEVXX BOM explosion: level of detail CHAR   
346 CE_MARK Select object CHAR   
347 CE_OBJTP B2E [PDM] PDM Object Type CHAR 10    
348 CE_OBJ_CLS Ind. object type "class" CHAR   
349 CE_OBJ_DOC Ind. object type "document" CHAR   
350 CE_OBJ_MAT Ind. object type "material" CHAR   
351 CE_OBJ_TXT Ind. object type "text" CHAR   
352 CE_PDCCT B2E [PDoc] Content LRAW 2550    
353 CE_PROFILE Cover Eligibility Profile CHAR   
354 CE_SDREL Ind. relevant to sales CHAR   
355 CE_SORTC Sequence of chars presentation CHAR   
356 CE_STRING B2E [Base] String STRG   
357 CE_S_ENGINEER Ind. sort for engineering CHAR   
358 CE_S_P_ENGINEER Ind. sort for engineering printouts CHAR   
359 CE_S_P_PURCHASE Ind. sort for purchasing printouts CHAR   
360 CE_S_P_SALES Ind. sort for sales printouts CHAR   
361 CE_S_SALES Ind. sort for sales CHAR   
362 CFALIST Current list in report CHAR   
363 CFAMPLBAPIUPDATE Updated information in related user data field CHAR   
364 CFANFORDER Number of initial screen in drill-down reporting CHAR   
365 CFANFORRKE Number of initial screen (Profitability Analysis) CHAR   
366 CFANFORRKK Number of initial screen (Product Costing) CHAR   
367 CFAPPLCLAS Application class for drilldown reporting CHAR   
368 CFAPPLC_BA Applications which use RKDBAT00 CHAR   
369 CFAPPL_B00 Drill down (applications which use RKDBAT00) CHAR   
370 CFAPPL_B01 Drill down (Applications which use RKDBAT01) CHAR   
371 CFARTKZ RECH-ARTkz (internal only) CHAR   
372 CFAUSPX X display of a hierarchy node drill down RAW   
373 CFAUSWAHL Selection CHAR   
374 CFA_BPVALUE Basis point value CURR 17 
375 CFBAGGR Drill down: List aggregation NUMC   
376 CFBB_ANFO Number of initial screen in reporting CHAR   
377 CFBEREICH Value field for beginning/end of interval DEC 15 
378 CFBEZUG Reference to column or row CHAR   
379 CFBNEUKE Build summarization data CHAR   
380 CFBNKON Contvention of report names and short texts CHAR 10    
382 CFBRCOIXKC Background read mode for CO-BPC CHAR   
383 CFBRCOIXKE Background read mode for CO-PA CHAR   
384 CFBSUBCL Report portfolio / Drill down CHAR   
385 CFBSUBCLAS Subgroup by application class CHAR   
386 CFBTYPE Background type: PAKOMB_TAB or program CHAR   
387 CFBUADD0 Control flag for intercompany in the CFBA001 CHAR 80    
388 CFB_BICAT CFB Append fuer BICAT     
389 CFB_BICSS CFB Append fuer BICSS     
390 CFB_DISTR_METH Distribution Method CHAR   
391 CFB_KZCONF CFB Indicator: Confirmation CHAR   
392 CFB_KZMNG Quantity Input Indicator CHAR   
393 CFB_MRP_VERID_KZ Indicator for Using Production Versions in MRP Run CHAR   
394 CFB_NUMBER_DAYS Raw Mat.Proc.Cockpit: Number of Days in Period Under Review NUMC   
395 CFB_PERIOD_DESC Description of Period Under Review for Raw Mat.Proc.Cockpit CHAR 30    
396 CFB_RB_AUTYP Order Category for Clearing Remaining Batch Quantities NUMC   
397 CFB_SEL Food and Beverage Ind. Data Conf. Subsequent Application CHAR   
398 CFB_START_DAY Raw Mat.Procurement Cockpit:Start Day of Period Under Review NUMC   
399 CFB_S_BUDAT Origin of Posting Date CHAR   
400 CFB_WEIGH_DOC_ID Identification Number of Weighing CHAR 30    
401 CFCH600 Character field length 60 without check CHAR 600    
402 CFCHAR05 Character 5 CHAR   
403 CFCLSGROU1 Number of report class detail screen CHAR   
404 CFCLSGROUP Number of initial screen (report classes) CHAR   
405 CFCMPOP SAP-EIS: Comparison operator CHAR   
406 CFCOLTYP Column type (drilldown - ALV interface) CHAR   
407 CFCOLTYPE Type of field in the lead column CHAR   
408 CFCONV Conversion factor for quantity and currency conv./transl. DEC
409 CFCROSS Checkbox CHAR   
410 CFCURR7 Currency field P 7 2 CURR 13 
411 CFCURR8 Value CURR 15 
412 CFC_APPLI CFC: Application CHAR   
413 CFC_BOR_RESULT Result category for CFC call from BOR method CHAR   
414 CFC_CLARIFY_FLAG Flag: Indicates whether case has been clarified (= 'X') CHAR   
415 CFC_DETAILACTION Action on detail screen when triggering an FCode CHAR   
416 CFC_EVENT Event CHAR   
417 CFC_EVTTYP CFC: Type of event CHAR   
418 CFC_EXIT_CLARIFY How was clarification processing exited (END, BACK, ..) CHAR   
419 CFC_HIER_LEVEL CFC: Level/step in the application hierarchy NUMC   
420 CFC_LOCK_DAYS CFC: Number of days an object remains locked NUMC   
421 CFC_OBJAP CFC: Clarification controller: Application object CHAR   
422 CFC_OBJCN CFC: Clarification control: Control object CHAR   
423 CFC_STARTVIEW Start view for the clarification worklist (title element) CHAR   
424 CFC_STATE CFC: Status of an application table entry CHAR   
425 CFC_WORKSTATE CFC: Status of an application table entry CHAR   
426 CFDATUM SAP-EIS: Date of last change DATS   
427 CFDEC Dec.field DEC 15 
428 CFDEFAULT Info system: type of default value CHAR   
429 CFDEPTH SAP-EIS: Hierarchy level CHAR 11    
430 CFDIMPRLC Characteristic display NUMC   
431 CFDIREC SAP-EIS: Direction of search for object collector INT1   
432 CFDI_AEDAT_MX Change At (Timestamp) CHAR 19    
433 CFDI_AENAM_MX Change By (Username) CHAR 12    
434 CFDI_CACKT_MX Date and Time of generation of the acknowledgement CHAR 19    
435 CFDI_CANCDT_MX Date of cancellation CHAR 19    
436 CFDI_CHAIN Encrypted Character Chain LCHR 2500    
437 CFDI_CODESTATUS Status Code for cancellation CHAR   
438 CFDI_ERDAT_MX Created At (Timestamp) CHAR 19    
439 CFDI_ERNAM_MX Created By (Username) CHAR 12    
440 CFDI_ESTAT_UUID Element to define the status of tax folios (UUID) in the can CHAR   
441 CFDI_GUID16_MX GUID in CHAR16 Format for CFDI Mexico RAW 16    
442 CFDI_GUID32_MX GUID in CHAR32 Format for CFDI Mexico CHAR 32    
443 CFDI_IDOC_TYP_MX CFDI MX: IDOC Data Type (Timbrado or Cancellation Data) CHAR   
444 CFDI_MX_DI_XML_VERSION Version of Digital Invoice/XML CHAR   
445 CFDI_REFDOCDT_MX Reference Document Creation/Posting Date DATS   
446 CFDI_REFDOCTY_MX Reference Document Type CHAR   
447 CFDI_REFDOC_MX Reference Invoice Document Number CHAR 10    
448 CFDI_REJC_MX Rejection Code received NUMC   
449 CFDI_REJT_MAX Rejection Code Text CHAR 200    
450 CFDI_REJT_MX Rejection Text CHAR 200    
451 CFDI_REQTIMZ_MX Time zone of Request Sent CHAR   
452 CFDI_REQTIM_MX Timestamp of Request Sent CHAR 19    
453 CFDI_RESPTIM_MX Timestamp of generation of digital stamp by the SAT CHAR 19    
454 CFDI_STATUST_MX Date and Time of Status Entered CHAR 19    
455 CFDI_STATUS_MX Invoice Status (For CFDI Process) CHAR   
456 CFDI_TAXN_MX Issuers tax number (rfcEmissor) CHAR 50    
457 CFDI_XML_VERSION Version of Digital Invoice/XML CHAR   
458 CFDOPTHRY Print options for hierarchies in the mass print CHAR   
459 CFDRUHV Print report horizontally/vertically CHAR   
460 CFDTYPE Data type for saving reports in cluster table COIX CHAR   
461 CFDVORZE +/- sign display in drill down reporting CHAR   
462 CFEXPF3 SAP-EIS: Display flag for subtree CHAR   
463 CFEXPFL SAP-EIS: Flag for subtree in hierarchy display CHAR   
464 CFE_OBJECT Area of validity of an exception CHAR   
465 CFFDLEN Indicator: Use fixed column widths when printing d-down list CHAR   
466 CFFILTER Filter functions (Conditions and ranking list) CHAR   
467 CFFIX Basic size for portfolio objects CHAR   
468 CFFLTP Floating point field FLTP 16  16 
469 CFFML SAP-EIS: Formula CHAR 4096    
470 CFFORMPA Name of parameter variables (for structure) CHAR 10    
471 CFFUNCT Scope of functions when executing drilldown report CHAR   
472 CFGOBJTAB Table for configurable object CHAR 10    
473 CFHART Hierarchy structure type (drill down) NUMC   
474 CFHERKU Domain for report origin CHAR   
475 CFHFLAG Hierarchy flag NUMC   
476 CFHID1 SAP-EIS: Hierarchy key: Component 1 CHAR 32    
477 CFHID2 SAP-EIS: Hierarchy key: Component 2 CHAR 32    
478 CFHSELC Possibility of hierarchy selection (internal only) NUMC   
479 CFHSTEP SAP-EIS: Hierarchy level NUMC   
480 CFHVARIANT SAP-EIS: Hierarchy variant CHAR   
481 CFIELDNAME Field name CHAR 32    
482 CFINPUTFL Variable flag for hierarchies CHAR   
483 CFINT4 Integer4 INT4 10    
484 CFLAG_KK Indicator: creditworthiness for this document CHAR   
485 CFLART List type for printing in background or first list for rep. NUMC   
486 CFLCTITLE Display of title for lead column NUMC   
487 CFLEVEL Hierarchy level NUMC   
488 CFLFDNR SAP-EIS: Sequential number for hierarchy node NUMC   
489 CFLHKZ Upper or lower limit CHAR   
490 CFLISTE Number of list screen CHAR   
491 CFMAXEI Max. indentation in hierarchy list NUMC   
492 CFMFLAG SAP-EIS: Hierarchy selection CHAR   
493 CFMID Memory_ID CHAR 32    
494 CFMODE Processing mode for FM RKE_POP_UP_SORT_TABLE CHAR   
495 CFMPVARIANT EC-EIS-PL: Variants for automatic planning runs CHAR 14    
496 CFM_APPLI Part of financial object CHAR   
497 CFM_OBJAP Application of financial object integration CHAR   
498 CFM_OBJAP_EGP Use of Integrated Limit Check CHAR   
499 CFM_OBJAP_RC Application of FO Integration with Risk Object CHAR   
500 CFM_XFULLACT Financial object part is fully active CHAR