SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 18
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
3 CPF_USAGE_TASK CPF Usage Task CHAR 20    
4 CPICTIMEOUT CPI-C Timeout INT4 10    
5 CPIC_TIMEOUT CPIC Timeout Options CHAR   
8 CPID Character set ID NUMC   
9 CPIDENT Change pointer ID NUMC 10    
10 CPISINDSOL CPI: Cross-Industry Solution NUMC   
11 CPISINF1 Code page is in F1 converter CHAR   
12 CPISINF4 Code page is in F4 memory CHAR   
13 CPISPRODUCT Application Components Used In Projects CHAR   
15 CPIS_ACTEND Actual End DATS   
16 CPIS_ACTSTART Actual Start DATS   
17 CPIS_AUTH_GUID ID of a SOLAR-CPI Session CHAR 32    
18 CPIS_CHAR100 Cpis Log Text CHAR 100    
19 CPIS_COMP Partner Company CHAR 35    
20 CPIS_CONT_ROLE Role of Contact CHAR 60    
21 CPIS_CSCE Customer Scenario CHAR 32    
22 CPIS_CUST Customer Number NUMC 10    
23 CPIS_DOCU_NAME Domain for Document Name in CPI Project CHAR 100    
24 CPIS_DOKU_PATH CPI Doc. Path Domain CHAR 255    
25 CPIS_FILE_ZIZE File Size NUMC 20    
26 CPIS_GLSACT Current GoingLive Schedule DATS   
27 CPIS_GLSPLAN Go Live Schedule Planned DATS   
28 CPIS_MAIL E-mail CHAR 60    
29 CPIS_METH Methodology ID NUMC   
30 CPIS_PLEND Planned End DATS   
31 CPIS_PLSTA Planned Start DATS   
32 CPIS_PROJ CPI Project Number NUMC 10    
33 CPIS_PROJ_LEAD Project Led By NUMC   
34 CPIS_PROJ_REAS Project Reason NUMC   
35 CPIS_PROJ_TYPE Project Type NUMC   
36 CPIS_PROJ_TYPE_T Project Type Texts CHAR 40    
38 CPIS_SCE Scenario CHAR 20    
39 CPIS_SCE_TXT Scenario: Long Text CHAR 80    
40 CPIS_SCE_TYPE Scenario Type CHAR   
41 CPIS_SOL SAP Solution CHAR 20    
42 CPIS_SWPACK Software Package Domain CHAR 10    
44 CPIS_USER OSS User for CPI CHAR 12    
45 CPITEM Item Number: Commitment Plan NUMC   
46 CPKIND Codepage type CHAR   
47 CPKIND2 Codepage type CHAR   
48 CPKUR ID:Exchange rate setting (no new rate bill.doc.) CHAR   
49 CPLANGGRP Language group INT2   
50 CPLANGS List of languages CHAR 240    
51 CPLANGSS List of Languages (as String) STRG   
52 CPLANGTAB_CPDOM Code Page: Must Belong to a Language NUMC   
53 CPLANS Display of actual, plan and order records CHAR   
54 CPLGR CAPP planner group CHAR   
55 CPLID CIM selection ID for selection of routing alternative CHAR   
56 CPLOADSEQ Load Number for Code Page Segment NUMC   
57 CPLOCALE Name to set language&country in operating system and 'C' CHAR 72    
58 CPLOCALE_L Name to set language&country in operating system and 'C' CHAR 255    
59 CPMEN Copy quantity CHAR   
60 CPMIXED System with several character sets CHAR   
61 CPNLSMAJOR SAP internal reference of SAP code page to NLS NUMC   
62 CPNLSMINOR SAP internal ID for code page variation NUMC   
63 CPOSITION Time of calculation CHAR   
64 CPOST_KK Post charge/interest CHAR   
65 CPO_CPROLE Role of Codepage: Source or Target Codepage? CHAR   
66 CPO_PROC_DATA_ENTRY_TYPE Create Collective PO: Procurement Data Record Type NUMC   
67 CPO_SYS_CONFIG_TYPE System Configuration Type (Unicode / Non-Unicode, etc...) INT2   
68 CPPTSUNIQ Code point appears only once in the code page (Input) CHAR   
69 CPREIS_22 Character field (22) for tree display of the amount CHAR 22    
70 CPRO Coupon distribution profile CHAR   
71 CPRO3 Percentage PL3 cost accounting NUMC   
72 CPROC_IND consolidation procedure CHAR   
73 CPROGMODIFY Caller Program for Modification of SM59 Destination with API CHAR 40    
74 CPROGNAVIGATION Caller Program for Navigation in SM59 CHAR 40    
75 CPROJECT Name of project for C source CHAR   
76 CPRONAME DD: Name of conversion projects CHAR 30    
77 CPROT Correspondence: Log Information CHAR 45    
78 CPRO_APPL_ID_D Application IDs for Windows File Explorer Integration CHAR 10    
79 CPRO_URL_D URL CHAR 132    
80 CPR_CABA_BELNR Document Number of a CATSII Record CHAR 14    
81 CPR_NO_KK CPR No. CHAR 10    
82 CPSCHEMA Encoding Schema CHAR   
83 CPSCHEMANA Name of Encoding Schema CHAR 50    
84 CPSEGID Name for Code Page Segment CHAR   
85 CPSEGKIND Type of Code Page Segment CHAR   
86 CPSRULE Internal SAP Rule for Setting Up Code Page Segments NUMC   
87 CPSTACKING Code page containts characters superimposed on each other CHAR   
88 CPSTATUS Status of table entry: System, client CHAR   
89 CPSTRUCT_PRESUF Pre or Suffix CHAR   
90 CPSUBLOCAL Sub-selection for determining character sets, locales,... CHAR   
91 CPSUBST1 Replacement type for simple hex codes NUMC   
92 CPSUBSTN Replacement type for multiple Hex codes NUMC   
93 CPTEXTLINE Text lines in long text table CHAR 132    
94 CPTYPE Hierarchy Tool: Comparison Type CHAR   
95 CPU Local system CPU CHAR   
96 CPUANT CPU percentage of a task DEC
97 CPUID CPU Type CHAR 50    
98 CPVERSION Version number NUMC   
99 CPYST Copying status of a text CHAR   
100 CP_ALLIG Screen alignment CHAR   
101 CP_AUSSCHL Alignment key for scheduling parallel sequences CHAR   
102 CP_BZOFF Key for reference dates used in offset scheduling CHAR   
103 CP_CHECK Inspection level NUMC   
104 CP_FNUM Function module key CHAR 10    
105 CP_LVAR_TY Type of object overview CHAR   
106 CP_MAFID Task lists: Archive: MAFID CHAR 10    
107 CP_MSGNR1 No. used to identify messages depend. on the task list type CHAR   
108 CP_NR Sequence number NUMC   
109 CP_OPTION Relational Operator CHAR   
110 CP_PHYKEY Physical key of the list control table in dialog tables CHAR 70    
111 CP_PLNNR_A Old number CHAR 20    
112 CP_REDKZ Indicator - how should reduction take place CHAR   
113 CP_REF_KZ Indicator for referenced task lists CHAR   
114 CP_SEL_ID Selection indicator for selecting task lists CHAR   
115 CP_SEL_PR Priority of criteria for selection of task lists NUMC   
116 CP_TASK_LIST_MAINT_MODE Maint. Task List: Maintenance Mode CHAR   
117 CP_TSCHL Relationship key for sequences CHAR   
118 CP_TTRAS Task lists: Internal representation of the period pattern NUMC   
119 CP_UNIT Control Plan: Unit for Characteristic Values UNIT   
120 CP_VSCHL Verification key CHAR   
121 CP_WA Task lists: Archiving: Work area CHAR 2000    
122 CP_ZOBJECT Selection object for selecting task lists CHAR   
123 CQMRK Quantity/amount/number indicator CHAR   
124 CQUA8 Quantity length 8 with +/- sign cost center accounting QUAN 15 
125 CRAPOTXT Short Text for APO Resources CHAR 60    
126 CRAPOTXTUP Short Text for APO Resources CHAR 60    
127 CRCARD_ACT Payment Cards: Card Master Record Activities CHAR   
128 CRCLASS Payment Cards: Main Card CHAR   
129 CRDACODE1 Payment Cards: Supplement Code CHAR 20    
130 CRDACTIONCODE Create, Delete, Update Control Code CHAR   
131 CRDACTIVITYIDD Domain for Activity CHAR   
132 CRDAPPL_BADI Credentialing Application (Only for Credentialing BAdI's) CHAR   
133 CRDASGIDD Domain for Assignment IDs CHAR 20    
134 CRDASGTYPED Domain for Assignment Types of Credentials CHAR 10    
135 CRDASOPERATION Assignment Operation CHAR   
136 CRDASTRIGGER Triggering Process of Assignment Editing CHAR 40    
137 CRDATTRVAL Value for Customer-Defined Attributes CHAR 32    
138 CRDBOBJTYPED Credentialing: Domain for Object Types CHAR   
139 CRDBOOLD Domain with Two Values (Yes/No) CHAR   
140 CRDCOMB_APPLICCABILITYD Domain: Use of Combination Algorithms CHAR   
141 CRDCONTEXTD Credentialing: Context of Check CHAR   
142 CRDDATE Date DATS   
143 CRDDEFTYPED Domain for Credentialing Definition Types CHAR 10    
144 CRDEB_FPM Indicator: Credit memo or debit memo CHAR   
145 CRDEB_PAY Indicator for credit memo or debit memo CHAR   
146 CRDEVENTIDD Domain for Transaction ID INT4 10    
147 CRDEVENTTYPED Credentialing: Domain for Transaction Types CHAR   
148 CRDHIERARCHYDEPTHD Domain for Hierarchy Depth NUMC   
149 CRDINDEX Index CHAR   
150 CRDINVALIDD Domain for Invalid Indicator CHAR   
151 CRDMEMBERIDD Domain for Member IDs INT4 10    
152 CRDOBJECTIDD Domain for Object IDs CHAR   
153 CRDOBJTYPED Credentialing: Domain for Object Types CHAR   
154 CRDPARTNERD Domain for Credentialing Partner IDs CHAR 10    
155 CRDPARTNERTYPD Domain for Partner Types CHAR   
156 CRDPARVALUED Domain for Parameter Values CHAR 30    
157 CRDPDRULE Period Rule CHAR   
158 CRDPROXYTEST_RESULT Credentialing Application - Proxy Test Results CHAR   
159 CRDREQATTD Credentialing: Domain for Assignment Rules CHAR   
160 CRDREQCMBTYP Domain for Combination Type for Requirements CHAR   
161 CRDREQD Domain for Requirements CHAR   
162 CRDREQPOSITIOND Domain for Position Counter of Combined Requirements NUMC   
163 CRDREQTARGETD Domain for Target Group CHAR   
164 CRDREQTYPED Domain for Requirement Types CHAR   
165 CRDROLED Credentialing: Domain for Role CHAR   
166 CRDSCODE Payment cards: Selection code CHAR 20    
167 CRDSEARCHPOS Search Field Position CHAR   
168 CRDSENDSTATUS Send Status of CRD Correspondence CHAR   
169 CRDTIME Time TIMS   
170 CRDTYPECLASS Classification of Credentials CHAR   
171 CRDTYPED Domain for Credential Types CHAR   
173 CRDYESNOD Domain for Yes/No Entries CHAR   
174 CRD_ASSGID Assignment ID of Credential to Business Partner CHAR 20    
175 CRD_COMBTP_ID Number of a Characteristic Combination Type CHAR 12    
176 CRD_DESC Description of Credential CHAR 20    
177 CRD_ISSUER_ID External Credential Identifier CHAR 60    
178 CRD_IS_SIMPLEREQD Domain for Differentiating Between Requirement Types CHAR   
179 CRD_NR_RANGE_INT Number Range Interval Assignment ID (Internal or External) CHAR   
180 CRD_REQ_CHECK_STATUS Credentialing: Status of Check CHAR   
181 CRD_REQ_USAGE_TYPE Credentialing: Usage Type of Requirement CHAR   
182 CRD_SRDES_OPTION Credentialing: Requirements Description, Option CHAR   
183 CRD_TYPE Type of Credential CHAR   
184 CREATED_FROM Process that Created the Entry in the Table CHAR   
185 CREATERRL AB-RRLE: Create Remuneration List CHAR   
187 CREATE_IND Creation indicator in purchasing document CHAR   
188 CREDENTIALTYPE Password Amadeus CSX CHAR 30    
189 CREDIT_LIMIT_CA FI-CA Credit Limit CURR 15 
190 CREDIT_MSGTEXT Message Text from a Credit Check CHAR 100    
191 CREDIT_SGMNT_CA FI-CA Credit Segment CHAR 10    
192 CREDO Settlement re arrangement (credit/debit-side) CHAR   
193 CREFLEN_KK CR: Reference field length NUMC   
194 CRENR HR payee number NUMC   
195 CREQ_APPLICATION Request to Change Master Data: Linked Master Data Objects CHAR 10    
196 CRESBTC Select Resolution in Mass Processing CHAR   
197 CRESC_DAYS Resource Transfer to APO: Extension of External Capacity NUMC   
198 CRESC_DEFR Transfer Resource to APO: Preassignment of Resource Type NUMC   
199 CRESC_EXTO Resource Transfer to APO: Mode External Capacity CHAR   
200 CRESC_MODE Resource Transfer to APO: Mode Change Transfer CHAR   
201 CRESC_SYNC Resource Transfer to APO: Synchronous/Asynchronous CHAR   
202 CRESDIA Select Resolution in Dialog CHAR   
203 CRESRESTYPE Resource Category CHAR   
204 CRES_CAMPAIGN_SNP Cross-Period Lot Size CHAR   
205 CRES_MIX_PLAN_TYPE Finite Capacity of a Mixed Resource NUMC   
206 CRES_PERCENT Percentage from 0 - 100 NUMC   
207 CRES_PERIOD Period type NUMC   
209 CRES_PP_DEFINE_BUCKETS Definition of PP/DS Available Bucket Capacity CHAR   
210 CRES_QUAN15_3 Quantity QUAN 15 
211 CRES_RATE_TIME Number of Time Units for Production Rate QUAN
212 CRES_RESOURCETYPE Resource type NUMC   
214 CRES_RESTYPE APO Resource Category CHAR   
215 CRES_SYNC_START Synchronization of Activities when Overlapping Occurs NUMC   
216 CRETY HR payee type CHAR   
217 CRFILE_ACT Payment Cards: Data File Activities CHAR   
218 CRGPRESS Gas correction pressure DEC
219 CRG_FLAG Indicator for CRM Archiving CHAR   
220 CRG_PRS_KZ Gas pressure correction CHAR   
221 CRHERKF Origin of information on a payment medium CHAR   
222 CRIT_STAT_KK Status of a Critical Document CHAR   
223 CRLBLOCK_KK Clearing Lock CHAR   
224 CRLIFNRKZ Payment Cards: Vendor Control for FI Document CHAR   
225 CRMACCP6 Posting period YYYYMM ACCP   
226 CRMACK Completion CHAR   
227 CRMACKSTAT Completion status CHAR   
228 CRMAGRSTAT Approval status CHAR   
229 CRMAPPLKD Event Application CHAR   
230 CRMARBGB Application Area Messages CHAR 20    
231 CRMASPECT Check aspect (OBSOLETE) CHAR 10    
232 CRMA_OUTCORR_STATUS_FAILED Outbound Correspondence Status - Failed     
233 CRMA_PML_ATTRIBUTE_CATEGORY_SM Category for Social Media     
234 CRMA_PML_PLIST_ATTR_ID_CCM Personalized Mails: Additional product attributes for CCM     
235 CRMA_PML_SCENARIO_TYPE_CCM Personalized Mails: Fix Val. App. for CCM, CCN cont. types     
236 CRMA_PML_SCENARIO_TYPE_LOY Personalized Mails: Fix Val. App. for LOY cont. types     
237 CRMA_PML_SCENARIO_TYPE_NF Personalized Mails: Fix Val. App. for NF cont. types     
238 CRMA_PML_SCENARIO_TYPE_SM Social Media     
239 CRMA_PML_SCENARIO_TYPE_SQM Personalized Mails: Fix Val. App. for SQM cont. types     
240 CRMA_PML_SCENARIO_TYPE_TA Personalized Mails: Fix Val. App. for TA cont. types     
241 CRMA_PML_SCENARIO_TYPE_WEC_GC Web Channel Scenario     
242 CRMA_PML_SCENARIO_TYPE_WEC_PR Web Channel Product Registration     
243 CRMA_PML_SCENARIO_TYPE_WEC_UM Personalized Mails: Web channel User Management     
244 CRMBLOCKNO Block Number Data Transfer CHAR 10    
245 CRMBPCACHE Check Results Management: Type of Cache Usage CHAR   
246 CRMBWAGGREGATOR CRMBW: Description how a measure was derived NUMC   
247 CRMBWATTRIBUTE Attribute Name CHAR 30    
249 CRMBWATTRTYP_D Type of Attribute for BW Upload CHAR 12    
250 CRMBWATTRVALUE Attribute Value for the CRM BW Attribute CHAR 64    
251 CRMBWBORO Mode for Determining BW Key Figures CHAR   
252 CRMBWCHAPRSNT CRMBW: Characteristic display CHAR   
253 CRMBWCHAR5 Spool (and other) name (length 5) CHAR   
254 CRMBWCHAVL Field for any Attribute Value CHAR 60    
255 CRMBWCMDTXT CRMBW: MDX command CHAR 75    
256 CRMBWCUBE CRMBW: Name of a query cube CHAR 70    
257 CRMBWDIMENSIONTYPE CRMBW: Dimension category NUMC   
258 CRMBWESIZE Size Extract (Lines) NUMC 10    
259 CRMBWESTAT Status Extract CHAR   
260 CRMBWETYPE Extract Type CHAR   
261 CRMBWEXEMOD CRMBW: Report Execution Mode CHAR   
262 CRMBWFDNAME CRMBW: Local field name CHAR 30    
263 CRMBWINSMD Insert mode CHAR   
264 CRMBWIOBJNM CRMBW: InfoObject CHAR 30    
265 CRMBWKYFTXT Key Figure CHAR 60    
266 CRMBWMEASURE Key Figure (for BPS Planning) CHAR 16    
267 CRMBWMEMTYPE Category of a Member CHAR   
268 CRMBWNAME_D Naming Convention CHAR 10    
269 CRMBWNUM3 Three-digit numerical value NUMC   
270 CRMBWNUMC4 Number NUMC   
271 CRMBWOBJECT_D Type of Object for BW Upload CHAR 30    
272 CRMBWOPER Formula operand CHAR 32    
273 CRMBWOPERTP Category of an operand CHAR   
274 CRMBWPARVL mdx command text CHAR 75    
275 CRMBWPOSIT Position of field NUMC   
276 CRMBWRENTRYTP Entry required NUMC   
278 CRMBWREPTYPE Type of a Report View CHAR 10    
280 CRMBWSELN ABAP/4: Name of SELECT-OPTION / parameter CHAR   
281 CRMBWSRCTP Type of Data Source NUMC   
282 CRMBWST BW Status NUMC   
284 CRMBWSTMP Time stamp short form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) NUMC 15    
285 CRMBWTGTT_D Texts for Data Targets CHAR 60    
286 CRMBWTRANSP_D Transport Indicator CHAR   
287 CRMBWTSTMP UTC time stamp in short form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
288 CRMBWUID_25 UUID in Compressed Form CHAR 25    
289 CRMBWUNITS CRMBW: Unit of a measurement CHAR 60    
290 CRMBWVARIANT ABAP: Name of variant (without program name) CHAR 14    
291 CRMBWVARMANDTRY CRMBW: Variable with input requirement? NUMC   
292 CRMBWVARSTYP CRMBW: Selection category variables NUMC   
293 CRMBWZELNR CRMBW: Element number NUMC   
294 CRMBW_CHRMLEN Maximum length of a value in characters or bytes CHAR   
295 CRMBW_CONDOPT Selection operator OPTION (as per range table) CHAR   
296 CRMBW_HIFLAG Hierarchy Flag (for BW Extraction) CHAR   
297 CRMBW_PATH Path Name CHAR 255    
298 CRMBW_VARTYP Type of a Report Variable NUMC   
299 CRMBW_VERSION Domain Values for InfoObject "Version" 0VERSION CHAR   
300 CRMCALLMOD Synchronous or Asynchronous Call of Save BAPIs CHAR   
301 CRMCH4000 Character 4000 CHAR 4000    
302 CRMCHAR1 1-Character Length CHAR   
303 CRMCHAR10 10-Character Length CHAR 10    
304 CRMCHAR11 11-Character Length CHAR 11    
305 CRMCHAR12 12-Character Length CHAR 12    
306 CRMCHAR13 13-Character Length CHAR 13    
307 CRMCHAR14 14-Character Length CHAR 14    
308 CRMCHAR15 15-Character Length CHAR 15    
309 CRMCHAR16 16-Character Length CHAR 16    
310 CRMCHAR17 17-Character Length CHAR 17    
311 CRMCHAR18 18-Character Length CHAR 18    
312 CRMCHAR19 19-Character Length CHAR 19    
313 CRMCHAR2 2-Character Length CHAR   
314 CRMCHAR20 20-Character Length CHAR 20    
315 CRMCHAR21 21-Character Length CHAR 21    
316 CRMCHAR22 22-Character Length CHAR 22    
317 CRMCHAR23 23-Character Length CHAR 23    
318 CRMCHAR24 24-Character Length CHAR 24    
319 CRMCHAR25 25-Character Length CHAR 25    
320 CRMCHAR26 26-Character Length CHAR 26    
321 CRMCHAR27 27-Character Length CHAR 27    
322 CRMCHAR28 28-Character Length CHAR 28    
323 CRMCHAR29 29-Character Length CHAR 29    
324 CRMCHAR3 3-Character Length CHAR   
325 CRMCHAR30 30-Character Length CHAR 30    
326 CRMCHAR30LOW Char 30 with lower case CHAR 30    
327 CRMCHAR31 31-Character Length CHAR 31    
328 CRMCHAR32 32-Character Length CHAR 32    
329 CRMCHAR4 4-Character Length CHAR   
330 CRMCHAR5 5-Character Length CHAR   
331 CRMCHAR6 6-Character Length CHAR   
332 CRMCHAR7 7-Character Length CHAR   
333 CRMCHAR8 8-Character Length CHAR   
334 CRMCHAR9 9-Character Length CHAR   
335 CRMCHKMGID ID of verdict / definition of checkMan message CHAR   
336 CRMCKRES Check result line CHAR 255    
337 CRMCUKY5 Currency Key CUKY   
338 CRMCURR132 Currency fiels: 13/2 CURR 13 
339 CRMC_ACC_MESSAGE Accessibility Error CHAR 150    
340 CRMC_ACC_MSG_ID Message ID Accessibility Error NUMC 10    
341 CRMC_DAM_ALLOWED_CHAR Allowed character within CRM Digital Asset Management CHAR   
342 CRMC_DAM_ALLOWED_CHAR_TO Upper Limit of Range for allowed characters within CRM DAM CHAR   
344 CRMC_DAM_CONV_BOUNDS Conversion Image Bounds Size NUMC   
345 CRMC_DAM_CONV_CLASS Conversion Service Classname CHAR 255    
346 CRMC_DAM_CONV_DOC_TYPE_ID Conversion Service DocumentType ID CHAR 55    
347 CRMC_DAM_CONV_DPI_DESC Conversion DPI Descriptive CHAR   
348 CRMC_DAM_CONV_DPI_KEY Conversion DPI key CHAR   
349 CRMC_DAM_CONV_INST_ID Conversion Service ID (Service/Server) CHAR   
350 CRMC_DAM_MIMETYPE Customizing MimeType CHAR 100    
351 CRMC_DAM_PAGE_VARIANT Page Variants CHAR 32    
352 CRMC_DAM_PROPERTY_KEY Customizing Property Key CHAR 20    
353 CRMC_DAM_TEXT_LONG CRM DAM Basket Text CHAR 255    
354 CRMC_IC_BOOLEAN Boolean value CHAR   
356 CRMC_IST_XI_ITEM_ACTION_CODE IS-T: Action Code for an Item in the XI Message CHAR   
359 CRMC_OR_CHARTTYPE_ANA_UI5 Enhanced Chart Types     
362 CRMDD_1S_LOWER_CHAR Key Components of Table SATR_TAB as Character-Type CHAR 55    
363 CRMDEC132 Decimals DEC 13 
364 CRMDEC133 CRMDEC133 DEC 13 
365 CRMDEC95 Counter or amount field with comma and sign: 9/5 DEC
366 CRMDEFVAL Default value CHAR 32    
367 CRMDESCR Description with average length CHAR 60    
368 CRMDESCRL Description (Long) CHAR 255    
369 CRMDESCRS Short description CHAR 30    
370 CRMDM_CREI_BADI_FILTER filter value to determine BAdI implementation CHAR 30    
371 CRMDM_CREI_DD_EM_STRAT Strategy to handle requested deposit that is not appr. by EM CHAR   
372 CRMDM_CREI_DD_STRAT Strategy for Determining Deposit CHAR   
373 CRMDM_CREI_DIFF_REFUND_STRAT Refund Strategy for Cores Without Deposit CHAR   
374 CRMDM_CREI_EXEC_TIME Execution Time of an EM Function CHAR   
375 CRMDM_CREI_IEP_TYPE Type of Entitlement Profile Assigned to an Item CHAR 10    
376 CRMDM_CREI_PROFILE Item Entitlement Profile CHAR 10    
377 CRMDM_CREI_PROFILE_H Header Entitlement Profile CHAR 10    
379 CRMDM_ENR_MODE Mode for processing CHAR   
382 CRMDM_FDT_APPLID Policy Type Type CHAR 32    
383 CRMDM_FDT_BOOLEAN Boolean switch (X = true, - = false, space = unknown) CHAR   
385 CRMDM_FDT_EXE_FLAG Execute till first Match / All Match CHAR   
386 CRMDM_FDT_EXE_TYPE Execution Mode CHAR   
387 CRMDM_FDT_EXPR_TYPE Expression Type CHAR   
389 CRMDM_FDT_HLP_TYPE Help type of attribute CHAR   
390 CRMDM_FDT_LONGTEXT Domain for Long text CHAR 50    
391 CRMDM_FDT_MODE Processing Mode CHAR   
392 CRMDM_FDT_ROID condition group id CHAR   
394 CRMDM_FDT_SEQNR Sequence Number NUMC   
395 CRMDM_FDT_SOURCE Source for action parameters CHAR 40    
396 CRMDM_FDT_TEMPLATE Template for Rule CHAR   
397 CRMDM_FDT_TEXT_UPPER Domain for text upper CHAR 50    
398 CRMDM_FDT_TRANS_FLAG Transport flag CHAR   
399 CRMDM_FDT_WEEK Weekdays for Periodic Scheduling INT1   
401 CRMDM_MAJOR_QTY Type of Leading Quantity in Complaint CHAR   
402 CRMDM_PRED_MAND Reference to Preceding Object Is Mandatory CHAR   
403 CRMDM_PROD_REL_REFOBJ Product Relationship Between Item and Reference Object CHAR   
404 CRMDM_SC_RELEV package explosion in SC enabled CHAR   
405 CRMDM_TRIVAL Trivalent Attribute CHAR   
406 CRMDM_UIU_BT_RELATED_ITEMS UIU Include Related Items (Hierarchy) CHAR   
407 CRMDM_UPR_UPI Used Part Indicator CHAR   
408 CRMDO_SLT_ATTR_VALUE Value: Name Value Pair CHAR 100    
409 CRMD_ADD_SERIVCE_STXT Short Text for Telco Service Type CHAR   
410 CRMD_BILL_DEBIT_CREDIT debit lines, credit lines or both CHAR   
411 CRMD_BOOLEAN Domain for boolean simulation: 'X' is true and ' ' is false. CHAR   
412 CRMD_BSP_TEST_BP_IND Indicator: test with/with out BP data CHAR   
414 CRMD_BSP_TIME_INCREMENT Increment for time values in CRM applications CHAR   
415 CRMD_BSP_TIME_INCREMENTS CRM : BSP : Time values for dropdown list 30 Minutes Increme CHAR   
416 CRMD_BSP_UPDATE_IND Indicator for MailForm update CHAR   
417 CRMD_BSP_WFM_SEARCHDROP_VALUES Possible values for Drop Down list in WFM CRM UI Project CHAR 11    
418 CRMD_BSP_WFM_SEARCH_VALUE Domain for Data Element in Search structure for WFM UI Proje CHAR 20    
419 CRMD_BUNDLE_TEXT Additional Note on Product Relations CHAR 255    
420 CRMD_CASE_GUID Case GUID Domain RAW 16    
421 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR1 CFG: Character(1) CHAR   
422 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR10 CFG: Character(10) CHAR 10    
423 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR12 CFG: Character(12) CHAR 12    
424 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR132 CFG: Character(132) CHAR 132    
425 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR15 CFG: Character(15) CHAR 15    
426 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR18 CFG: Character(18) CHAR 18    
427 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR2 CFG: Character(2) CHAR   
428 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR25 CFG: Character(25) CHAR 25    
429 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR250 CFG: Character(250) CHAR 250    
430 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR26 CFG: Character(26) CHAR 26    
431 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR3 CFG: Character(3) CHAR   
432 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR30 CFG: Character(30) CHAR 30    
433 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR32 CFG: Character(32) CHAR 32    
434 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR4 CFG: Character(4) CHAR   
435 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR40 CFG: Character(40) CHAR 40    
436 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR5 CFG: Character(5) CHAR   
437 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR50 CFG: Character(50) CHAR 50    
438 CRMD_CFGD_CHAR72 CFG: Character(72) CHAR 72    
439 CRMD_CFGD_INTEGER CFG: Integer INT4 10    
440 CRMD_CFGD_LONGVARBINARY CFG: Longvarbinary LRAW 2550    
442 CRMD_CFG_EXT_COND_ADD_KEY Conditions / additional key CHAR 26    
443 CRMD_CHM_HOSTNAME Hostname for E-Commerce Links CHAR 64    
445 CRMD_CHM_XCM_APPL_CONF XCM configuration for E-Commerce java applications CHAR 255    
446 CRMD_CIC_ABOX_ITS_BASE_URL Base URL of the ITS corresponding to the logical system CHAR 80    
447 CRMD_CIC_CHAR255 char255 lower case CHAR 255    
448 CRMD_CIC_CHAR30 Char 30 lower case CHAR 30    
449 CRMD_CIC_STRING Variable lenght string domain STRG   
450 CRMD_CMG_CLOSECHECK Case Closing reaction on open dependent transaction CHAR   
451 CRMD_CMG_CLOSEPRFID Case closing profile ID CHAR   
452 CRMD_CMG_COPY_ATTR Case Copying Parameters for Attributes CHAR   
453 CRMD_CMG_COPY_DOC Control Parameters for Documents During Copying of Case CHAR   
454 CRMD_CMG_COPY_NOTES Case Copying Parameters for Notes CHAR   
455 CRMD_CMG_COPY_RECORD Case Copying Parameters for Records CHAR   
456 CRMD_CMG_FLAG_DOCUMENT_LINKING Flag: Should document be copied or referenced? CHAR   
457 CRMD_CMG_MY CRM Case: My (Cases, Favorites, Activities) CHAR   
458 CRMD_CMG_NUM Number Field CHAR   
459 CRMD_COMMON_FILTER_ID CRM Embedded Analytics : Common Filter ID CHAR 20    
460 CRMD_COMMON_FILTER_ID_UC CRM Embedded Analytics : Common Filter ID Uppercase CHAR 20    
461 CRMD_COMMON_OPERATOR CRM Embedded Analytics : Common Operator CHAR   
462 CRMD_COMMON_OPTIONS CRM Embedded Analytics : Options CHAR   
463 CRMD_COMP_OP Logical operand in condition CHAR   
464 CRMD_CSW_INBOX_WAIT Client Switch Inbox Wait NUMC   
465 CRMD_CTXT_COMMAND context menu command STRG   
466 CRMD_CTXT_COMMAND_TXT context menu command description STRG   
467 CRMD_DASHBOARD_DESCR CRM Embedded Aanlytics : Dashboard Description CHAR 255    
468 CRMD_DASHBOARD_DESCR_UC CRM Embedded Aanlytics : Dashboard Description Uppercase CHAR 255    
469 CRMD_DASHBOARD_ID CRM Embedded Analytics : Dashboard ID CHAR 30    
470 CRMD_DASHBOARD_ID_UC CRM Embedded Analytics : Dashboard ID Uppercase CHAR 30    
471 CRMD_DISPATCH_FDNAME Local Field Name CHAR 30    
472 CRMD_EDR_RTIME Domain For Retension Time NUMC   
473 CRMD_EMBEDDED_DASH_TYPE CRM Embedded Analytics : Dashboard Type CHAR   
474 CRMD_EOP_APPLOBJ Data Privacy: Application Object CHAR   
475 CRMD_EOP_CHECK_LOGGING Data Privacy: Log level CHAR   
476 CRMD_ERMS_ATTRIBUTE_CATEGORY Personalized Mails: Attribute Categories CHAR   
477 CRMD_ES_SEQ_NUM Sequence number NUMC   
478 CRMD_ES_STAT_IND Status indicator CHAR   
479 CRMD_EXECUTION_TIME Dispatch Execution Time CHAR   
480 CRMD_FS_AH_ENABL Billing account hierarchy enable flag CHAR   
481 CRMD_FS_PROTECT_PTVIEWS_BOOL Indicator for Protecting Pass-Through Views from Fixing CHAR   
482 CRMD_GUID_C Guid in Character Display CHAR 32    
483 CRMD_IBM_STAT Maintenance Status CHAR   
484 CRMD_IC_ALRT_PROF IC alert modeler profile CHAR 12    
485 CRMD_IC_CHAR255 char255 lower case CHAR 255    
486 CRMD_IC_CHAR30 Char 30 lower case CHAR 30    
487 CRMD_IC_PROF_TEXT IC profile text CHAR 30    
488 CRMD_IC_XML_PROFILE_TEXT XML Profile Description CHAR 32    
489 CRMD_IM_ALIGMODE Alignment for a table in the Mail Form CHAR   
490 CRMD_IM_ATTR_DESC Marketing attribute description for the Mail Form CHAR 60    
491 CRMD_IM_BORDER Border for a table in the Mail Form CHAR   
492 CRMD_IM_DESC Char 132 Without Conversion to Upper Case CHAR 132    
493 CRMD_IM_FORMCAPTION Form Description in Lower Case CHAR 30    
494 CRMD_IM_TEST_CHANNEL Channel for communication channel test CHAR   
495 CRMD_IM_TRACKING_OPTION Mail Forms: Tracking option for the URL CHAR   
496 CRMD_IM_UNIT All SAPscript units CHAR   
497 CRMD_IM_UNITH Horizontal unit of measurement CHAR   
498 CRMD_IPC_PROP_TYPE Property type CHAR 32    
499 CRMD_IPC_PROP_TYPENAME Concrate value for the type CHAR 32    
500 CRMD_IPM_MAS_BTX_DISTR Distribution operation for mass change CHAR