SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 7
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CIFMXCOVUP Upsizing Indicator CHAR   
2 CIFNDANAME CIF: Refresh tool name of New Dimension application CHAR 10    
3 CIFNDFLOAT Float FLTP 16  16 
4 CIFOBJKIND Type of integration model category (standard, IS, customer) CHAR   
5 CIFOBJTYP CIF object type for REFRESH tools CHAR 30    
6 CIFOBJTYPE DOM Object type in OLTP CHAR   
7 CIFOFFCO I/O offset - activity dependency CHAR   
8 CIFOPMOD Operating mode of active data channel (ADC) CHAR   
9 CIFORDCLAS Order Class for Transaction Data for Transfer from SAP APO CHAR   
10 CIFORDSTAT DOM Order state CHAR   
11 CIFORDTYP2 DOM APO Order type from Release 2.0A INT2   
13 CIFOVLAP Overlap CHAR   
14 CIFPEGCCUR CIF: Competing Pegging CHAR   
15 CIFPEGWALF CIF: Preferred Pegging Without Alerts CHAR   
16 CIFPERAZ Number of periods DEC   
17 CIFPERVR Period indicator CHAR   
18 CIFPGSTRAT Pegging strategy NUMC   
19 CIFPLANT DOM plant CHAR 20    
20 CIFPLNLOAD DOM Control for reloading published plans CHAR   
21 CIFPNODEFL Indicator, whether product flow node follows pegging node CHAR   
22 CIFPOSTAT External procurement status (purchase requisition, order) CHAR   
23 CIFPPMSEL Selection Date for PPM Updating NUMC   
24 CIFPPMTYP Type of a PPM (For Example, In-House Production, Subctrct) CHAR   
25 CIFPRDFLID External ID for product flow CHAR   
26 CIFPRIO Priority in APO format INT1   
27 CIFPROCESS DOM Processing parameter CHAR   
28 CIFPROCTYP Procurement type CHAR   
29 CIFPRODVER DOM Production version CHAR   
30 CIFPROFID CIF: Profile ID CHAR 12    
31 CIFPSSFNAME Smart Forms: Name CHAR 30    
32 CIFQGRP Quality Inspection Group CHAR   
33 CIFQTYPE Queue Type CHAR   
34 CIFQUALF Qualifier for quantity specification CHAR   
35 CIFQUAN10 Domain quantity 10 QUAN 10    
36 CIFQUAN13 Domain quantity 13 QUAN 13 
37 CIFQUAN15 Domain Quantity 15 QUAN 15 
38 CIFQUAN9 Quantity field 9 digits QUAN   
39 CIFQUANADJ Quantity Adjustment After Confirmation CHAR   
40 CIFQUANTIT DOM Requirement quantity QUAN 17    
41 CIFR4TABNM Structure name, compatible with Release 4 CHAR 30    
42 CIFRDPRF Rounding profile in APO CHAR   
43 CIFREGOBCT Sequential Counter for Objects Within a CIF RFC INT4 10    
44 CIFREGSTAT Processing Status of a Registration Entry CHAR   
45 CIFREORMTH Selection of recorder point procedure CHAR   
46 CIFRESCHED Rescheduling after Quantity Adjustment via Confirmation CHAR   
47 CIFRESFLAG Resources flag CHAR   
48 CIFRESNAM Resource name CHAR 40    
49 CIFRESOMTY Type of resource (ObjMgr) NUMC   
50 CIFRESTY11 Type of resource (ObjMgr) NUMC   
51 CIFRESTYP Type of Resource CHAR   
52 CIFRESTYPE Resource type CHAR   
54 CIFRPSTAT Replenishment Control of Location Product CHAR   
55 CIFRQCVFLG Indicator for determining availability date CHAR   
56 CIFRQCVTYP Determination of receipt date in period DEC
57 CIFRRCPHOR ATP: Horizon for Recreating Receipts in Calendar Days NUMC   
58 CIFRTOADTY Extension Type CHAR   
59 CIFRTOFILT Filter for BAdI Implementation CHAR   
60 CIFRTOFLAG Domains for Flags in IPPE Runtime Object CHAR   
61 CIFRTOFLD Field Name CHAR 30    
63 CIFRTOPLNT Domains for Planning Type in Production Version CHAR   
64 CIFRTOPLSG PDS Task List Usage CHAR   
65 CIFRTOPRAS Runtime Object: Assignment of Material to Activity Type CHAR   
66 CIFRTOSEQM Sequence Mark CHAR   
67 CIFRTOSLCS Runtime Object: Type of Sublocation Assignment CHAR   
68 CIFRTOVAL Field value CHAR 40    
69 CIFRUNDFAK Rounding Factor QUAN 13 
70 CIFSATDACT Goods Movement, Delivery for APO Purchase Scheduling Agmnt CHAR   
71 CIFSCACD Standard carrier access code CHAR   
72 CIFSCHEDBY Relationship Scheduling (Predecessor/Successor) CHAR   
73 CIFSCMODEL Model Name in Supply Chain Network CHAR 22    
74 CIFSCRAP_IND Scrapping Indicator for Processing in EWM CHAR   
75 CIFSENDALL Transfer Indicator: All Relevant Objects CHAR   
76 CIFSERIAL Serial Number Profile CHAR   
77 CIFSETUPID Setup ID INT4 10    
78 CIFSFRGR Forwarding agent freight group CHAR   
79 CIFSHIFT Domain for time deviation QUAN 12 
80 CIFSHPORI Operation relevance for APO CHAR   
81 CIFSLDRND Rounding Rule for Calculating Shelf Life Expiration Date CHAR   
82 CIFSLED_BBD Consider Shelf Life as Best-Bef. Date/Shelf Life Expir. Date CHAR   
83 CIFSLSTGRD Control start of activities INT1   
84 CIFSNPDPFS Fair share rule CHAR   
85 CIFSNPDPPU Push indicator CHAR   
87 CIFSNPLOTB Start Time for Grouping Period CHAR   
88 CIFSNPLOTS Strategy for Forming Period Lot Sizes in SNP CHAR   
89 CIFSPSGN Stock/Provisions Indicator CHAR   
92 CIFSTATCNF Status Confirmed CHAR   
93 CIFSTATPRD Status for Operation Segment Processing CHAR   
94 CIFSTATREL Status: Released CHAR   
95 CIFSTATSET Status for Operation Segment Setup CHAR   
96 CIFSTATTDN Status for Operation Segment Teardown CHAR   
97 CIFSTKREAD Indicator Whether Stock Values Should be Read Again CHAR   
98 CIFSTRID DOM Production calendar CHAR 10    
99 CIFSUBCO Subcontracting indicator (1,0) CHAR   
100 CIFSUGRD Reason for material substitution NUMC   
101 CIFTARGMTH Target stock level procedure CHAR   
102 CIFTBID Time buckets profile ID CHAR 22    
103 CIFTDSRC Source of supply type (contract, sched. agrmnt, info record) CHAR   
104 CIFTIMEDIF Duration, time difference (in seconds) INT4 10    
105 CIFTRANSF CIF Change Transfer for Master Data CHAR   
106 CIFTRBESKZ Procurement indicator of supply source CHAR   
107 CIFTRFCCHN Serialization channel for tRFC CHAR 24    
108 CIFTRIGGER Trigger of Data Transfer Using CIF CHAR   
109 CIFTSEGTIM Time segment for logical time CHAR 10    
110 CIFTSTDURG Time stream: Duration in hhhhhhh:mm:ss/external ttttt,tt DEC 11    
111 CIFTSTDURN Time stream: Duration in hhhhhhh:mm:ss / external hhhhhhh:mm DEC 11    
112 CIFTSTRDUR Time stream: Duration in hhhhhhh:mm:ss/external ttttt,tt DEC 11    
113 CIFTSTRID Time stream: External ID CHAR 10    
114 CIFUPDCNTR CIF Update Counter for Execution Objects NUMC   
115 CIFUPDUSE Settings for Cross-System Update Logic CHAR   
116 CIFVRGTYP Operation type INT1   
117 CIF_BASE_PRICE Price per base unit of measure CURR 15 
118 CIF_BGRFC_COMPRESSION Data Compresssion for NW bgRFC CHAR   
120 CIF_BGRFC_STATE CIF Status of Data Transfer via bgRFC CHAR   
121 CIF_CALLER Caller of Function Module, Method, and so on CHAR   
122 CIF_CC_GATEWAY_RES Proportion of Gateway Resources INT2   
123 CIF_CC_SCHED_CNT Number of Schedulers Running INT4 10    
124 CIF_CHANGE PPM: Change Transfer Object CHAR   
125 CIF_CHAR60 CIF: Character String CHAR 60    
126 CIF_CHECK_ALIVE_MAX Maximum Number of Automatic Unit-Alive Checks INT4 10    
127 CIF_CHTYPE Data type of characteristic CHAR   
128 CIF_CON250 Concatenated Key for Objects with Char. Valuations (250) CHAR 250    
129 CIF_CONCNT Counter for External Generic Keys (Long Format) NUMC 10    
130 CIF_CONKEY Concatenated key for objects with characteristic valuations CHAR 100    
131 CIF_CSLREF Reference for Cross-System Block CHAR 255    
132 CIF_CURTO_FLAG Domains for Indicator in PDS (iPPE) CHAR   
133 CIF_CURTO_PROD_ACT_ASS Assigment of Product to Activity Type CHAR   
134 CIF_DCAT Description of Category of Interchangeable Parts CHAR 40    
135 CIF_DELETION_DELAY_TIME Delete Time for Processable Units (Seconds) INT4 10    
136 CIF_DEST_CNT_MAX Maximum Number of Destinations per Scheduler INT4 10    
137 CIF_EC_APP Application: Initiator of Publication? CHAR   
138 CIF_EXPLDF Inherit BOM Explosion Date CHAR   
139 CIF_EXT_CAT_D Description of Category of Interchangeable Parts CHAR 40    
140 CIF_EXT_MRPGR Parts Interchangeability MPN-MRP Set CHAR 10    
141 CIF_EXT_MRPSET Indicator: MRP set comparison NUMC   
142 CIF_EXT_PICCAT Interchangeable Parts Category CHAR   
143 CIF_EXT_PICCODE Cause of Part Exchange CHAR   
144 CIF_EXT_PICNUM Parts Interchangeability Group Number CHAR 18    
145 CIF_FLAG True/False Flag CHAR   
146 CIF_FLG_INFO_DEST Destination of the Information for Posted Backflushes CHAR   
147 CIF_GMOVE_IND Goods movement type: GI / GR of primary, co- and by-product CHAR   
148 CIF_IBS Calling Application (IBS Specific) CHAR   
149 CIF_IBX_PERSISTENT_ID_TYPE IB: Type of External Identification of an Instance CHAR   
150 CIF_IB_AUTHG IBase Authorization Group CHAR   
151 CIF_IB_INSTANCEOBJECT IB: Component Reservation CHAR 22    
152 CIF_IDLE_TIME Scheduler Idle Time in s INT4 10    
153 CIF_IMSTAT DOM Status of an Integration Model Item CHAR   
154 CIF_IO_KZ Indicator for Components/Requirements CHAR   
155 CIF_IRQRED Ind. Whether Req Reduction is Controlled Using Own Int.Model CHAR   
156 CIF_IS_ISSUED Status of Goods Movements INT1   
157 CIF_LDEPTH Hierarchy level of line in document NUMC   
158 CIF_LINEID Unique identifier of a document line NUMC   
159 CIF_LOAD_BAL_EXPIRE_TIME Expiration Time of Load Balancing Entries INT4 10    
160 CIF_LOCBP Indicator for Creating Locations/Business Partners CHAR   
161 CIF_MARC_ERROR Reason for Inconsistency of Entry in MARC CHAR   
162 CIF_MATHEA CIF: Internal Material Number CHAR 18    
163 CIF_MATTYP CIF: Type of Material Number CHAR   
164 CIF_MATVER Material Version for CIF CHAR 10    
165 CIF_MDTYPE CIF: Master Data Category CHAR   
166 CIF_MESSAGES_PER_LOG_SEGMENT Number of Messages per Entry in Application Log INT4 10    
167 CIF_MESSAGE_LIFE_TIME Lifetime of Messages in Application Log (in Hours) INT4 10    
168 CIF_MPDS Transfer multiple selection of PDS CHAR   
169 CIF_MRPGR Parts Interchangeability MPN-MRP Set CHAR 10    
170 CIF_MRPSET Indicator: MRP set comparison NUMC   
171 CIF_ORDERNR External Number for an Order CHAR 12    
172 CIF_PICCAT Interchangeable Parts Category CHAR   
173 CIF_PICCODE Cause of Part Exchange CHAR   
174 CIF_PICNUM Parts Interchangeability Group Number CHAR 18    
175 CIF_PLANU Usage of production process model (SNP and/or PP/DS) CHAR   
176 CIF_PLANUR Use of a Plan, Repair, Replaces CIF_PLANU CHAR   
177 CIF_PPM_ACTION CIF Action That Was Executed for a PPM CHAR   
178 CIF_PROCESS CIF Process Indicator CHAR   
179 CIF_PROCESSING_TIME Maximum Processing Time of Destination INT4 10    
180 CIF_PR_ACT Activity Status: Function for Retaining Fixed Pegging CHAR   
181 CIF_QM_TRS Indicator Whether Inspection Lots May be Transferred CHAR   
182 CIF_RAW1 Type Raw, Length 1 RAW   
183 CIF_REDO_UNIT_WAIT_CNT_MAX Maximum Number of Automatic Retries for Unit INT4 10    
184 CIF_SEQ_MARK Sequence mark CHAR   
185 CIF_SIZE Number of activities in APO DEC   
186 CIF_SPE_BNTYP Business Types of MRP Area CHAR   
187 CIF_STATE Status of a Plan in the Production Process Model CHAR   
188 CIF_TASK_CNT_MAX Number of Open Connections INT4 10    
189 CIF_TSW_ISTAT TSW: Item Status CHAR   
190 CIF_VACTIV CIF: Flag Material Versions Relevant to Logistics CHAR   
191 CIF_VBXVCO VBX: Interval Boundaries (Org. VBX_VALCOD) CHAR   
192 CIF_VSPTYP Material Version: Specialization Type CHAR 10    
193 CIF_WAIT_TIME Wait Times for qRFC/tRFC Units INT4 10    
194 CIM_AKTYP Processing type of the transaction CHAR   
195 CIM_COUNT Numerator NUMC   
196 CIM_PARAMETER_KIND CIM Method Parameter Class INT1   
197 CIM_PROPERTY_KIND CIM Property Class INT1   
198 CIM_RSCHL Sequence key CHAR   
199 CIM_RSCHL1 Sequence key CHAR   
200 CIM_SORT Sort string for CIM dialog tables CHAR 234    
201 CIM_VART Processing type for operation and sub-operation CHAR   
202 CINSE Socio-professional category INSEE code CHAR   
203 CIRCUMSTANCE_INDICATOR_SO Indicator for a Circumstance in a Sales Order CHAR   
204 CIS_ACTION Action Indicator CIS Vendor verification CHAR 10    
205 CIS_CATEGORY Category of CIS Vendors CHAR 12    
206 CIS_NIL_RETURN_INDICATOR Nil Return Period indicator for New CIS Reporting CHAR   
207 CIS_PERIOD_END_DATE Period End date of New CIS Reporting DATS   
208 CIS_VFNSTATUS Verification status for CIS Vendors CHAR   
209 CIS_VFN_ID Verification ID for CIS Subcontractors CHAR   
210 CITDSDPUSE CIF: Indicator for Use in SDP CHAR   
211 CITY City for WB training model BC_Travel CHAR 25    
212 CITYC City code CHAR   
213 CITYP_CODE District code for city and street file CHAR   
214 CITYSTATEFACCODE IS-M: Type of locality describing a city CHAR   
215 CITY_CODE City code for city/street file CHAR 12    
217 CIWB_DO_ROOT_DOC_TYPE Source Document Type CHAR   
218 CIWB_DO_UI_STATUS Field Control CHAR   
219 CJAHR Fiscal year as text field CHAR   
220 CJAMT Amount field for cash journal with +/- sign CURR 15 
221 CJCHECKSPLIT Split Indicator for Totals Document for Split Presentation CHAR   
222 CJCHSTAT Check lot status CHAR   
223 CJDNUM Cash Document Group CHAR   
224 CJDNUM_DESC Cash Document Group Description CHAR 40    
225 CJDOCCAT Document category cash journal document CHAR   
226 CJDOCSTAT Cash journal document internal status CHAR   
227 CJDSPLIT Split Variant for Cash Journal Document CHAR   
228 CJITSTATUS Cash journal document item status CHAR   
229 CJMOP Cash journal means of payment CHAR   
230 CJNR Cash journal number CHAR   
231 CJPOSTYPE Type of cash journal item CHAR   
232 CJROL_KK Roles in Cash Journal CHAR   
233 CJRTYPE Totals record type for cash journal CHAR   
234 CJTCLAS Cash Journal Business Transaction Classification CHAR   
235 CJTSTAMP Time stamp for cash journal CHAR 20    
236 CJTTYP Cash journal business transaction type CHAR   
237 CKAMP Checking rule for manufacturer CHAR   
238 CKAPBED Capacity requirements value FLTP 16  16 
239 CKBOX Checkbox INT4 10    
240 CKDUV_MATACT Activate Distribution of Cons. Differences from Inventory CHAR   
241 CKDUV_STAT Distribution status of usage variances CHAR   
242 CKDUV_STATUS Distribution status of usage variances CHAR   
243 CKEK_COSTING_CHANGED Indicator Showing Whether Cost Estimate Has Changed CHAR   
244 CKFA_ORDSEL Production Order Cost Estimate: Order Selection NUMC   
245 CKFA_SCALE Factor for Production Order Cost Estimate CHAR   
246 CKF_POSTING_CONTROL Control of Update of Costing Objects CHAR   
247 CKF_TP_REQUESTED Calculate Transfer Prices? CHAR   
248 CKI_CHARA_VAL Costing Model: Value of a Characteristic CHAR 255    
249 CKI_CHARA_VALUE_P Value Field for Characteristic Values DEC 31  10 
250 CKI_MODELCAT Costing Model: Model Type CHAR   
251 CKI_MODELINSTANCE Costing Model: Model Instance NUMC 15    
252 CKI_MODEL_CHARA_DESCRIPT Description of a Characteristic CHAR 40    
254 CKI_MODEL_CHARA_TYPE Characteristic Type CHAR   
255 CKI_SOURCE_PRICE Source of the price for the translation CHAR   
256 CKI_VGAAU Type of Entry in the Object History CHAR   
257 CKI_VGABE Type of Entry in the Object History CHAR   
258 CKMLAVRDOC_STATUS Status of Cumulation Closing Document CHAR   
260 CKMLAVR_PRELIMPRICE Provisional valuation price for the cumulation of the AVRs CHAR   
261 CKMLBB_FIFOVAR FIFO Costing Variant (Material Ledger) CHAR   
262 CKMLBB_FIFOVAR_TEXT Description of FIFO Costing Variant (Material Ledger) CHAR 50    
263 CKMLBB_SCHEMA Key Figure Scheme in Material Ledger CHAR   
264 CKMLBB_SCHEMA_TEXT Description for Key Figure Scheme in Material Ledger CHAR 50    
265 CKMLDUV_BELNR Document No. Creation Document Activity Distribution NUMC 10    
266 CKMLQS_BEZUG Base Quantity Size NUMC   
267 CKMLW_NUMBER Number of Reporting Periods with End in Posting Period NUMC   
268 CKMLW_RUN_STATUS Status for Run of the Weekly Actual Costing NUMC   
269 CKMLW_RUN_TYPE Profile for the Weekly Actual Costing CHAR   
270 CKMLW_SUBTYPE Rub Subtype for the Weekly Actual Costing CHAR   
271 CKMLW_TYPE Runtype of the Weekly Actual Costing CHAR   
272 CKMLW_WEEK Reporting Period of Run NUMC   
273 CKML_ACTION_WIP Material Ledger WIP Settle Document Action CHAR   
274 CKML_ANZEIGE_DIFF Display selection of differences CHAR   
275 CKML_ASCHEMA Material Update Structure CHAR   
276 CKML_BNKSCHEMA Structure for version name formation CHAR   
277 CKML_CATEG Category in Material Ledger Data Display CHAR   
278 CKML_CATEG_BB Category in Material Ledger Balance Sheet Valuation CHAR   
279 CKML_CCS_VARFIX Indicator Fixed/Variable CHAR   
280 CKML_CKM3_VALUE Material Price Analysis, Cost Component: Select Value View CHAR   
281 CKML_CKM3_VIEW Material Ledger Data Display: View Selection CHAR   
282 CKML_COUNT Numerical counter INT4 10    
283 CKML_EDIT_NAME Edited Name of an Alternative or a Process CHAR 50    
284 CKML_ER_DIFF Cumulation of Exchange Rate Differences CHAR   
285 CKML_FILTER_ID Identifier for alternative filter hierarchies NUMC   
286 CKML_FILTER_ID_COUNTER Counter for identifiers of filter hierarchies NUMC   
288 CKML_ICON4 Icons for ALV CHAR   
289 CKML_KATEGORIE Category in Material Update Structure CHAR   
290 CKML_KONTEXT Kontext for naming edition CHAR   
291 CKML_LINETYPE_WIP Material Ledger WIP Settle Document Line Type CHAR   
292 CKML_MANCHANG_CCS_TYPE Key for Default Cost Component Split Type NUMC   
293 CKML_MANCHANG_SEL_KF ManChang: Select Indicator CHAR   
294 CKML_MANCHANG_SEL_MENGE Base Quantity Selection CHAR   
295 CKML_MATLED Material Ledger Type Indicator CHAR   
296 CKML_MATSELID Identification for Material Restriction on ML List Display NUMC   
297 CKML_MATSTATUS Status of a Material in ML NUMC   
298 CKML_MGKAT Quantity Structure Category CHAR   
299 CKML_MGTYP Quantity Structure Type CHAR   
300 CKML_MGVLAREVAL Control of Credit of Cost Centers CHAR   
301 CKML_MGVLAUPD Actual Activity Consumption Update CHAR   
302 CKML_MLBWG Movement Type Group for ML Update CHAR   
303 CKML_NAME_GRP Naming group CHAR   
304 CKML_NAME_RULE Rule for name formation CHAR   
305 CKML_NSCHEMA Structure for version name formation CHAR   
306 CKML_OTYP Object Type CHAR   
307 CKML_PACK_SIZE3 3 digit packet size, whole number DEC   
308 CKML_POS_TYPE Value Flow Monitor: Item Category CHAR   
309 CKML_PRICE_SOURCE Origin of Price To Be Checked CHAR   
310 CKML_PROZESS_TYP Process Category (Procurement/Withdrawal) CHAR   
311 CKML_PROZESS_TYP_S Process Category Language-Dependent (Procurement/Withdrawal) CHAR   
312 CKML_PTYP_BB Balance Sheet Valuation Process Category CHAR   
313 CKML_QS_NODETYPE ML: Valuated Quantity Structure Node Type CHAR   
314 CKML_RUN_APPL Material ledger costing run application CHAR   
315 CKML_RUN_ICON Obsolete! Do not use! CHAR   
316 CKML_RUN_ICON_WITH_QUICK_INFO Dynamic Icons for Use with FB ICON_CREATE CHAR 36    
317 CKML_RUN_ID Identifying number for a costing run in the material ledger NUMC 12    
318 CKML_RUN_METHOD Method of an object (create, change, display) CHAR   
319 CKML_RUN_SEQUENCE Processing an ML costing run NUMC   
320 CKML_RUN_TYPE Profile for costing run in the material ledger CHAR   
321 CKML_SEMIPROC_TYPE Sub-process category CHAR   
322 CKML_SICHT_ID_IST View for the Display of Costing Results (Actual) CHAR   
323 CKML_SICHT_ID_KUM View for the Display of Costing Results (Cumulation) CHAR   
324 CKML_STATUS Status of the material CHAR   
325 CKML_STATUS_FLAG Status Indicator for ML Period Closing Functions CHAR   
326 CKML_TCODE_UMB Different Account Determination in Transaction CHAR 20    
327 CKML_VFM_VIEW Value Flow Monitor: View Selection CHAR   
328 CKML_VNB Revaluation of Consumption CHAR   
329 CKML_ZEIT_STRG Control of time dependency CHAR   
330 CKQS_APPL_ID Application ID CHAR   
332 CKRATE Exchange Rate DEC 16 
333 CKSTA_EBLB Status of the check CHAR   
334 CKTC_CMDNAME Name for Costing Master Data CHAR 40    
335 CK_AEQUI4 Costing: Equiv. Number 4 Places Due to Redefine CKIS-STPOS DEC   
336 CK_ANZ Numerator NUMC   
337 CK_AUFKZ Quantity Structure Control CHAR   
338 CK_AUSID Assembly/Operation Scrap Included CHAR   
339 CK_AUSWAHL Selection Indicator Must/Can/Must Not CHAR   
340 CK_BEZUG Cost Base NUMC   
341 CK_BWMAN Valuation Including Manual Cost Component Split CHAR   
342 CK_BWSEL Valuation Strategy for Internal Activity CHAR   
343 CK_BWSFH Valuation Strategy for Production Resources and Tools CHAR   
344 CK_BWSFL Valuation Strategy for Subcontracting CHAR   
345 CK_BWSMA Valuation Strategy for Material Component CHAR   
346 CK_BWST Valuation strategy for single-valuated material CHAR   
347 CK_BWSVW Valuation Strategy for External Processing CHAR   
348 CK_BWSVX Valuation strategy for external processing CHAR   
349 CK_BWVAR Costing valuation variant CHAR   
350 CK_CCOMPTYPE Type of Cost Component Split CHAR   
351 CK_CHARACT_LOGIC Costing: Characteristic Logic CHAR   
352 CK_CHAR_FILE_CAT Costing: Characteristic Storage Type CHAR   
353 CK_CONTAINER_ID Costing Model: ID for Characteristic Storage CHAR 70    
354 CK_COSESTI With, w/o, with and w/o Qty Structure, Manual Cost Estimate NUMC   
355 CK_COST_ELEMENT_MANUAL Cost Element Changed Manually CHAR   
356 CK_COUNT Continuous Counter for Differentiating Database Entries NUMC   
357 CK_CPROJ_EXTDESCR External Description of a Concrete cProject CHAR 60    
358 CK_CUOBJ Object Number, Internal (Temporary Copy of CUOBJ) NUMC 18    
359 CK_CUOBJID Indicates Configurable Object CHAR   
360 CK_CURRENY Cost Component Split in Company Code/CO Area Currency NUMC   
361 CK_DATUM Date DATS   
362 CK_DEC_1_16 Factor with 15 Decimal Places DEC 17  15 
363 CK_DEC_1_17 Factor with 17 Decimal Places DEC 19  17 
364 CK_DEC_1_18 Test DEC 18  18 
365 CK_DEC_1_5 Field for Cost Portion DEC
366 CK_DELTA_ART Type of Variance CHAR   
367 CK_DEL_PLAN_PRC Indicator: delete price marking CHAR   
368 CK_DERZK Procedure for Usage in Product Costing CHAR   
369 CK_DIPA Direct Partner Characteristic of Cost Component Split CHAR   
370 CK_DTKEY Add Date to Cost Estimate CHAR   
371 CK_ELEMENT Number of the Cost Component NUMC   
372 CK_ELESMHK Cost Component Structure for Cost of Goods Manufactured CHAR   
373 CK_ELESMPK Cost Component Structure for Primary Costs CHAR   
374 CK_ELESMSK Cost Component Structure for Statistical Costs CHAR   
375 CK_ELESMSM Cost Component Structure for Statistical Quantities CHAR   
376 CK_ELESMVV Cost Component Structure for Sales and Administration Costs CHAR   
377 CK_EL_GRUP Cost Component Group CHAR   
378 CK_ES_ART Type/Usage of the Cost Component Structure CHAR   
379 CK_EVENT Call up event for Execution Services CHAR   
380 CK_EWAHR Usage Probability with Version Control DEC   
381 CK_EWKNZ Indicator for entry currency NUMC   
382 CK_EXECUTION_OBART Object types for Easy Execution CHAR   
383 CK_EXECUTION_SERVICE Execution Service in E@sy Cost Planning CHAR   
384 CK_EXPROFILE Execution Profile CHAR   
385 CK_FAKTOR Factor for the Costing Relevancy of a Line Item DEC
386 CK_FBB_ANZ Number of Materials in Financial Accounting Documents NUMC   
387 CK_FEHLER Error Percentage of Costing NUMC   
388 CK_FEHLST Parameters for Error Management NUMC   
389 CK_FEHLSTG Error Management Group for Product Costing CHAR   
390 CK_FELDG Field Groups CHAR   
391 CK_FINAL Indicator for Final Result of Balance Sheet Valuation CHAR   
392 CK_FLTP Floating FLTP 16  16 
393 CK_FV Indicator for Total, Fixed, or Variable Costs CHAR   
394 CK_GENTYP Value Range, Type of Generation of Item CHAR   
395 CK_GESFIX Indicator for Total or Fixed Costs CHAR   
396 CK_GFV Not Relevant, Only Variable Relevant, or Fixed and Variable CHAR   
397 CK_GTEIL Costing: Treatment of Nonvariable Parts (Configuration) NUMC   
398 CK_ICON Icon NUMC   
399 CK_INT4 Number INT4 10    
400 CK_KADAT Costing Date DATS   
401 CK_KALABEZ Character Field Length 50 CHAR 50    
402 CK_KALART Unit Costing or Product Costing CHAR   
403 CK_KALASTEP Costing Run: Step in Costing Run CHAR   
404 CK_KALKA Costing Type CHAR   
405 CK_KALNR Costing number (unit costing/product costing) NUMC 12    
406 CK_KALNR_TYPE Type of a Cost Estimate Number Given in the Material Ledger CHAR   
407 CK_KALST Numerical, 4 Characters NUMC   
408 CK_KOSGR Overhead group for costing CHAR 10    
409 CK_KZANW Determination of Application Area CHAR   
410 CK_LFDNR Consecutive number for additional material ledgers NUMC   
411 CK_LOCK_STATE PCP: Lock Status in Persistence Manager CHAR   
412 CK_LOSDURC Domains for Passing On Lot Size CHAR   
413 CK_LOSGRKZ Determination of Lot Size of Semifinished Products CHAR   
414 CK_MANER Inclusion of Additive Costs CHAR   
415 CK_MATLED Material ledger indicator CHAR   
416 CK_MAT_BOM Material With/Without BOM NUMC   
417 CK_MAT_VAL_STRAT PCP: Material Valuation Strategy CHAR   
418 CK_MISCHVERH Mixing Ratio in a Mixed Cost Estimate DEC 13 
419 CK_MLSTAT Material ledger period status NUMC   
420 CK_MLVNR Material ledger operation number CHAR 12    
421 CK_ML_ABST Material Price Determination: control CHAR   
422 CK_MODIF Type of BOM item CHAR   
423 CK_MODUS Working mode for dialog data admin. INT1   
424 CK_MSGAR Message Types in Log CHAR   
425 CK_NO_COSTING Do Not Cost CHAR   
426 CK_OBJ Reference Object of a Cost Estimate CHAR   
427 CK_ORGANI Organizational Units for Costing CHAR   
428 CK_PER Transfer Options NUMC   
429 CK_PER_ART Type of Period CHAR   
430 CK_PLANNED_PRICE_VALIDITY Planned Price Valid From DATS   
431 CK_PLISQUT Plan/Actual Quota Arrangement CHAR   
432 CK_POSNR Line Item Number (5 Characters) NUMC   
433 CK_PRICE_FIELD Price Field in Material Master CHAR   
434 CK_PRICE_KZG Price indicator for final inventory/balance sheet valuation CHAR   
435 CK_PRICE_MANUAL Price Changed Manually CHAR   
436 CK_PRICE_NUMBER Price Number CHAR   
437 CK_PRICE_TYPE Material Valuation in BW: Price Type (Valuation Method) CHAR   
438 CK_PROZENT Percentage Share of a Procurement Alternative DEC
439 CK_PRTYP Type of Price CHAR   
440 CK_PSMINF Material Valuation Strategy with Purchasing Info Records CHAR   
441 CK_PVS_ALTNR Alternative CHAR   
442 CK_PVS_POSVAR PVS: Component Variant CHAR   
443 CK_REPO_TITLE Reporting title CHAR 40    
444 CK_REV_DET_TYPE Type of Revenue Determination in ECP CHAR   
445 CK_RNDKZ Rounding Indicator for Product Costing CHAR   
446 CK_SCHUETZ Table Entry Protected Against Changes CHAR   
447 CK_SELEKTION Options for Selecting Cost Components CHAR   
448 CK_SELKZ Selection indicator for costing line items CHAR   
449 CK_SICHT View of Cost Component Display NUMC   
450 CK_SLML Type of Cost Component Split in the Material Ledger CHAR   
451 CK_SPEIEIN Domain for Data Element CK_SPEIEIN CHAR   
452 CK_STATUS Status Field for Product Costing CHAR   
453 CK_STEUS Control Key CHAR   
454 CK_STRUNR Structure Number for Associated Costing Structure NUMC 12    
455 CK_STUFE Indicator for Level Portion of Cost Component Split CHAR   
456 CK_SUMZIFFR Sum of Equivalence Numbers of Co-Products for a Process DEC   
457 CK_TERID Date Control ID CHAR   
458 CK_TERKZ Date Indicator for a Specific Costing Date CHAR   
460 CK_UEBER Domain for Transfer Control CHAR4 CHAR   
461 CK_UFIELD_MODE Sessions for Control of Transfer Fields CHAR   
462 CK_UNTPER Subperiod for Material Ledger NUMC   
463 CK_UPDATE_FLAG Update Indicator for Costing Persistence CHAR   
464 CK_UPDTC Indicator for Update of Costs to Cost Center/Activity Type CHAR   
465 CK_UPDTM Update Indicator for Updating Cost Estimate to Material CHAR   
466 CK_UPDTO Costing Update Indicator for an Order CHAR   
467 CK_UPDTV Indicator for Updating Cost Est. to Sales Order/Quot. Item CHAR   
468 CK_VALUATION Valuation Views CHAR   
469 CK_VERKZ Reference ID: Controls Content of Ref. Field in KALKTAB CHAR   
470 CK_VERSION Version number (2 NUMC) NUMC   
471 CK_VGART Material ledger: transaction type CHAR   
472 CK_VORNR Operation Number NUMC   
473 CK_WORKSPACE_APPLICATION Application Using Worklist CHAR   
474 CK_WORKSPACE_AUTHORITY_TYPE Worklist Authorization Level CHAR   
475 CK_WORKSPACE_IDENTIFYER Identification of the Worklist (Name) CHAR 60    
476 CK_WORKSPACE_TYPE ECP: Worklist Type CHAR   
477 CK_XERROR Error ID in material ledger closing CHAR   
478 CK_XINIT Indicator: affected by initialization CHAR   
479 CK_XKONCHK Indicator switching off consistency check CHAR   
480 CK_XRUE Indicator - in which period was last posted CHAR   
481 CK_X_DATUM Selection Criterion for Cost Estimates Based on Dates CHAR   
482 CK_ZEITKZ Time Indicator for Costing Transfer Control CHAR   
483 CK_ZUSDS Display of Overhead in Unit Costing NUMC   
484 CLAIMNR_CORE AB-CWB: Complaints Number CHAR 10    
485 CLAIMNUMBER AB-CWB: Complaints Number CHAR 10    
486 CLAIMREASON AB-CWB: Complaints Reason CHAR 10    
487 CLAIMSTATUS AB-CWB: Complaints Status CHAR   
488 CLAIMSTATUS_INT AB-CWB: Internal Complaints Status CHAR   
489 CLAIMS_TAXATION Claims Taxation CHAR   
490 CLARREAS_BRO Clarification code CHAR   
491 CLAS ABAP/4 program classes CHAR   
492 CLASE_0010 Generated Domain for Matchcode Field CHAR   
493 CLASFIELD 'CLAS' SDIC00DDIC 19910315090704 CHAR 10    
494 CLASS Planning parameter class CHAR   
495 CLASSNAME Name of a class CHAR 30    
496 CLASSTYPE_EFF Class Type for ECM CHAR   
497 CLASS_EFF Class Number CHAR 18    
498 CLASS_FILTER Class Filter for VMC Profiling STRG   
499 CLASS_PRX_LOBJ_NAME name of logical transport object CHAR 34    
500 CLASS_PRX_NAME name of proxy object CHAR 30