SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 30
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CRM_ISU_E_XTOTAL_AMNT Item Will Be Included in the Final Bill Amount CHAR   
2 CRM_ISU_E_ZEITANT_L Time Portion, Billing Period in Days or Months DEC 31  14 
3 CRM_ISU_E_ZEITRAUM Period, over which a PROFEST Value is Valid CHAR   
4 CRM_ISU_E_ZONE Block Limit for Blocked or Scaled Prices NUMC 10    
5 CRM_ISU_E_ZONENNR Number of Price Block or Price Scale NUMC   
6 CRM_ISU_E_ZSTROMP Primary transformer current DEC
7 CRM_ISU_E_ZSTROMS Secondary transformer current DEC
8 CRM_ISU_E_ZUART Device Allocation Type NUMC   
9 CRM_ISU_E_ZUKERF Limitation on Meter Reading Date of Meter Reading Result CHAR   
10 CRM_ISU_E_ZUSZAHL Volume Correction Factor DEC
11 CRM_ISU_E_ZWART Register Type CHAR   
12 CRM_ISU_E_ZWFAKT Register Factor DEC 12 
13 CRM_ISU_E_ZWKENN Register Identification CHAR   
14 CRM_ISU_E_ZWSTAND Meter Reading in Screen Format CHAR 36    
15 CRM_ISU_E_ZWSTAND_DISP Meter Reading To Be Billed DEC 17 
16 CRM_ISU_E_ZWTYP Register Category NUMC   
17 CRM_ISU_E_ZWZUART Register Relationship Type NUMC   
18 CRM_ISU_FB_SEGMENT Segment for Segmental Reporting CHAR 10    
19 CRM_ISU_FDGRP Cash Management and Forecast Group (Risk Group) CHAR 10    
20 CRM_ISU_FEHLKLAS Error Class for Validations CHAR   
21 CRM_ISU_FESTTEMP Fixed Temperature CHAR   
22 CRM_ISU_FIDZT Form ID for Attached Payment Medium CHAR   
23 CRM_ISU_FIELD_MANDATORY Defines whether or not the Search Field is mandatory CHAR   
24 CRM_ISU_FIELD_TYPE Field Type to be used in the Enhanced Product Proposal CHAR   
25 CRM_ISU_FIELD_VISIBLE Defines whether or not the Search Field is visible on the UI CHAR   
26 CRM_ISU_FIKEY_KK External Key in Allocated Accounting Documents CHAR 12    
27 CRM_ISU_FIKEY_VIS Reconciliation Key Visible, Modifiable CHAR   
28 CRM_ISU_FLAG Indicator CHAR   
29 CRM_ISU_FRAN_TYPE Franchise Fee Category CHAR   
30 CRM_ISU_GASFACTOR Conversion Factor for Gas DEC 17  12 
31 CRM_ISU_GAS_PRS_AR Gas Pressure Area CHAR   
32 CRM_ISU_GERNR Serial Number CHAR 18    
33 CRM_ISU_GERTYP Device category CHAR 18    
34 CRM_ISU_GERWECHS Reason for installation, removal, or replacement CHAR   
35 CRM_ISU_GEWKEY User-Defined Weighting Key CHAR   
36 CRM_ISU_GPTXT_KK Long Text on a Business Partner in the Contract Account CHAR 55    
38 CRM_ISU_GRID_ID Grid from IS-U/CCS CHAR 10    
39 CRM_ISU_GRID_ID_EXT Grid from External Source CHAR 30    
40 CRM_ISU_GRID_ID_EXT_UI Grid from External Source CHAR 30    
41 CRM_ISU_GRID_ID_SRC Grid Source for Grid Usage (C&I) CHAR   
42 CRM_ISU_GRID_ID_SRC_UI Grid Source for Grid Usage (C&I) CHAR   
43 CRM_ISU_GRID_ID_UI Grid from IS-U/CCS CHAR 10    
44 CRM_ISU_GRID_LEV Grid Level CHAR   
45 CRM_ISU_GRID_LEVEL Grid Level from IS-U/CCS CHAR 10    
46 CRM_ISU_GRID_LEVEL_T Grid Level Type from IS-U/CCS CHAR   
48 CRM_ISU_GRID_LEVEL_T_UI Grid Level Type from IS-U/CCS CHAR   
49 CRM_ISU_GRID_LEVEL_UI Grid Level from IS-U/CCS CHAR 10    
50 CRM_ISU_GRID_PRC_SRC Price Source for Grid Usage (C&I) CHAR   
51 CRM_ISU_GRID_PRC_SRC_UI Price Source for Grid Usage (C&I) CHAR   
56 CRM_ISU_GROUP_DEF Group: Default CHAR   
57 CRM_ISU_GROUP_DEF_UI Group: Default CHAR   
58 CRM_ISU_GROUP_ID Group ID CHAR 20    
60 CRM_ISU_GROUP_OPT Group: Optional CHAR   
61 CRM_ISU_GROUP_OPT_UI Group: Optional CHAR   
63 CRM_ISU_GUELTAGAB Utilities: Start of Validity Period CHAR   
64 CRM_ISU_GUELTAGBIS Utilities: Valid To CHAR   
65 CRM_ISU_GVERRECH Pay Rental Price CHAR   
66 CRM_ISU_G_ERROR Appoval Error Category CHAR   
67 CRM_ISU_HASHC_KK Hash Code RAW 16    
68 CRM_ISU_HEADER Header Guid RAW 16    
69 CRM_ISU_HEADER_UI Header Guid CHAR 16    
70 CRM_ISU_HERKF_KK Document Origin CHAR   
71 CRM_ISU_HHMM Time Without Seconds CHAR   
73 CRM_ISU_HISTSTEU Control of Historical Maintainability of Operand Values CHAR   
74 CRM_ISU_HOCHART Type of extrapolation in unbilled revenue reporting CHAR   
75 CRM_ISU_HOEKORR Altitude correction pressure DEC
76 CRM_ISU_HSS_BP_INFO Free Text Search: Business Partner Information STRG   
77 CRM_ISU_HSS_CLASS Free Text Search: Class Name CHAR 30    
78 CRM_ISU_HSS_DESCRIPTION Free Text Search: Description CHAR 60    
79 CRM_ISU_HSS_DP_ID Free Text Search: Data Provider ID CHAR 30    
80 CRM_ISU_HSS_EXTERNAL_NAME Free Text Search: External Name CHAR 40    
81 CRM_ISU_HSS_FIELDNAME Free Text Search: Field Name CHAR 40    
82 CRM_ISU_HSS_FLAG Free Text Search: Flag CHAR   
83 CRM_ISU_HSS_FUZZY_PERCENT Free Text Search: Fuzzy Percentage NUMC   
84 CRM_ISU_HSS_ICON Free Text Search: Icon CHAR 255    
85 CRM_ISU_HSS_MAX Free Text Search: Maximum INT2   
86 CRM_ISU_HSS_MIN Free Text Search: Minimum INT1   
87 CRM_ISU_HSS_OD_ID Free Text Search: OData Service ID CHAR 30    
88 CRM_ISU_HSS_PERCENT Free Text Search: Percentage NUMC   
89 CRM_ISU_HSS_PR_ID Free Text Search: Profile CHAR 30    
90 CRM_ISU_HSS_PR_INFO Free Text Search: Premise Information STRG   
91 CRM_ISU_HSS_QV_SET_ID Free Text Search: Quick View Set ID CHAR 30    
92 CRM_ISU_HSS_SEQ_NO Free Text Search: Sequence Number NUMC   
93 CRM_ISU_HSS_SO_ID Free Text Search: Search Object ID CHAR 30    
94 CRM_ISU_HSS_TAG Free Text Search: Tag CHAR 10    
95 CRM_ISU_HSS_TECHNICAL_NAME Free Text Search: Technical Name CHAR 120    
96 CRM_ISU_HSS_TEXT Free Text Search: Text CHAR 40    
97 CRM_ISU_HSS_TIME_MS Free Text Search: Time Millisecond INT2   
98 CRM_ISU_HVORG_KK Main Transaction for FI-CA Document CHAR   
99 CRM_ISU_HZBAUFRM Description of a Heating Installation CHAR   
100 CRM_ISU_ICON_ALIAS Cross-Application Icon Alias CHAR 30    
101 CRM_ISU_ILOM_ISTYP Object Category for Industry Solutions (IS) CHAR   
102 CRM_ISU_INDEXNR Consecutive Number of Register Relationship NUMC 12    
103 CRM_ISU_INDEXP Index-Based Price CHAR   
104 CRM_ISU_INDUSTRY Industry Sector CHAR   
105 CRM_ISU_INFOREL Release Status for Installation Data CHAR   
107 CRM_ISU_INSTGRTYPE Grouping Type for Installation Group CHAR   
108 CRM_ISU_INSTROLE Role of an Installation Within the Installation Group CHAR   
109 CRM_ISU_INST_FACT_VAL_TYPE Installation Fact Validity Type CHAR   
111 CRM_ISU_INTSIZEID Identification of Interval Length CHAR   
112 CRM_ISU_INV_LOCKREASON_KK Blocking Reason for Invoice Block CHAR   
113 CRM_ISU_ISSUE_ID Check Cockpit Issue ID CHAR 10    
114 CRM_ISU_ISSUE_TYPE Utilities Check Issue Type CHAR   
115 CRM_ISU_ISTABLART Actual User-Defined Meter Reading Type for Entry CHAR   
116 CRM_ISU_IS_CHANGEABLE flag for changeable mode CHAR   
117 CRM_ISU_IUICOVBC_PROFILE Profile for Invoicing Documents CHAR   
118 CRM_ISU_I_ABRMENGE Billing Quantity in Internal Format DEC 31  14 
119 CRM_ISU_I_ALTWERT Old Value for Internal Billing Format DEC 31  14 
120 CRM_ISU_I_COMPFORMAT Calculation Format for Readings and Consumption DEC 31  14 
121 CRM_ISU_I_NETTOBTR_L Long Net Amount - Internal Billing Format DEC 31  14 
122 CRM_ISU_I_NEUWERT New Value for Internal Billing Format DEC 31  14 
123 CRM_ISU_I_UMWMENGE Quantity after Conversion, Prepared for Billing Line Item DEC 31  14 
124 CRM_ISU_I_VERBERW Consumption in internal format DEC 31  14 
125 CRM_ISU_I_ZAHL Number Fields in Internal Billing Format DEC 31  14 
126 CRM_ISU_I_ZWSTAND Meter Reading in Internal Format DEC 31  14 
127 CRM_ISU_JJJJMM Date Without Specific Day CHAR   
128 CRM_ISU_KENNZ4 Indicator (Without Fixed Values) CHAR   
129 CRM_ISU_KENNZX Indicators CHAR   
130 CRM_ISU_KEY_ATTRIBUTE Key Attribute for Search Object? CHAR   
131 CRM_ISU_KOMBINAT Combination of a device category CHAR   
132 CRM_ISU_KONDIGR Rate Fact Group CHAR 10    
133 CRM_ISU_KONZBEFR Indicator: Exempt from Franchise Fee CHAR   
134 CRM_ISU_KONZIGR Franchise Fee Group CHAR 10    
135 CRM_ISU_KONZVER Franchise Contract Number CHAR 10    
136 CRM_ISU_KSCHL Condition Type CHAR   
137 CRM_ISU_KSCHL_UI Condition Type CHAR   
138 CRM_ISU_KTOKLASSE Account Class CHAR   
139 CRM_ISU_KZABSVER Budget Billing Procedures CHAR   
140 CRM_ISU_KZAHLE Gas law deviation factor DEC
142 CRM_ISU_KZSONDAUSZ Indicator: Special Move-Out Processing Case Exists CHAR   
143 CRM_ISU_KZSONDEINZ Special Move-In Processing Case CHAR   
144 CRM_ISU_KZSTICH Indicator: sample device to be inspected CHAR   
145 CRM_ISU_KZ_SM_DOC_TYPE PM/SM Document Category CHAR   
146 CRM_ISU_LAGE Location of Reference Value CHAR   
148 CRM_ISU_LEISTALL Control of Which Demand Values Are Used CHAR   
149 CRM_ISU_LEISTMONAT Control of Demand Validity Period CHAR   
150 CRM_ISU_LEISTMS Estimation of Watt Registers and Resetting Registers CHAR   
151 CRM_ISU_LEUCHTNR External Number of a Streetlight CHAR 10    
152 CRM_ISU_LFDNR IS-U: Sequence Number CHAR   
153 CRM_ISU_LFDNR2 Consecutive number NUMC   
154 CRM_ISU_LFDNR3 3-Digit Consecutive Number NUMC   
155 CRM_ISU_LFDNR4 4-Digit Consecutive Number NUMC   
156 CRM_ISU_LFDNR6 6-Digit Consecutive Number NUMC   
157 CRM_ISU_LFDSCHEM Sequence Number of Schema Step During Billing NUMC   
158 CRM_ISU_LGZUSATZ Location Supplement CHAR 40    
159 CRM_ISU_LINE_CLASS Classification Criteria for Billing Line CHAR   
160 CRM_ISU_LOADPROFILE Load Profile CHAR 18    
161 CRM_ISU_LOGIKNR Logical Device Number NUMC 18    
162 CRM_ISU_LOGIKZW Logical Register Number in an Installation NUMC 18    
163 CRM_ISU_LOGLPRELNO Logical Number of Profile Allocation NUMC 18    
164 CRM_ISU_LOGSYS Logical System for IS-U Contract CHAR 10    
165 CRM_ISU_LOGSYS_UI Logical System for IS-U Contract CHAR 10    
166 CRM_ISU_LOG_HEADER Process Unit RAW 16    
167 CRM_ISU_LOG_HEADER_UI Process Unit RAW 16    
168 CRM_ISU_LOG_RECORD Record in Process Log RAW 16    
169 CRM_ISU_LOG_RECORD_UI Record in Process Log RAW 16    
170 CRM_ISU_LRATESTEP Logical Number of Rate Step NUMC 10    
171 CRM_ISU_LWERT Demand Value DEC 16 
172 CRM_ISU_MAHNS_KK Dunning Level NUMC   
173 CRM_ISU_MAHNV_KK Dunning Procedure CHAR   
174 CRM_ISU_MANOUTSORT Manual Outsorting CHAR   
175 CRM_ISU_MANOUTS_IN Reason for Manual Outsorting in Invoicing CHAR   
176 CRM_ISU_MANSP_KK Dunning Block Reason CHAR   
177 CRM_ISU_MAX_NUMBER Maximum Number of Print Documents INT2   
178 CRM_ISU_MDENR Number for Mobile Data Entry NUMC   
179 CRM_ISU_MDT Master Data Template ID CHAR 20    
180 CRM_ISU_MDT_UI Master Data Template ID CHAR 20    
181 CRM_ISU_MEM_OPBEL Reversed Invoicing Document No. for new Billing/Invoicing CHAR 12    
182 CRM_ISU_MENGENBAS Long Quantity Base for Amount DEC
183 CRM_ISU_MENGREL Quantity (Billed Value) is Statistically Relevant CHAR   
184 CRM_ISU_MESSDRCK Measured pressure (output pressure) in bars DEC
185 CRM_ISU_MITTELPR Calculation of an Average Price When Price Change Occurs CHAR   
187 CRM_ISU_MR_HEADER Header Data of Meter Reading Object CHAR 10    
188 CRM_ISU_MR_KIND Meter reading kind CHAR   
189 CRM_ISU_MR_MISSING Meter Reading Result Not Available CHAR   
190 CRM_ISU_MSG_CATEGORY Utilities Order Check Monitor Issue Category CHAR   
191 CRM_ISU_MWSZKZ Tax on Sales/Purchases Code CHAR   
192 CRM_ISU_NETTOBTR Net Amount of Bill Line CURR 13 
193 CRM_ISU_NEXTINT Rounding up of Valuation Quantity to Next Whole Number CHAR   
194 CRM_ISU_NEXTITEMGUID Previous Contract Item RAW 16    
195 CRM_ISU_NEXTITEMGUID_UI Previous Contract Item RAW 16    
196 CRM_ISU_NINVOICE Billing Document Without Invoicing CHAR   
197 CRM_ISU_NODISCONCT Reason for Guarantee of Supply CHAR   
198 CRM_ISU_NRZAS_KK Payment Form Number CHAR 12    
199 CRM_ISU_NUMPERBB Number of Periods for Backbilling INT1   
200 CRM_ISU_N_ZWSTAND Places after decimal point in meter reading of a register DEC 14  14 
201 CRM_ISU_OBJECT_GUID GUID for CRM Object RAW 16    
203 CRM_ISU_OHNEEINZ Reason for Move-Out Without Move-In CHAR   
204 CRM_ISU_ONLY_BILLING_REL Read Together Only If Meter Reading Reason Triggers Billing CHAR   
205 CRM_ISU_OPBEL_KK Contract Account Document Number CHAR 12    
206 CRM_ISU_OPGROUP Operand Group CHAR 10    
207 CRM_ISU_OPTION Operator OPTION for range tables CHAR   
208 CRM_ISU_OPTION_UI Operator OPTION for range tables CHAR   
209 CRM_ISU_OPUPK_KK Item Number in Contract Accounting Document NUMC   
210 CRM_ISU_OPUPW_KK Repetition Item in Contract Accounting Document NUMC   
211 CRM_ISU_OPWERT Number Values of an Operand Value DEC 16 
212 CRM_ISU_ORGWERT Second Value Is Permitted CHAR   
213 CRM_ISU_ORIGDOC Origin of Billing Document CHAR   
214 CRM_ISU_ORIGIN_ESTIM Origin of Estimated Values CHAR   
215 CRM_ISU_ORIG_KZ Indicator: Determine Origin from ERCHV CHAR   
216 CRM_ISU_OUTCNSO Consecutive Number of Outsorting NUMC   
217 CRM_ISU_OUTNUMBER Number of Manual Outsortings NUMC   
218 CRM_ISU_OWNER Utilities: Owner CHAR 10    
219 CRM_ISU_PACK_COMP Package Component Product CHAR 32    
220 CRM_ISU_PACK_COMP_UI Package Component Product RAW 16    
221 CRM_ISU_PARAMETR Device parametrization CHAR   
224 CRM_ISU_PARTNER_NO Partner Number CHAR 10    
225 CRM_ISU_PARTNER_NO_UI Partner Number CHAR 10    
226 CRM_ISU_PDET_COMP Compatibility Rule CHAR 32    
227 CRM_ISU_PDET_COMP_UI Compatibility Rule CHAR 32    
228 CRM_ISU_PDET_ELIG Eligibility Rule CHAR 32    
229 CRM_ISU_PDET_ELIG_UI Eligibility Rule CHAR 32    
230 CRM_ISU_PDET_FROM Valid From DATS   
232 CRM_ISU_PDET_TO Valid To DATS   
234 CRM_ISU_PEAK_NO Number of Demand Peaks NUMC   
235 CRM_ISU_PERART Type of Period CHAR   
236 CRM_ISU_PERCREA Period to be Created CHAR   
237 CRM_ISU_PERENDBI Type of Period-End Billing CHAR   
238 CRM_ISU_PERIOD Period of time - i-e number of weeks/days/months NUMC   
239 CRM_ISU_PERIOD_UNIT Period Unit i.e. weeks/months/years CHAR   
240 CRM_ISU_PERSONS Number of Persons NUMC   
241 CRM_ISU_PERSONS_HIGH Number of Persons (to) NUMC   
242 CRM_ISU_PERSONS_LOW Number of Persons (from) NUMC   
243 CRM_ISU_PERVERBR Periodic consumption DEC 11    
244 CRM_ISU_PERWERT Period Value NUMC   
245 CRM_ISU_PLOMBE Seal code for sample renewal (NL) CHAR   
246 CRM_ISU_PMSOG Permit Key CHAR 10    
247 CRM_ISU_PMSVCNR Service Number CHAR 12    
248 CRM_ISU_POD_DIVISION_UI Point of Delivery Division CHAR   
249 CRM_ISU_POD_GUID Point of Delivery GUID CHAR 22    
250 CRM_ISU_POD_GUID_UI Point of Delivery GUID CHAR 22    
251 CRM_ISU_POPCODE Inspection Point of Dependent Validation CHAR   
254 CRM_ISU_PPM_METER Prepayment Meter NUMC   
255 CRM_ISU_PRCZOMAX Upper Limit of Interval for Price Block Adjustment in Days NUMC   
256 CRM_ISU_PRCZOMIN Lower Limit of Interval for Price Block Adjustment in Days NUMC   
257 CRM_ISU_PRCZONAJ Type of Price Block Adjustment CHAR   
258 CRM_ISU_PREIFAKT Price Adjustment Factor DEC 12 
259 CRM_ISU_PREIGKL Price Adjustment Clause CHAR 10    
260 CRM_ISU_PREISKLA Price Class CHAR 10    
261 CRM_ISU_PREISTUF Price Level CHAR 10    
262 CRM_ISU_PREISTYP Price Category CHAR   
263 CRM_ISU_PREMISE Premise CHAR 10    
264 CRM_ISU_PREMISE_TEXT Text for Premise CHAR 80    
266 CRM_ISU_PREPAYMENT Payment in Advance NUMC   
267 CRM_ISU_PREVITEMGUID Next Contract Item RAW 16    
268 CRM_ISU_PREVITEMGUID_UI Next Contract Item RAW 16    
269 CRM_ISU_PREV_PRODUCT Predecessor Product CHAR 40    
270 CRM_ISU_PREV_PRODUCT_UI Predecessor Product CHAR 40    
271 CRM_ISU_PRFGRNR Profile Group Number NUMC   
272 CRM_ISU_PRFGRNR_UI Profile Group Number NUMC   
273 CRM_ISU_PRFGRP Profile Group CHAR   
274 CRM_ISU_PRFGRPKEY Profile Group Key CHAR 30    
275 CRM_ISU_PRFGRPKEY_UI Profile Group Key CHAR 30    
276 CRM_ISU_PRFGRP_UI Profile Group CHAR   
278 CRM_ISU_PRICES Individual Prices CHAR   
279 CRM_ISU_PRICE_CAT Price Category CHAR 10    
280 CRM_ISU_PRICE_CAT_UI Price Category CHAR 10    
281 CRM_ISU_PRINTDOC_STATUS Status of Print Document CHAR   
282 CRM_ISU_PRINTED Has Print Document Already Been Printed CHAR   
283 CRM_ISU_PRINT_BUTTON_ACTIVE Activate Button for Bill Printout CHAR   
284 CRM_ISU_PRINT_CANC_DOC Print Reversal Document As Well CHAR   
285 CRM_ISU_PRIOK Priority CHAR   
286 CRM_ISU_PROCESS_NAME Name of process CHAR 40    
287 CRM_ISU_PROCESS_STATUS Process Status Icon STRG   
288 CRM_ISU_PROCESS_TYPE_MAIN Vorgangsart für strukturierte Belege CHAR   
289 CRM_ISU_PROC_DEF_ID IS-U Process Definition Key CHAR 16    
290 CRM_ISU_PROC_DEF_ID_UI IS-U Process Definition Key CHAR 16    
291 CRM_ISU_PROC_FUP Follow-Up Process RAW 16    
292 CRM_ISU_PROC_FUP_UI Follow-Up Process CHAR 16    
293 CRM_ISU_PROC_REASON Process Reason CHAR   
294 CRM_ISU_PROC_REASON_UI Process Reason CHAR   
295 CRM_ISU_PROC_STATE Process Status CHAR   
296 CRM_ISU_PROC_STATE_UI Process Status CHAR   
297 CRM_ISU_PRODUCT_DET_GROUP Product Determination Group CHAR 20    
298 CRM_ISU_PRODUCT_ID Product ID CHAR 54    
299 CRM_ISU_PROD_APP_USE_UI Application Usage CHAR   
300 CRM_ISU_PROD_DET_GROUP_DESCR Description of a Product Determination Group CHAR 80    
301 CRM_ISU_PROD_DET_GRP_UI Product Determination Group CHAR 20    
302 CRM_ISU_PROD_INACT BRFplus Function Inactive CHAR   
303 CRM_ISU_PROD_INACT_UI BRFplus Function Inactive CHAR   
304 CRM_ISU_PROD_REF_KEY Reference Object Key CHAR 40    
305 CRM_ISU_PROD_REF_KEY_UI Reference Object Key CHAR 40    
306 CRM_ISU_PROD_REF_OBJ Reference Object for BRFplus Function CHAR   
307 CRM_ISU_PROD_REF_OBJ_UI Reference Object for BRFplus Function CHAR   
308 CRM_ISU_PROFCATEGORY Profile Category CHAR   
309 CRM_ISU_PROFCATEGORY_UI Profile Category CHAR   
310 CRM_ISU_PROFDECIMALS Decimal Places of Profile NUMC   
311 CRM_ISU_PROFEST Process Quantity, Fixed Value DEC
312 CRM_ISU_PROFILE Profile NUMC 18    
313 CRM_ISU_PROFILEROLE Profile allocation role CHAR   
314 CRM_ISU_PROFILE_KEY Key Field of a Profile CHAR 22    
315 CRM_ISU_PROFILE_KEY_UI Key Field of a Profile CHAR 22    
317 CRM_ISU_PROFPROCID_UI ID of Profile Management Schema CHAR 10    
318 CRM_ISU_PROFROLE Role for a Profile Assignment CHAR   
319 CRM_ISU_PROFROLECONTEXT Context for Profile Allocation Roles CHAR 22    
320 CRM_ISU_PROFROLE_TYP Role Type for a Profile Assignment NUMC   
321 CRM_ISU_PROFROLE_TYP_UI Role Type for a Profile Assignment NUMC   
322 CRM_ISU_PROFROLE_UI Role for a Profile Assignment CHAR   
323 CRM_ISU_PROFSTATINTF Status of Profile Value in Interface CHAR   
324 CRM_ISU_PROFSTATUS Profile Status CHAR   
325 CRM_ISU_PROFSTATUS_UI Profile Status CHAR   
326 CRM_ISU_PROFTYPE Profile Type NUMC   
327 CRM_ISU_PROFVALCAT Profile Value Category NUMC   
328 CRM_ISU_PROF_PROC_POSITION_ID Item ID of Profile in Schema CHAR   
329 CRM_ISU_PROF_VER Profile Sequence Number NUMC   
330 CRM_ISU_PROF_VER_UI Profile Sequence Number NUMC   
332 CRM_ISU_PROPERTY Utilities: Property for Owner CHAR 10    
333 CRM_ISU_PROPERTY_COPY_FROM Utilities: Template Property CHAR 10    
334 CRM_ISU_PRSBTR Price Amount DEC 17 
335 CRM_ISU_PRSHTEXT Product Description CHAR 40    
336 CRM_ISU_PRUEFGR Validation group CHAR   
337 CRM_ISU_PRUEFKL Check class CHAR   
338 CRM_ISU_PRUEFPKT Independent Validation Point CHAR   
339 CRM_ISU_PRUEFTYP Validation Category for Meter Readings CHAR   
340 CRM_ISU_PRUEFZAH Check Number NUMC   
341 CRM_ISU_PR_AREA_AI Air pressure area CHAR   
342 CRM_ISU_PV_KSCHL Condition Type CHAR   
343 CRM_ISU_PV_KSCHL_UI Condition Type CHAR   
344 CRM_ISU_PYMET_KK Payment Method CHAR   
345 CRM_ISU_QMART PM Notification Type CHAR   
346 CRM_ISU_QMNUM Notification no. CHAR 12    
347 CRM_ISU_QMTXLONG Notification long text CHAR 300    
348 CRM_ISU_QUERY_CRM Defines whether the queries will be executed in CRM CHAR   
349 CRM_ISU_QUERY_ONLY_CRM Search Field Only Available in CRM? CHAR   
350 CRM_ISU_QUERY_ONLY_ISU Search Field Only Available in IS-U? CHAR   
353 CRM_ISU_RABART Discount Type CHAR   
354 CRM_ISU_RABLEISTUNG Dscount/Surchage Demand DEC 14 
355 CRM_ISU_RABMENGE Discount/Surchage Quantity DEC 14 
356 CRM_ISU_RABPREIS Price for Discount/Surchage DEC 17 
357 CRM_ISU_RABPROZ Percentage Rate for Discount/Surchage DEC 10 
358 CRM_ISU_RABTYP Discount Category CHAR   
359 CRM_ISU_RABZUS Discount/Surcharge CHAR 10    
360 CRM_ISU_READONLY Indicator: Read-Access Only CHAR   
361 CRM_ISU_READONLY_UI Indicator: Read-Access Only CHAR   
362 CRM_ISU_REASON_KK Reason for requesting a security deposit CHAR   
363 CRM_ISU_REF_NUMBER Code for Register Identification CHAR 15    
364 CRM_ISU_REF_NUMBER_UI Code for Register Identification CHAR 15    
365 CRM_ISU_REGPOLIT Political Entity Key CHAR   
366 CRM_ISU_REGRELSORT Sort Help for Register Relationships During Bill Printout NUMC   
367 CRM_ISU_REG_TYPE Register Type CHAR   
368 CRM_ISU_RELITEMGUID With Reference to Contract Item RAW 16    
369 CRM_ISU_RELITEMGUID_UI With Reference to Contract Item RAW 16    
370 CRM_ISU_RELKINDNEXT Relationship to Next Item CHAR   
371 CRM_ISU_RELKINDNEXT_UI Relationship to Next Item CHAR   
372 CRM_ISU_RELKINDPREV Relationship to Previous Item CHAR   
373 CRM_ISU_RELKINDPREV_UI Relationship to Previous Item CHAR   
374 CRM_ISU_REMOVED Status Indicator: Meter Reading Result Obselete CHAR   
375 CRM_ISU_REPLACEMETHODGRP Replacement Value Procedure Group CHAR 10    
376 CRM_ISU_REPL_INCOMPLETE Replication of technical object is incomplete CHAR   
377 CRM_ISU_RFCDEST RFC Destination CHAR 32    
378 CRM_ISU_RKEOBJNR Profitability Segment Number (CO-PA) NUMC 10    
381 CRM_ISU_RTOM_ACTIVE Defines whether the RTOM Integration is active CHAR   
382 CRM_ISU_RTPCATEGORY RTP Billing Category CHAR   
384 CRM_ISU_RTPINTERFACE_TEXT RTP Interface Description CHAR 60    
385 CRM_ISU_RULEGR Rule Group for Master Agreements CHAR 10    
386 CRM_ISU_RUNDART Rounding Category CHAR   
387 CRM_ISU_SAPKAL Consideration of the Factory Calendar CHAR   
388 CRM_ISU_SCHAEGR Estimation Reason CHAR   
389 CRM_ISU_SCHAEVER Estimation Procedure CHAR   
390 CRM_ISU_SCHEMANR Billing schema key CHAR 10    
391 CRM_ISU_SCHLWORT Key Word for Hierarchy Levels CHAR 10    
392 CRM_ISU_SECWAIVEREAS Move-in: reason for security deposit exemption CHAR   
393 CRM_ISU_SECWAIVERSN Reason for Waivering Security Deposit CHAR   
394 CRM_ISU_SECWAIVERSN_UI Reason for Waivering Security Deposit CHAR   
395 CRM_ISU_SEC_REASON Reason for Requesting Security Deposit CHAR   
396 CRM_ISU_SEC_REASON_UI Reason for Requesting Security Deposit CHAR   
397 CRM_ISU_SEC_TOT_AMNT Requested Security Deposit Amount CURR 11 
398 CRM_ISU_SEC_TOT_AMNT_UI Requested Security Deposit Amount DEC 11 
399 CRM_ISU_SEC_TOT_CURR_UI Security Deposit Currency CUKY   
400 CRM_ISU_SELCONTROL Access Control for Operands CHAR   
401 CRM_ISU_SEQUENCE Sequence Number NUMC   
402 CRM_ISU_SEQUENCE_UI Sequence Number NUMC   
403 CRM_ISU_SERNR Serial Number CHAR 18    
404 CRM_ISU_SERVCAT Service Type CHAR   
405 CRM_ISU_SERVICE_PROV Service Provider CHAR 10    
406 CRM_ISU_SERVPROV_PAY Payment Class for Service Provider CHAR   
407 CRM_ISU_SIGN Criteria SIGN for range tables CHAR   
408 CRM_ISU_SIGN_UI Criteria SIGN for range tables CHAR   
409 CRM_ISU_SIMRUNID Simulation Run ID CHAR   
410 CRM_ISU_SIMULATION Indicator: Billing Simulation CHAR   
411 CRM_ISU_SIM_DOC Invoicing Ony Selects Simulated Documents CHAR   
412 CRM_ISU_SI_CONLST_SUBVIEW_DFLT Default Subview for "Contract List" CHAR 40    
413 CRM_ISU_SI_CON_AUTOTERMINATION Control Automatic Contract Termination CHAR 40    
414 CRM_ISU_SI_ENDCON_SUBVIEW_DFLT Default Subview for Process "End Contracts" CHAR 40    
415 CRM_ISU_SI_NEWCON_SUBVIEW_DFLT Default Subview for Process "New Contracts" CHAR 40    
416 CRM_ISU_SI_NEWQUO_SUBVIEW_DFLT Default Subview for Process "New Quotations" CHAR 40    
417 CRM_ISU_SI_QUOLST_SUBVIEW_DFLT Default Subview for "Quotation List" CHAR 40    
418 CRM_ISU_SPANC Adjustment Reversal CHAR   
420 CRM_ISU_SPART Division CHAR   
421 CRM_ISU_SPARTE_TEXT Division CHAR 20    
422 CRM_ISU_SPARTYP Division Category NUMC   
423 CRM_ISU_SPARTYP_G1 Division Category for Device Management NUMC   
424 CRM_ISU_SPCANC Indicator for Special Cancellation CHAR   
425 CRM_ISU_SPCANC_TEXT Adjustment Reversal CHAR 20    
426 CRM_ISU_SPEBENE Voltage Level CHAR   
427 CRM_ISU_SPGRUND Disconnection Reason CHAR   
428 CRM_ISU_STABLHW Control Function of Meter Reading Note CHAR   
429 CRM_ISU_STAFO Update Group for Statistics Update CHAR   
430 CRM_ISU_STANZNAC Number of Decimal Places NUMC   
431 CRM_ISU_STANZVOR Number of Predecimal Places NUMC   
432 CRM_ISU_STARTED_BY Started by CHAR 12    
433 CRM_ISU_STARTED_BY_UI Started by CHAR 12    
434 CRM_ISU_STATUS_EXT External Status for Profile Values CHAR   
435 CRM_ISU_STEUERGRP Control group for creation of multiple meter reading orders CHAR   
436 CRM_ISU_STGRAMT Amount Statistics Group CHAR   
437 CRM_ISU_STGRQNT Quantity Statistics Group CHAR   
439 CRM_ISU_STRAT_CM_KK Collection Strategy CHAR   
440 CRM_ISU_STTARIFNR Key for Statistical Rates CHAR 10    
441 CRM_ISU_SUCHBEGZ Matchcode search term for register group CHAR   
442 CRM_ISU_SWTC_DOC Activation Document Number CHAR 20    
443 CRM_ISU_SWTC_DOC_UI Activation Document Number CHAR 20    
444 CRM_ISU_SWTC_MSG Activation Message Number CHAR 22    
445 CRM_ISU_SWTC_MSG_UI Activation Message Number CHAR 22    
446 CRM_ISU_SWTC_STATUS Switch Message Status CHAR   
447 CRM_ISU_SWTC_STATUS_UI Switch Message Status CHAR   
448 CRM_ISU_SWTC_TYPE Switch Message Category CHAR   
449 CRM_ISU_SWTC_TYPE_UI Switch Message Category CHAR   
450 CRM_ISU_SWTMSG_TMPLT_SRC Switch message template source CHAR   
452 CRM_ISU_SWT_GROUP_ID Switch Action Group CHAR 16    
453 CRM_ISU_TARGET_ATTR Parameter Name of Target Attribute CHAR 30    
454 CRM_ISU_TARGET_ATTR_UI Parameter Name of Target Attribute CHAR 30    
455 CRM_ISU_TARGET_CHANG Changeability (<Blank> = Read-Only) CHAR   
456 CRM_ISU_TARGET_CHANG_UI Changeability (<Blank> = Read-Only) CHAR   
457 CRM_ISU_TARGET_DEF Components: Default CHAR   
458 CRM_ISU_TARGET_DEF_UI Components: Default CHAR   
459 CRM_ISU_TARGET_OPT Component: Optional CHAR   
460 CRM_ISU_TARGET_OPT_UI Component: Optional CHAR   
461 CRM_ISU_TARGET_PROD Target Product RAW 16    
462 CRM_ISU_TARGET_PROD2 Target Product RAW 16    
463 CRM_ISU_TARGET_PROD2_UI Target Product CHAR 32    
464 CRM_ISU_TARGET_PROD_UI Target Product CHAR 32    
465 CRM_ISU_TARGET_VALTY Value Determination Type CHAR   
466 CRM_ISU_TARGET_VALTY2 Value Determination Type CHAR   
467 CRM_ISU_TARGET_VALTY_UI Value Determination Type CHAR   
469 CRM_ISU_TARIFNR Rate Key CHAR 10    
470 CRM_ISU_TARIFTYP Rate Category CHAR 10    
471 CRM_ISU_TAZUORD Allocation to a Rate Type Is Required CHAR   
472 CRM_ISU_TCDENOMTOR Denominator of the Time Portion in a Time Slice DEC
473 CRM_ISU_TCNUMTOR Numerator of the Time Portion in a Time Slice DEC
474 CRM_ISU_TEMP_AREA Temperature Area CHAR   
475 CRM_ISU_TEXT40 Text with length of 40 characters CHAR 40    
476 CRM_ISU_TEXT53_KK Text can be 53 Characters Long CHAR 53    
477 CRM_ISU_TEXT80 Text 80 CHAR 80    
478 CRM_ISU_TEXT_16 Field - 16 Characters CHAR 16    
479 CRM_ISU_TEXT_20 Field - 20 Characters CHAR 20    
480 CRM_ISU_TEXT_30 Field - 30 Characters CHAR 30    
481 CRM_ISU_TEXT_40 Field - 40 Characters CHAR 40    
482 CRM_ISU_TEXT_50 Field - 50 Characters CHAR 50    
483 CRM_ISU_TEXT_BUTTON_ACTIVE Activate Button for Entering Billing Text CHAR   
484 CRM_ISU_THGBER Use of factors for thermal gas billing CHAR   
485 CRM_ISU_THGVER Gas Procedure CHAR   
487 CRM_ISU_TIMECONTRL Control of Calculation of Time Portions CHAR   
488 CRM_ISU_TIMESTAMP Time Stamp for Process Start DEC 15    
489 CRM_ISU_TIMESTAMPEND Time Stamp Process End DEC 15    
490 CRM_ISU_TIMESTAMPEND_UI Time Stamp Process End DEC 15    
491 CRM_ISU_TIMESTAMP_UI Time Stamp for Process Start DEC 15    
492 CRM_ISU_TIMS Field with Type TIME TIMS   
493 CRM_ISU_TIMTYP Time Category (Days or Months) CHAR   
494 CRM_ISU_TMP_PECON_HEADER Header Data of temporary Periodic Consumption Object CHAR 22    
495 CRM_ISU_TMP_PRODUCT_GUID Product Guid CHAR 32    
496 CRM_ISU_TOTAL_AMNT_USE Use of Bill Sum Total CHAR   
497 CRM_ISU_TO_OBJ_TYPE Object type of Service Industries Technical object CHAR   
498 CRM_ISU_TO_TYPE Technical Object Type CHAR   
499 CRM_ISU_TPLNR Functional Location CHAR 30    
500 CRM_ISU_TREAT_INTERIMMR Handling of Interim Meter Reading with Billing During Upload CHAR