SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 10
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CMS_FLG_FIXED_LIABILITY Flag for Fixed Liability CHAR   
2 CMS_FLG_GLOBAL_CAGMT Flag to indicate a Global Collateral Agreement CHAR   
3 CMS_FLG_LCHG_CERT Flag: Land Charge certificate exists CHAR   
4 CMS_FLG_LCHG_INC_INT Flag for increase in HBR interest CHAR   
5 CMS_FLG_LEASING_TRANSACTION Flag: Transfer is part of a leasing transaction CHAR   
6 CMS_FLG_MIN_QUAL_REQMT Flag: Minimum requirements fulfilled for CAG(for Basel II) CHAR   
7 CMS_FLG_TERM_RIGHT Flag for termination right on Collateral Agreement CHAR   
8 CMS_FSBP_ADRKIND FSBP: Address type CHAR 10    
9 CMS_FSBP_APPL Application that has an interface to CMS and uses the FSBP CHAR   
10 CMS_FSTAT Field Status CHAR 250    
11 CMS_FSTAT_VAR Field Status Variant CHAR 10    
12 CMS_GENERIC_CODE Pharma : Generic Code CHAR   
13 CMS_GENERIC_CODE_DESC Pharma : Generic Code CHAR 30    
14 CMS_GENERIC_UI Generic Code CHAR   
15 CMS_GROUP_NAME Group name for the top level hierarchy CHAR   
17 CMS_HIER_INGR_DESC Pharma : Hierarchical Ingredient Code List CHAR 30    
18 CMS_HIER_INGR_LIST Pharma : Hierarchical Ingredient Code List CHAR   
19 CMS_HIN Health Industry Number CHAR   
20 CMS_HIN_NO Health Industry Number CHAR   
21 CMS_IMPL_CLASS Class Name CHAR 30    
22 CMS_INDICATOR Indicator field CHAR   
23 CMS_IND_ACG_PRC_RELEASE Indicator for release procedure CHAR   
24 CMS_IND_ACTIVITY Activity triggered by a Transaction CHAR   
26 CMS_IND_AST_VALN_FREQ_UNIT Indicator: Units of time for revaluation CHAR   
27 CMS_IND_AST_VERF_FREQ_UNIT Verifcation Units CHAR   
28 CMS_IND_BLK_TYP Blocking type for the portion CHAR   
29 CMS_IND_CAG_ACC_LIABLE Specifies the applicability of accessories liability CHAR   
30 CMS_IND_CAG_AGB_WAIVER Indicates whether the AGB lien waiver is available OR not CHAR   
31 CMS_IND_CAG_APPR_AUTH Approval from authorities CHAR   
32 CMS_IND_CAG_DISCHARGE Indicates a Right to Discharge CHAR   
33 CMS_IND_CAG_FREQ_UNIT Time Unit for Frequencies CHAR   
34 CMS_IND_CAG_GBC_LIEN GBC Lien on Agreement CHAR   
35 CMS_IND_CAG_HBR_INC_FREQ Frequency of increase in HBR interest CHAR   
36 CMS_IND_CAG_LCHG_ASGMT_DISC Indicator : Existence of an assignment of right to discharge CHAR   
37 CMS_IND_CAG_LCHG_COLL Indicator for Collective land charge CHAR   
38 CMS_IND_CAG_LCHG_ENFC_TITLE Indicator for Enforcement Title CHAR   
39 CMS_IND_CAG_LCHG_ENFC_TYP Enforcement type CHAR   
40 CMS_IND_CAG_LCHG_HBR_WAIVER Indicator :Waiver for HBR enforcement CHAR   
41 CMS_IND_CAG_LCHG_RC Indicates if Restitution Claims are Transferred CHAR   
42 CMS_IND_CAG_LCHG_SUU Indicator: Non recurrent loan undertaking CHAR   
43 CMS_IND_CAG_LESSOR_LIEN Indicator lessor lien on agreement CHAR   
44 CMS_IND_CAG_MIN_QUAL_CRITERIA Minimum Qualitative criteria for collaterals(for Basel II) CHAR   
45 CMS_IND_CAG_MIN_QUAL_EXCEP Exceptions for minimum risk weight (for Basel II) CHAR   
46 CMS_IND_CAG_POR_ASGMT Assignment for the portion CHAR   
47 CMS_IND_CAG_RBL_LINK_TYP Indicates whether the link is set manually or automatically CHAR   
48 CMS_IND_CAG_REDU_FREQUENCY Frequency of reduction CHAR   
49 CMS_IND_CAG_REL_FREQUENCY Release Frequency CHAR   
50 CMS_IND_CAG_TERM_FREQUENCY Frequency of termination rights CHAR   
51 CMS_IND_CAG_TIME_PRD_UNIT Unit for time periods CHAR   
52 CMS_IND_CAG_TRUST_HOLD Indicator: Collateral Agreement trust holding CHAR   
53 CMS_IND_CAG_VAL_TYP Indicator for determination of Collateral Agreement Value CHAR   
54 CMS_IND_COV_RATIO Coverage Ratio Type CHAR   
55 CMS_IND_CREDIT Yes/No field CHAR   
56 CMS_IND_FREQUENCY Frequency of Revaluation of an Asset Type CHAR   
57 CMS_IND_INS_FORCE_PLACE Is Insurance Force Placed? CHAR   
58 CMS_IND_INS_MANDATORY_VALUE Indicator for mandatory value CHAR   
59 CMS_IND_INS_PRM Indicator for insurance premium CHAR   
60 CMS_IND_INS_TAX Indicator for insurance tax CHAR   
61 CMS_IND_INS_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE Is Insurance payment tax deductible? CHAR   
62 CMS_IND_LRTE Indiactor for the Lending rate CHAR   
63 CMS_IND_MANDATORY_BPF Indicator for mandatory Business Partner Function CHAR   
64 CMS_IND_MANDATORY_BPRL Indicator for Mandatory business partner roles CHAR   
65 CMS_IND_MANDATORY_DOC_TYP Indicator for mandatory document types CHAR   
66 CMS_IND_MANDATORY_VALUE Indicator for mandatory value CHAR   
67 CMS_IND_OCCURENCE Occurence of an event (X = Occured) CHAR   
68 CMS_IND_ORG_RL Role of the organization in the Collateral Agreement CHAR   
69 CMS_IND_OWN_CHG Indicate that the charge is an own charge CHAR   
70 CMS_IND_PAYMENT_FREQUENCY Payment frequency of HBR interest CHAR   
71 CMS_IND_PCN_RELEASE Indicator for release procedure CHAR   
72 CMS_IND_RBL_TYP Indicator: Receivable type that can be linked to the portion CHAR   
73 CMS_IND_SFTY Indicator for default safety discount CHAR   
74 CMS_INS_CODE Insurance Product Code CHAR   
75 CMS_INS_CON_FRM Contact firm CHAR 30    
76 CMS_INS_CON_PRT Contact partner CHAR 30    
77 CMS_INS_COVER Scope of cover of Credit Insurance CHAR   
78 CMS_INS_DESC Insurance Description CHAR 30    
79 CMS_INS_FLG Insurance Flag CHAR   
80 CMS_INS_FREQ_OF_PAYMENT Frequency of Payment NUMC   
81 CMS_INS_INACTIVE_REASON Reason ID for inactivating insurance policy CHAR   
82 CMS_INS_IND_FREQUENCY Frequency of Revaluation of an Asset Type CHAR   
83 CMS_INS_IND_FREQ_UNIT Unit for Frequency CHAR   
84 CMS_INS_IND_FREQ_UNT Unit of frequency for termination and recall period CHAR   
85 CMS_INS_INSURER Name of the insurer CHAR 30    
86 CMS_INS_INSUR_INF Insurer Information CHAR 30    
87 CMS_INS_NAME TYpe Name CHAR 40    
88 CMS_INS_NUM_ASSIGNMENT Type of Number assignment for the entity CHAR   
89 CMS_INS_OBJSYS Systems using Insurance Service from CMS CHAR   
90 CMS_INS_PAYMENT_METHOD Premium Payment Reconciliation (00- Earned, 01- Collected) CHAR   
91 CMS_INS_PCT Percentage DEC 10 
92 CMS_INS_PER_NAME Name of the insured person CHAR 30    
93 CMS_INS_POLICY_STATUS Status of an insurance policy as a whole CHAR   
94 CMS_INS_PORTFOLIO Insurance Portfolio (grouping) CHAR   
95 CMS_INS_PREMIUM_TYPE Insurance Premium Types (01- prepaid, 02- accrued, 03-addon) CHAR   
96 CMS_INS_PRM_RT Rate DEC 10 
97 CMS_INS_REBATE_METHOD_ID Rebate method to calculate refunds on insurance premiums CHAR   
98 CMS_INS_RSK Insured risk CHAR   
99 CMS_INS_SPEC_RNK_PRSN Specification on the insurance rank of the person CHAR 30    
100 CMS_INS_STATUS Status of insurance CHAR   
101 CMS_INS_TARRIF Tarrif CHAR 30    
102 CMS_INS_TYPE Insurance Type CHAR   
103 CMS_INS_USRSYS Systems using Insurance Service from CMS CHAR   
104 CMS_INS_VALN_FREQ_PERIOD Period of revaluation NUMC   
105 CMS_INTFID Interface ID CHAR 32    
106 CMS_INT_AMOUNT Intermediate calculations result amount CURR 21 
107 CMS_INV_BILL_NO Bill number of the inventory CHAR 20    
108 CMS_KAPPL CMS Application CHAR   
109 CMS_LCHG_CERT_NUM Charge Certificate number CHAR 30    
110 CMS_LCHG_FILE_NUM File number CHAR 30    
111 CMS_LIQD_MODE Liquidation Mode CHAR   
112 CMS_LIQD_REASON Reason for Liquidation CHAR   
113 CMS_LIQ_CAG_PRE_REQ_STAT Status: pre-requisite of the collateral agmt for the measure CHAR   
114 CMS_LIQ_CFLOW_CAT Cashflow category CHAR   
115 CMS_LIQ_CFL_FLOW_TYPE CMS Liquidation Cash Flow: Flow Type CHAR   
116 CMS_LIQ_C_TYP Cashflow type CHAR   
117 CMS_LIQ_INI_BY Liquidation Intiated By CHAR   
118 CMS_LIQ_OBJ_ID Liquidation Object ID CHAR 40    
119 CMS_LIQ_OBJ_NAME Liquidation Object Typ Name CHAR 40    
120 CMS_LIQ_OBJ_TYP Type Identification for objects CHAR   
121 CMS_LIQ_OBJ_VALUE_TYP Value Type CHAR 10    
122 CMS_LIQ_OBJ_VAL_CAT Liquidation Object Value Cateogry CHAR   
123 CMS_LIQ_P_TYP Process date Type CHAR   
124 CMS_LIQ_SYS External System Identification CHAR   
125 CMS_LIQ_TYP Liquidation Type CHAR   
126 CMS_LOC_SEARCH_ENTITY Search Entity for the Locator CHAR 10    
127 CMS_LOC_TBFLD CMS Locator Table Field CHAR 30    
128 CMS_LR_DE_AMOUNT Value of the Charge/Restriction CURR 17 
129 CMS_LR_DE_AREA Area QUAN 13 
130 CMS_LR_DE_CHG_RES_CAL_TYP Calculation Category CHAR   
131 CMS_LR_DE_CHG_RES_TYP Section 2 charge/restriction type CHAR   
132 CMS_LR_DE_CHG_TYP Section 3 charge type CHAR   
133 CMS_LR_DE_CURR Currency of the Charge CUKY   
134 CMS_LR_DE_DATE Grundbuch Date DATS   
135 CMS_LR_DE_FLUR Flur CHAR 10    
136 CMS_LR_DE_INTEREST_RATE Interest Rate DEC 10 
137 CMS_LR_DE_OLD_REF_ID Reference of Old Land Regis-ter, in case data was migrated CHAR 32    
138 CMS_LR_DE_PRIORITY Priority of the Charge NUMC   
139 CMS_LR_DE_SERIAL_NO Serial number of the entry CHAR   
140 CMS_LR_DE_SERIAL_NUM Serial Number CHAR 32    
141 CMS_LR_DE_TEXT15 Volume / Page Number CHAR 15    
142 CMS_LR_DE_TEXT25 District / Sub District CHAR 25    
143 CMS_LR_DE_TEXT60 Location / Flurstueck CHAR 60    
144 CMS_LR_DE_TXT60 Text of 60 chars CHAR 60    
145 CMS_LR_RE_AMOUNT Value of the Charge/Restriction CURR 17 
146 CMS_MOV_DELVDAT Delivery Date DATS   
147 CMS_MOV_DESC Description of the object CHAR 30    
148 CMS_MOV_DESC_COL_MAT Description of the identification of collateral material CHAR 30    
149 CMS_MOV_DOP Date of Purchase DATS   
150 CMS_MOV_EMAN Engine Manufacturer CHAR 30    
151 CMS_MOV_EMOD Engine Model CHAR 12    
152 CMS_MOV_EPOOL Engine pooling CHAR 10    
153 CMS_MOV_EPRMK Engine pooling remarks CHAR 30    
154 CMS_MOV_FLG Flag CHAR   
155 CMS_MOV_ID Identification number CHAR 40    
156 CMS_MOV_IDENT Ident whether obj is added to trade-or inves prtfolio of cus CHAR   
157 CMS_MOV_IDT_ACC Identification accessories CHAR   
158 CMS_MOV_IND_FREQUENCY Frequency of Revaluation of an Asset Type CHAR   
159 CMS_MOV_LOCATION Location / Address CHAR 30    
160 CMS_MOV_LOC_DESC Location Description CHAR   
161 CMS_MOV_LOC_DESC_RMRK Remark Field for Location Description CHAR 30    
162 CMS_MOV_MANUFACTURER Object Manufacturer Builder CHAR 30    
163 CMS_MOV_MANU_DAT Date of the manufacture/purchase DATS   
164 CMS_MOV_MODEL_NAM Technical category/Category term/Description CHAR 30    
165 CMS_MOV_MSNNO MSN Number CHAR 10    
166 CMS_MOV_MTOW Maximum Take Off Weight QUAN 13 
167 CMS_MOV_MTOW_UNT Maximum take off weight (Unit) UNIT   
168 CMS_MOV_NAME Movables type name CHAR 40    
169 CMS_MOV_NOB Number of objects INT1   
170 CMS_MOV_NOE Number of Engines INT4 10    
171 CMS_MOV_NUMBER_LENGTH Number length for Movables CHAR 20    
172 CMS_MOV_NUM_ASSIGNMENT Type of Number assignment for the entity CHAR   
173 CMS_MOV_OAB Object Aircraft Bodies CHAR   
174 CMS_MOV_OBJSN Object Serial Number NUMC   
175 CMS_MOV_OM Object model name CHAR 30    
176 CMS_MOV_OWN_IDENT Own identification of the object CHAR   
177 CMS_MOV_PCT Percentage DEC 10 
178 CMS_MOV_RATCLS Rating Class CHAR   
179 CMS_MOV_RATD Rating Date DATS   
180 CMS_MOV_RC Registration Comments CHAR 30    
181 CMS_MOV_REG Registration CHAR   
182 CMS_MOV_REGC Registration Country CHAR   
183 CMS_MOV_REGM Registration Mark CHAR   
184 CMS_MOV_TYP Object types CHAR   
185 CMS_MOV_TYPE_FEAT Feature of the object type/ Object classification CHAR   
186 CMS_MOV_TYPE_IDENT Type of identification / Marking of the collateral material CHAR   
187 CMS_MOV_UOB Use of the object CHAR 30    
188 CMS_MOV_VALN_FREQ_PERIOD Period of revaluation NUMC   
189 CMS_MSG_OBJ Object identification for the message collector CHAR 64    
190 CMS_NAME Name of the objects in the Collateral Management Syatem CHAR 40    
191 CMS_NAVIGATION_PATH Navigation Path CHAR   
192 CMS_NDC NDC CHAR 20    
193 CMS_NUM_ASSIGNMENT Type of Number assignment for the entity CHAR   
194 CMS_NUM_RANGE_NUM Identification number of the Number range interval CHAR   
195 CMS_OBJECT Object name CHAR 30    
196 CMS_OBJID CMS Object Identifier CHAR 70    
197 CMS_OBJ_CAT Object Category CHAR   
198 CMS_OBJ_REFID Reference ID CHAR 40    
199 CMS_OBJ_TYP Object Type in the External System CHAR 32    
200 CMS_OBJ_TYPE Object Type CHAR 10    
201 CMS_OBJ_TYP_TEXT Object Type text CHAR 40    
202 CMS_OLD_CAGID External/Old collateral Agreement ID CHAR 40    
203 CMS_OMS_CAT Attribute Indicator category CHAR   
204 CMS_OMS_CAT_NAME Object Category Name CHAR 40    
205 CMS_OMS_DESC_COL_MAT Own Identification number CHAR 30    
206 CMS_OMS_FLG Row Selected CHAR   
207 CMS_OMS_ID Ext. Item no / Number for identification of the objects CHAR 40    
208 CMS_OMS_INS_ID Insurance ID NUMC   
209 CMS_OMS_NAME Descriptive name for the attribute indicator CHAR 40    
210 CMS_OMS_OBJ_ID Object ID CHAR 70    
212 CMS_OMS_REFID Reference Identification CHAR 32    
213 CMS_OMS_TYP Attribute indicator type CHAR   
214 CMS_ORDER Rule Order CHAR   
215 CMS_ORG_UNIT Organizational Unit CHAR 10    
216 CMS_OTHERBANK Otherbank CHAR   
217 CMS_PARTNER_ENTRY Partner kind of entry (Auto / Selected / Manual / Hier Exp.) CHAR   
218 CMS_PARTNER_NO_TYPE Object types supported by partner determination CHAR   
219 CMS_PARTNER_TYPE Partner Type (Negotiator/Hier/Call-Off/End/Channel-Partnr) CHAR   
220 CMS_PAYMENT_HANDLE Payment Handle CHAR 30    
221 CMS_PCN_ACTVT Activity ID CHAR 10    
222 CMS_PCN_ACTVT_CAT Activity category CHAR   
223 CMS_PCN_ACTVT_CNTL Acttivity permissiblity control CHAR   
224 CMS_PCN_ACTVT_GRP Activity group NUMC   
225 CMS_PCN_ACTVT_SEQ Activity sequence in group NUMC   
226 CMS_PCN_AREA Process Control Area CHAR   
227 CMS_PCN_CR_CAT Change Request Category CHAR   
228 CMS_PCN_CR_TYP Change Request Type CHAR   
229 CMS_PCN_ITEM_NUMBER Sequence item number NUMC   
230 CMS_PCN_MSG_TYP Message type (A, W, E, S, I) in CMS process control CHAR   
231 CMS_PCN_PLB Plausibility check CHAR   
232 CMS_PCN_PLB_SET Plausibility check set CHAR 10    
233 CMS_PCN_PL_NAME Plausibility check description CHAR 100    
234 CMS_PCN_PL_PRC Plausibility Processor CHAR   
235 CMS_PCN_PROC_CKY Process control key CHAR 10    
236 CMS_PCN_PROC_MODE Process Control Mode CHAR   
237 CMS_PCN_PROC_OBJ Process Object CHAR   
238 CMS_PCN_REL_ACTVT Release Activity CHAR   
239 CMS_PCN_STAT_CNTL Status transition control CHAR   
240 CMS_PCT Percentage field DEC 10 
241 CMS_PCT_SHARE Percentage Share DEC
242 CMS_PERCENT CMS Pharma percentage DEC
243 CMS_PERM_WGHT Permissible total weight QUAN 13 
244 CMS_PERM_WGHT_UNT Unit of the quantity UNIT   
245 CMS_PLACE_LIC Place of licence CHAR 30    
246 CMS_PLOC Physical location of a document CHAR 30    
247 CMS_PORTION ID assigned to a portion of a Collateral Agreement in CMS NUMC   
248 CMS_POSID ID assigned to positions in CMS NUMC   
249 CMS_PP_VARIANT Price protection variant CHAR   
250 CMS_PRC_DAYS Price effective after n days NUMC   
251 CMS_PRD_CLASS Product class CHAR   
252 CMS_PRD_IND_ORG_RL Indicator: Role of the Organisation in the Product CHAR   
253 CMS_PRD_SET Unique ID assigned to a combination of products CHAR   
254 CMS_PRIORITY Priority or Rank NUMC   
255 CMS_PROD_STREN Pharma : Product Strength CHAR 10    
256 CMS_PROD_STREN_DESC Pharma : Product Strength CHAR 104    
257 CMS_PROD_STR_UI Product Strength CHAR 10    
259 CMS_PROFILE_ID Profile ID CHAR 10    
260 CMS_QTY Value expressed in Quantity QUAN 13 
261 CMS_RATIO Ratio ( Numerator or Denominator) INT4 10    
262 CMS_RBLID Receivable Identification Number CHAR 64    
263 CMS_RBL_ACCESS recievable accessmode CHAR   
264 CMS_RBL_COMPONENT_TYP Component type for a receivable(Interest,Fees,Overdraft) CHAR   
265 CMS_RBL_CRDSYS Credit System CHAR   
266 CMS_RBL_NUMBER_LENGTH Number length for Receivable ID CHAR 12    
267 CMS_RBL_ORG_UNIT Receivable OrgUnit CHAR 10    
268 CMS_RBL_PORTION Portion of the receivable (First/Last/Middle) CHAR   
269 CMS_RBL_PRD Receivable product CHAR   
270 CMS_RBL_PROD Product of Receivable CHAR 12    
271 CMS_RBL_SHLP_RBL_ID Receivable ID as needed by search help CHAR 40    
272 CMS_RBL_STATUS Status of receivable CHAR   
273 CMS_RBL_STATUS_HDR Status of receivable CHAR   
274 CMS_RBL_STATUS_POS Status of receivable CHAR   
275 CMS_RBL_TYPE Receivable type CHAR   
276 CMS_REC_TYPE Record Type CHAR   
277 CMS_REFID Reference Identification CHAR 64    
278 CMS_REG_NO Vehicle registration number CHAR 30    
279 CMS_REL_DCARDINALITY Cardinality of destination in a relationship CHAR   
280 CMS_REL_DIRECTION Directin of the Relationship CHAR   
281 CMS_REL_FLAG Relevancy Flag CHAR   
282 CMS_REL_GRP Relationship type CHAR   
283 CMS_REL_SCARDINALITY Cardinality of source in a relationship CHAR   
284 CMS_REL_TYP Relationship type CHAR   
285 CMS_REPROC_FLAG Reprocess Flag CHAR   
286 CMS_REQD_NOTICE_PERIOD Required notice period CHAR   
287 CMS_RESULT_ENT Result Entity CHAR   
288 CMS_RESULT_TYP Calculations Result Type CHAR 15    
289 CMS_RES_DESC Result Description CHAR 60    
290 CMS_RES_PCT Calculations result percentage - Presentation DEC 10 
291 CMS_RETURN_CODE Return Code from a Method or Function Module INT4 10    
292 CMS_RE_AMOUNT Amount Field in Real Estate Add-On System CURR 17 
293 CMS_RE_APPL Application ID CHAR   
294 CMS_RE_BASE_MEAS Base measure CHAR   
295 CMS_RE_BASE_MEAS_LAND Base measure - Land CHAR   
296 CMS_RE_BASE_PERIOD Base period for the rent CHAR   
297 CMS_RE_BLD_SEC_TYP Building Section CHAR   
298 CMS_RE_BPRL Business Partner Role in Real Estate Add-On System CHAR   
299 CMS_RE_BUPA_ID Business Partner ID CHAR 32    
300 CMS_RE_CAT Category ID for objects in Real Estate Add-On system CHAR   
301 CMS_RE_COND Condition ID for objects in Real Estate Add-On system CHAR   
302 CMS_RE_DATE Dates for Real Estate Add-On System DATS   
303 CMS_RE_DESC Description CHAR 30    
304 CMS_RE_ENTITYID Entity ID(ObjectID, LR-ID, Doc ID or BuPa ID) CHAR 20    
305 CMS_RE_EXT_BPRL External Business Partner Role CHAR 20    
306 CMS_RE_EXT_ID ID for External Object types in Real Estate Add-On system CHAR   
307 CMS_RE_EXT_TYP External Object Types in Real Estate Add-On System CHAR 15    
308 CMS_RE_FIX_FIT_TYP Fixtures and Fittings CHAR   
309 CMS_RE_FLD_GRP_TYP Object field group in Real Estate CHAR   
310 CMS_RE_FLG Yes/No indicator field for Real Estate Add-On Objects CHAR   
311 CMS_RE_IND_FREQUENCY Frequency of Revaluation of an Asset Type CHAR   
312 CMS_RE_IND_LRTE Indiactor for the Lending rate CHAR   
313 CMS_RE_IND_SFTY Indicator for default safety discount CHAR   
314 CMS_RE_IND_VAL_MAINTAIN Indicator - Value enhancing/Maintaining CHAR   
315 CMS_RE_INT1 Int1 domain INT1   
316 CMS_RE_LR_ID Land Register Identifier CHAR 30    
317 CMS_RE_NAME Description of objects in Real Esate Add-On System CHAR 40    
318 CMS_RE_NUM_ASSIGNMENT Type of Number assignment for the entity CHAR   
319 CMS_RE_OBJECT_ID Object ID CHAR 20    
320 CMS_RE_ORG_UNIT Organizational Unit CHAR 10    
321 CMS_RE_OTH_USG_FLG Yes/No indicator field for Real Estate Add-On Objects CHAR   
322 CMS_RE_PCT Occupancy in percentage in Real Estate DEC 10 
323 CMS_RE_PRC_CAT Price category for hotel rooms CHAR   
324 CMS_RE_PRT_ID Part ID for Real Estate Object NUMC 10    
325 CMS_RE_QTY Value expressed in Quantity QUAN 13 
326 CMS_RE_RATIO Ratio ( Numerator/Denominator) INT4 10    
327 CMS_RE_REFID Reference Identification CHAR 32    
328 CMS_RE_RENTAL_AGMT_TYP Rental Agreement Type CHAR   
329 CMS_RE_RENT_FLG Rent Type CHAR   
330 CMS_RE_RENT_LEVEL Level of Rent in Real Estate CHAR   
331 CMS_RE_RISK_CODE Risk Code CHAR   
332 CMS_RE_ROLE_TYP Object role type in Real Estate CHAR   
333 CMS_RE_SCREEN_SEQ Screen Sequence Number in Real Estate Add-On system CHAR   
334 CMS_RE_SIZE Size of objects in Real Estate Add-On System QUAN 13 
335 CMS_RE_SOURCE Source of entry/processing in Real Estate Add-On System CHAR 32    
336 CMS_RE_STAT Status ID of objects in Real Estate Add-On system CHAR   
337 CMS_RE_TIME Time for Real Estate Add-On System TIMS   
338 CMS_RE_TRANSACTION Transaction Code for Real Estate Add-On system CHAR 20    
339 CMS_RE_TYP Type Identification for objects in Real Estata Add-On System CHAR   
340 CMS_RE_UNITS Number of units in Real Estate Add-On System INT4 10    
341 CMS_RE_USER User ID for Real Estate Add-On system CHAR 12    
342 CMS_RE_UTIL Utilization of the Part CHAR   
343 CMS_RE_VALN_FREQ_PERIOD Period of revaluation NUMC   
344 CMS_RE_VALN_TYP Type of check conducted CHAR   
346 CMS_RIG_AV_PTY Available additional property rights CHAR   
347 CMS_RIG_IND_FREQUENCY Frequency of Revaluation of an Right Type CHAR   
348 CMS_RIG_NAME Right Type Name CHAR 40    
349 CMS_RIG_NUM_ASSIGNMENT Type of Number assignment for the entity CHAR   
350 CMS_RIG_PCT Percentage DEC 10 
351 CMS_RIG_REG_NO Register-No CHAR 20    
352 CMS_RIG_TYP Right Type CHAR   
353 CMS_RIG_VALN_FREQ_PERIOD Period of revaluation NUMC   
354 CMS_RISK_CODE Risk Code CHAR   
355 CMS_RISK_METHOD Indicator to show the Risk method of Calculation Result CHAR   
356 CMS_ROUTE_ADMIN Pharma: Route of Admin. CHAR   
357 CMS_ROUTE_ADMIN_DESC Pharma: Route of Admin. CHAR 30    
358 CMS_ROUTE_ADM_UI Route Admin CHAR   
359 CMS_RO_APPLICATION RO application name CHAR   
360 CMS_RO_DES_OBJ Ro Design Object assigned CHAR 40    
361 CMS_RO_FLD_NAME RO FIeld Name CHAR 40    
362 CMS_SAS_ID Sub-asset ID NUMC   
363 CMS_SCALE_BASE_TYPE Scale Base Type CHAR   
364 CMS_SCREEN_SEQ Sequence Number of a Screen CHAR   
365 CMS_SCREEN_TITLE Screen Title for the Entity Type CHAR 20    
366 CMS_SCR_HLP_RBL_ID Receivable ID as needed by search help CHAR 40    
367 CMS_SCR_TEXT Text of 90 CHAR CHAR 90    
368 CMS_SEC_ACC_ID Securities Account ID CHAR 20    
369 CMS_SEC_ACC_POS_ADD_DATA_TYP Additional Data obtained from external systems CHAR 40    
370 CMS_SEC_AMOUNT Amount Field in Securities Add-On System CURR 17 
371 CMS_SEC_BNK_ACCT Bank account number CHAR 20    
372 CMS_SEC_BUPA_ID Business Partner ID CHAR 32    
373 CMS_SEC_CLASSIFICATION Securities classification type CHAR 10    
374 CMS_SEC_DEPO_BNK_BUPA_ID Business Partner ID of depository bank CHAR 12    
375 CMS_SEC_DEPO_BNK_ID Depository bank identification CHAR 18    
376 CMS_SEC_DESC Description CHAR 30    
377 CMS_SEC_EXT_REFID Reference Identification CHAR 32    
378 CMS_SEC_FLG Yes/No indicator field for Securities add on CHAR   
379 CMS_SEC_IND_FREQUENCY Frequency of Revaluation of an Asset Type CHAR   
380 CMS_SEC_IND_LRTE Indiactor for the Lending rate CHAR   
381 CMS_SEC_IND_SFTY Indicator for default safety discount CHAR   
382 CMS_SEC_NAME Naming text CHAR 40    
383 CMS_SEC_ORG_UNIT Organizational Unit CHAR 10    
384 CMS_SEC_PCT Percentage DEC 10 
385 CMS_SEC_POS_ATTRIB Attributes of a securities position CHAR 10    
386 CMS_SEC_POS_ID Position Number in a securities account NUMC   
387 CMS_SEC_POS_ISIN International securities identification number (ISIN) CHAR 20    
388 CMS_SEC_POS_TYP Securities positions type CHAR   
389 CMS_SEC_QTY Value expressed in Quantity QUAN 13 
390 CMS_SEC_RATIO Ratio ( Numerator/Denominator) INT4 10    
392 CMS_SEC_TIME Time for Securities Add-On System TIMS   
393 CMS_SEC_TYP Type Identification for objects in Real Estata Add-On System CHAR   
394 CMS_SEC_UNITS Number of units in Securities Add-On System DEC 15 
395 CMS_SEC_USER User ID for Securities Add-On system CHAR 12    
396 CMS_SEC_VALN_FREQ_PERIOD Period of revaluation NUMC   
397 CMS_SEC_VALN_TYP Type of check conducted CHAR   
398 CMS_SEQID Sequence ID NUMC   
399 CMS_SEQNO Sequence Number INT1   
400 CMS_SERIAL_NUM Serial Number CHAR   
401 CMS_SET Sets of links for an entity type CHAR   
402 CMS_SFTY_PCT Percentage field DEC 10 
403 CMS_SHP_AMOUNT Amount field in Ships CURR 17 
404 CMS_SHP_CLASS Ship Class Either Sea ship or Inland ship CHAR   
405 CMS_SHP_CR_CLS Class field in Ships CHAR 10    
406 CMS_SHP_DATE Date field in Ships DATS   
407 CMS_SHP_FLG Yes/No indicator field for Ships CHAR   
408 CMS_SHP_HULL_TYP Hull Type of ship CHAR   
409 CMS_SHP_ID Ship ID CHAR 40    
410 CMS_SHP_IND_FREQUENCY Frequency of Revaluation of an Asset Type CHAR   
411 CMS_SHP_INT Integer field in Ships DEC 10    
412 CMS_SHP_NAME Description CHAR 40    
413 CMS_SHP_NUMBER Number field in Ships CHAR 20    
414 CMS_SHP_NUM_ASSIGNMENT Type of Number assignment for the entity CHAR   
415 CMS_SHP_PCT Percentage field DEC 10 
416 CMS_SHP_RATING_CLS Rating Class CHAR 20    
417 CMS_SHP_SIZE Size of Ships QUAN 13 
418 CMS_SHP_TYP Type Identification for objects in Ships CHAR   
419 CMS_SHP_VALN_FREQ_PERIOD Period of revaluation NUMC   
420 CMS_SOURCE Source of entry CHAR 32    
421 CMS_SRCH_DYN_SQL_DYN_DOMAIN CMS dynamic query domain STRG   
422 CMS_STAT Status CHAR   
423 CMS_STATUS Status of the Collateral Agreement CHAR   
424 CMS_STATUS_INTERNAL Internal Status of the Entity (Inactive, Active, Archive) CHAR   
425 CMS_STATUS_TYPE Status Relevancy (Contracts / Business Partners) CHAR   
427 CMS_SUBOBJ Sub Object name CHAR 30    
428 CMS_SYS External System Identification CHAR   
429 CMS_TERM_REASON Reason for termination CHAR   
430 CMS_TEXT Explanatory Description CHAR 60    
431 CMS_THERAPEUTIC_CODE Therapeutic Class Code CHAR   
432 CMS_THERA_CODE_UI Therap.Class Code CHAR   
433 CMS_THERA_DESC Therapeutic Class Code Description CHAR 40    
434 CMS_TIME Time TIMS   
435 CMS_TIMESTAMP_NUMC Time stamp with output length 19 NUMC 15    
436 CMS_TRANSACTION Transaction Code CHAR 20    
437 CMS_TRAN_TYPE Transaction Relevancy CHAR   
438 CMS_TSK_COMPL_STAT Completion Status of a Task DEC
439 CMS_TSK_OBJECT Task Object CHAR   
440 CMS_TSK_PRTY Task Priority CHAR   
441 CMS_TSK_STAT Task Status CHAR   
442 CMS_TSK_TYP Task Type CHAR   
443 CMS_TYP Type Identification for objects in CMS CHAR   
444 CMS_TYP_SCR Type data on Screen CHAR 12    
445 CMS_UNITDOSE Unit Dose CHAR   
447 CMS_UOM Unit of Measure UNIT   
448 CMS_USER User CHAR 12    
449 CMS_USERNAME Username CHAR 12    
450 CMS_VALN_TYP Type of check conducted CHAR   
451 CMS_VALUE_SET Value set CHAR   
452 CMS_VALUE_TYPE Value type CHAR   
453 CMS_VAL_AMOUNT Amount for value CURR 17 
454 CMS_VAL_DATE Date for Value DATS   
455 CMS_VAL_ID Identification of valuation objects CHAR 10    
456 CMS_VAL_NAME Name of valuation objects CHAR 60    
457 CMS_VAL_NUM Asset Valuation Number NUMC   
458 CMS_VEH_OFF_IDENT Official identification of vehicle CHAR 30    
459 CMS_VERSION Version Number of the Collateral Agreement NUMC   
460 CMS_XMN_SIGN Operator for transmission CHAR   
461 CMTYP Communication type NUMC   
462 CMUNIT3 Unit Key UNIT   
463 CMVIEW View (Entry View/Document Splitting View) CHAR   
464 CMWCDM_BOOL Boolean CHAR   
465 CMWCDM_SMWACT Synchronization Middleware Active CHAR   
466 CMWC_MBA_STR Domain for ICAL String Type STRG   
467 CMWDCBSIZE Delta Collectation Extract Block Size NUMC   
468 CMWDCENTST Delta collection entry processing state NUMC   
469 CMWDCPGPST Delta collection process state NUMC   
470 CMWDCPRCGP Process Group CHAR 32    
471 CMWDCPRCID Migration Delta Collection: Process Identifier CHAR 32    
472 CMWDCPRCST Delta collection process state NUMC   
473 CMWDCPRIO Migration Delta Collection Priority NUMC   
474 CMWFLAG Flag (true/false) CHAR   
475 CMWTRANGID Group Identifier CHAR 32    
476 CMWTRANMOD Transfer Mode of Migration Message CHAR   
477 CMWTRANMST Transfer Message State CHAR 10    
478 CMWTRANONR Sequence Number NUMC 10    
479 CMWTRANPID Process Identifier CHAR 32    
480 CMWTRANPRC Transfer Message Process Indicator CHAR 10    
481 CMWTRANRFC Asynchronous RFC Communication Type CHAR   
482 CMWTRANSFM Store Format CHAR   
483 CMWTRANSMD Store Mode of a Transfer Message CHAR   
484 CMWTRANSTY Sub type of object type (Migration specific) CHAR 30    
485 CMWTRANTXT Migration Transfer Infrastructure Transport Type Text CHAR 80    
486 CMWTRANTYP Migration Transfer Infrastructure Transport Type CHAR 30    
487 CMWTRANUID Transfer Message ID CHAR 32    
488 CMWT_MBF_MSGLOGTYPE Message store type (xml or ddic) CHAR   
489 CMW_BDOCPART BDoc part name referring to BDOC name CHAR   
490 CMW_INIT_QUEUE Queue name for delta coll. load w/o Prefix CHAR 15    
491 CMW_LOB_MIG_LNGTXT Attachment pointer CHAR 34    
492 CMW_MBA_ICAL_STRING_TYPE Domain for ICAL String Type STRG   
493 CMW_MBA_ICAL_WHOLEDAY Domain for ICal WholeDay INT1   
494 CMW_MBF_ATOM_TYPE Atom Type INT1   
495 CMW_MB_MSG_TYPE Mobile Client Message Type. CHAR   
496 CMW_SITENA Mobile client Site Name CHAR 32    
497 CMX_CR_D_GEN_MODE Ctrl Recipe Destination: Type of Gen. Ctrl Recipe (XSteps) CHAR   
498 CMX_DA_D_ADDRESS Manufacturing Data Access: Domain for Address SSTR 242    
499 CMX_DA_D_ADDRESS_TEXT Manufacturing Data Access: Domain for Address (CHAR) CHAR 255    
500 CMX_DA_D_EVENT_ACKMODE Manufacturing Data Access: Mode f. Acknowledgemnt of Receipt CHAR