SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 25
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CRM_CCKPT_GUID_IO Domains for Info Object GUID CHAR 22    
2 CRM_CCKPT_HEADERS Headings for info blocks/views in cockpits CHAR 35    
3 CRM_CCKPT_LID logical id for apps. in which fact sheet is at many levels CHAR 10    
4 CRM_CCKPT_SUMMARYID ID of a view in sales summary for core R/3 CHAR   
5 CRM_CCM_EVENT Event for Processing Payment Item CHAR   
6 CRM_CCNGN Customs Tariff Number - Generic Part CHAR 30    
7 CRM_CCS_CALLS_PROP_TYPE CRM CMS Simulator - Phone Call Property Types NUMC   
8 CRM_CCS_CHAT_SES_PROP_TYPES CRM CMS Simulator - Chat Session Property Types NUMC   
9 CRM_CCS_MESSAGE_PROP_TYPE CRM CMS Simulator - Message Property Types NUMC   
10 CRM_CCS_POSTING_PROPERTY_TYPE CRM CMS Simulator - Chat Posting Property Types NUMC   
11 CRM_CCS_STRING CRM CMS Simulator - String Domain STRG   
12 CRM_CCS_USER_PROP_TYPE CRM CMS Simulator - User Property Types NUMC   
13 CRM_CD_PLANT Plant Description CHAR 30    
14 CRM_CFAP_BUSCTXT Claims&Funds Approval: Business Context of Approver Group CHAR   
15 CRM_CFG_EXT_ITM_ID ID of an item of the external configurator STRG   
16 CRM_CF_USAGE Usage of flow category CHAR   
17 CRM_CGEN_CHAR_GUID 16 byte GUID as character string CHAR 32    
18 CRM_CGEN_COND_TABLE_ID ID for a condition table CHAR   
19 CRM_CGEN_CONFL_RES Resolution of Overlap Conflicts CHAR   
20 CRM_CGEN_CONTEXT Context Name CHAR   
21 CRM_CGEN_CONTEXT_DESC Context Description CHAR 25    
22 CRM_CGEN_KEY_FIELD Key Field Value STRG   
23 CRM_CGEN_TYPE Condition Generation Type CHAR   
24 CRM_CHANGEABLE Modifiability of a Field in the Order CHAR   
25 CRM_CHANGE_DOC_RELEVANCE Relevance of an object for change documents CHAR   
26 CRM_CHAR10 CHAR string of length 10 CHAR 10    
27 CRM_CHAR225 CRM Char of 225 CHAR 225    
28 CRM_CHAR30_LOW Low-case 30-character string CHAR 30    
29 CRM_CHAR32_LOW Low-case 32-character string CHAR 32    
30 CRM_CHAR4096 CHAR string of length 4096 CHAR 4096    
31 CRM_CHAR50 Char String length 50 CHAR 50    
32 CRM_CHAR511 CHAR-string of length 511 CHAR 511    
33 CRM_CHAR64_LOW Low-case 64-character string CHAR 64    
34 CRM_CHAR_255 255 characters case sensitive text - e.g. comments CHAR 255    
35 CRM_CHAT_OPT_WEC_CHNL_ADDR_DOM Domain for maintaining the Channel Address for Chat CHAR 50    
36 CRM_CHAT_OPT_WEC_PORT_DOM Domain for maintaining Web Server's Port Information CHAR   
37 CRM_CHAT_OPT_WEC_USERNAME_DOM Domain for storing Default User's Name CHAR 50    
38 CRM_CHAT_PROFILE_DESC Chat customizing text table CHAR 32    
39 CRM_CHECK_PROD_TERM Check Lease Term during Document Generation CHAR   
40 CRM_CHKLST Checklist Identifier CHAR   
41 CRM_CHKLST_ASG_STEP Checklist Assigned Step to Option CHAR   
42 CRM_CHKLST_ENABLE_WRKFLW Checklist - Enable Workflow CHAR   
43 CRM_CHKLST_LOCK_PF Checklist Lock Profile Option CHAR   
44 CRM_CHKLST_MANDT_STEP Mandatory Checklist Step CHAR   
45 CRM_CHKLST_OPTION Checklist Step Option CHAR   
46 CRM_CHKLST_PARTNER_FUNCTION Checklist Step Partner Function Selection CHAR   
47 CRM_CHKLST_PF Checklist Profile CHAR   
48 CRM_CHKLST_PF_CHOICE Checklist Profile Choice CHAR   
49 CRM_CHKLST_PF_PRIORITY Checklist Profile Priority INT1   
50 CRM_CHKLST_STEP Checklist Step CHAR   
51 CRM_CHKLST_STEP_READ_ONLY Checklist Step Read Only Flag CHAR   
52 CRM_CHKLST_STSQ Checklist Step Sequence Number NUMC   
53 CRM_CHKLST_TRIGID ID of a Trigger CHAR 15    
54 CRM_CHKLST_TYPE Checklist Step CHAR   
55 CRM_CHM_ADDR_TYPE Address Type (1 = Organisation, 2 = Person) CHAR   
56 CRM_CHM_PID Character Length 4 CHAR   
57 CRM_CHM_QUAL_MAINT_REQ Maintenance Option CHAR   
58 CRM_CHM_REQ_OPTION Request option CHAR   
59 CRM_CHM_UTIL_LOG_LEVEL Logging level for usage with logging class CHAR   
60 CRM_CHNG_BACK_TO_BUNDLE Back to Existing Bundle CHAR   
61 CRM_CHNG_PROC_STEP Step within the Change Process INT4 10    
62 CRM_CHNG_PROC_SYNC Synchronization Type of Change Processes in Combined Contr. CHAR   
63 CRM_CIC_ABOX_QMNUM Loakl definition of service notifi. number for remote access CHAR 12    
64 CRM_CIC_ABOX_VBELN_VA Loakl definition of sales order number for remote access CHAR 10    
65 CRM_CIC_ASP_APPLICATION IC WinClient: Application CHAR   
66 CRM_CIC_ASP_APPL_TYPE IC WinClient: ASP, application type CHAR 15    
67 CRM_CIC_ASP_PROFILE Client Switch: Configuration CHAR 15    
68 CRM_CIC_BROADCAST_BGCOLOR Background Color CHAR 15    
70 CRM_CIC_COMPONENT CIC Component CHAR 12    
71 CRM_CIC_DEFWS_COMPONENT Default Workspace Component CHAR 12    
72 CRM_CIC_DEFWS_PROFILE Default Workspace Profile CHAR 10    
73 CRM_CIC_DEFWS_SLOTID Slot ID for Default Workspace NUMC   
74 CRM_CIC_DEFWS_SLOTNAME Slot Name for Default Workspace CHAR 10    
75 CRM_CIC_ENDCONT_CTRL Control at End of Business Activity CHAR   
76 CRM_CIC_IB_NAV_SEARCH_TYPE Search Type for Determination of IBase Components CHAR   
77 CRM_CIC_IOBJ_NAV_SEARCH_TYPE Search Type for Determination of Individual Object CHAR   
78 CRM_CIC_OP_CLUSTER_TYPE Object Provider Service: Cluster Type CHAR 30    
79 CRM_CIFCSLREF Reference of Cross-System Block CHAR 255    
80 CRM_CIFDEBUG Debugging on/off (by multiple synchronous RFC calls A-B-A) CHAR   
81 CRM_CIFDOC Number of order/MRP element CHAR 12    
82 CRM_CIFERRHAND Error handling in the target system CHAR   
83 CRM_CIFINBOUND Control of inbound calls CHAR   
84 CRM_CIFLOGGING Logging mode for CIF CHAR   
85 CRM_CIFMETHOD Method to be used when transferring an object CHAR   
86 CRM_CIFOPMOD Operation mode of the active data channel (ADC) CHAR   
87 CRM_CIFSSEXT External Display of Account Assignment Object CHAR 40    
88 CRM_CIFVBXVCO VBX: Interval limits (Org. VBX_VALCOD) CHAR   
89 CRM_CIF_APPL Responsible application (CIF) CHAR   
90 CRM_CIF_CIFGUID32 CIF GUID in CHAR32 format CHAR 32    
91 CRM_CIF_SD_SCENARIO SD integration business scenario CHAR   
92 CRM_CIF_SHPAPOORIG Business transaction CHAR   
93 CRM_CLA_AMOUNT_ITEM_TYPE Claim Amount Item Type CHAR   
95 CRM_CLA_AWTYP Application Category CHAR   
96 CRM_CLA_BKPF_XBLNR_ALT Alternative Refence Number CHAR 26    
97 CRM_CLA_BKPF_XREVERSAL Document is Reversal or Reversed Document CHAR   
98 CRM_CLA_CCB_PREDECESSOR_TYPE Claims and Funds: Predecessor Type of Chargeback CHAR 10    
99 CRM_CLA_CCB_TYPE Chargeback Scenario Type CHAR   
100 CRM_CLA_CCM_KIND Kind of entry CHAR   
101 CRM_CLA_CCM_KIND_U Kind of entry for changed dispute cases CHAR   
103 CRM_CLA_CSD_CHK_INDICATOR Check result: Passed or failed CHAR   
104 CRM_CLA_CSD_POSTING_STATE Posting State for a Claim Submission Document CHAR   
105 CRM_CLA_CSD_TAX_DIFF_CHECKED Is Tax Difference Checked for the Claim Submission CHAR   
106 CRM_CLA_CSD_TAX_DIFF_TYPE Tax Difference Type CHAR   
107 CRM_CLA_CSD_TAX_DIRECTION Claims Submission Document Tax Direction CHAR   
108 CRM_CLA_CSR_AMOUNT_DEF_TYPES The scenarios supported for Amount dist. and def. for Badi CHAR   
109 CRM_CLA_CSR_MAX_CLAIM_ITEMS Domain for the maximum number of claim items INT1   
110 CRM_CLA_CSR_POST_STATUS_CHNGE Status Change in Claim CHAR   
111 CRM_CLA_CSR_RES_TREE_EXP_LEVEL Expansion level for resolution tree in claim CHAR 10    
112 CRM_CLA_CSR_RES_TREE_LAYOUT CSR Resolution tree layout domain CHAR   
113 CRM_CLA_CSR_RES_TREE_SCENARIO Describes Possible Scenarios of Claim Resolution Tree CHAR   
114 CRM_CLA_DEDUP_CHECK_TYPE Claims duplicates: check type CHAR   
115 CRM_CLA_DEDUP_ERROR_LEVEL Error Level (Domain) CHAR   
116 CRM_CLA_DEDUP_FIELD Deduplication Profile Field CHAR 10    
117 CRM_CLA_DUPLICAT_IGNORE_REASON Ignore Duplicate Reason CHAR   
118 CRM_CLA_ERP_CLEARED Indicates whether a document was cleared in ERP CHAR   
119 CRM_CLA_ERP_DIRECT Transfer direction of Notes CHAR   
120 CRM_CLA_ERP_PMT_EVENT Event for Processing Payment Item CHAR   
121 CRM_CLA_ERP_PMT_KIND_U Specifies type of entries CHAR   
122 CRM_CLA_EXT_REF_FLD Possible Values For External Reference Fieldnames in DS CHAR   
123 CRM_CLA_EXT_REF_TYPE Claim External Reference Type Fixed Values CHAR   
124 CRM_CLA_FI_ACPI_KNTYP Condition type: Freight, tax, cost,,...... CHAR   
125 CRM_CLA_FI_ACPI_MABER Dunning Area CHAR   
126 CRM_CLA_FI_ACTION Possible actions in ERP for tax information CHAR   
127 CRM_CLA_FI_ERP_ACTION Possible actions in ERP for tax information CHAR   
128 CRM_CLA_FI_ERP_PSTNG_SUBLEDG FI Posting Subledger (A/P or A/R) CHAR   
129 CRM_CLA_FI_KBLNR Document Number: Manual Document Entry CHAR 10    
130 CRM_CLA_FI_POSTING_SUBLEDGER FI Posting Subledger (A/P or A/R) CHAR   
131 CRM_CLA_FM_DET_KIND Kind of Claim Fund Determination CHAR   
132 CRM_CLA_FM_DET_TYPE Fund Determination Type CHAR   
133 CRM_CLA_FM_RELEVANT_BUS_TYPES Business transaction categories with integration to funds CHAR 10    
135 CRM_CLA_IGNORE_DUPLICAT_REASON Claim Ingnore Duplicate Reason CHAR   
136 CRM_CLA_IGNORE_DUPL_REA_DESC Claim IgnoreDuplicate Reason Description CHAR 20    
137 CRM_CLA_I_CAPPING_ACTIVE Check Capping Active (by default = No) CHAR   
138 CRM_CLA_MKT_PROJECT_ASSIGNMENT Integration to Validation Sheet CHAR   
139 CRM_CLA_MULTIPLE_SUBMISSIONS Multiple Claims Submissions CHAR   
140 CRM_CLA_PREPAYMENT_INTEGRATION Integration to Prepayment Document CHAR   
141 CRM_CLA_PREP_SOURCE Claim Prepayment Source CHAR   
142 CRM_CLA_PREP_TYPE Prepayment Process Type CHAR   
143 CRM_CLA_PRIORITY Claim Priority CHAR   
147 CRM_CLA_SOURCE_TYPE_EXT CSD Source Type for External Use CHAR   
148 CRM_CLA_STATUS_TYPE Integration to Validation Sheet CHAR   
149 CRM_CLA_SUBMISSION_INTEGRATION Integration to Claim Submission Document CHAR   
150 CRM_CLA_TAX_DIRECTION Tax direction indicator CHAR   
151 CRM_CLA_TAX_RELEVANT Tax relevant indicator CHAR   
152 CRM_CLA_UDM_EVENT Event for the update of ERP dispute cases CHAR   
153 CRM_CLA_UDM_EXTAPPL External Application for Cases to be clarified CHAR   
154 CRM_CLA_UDM_FIN_ORIGIN Origin of Dispute Case CHAR   
155 CRM_CLA_UDM_KUNNR Customer CHAR 10    
156 CRM_CLA_UPDATE_TYPE Update Type for Claim Objects CHAR   
157 CRM_CLA_VALUE_CLOSING_REPORT Values for CRM_CLA_CLOSE report type drop-down CHAR   
158 CRM_CLA_VALUE_DISTR_CONTROL Pricing distribution control in claims management CHAR   
159 CRM_CLA_VALUE_DISTR_RELEVANCE Pricing distribution relevance in claims management CHAR   
160 CRM_CLA_VALUE_RELATIVEDATE Relative Date Domain for Claim Expiration CHAR   
161 CRM_CLA_VAL_SHEET_INTEGRATION Integration to Validation Sheet CHAR   
162 CRM_CLA_VS_ATTR_TYPE Additional Attributes Type for Validation sheet CHAR   
163 CRM_CLA_VS_BOOLEAN Logical Variable CHAR   
164 CRM_CLA_VS_CAU_TYPE Causal Type CHAR   
165 CRM_CLA_VS_DATA_STATUS status of a dataset CHAR   
166 CRM_CLA_VS_EXPENSE_TYPE Expense type of a causal CHAR   
167 CRM_CLA_VS_EXTERNAL_ID External ID for a validation sheet CHAR 24    
168 CRM_CLA_VS_EXTID_NO_RANGE External ID for a validation sheet CHAR 20    
169 CRM_CLA_VS_LOG_KEY_DEFINITN_ID Id of logical key definition CHAR 30    
170 CRM_CLA_VS_LOG_KEY_ID Id of logical key CHAR 30    
171 CRM_CLA_VS_NAME Name CHAR 20    
172 CRM_CLA_VS_NAME_EXT Extended Name CHAR 30    
173 CRM_CLA_VS_PRDDIM_ID Product dimension ID CHAR 32    
174 CRM_CLA_VS_PRDGRP Product Group CHAR   
175 CRM_CLA_VS_PROFILE_TYPE Validation Sheet profile type NUMC   
176 CRM_CLA_VS_REL_NAME Name of relation from Validation Sheet to other objects CHAR   
177 CRM_CLA_VS_SPEND_CAT Spend Cathegory for validation sheet CHAR 30    
178 CRM_CLA_VS_SPEND_METHODE Spend methode for validation Sheet CHAR 10    
179 CRM_CLA_VS_SPEND_TYPE Spend Type for validation Sheet CHAR   
181 CRM_CLA_VS_VALUE Value CHAR 255    
184 CRM_CLA_VS_VAL_CUSTOM_SCENARIO Validation Sheet: Account Scenario CHAR 10    
185 CRM_CLA_VS_VAL_CUST_SOURCE Validated Customer Source CHAR   
186 CRM_CLA_VS_VAL_GDS_ACTIONS Which actions are allowed for the GDS CHAR 10    
187 CRM_CLA_VS_VAL_MKT_CATEGORY Category of Marketing Project CHAR   
188 CRM_CLA_VS_VAL_PROFILE_ID Validation Profile ID CHAR 30    
189 CRM_CLIENT_CONN Client connection status CHAR   
190 CRM_CLM_ACTIVATION_STATE Activation state CHAR   
191 CRM_CLM_APPOINTMENT_ATTRIBUTE Appointment attribute CHAR 10    
192 CRM_CLM_ASSG_PR_ID_DOM Profile IDs - call list generation, assignment CHAR   
193 CRM_CLM_ASSG_RULE_ID_DOM Rule IDs - call list generation, assignment CHAR   
194 CRM_CLM_ATT_DESC CRM CLM Attribute Description CHAR 32    
195 CRM_CLM_AVAL_DESC CRM CLM Attribute Value Description CHAR 32    
197 CRM_CLM_BTX_SYNCH_COMPONENT Component of business transaction synchronization CHAR   
198 CRM_CLM_BTX_SYNCH_COMP_TYPE Business transaction synchronization type for components CHAR   
199 CRM_CLM_BTX_SYNCH_TYPE Business transaction synchronization type CHAR   
200 CRM_CLM_CALL_ID Call id RAW 16    
201 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_ID Call List Id RAW 16    
202 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_SEMANTIC_ID Call list semantic id CHAR 32    
203 CRM_CLM_CALL_LIST_TYPE Call list type CHAR 32    
204 CRM_CLM_CALL_ORDER_NUMBER Call order number in a call list INT4 10    
205 CRM_CLM_CALL_RESULT Call result CHAR   
206 CRM_CLM_CALL_STATE Call list interaction state CHAR   
207 CRM_CLM_CALL_STATE_STAT Call list interaction state CHAR   
208 CRM_CLM_CALL_STAT_METRIC Call's statistical metric CHAR   
209 CRM_CLM_CHAR30_LOW Low-case 30-character string CHAR 30    
210 CRM_CLM_COMPLETION_STATUS Completion status CHAR   
211 CRM_CLM_CTRL_CALL_CREATION_DOM Control call creation - call list generation CHAR   
212 CRM_CLM_CTRL_PROCESS_FLOW_DOM Control process flow - call list generation CHAR   
213 CRM_CLM_DATA_SPACE Data space CHAR   
214 CRM_CLM_DESRIPTION Description CHAR 40    
215 CRM_CLM_DISTRIBUTION_RULE Call list distribution rule CHAR   
216 CRM_CLM_EXCEPTION_TYPE Call list management exception type CHAR   
218 CRM_CLM_GUID_CHAR Character GUID CHAR 32    
221 CRM_CLM_INHERITANCE_TYPE Inheritance type CHAR   
222 CRM_CLM_INTERACTION_ATTRIBUTE Interaction attribute CHAR 30    
223 CRM_CLM_LOCK_MODE Locking Mode CHAR   
224 CRM_CLM_OPERATOR Operator CHAR 20    
225 CRM_CLM_ORDER_TABLE Order table CHAR 10    
226 CRM_CLM_PERCENTAGE Percentage INT1   
228 CRM_CLM_PS_STORAGE_ID Storage Id RAW 16    
229 CRM_CLM_PS_STORAGE_ID_C Storage Id CHAR 32    
230 CRM_CLM_QS_ATTR CRM Call List Maintenance Quick Search Attribute CHAR 32    
231 CRM_CLM_QS_DESC CRM CLM Quick Search Description CHAR 32    
232 CRM_CLM_QS_ID CRM CLM Quick Search ID CHAR   
233 CRM_CLM_QS_PROF_DESC CRM CLM Quick Search Profile Description CHAR 32    
234 CRM_CLM_QS_PROF_ID CRM CLM Quick Search Profile ID CHAR 32    
235 CRM_CLM_QS_SORT CRM CLM Quick Search Sort NUMC   
236 CRM_CLM_QS_VAL CRM CLM Quick Search Value CHAR   
237 CRM_CLM_RELATIONAL_OPERATOR Relational operator CHAR   
238 CRM_CLM_RELATIONAL_OPERATOR_EQ Equality relational operator CHAR   
239 CRM_CLM_SCHED_ID_DOM Rule IDs - call list generation, scheduling CHAR   
240 CRM_CLM_SORT_DIRECTION Sort direction CHAR   
241 CRM_CLM_STATUS_KIND Status kind CHAR   
242 CRM_CLM_STAT_METRIC_TYPE Statistical metric type CHAR   
244 CRM_CLM_TIMESTAMP UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
245 CRM_CLM_TIME_SECONDS Time in seconds DEC 10    
246 CRM_CLM_TV_SORT_DIRECTION Sorting direction CHAR   
247 CRM_CLS_VS_VAL_PROFILE_DESCR Validationsheet Profile Description CHAR 255    
248 CRM_CL_EXECUTION_MODE Call list execution mode CHAR   
249 CRM_CL_INTERACTION_PRIORITY Call list interaction priority INT2   
250 CRM_CL_PRIORITY Call list priority NUMC   
251 CRM_CMDC_FIN_ORIGIN Origin of Dispute Case CHAR   
252 CRM_CMDC_KUNNR Customer CHAR 10    
253 CRM_CMDC_MAP_KIND Kind of Mapping Entry CHAR   
254 CRM_CMDC_SOURCE Document source key CHAR   
255 CRM_CMG_BUTTON_PROP The properties of a button CHAR   
256 CRM_CMG_SEARCH_CLASSES_NAME Used as value range for the Case search classes names CHAR 30    
257 CRM_CMIC_MAINTENANCE_MODE Maintenance mode for bo documents CHAR   
258 CRM_CMPTYPE CRM Campaign Type CHAR   
259 CRM_CMS_NM_WAC_IND Flag for WAC indicator in Customisation of NM CHAR   
260 CRM_CMS_PROCESS_LVL Process Level ( Header: H, Item: I) CHAR   
261 CRM_CMS_THLD_QTY obsolete QUAN 15 
262 CRM_CMS_THLD_QTY_UI obsolete DEC 15 
263 CRM_CMS_THLD_VAL obsolete CURR 15 
264 CRM_CMS_THLD_VAL_UI obsolete DEC 15 
265 CRM_CMS_WINMCS_QTY obsolete QUAN 15 
266 CRM_CMS_WINMCS_QTY_UI obsolete DEC 15 
267 CRM_CMS_WINMCS_VAL obsolete CURR 15 
268 CRM_CMS_WINMCS_VAL_UI obsolete DEC 15 
269 CRM_CM_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 40    
270 CRM_CM_EVENT Events CHAR 10    
271 CRM_CM_HANDLE Handler CHAR 20    
272 CRM_CM_OBJECT Object CHAR 30    
273 CRM_CM_PROFILE Profile CHAR 15    
274 CRM_CM_PROFILE_DESC Profile description for Content Management CHAR 32    
275 CRM_CM_RELATION Other ID Relation CHAR   
276 CRM_CM_SEQNR Sequence number NUMC   
277 CRM_CM_SEQUENCE Sequence NUMC   
278 CRM_CNDHIST_OPERATOR Option for ranges table CHAR   
279 CRM_CNDHIST_VAKEY Variable key part of a condition table CHAR 200    
280 CRM_CND_ATTR_NAME Attribute Name for Condition Processing CHAR 30    
281 CRM_CND_ATTR_VALUE Attribut Value for Condition Processing CHAR 50    
282 CRM_CND_BADI_FLT BAdI Filter Value for BAdIs in Enh Spot CRM_CND_FLD_FILLING CHAR 30    
284 CRM_CND_GEN_LEVEL Condition Generation Level CHAR   
285 CRM_CND_PROC_LEVEL Condition Processing Level CHAR 30    
286 CRM_CNTR Counter CHAR   
287 CRM_CODEGROUPS CRM: Code group profile for catalogs CHAR   
288 CRM_CODEGROUPTXT Short Text for Code Group CHAR 40    
289 CRM_CODETEXT Description for a Code Group Code CHAR 80    
290 CRM_CODE_MULTIPLE_SELECTION Multiple selection of codes allowed CHAR   
291 CRM_COMMISS_STATUS CRM Incentives - Commission status CHAR   
292 CRM_COMMN Communication number for the APPQ interface CHAR   
293 CRM_COMMUNICATION_TYPE Medium which is Used to Perform Activity CHAR   
294 CRM_COMM_DATE_SWITCH Calculation of Commitment Date CHAR   
295 CRM_COMM_GROUP Commission group CHAR   
296 CRM_COMPLETION Percent Completed NUMC   
297 CRM_COMPLETION_RULE Completion Rule for a Quantity / Value Contract CHAR   
298 CRM_COMPL_ARM_MW_TRACE Advanced Returns Middleware Trace CHAR   
299 CRM_COMPL_PROD_TYPE Indicator New Part/Used Part CHAR   
300 CRM_COMPL_SEARCH_ERPINV_AC Include Archive in Search CHAR   
301 CRM_COMPONENT_NAME Component Name CHAR   
302 CRM_COMPONENT_TYPE Type of one-order component CHAR   
304 CRM_COMPTX_AUNIT_DATA_NAME_VAL Test Data Value such as Transaction Type, BP, and so on CHAR 255    
305 CRM_CONDGEN_TYPE Condition Generation Type CHAR   
306 CRM_CONDOP Type character for logical operator CHAR   
307 CRM_CONDTYPE_PROFILE_USAGE Input Field for Condition Type Profile CHAR   
308 CRM_COND_ACCESS Object for pricing condition access CHAR   
309 CRM_COND_DATA_SOURCE1 Primary Data Record Source for a Condition Record CHAR   
310 CRM_COND_PURPOSE Condition Function CHAR   
311 CRM_COND_VALUE Amount and Value Fields Analogous to Pricing CURR 19 
312 CRM_COND_VALUE_SM Amount and value fields analogous to pricing CURR 19 
313 CRM_CONFIG_DARK_EXECUTION Configuration in the Background CHAR   
314 CRM_CONFIG_FILTER_PROCEDURE Configuration filter/pricing agreements maintenance proced. CHAR   
315 CRM_CONF_MODE Confirmation mode CHAR   
316 CRM_CONF_PROCESS Copy Configuration CHAR   
317 CRM_CONF_RULE Confirmation Rule CHAR   
318 CRM_CONF_STATE Confirmation Status CHAR   
319 CRM_CONF_STATUS ATP Confirmation Status CHAR   
320 CRM_CONIN_DEFAULT Default Value CHAR   
323 CRM_CONSIGNMENT Controls whether Consignment Stores Should be Posted CHAR   
324 CRM_CONTRACT_COMPL_SEL Selection of completed Contracts too - Yes / No CHAR   
325 CRM_CONTRACT_MESSAGE Contract Determination CHAR   
326 CRM_CONTRACT_MESSAGE_KIND Kind of Contract Determination - Sales or Service Contrac CHAR   
327 CRM_CONTRACT_QUAN_VAL Flag Whether Value or Quantity Contract CHAR   
328 CRM_CON_PHASE Analysis Phase CHAR   
329 CRM_COPY_ATTACHMENT Copy Attachment in Various Modes: Physically or as Reference CHAR   
330 CRM_COPY_CONTROL_MAPPING Copy Control for Mapping of Condition Types CHAR   
331 CRM_CORRDATATYPE Correlation Data Type CHAR   
332 CRM_CORRTYPE Correlation Type CHAR   
333 CRM_CORRTYP_FORCE ATP: Overwriting Correlation Calculation Type CHAR   
334 CRM_COUNT_INT Numerator INT4 10    
335 CRM_COVERSI Version CHAR   
336 CRM_CPB_CRITICAL_FLAG Critical flag CHAR   
337 CRM_CP_APPLICATION Application for Change Processes CHAR 10    
338 CRM_CP_OBJ_CUST Object Customizing CHAR 16    
339 CRM_CRC_BADIVAL Credit Rating Check: BAdI Filter Value CHAR 15    
340 CRM_CRC_PROFILE Credit Rating Check Group CHAR   
341 CRM_CRC_REACTION Credit Check Response CHAR   
342 CRM_CRD_CARD_ID Domain for Internal Card ID CHAR 16    
343 CRM_CREATE_QUOTATION Create Quotation CHAR   
344 CRM_CREDITCHECK_RULE Rule for External Credit Check (BADI) CHAR   
345 CRM_CREDIT_BLOCK_REASON Reason for block in credit management CHAR   
346 CRM_CREDIT_CHECKRULECODE SAP Credit Management : CheckingRuleCode CHAR   
347 CRM_CREDIT_CHECKSEVERITYCODE SAP Credit Management : CheckingSeverityCode CHAR   
348 CRM_CREDIT_CRED_GROUP Customer credit group NUMC   
349 CRM_CREDIT_DATA_DISPLAY Display Credit Master Data CHAR   
350 CRM_CREDIT_DEC3 2-digit value field with sign DEC   
351 CRM_CREDIT_DUNN_MAX_LV FSCM Credit Management: Highest dunning level CHAR 10    
352 CRM_CREDIT_LIMIT FSCM Credit Management: Credit limit CURR 15 
353 CRM_CREDIT_MGMT_ID Interface Profile for Credit Management CHAR 10    
354 CRM_CREDIT_ORDERITEM_GROUP Credit Group for Transaction Items CHAR   
355 CRM_CREDIT_QUANTITY Definition of Relevant Quantity for Credit Management CHAR   
356 CRM_CREDIT_REPRESENTAT Sachbearbeitergruppe für Kreditmanagement CHAR   
357 CRM_CREDIT_RISKCLASS Credit management: Risk category CHAR   
358 CRM_CREDIT_RISK_CLASS Credit Management: Risk class CHAR   
359 CRM_CREDIT_RISK_CLASS_CAT Category of Risk Class NUMC   
360 CRM_CREDIT_SGMNT FSCM Credit Management: Credit segment CHAR 10    
361 CRM_CREDIT_SL_ARR_WO 2-digit value field with sign DEC   
362 CRM_CREDLIMIT_USED_PERCENT Percentage rate for credit limit utilization DEC
363 CRM_CRITICAL_FLAG Critical flag CHAR   
364 CRM_CSDR_ATTRIB CMS Registrable Attribute. CHAR   
365 CRM_CSDR_CHILD_TYPE Design Registration child type CHAR   
366 CRM_CSDR_DOCTYPE Flag to denote document type CHAR   
369 CRM_CSDR_PRD_ACTS Activity Status CHAR   
370 CRM_CSDR_PRD_ACTS_UI Activity Status CHAR   
371 CRM_CSDR_PRD_REGS_UI Registration Status CHAR   
372 CRM_CSDR_PROD_REGS Registration Status CHAR   
373 CRM_CSDR_STATUS Design Registartion Status (Auto approval/rejection) CHAR   
374 CRM_CSDR_THLD_QTY Min Opp Qty QUAN 15 
375 CRM_CSDR_THLD_QTY_UI Min Opp Qty DEC 15 
376 CRM_CSDR_THLD_VAL Min Opp Value CURR 15 
377 CRM_CSDR_THLD_VAL_UI Min Opp Value DEC 15 
380 CRM_CSDR_VALIDITY_TYPE CMS Design Registration validity type CHAR   
381 CRM_CSDR_WINMCS_QTY Win Metric Qty QUAN 15 
382 CRM_CSDR_WINMCS_QTY_UI Win Metric Qty DEC 15 
383 CRM_CSDR_WINMCS_VAL Win Metric Value CURR 15 
384 CRM_CSDR_WINMCS_VAL_UI Win Metric Value DEC 15 
386 CRM_CSEARCH_CRITERIA Central Search Criteria (as string) CHAR 255    
387 CRM_CSTIC_VALUE Attr. Value CHAR 30    
388 CRM_CS_ATTRGRP_NAME Attribute Group for Central Search CHAR 40    
389 CRM_CT_ALERT_TIME_DEPENDENT Time Depedent Delivery CHAR   
390 CRM_CT_CHNG_PROC CT: Change Process CHAR 16    
391 CRM_CT_ENHRULE_ID Import Rule Number NUMC   
392 CRM_CT_IB_OBJTYPE CRM Workflow Inbox: Object Type CHAR 32    
393 CRM_CT_IB_OBJ_CATID Object Category in CRM Workflow Web Inbox NUMC   
394 CRM_CT_IB_OBJ_METHOD CRM Workflow Inbox: Object Method CHAR 32    
395 CRM_CT_IB_SWC_ELEM Element / Method CHAR 32    
396 CRM_CT_IB_UI_ACTION Component Actions CHAR   
397 CRM_CT_ROLE Roles for Inbox CHAR   
398 CRM_CUA_RELATION_TYPE flag (C:cross-selling, U:up-selling, A:accessory, R:reman) CHAR   
399 CRM_CUM_RULE Cumulation rule CHAR   
400 CRM_CUM_TYPE Cumulation type CHAR   
401 CRM_CURR_DEC Currency Decimal for Brazil Localization NUMC   
402 CRM_CUSTCAL_DESC Customer Calendar Description CHAR 50    
403 CRM_CUSTCAL_ID Customer Calendar ID CHAR 10    
404 CRM_CUSTOMERCAL_DESC Customer Calendar Description CHAR 50    
405 CRM_CUSTOMERCAL_ID Customer Calendar ID CHAR 10    
406 CRM_CUSTOMIZING_OBJECT Customizing Object CHAR 17    
407 CRM_CUSTSTAT Design Registration Project Status at customer CHAR   
408 CRM_CUSTY_UT_CA Customer Type CHAR   
409 CRM_CUST_ERR_GRP Incompleteness Group: Business Partner CHAR   
410 CRM_CUST_GROUP Customer group CHAR   
411 CRM_CUST_GROUP1 Customer Group 1 CHAR   
412 CRM_CUST_GROUP2 Customer Group 2 CHAR   
413 CRM_CUST_GROUP3 Customer Group 3 CHAR   
414 CRM_CUST_GROUP4 Customer Group 4 CHAR   
415 CRM_CUST_GROUP5 Customer Group 5 CHAR   
416 CRM_CUST_PRIC_PROC Customer Pricing Procedure CHAR   
417 CRM_CUST_PROFILE Customer Profile ID CHAR 10    
418 CRM_DADEFVALUE Domain for dynamic attributes default value CHAR 10    
419 CRM_DAM_ASSET_TYPE_EXT_ID Digital Asset Management Type ID from 3rd Party External Sys CHAR   
421 CRM_DAM_BOOLEAN boolean: ' '=False ; 'X'=True CHAR   
422 CRM_DAM_CONV_COL_SPACE CRM DAM: Colorspace CHAR 64    
423 CRM_DAM_CUST_VALUE DAM Customizing Value CHAR 255    
424 CRM_DAM_DATA_TYPE data type of property CHAR   
425 CRM_DAM_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 64    
426 CRM_DAM_DESCRIPTION_30 description of dam hierarchy tree CHAR 30    
427 CRM_DAM_FLAG Flag: ' '=False ; 'X'=True CHAR   
428 CRM_DAM_INITIAL_STATUS Initial status CHAR   
430 CRM_DAM_PROCESS_TYPE Process type CHAR   
431 CRM_DAM_PROPERTY Generic property used in auth.object DAM_ASSET CHAR 10    
432 CRM_DAM_PROP_DESC DAM unified property value STRG   
433 CRM_DAM_PROP_KEY DAM unified property name CHAR 30    
434 CRM_DAM_PROP_LEVEL is property on asset or version level CHAR   
435 CRM_DAM_PROP_NAME DAM unified property name CHAR 30    
436 CRM_DAM_PROP_VAL DAM unified property value STRG   
437 CRM_DAM_PROP_VALUE DAM unified property value STRG   
438 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_COL_INDEX The index of the column INT1   
439 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_CRITERIA Digital Asset Search Criteria CHAR 30    
440 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_CRIT_OPS Search Operators CHAR   
441 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_DEP_PROP_VAL Value of Dependend Property in CRM DAM CHAR 255    
442 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_DISPLAY_ORDER Order of displayed properties within a certain Search in CRM CHAR   
443 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_FIELD Search Criteria Field CHAR 30    
444 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_ID ID of an Search Property Set within CRM DAM CHAR 30    
445 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_NUM_DROPDOWNS The row index in the query screen INT1   
446 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_PROP_DATA_TYPE Data Type for Search Properties within CRM DAM CHAR   
447 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_PROP_DEF_VAL Default Value of a Certain Property within CRM DAM CHAR 100    
448 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_PROP_DISPNAME Display Name for Search Properties within CRM DAM CHAR 64    
449 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_PROP_ID Property ID for Search Property within CRM DAM CHAR 30    
450 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_PROP_LONG_DESC Long Description for Search Properties within CRM DAM CHAR 255    
451 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_RENDERTYPE Render Type of Select Values for Search within CRM DAM CHAR 20    
452 CRM_DAM_SEARCH_ROW_INDEX The row index in the query screen INT1   
453 CRM_DAM_SELLABLE Entries for sellable (Asset) CHAR   
454 CRM_DAM_STATUS_TYPE Status type CHAR   
455 CRM_DAM_TIMESTAMP UTC Timestamp DEC 15    
456 CRM_DAM_TITLE DAM: Title CHAR 40    
457 CRM_DAM_TREE_LEVEL specifies the level of a tree INT1   
458 CRM_DAM_TREE_NUMBER number of hierarchy tree INT4 10    
459 CRM_DAM_TYPE_TEXT Asset Type Description CHAR 40    
460 CRM_DAM_WEBSRV_URL DAM Customizing Value CHAR 255    
461 CRM_DANAME Domain for dynamic attribute name CHAR 40    
462 CRM_DAOBJTEXT Text for object type CHAR 40    
463 CRM_DAOBJTYPES Domain for Dynamic Attribute Object Types CHAR   
464 CRM_DASH_ACTIVE_MODE Dashboard functionality activation mode CHAR   
465 CRM_DASH_PROF_DESCRIPTION Dashboard profile description CHAR 50    
466 CRM_DASH_PROF_ID Dashboard profile ID CHAR 32    
467 CRM_DATA_ORIGIN Data Source System CHAR 10    
468 CRM_DATES_DOMINANT Indicates a Date as an All Day Event CHAR   
469 CRM_DATES_RECALCULATED Date Was Recalculated CHAR   
470 CRM_DATE_SEL Date period (e.g. this week, last week etc.) CHAR   
471 CRM_DATYPE Domain for dynamic attribute type CHAR   
472 CRM_DAY_OFFSET Time in Days after Stage Start Date NUMC   
473 CRM_DBA_DERIVED Source of Relation CHAR   
474 CRM_DBA_FIELD_A Field A (DB Analyzer) CHAR 30    
475 CRM_DBA_FIELD_B Field B (DB Analyzer) CHAR 30    
476 CRM_DBA_NAME_A Name A (DB Analyzer) CHAR 30    
477 CRM_DBA_NAME_B Name B (DB Analyzer) CHAR 30    
478 CRM_DBA_REL_TYPE Type of Relation (DB Analyzer) CHAR   
479 CRM_DB_MODE Processing Mode of Transaction: Create / Change CHAR   
480 CRM_DD_COUNTRY_REGION Document Distribution: Country Region combination CHAR   
481 CRM_DD_PARTNER_TYPE_PROGRAM Document Distribution: Combination of Partner Type / Program CHAR   
482 CRM_DD_REGIONAL_SEARCH_LEVEL DD: Search level for regional search CHAR   
483 CRM_DD_STOP_BEHAVIOR DD: Stop Behavior for ERMS Rule Execution CHAR   
484 CRM_DEDUP_SCENARIO_TYPE Deduplication Scenario Type CHAR   
485 CRM_DEFAULTOPT CRM: Default option (scripting node) CHAR   
486 CRM_DEFAULT_TIMEZONE Default Time Zone Schedule Lines CHAR   
487 CRM_DEFECTCLASS Defect Class CHAR   
488 CRM_DEFFLAG_ID domain for default value flag CHAR   
489 CRM_DEFQUANTITY Error Count INT4 10    
490 CRM_DELIVERY_RELEVANT Item is relevant for delivery CHAR   
491 CRM_DELTA Fixed Value Domains for Delta Flag CHAR   
492 CRM_DELVBLOCK_STATUS Delivery Block: Total of All Items CHAR   
494 CRM_DEPR Depreciation per Fiscal Year CURR 13 
495 CRM_DESCRPT CRM: Scenario Description CHAR 50    
496 CRM_DE_PENTOT Total Penalty Costs DEC 13 
497 CRM_DIRECTION Direction of an Activity CHAR   
498 CRM_DIRECT_INVOICE Indicator: Invoice Now CHAR   
499 CRM_DIRECT_PAYMENT_DISTR_FILT Filtervalue for Distribution Badi in Direct Payments NUMC   
500 CRM_DISPLAY_AUTO_FIRST display product proposal automatically at the first time CHAR