SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 16
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 COM_CFGE_SUBAPPL Subordinate Application calling the IPC UI CHAR 10    
2 COM_CHANGEABLE Changeability of a Field in the Order CHAR   
3 COM_CLEAR_PRIORITY Data Cleansing: Priority NUMC   
4 COM_CLEAR_STATUS Data Cleansing: Status of a Data Cleansing Case CHAR   
5 COM_CLEAR_TARG_STATUS Data Cleansing: Status of a Record of the Target Object List CHAR   
6 COM_CLEAR_TYPE Data Cleansing: Type of Data Cleansing CHAR   
7 COM_COMMERICAL Extensions of Extension Commercial Data CHAR   
8 COM_COMPETITOR_PRODUCT Indicates Product Is a Competitor Product CHAR   
9 COM_COMPONENT_TYPE Component Type of a Set Type CHAR   
10 COM_CONFIG_ATTR Attribute Is Configurable CHAR   
11 COM_CONFIG_TYPE Behavior of Attribute in Configuration CHAR   
12 COM_CONTROL_KEY Communication control key CHAR   
13 COM_COUNTRY Country key CHAR   
14 COM_CURRENCY_KEY_UI Currency Key on the User Interface CHAR   
15 COM_CUST_PAY_GUAR_PROC Customer payment guarantee procedure CHAR   
16 COM_DATE_TYPE_PP Date category, item category payment plan CHAR   
17 COM_DIFF_KEY_TEMP Attribute for Differentiation Key CHAR   
18 COM_DIFF_KEY_TEMP_UI Attribute for Differentiation Key CHAR   
19 COM_DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL Distribution Channel CHAR   
20 COM_DLV_PRIO Delivery Priority NUMC   
21 COM_EH_BOOLEAN Event History: Boolean Variable CHAR   
22 COM_EH_DESCRIPTION Event History: Description of event CHAR 40    
23 COM_EH_EDITMODE Event History: Edit mode CHAR   
24 COM_EH_EVENTTYPE Event History: History Event Type CHAR 30    
25 COM_EH_EXTRACT Event History: Extract Type STRG   
26 COM_EH_EXTRACT_LINE History extract line CHAR 970    
27 COM_EH_LINK Event History: Link Domain SSTR 255    
28 COM_EH_MANMAINT Event History: Manual Maintenable Flag CHAR   
29 COM_EH_OBJECTTYPE Event History: Object Type CHAR   
30 COM_EH_READTYPE Event History: Read Type CHAR   
31 COM_EH_TEXTROW Event History: Text Row Type CHAR 255    
32 COM_EVENT CRM event - event/time in program run CHAR 30    
33 COM_EXPAND_COLLAPSE Expand or Collapse ALV Tree Nodes CHAR   
34 COM_EXT_ID_CHECK External Number Assignment Check CHAR   
35 COM_FIELDCHECK Processing Mode of the Fieldcheck CHAR   
36 COM_FIELD_TEXT_UI Field Name CHAR 30    
37 COM_FIELD_VALUE_UI Field Value CHAR 1400    
38 COM_GEN_ACTIVATE Activation Flag CHAR   
41 COM_GEN_CODE_GEN Generator for Code Generation CHAR   
42 COM_GEN_CODE_NOTE Flag - Create Generation Note CHAR   
43 COM_GEN_COMMIT Update Indicator CHAR   
44 COM_GEN_CONVERSION Flag - Behavior During Potential DB Conversion CHAR   
45 COM_GEN_DD_MASS_ACT DDIC Mass Activation CHAR   
46 COM_GEN_DESCRIPTION Short Description CHAR 50    
47 COM_GEN_ERROR_CODE Error Code INT4 10    
48 COM_GEN_ERROR_THRESHOLD Error limit INT4 10    
49 COM_GEN_FMODE Flag: RFC-Enabled Function Module CHAR   
50 COM_GEN_INACTIVE Inactive Indicator CHAR   
51 COM_GEN_LEVEL Level of Detail INT4 10    
52 COM_GEN_LOG_ID Identification of Generation Log CHAR 80    
53 COM_GEN_MODE Generation Mode CHAR   
55 COM_GEN_OBJECT_TYPE Object type CHAR   
56 COM_GEN_OVERWRITE Flag - Overwrite/Delete CHAR   
57 COM_GEN_PARAM Generation Parameter CHAR 30    
58 COM_GEN_PHASE Generation Phase CHAR   
59 COM_GEN_PRETTY_MODE Pretty Printer Mode for Code Generation CHAR   
60 COM_GEN_PROBCL Generation Log: Problem Class CHAR   
61 COM_GEN_PROCESS_STATE Status of Generation Process CHAR   
62 COM_GEN_REQUEST_CLASS Type of Processing of Generation Request CHAR   
63 COM_GEN_REQUEST_TYPE Type of Generation Request CHAR 30    
64 COM_GEN_RETURNCODE Return Value for Logging Result INT4 10    
65 COM_GEN_SHLP_REQUEST_TYPE Type of Generation Request With Search Help CHAR 30    
66 COM_GEN_SIMULATE Simulation Flag CHAR   
67 COM_GEN_SORTORDER Sort Sequence NUMC   
68 COM_GEN_SYNTAX_CHECK Syntax Check Mode for Templates CHAR   
69 COM_GEN_TASK Generation Task CHAR   
70 COM_GEN_TR_MODE Mode CTS/TADIR-Connection CHAR   
71 COM_GEN_UKIND Processing type CHAR   
72 COM_GEN_USAGE Usage CHAR 30    
73 COM_GEN_VALUE Variable Value CHAR 30    
74 COM_GEN_VARIABLE Generation Variable CHAR 30    
75 COM_GTIN Global Trade Item Number CHAR 40    
76 COM_GTIN_TYPE Product: GTIN Type CHAR   
77 COM_GTR_VALUE Variable Value CHAR 40    
78 COM_GUID GUID - 32 Character CHAR 32    
79 COM_HIERARCHY_ID Hierarchy ID CHAR 10    
80 COM_HIERARCHY_TEXT_UPPER_CASE Hierarchy Description in Uppercase Letters CHAR 40    
81 COM_HIERARCHY_WHERE_COND Where-Clause for Hierarchy Selection CHAR 72    
82 COM_ILDIRECTION Direction of Relationship (BLANK,'S'ource, 'D'estination) CHAR   
83 COM_ILUPDAT Indicator for Database Comparison CHAR   
85 COM_IL_GENFLG Relationship Type Has Been Generated CHAR   
86 COM_IL_GEN_CARDNTY_UI Cardinality of a Relationship Between Two Object Types CHAR   
87 COM_IL_GEN_DIRECTION_UI Direction of a Relationship Between Two Object Types CHAR   
88 COM_IL_GEN_EXCLUDED_FIELDNAME Excluded Field Name for a Relationship Type Attribute CHAR 30    
89 COM_IL_GEN_FUNCTION_UI Function Chosen for Relationship Type CHAR 10    
90 COM_IL_GEN_PCUI_BADI BAdI Filter for PC-UI Definition for a Relationship Type CHAR   
91 COM_IL_MULTIPLE Allow Multiple Entries per Source/Destination CHAR   
92 COM_IL_ORGTYPE_ID Indicator for Key Dependency CHAR 10    
93 COM_IL_UI_DB_OPERATION Update Indicator CHAR   
94 COM_INCOTERMS1 Incoterms (Part 1) CHAR   
95 COM_INCOTERMS2 Incoterms (Part 2) CHAR 28    
96 COM_INDOBJ_STATE Individual Object Status CHAR 20    
97 COM_INDOBJ_STATE_DESC Description of Internal Status of the Individual Object CHAR 60    
98 COM_INDOBJ_STATE_UI Individual Object State CHAR 20    
99 COM_INTERFACENAME Name of Interface Structure CHAR 30    
100 COM_INTERLINKAGE_RELATION Domain for displaying IL relation with direction in dropdown CHAR   
101 COM_IP_FIELD IP Determination Fields CHAR   
102 COM_LANGUAGE_KEY_UI Language Key on the User Interface CHAR   
103 COM_LH_KEY_DESCRIPTION Description of Key CHAR 100    
104 COM_LH_KEY_TYPE Key Type in Link Handler CHAR 10    
105 COM_LINE_NO Data Record Number NUMC 10    
106 COM_LINK_PARTNER_FCT Partner/Product Relationship: Partner Function CHAR   
107 COM_LONG_MAT_NUMBER Long Material Number for Data Exchange CHAR 40    
108 COM_MERCH_ID_CC Identification of merchant at clearing house CHAR 15    
109 COM_MINITP_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE_200 Value of Free Attribute CHAR 200    
110 COM_MINITP_LINE_NO Data Record Number NUMC 10    
111 COM_MINITP_TYPE_DKEY_DEPENDENT Indicator Mini-Template Type Organization-Dependent CHAR   
112 COM_MODE Processing mode of transaction CHAR   
113 COM_MODE_PP Processing Mode of Transaction CHAR   
114 COM_MSGLEVEL Degree of Detail for a Message CHAR   
115 COM_NON_ASSIGNABLE_CATEGORY Product Assignment Not Possible CHAR   
116 COM_NON_SELECTABLE_CATEGORY Category Can Be Selected at Database Level CHAR   
117 COM_NUMBERRANGENR Number range number CHAR   
118 COM_OBJECTKIND Type of object CHAR   
119 COM_OBJECTNAME General name of a subobject CHAR 30    
120 COM_OBJECT_ID Business Transaction Number CHAR 10    
121 COM_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
122 COM_ORG_TYPE_DESCRIPTION Description of Organizational Dependency Types CHAR 80    
123 COM_ORG_UNIT Specifies the Organization Dependency of the Set Type CHAR   
124 COM_PARS_HELP_TYPE Type of help CHAR   
125 COM_PARS_NODE_TYPE Node type CHAR   
126 COM_PARS_TK2TL_TYPE Node type CHAR   
127 COM_PARTNER_ACCESS_SEQUENCE Identification of an access sequence for partner processing CHAR   
128 COM_PARTNER_ATTRIBUTE Partner: Attribute NUMC   
129 COM_PARTNER_ATTRIBUTE_GROUP Partner: Attribute Group NUMC   
130 COM_PARTNER_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE Partner: Attribute Value NUMC 10    
132 COM_PARTNER_CUSTOMIZING_FIELD Customizing Field: Maintainability CHAR   
133 COM_PARTNER_DETERM_ORIGIN Source for partner determination CHAR 16    
134 COM_PARTNER_DOCUMENT_ID Number (or GUID) for a document CHAR 32    
135 COM_PARTNER_EVENT Partner processing event CHAR 30    
136 COM_PARTNER_FCT Partner Function CHAR   
137 COM_PARTNER_FCT_INHERITANCE Defines passing on and inheritance of a partner function CHAR   
138 COM_PARTNER_FLT_VALUE Filter Value for BadI Implementation CHAR   
139 COM_PARTNER_HIERARCHY_ALLOWED HIerarchy Partner Permitted as Assignment CHAR   
140 COM_PARTNER_HIERARCHY_TYPE Expected Hierarchy Category for Partner Assignment CHAR   
141 COM_PARTNER_INVERT_G_DISPLAY Graphical display CHAR   
142 COM_PARTNER_KIND_OF_ENTRY Source of a partner in a document CHAR   
143 COM_PARTNER_LAYOUT_BUTTON_POS Button Position in Partner Subscreen NUMC   
144 COM_PARTNER_MARK Relationship dir. CHAR   
145 COM_PARTNER_NEW_DETERMINATION New determination behavior CHAR   
146 COM_PARTNER_NO Internal representation of a partner number (no. or GUID32) CHAR 32    
147 COM_PARTNER_NO_DETERMINATION No Partner Determination for Partner Functions in Part.Proc. CHAR   
148 COM_PARTNER_NO_MANUAL_ENTRY No Manual Entry for Partner CHAR   
149 COM_PARTNER_NUMBER Parter number for use outside of partner processing CHAR 20    
150 COM_PARTNER_ORG_SCENARIO Organizational Data Scenario to be Used CHAR   
151 COM_PARTNER_ORG_UNIT_TO_USE Organizational Unit as Business Partner CHAR   
152 COM_PARTNER_ORIGIN Source of a partner in a document CHAR   
153 COM_PARTNER_PFT Partner function category CHAR   
154 COM_PARTNER_PFT_REQUIREMENT Requirement on a partner function category in BOR object CHAR   
155 COM_PARTNER_POINT_OF_DETERM Determination time NUMC   
156 COM_PARTNER_PROC_SCOPE Visibility of partner functions CHAR   
158 COM_PARTNER_REDETERMINATION Partner Redetermination CHAR   
159 COM_PARTNER_RELATION Partner: Dependency Type CHAR   
160 COM_PARTNER_RELATION_LINE_TYPE Graphical Display of Partner Dependency CHAR   
161 COM_PARTNER_REVERS_ORIGIN Reverse Search Direction CHAR   
162 COM_PARTNER_RULE_OPTION Rule option for partner processing CHAR   
163 COM_PARTNER_RULE_TYPE Rule option for interface settings for PV CHAR   
164 COM_PARTNER_SCREEN_MODE Mode for Partner Processing Subscreen CHAR 10    
165 COM_PARTNER_SUBSCREEN_ID IDs for the different partner processing subscreens NUMC   
166 COM_PARTNER_SUBSCREEN_LAYOUT Layout for Partner Subscreen NUMC   
167 COM_PARTNER_SWO_OBJECTS Object types supported by partner determination CHAR 10    
168 COM_PARTNER_TEAM_TYPE Partner Grouping Type CHAR   
169 COM_PAYCARD_LOGICAL_KEY Logical key CHAR 42    
170 COM_PAYM_TYPE Payment Form for Payment Plan Dates / Items CHAR   
171 COM_PAYM_TYPE_EHP1 Additional Fix Values for EhP1     
172 COM_PAYPLAN_CATEGORY Payment plan category (application) CHAR   
173 COM_PAYPLAN_DATE_NO Date number, item number in payment plan NUMC   
174 COM_PAYPLAN_R3_DATE_NO Date Number in Payment Plan (R/3 Format) NUMC   
175 COM_PAYPLAN_TYPE Payment plan type CHAR   
176 COM_PCAT_ACTVT Activity for Authorization Check of Product Catalog (header) CHAR   
177 COM_PCAT_ALLOWED_PROD_TYPES Allowed Product Types for the Catalog Type CHAR 10    
178 COM_PCAT_ALLOW_CVIEWS Allow Customer-Specific Catalog Views CHAR   
179 COM_PCAT_ALLOW_SHARED Allow Product Range from Manufacturer's Catalog CHAR   
180 COM_PCAT_ASSIGNMENTTYPE Product Assignment CHAR   
181 COM_PCAT_BDS_CLASS Product catalog: Object type for Business Document Service CHAR 30    
182 COM_PCAT_BOOLEAN Logical Variable CHAR   
183 COM_PCAT_CATEGORYTYPE Type of product category CHAR   
184 COM_PCAT_CIC_ENTRYSTYLE Product Catalog:Item Characteristic Behavior in Input Screen CHAR   
185 COM_PCAT_CIC_TYPE Catalog Item Characteristic Type CHAR   
186 COM_PCAT_COPY_STATUS Catalog Copy Status CHAR   
188 COM_PCAT_CTY_ACTVT Activity for authorization check of product catalog category CHAR   
189 COM_PCAT_DSC_EXTERNALFORMAT External text format CHAR   
190 COM_PCAT_EXP_DICT Catalog export: File name, directory, URL's and so on. CHAR 128    
191 COM_PCAT_EXP_DOCUMENT_LINK Catalog Export: Type of Document Link CHAR   
192 COM_PCAT_HDR_ACTVT Activity for authorization check of product catalog (header) CHAR   
193 COM_PCAT_ID_SHORTTEXT Product catalog number and description CHAR 80    
194 COM_PCAT_IL_ROLE Role of Catalog Sub Object in a Link CHAR   
195 COM_PCAT_IMS_PB_USERNAME User Name for Registration on FTP or HTTP Server CHAR 60    
196 COM_PCAT_LOC_SEARCHOBJ Searchable Object Types for Cat. Charact. Lists- Maintenance CHAR   
197 COM_PCAT_OBJECTID External identifier of object CHAR 30    
198 COM_PCAT_PON Product order number CHAR 54    
199 COM_PCAT_PONFORMAT Rule for structure of a PON CHAR   
200 COM_PCAT_POSITION Object Item Number INT4 10    
201 COM_PCAT_PRC_PRCTYPE Product catalog: Price type CHAR   
202 COM_PCAT_PRC_PROMOTION_ATTR Product Catalog: Attribute for Tag of Quotation Price CHAR   
203 COM_PCAT_PUBLISHED_FLAG Product catalog: indicator if the catalog is published CHAR   
204 COM_PCAT_REPLSTATE State Of Catalog Variant Staging Version CHAR   
205 COM_PCAT_REPLSTATE_IMSCLIENT State Of Catalog Variant Staging Version On Client CHAR   
206 COM_PCAT_SBC_PARAMETER Product catalog: parameter for the SAP Business Connector CHAR 128    
207 COM_PCAT_SBC_TRANSPORT Product catalog: transport type of SAP Business Connector CHAR   
208 COM_PCAT_SELECTVERSION Selection Indicator for Versions of a Catalog Object CHAR   
210 COM_PCAT_TIMESTAMP_C Time Stamp (Character) CHAR 14    
211 COM_PCAT_TREX_IDX_STATE State of Index on TREX CHAR   
214 COM_PCAT_TYPE Product catalog type CHAR   
215 COM_PCAT_USAGE Purpose of a product catalog (selling or purchasing) CHAR   
216 COM_PCAT_VERSIONTYPE Version type of catalog object for selection CHAR   
217 COM_PCAT_XI_MAPPING_TYPE Catalogue Export: Mapping for XI transfer CHAR   
218 COM_PCAT_XML_EXPORT_FORMAT XML Format using for export CHAR   
219 COM_PC_DOCIDNUMBER Counter for document type in product catalog CHAR   
220 COM_PC_TEXTIDNUMBER Counter for text type in product catalog CHAR   
221 COM_PC_UOM Unit of measure, to which prices relate CHAR   
222 COM_PON_CAMPAIGN External identification of a campaign CHAR 24    
223 COM_PON_LENGTH_SC Length of the catalog-, campaign IDs NUMC   
224 COM_PON_PCATSC_POSITION Position of the catalog ID CHAR   
225 COM_PRCAT_ORG_DEPENDENCY Selection of Maintenance Mode (Org.-Indep./Distr.Chain-Dep.) CHAR   
226 COM_PRCAT_UI_SEARCH Category/Hierarchy Selection CHAR   
227 COM_PRCAT_UI_SEARCH_ID ID/Description for Hierarchy/Category Search CHAR 80    
228 COM_PRODUCT_APPLICATION Calling Application CHAR   
229 COM_PRODUCT_CONFIGURABLE Determines Whether a Product Is Configurable CHAR   
230 COM_PRODUCT_COPY_OBJTYPE Object Type for Objects Involved in Copy Process CHAR   
231 COM_PRODUCT_GROUP_TEXT Object Family Group Description CHAR 40    
233 COM_PRODUCT_ID Product ID CHAR 40    
234 COM_PRODUCT_IL_DEF_01 User Settings for Interlinkages in Product Maintenance CHAR   
237 COM_PRODUCT_OBJECT_SELECTION Control if Products and/or Individual Objects Are Required CHAR   
238 COM_PRODUCT_OBJFAM_GROUP Object family group CHAR   
239 COM_PRODUCT_TYPE Product Type CHAR   
240 COM_PRODUCT_TYPE_NUMREF Number Assignment Product Type CHAR   
241 COM_PRODUCT_TYPE_PORTAL Domain for displaying input help with fixed values CHAR   
242 COM_PROD_COMP_TYPE Product Component Type CHAR   
243 COM_PROD_COMP_TYPE_DESCR Description Combination of Product Comp. Type and Org. Type CHAR 80    
244 COM_PROD_INACTIVE Inactive Products Allowed Yes/No CHAR   
245 COM_PRP_REFERENCE_TYPE Type of Reference of a PPR Object CHAR   
246 COM_PRWB_OBJECT_ID Object ID in Product Maintenance CHAR 40    
247 COM_PRWB_PRRT_MODE Product Relationships/Application Type - Mode CHAR   
248 COM_PRWB_SM_CRITERIA Search Criteria CHAR 255    
249 COM_PRWB_TAB Tab Page in Locator NUMC   
250 COM_PRWB_TCODE Transaction Code for Product Workbench CHAR 20    
251 COM_PR_ACE_ACTION Defined Actions for ACE CHAR   
252 COM_PR_ACE_AUTHORIZATION_MODE Authorization Mode (Allow All, Deny All, ...) CHAR   
253 COM_PR_DISTR_CH Distribution Channel CHAR   
254 COM_PR_INACT_FLAG Parameter in Product Maintenance for Inactive Products CHAR   
255 COM_PR_KEY_USAGE Differentiation Key Usage (Generic Link Handler) CHAR   
256 COM_PR_KEY_USAGE_DESCRIPTION Description of Key Usages CHAR 80    
257 COM_PR_MAP_SOURCE_TYPE Source Type from Which Is Being Mapped CHAR   
258 COM_PR_ORG_TYPE Indicator for Organizational Dependency CHAR 10    
259 COM_PR_SALES_ORG Sales Organization CHAR 14    
260 COM_PSP_ID Payment Service Provider CHAR   
261 COM_PSP_STATUS Status of a Transaction in the PSP System CHAR   
262 COM_PSP_TRANSACTION_ID Unique Identification of the Transaction in the PSP system CHAR 35    
263 COM_PURCHASE_DATE Purchase Date DATS   
264 COM_PURCHASE_DATE_UI Purchase date DATS   
265 COM_PURCHASE_LOC Purchase Location CHAR 30    
266 COM_PURCHASE_LOC_UI Purchase location CHAR 30    
267 COM_PURCH_DATE_TZ Time Zone Purchase Date CHAR   
268 COM_PURCH_DATE_TZ_UI Time zone for Purchase date CHAR   
269 COM_QUANTITY Quantity DEC 18 
270 COM_QUANTITY_UNIT Units of measurement of various types UNIT   
271 COM_QUANTITY_UNIT_MD Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
273 COM_REASON Initiate communication in HR Process Model NUMC   
274 COM_REDET_PARTNER_REPLACEMENT Partner Redetermination: Partner Replacement CHAR   
275 COM_SCED_BINARY2550 SCE: Binary (2550) LRAW 2550    
276 COM_SCED_CHAR1 SCE: Character (1) CHAR   
277 COM_SCED_CHAR10 SCE: Character (10) CHAR 10    
278 COM_SCED_CHAR12 SCE: Character (12) CHAR 12    
279 COM_SCED_CHAR132 SCE: Character (132) CHAR 132    
280 COM_SCED_CHAR15 SCE: Character (15) CHAR 15    
281 COM_SCED_CHAR18 SCE: Character (18) CHAR 18    
282 COM_SCED_CHAR2 SCE: Character (2) CHAR   
283 COM_SCED_CHAR25 SCE: Character (25) CHAR 25    
284 COM_SCED_CHAR250 SCE: Character (250) CHAR 250    
285 COM_SCED_CHAR26 SCE: Character (26) CHAR 26    
286 COM_SCED_CHAR3 SCE: Character (3) CHAR   
287 COM_SCED_CHAR30 SCE: Character (30) CHAR 30    
288 COM_SCED_CHAR32 SCE: Character (32) CHAR 32    
289 COM_SCED_CHAR4 SCE: Character (4) CHAR   
290 COM_SCED_CHAR40 SCE: Character (40) CHAR 40    
291 COM_SCED_CHAR5 SCE: Character (5) CHAR   
292 COM_SCED_CHAR50 SCE: Character (50) CHAR 50    
293 COM_SCED_CHAR70 SCE: Character (70) CHAR 70    
294 COM_SCED_CHAR72 SCE: Character (72) CHAR 72    
295 COM_SCED_CHAR8 SCE: Character (8) CHAR   
297 COM_SCED_INTEGER SCE: Integer INT4 10    
298 COM_SCED_INTEGER_BBP SCE: Integer INT4 10    
299 COM_SCED_NCHAR10 SCE: NCharacter (10) CHAR 10    
300 COM_SCED_NCHAR30 SCE: NCharacter (30) CHAR 30    
301 COM_SCED_NCHAR40 SCE: NCharacter (40) CHAR 40    
302 COM_SCED_NCHAR60 SCE: NCharacter (60) CHAR 60    
303 COM_SCED_NCHAR80 SCE: NCharacter (80) CHAR 80    
306 COM_SCEM_KBOP KB Operation CHAR   
308 COM_SCE_BOOLEAN Boolean (T=TRUE,F=False) CHAR   
309 COM_SCE_BOOLEAN_MD Boolean (T=TRUE,F=False) CHAR   
310 COM_SCE_CHAR512 Character 512 CHAR 512    
311 COM_SCE_HOST_ADRESS Host Name CHAR 128    
312 COM_SCE_PORT_ADRESS IP Port Address Between 00000 and 65535 NUMC   
313 COM_SCE_RESTRICT_ID Restriction Identifier NUMC 18    
314 COM_SCE_STATUS SCE Status Information (T=True, F=False) CHAR   
315 COM_SCE_STATUS_MD Status Information SCE (T=True, F=False) CHAR   
316 COM_SCHEMA_TYPE Standard Schema Type CHAR 10    
317 COM_SCHEME_DIGITS Number of Digits at a Given Level NUMC   
318 COM_SCHEME_ID Numbering Scheme ID CHAR 10    
319 COM_SCHEME_SEGMENT Numbering Scheme Level NUMC   
320 COM_SEARCH_BUSOBJ SES: Business Object CHAR 10    
321 COM_SEARCH_CP_FOCUS Focus of Object Change: 1= Attribute Group; 2 = Attribute INT1   
322 COM_SEARCH_CP_ID SES: Change Pointer ID NUMC 20    
323 COM_SEARCH_CP_STATE Status of Change Pointer: 1 = Initial; 2 = Processed INT1   
324 COM_SEARCH_INDEX_SUFFIX Index Suffix: ' ' = Object; '_r' = Relation; '_j' = Join CHAR   
325 COM_SEARCH_JOB_STATE Indexing Job Status; Fixed Vals Suited to ALV Traffic Light CHAR   
326 COM_SEARCH_LOGLEVEL Level of Detail of Spool List at Delta Indexing CHAR   
327 COM_SEARCH_OBJECT_COUNT_UI UI Format for Number of Objects NUMC 15    
328 COM_SEARCH_OBJECT_ID Internal Object ID (GUID) in Search Engine Service (SES) CHAR 70    
329 COM_SEARCH_OBJECT_TYPE SES: Type of Business Object CHAR 10    
330 COM_SEARCH_REL_TYPE_ID SES: Relation Type ID CHAR 10    
331 COM_SEARCH_REL_TYPE_KEY_NAME SES: Relation Type Key Name CHAR 32    
333 COM_SEARCH_SSP_ATTRIBUTE Mapped attribute from search service provider CHAR 64    
334 COM_SEARCH_TARGET_OBJ_TYPE Target-specific object type (not required for SAP GUI) CHAR 128    
335 COM_SEARCH_TARGET_OPERATION Target-specific operation or transaction code CHAR 128    
336 COM_SEARCH_TARGET_PARAMETER Object parameter at navigation target CHAR 128    
337 COM_SEARCH_UPD_FLAG SES: Update Indicator: I = Insert; U = Update; D = Delete CHAR   
338 COM_SELECTABLE_CATEGORY Category Can Be Selected on Screen CHAR   
339 COM_SELECTION_MARK Selection indicator CHAR   
340 COM_SELECT_FLAG logical variable CHAR   
341 COM_SETTYPE_NON_ASSIGNABLE Cannot Assign Set Type to Category CHAR   
342 COM_SETTYPE_WZ_FIELD_STATE Status of the Input Fields in the Set Type Wizard CHAR   
343 COM_SETTYPE_WZ_SETTYPE_STATE Status of a Set Type in the Set Type Wizard CHAR   
344 COM_SETTYPE_WZ_TABLE_STATE Changeability of a Table/Table Row in the Set Type Wizard CHAR   
345 COM_SETT_INCL_EEW Field Name for Field Extensions of Set Type <SETTYPE_ID> CHAR   
346 COM_SETT_INCL_EEW_UI Field Name for UI Field Extensions of Set Type <SETTYPE_ID> CHAR   
347 COM_SETT_INCL_EEW_UPD_FLAGS Field Name for X Field Extensions of Set Type <SETTYPE_ID> CHAR   
348 COM_SET_OBJTYPE Object Type of a Set Type CHAR 10    
349 COM_SE_TARGET_UI_TY Target UI type (SAP GUI, SAP Portal, #) CHAR 15    
350 COM_SE_UI_OPERATION Unified name for UI operation CHAR 30    
351 COM_SHIP_COND Shipping Conditions CHAR   
352 COM_STATUS_USAGE Product Status: Use CHAR   
353 COM_STRING Domain for PME string CHAR 255    
354 COM_TA_MANUFAC Extensions of Extension Manuacturer Information CHAR   
355 COM_TA_R3_ID Extensions of Extension R3 Identification CHAR   
356 COM_TEXT_APPL_MODE Application Call Mode CHAR   
357 COM_TEXT_CHANGEABLE Control for Text Changes CHAR   
358 COM_TEXT_KEYWORD Keyword for Text CHAR   
359 COM_TEXT_KEYWORD_DESC Keyword description CHAR 40    
360 COM_TEXT_KEYWORD_GROUP Keyword Group for Text CHAR 10    
361 COM_TEXT_KEYWORD_GROUP_DESC Keyword Group Description CHAR 40    
362 COM_TEXT_NEW_DETERM Behavior During Redetermination of Texts CHAR   
363 COM_TEXT_TDNAME_INT CRM Text Management: Internal Text Name CHAR 53    
364 COM_TEXT_TIMESTAMP CRM Text Management: Time Stamp CHAR 17    
365 COM_TEXT_TMPL_DESCRIPTION Text Template Description CHAR 60    
366 COM_TEXT_TMPL_ID Text Template ID CHAR 40    
367 COM_TEXT_TMPL_OWNER Text Template Owner CHAR 20    
368 COM_TEXT_TMPL_SELECTION Text Template Visibility Selection CHAR 10    
369 COM_TEXT_TMPL_VISIBILITY Text Template Visibility Level CHAR   
370 COM_TSTMP UTC Time Stamp Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) (Output sy-zonlo) DEC 15    
371 COM_TS_PRODCAT_CHAR128 Char 128 for telesales product catalog with lowercase CHAR 128    
372 COM_UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT_UI Unit of Measure on the User Interface CHAR   
373 COM_VALUE_IS_ISO_CODE Free Attribute Unit CHAR   
374 COM_VALUE_IS_ISO_CODE_PI Free Attribute Unit CHAR   
375 COM_WB_MODE Processing Type NUMC   
376 COM_WCB_ACTION_NAME Action Name CHAR 10    
377 COM_WCB_APPL_ID WCB Config Application ID STRG   
378 COM_WCB_CONFIG_NAME Name of WCB Configuration CHAR 132    
379 COM_WCB_CONFIG_WI_STATUS Processing status of work item CHAR 12    
380 COM_WCB_CONF_WIID Work item ID NUMC 12    
381 COM_WCB_GUID Object ID - 50-char. CHAR 50    
383 COM_WCB_OBJECT_SUBTYPE Object Sub Type CHAR 10    
384 COM_WCB_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR 10    
385 COM_WCB_SITENAME Web Channel Application Site Name CHAR 32    
388 COM_WEC_BP_CP_UPD_TYPE Checkout Profile Update Type CHAR   
389 COM_WEC_FRW_RT_FIELD web channel framework runtime authorization field name CHAR 40    
390 COM_WEC_FRW_RT_OBJECT Web channel framework runtime authorization object CHAR 40    
391 COM_WEC_MESSAGE_TARGET Target for Messages CHAR   
392 COM_WEC_PAYMENT_METHOD_TYPE Type of Payment Method CHAR   
393 COM_WEC_PAYMENT_SRV_PROVIDER Payment Service Provider CHAR   
394 COM_WEC_PAYMNT_METHOD_TYPE Type of Payment Method CHAR   
395 COM_WEC_PAYMNT_SRV_PROVIDER Payment Service Provider CHAR   
396 COM_WEC_PSP_DESCRIPTION Description of Payment Service Provider CHAR 40    
397 COM_WEC_PSP_TRANSACTION_ID Unique Identification of the Transaction in the PSP System CHAR 35    
398 COM_WEC_PSP_TRANS_PF_DESC Payment Transaction Status Profile Description CHAR 40    
399 COM_WEC_PSP_TRANS_STATUS_DESC Payment Service Provider Payment Transaction Status Descript CHAR 40    
400 COM_WEC_TRANSACTION_GUID Payment transaction GUID RAW 16    
401 COM_WEC_TRANSACTION_ID Payment Transaction GUID RAW 16    
402 COM_WEC_TRANSACTION_PROFILE Payment Transaction Status Profile CHAR   
403 COM_WEC_TRANSACTION_STATUS Payment Transaction Status CHAR   
404 COM_WEC_USER_ACT_ST User Activation Status CHAR   
405 COM_WHERE_CONDITION Where-Clause for Table Extraction CHAR 72    
406 CONCNT Counter for Conditions in One IDoc Item NUMC   
407 CONCONTEXT DD: Context of object conversion CHAR   
408 CONC_KTXT IS-H: Short text 80 characters CHAR 80    
409 CONC_NAME Concrete name within exit context CHAR 30    
410 CONDENSE_TYPE Usage (differentiation) aggregation level CHAR   
411 CONDITION_ID_SOCM Condition CHAR 20    
412 CONDKIND Type of selection condition CHAR   
413 CONDNAME Name of selection condition CHAR 30    
414 CONDVERS Version of a selection condition NUMC   
415 COND_DIFF_STATE Pricing Difference UI - Change Status CHAR   
416 COND_ICON Icon in Text Fields (Substitute Display, Alias) CHAR 25    
417 COND_KEY Internal condition key NUMC   
418 COND_LINE_ORIGIN Origin of a Condition Line CHAR   
419 COND_MNT_ACTIVITY Conditions: Maintenance Activity CHAR   
420 COND_MNT_RESULT Return Code for Condition Maintenance (0-255) INT1   
421 COND_NO_DAYS Conditions: Number of Days DEC   
422 COND_TYPE Pricing Condition Type CHAR   
423 CONFCAT Type of Previously Created Confirmations NUMC   
424 CONFIG Benchmark configuration with respect to R/3 architecture CHAR   
426 CONFIR Control flag for confirmation of an OAG CHAR   
427 CONFIRMED Confirmation flag (X/ ) CHAR   
428 CONFPOOL Confirmations pool CHAR 20    
429 CONF_FILTERMODE Filter mode CHAR   
430 CONF_NOTE_LEVEL Define confirmation notes level for Header, Item CHAR   
431 CONGR Consolidation activity group CHAR   
432 CONNTXT Batch record: short text for link to archive CHAR 50    
433 CONRULE Conversion rule for breaking down set areas CHAR   
434 CONSECNO Consecutive number NUMC   
435 CONSOLIDATOR_ID Consolidator ID CHAR   
436 CONSOLIDATOR_NAME Name of consolidator CHAR 20    
437 CONST Constant dep. posting CHAR   
438 CONSTRUCTION_DATE Date of Manufacture DATS   
439 CONSTRUCTION_DATE_UI Date of Manufacture DATS   
440 CONSTY Component Consumption Type for Subcontracting CHAR   
441 CONST_AN_1 Constant: 'AND' CHAR   
442 CONSUMER User of R/3 Adaptor Functionality CHAR 10    
443 CONS_DESCRIPTION Description of consolidator CHAR 50    
444 CONS_TYPE Time of Component Consumption CHAR   
445 CONTA Container indicator CHAR   
446 CONTAINER Container for Table TALIM CHAR 230    
447 CONTCSNO Consecutive number for the variant within a control NUMC   
448 CONTENTS Print contents page CHAR   
449 CONTENT_TYPE32 Content type for OFX (32 character) CHAR 32    
450 CONTEXT_TYPE_SOCM Context Type CHAR   
451 CONTFLAG Delivery class: assignment of maint. resp. (SAP/customer) CHAR   
452 CONTINGENCIA Risk types CHAR 10    
453 CONTOFFNAME Contracting Office Name and Title CHAR 54    
455 CONTRACT_NUMBER IS-M/AM: Contract Number CHAR   
456 CONTRCLASS contract classification (standard, enterprise, named list of CHAR   
458 CONTREQ Will the table being copied? CHAR   
459 CONTRNO Contract Number CHAR 35    
460 CONTROL Processing type for table utility CHAR   
461 CONTROLNO Number of variant control NUMC   
462 CONTROL_FLAG Output control of drilldown CHAR   
463 CONTROL_KEY Price Catalog: CHAR 121    
464 CONTROL_STYLE Layout for control output INT4 10    
465 CONTROL_TYPE Control Type for Cumulated Quantity CHAR   
466 CONTRPRC Contract Price CHAR 20    
467 CONTR_ACT Indicator: contract is current CHAR   
468 CONTSHARE Container portion DEC 31  14 
469 CONTSTATUS_ITAGCY Status of Cash Desk Container CHAR   
470 CONTTYPE_ITAGCY Container Category CHAR   
471 CONTYPF Domain: Contract Type (France) CHAR   
472 CONT_ITAGCY Container Identification CHAR 12    
473 CONUP Configuration update (characteristic value assignment only) CHAR   
474 CONVDURA Conversion option for duration CHAR   
475 CONVE Formatting action CHAR   
476 CONVERTER_CHECKOUT_DEPTH Which files from the structure does the converter need? CHAR   
477 CONVERTER_CHECKOUT_FLAT Structure of checked-out files by assembly CHAR   
478 CONVERTER_DEBUG_MODE Restriction of the number of messages returned CHAR   
479 CONVERTER_DELETE_FILES Delete files on the conversion server? CHAR   
480 CONVERTER_FLOAT Real - numbers for converter CHAR 10    
481 CONVERTER_INTERFACE Number of the interface to the converter CHAR   
482 CONVERTER_MESSAGE_NUMBER Number of the message that occured during conversion CHAR   
483 CONVERTER_NAME Name of the converter CHAR 10    
485 CONVERTER_SPEC_NAME Name of a certain conversion CHAR 40    
486 CONVERTER_STATUS Status of the conversion server CHAR   
487 CONVERTER_VERSION_FILTER Highest or highest released version? CHAR   
488 CONVEXIT Conversion routine CHAR   
489 CONVM Component 709: Conversion modifier NUMC   
490 CONVT Component 709: Conversion type NUMC   
491 CONV_CONCATENATE Master date consists of several ZAC fields (concatenate) NUMC   
492 CONV_DIRECTION Split or merge the key fields of object CHAR   
493 CONV_DYNPRO_NAME Structure that contains the field in ZAV screen CHAR 30    
494 CONV_ERROR Error while converting CHAR   
495 CONV_FIELD intransparent field CHAR 15    
496 CONV_FLAG Result of adjustment attempt for E071K-TABKEY CHAR   
497 CONV_ID__1 Format of data (conversion indicator) CHAR   
498 CONV_LENG Length in non-transparent field NUMC   
499 CONV_MODE Translation mode for currency translation CHAR   
500 CONV_PARAM1 Parameter field (CHAR15) for non-transparent field CHAR 15