SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 3
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CBP_PLACTCNT Counter for planning activity sequence NUMC   
2 CBP_PLACTKEY SCPI Planning Actions Key CHAR   
3 CBP_PLANTYPE Method of Planning CHAR   
4 CBP_PLSTR SCPI Planning strategy CHAR   
5 CBP_PLTARFLG SCPI Planning Target Flag for SOP CHAR   
6 CBP_PROBCAT SPCI Problem Category NUMC   
7 CBP_PROFKEY CBP Planning Profile Key CHAR 10    
8 CBP_TRANSUPD Indicator for update of transactional data CHAR   
9 CBRCD_USEXPAR EHS: Parameters for User Exits in Generation CHAR 17    
10 CBRITEMID Domain for Parameter ID CHAR 40    
11 CBRVALUE Domain for Parameter Values CHAR 255    
12 CBUND_CARR_TYPE Transport Category CHAR   
13 CBUND_EMSN1 EmS Number 1 CHAR   
14 CBUND_FLG General Indicator for UN-Listed Substance Enhancements CHAR   
15 CBUND_FLG_EMSN_U Indicator: EmS Number Underlined CHAR   
16 CBUND_HAZCHEM_CODE Code for Chemical Hazard CHAR 10    
17 CBUND_INSTR_ENCL Instruction for Enclosure CHAR 10    
18 CBUND_INSTR_ENCL_CAT Category of Instruction for Enclosure CHAR 15    
19 CBUND_INSTR_ENCL_CAT_D Description for Category of Instruction for Enclosure CHAR 132    
20 CBUND_INSTR_ENCL_D Description for Instruction for Enclosure CHAR 132    
21 CBUND_LEG_SRC_RESTR Regulatory Basis for Transport Restrictions CHAR 25    
22 CBUND_LEG_SRC_RESTR_D Description for Regulatory Basis for Transport Restrictions CHAR 132    
23 CBUND_PACKCODE_D Description for Packaging Code CHAR 132    
24 CBUND_PACOD Packaging Code CHAR 10    
25 CBUND_STOWAGE Stowage Category CHAR   
26 CBUND_STOWAGE_D Description for Stowage Category CHAR 132    
27 CB_ATTRI Business Process Attributes/CO Tasks CHAR   
28 CB_CODE Callback Code CHAR   
29 CB_COMPARE CO-OM-ABC Comparison Operator CHAR   
30 CB_PV_SAVE Preassignment of Save Period Consumption Checkbox CHAR   
31 CB_SAVEES Express Transaction - Save Period Consumption CHAR   
32 CB_SAVEMR Express Transaction - Save Meter Readings CHAR   
33 CB_ZS_SAVE Preassignment of Save Meter Reading Checkbox CHAR   
34 CCACTION CC: SPAM Action for Execution CHAR 10    
35 CCALL Payment cards: Status when external system is called? CHAR   
36 CCALLNAME Name for a kernel routine that can be called from ABAP CHAR 30    
37 CCARDEC_BIN Payment Card Number Encrypted RAW 255    
38 CCARDEC_ORIGIN Origin of Payment Card Number CHAR   
39 CCARDEC_TIMESTAMP Created On DEC 15    
40 CCART Change type NUMC   
41 CCAUA Payment cards: Authorization type CHAR   
42 CCA_POSTYP CO-CCA Item Category in Template CHAR   
43 CCBTC Payment cards: Settlement run number CHAR 10    
44 CCCATEGORY Client control: Category of a client CHAR   
45 CCCORACTIV Control changeability of customizing in this client CHAR   
46 CCC_PROC Further procedure for credit card transaction import NUMC   
47 CCDBAD_TS_OUTPUT_FORMAT Timestamp output format CHAR 26    
48 CCDELTABS Client copy - delete remaining tables CHAR   
49 CCDM_ACTIVE Activation of CRM CC CHAR   
50 CCDM_GUID Global Unique Identifier 32 Digits CHAR 32    
51 CCFLAG Client copy profile flag CHAR   
52 CCFLEVEL Level of cccflow authorization INT4 10    
53 CCGLD_USERACTION EHS: User Actions CHAR 30    
54 CCGRD_KK FPP4: Reason for Change of Payment Card CHAR   
55 CCHID_ERQUAN EHS: Quantity of agents DEC 10 
56 CCHID_NODETYPE EHS: Node Category in Cause Hierarchy NUMC   
58 CCIFD_ACID EHS-INT: Unique ID for a Safety Measure CHAR 12    
59 CCIHD_ACCAT EHS: Safety measure category CHAR   
60 CCIHD_ACEFF EHS: Effectiveness of a Safety Measure CHAR   
61 CCIHD_ACID EHS: Unique ID for a safety measure CHAR 12    
62 CCIHD_ACLOC EHS: Accident Location CHAR 10    
63 CCIHD_ACORIG EHS: Origin of safety measure CHAR   
64 CCIHD_ACPRIO EHS: Priority of a Safety Measure CHAR   
65 CCIHD_ACSTAT EHS: Status of a safety measure CHAR 10    
66 CCIHD_ACTNTWAH EHS: Reference to Work Area CHAR 20    
67 CCIHD_ACTYPE EHS: Safety measure type CHAR   
68 CCIHD_ANAMETHOD EHS: Analysis method CHAR   
69 CCIHD_ANLAB **Obsolete** CHAR 10    
70 CCIHD_AWART Absence Type CHAR   
71 CCIHD_BDETLIMITFLG EHS: Indicator for Measured Values Below the Detection Limit CHAR   
72 CCIHD_BODYPART EHS: Part of Body Injured CHAR 21    
73 CCIHD_BRFGN Workers' Compensation Association CHAR   
74 CCIHD_BUILDING EHS: Building CHAR 20    
75 CCIHD_BUILDINGS EHS: Building (List) CHAR 120    
76 CCIHD_BULIDINGTXT EHS: Description of Building CHAR 60    
78 CCIHD_DETTYPE EHS: Determination Type CHAR   
79 CCIHD_DETTYPENOTE EHS: Remark on Determination Type CHAR 132    
80 CCIHD_DETTYPETXT **Obsolete** CHAR 60    
81 CCIHD_DETYPE **Obsolete** CHAR 10    
82 CCIHD_DMTYPE EHS: Type of Damage CHAR 21    
83 CCIHD_DVTYPE EHS: Measuring Device Type CHAR   
84 CCIHD_DVTYPETXT **Obsolete** CHAR 60    
85 CCIHD_EPADDINFO EHS: Content of additional information CHAR 30    
86 CCIHD_EPCAT EHS: Agent value assignment category NUMC   
87 CCIHD_EPCOUNT EHS: Number of Hazardous Substances INT4 10    
88 CCIHD_EPID EHS: Unique key (material ref., substance ref., ID) CHAR 20    
89 CCIHD_EPINFOTYPE EHS: Type of additional information CHAR   
90 CCIHD_EPIORIG EHS: Origin of an Exposure Profile Entry CHAR   
91 CCIHD_EPQUANINFO EHS: Additional information exposure amount CHAR   
92 CCIHD_EPQUANT EHS: Exposure amount CHAR   
93 CCIHD_EPQUANTDIM EHS: Dimension description of an exposure amount CHAR 10    
94 CCIHD_EPQUANTTYP EHS: Exposure amount category CHAR   
95 CCIHD_EPQUANTUNIT EHS: Unit of an exposure amount UNIT   
96 CCIHD_EPQUANTVAL EHS: Measurement for exposure amount DEC 10 
97 CCIHD_EPQUANTVALLONG EHS: Measurement for exposure amount DEC 15 
98 CCIHD_EPTID EHS: Unique ID for an exposure profile pattern CHAR 12    
99 CCIHD_EPTYPE EHS: Agent Type CHAR 10    
100 CCIHD_EPVAL EHS: Exposure value assignments CHAR   
101 CCIHD_ERAITYPE EHS: Types for exposure log additional information CHAR 20    
102 CCIHD_ERMETH EHS: Methods for determining exposure amounts CHAR 60    
103 CCIHD_ERQUANDIM EHS: Dimensions of an exposure amount CHAR 10    
104 CCIHD_ERSTTIM EHS: Time of release status TIMS   
105 CCIHD_EXTFLG EHS: External Indicator for Persons CHAR   
106 CCIHD_FAID EHS: Alphanumeric ID for Injury/Illness Log Entry CHAR 20    
107 CCIHD_FALOC EHS: Location of the injury/illness log CHAR   
108 CCIHD_FATRCNTR EHS: Control Indicator for Transfer to Incident/Accident Log CHAR   
109 CCIHD_FATRMT Type of aid given CHAR   
110 CCIHD_FATYPE EHS: Injury/illness log entry category CHAR   
111 CCIHD_FIELD EHS: Field Name CHAR 60    
115 CCIHD_FUNLOC Functional Location CHAR 30    
117 CCIHD_HOURSWORKED EHS: Number of Hours Worked DEC 12 
118 CCIHD_HR_PERSNO Personnel Number NUMC   
119 CCIHD_IAABSPGRP EHS: Personnel subarea for absences NUMC   
120 CCIHD_IAABSTYPE EHS: Absence type CHAR   
121 CCIHD_IACAUS EHS: Cause of Accident CHAR 21    
122 CCIHD_IADAYS EHS: Calendar days INT4 10    
123 CCIHD_IAEXINF EHS: External Influences on Accident CHAR 21    
124 CCIHD_IAID EHS: Alphanumeric ID for Incident/Accident Log Entry CHAR 20    
125 CCIHD_IALPCAT Accident category CHAR   
126 CCIHD_IALPEXP Time at work center NUMC   
127 CCIHD_IALPTPROG Daily work schedule CHAR   
128 CCIHD_IAOBJ EHS: Object that Caused Accident CHAR 21    
129 CCIHD_IAOBJM EHS: Movement of object that caused accident CHAR 21    
130 CCIHD_IASTD7_2 Hours with 7 characters before, 2 after decimal point DEC
131 CCIHD_IATYPE EHS: Incident/accident log entry category CHAR   
132 CCIHD_IHOBJ EHS: Object Type in Industrial Hygiene and Safety CHAR   
133 CCIHD_IHREFOBJ EHS: Ref. object category in Industrial Hygiene and Safety CHAR   
134 CCIHD_IHREG EHS: Tabs in Industrial Hygiene and Safety CHAR 20    
135 CCIHD_INDEXVALUE Index Value DEC 10 
136 CCIHD_INJURY Injury type CHAR 21    
137 CCIHD_IOPER EHS: Access Type for Data Logging CHAR 20    
140 CCIHD_IPABSFLGKEYNF EHS: Absence Record not Found Owing to Key Change CHAR   
141 CCIHD_IPACT EHS: Activity of Person Injured CHAR 21    
142 CCIHD_IPMOV EHS: Movement of Person Injured CHAR 21    
143 CCIHD_IPTYPE Category of person involved CHAR   
145 CCIHD_LTTYPE EHS: Reference value category CHAR   
146 CCIHD_MAINVAL EHS: Rating value assignment DEC   
147 CCIHD_MDEV **Obsolete** CHAR   
148 CCIHD_MDEVICE **Obsolete** CHAR   
149 CCIHD_MDPERSON EHS: Person (Device Stock) CHAR 40    
150 CCIHD_MDQUANTITY EHS: Number of Measuring Devices NUMC   
151 CCIHD_MDURATION EHS: Measurement Duration TIMS   
152 CCIHD_MEDACTID EHS: Unique ID for a Medical Safety Measure CHAR 12    
153 CCIHD_METCOASTS EHS: Costs of the Measurement Method CURR 10 
154 CCIHD_METCUKY EHS: Currency Key for Costs CUKY   
155 CCIHD_METHOD EHS: Measurement Method CHAR   
156 CCIHD_METHODTXT **Obsolete** CHAR 60    
157 CCIHD_METINSTRUCT EHS: Instructions for Measurement Method CHAR 132    
158 CCIHD_MEXCHANGE **Obsolete** CHAR   
159 CCIHD_MHQ EHS: 1000000-Hour Quota DEC 10 
160 CCIHD_MJCAT EHS: Sampling Type CHAR   
161 CCIHD_MJCATTXT **Obsolete** CHAR 60    
162 CCIHD_MJCOSTCAC **Obsolete** CHAR 10    
163 CCIHD_MJCTRAREA **Obsolete** CHAR   
164 CCIHD_MJID EHS: Measurement Job Number CHAR 30    
165 CCIHD_MJIDINT EHS: Measurement Number CHAR 20    
166 CCIHD_MJNOTE **Obsolete** CHAR 72    
167 CCIHD_MJPERSON EHS: Person Measuring or Person Responsible CHAR 10    
168 CCIHD_MJTYPE **Obsolete** CHAR   
169 CCIHD_MNOTE EHS: Remark CHAR 72    
170 CCIHD_MNUM EHS: Number NUMC   
172 CCIHD_MPCOSTAC **Obsolete** CHAR 10    
173 CCIHD_MPCTRAREA **Obsolete** CHAR   
174 CCIHD_MPERIOD EHS: Repetition of Measurement in Months NUMC   
175 CCIHD_MPID EHS: Measurement Project Number CHAR 30    
176 CCIHD_MPIDINT EHS: Measurement Project Number for Number Range Object CHAR 20    
177 CCIHD_MPNOTE **Obsolete** CHAR 72    
178 CCIHD_MPPLNOTE **Obsolete** CHAR 72    
180 CCIHD_MPREGTYPE EHS: Evaluation Object Type CHAR   
181 CCIHD_MPTYPE EHS: Measurement Project Type CHAR   
182 CCIHD_MPTYPETXT **Obsolete** CHAR 60    
183 CCIHD_MPWADATE EHS: Date of Next Measurement for a Work Area DATS   
184 CCIHD_MPWALEVEL EHS: Assignment Level Measurement Project and Work Area CHAR   
185 CCIHD_MPWALEVELTXT EHS: Description of Assignment Level CHAR 20    
186 CCIHD_MPWANOTE **Obsolete** CHAR 72    
187 CCIHD_MSOURCE EHS: Description of Sampling Location/Source of Noise CHAR 120    
188 CCIHD_MSOURCEID EHS: Sampling Location/Source of Noise CHAR   
189 CCIHD_MSOURCENOTE EHS: Description of Sampling Location/Source of Noise CHAR 255    
190 CCIHD_MSRORDNR EHS: Number of measurement job CHAR 20    
191 CCIHD_MSRPROCEDURE Key for Measurement Procedure (Phrase) CHAR 21    
192 CCIHD_NODEID EHS: Node Key CHAR 12    
194 CCIHD_NODETXT EHS: Node Text in Tree CHAR 128    
195 CCIHD_NODETYPETXT EHS: Description of Node Category CHAR 60    
196 CCIHD_OBJTYPE EHS: Object Subtype in Industrial Hygiene and Safety CHAR   
197 CCIHD_OPCOND EHS: Operation status CHAR   
198 CCIHD_PCSTAT EHS: Status of a safety measure CHAR 10    
199 CCIHD_PELORDER Ranking Order of Amounts in Personal Exposure Log INT1   
200 CCIHD_PERSFLAG EHS: Indicator for Status of Person (External/Internal) CHAR   
201 CCIHD_PERSGRP EHS: Group of Persons CHAR   
202 CCIHD_PERSON EHS: Internal/External Person CHAR 10    
203 CCIHD_PERSONAGE EHS: Person's Age in Years NUMC   
204 CCIHD_PERSPROT Personal Protective Equipment CHAR 21    
205 CCIHD_POSNR EHS: Item Number for Measured Values NUMC   
206 CCIHD_PRID EHS: Alphanumeric ID for Accident Report CHAR 20    
207 CCIHD_PROBLTY EHS: Probability of Risk CHAR   
208 CCIHD_PTGROUP Personnel Subarea Grouping NUMC   
209 CCIHD_QSID EHS: Unique ID for a Specific Questionnaire CHAR 20    
210 CCIHD_QUANT16_6 Quantity Field, Length 22 (16 Predecimal, 6 Decimal Places) QUAN 22 
211 CCIHD_RANGE Upper/Lower Limit for Classification NUMC   
212 CCIHD_RAR EHS: Reason for Risk Assessment CHAR   
213 CCIHD_RATING EHS: Rating of Exposure/Risk CHAR   
214 CCIHD_RATINGCAT EHS: Exposure Rating Category CHAR   
215 CCIHD_RECNTMPWA **Obsolete** CHAR 20    
216 CCIHD_REGISTERFLG EHS: Indicator for Log Sheet CHAR   
217 CCIHD_RESPDESCR EHS: Description of responsibility CHAR 30    
218 CCIHD_RESPIRATOR EHS: Indicator for Respirator CHAR   
219 CCIHD_RLTYP **Obsolete** CHAR   
220 CCIHD_SAMPLENR EHS: Sample Container Number/Filter Number CHAR 30    
222 CCIHD_SETNUMBER EHS: Sequential record number NUMC   
223 CCIHD_SEVERE EHS: Severity of Risk CHAR   
224 CCIHD_STATE_OF_MATTER EHS: State of Matter CHAR   
225 CCIHD_STMFACTOR EHS: Overrun Factor for Short-Time Values DEC
226 CCIHD_STOCKQUANT EHS: Quantity CHAR 20    
227 CCIHD_TECHPROT Technical protective clothing CHAR 21    
228 CCIHD_TEXT21 EHS Text with Maximum 21 Characters CHAR 21    
229 CCIHD_TMQ EHS: 1000-Employee Quota DEC 10 
230 CCIHD_TREEID EHS: Node Key CHAR 12    
231 CCIHD_TRMEANS Means of transport CHAR 21    
232 CCIHD_VERSNR EHS: Versioning number CHAR 12    
233 CCIHD_WAAUTHGRP EHS: Authorization object for work area CHAR 10    
234 CCIHD_WACATNUM EHS: Work area category NUMC   
235 CCIHD_WADONR EHS: Number of referenced work area data object CHAR 100    
236 CCIHD_WADOTYPE EHS: Integration object type CHAR   
237 CCIHD_WAID EHS: Unique ID for a work area CHAR 20    
238 CCIHD_WATYPE EHS: Work area type CHAR   
240 CCIHE_MVNOTE **Obsolete** CHAR 72    
241 CCINS Payment card company CHAR   
242 CCINS_30F Payment Cards: Card Institute CHAR   
243 CCKEY Cost collector key (obsolete) CHAR 23    
244 CCLOCK Reason for blocking payment card CHAR   
245 CCMABTYPE Action Box transaction type CHAR   
246 CCMADRTYP SAP CRM_CIC: Address Types CHAR   
247 CCMATNR Material number (field C18) CHAR 18    
248 CCMBOOLEAN Boolean for CCM CHAR   
249 CCMCHAR25 CCM's call center id/pin domain CHAR 25    
250 CCMCLBSTAT Call center callback status CHAR   
251 CCMCMPCALL Actionbox component call CHAR 20    
252 CCMCMPCALLNAME Actionbox component call name CHAR 20    
253 CCMCMPCONF Component workspace: configuration CHAR 30    
254 CCMDEFLECTNAME CCM deflect name CHAR 40    
255 CCMDNIS DNIS label CHAR 40    
256 CCMEH Units of measure without conversion exit CHAR   
257 CCMFLAG Call center management flag CHAR   
258 CCMLANGTEXT Call center language text CHAR 12    
259 CCMLCHAR12 Call center character 12 domain upper/lower case CHAR 12    
260 CCMLCHAR25 Call center management upper/lower case character 25 CHAR 25    
261 CCMLCHAR255 Call center character 255 upeer/lower case domain CHAR 255    
262 CCMLCHAR30 Call center 30 character domain upper/lower CHAR 30    
263 CCMLCHAR32 call center character lower case CHAR 32    
264 CCMNUMC Personnel number storage in CIC NUMC   
265 CCMODUS Session for Client Copy/Transport CHAR   
266 CCMQTYPE Call center callback - Callback queue type CHAR   
267 CCMQUEUENAME Name of CTI queue CHAR 40    
268 CCMROWCOL Call center management row/column domain CHAR   
269 CCMSBICHIDX Counter CHAR 10    
270 CCMSBICOMMAND Command to Be Executed CHAR 80    
271 CCMSBICOMP System Component CHAR 32    
272 CCMSBIDESCRLG Long Description CHAR 128    
273 CCMSBIDESCRMD Medium-Length Description CHAR 80    
274 CCMSBIDESCRSH Short description CHAR 40    
275 CCMSBIFUNA Name of a Function CHAR 80    
276 CCMSBIIVALUE Integer Value INT4 10    
277 CCMSBILANGU Language LANG   
278 CCMSBIMFLAG Indicator CHAR   
279 CCMSBISCID Scenario ID CHAR 32    
280 CCMSBISTEPNO Step Number CHAR 10    
281 CCMSBISTEPPRIO Priority of a Configuration Step CHAR 10    
282 CCMSBISTEPTYPE Type of Step CHAR 20    
283 CCMSBISTRING Text of Any Length STRG   
284 CCMSBISUFTG Target of a Function Execution CHAR   
285 CCMSBITXT60 Text, 60 Characters Long CHAR 60    
286 CCMSBI_ASR_RECTYPE ASR Single Record and Aggregate Types CHAR 20    
287 CCMSBI_ASR_TARGETS Data Targets for ABAP Statitics Data CHAR 30    
289 CCMSBI_DSR_TARGETS DSR Data Targets CHAR 30    
290 CCMSBI_RSKYFNUM_S Same Type as DEC Key Figure in BI DEC 17 
291 CCMSBI_SCENARIOS_DOM Scenarios for CCMSBI Authority Object CHAR   
292 CCMSBI_SELFIELD Fld name CHAR 30    
293 CCMSBI_SELVALUE Selection Value CHAR 60    
294 CCMSBI_SEL_TARGETS Data Targets for Selection Keys CHAR 30    
296 CCMSBI_WAST_SEC_COUNT Counter for Statistics Records Within One Second NUMC   
297 CCMSBI_WAST_SEC_COUNT_E Counter for Statistics Records Within One Second NUMC   
298 CCMS_COMM_TYPE_D SMOI_WS: Web Service Communication Type CHAR   
299 CCMS_INSTANCE_TYPE_D Instance Types CHAR 40    
300 CCMS_PORT_TYPE_D CCMS Port Type CHAR 10    
301 CCMS_STATUS_AGENT_D SMOI_WS: Registration Status CHAR   
302 CCMS_STATUS_D SMOI_WS: Configuration Status CHAR   
303 CCMTABDOM Call Center Component Container Tab Number NUMC   
304 CCM_ACTION CCM: Action Identifier CHAR   
305 CCM_ACTIVITY Business Activity Code for Configuration Control CHAR   
306 CCM_COMP_MODE DI CCM: Component Mode CHAR 10    
307 CCM_CONT_PERS Contact person name CHAR 35    
308 CCM_DISM_IND CC: Indicator for Planned/Unplanned Equipment Dismantling CHAR   
309 CCM_EVENT Event for Time-Since-Event Calculation CHAR   
310 CCM_FLTVAL_IBU Filter Value for CC BAdI: IBU-/Core-specific Implementation CHAR   
311 CCM_HTML_PARAM_VAL CIC: parameter value to be passed to an HTML operation CHAR 100    
312 CCM_ICON Icon CHAR   
313 CCM_IC_TRACE_CATEGORY IC trace category NUMC   
314 CCM_IC_TRACE_EVENT IC trace event NUMC   
315 CCM_IC_TRACE_TYPE IC trace type NUMC   
316 CCM_INDEX Index for Popup Selection of Hardlink INT4 10    
317 CCM_MAIL_ADDR Mail address CHAR 70    
318 CCM_MAIL_DEFAULT_VIEW IC mail handling: Default view NUMC   
319 CCM_MAIL_EXCL_ICON Icon to exclude from inbox CHAR   
320 CCM_MPL_CHECK MPL Check Options CHAR   
321 CCM_NAV_NODE_CHANGE_TYPE Change type of a navigation tree node CHAR   
322 CCM_NAV_PROFILE CCM Navigation Area Profile CHAR 10    
323 CCM_NAV_TABNO Number of Tab in the Tabstrip CHAR   
324 CCM_NAV_TREE_TYPE Navigation tree type CHAR   
325 CCM_NAV_VIEW CCM Navigation View CHAR 10    
326 CCM_NODE Object Identifier CHAR 30    
327 CCM_OBJDES Object Description CHAR 40    
328 CCM_OBJID Object Identifier CHAR 75    
329 CCM_OP_CLASSTYPE Object Provider Service: Class Type NUMC   
330 CCM_PART_COND Parts Condition CHAR   
331 CCM_PERF_TYPE SAPOSCOL Performance Value CHAR 14    
332 CCM_SEL Selection for what BP the Ibase searhc is done CHAR   
333 CCM_SUBOBJ_EXISTS CC: Control Character for Existence of Subobjects CHAR   
334 CCM_TYPE Icon for Object Type CHAR   
335 CCM_UNIT_OP Unit of Operation Time (Time-Since-Event Calculation) CHAR   
336 CCM_URL_SEP1 CIC: separator between URL and its arguments CHAR   
337 CCM_URL_SEP2 CIC: separator between URL arguments CHAR   
338 CCM_VALIDITY_STATUS CC: Status of Check Result CHAR   
339 CCM_WWWOBJID Web Repository Obect Id CHAR 150    
340 CCM_XTRNL_URL CIC: external URL CHAR 150    
341 CCM_XTRNL_URL_132 CIC: URL Spillover CHAR 132    
342 CCNOCLIIND Maintenance of objects for all clients not permitted CHAR   
343 CCNODE Hierarchy node of cost center group CHAR 10    
344 CCNUM Payment card number CHAR 25    
345 CCNUM_30F Payment cards: Card number CHAR 25    
346 CCOAA Change Type for Object NUMC   
347 CCODE_KK External Payment Collector CHAR   
348 CCOMP Identification code for payment card company CHAR   
349 CCOMP_OLD Abbreviation of Payment Card Institution for Check in IT 105 CHAR   
350 CCO_CDATE Creation Date DATS   
351 CCO_CTIME Creation Time TIMS   
352 CCO_DSENT Sent Flag CHAR   
353 CCO_DUMMY Phantom Assembly CHAR   
354 CCO_ERR_ID Error Identification CHAR 32    
355 CCO_EXT01 Extension CHAR 255    
356 CCO_FTYPE File Type CHAR 10    
357 CCO_ITYPE Info Agent Type - Qblocker, Client Info, etc. CHAR   
358 CCO_MANDT client number CHAR   
359 CCO_MEMO Memo Text LRAW 8192    
360 CCO_MSGID Last Sent Replacement message's Message ID CHAR 32    
361 CCO_RDATE Read Date DATS   
362 CCO_RTIME Read Time TIMS   
363 CCO_SDATE Date recd , extracted etc DATS   
364 CCO_SID Site ID CHAR 32    
365 CCO_SNAME Site Name - Info Agents CHAR 32    
366 CCO_STIME Time indicating recd, extracted time etc. TIMS   
367 CCO_SVTY Info or warning or error CHAR   
368 CCO_TORDER Order of split INT2   
369 CCO_TRIAL No of Extractions done so far for the msg. INT4 10    
370 CCO_TXTID Text ID CHAR 32    
371 CCO_TXTLEN Text Length INT2   
372 CCO_UID User ID CHAR 40    
373 CCPGA Payment cards: Checking group CHAR   
374 CCPRFSTEP Step in the copy profile NUMC   
375 CCPRGRS Date type (day, month) CHAR   
376 CCPROCESS Process ID for Parallel Client Copy CHAR 25    
377 CCPROFIL Profile for client copy CHAR   
378 CCRCD_ACTION Action CHAR 20    
379 CCRCD_ADDR_CAT Address Type CHAR   
380 CCRCD_AVG_CAT Average Category CHAR   
381 CCRCD_COUNT Numerat. NUMC   
383 CCRCD_DOCCAT Document Category CHAR   
384 CCRCD_DOCTYPE Scenario Category CHAR 20    
385 CCRCD_ESCAPE Addressees CHAR   
387 CCRCD_MSGTYPE Message Type CHAR   
388 CCRCD_PERIOD Monitoring Period CHAR 12    
389 CCRCD_POLYMONO_TRANS Polymer/Monomer Data Transfer CHAR   
390 CCRCD_PROCESS Substance Volume Tracking: Process CHAR   
391 CCRCD_PROZENT Percentage NUMC   
392 CCRCD_REG_TYPE Registration Type CHAR   
393 CCRCD_SCEN Scenario CHAR 10    
394 CCRCD_SELOPT EHS: Selection Option CHAR   
395 CCRCD_SIGN EHS: Selection Type CHAR   
396 CCRCD_STYP Source Category of Assignment Object CHAR   
397 CCRCD_SUBSTITUTE_CAT Substitute Category CHAR   
398 CCRCD_TRACKID Tracked Specification CHAR 12    
399 CCRCD_TRACK_SUBST Tracked Specification CHAR 40    
400 CCRCD_VEORG Sales Organization CHAR   
401 CCRCE_STATUSGES Overall Status CHAR   
402 CCRESET Client copy - reset client CHAR   
403 CCRESULT Result of Component Check CHAR   
404 CCSECA_ENCTYPE Encryption Type CHAR   
405 CCSECA_LOGMD Logging of Accesses to Payment Card Numbers CHAR   
406 CCSECA_SECLV Security Level for Payment Card Numbers CHAR   
407 CCSECA_TABID Object type in which credit card number is stored CHAR   
408 CCSECP_ENCTYPE Encryption Type CHAR   
409 CCSECP_LOGMD Logging of Accesses to Payment Card Numbers CHAR   
410 CCSECP_SECLV Security Level for Payment Card Numbers CHAR   
411 CCSECP_TABID Object Type in Which Credit Card Number Is Saved CHAR   
412 CCSEC_ENCTYPE Encryption Type CHAR   
413 CCSEC_LOGMD Logging of Access to Payment Card Numbers CHAR   
414 CCSEC_LOG_REASON Reason for Logging CHAR   
415 CCSEC_SECLV Security Level for Payment Card Numbers CHAR   
416 CCSEC_TABID Data Object Type in Which Credit Card Number is Found CHAR   
418 CCSEQ_OBJEC_KEY Object Key CHAR 50    
420 CCSEQ_SEQ_TYPE Link Type CHAR   
421 CCSEQ_UPD Change Indicator CHAR   
422 CCSEQ_USER Relationship Created By CHAR 12    
423 CCSRF Revision Level Sort Sequence NUMC   
424 CCSTTTLLNG SAP Cursor Cache: statistical value DEC 14    
425 CCTABMODE Exclusion mode CC CHAR   
426 CCTABPLACE Size of a Table FLTP 16  16 
427 CCTTYP_SET Payment cards: Transaction type for SET CHAR   
428 CCTYP Payment card category CHAR   
429 CCTYPE Payment card category CHAR   
430 CCUSRD Client data in the client copy CHAR   
431 CCVOR Payment cards: Transaction CHAR   
432 CCYCL Personnel Calculation Rule CHAR   
433 CCZAH_KK Processing card payment CHAR   
434 CC_ACT Action in client copy CHAR   
435 CC_AEFUN Change number function CHAR   
436 CC_AEHLP Date shift help field NUMC   
437 CC_AENNRLEN Length of Change Number INT2   
438 CC_AENST Change master record status NUMC   
439 CC_AEOST Status of an object management record CHAR   
440 CC_AETYP Change category NUMC   
441 CC_ALTNR Alternative CHAR   
442 CC_ATINN Internal characteristic number NUMC 10    
443 CC_BEGRU Authorization group to data object CHAR   
444 CC_BSTR String in panel of CustCockpit CHAR 40    
445 CC_CCART Change type NUMC   
446 CC_CCOAA Change Type for Object NUMC   
447 CC_CHAR1 Character field length 1 without check CHAR   
448 CC_CHAR10 Character field of length 10 CHAR 10    
449 CC_CHAR18 Character field length 18 CHAR 18    
450 CC_CHAR30 30 Characters CHAR 30    
451 CC_CHAR40 Character Field (Length 40) CHAR 40    
452 CC_CHAR43 Character field length 43 CHAR 43    
453 CC_CHAR50 Character field length 50 CHAR 50    
454 CC_CHAR72 Character field length 43 CHAR 72    
455 CC_CIM_AKTYP Activity category of SAP transaction CHAR   
456 CC_CIM_COUNT Numerator NUMC   
458 CC_CLASS_EFF Class Number CHAR 18    
459 CC_CLINT Internal class number NUMC 10    
460 CC_DATUM Date DATS   
461 CC_DIRZU Indicator: Override CHAR   
462 CC_DLV_OBJKEY Object index of the object in the distribution package CHAR 79    
463 CC_DOKAR Document type CHAR   
464 CC_DOKNR Document number CHAR 25    
465 CC_DOKTL Document part CHAR   
466 CC_DOKVR Document Version CHAR   
467 CC_DSIGN ECM: digital signature (porcess improvement) CHAR   
468 CC_DSNETH ECM: digital signature network - change master record CHAR   
469 CC_DSNETO ECM: digital signature network - object management record CHAR   
470 CC_ECN_TYP Change number type CHAR   
471 CC_EFFPT Effectivity parameter type CHAR   
472 CC_EFFS Effectivity parameter suffix: _LO, _HI or _OI CHAR   
473 CC_EQUNR Equipment number CHAR 18    
474 CC_ERROR Error type for terminated client copy run. CHAR   
475 CC_EXSTL Bill of material group CHAR 18    
476 CC_FLBAS Baselining for object has been carried out CHAR   
477 CC_GERNR Equipment serial number CHAR 18    
478 CC_HIST_BOM Control (time) of history requirement: Bills of material CHAR   
479 CC_HIST_CHAR Control (time) of history requirement: Characteristic CHAR   
480 CC_HIST_MAT Control (time) of history requirement: Material CHAR   
481 CC_INSTITUTE Payment card company CHAR   
482 CC_INT1 Integer1 INT1   
483 CC_J_OBJNR Object no. CHAR 22    
484 CC_J_STSMA Status profile CHAR   
485 CC_LEXFLAG Indicator for Lexicographical Change Numbers CHAR   
486 CC_LINE Row Number INT2   
487 CC_LOCID Internal Number of Location (GUID) CHAR 22    
488 CC_LOCID_CONV Internal Number of Location (GUID) with Conv. Exit CCLOC CHAR 22    
489 CC_LOCK Reason for blocking payment card CHAR   
490 CC_LOCK_VAL Domains: data element CC_LOCK_VAL CHAR   
491 CC_MANDT Client (key field in client-specific tables) CLNT   
492 CC_MATNR Material number (field C18) CHAR 18    
493 CC_MTART Material type CHAR   
494 CC_NAME Control Composite: Name CHAR 40    
495 CC_NLFZT Lead-time offset DEC   
497 CC_NUMC03 Numerical field (length 3) NUMC   
498 CC_NUMC10 Numerical field (length 10) NUMC 10    
499 CC_NUMC2 2 character numerical field without validation NUMC   
500 CC_NUMC4 4 digit numerical fields without check NUMC