SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 34
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CRM_MKTPPG_PRICELVL_STRUC Structure to be used for rules for pricing level CHAR 30    
3 CRM_MKTRTOM_MOVE_RULE MKTRTOM OL: Computed Attributes Direction for Move Rule CHAR   
4 CRM_MKTRU_CONDITION_RESULT One-Digit Indicator with Value Area { , X} CHAR   
5 CRM_MKTRU_INSTR_PARAM_TYPE Two-Digit Indicator with Value Area {01, 02, 03} CHAR   
6 CRM_MKTRU_RULES_PROC_MODE One-Digit Indicator with Value Area {A, B} CHAR   
7 CRM_MKTRU_RULE_COND_TEMPL_CAT Two-Digit Indicator with Value Area {00,01,02,03,04,20,99} NUMC   
8 CRM_MKTRU_SAVE_MODE One-Digit Indicator with Value Area {C, U} CHAR   
9 CRM_MKTRU_UDCT_PARAM_TYPE Type of User-Defined Parameter CHAR 10    
10 CRM_MKTR_REBATE_STATE CRM Marketing: Rebate State (ERP/CRM) CHAR   
11 CRM_MKTSC_ACTION_KEY Action key for marketing scenarios action log CHAR   
12 CRM_MKTSC_OBJECT_ACTION Scenario Planning object action CHAR 10    
13 CRM_MKTSC_OBJECT_STATE Scenario Planning object state CHAR 10    
14 CRM_MKTSC_UI_BOOLEAN Logical Variable CHAR   
16 CRM_MKTSC_UI_TYPES Types for scenario planning search dialog CHAR 24    
17 CRM_MKTSS_DEFAULT_PLB_FLAG Flag for default value of Product Planning Basis CHAR   
18 CRM_MKTSS_PLB_POSISTION Position of Product Planning Basis in the list INT1   
19 CRM_MKTSS_PL_BASIS Product Planning Basis NUMC   
20 CRM_MKTSS_PL_BASIS_TEXT Description of Product Planning Basis CHAR 40    
21 CRM_MKTTG_APPL_LOG_STATUS CRM_MKT: Status of an Application Log CHAR   
22 CRM_MKTTG_BP_ORG CRM Marketing: Origin of a Business Partner CHAR   
23 CRM_MKTTG_BP_SEX definition of gender of Infoset f4 help CHAR   
24 CRM_MKTTG_BSP_TG_PARENT_TYPE CRM Marketing: Higher-level Node for TG CHAR   
25 CRM_MKTTG_BU_TYPE CRM Marketing: Business Partner Category CHAR   
26 CRM_MKTTG_BWA_CUST_CHCK_SCOPE Scope for Checking NetWeaver BW Customizing NUMC   
27 CRM_MKTTG_BWA_CUST_PARAM BWA Customizing Parameter CHAR 30    
28 CRM_MKTTG_BWA_CUST_PARAM_DESCR BWA Customizing Parameter Description CHAR 72    
29 CRM_MKTTG_BWA_CUST_PKG_SIZE BWA Customizing Package Size for TG Build INT4 10    
30 CRM_MKTTG_BWA_CUST_SEGB_TYPE BWA Customizing: Default Segmentation Basis Type CHAR 10    
31 CRM_MKTTG_BWA_CUST_VALUE BWA Customizing Value CHAR 128    
32 CRM_MKTTG_BWA_HIER External representation of BW Hierarchy (concatenated value) CHAR 110    
33 CRM_MKTTG_BWA_RSCHAVL60 Field for any Characteristic Value less than 60 Characters CHAR 60    
34 CRM_MKTTG_BWA_RSCHAVLEXT70 Character. Value External Display (up to 70 Characters) CHAR 70    
35 CRM_MKTTG_CHART_COLOR_HEX Chart Color - HEX value CHAR   
36 CRM_MKTTG_CHART_COLOR_ID Chart Color - ID/Series NUMC   
38 CRM_MKTTG_CHART_COLOR_THEME Chart Color - Theme CHAR 20    
39 CRM_MKTTG_DATE_CHAR10 CRM Marketing: Formatted Date CHAR 10    
40 CRM_MKTTG_DATE_TIME_CHAR32 CRM Marketing: Plan Date and Time or Event of Job CHAR 32    
41 CRM_MKTTG_DEDUP_DESCR CRM Marketing: Deduplication Method Description CHAR 40    
42 CRM_MKTTG_DISPLAY_TYPE CRM Marketing: Attribute Display Type CHAR   
43 CRM_MKTTG_DS_EVENT CRM Marketing: Event for User Interface Layer CHAR 30    
44 CRM_MKTTG_DS_SAF_LOHI CRM Marketing: LOW and HIGH Components for Filter CHAR 132    
45 CRM_MKTTG_FILTER_DEL_VAR Deletion of Filters That Are Still in Use CHAR   
46 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_ACTIVE "active" status domain CHAR   
47 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_ARCHIVED "Archived" status domain CHAR   
48 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_COMPLETED "completed" status domain CHAR   
49 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_DP_OBJ_TYPE restrict search upon segment types (Sets, Profiles, TG's) CHAR   
50 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_DQ_OBJ_TYPE restrict search upon segment types (Sets, Profiles, TG's) CHAR   
51 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_DQ_SEG_TYPE restrict search upon segment types (Sets, Profiles, TG's) CHAR   
52 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_MGR_VALID_FOR ""valid for" info for Master Groups assigned to Profile Sets CHAR   
53 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_RS_SEG_TYPE Display Segment Type (Sets, Profiles, TG's, Prod. Segments) CHAR   
54 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_RS_SEG_TYPE_HV Display Segment Type (Model, Profiles, TG's, PRSEG) CHAR   
55 CRM_MKTTG_GENIL_TG_CHANGE_IND change indicator domain for Target Groups CHAR   
56 CRM_MKTTG_GRAPH_TYPE CRM Marketing: Graph Type CHAR 10    
57 CRM_MKTTG_IOBJ_INTERSECT_VAR Variant, determining how Objects are to be intersected NUMC   
58 CRM_MKTTG_JOB_SEL_TIME_FRAME CRM Marketing: Period for Background Job Selection CHAR   
59 CRM_MKTTG_JOB_STATUS CRM Marketing: Job Status CHAR   
60 CRM_MKTTG_MGR_REPORT_ID CRM Marketing: Report ID for Master Group Generation CHAR   
61 CRM_MKTTG_MGR_SEL_ID CRM Marketing: Master Groups Identification CHAR 16    
62 CRM_MKTTG_MODELING_TYPE CRM Marketing: Modeling Type CHAR   
63 CRM_MKTTG_MODULE_TYPE Module Type CHAR 10    
64 CRM_MKTTG_NUMBER CRM B2C Marketing: Number INT4 10    
65 CRM_MKTTG_OBJECT_TYPE CRM Marketing: Segment Type CHAR   
66 CRM_MKTTG_PERM_ID Contact Permission ID CHAR   
67 CRM_MKTTG_PERS_MANUAL CRM Marketing: Manual Changes During Target Group Selection CHAR   
68 CRM_MKTTG_PERS_OPEN_SAL CRM Marketing: Open Attributes when Starting Segment Builder CHAR   
69 CRM_MKTTG_PERS_OPEN_SET CRM Marketing: Open Set when Starting Segment Builder CHAR   
70 CRM_MKTTG_PERS_PARAM CRM Marketing: Personalization of Parameter Name CHAR 32    
71 CRM_MKTTG_PERS_VALUE CRM Marketing: Personalization of Parameter Value CHAR 132    
72 CRM_MKTTG_PF_RL_TYPE CRM Marketing: Possible Relationships Betw. Selection Crit. CHAR   
73 CRM_MKTTG_RESULT_TYPE Result Type CHAR 10    
76 CRM_MKTTG_SAF_RANGE_OPTION Selection operator OPTION (as per range table) CHAR   
77 CRM_MKTTG_SAF_READ_MODE Read Mode for Selection Attribute Filter CHAR   
78 CRM_MKTTG_SAF_SELECT_OPTION Select Options for Selection Attribute Filter CHAR   
79 CRM_MKTTG_SAF_SELECT_OPT_EHP2 New select options for Segmentation EhP2     
80 CRM_MKTTG_SAF_STATUS Status of Selection Attribute Filter CHAR   
81 CRM_MKTTG_SAL_TNODE_TYPE CRM Marketing: Type of Tree Node for Attribute List UI CHAR   
82 CRM_MKTTG_SA_AGG_TYPE aggregation type NUMC   
83 CRM_MKTTG_SA_BR_VARIABLE CRM Marketing: Domain Variables for Business Rule CHAR 60    
84 CRM_MKTTG_SA_TYPE CRM Marketing: Attribute Type CHAR   
85 CRM_MKTTG_SCENARIO CRM Marketing: Scenarios for Business Partner Address Search CHAR   
86 CRM_MKTTG_SDS_HV_ENABLED HV enabled yes/no CHAR   
87 CRM_MKTTG_SDS_TNODE_TYPE CRM Marketing: Type of Tree Node for Data Sources UI CHAR   
88 CRM_MKTTG_SDS_TYPE CRM Marketing: Origin Type of a TG Selection Criterion CHAR   
89 CRM_MKTTG_SEARCHFIELD CRM Marketing: Target Groups Search Term CHAR 32    
90 CRM_MKTTG_SEGB_COUNT_ORIGIN Origin of a Segmentation Basis count CHAR   
91 CRM_MKTTG_SEGM_CAT CRM Marketing: Usage Type CHAR   
92 CRM_MKTTG_SEGM_CAT_BWA Fixed Value append for Segment Usage Category     
93 CRM_MKTTG_SEGM_CAT_CUST CRM Marketing: Segment Category for Customizing CHAR   
94 CRM_MKTTG_SEGM_CAT_SEARCH CRM Marketing: Category of Segment Type (Search) CHAR   
95 CRM_MKTTG_SEGM_CAT_SEARCH_BWA Fixed Value Append for Segment Usage Category (Search)     
96 CRM_MKTTG_SEG_BUFFER_MODE specifies how the buffer is treated on a read CHAR 10    
97 CRM_MKTTG_SEG_DISTR_TYPE Type of Distribution (Hit, Contact, Relationship) CHAR   
98 CRM_MKTTG_SEG_GEN_CUST_PARAM Segmentation Customizing Parameter CHAR 30    
99 CRM_MKTTG_SEG_GEN_CUST_VALUE Segmentation Customizing Value CHAR 128    
100 CRM_MKTTG_SEG_MODIFY_TYPE Modify Type (Insert, Update, Delete) of a buffered object CHAR   
101 CRM_MKTTG_SEG_PRIO CRM Marketing: Priority of a Segment INT4 10    
102 CRM_MKTTG_SEG_TYPE CRM Marketing: Segment Type CHAR   
103 CRM_MKTTG_SE_AGGREGATION Seg. Expression: Aggregation CHAR   
104 CRM_MKTTG_SE_LOGICAL_OPERATOR Seg. Expression: Logical Operator CHAR 10    
105 CRM_MKTTG_SE_OPERAND_TYPE Seg. Expression: Operand type CHAR 10    
106 CRM_MKTTG_SE_OPERATOR Seg. Expression: Operator CHAR 10    
107 CRM_MKTTG_SE_SEGM_MRI_INV_SCP Domain With Values '0' and '1' NUMC   
108 CRM_MKTTG_SE_STEP_PREFIX Seg. Expression: Prefix of a step of a segment CHAR 10    
109 CRM_MKTTG_SHORT_DESCR CRM Marketing: Segment Short Description CHAR 10    
110 CRM_MKTTG_SHORT_DESCR_UC CRM Marketing: Segment Short Description in Upper Case CHAR 10    
111 CRM_MKTTG_SMP_OPT CRM Marketing: Sample Optimization CHAR   
112 CRM_MKTTG_STATIC_FLAG_UI statisch flag for filter CHAR   
113 CRM_MKTTG_TAG CRM-Marketing: tag of a segmentation element SSTR 255    
114 CRM_MKTTG_TG_BUILD_ACTION Action to be performed by CL_CRM_MKTTG_TG_BUILD CHAR 10    
115 CRM_MKTTG_TG_BUILD_RUNMODE Runmode for building Target Groups CHAR 10    
116 CRM_MKTTG_TG_DESCR CRM Marketing: description of target group/product segment CHAR 72    
117 CRM_MKTTG_TG_DESCR_UC description of target group/product segment Upper Case CHAR 72    
118 CRM_MKTTG_TG_ID CRM Marketing: target group/product segment ID CHAR 10    
119 CRM_MKTTG_TG_I_API_MODE CRM Marketing: Processing Mode CHAR   
120 CRM_MKTTG_TG_MODE CRM Marketing: Processing Mode CHAR   
121 CRM_MKTTG_TG_OBJ_TPYE CRM Marketing: Object Type CHAR   
122 CRM_MKTTG_TG_OPERATION Target Group operation codes CHAR 10    
123 CRM_MKTTG_TG_OPERATION_DESCR Target Group Operation Description CHAR 72    
124 CRM_MKTTG_TG_OPERATION_IMPL Target Group Operation Implementation CHAR 10    
126 CRM_MKTTG_TG_OP_PARAM_KEY Parameter Key CHAR 10    
128 CRM_MKTTG_TG_ORG CRM Marketing: Target Group Origin CHAR   
129 CRM_MKTTG_TG_SEARCH_STATES CRM Marketing: Domains - Restrict Search for Target Groups CHAR   
130 CRM_MKTTG_TG_STATUS CRM Marketing: Status of a Target Group CHAR   
131 CRM_MKTTG_TG_TYPE CRM Marketing: Segment Type CHAR   
132 CRM_MKTTG_TIME_CHAR8 CRM Marketing: Formatted Time CHAR   
133 CRM_MKTTG_TM_COLOR_HEX Treemap: Color - HEX value CHAR   
134 CRM_MKTTG_TM_COLOR_ID Treemap: Color - ID/Series NUMC   
135 CRM_MKTTG_TM_COLOR_INDEX Treemap: Color - Index NUMC   
136 CRM_MKTTG_TM_COLOR_THEME Treemap: Color - Theme CHAR 20    
137 CRM_MKTTG_TM_LAYOUT Treemap layout algorithm CHAR 10    
138 CRM_MKTTG_TRANSPORT_ID CRM Marketing: Transport Key for Data Sources CHAR 20    
139 CRM_MKTTG_TRANSPORT_NR CRM Marketing: Transport Number Range for Data Sources CHAR 10    
140 CRM_MKTTG_TRANS_TYPE CRM Marketing: Various Channels CHAR   
141 CRM_MKTTG_TREX_PACKAGE_SIZE size of packages reading and writing TREX INT4 10    
142 CRM_MKTTG_TYPE CRM Marketing: Object Type (Set, Profile, Target Group) CHAR   
143 CRM_MKTTG_UI_TYPE CRM Marketing: Interface Type CHAR   
144 CRM_MKT_ATTR_IND Indicator: Marketing Attribute CHAR   
145 CRM_MKT_EXT01_BUILD_NUMBER CRM MKT: Protagona build number CHAR 32    
146 CRM_MKT_EXT01_CONFIGDB CRM MKT: Config-DB verion of Protagona CHAR 32    
147 CRM_MKT_EXT01_DATE_CHAR CRM-MKT: Date as string from/to Protagona CHAR   
148 CRM_MKT_EXT01_ERROR_NUMBER CRM MKT: Protagona error number INT4 10    
149 CRM_MKT_EXT01_ERROR_TEXT CRM MKT: Protagona Error Text CHAR 255    
150 CRM_MKT_EXT01_USER_NAME CRM-MKT: User in Protagona CHAR 64    
151 CRM_MKT_EXT01_VERSION CRM MKT: Protagona version CHAR 32    
152 CRM_MKT_EXT_APPLICATION CRM MKT: Name of external product CHAR 32    
153 CRM_MKT_EXT_COM_CLASS CRM MKT: Class of COM methods used CHAR 64    
154 CRM_MKT_EXT_COM_HANDLE CRM MKT: Handle of COM Connection INT4 10    
155 CRM_MKT_EXT_COM_INTERFACE CRM MKT: Interface of COM Methods Used CHAR 64    
156 CRM_MKT_EXT_COM_METHOD CRM MKT: Constant name of COM methods used CHAR 40    
157 CRM_MKT_EXT_COM_NAME CRM MKT: Name of COM methods used CHAR 40    
158 CRM_MKT_EXT_COM_TYPE_LIBRARY CRM MKT: Interface of COM Methods Used CHAR 64    
159 CRM_MKT_EXT_CONNECTION_TYPE CRM MKT: Type of connection to external product CHAR   
160 CRM_MKT_EXT_DESCRIPTION_LONG CRM MKT: Long text for plan object/target grp in ext.product CHAR 255    
161 CRM_MKT_EXT_DESCRIPTION_SHORT CRM MKT: Short text for plan object/target grp in CHAR 32    
162 CRM_MKT_EXT_FLAG CRM MKT: General flag CHAR   
163 CRM_MKT_EXT_ID_TG CRM MKT: Target group ID in an external system CHAR 32    
164 CRM_MKT_EXT_NUMC32 CRM MKT: NumC - length 32 NUMC 32    
165 CRM_MKT_EXT_PASSWORD CRM MKT: User password in an external product CHAR   
166 CRM_MKT_EXT_PATH CRM MKT: Installation path of external product CHAR 255    
167 CRM_MKT_EXT_REGISTRY_STRING CRM MKT: String (key/value) in windows registry STRG   
168 CRM_MKT_EXT_SERVER_NAME CRM MKT: Name of server of external product CHAR 32    
169 CRM_MKT_EXT_TG_EXISTENCE CRM Marketing: Information as to whether target group exists CHAR 50    
170 CRM_MKT_EXT_USER_NAME CRM MKT: General users of external product CHAR 32    
171 CRM_MKT_FEC_FIELD_PART_NAME File Export Channel - Field Part Name STRG   
172 CRM_MKT_FEC_FIELD_PART_TYPE File Export Channel - Field Part Type CHAR   
173 CRM_MKT_FEC_FIELD_PART_VALUE File Export Channel - Field Part Value STRG   
174 CRM_MKT_FEC_VA_ASSIGNMENT File Export Channel: Campaign Assignment CHAR   
175 CRM_MKT_FEC_VA_DESCRIPTION File Export Channel: Variant Description CHAR 30    
176 CRM_MKT_FEC_VA_EXTENSION File Export Channel - File Extension CHAR   
177 CRM_MKT_FEC_VA_ID File Export Channel - Variant ID CHAR   
178 CRM_MKT_FEXP_VARIANT CRM Marketing: Variante CHAR   
179 CRM_MKT_ICRH_DOCUMENT_TYPE CRM Mkt: ICRH - document type CHAR 10    
180 CRM_MKT_ICRH_PRC_CHAR CRM Marketing: ICRH - Personalized Response Code - character CHAR 12    
181 CRM_MKT_ICRH_PRC_NUM CRM Marketing : ICRH - Personalized Response Code - Numeric NUMC 12    
182 CRM_MKT_ICRH_RESPONSE_CODE CRM Mkt : ICRH - Domain for Response Code CHAR 24    
183 CRM_MKT_IND_ACCOUNT_TYPE Indirects Account Type CHAR   
184 CRM_MKT_IO_APPL Interaction Object: Applications for Interaction Objects CHAR 10    
185 CRM_MKT_IO_SCENARIOS Scenarios Used for Interaction Object (IO) CHAR   
186 CRM_MKT_IO_SC_NAME Interaction Object (IO): Name of IO in Scenarios CHAR 60    
188 CRM_MKT_MAREO_GOAL_KEY Mareo: Target Function ID CHAR   
189 CRM_MKT_MAREO_TEXT Description CHAR 60    
190 CRM_MKT_MINIAPPS_OBJECT_TEXT CRM Marketing: Object Description in MiniApp CHAR 72    
191 CRM_MKT_MINIAPPS_OBJECT_TYPE CRM Marketing: Object Type in MiniApp CHAR   
192 CRM_MKT_PVC_NUM Personalized Voucher Code Number NUMC 20    
193 CRM_MKT_RTOM_ATTR_TYPE RTOM attribute type CHAR   
198 CRM_MKT_SAPR_JOB_STATUS Staging Area: Job Status CHAR   
199 CRM_MKT_SAPR_JOB_TYPE Staging Area: Job Type CHAR   
200 CRM_MKT_SAPR_RULE_STATUS Staging Area: Rule Status CHAR   
201 CRM_MKT_STLMT_AGR_NUMBER Agreement CHAR 10    
202 CRM_MKT_STLMT_CDN_NUMBER Sequential number CHAR 10    
203 CRM_MKT_STLMT_PROD_GRP Product Group used to assign products in Mktg Planner CHAR   
205 CRM_MKT_STLMT_RB_KMEIN_KMEIN Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
206 CRM_MKT_STLMT_RB_KPEIN Condition pricing unit DEC   
207 CRM_MKT_STLMT_RB_KRECH Calculation type for condition CHAR   
209 CRM_MKT_STLMT_RB_PRODUCT Material number (field C18) CHAR 18    
210 CRM_MKT_STLMT_RB_RECIPIENT Customer number CHAR 10    
211 CRM_MKT_STLMT_RB_UNIT Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
212 CRM_MKT_STLMT_RB_VAKEY Variable key 100 bytes CHAR 100    
213 CRM_MKT_TOOLS_ARGUMENT CRM Marketing: Grouping of Reports CHAR 12    
214 CRM_MKT_TOOLS_ARGUMENT_DESCR CRM Marketing: Description of Grouping CHAR 40    
215 CRM_MKT_WF_CHECK_STATUS CRM Marketing: Workflow - Status of Checks CHAR   
216 CRM_MKT_WF_MODE CRM Marketing: Workflow - Editing Mode CHAR   
217 CRM_MKT_WF_START_TYPE CRM Marketing: Workflow - Start Type CHAR   
218 CRM_MOBILE_COMPONENT CRM Mobile Component for Smartphone Applications CHAR 20    
219 CRM_MOBILE_GUID CRM Guid for Smartphone Applications CHAR 32    
221 CRM_MOB_BE_KEY_SLS_SRV1 Additional domain values for EHP1 Sales & Service Functions     
222 CRM_MOB_IBC_INST CRM Mobile : IBase Component Instance NUMC 18    
223 CRM_MOB_IB_ID CRM Mobile : IBase ID NUMC 18    
224 CRM_MOB_RAWSTRING Mobile : Rawstring RSTR   
225 CRM_MOB_REC_NO CRM Mobile : Account Factsheet Block Record Number NUMC   
226 CRM_MOB_SEQ_NO CRM Mobile : Account Factsheet Block Sequence Number NUMC   
227 CRM_MOB_SVY_ANS_ID CRM Surveys: Answer ID CHAR 40    
228 CRM_MOB_SVY_BUT_ID CRM Surveys: Button ID INT1   
229 CRM_MOB_SVY_PROP_NAME CRM Surveys: Property Name CHAR 40    
230 CRM_MOB_SVY_PROP_VALUE CRM Surveys: Property Value CHAR 255    
231 CRM_MOB_SVY_QUES_ID CRM Survey: Question ID CHAR 40    
232 CRM_MOB_SVY_RATING CRM Survey: Rating factor NUMC   
233 CRM_MOB_SVY_SEC_ID CRM Surveys: Section ID INT4 10    
234 CRM_MOB_SVY_SEQ_NO crm survey: seq no INT1   
235 CRM_MOB_SVY_TEXT CRM Surveys: Survey text CHAR 255    
236 CRM_MODE Processing Mode of Transaction CHAR   
237 CRM_MODE_AUTH_FIELD Mode for fieldcheck tool CHAR   
238 CRM_MPK_APPGROUP Application Group CHAR   
239 CRM_MPK_APPGROUP_TEXT Application Group Text CHAR 30    
240 CRM_MPK_APPLICATION Application CHAR 10    
241 CRM_MPK_APPLICATION_TEXT Application Text CHAR 30    
242 CRM_MPK_ATTRIBUTE Measuring Point Attribute CHAR 20    
243 CRM_MPK_ATTRIBUTE_TEXT Text description for Measuring Point Attribute CHAR 30    
244 CRM_MPK_BOOLEAN Logical Variable CHAR   
245 CRM_MPK_BSP_STATUS_TXT Status Text for Counter CHAR 30    
247 CRM_MPK_CATEGORY Measuring Point Category CHAR   
248 CRM_MPK_CATEGORY_TEXT Measuring Point Category Text CHAR 30    
249 CRM_MPK_CHANGE_TYPE Type of Change CHAR   
250 CRM_MPK_DECIMALS Number of Decimal Places INT2   
251 CRM_MPK_DESCR Description CHAR 40    
252 CRM_MPK_DIFF_READ Different Reading Flag CHAR   
253 CRM_MPK_DISPLAY_ORDER display order NUMC   
254 CRM_MPK_FLTPS Floating point number, standard FLTP 16  16 
255 CRM_MPK_FLTP_UI User format for floating point values 22 digit CHAR 22    
256 CRM_MPK_INPUT_MODE Input Mode for Readings CHAR   
257 CRM_MPK_INPUT_MODE_1O Input Mode for Readings CHAR   
258 CRM_MPK_MESSAGE_TYPE Online message category CHAR   
259 CRM_MPK_MP_STATUS Measuring Point Status CHAR   
260 CRM_MPK_OBJECT Object of Measuring Point Kernel CHAR   
261 CRM_MPK_OBJECT_ID_MPOINT External number for MP CHAR 20    
262 CRM_MPK_OBJECT_ID_READING Identifier for Readings CHAR 20    
263 CRM_MPK_PLTIME Planned Time INT1   
264 CRM_MPK_PROCESS_MODE Process mode CHAR   
265 CRM_MPK_PROF_DECR Description of Screen Profile CHAR 15    
267 CRM_MPK_SCREEN_PROFILE Screen Profile CHAR 10    
268 CRM_MPK_SETTING_OV Manual Setting Flag Overall CHAR   
269 CRM_MPK_SETTING_VIS Manual setting flag visible CHAR   
270 CRM_MPK_SOURCE Source of Reading CHAR   
272 CRM_MPK_STATUS_READING Measuring Point Reading Status CHAR   
273 CRM_MPK_STATUS_TXT Status Text for Counter CHAR 30    
274 CRM_MPK_TOLERANCE Tolerance period for a Reading in the future INT4 10    
275 CRM_MPK_TYPE Counter Type NUMC   
276 CRM_MPK_TZN_FR Time zone from CHAR   
277 CRM_MPK_TZN_TO Time zone to CHAR   
278 CRM_MPK_UNIT Unit of Measure UNIT   
279 CRM_MRSS_DEM_PM_ACTIVITY_TYPE Instandhaltungsleistungsart CHAR   
280 CRM_MRSS_DEM_PROBABILITY Auftragswahrscheinlichkeit CHAR   
282 CRM_MRS_BOOLEAN Boolesche Variable CHAR   
283 CRM_MRS_CR_OBJTY CIM Resource Object TypE CHAR   
284 CRM_MRS_DEM_PARTNER_NAME Partner Name CHAR 40    
285 CRM_MRS_DEM_PARTNER_SRCH_NAME Partner Search Name CHAR 80    
286 CRM_MRS_DEM_PROBABILITY Order probability CHAR   
287 CRM_MRS_DEM_RESTRICT_END Demand End Restriction CHAR   
288 CRM_MRS_DEM_RESTRICT_START Start Restriction for Demands CHAR   
289 CRM_MRS_DEM_TYPE Type of requirment (origin) CHAR   
290 CRM_MRS_DISPO_FLG Planning Relevant? CHAR   
291 CRM_MRS_GEO_ALTITUDE Geo location height data format DEC
292 CRM_MRS_GEO_LONGITUDE Geo location longitude and latitude data format DEC 15  12 
293 CRM_MRS_ITEM_TYPE MRS: Item Category CHAR   
294 CRM_MRS_LOCATION_TYPE location type CHAR   
295 CRM_MRS_OBJ_METHOD Method CHAR 30    
296 CRM_MRS_OBJ_TYPE Object type CHAR 30    
297 CRM_MRS_ORDERED_PROD Product Name Entered CHAR 54    
298 CRM_MRS_RM_BCRIDTY Region Type CHAR   
299 CRM_MRS_SCHED_INDICATOR Scheduling Indicator (Automatic scehduling & Self Planning) CHAR   
300 CRM_MRS_SGD_CGPL_EXTID Project Planning: External ID for Projects and Activities CHAR 24    
301 CRM_MRS_SGE_MULT_RES Number of persons NUMC   
302 CRM_MRS_SGE_PLAN_STATUS Plan Status for Demand CHAR   
303 CRM_MRS_SOS_LINE_TYPE Edge Type in a Transaction Network CHAR   
304 CRM_MRS_TECH_OBJECT_TYPE Technical Object Type CHAR   
305 CRM_MRS_TIMECONT Name of Date Profile CHAR 12    
306 CRM_MRS_TOBJ_TYPE_EXT Technical Object External CHAR   
307 CRM_MRS_UITLISATION Resource Utilization DEC   
308 CRM_MSGCLASS Classification for a message CHAR   
309 CRM_MSGLEVEL Degree of detail for a message CHAR   
310 CRM_MSGTEXT Message text including transferred variables CHAR   
311 CRM_MULTIPLE_CAMPAIGN Active Indicator for Assignment of Multiple Promotions CHAR   
312 CRM_MU_CHANGE_KIND Kind of Mass Change CHAR   
313 CRM_M_ITEM_USAGE Usage Indicator CHAR   
314 CRM_NAVGATIONAL_LINK Object Navigational Link CHAR 32    
315 CRM_NEW_LEAS New Financing CHAR   
316 CRM_NF_ADMIN_CONFIG_KEY Key for Admin Customizing Table CHAR 30    
317 CRM_NF_ADMIN_CONFIG_VALUE Value for Admin Customizing Table CHAR 255    
318 CRM_NF_CHANNEL_TYPE Notification Framework Output Channel Type CHAR 10    
319 CRM_NF_DDOPTION Domain ddlb option for conditions in notification framework CHAR   
320 CRM_NF_SUBS_TYPE Notification Framework Subscriber Type CHAR   
321 CRM_NF_UI_FIELDNAME UI Fieldname CHAR 40    
322 CRM_NF_UI_FIELDNAME_LC UI Field name for Filters CHAR 40    
324 CRM_NODIS Requirements record is not relevant for MRP CHAR   
325 CRM_NOTES_CHAR22LC CHAR length 22 lower case allowed CHAR 22    
326 CRM_NOTES_CHAR32 CHAR length 32 CHAR 32    
327 CRM_NOTE_CONTENT_TYPE CRM Notes Content Type CHAR   
328 CRM_NOTE_TEASER_TEXT CRM Notes Teaser Text (Upper and lower case allowed) STRG   
329 CRM_NOTE_TEXT Note text CHAR 255    
330 CRM_NOTIFICATION_TYPE Notification Type CHAR   
331 CRM_NOTIF_CHANNEL Communication Channel for Notification CHAR   
332 CRM_NOTIF_LOG_TYPE Log Type for Notification CHAR   
333 CRM_NOTIF_PROF Notification Profile CHAR 10    
334 CRM_NOWAB Indicator: Item not relevant for goods movements CHAR   
335 CRM_NO_ATP_CHECK Flag for deactivating ATP/requirements checks in document CHAR   
336 CRM_NO_PRODUCT_CHECK No Product Check CHAR   
337 CRM_NR_CASES Number of Cases CHAR   
338 CRM_NUM03 Three-Digit Numerical Value - Value Range 001 - 999 NUMC   
340 CRM_OBJECT Application object for Content Mgmt. CHAR 32    
341 CRM_OBJECTFIELD Name of field for an object CHAR 30    
342 CRM_OBJECTFUNCTION Name of Object Function in Event Handler CHAR 30    
343 CRM_OBJECTIVE Goal of an Activity CHAR   
344 CRM_OBJECTKIND Object Type CHAR   
345 CRM_OBJECTNAME Name of Subobject in CRM Document CHAR 30    
346 CRM_OBJECT_ASSIGNED Indicator for usage/inheritance of objects CHAR   
347 CRM_OBJECT_DESC Description CHAR 255    
348 CRM_OBJECT_GUID Holds Object GUID CHAR 32    
349 CRM_OBJECT_ID Transaction Number CHAR 10    
350 CRM_OBJECT_ID_CM Operation Number CHAR 10    
351 CRM_OBJECT_ID_CO Business transaction CHAR 10    
352 CRM_OBJECT_ID_LONG Object ID Long Version CHAR 30    
353 CRM_OBJECT_LOC Object Type in Object List CHAR   
354 CRM_OBJECT_MOBILE_GUID Guid for One Order Objects of Mobile Apps CHAR 32    
355 CRM_OBJECT_RATING_ID Holds Object ID CHAR 40    
356 CRM_OBJECT_REF_KIND Type of Object CHAR   
357 CRM_OBJECT_TASK External Interface: Activity Flag for the Object CHAR   
358 CRM_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type ID CHAR 20    
359 CRM_OBJECT_TYPE_CO Object Type for CRM Transaction Type/Item Category CHAR 10    
360 CRM_OBJEC_TYPE CRM Object ID CHAR 20    
361 CRM_OBJEXT_NAME Object in External Java RFC Layer CHAR 30    
362 CRM_OBJKIND Object Type CHAR   
363 CRM_OBJREF_BADI_FILTER Filter Values for Object Reference BADI CHAR 15    
364 CRM_OBJREF_BADI_FILTER_LOY Loy. values for Order Object Reference Badi Filter Domain     
365 CRM_OBJREF_OBJECT Objects allowed for relationship CHAR 10    
366 CRM_OBJREF_OBJECT_ID Object ID for linking in Object Relationships CHAR 132    
367 CRM_OBJREF_PROFILE Description of Object Relationship Profile CHAR 10    
368 CRM_OBJRELTYPE Type of Object Relation CHAR   
369 CRM_OBJREL_NAME Object Relation CHAR 30    
370 CRM_OBJ_LINK_TYPE CRM Mktg: Type of Relationship Between Marketing Profiles CHAR   
371 CRM_OBJ_NAME Object in the Interaction Layer of the Business Transaction CHAR 30    
372 CRM_OBJ_PROFILE_ID Financing Profile ID CHAR 12    
373 CRM_OBJ_TYPE Type of object identifier CHAR   
374 CRM_OB_MODE Values for Object Buffer Mode CHAR   
375 CRM_OFI_BS_IDENTIFICATION Orgfinder: Business Scenario in Controlling Logistics Object CHAR 16    
376 CRM_OFI_DATE Orgfinder: Date DATS   
377 CRM_OFI_DET_VALUE Value of Field in VAKEY/VADAT CHAR 50    
378 CRM_OFI_FLAG Organization Determination Flag CHAR   
379 CRM_OJ_NAME_PROCESS Object Type for CRM Transaction Type CHAR 10    
380 CRM_OJ_NAME_PROCESS_ITEM Object Type for CRM Item Category CHAR 10    
381 CRM_OPERATOR Combination of Sign and Option CHAR   
382 CRM_OPPCMPFLAG Document Type: opportunity/ registration opportunity CHAR   
383 CRM_OPPDRGFLAG Document Type: opportunity/ registration opportunity CHAR   
384 CRM_OPPORT_TYPE Opportunity Group CHAR   
385 CRM_OPPT_MOBILE_TYPE Opportunity Type for Mobile Scenarios CHAR   
386 CRM_OPP_SEM_AREA Opportunity Planning: Planning Area CHAR   
387 CRM_OPP_SEM_BOOK Opportunity Planning: Planning Folder CHAR   
388 CRM_OPP_SEM_KYFVL Opportunity Planning: Key Figure Value DEC 17 
389 CRM_OPTID CRM: Option (Answer) Id CHAR   
390 CRM_OPTION CRM: Option (Answer) CHAR 40    
391 CRM_OPTION40 CRM: Option (Answer) CHAR 40    
392 CRM_ORDERED_PROD Product ID / PON CHAR 54    
394 CRM_ORDER_INT_BILL_CAT Internal or Accommodation Billing CHAR   
395 CRM_ORGMAN_BUNDLING_APP Use in Divisions and Distribution Channel Coupling CHAR   
396 CRM_ORGMAN_MODEL_SWITCH Switch for Displaying the R/3 Sales Structure in CRM ORG CHAR 10    
397 CRM_ORGPROF_CHOICE Selection subset field control org. data profile CHAR   
398 CRM_ORIGIN Source flag CHAR   
400 CRM_OR_ASGTYPE Characteristic Assignment Type in Conditions CHAR   
402 CRM_OR_BOOL Boolean CHAR   
403 CRM_OR_CNMSPC Name space Customer/SAP CHAR   
404 CRM_OR_CONTREL Content Release CHAR 14    
405 CRM_OR_CONTROL_TYPE OLTP Reporting - Available Control Types for Filter Fields CHAR   
406 CRM_OR_CRM_FIELD Operational Reporting: CRM Field CHAR 30    
407 CRM_OR_DESCR Description CHAR 255    
408 CRM_OR_DESCR_IR Description CHAR 180    
409 CRM_OR_DYSTATUS Delivery Status of Object CHAR   
410 CRM_OR_F4_HELP_KIND OLTP Reporting - F4 Help Kind CHAR   
411 CRM_OR_FIELDTYPE OLTP Reporting - Filter Field Type CHAR   
412 CRM_OR_FIELDUNM Field Unique Name CHAR 50    
413 CRM_OR_FILTER_GREYED_OUT_TYPE OLTP Reporting - Possible Filter Types CHAR   
414 CRM_OR_FILTER_TYPE OLTP Reporting - Possible Filter Types CHAR   
415 CRM_OR_FILT_FLD CRM Filter Field CHAR 30    
416 CRM_OR_INFO_OBJ BW Info Object name CHAR 30    
417 CRM_OR_IT_COMPID_PRIORITY Priority of BI Query Assignment NUMC   
418 CRM_OR_KFAGGRM Key figure aggregation mode CHAR   
419 CRM_OR_LINE_NR Line Number NUMC   
420 CRM_OR_MERGE_MODE Merge Mode for Activation of Objetcs CHAR   
421 CRM_OR_MKTPL_CAMPTYPE OLTP Reporting - Campaign Type CHAR   
422 CRM_OR_MULTISELECT OLTP Reporting - Indicates if field supports multiselection CHAR   
423 CRM_OR_OBJTYPE Operational Reporting Object CHAR   
424 CRM_OR_POSIT Position NUMC   
427 CRM_OR_REP_CACHE_LEVEL OLTP Report Cache Level NUMC   
428 CRM_OR_REP_CACHE_MAX_ENTRIES OLTP Report cache max. entries NUMC   
429 CRM_OR_REP_LOG_LEVEL OLTP Report Log Level NUMC   
430 CRM_OR_TMSTMP_USR Timestamp (output local timezone) DEC 15    
431 CRM_OR_VALUE_TYPE Value types supported by BSP applications CHAR 10    
432 CRM_OSP_DO_ACT_CATEGORY Activity Category CHAR   
433 CRM_OSP_DO_BU_TYPE Business Partner category CHAR   
434 CRM_OSP_DO_CHECK Indicator CHAR   
435 CRM_OSP_DO_CO_DESC Country Description CHAR 50    
436 CRM_OSP_DO_CO_KEY Country Key CHAR   
437 CRM_OSP_DO_DATETYPE Date Set Type CHAR 12    
438 CRM_OSP_DO_DAYS Days Ahead / Behind NUMC   
439 CRM_OSP_DO_DAYS_NO Days Ahead/Behind NUMC   
440 CRM_OSP_DO_GUID Customer hierarchy ID CHAR 32    
441 CRM_OSP_DO_ORG "X" for Organization relevant Title CHAR   
442 CRM_OSP_DO_PARTNER_FCT Partner Function Code CHAR   
443 CRM_OSP_DO_PERSON "X" for Person relevant Title CHAR   
444 CRM_OSP_DO_REG_DESC Region Description CHAR 20    
445 CRM_OSP_DO_REG_KEY Region Key CHAR   
446 CRM_OSP_DO_REP Replication Type CHAR 20    
447 CRM_OSP_DO_REPID Replication ID NUMC   
448 CRM_OSP_DO_REPRULE Replication Rule ID CHAR   
449 CRM_OSP_DO_STATUS Status For Completion CHAR   
450 CRM_OSP_DO_TDID Text Type CHAR   
451 CRM_OSP_DO_TEXT20 Text (20 characters) CHAR 20    
452 CRM_OSP_DO_TEXT40 Text (40 characters) CHAR 40    
453 CRM_OSP_DO_TITLE Title Key CHAR   
454 CRM_OSP_DO_TITLE_DESC Title Description CHAR 30    
456 CRM_OST_OBJ_STATUS Service Object Status CHAR   
457 CRM_OST_RECURSION Recursion Type CHAR   
458 CRM_OST_SECURITY_PROFILE WS Security Profile CHAR 30    
459 CRM_OST_SEC_PROF Security profile of the WebService CHAR 30    
460 CRM_OST_TRANS_STATUS CRM Web Service Tool Transport Status CHAR   
461 CRM_OST_WS_STYLE Web Service Style CHAR   
463 CRM_PARTNER_DOCUMENT_ID Number (or GUID) for a document CHAR 32    
464 CRM_PARTNER_FCT Partner Function CHAR   
465 CRM_PARTNER_FCTDESC Partner Function Description CHAR 35    
466 CRM_PARTNER_KIND_OF_ENTRY Source of a Partner in a Document CHAR   
467 CRM_PARTNER_NEW_DETERMINATION New determination behavior CHAR   
468 CRM_PARTNER_NO Internal Representation of a Partner Number (No. or GUID32) CHAR 32    
469 CRM_PARTNER_NO_TYPE_CO Object Types in CRM Supported by Partner Processing CHAR   
470 CRM_PARTNER_NR Parter number for use outside of partner processing CHAR 20    
471 CRM_PARTNER_NUMBER Parter number for use outside of partner processing CHAR 20    
472 CRM_PARTNER_NUMBER_16 Parter number for use outside of partner processing CHAR 16    
473 CRM_PARTNER_NUMBER_CO Parter number for use outside of partner processing CHAR 16    
474 CRM_PARTNER_ORIGIN Source of a partner in a document CHAR   
475 CRM_PARTNER_PFT_REQUIREMENT Requirement on a Partner Function Category in BOR Object CHAR   
476 CRM_PARTNER_POINT_OF_DETERM Determination time NUMC   
477 CRM_PARTNER_PROC_SCOPE Visibility of partner functions CHAR   
479 CRM_PARTNER_SWO_OBJECTS Object Types Supported by Partner Determination CHAR 10    
480 CRM_PART_DLV Partial delivery control CHAR   
481 CRM_PART_DLV_ITM Delivery Control (Item) CHAR   
483 CRM_PAYMENT_OPN_ACTIVE Payment Option Active Indicator CHAR   
484 CRM_PBOX_STR Use in address PO Box or Street CHAR   
485 CRM_PCAT_CONDTABLEID ID for a Condition Table CHAR   
486 CRM_PCAT_CONDTYPE Condition Type in Product Catalog CHAR   
487 CRM_PCKPF Packing control CHAR   
488 CRM_PERIOD_TYPE Period Category CHAR   
489 CRM_PERS_GUID Personalization Guid CHAR 32    
490 CRM_PERS_NAME Personalization Name CHAR 255    
491 CRM_PERS_TYPE CRM Personalization Type CHAR 10    
492 CRM_PFCT_TYPE_MOBILE CRM Mobile: One Order Partner Function Types CHAR   
493 CRM_PHASE Sales Stage CHAR   
494 CRM_PHASE_LENGTH Duration of phase in days QUAN
495 CRM_PHASE_SEQ Phases Order NUMC   
496 CRM_PKGRL_CP_PROC_ID Generic Change Process ID (from multiple Frameworks) CHAR 50    
497 CRM_PKGRL_DESCR Package Rule Description for Composite Transaction CHAR 80    
498 CRM_PKGRL_FIELD_GROUP Field Group for Package Rules CHAR 20    
499 CRM_PKGRL_FIELD_GROUP_DESCR Field Group Description for Package Rules CHAR 80    
500 CRM_PKGRL_RULE Package Rule CHAR 20