SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 17
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CONV_PARAM2 Parameter field (CHAR30) for non-transparent field CHAR 30    
2 CONV_PARAM3 Parameter field (CHAR30) for non-transparent field CHAR 30    
3 CONV_SEPARATOR Seperator to be used during concatenation (* = none) CHAR   
4 CONV_STATUS Status of a conversion CHAR   
5 CONV_STRUCTURE Identifier for internal table that contains the ZAC field CHAR 30    
6 CONV_SUB Identifier for sub-structure which contains the ZAC field CHAR 30    
7 CONV_TIMESTAMP UTC Time Stamp DEC 15    
8 CONV_UPDATEFLG Identifies whether previous identical WA is updated CHAR   
9 CONV_WORKAREA Identifier of work area for internal table CHAR 30    
10 CON_ACC_ACTIVE Activation State of Inventory Accounting CHAR   
11 CON_ACC_STL_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type for Settlement Object CHAR 10    
12 CON_CARD Concession Card Number CHAR 20    
13 CON_CARDTYP Type of Concession Card CHAR 10    
16 CON_FIN_ACC_SYSTEM Accounting System CHAR   
17 CON_FIN_ACTIVE Activation State of Inventory Accounting CHAR   
19 CON_FIN_ASSIGNMENT_TYPE Account Assignment Type CHAR   
20 CON_FIN_ASSIGNMENT_VALUE Account assignment value CHAR 22    
21 CON_FIN_BATCH Batch CHAR 10    
22 CON_FIN_BTATYPE Business Transaction Category CHAR   
23 CON_FIN_BUS_TR_CAT Business Transaction Category CHAR   
24 CON_FIN_BWSMA Valuation Strategy for Material Component CHAR   
26 CON_FIN_CK_BWSMA Extension of Domain CK_BWSMA for FIN Connector     
27 CON_FIN_COMPANY Company CHAR 22    
28 CON_FIN_CSPLITRULER Methods for Cost Distribution - Receiver CHAR   
29 CON_FIN_CURR_RULE Currency Translation Rule (Market Prices) CHAR   
30 CON_FIN_ITEMNO Item Number of Accounting Document NUMC   
31 CON_FIN_ITEM_CAT Item Category of Accounting Engine CHAR   
34 CON_FIN_ORDTYPE Order Category CHAR   
36 CON_FIN_PERIOD_COUNT Period Counter NUMC   
37 CON_FIN_POSTDAT Posting Date DATS   
38 CON_FIN_PRCTR_SET Key for Handling Profit Center Field CHAR   
39 CON_FIN_PRIORITY Ranking Number NUMC   
40 CON_FIN_REFDOCNO Reference Document CHAR 35    
41 CON_FIN_SORT_RULE Sort Rule for Market Prices CHAR   
43 CON_FIN_STL_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type for Settlement Object CHAR 10    
44 CON_FIN_TYPENAME Name of a Structured Type CHAR 10    
45 CON_FIN_UPDTM Update Indicator of Cost Estimate on Material Price Table CHAR   
49 CON_FIN_WQ_COUNTER Work Queue Counter CHAR   
50 CON_FIN_WQ_CTRL_KEY Key of Work Queue Control Table CHAR 20    
51 CON_FIN_WQ_DOCNO Document Number of Transaction in Work Queue CHAR 12    
52 CON_FIN_WQ_FLAG Indicator CHAR   
53 CON_FIN_WQ_GUID GUID of Work Queues CHAR 32    
55 CON_FIN_WQ_STATUS Status of Work Queues CHAR   
56 CON_FLAG SAP DB: Type of Connectivity CHAR   
57 CON_ISSUER Issuer of Concession Card CHAR   
58 CON_STATUS Status of Concession Posting CHAR   
59 CON_TRIGGER Trigger Code for Concessions CHAR   
60 CON_TYP Concession Type CHAR   
61 COOPC_APPL_ID OPC: Application ID CHAR   
63 COOPC_EVTSEVERITY OPC: Event Severity (1 - 1000) INT2   
65 COOPC_INT4 OPC: Integer 4 Without Plus/Minus Sign INT4 10    
67 COOPC_PASSWD Password for Subscription Callbacks CHAR   
68 COOPC_SOURCE OPC: Source f. Read Access (Fixed Values -> Type Pool CTOPC) INT1   
69 COPAGROUP Assignment group for transfer of external data CHAR   
71 COPAR CO Partner Update CHAR   
72 COPAZERATR CO-PA: Period type modification rule NUMC   
73 COPA_ACTUAL_MODE Valuation type NUMC   
74 COPA_CLASS Application classes in CO-PA CHAR   
75 COPA_CURRENCY_AND_UNIT CO-PA Currency and Unit of Measure Field CHAR   
76 COPA_ERZ Indicator: Read product costing CHAR   
77 COPA_EXIT CO-PA: Access user-defined program exit? CHAR   
78 COPA_TRFUNCTION CO-PA Transport: Order categories CHAR   
79 COPA_UNUSED_CE3 Flag: NOT Posted to Costing-Based Profitability Analysis CHAR   
80 COPA_VALUTYP Valuation CHAR   
81 COPA_VOLKZ SAP Banking: Indicator for Volume Costing CHAR   
82 COPA_VRGNG Business Transaction CHAR   
83 COPC_AWKAT Variance Category NUMC   
84 COPC_BEKNZ Debit/Credit Indicator CHAR   
85 COPC_WRTTP Value Type CHAR   
86 COPERP_KK Correspondence Interval with Shortened Periods CHAR   
87 COPER_KK Correspondence Interval CHAR   
88 COPHA Foreign Trade: Pharmaceutical Products Code for Import CHAR   
89 COPLN_CURR Planning Currency CHAR   
90 COPNR_KK Period Number NUMC   
91 COPRC_KK Correspondence Procedure CHAR   
92 COPRI_LAUFID_KK ID Characteristic for Run CHAR   
93 COPRI_LAUFI_KK ID Characteristic for Run CHAR   
94 COPRO Copy profile: LIS planning CHAR 10    
95 COPSS ID number of SI payments office CHAR   
96 COPYLINKS Indicator for the Copy of Object Links INT1   
97 COPYLOCK Copy lock client copy CHAR   
98 COPY_CON Copy configuration CHAR   
99 COPY_LEVEL IS-M: Order Level for Copying Variant NUMC   
100 COPY_MODE Automatic account assignment, mode: copy account key CHAR   
101 COPY_NR Copy number (consecutive number) INT1   
102 CORDEN_KK Order type for scheduling payment medium - Spain CHAR   
103 COREPART_INDICATOR Used Part Indicator CHAR   
104 COREPART_INDICATOR_UI Used Part Indicator CHAR   
105 COREQ Requirements totaling CHAR   
106 CORLAN Correspondence language CHAR   
107 CORPID_NAME Contract Name CHAR 20    
108 CORRD_KK Adjustment Indicator for Revenue Distribution CHAR   
109 CORRINDICAT_VK Tax Reporting: Correction Line Category CHAR   
110 CORRPRINT_MODE Specify Type of Correspondence Print CHAR 30    
111 CORR_1 Foo INT4 10    
112 CORR_2 Foo INT4 10    
113 CORR_3 Foo INT4 10    
114 CORR_ACKEY_KK FI-CA Correspondence - activity Key CHAR   
115 CORR_APPLK_KK Application Area CHAR   
116 CORR_BUFFER_MODE Buffering Type CHAR   
117 CORR_BUFFER_STATUS Buffer Status CHAR   
118 CORR_BUKRS Company Code in Correspondence CHAR   
119 CORR_CHGID_KK Charges Model ID CHAR   
120 CORR_COMMAND_TYPE_KK Type of Command for Callback Modules NUMC   
121 CORR_CREC_ADD_CAT_KK Type of Additional Correspondence Recipient CHAR   
122 CORR_DATA3_CACS_RUNJOID Commissions: Settlement Run Identification CHAR 10    
123 CORR_DBCHANGE_TYPE_KK How Was the DB Table Changed? CHAR   
124 CORR_DOCPART_ROLE_KK Document Part Role CHAR   
125 CORR_DUN_LOCKREASON_KK Correspondence dunning locking reason CHAR   
126 CORR_EVENT_CONCEPT Event Concept for Correspondence CHAR   
127 CORR_FBEVE_KK FI-CA Events in Correspondence CHAR   
128 CORR_LAUFI_KK ID Characteristic for Run CHAR   
129 CORR_PERSL_KK Key for Period Assignment CHAR   
130 CORR_PRINT_MODE Correspondence: Print Mode: Test, Real, or Repeat CHAR   
131 CORR_ROLE_KK Correspondence Roles CHAR   
132 CORR_STATUS_KK Correspondence Status CHAR   
133 CORR_SUBAP_KK Subapplication Indicator in Correspondence CHAR   
134 CORR_TECH_STATUS_KK Technical Correspondence Status CHAR   
135 CORR_TIME_OF_CALL_KK Call Time of Method CHECK_BASICS for Buffer Mode B CHAR   
136 CORR_TXT20 Correspondence: Text 20 Characters CHAR 20    
137 CORR_TXT50 50-Character Text CHAR 50    
138 CORR_VKONT_KK Account in Correspondence CHAR 12    
139 CORR_VTREF_KK Contract Reference in Correspondence CHAR 20    
140 CORTYP ATP: Correction record type CHAR   
141 CORUPROF Profile for the confirmation CHAR 18    
142 CORU_APPLI Application of confirmation process NUMC   
143 COSCREENSTATUS Screen status for manual actual postings CHAR   
144 COSELACT Post CO activities to EC-PCA CHAR   
145 COSELACT_RTOHC Values for realtime overhead     
146 COSOC Healthcare co. code for IA/ID and NID CHAR   
147 COSOC_RED RED system: Entity code for indust.accident/disease CHAR   
148 COSPHIFEST Fixed value for cosine phi DEC
149 COST1034 COST1034 CHAR 12    
150 COSTA Confirmation status CHAR   
151 COSTASG Cost accounting variants CHAR   
152 COSTAT Combinational Process Status CHAR   
153 COSTCONTRB_SWITCH Display Costs and Contributions Calculation CHAR   
154 COSTDSET Set for cost center standard hierarchy CHAR 10    
155 COSTFKT Cost Function for SNP Optimiization in APO CHAR 10    
156 COSTSTATUS_ITAGCY Status Cost Trigger Agency Collections CHAR   
157 COST_ECMREQ Cost Estimation DEC 15 
158 COST_FIX_M Fixed Costs: Multi-Level INT4 10    
159 COST_FIX_S Fixed Costs: Single-Level INT4 10    
160 COST_TYPE_SRC Production Sharing Contract Cost Type Source CHAR   
161 COST_VAL_AFFECT_TYPE Adjustment of Purchase Value CHAR   
162 COST_VAR_M Variable Costs: Multi-Level INT4 10    
163 COST_VAR_S Variable Costs: Single-Level INT4 10    
164 COTPL_ACTIVATION CO-Template Activation CHAR 72    
165 COTPL_ACTIVE Active/Inactive Flag for Template Maintenance CHAR   
166 COTPL_APPL Template Applications CHAR   
167 COTPL_CLASS Template Environment CHAR   
168 COTPL_COLUMN Template columntypes CHAR   
169 COTPL_LINETYPE Template linetypes CHAR   
170 COTPL_LINETYPES Possible Template Line Types CHAR   
171 COTRG_KK Indicator: Periodic Correspondence CHAR   
172 COTYP Company type CHAR   
173 COTYPE Wage element (in Personnel Cost Planning) CHAR 14    
174 COTYP_KK Correspondence Category CHAR   
175 COULEUR Color for VL35 / ALV CHAR   
176 COUNC County Code CHAR   
177 COUNT4 4-digit counter CHAR   
178 COUNTENTRY Counter for object entry in Table EUINFOLIST NUMC   
179 COUNTER Counter NUMC   
180 COUNTER1 Counter variable INT1   
181 COUNTER_BBP Counter for Number of Standing Budget Billing Amounts NUMC   
182 COUNTID_KK Counter Number NUMC   
183 COUNTING Sequence number NUMC 10    
184 COUNTREV IS-M/AM: Counter for Key Date Logic NUMC 18    
185 COUNTRY_INDICATOR Domestic/International Indicator CHAR   
186 COUNTXML Counter for number of XML strings CHAR   
187 COUNT_BANK Business partner's bank details NUMC   
188 COUNT_CA FI-CA Number NUMC   
189 COUNT_CCARD Number of credit cards owned by business partner NUMC   
190 COUNT_KK General counter for mass activities statistics INT4 10    
191 COUNT_KQST Meter DEC   
192 COUNT_NOTIF Used to store the number of notifications INT4 10    
193 COVARIANT Variant CHAR 14    
194 COVASTATUS Status of program CHAR   
195 COVA_CLUST Data field for cluster table COVA LRAW 3700    
196 COVER Beneficiary CHAR   
197 COVERSI Version CHAR   
198 COVGR Custom overrides group (USA) CHAR   
199 COVPA Rule group for coverage history CHAR 10    
200 COVRU Rule for determining coverage history CHAR 10    
201 COV_CONFIG_PS Business Partner Overview: Configuration CHAR   
202 COV_INDIC Indicator: Type of Cover Eligibility CHAR   
203 COWB_210_CTRL_BOM_REREAD Reread Bill of Material CHAR   
204 COWB_210_CTRL_COLL_ORD Conversion Control for Collective Orders CHAR   
205 COWB_AUTYP Order Category NUMC   
206 COWB_AV_PROTOCOL Message type in collective availability log CHAR   
207 COWB_EXPLOSION_LEVEL Explosion of collective order CHAR   
208 COWB_FIRM_CTRL Control of Planned-Order Firming CHAR   
209 COWB_FLG_QM Lines proposed by QM CHAR   
210 COWB_MESSAGE_LEVEL Message Types Saved in the Application Log CHAR   
211 COWB_PICK_MODE Execution of goods movements from the picking list CHAR   
212 COWB_PRINT_TYPE Print mode CHAR   
213 COWB_PROCESS_TYPE Mass processing type CHAR   
214 COWB_PROPOSAL_VALUE Default Values for Confirmation in Mass Processing CHAR   
215 COWB_TEST Test run of function CHAR   
216 COWB_TEXT_132 COWB text length 132 - upper/lower case CHAR 132    
217 COWIPB_CTRL Control of WIP Batch CHAR   
218 COWIPB_GR_CTRL Control Goods Receipt WIP Batch CHAR   
219 COWRTTP Value Type CHAR   
220 COXPER_KK Setting for Shortened Periods NUMC   
221 CO_123 Value 1, 2, or 3 NUMC   
222 CO_ABARB Degree of completion of an operation NUMC   
223 CO_ACTION Authorization Check Action NUMC   
224 CO_ACUPD Revaluation at Actual Prices NUMC   
225 CO_AGRND Scrap reason CHAR   
226 CO_ALEMT Controlling area distribution methods CHAR   
227 CO_ALTPLNW Alternative task list application in orders CHAR   
228 CO_ANZHL Number of DEC
229 CO_APLZL General counter NUMC   
230 CO_APLZL_CL General counter NUMC   
231 CO_APPLI CO: Application abbreviation (C=cost centers, O=orders, ...) CHAR   
232 CO_APPLKEY Application key for cockpits CHAR   
233 CO_ATNAM Characteristic CHAR 30    
234 CO_ATNAM_1 Characteristic CHAR 30    
235 CO_AUFKZ CO reports: Indicator - read assigned order data CHAR   
236 CO_BEKNZ Debit/credit indicator CHAR   
237 CO_BELNR Number of a controlling document CHAR 10    
238 CO_BFVG Operation for stock/batch determination CHAR   
239 CO_BID Process order number CHAR 12    
240 CO_BOM_EXP Ind. explode BOM again on planned order conversion CHAR   
241 CO_BOOL Logical link CHAR   
242 CO_BPTYP CO-ABC: Business Process Type NUMC   
243 CO_CBART Type of business process CHAR   
244 CO_CBAT Business Process Attribute CHAR 10    
245 CO_CBRKG Sequence of value added for business processes NUMC   
246 CO_CHARRFCCHK Remote Entry Check: Behavior in the Case of an Error CHAR   
247 CO_CHARRFCF4 Remote Value Help: Behavior in the Case of an Error CHAR   
248 CO_CHRTAB Table name CHAR   
249 CO_CNFKZ Indicator: Configuration changed - New master data CHAR   
250 CO_COLORDPRC CO processing type collective orders CHAR   
251 CO_CONFIRMATION_CTRL Control of confirmation type CHAR   
252 CO_COSTR Process instruction/message category CHAR   
253 CO_COUNT Counter of deviations in PI sheet INT4 10    
254 CO_CRID Control recipe identification NUMC 18    
255 CO_CRID2 Control recipe identification NUMC 18    
256 CO_CRID3 Control recipe number CHAR 18    
257 CO_CRSTAT Control recipe status CHAR   
258 CO_CSDES Message destination CHAR   
259 CO_CSTYP Indicator: process message cat. or process instruction cat. CHAR   
260 CO_CUSTCNTXT Customizing context CHAR   
261 CO_DBSKZ_D Direct procurement indicator for dialog display CHAR   
262 CO_DEAKT Deactivation indicator CHAR   
263 CO_DRVTP Business process allocation types CHAR   
264 CO_DSPARA Destination-specific target field CHAR 30    
265 CO_DSTYP Type of the message destination CHAR   
266 CO_ECP_ARCH_BZOBJ Reference Object for Archiving CO_ECP CHAR   
267 CO_ERLKZ Indicator: Costs/Revenues Allowed in Object CHAR   
268 CO_EROFHM Control creation on missing production resource/tool CHAR   
269 CO_EROKAPA Control creation of missing capacities CHAR   
270 CO_EROMAT Control creation on missing material CHAR   
271 CO_EXPND Expand flag CHAR   
272 CO_EXUVS Indicator: exclusive use of version NUMC   
273 CO_FHWTEXT Indicator: Production memo exists CHAR   
274 CO_FLGOCM Indicator: "Trigger order change management" CHAR   
275 CO_FTGRP Process instruction group CHAR   
276 CO_FUNCT FunctionToBeCarriedOut CHAR   
277 CO_GENUMF Objects for which proc. instruct. are to be generated NUMC   
278 CO_GRSTAT Indicator: Goods Receipt Status CHAR   
279 CO_HIART CO-PC Hierarchy Type CHAR   
280 CO_HIENAME Name for CO Groups Without Class (0H) CHAR 10    
281 CO_HIERTYP Group type NUMC   
282 CO_ISMNG Amount of confirmed activity FLTP 16  16 
283 CO_KALNR Cost estimate number (unit costing/product costing) NUMC 12    
284 CO_KKART Costing variant (unit costing) CHAR   
285 CO_KONTKZ Account assignment indicator for CO account assignments NUMC   
286 CO_KSTEMPF Indicator: Cost collector CHAR   
287 CO_MASCHK Rules for automatic account assignment CHAR   
288 CO_MASTER_TYPE Object Type for Document Links CHAR   
289 CO_MES_ACTIVE Status of Integration to Manufacturing Execution System CHAR   
290 CO_MES_ACTIVE_EHP6 Status der Integration zum MES EhP 6     
291 CO_MES_DIST_DET_METH Determination Method for Logical System of Distribution CHAR   
292 CO_MES_DIST_DET_METH_EHP6 Ermittlungsmethode für das logische System EhP 6     
293 CO_MES_DIST_EHP6 Verteilung nachträglicher Änderungen ermöglichen     
294 CO_MES_DIST_STATUS Distribution Status of Production Order CHAR   
295 CO_MES_INT_CONFPROG MES Confirmation Progress CHAR   
296 CO_MES_SERNR_CHECK_TYPE Type of Serial Number Check CHAR   
297 CO_MES_SEVERITY Message Type If Errors Occur in Production Order Checks CHAR   
298 CO_MRFLG Indicator: message for nonadherence to operation sequence CHAR   
299 CO_MSCL2 Process message category CHAR   
300 CO_MSID Message identification NUMC 18    
301 CO_MSID2 Message identification NUMC 18    
302 CO_MSRI Message Identification in the Process Message Record NUMC 18    
303 CO_MVFLG Indicator: Quantity Complete/Incomplete CHAR   
304 CO_OBART CO Object Type CHAR   
305 CO_OBJTYPE PI assistant: object type CHAR   
306 CO_ORDER_ACTION Action in Production Order CHAR   
307 CO_ORDER_STATUS Order Status NUMC   
308 CO_PAR_TYP Data type CHAR   
309 CO_PCOST Indicator: Determine planned costs CHAR   
310 CO_PGEBIET CO planning: Planning area (01=CstElem/ActvTyp inputs, ...) CHAR   
311 CO_PISTAT Status of the PI sheet CHAR   
312 CO_PI_POS Position of automatically generated process instructions CHAR   
313 CO_PI_SORT Sort sequence of automat. generated process instructions NUMC   
314 CO_PLAUL Control domain CHAR   
315 CO_POBJ_24 Partner object in edited form (without activity type) CHAR 24    
316 CO_POCID PP-PI: Name of a cockpit CHAR   
317 CO_POSNR Order item number NUMC   
318 CO_PRART CO-OM-ABC: Business Process Category CHAR   
319 CO_PRODPRF Profile for production scheduler CHAR   
320 CO_PROFIL Profile for field selection for LIS functions CHAR   
321 CO_PROF_DT Object profile - Order Information System CHAR   
322 CO_PROF_FD Profile: Fields dispplayed in order information system CHAR   
323 CO_PROF_ST Order information sytem: overall profile CHAR 12    
324 CO_PRT_SRC Specify way of determining output device CHAR   
325 CO_PRZNR Number of CO business process CHAR 12    
326 CO_PRZST Control of confirmation process CHAR   
327 CO_PRZTY Order category to control confirmation process NUMC   
328 CO_PSIKZ Transaction Classification: Primary/Secondary/IAA CHAR   
329 CO_RATM Activity price calculation: allocation methods NUMC   
330 CO_RATMP Activity price calculation: allocation methods NUMC   
331 CO_RELEASE_CTRL_OPERATION Release control operation CHAR   
332 CO_RELEASE_CTRL_OPERATION_PI Release Control: Operation - Process Order CHAR   
333 CO_RELEASE_CTRL_ORDER Release control order CHAR   
334 CO_RELEASE_CTRL_ORDER_PI Release Control: Order - Process Order CHAR   
335 CO_RESSOURCE Resource CHAR 10    
336 CO_RGEKZ Indicator: Backflushing for order CHAR   
337 CO_ROLLUP Rollup name (cost centers) CHAR   
338 CO_RPSTR Evaluation version for process messages CHAR   
339 CO_RUECK Number for creating completion confirmation NUMC 10    
340 CO_RUPRZ Indicator: Time of confirmation process CHAR   
341 CO_SATZA Record type for confirmation CHAR   
342 CO_SAVEM Signature: save mode CHAR   
343 CO_SCHED_ORIG Origin scheduling CHAR   
344 CO_SCNAM Structure CHAR   
345 CO_SCPRZ Splitting Method CHAR   
346 CO_SCREG Rule CHAR   
347 CO_SCTYP Structure Type CHAR   
348 CO_SCZUO Assignment CHAR   
349 CO_SELART Processing Type (Subdivision of Transactions) CHAR   
350 CO_SEQ_CHG Type of sequence exchange CHAR   
351 CO_SIGNCNT Counter of a signature for a PI sheet value NUMC   
352 CO_SOBKZ_D Special Stock Indicator CHAR   
353 CO_SPALTE Process management: Number of the table column INT1   
354 CO_STATE State of a status CHAR   
355 CO_STATUS CO: Status of data base record CHAR   
356 CO_STAUF BOM selection indicator CHAR   
357 CO_STRAT Method for Determining the Tracing Factor for Settlement NUMC   
358 CO_STUFE CO-PC Hierarchy Level NUMC   
359 CO_SUBKEY CO key subnumber CHAR 14    
360 CO_SUBNR Subnumber for encoding of further characteristics NUMC 10    
361 CO_SUMBZ Number of posting line items INT4 10    
362 CO_SWSMH Switching Structure for Cost Component Splitting CHAR   
363 CO_TECO_EXPLODE_NET Complete technically: Order network explosion CHAR   
364 CO_TOL Tolerance Valuation CHAR   
365 CO_TSPALTE Table column in the PI sheet NUMC   
366 CO_UEBLI Indicator: check overdelivery tolerance CHAR   
367 CO_UNTLI Indicator: message for underdelivery CHAR   
368 CO_VAART CO Settlement: Processing Type CHAR   
369 CO_VAL_ASS PI assistant: type of value assignment CHAR   
370 CO_VARI Characteristic Values of Statistical Key Figure from LIS CHAR 10    
371 CO_VERANB COPC Area of Responsibility CHAR 14    
372 CO_VERKZ Indicator: input/output side CHAR   
373 CO_VEROP XXL interface: Standard cumulation operation CHAR   
374 CO_VFVG Business transaction for availability check CHAR   
375 CO_VISPH Number of visible phases NUMC   
376 CO_VORGNG1 Business Transaction CHAR   
377 CO_VORNR Operation/phase number NUMC   
378 CO_WERKS Plant CHAR   
379 CO_WIPBTYPE Type of Batch in Case of WIP Batch Management CHAR   
380 CO_WIPB_CPCONF Copy of Characteristics in Goods Receipt CHAR   
381 CO_WIPB_OBTYPE Category of Original Batch CHAR   
382 CO_WRTTP Value Type CHAR   
383 CO_WRTTP_EXT External Value Type CHAR   
384 CO_WTKAT Value Category (Actual/Plan/Budget/Commitment) CHAR   
385 CO_ZEILE Table line in the PI sheet NUMC   
386 CPACTTIME Activation time of a change pointer CHAR 14    
387 CPATSTAT Data Type of Request Status CHAR   
388 CPATTARG Data Type of Request Target CHAR   
389 CPATTR Codepage Attribute of Length 72 CHAR 72    
390 CPATTRCHKI Attribute Type (Characterattr) CHAR   
391 CPATTRKIND Type of Attribute CHAR   
392 CPATTRLV1 Character attributes main category CHAR   
393 CPATTYPE Data Type of Request Type CHAR   
394 CPBYTEIND Byte indicator NUMC   
395 CPB_CRITICAL_FLAG Critical Flag CHAR   
396 CPCHARNO SAP character number NUMC   
397 CPCHARSET Name for Character Set CHAR 10    
398 CPCHGCMD Command to change characters CHAR   
399 CPCHUNIQ Character appears only once in code page (output) CHAR   
400 CPCNTLKIND Information whether a character set contains control chars. CHAR   
401 CPCODE Hex code CHAR   
402 CPCODELEN Number of hex codes NUMC   
403 CPCODELLEN Number of hex codes (5-126) NUMC   
404 CPCODEPAGE SAP Character Set ID NUMC   
405 CPCODES Hex codes (many pairs) CHAR 252    
406 CPCOMMENT Comment CHAR 50    
407 CPCOMPANY Manufacturer identification CHAR   
408 CPCRETIME Change Pointer Created On CHAR 14    
409 CPCSNAME Name of Character Set CHAR 50    
410 CPC_CMX_DATE_SEL_MODE Selection Mode (Date/Time or Period of Days) CHAR 40    
411 CPD_KK One-time indicator CHAR   
412 CPENCODING Basis encoding structure NUMC   
413 CPER2 Payment subkey NUMC   
414 CPERX Main payment key CHAR   
415 CPET_LOG_BUTTON_STATUS Status of CPE error log button CHAR 128    
416 CPET_ONLY_PARTNER_BASED CPE: Only Partner-Based Commodity Pricing Used CHAR   
417 CPET_SAP_CPE Domain for Usage of SAP CPE CHAR   
418 CPEXTMETH Extension method NUMC   
419 CPE_AMOUNT CPE - Amount CURR 15 
420 CPE_APPLICATION CPE: Application Used CHAR   
421 CPE_APPLICATION_NO_FV CPE: Application Used (no fixed values) CHAR   
423 CPE_APPL_QUOTKEY_ALL Quotation Key CHAR   
424 CPE_ARCH_STATUS CPE - Archiving status CHAR   
425 CPE_BAPI_QUAN_EXT CPE - External Format for Quantity Fields in BAPIs DEC 15 
426 CPE_BILLING_BLOCK CPE - Billing Block To Be Set for Document Item CHAR   
427 CPE_CONVERSION_PLACE_CATEGORY Category of Conversion Place CHAR   
428 CPE_CONVERSION_TYPE CPE Caller - Conversion Type for Mapping of Business Data NUMC   
429 CPE_CONVFACTOR CPE - Conversion Factor DEC 16 
430 CPE_COV_TOLERANCE Coverage - Tolerance for Consumption of Commodity DEC
431 CPE_DATA_CHANGE CPE - Reaction to Data Change NUMC   
432 CPE_DOCCATEGORY CPE Caller - Document Category NUMC   
433 CPE_DOCITEM CPE Caller - Document Item Used in Commodity Pricing CHAR 10    
434 CPE_DOCUMENT CPE Caller - Document Used in Commodity Pricing CHAR 10    
435 CPE_EXTENSION_GROUP CPE - Extension Group NUMC   
437 CPE_FACTOR CPE - Factor DEC 10 
438 CPE_FACTOR_POSITIVE CPE - Factor with Positive Value DEC 10 
439 CPE_FA_COMPONENT CPE - Formula Assembly Component CHAR 20    
440 CPE_FCATEGORY Field Category CHAR   
441 CPE_FIELDMODE CPE - Mode of Field on User Interface CHAR   
442 CPE_FORECAST_MODE Forecast Mode CHAR   
443 CPE_FORECAST_STATUS Forecast Status INT1   
444 CPE_FORMID CPE Formula - Key CHAR 10    
445 CPE_FORMRES_REL Relevance for Formula Result CHAR   
446 CPE_FORMSTATUS CPE Formula - Status of Evaluation NUMC   
448 CPE_ICONNAME Name of Icon CHAR 90    
449 CPE_INTERNAL_VALUE CPE - Used for internal calculation (rounding, conversion) D34D 31  14 
450 CPE_JAVACLASSNAME CPE - Java Class or Interface Name CHAR 255    
451 CPE_KEYDATE_SELECTION_TYPE Maturity Selection Type INT1   
452 CPE_KEYTYPE Effective Quotation Key Type CHAR   
453 CPE_LIMITUSED CPE Term - Used Limit of Calculation Rule NUMC   
454 CPE_LIMIT_REFERENCE CPE Limit Reference for Price Fixation CHAR   
455 CPE_LOG_PRIORITY CPE - Priority of Log Entry NUMC   
456 CPE_MODULE CPE - Module of the Commodity Pricing Engine CHAR   
457 CPE_PERIOD_STATUS CPE Term - Status of Period Determination NUMC   
458 CPE_PRIORITY Priority (NUMC3) NUMC   
459 CPE_PROCESS_OPTION CPE: Option for processing dependent table entries CHAR   
460 CPE_PRUN CPE - Price Unit DEC   
461 CPE_QUANTITY CPE - Quantity QUAN 15 
462 CPE_QUANTITY_POSITIVE CPE - Quantity (only positive values allowed) QUAN 15 
463 CPE_QUOTGROUPPOS CPE Term - Position in Quotation Group NUMC   
464 CPE_QUOTKEY_ALL Quotation Key CHAR   
465 CPE_QUOTKEY_CUS Quotation Key Customizing CHAR   
466 CPE_QUOTKEY_GRP Quotation Key CHAR   
467 CPE_QUOTNAME Quotation Name CHAR 18    
468 CPE_QUOTSRC Quotation Source CHAR   
469 CPE_QUOTTYPE Quotation Type CHAR   
470 CPE_RATETYPE CPE - Rate Type for Formula Assembly CHAR   
471 CPE_RECORDNAME_MIGR CPE - Record Identifier for Migration CHAR 30    
472 CPE_REF_KIND CPE Reference Kind CHAR 30    
473 CPE_REF_TYPE CPE Reference Type CHAR   
474 CPE_RFC_CONTEXT CPE Caller - Context of RFC Destination CHAR 10    
475 CPE_ROUTINE CPE - Routine NUMC   
476 CPE_RULE CPE - Rule CHAR   
477 CPE_SEND_FIELD_IND CPE Caller - Send Field to CPE CHAR   
478 CPE_TERMID CPE Term - Key CHAR 10    
479 CPE_TERMRES_REL Relevance for Term Result CHAR   
480 CPE_TERMSTATUS CPE Term - Status of Evaluation NUMC   
481 CPE_TERMTYPE CPE Term - Term Type CHAR   
482 CPE_TIMESTAMP CPE - Time Stamp Consisting of Date and Time CHAR 14    
483 CPE_USAGE CPE - Usage CHAR   
484 CPE_USERVAL1 CPE Term - Freely Usable Field DEC 17 
485 CPF_BRFPLUS_APPL CPF BRFplus Application CHAR 30    
486 CPF_BRFPLUS_APPL_DEFAULT CPF BRFplus Application Default CHAR   
488 CPF_CHAR_COMPONENT CPF component CHAR 20    
489 CPF_CHAR_ELEMENT CPF element CHAR 20    
490 CPF_CHAR_SHORT CPF character short CHAR 30    
491 CPF_DATA_CATEGORY CPF Data Type Category CHAR   
492 CPF_DATA_ELEMENT_DESCR CPF data element description CHAR 30    
493 CPF_FORMULA_ERROR Error Status of CPF Formula CHAR   
494 CPF_MODULE Module of the CPF CHAR   
495 CPF_NUMBER_SIGNED Number D34R 34    
496 CPF_PARAM_ORIGIN Origin of Parameter (e.g. BRF Plus, Routine) CHAR   
498 CPF_SCALE_CALC_TYPE CPF Scale Calculation Type CHAR   
500 CPF_SCALE_EVAL_TYPE CPF Scale Evaluation Type CHAR