SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 13
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CNV_12000_FIX_VALUE Fixe Value for Selection in Short Text Conversion Interface CHAR 30    
2 CNV_12000_FLAG Flag CHAR   
3 CNV_12000_INF Information about Exception Scenario CHAR   
4 CNV_12000_INFO_TYPE Information Type for Text Conversion Interface CHAR 10    
5 CNV_12000_NUMC2 Sequences for Text Conversion Interface NUMC   
6 CNV_12000_OLD_NEW Old_New_Indicator CHAR   
7 CNV_20000_FYSCN_HELP F4 Help for scenario change value CHAR   
8 CNV_20000_LEVELP Participation level of company codes in FYC CHAR   
9 CNV_20000_PLEVEL Particiaption Level of C.code and Ledger in FY CHAR   
10 CNV_20000_QUANT Flag for quantifying participating units CHAR   
11 CNV_20000_VGART Transaction/event type CHAR   
12 CNV_20100_CONFL_STAT Status of conflict handling CHAR   
13 CNV_20100_KONTO_NOT_UNIQUE G/L accounts are NOT unique across all charts-of-accounts CHAR   
14 CNV_20100_NVERWEND Indicator if G/L accounts do NOT need to be converted CHAR   
15 CNV_20100_OBJECTNAME Set name CHAR 40    
16 CNV_20100_OBJECTTYPE Object type CHAR 10    
17 CNV_20100_OBJTY Object types for conditions CHAR   
18 CNV_20100_ORG_UNIT Company code / controlling area CHAR   
19 CNV_20100_ORIGIN Identification where an entry comes from CHAR   
20 CNV_20100_PROGNR Program number CHAR   
21 CNV_20100_RKE_TSTMP Seconds since 1.1.1990,0:00 GMT * 10000 DEC 16    
22 CNV_20100_SAKLN Significant length of the G/L account number NUMC   
23 CNV_20100_SEVERITY Severity CHAR   
24 CNV_20100_SPRAS Language Key CHAR   
25 CNV_20100_TYPE S=G/L account/primary cost element; K=secondary cost element CHAR   
26 CNV_20100_VERSN_011 Fin.stat.vers. CHAR   
27 CNV_20100_VERSN_011_DOM Fin.stat.vers. CHAR   
28 CNV_20100_ZINRT Interest calculation frequency in months NUMC   
29 CNV_20100_ZUAWA Selection key for allocation number layout CHAR   
30 CNV_20110_COA Chart of accounts number CHAR   
31 CNV_20110_DESCR Character field length 50 CHAR 50    
32 CNV_20200_ACCGRP Securities account group CHAR 10    
33 CNV_20200_ADD_MODE Create CHAR   
34 CNV_20200_CJNR Cash Journal Number CHAR   
35 CNV_20200_CJTRANS Number of Cash Journal Business Transaction CHAR   
36 CNV_20200_HBKID_NEW Short key for a house bank new CHAR   
37 CNV_20200_HKTID_NEW ID for account details new CHAR   
38 CNV_20200_J_1BBRANCH Business place CHAR   
39 CNV_20200_OIUH_OR_LVL_1_NO Company Level 1 - (ORG1) CHAR   
40 CNV_20200_PRSPL HR indicator for assignment of payroll period RAW   
41 CNV_20200_RLDEPO Securities Account CHAR 10    
42 CNV_20200_TPM_ACC_CODE Treasury accounting code CHAR   
43 CNV_20200_VVSMIVE Lease Out Number CHAR 13    
44 CNV_20200_WERT13 Value of length 13 CURR 13 
45 CNV_20201_ACCEPTING_DUP_KEYS Tracking: Insert-Option 'Accepting Duplicate Keys' CHAR   
46 CNV_20201_NRACTIVE "Active" indicator for table CNV_20201_NR_OBJ CHAR   
47 CNV_20201_NROBJ Name of number range object CHAR 10    
48 CNV_20201_OPERATOR Operator for fiscal year delimitation CHAR   
49 CNV_20201_RULE Conversion rule for number range objects (in table CNVRNMB) CHAR   
50 CNV_20201_SHIFTING_INDICATOR Shifting indicator CHAR   
51 CNV_20201_TRACKING_INDICATOR Tracking indicator CHAR   
52 CNV_20211_RCOMP_NEW Company new CHAR   
53 CNV_20212_KKBER_NEW Credit control area new CHAR   
54 CNV_20305_SETCLASS Set class CHAR   
55 CNV_20305_SETLINE Set line counter NUMC 10    
56 CNV_20305_SETLNSEQNR Sequential number of set line INT4 10    
57 CNV_20305_SETNAME Set ID CHAR 24    
58 CNV_20305_SETSUBCLS Subclass of a set CHAR 12    
59 CNV_20306_OBLACT Activate open item management CHAR   
60 CNV_20306_OBLVB Commitment Management on Sales Orders CHAR   
61 CNV_20306_PCRCH Active components of EC-PCA CHAR   
62 CNV_20306_RKAC2 CO active/only check indicator CHAR   
63 CNV_20306_RKAC3 Parallel, operative, active indicators RK CHAR   
64 CNV_20306_RKACT CO-CCA active indicator CHAR   
65 CNV_20306_RKE_ACT Active indicator for Profitability Analysis CHAR   
66 CNV_20306_RKE_KAEING CO-PA: activation flag for transfer of incoming sales orders CHAR   
67 CNV_20308_ACTIONTYPE Action log: Type of an entry CHAR 10    
68 CNV_20308_CMPVARIANT Variant for package comparison CHAR 15    
69 CNV_20308_CONDITION Line of a WHERE Condition CHAR 72    
70 CNV_20308_FIELDVAL Field Value CHAR 72    
71 CNV_20308_FLAG Indicator: 'X' or Space CHAR   
72 CNV_20308_ID 5-digit Identifier CHAR   
73 CNV_20308_LFD Consecutive Number NUMC   
74 CNV_20308_MANDT Client CHAR   
75 CNV_20308_MAXTEXT Long Text (255 Characters) CHAR 255    
76 CNV_20308_MSGSTATUS Message Status CHAR 10    
77 CNV_20308_OBJECT Comparison Objects CHAR 30    
78 CNV_20308_OBJECTTYPE Comparison Object Type CHAR 10    
79 CNV_20308_PACK_TEXT Description of a Package (Not Language-Dependent) CHAR 25    
80 CNV_20308_PARAMNAME Parameter Name CHAR 40    
81 CNV_20308_PARAMVAL Parameter Value CHAR 40    
82 CNV_20308_PHASE CWB Phase CHAR   
83 CNV_20308_PRGSTATUS Program Status CHAR 10    
84 CNV_20308_PS_TIMESTEP PS: Points in Time CHAR   
85 CNV_20308_RUN ID for a Package Comparison Run NUMC   
86 CNV_20308_TEXT Spelling for Long Text (Upper/Lower Case) CHAR 60    
87 CNV_20308_TEXTID Identifier for 12-character text CHAR 12    
88 CNV_20317_DATBI_MODE Edit Mode for DATBI Application CHAR   
89 CNV_20317_DATBI_PRIO Priority of DATBI Entry during Conversion CHAR   
90 CNV_20320_KSTTY CNV Cost center types CHAR   
91 CNV_20320_LARKK CNV Indicator for usage in component CHAR   
92 CNV_20333_COMPNAME Component of table field CKRCO-VARHIEBG CHAR 30    
93 CNV_20335_ABC_TEMPL CNV Process template CHAR 10    
94 CNV_20335_CB_ATTRI CNV Business Process Attributes/CO Tasks CHAR   
95 CNV_20335_COTPL_CLASS CNV Template Environment CHAR   
96 CNV_20335_CO_BPTYP CNV CO-ABC: Business Process Type NUMC   
97 CNV_20345_ABC_TEMPL CNV Process template CHAR 10    
98 CNV_20345_ACTIVITY Activity/operation CHAR   
99 CNV_20345_AFABE Depreciation area for assets NUMC   
100 CNV_20345_DRNAM CNV Printer name CHAR   
101 CNV_20345_HOART Type of origin object of transaction data (EC-PCA) NUMC   
102 CNV_20345_KALSM CNV Costing Sheet CHAR   
103 CNV_20345_KAPPL CNV Condition application CHAR   
104 CNV_20345_KVEWE CNV Usage of the condition table CHAR   
105 CNV_20345_OBJNR Object number CHAR 18    
106 CNV_20345_RPMAX Maximum period NUMC   
107 CNV_20345_RRCTY Record type CHAR   
108 CNV_20345_SCOPE_CV Object class (five-figure print length) CHAR   
109 CNV_20345_VERSN_ABGR Results analysis version in CO CHAR   
110 CNV_20375_CO_DEAKT CNV Deactivation indicator CHAR   
111 CNV_20375_SETCLASS Set class CHAR   
112 CNV_20375_SETLINE Set line counter NUMC 10    
113 CNV_20375_SETLNSEQNR Sequential number of set line INT4 10    
114 CNV_20375_SETNAME Set name CHAR 24    
115 CNV_20375_SETSUBCLS Subclass of a set CHAR 12    
116 CNV_20375_SETVAL Value in sets CHAR 24    
117 CNV_20375_WERC1 CNV One character value field CHAR   
118 CNV_20375_WERC2 CNV Two character value field CHAR   
119 CNV_20400_DOCU Documentation Object CHAR 60    
120 CNV_20551_ADD_MODE Add; otherwise replace CHAR   
121 CNV_20551_ANALYSIS_MODE Mode for determining suggestions for intransp. fields CHAR   
122 CNV_20551_ANALYSIS_RULE Rule for determining suggestions for intransp. fields CHAR   
123 CNV_20551_APLNO Applicant number NUMC   
124 CNV_20551_ATINN_VL Internal characteristic number (variable list) NUMC 10    
125 CNV_20551_CHAR50 char50 CHAR 50    
126 CNV_20551_COND_132 WHERE clause (CHAR132) CHAR 132    
127 CNV_20551_CONSTRAINT Condition/distinguishing characteristic (CHAR80 field) CHAR 80    
128 CNV_20551_COUNTER Sequence number CHAR   
129 CNV_20551_CO_APLZL General counter NUMC   
130 CNV_20551_CREATED FIND routine was created CHAR   
131 CNV_20551_DEL_FLAG Relevance for deletion CHAR   
132 CNV_20551_DESC Description CHAR 40    
133 CNV_20551_DISJOINT Disjoint indicator (determin. in CNV_20551_DERIV3 defin.) CHAR   
134 CNV_20551_DISTINGUISH Distinguishing characteristic / string CHAR 20    
135 CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMB Sequential number CHAR 10    
136 CNV_20551_DOMA_KNUMV No.of condition in the document CHAR 10    
137 CNV_20551_DOMNAME Domain (no value check) CHAR 30    
138 CNV_20551_EMPTY Filling status of a table (E=empty; F=filled) CHAR   
139 CNV_20551_EMPTY_FIELD Field is empty CHAR   
140 CNV_20551_ESLH_EBELN ESLH-EBELN : Document number dependent from ESLH-BSTYP CHAR 10    
141 CNV_20551_EXCL_INCL Exclude/Include indicator CHAR   
142 CNV_20551_FIELD intransparent field CHAR 20    
143 CNV_20551_FILLED Table filled (X=yes) CHAR   
144 CNV_20551_FLAG Indicator ( 'X' or ' ' ) CHAR   
145 CNV_20551_HARD_CODED_CHK Hard-coded check routine CHAR   
146 CNV_20551_HARD_CODED_FIND Hard-coded determination routine CHAR   
147 CNV_20551_HISTO Historical record flag CHAR   
148 CNV_20551_INDX Index (8-character NUMC field) NUMC   
149 CNV_20551_INTERPRET Indicator: Use of the parameter CHAR   
150 CNV_20551_IRRELEVANT Field is irrelevant CHAR   
151 CNV_20551_KOMBI_KZ Type of combination of check routines CHAR   
152 CNV_20551_KVEWE Usage of the condition table CHAR   
153 CNV_20551_LENG Length in non-transparent field NUMC   
154 CNV_20551_NOCONS0 Reason for modifying definition of deletion criteria CHAR   
155 CNV_20551_NO_COMPARE Indicator for 'Do not execute comparison' CHAR   
156 CNV_20551_NUM Seq. number (0: actual field; 1,2,3,4 for parameter fields) CHAR   
157 CNV_20551_OBART General object number type for CO object numbers CHAR   
158 CNV_20551_OBJECT Object/doc. number CHAR 18    
159 CNV_20551_OBJECT10 Parameter for object/document number (10 digits) CHAR 10    
160 CNV_20551_OBJECT4 Parameter for object/document number (4 characters) CHAR   
161 CNV_20551_OBJECTA Object/document number (50 digits) CHAR 50    
162 CNV_20551_OBJTY Object type CHAR 20    
163 CNV_20551_OPERATOR Operator CHAR   
164 CNV_20551_OPTIO Option CHAR   
165 CNV_20551_OPTIO2 Option regarding table name CHAR   
166 CNV_20551_PANUM Parameter number NUMC   
167 CNV_20551_PARAMNUM Parameter number CHAR   
168 CNV_20551_PCL_TAB PCL vluster (vhar4 field) CHAR   
169 CNV_20551_PERCENT 3 digit numerical field3 without check NUMC   
170 CNV_20551_POOL_FLAG Specific deletion program for pool table CHAR   
171 CNV_20551_POTYP HR object type CHAR   
172 CNV_20551_PS_POSNR Project (item) number (in PRTX, ...) dependnt of PS_OBTYP NUMC   
173 CNV_20551_REFFIELDNAME Field in reference table CHAR 30    
174 CNV_20551_ROLLNAME Data element (without value check) CHAR 30    
175 CNV_20551_SCOB_FLAG 1 character fields without check CHAR   
176 CNV_20551_SDATE Start date allocation cycle DATS   
177 CNV_20551_SEQNUM Determination: Sequence number CHAR   
178 CNV_20551_SEQSTAT Status of CNVTABLES-SEQNUM adjustment CHAR   
179 CNV_20551_SETVALUE Maximum length of a set value CHAR 24    
180 CNV_20551_STATUS Status CHAR   
181 CNV_20551_SUBOBJTY Subobject type CHAR 10    
182 CNV_20551_TABCLASS Table type CHAR   
183 CNV_20551_TEXT80 Text 80 CHAR 80    
184 CNV_20551_TFK033D_FUN Combined: TFK033D-FUN01,FUN02,FUN03,...,FUN06 CHAR 72    
185 CNV_20551_TFK033D_KEY Combined: TFK033D-KEY01,KEY02,KEY03,...,KEY08 CHAR 96    
186 CNV_20551_TS_EXEC Troubleshooting execution number CHAR   
187 CNV_20551_VARKEY VARKEY in table pools (field length is irrelevant) CHAR 65    
188 CNV_20551_VBELN_VBTYP general (sales) document, dependent on VBTYP CHAR   
189 CNV_20551_XFELD Yes/No field CHAR   
190 CNV_20600_ADD_MODE Add CHAR   
191 CNV_20600_BUKRSN No. assign. allocation AM CHAR   
192 CNV_20600_BUKRS_NEW Company code new CHAR   
193 CNV_20600_TPM_ACC_CODE Treasury accounting code CHAR   
194 CNV_20700_MATNR Material Number CHAR 18    
195 CNV_20700_OLD_MATNR Material Number (OLD) CHAR 18    
196 CNV_20800_ABTNR Department classification CHAR   
197 CNV_20800_AKVER Buying habits CHAR   
198 CNV_20800_BRYTH Call frequency CHAR   
199 CNV_20800_FA040 Field selection (length 40) CHAR 40    
200 CNV_20800_PAAT2 Contact person: Attribute 2 CHAR   
201 CNV_20800_PAAT3 Contact person: Attribute 3 CHAR   
202 CNV_20800_PAAT4 Contact person: Attribute 4 CHAR   
203 CNV_20800_PAAT5 Contact person: Attribute 5 CHAR   
204 CNV_20800_PAAT6 Contact person: Attribute 6 CHAR   
205 CNV_20800_PAAT7 Contact person: Attribute 7 CHAR   
206 CNV_20800_PAAT8 Contact person: Attribute 8 CHAR   
207 CNV_20800_PAAT9 Contact person: Attribute 9 CHAR   
208 CNV_20800_PAFKT Contact person function CHAR   
209 CNV_20800_PARAM_KEY Additional information for a parameter CHAR 30    
210 CNV_20800_PARAM_NAME Name of a parameter (indicator) CHAR 30    
211 CNV_20800_PARAM_VAL Value for a parameter CHAR 30    
212 CNV_20800_PARHO Contact person's hobby CHAR   
213 CNV_20800_PARVO Contact person authority CHAR   
214 CNV_20800_PAVIP VIP code for contact person CHAR   
215 CNV_20800_UEPAR Activity partner number NUMC 10    
216 CNV_20800_VTRNRN Representative number NUMC 10    
217 CNV_20810_VTRNR Representative number NUMC 10    
218 CNV_20900_DFVAL Copy default values for material from vendor master CHAR   
219 CNV_20900_DURAS Copy default values for material from vendor master CHAR   
220 CNV_20900_PARAM_KEY Additional information for a parameter CHAR 30    
221 CNV_20900_PARAM_NAME Name of a parameter (indicator) CHAR 30    
222 CNV_20900_PARAM_VAL Value for a parameter CHAR 30    
223 CNV_20900_PARGR Partner group CHAR   
224 CNV_20900_VTRNR Representative number NUMC 10    
225 CNV_21500_DUMMY_ABRAR ES grouping for PC rules CHAR   
226 CNV_21500_DUMMY_AHVPF AHV/ALV code CHAR   
227 CNV_21500_DUMMY_BECAO Collective agreement CHAR   
228 CNV_21500_DUMMY_BEGPC Labour commission CHAR   
229 CNV_21500_DUMMY_BEREG Regulation workschedule CHAR   
230 CNV_21500_DUMMY_BERGM Weekly workdays "regime" CHAR   
231 CNV_21500_DUMMY_BESTE System work schedule CHAR   
232 CNV_21500_DUMMY_BETRG Wage type amount CURR
233 CNV_21500_DUMMY_BSGRD Capacity utilization level DEC
234 CNV_21500_DUMMY_BVFAM Marital status CHAR   
235 CNV_21500_DUMMY_C1NUM C1 split indicator RAW   
236 CNV_21500_DUMMY_CSCHM Payroll schema CHAR   
237 CNV_21500_DUMMY_CTTYP Contract type CHAR   
238 CNV_21500_DUMMY_FAMKA Key for family equalization fund CHAR   
239 CNV_21500_DUMMY_FLDID HR: Comp. 709: Combining table fields for each file CHAR   
240 CNV_21500_DUMMY_GEMND Municipality CHAR   
241 CNV_21500_DUMMY_HR_VNAME (Cost) scenario group - Subdivision of a plan scenario CHAR 12    
242 CNV_21500_DUMMY_HR_ZUONR Assignment number CHAR 18    
243 CNV_21500_DUMMY_KLBEW Absence valuation rule NUMC   
244 CNV_21500_DUMMY_KNZAU Indicator for incapacity to work DEC   
245 CNV_21500_DUMMY_P02_AHVNR HR-CH: AHV number CHAR 11    
246 CNV_21500_DUMMY_P02_BTRTE SUVA personnel areas CHAR   
247 CNV_21500_DUMMY_P02_CQTAB Withholding tax table CHAR   
248 CNV_21500_DUMMY_P02_QSTPF Withholding Tax liability CHAR   
249 CNV_21500_DUMMY_P12_CHARN3 Field with fixed value: 0,1,2,space CHAR   
250 CNV_21500_DUMMY_P12_DECLT Declaration type (original/corrective) CHAR   
251 CNV_21500_DUMMY_P12_RSZFS Factory shutdown fund CHAR   
252 CNV_21500_DUMMY_P990_OBJNA Object name CHAR   
253 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PABRP Settlement Period NUMC   
254 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PARMS Parameter value CHAR   
255 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PDC_ORIGF Origin indicator CHAR   
256 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PDC_WSID Time ticket ID NUMC   
257 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PERMO Period parameter NUMC   
258 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PRANZHL HR payroll: Maximum number DEC 15 
259 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PRBETPE HR payroll: Maximum rate CURR 15 
260 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PRBETRG HR payroll: Maximum amount CURR 15 
261 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PRIOD Period CHAR   
262 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PRSPL HR indicator for assignment of payroll period RAW   
263 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PSTER Switch on/off CHAR   
264 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PTM_DOCNR Document number for time data NUMC 20    
265 CNV_21500_DUMMY_PTM_OCABS Indicator for absence valuation in offcycle payroll CHAR   
266 CNV_21500_DUMMY_RSZCA SI category employer CHAR   
267 CNV_21500_DUMMY_RSZFF SI function employee CHAR   
268 CNV_21500_DUMMY_RSZKE Profession group NUMC   
269 CNV_21500_DUMMY_RSZKN SI category employee CHAR   
270 CNV_21500_DUMMY_RSZLD Country code SI / "BELCOTAX" CHAR   
271 CNV_21500_DUMMY_RSZNA Nationality CHAR   
272 CNV_21500_DUMMY_RSZNO SI notification employee CHAR   
273 CNV_21500_DUMMY_RSZSP Employee specification CHAR   
274 CNV_21500_DUMMY_RSZWG Deduction of SI contribution employer CHAR   
275 CNV_21500_DUMMY_STDAZ Number of hours DEC
276 CNV_21500_DUMMY_TAGE4_2 Days with 4 characters before, 2 after decimal point DEC
277 CNV_21500_DUMMY_TAXAT Tax Authority CHAR   
279 CNV_21500_DUMMY_TRFAR Pay scale type key CHAR   
280 CNV_21500_DUMMY_TRFGB Pay scale area keys CHAR   
281 CNV_21500_DUMMY_TXBET CURR 12 
282 CNV_21500_DUMMY_TXCMP Company tax number CHAR   
283 CNV_21500_DUMMY_TXFRM Tax form CHAR 16    
284 CNV_21500_DUMMY_V0TYP HR: Variable assignment type CHAR   
285 CNV_21500_DUMMY_VBAFM Type of investment/asset for capital formation CHAR   
287 CNV_21500_DUMMY_WKSIT Worksite CHAR   
288 CNV_21510_DDIC_DEFINED Flag indicating if structure is defined in DDIC CHAR   
289 CNV_40300_AFAPL Chart of depreciation CHAR   
290 CNV_40300_AIMMO Indicator: real estate NUMC   
291 CNV_40300_ANLKL Asset class CHAR   
292 CNV_40300_FELEI Screen layout for Asset Accounting CHAR   
293 CNV_40301_KTOGR Account determination CHAR   
294 CNV_40305_AFABE Depreciation area for assets NUMC   
295 CNV_40305_AFASL Dep. key CHAR   
296 CNV_40305_FIAA_SYMKTO Symbolic account CHAR 10    
297 CNV_40305_KTOGR Account determination CHAR   
298 CNV_40305_MERGT Merge type:Asset class/asset account det/fixed asset CHAR   
299 CNV_40305_TYPE Balance sheet accounts considered in reposting CHAR   
300 CNV_ABLTYP Derivation type CHAR   
301 CNV_ACT_STATE Status management handling for IMG activities CHAR   
302 CNV_ADT_DPID Data provider ID CHAR 12    
303 CNV_ADT_DP_STATUS Data provider execution status CHAR   
304 CNV_ADT_DP_VERS Data provider version NUMC   
305 CNV_ADT_NODEID Node ID in menu tree CHAR 12    
306 CNV_ADT_PACK_STATUS Package status CHAR   
307 CNV_ADT_PACK_TYPE Package type (C-conversion, D-deletion) CHAR   
308 CNV_ADT_PROCESSOR Main technique of a package CHAR   
309 CNV_ADT_SCEN Scenario selected for conversion CHAR 40    
310 CNV_ADT_SVALUE Selection value for selected scenario CHAR 50    
311 CNV_AGGREGATE Type of aggregate function CHAR   
312 CNV_AMOUNT Amount DEC 28 
313 CNV_BASIS_GENER_DELETE_POLICY Delete policy for generated conversion programs CHAR   
314 CNV_BASIS_GENER_FLDCAT Field modification category CHAR   
315 CNV_BASIS_GENER_INSERT_POLICY Insert policy for generated conversion programs CHAR   
316 CNV_BASIS_GENER_ORGCALL Org. path evaluation mode for multicopy scenario CHAR   
317 CNV_BASIS_SEC_PARAM_ID_DOM Domain for Security Parameters CHAR 20    
318 CNV_BI_CNV_TYPE Conversion type domain - for BI Analysis in SHC CHAR   
319 CNV_BI_RSIOBJNM InfoObject - for BI Analysis in SHC CHAR 30    
320 CNV_BI_SCENARIO Conversion scenario for BI Analysis in SHC CHAR   
321 CNV_BOOL A general indicator: 'X' - true, ' ' - false CHAR   
322 CNV_BPRIO_STATUS Processing status CHAR   
323 CNV_CDMC_ACTIVE_PROFILE_ROLE Flag to indicate profile is present for the role CHAR   
324 CNV_CDMC_ACTIVE_USER_ROLE Flag to ind. whether active users are assigned to the role CHAR   
325 CNV_CDMC_AUTH_ROLE_TYPE Authorization Role Type(Single/Collective) CHAR   
326 CNV_CDMC_DECI10 Decimal field with length 10 for CDMC DEC 10    
327 CNV_CDMC_MSNAME2 New Application Server Name Length (Since 6.10) CHAR 40    
328 CNV_CDMC_STGL_TERML Statistics, terminal ID for CDMC CHAR 20    
329 CNV_CHANGE_DATE Change date DATS   
330 CNV_CHANGE_TIME Change time TIMS   
331 CNV_CHANGE_USER Change user CHAR 12    
332 CNV_CHAR1 Entry status CHAR   
333 CNV_CHAR50 Character field length 50 CHAR 50    
334 CNV_CHECKSUM Checksum CHAR 32    
335 CNV_CHECKVA Conversion: Check value CHAR 16    
337 CNV_CMIS_A_10_COUNT count of runs INT4 10    
338 CNV_CMIS_A_10_MSGTEXT domain for message text CHAR 72    
339 CNV_CMIS_A_10_TYPE analysis type NUMC   
340 CNV_CMIS_A_1_COPMTYPE Domain for comparision type CHAR   
341 CNV_CMIS_A_20_ANATYPE Analysis Type(CCCC) CHAR   
342 CNV_CMIS_A_20_APPCOMPD Application component CHAR 24    
343 CNV_CMIS_A_20_DOMNAME Domain name CHAR 30    
344 CNV_CMIS_A_20_ICONNAME Name of an Icon CHAR 30    
345 CNV_CMIS_A_20_JOBNAME Jobname CHAR 32    
346 CNV_CMIS_A_20_ORG_UNIT_DOM Organization Unit CHAR   
348 CNV_CMIS_A_20_SQLTAB SQL table CHAR 30    
349 CNV_CMIS_A_20_STAT Table Status in Content Comparision CHAR   
350 CNV_CMIS_A_20_TABCLASS Table category CHAR   
351 CNV_CMIS_A_30_CODEPAGE_TYPE flag to determine whether system has mixed code pages CHAR   
352 CNV_CMIS_A_30_COMP Software Component CHAR 30    
353 CNV_CMIS_A_30_COMP_TYPE Single-character flag CHAR   
354 CNV_CMIS_A_30_COMP_TYPE_S Single-character flag CHAR   
355 CNV_CMIS_A_30_COUNT_CUST Count of customer objects INT4 10    
356 CNV_CMIS_A_30_COUNT_HR Active HR Count INT4 10    
357 CNV_CMIS_A_30_COUNT_MOD Count of modification Objects INT4 10    
358 CNV_CMIS_A_30_DESC Software Component Description CHAR 80    
359 CNV_CMIS_A_30_KAPPL Condition application CHAR   
360 CNV_CMIS_A_30_KOZGF Access sequence for condition type CHAR   
361 CNV_CMIS_A_30_KVEWE Usage of the condition table CHAR   
362 CNV_CMIS_A_30_LANGU Language Key LANG   
363 CNV_CMIS_A_30_RECEIVER_RELEASE SAP R/3 basis Release for receiver system CHAR 10    
364 CNV_CMIS_A_30_SENDER_RELEASE SAP R/3 basis Release for sender system CHAR 10    
365 CNV_CMIS_A_30_SUPPORT_PACK_REC Support Package Level of a Software Component in receiver sy CHAR 10    
366 CNV_CMIS_A_30_SUPPORT_PACK_SEN Support Package Level of a Software Component in sender syst CHAR 10    
367 CNV_CMIS_A_30_SYSYSID R/3 System, name of R/3 System CHAR   
368 CNV_CMIS_A_PORT CMIS: Portion number for size analysis CHAR 14    
369 CNV_CMIS_CATEGORY classification: Normal CHAR 10    
370 CNV_CMIS_CIDENT CMIS: CTS-compatible name CHAR 20    
371 CNV_CMIS_CLNT client CHAR   
372 CNV_CMIS_COUNTER Information about counter operation CHAR   
373 CNV_CMIS_DDLANGUFLG DD: Indicator for a Language Field CHAR   
374 CNV_CMIS_DDOCCURS DO: Occur Parameter for Table Types NUMC   
375 CNV_CMIS_DDPROXYTY DD: Is a generated proxy object CHAR   
376 CNV_CMIS_DDRANKING DD: ranking about include-and subtype-extension NUMC   
377 CNV_CMIS_DDREFTYPE Type of Object Referenced CHAR   
378 CNV_CMIS_DDWRONGCL DD: Classification of extension is incorrect CHAR   
379 CNV_CMIS_DESCRIPT CMIS - Tables description CHAR 30    
380 CNV_CMIS_DOMNAME Domain CHAR 30    
381 CNV_CMIS_FLAG Transfer flag CHAR   
382 CNV_CMIS_G_10_CODEPAGE_TYPE CMIS Upg: flag to determine system has mixed code pages CHAR   
383 CNV_CMIS_MAPPING Information about tables or fields mapping CHAR   
384 CNV_CMIS_M_CONFLICT_STATUS Conflict status CHAR   
385 CNV_CMIS_M_DB_EXIST CMIS: DB exist flag CHAR   
387 CNV_CMIS_M_LENGTH Length or Offset within a Nontransparent Field NUMC   
388 CNV_CMIS_M_LFDNR Sequence Number NUMC   
389 CNV_CMIS_M_LFDNR_1 CMIS Sequence number NUMC   
390 CNV_CMIS_M_SOLVED Conflict resolved CHAR   
391 CNV_CMIS_M_SYS_CODEPAGE System Codepage CHAR   
392 CNV_CMIS_M_SYS_CONFIG_TYPE System Configuration Type (Unicode / Non-Unicode, etc...) CHAR   
393 CNV_CMIS_M_TABKEYL Area for table key (Nontransparent Field) CHAR 120    
394 CNV_CMIS_M_TABLE_STATUS Table status CHAR   
395 CNV_CMIS_OBJ_DESCRIPT SAP LT Client Transfer - Description CHAR 30    
396 CNV_CMIS_PROGTYP Program type ( Archive Prg, Reload Prg, Delete Prg) CHAR   
397 CNV_CMIS_RESPONSE CMIS: Response for certain activities CHAR   
398 CNV_CMIS_ROLLNAME Roll name CHAR 30    
399 CNV_CMIS_ROUTINE Name of a Conversion Routine CHAR 30    
400 CNV_CMIS_SEOBCCAT Category of Business Class NUMC   
401 CNV_CMIS_SEOCMPCAT Method Category (Business Class) NUMC   
402 CNV_CMIS_SEOMTDREPL Indicator: Replacement of Core Class Method CHAR   
403 CNV_CMIS_SEOMTDSYN Return Value (synchronous/asynchronous) NUMC   
404 CNV_CMIS_SOLVED_TYPE Solved type CHAR   
405 CNV_CMIS_STAT_DOM status domain for cmis CHAR   
406 CNV_CMIS_TEST_DOMAIN test domain CHAR 10    
407 CNV_CMIS_TO_BE_CHECKED Flag to Indicate Check CHAR   
408 CNV_CMIS_U_10_CMMNT CMIS Upg: comment CHAR 255    
409 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_CLID Change Flag for Client dependent data CHAR   
410 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_CLII Change flag for Client independent data CHAR   
411 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_DDIC Flag for Changes dictionary data CHAR   
412 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_OBJD Flag Object Generation after Client Dependent data CHAR   
413 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_OBJI Flag Object Generation after Client Independent data CHAR   
414 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_ORGUSE Flag for Use Original XPRA CHAR   
415 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_RELEASE Release number CHAR 10    
416 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_RELV Flag for XPRA relevence CHAR   
417 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_REPO Flag for Change in Repository data CHAR   
418 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_RESTART Flag for Is Restartable CHAR   
419 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_SUBSUSE Flag for Use Substitue XPRA CHAR   
420 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_SYST Flag for Change in system data CHAR   
421 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_T000 Flag for Controlled in T000 CHAR   
422 CNV_CMIS_U_20_XKDB_UVERS Flag for Checks with UVERS CHAR   
423 CNV_COA_ACC_LENGTH Significant length of the G/L account number NUMC   
424 CNV_COA_ERRDESCR CoA: Long text for error description CHAR 50    
425 CNV_COA_ERRTYPE Error descriptions (see include CNV_20100_ERRTYPE) CHAR 10    
426 CNV_COA_STATUS Status of a value in chart of accounts CHAR   
427 CNV_CONDTYPE Type of SELECT clause part CHAR   
428 CNV_CREATE_DATE Create date DATS   
429 CNV_CREATE_TIME Create Time TIMS   
430 CNV_CREATE_USER Creating user CHAR 12    
431 CNV_CTRL_DATA_CREATOR Creator of control data CHAR 40    
432 CNV_CTRL_DATA_MODIFIER Modifier of control data CHAR 40    
433 CNV_CTRL_DATA_SOURCE Control data source CHAR   
434 CNV_CURRENCY_UNIT Currency Unit CUKY   
435 CNV_DATE Date DATS   
436 CNV_DB Database CHAR 15    
437 CNV_DCII_COMM_TEXT20 Text of length 20 CHAR 20    
438 CNV_DCII_COMM_TEXT50 Text of length 50 CHAR 50    
439 CNV_DEC1_1 Decimal fld with 1 fld before, 1 fld after point DEC
440 CNV_DEC22 CNV: Domain DEC22 DEC 22    
441 CNV_DEC3 Decimal field: Length 3 decimal places 3 DEC
442 CNV_DEMO_DATA_VARIANT_NO Number of actual variant of demo data in consistency check INT1   
443 CNV_DEMO_MONTH Month in Year NUMC   
444 CNV_DERIV_TYPE Method used for derivation routing (via FM, routines,...) CHAR   
445 CNV_DESCR Conversion: Description CHAR 50    
446 CNV_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 40    
447 CNV_DOCU Documentation object ID CHAR 50    
448 CNV_DOC_TYPE Document class CHAR   
449 CNV_DOMAIN Domains converted by the ALE layer CHAR 10    
450 CNV_DOWNUP_CHECK_STRING Upload check string CHAR 48    
451 CNV_DOWN_UP Download/upload tables CHAR   
452 CNV_EBENE Conversion: Information on jobs to be compared CHAR 15    
453 CNV_ERROR_HANDLING DD: Error Handling in Convers. Funct., for ex. DECIMAL_SHIFT CHAR 20    
454 CNV_EWERT Conversion: Level value CHAR 15    
455 CNV_EXCH_RATE Exchange Rate DEC
456 CNV_EXCH_RATE_TYPE Exchange Rate Type CHAR   
457 CNV_EXCL Conversion: Exclusion indicator CHAR   
458 CNV_EXEC_TARGET Target system in which the TS activity is executed CHAR   
459 CNV_EXEC_TYPE Specifies the way the TS activity is executed CHAR   
460 CNV_FIELD Field for conversion CHAR 255    
461 CNV_FLAG Indicator for characterization of conversion scenarios CHAR   
462 CNV_FUNC Routine name CHAR 30    
463 CNV_FUNCTION Use of a function module CHAR   
464 CNV_GENTYPE Used generator CHAR   
465 CNV_HCM_ABKRS TDMS4HCM: Payroll Area CHAR   
466 CNV_HCM_BETPE HR payroll: Maximum rate CURR 15 
467 CNV_HCM_BTRTL TDMS4HCM: Personnel subarea CHAR   
468 CNV_HCM_BUKRS TDMS4HCM: Company Code CHAR   
469 CNV_HCM_DATA_TYPE TDMS4HCM: Data Type for Cluster Definitions CHAR   
470 CNV_HCM_DEVTAB TDMS4HCM: Development Class / Table CHAR 10    
473 CNV_HCM_ISTAT TDMS4HCM: Planning Status CHAR   
474 CNV_HCM_KOSTL TDMS4HCM: Cost centre CHAR 10    
475 CNV_HCM_MAXBT HR payroll: Maximum amount CURR 15 
476 CNV_HCM_MOLGA TDMS4HCM: Country Grouping CHAR   
477 CNV_HCM_MULT TDMS4HCM: Multiplication factor INT2   
479 CNV_HCM_N_WEGID Evaluation Path CHAR   
481 CNV_HCM_ORGEH TDMS4HCM: Organisational Unit NUMC   
482 CNV_HCM_OTYPE TDMS4HCM: Object type CHAR   
483 CNV_HCM_PAPD TDMS4HCM: Personnel Admin. or Personnel Planning Indicator CHAR   
484 CNV_HCM_PA_AUTH TDMS4HCM: PA Authorisation Granularity CHAR   
485 CNV_HCM_PDTABIX PD tabix INT4 10    
486 CNV_HCM_PD_AUTH TDMS4HCM: PD Authorisation Granularity CHAR   
487 CNV_HCM_PERSA TDMS4HCM: Personnel Area CHAR   
488 CNV_HCM_PERSG TDMS4HCM: Employee group CHAR   
489 CNV_HCM_PERSK TDMS4HCM: Employee Subgroup CHAR   
491 CNV_HCM_PRANZ HR payroll: Maximum number DEC 15 
492 CNV_HCM_PRESEL_AUTH TDMS4HCM: Object Selection - Authorization CHAR 10    
493 CNV_HCM_PRESEL_LIMIT_TYPE TDMS4HCM: Selection Limit Type of Object Selection CHAR   
494 CNV_HCM_PRESEL_RELID TDMS4HCM: RELID for Cluster of Object Selection CHAR   
495 CNV_HCM_PRESEL_RS_CLS_TYPE TDMS4HCM: Type of Cluster Restriction of Object Selection CHAR   
496 CNV_HCM_RELAT TDMS4HCM: Relationship Between Objects CHAR   
497 CNV_HCM_RELID Area identifier for the import/export to databases PCLN CHAR   
498 CNV_HCM_RSIGN TDMS4HCM: Relationship Specification CHAR   
499 CNV_HCM_SIGN TDMS4HCM: Sign: 'I' or 'E' - (Including or Excluding) CHAR