SAP ABAP Domain - Index C
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 C130 Character field with 130 characters CHAR 130    
2 C15 !5 characters in length (lower case letters) CHAR 15    
3 C1NUM C1 split indicator RAW   
4 C2ACTIVE C2 Server Data Flag: Active/Inactive CHAR   
5 C2S_ACT Action flag for C2Server (DB Update) CHAR   
6 C2S_CHANGE_CONTEXT Configuration Data Change Context CHAR 32    
7 C2S_CONSTR_ATTRIBUTE C2-Server: Attribute for Constraints CHAR   
8 C2S_CUSTELEMENT C2 Configuration Nodes CHAR 30    
9 C2S_CUSTOBJECT C2 Server Configuration Object CHAR 30    
10 C2S_CUSTOBJECT_KEY Configuration Object ID CHAR 30    
11 C2S_META_STATE Maintenance State of the Customizing Object CHAR   
12 C2S_SCDTTRGGRP Preliminary Copy of Distribution Target Group for C2 Server CHAR 30    
13 C2_PRTYP Process Category NUMC   
14 C2_ZEIT Process control time/duration (phase/TOP,process inst.) FLTP 16  16 
15 C300 c(300) für blended codepage checktabelle CHAR 255    
16 C4EYE_KK Check Reason (Dual Control Principle for Posting/Reversals) CHAR   
17 C4EYP_KK Editing Process To Be Confirmed CHAR   
18 C5KLEIN CHAR field (5 characters in length) for upper and lower case CHAR   
19 C80 Text length 80 (lower case characters) CHAR 80    
20 CAATR Key: reason for attendance cancellation NUMC   
21 CABAAPPL Target Component for CATS CHAR   
22 CABADOCNR Document Number of CATS II Record in Original System CHAR 14    
23 CABAITEMCPR Item Number of CATS Communication Structure NUMC   
24 CABAITEMNO Item Number of CATS Communication Structure NUMC   
25 CABA_BELNR Document Number of CATSII Record CHAR 14    
26 CABA_BS_IDENTIFICATION Business Scenario in Controlling Logistical Objects CHAR 16    
27 CABA_COMPONENT Working Time Component CHAR   
28 CABA_OBJECT_KEY Technical Object Key of an Object CHAR 34    
29 CABA_QUANT_OR_AMOUNT CATS II Multi-Purpose Field CHAR 15    
30 CACCD Controlling area CHAR   
31 CACMP Tax area - Canada CHAR   
32 CACNS_PM_AREA ProjectMarket: Area CHAR   
33 CACNS_PM_AREAT ProjectMarket: Area Text CHAR 40    
34 CACNS_PM_AREAX ProjectMarket: Area Texts CHAR 20    
36 CACNS_PM_CUSID ProjectMarket: CustomerID CHAR 12    
37 CACNS_PM_CUSMTCH Project Market: Customer Matchcode CHAR 60    
38 CACNS_PM_CUSTOWN ProjectMarket: Customer City CHAR 40    
39 CACNS_PM_CUSTX ProjectMarket: Customer Text CHAR 60    
40 CACNS_PM_CUSTY ProjectMarket: Customer Type CHAR   
41 CACNS_PM_DAYS ProjectMarket: Days Needed INT1   
42 CACNS_PM_DESC ProjectMarket: Description CHAR 60    
43 CACNS_PM_FUNC ProjectMarket: Function CHAR   
44 CACNS_PM_FUNCT ProjectMarket: Function Text CHAR 40    
45 CACNS_PM_HASH ProjectMarket: Hashcode INT4 10    
46 CACNS_PM_PERCENT Project Market: Percent INT1   
47 CACNS_PM_RESPID ProjectMarket: Person Responsible ID CHAR 12    
48 CACNS_PM_RESPTX ProjectMarket: Person Responsible Text CHAR 40    
49 CACNS_PM_RESPTY ProjectMarket: Person Responsible Category CHAR   
50 CACNS_PM_RSPMTCH Project Market: Responsible Matchcode CHAR 40    
51 CACNS_PM_STATUS ProjectMarket: Status CHAR   
52 CACNS_PM_STATUST ProjectMarket: Status Text CHAR 40    
53 CACNS_PM_SUBAREA ProjectMarket: Area CHAR   
54 CACNS_PM_SUBARET ProjectMarket: Subarea Text CHAR 40    
55 CACNS_PM_TWNMTCH Project Market: Customer Town Matchcode CHAR 40    
56 CACSACC Identification of Commission Ledger CHAR   
57 CACSACCAS Commissions: Account Assignment Type CHAR   
58 CACSACCASNAME Character Field Length 40 Incl. Lower Case (Copy CHAR40_LOW) CHAR 40    
59 CACSACT Activity type CHAR   
60 CACSACTGRP Commission: Activity Group CHAR   
62 CACSALLOC Commissions: Offsetting selection CHAR   
63 CACSALLOCAGG Values for Staff Assignment Agreement CHAR   
64 CACSAMNTITEM Commissions: Amount field for Single Value CURR 15 
65 CACSAMNTSUM Commissions: Amount Field for Total Value CURR 15 
66 CACSAPPL Identification of Application CHAR   
67 CACSAPPLSTAT Application Status NUMC   
68 CACSARCHDAYS Archiving: Minimum Retention Period in the System NUMC   
69 CACSARCHDENYREASON Reason for Rejecting Archiving CHAR   
70 CACSARCHTYPE Archiving Category (Commission-Relevant Archiving Object) CHAR   
71 CACSAUTHFILTER Display method CHAR   
72 CACSAUTHMODE Authorization Check Method CHAR   
73 CACSBASEPER Commissions: Determine Period Values for Reference Period CHAR   
74 CACSBRSTATE Business Rule Editor: Decision table record status CHAR   
75 CACSBUFOBJTYPE Commissions: Pending Cases Object Type CHAR   
76 CACSBUFSTAT Commissions: Status of Pending Case Entry CHAR   
77 CACSBUSCASTYP Business Transaction in Operational System CHAR   
78 CACSBUSOBJTYP Business Object Category CHAR   
79 CACSBUSOBJVERS Business Object Version NUMC 14    
80 CACSCALCOBJIDTXT Determination: Description of Calculating Object Type CHAR 40    
81 CACSCALCOBJTYPE Commission: Type of Calculating Object CHAR   
82 CACSCATTGROUP Group of Automatic Tests CHAR 16    
83 CACSCDREF Reference Key: FS-CD CHAR 20    
84 CACSCHARACT Activity Characteristic CHAR   
85 CACSCHGREASON Reason for Changing Contract CHAR   
86 CACSCLAIMOBJTYPE Entitlement Object Type CHAR   
87 CACSCLAIMTYPEDO Participation Role Category CHAR   
88 CACSCLASS Class (Obsolete) CHAR 40    
89 CACSCLNT Client (without SAP logic for views) CHAR   
90 CACSCOISTATE Status of Mass Resetting CHAR   
91 CACSCOMMCOST Acquisition Costs Flag CHAR   
92 CACSCONDSKZBZG Commissions: Indicator for Scale Basis CHAR   
93 CACSCONDSTATE Commissions: Condition Record Status CHAR   
94 CACSCONSTPAR Indicator: Participation Construction Copy CHAR   
95 CACSCOUNTER Counter for Number Assignment CHAR 12    
96 CACSCOUNTNEW Message Counter INT4 10    
97 CACSCOUNTPOS Commissions: Number of Settlement Items INT4 10    
98 CACSCRM_COMMISS_TRIGGER_TYPE Commission Trigger Status Type CHAR   
99 CACSCUSTCOPYRESTRICTION Restrictions for copying CHAR   
100 CACSDATWID Maximum Data Expanse Allowed in KB NUMC   
101 CACSDBCFLG Indicator for Database Conversion CHAR   
102 CACSDELPACK Deletion Package Size INT4 10    
105 CACSDETCHKBIPOLAR Check Bipolar Combinations CHAR   
106 CACSDETCHKCOMB Check Combination CHAR   
107 CACSDETCHKDEADEND Check Unconfigured Combinations CHAR   
108 CACSDETCHKENTITY Check Characteristic Attributes CHAR   
110 CACSDETCHKFINDING Check Missing Result CHAR   
111 CACSDETCHKFINDQTY Check Number of Results CHAR   
113 CACSDETCHKVALUE Check result CHAR   
114 CACSDETCOMBTXT Description of Characteristics Combination Type CHAR 40    
116 CACSDETDEPTH Recursion Depth INT4 10    
119 CACSDETGRP Grouping of Due Line Item Details in Document CHAR   
120 CACSDETMODE Determination Type CHAR   
121 CACSDETPROCMODE Processing mode CHAR   
123 CACSDETVARIANTDESC Variant Description STRG   
124 CACSDETVARIANTNAME Name of variant CHAR 30    
127 CACSDISTTYPE Splitting type CHAR   
128 CACSDOCLINE Commissions: Document item identification CHAR   
129 CACSDOCSPLITID Identification of Split Document NUMC   
130 CACSDOCTYPE Commissions: Document Type CHAR   
131 CACSDOMINANT OBSOLETE! Dominant Object (1 or 2) NUMC   
133 CACSDOM_ANNPREM Annual Contribution CURR 10 
135 CACSDUEDATEM Due Date Indicator CHAR   
136 CACSDUEORIGIN Origin of Settlement (Schedule) Items CHAR   
137 CACSD_LOS_METH Domain: Assigned Method for Object Type Class for Log. Serv. CHAR   
138 CACSD_LOS_TOOLFUNCTION Domain: Assigned Function for Logical Service Tool CHAR   
139 CACSEARLCANCLIAB Early Cancellation Liability CHAR   
140 CACSEDTOBJTYPE EDT Object Type (Case/Document) CHAR   
141 CACSEDTSTATE Status of External Data Transfer CHAR   
142 CACSELTDUETYPE ELT: Type of Payout CHAR   
143 CACSELTPAYOFF ELT: Negotiated Payoff for Free Entitlement DEC
144 CACSELTPERCENT ELT: Percentage Rate (Accuracy: Two Decimal Places) DEC
145 CACSELTREMSCHEDTYPE ELT: Type of Remun.Scheduling for Transferred Entitlements CHAR   
146 CACSELTTRFRESPBASE ELT: Basis for Liability Transfer Percentage Rate CHAR   
147 CACSEVALQUAN Commissions: Valuation QUAN 11 
148 CACSEVENT Event or Time-Spot CHAR   
149 CACSFDTEXECMETH Business Rule: Execution Method CHAR   
150 CACSFDTFUNC Business Rule Editor function name CHAR 30    
151 CACSFFL Fulfillment Level DEC
152 CACSFFLID Fulfillment Level ID NUMC 12    
153 CACSFFLINTTAKEOVER Transfer of Fulfillment Periods CHAR   
154 CACSFFLOVR Actual commission overridden CHAR   
155 CACSFFLSEQID Fulfillment Level Sequence ID NUMC   
156 CACSFILTERIDDO Filter Identification CHAR   
158 CACSFILTERRCIDDO Identification of Exception Handling of a Filter CHAR   
160 CACSFLAG General Indicator CHAR   
161 CACSFLGSTL Processing Status CHAR   
162 CACSFOATRIGTYPE FOA Connection: Trigger Type for Assignment Process CHAR   
163 CACSFORMULAID Formula identifier CHAR 10    
164 CACSFRMOBJTYPE Formula: Object type CHAR   
165 CACSGENEXCTYPE OBSOLETE! Type of Special Generation CHAR   
167 CACSGRAPHICS Type of Graphic Display NUMC   
168 CACSHCMREF Reference Key: HCM CHAR 20    
169 CACSIBTYPID Inbound Type CHAR   
171 CACSINSTPAT Comn: Search pattern for instantiation CHAR   
172 CACSINSTPLID Identification of Rule for Legal Right to Future Commission CHAR   
173 CACSINSTPL_TXT Name of Rule for Legal Right to Future Commission CHAR 40    
174 CACSINTNUMBER Counter INT4 10    
175 CACSINV Commissions: Participation Type CHAR   
176 CACSITEMADD Commissions: Enhancement Category for Subobject CHAR   
177 CACSITEMSTATUS Status of Data Line Displayed in Portal CHAR   
178 CACSITMLCK Indicator: Item Waiting for Subsequent Process CHAR   
179 CACSKEYWID Maximum Key Width Allowed in Bytes NUMC   
180 CACSLOGHANDLE Log Handle (Obsolete) CHAR 22    
181 CACSLONGTXT General Description in the Commission System CHAR 60    
182 CACSMANDT Client of ICM System CLNT   
183 CACSMAPEVENT Assignment, event ID CHAR   
184 CACSMAPFACTOR_DO Factor for Changing Copied Value DEC
185 CACSMAPOBJTYP_DO Differentiation category for copy service CHAR   
186 CACSMAPPINGTYPE Assignment type CHAR   
187 CACSMAPPOS Assignment, event item CHAR   
188 CACSMAPSTRATEGY Mapping strategy for table mapping CHAR   
189 CACSMASSAREA Mass Processing Application Area CHAR   
190 CACSMASSRUNPACK Packet size for mass data processing INT4 10    
191 CACSMAXDAT Maximum Number of Allowed Date Fields NUMC   
192 CACSMAXKEY Maximum Number of Key Fields Allowed NUMC   
193 CACSMETATYPE Metatype Domain (Contains Data Elements as Values) CHAR 30    
194 CACSMETATYPE_SHORT Metatype Domain (Contains Data Elements as Values, ShrtVers) CHAR   
196 CACSMSGPOS Item Number: Error Message for Document NUMC   
197 CACSMSGTYPE Message Type CHAR   
198 CACSMTDSTEPTYPE Type of Process Step CHAR   
199 CACSNODE Nodes in a Tree Structure (Tree Control) CHAR 30    
200 CACSNOTRUID Identification of Notification Rule CHAR   
201 CACSNOTSHORTTEXT Notification: Short Text CHAR 40    
202 CACSNUMBER Counter Reading for Number Assignment INT4 10    
203 CACSOAACT FOA: Object Assignment Activity CHAR   
204 CACSOACLNTAPPL FOA: Use in Connected Application CHAR 10    
205 CACSOADESCR FOA: Description CHAR 60    
206 CACSOAGRPELTYP FOA: Type of Element in Assignment Group CHAR   
207 CACSOAGRPID FOA: Assignment Group, ID CHAR   
208 CACSOAINSTID FOA: Assignment Instruction, ID NUMC   
209 CACSOAINSTSTATUS FOA: Assignment Set, Status CHAR   
210 CACSOAMCODE FOA: Search Term CHAR 35    
211 CACSOAPCNTRLMETH FOA: Method of Process Controller CHAR   
212 CACSOAPCNTRLMETHTECH FOA: Internal Service Methods of Process Controller CHAR   
213 CACSOAPCTRLUICALLMODE FOA: Call Mode of Interface for Process Control CHAR   
214 CACSOAPDID FOA: Process Definition, ID CHAR   
215 CACSOAPIACT FOA: Activity for Assignment Process CHAR   
216 CACSOAPID FOA: Process Definition, ID CHAR   
217 CACSOAPIDESCR FOA: Description of a Process Instance CHAR 40    
218 CACSOAPIID FOA: Process Instance, ID CHAR 10    
219 CACSOAPLUGMETH FOA: Methods in Plug of Connected Application CHAR   
220 CACSOAPROCMODE FOA: Mode for Processing of Assignment Instructions CHAR   
221 CACSOARELLVL FOA: Release Level NUMC   
222 CACSOARESULT FOA: Result of Processing an Assignment Instruction CHAR 35    
223 CACSOARUID FOA: Assignment Rule ID CHAR   
224 CACSOASCID FOA: Assignment Scenario ID CHAR   
225 CACSOASELMETH FOA: Selection Method (Program Name) CHAR 30    
226 CACSOASELNAME FOA: Name of a Parameter of a Select-Option CHAR 30    
227 CACSOASETID FOA: Assignment Instruction, ID CHAR   
228 CACSOASHARE FOA: Percentage Rate, Accurate to Two Decimal Places DEC
229 CACSOASTATUS FOA: Processing Status of Application Object CHAR   
230 CACSOASTRUCT FOA: Structure for Selection/Parameter/Environment Interface CHAR 30    
231 CACSOASTRUCTMETH FOA: Usage Method for Selection / Parameter Interface NUMC   
232 CACSOASTRUCTTYPE FOA: Usage Type of Structure CHAR   
233 CACSOATRGACT FOA: Activity Relating to a Trigger CHAR   
234 CACSOATRIGTYPE FOA Connection: Trigger Type for Assignment Process CHAR   
235 CACSOATRIGUPDKNZ FOA Connection: Update Indicator for Trigger CHAR   
236 CACSOATYID FOA: Assignment Type ID CHAR   
237 CACSOAUPDKNZ FOA: Update Indicator for Worklist CHAR   
238 CACSOAWLACT FOA: Activity for Worklist for Object Assignment CHAR   
239 CACSOAWLDID FOA: Worklist Definition, ID CHAR   
240 CACSOAWLID FOA: Number of Worklist for Object Assignment CHAR 10    
241 CACSOAWLMETH FOA: Executable Methods in Worklist Processing CHAR   
242 CACSOBJ Category of Repository Object in Commission Environment CHAR   
243 CACSOBJCHAIN OBSOLETE! Names of DDIC Objects, Separated by / CHAR 85    
244 CACSOBJCHANGE Change Category of a Subobject That Triggers Commission CHAR   
245 CACSOBJID10 Document/object identification CHAR 10    
246 CACSOBJID12 Object identification 12 characters CHAR 12    
247 CACSOBJID20 Identification key of an object 20 characters CHAR 20    
248 CACSOBJID30 Identification key of a business object CHAR 30    
249 CACSOBJID30NOCONV ID Key of an Object, 30 Characters (No Conversion Exit) CHAR 30    
250 CACSOBJID36 Object identification 36 characters CHAR 36    
251 CACSOBJRELATION Relationship Between Two Generated Structures CHAR   
252 CACSOBTYID Subobject Type That Triggers Commission CHAR   
253 CACSOFFSETRULE Commission: Offsetting Type CHAR   
254 CACSOKSIGN Indicator for Removing a Lock CHAR   
255 CACSOPMODE Commissions: Processing Mode CHAR   
256 CACSOPTYPE Commissions: Processing Category CHAR   
257 CACSOPUPK_KK Item Number (Org. Dom.: Ledger Document OPUPK_KK) NUMC   
258 CACSORIGIN Origin of a Field in a Generated Object NUMC   
259 CACSPACKAGE Package in Commissions CHAR   
260 CACSPAYEEFICA Contract Account for FI-CA CHAR 12    
261 CACSPAYEESC Account of Recipient in Payment System CHAR 20    
262 CACSPAYKY Payment Key for FI-CA system CHAR 16    
263 CACSPAYREFID Commissions: Reference Number for Payment System CHAR 10    
264 CACSPCINCLCHILDS Participation Construction: Range of Lower-Level Subobjects CHAR   
265 CACSPCINCLPARENTS Participation Construction: Range of Higher-Level Subobjects CHAR   
266 CACSPCMETHOD Participation Construction: Method CHAR   
267 CACSPERCENT Commission: Percentage value DEC
268 CACSPERCENT5 Commissions: Percentage Value, 5 Decimal Places DEC 10 
269 CACSPERCENTLONG Commission: Percentage Value DEC
270 CACSPOSNO Item number NUMC   
271 CACSPOSTDAT Posting Date DATS   
272 CACSPRCMETH Process Method CHAR   
273 CACSPRDDATE Period: Date DATS   
274 CACSPRDGENEND Maximum Period End Date DATS   
275 CACSPRDRULE Period Rule CHAR   
276 CACSPRDSTART Period Start DATS   
278 CACSPRITYPE Print Mode CHAR   
279 CACSPROC Process in Commission System CHAR   
281 CACSPROCESSDSC Process Description CHAR 40    
283 CACSPROCESSTYPETEXT Name of Process Type CHAR 40    
284 CACSPROCOBJ Commissions: Identification of a Process Object CHAR   
285 CACSPROCSTEP Comn: Process step identification CHAR   
286 CACSPROCTYPE Commission Case: Behavior In Event of Errors NUMC   
287 CACSRANK Ranking of A Commission Application INT4 10    
288 CACSRANKPERCENT Application Ranking [%] DEC 10    
289 CACSRCALCPATH Calculation Method CHAR   
290 CACSRCALCTYP Calculation Type (Full or Difference Commission) CHAR   
291 CACSRCPCASESTAT RCP: Status of Initial Commission Case CHAR   
292 CACSRCPNOTASKS RCP: Number of Tasks in Worklist CHAR 10    
293 CACSRCPTASKSTAT RCP: Status of a Task CHAR   
294 CACSRCPWLSTATUS RCP: Status of Worklist CHAR   
295 CACSRECHSERVICE Commissions: Describes the service for drilldown reporting NUMC   
296 CACSREFKEY Reference Key CHAR 20    
297 CACSRELDURATION Duration in Days NUMC   
298 CACSRELRUID ICM - Payment Type CHAR   
299 CACSRELTYPEID Release Type CHAR   
300 CACSREM Remuneration Type CHAR   
301 CACSREMBUSCASEVERS Compare Business Transaction Version NUMC 14    
302 CACSREMFORM Commissions: Remuneration Form CHAR   
303 CACSREMINQSEL Type of Remuneration Selection CHAR   
304 CACSREMUQUAN Commissions: Remuneration Quantity QUAN 11 
305 CACSREM_CLASS Indentification of Remuneration Group CHAR   
306 CACSREM_C_TXT Name of Remuneration Group CHAR 40    
307 CACSREM_MARK Remuneration Indicator CHAR   
308 CACSREPID Identification of a Repository Object NUMC   
310 CACSRESPQUAN Commissions: Liability Quantity QUAN 11 
311 CACSRESPRULE Commission: Liability Type CHAR   
312 CACSRESULTTYPE Process Step Result Type CHAR   
313 CACSRETGENID Retention: General Number NUMC 12    
314 CACSRETRUID Identification of Retention Rule CHAR   
315 CACSRETSHORTTEXT Retention: Short Text CHAR 40    
316 CACSRETSTATUS Status of Retention CHAR   
317 CACSRFCDEST RFC target system CHAR 32    
318 CACSRIUPDFLG Run Administration: Update Indicator CHAR   
319 CACSROLE Commissions: Role of Commission Recipient in Commission Case CHAR   
320 CACSRULEID Comn: Identification Rule in Remuneration Clearing CHAR   
321 CACSRUNJOID Commissions: Settlement Run Identification CHAR 10    
322 CACSRUNTYPE Run Category Settlement/Closing/Scheduling/Additional CmnCse CHAR   
323 CACSSCROLE Showcase Role CHAR   
324 CACSSCRTP Screen Type to be Displayed CHAR   
325 CACSSELDEC Selection Decision NUMC   
326 CACSSENDSTATUS Send Status of ICM Correspondence CHAR   
327 CACSSEQNUM Sequence number INT2   
328 CACSSESBDL_ID Remuneration Line Bundle ID NUMC 10    
329 CACSSESBDL_POS Remuneration Line Bundle Item CHAR   
330 CACSSESCONS Settlement Schedule, Summarize Items CHAR   
331 CACSSESFFLSTATUS Settlement Schedule Item, Actual Commission Release Status CHAR   
332 CACSSESID Settlement Schedule No. CHAR 10    
333 CACSSESITLOCK Settlement Schedule Item - Block CHAR   
334 CACSSESITSTATUS Settlement Schedule Item - Status CHAR   
335 CACSSESLOCK Settlement Schedule Lock CHAR   
336 CACSSESLOSPARAMORIGIN Settlement Scheduling - Origin of Tool Params. Log. Service CHAR   
337 CACSSESMETH Settlement Schedule, Get Settled Items CHAR   
338 CACSSESMETHTYP Settlement Schedule - Triggering Method CHAR   
339 CACSSESRNDDIFFASS Settlement Schedule - Assignment of Rounding Differences CHAR   
340 CACSSESUPDKNZ Settlement Schedule - Update Indicator CHAR   
341 CACSSETTLCK_TYPE Indicator : Settlement Lock Type CHAR 40    
342 CACSSETTLDTPOS Number of Due Date Detail Line NUMC   
343 CACSSHORTTEXT Sh. Text CHAR 40    
344 CACSSHORTTXT General Short Text in Comn System (Usually Category Names) CHAR 40    
345 CACSSHORTTXT80 General Short Text in Comn System (Usually Category Names) CHAR 80    
346 CACSSIMUID Reserved for Subsequent Use CHAR   
347 CACSSTATUS Comn: Commission record status NUMC   
348 CACSSTATUSCLASS Class for Which a Status Combination is Valid CHAR   
349 CACSSTATUSDBC Status of Database Conversion CHAR   
350 CACSSTATUSVAL Valuation Status CHAR   
351 CACSSTATUSVERS Object version status CHAR   
352 CACSSTATUSWORK Editing Status CHAR   
354 CACSSTLPOS Settlement: Item CHAR   
355 CACSSTLPOSHCM Settlement Item: HCM CHAR   
357 CACSSTMTY Commissions: Settlement Type CHAR   
359 CACSSYNCSTATUS Type of Synchronization CHAR   
360 CACSSYNCTYPE Type of Synchronization CHAR   
361 CACSTESTTYPE Test Category CHAR   
362 CACSTEXT Text/Name CHAR 40    
363 CACSTGTSTAPERIODPROC Processing Status of a Period for Target Agreements CHAR   
364 CACSTIMESTAMP Commissions: Time Stamp (YYYY.MM.DD hh:mm:ss) NUMC 14    
365 CACSTIMESTAMPDISP Commissions: Timestamp (YYYY.MM.TT hh:mm:ss) external format CHAR 19    
366 CACSTRANSSTAT Transfer Status for Asynchronous Connections CHAR   
367 CACSTREECAT CACS_USAGE Tree Entry Category CHAR   
368 CACSTRGCAS Trigger of an additional commission case CHAR   
369 CACSTRIGID Commissions: Identification of Settlement Target System CHAR   
370 CACSTRIGIDDESCR Description of Target System CHAR 40    
371 CACSTRIGIDNAME Identification of Logical Target System of Settlement CHAR 40    
372 CACSTRIGTYPE Trigger Type (Example: Actual Commission, Credentialing) CHAR   
373 CACSTRITARGET Processing Target CHAR   
374 CACSTYPE Category: User or Application CHAR   
375 CACSUPDATEID Update Category CHAR   
376 CACSUPDFLG Update Indicator CHAR   
377 CACSUPDMOD Update Mode: Totals Table NUMC   
378 CACSUSRCAT User Category CHAR   
379 CACSUUID Universal Unique Identifier CHAR 32    
380 CACSVAL Commission: Valuation Type CHAR   
381 CACSVALBASEAMOUNT_DOM Valuation Base Amount CURR 10 
382 CACSVALRUPTMETH Method for Valuation Interruption CHAR   
383 CACSVALTYPE Valuation Result Category NUMC   
384 CACSVERSION Commissions: Version NUMC   
385 CACSVERSIONLONG Commissions: Version NUMC 14    
386 CACSVERSTYPE Version category CHAR   
387 CACSWLREASON RCP: Reason for Adding Commission Case to Worklist CHAR   
388 CACSYN Indicator Yes/No CHAR   
389 CACS_ADAPT Adjustment Level of Agreement CHAR   
390 CACS_AGR_ID Target Agreements: Number of Individual Agreement NUMC 12    
391 CACS_AGR_TYP Agreement Category (Standard Agreement) CHAR   
392 CACS_AKTIV_KK OBSOLETE Indicator: Application Active CHAR   
393 CACS_AKTYP_KK OBSOLETE Mass Activity Type CHAR   
394 CACS_APPLK_KK OBSOLETE Application Area CHAR   
395 CACS_ASPECT Level of Standard Contract CHAR   
396 CACS_ASSGNFORM Assignment Type for Segment Assignment CHAR   
397 CACS_ASS_ATTR Type of Link CHAR   
398 CACS_ASS_ATTR_RED Type of Link (No Restriction) CHAR   
399 CACS_BDLSETTING Commissions: Setting for Contract Bundle CHAR   
400 CACS_BDLUSE Specialization of Contract Bundle Type CHAR   
401 CACS_BELNR_VK Document Number (Copy of BELNR_VK fr. FSCD) CHAR   
402 CACS_BETRW 7-Character Value Field (+/-) CURR 13 
403 CACS_BLTP1_VK Document Category (Copy of BLTP1_VK - FSCD) CHAR   
404 CACS_BP_GEBER Character field of length 10 CHAR 10    
405 CACS_BR_AMT Busines Rule: Amount field for Single Value DEC 15 
406 CACS_BR_OBJ_TYP Business Rule Editor: Object Type CHAR   
407 CACS_BR_PROC_TYP Business Rule Editor: Process Type CHAR   
408 CACS_BR_QUAN Business Rule: Valuation Quantity DEC 11 
409 CACS_BR_REMRATE Business Rule: Remuneration Rate DEC 11 
410 CACS_BR_TARIF Tariff : Business Rule Editor CHAR 20    
411 CACS_BUSOBJ_SEL Business Object - Selection Method CHAR   
412 CACS_CASE_SEL Commission Case - Selection Method CHAR   
413 CACS_CBID Callback ID for CACS tree display CHAR   
414 CACS_CHDSK ICM field for FI-CA Cashier's Desk CHAR   
415 CACS_CHK_CLASS Consistency Check, Object Class: Linking or Header Data CHAR   
416 CACS_CLONE_STRING Generic String STRG   
417 CACS_COLL Table Attribute: Data Fields Are Summarizable CHAR   
418 CACS_COMBTP_ID Number of a Characteristic Combination Type CHAR 12    
419 CACS_COMPLEXITY Complexity of Valuation NUMC   
420 CACS_COM_CATEGORY_ID Category ID CHAR 20    
421 CACS_COM_PCAT_OBJECTID External identifier of object CHAR 30    
422 CACS_COM_PRODUCT_ID Product ID CHAR 40    
423 CACS_COND_DEMO_SPARTE Division for Demonstration Purposes CHAR 20    
424 CACS_COND_MAINT Maintenance/Display Options for Condition Type CHAR   
425 CACS_COND_SRCSTRUCT Commissions: Source Structure CHAR 30    
426 CACS_COND_TRGSTRUCT Commissions: Target Structure CHAR 30    
427 CACS_CONSERROR Error in Consistency Check, Status Traffic Light CHAR   
428 CACS_CONTEXT Context in ICM CHAR 30    
429 CACS_CONTYPE Connection Type CHAR   
430 CACS_CONVERSION_STATE Status of TSTMP Conversion of an APPL CHAR   
431 CACS_CONVMETH Conversion Routine Indicator CHAR   
432 CACS_COUNTER Counter for Time Intervals DEC 10 
433 CACS_COUNT_FICA Counter For FI_CA adapter NUMC   
434 CACS_CRMMENGV15 15-character quantity field with +/- sign QUAN 15 
435 CACS_CRM_COMMISS_BASIS_VAL_TYP CRM Incentives - name key figure used as commiss basis value CHAR   
436 CACS_CRM_CREDIT_INDICATOR Credit Debit Indicator CHAR   
437 CACS_CRM_CUST_GROUP1 Customer group 1 CHAR   
438 CACS_CRM_CUST_GROUP2 Customer group 2 CHAR   
439 CACS_CRM_CUST_GROUP3 Customer group 3 CHAR   
440 CACS_CRM_CUST_GROUP4 Customer group 4 CHAR   
441 CACS_CRM_CUST_GROUP5 Customer group 5 CHAR   
442 CACS_CRM_DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL Distribution channel CHAR   
444 CACS_CRM_INDUSTRY Industry sector CHAR   
445 CACS_CRM_ITEM_NO Item number NUMC 10    
446 CACS_CRM_ITEM_TYPE Item category CHAR   
447 CACS_CRM_OBJEKT_ID Transaction Number CHAR 10    
448 CACS_CRM_OJ_NAME_PROCESS Object type for CRM transaction type CHAR 10    
449 CACS_CRM_OJ_NAME_PROCESS_ITEM Object type for CRM item category CHAR 10    
450 CACS_CRM_PRC_COND_VALUE Pricing: Amount and value fields CURR 19 
451 CACS_CRM_PRC_GROUP1 Product group 1 CHAR   
452 CACS_CRM_PRC_GROUP2 Product group 2 CHAR   
453 CACS_CRM_PRC_GROUP3 Product group 3 CHAR   
454 CACS_CRM_PRC_GROUP4 Product group 4 CHAR   
455 CACS_CRM_PRC_GROUP5 Product group 5 CHAR   
456 CACS_CRM_PROCESS_TYPE Transaction type CHAR   
457 CACS_CRM_PROD_PR_GROUP Condition group product CHAR   
458 CACS_CTRT_RANKING_SELECTION Selection of Commission Contracts CHAR   
459 CACS_CURRENCYTYPE Currency type CHAR   
460 CACS_CUST Type of Delivery Customizing NUMC   
461 CACS_DATA_TYPE Data Type for Tables (Short Form of DATART) CHAR   
462 CACS_DATE Date Copied from ICM Time Stamp DATS   
463 CACS_DEVCLASS Development Class of a Table CHAR 15    
464 CACS_DE_COND_TRGSTRUCT Target Structure Interface Condition Technique CHAR 30    
465 CACS_DISPLAY_OPTION Layout: Fixed Values CHAR   
466 CACS_DISWAY Dispatch Method CHAR 20    
467 CACS_DUMMY Commissions: Numerical Dummy Field DEC 10    
468 CACS_D_KALSM Calculation Procedure (Copy of BK) CHAR   
469 CACS_D_KSCHL Condition Key (Copy of BV.KSCHL) CHAR   
470 CACS_D_PKEY Payment Plan Key for Scheduling (Copy VVSC) CHAR   
471 CACS_ENHANCEMENT ICM: Enhancement Package CHAR   
472 CACS_EXC_LEVEL Change Level of Exception CHAR   
473 CACS_EXC_QUALITY Change Level of Exception CHAR   
475 CACS_FBEVE_KK OBSOLETE Event at which a function module is called CHAR   
476 CACS_FDNAME Field Name CHAR 30    
477 CACS_FDT_NAME Business Rule Editor: Name CHAR 30    
478 CACS_FDT_TEXT Business Rule Editor: Function name text CHAR 80    
479 CACS_FIELD Table Field of Table to be Converted CHAR 30    
481 CACS_FIKEY_KK OBSOLETE External Key of Assigned Accounting Documents CHAR 12    
482 CACS_FKK_XSTATUS_KK OBSOLETE Status of Mass Activity Run CHAR   
483 CACS_FLOAT Floating Point Number, Accurate To 8 Bytes FLTP 16  16 
484 CACS_FRM_PARAM_DESC Formula Editor: Parameter description CHAR 30    
485 CACS_FRM_PARAM_GRP Formula Editor: Grouping factor name CHAR 60    
486 CACS_FRM_PARAM_TYP Formula Editor: Parameter type CHAR 60    
488 CACS_GEN_RULE General rule NUMC 12    
489 CACS_GEN_TYPE General Type CHAR   
490 CACS_GSFNR_VK Business Transaction Number, Compare Domain GSFNR_VK (FSCD) CHAR 16    
493 CACS_HVORG_KK Main Transaction for Ledger Document (FSCD Copy) CHAR   
494 CACS_INSOBJECT_MD Payment Recipient in FSCD, Compare w. Domain "INSOBJECT_MD" CHAR 20    
495 CACS_INTERVAL_METHOD Valuation Method for "Effect of Condition Change" CHAR   
496 CACS_INV_SEL Participants - Selection Methods CHAR   
498 CACS_KEYID KeyID for the FI-CA integration NUMC   
499 CACS_KNOCKOUT Target Agreements: Knockout Indicator CHAR   
500 CACS_LAUFI_KK OBSOLETE Identification feature for batch programs CHAR