SAP ABAP Domain - Index C, page 39
Domain - C
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 CVDDSYNNAM DDS: Language-dependent synonmys CHAR 30    
2 CVDDTEXT dsfasdf LCHR 500    
3 CVDDVALTYP DDS: Type of an ADD value entry CHAR   
4 CVDDVALUE DDS: General value field CHAR 132    
5 CVDIASSID DDS: recipient list Id CHAR 20    
6 CVDIBPRID DDS: business process CHAR 10    
7 CVDICOMTP DDS: communication type CHAR   
8 CVDICPTP DDS: copy type CHAR   
9 CVDIDDM DDS: medium Id CHAR 10    
10 CVDIDDOCTY DDS: distribution order type CHAR   
11 CVDIDDOID DDS: number of document distribution order NUMC 20    
12 CVDIDDPID DDS: number of document distribution package NUMC 20    
13 CVDIDESC DDS: recipient list description CHAR 70    
14 CVDIDESC70 DDS: short text CHAR 70    
15 CVDIFLAG DDS: general flag CHAR   
16 CVDIINIT DDS: initiator CHAR 20    
17 CVDILOGSYS DDS: logical system CHAR   
18 CVDIOBJID DDS: object Id CHAR 70    
19 CVDIOBJTP DDS: object type CHAR 10    
20 CVDIORIG DDS: original to be distributed CHAR   
21 CVDIRECID DDS: recipient Id CHAR 50    
22 CVDIRECTP DDS: recipient number type CHAR   
23 CVDIRETYP DDS: type of initiation of initial order CHAR 10    
24 CVDISTAT DDS: status CHAR   
25 CVDLDEPID Copy of ESDLDEPID (see Note 420815) CHAR 10    
26 CVDSUBID Copy of ESDSUBID (see Note 420815) CHAR 12    
27 CVIAPP Application CHAR   
28 CVIDDIID DDS: number of initial order NUMC 20    
29 CVIDDOCID DDS: partial order NUMC 20    
30 CVIDDPSTATUS DDS: status of disribution order package CHAR   
31 CVIDISACT DDS: distribution activity CHAR   
32 CVIDISPNAME2 DDS: distribution point (search help) CHAR 241    
33 CVIDISPTP DDS: distribution point type CHAR   
34 CVIENTRYNO DDS: current number NUMC   
35 CVIFILEHANDLE DDS: processing original files CHAR   
36 CVISTATUS DDS: status of distribution order/package CHAR   
37 CVIURL DDS: URL length 255 CHAR 255    
38 CVIURL1024 URL (length 1024) CHAR 1024    
39 CVIV_PARTNER Partner Number for Vendors CHAR 10    
40 CVI_ACTVT Activity for Comparing Customizing CHAR   
41 CVI_CC_INFO Status Information for Company Code for Each User CHAR   
42 CVI_DIRECTION_MAP_TAX Direction for Conversion of Tax Data CHAR   
43 CVI_EI_ADDRESS_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Addresses CHAR   
44 CVI_EI_BANK_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Bank Data CHAR   
45 CVI_EI_COMREM_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Ind. Comments on Communication Types CHAR   
46 CVI_EI_CONTACTS_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator for Contact Person CHAR   
47 CVI_EI_DUNNING_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Dunning CHAR   
48 CVI_EI_FAX_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Fax CHAR   
49 CVI_EI_LONGTEXT_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Long Texts CHAR   
50 CVI_EI_PAG_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Pager Numbers CHAR   
51 CVI_EI_PHONE_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Telephone CHAR   
52 CVI_EI_PRT_EI Ext. Interface: Change Indicator PRT Addresses CHAR   
53 CVI_EI_REM_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Comments CHAR   
54 CVI_EI_RFC_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator RFC CHAR   
55 CVI_EI_RML_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Remote Mail Addresses CHAR   
56 CVI_EI_SMTP_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator E-Mail Addresses CHAR   
57 CVI_EI_SSF_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator SSF CHAR   
58 CVI_EI_TLX_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Telex Numbers CHAR   
59 CVI_EI_TTX_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Teletex CHAR   
60 CVI_EI_URI_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator URI Addresses CHAR   
61 CVI_EI_VAT_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator EU Tax Numbers CHAR   
62 CVI_EI_VERSION_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator for Address Versions CHAR   
63 CVI_EI_X400_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator X400 CHAR   
64 CVI_OPTIONAL_STATUS Status of Optional Customer/Vendor Business Partner Roles CHAR   
65 CVI_PACKET_SIZE Package Size for Mass Data Processing, 0 - Unlimited DEC   
66 CVI_REQ_STATUS Status of Required Assignments CHAR   
67 CVO_CHAR14 Character Type of Length 14 CHAR 14    
68 CVO_COVERAGE_TYPE Coverage Type CHAR   
69 CVO_DEC20 Decimal Type DEC 20    
70 CVO_DEC3_6 Decimal Number:3 Places Before/6 Places After Decimal Point DEC
71 CVO_HIERARCHY_LEVEL Hierarchy Level CHAR   
72 CVO_HISDES Description of History CHAR 60    
73 CVO_HISVER History Version NUMC   
74 CVO_ICON Icon with output length 2 CHAR 132    
75 CVO_INT4 Integer Type with Length 4 INT4 10    
76 CVO_MEASUREMENT_NAME Name of Measurement CHAR 30    
77 CVO_MEASUREMENT_STATUS Measurement Status CHAR   
78 CVO_MEASUREMENT_TYPE Type of Measurement CHAR   
79 CVO_MSGTYP Coverage Analyzer: System Message Types CHAR   
80 CVO_NAME Name CHAR 30    
81 CVO_NODE_TYPE Node Type CHAR 10    
82 CVO_NUMC2 2-digit numeric field without check NUMC   
83 CVO_OBJECT_NAME Object Name in Results Tree of a Coverage Evaluation CHAR 40    
84 CVO_PRD Period in Days for Coverage Analyzer History NUMC   
85 CVO_SELCLU Data Type for Raw Data Storage LRAW 1024    
86 CVO_SELDES Select Option Description CHAR 60    
87 CVO_SELNAM Selection Name CHAR 12    
88 CVO_SERIES_NAME Test Series Name CHAR 40    
89 CVO_SETTYP Type of General Setting CHAR   
90 CVO_STATUS Status flag CHAR   
91 CVO_TOTAL Total (Total Number of All Watch Units) DEC 20    
92 CVO_TOTAL_ST Total (All Statements) DEC 31    
93 CVO_TYPE Coverage Analyzer : Type of Processing Block CHAR   
94 CVO_VARDES Description of a variant CHAR 50    
95 CVO_VWTYP Coverage Info View Type CHAR   
96 CVPROF Currency and valuation profile CHAR   
97 CVSCD_KK Key for External Payment Collector CHAR   
98 CVSER_KK Error Type CHAR   
99 CVSE_CRIT Search criteria in lower case CHAR 40    
100 CVSE_TEXT 80 Characters upper/lower case CHAR 80    
101 CVTYP Currency and valuation type CHAR   
102 CVVAL Card Verification Value CHAR   
103 CVVAL_EBPP_APAR Card Verification Value CHAR   
104 CVVAL_KK Card Verification Code CHAR   
105 CVVCHECK_CA CVV Check Result CHAR   
106 CVVCT Control Field for Card Verification Value CHAR   
107 CVVCT_EBPP_APAR Control Field for Card Verification Value CHAR   
108 CVVCT_KK Control Field for Card Verification Value CHAR   
109 CVVST Usage Status Card Verification Value CHAR   
110 CVVST_EBPP_APAR Usage Status Card Verification Value CHAR   
111 CVVST_KK Usage Status of Card Verification Code CHAR   
112 CV_CADSY CAD system identifier CHAR 10    
113 CV_DOKOB_BADI Filter for Definition CHAR 10    
114 CV_LEN_DOKNR Long Document Number INT2   
115 CV_LEN_MASK Long Document Number INT2   
116 CV_LEXFLAG Indicator for Lexico-Graphical Document Number CHAR   
117 CV_MAINT Flag: Is Display/Maintenance with SE16/SM30/SE54 Allowed CHAR   
118 CV_OI_TECHNIQUE Data exchange with an office application CHAR 20    
119 CWBALEID Number of a delivery event NUMC 10    
120 CWBAPPROVED Approved CHAR   
121 CWBATTRID Attribute Type for SAP Notes CHAR 10    
122 CWBATTRVAL Attribute Value for SAP Notes CHAR 64    
123 CWBCHAR24 Key for a Correction Request or Corrective Measure CHAR 24    
124 CWBCICNFRM Confirmation of de-/implementation of corr. instructions CHAR   
125 CWBCISTAT Status correction instructions CHAR   
126 CWBCI_D_DELTAMODE Mode of the Object Delta CHAR   
127 CWBCONTAIN Data container for INDX tables LRAW 2886    
128 CWBDEPTYPE Type of dependency CHAR   
129 CWBDESCR Short Description CHAR 60    
130 CWBDETRID Number of a delivery track NUMC   
131 CWBDETRNAM Name of a release track CHAR 12    
132 CWBDETYPE Type of delivery event CHAR   
133 CWBHISTCNT Counter f. implementation history of correction instructions NUMC   
134 CWBINSTA Installation number (part of object key) CHAR 10    
135 CWBMNUMM Message number (part of object key) CHAR 10    
137 CWBNTNUMM Note number NUMC 10    
138 CWBNTSTAT Status Note installation CHAR   
139 CWBOBJECT CORRSYS: Object Type of the Component CHAR   
140 CWBPAKID Software component (technical key) CHAR 10    
141 CWBPRSTAT Installation status CHAR   
142 CWBVERSNO Version number for objects NUMC   
143 CWB_ICON_DS_OPERATION Icon for Change Display CHAR 132    
144 CWB_ICON_DS_STATUS Icon for Change Display CHAR 132    
145 CWB_ICON_DS_SUBOPERATION Icon for Change Display CHAR 132    
146 CWB_INCOMPLETE Flag for Incomplete Correction Instructions CHAR   
147 CWB_LINK Assigned Value CHAR 30    
148 CWB_OBJECT BOM Item Object Type (icon) CHAR 40    
149 CWB_PLNTY Task list types in the Engineering Workbench CHAR   
150 CWB_SORT Sort for Engineering Workbench objects CHAR 200    
151 CWB_SORT_STD Standard sort for Engineering Workbench objects CHAR 255    
152 CWB_SUBOBJ_TYPE Subobject Types of Correction Workbench CHAR 30    
153 CWERT Character field for amount for tree display CHAR 16    
154 CXF_T_ROLEID Role ID CHAR 10    
155 CXF_T_TYPEID Object/Relationship Type ID CHAR 30    
156 CXF_T_XMLATTR_PROFILE XML Attribute Settings Profile CHAR 10    
157 CX_CONF Indicator: Operation is confirmed CHAR   
158 CX_DAUERS Duration in seconds INT4 10    
160 CX_KZTMN Indicator date (fixed/desired/...) CHAR   
161 CX_RPROZ Percentage used for reducing the floats DEC   
162 CX_TABIX Pointer to an entry in an internal table INT4 10    
163 CX_UEBERL Indicator: overlapping edge CHAR   
164 CX_UEBKZ Indicator: type of overlapping CHAR   
165 CX_ZEIT Time segment of an operation (queue, setup, ...) FLTP 16  16 
166 CX_ZTPKT Specific time for scheduling (seconds since 1/1/80) INT4 10    
167 CY01_EVALUATION_MODE Type of Evaluation CHAR   
168 CYAPPL Application in SAP System CHAR   
169 CYAUFBART Category of layout key CHAR   
170 CYAUFBKEY Layout key of a requirements grouping CHAR 10    
171 CYAVAILCAP Formula to calculate the remaining available capacity NUMC   
172 CYAXISPROF Axis representation selection CHAR 10    
173 CYAXISREPRAE Axis representation CHAR   
174 CYBEDARF CYPP: General planning table requirements field DEC
175 CYCHAR30 String with 30 characters CHAR 30    
176 CYCLE Assessment/distribution cycle CHAR 10    
177 CYCLENR IS-M/SD: Cycle number NUMC   
178 CYCLES ID for time cycle INT4 10    
179 CYCLE_ALLOWED Flag: Cycles Allowed CHAR   
180 CYCLE_KEY Service Interval Template CHAR 10    
181 CYCLOSCHKZ Deletion indicator CHAR   
182 CYCLUSNR Loop indicator CHAR   
183 CYCURVEPROF Curve representation selection CHAR 10    
184 CYCURVEREPRAE Curve representation CHAR   
185 CYCURVETYP Type of curve in the planning table CHAR   
186 CYFC_ACT Action in the context of flow control NUMC   
187 CYFC_ACTTY Types of actions NUMC   
188 CYFC_CONID ID of a Flow Control NUMC   
189 CYFC_DATE Creation-/change date for a flow control DATS   
190 CYFC_FORM Name of a form routine CHAR 30    
191 CYFC_MAXLO Maximum number of loops in the context of a flow control INT4 10    
192 CYFC_MSG Message in the context of a flow control CHAR   
193 CYFC_NAME Name of person who created/changed a flow control CHAR 12    
194 CYFC_STATE Status of final automation of a flow control NUMC   
195 CYFC_STATU Creation-/change status of a flow control CHAR   
196 CYFI1TYPKZ Type of object with capacity load CHAR   
197 CYFI2TYPKZ Type of object with capacity load CHAR   
198 CYFIL Combinations for capacity planning CHAR 30    
199 CYHISTOUSE Use of histogram in capacity planning table CHAR   
200 CYKAP Numeric field (type P) for capacities DEC 14 
201 CYPP_AVAIL Available capacity - period plans DEC
202 CYPP_FREE Remaining capacity : Character planning table display DEC
203 CYPP_LOAD Capacity load as % CHAR   
204 CYQCONT CYPP: Pool of orders/operations in the planning table CHAR   
205 CYSCHEDTIM Standard time for rescheduling TIMS   
206 CYSORTKEY Sort key CHAR 10    
207 CYTCNF Profile for fields displayed CHAR 12    
208 CYTCNG Profile for grouping criteria CHAR 12    
209 CYTCNS Profile for sort criteria CHAR 12    
210 CY_AENKZ Change indicator CHAR   
211 CY_ANPRO ID of evaluation profile for capacity leveling CHAR 10    
212 CY_ANVER Ind.: capacity avail. cumulated statically or dynamically CHAR   
213 CY_ART Type of distribution (continuous/discrete) CHAR   
214 CY_AUFNR For fields with order number (prod./planned order) CHAR 12    
215 CY_AVAICAP Formula to calculate the remaining available capacity NUMC   
216 CY_BASIS Basis of distribution CHAR   
217 CY_BATCHMODE Processing mode CHAR   
219 CY_BEDART Requirements type for one column CHAR   
220 CY_BEDGRU Key for a requirements grouping CHAR 10    
221 CY_BEDKZ Display requirements types NUMC   
222 CY_BSTKZ Indicator rqmts.record is confirmed (cap.availability check) CHAR   
223 CY_BUCKETU Period pattern for dispatching on planning table NUMC   
224 CY_CAPREQ Capacity requirements DEC
225 CY_CHAR40 Character field of length 40 with upper/lower case chars. CHAR 40    
226 CY_CHART Type of requirements group CHAR   
227 CY_CHARTN Number of the chart in which a group is displayed NUMC   
228 CY_CLOSGAP Close gaps when deallocating operations NUMC   
229 CY_COLOUR Color of the reporting traffic light NUMC   
230 CY_COPRO ID of a control profile for capacity leveling CHAR 10    
231 CY_COUNT Counter for cap. rqmts records (caontinuously per operation) NUMC   
232 CY_CURVE_TYPE Type of curve in capacity planning table NUMC   
233 CY_DAPED Number of basic units (day, week, etc.) per period DEC   
234 CY_DAPER Period types for workforce planning CHAR   
235 CY_DEFLISE Default list that appears under select. in leveling CHAR   
236 CY_DEFLIST Default liste displayed when pressing Enter in initial scrn. CHAR   
237 CY_DYNPWID Screen Attributes CHAR   
238 CY_EIGBDIS Date determination in dispatching of internal processing NUMC   
239 CY_ENQUEUE Immediate locking of all objects in change mode CHAR   
240 CY_EXDAT PC file name (without extension) CHAR   
241 CY_EXPFAD Path name on a PC (for download) CHAR 100    
242 CY_FLGLATE Earliest/latest dates CHAR   
243 CY_FLG_STA Enter start or finish date or both CHAR   
244 CY_FTYPE Type of graphic object field CHAR   
245 CY_FUNC Distribution function CHAR   
246 CY_FUNCT Distribution function CHAR   
247 CY_FUNCT_1 Functions for operation change in user exit CHAR   
248 CY_FUNKTAF Function to be carried out for object "order operation" CHAR   
249 CY_FUNKTAR Function to be carried for object "work center"_ CHAR   
250 CY_FUNKTAU Function to be carried out for object "order master data" CHAR   
251 CY_FUNKTBG Function to be carried out for requirements group/combinat. CHAR   
252 CY_FUNKTKA Function to be carried out for object "capacity header" CHAR   
253 CY_FUNKTKB Function to be carried out for obj."cap. requirement recds" CHAR   
254 CY_FUNKTMA Function to be carried out for obj."mat. master(" CHAR   
255 CY_FUNKTMD Function to be carried out for mat.mast-wareh./batch-segment CHAR   
256 CY_FUNKTPE Function to be executed for object person CHAR   
257 CY_FUNKTPJ Function to be carried out for project definition CHAR   
258 CY_FUNKTPL Function to be carried out for object "planned order" CHAR   
259 CY_FUNKTPR Function to be carried out for WBS element CHAR   
260 CY_FUNKTSO Function to be carried out for object "SOP order" CHAR   
261 CY_GROUPIN Description of a grouping per layout and chart CHAR 10    
262 CY_GRUPPEG Allocation of sort keys and groups NUMC   
263 CY_GRUPPES Allocation of sort keys and groups NUMC   
264 CY_GRUSAGE Use of group CHAR   
265 CY_GSORT Sort sequence for Gantt chart NUMC   
266 CY_ISTBEDKZ Control indicator for calculation of actual requirements CHAR   
267 CY_JOBNAME Name of an evaluation which takes place in the background CHAR 22    
268 CY_JOBSTAT Status of an evaluation carried out in the background CHAR   
269 CY_JOBTXT Descriptive text for a background evaluation CHAR 40    
270 CY_KAPTERM Finite scheduling in capacity availability check CHAR   
271 CY_KBED_P Capacity requirements: display field QUAN
272 CY_LAGE Distribution according to earliest/latest dates CHAR   
273 CY_LAYOUT Grouping of layout keys CHAR 10    
274 CY_LIPRO ID of a list profile for capacity leveling CHAR 10    
275 CY_LIVAR "Variable Overview - Names of Versions" CHAR 10    
276 CY_MAXLIN Maximum number of data base records to be read DEC   
277 CY_MGVRGRE Remaining quantity of an operation after creating split QUAN 13 
278 CY_MPPPRO Profile ID for Workforce Planning CHAR 10    
279 CY_MXLINCN Key in Table TC23 NUMC   
280 CY_OBJECT Name of object to be read from data base CHAR 25    
281 CY_OBJSTRU Structure of a manipulated object CHAR 10    
282 CY_PEPRO ID of a period profile for capacity leveling CHAR 10    
283 CY_PRESTYP Type of presentation CHAR   
284 CY_PROFAPP Identifier for an application NUMC   
285 CY_PROFID Neutral ID of profiles in capacity leveling CHAR 10    
286 CY_PROFIL ID of an overall profile for capacity leveling CHAR 10    
287 CY_PS_PSPNR Project definition (internal number(DB key),conv.exit KONPR) NUMC   
288 CY_QUEUETI Treatment of queue time on dispatching NUMC   
289 CY_REQVIEW Rqmts. to be displayed on the planning table (table form) NUMC   
290 CY_SBART Requirements type of a column (Table TCY17) CHAR   
291 CY_SBREI Column width DEC   
292 CY_SCHELEV Scheduling level NUMC   
293 CY_SCHETIM Standard time for rescheduling TIMS   
294 CY_SEANZ Indicator for display of set values (variable overview) CHAR   
295 CY_SEPRO ID of a selection profile for capacity leveling CHAR 10    
296 CY_SEQNR Sequence number for sequencing NUMC 14    
297 CY_SORT Sort sequence NUMC   
298 CY_SORTING Description of a sort per layout and chart CHAR 10    
299 CY_SORTNR For sorting planned and production order numbers CHAR 12    
300 CY_SPALS Column name CHAR 10    
301 CY_SPALT Column number of variable overview NUMC   
302 CY_SPALT_L Column position in the list NUMC   
303 CY_SPLTAPL Application that uses split logic NUMC   
304 CY_SPLTVW View for definition of splits NUMC   
305 CY_SPZAE Counter for elements of a column definitiion of var. overv. NUMC   
306 CY_STPRO ID of a strategy profile for capacity leveling CHAR 10    
307 CY_STRAPER Period splits for strategy (finite scheduling) CHAR   
308 CY_STRAT Distribution strategy for capacity planning CHAR   
309 CY_STRUKT Structures processed (capacity leveling) CHAR 10    
310 CY_SUDARST Display type for standard overview graphic CHAR   
311 CY_TBSTKZ Indicator order partially confirmed in cap. avail. check CHAR   
312 CY_TIMETXT Date and time CHAR 20    
313 CY_TIMETYP Type of layout of data CHAR   
314 CY_TIPRO ID of a time profile for capacity leveling CHAR 10    
315 CY_TPPRO ID of a profile for plan. table (tab.form) in cap. leveling CHAR 10    
316 CY_TRANSTY Branch from det. cap. list to change or display mode CHAR   
317 CY_TXT_EAR Reference of date entry to time of operation CHAR   
318 CY_TXT_STA Meaning of date entry CHAR   
319 CY_VGWRTRE Remaining standard value QUAN
320 CY_WEOPE Value operator (operator for a column value) CHAR   
321 CY_WETYP Value type (value for defining columns in variable overview) CHAR   
322 CY_ZAPER Settings for time interval / period type CHAR   
323 C_FUNCTION C function CHAR 32    
324 C_IN_SEQN5 Customizing info. ID NUMC   
325 C_MODELID Model name in Supply Chain Network CHAR 22    
326 C_MODULE C module (file/member) CHAR 14    
327 C_OBJECT CO-PA: Customizing Objects for Customizing Monitor CHAR   
328 C_STATUS_KK Cash security deposit status NUMC   
329 C_TYPE Allowed types for it0442 CHAR   
330 C_ZAEHLER CATS: Counter NUMC   
331 C_ZERO Padding character, leading zero CHAR