SAP ABAP Function Module - Index R, page 52
Function Module - R
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 RSO_BDS_GET_OBJKEY_FOR_TLOGO Forms BDS Object Key from Name and Type of TLOGO Object 
2 RSO_BIXP_SHOW UI with BIXP dependencies 
3 RSO_BIXP_SHOW_ENABLED display button 'conversion object' in the UI 
4 RSO_BOIS_GET_FIELD_INFO X Provides information about fields of a BW object 
5 RSO_BOIS_GET_RELATED X returns associationen of a BW-Objects to other BW-Objekten 
6 RSO_BOIS_RSDS_GET_RELATED Data Source-relations + source tables 
7 RSO_BRSE_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Activate Broadcasting settings 
8 RSO_BRSE_GET_PROPERTIES Setting properties for object collectors 
9 RSO_BRSE_GET_RELATED Object Collector 
10 RSO_BWLA_AFTER_IMPORT Postprocess Language Import (TLOGO Object BWLA): Copy Languages 
11 RSO_CONTENT_ADMIN_DIALOG Call Content Administration Dialog 
12 RSO_COPY_CONTENT_TEXTS Copy Texts from BW TLOGO Objects from Content Version 
13 RSO_CREATE_COMPTLOGO Create a group for TLOGO grouping 
14 RSO_CRWB_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Activation of CRs (call from back end) 
15 RSO_CRWB_GET_PROPERTIES Provide properties of a CR 
16 RSO_CRWB_GET_RELATED Determination of dependent objects of a CR 
17 RSO_CRWB_MAINTAIN Call maintenance of a CR 
18 RSO_CRWB_OBJECT_F4_LIST F4 help for CR Workbooks 
19 RSO_CTC_ACTIVATE_ADMIN_CONTENT X Aktiviert den Business Content für das BI Admin Cockpit 
20 RSO_CTC_ACTIVATE_CONTENT R Aktivierung von Content (generisch im Rahmen von CTC) 
21 RSO_CTC_ADJUST_PLS_LOCK_SERVER R Adjust the planning lock server 
22 RSO_CTC_AUTHORITY_CHECK Berechtigungsprüfung für CTC RFC Bausteine 
23 RSO_CTC_BIA_INDEXSTATUS_DELETE R Delete all BIA index customizing after system copy 
24 RSO_CTC_CALL_TM Call Task Manager User Interface 
25 RSO_CTC_CENTRALHOST_ACTADMIN Activate Admin Cockpit content in Central Hosting system 
26 RSO_CTC_CHECK_ADMINCOCKPIT wrapper function for admin cockpit installation check 
27 RSO_CTC_CHECK_BI_MYSELF_SYSTEM Check for BI System Client ID. 
28 RSO_CTC_CHECK_DATASOURCE Function module to check if data sources are replicated 
29 RSO_CTC_CHECK_ICF_SERVICE Check for ICF Services 
30 RSO_CTC_CHECK_IGS Checks Internet Graphics Service 
31 RSO_CTC_CHECK_INDEXING Check the TREX status and indexing status 
32 RSO_CTC_CHECK_J2EE_AVAILABLE Check J2EE Engine Availability 
33 RSO_CTC_CHECK_JOB_SCHEDULE R Checks job scheduling status 
34 RSO_CTC_CHECK_JOB_STATUS Function Module to check the job status 
35 RSO_CTC_CHECK_LOGSYS_EXISTS R Check Logical System configurations 
36 RSO_CTC_CHECK_PERSONALIZATION R Checks activation of Personalization content 
37 RSO_CTC_CHECK_ROLE_GENERATION Function module to check the generation of role 
38 RSO_CTC_CHECK_RSADMINA Check RSADMINA table settings 
39 RSO_CTC_CHECK_RSADMINS check RSADMINS table settings 
40 RSO_CTC_CHECK_SOURCESYSTEM R Checks Source System Connection to BI 
42 RSO_CTC_CHECK_TABLE_SETTING Check for General BI Configurations 
43 RSO_CTC_CHECK_TCOACTIVATE Function module for checking status of technical content 
45 RSO_CTC_CHECK_USER_INFORMATION Check user information 
46 RSO_CTC_COPY_ADMINCOCKPIT_PC Copies Admin Cockpit Process Chains 
47 RSO_CTC_COPY_PROCESSCHAINS Copy Process Chain by replacing Source System dependent objects 
48 RSO_CTC_CREATE_TP_SYSTEMCOPY R Create Transport "Save for system copy" 
49 RSO_CTC_CTO_DESTINATIONS R Anlegen von Destinationen für die After Import Behandlung (TA RSTPRFC) 
50 RSO_CTC_DEFAULT_TEMPLATES R Setzt Default Web Templates 
51 RSO_CTC_DISABLE_PC_EXECUTION R Automatisches Starten der Prozessketten unterbinden 
52 RSO_CTC_DOCUMENT_INTEGRATION R Not necessary at present, because documents remain in backend 
53 RSO_CTC_GENSTATUS_RESET R Zurücksetzen Generierungskennzeichen Programme 
54 RSO_CTC_GET_ACTIVE_COMPONENT R Liest das Active Flag für SAP_BW in der Tabelle CVERS_ACT 
55 RSO_CTC_GET_BW_CONFIG_CLIENT R Gets client ID for which BW is already configured 
56 RSO_CTC_GET_BW_MANDT R Returns client for setting up BW system 
57 RSO_CTC_GET_PASSWORD Frage Passwort ab 
58 RSO_CTC_HLP_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Hilfsfunktion Aktivierung von Content (im Rahmen von CTC / Upgrade) 
59 RSO_CTC_HLP_CONNECT_VIRT_PROV Hilfsfunktion: Verbindung von Quellsystem und virtuellen Providern 
60 RSO_CTC_HLP_GET_OBJ_OF_REQUEST Lesen der BI Objekte eines Requestes (nur D Versíon) 
61 RSO_CTC_INFOSET R Obsolete 
62 RSO_CTC_MANDT_UNIQUE_SET_RFC R Sets BW Client and Repair Number Range Objects 
63 RSO_CTC_META_DATA_SEARCH R Metadaten Suche: Initiale Configuration (RFC destination, indexing, ...) 
64 RSO_CTC_NEWTON_CREATE_AGR R Create Role out of Role template 
65 RSO_CTC_NWA_ADD_BI_SYS_CENTRAL X Zentraler Teil der BI Konfiguration für NWA 
66 RSO_CTC_NWA_ADD_BI_SYS_LOCAL X Teil der BI Konfiguration für NWA im lokalen System 
67 RSO_CTC_NWA_GET_INFO_CENTRAL X Liefert CTC Infos über das aktuelle BI 
68 RSO_CTC_NWA_TEST Test der NWA CTC Aufrufe 
69 RSO_CTC_PERSONALIZATION_INSTAL R Activates Personalization content 
70 RSO_CTC_PREPARE_BI_SYSTEM_DWB R Automatische Konfiguration Data Warehousing 
71 RSO_CTC_RDA R Obsolete - Realtime Daten : Initiale Konfiguration - create Daemon(s)... 
72 RSO_CTC_RESTORE_REMOTE R ROOSGEN im Quellsystem wiederherstellen 
73 RSO_CTC_SCHEDULE_JOB R Schedules the passed job at the time specified 
74 RSO_CTC_SET_ACTIVE_COMPONENT R Setzt das Active Flag für SAP_BW in der Tabelle CVERS_ACT 
76 RSO_CTC_SET_PARALLEL_PROCESS R Serialize Processes within BI Process Chains 
77 RSO_CTC_SYSTEM_SHUTDOWN X Stop RDA Daemons + Process chains (see RS_SYSTEM_SHUTDOWN) 
78 RSO_CTC_SYSTEM_STARTUP X Startup RDA Daemons + Process chains (see RS_SYSTEM_STARTUP) 
79 RSO_CTC_TRANSFER_PROP_CURR_UNI R Automatische Konfiguration Data Warehousing 
82 RSO_CTO_BI_OBJECTS_CHECK BI Specifications of Transport Check (Upgrade, Namespace, BI Chgability) 
83 RSO_CTO_COLL_WRITE_TO_REQUEST X BW Transport: Collect Objects and Write to Transport 
84 RSO_CTO_GET_PACKAGE R Obsolete: Reads TADIR Entry (Especially Package) 
85 RSO_CTO_INT_ANALYZE_OBJECT Intern: Konvertiert und Analysiert ein BI Transport Objekt 
86 RSO_CTO_IS_OBJ_MAINTAINABLE R Obsolete: Checks Whether an Object Can Be Changed 
87 RSO_CTO_PACKAGE_VALUE_HELP R Obsolete: Input Help for Packages 
88 RSO_CTO_REQUEST_VALUE_HELP R Obsolete: Input Help for Requests 
89 RSO_CTO_WRITE_OBJ_SILENTLY R Obsolete: Writes an Object to a Request (in Background - Without UI) 
90 RSO_CTO_WRITE_OBJ_TO_REQUEST R Obsolete: Write Object to Selected Request 
91 RSO_CTO_WRITE_PACKAGE R Obsolete: Writes TADIR Entry (Package) for Objects 
92 RSO_CTRT_ACTIVATE_CONTENT BW Repository: Activation of InfoObject Catalog from Delivery Version 
93 RSO_CTRT_GET_PROPERTIES Properties of Currency Translation Type 
94 RSO_CTRT_GET_RELATED Where-Used List 
95 RSO_CTRT_GET_SEARCH_ATR Returns Search Attributes for Components (TREX Index) 
96 RSO_CUBE_ACTIVATE_CONTENT BW Repository: Aktivierung InfoCube aus der Auslieferungsversion 
97 RSO_CUBE_DELETE BW repository: delete call the maintenance transaction for InfoCubes 
98 RSO_CUBE_GET_MAPPING Collection of export-transfer rules to the cube 
99 RSO_CUBE_GET_PROPERTIES BW repository: Properties of an InfoCube 
100 RSO_CUBE_GET_RELATED BW Repository: Determine the environment of an InfoCube/MultiProvider 
101 RSO_CUBE_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Jump into the maintenance transaction InfoCubes 
102 RSO_CUBE_SHOW_COMPARISON BW Repository: displays the comparison of two versions of the InfoCube 
104 RSO_DIRECTORY_POP_UP Popup zum Eingeben eines Verzeichnisses mit F$ 
105 RSO_DISPLAY_COMPTLOGO Grouped display of a TLOGO list 
106 RSO_ELEM_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Activate Query Objects 
107 RSO_ELEM_GET_ALL_OBJECTS Returns All Reusable Elements of an Object Version 
108 RSO_ELEM_GET_PROPERTIES Properties of Query Object 
109 RSO_ELEM_GET_RELATED Determine Environment of a Query Object 
110 RSO_ELEM_GET_SEARCH_ATR Returns Search Attributes for Components (TREX Index) 
111 RSO_ELEM_QUERY_OBJ_BY_INFOCUBE Where-Used List of Query Objects with Regard to InfoCube 
112 RSO_ELEM_VARIABLE_BY_IOBJ Where-Used List for Variables with Regard to InfoObjects 
113 RSO_ENH_ADD_USAGE Insert Relationship 
114 RSO_ENH_OBJ_REORG_TEXTS Reorganizes Append Texts (Delete Superfluous) 
115 RSO_ENH_SET_UPDATE_FLAG (Re)Sets the Upgrade Indicator 
116 RSO_ENH_TEST Test Enhancements 
117 RSO_EVEN_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Activate Event chains 
118 RSO_EVEN_COMPARE Comparison of A and D for a chain event 
119 RSO_EVEN_GET_LIST Determine the available objects (EVEN) 
120 RSO_EVEN_GET_PROPERTIES Detailed information on event chains 
121 RSO_EVEN_GET_RELATED Dependent objects of an event chain 
122 RSO_EVEN_MAINTAIN Maintain event chains 
123 RSO_EXPORT_OBJECT_DOCU R Export Documents for a BW Meta Object as Complex Type 
124 RSO_F4_OBJECTS Outputs Objects of BW Repository as (ALV) List in Modeless Window 
127 RSO_GET_MASTER_DATA BW Repository: Extractor for Metadata 
128 RSO_GET_MASTER_DATA_WRK_SP master data extractor 
129 RSO_GET_OBJECT_LIST X Read of list of all BI objects or of one type 
130 RSO_GET_PROPERTIES X Read properties of a BI object 
131 RSO_GET_RELATED X Read associations of a BI object 
132 RSO_GET_TLOGO_DEFINITION Reads Properties of TLOGO Object 
133 RSO_HYBR_DELETE BW repository: delete call in maintanance transaction for hybrid provider 
134 RSO_HYBR_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Jump into the maintenance transaction of hybrid transaction 
135 RSO_IOBC_ACTIVATE_CONTENT BW Repository: Activation of InfoObject Catalog from Delivery Version 
136 RSO_IOBC_DELETE BW repository: delete call the maintenance transaction for InfoObject Cata 
137 RSO_IOBC_GET_PROPERTIES BW repository: Properties of a InfoObject Catalogs 
138 RSO_IOBC_GET_RELATED BW Repository: define environment of InfoObject Catalogs 
139 RSO_IOBC_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Jump in the maintenance transaction of InfoObject Catalogs 
140 RSO_IOBC_SHOW_COMPARISON BW Repository: displays the comparison of two InfoObjectCatalog versions 
141 RSO_IOBJ_ACTIVATE_CONTENT BW Repository: Copies and Activates InfoObjects from Delivery Version 
142 RSO_IOBJ_GET_PROPERTIES BW Repository: Gets InfoObject Properties Relevant for CTO 
143 RSO_IOBJ_GET_RELATED BW Repository: Determine InfoObject Environment 
144 RSO_IOBJ_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Branch to Maintenance Transaction for InfoObjects 
145 RSO_ISCS_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Communication structure from the delivery version of an event ( 
146 RSO_ISCS_GET_PROPERTIES BW repository: Properties of a communication structure 
147 RSO_ISCS_GET_RELATED Environment of a communication structure 
148 RSO_ISCS_NEW_DEP_BCT Set content time stamp in active version to 0 
149 RSO_ISFS_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Take over OltpSource from the delivery version (no R / 3) 
150 RSO_ISFS_GET_PROPERTIES BW repository: Properties of a mapping 
151 RSO_ISFS_GET_PSEUDO_DVERSION Return D versions of Shadow Ipak 
152 RSO_ISFS_GET_RELATED vicinity of an 3.x DataSource 
153 RSO_ISFS_GET_SHADOW_DEPENDENT Environment of a OltpSource 
154 RSO_ISFS_GET_WRITE_SHADOW OltpSource: Convert to ISFS SHFS (write shadow tables) 
155 RSO_ISFS_NEW_DEP_BCT Set content time stamp in active version to 0 
156 RSO_ISFS_SHADOW_EXISTS Does shadow version exist 
157 RSO_ISIG_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Installe InfoPackage Groups 
158 RSO_ISIG_GET_PROPERTIES Detailed information about InfoPackageGroups 
159 RSO_ISIG_GET_RELATED Dependent objects of InfoPackage Groups 
160 RSO_ISIG_MAINTAIN Maintain InfoPackage groups 
161 RSO_ISIP_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Install InfoPackages 
162 RSO_ISIP_AUTHORITY_CHECK Authorization check for InfoPackage 
163 RSO_ISIP_COMPARE Comparison of A and D for a IPAK 
164 RSO_ISIP_GET_PROPERTIES Detailed information about InfoPackages 
165 RSO_ISIP_GET_PSEUDO_DVERSION Return D versions of Shadow Ipak 
166 RSO_ISIP_GET_RELATED Dependent objects of an InfoPackages 
167 RSO_ISIP_GET_SHADOW_DEPENDENT Dependent for mapping Oltpsource <-> Infosource 
168 RSO_ISIP_GET_WRITE_SHADOW Mapping: Convert ISMP to SHMP (write shadow tables) 
169 RSO_ISIP_LOGSYS_MAPPED_ORIGINS Mapping on T-Version Ipak (original) 
170 RSO_ISIP_LOGSYS_MAPPING Source system splitting of the InfoPackages 
171 RSO_ISIP_MAINTAIN Maintain InfoPackages 
172 RSO_ISIP_SHADOW_EXISTS Does shadow version exist 
173 RSO_ISMP_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Transer Mapping from the delivery version 
174 RSO_ISMP_GET_PROPERTIES BW repository: Properties of a OltpSource 
175 RSO_ISMP_GET_PSEUDO_DVERSION Return D versions of Shadow Ipak 
176 RSO_ISMP_GET_RELATED Context of a mapping OltpSource <-> Info Source 
177 RSO_ISMP_GET_SHADOW_DEPENDENT Context of a mapping OltpSource <-> Info Source 
178 RSO_ISMP_GET_WRITE_SHADOW Mapping: Convert ISMP to SHMP (write shadow tables) 
179 RSO_ISMP_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Branch to Maintenance Transaction for InfoObjects 
180 RSO_ISMP_NEW_DEP_BCT Set content time stamp in active version to 0 
181 RSO_ISMP_SHADOW_EXISTS Does shadow version exist 
182 RSO_ISTD_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Take over InfoSource from the delivery version ( 
183 RSO_ISTD_GET_PROPERTIES BW repository: Properties of an InfoSource (transactional data) 
184 RSO_ISTD_GET_RELATED Context of a transactional data InfoSource 
185 RSO_ISTD_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Branch to Maintenance Transaction for InfoObjects 
186 RSO_ISTD_NEW_DEP_BCT Set content time stamp in active version to 0 
187 RSO_ISTS_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Transfer Transfer structure from the delivery version 
188 RSO_ISTS_CONVERT_D_TLOGO Determined the A or SH-TLOGO from the D-TLOGO for transfer structures 
189 RSO_ISTS_GET_PROPERTIES BW Repository: Properties of a transfer structure 
190 RSO_ISTS_GET_PSEUDO_DVERSION Return D versions of Shadow Ipak 
191 RSO_ISTS_GET_RELATED Environment of a transfer structure 
192 RSO_ISTS_GET_SHADOW_DEPENDENT Environment of a transfer structure 
193 RSO_ISTS_GET_WRITE_SHADOW Transfer structure: Convert ISTS to SHTS (write shadow tables) 
194 RSO_ISTS_SHADOW_EXISTS Does shadow version exist 
195 RSO_KEN_CREATE_R3LINK Creates R/3 Link for BW Object 
196 RSO_KEN_CREATE_TOPIC Obsolete (Create a KEN Topic for BW Meta Objects) 
197 RSO_KEN_DELETE_R3LINK Deletes R/3 Link for a BW Object 
198 RSO_KEN_DISPLAY_TOPIC Display KEN Documentation of a BW Meta Object 
199 RSO_KEN_GET_EXT_FOR_DISPLAY Forms KW Extension for Displaying Objects (Special Logic for DataSources) 
200 RSO_KEN_GET_EXT_FOR_TLOGO Forms KW Key (Extension) from Name and Type of TLOGO Object 
201 RSO_KEN_R3LINK_GET Read R/3 Link for BW Object / Check Whether KEN Doc. Exists for BW Object 
202 RSO_LANG_AFTER_IMPORT Transport Postprocessing for LONG Object (Copy Texts) 
203 RSO_LSYS_GET_PROPERTIES BW repository: Properties of a logical system 
204 RSO_LSYS_GET_RELATED Context of a source system 
205 RSO_LSYS_GET_WRITE_SHADOW OltpSource: Convert to ISFS SHFS (write shadow tables) 
206 RSO_LSYS_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Branch to Maintenance Transaction for InfoObjects 
207 RSO_LSYS_REDUCE_OBJECT_LIST Obsolete from 7.30 (not used anymore in FUGR RSVERS) 
208 RSO_MAINTAIN_BEX_REQUESTS Assignment of BEx Requests to Packages 
210 RSO_MAINTAIN_OBJECT Calls maintenance of a BI TLOGO object 
211 RSO_MAINTAIN_OBJ_CHANGEABLE Configure changeability of BW objects in non-changeable system 
212 RSO_MAPPING_GET Finds all OltpSpource mappings for info source / object 
214 RSO_METADATA_GET_AUTH_BY_ROLE X Erstellt eine Liste von Berechtigungen und deren Inhalt 
215 RSO_METADATA_GET_DETAIL X Returns details of one or more metadata objects 
216 RSO_METADATA_GET_LIST X Returns a list of metadata objects 
217 RSO_MMR_BATCH R MMR Verarbeitung (wird im Batch aufgerufen) 
218 RSO_MMR_DEBUG_SHOW BW MMR repository connection: display Debug View 
219 RSO_MMR_RPC R BW Repositiory MMR connection: Generic RFC interface 
220 RSO_MORM_CHECK_AUTHORITY R Authority check 
221 RSO_MORM_DEBUG_HELP Internal module for debugging JCO calls 
222 RSO_MORM_EXISTS_OBJECT R Checks whether there is a meta object 
223 RSO_MORM_GET_DOCUMENTATION R Collect documentation as an HTML page (including star schema, data flow, . 
224 RSO_MORM_GET_LAUCH_URL R obsolet: Get URL to execute 
225 RSO_MORM_GET_MIME R Returns the content and mimetype of (icons, Sylesheets, ....) 
226 RSO_MORM_GET_NAMES R Reads the object names of a TLOGO Type (for documents for metadata) 
227 RSO_MORM_GET_PORTAL_URL_PREFIX R Get the URL prefix of the portal 
228 RSO_MORM_GET_TEXTS R Gets the texts of a TLOGO type and / or TLOGO object 
229 RSO_MORM_GET_TYPES R Read the valid object types (for documents to metadata) 
230 RSO_MORM_GET_WORKBOOK R Returns the content and mimetype from Workbooks 
231 RSO_MORM_SEARCH R Search of TLOGO objects 
232 RSO_MPRO_DELETE BW repository: deletion call of maintenance transaction for MultiProvider 
233 RSO_MPRO_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Jump in the maintenance transaction of multi-provider 
234 RSO_OBJECT_JUMP_TO_TOOL Display of a BI object (in E071 syntax) in the appropriate editor 
237 RSO_ODSO_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Obsolete! BW Repository: copy and activate datastores 
238 RSO_ODSO_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Jump in the maintenance transaction of DataStore objects 
239 RSO_OSOA_TRANSPORT_MULTI Multiple Transport of OSOA Objects 
240 RSO_RAPA_GET_PROPERTIES Object Collector 
241 RSO_RAPA_GET_RELATED Object Collector 
242 RSO_RASE_GET_PROPERTIES Object Collector 
243 RSO_RASE_GET_RELATED Object Collector 
244 RSO_RASE_MAINTAIN Object Collector 
245 RSO_READ_META_DATA BW Repository: Read Meta Data for Extractor 
246 RSO_REDUCE_SHADOW_OBJECT_LIST Thin object list A-versions, for converting into SH-version afterwards 
247 RSO_REPOSITORY_RFC_METADATA_RD R BW Globales Repository: Lesen von Metadaten per RFC 
248 RSO_REPOSITORY_RFC_METADATA_WR R BW Globales Repository: Schreiben von Metadaten per RFC in Cache 
249 RSO_RES_HCPR_SUPPORT Starts Lean Modeler 
251 RSO_ROUT_GET_PROPERTIES BW Repository: Besorgt die CTO relevanten Eigenschaften von Routinen 
252 RSO_ROUT_GET_PSEUDO_DVERSION D-Versionen zu Schatten-Ipak zurück liefern 
253 RSO_ROUT_GET_RELATED BW Repository: Umfeld von Routinen bestimmen 
255 RSO_RRCA_ACTIVATE_CONTENT BW Repository: Copies and Activates InfoObjects from Delivery Version 
256 RSO_RRCA_GET_F4LIST List for Input Help in Repository 
257 RSO_RRCA_GET_PROPERTIES BW Repository: Gets InfoObject Properties Relevant for CTO 
258 RSO_RRCA_GET_RELATED BW Repository: Determine InfoCube Environment 
259 RSO_RRCA_GET_WRITE_SHADOW BW Repository: Copy Active Version to Delivery Version 
260 RSO_RRCA_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Branch to Maintenance Transaction for InfoObjects 
261 RSO_RRCA_SHADOW_EXISTS Check Whether RRCA Exists 
262 RSO_RRCA_SHOW_COMPARISON BW Repository: Display of Comparison for Two InfoObject Versions 
264 RSO_RRQA_ACTIVATE_CONTENT BW Repository: Copies and Activates InfoObjects from Delivery Version 
265 RSO_RRQA_GET_F4LIST List for Input Help in Repository 
266 RSO_RRQA_GET_PROPERTIES BW Repository: Gets InfoObject Properties Relevant for CTO 
267 RSO_RRQA_GET_RELATED BW Repository: Determine Query Environment 
268 RSO_RRQA_GET_WRITE_SHADOW BW Repository: Copy Active Version to Delivery Version 
269 RSO_RRQA_MAINTAIN BW Repository: Branch to Maintenance Transaction for InfoObjects 
270 RSO_RRQA_SHADOW_EXISTS Check Whether RRQA Exists 
271 RSO_RRQA_SHOW_COMPARISON BW Repository: Display of Comparison for Two InfoObject Versions 
273 RSO_RSFO_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Transer Formulas from the delivery version of an event ( 
274 RSO_RSFO_GET_PROPERTIES BW repository: Properties of a formula 
275 RSO_RSFO_GET_PSEUDO_DVERSION D-Versionen zu Schatten-Ipak zurück liefern 
276 RSO_RSFO_GET_RELATED Context of a formula 
278 RSO_RSPI_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Take Interrupt from the delivery version 
279 RSO_RSPI_GET_LIST Determine the available objects (EVEN) 
280 RSO_RSPI_GET_PROPERTIES Interrupt: get_properies 
281 RSO_RSPI_GET_RELATED Interrupt: get_related 
282 RSO_RSPI_MAINTAIN Interrupt: maintenance 
283 RSO_RSPT_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Take Trigger from the delivery version 
284 RSO_RSPT_GET_LIST Determine the available objects (EVEN) 
285 RSO_RSPT_GET_PROPERTIES Trigger: get_properies 
286 RSO_RSPT_GET_RELATED Trigger: get_related 
287 RSO_RSPT_MAINTAIN Trigger: Maintenance 
288 RSO_SELECT_COMPTLOGO Selection and maintenance of groups 
289 RSO_SET_LOGSYS_RELATION BW Repository: Specify Popup for Source System Assignment 
290 RSO_SHOW_ASSOCIATIONS_AS_LIST Obsolete: Returns Objects of BW Repository as a list (ALV) 
291 RSO_SHOW_DATA_AS_TREE Displays Data as Tree (with Data in Columns if Required) 
292 RSO_SHOW_HIT_LIST BW Repository: display hit list full text search 
293 RSO_SHOW_OBJECTS_AS_LIST Obsolete: Returns Objects of BW Repository as a list (ALV) 
294 RSO_SRTV_ACTUALITY_CHECK BW Repository: Text Retrieval: callback verification of topicality 
295 RSO_SRTV_READ_DOCUMENTS ReUse-Library: Text Retrieval: Callback Dokumente einlesen 
296 RSO_START_GUI_REPOSITORY R BW Repository: Starts GUI for Repository 
297 RSO_SUSO_GET_PROPERTIES BW Repository: CTO-Rel. Properties of an Authorization Object 
298 RSO_SUSO_GET_RELATED BW Repository: Determine Environment of an Authorization Object 
299 RSO_SUSP_GET_PROPERTIES BW Repository: CTO-Rel. Properties of an Authorization Profile 
300 RSO_SUSP_GET_RELATED BW Repository: Determine Environment of an Authorization Profile 
301 RSO_TLOGO_EXISTS_DB Checks with Direct SQL Whether a TLOGO Object Exists 
302 RSO_TLOGO_HISTORY_UI Call UI for TLOGO Version Management 
303 RSO_TLOGO_SET_CONTTIMESTMP_DB Sets Content Time Stamp/Release for a TLOGO Object with Direct SQL 
304 RSO_TLOGO_SHOW_DOCUMENTATION R Display Documentation of TLOGO Object in Browser 
305 RSO_TLOGO_WB_INT_DYNP_0200 Screen 200 
306 RSO_TLOGO_WB_INT_DYNP_0300 Screen 200 
307 RSO_TMPL_GET_WRITE_SHADOW BW Repository: Copy Active Version to Delivery Version 
308 RSO_TRANSPORT_COMPTLOGO Determine the transport object for grouping component 
309 RSO_TRANSTRU_GET Find the transfer structures to InfoSource / InfoObject 
311 RSO_UPDR_GET_PROPERTIES BW Repository: Get the CTO relevant properties of F-rules 
312 RSO_UPDR_GET_RELATED BW Repository: Determining the context of the Update Rule 
313 RSO_UPDR_MAINTAIN Update rules maintenance 
314 RSO_USER_GET_PROPERTIES BW Repository: CTO-Rel. User Properties 
315 RSO_USER_GET_RELATED BW Repository: Determine Environment of an Authorization Object 
316 RSO_VAR_GET_RELATED_ISIP Provides infopackages that use a variable 
317 RSO_VCUBE_GET_FUNC RemoteProvider: Get function module for data read 
318 RSO_VCUBE_READ_FM_0BWTC_C08 BW metadata reader module for remote provider 0BWTC_C08 
320 RSO_XLWB_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Stimulus for activation of Workbooks from the object collector 
321 RSO_XLWB_GET_BDS_INFO Obtain information about the BDS-storage of Workbooks 
322 RSO_XLWB_GET_PROPERTIES Properties of a Workbook from the perspective of the object collector 
323 RSO_XLWB_GET_RELATED Relations of a Workbooks from the viewpoint of a object collector 
324 RSO_XLWB_GET_SEARCH_ATR Searching of workbooks with, Integration with BI search framework. 
325 RSO_XLWB_MAINTAIN Trigger to show workbook from object collector 
326 RSO_XML_EXPORT_OBJECT_DOCU R Exports XML Documentation for a BW Meta Object 
329 RSPBPC_EXECUTE_ASYNC R Asynchronous calculation execution 
330 RSPBPC_SHLP_EXIT_LKPBUF_IOBJNM Search help exit for infoobjects in a PBPC Scenario 
331 RSPBPC_SHLP_EXIT_LOOKUP_IOBJNM Search help exit for infoobjects in a PBPC lookup 
332 RSPBPC_SHLP_EXIT_SCEN_IOBJNM Search help exit for infoobjects in a PBPC Scenario 
333 RSPBPC_SHLP_EXIT_VNAM Search help exit for infoobjects in a PBPC lookup 
334 RSPC_ABAP_FINISH R Announces the end of an asynchronous program 
335 RSPC_ABAP_GENERATE Generate of processing the type 'Abap' from job 
336 RSPC_ABAP_MONITOR Monitor for Abap process 
337 RSPC_ALERT_POST Reporting a BEM alert 
338 RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_ERRORS R Error information from process chain run 
339 RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_LOG R Log for the process chain 
340 RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_PROCESSES R Determine processes for chain 
341 RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_RUNS R Select execution of the chain 
342 RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_STARTCOND R Determine schedluing options process chain 
343 RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_STATUS R Status of the Process Chain 
344 RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_VARIABLES R Possible variables of the processes of process chain 
345 RSPC_API_CHAIN_INTERRUPT R Remove processes of a process chain from schedule 
346 RSPC_API_CHAIN_MAINTAIN R Process Chain Maintenance 
347 RSPC_API_CHAIN_RESTART R Process chain again start 
348 RSPC_API_CHAIN_SCHEDULE R Schedule process chain 
349 RSPC_API_CHAIN_SET_STARTCOND Change the start condition of a process chain 
350 RSPC_API_CHAIN_START R Start Process Chain 
351 RSPC_API_GET_CHAINS R Process chains in the system 
352 RSPC_API_GET_RECENT_RUNS R Get most recent run per chain from RSPCM 
353 RSPC_API_PROCESS_GET_INFO R Information on the process 
354 RSPC_API_PROCESS_GET_JOBS R Job Information about the process 
355 RSPC_API_PROCESS_GET_LOG R Logs for the process 
356 RSPC_API_PROCESS_RESTART R Process chain again start 
357 RSPC_API_PROCESS_SKIP R Process chain again start 
358 RSPC_API_SYSTEM_MESSAGE_GET R Determine the last system message 
359 RSPC_BATCHPARM Concatenation of the job name 
361 RSPC_CCMS_MA_REMOVE Delete a chain run by the monitor 
363 RSPC_CCMS_MA_UPDATE_RFC R Referenz für ein Tool in Form eines Funktionsbausteins 
366 RSPC_CCMS_MT_ANALYZE Referenz für ein Tool in Form eines Funktionsbausteins 
367 RSPC_CCMS_MT_POST Monitoring Tree initialize 
368 RSPC_CHAIN_ACCESSABLE Process chain constitute accessable? 
369 RSPC_CHAIN_ACTIVATE_REMOTE R Remote activation of a process chain 
370 RSPC_CHAIN_ATTRIBUTES_SHOW Display attributes of the chain (Last Changed ...) 
371 RSPC_CHAIN_CHECK_REMOTE R Remote testing of a process chain 
372 RSPC_CHAIN_DELETE_REMOTE R Delete process chain remotely 
373 RSPC_CHAIN_EXECUTE_REMOTE R Remote start process chain (internal -> external RSPC_API_CHAIN_START see) 
374 RSPC_CHAIN_MAINTAIN Process Chain Maintenance 
375 RSPC_CHAIN_RESET R Resetting a chain run 
376 RSPC_CHAIN_SEARCHHELP Search help exit for process chains 
377 RSPC_CHAIN_SHOW_DELTA Show the repetition period of a chain 
378 RSPC_CHAIN_SHOW_ERRORS Show the errors of the current run of the chain 
379 RSPC_CHAIN_SHOW_PROCESSES Show the runtime statistics of the chain 
380 RSPC_CHAIN_SHOW_STATISTICS Show the runtime statistics of the chain 
381 RSPC_CHAIN_START R Start Process Chain 
382 RSPC_CHAIN_START_SYNCHRONOUS R Run process chain synchronously 
383 RSPC_DEC_FIELDNAME_SEARCHHELP Search help exit for process chains 
384 RSPC_DEC_PRED_FNAM_SEARCHHELP Search help exit for process chains 
385 RSPC_DEC_TYPE_SEARCHHELP Search help exit for process chains 
386 RSPC_DEC_VARIANT_SEARCHHELP Search help exit for process chains 
387 RSPC_DESTINATION_F4 R F4 Help for Destinations 
388 RSPC_FIND_PROCESSES determine Process chains for TLOGO objects 
389 RSPC_FRONTEND_SET_EXIT Set exit flag for DWB-forward navigation 
390 RSPC_GENERATE_CHAIN generate processes into a chain 
391 RSPC_GET_ACTIVE Number of active process chains 
392 RSPC_GET_CHAIN R Select a process chain 
393 RSPC_GET_DELAY Calculate expected next start 
394 RSPC_GET_DEVIATION Calculate duration deviation of a chain 
395 RSPC_GET_EVENTCOLOR Determine 'Color' of the event 
396 RSPC_GET_EVENT_ICON Determine icon for event 
397 RSPC_GET_JOBSTATE Status of a job in the process chain notation 
398 RSPC_GET_KILL R aborted run? 
399 RSPC_GET_OBJECT Get the class for a process type 
400 RSPC_GET_SERVER Enter Batch Server for Scheduling 
401 RSPC_HAS_INTERFACE Determine the methods implemented for each process 
402 RSPC_INTERRUPT interrupt process finish 
403 RSPC_INTERRUPT_GENERATE Generate Trigger-Process 
404 RSPC_INTERRUPT_MAINTAIN maintain interrupt process 
405 RSPC_JOBNAME Concatenation of the job name 
406 RSPC_JOB_PRIORITY specify job priority 
407 RSPC_KILL_RESET R Reset "Kill" 
408 RSPC_LOG_DELETE R Delete logs 
409 RSPC_LOG_SHOW View the mlogs for the process 
410 RSPC_MERGE_LOG_CHAIN Mix of protocol and chain 
411 RSPC_MIGRATE_EVENT_CHAIN Generate process chain from event-chain 
412 RSPC_MIGRATE_INFOPACKAGE_GROUP Create process chain from InfoPackage group 
413 RSPC_MIGRATE_JOB Generate process from job 
414 RSPC_PARM_SPLIT Concatenation of the job name 
415 RSPC_PATHFINDER Finding paths between processes in a chain (directed!) 
416 RSPC_POPUP_DATE_SELECTION Popup for time selection 
417 RSPC_POPUP_TO_CONNECT_CHAIN Popup to prompt when connecting two chains 
418 RSPC_POPUP_TO_SET_ALERTS Set Polling flag 
419 RSPC_POPUP_TO_SET_APPLNM Assign Display Grouping 
420 RSPC_POPUP_TO_SET_AUTORESET set autoreset flag 
421 RSPC_POPUP_TO_SET_BATCHUSER Choose background user 
422 RSPC_POPUP_TO_SET_EXPERTMODE Set "expert mode" (no defaul chains any more) 
423 RSPC_POPUP_TO_SET_POLLING Set Polling flag 
425 RSPC_POPUP_TO_SET_UNWATCHED set unwatched flag 
426 RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH R Finish a Process 
427 RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH_ASYNC Confirming completion of the process asynchronously 
428 RSPC_PROCESS_GENERATE Generate BW-processes from program 
429 RSPC_PROCESS_GET_INFO Determine which process is currently running 
430 RSPC_PROCESS_RESTARTABLE Is a process within the chain re-startable? 
431 RSPC_PROCESS_SET_INSTANCE Early feedback from the current instance 
432 RSPC_RSPROCESS_START Run program rsprocess 
433 RSPC_RUNTIME_ANALYSIS R List of terms of process chains 
434 RSPC_SHOW_DOCUMENTATION Display Documentation for a Process Type 
435 RSPC_SHOW_FIND display find popup 
436 RSPC_SHUTDOWN shut down process chains 
437 RSPC_STARTUP Re-starting de-scheduled chains 
438 RSPC_TRANSIENT_CLIENT_GET Processing client because of the chains used 
439 RSPC_TRIGGER_DELETE Generate Trigger-Process 
440 RSPC_TRIGGER_GENERATE Generate Trigger-Process 
441 RSPC_TRIGGER_MAINTAIN maintainTrigger process 
443 RSPC_VARIANT_DELETE Delete variant 
445 RSPC_VARIANT_MAINTAIN Generic Variant Maintenance 
446 RSPC_VARIANT_OPERATION_STOP Stops the flow of control in help dynpro 
447 RSPC_VARIANT_SELECT Popup for selecting a variant 
449 RSPC_XMIMSG_WRITE Write log msg to XMI 
450 RSPLFB_FCT_CHECK R Checks Service Currently Loaded 
452 RSPLFB_FCT_MSG_GET R Get Messages of Last Round Trip 
453 RSPLFB_FCT_SCREEN_NECESS R Checks Whether Variable Entries Are Missing for Check 
454 RSPLFB_GET_MSG_USAGE Provides Error Messages During TLOGO Use 
455 RSPLFB_GET_RET_FROM_BAPIRET2 Provides Error Return Value If Error Message Is Issued 
458 RSPLFB_RFC_SERVICE_CHECK_CURR R Checks Service Currently Loaded 
459 RSPLFB_RFC_SERVICE_CREATE R Create a New Service 
460 RSPLFB_RFC_SERVICE_DELETE R Delete a New Service Using Name 
461 RSPLFB_RFC_SERVICE_LOAD R Load a Service Using Name 
462 RSPLFB_RFC_SERVICE_LOAD_DEBUG R Load a Service Using Name 
463 RSPLFB_RFC_SERVICE_ROLLBACK R Saves Service Currently Loaded 
464 RSPLFB_RFC_SERVICE_SAVE_CURR R Saves Service Currently Loaded 
465 RSPLFB_RFC_SRV_CHECK_CUSAGE R Checks Whether Characteristic Use Is OK 
466 RSPLFB_RFC_SRV_GETLIST R Catalog of Services 
467 RSPLFB_RFC_SRV_SCREEN_NECESS R Checks Whether Variable Entries Are Missing for Check 
468 RSPLFB_RFC_SYNC_TO_BACKEND R Transfers Status from Front End to Back End 
469 RSPLFB_RFC_SYNC_TO_FRONTEND R Provides Loaded Status on Back End to Front End 
470 RSPLFB_RFC_VARIABLE_GET R Reads Formula Variables from Database 
471 RSPLFC_FORMULA_EXECUTE Formel ausführen 
472 RSPLFC_FORMULA_RUNTIME_INIT Initialisiert die Laufzeit vor der Formelausführung 
473 RSPLFC_FORMULA_VARIABLES_CHECK Callback for Variables for Parse Formula 
475 RSPLFC_FOX_DEBUGGING_GET_STATE zz_hgb_fox_debugging_get_state 
476 RSPLFC_GENERATE_PROGRAMM Generate Program for Runtime 
477 RSPLFC_GET_REF_DATA_CHARSEL Liest die Referenzdatenselektion 
478 RSPLFC_KEYS_CHECK Check Characteristic Values / Read Texts 
479 RSPLFC_RFC_FORMULA_ALL_BWVAR R Reads Formula Variables from Database 
481 RSPLFC_RFC_FORMULA_DEV_VARS R Permitted Variables 
482 RSPLFC_RFC_FORMULA_TYPES_GET R Gets Data Types for Variables Permitted in Formulas 
483 RSPLFC_RFC_FUNCTION_CALL_GET R Combines a Function Module Call 
484 RSPLFC_RFC_GET_FOX_FUNCTIONS R Gets list of ABAP Function Calls Permitted in FOX 
485 RSPLFD_PLST_F4_DYNP_UPDATE F4 for InfoCubes with Screen Update 
486 RSPLFD_PLST_GETLIST R Get List of Planning Service Types 
487 RSPLFD_PLST_MAINT Maintenance of Planning Function Type 
488 RSPLFR_SERVICE_LOG_ADD Add Messages to Log 
489 RSPLFR_SERVICE_LOG_CALLBACK Callback for Application Log 
490 RSPLFR_SERVICE_LOG_GET_DETAILS Provides Messages and Associated Details 
494 RSPLFR_SQ_LOG_EXPORT_DETAILS Function Module for Export Without Parameter Name 
495 RSPLFR_SQ_LOG_IMPORT_DETAILS Function Module for Import Without Parameters 
496 RSPLPPMDS_DISPATCHER R Dispatcher for managing the PPM buffer 
497 RSPLPPMRFC_CHECK_LOCK R Check if a lock exists in the PPM SperrDSO 
498 RSPLPPMRFC_DELETE_AGENT R Delete a processor of a responsibility area 
499 RSPLPPMRFC_DELETE_LOCK R Delete lock from responsibility area 
500 RSPLPPMRFC_GEN_ANALYZER_URL R Generation of the URL to start the BEx Analyzer (Query or Workbook)