SAP ABAP Function Module - Index R, page 44
Function Module - R
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 RSDBS_EDIT Index Banf/Bestellung zu Einzelbestandsreservierungen im Netzplan 
2 RSDB_CREATE_WITH_EBAN Erzeugen des Indexes RSDB beim Generieren einer Direktbestellanforderung 
3 RSDB_CREATE_WITH_EKPO Erzeugen des Indexes RSDB beim Überführen einer Direktbanf in eine Bestel. 
4 RSDB_CREATE_WITH_PLAF Erzeugen des Indexes RSDB beim Generieren eines Direktplanauftrages 
5 RSDB_DELETE Löschen Index RSDB beim Löschen des verurs. Sekundärbedarfes oder Planauf. 
6 RSDB_DELETE_WITH_EBAN Löschen des Indexes RSDB beim ( logischen ) Löschen einer Banf 
7 RSDB_DELETE_WITH_EKPO Löschen des Indexes RSDB beim ( logischen ) Löschen einer Bestellung 
8 RSDC_AREA_F4_DYNP_UPDATE F4 for InfoAreas with screen update 
9 RSDC_CUBE_F4_DYNP_UPDATE F4 for InfoCubes, Multi / Hybrid provider with screen update 
10 RSDC_DAT_CLS_FOR_SHLP Search Help Exit for Data Type 
11 RSDC_DTA_F4_DYNP_UPDATE F4 for InfoProvider with screen update 
12 RSDC_FINEST_TIMNM Determines the Most Detailed Time Characteristic of Two Input Values 
13 RSDC_GET_VERSION_TXT Read version text 
14 RSDC_IOBC_F4_DYNP_UPDATE F4 for InfoObject Catalogs with screen update 
15 RSDC_ISXX_F4_DYNP_UPDATE F4 for InfoSources with dynpro update 
16 RSDC_LISTPROV_F4_DYNP_UPDATE F4 for InfoProvider with screen update 
17 RSDC_MULTI_FINEST_TIMNM Determines Most Detailed Time Characteristic (Input Table with TIMs) 
18 RSDC_ODSO_F4_DYNP_UPDATE F4 for data stores with screen update 
19 RSDC_SHOW_MESSAGES_POPUP Display Messages in Popup 
20 RSDC_SIZ_CAT_FOR_SHLP Search Help Exit for Size Category 
21 RSDC_SLOGSYS_CHECK Checking: source ystem 
22 RSDC_SLOGSYS_F4 F4 help source systems 
23 RSDC_SLOGSYS_F4_DYNP_UPDATE F4 for logocal system dynpro update 
24 RSDC_VIOBJ_TO_IOBJ_SG Converts InfoObjects from Type RSD_S_VIOBJ to RSDO_S_IOBJ_SG (OO) 
25 RSDC_VIOBJ_TO_SGIOBJ Converts InfoObjects of type RSD_S_VIOBJ to RSD_S_SGIOBJ 
26 RSDDB_BISS_READ BI-SelfService VIPs, die aus TREX/BIA auslesen 
27 RSDDB_F4_BIA_INDEX F4 input help for BIA index types 
28 RSDDB_UI_INDEX_DISPLAY SE16 for Index Data 
29 RSDDB_UI_PROT_SELECT Call of the screen to select the application log 
30 RSDDB_UI_START Start module for transaction RSDDB 
31 RSDDCVER_AGGREGATES Read information form aggregates 
32 RSDDCVER_ATRNAV Master data navigation attributes of an InfoCube 
33 RSDDCVER_ATRNAV_IOBJ Master data for an individual navigation attribute 
34 RSDDCVER_ATRNAV_SINGLE Checks the master data of a navigation attribute 
35 RSDDCVER_CHECK_MAINTFL Tests for a database table, if Table Maintenance SE16 turned on 
36 RSDDCVER_COB_PRO Properties of the InfoObjects of an InfoCube 
37 RSDDCVER_COUNT_TAB_COLS Counts different column entries for a table 
38 RSDDCVER_CUBE_CHECK Consistency of the InfoCube definition 
39 RSDDCVER_CUBE_DDIC Entries of the InfoCube in Data Dictionary 
40 RSDDCVER_DB_INDEXES Indices of an InfoCube and its aggregate 
41 RSDDCVER_DB_PARAMETERS Parameters of the database 
42 RSDDCVER_DB_STATISTICS DB statistics of an InfoCube and its aggregates 
43 RSDDCVER_DB_TABLE_INFO DB information on tables of an InfoCube 
44 RSDDCVER_DIM Dimensions and MID tables of the InfoCube 
45 RSDDCVER_DIM_DUPLICATE Multiple entries in the dimensions of an InfoCube 
46 RSDDCVER_DIM_NUMBER_RANGE Compare number ranges of dimensions and max. DIMID 
47 RSDDCVER_DIM_SINGLE Checks all SID-tables to a Dimensions of an InfoCube 
48 RSDDCVER_DIM_UNUSED Unused entries in the dimensions of an InfoCube 
49 RSDDCVER_FACT Fact table and dimension table of an InfoCube 
50 RSDDCVER_FACT_SINGLE Compare a dimension of a fact table with a dimension table 
51 RSDDCVER_GET_FB_SHORTTEXT Returns the short text (description) of a function module 
52 RSDDCVER_GET_INFO Information about the InfoCube 
53 RSDDCVER_HIEOLAP Hierarchies (OLAP) for the characteristics of an InfoCube 
54 RSDDCVER_HIEOLAP_IOBJ Hierarchies (OLAP) of an individual InfoObject 
55 RSDDCVER_HIEOLAP_SINGLE Hierarchies (OLAP) of an individual characteristic 
56 RSDDCVER_INFOSOURCE Checking InfoSource (transaction data) 
57 RSDDCVER_INFOSOURCE_MDATA Checking InfoSource (master data) 
58 RSDDCVER_IOBJNM_SID SID table of the InfoObject 
59 RSDDCVER_LIST_HEADER Description of the output format used 
60 RSDDCVER_MAINTAIN Analysis of objects in the Business Information Warehouse 
61 RSDDCVER_MDATA Consistency of the master data for the characteristics of an InfoCube 
62 RSDDCVER_MDATA_SINGLE Consistency of the master data for an individual InfoObject 
63 RSDDCVER_MDATA_USAGE Characteristic values (master data) not used in InfoCubes 
64 RSDDCVER_MDATA_USAGE_ALL Unused attribute values ##of all basic characteristic 
65 RSDDCVER_MDATA_USAGE_IOBJ Characteristic values of a characteristic that are not used 
66 RSDDCVER_MDATA_USAGE_SINGLE Using master data of a single InfoObject 
67 RSDDCVER_MDATA_VAL Characters in characteristic values (master data) that are not allowed 
68 RSDDCVER_MDATA_VAL_ALL Not permitted characters in characteristic values of all basic chars 
69 RSDDCVER_MDATA_VAL_HIERA Disallowed characters in a hierarchies of a single InfoObject 
70 RSDDCVER_MDATA_VAL_IOBJ Not permitted characters in characteristic values of a characteristic 
71 RSDDCVER_MDATA_VAL_REPAIR Unauthorised values ##of a characteristic 
72 RSDDCVER_MDATA_VAL_SINGLE Disallowed characters in master data for a single InfoObject 
73 RSDDCVER_MESSAGE_HANDLING Message-Handling for InfoCube verification 
74 RSDDCVER_MESSAGE_HANDLING_INI Initializes message handling for BW analysis 
75 RSDDCVER_MESSAGE_OUTPUT Show collected messages from checking InfoCubes 
76 RSDDCVER_MESSAGE_OUTPUT_LTXT Shows long text of a message in window 
77 RSDDCVER_NUMBER_RANGE Balance number range and max. SID 
78 RSDDCVER_NUMBER_RANGE_ALL Check number range and max. SID (all characteristics) 
79 RSDDCVER_PSA_INFO_GET Partition information for PSA Tables 
80 RSDDCVER_PSA_PARTITION Compare number ranges of dimensions and max. DIMID 
81 RSDDCVER_QUERIES Check queries for an InfoCube 
82 RSDDCVER_QUERY Check an individual query 
83 RSDDCVER_QUERY_XREF Check query consistency (query element references) 
84 RSDDCVER_REPAIR Evaluates collected messages and launches the appropriate repair 
85 RSDDCVER_RFC_BW_AGGR_STAT R Compressed data sets on the BW Statistics for agregates via RFC 
86 RSDDCVER_RFC_BW_STATISTICS R Compressed data of BW statistics by RFC 
87 RSDDCVER_RFC_BW_STATISTICS_2 R BW statistics on RFC: TOP N of queries 
88 RSDDCVER_RFC_BW_WHM_STAT R Compressed data sets on the BW Statistics for agregates via RFC 
89 RSDDCVER_RFC_ORA_PARA R Check the database parameters (Oracle) 
90 RSDDCVER_ROUTINES_DELETE Deletion of Utility Programs 
91 RSDDCVER_ROUTINES_ID_CREATE Determine a number for managing a generated utility program 
93 RSDDCVER_SHOW_FBDOCU Displays documentation for a function module 
94 RSDDCVER_SID MID table and master data of the characteristics 
95 RSDDCVER_SID_ALL_CHABAS SID table and master data of all (basic) characteristics 
96 RSDDCVER_SID_IOBJ SID table and master data of an individual characteristic 
97 RSDDCVER_SID_SINGLE Checks the SID table for an InfoObject 
98 RSDDCVER_TABS_OF_CHAR Columns on master data tables 
99 RSDDCVER_UNITS Units and key figures in fact table blank 
100 RSDDCVER_USAGE_MDATA_BY_SID Where-used list for master data in SID tables 
101 RSDDCVER_USAGE_MDATA_HIERA Where-used list for master data in hierarchies 
102 RSDDCVER_USAGE_MDATA_ODSO Master Data - Cross-reference in DataStore objects 
103 RSDDCVER_VERIFY_BG Check of BW objects - call from background job 
104 RSDDG_AUTHY_CHECK Authorization Check 
105 RSDDG_UT_X_GET_QUERY_URL X return URL Query 
106 RSDDG_UT_X_IOBJ_CMP R Review InfoObject bracketting 
107 RSDDG_X_BIDATA_CREATE R Write data into BI objects 
108 RSDDG_X_BIDATA_DELETE X delete data from InfoProvider 
109 RSDDG_X_BI_DESCRIBE_TARGET R Description of the data targets for demo data 
110 RSDDG_X_BI_MD_CREATE X Generate Master Data 
111 RSDDG_X_BI_MD_GET X Read Master Data 
112 RSDDG_X_GET_POOLVAL_RELATION X Returns values ##from proposal pool, which are in dependend 
113 RSDDG_X_POOL_GET X Data read out from the proposal pool 
114 RSDDG_X_POOL_MAPPING_GET X Accessing Proposal Pool - Assignment Iobj 
115 RSDDK_AGGRBUFFER_INVALIDATE Invalidate the aggregate directory buffer 
116 RSDDK_AGGRCAT_CUBES Read all InfoCubes for which aggregates exist 
117 RSDDK_AGGRCAT_DELETE Impact of "Delete an InfoCube" on the Aggregate 
118 RSDDK_AGGRCAT_INIT Initializing the Aggregate Catalog for an InfoCube 
119 RSDDK_AGGRCAT_READ Reading in the aggregate catalog for an InfoCube 
120 RSDDK_AGGRCAT_SORT Form a Tree for the Aggregate for the Aggregate Catalog 
121 RSDDK_AGGRCOMP_CLEANUP Cleaned Up M-Version of an Aggregate Definition 
122 RSDDK_AGGRDIR_GET BW Aggregates: Read the Aggregate directory 
123 RSDDK_AGGRDIR_MODIFY Adjustment of the Aggregate Directory After a Realignment Run 
124 RSDDK_AGGRDIR_READ Reading of an Aggregate Definition 
125 RSDDK_AGGRDIR_UPDATE Save the Aggregate Definition 
126 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_ACTIVATE Copying the M Objvers of the Aggregate into the A Obj Vers 
127 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_ACTIVE_CHECK Returns the Active Aggregates from a List of Aggregates 
128 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_CHECK Checks aggregates of an InfoCube 
129 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_CONDENSE Condenses all the given aggregates 
130 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_DEACTIVATE Deactivating Aggregates (Deleting the Data in the Fact Table) 
131 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_FILL Filling Aggregates for an InfoCube 
132 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_MAINTAIN Adopts all aggregates in change run 
133 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_PDIM_CLEAN Deletes Unused Req.-Part. and P Dims 
134 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_ROLLUP Roll up all the aggregates of an InfoCube 
135 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_SORT Sorting a Specified List of Active and Inactive Aggregates 
136 RSDDK_AGGREGATES_TRUNCATE Deletes the data from aggregates 
137 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_CHECK checks an aggregate (from parallel start) 
138 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_CONDENSE Condenses an Aggregate 
139 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_FILL Fills an aggregate 
140 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_FILL_PREANALYS Information about the Filling Process of an Aggregate 
141 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_INACTIVE_SET Sets an Aggregate to Inactive So That It Can No Longer Be Read From 
142 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_MAINTAIN Does a change in the aggregate in the change run 
143 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_OVERVIEW Summary status of the aggregates in AWB 
144 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_ROLLUP High-rolling for an aggregate 
145 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_ROLLUP_DELTA Internal: Roll up of a delta set 
146 RSDDK_AGGREGATE_WRITE Intern: Writing an Aggregate 
147 RSDDK_AGGROBJ_SFC_CONVERT Conversion of the Description for the Aggregate in TH_SFC and TH_SEL 
148 RSDDK_AGGRSTATISTIC_SET Updates statistics for the aggregate 
149 RSDDK_AGGR_CHILDS_GET Provides Lower Level, Next Lower Level of an Aggregate 
150 RSDDK_AGGR_COPY_VERSION BW aggregates: Copies aggregates between versions 
151 RSDDK_AGGR_EXIST_CHECK Checks Whether an Amount of Aggregates Still Exists 
152 RSDDK_AGGR_F4_LIST BW Repository: List all aggregates for F4 
153 RSDDK_AGGR_MAINTAIN Start the aggregate maintenance 
154 RSDDK_AGGR_MDDEL_IMPACT clean up aggregates after master data deletion 
155 RSDDK_AGGR_PROT_SELECT selection for the aggregate logs 
156 RSDDK_AGGR_USE_OK Verifies that aggregates can be defined 
157 RSDDK_ATTRIBUTE_AGGREGATE_USED Where used, wich aggregate has the characteristic as attribute 
158 RSDDK_BEST_AGGRUID_FIND Find the best aggregate (internal) 
159 RSDDK_BIW_GET_DATA BW statistics: transmission of transaction data 
161 RSDDK_BLOCK_CHA_GET determine block characteristic for aggregate definition 
162 RSDDK_CAN_AGGR1_BUILD_AGGR2 Can Aggregat 2 build up by Aggregat 1? 
163 RSDDK_CHANGE_DELTA Delta Adjustment of an Aggregate at Hier/Attr Changes 
164 RSDDK_CHANMATTR_AGGREGAT_USED Where-Used List: Attributes of a Char. -> Aggregates 
165 RSDDK_CHECKID_F4 F4 help for the CheckID of Aggregate checks 
166 RSDDK_CHECKID_F4_DYNP_UPDATE Screen fields for selection via F4 help for CheckID 
167 RSDDK_CHECKS_GET Read Checks from DB tables 
168 RSDDK_CHECK_AGGREGATE Check Aggregate Against Source 
169 RSDDK_CHECK_AGGREGATE_CONFIRM Confirm final settings for a check 
170 RSDDK_CHECK_AGGREGATE_MAINT Start of aggregate Maintenance Check 
171 RSDDK_CHECK_AGGREGATE_START Infocube Selection for Aggregate Check Maintenance 
172 RSDDK_CHECK_SELOPT_GET Selection options for the aggregate check 
173 RSDDK_CHNGID_TO_SEL_APPEND intern: Includes the Values for the CHGID in the SEL 
174 RSDDK_COMPLEX_AGGRCAT_GET Internal: Turns aggrdir and aggrcomp into the complex structure aggrcat 
175 RSDDK_FACTTABLES_GET Determines the Affected Fact Tables 
176 RSDDK_FIND_AGGR_BY_AGGRCUBE Reads Aggregate data from RSDDAGGRDIR for cube names 
177 RSDDK_GET_AGGR_PROP_SELECT Suggest the aggregates: Selection 
178 RSDDK_HIERA_AGGREGAT_USED Where-used list: hierarchy -> aggregates 
179 RSDDK_INDEXES_AGGR_RECREATE Rebuilds the Indexes for Aggregates Again 
180 RSDDK_INFOCUBE_AGGREGAT_USED Where used list : Aggregates of an Infocube 
181 RSDDK_IOBJNM_AGGREGAT_USED Where-used list: InfoObject -> aggregates 
182 RSDDK_KEY_TIM_GET Determines the Position of Time Characteristics and Indicators 
183 RSDDK_MAINTENANCE_START Starts the screen to manage 
184 RSDDK_MODNEW_AGGREGATES_GET Aggregates That Were Newly Created During Realignment Run 
185 RSDDK_MODNEW_RENAMED_SET Sets the Indicator Modnewfl to rsddaggridir 
186 RSDDK_NUM_DISTINCT_VALUES_GET Determines the number of different values ##of a characteristic 
187 RSDDK_PARENTAGGR_GET Provides the Source Aggregate or the InfoCube for an Aggreg. Description 
188 RSDDK_PREANALYSIS_OPTIONS_GET Options for the pre-analysis of the aggregate-filling 
189 RSDDK_REPLACED_VAR_DELETE Export of the replaced variables 
190 RSDDK_REPLACED_VAR_EXPORT Export of the replaced variables 
191 RSDDK_REPLACED_VAR_IMPORT Import of the replaced variables 
192 RSDDK_SELECT_CHECK_MODE Popup for selecting the Auto check mode 
193 RSDDK_SET_AGGR_TABLESPACE Sets table space for aggregates 
194 RSDDK_SFC_AGGROBJ_CONVERT Conversion of the TH_SFC in the description of the aggregates 
195 RSDDK_SRDATE_CHECK Verifies that the deadline of the aggregate is correct 
196 RSDDK_SRDATE_VAR_GET gets the key date variables 
197 RSDDK_SRDATE_VAR_REPLACE gets a data from the variable for SRDATE 
198 RSDDK_STA_ADD_AGGR Add statistical data for an aggregate 
199 RSDDK_STA_ADD_CONDENSOR Add statistics for InfoCube condenser 
200 RSDDK_STA_ADD_DELETOR Add statistics for InfoCube Content content deletion 
201 RSDDK_STA_ADD_WHM Save BW statistics data for the warehouse management 
202 RSDDK_STA_AGGR_CLOSE End: collect statistic data to aggregates 
203 RSDDK_STA_AGGR_OPEN Beginning: to collect statistic data to aggreagtes 
204 RSDDK_STA_AGGR_OPTIMIZE Optimize aggregate selection 
205 RSDDK_STA_ANALYZE_QSTAT Determine Aggregates from BW statistics data 
206 RSDDK_STA_ANALYZE_QSTAT_DB Determine Aggregates from BW statistics - DB Tables 
207 RSDDK_STA_ANALYZE_QUERIES Identifies proposals for aggregates from query definitions 
208 RSDDK_STA_CONTENT_ACTIVATE Statistikdaten für Übernahme (Aktivierung) Business Content 
209 RSDDK_STA_DB_TO_FILE BW Statistics: transaction and master data in files 
210 RSDDK_STA_DEL_DATA BW Statistics: delete data in database tables (buffer) 
211 RSDDK_STA_GET_ACTUAL_STAT BW Statistik: Aktuelle Daten lesen 
212 RSDDK_STA_INFOCUBE BW Statistics: Transaction data in the InfoCube directly via interface 
213 RSDDK_STA_STATUS_MAINTAIN BW Statistics: Setting the recording mode 
214 RSDDK_STA_STATUS_WHM Returns status, if statistics WHM are to be collected 
215 RSDDK_STA_TIMING_GET Returns Table with Timing 
216 RSDDK_STA_TIMING_RESET Löscht die Tabelle mit den gesammelten Zeiten 
217 RSDDK_STA_TIMING_SHOW Displays Times Measured as a List 
218 RSDDK_TIMEDEP_CHECK Checks Whether an Aggregate Has Time-Dependent Components 
219 RSDDK_VARCOMP_AGGREGATE_USED Retrieves all the components that depend on variables 
220 RSDDK_VARIABLE_AGGREGAT_USED Where used list : Aggregates of an Infocube 
221 RSDDLTIP_CLOSE_CUR_OBJ Complete processing of the current object 
222 RSDDLTIP_GET_CUR_OBJ supply Currently selected object 
223 RSDDLTIP_GET_PROV_ICON get icon for providers (with Objstat) 
224 RSDDLTIP_GET_PROV_INFO gets information about a transient provider 
225 RSDDLTIP_LTIP_CREATE Create Analytic Index 
226 RSDDLTIP_LTIP_DELETE Deleting an OLAP index 
227 RSDDLTIP_LTIP_F4 value Help for analytical index 
228 RSDDLTIP_LTIP_MAINTAIN Maintenance of analytical index 
230 RSDDLTIP_LTIP_WHERE_USED Where used lists in tabular output 
231 RSDDLTIP_SET_NEW_OBJ take new object in processing 
232 RSDDLTIP_UI_MAIN_DYNPRO Call: main dynpro trans.Provider UI 
233 RSDDSTAT_DATA_GET_RFC R Reading the query statistics for a UID 
234 RSDDSTAT_DTA_GET_DATA Template: Übertragung von Bewegungsdaten 
235 RSDDSTAT_QUERYSTAT_READ Read the OLAP statistics for a query 
236 RSDDSTAT_SEL_GET_DATA Template: Übertragung von Bewegungsdaten 
237 RSDDSTAT_SEL_MAINTAIN Customizing of selection statisitics 
238 RSDDSTAT_STATISTICS_DELETE Delete data in statistical tables 
239 RSDDSTAT_STATISTICS_MAINTAIN Maintenance of the query statistics properties 
240 RSDDS_AGGREGATES_MAINTAIN Adjust Aggregate to Structural Changes 
241 RSDDS_AGGREGATES_VAR_MAINTAIN Adapt Aggregate to Variable Changes 
242 RSDDS_AGGR_MOD_CLOSE log end of the run change 
243 RSDDS_AGGR_MOD_OPEN Log start of change run 
244 RSDDS_AGGR_MOD_STATE_GET Putput state of change run 
245 RSDDS_ATTRCHANGES_EXPORT Exports changed master data 
246 RSDDS_ATTRCHANGES_IMPORT Exports changed master data 
247 RSDDS_ATTRIBUTES_ACTIVATE activate attributes in the master data table 
248 RSDDS_ATTRIBUTE_CHANGES_FIND Searches the changes in the master table 
249 RSDDS_CHANGED_OBJECTS_GET Provides list of characteristics and hierarchies to be activated 
250 RSDDS_CHANGERUN_MONITOR Monitor for Change Run 
251 RSDDS_CHANGERUN_TMPTABLS_DEL Deleting the Old Temp. Change Run Tables 
253 RSDDS_CHANGE_CHA_MAINTAIN Create Comment That CHCKTAB Has Changed in Change Catalog 
254 RSDDS_CHANGE_HIE_DELETE Delete note from change catalog for hierarchy 
255 RSDDS_CHANGE_HIE_MAINTAIN Create note in the change catalog that INCLTAB has changed 
256 RSDDS_CHANGE_INFOCUBE Set mark in change log that Infocube is touched 
257 RSDDS_MD_HIER_ACTIVATE Activation of Master Data and Hierarchies 
258 RSDDS_STRUC_CHANGES_GET Gets all hierarchies and characterist which are marked for activation 
259 RSDDS_TMP_NAME_GET Converts ia table name nto a tmp table name 
260 RSDDTMPTAB_CLEANUP Release All Names Currently Locked 
261 RSDDTMPTAB_EXTEND_RANGE Extend Number Range Buffer for Hierarchy Views 
262 RSDDTMPTAB_GET_NAMETYPE Defines the Table Type 
263 RSDDTMPTAB_GET_NEW_NAME Request (and Lock) Unused, Temporary Name for Table or View 
264 RSDDTMPTAB_GET_NEW_TABLE Request (and Lock) Unused, Temporary Name for Table or View 
265 RSDDTMPTAB_RELEASE_NAME Release / Lock Temporary Name for Table or View 
266 RSDDTMPTAB_RELEASE_TABLE Release / Lock Temporary Name for Table or View 
267 RSDDTPS_ACTIVATE_AUTH permissions activate / customize 
268 RSDDTPS_ACTIVATE_CONV Conversions activate / adjust 
269 RSDDTPS_ACTIVATE_HIER Hierarchies enable / adjust 
270 RSDDTPS_ACTIVATE_PROV Enable providers to install / adapt 
271 RSDDTPS_ACTIVATE_SETTINGS Explorer features enable / adjust 
272 RSDDTPS_BW_EXPLORER_AUDIT License Audit: Number of Explorer objects 
273 RSDDTPS_CLOSE_CUR_OBJ Complete processing of the current object 
274 RSDDTPS_DELETE_SNAPSHOT Deleting a snapshot index 
275 RSDDTPS_F4_EXPLOBJNM F4 help for Explorer objects 
276 RSDDTPS_FML_MAINTAIN fill Permissions 
277 RSDDTPS_GET_CUR_OBJ supply Currently selected object 
278 RSDDTPS_GET_PROV_ICON get icon for providers (with Objstat) 
279 RSDDTPS_HIER_INDEX index hierarchies 
280 RSDDTPS_HIER_INDEX_DELETE Selection: Log Information 
281 RSDDTPS_HIER_UPDATE Updating the hierarchy of an IP 
282 RSDDTPS_INDEX_ACT_FILL Creating a snapshot index 
284 RSDDTPS_LOG_DISPLAY Display backup log for InfoCubes 
285 RSDDTPS_LOG_SELECT Selection: Log Information 
286 RSDDTPS_MAINTAIN expand BIA index for Polestar 
287 RSDDTPS_MAINTAIN_AUTH fill Permissions 
288 RSDDTPS_MPRO_INDEX create MultiProvider for Polestar 
289 RSDDTPS_PC_VARIANT_MAINT Maintain process variant 
290 RSDDTPS_SET_GLOBAL_SETTINGS set Global settings 
291 RSDDTPS_SET_NEW_OBJ take new object in processing 
292 RSDDTPS_SHOW_GLOBAL_SETTINGS Show global settings 
293 RSDDTPS_TLOGO_F4 F4 Help Objecttypes Explorer 
294 RSDDTPS_UI_MAIN_DYNPRO Call: main dynpro BW P* UI 
295 RSDDTPS_UPDATE_RKFCKF Hierarchies enable / adjust 
296 RSDDTREX_ADMIN_MAINTAIN Maintenance of the TREX parameters 
297 RSDDTREX_AFTER_ACTIVATION Performs adjustments to a BIA index 
298 RSDDTREX_AFTER_CUBE_ACTIVATION Performs adjustments to a BIA index 
299 RSDDTREX_AFTER_IOBJ_ACTIVATION Performs adjustments to a BIA index 
300 RSDDTREX_AFTER_UPGRADE_70X_73X Cleaning up RSMDATASTATE after upgrade 70x-> 73x 
301 RSDDTREX_AGGREGATE_MAINTAIN BIA index create, delete, ... 
302 RSDDTREX_BEFORE_ACTIVATION Writes the old version to the DB 
304 RSDDTREX_BIASTATS_VIP BIA Statistiken auslesen 
305 RSDDTREX_BIA_ACTIVATE_FILL activates and fills a BIA-Index 
306 RSDDTREX_BIA_ACTIVATE_FILL_PC Create and Fill BIA-Indexes (from ProcessChain) 
307 RSDDTREX_BIA_CR_CLEANUP take BIAs out of the CR 
308 RSDDTREX_BIA_CR_POSTPROCESS BIAs that are set to inactive adopt after CR 
309 RSDDTREX_BIA_DELETE Deleting a BIA index type InfoCube 
310 RSDDTREX_CHECK_GET Read check data for ID 
311 RSDDTREX_DELTAINDEX_MERGE Merge main and delta index per cube 
312 RSDDTREX_F4_BIAINDEX F4 help for BIA Indexes 
313 RSDDTREX_F4_CHECKID F4 help for the checks 
314 RSDDTREX_F4_INFOOBJECTS F4 help for the info objects in a BIA index 
315 RSDDTREX_F4_KEYFIGURE F4 help for key figures in a BIA index 
316 RSDDTREX_F4_TABLES Tables / indexes in F4 help for BIA index 
317 RSDDTREX_INDEX_ADJUST_RFC R RFC-Baustein für das Anpassen eines BIA-Index 
318 RSDDTREX_INDEX_CHECK select Test Modes for Index Checks 
319 RSDDTREX_INDEX_CHECK_CHANGERUN Index checks run after changing course 
320 RSDDTREX_INDEX_CHECK_MAINTAIN maintain settings for index check 
321 RSDDTREX_INDEX_CHECK_RFC R RFC-enabled module for the index-check by Cube 
322 RSDDTREX_INDEX_CHECK_ROLLUP Run BIA index checks after high-rolling 
323 RSDDTREX_INDEX_DELETE Function module to delete BIA Indexes 
324 RSDDTREX_INDEX_F4 F4 help for index tables for a BIA index 
325 RSDDTREX_INDEX_LOAD_UNLOAD BIA index data upload and delete from main memory 
326 RSDDTREX_INDEX_TABLE R Called as aRFC from the main process for Indexing 
327 RSDDTREX_INDEX_WRITE Parallel initial filling of the BIAs from ALL_REBUILD 
328 RSDDTREX_INDEX_WRITE_PARALLEL Parallel filling of TREX indexes 
329 RSDDTREX_MAINTAIN BIA Index Maintenance 
330 RSDDTREX_MAINTAIN_HIER create BIA-index for hierarchies of an InfoObject 
331 RSDDTREX_MAINTAIN_IOBJ create BIA index for InfoObjects 
332 RSDDTREX_NEWMD_INDEX X INdexing of new Master Data from Queue into BIA 
333 RSDDTREX_NEWMD_INDEX_PARALLEL Parallel filling of TREX indexes 
334 RSDDTREX_NEWTEXT_INDEX Indexing of DATA from Text Queue into BIA 
335 RSDDTREX_NEWTEXT_QUEUE_WRITE Write CHAVLs new texts into the Queue for BIA 
336 RSDDTREX_PC_F4 InfoProvider selection for process chain type 
337 RSDDTREX_RECOVERY_SIMULATE Determine recovery mode of the indices 
338 RSDDTREX_SET_TREX_RFC_DEST R Sets the RFC Destination of the BI Accelerator (TREX) 
340 RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX creates a single table (of a T-Aggregate) as index 
341 RSDDTREX_SNAPSHOTS_GET read all BIA snapshot 
342 RSDDTREX_SNAPSHOT_DELETE delete BIA data snapshot in the BIA 
343 RSDDTREX_SNAPSHOT_EXPORT BIA data snapshot export 
344 RSDDTREX_SNAPSHOT_IMPORT load BIA data snapshot into the BIA 
346 RSDDTZA2_DISPLAY_TRACE Display Trace (Python Trace, Plan, Trace) 
347 RSDDTZA2_MEMORY_PER_INFOPROV Memory Consumption for Each InfoProvider 
350 RSDDTZA_BIA_INITIALIZE First call of the BWA monitor 
351 RSDDTZA_NAC_BIAMON BWA-monitor version for BOA7.20 Enterprise 
352 RSDDTZA_REINDEX_RANK_GET determine order for re-indexing 
353 RSDDTZA_SHORT_START R Call start screen 
354 RSDDTZA_START R call start screen TEST 
355 RSDDTZA_TEXT_FROM_POOL_GET Gets a Text Using Text Symbol 
356 RSDD_AGGREGATE_WRITE_GENERATE Generating an Aggreagte InfoCube Write Program 
357 RSDD_COPR_MAINT_AWBN_CALL_TOOL Call Tool for Navigation 
359 RSDD_CS_BROWSER_SHOW Browser for Calculation Scenario 
360 RSDD_CS_INFOPROV_IN_RSRT2 R display InfoProvider in query monitor 
361 RSDD_CUBE_WRITE_TST_UPD Write a package of data into the specified infocube (RFC) 
362 RSDD_FREE_DELTA_PKGS R Sharing already processed delta packages 
363 RSDD_GUI_LM_START Starts Lean Modeler 
364 RSDD_GUI_LOCAL_DATA_START BW Workspace local data Start 
365 RSDD_GUI_RKF GUI for Restricted Key Figures 
366 RSDD_HDB_INFOPROV_INDEX_CREATE X Regeneration of logical indexes after migrating 
367 RSDD_HDB_INFOPROV_INDEX_DELETE X Regeneration of logical indexes after migrating 
368 RSDD_HDB_POSTMIGR_INDEX_CREATE Regeneration of logical indexes after migrating 
370 RSDD_INFOCUBE_WRITEPROG_DROP Delete the write program, if cube is deleted 
371 RSDD_INFOCUBE_WRITEPROG_GEN Generate InfoCube write program 
372 RSDD_INFOCUBE_WRITE_GENERATE Generate InfoCube write program 
373 RSDD_INFO_REQUID_DELETE Deleting the Entries for a REQUEST in the InfoCube 
374 RSDD_INFO_REQUID_GET Check whether the Packetid in Infocube exists 
375 RSDD_LM_COPR_DOC Creation of HTML page 
376 RSDD_LOC_DATA_F4 F4 Help for Local Data 
377 RSDD_LTIP_APD_DISPATCHER R Distribute facts write calls 
379 RSDD_LTIP_MAINTAIN_ATR maintain Attribute 
380 RSDD_LTIP_PUBLISH Publish indexes as Infoproivder 
381 RSDD_LTIP_PUBLISH_DELETE Undo Publication 
382 RSDD_LTIP_PUBLISH_UI Publish logical index (UI input) 
383 RSDD_RESET_DIM_NUMBER_RANGE Reset the number range field of a Dimension 
384 RSDD_U_CUBE_GUI_INIT Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
385 RSDD_U_CUBE_GUI_RESET Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
386 RSDD_XLS_RANGE_F4 Input Help for Excel Ranges 
387 RSDD_XLS_READ R Reads Excel File 
388 RSDD_X_CUBE_GUI_INIT Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
389 RSDD_X_CUBE_GUI_RESET Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
390 RSDD_X_DS_GUI_INIT Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
391 RSDD_X_DS_GUI_RESET Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
392 RSDD_X_ISET_GUI_INIT Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
393 RSDD_X_ISET_GUI_RESET Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
394 RSDD_X_MPRO_GUI_INIT Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
395 RSDD_X_MPRO_GUI_RESET Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
396 RSDD_X_QPROV_GUI_INIT Initialisiere QPROV-GUI aus DTP-Modell 
397 RSDD_X_QPROV_GUI_RESET Initialisiere GUI aus DTP-Modell 
398 RSDEW_GET_RSDDSTAT Lesen der RSDDSTAT in eine CSV Datei 
399 RSDEW_INFOCUBE_DESIGNS Modellierungs-Informationen über aktive Infocubes im System 
400 RSDFPS_EXT_INTERVAL_MERGE Merge von Zeitintervallen für BI Fortschreibung 
401 RSDFPS_GET_QUERY R Query Informationen auslesen 
402 RSDFPS_GET_QUERY_FULL R Query Informationen auslesen 
404 RSDF_GENERATE_CUBE Create InfoCube 
406 RSDF_GENERATE_HYBR Create Hybrid Provider 
407 RSDF_GENERATE_IOBJ_LIST Create InfoObjects for field list 
408 RSDF_GENERATE_IOBJ_SIMPLE Create InfoObject without attributes or texts 
409 RSDF_GENERATE_IOBJ_TARGET Generate Info object as data target 
410 RSDF_GENERATE_IPAK Create Info Package 
411 RSDF_GENERATE_ISOURCE Generate Info object as data target 
412 RSDF_GENERATE_ODSO Create DataStore 
413 RSDF_GENERATE_TRFN Create transformation 
414 RSDF_GUI_CALL_HEADER_POPUP Show properties of a data flow 
415 RSDF_GUI_COMPLETE_DATAFLOW Display settings of DTP and IPAK 
416 RSDF_GUI_COPY_POPUP Copy data flow - Popup 
417 RSDF_GUI_CREATE_POPUP Popup for Creating Data Flows 
419 RSDF_GUI_ENTRY_VIEW Initial view for the processing of data flows 
420 RSDF_GUI_GET_CURRENT_R_GUI provides current instance of the UI instance 
421 RSDF_GUI_GET_LPOA_CREATE_TLOGO returns the type for a LPOA 
422 RSDF_GUI_GET_NAME_NOTPERSITOBJ Pop: the name of a non-persistent object 
423 RSDF_GUI_GET_OBJECTDOCU R Load documentation of single TLOGO objects 
424 RSDF_GUI_OPEN_DOCU_PREVIEW Show Preview of Dataflow Dokumentation 
425 RSDF_GUI_POPUP_ACTIVATE_OBJ Which objects of the data flow to be activated? 
426 RSDF_GUI_SAVE_SETTINGS_POPUP Settings to save the Dataflow 
427 RSDF_GUI_START_UI Maintaining a data flow 
428 RSDF_GUI_TAKE_OVER_DATAFLOW Popup: Apply Data Flow 
429 RSDF_IOBJTP_FOR_DATATYPE Determine default InfoObject from data type 
430 RSDF_READ_FIELDLIST Reading list of any field goal 
431 RSDGDB_AFTER_DB_MODIFICATION (Infocube) Post Work after activation 
432 RSDGDB_GET_DB_PAR Set DB-specific parameters 
433 RSDG_ACTIVATE_TABL_FORCED Activate Table in "Force Mode" and Create Primary Index 
434 RSDG_ACT_DEL_DDIC_OBJECTS Activates or Deletes Generated DDIC Objects 
435 RSDG_ATR_NAV_INFOPROV_DIALOG Dialog for Navigation Attributes of a Characteristic as InfoProvider 
436 RSDG_BUILD_SBSC_NAME Forms Database Table rsdg_s_sbsc_name with InfoObject Fields 
437 RSDG_CHABASLOC_DEL_UNUSED Deletes Unreferenced Local Property (RSDCHABASLOC) of InfoObjects 
438 RSDG_CHABASLOC_INSERT Creates Local Properties (RSDCHABASLOC) of InfoObjects 
439 RSDG_CHACONST_CONV_TO_EXT Converting a characteristic constant into the external format 
440 RSDG_CHACONST_CONV_TO_INT Converts a characteristic constant into internal format 
441 RSDG_CHANGE_TO_WITH_MASTERDATA Change character. without master data to character. with master data 
442 RSDG_CHECK_TABLE_FOR_DDIC_CNV Checks Whether Table Is Currently Being Converted by DDIC 
443 RSDG_CHKTAB_CONSISTENCY Überprüft die Stammdatentabelle auf Konsistenz 
444 RSDG_CHKTAB_GET_FIELDS Obsolete - Use cl_rsd_iobj_vers=>get_fields_of_chktab 
445 RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE Activates InfoCube 
446 RSDG_CUBE_AFTER_ACTIVATE Actions after activation of InfoCube/HybridProvider 
447 RSDG_CUBE_AFTER_DELETE Actions after deletion of an InfoCube 
448 RSDG_CUBE_BEFORE_ACTIVATE Actions before activating an InfoCube 
449 RSDG_CUBE_BEFORE_DELETE Actions before deletions of an InfoCube 
450 RSDG_CUBE_CHECK Checks an InfoCube / MultiProvider 
451 RSDG_CUBE_CHECK_DDIC Checks/lists DDIC objects of an InfoCube 
452 RSDG_CUBE_CLEAR_ACTIVFL Resets the active flag of an InfoCube 
453 RSDG_CUBE_COPY_TO_VERSION Copies one InfoCube to another version 
454 RSDG_CUBE_DB_TAB_DROP_RECREATE Deletes the database tables for the InfoCube and creates them in new 
455 RSDG_CUBE_DDIC_SAVE_GET Save and / or collecting the DDIC objects of an InfoCube 
456 RSDG_CUBE_DELETE Deletes an InfoCube 
457 RSDG_CUBE_INIT_DATASTATE Sets the flags for the data state of an InfoCube / MultiProvider 
458 RSDG_CUBE_SAVE Save an InfoCube 
459 RSDG_CUBE_SAVE_DATASTATE Sets the flags to the data state of an InfoCube 
460 RSDG_CUBE_SAVE_FLAGS Sets additional flags of an InfoCube 
461 RSDG_CUBE_SAVE_TEXTS Saves text to an InfoCube in a particular version 
462 RSDG_CUBE_SAVE_VERSION Saves am InfoCube in a particular version 
463 RSDG_CUBE_SET_INACTIVE Resets the active status of an InfoCube 
464 RSDG_CUBE_SET_TIME_STAMP Sets the timestamp for an InfoCube 
465 RSDG_DB_TAB_CREATE Recreates the Database Table for an InfoCube/Dimension 
466 RSDG_DB_TAB_DELETE Deletes Database Table for InfoCube/Dimension 
467 RSDG_DDIC_CHECK_TAB_LEN Checks (Key) Length of Table Fields 
468 RSDG_DDIC_GET_MAX_KEYLEN Gets Maximum Key Length of a DDIC Table in Bytes 
469 RSDG_DDIC_GET_MAX_TABLEN Gets Maximum Length of a DDIC Table in Bytes 
470 RSDG_DELETE_TADIR_ENTRY Deletes TADIR Entry of an Object 
471 RSDG_DIMELOC_CLEAN Clean up entries in RSDDIMELOC 
472 RSDG_DIMELOC_DEL_UNUSED Deletes not refereed local prop. (RSDDIMELOC) of dimensions 
473 RSDG_DIME_INI_GEN_DEL_OBJECTS Initializes / Generates / Deletes the number range object of a dimension 
474 RSDG_DIME_INSERT_INITIAL_REC Inserting an initial record in a dimension 
475 RSDG_DIME_MULTI_DELETE Deletes dimensions of an InfoCube 
476 RSDG_DIME_MULTI_SAVE Saves dimensions of an InfoCube 
477 RSDG_DIME_REMOVE_INITIAL_REC Deletes the initial set of a dimension 
478 RSDG_DIME_REMOVE_UNUSED Deletes remaining dimensions of an InfoCube 
479 RSDG_DIME_SAVE_TEXTS Saves text to dimensions of an InfoCube 
480 RSDG_DIME_SAVE_VERSION Saves a dimension in a specific version 
481 RSDG_DISPLAY_MASS_ACT_PROT Display Log of Mass Activation Program 
482 RSDG_GET_SBSC_NAME Get Field Names for InfoObject Maintenance 
483 RSDG_HDATTR_MAPPING_EXECUTE Mapping selection by user 
486 RSDG_HYBR_ACTIVATE R Activate HybridProvider 
487 RSDG_HYBR_CHANGE R Modifies a hybrid provider 
488 RSDG_HYBR_CREATE R Creates a hybrid provider 
489 RSDG_HYBR_GETDETAIL R Read the details of a hybrid provider 
490 RSDG_HYBR_GETLIST R Creates a list of hybrid providers 
491 RSDG_ID_GET_FROM_LOGSYS R Gets Source System ID of a Logical System 
492 RSDG_INDEXES_SAVE Save Indexes 
493 RSDG_INITIAL_MD_INSERT Erzeugen des Initialeintrags für Stammdatentabelle 
494 RSDG_INSERT_LOC_OBJ_IN_TADIR Creates TADIR Entries for Local Objects 
495 RSDG_IOBC_ACTIVATE Activates an InfoObject Catalog 
496 RSDG_IOBC_CHECK Checks a InfoObjectCatalog 
497 RSDG_IOBC_COPY_TO_VERSION Copies a InfoObjectCatalog in another version 
498 RSDG_IOBC_DELETE Deletes an InfoObject Catalog 
499 RSDG_IOBC_REORG Reorganizes all system InfoObject Catalogs (type" not "assigned" ") 
500 RSDG_IOBC_SAVE_TEXTS Saves text to a InfoObjectCatalog in a specific version