SAP ABAP Function Module - Index R, page 41
Function Module - R
# Function Module Mode Short Description
3 RSAQ_WORKSPACE_HANDLER Choose and maintain query areas 
4 RSAQ_WORKSPACE_TEXT Text of a work area 
16 RSARCH_DATE_CONVERT round date to time characteristic 
17 RSARCH_DATE_ROUND round date to time characteristic 
19 RSARCH_GET_CURR_TIME_SELECTION Time selection of date derived from current date 
21 RSARCH_TEXTPOOL_GET Read text pool of a program 
22 RSAR_ACTIVATE_ALE_PARTNER R set ALE-partner active 
23 RSAR_API_ISOURCE_TD_T_CREATE R Creating a transfer InfoSource for transaction data 
24 RSAR_ASSIGN_LOGSYS Assignment of a source system to an InfoSource 
25 RSAR_BAPI_FUNCTION_CHECK Checks whether a BAPI is implemented in the Dest. 
26 RSAR_BEFORE_EXIT Query before exiting 
27 RSAR_BIW_CONNECT R Reconnect after disconnect in the QS 
28 RSAR_BIW_DISCONNECT R Delete Source System Part of a Connection 
29 RSAR_BUFFER_RESET R BIW: Reset internal buffer (at tree refresh or update) 
30 RSAR_BWMANDT_RFC_GET Destination in BW Standard Clients 
31 RSAR_CALL_FILE_PREVIEW Call the Preview 
32 RSAR_CHANGELOG_NAME_GET Changelogname derived from DS-Object 
33 RSAR_CHECK_INFOSOURCES Checks an InfoSource (IS or OS) for consistency in all relevant tables 
34 RSAR_CHECK_IOBJ_USED Check if InfoObject is still used for data import 
35 RSAR_CHECK_IO_FOR_IS Checks whether an InfoObject is suitable as a master data InfoSource 
36 RSAR_CHECK_REQUEST R Checking the request in PSA technical table 
37 RSAR_CLEANUP_AFTER_IMPORT Removes leftover objects after deletion in CTS (IS, KS, TS) 
38 RSAR_CODS_INFOSOURCE_ACTIVATE Mapping, comm. str., transf. str. create & activate (Infosource exists!) 
39 RSAR_COMSTRUCTURE_ACTIVATE BIW: Customizing communication structure for dialog function module 
40 RSAR_COMSTRUCTURE_DEACTIVATE Disabling a communication structure 
41 RSAR_COMSTRUCTURE_DELETE Deleting a communication structure 
42 RSAR_COMSTRUCTURE_GET Read a communication structure 
43 RSAR_COMSTRUCTURE_MAINTAIN Customizing communication structure (frame component) 
44 RSAR_COMSTRUCTURE_MD_USAGE Where used list for communication structure master data 
45 RSAR_COMSTRUCTURE_SAVE Save communication structure 
46 RSAR_COMSTRUCTURE_TD_USAGE Where-used list for comm. str. for appl. data 
47 RSAR_COMSTRU_ENRICH User-specific enrichment of the communication structure 
48 RSAR_COMSTRU_F4 F4 or GET_ALL for communication structures 
49 RSAR_CONSISTENCY_CHECK FM for the Consistency Check 
50 RSAR_CONSTANT_CHECK Testing a fixed input value for a rule 
51 RSAR_CONVERT_FIELD_CATALOG Converting field catalogs in a uniform structure 
52 RSAR_CONVRULES_ACTIVATE Activates all transfer rules of a transfer structure 
54 RSAR_CONVRULES_COPY Copies all the transfer rules of a TS with new object version 
55 RSAR_CONVRULES_DELETE Deletes all the transfer rules for a transfer structure 
56 RSAR_CONVRULES_GET_BY_PROP Determine transfer routines by properties 
57 RSAR_CONVRULES_INVERT Inversion of a transfer rule 
58 RSAR_CONVRULES_MAINTAIN Manual definition of a transfer rule for a transfer structure 
59 RSAR_CSSH_ACTIVATE Activate communication structure for importing the content 
60 RSAR_CURRENCY_CONVERT Converts a currency amount from an external system to SAP format 
61 RSAR_DATASOURCE_CREATE_DIALOG Calls a pop to create a data source (file-QS) 
62 RSAR_DATASOURCE_DIALOG Maintaining a DataSource replica 
63 RSAR_DATA_MAINTAIN Display and maintenance of table data of any structure 
64 RSAR_DATA_MAINTAIN_ Display and maintenance of table data of any structure 
66 RSAR_DATA_RECEIVED BIW: take data from the OLTP receive and process 
67 RSAR_DATA_REQUEST BIW: Data request to OLTP 
68 RSAR_DATA_SELECTION Selecting data via pop-up window 
69 RSAR_DATA_SELECTION_INIT Initialize: selecting data via pop-up window 
70 RSAR_DATE_CHECK_PLAUSIBILITY Plausibility Check for Date 
71 RSAR_DBCON_CHECK Check a DB-Connect 
72 RSAR_DBSCHEMA_GET Specifying a schema for DBCON 
73 RSAR_DDIC_STRUCT_GENERATE Generation of DDIC structures 
74 RSAR_DELETE_ICUBE Delete an InfoCube 
75 RSAR_DELETE_REQUESTS UI for deleting requests 
76 RSAR_DELTA_TEXT_ACTIVATE BIW: Generation of transfer of text deltas 
77 RSAR_DESTINATION_GET Determines the Destination of a Source System 
78 RSAR_DIALOG_DESTINATION_GET Get Dialog Destination 
79 RSAR_DSO_NAME_GET Derive Change Log Name from DataStore Object 
80 RSAR_DS_ASSIGN_IS Mapping of a DataSource to an InfoSource 
81 RSAR_DS_SELECT_IS IS selection for DS 
83 RSAR_DYNAMIC_SELECT Dynamic selection 
85 RSAR_EXPORT_METADATA_DEL Löscht die Metadaten zum Laden aus ODS (und Cube?) 
86 RSAR_EXPORT_METADATA_GEN Generates the metadata to load from ODS (and Cube?) 
87 RSAR_F4_IS_TEMPLATE F4 Help for IS-template 
88 RSAR_FILL_ISOURCE_FIELDS BW: fill technical fields for comstru fields 
89 RSAR_GET_DATASOURCE Get a DataSource from the GUI 
90 RSAR_GET_INPUT Display of a general popup for entry of various values 
91 RSAR_GET_INPUT_LOGSYS Input selection for source system 
92 RSAR_GET_PROGID_FOR_DEST R Hole ProgrammId für Destination 
93 RSAR_GET_REQUEST Request for Recall 
94 RSAR_GET_RFC_PARMS Display of a general popup for entry of various values 
95 RSAR_GET_SOURCESYSTEM_PARMS Popup for parameter input for the source system connection 
96 RSAR_GET_SYSTEM_LANDSCAPE R Get the BW system landscape 
99 RSAR_HELPER_FILL_PSA R PSA-Tabelle füllen 
102 RSAR_HIERARCHY_CHANGE Modifies a hierarchy to an InfoSource 
103 RSAR_HIERARCHY_CREATE Creates a hierarchy to an InfoSource 
104 RSAR_HIERARCHY_DELETE Deletes a hierarchy to an iInfoSource 
105 RSAR_HIERARCHY_FIELDCAT_GET determine the field catalog of the transfer structure for hierarchies 
106 RSAR_HIERARCHY_GET Provides information about a hierarchy InfoSource 
107 RSAR_HIERARCHY_GET_BY_NAME Provides information about a hierarchy InfoSource 
108 RSAR_HIERARCHY_MAINTAIN Metadata hierarchy maintenance 
109 RSAR_HIER_FILL_TEMPTABLES Fill the auxiliary tables to cache the IDocs 
110 RSAR_HIER_IOBJ_GET Provides related Infoobjects to a hierarchy 
111 RSAR_HIER_SAVE post processing for paket-wise hierarchy load 
112 RSAR_HIER_UPLOAD_2ND_STEP post processing for paket-wise hierarchy load 
113 RSAR_HTML_DOKU_GENERATE Generating HTML documentation for the transfer rules 
114 RSAR_ICUBE_DIALOG Help dialogue for the definition of an IC 
115 RSAR_IDOCTYPE_DESCRIPTION R Renaming an Idoc type 
116 RSAR_INFOOBJECTS_GET_TEXTS Get InfoObjects text and technical details 
117 RSAR_INFOOBJECT_USAGE Reference for InfoObjects 
118 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_CHG_APPL Reassign InfoSource to other application components 
119 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_CREATE_DIALOG BIW: Dialog for creating new InfoSources 
120 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_DEQUEUE Unlocks an InfoSource with all its dependent objects 
121 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_DIALOG BIW: InfoSource dialog function module 
122 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_ENQUEUE Locks an InfoSource with all dependent objects 
123 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_LS_DEQUEUE Unlocks an InfoSource to a logical system 
124 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_LS_ENQUEUE Locks an InfoSource to a logical system 
125 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_MAINTAIN Editing of InfoSource 
126 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_PREPARE Prepare InfoSource processing: Read Data 
127 RSAR_INFOSOURCE_STATUS Display InfoSource status 
128 RSAR_INFO_RECEIVED BIW: Info Idoc received. Recorded for the monitor. 
129 RSAR_INSERT_IOBJ_AS_DTA Insert InfoObject as Data Target 
130 RSAR_IOBJRULES_ACTIVATE Activates the transfer rules of an InfoObject 
131 RSAR_IOBJRULES_CHECK Checks and generates the transfer rules of an InfoObject 
132 RSAR_IOBJRULES_COPY Copies of the transfer rule for an InfoObject with new object version 
133 RSAR_IOBJRULES_DELETE Delete the transfer rule for an InfoObject 
134 RSAR_IOBJRULES_MAINTAIN Manual definition of a transfer rule for an InfoObject 
135 RSAR_ISOURCE_F4 F4-help or GET_ALL for infosources (appl. data) 
136 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_CLEANUP Clean up an InfoSource for Master Data 
137 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_CREATE Creating an InfoSource for master data 
138 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_DELETE Delete an InfoSource for Master Data 
139 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_FLAGS_ALIGN Clean up of flags for InfoSource of Master Data 
140 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_GET Read an InfoSource for Master Data 
141 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_HEADER_SAVE Change the header information of an InfoSource for Master Data 
142 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_MAINTAIN Maintenance of the header information of an InfoSource for Master Data 
143 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_T_CREATE Creating an InfoSource for master data transfer 
145 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_T_GET Read an InfoSource for master data transfer 
146 RSAR_ISOURCE_MD_T_MULTI_SAVE changes several transfer InfoSources for master data 
147 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_CLEANUP Clean up an InfoSource for transactional data 
148 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_CREATE Creating an InfoSource for transaction data 
149 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_DELETE Delete an InfoSource for transaction data 
150 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_GET Read an InfoSource for transaction data 
151 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_HEADER_SAVE Change the header information of an InfoSource for transaction data 
152 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_MAINTAIN Maintenance of the header info of an InfoSource for transactional data 
153 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_T_CREATE Creating an InfoSource for transaction data transfer 
154 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_T_DELETE Deleting a Transfer InfoSource for transaction data 
155 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_T_GET Reading a transfer InfoSource for transaction data 
156 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_T_MULTI_SAVE Changes to a Number Transfer InfoSource for transaction data 
157 RSAR_ISOURCE_TD_USABLE BIW: Returns a list of InfoSource with activated Comm. structures 
158 RSAR_ISTS_ACTIVATE_ALL Activates all transfer structures to a source system 
159 RSAR_IS_ASSIGN_DS Assignment of a DataSource to an InfoSource 
160 RSAR_IS_GET_TEMPLATE Get a template for InfoSources 
161 RSAR_IS_LS_GET_SINGLE All IS of Appl, all LS to IS with all flags" 
162 RSAR_IS_PSA_TABLE BW Namespace: Determines Whether a Table Belongs to an InfoCube 
163 RSAR_IS_UPLOAD Upload of external data to an infosource 
164 RSAR_LANGU_IMPORT_COMPLETE Get language-specific metadata from the source system 
165 RSAR_LANGU_IMPORT_SINGLE_OBJ Loading the metadata of a single object from the OLTP via RFC 
166 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEMS_CHECK R Check all source systems 
167 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_ACTIVATE Activates the source system (v.a. metadata upload) 
168 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_CHECK Check source system for existence / consistency 
169 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_CREATE_NEW Create a new source system 
170 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_DELETE Delete existing logical system 
171 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_DEQUEUE Unlocks a logical system with all its dependent objects 
172 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_ENQUEUE Locks a logical system with all its dependent objects 
173 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_GET Reads information about a source system 
174 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_RESTORE Restoring a damaged source system connection 
175 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_RFC_CHK R Internal: Walk through the net with temporary result storage 
176 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_TEXT change description of source system 
177 RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_UPDATE Change RFC parameters or text to an existing logical system 
178 RSAR_LOGSYS_DBC_TYPE_GET Get DB Connect type of logical system 
179 RSAR_MB_TO_UC_ALIGNMENT Ermittelt ob multibyte nach unicode aligned werden muß 
180 RSAR_META_DATA_APPL_INSERT BIW: Add meta-data (new data) 
181 RSAR_META_DATA_GET_COMPLETE Get complete Metadata via OLTP RFC 
182 RSAR_META_DATA_GET_COMPLETEINT R Get omplete metadata from the OLTP get through RFC (internal) 
183 RSAR_META_DATA_GET_SINGLE_OBJ Loading the metadata of a single object from the OLTP via RFC 
184 RSAR_META_DATA_ISMD_MAINTAIN Handles changes to the metadata (InfoSource for master data) 
185 RSAR_META_DATA_ISTD_MAINTAIN Handles changes to the metadata (information source for appl. data) 
186 RSAR_NAMESPACE_CHECK Checks the namespace for Info Sources 
188 RSAR_NAME_GET Creates a new name for the specified object type 
189 RSAR_OBJECT_TEXTS_NEUHAUS Text callback for Neuhaus 
191 RSAR_ODS_API_GET Read of ODS-content 
193 RSAR_ODS_DELETE_ASYNCH R Function Module to Delete Request for unit tests 
194 RSAR_ODS_F4_HELP ChangeLog chooser Function Module 
195 RSAR_ODS_GET Read ODS directory 
196 RSAR_ODS_MAINTAIN Maintenance of a request 
197 RSAR_ODS_NAME_GET output ODS name and technical description 
198 RSAR_ODS_NAME_MULTI_GET output ODS name and technical description 
199 RSAR_ODS_TABLETYPE_CREATE Defines a table type ti the current ODS table of a TS 
201 RSAR_ODS_UPDATE_DATA Update of master data tables or cubes over ODS 
202 RSAR_ODS_UPDATE_DATA_PAR R Update of master data cube or ODS (in parallel) 
203 RSAR_ODS_WRITE_ASYNCH R For the unit tests of PSA to achieve parallel writes 
204 RSAR_OLTP_INIT_DELTA_UPDATE R Overrides init / delta status in source system 
205 RSAR_POPUP_GET_VALUES Dialog box for the display and request of values, without check 
206 RSAR_POPUP_GET_VALUES_CHECKS Dialog box for the display and request of values, without check 
207 RSAR_POPUP_TO_DECIDE_LIST Dialog box for choosing from a list without diagnosis 
208 RSAR_POPUP_WITH_TBL_CONTROL Popup Table Control 
209 RSAR_PROGRAM_GENCHECK Is checking whether a regeneration is required (IDOC - transactional data) 
210 RSAR_PROGRAM_GENERATE Generates programs for the conversion of IDOCs (trans.and master data) 
211 RSAR_PROGRAM_GENERATE_HIER Generates programs for conversion of IDOCs (Hierarchies) 
212 RSAR_PROGRAM_GENERATE_HIER_NEW Generates program to load hierarchies from 3.0 (TRFC, PSA) 
213 RSAR_PROGRAM_GENERATE_ODS Generates programs for reading and writing for the ODS 
214 RSAR_PROGRAM_GENERATE_TEXT Generates programs for the conversion of IDOCs (texts) 
215 RSAR_PROGRAM_STATUS_CHECK Determine the program status and name, and possibly re-generation 
216 RSAR_PSA_EXPORT_DS_GENERATE Generate an export DataSource for a PSA 
217 RSAR_PSA_F4_HELP Transfer structure PSA chooser Function Module 
222 RSAR_READ_OLTPSOURCE Read the DataSource fields in transfer structure 
224 RSAR_REQUEST_INTERPRETER_1 Request interpreter 
225 RSAR_ROIDOCPRMS_GET_ALL R Read the Roidocprms for all source systems (for TCC) 
226 RSAR_ROOSGEN_RESTORE_REMOTE R recreate ROOSGEN in the source system 
228 RSAR_SBUF_SYNCHRONIZE R Puffer zu synchronisieren in allen Servern 
229 RSAR_SEARCH_TAB_ENTRY Search for object / field / text in table 
230 RSAR_SEGMENT_OBJECT_ID_DECODE get Object ID for segments 
231 RSAR_SEGMENT_OBJECT_ID_ENCODE get Object ID for segments 
232 RSAR_SHOW_SYSTEM_LANDSCAPE Show system landscape 
233 RSAR_SRC3DCOMP_UPDATE Changing the 3d-party component of BAPI-QS 
234 RSAR_STARTROUTINE_MAINTAIN Maintenance of the transfer rules start routine 
235 RSAR_STRUCTURES_REPAIR FM for repairing faulty structures 
236 RSAR_SYSTEM_VIRTUAL If the source system virtual? 
237 RSAR_SYSTEM_VIRTUAL_MATCH Does the DS of the virtual system fit to the real DS? 
238 RSAR_TABLENG_GET Determine table width 
239 RSAR_TEST_TREE Testing the New Trees 
240 RSAR_TRANSPORT_AWB_CHECK check if writing to transport request is possible 
241 RSAR_TRANSPORT_AWB_INSERT OBSOLETE: Writing all objects to a transprt request (AWB objects) 
242 RSAR_TRANSPORT_CHECK check if writing to transport request is possible 
243 RSAR_TRANSPORT_CLEANUP Save as shadow object (with transport Connection) 
244 RSAR_TRANSPORT_DELIVERY Save as shadow object (with transport Connection) 
245 RSAR_TRANSPORT_INSERT Writing all objects to a transport request 
246 RSAR_TRANSPORT_INSERT_FO Writing formulas in a transport request 
247 RSAR_TRANSPORT_KEY_DETERMINE Reversal of rsar_transport_name_determine 
248 RSAR_TRANSPORT_NAME_DETERMINE Determine the TLOGO names for the objects of the CS / TS-Maintenance 
249 RSAR_TRANSPORT_SHADOW_CHECK OBSOLETE Check Writing Tr.request is possible (shadow table.) 
250 RSAR_TRANSPORT_SHADOW_INSERT OBSOLET write all object to a transport request (shadow tables) 
251 RSAR_TRANSRULE_MAINTAIN Editing a transfer rule 
252 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_ACTIVATE Activate Transfer Rules 
253 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_DEACTIVATE Disabling a transfer structure 
254 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_DELETE Deletion of transfer structure 
255 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_GET Reading a transfer structure 
256 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_MAINTAIN Transfer Rules dialog 
257 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_MD_USAGE Used List for Master Data Transfer Structure 
258 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_PREFIX Get Prefix to identify a source system for transfer structures 
259 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_PREPARE Customizing transfer rules (context block) 
260 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_SAVE Save transfer rules in any object version 
261 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_TD_USAGE Reference for Tranferstruktur-transaction data 
262 RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_USED_IOBJNM BIW: InfoObjects used in transfer to structures InfoSource 
263 RSAR_TRANSTRU_DEACTIVATE_INT Sets the transfer structure to Inactive, if any 
264 RSAR_TRANSTRU_DELETE_INT Deleting a Transferstruktu (no ifs or buts) 
265 RSAR_TRANSTRU_F4 F4 or GET_ALL for transfer structures 
266 RSAR_TRANSTRU_SPLIT_HEADER split the header lines of a file in fields of the TS 
267 RSAR_TRANSTRU_TEXT_GENERATE Automatic generation of a transfer structure for texts 
268 RSAR_TREE_CALLBACK Callback for new tree 
269 RSAR_TREE_INIT Tree initialization 
270 RSAR_TREE_TEXTS_CALLBACK Read the texts of a node 
271 RSAR_TRFC_DATA_RECEIVED R receive and process data from OLTP via TRFC 
272 RSAR_TRFC_FILE_RECEIVED BIW: ttake data from file via TRFC and do post processing 
273 RSAR_TRIM_BEFORE_MOVE Determines whether it must be cut off before a MOVE 
274 RSAR_TR_HTML_DOKU_GENERATE Production of an HTML docu that describes the transfer rules 
275 RSAR_UNASSIGNED_OLTPSOURCE_F4 F4 help with all unallocated data sources 
276 RSAR_UPDATE_ALE_PORT R Enter New Destination in ALE Port for BW-Connection 
277 RSAR_UPDATE_BWMANDTRFC_HOST R Change Host in the RFC destination (TP) BWMANDTRFC 
278 RSAR_UPDATE_CONTROL Controls the saving of received IDOCS in the database 
279 RSAR_UPDATE_DESTINATION Updating an RFC destination of type R/3 
281 RSAR_VALUE_INTEGRITY_INFOOBJ Checks the value of an InfoObject for referential integrity 
282 RSAR_VALUE_INTEGRITY_ODS Checks the value of an InfoObject for referential integrity 
283 RSAS_BWBCRL_STORE Setzen Kommunik.parameter in Quellsystem + BW-System 
284 RSAS_BWBC_GET R Einstellung zur Kommunikation (Quellsystem) 
285 RSAS_RBWBCRL_STORE R Setzen Kommunik.parameter zu BW-System 
286 RSAS_RBWBC_GET Einstellung zur Kommunikation (BW-System) 
287 RSATREE_CALL_REQ_ODS_DISPLAY Popup to view all requests from an ODS 
288 RSATREE_GET_HIER_NEW_AWB New AWB: Provides APCO / AREA / IPG hierarchies 
289 RSATREE_ODS_FORTSCHREIBEN Updating ODS (Full / init / delta) 
290 RSATREE_PSA_DELETE_BATCH schedule PSA for deletion 
291 RSATREE_PSA_DELETE_BATCH_START Starting the dialogue for the PSA Delete 
292 RSAT_ADD_NODES_TO_DISPLAY Send new node to the tree control 
293 RSAT_BUILD_TREE function for building table which runs against the tree control 
294 RSAT_BUILD_TREELIST function for building a list structure for a tree no hier supported 
295 RSAT_BUILD_TREE_EX function for building table which runs against the tree control extended 
296 RSAT_BUILD_TREE_EX2 function for building table which runs against the tree control extended 
297 RSAT_BUILD_TREE_EX_UPD function for building table which updates nodes in the tree control 
298 RSAT_BUILD_TREE_EX_UPD2 function for building table which updates nodes in the tree control 
299 RSAT_CREATE_TREE Creates and inits one tree control 
300 RSAT_DELETE_NODE returns the nodes of the tree just selected 
301 RSAT_DELETE_NODES deletes all nodes in the tree 
302 RSAT_DELETE_NODE_LIST returns the nodes of the tree just selected 
303 RSAT_DESTROY_TREE Cleans the internal handler and destroys the control 
304 RSAT_EXPAND_NODE expand the node of the tree 
305 RSAT_FREE_ALL Invalids all handles and frees all controls and reset everything 
306 RSAT_FREE_TREE Clears the internal memory 
307 RSAT_GET_DRAGDROPID gets the dragdropid for a node of the treecontrol 
308 RSAT_GET_EXPANDED_NODES provides a table of currently expanded nodes 
309 RSAT_GET_SELECTED_NODEID returns the nodes of the tree just selected 
310 RSAT_GET_TOP_NODE Get the top node of the tree 
311 RSAT_HANDLE_CONTROL_EVENT Jump-FM for dispatching the event (do not use) 
312 RSAT_LINK_CONTROL set the dynnr for the tree dynamic at runtime 
313 RSAT_MOVE_NODE reassigns a node in a tree 
314 RSAT_REGISTER_DRAGFROP_TREE register the drag drop mode of the tree at runtime (for internal use only) 
315 RSAT_SELECT_NODE selects a node of the tree 
316 RSAT_SET_DRAGDROP_MODE Sets/Resets the drag and drop mode of the control 
317 RSAT_SET_EXPANDED_NODES set the expanded nodes in the tree (all children should already be there) 
318 RSAT_SET_EXPANDER Set or takes the expander of a node 
319 RSAT_SET_ITEMHEIGHT Sets the height of the Item 
320 RSAT_SET_ITEMTEXT sets the text of an existing item newly 
321 RSAT_SET_MINTEXTWIDTH Sets the minimum width of a column 
322 RSAT_SET_SCREEN_UPDATE_MODE Sets the screen update mode on / off 
323 RSAT_SET_SORTED sets or clears the local sorting mode 
324 RSAT_SET_TOP_NODE set the top node of the tree 
325 RSAT_SET_VISIBLE Sets the control visible or hidden 
326 RSAT_TREEV_ADJUST_HEADER_WIDTH Sets all headers to an optimal width 
327 RSAT_TREEV_CHILD_EXIST indicates whether the children are already sent to the frontend 
328 RSAT_TREEV_EVT_ABAPDROP Registriert den Drop Event eines Trees (internal use only) 
329 RSAT_TREEV_EVT_BTNCLK Registers the button click event of a tree (internal use only) 
330 RSAT_TREEV_EVT_RGHTMSEDOWN_NOD Registers the right node mousebutton to the tree (internal use only) 
331 RSAT_TREEV_EVT_RIGHTMOUSEDOWN Registers the Right Item Mousbutton in Treel (internal use only) 
332 RSAT_TREEV_SET_DRAGDROP Sets the drag and drop mode of the control (internal use only) 
333 RSAT_TREE_SET_IMAGELIST assigns to theTreeControl an OLE ImageList 
334 RSAT_UNLINK_TREE unlink the tree from the dynpro (e.g. set it to invisble 
335 RSAT_UNREGISTER_DRAGFROP_TREE unregister the drag drop mode of the tree at runtime (for external use) 
336 RSAT_UPDATE_NODES Update of currently displayed nodes in the tree 
338 RSAU_CLEAR_AUDIT_LOG R Aufräumen im Audit Log 
339 RSAU_COMSTRU_USAGE_DETECTION Determines the fields used in update rules (for a comm. str.) 
340 RSAU_FISCVARNT_INFO_GET Determine information about the fiscal year variant 
341 RSAU_GET_AUDIT_CONFIG R Aktuelle Audit-Konfiguration des Servers ermitteln 
342 RSAU_GET_CUBE_TIME Determine the time characteristic of stock cubes 
343 RSAU_GET_TYPE_NAME Function returns ABAP type 
344 RSAU_HANDLE_TSL1D AuditLog: cache TSL1D and return SUBCLASID and SEVERITY 
345 RSAU_INFOCUBE_CONTENT_DELETE Delete the content of an InfoCube 
346 RSAU_INFOCUBE_UPDATE Infocube update - also in parallel execution 
347 RSAU_LIST_AUDIT_FILES R Liste aller Auditfiles auf dem Server 
348 RSAU_OBJECTCATALOG displays and changes the object directory entry of F-rules 
350 RSAU_READ_MASTER_DATA Read Master Data 
351 RSAU_SELECT_AU_MESSAGES Selektions-Dialog zur Auswahl von AU-Nachrichten 
352 RSAU_SELINFO_INIT AuditLog: Selektionskriterien auf Maximum setzen 
353 RSAU_SEL_DUMP AuditLog: Selektionskriterium herausgeben 
354 RSAU_SEL_INIT AuditLog: Selektionskriterien (re)initialisieren 
357 RSAU_SEL_ST_SEVERITY AuditLog: Selektionskriterium speichern (Sicherheitsstufe) 
358 RSAU_SEL_ST_SUBCLASID AuditLog: Selektionskriterium speichern (Sicherheitsklasse) 
360 RSAU_SHOW_AUDIT_FILES Auditlog: Anzeigen aller Auditlog-Dateien auf einem Server 
361 RSAU_SHOW_SAPPARAM Anzeigen der aktiven SAP Parameter (Audit) 
362 RSAU_SIMULATION_DELETE_DATA Simulation: delete data 
363 RSAU_SIMULATION_DISPLAY_DATA Simulation: Show data 
364 RSAU_SIMULATION_FROM_PREVIEW Simulation of a file in Preview 
365 RSAU_SIMULATION_NAV_REL_CTXT Compute related context 
366 RSAU_SIMULATION_NAV_SAVE_CTXT Saving Simulation Navigation context 
367 RSAU_SIMULATION_NAV_SPEND_CTXT Read simulation global parameters 
368 RSAU_SIMULATION_READ_HEADERS Simulation: Reading header information 
369 RSAU_SIMULATION_SAVE_DATA Simulation: writing data 
370 RSAU_UPDR_ACTIVATE Activate Update Rules 
371 RSAU_UPDR_AWBN_CALL Calling the update rules from AWBN 
372 RSAU_UPDR_CALL_TRANSACTION Calling the update rules from the AWB 
373 RSAU_UPDR_CHANGED_DTA After InfoCube / ODS object change adaptation of the update rules 
374 RSAU_UPDR_CHECK Check consistency of data necessary for updating 
375 RSAU_UPDR_CHECK_FISC Check whether objects dependent of Fiscalvariant 
376 RSAU_UPDR_CHECK_RULE Checking of individual update rules 
377 RSAU_UPDR_COMPARE_VERSIONS Compare versions of update rules 
378 RSAU_UPDR_DELETE Delete the update rules 
379 RSAU_UPDR_EXIST Information to update rules in Equation (InfoCube / source) 
380 RSAU_UPDR_GET_TIMECONV Show all possible time conversions 
381 RSAU_UPDR_HTML_DOKU_GENERATE Creation of a HTML that describes the UPDate Rules. 
382 RSAU_UPDR_PRG_SHOW Viewing the generated update rule coding 
383 RSAU_UPDR_SET_INACTIVE Automatically set 'INACTIVE' by the Impact Analysis 
384 RSAU_UPDR_SHOW_INFO View / Modify the header information to update rules 
385 RSAU_UPDR_SHOW_PROTO Function module to call the Applicationlog for update rules 
386 RSAU_UPDR_STORNO Check if Cancel is possible 
387 RSAU_UPDR_TIME Period beginning / end of spec. Time characteristics 
388 RSAU_UPDR_TIME_GET provides time characteristics, for the conversion by period beg/end 
389 RSAU_UPDR_USAGE Where-used list for TLOGO objects in update rules 
390 RSAU_UPDR_WRITE Writing of the update rules 
391 RSAU_UPD_AUDIT_CONFIG R Aktuelle Audit-Konfiguration des Servers ändern 
392 RSAU_WRITE_AUTH_AUDIT_LOG Schreiben eines Auditeintrags wegen Profile- oder Berecht.-Pflege 
393 RSAU_WRITE_CCM_TOOLSET_STARTER Schreiben eines Auditeintrags für den CCM TOOLSET_STARTER 
394 RSAU_WRITE_CUSTOMER_EVTS Schreiben eines Auditeintrags für ein kundenspezifisches Ereignis 
395 RSAU_WRITE_DOWNLOAD_AUDIT_LOG Schreiben eines Auditeintrags beim File Download 
396 RSAU_WRITE_EHS_SADM_MSG Protokolliere Payload-spezifische Ereignisse 
397 RSAU_WRITE_FILE_AUDIT_LOG Logical File Name Issues 
398 RSAU_WRITE_FTP_STATUS Schreiben eines Auditeintrags für SAP FTP 
399 RSAU_WRITE_ICF_AUDIT_LOG Schreiben eines Auditeintrags bei Report-Submit 
400 RSAU_WRITE_JSON_RPC Schreiben eines Auditeintrags für JSON RPC 
401 RSAU_WRITE_OAUTH_MSG Protokolliere OAuth-spezifische Ereignisse 
402 RSAU_WRITE_PAYLOAD_MSG Protokolliere Payload-spezifische Ereignisse 
403 RSAU_WRITE_RAL_AUDIT_LOG Security Audit Log: Read Access Logging 
404 RSAU_WRITE_RFCTABLE_AUDIT_LOG Schreiben eines Eintrags wegen RFC-Tabellenzugriff 
405 RSAU_WRITE_SACF_EVENT Ereignisse zu Szenarien schaltbarer Berechtigungsprüfungen 
406 RSAU_WRITE_SEL AuditLog: WRITE Informationen über Selektionskriterien 
407 RSAU_WRITE_SERVICE_AUDIT_LOG Schreiben eines Auditeintrags bei Report-Submit 
408 RSAU_WRITE_SLDW_EVENT Ereignisse zu generischen Whitelisten schreiben 
409 RSAU_WRITE_SM01_LOG Schreiben eines Auditeintrags bei Sperren und Entsperren von Transaktionen 
410 RSAU_WRITE_SUBMIT_AUDIT_LOG Schreiben eines Auditeintrags bei Report-Submit 
411 RSAU_WRITE_TRAC_AUDIT_LOG Schreiben eines Auditeintrags bei Report-Submit 
412 RSAU_WRITE_USER_AUDIT_LOG Schreiben eines Auditeintrags wegen Benutzerpflege 
413 RSAWBNDF_ADD_OBJECTS Adding start objects 
414 RSAWBNDF_DISPLAY_DATAFLOW Display of the data flow for AWB object 
415 RSAWBNDF_DISPLAY_DF_POPUP Display of the data flow for AWB object 
416 RSAWBNDF_GET_START_OBJECTS Popup for entering the lstart objects 
417 RSAWBN_DATE_FORMAT Converts system date to format 
418 RSAWBN_FILTER_POPUP set filter criteria for BW Objects in DWB tree 
419 RSAWBN_FOLT_CHANGE_POPUP Enter of Change name of a folder 
420 RSAWBN_HANDLE_REQUEST_RFC R Execute Request Using RFC (New Mode) 
421 RSAWBN_MAIN_DD_BEHAV_POPUP Specify Insert Behavior for Drag and Drop 
422 RSAWBN_MAIN_DYNPRO Main Screen of Data Warehousing Workbench 
423 RSAWBN_MAIN_PREPARE_BI_SYSTEM R Automatic configuration of data warehousing 
424 RSAWBN_REQ_SHOW_TB for showing the transport browser 
425 RSAWBN_REQ_TB_REQU_POPUP Function Module to get the Request for transport browser 
426 RSAWBN_SEARCH_GENERAL_POPUP Popup: Selection for General Search in DWB 
427 RSAWBN_SEARCH_POPUP Popup for Searching in Trees of DWB 
428 RSAWBN_SER_F4_DTP_DYNPRO Dynpro call DTP F4 
429 RSAWBN_TOOLS_AGGR_OVERVIEW Display the object overview for an TLOGO object 
430 RSAWBN_TOOLS_CLASSIC_INFOSET Display the object overview for an TLOGO object 
431 RSAWBN_TOOLS_DATAMODEL Display the object overview for an TLOGO object 
432 RSAWBN_TOOLS_DISPLAY_DATAFLOW Display of the data flow for a TLOGO object 
433 RSAWBN_TOOLS_OBJECT_OVERVIEW Display the object overview for an TLOGO object 
434 RSAWBN_TOOLS_ODSO_OVERVIEW Display the object overview for an TLOGO object 
435 RSAWBN_TOOL_CALL_DEFAULT_TOOL Calling the test tool for navigating 
436 RSAWBN_TOOL_GET_REQUEST_ACTUAL Returns the request for the recall 
437 RSAWBN_TOOL_IS_INTERNAL_NAV Is the request internal? 
438 RSAWB_CALC_MATCHING_POINTS Check for overlapping 
439 RSAWB_CHECKS_BEFORE_AWBSTART Checks before starting the AWB 
440 RSAWB_CHECK_USER_APPL Namespace check on applications 
441 RSAWB_CONTEXT_MENU_CALLBACK Read right mouse context menu on demand 
442 RSAWB_DS_ROIDOCPRMS_SET Set the override table for ROIDOCPRMS for DS / datatype 
443 RSAWB_FIRST_CALLBACK Interface Tree Backend 
444 RSAWB_GET_APPL_HIERARCHY Application hierarchy 
445 RSAWB_GET_F4_FOR_VARIANT F4-encapsulation of the variant 
446 RSAWB_GET_IOBJCAT Input for new InfoObjectCatalog 
447 RSAWB_GET_OLTPSOURCE OLTPSource read/buffer 
448 RSAWB_INFOCUBE_AWB Get all InfoCubes for display in the AWB 
449 RSAWB_IS_LS_GET_SINGLE All IS of Appl, all LS to IS with all flags" 
450 RSAWB_MAINTAIN_DTA New Objects (DSO/InfoCube) 
451 RSAWB_MAP_DATASOURCE_BWSOURCE Mapping a data source to potential BW Sources 
452 RSAWB_NODE_INSERT Insert Nodes 
454 RSAWB_RSATROBJECT_TO_TLOGO determine TLOGO for rsatrobject 
456 RSAWB_SHOW_ALL_ODS_STATUS View all ODS with short status 
457 RSAWB_SHOW_ALL_ODS_STATUS_ALV List ODS with short status in ALV 
458 RSAWB_SINGLE_ODSREQ_PROCESS Post single request from ODS to all active IC 
460 RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA Template: Übertragung von Bewegungsdaten 
461 RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE Template: Übertragung von Bewegungsdaten 
462 RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_WITH_ARCHIVE Template: Übertragung von Bewegungsdaten (aus Archiv und Datenbank) 
463 RSAX_BIW_GET_MASTER_DATA Template: Übertragung von Stammdaten (und Texten ab BW 2.0) 
464 RSAX_BIW_GET_SEGM Template: Übertragung von Bewegungsdaten 
466 RSAX_BIW_GET_TEXTS Nicht für BW >= 2.0 verwenden !!! / Template: Übertragung von Texten 
467 RSAX_EVENT_ACTIVATE_CONTENT Template Funktionsbaustein - Event: Business Content Aktivieren 
468 RSAX_EVENT_AFTER_IMPORT Template Funktionsbaustein - Event: After Import 
469 RSAX_EVENT_DELETE_DSOURCE Template Funktionsbaustein - Event: Delete DataSource 
470 RSAX_EVENT_MAINTAIN_DSOURCE Noch nicht verfügbar 
471 RSAX_EVENT_RESET_DELTA Template Funktionsbaustein - Event: Delta zurücksetzen 
472 RSAX_EVENT_SAVE_DATASOURCE Template Funktionsbaustein - Event: Save DataSource 
473 RSAX_EVENT_TRANSPORT_DSOURCE Template Funktionsbaustein - Event: Transport DataSource 
474 RSAX_EVENT_ZDD_REPLAY Noch nicht verfügbar 
475 RSAX_GEN_HIERARCHY_CATALOG BW30-Template: Übertragung eines gen. Hierarchieverzeichnis (ab BW 3.0) 
476 RSAX_GEN_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER BW30-Template: Übertragung einer gen. Hierarchietabellen mit Inhalt (BW30) 
477 RSAX_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_HCLASS Template: Übertragung eines Hierarchieverzeichnis 
478 RSAX_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_HCLASS Template: Übertragung einer Hierarchietabellen mit Inhalt 
481 RSA_AUTHORITY_CHECK_BCT_RFC R Remote-Content-Aktivierung erlaubt? 
482 RSA_DEBUG_STATUS_GET Ermittelt ob das Debugging in desem System/für diesen User erlaubt ist 
483 RSA_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_BIW_GET BW: Name des Logischen Systems (zum Mandant) holen 
484 RSA_NAME_CHECK_SAANORM BIW: Prüfen Name auf SAANORM (Verwendbarkeit Dictionary) 
485 RSA_PROFILE_LANGUAGE_GET BIW: Aktivierte Sprachen des Profiles holen 
486 RSA_RSBASIDOC_READ R Liest die Tabelle RSBASIDOC remote 
487 RSB1_CHABAS_WITH_ATTR Provides for an InfoCube all basic features that have attributes 
488 RSB1_CHECK_GENERATION_TS Verifies the need to generate an E-DS 
489 RSB1_CHECK_IS_EXISTENCE Checks the existence of the given InfoSource and if it has actual state. 
490 RSB1_CHECK_STANDARD_ISOURCE Check: Standard InfoSource or not? 
491 RSB1_CHECK_STATUS It will be checked if for an InfoCube objects are already generated 
492 RSB1_CHECK_TIME_DEP_IOBJ Checks if time dependance InfoObjects are known. If necessary, create. 
493 RSB1_CHOOSE_APPL Provides a list of application components for selection. 
494 RSB1_COB_PRO_GET Returns an InfoObject without the context of an InfoCube 
495 RSB1_CONVERT_TO_OSNAME convert InfoSource name in Data Source Name 
496 RSB1_CUBE_GET_ALL_IOBJ Get all InfoObjects for an InfoCube(including all attribute InfoObjects) 
497 RSB1_CUBE_TO_OSOURCE Conversion InfoCube -> OLTP source 
498 RSB1_DELETE_ALL_RO_INFOSOURCES Deletes all entries in all RO... tables. 
499 RSB1_DELETE_EXPORT_DATASOURCE Deletion event for Export DataSource 
500 RSB1_DELETE_EXPORT_INFOSOURCE The generated (Export-)Infosource to the InfoCube will be deleted