SAP ABAP Function Module - Index R, page 45
Function Module - R
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 RSDG_IOBC_SAVE_VERSION Saves InfoObjectCatalog in a particular version 
2 RSDG_IOBJ_CHECK Checks an Individual InfoObject (Internal Consistency) 
3 RSDG_IOBJ_CHECK_DDIC Checks DDIC Objects of an InfoObject (Initially Whether Active) 
4 RSDG_IOBJ_CHECK_REQUEST Checks a Request (an Adds Missing, Dependent InfoObjects) 
5 RSDG_IOBJ_CMPSTA_UPDATE Set Compounding Status for InfoObjects in Database 
6 RSDG_IOBJ_COMP_DIALOG Sends a Dialog for Comparison / Select InfoObject Properties 
7 RSDG_IOBJ_DELETE_FROM_IOBC Deletes an InfoObject from the InfoObject Catalogs That Use It 
8 RSDG_IOBJ_DELETE_VERSION Delete InfoObject in a Version (Including RSDCHABASLOC) 
9 RSDG_IOBJ_DEL_WITHOUT_CHABAS Deletes InfoObjects for Which Basic Characteristic Is Missing 
10 RSDG_IOBJ_DEQUEUE Unlock InfoObject (InfoSource) 
11 RSDG_IOBJ_ENQUEUE Lock InfoObject (with InfoSource Lock) 
12 RSDG_IOBJ_GET_ICON Gets Icon for InfoObject 
13 RSDG_IOBJ_INSERT_TO_IOBC Data Basis: Adds a Range of InfoObjects to an InfoObject Catalog 
14 RSDG_IOBJ_IS_INFOSOURCE Checks Whether the InfoObject Is a Potential InfoSource 
15 RSDG_IOBJ_MULTI_ACTIVATE Data Basis: Activates a Range of InfoObjects 
16 RSDG_IOBJ_MULTI_CHECK Checks a Range of InfoObjects (Internal and External Consistency) 
17 RSDG_IOBJ_MULTI_DELETE Data Basis: Deletes a Range of InfoObjects 
18 RSDG_IOBJ_MULTI_SAVE Data Basis: Saves a Range of InfoObjects (with Commits) 
19 RSDG_IOBJ_SAVE_TEXTS R Saves Texts for InfoObject (RFC Service for Bank Analyzer) 
20 RSDG_IOBJ_SEARCH_CHECKODS Find InfoObject That Has ODS Check Table 
21 RSDG_IOBJ_SELECT Display and Select InfoObjects 
22 RSDG_IOBJ_UPDATE_PROPERTY Set a Property of an InfoObject (in Version M and A) 
23 RSDG_IOBJ_USAGE_SHOW Display Where-Used List for InfoObjects 
24 RSDG_IOBJ_XPRA Sets Field Properties for New Fields (After Import / XPRA / Reorg) 
25 RSDG_IPRO_HANA_FIELD_MAP_MAINT Mapping of IPROV-fields into HANA-Viewfields 
26 RSDG_KEY_INDEX_DEL Delete Index with Primary Key Fields 
27 RSDG_KEY_INDEX_SAVE Save Index with Primary Key Fields 
28 RSDG_LOGSYS_GET_FROM_ID R Gets Source System ID of a Logical System 
29 RSDG_LOG_SELECT Selection: Log Information 
30 RSDG_MDOB_TLOGOBJ_CHECK Check Template object 
33 RSDG_MSG_APPEND_TO_PROTOCOL Add Message to Application Log 
34 RSDG_NULL_VAL_FLAG_FIELDS_GET Ermitteln der Appendfelder zur Kennzeichnung eines NULL-Values 
35 RSDG_NUMBER_RANGE_DELETE Deletes Number Range and Intervals (for Dimensions or InfoObjects) 
36 RSDG_NUMBER_RANGE_INSERT Creates Number Range Object and/or Interval for InfoObject or Dimension 
37 RSDG_OBJVERS_CHECK Checks the Object Version 
38 RSDG_ODSO_GENERATE_DDIC Regeneration of DDIC Objects of datastores 
39 RSDG_ODSO_NEW_CHECK Checks for new DataStore 
40 RSDG_POPUP_DELETE_TLOGO_TYPES Popup for Displaying TLOGO Types to Be Deleted 
41 RSDG_POPUP_TLOGO_OBJECTS Dialog Box for Displaying TLOGO Objects 
42 RSDG_PRIMARY_INDEX_TO_TAB Forms the Name of the Primary Index for a Table 
43 RSDG_PROGRAM_GENSTATUS_RESET Reset Statuses of Generated Programs When Changing Characteristics 
44 RSDG_REDUCE_DETLEVEL Resets the Level of Detail to 1 
45 RSDG_ROUTINES_DBROUTID_CREATE Determine a number for managing a generated utility program 
46 RSDG_ROUTINES_DELETE Deletion of Utility Programs 
47 RSDG_ROUTINES_PROGRAM_GET Determine name of utility program of an InfoObject 
48 RSDG_SET_ADJUSTMENT_ICON Icon: Configure Settings 
49 RSDG_SET_DIMENSION_ICON Set Icon for Dimension 
50 RSDG_SET_HEADER_ICON Set Header Icon 
51 RSDG_SET_INFOCUBE_ICON Set Icon for InfoCube/MultiProvider 
52 RSDG_SET_INFOOBJCAT_ICON Set Icon for InfoObject Catalog 
53 RSDG_SET_ISOURCE_ICON Set Icon for InfoSource 
54 RSDG_SET_LOCD_ICON Set Locked Icon 
55 RSDG_SET_OBJSTAT_ICON Set Object Status Icon 
56 RSDG_SET_OBJVERS_ICON Set Version Icon 
57 RSDG_SET_SAVED_ICON Set Save Status Icon 
58 RSDG_SET_SEAPLS_ICON Icon: Find Next 
60 RSDG_SET_SORTDOWN_ICON Icon: Sort in Descending Order 
61 RSDG_SET_SORTUP_ICON Icon: Sort in Ascending Order 
62 RSDG_SET_STATE_ICON Set Status Icon 
63 RSDG_SET_SYSTP_ICON Set System Type Icon 
64 RSDG_SET_TEXT_ICON Set Text Icon 
65 RSDG_SET_TOTAL_ICON Set Icon for <All InfoObjects> 
66 RSDG_SET_TXTLG_TXTSH Sets Short or Long Text In Case One of These Is Initial 
67 RSDG_SORT_CRIT_GET Selection of Sort Criterion 
68 RSDG_SOURSYSTEM_DELETE Delete a Source System ID Assignment 
70 RSDG_TABL_MULTI_ENQUEUE SAP BW Data Basis: Lock Multiple Tables 
71 RSDG_TAB_ENTRY_SEAPLS Find Next Object Name / Text 
72 RSDG_TAB_ENTRY_SEARCH Find Object Name / Text in Table 
73 RSDG_TAB_OPT_GET Selection of Table for Search Function 
74 RSDG_TBHD_GET_FOR_STRUC Generate Header for DDIC Structure 
75 RSDG_TBHD_TABT_GET_WITH_STORP Supplies Header/Technical Settings with Specified Database Parameters 
77 RSDG_TEXT_TO_PROTOCOL Writes Text to Log 
78 RSDG_TIMESTAMP_SHOW Selection of Sort Criterion 
79 RSDG_TR_GET_PROTOCOL Reads Transport Log / Log from Mass Activation Program 
80 RSDG_VIEW_TABT_GET Supplies Header/Technical Settings for a View 
81 RSDG_WORD_WRAP Divides a String into Substrings of Defined Length (Word Wrap) 
82 RSDG_WRITE_PROTOCOL Writes a Log to the Application Log (with Display Where Necessary) 
83 RSDHAF_AINX_MAINTAIN R Maintenance Analytical Index (Remote Enabled) 
84 RSDHAF_COPY_HAAP Copy/Rename Analysis Process 
85 RSDHAF_CREATE_HAAP Create HANA Analysis Process 
86 RSDHAF_DELETE Delete Statistical Data 
87 RSDHAF_FILTER Maintenance of Filter Conditions 
88 RSDHAF_HAAP_MAINTENANCE Maintenance of a Data Analysis Process 
89 RSDHAF_INDEX_DISPLAY SE16 for Index Data 
90 RSDHAF_LOG_SELECT Selection of Log Information 
92 RSDHAF_MONITOR Monitoring HANA Analysis Runs 
93 RSDHAF_MONITORING_FILTER Monitoring HANA Analysis Runs 
94 RSDHAF_OBJECT_STILL_IN_USE Delete: Dialog for Object still in use 
95 RSDHAF_OTHER_HAAP Other HANA Analysis Process 
96 RSDHAF_POPUP_OBJECT_INSERT Popup - Object Insert 
101 RSDHAF_SEARCH Search Text in Mapping 
103 RSDHAF_SRC_INFOPROV_TYPE Source InforProvider Type 
104 RSDHAF_X_HAAP_GUI_INIT Initialize HANA Analysis Process GUI out of DTP model 
105 RSDHAF_X_HAAP_GUI_RESET Initialize HANA Analysis Process GUI out of DTP model 
106 RSDHA_CALL_AMDP R Call ABAP Managed Database Procedure 
107 RSDHA_DHAA_AFTER_IMPORT After-Import Method for HANA Analysis Processes (Delivery) 
108 RSDHA_HAAP_AFTER_IMPORT After-Import Method for Hana Analysis Processes 
109 RSDHA_RFC_AFM_MAINTAIN_HAAP X Maintain HANA Analysis Process 
110 RSDHA_RFC_HAAP_START R Start Execution of HANA Analysis Process 
111 RSDL_CONNECTION_CHECK R Test the connections for DB Connect 
112 RSDL_DB_DATASOURCE_GENERATE Generates a DB DataSource for BW 
113 RSDL_DB_DATASOURCE_SAVE Save a DB DataSource with the properties 
114 RSDL_DB_GET_ALL_TABLES Returns the metadata of the database to BW 
116 RSDL_DB_GET_DATA_BWS R Auslese von Daten aus der Datanbank-Tabelle 
117 RSDL_DB_GET_DATA_PSA Read data from the PSA table 
118 RSDL_DB_GET_TABLE_FIELDS Returns the description of the fields of a database table for BW 
119 RSDL_DB_RFC_GET R Test the connections for DB Connect 
120 RSDL_DB_STRUCTURE_GENERATE Create / Modify DDIC Structure for DB Connect 
121 RSDL_DB_UPLOAD Upload of DB data to an InfoSource 
122 RSDL_TRACEFILE_DISPLAY R Test the connections for DB Connect 
123 RSDMDD_CHECK_IOBJ_TSTMP_CHANGE Checks if the timestamp of MD deletion has changed 
124 RSDMDD_DELETE_MASTER_DATA Packetized delete master data 
125 RSDMDD_SET_DELETION_TSTMP Set timestamp for deletion 
126 RSDMDM_SHLP_EXIT_ATTRINM Search Help Exit Attributes of InfoObject 
127 RSDMD_AUTOTEST_DELETE Löscht alle protokollierten Testläufe bis zu Datum 
128 RSDMD_AUTOTEST_END R Protokolliert das Ende eines automatischen Testlaufs 
129 RSDMD_AUTOTEST_START R Protokolliert den Start eines automatischen Tests 
130 RSDMD_BATCH_CALL Start a report in batch 
131 RSDMD_CHECKPRG_KERNL Test program kernl 
132 RSDMD_CHECK_INTERNAL_TABS Update of master data-/attributes 
133 RSDMD_CHECK_LOCK likely an artefakt 
134 RSDMD_CHECK_LOCK_ALL likely an artefakt (no usage found) 
135 RSDMD_CHECK_M_RECORDS Checks for master data records in M version 
136 RSDMD_CONVERT_NAME_VALUE Transcoding tab to name value pairs and vice versa 
137 RSDMD_CREATE_AND_SAVE_GUID restore GUIDs of master data programs 
138 RSDMD_DELETION_UI_EXECUTE execute deletiion after usage check for MD deletion in Web-UI 
139 RSDMD_DELETION_UI_PARAM_CHECK Parameter check for MD deletion in Web-UI 
140 RSDMD_DELETION_UI_USAGE_CHECK Usage check for MD deletion in Web-UI 
141 RSDMD_DEL_IN_PACKETS Master Data Deletion: Delete based on data size 
142 RSDMD_DEL_MASTER_DATA Deleting Master Data 
143 RSDMD_DEQUEUE_ALL likely an artefakt (no usage found) 
144 RSDMD_DEQUEUE_MD_DELTAEX likely an artefakt (no usage found) 
145 RSDMD_DEQUEUE_SPECIFIC likely an artefakt 
146 RSDMD_DISPLAY_BAL_RECORDS Show records of the Application Log (PARAMS) 
147 RSDMD_DISPLAY_INTERNAL_TABS Simulation master data update 
148 RSDMD_ENQUEUE_MD_DELETE Setzen der Sperren wie beim Stammdaten löschen 
149 RSDMD_ENQUEUE_MD_DELTAEX likely an artefakt (no usage found) 
150 RSDMD_ENQ_DEPENDENTS_FOR_DEL Dependent objects for locking during master data deletion 
151 RSDMD_GENERATE_MD_MAINTAIN likely an artefakt replaced by RSDMD_MDMT (no usage found) 
152 RSDMD_GENERATE_MD_MAINTAIN_ likely an artefakt replaced by RSDMD_MDMT (no usage found) 
153 RSDMD_GET_CASE get definition by cases for MD maintenance 
154 RSDMD_GET_FIELD_CATALOGS Determine Field catalog for master data maintenance (created in BR3) 
155 RSDMD_GET_KEY_WIDTH Determine width of the key 
156 RSDMD_GET_PASSWORD Kennwortabfrage 
157 RSDMD_GET_SIDS_FOR_NEW_ATR_NAV Drag SIDs for New Navigations Attribute 
158 RSDMD_INITIAL_LINE_CHECK checks for existence of the initial line in S Tab and MD Tabs 
159 RSDMD_INITIAL_LINE_INSERT Adds the initial line in the master and attribute SID tables 
160 RSDMD_IOBJS_FOR_DTA Data Target-dependent InfoObjects 
161 RSDMD_IS_NOSISICO_POSSIBLE Ermitteln, ob Setzen der Sperre Parallelverarbeitung möglich ist 
162 RSDMD_MAINTAIN_LOCKS Pflege der Sperren 
163 RSDMD_MDMT Module for the maintenance of master data attributes and texts (generic.) 
164 RSDMD_MDMT_DISPLAY Display and maintenance of table data of any structure 
165 RSDMD_MDMT_SELECTION_INIT Initialize: selecting data via pop-up window 
166 RSDMD_MD_ACTIVATE Request, whether master data can be activated 
167 RSDMD_MD_TO_BE_ACTIVATED Request, whether master data can be activated 
168 RSDMD_MD_TO_BE_HANDLED What can be done with the InfoObject 
169 RSDMD_POPUP_GET_VALUES Dialog box for the display and request of values, without check 
170 RSDMD_REORG_P_Q_T_TABLE Reorganize master data of the P / Q / T tables 
171 RSDMD_RESTORE_GUID restore GUIDs of master data programs 
172 RSDMD_SET_DTA_TIMESTAMP Update Time Stamp for Data Change InfoProvider 
173 RSDMD_SET_PF_STATUS Set PF status 
174 RSDMD_U_MD_GUI_INIT Initialize GUI from DTP model 
175 RSDMD_U_MD_GUI_RESET Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
176 RSDMD_U_MD_XXL_GUI_INIT Initialize GUI from DTP model 
177 RSDMD_U_MD_XXL_GUI_RESET Initialize GUI out of DTP model 
178 RSDMD_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES_TEXTS Update of master data-/attributes 
217 RSDMMD_CREATE_META_TREE Created tree control to display data of the IC model 
218 RSDMMD_CUBE_TREE_CALLBACK Callbacks to the IC data model 
219 RSDMMD_DESTROY_CUBE_TREE Deleting the internal data model to the IC data 
220 RSDMMD_DISPLAY_CUBE_TREE Created tree control to display data of the IC model 
221 RSDMMD_DISPLAY_TREE Creates a tree control from node table 
222 RSDMMD_GET_CUBE_INFO Get information about an Ic 
223 RSDMMD_GET_NODETAB_AREA Returns the node table for a InfoArea 
224 RSDMMD_GET_NODETAB_CUBE Provides node table for RSAT for InfoCube 
225 RSDMMD_GET_NODETAB_IBOC Delivery node table for InfoObjectCatalog 
226 RSDMMD_GET_NODETAB_MULTI_IOBJ Delivery node table for InfoObjectCatalog 
227 RSDMMD_LINK_CONTROL set the dynnr for the tree dynamic at runtime 
228 RSDM_CONVERT_SELOPT_EX2IN Convert Selection Options for Characteristics 
229 RSDM_F4_CHA_VALUE Characteristic Value F4 with Restriction of SID 
230 RSDM_F4_GET_HIER_NODE_START Start View of the Hierarchy 
231 RSDM_F4_GET_NODE_FROM_KEY Properties of a Node in Hierarchy Node F4 
232 RSDM_F4_GET_RSH Get IF_RSMD_RSH Instance 
233 RSDM_F4_GET_SEARCH_TREE Provides Subtree That Corresponds to Search String 
234 RSDM_F4_HIER_GET_CHILDREN Read Successor of Hierarchy Node 
235 RSDM_F4_HIER_GET_REST_H Read Successor of Hierarchy Node 
236 RSDM_F4_HIER_NODE F4 Hierarchy Nodes in Tree Display 
237 RSDM_F4_HIER_NODE_NEW F4 Hierarchy Node Such as Selector 
238 RSDM_F4_SEARCH_NODENAME Find Node Names for F4 Hierarchy Node 
239 RSDM_SIDS_FROM_DEP_GET Load All SIDs That Correspond to DEP 
240 RSDM_TEXT_FROM_TEXTPOOL_GET Gets a Text Using Text Symbol 
241 RSDPADM_ADM_DELETE Löscht einen Satz aus RSDPADM 
242 RSDPADM_ADM_DELETE_DEP Löscht abhängige Objekte aus RSDPADM 
243 RSDPADM_ADM_READ Lesen eines Satzes in RSDPADM 
244 RSDPADM_ADM_READ_BWOBJ Lesen aller BW Objekte aus RSDPADM 
245 RSDPADM_ADM_READ_DEP Lesen eines Satzes in RSDPADM 
246 RSDPADM_ADM_READ_MDOBJTP Lesen von Objekten eines bestimmten Typs aus RSDPADM 
247 RSDPADM_ADM_READ_MULTI Lesen eines Satzes in RSDPADM 
248 RSDPADM_ADM_SYNCHRONIZE Löscht Objekte aus RSDPADM, die nicht mehr in MOLAP existieren 
249 RSDPADM_ADM_UPSERT Einfügen (INSERT) bzw. Aktualisieren (UPDATE) eines Satzes in RSDPADM 
250 RSDPADM_AGGR_DELETE Löscht einen Satz in RSDPAGGR 
251 RSDPADM_AGGR_READ Liest einen Satz in RSDPAGGR 
252 RSDPADM_AGGR_UPSERT Schreibt einen Satz in RSDPAGGR 
258 RSDPADM_NAME_INSERT Fügt einen Satz in RSDPNAME ein 
259 RSDPADM_NAME_READ Liest einen Satz auf RSDPNAME 
260 RSDPADM_NAME_READ_MAX_SUFFIX Liest maximales Suffix für ein Präfix 
261 RSDPADM_PROC_CLEANUP Beseitigt alle Objekte, deren Verarbeitung beendet ist 
262 RSDPADM_PROC_READ_AND_QUEUE Liest zu verarbeitende Objekte und setzt Zustand 'queued' 
264 RSDPADM_PROC_UPSERT_OBJECTS Stellt Objekte in die Liste zu verarbeitender Objekte 
265 RSDPA_AGGREGATES_CRT_FILL_MD Function call executes the automatic MD aggregate generation 
266 RSDPA_AGGREGATES_FILL Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn Aggr. eines Infocubes initial gel 
267 RSDPA_AGGREGATES_ROLLUP Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn Aggr. eines Infocubes hochgerollt 
268 RSDPA_AGGREGATE_CHECK Prüft die Aggregatedefinition eines MOLAP-Cubes 
269 RSDPA_AGGREGATE_CREATE Erzeugt ein Aggregat für einen MOLAP-Cube 
270 RSDPA_AGGREGATE_DROP Löscht ein Aggregat eines MOLAP-Cubes 
271 RSDPA_ALL_AGGREGATES_CREATE Deaktiviert alle Aggregate eines Infocubes 
272 RSDPA_ALL_AGGREGATES_DEACTIVE Erzeugt alle Aggregate eines MOLAP-Cubes 
273 RSDPC_ADD_PARTITION Hinzufügen einer Partition zu einem MOLAP Cube 
274 RSDPC_CREATE_CUBE Anlegen eines MOLAP Cubes 
275 RSDPC_CREATE_DIMENSION_PC Anlegen einer Parent-Child-Dimension 
276 RSDPC_CREATE_DIMENSION_STAR Anlegen einer Star-Dimension 
277 RSDPC_CREATE_DIMENSION_VIRTUAL Anlegen einer virtuellen Dimension 
278 RSDPC_DROP_CUBE Löschen eines MOLAP Cubes 
279 RSDPC_DROP_DIMENSION Löschen einer Parent-Child-Dimension 
280 RSDPC_DROP_PARTITION Löschen einer Partition eines MOLAP Cube 
281 RSDPC_EXISTS_CUBE Test auf Existenz eines MOLAP Cubes 
282 RSDPC_EXISTS_DIMENSION Test auf Existenz einer Dimension 
283 RSDPC_EXISTS_PARTITION Test auf Existenz eines MOLAP Cubes 
284 RSDPC_MERGE_PARTITIONS Zusammenfassen mehrerer Partitionen zu einer in einem MOLAP Cube 
285 RSDPC_MOLAP_POSSIBLE Ist die MOLAP Verarbeitung auf diesem System möglich? 
286 RSDPC_PROCESS_CUBE Prozessieren eines MOLAP Cubes 
287 RSDPC_PROCESS_DIMENSION Prozessieren einer Dimension 
288 RSDPC_PROCESS_PARTITION Prozessieren eines MOLAP Cubes 
289 RSDPLC_FTEST_SOAP_ACCESS first test to acccess an outside WS via XML 
290 RSDPLU_TEST Test Function 
291 RSDPLU_TEST_RECEIVE R Prototypical receiver function for test purposes 
292 RSDPLU_TMPTAB_CLEANUP Cleaning up temporary tables 
293 RSDPLU_TMPTAB_LIST List of temporary tables 
294 RSDPLU_TMPTAB_REGISTER Registering a temporary table 
295 RSDPL_CHA_HIER_DATA_READ R DM API: Read a hierarchy of a feature 
296 RSDPL_CHA_MASTER_DATA_READ R DM API: Reading master data of a characteristic 
297 RSDPL_CHA_TEXT_DATA_READ R DM API: Reading text data of a characteristic 
298 RSDPL_CUBE_DATA_READ R DM-API: Read Transaction Data of a Cube 
299 RSDPL_HIER_GETLIST R List of existing hierarchies (not part of the DM API) 
300 RSDPL_RECEIVER_PROTOTYPE R DM-API: Prototype Receiver Function 
301 RSDPL_SYSID_GETLIST R DM-API: get a list of already existing SYSIDs 
302 RSDPM_ADD_PARTITIONS Fügt Cube Partitionen pro Request zu einem existierenden MOLAP Cube hinzu 
303 RSDPM_BUILD_DIMENSION_NAME Baut aus Dimensions- und Hierarchienamen den MDX-Dim.namen 
304 RSDPM_BUILD_HIERARCHY_NAME Baut den Namen einer Hierarchie 
305 RSDPM_BUILD_PARTITION_NAME Baut aus Dimensions- und Hierarchienamen den MDX-Dim.namen 
306 RSDPM_CHECK_CUBE Überprüft, ob ein MOLAP Cube ok ist 
307 RSDPM_CHECK_PLATFORM Überprüft, ob Plattform unterstützt wird 
308 RSDPM_CLEANUP_CHA Löscht DB- und/oder MOLAP Merkmals-Objekte 
309 RSDPM_CLEANUP_CUBE Löscht DB- und/oder MOLAP Cube Objekte 
310 RSDPM_CLEANUP_HIERARCHIES Löscht DB- und/oder MOLAP Hierarchie-Objekte 
311 RSDPM_CUBE_MAPPING_CHECK Überprüft, ob ein Basis-Infocube als Plato-Cube abgebildet werden kann 
312 RSDPM_DB_CLEANUP_CHA Beseitigt alle DB-Objekte, die für ein Infoobjekt angelegt wurden 
313 RSDPM_DB_CLEANUP_CUBE Beseitigt alle DB-Objekte, die für einen Cube angelegt wurden 
314 RSDPM_DB_CLEANUP_HIERARCHIES Beseitigt alle DB-Objekte, die für Hierarchien eines Infoobj. angelegt w. 
315 RSDPM_GET_NAMES_CHA Namensgebung für Objekte, die aus einem Infoobjekt generiert werden 
316 RSDPM_GET_NAMES_CUBE Namensgebung für Objekte, die aus einem Infocube generiert werden 
317 RSDPM_GET_NAMES_CUBE_REVERSE Namen eines Infocubes bei gegebenem MOLAP Cube 
318 RSDPM_GET_NAMES_HIERARCHIES Alle Hierarchien eines Merkmals, inkl. Namen 
319 RSDPM_GET_NAMES_KYF Namensgebung für Objekte, die aus einer Kennzahl generiert werden 
320 RSDPM_MAP_CHA Abbildung eines Merkmals 
321 RSDPM_MAP_CUBE Abbildung eines (Basis-) Infocubes 
322 RSDPM_MAP_HIERARCHIES Abbildung aller Hierarchien eines Merkmals (nur DB-Anteil) 
323 RSDPM_MAP_POB_PRO_DB Abbildung (allg.) BW -> DB Objekte für MOLAP 
324 RSDPM_MAP_POB_PRO_DSO Abbildung (allg.) BW -> MOLAP 
325 RSDPM_POB_PRO_GET_CHA Repository Information zu MOLAP Cubes 
326 RSDPM_POB_PRO_GET_CUBE Repository Information zu MOLAP Cubes 
327 RSDPM_REFERING_CHA Ermittelt auf ein Basis-Merkmal referenzierende (abhängige) Merkmale 
328 RSDPM_SYNCHRONIZE_MOLAP Aktualisiert existierende MOLAP Objekte, falls diese nicht synchron mit BW 
330 RSDPR_CONVERT_MDXSTMT Konvertiert ein MDX Statement in alternative Formate 
331 RSDPR_MOLAP_CUBE_DATA_GET Liest Daten aus einem MOLAP Cube 
332 RSDPR_READ_DATA Liest Daten einer MDX-Anfrage in eine interne Tabelle 
333 RSDPTEST_MOLAP_CUBE_CLEANUP Löscht alle (privaten) MOLAP Objekte zu einem Infocube 
334 RSDPTEST_MOLAP_CUBE_CREATE Legt einen Infocube in MOLAP an 
335 RSDPTEST_WRITE_MESSAGES Schreibt eine Liste von Nachrichten 
336 RSDPW_HIERARCHY_CHANGE Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn neue Hierarchien geladen wurden 
337 RSDPW_HIERARCHY_EXISTS Überprüft, ob eine Hierarchie als MOLAP Hierarchie physisch abgebildet ist 
338 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_AFTER_ACTIVATE Routinen, die im Anschluss an die Aktivierung durchgeführt werden müssen 
339 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_CHECK_PROCESSED Überprüft, ob ein Infocube einen MOLAP-Cube hat und dieser prozessiert ist 
340 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_CONDENSE Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn ein Infocube komprimiert wird 
341 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_DELETE_ALL_DATA Routinen, die beim Löschen aller Daten eines C. durchgeführt werden müssen 
342 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_DELETE_DATA Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn Daten aus Infocube gelöscht wurde 
343 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_DELETE_REQUEST Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn Requests aus Infocube gelöscht wu 
344 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_DROP Routinen, die beim Löschen eines Infocubes durchgeführt werden müssen 
345 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_EXISTS Überprüft, ob ein Infocube einen MOLAP-Cube hat 
346 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_MAP Abbildung eines (Basis-) Infocubes 
347 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_MOLAP_INFO Sammelt Informationen über MOLAP- und DB-Objekte zu einem Infocube 
348 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_UPLOAD_DELTA Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn ein Infocube-Delta geladen wurde 
349 RSDPW_INFOCUBE_UPLOAD_INITIAL Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn ein Infocube initial geladen wurd 
350 RSDPW_MASTERDATA_DELETE Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn neue Stammdaten gelöscht wurden 
351 RSDPW_MASTERDATA_UPLOAD Stösst notwendiges Prozessieren an, wenn neue Stammdaten geladen wurden 
352 RSDPW_MERGE_MDOBJ Kombiniert 2 Prozessierungsaufträge, die sich auf dasselbe MOLAP Objekt b. 
353 RSDPW_MOLAP_CLEANUP Löscht alle angelegten MOLAP Objekte 
354 RSDPW_MOLAP_POSSIBLE Ist eine MOLAP Verarbeitung auf diesem System möglich? 
355 RSDPW_PROCESS_ALL Prozessiert alle vorhandenen MOLAP Objekte 
356 RSDPW_PROCESS_CHA Prozessiere alle für ein Merkmal relevanten MOLAP Objekte 
357 RSDPW_PROCESS_CUBE Prozessiert einen MOLAP Cube 
358 RSDPW_PROCESS_MDOBJ Prozessieren eines MOLAP Objekts 
359 RSDPW_SET_MOLAPFL Setzt das MOLAPFL für einen Infocube 
360 RSDP_BLD_IOBJ_NAMES funct. generates the neccessary naming like for ICUB 
361 RSDP_GET_PROP_ERROR is setting the values like put prop value is expecting them 
362 RSDP_IOBJ_CHECK Checks the IOBJ type and the appliance of conversion rules 
363 RSDP_MDMETA_BLD_CHR_DB_LOC Function generates the neccessary join and fieldclauses for Characteristic 
364 RSDP_MDMETA_CRT_MDDB Creates the MD database 
365 RSDP_MDMETA_DRP_MDDB Creates the MD database 
366 RSDP_MDMETA_GEN_MDDBNAME returns the generated name of the MD database 
367 RSDP_MDMETA_GEN_MDDS_PARAMS Function returns name and parameters of MD datasource 
368 RSDP_MDMETA_GET_RFCDEST_NAME Function returns the name of the server running MD System 
369 RSDP_MDMETA_GET_SERVER_NAME Function returns the name of the server running MD System 
370 RSDP_MDMETA_ICUBE_CREAT Function Modul for ICube Creation in external OLAP 
371 RSDP_MDMETA_ICUBE_DROP Function Modul for ICube Deletion in external OLAP 
372 RSDP_MDMETA_ICUBE_FILL Function Modul for ICube Filling in external OLAP 
373 RSDP_MDMETA_ICUBE_MAINT Function Modul for ICube Maintenance in external OLAP 
374 RSDP_MDMETA_MAP_IC_IOBJECTS Function is mapping the technames BW - ext. MOLAP for a whole cube 
375 RSDP_MDMETA_MAP_IOBJECT Function is mapping the technames BW - ext. MOLAP for one object 
376 RSDP_MDX_EXDM_STMT_E_T_DATA FunCall executes given MDX and returns Results 
377 RSDP_MDX_EXEC_STMT FunCall executes given MDX and returns Results 
378 RSDP_MDX_EXEC_STMT_E_T_DATA FunCall executes given MDX and returns Results 
379 RSDP_MDX_EXEC_STMT_XAS Liest Daten einer MDX-Anfrage in eine interne Tabelle 
380 RSDP_MDX_RC_CLEANUP function modul filters out the C specific '' sequence 
381 RSDP_MDX_TEST_CONNECT Testing the Rfc Connection to RfcOLAPBridge 
382 RSDP_MD_AGGR_ACTIVATE Activates aggregate in analysis server 
383 RSDP_MD_AGGR_DROP fct. drops the whole aggr from analysis server 
384 RSDP_MD_AGGR_EMPTY fct. deletes data from an existing aggr. in analysis server 
385 RSDP_MD_AGGR_FILL fct. executes the filling of an aggregate in analysis server 
386 RSDP_MD_AGGR_ROLLUP fct. executes the incremental rollup of data into analysis srv. aggregate 
387 RSDP_MD_DIM_CREAT Function Modul for ICube Creation in external OLAP 
388 RSDP_MD_DIM_DROP Function Modul for Dimension Drop in external OLAP 
389 RSDP_MD_DIM_FILL Function Modul for Dimension filling in external OLAP 
390 RSDP_MD_DIM_FUNC_EXEC Function Modul for execution of a Dimension Member Function in ext. MOLAP 
391 RSDP_MD_DIM_FUNC_IF_GET Function Modul for execution of a Dimension Member Function in ext. MOLAP 
392 RSDP_MD_DIM_GET_DB_CHRLST rsdp ftc. for returning the db location info 
393 RSDP_MD_DIM_MEMBERS_GET Function Modul for Listing Dimension members ( props and funcs ) 
394 RSDP_MD_DIM_PROPS_GET Function Modul for Dimension Maintenance in external OLAP 
395 RSDP_MD_DIM_PROPS_PUT Function Modul for Dimension Maintenance in external OLAP 
396 RSDP_MOLAP_POSSIBLE Function checks if ext. MOLAP can be used 
397 RSDP_SET_FUNC_PARAM is setting the values like put prop value is expecting them 
398 RSDP_SET_GET_PROP is setting the values like put prop value is expecting them 
399 RSDP_SET_PUT_PROP is setting the values like put prop value is expecting them 
400 RSDP_UTL_GET_WP_ID Function returns the number of the current WP 
401 RSDP_UTL_MAP_MDD_TO_FUNCINF maps the contents of mddesc to paramlist and eliminates '' 
402 RSDP_UTL_MAP_MDD_TO_MEMINF maps the contents of mddesc to propinfo and eliminates '' 
403 RSDP_UTL_MAP_MDD_TO_PRINF maps the contents of mddesc to propinfo and eliminates '' 
404 RSDP_XAS_BUILD_NAME creates a xmla column name from alias description 
405 RSDQM_CREATE_PATTERNLIST Group data by patterns 
406 RSDQM_PROFILE_COLUMN show Histogram of a series of numbers 
407 RSDQM_SET_DATA intern: Drilldown 
408 RSDQ_GET_DTA_INFO Reads cube data and verifies max number of objects 
409 RSDQ_IOINF_FROM_TABLCNTL Adapts table IOINF according to table TABL_CNTL 
410 RSDQ_PRESEL_SCREEN_2010 Preselection 
411 RSDQ_TABLCNTL_FROM_IOINF Reads cube data and verifies max number of objects 
412 RSDQ_VIEW_INFOPROV generate REPORT with SELECTION-SCREEN for list-display of an InfoCube 
413 RSDQ_VIEW_SCHEMA display schema of an InfoCube 
414 RSDRCRM_SEG_COUNT_SEGMENT R Determine the fullfilment number of a segment 
415 RSDRCRM_SEG_END_SESSION X closes (RSDRCRM) session (& deletes corresponding MRIs and therapists:-) 
416 RSDRCRM_SEG_GET_BASE_COUNT X read number of members in the default segmentation basis 
417 RSDRCRM_SEG_GET_DISTRIBUTION X Determine the distribution of an attribute (possibly regarding a segment) 
418 RSDRCRM_SEG_GET_EXEC_PLAN_RECS X Detects all execution plan steps for a segment 
419 RSDRCRM_SEG_GET_INFOPROV_LIST X Read list of InfoProviders 
420 RSDRCRM_SEG_GET_SEG_MEMBERS X Determine the members of a segment 
421 RSDRCRM_SEG_HIER_EX_TO_IN X Convert hierarchy name, version and validity into ID 
422 RSDRCRM_SEG_HIER_GET_DTA X Read Hierarchical tree completely 
423 RSDRCRM_SEG_HIER_GET_SUBTREE X Read Children of a node of a hierarchy 
424 RSDRCRM_SEG_HIER_IN_TO_EX X ID into the hierarchy name , version and validity convert 
425 RSDRCRM_SEG_HIER_SEARCHTREE X Search in a hierarchy 
426 RSDRCRM_SEG_INFOPROV_READ_MDTA X Read metadata for an InfoProvider and its InfoObjects 
427 RSDRCRM_SEG_INVALIDATE_MRIS R Invalidates MRIs of a (RSDCRM) Session 
428 RSDRCRM_SEG_IOBJ_F4 X SAP GUI input value help for InfoObject 
429 RSDRCRM_SEG_IOBJ_GET_HIER X Read All active hierarchies to infoobject 
430 RSDRCRM_SEG_IOBJ_GET_VHELP_DTA X run value #help for an InfoObject 
431 RSDRCRM_SEG_IOBJ_GET_VHELP_STR X Value help: Read structure data for a InfoObject 
432 RSDRCRM_SEG_IOBJ_HIER_F4 X SAPGui value help for hierarchies on the Infoobjekt 
433 RSDRCRM_SEG_IOBJ_READ_MDTA X read metadata for an InfoObject 
434 RSDRCRM_SEG_IOBJ_VAL_CHK_CONV X Check and convert InfoObject values 
436 RSDRCRM_SEG_SYSTEM_METADATA X Obtain System-Metadata 
437 RSDRCRM_SEG_SYSTEM_PATCH_STATE X System Patch State ermitteln 
438 RSDRC_AGGREGATE_DATA Aggregates Data in Internal Table C_T_DATA 
439 RSDRC_AUTHORITY_CHECK Authorization Check for Data Access (Read, Change) 
440 RSDRC_BUILD_SQL_STMT generiert eine SQL Anfrage für Zugriff auf einen Infocube 
441 RSDRC_CHECK_SELDR_VS_CHAVL Checks Whether a Value (CHAVL) Fulfills a SELDR Condition 
442 RSDRC_CHECK_SELDR_VS_SID Checks Whether a Value (SID) Fulfills a SELDR Condition 
443 RSDRC_CODE_INFOPROV_READ Generiert ABAP-Code für RFC-Datenzugriff 
444 RSDRC_CONVERT_RANGES_TO_SELC konvertiert Ranges ins SELC Format 
445 RSDRC_CONVERT_RANGES_TO_SELDR Converts Ranges to SELDR Format 
447 RSDRC_CONVERT_SEL_F4 Concert SELDR to SELC, SELT for Input Help 
448 RSDRC_COPY_COLUMN Copies the Values of a Characteristic to Another Column in C_T_DATA 
449 RSDRC_CREATE_TABLE_CHAVL Create Type-Related, Single-Column Table for Characteristic Values 
450 RSDRC_CREATE_TABLE_CHAVL_DDIC Create Type-Related, Single-Column Table for Characteristic Values 
451 RSDRC_DATA_LOGGING Generates ABAP to Save Content of a Variable in the Code 
452 RSDRC_DIMNM_GET Determines the Dimension Name (from SEL/SFC) 
453 RSDRC_DIMNM_SET Determines Name so That Dimension Can Be Written to SFC/SEL 
454 RSDRC_FILL_COLUMN Overwrites the Values of a Characteristic in C_T_DATA 
455 RSDRC_GET_CALMONTH_CONDITION Convert 0CALxx Condition to 0CALMONTH Condition 
456 RSDRC_INFOCUBE_AGGRLEVEL_READ Liest Daten aus einem Infocube, evt. via Aggregate 
457 RSDRC_INFOCUBE_DBLEVEL_READ Liest Daten aus einem Infocube (Abb. BW->DB) 
458 RSDRC_INFOCUBE_READ Liest Daten aus einem Infocube 
459 RSDRC_INFOPROV_READ Liest Daten aus einem Infoprovider 
460 RSDRC_INFOPROV_READ_AGGR Reads Data from an InfoProvider (Aggregate Interface) 
461 RSDRC_INFOPROV_READ_DISP Liest Daten parallel aus mehreren Infoprovider-Lesezugriffen 
462 RSDRC_INFOPROV_READ_OLAP Liest Daten aus einem Infoprovider (OLAP-Interface) 
463 RSDRC_INFOPROV_READ_RFC R Liest Daten aus einem Infoprovider (RFC-Interface) 
464 RSDRC_INSERT_RANGES_INTO_TABLE Insert Characteristic Values in a Table 
465 RSDRC_INSERT_SIDS_INTO_KEYTAB Insert SID Values as Keys in a Table 
466 RSDRC_ITAB_LOGGING Generates ABAP Code for Definition and Content of Internal Table 
467 RSDRC_MATERIALIZE_EQSID Materializes an EQSID Table as a DB Table 
468 RSDRC_MULTIPROV_GET_MAPPING Ermittelt explizite und implizite Abbildungsregeln für einen Multiprovider 
469 RSDRC_MULTIPROV_READ Liest Daten aus einem Multiprovider 
470 RSDRC_MULTIPROV_READ_PARA Liest Daten aus einem Multiprovider (parallel) 
471 RSDRC_MULTIPROV_REMAP_CHARET Rückabbildung einer für einen Partprov ermittelten CHARET 
472 RSDRC_MULTIPROV_SPLIT ermittelt die Sub-Query für einen Partprov 
473 RSDRC_NCUM_ADD_REF_CONDITION append of where condition for reference point query 
474 RSDRC_NCUM_AGGRLEVEL_READ Liest Bestandsdaten aus einem Infocube, evt. via Aggregate 
475 RSDRC_NCUM_BASIC_QUERY_DATA Gets data from a basic cube via 1 logical query 
476 RSDRC_NCUM_GENERATE_CODE Generating the Source Code for the Non-Cumulative Handling 
477 RSDRC_NCUM_INFOCUBE_READ Liest Daten aus einem Infocube inkl. Bestandshandling 
478 RSDRC_PARTNM_GET Determines Name of Partitioning Characteristic (from SEL/SFC) 
479 RSDRC_PARTNM_SET Determines Name of Partitioning Char. so It Can Be Written to SFC/SELDR 
480 RSDRC_REMOVE_SELDR_ENTRIES Deletes SELDR Entries for a Specific Characteristic 
481 RSDRC_SELDR_CONVEX_HULL Calculates a Superset of the Selection Subset 
482 RSDRC_SELDR_SPLIT Teilt die Selektion in kleinere Selektionen und bestimmt dazu Aggregate 
483 RSDRD_BUILD_REPORT_FOR_BATCH Construction of a report that performs batch deletion 
484 RSDRD_BUILD_SCREEN Construction of the screen to delete 
485 RSDRD_BUILD_SCREEN_WITH_CHECK How RSDRD_BUILD_SCREEN but with review of the number of Iobjects 
486 RSDRD_CLEAR_ACTION_LOG R Delete Action-Log 
487 RSDRD_CLEAR_DELTAB_ENTRIES Edit entries from REQDELTAB tables 
488 RSDRD_DIM_REMOVE_DUPLICATES Reorganization of the Dimensions of a Cube 
489 RSDRD_DIM_REMOVE_UNUSED Delete Dimension Entries That Are No Longer in Use 
490 RSDRD_LIST_ACTION_LOG Display the previous deletions 
491 RSDRD_SELDEL_QUERY_CONVERTER Converts deletion conditions into a sx_query structure 
492 RSDRD_SEL_DELETION Selective deletion in data targets (InfoCube and ODS) 
494 RSDRD_TA_START Singal the start of a transaction 
495 RSDRD_TA_STOP Signal the end of a transaction 
496 RSDRH_SHRINK_CACHE R Shrink the number of cached hierarchy result tables 
497 RSDRH_SHRINK_CACHE_TREX R Shrink the number of cached hierarchy result tables 
498 RSDRI_AGGREGATE_DATA Aggregates Data in Internal Table C_T_DATA 
499 RSDRI_AUTHORITY_CHECK Authorization Check for Read Interface 
500 RSDRI_CUBE_WRITE_PACKAGE Write data package into specific InfoCube