SAP ABAP Data Element - Index X, page 3
Data Element - X
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 XCHKPASSWORD IS-M: Password can be used for check XFELD CHAR 
2 XCHKPHONENO IS-M: Telephone number can be used for check XFELD CHAR 
3 XCHKRDEL Indicator: display "deleted invoices" XFELD CHAR 
4 XCHKRFEH Indicates whether inv. containing errors should be displayed XFELD CHAR 
5 XCHKRGEP Indicates whether completed invoices should be displayed XFELD CHAR 
6 XCHKRINP Indicates whether invoices being verified are t/b displayed XFELD CHAR 
7 XCHKRKOR Indicates whether correct invoices should be selected XFELD CHAR 
8 XCHKRUNG Indicates whether unverified invoices are to be displayed XFELD CHAR 
9 XCHNC_KK Reporting of Incorrect Bank Data: Change Old Notification XFELD CHAR 
10 XCHNG Change object XFELD CHAR 
11 XCHNG_ARI Indicator: Object was changed? XFELD CHAR 
12 XCHNG_KK Ssummarization line item changed XFELD CHAR 
13 XCHNG_KNKK Indicator: credit limit must be recreated XFELD CHAR 
14 XCHPB Transfer payment block when changing terms of payment? XFELD CHAR 
15 XCHPF Batch management requirement indicator XFELD CHAR 
16 XCHPF_HART Ind.: batch management requirement set by the system CHAR1 CHAR 
17 XCHPM Transfer payment method when changing terms of payment? XFELD CHAR 
18 XCHRG Materials handled in batches only XFELD CHAR 
19 XCHRONOLOGICALPROCESSES IS-M: Issue Sequence with Chronological Subsequent Processes XFELD CHAR 
20 XCHUM Batch conversion due to change of definition level XFELD CHAR 
21 XCHUSEAR Checkbox: Changeability of "Archive as Data Input" XFELD CHAR 
22 XCHUSEDB Checkbox: Changeability of "Database as Data Input" XFELD CHAR 
23 XCHVA Batch where-used list deactivated XFELD CHAR 
24 XCHVK_KK Change Contract Account XFELD CHAR 
25 XCHVT_KK Change Contract Reference XFELD CHAR 
26 XCHVW Synchronous posting of batch where-used records XFELD CHAR 
27 XCHZA Batch status management active XFELD CHAR 
28 XCHZN Batch status management not active XFELD CHAR 
29 XCH_AUSW IS-M: Print Box Number Security Slip Indicator XFELD CHAR 
30 XCH_PRODUNIT IS-M: Flag - Also Change Production Unit Implicitly XFELD CHAR 
31 XCICAUTO_REFRESH IS-M: CIC, Automatic Refresh of the Order Overview XFELD CHAR 
33 XCID Name of customer characteristic value TEXT30 CHAR 
34 XCIFSEL Object Selection for Application Log XFELD CHAR 
35 XCINF_KK Information to Collection Is Permitted XFELD CHAR 
36 XCIPAYM_VK Indicator: Report Customer-Initiated Payments XFELD CHAR 
37 XCITY_IDENT_KK Indicator: City Identical XFELD CHAR 
38 XCJCLOSEDF4 Exclude Closed Cash Journals in F4 Help? XFELD CHAR 
39 XCJCM_KK Cash Journal: Display Monetary Cash Balance Cumulated XFELD CHAR 
40 XCLAC_KK Cash Journal: Display Cash Desk Clearing Account XFELD CHAR 
41 XCLARDOC_BRO Indicator: Document Number from Clarification Processing XFELD CHAR 
42 XCLAR_CA Item was Placed in Clarification Worklist XFELD CHAR 
43 XCLAR_KK Line item included in clarification worklist XFELD CHAR 
44 XCLAR_PAY Include in Clarif. Worklist XFELD CHAR 
45 XCLAS Classify object XFELD CHAR 
46 XCLDEL_KK Cluster was deleted XFELD CHAR 
47 XCLDOC_KK Indicator: Post Clearing Document for Zero Rounding XFELD CHAR 
48 XCLEARING_VK Indicator: Report Clearing XFELD CHAR 
49 XCLEARXRELP Mark for cancelation XFELD CHAR 
50 XCLEAR_F107 Credit Memo(s) Offset (Cleared) Against Invoice XFELD CHAR 
51 XCLEAR_ITEMS_ITAGCY Flag: Difference Rule Clears Open Items XFELD CHAR 
52 XCLEA_KK FSCM Biller Direct: Direct Clearing of Receivable XFELD CHAR 
53 XCLFBLLIST Parameter: Summarized display "Generate issue mixes" XFELD CHAR 
54 XCLLT_KK Permit Closing of Lots in Cash Journal XFLAG CHAR 
55 XCLON_KK Clear Items Without Follow-On Posting XFELD CHAR 
56 XCLOSAV_KK Close Payment Advice Note XFELD CHAR 
58 XCLOSCR_KK Close Check Management XFELD CHAR 
59 XCLOSE IS-M/SD: Closure of subscription XFELD CHAR 
60 XCLOSED_ITAGCY Flag Whether Cash Desk Is Closed XFELD CHAR 
61 XCLOSED_KK Check Number Lot Closed XFELD CHAR 
62 XCLOSING_DATE_FOR_VSOP Indicator: Take Account of Order Deadline for Shipping Order XFELD CHAR 
63 XCLOSRL_KK Close returns lot XFELD CHAR 
64 XCLOSTRANSF_BRO Indicator: Close Broker Report XFELD CHAR 
65 XCLOST_KK Clear Items Without Follow-On Posting XCLOST_KK CHAR 
66 XCLOSZE_KK Close Payment Lot XFELD CHAR 
67 XCLOS_KK No Further Postings Allowed XFELD CHAR 
69 XCLSEL_IT Selection: Cleared Items XFELD CHAR 
70 XCLSE_KK Permit Closing of Cash Desks in Cash Journal XFLAG CHAR 
71 XCLS_F4_KK Determine closed reconciliation key XFELD CHAR 
72 XCLTR_KK Transfer to Other Clarification Account XFELD CHAR 
73 XCLUP_KK Cluster Updated XFELD CHAR 
74 XCLUS_KK Close used reconciliation keys XFELD CHAR 
75 XCL_KK Line Item Cleared XFELD CHAR 
77 XCMDSTAT Status of an external operating system command CHAR1 CHAR 
78 XCMPL_FOPT Only complete documents can be parked XFELD CHAR 
79 XCMPRE0 IS-M/AM: Credit management XFELD CHAR 
80 XCMP_FAILED IS-M/AM: Credit check failed XFELD CHAR 
81 XCNET_KK Change Due Date for Net Payment XFELD CHAR 
82 XCNT_KK Estimation of Items in Account Balance XFELD CHAR 
83 XCOAC_KK Add or Determine CO Account Assignments XCOAC_KK CHAR 
84 XCODE Function code FCODE CHAR 
85 XCODN_KK Permit Display of Cash Balance in Cash Journal XFLAG CHAR 
86 XCODT_CLUST_KK Cluster Data Part is Used XFELD CHAR 
87 XCODT_CLUST_VI Data Container Used XFELD CHAR 
88 XCODT_KK Data Part Is Used XFELD CHAR 
89 XCOINS_ACT_BROK_MD FS-CD: Flag: Broker Transfers Coinsurance Shares XFELD CHAR 
90 XCOINS_BRO Flag: Item Contains Coinsurance Shares XFELD CHAR 
91 XCOL Color for WRITE XCOL INT1 
92 XCOLLAM_CA FI-CA Display Collection Amount XFELD CHAR 
93 XCOLLBILL_VK Indicator: Invoice is a Collective Invoice XFELD CHAR 
94 XCOLLCASE_CM_CA Enforcement Work Item XFELD CHAR 
95 XCOLL_AUT_CA Automatically Derive Collection Agency XFELD CHAR 
96 XCOLL_CA Submit to Collection Agency XFELD CHAR 
97 XCOLL_KK Submission to Collection Agency XFELD CHAR 
98 XCOLL_SHOW_CA Type of Items to Show for Release / Undo Release to Coll. XCOLL_SHOW_CA CHAR 
99 XCOLL_UNDO_CA Undo Release to Collection Agency XFELD CHAR 
100 XCOLOR Hexadecimal Color Value CHAR6 CHAR 
101 XCOMA_FKB4 Hide Column for Command Entry XFELD CHAR 
102 XCOME_FKB4 Display Column for Command Entry XFELD CHAR 
103 XCOMMIT Indicator: The call program uses COMMIT XFELD CHAR 
104 XCOMM_ON_ORIBRO_BRO Commission Postings on Account for Original Broker XFELD CHAR 
105 XCOMNAME IS-HCM: Name of the Communication Partner in Table TXCOM XUHDEST CHAR 
106 XCOMP Indicator: First check and then close period XFELD CHAR 
107 XCOMPL Indicator: Asset history sheet completely defined XFELD CHAR 
108 XCOMPLAINT IS-M/SD: Complaint order CHAR1 CHAR 
109 XCOMPLAMOCREDIT Complaint: Credit Memo for Issue on Liability Account XFELD CHAR 
110 XCOMPLCRED Complaint: Credit Memo for Issue XFELD CHAR 
111 XCOMPLETED IS-M/SD: Incoming payments completed XFLAG CHAR 
112 XCOMPLMANUELL Complaint: Edit Quantities Manually XFELD CHAR 
113 XCOMPLNOACTION Complaint: Neither Subs.Delivery nor Credit Memo for Issue XFELD CHAR 
114 XCOMPLSUBS Complaint: Subsequent Delivery for Issue XFELD CHAR 
115 XCOMPL_CREATED IS-M/SD: At Least One Complaint Created XFELD CHAR 
116 XCOMPL_DIALOG IS-M/SD: Short Dialog Active for Complaints in Central Acc. XFELD CHAR 
117 XCOMPR Indicate Whether Form is to Be Compressed XFELD CHAR 
118 XCOMP_KK Compress Display XFELD CHAR 
119 XCONDENS Shortened Log Display XFELD CHAR 
120 XCONDITIONS Conditions for item although no invoice XCONDITIONS CHAR 
121 XCONDPAYDATA Keep Payment Data for Condition-Based Flows Acc to Cond. XFELD CHAR 
122 XCONF Indicator: Change confirmation status XFELD CHAR 
123 XCONF_055G Indicator: Field change is to be confirmed XFELD CHAR 
124 XCONF_AVIK Indicator: Payment confirmed CHAR1 CHAR 
125 XCONF_CA Create FI-CA Promise to Pay Confirmation Letter XCONF_CA CHAR 
126 XCONS_FIS Consolidator Issues Bill BOOLE CHAR 
127 XCONT Indicator: Continue processing? XFELD CHAR 
128 XCONTACT Establish Contact with Agent XFELD CHAR 
129 XCONTAINER IS-M: Container packing possible for this delivery type XFELD CHAR 
130 XCONTAV_KK Process Payment Advice Note Further XFELD CHAR 
131 XCONTRACTASSIGNED IS-M: Delivery quantity assigned to contract XFELD CHAR 
132 XCONTRACTLINK_CA Navigation Target for Contract Object XCONTRACTLINK_CA CHAR 
133 XCONTRACT_PO Contract from Limit Purchase Order Item XFELD CHAR 
134 XCONTRACT_REF Invoice Item with Contract Reference XFELD CHAR 
135 XCONTTYPE1_ITAGCY Flag: Transaction Category Valid for Third-Party Collections XFELD CHAR 
136 XCONTTYPE2_ITAGCY Flag: Transaction Category Valid for Third-Party Collections XFELD CHAR 
137 XCONTTYPE3_ITAGCY Flag: Transaction Category Valid for Clarif. Container XFELD CHAR 
138 XCONTTYPE4_ITAGCY Flag: Transaction Category Valid for Auto Creation Cont. XFELD CHAR 
139 XCONTZE_KK Further Process Payment Lot XFELD CHAR 
140 XCONT_CLOSE_ITAGCY Authorization to Close Containers XFELD CHAR 
141 XCONT_DIRECT_REF Invoice Item with Direct Contract Reference XFELD CHAR 
142 XCONT_EDIT_ITAGCY Authorization to Create/Change/Delete Containers XFELD CHAR 
143 XCONT_KK Display Contact Data XFELD CHAR 
144 XCONT_PREPCLOSE_ITAGCY Authorization to Prepare for Closing Containers XFELD CHAR 
145 XCONT_REOPENCONT_ITAGCY Authorization: Reopen Container XFELD CHAR 
146 XCONT_REOPEN_ITAGCY Authorization: Reopen Container   CHAR 
147 XCOP2_FCU1 Indicator: Are tables entries to be included ? XFELD CHAR 
148 XCOP2_SPRA Transport account name in all languages XFELD CHAR 
149 XCOP3_FCU1 Indicator: Are tables entries to be included ? XFELD CHAR 
150 XCOPA IS-M/SD: CO-PA Link with IS-M/SD Active / Inactive XFELD CHAR 
151 XCOPA_KK CO-PA update done directly XFELD CHAR 
152 XCOPM_FPM Payment Medium for Business Partner (Correspondence) XCOPM_FPM CHAR 
153 XCOPYBER New depreciation area: Create by copying XFELD CHAR 
154 XCOPYCM Copy Data from Client 000 XFELD CHAR 
155 XCOPYCOND IS-M/SD: Credit Memo Generation - Conditions from Order XFELD CHAR 
156 XCOPYNR_SET_DEFAULT Execute Exit to Define Default Copy Number XFELD CHAR 
157 XCOPYTRANS Indicator: Copy field group from reference asset XFELD CHAR 
158 XCOPY_AD_SPEC_DOCS IS-M/AM: Indicator - Also Copy Ad Spec Documents XFELD CHAR 
159 XCOPY_FCU1 Indicator: Include table entries ? XFELD CHAR 
160 XCOPY_HEADER_DOCS IS-M/AM: Indicator - Also Copy Header Documents XFELD CHAR 
161 XCOPY_ITEM_DOCS IS-M/AM: Indicator - Also Copy Item Documents XFELD CHAR 
162 XCORASSIGEND IS-M: Correction Quantities Assigned to Contract XFELD CHAR 
163 XCORF_KK Display Selection of Correspondence Form XFELD CHAR 
164 XCORM Batch determination: correction mode XFELD CHAR 
165 XCORPZAWE_KK Change Pymt Meth. in Item XCORPZAWE_KK CHAR 
166 XCORR Indicator: Correct Item? BOOLEAN CHAR 
167 XCORRECT Correct jurisdiction code if wrongly entered XFELD CHAR 
168 XCORRESP_ACTIVE Flag indicating if Correspondence in BCA is Activated XFELD CHAR 
169 XCORRREQU_BRO Correspondence Request was Delivered XFELD CHAR 
170 XCORR_ARCHIVING_MODE_KK Archiving Indicator: '' Application, 'X' Tool XFELD CHAR 
171 XCORR_ARCH_DISP_KK Also Display from Data Archive XFELD CHAR 
172 XCORR_FORCE_NEW_SPOOL Create New Spool Request for Each Package XFELD CHAR 
173 XCORR_FPM Indicator: Payment Correspondence XFELD CHAR 
174 XCORR_KK Indicator: Correction session after "Unsuccessful search"? XFELD CHAR 
175 XCOS Cost of sales accounting status XCOS CHAR 
176 XCOST Flag: Account is cost element XFELD CHAR 
177 XCOUNCREL "County Code" Indicator Relevant in Circulation Book XFELD CHAR 
178 XCOUNT Count indicator for list of retail price changes XFELD CHAR 
179 XCOUPON IS-M: Ad Spec is a Coupon Advertisement Indicator XFELD CHAR 
180 XCOVR Indicator: hedge request active XFELD CHAR 
181 XCPAG_LSEP Indicator: Cover Sheet Required ? XFELD CHAR 
182 XCPART_KK Inform Collection Agency of Master Data Changes XFELD CHAR 
183 XCPDA Indicator: Propose entry date XFELD CHAR 
184 XCPDD Indicator: Address and Bank Data Set Individually XFELD CHAR 
185 XCPDK Indicator: Is the account a one-time account? XFELD CHAR 
186 XCPDS Indicator: Account group for one-time accounts? XFELD CHAR 
187 XCPHW Recalculate Local Currency Amounts XFELD CHAR 
188 XCPRF Checkbox for Commodity Repricing in Invoice Verification CHAR1 CHAR 
189 XCPRI_KK Correspondence printing status XFELD CHAR 
190 XCPST_KK Post Check Encashment Automatically Despite Lock XFELD CHAR 
191 XCRAN_KK Execute Tax on Sales/Purchases Posting at Clearing XFELD CHAR 
192 XCRBK_KK Reporting of Incorrect Bank Data: Create Bank Data XFELD CHAR 
193 XCRCL_KK Check Transferred to Clarification XFELD CHAR 
194 XCRDH_KK FSCM Biller Direct: Processing of Credit Memos XCRDH_KK CHAR 
195 XCRDS_KK Payment card lot XFELD CHAR 
196 XCRDT_KK Credit Cleared Charges XFELD CHAR 
197 XCRE1 Credit Balance XFELD CHAR 
198 XCREARL_KK Create return directly (transfer bank storage) XFELD CHAR 
199 XCREATE Create Quantity Planning Records Automatically XFELD CHAR 
200 XCREATEKON Generate Sales Activities Automatically from Standard Letter XFELD CHAR 
201 XCREATENEW Creation of Tax Lines Allowed XCHAR CHAR 
202 XCREATEPQP Create Purchase Order Planning Records Automatically XFELD CHAR 
203 XCREATE_CHANGE_AFTER_DEADLINE Created or Changed After the Order Deadline XFELD CHAR 
204 XCREAZE_KK Create Payment Lot Directly (Transfer from Memory) XFELD CHAR 
205 XCREDIT_CA FI-CA Customer Overview Display Credit Data XFELD CHAR 
206 XCRED_KK Debit Memo Notification also for Outgoing Payments XFELD CHAR 
207 XCREO_KK Correspondence Reorganization Status XFELD CHAR 
208 XCRFILRL_KK Create transfer file for returns lot XFELD CHAR 
209 XCRFILZE_KK Creation of transfer file for payment lot XFELD CHAR 
210 XCRIT_ARCH Archiving data could conflict with database conversion XFELD CHAR 
211 XCRIT_DBCV Database conversion could conflict with archived data XFELD CHAR 
212 XCRIT_READ Reading could conflict with database conversion XFELD CHAR 
213 XCRIT_RELO Reloading could conflict with database conversion XFELD CHAR 
214 XCRLT_KK Permit Lot Creation in Cash Journal XFLAG CHAR 
215 XCROC Cross-company code transaction display XFELD CHAR 
216 XCRRT Daily Exchange Rates XFELD CHAR 
218 XCSEG Indicator: Copy Segment / Partner Segment XFELD CHAR 
219 XCU10 EMU: Company code's first local currency is converted XFELD CHAR 
220 XCU11 EMU: Credit control area currency from company code XFELD CHAR 
221 XCUCONV_KK Handling with Different Currency and Different Amount XFELD CHAR 
222 XCULW EMU: Country currency from company code is converted XFELD CHAR 
223 XCURR Indicator: Suppress Currency Translation? XFELD CHAR 
224 XCURR_DATE Planned Date DATE DATS 
225 XCURR_INIT Filter According to Initial Planned Date XFELD CHAR 
226 XCURR_XPO Indicator: Totals per local currency only? XFELD CHAR 
227 XCURS Cursor position must be determined XFELD CHAR 
228 XCUSF Indicator:Bank Details Inaccessible due to Customer Function XFELD CHAR 
229 XCUST1_EBPP Bill in Customer-Specific Format 1 (Biller Direct) BOOLEAN CHAR 
230 XCUST1_FIS Biller Direct: Bill in Customer-Specific Format 1 BOOLEAN CHAR 
231 XCUST1_INV_CA Invoice in Customer-Specific Format 1 BOOLEAN CHAR 
232 XCUST2_EBPP Bill in Customer-Specific Format 2 Biller Direct) BOOLEAN CHAR 
233 XCUST2_FIS Biller Direct: Bill in Customer-Specific Format 2 BOOLEAN CHAR 
234 XCUST2_INV_CA Invoice in Customer-Specific Format 2 BOOLEAN CHAR 
236 XCUSTOI_ITAGCY Flag: Collection of Open Items from Customers XFELD CHAR 
237 XCUSTSEL_BRO Also select customers that belong to broker XFELD CHAR 
238 XCUST_KK Customer screen XFELD CHAR 
239 XCUW2 EMU: Company code's second local currency is converted XFELD CHAR 
240 XCUW3 EMU: Company code's third local currency is converted XFELD CHAR 
241 XCVCR Indicator: Create A/R summary? XFELD CHAR 
242 XCVRD Indicator: Read A/R summary during credit check? XFELD CHAR 
243 XCWESB Valuated Goods Receipt Blocked Stock, Batch XFELD CHAR 
244 XCWHRK Short text for currency of payment amount TEXT15 CHAR 
245 XCWHRL Long text for currency of payment amount TEXT40 CHAR 
246 XCWMAT Material Is Activated for Catch Weight XFELD CHAR 
247 XCYCLE_FIN IS-M/SD: Amortization Complete for Liability Account XFELD CHAR 
248 XDABV_KK Reporting Incorrect Bank Data: Delete Outgoing Bank ID XFELD CHAR 
249 XDACHDECK Roofing material XTEXT50 CHAR 
250 XDACHTR Roof construction type XTEXT50 CHAR 
251 XDAILY Depreciation calculation to exact day XFELD CHAR 
252 XDALL_KK Delete All Locks XFELD CHAR 
253 XDALV Old document display or as list (with listviewer) XFELD CHAR 
254 XDANP_F150 Indicator: Adjust date details ? XFELD CHAR 
255 XDARK_AV Indicator: Process payment advice in the background? XFELD CHAR 
256 XDART Type of loan CHAR1 CHAR 
257 XDATA Reserve field PX030 CHAR6 CHAR 
258 XDATA_ALL IS-M: Process all records in input file XFELD CHAR 
259 XDATA_IN_TEMPTAB IS-M: Data Stored in Temporary Table XFELD CHAR 
260 XDATA_KK Adapt Date when Copying Parameters XFELD CHAR 
261 XDATE National table for cluster PC NUM04 NUMC 
262 XDATU Radio button: Field catalog for date fields XFLAG CHAR 
263 XDATUEBAKT IS-M: Data transfer currently active XFELD CHAR 
264 XDATUMSORT Indicator: Sort primarily according to publication date XFELD CHAR 
265 XDAUB_KK Payment by Standing Order XFELD CHAR 
266 XDAUS Indicator: data retention levels only on request XFELD CHAR 
267 XDAUSG Display field for a calendar date CHAR12 CHAR 
268 XDAYINT_KK Calculate Interest per Day XFELD CHAR 
269 XDAYS Vector for all days in a month CHAR31 CHAR 
270 XDAZUST Condition of roof XTEXT50 CHAR 
271 XDBBQ_KK Only Due or (Partially) Paid Budget Billing XFELD CHAR 
272 XDBEXIST IS-M: Media issue already exists on database XFELD CHAR 
273 XDBPLAN IS-M: German rail timetable XFELD CHAR 
274 XDBUP Database update XFELD CHAR 
275 XDCHK_KK Transferred data has been checked already XFELD CHAR 
276 XDCTY_KK Biller Direct: Type of Relationship between Bill/Cr. and Pyt XDCTY_KK CHAR 
277 XDCUR_KK Amounts in Transaction Currency Only XFELD CHAR 
278 XDDAN_KK Debit Memo after Notification Possible XFELD CHAR 
279 XDDAS_KK SEPA: Direct Debit Pre-Notification Possible XFELD CHAR 
280 XDEAKT Indicator: Deactivate fixed asset XFELD CHAR 
281 XDEB1 Debit Balance = x, Credit Balance Space XFELD CHAR 
282 XDEBI Indicator: Customer account type XFELD CHAR 
283 XDEBI_021 Indicator: Line layout for customer account type ? XFELD CHAR 
284 XDEBI_047A Indicator: Customer account type? XFELD CHAR 
285 XDEBI_MGR Indicator: No field check against table "BSID" ? XFELD CHAR 
286 XDEBI_ZGR Indicator: Useable for Customers? XFELD CHAR 
287 XDEBV_KK Reporting Incorrect Bank Data: Delete Incoming Bank ID XFELD CHAR 
288 XDECL Display accounts refused XFELD CHAR 
289 XDECREASE_OFFER IS-M/SD: Reduce Offer Amount by Write-Off Amount? XFELD CHAR 
290 XDEFAULT Flag for Standard Variant CHAR1 CHAR 
291 XDEFAULTP IS-M: Default Value on Item Detail Screen Indicator XFELD CHAR 
292 XDEFAULTPM_ITAGCY Flag: Standard Payment Method XFELD CHAR 
293 XDEFAULT_DIRDEB Indicator: Default Letter Text for Debit Memos XFELD CHAR 
294 XDEFAULT_GPNR IS-M/AM: 'Default Business Partner' Indicator XFELD CHAR 
295 XDEFAULT_NO_BU IS-M: Default Grouping If No BU Exists Indicator XFELD CHAR 
296 XDEFAULT_PAYMENT Indicator: Default Letter Text for Payments XFELD CHAR 
297 XDEFAULT_SAPR IS-M/SD: Indicator for default gift in campaign framework XFELD CHAR 
298 XDEFRUNDE IS-M: Default value for ad pre-print order XFELD CHAR 
299 XDEFT Default in the case of several texts having same priority XFELD CHAR 
300 XDEGU_KK Delete Unused Closed Reconciliation Keys XFELD CHAR 
301 XDEKO_BI Indicator: delete all partner functions via batch input XFELD CHAR 
302 XDELARIDX Flag to Delete Archive Indexes XFELD CHAR 
303 XDELAZAWE_KK Returns Activity: Delete Outgoing Payment Method in Account XFELD CHAR 
304 XDELAZAWE_VT_KK Returns Activity: Delete Outgoing Pmt Method on Contract XFELD CHAR 
305 XDELCOL_GB Deduct Gutter Bleed Column for Calculation of Technical Size XFELD CHAR 
306 XDELE Indicator: Production Run Data Deleted XFELD CHAR 
307 XDELETE Delete object XFELD CHAR 
308 XDELEZAWE_KK Delete payment method with account instead of changing XDELEZAWE_KK CHAR 
309 XDELEZAWE_VT_KK Delete Incoming Payment Method on Contract XDELEZAWE_KK CHAR 
310 XDELE_BI Indicator: Delete entry using batch input ? XFELD CHAR 
311 XDELE_PAY Payment Run Data Can Be Deleted XFELD CHAR 
312 XDELE_SFAP Indicator: Fields cannot be entered? XFELD CHAR 
313 XDELI Indicator: Read Additional Data for Detail Screen XFELD CHAR 
314 XDELIV Create Delivery (Shipping) XFELD CHAR 
315 XDELIV_FIXED IS-M/SD: No Del.Viability Optimization (Parameters Fixed) XFELD CHAR 
316 XDELIV_OPT IS-M/SD: Delivery Viability Optimization for Release XFELD CHAR 
317 XDELI_KK Delete Item XFELD CHAR 
318 XDELPZAWE_KK Delete Payment Method in Item XDELPZAWE_KK CHAR 
319 XDELSCIDX Flag to Delete Secondary Index XFELD CHAR 
320 XDELT Indicator: Recurring entry carried out (can be deleted) ? XFELD CHAR 
321 XDELTA_CA FI-CA Dispute: Flag: Attribute Value is Difference BOOLE CHAR 
322 XDELT_VERK Indicator: Delete previous table entries? XFELD CHAR 
323 XDELU_KK Delete Unused Open Reconciliation Keys XFELD CHAR 
324 XDEL_CLFBL Delete Previous Issue and Insert Mixes XFELD CHAR 
325 XDEL_CLFRH Delete Previous Ad Insert Total Market Coverage XFELD CHAR 
326 XDEL_CLFVT Delete previous ad insert distribution XFELD CHAR 
327 XDEL_DISP1 Delete planning for backdated subscriptions XFELD CHAR 
328 XDEL_KGSCH Delete municipality key in order XFELD CHAR 
329 XDEL_MANU IS-M: Entry Was Deleted Manually XFELD CHAR 
330 XDEL_PAKET IS-M: Delete previous results XFELD CHAR 
331 XDEL_VERS2 Delete Previous Total Market Coverage XFELD CHAR 
332 XDEL_VERS3 Delete previous ad pre-print distributions XFELD CHAR 
333 XDEL_VERSV Delete previous insert mixes XFELD CHAR 
334 XDEPOTIOB_VK Indicator: Account Contains Deposit Contracts XFELD CHAR 
335 XDEPOT_PAYFORM_VK Indicator: Create Insufficient Coverage Letter XFELD CHAR 
336 XDEPOT_VK Indicator: Deposit Account XFELD CHAR 
337 XDEREN_SC Indicator: Debt Recognition XFELD CHAR 
338 XDERF Date created DATUM DATS 
339 XDESC_KK Sort in descending order XFELD CHAR 
340 XDESC_XPO Indicator: Sort in descending order XFELD CHAR 
341 XDESTS Indicator: Selection of output device control XFELD CHAR 
342 XDETA Indicator: display detail screen XFELD CHAR 
343 XDETAIL IS-M: Further details recorded XFELD CHAR 
344 XDETAILFULLSCREEN_KK Do Not Show Detail Screen as Dialog Box XFELD CHAR 
345 XDETA_CC Indicator: Display Detail Log? XFELD CHAR 
346 XDETDOCRDI_KK Individual Document Posting for Revenue Distribution XFELD CHAR 
347 XDETV_KK Distribution amounts changed manually XFELD CHAR 
348 XDET_ABRE IS-M: Detailed Settlement Indicator XFELD CHAR 
349 XDEZP Decimal point format XFELD CHAR 
350 XDEZV Indicator: Local processing? XFELD CHAR 
351 XDFAI_CC Indicator: Delete Logs of Incorrect Transmissions? XFELD CHAR 
352 XDFLT Initial Value XFELD CHAR 
353 XDFLTCHANG_BRO Default values were changed XFELD CHAR 
354 XDFRC_KK Permit Posting of Differences in Cash Journal XFLAG CHAR 
355 XDFYV Allow Different Fiscal Year Variants XFELD CHAR 
356 XDGRD Document Display: Document Overview as ALV Grid XFELD CHAR 
357 XDIAA_KK Dialog Admissb. XFELD CHAR 
358 XDIAL FCode in Connection with Dialog Box or Call Dialog CHAR1 CHAR 
359 XDIALOG_KK Calculate Interest Online (Internal) BOOLE CHAR 
360 XDIAL_053 Indicator: Control display online? XFELD CHAR 
361 XDIAL_KK Documents of this Origin can be Posted in Dialog XFELD CHAR 
362 XDIAL_KORR Indicator: Online required XFELD CHAR 
363 XDIEN_NR IS-M: Copy Service Number Indicator XFELD CHAR 
364 XDIEN_TYP IS-M: Copy Service Type Indicator XFELD CHAR 
365 XDIFB Post inventory differences XFELD CHAR 
366 XDIFF Difference posted XFELD CHAR 
367 XDIFF_BBE IS-M: Alternative planned/actual basic booking unit XFELD CHAR 
368 XDIFF_COL IS-M: Alternative Planned/Actual Color Scheme XFELD CHAR 
369 XDIFF_D Indicates difference between rtl pr. in conditions and val. CHAR1 CHAR 
370 XDIFF_PLZ IS-M: Alternative planned/actual positioning XFELD CHAR 
371 XDIFF_SIZE IS-M: Alternative Actual Size XFELD CHAR 
372 XDIFF_TERM IS-M: Alternative planned/actual date XFELD CHAR 
373 XDIKO_030 Indicator: Different accounts for debit/credit ? XFELD CHAR 
374 XDINV Indicator for Differential Invoicing CHAR1 CHAR 
375 XDIRBELIEF IS-M: Delivery type for top-ups XFELD CHAR 
376 XDIRECTDEBIT_CA Bank Direct Debit - Flag XFELD CHAR 
377 XDIRECT_KK Do Not Run Item Selection Screen (Internal Only) BOOLE CHAR 
378 XDIREKTVB Identification text for direct consumption XKBEZ CHAR 
379 XDIRP Switch from Batch Input to Direct Posting (See F1 Help!) XFELD CHAR 
380 XDIRPS Direct Posting XFELD CHAR 
381 XDIS Indicator: Operation/cap. rqmt. is dispatched FLAG CHAR 
382 XDISM_KK Dispute Management: Dispute Case Processing Active XFELD CHAR 
383 XDISP Radio buttons for field control XFELD CHAR 
384 XDISP1LIST Parameter: Summarized version of planning log XFELD CHAR 
385 XDISP1_REDO Indicator: Do Not Process Backdated Items Without Issues XFELD CHAR 
386 XDISPATCH Distribution of Physical Inventory Differences XFELD CHAR 
387 XDISPLAY_MEDIAPRODUCT IS-M: Indicator - Display Media Product in Audit Report XFELD CHAR 
388 XDISPO Indicator: relevant to planning XFELD CHAR 
389 XDISPOLIST Parameter: Summarized version of planning log XFELD CHAR 
390 XDISPOSITI IS-M: Planning Has Taken Place Indicator XFELD CHAR 
391 XDISPO_CP IS-M: Copy Planning Data XFELD CHAR 
392 XDISPO_REL IS-M: Planning-Relevant Ads Indicator XFELD CHAR 
393 XDISPTRG Indicator: Check planning status of deliveries XFELD CHAR 
394 XDISP_CA FI-CA Customer Overview Display Dispute Case Data XFELD CHAR 
395 XDISP_EB Create cash management payment advices XFELD CHAR 
396 XDISP_SFAP Indicator: Fields can only be displayed ? XFELD CHAR 
397 XDISR_SFAP Indicator: Display with Values Required XFELD CHAR 
398 XDIST_SC Indicator: Manual Distribution of Amount in Item XFELD CHAR 
399 XDIVERT_ADDR IS-M: Divert Address Indicator (Origin=5) XFELD CHAR 
400 XDJAHR Validity period (year) GJAHR NUMC 
401 XDKBZ Sec.acct position short description XKBEZ CHAR 
402 XDKZS Indicator: Display customer and vendor items together? XFELD CHAR 
403 XDLDNR Store average in the same ledger XFELD CHAR 
404 XDLI Send list of exceptions via distribution list XFELD CHAR 
405 XDLOD_KK Ignore Dunning Levels from Other Dunning Procedures XFELD CHAR 
406 XDLST Document Display: Overview as ALV Classic List XFELD CHAR 
407 XDME1_FPM Indicator: Payment Medium w/o Documents (DME, EDI, OFX) XFELD CHAR 
408 XDME1_PAY Payment medium (DME) without documents XFELD CHAR 
409 XDMEE_FPM Indicator: Use of DME Mapping Engine XFELD CHAR 
410 XDMON Validity period (month) NUM2 NUMC 
411 XDOCMIN_KK Check Minimum Interest Amounts at Document Level XFELD CHAR 
412 XDOCUMENT Indicator if all dependent documents are read XFELD CHAR 
413 XDOC_BRO Further Document Numbers Exist for Item XFELD CHAR 
414 XDOC_EBPP Bill in Microsoft Word Format (Biller Direct)   CHAR 
415 XDOKBS Document description text XDOKBS CHAR 
416 XDOLD Document Display: Classiv Overview XFELD CHAR 
417 XDONATION IS-M/SD: Recipient of Add. Payment/Refund is Social Facility XFELD CHAR 
418 XDOORBEZ Door-Plate Description VIGWXDOORBEZ CHAR 
419 XDPCJ_KK Cash Journal: Enable Difference for All Payment Categories XFLAG CHAR 
420 XDPLT_KK Permit Display of Open Lot in Cash Journal XFLAG CHAR 
421 XDPOPUPANF Indicator: No Data Loss Dialog Box on Selection Screen XFELD CHAR 
422 XDPRO_KK Delete Dunning Proposals Already Executed As Well XFELD CHAR 
423 XDPST_KK Permit Posting of Deposits in Cash Journal XFLAG CHAR 
424 XDP_DELIVER IS-M/SD: Indicator - subsequent delivery of missing issues XFELD CHAR 
425 XDP_FREE IS-M/SD: Indicator - deliveries after expiration date free XFELD CHAR 
426 XDP_PAY IS-M/SD: Billing performed for delivs after expiration date XFELD CHAR 
427 XDRAH_012D Payment is to be Carried Out - By Cable XFELD CHAR 
428 XDRAN_F150 Indicator: Print job with scheduling ? XFELD CHAR 
429 XDRBSHOW Display Document Relationship Browser in Separate Mode? XFELD CHAR 
430 XDRERZ Indicator: Reference to publication required XFELD CHAR 
431 XDRERZFRE Field is Inactive (Third-Party Publication) XFELD CHAR 
432 XDRKEIERF IS-M: Printing works required XFELD CHAR 
433 XDRUCK Indicator: Print production resources/tools XFLAG CHAR 
434 XDRVA Derivation Active   CHAR 
435 XDRVLDAT IS-M: Copy Ad Spec Master Data With Template Indicator XFELD CHAR 
436 XDRVL_COPY IS-M/AM: Create Ad Spec Master With Template XFELD CHAR 
437 XDRVL_CP IS-M: Ad Spec Master Is Transferred During Copying Indicator XFELD CHAR 
438 XDRVL_OVL IS-M: Copy Ad Spec Master Without Template Indicator XFELD CHAR 
439 XDRVN Derivation Not Active   CHAR 
440 XDRVORLKOM IS-M: Note for Ad Spec Master Exists Indicator XFELD CHAR 
441 XDRVRFTMAN IS-M: Reminder date changed manually indicator XFELD CHAR 
442 XDRV_ERL IS-M: Ad Spec Master Completed Status XFELD CHAR 
443 XDRV_LTPR IS-M: Routing Bag Printed Indicator XFELD CHAR 
444 XDRV_RUECK IS-M: Ad Spec Master Status Returned XFELD CHAR 
445 XDRV_UNV IS-M: Ad Spec Master Incomplete Status XFELD CHAR 
446 XDRV_VOLL IS-M: Ad Spec Master Complete Status XFELD CHAR 
447 XDRV_WEIT IS-M: Ad Spec Master Forwarded Status XFELD CHAR 
448 XDSAROBJ Checkbox: Display the Archiving Object Used XFELD CHAR 
449 XDSEMUCNV Checkbox: Display Flag "Convert during Reading" XFELD CHAR 
450 XDSKH_BAER Indicator: Modifiable only as cust.= debit, vend.= credit ? XFELD CHAR 
451 XDSO Determine DSO Code? XFELD CHAR 
452 XDSPREL_OL IS-M: Online Planning Relevance Indicator XFELD CHAR 
453 XDSPREL_SI IS-M: Ad Insert Planning Relevance Indicator XFELD CHAR 
454 XDSPREL_WS IS-M: Commercial Planning Relevance Indicator XFELD CHAR 
455 XDSUSEAR Checkbox: Display Flag "Archive as Data Input" XFELD CHAR 
456 XDSUSEDB Checkbox: Display Flag "Database as Data Input" XFELD CHAR 
457 XDTYP Loan category CHAR2 CHAR 
458 XDUBIOS IS-M: No Longer Used - Credit Query Indicator XFELD CHAR 
459 XDUE1 Indicator: Cash discount term 1 is due on item? XFELD CHAR 
461 XDUEDATE Determine Due Date from Due Date of Bill XDUEDATE CHAR 
463 XDUEN Indicator: Item is due net? XFELD CHAR 
464 XDUET_KK Item is due XFELD CHAR 
465 XDUEW Entry in Weeks XFELD CHAR 
467 XDUNK Post physical inventory differences in background XFELD CHAR 
468 XDUNN Document to be Dunned XFELD CHAR 
469 XDUNNZW Payment method for incoming payments to be dunned XFELD CHAR 
470 XDUPPL No runtime error for duplicate database records XFELD CHAR 
471 XDYNAMIC_KK Dynamic Interval Creation X CHAR 
472 XDYNP Process data? XFELD CHAR 
473 XDYNPER Indicator: Dynamic calculation of time of analysis X CHAR 
474 XDYNP_WT Edit withholding tax data? XFELD CHAR 
475 XEANZ_KK Item is a real down payment XFELD CHAR 
476 XEBOK_KK Single Posting of Payment Already Completed XFELD CHAR 
477 XEBPP_KK Payment Method for FSCM Biller Direct XEBPP_KK CHAR 
478 XECHT Indicator: Production Run Carried Out? XFELD CHAR 
481 XECHT_KK Update Run or Test Run CHAR1 CHAR 
482 XEDATKORR Indicator: Publication Date Corrected Automatically XFELD CHAR 
483 XEDI1_FPM Indicator: Payment Medium Without Docs. (EDI, IFX Messages) XFELD CHAR 
484 XEDI1_PAY Payment medium (EDI) without documents XFELD CHAR 
485 XEDIP Indicator: Send Payment Advices by EDI XFELD CHAR 
486 XEFDAU Depreciation with expired effective life XFELD CHAR 
487 XEFDAU_NEW Depreciation with curb XFELD_DEFAULT CHAR 
488 XEFRE Del. costs to price diff. acct when purch. acct active XFELD CHAR 
489 XEGDR Indicator: Triangular deal within the EU ? XFELD CHAR 
490 XEGDRNUM Indicator: Triangular Deal within the EU XEGDRNUM CHAR 
491 XEGDR_HU EU Triangular Deal within EU for Hungary XEGDR_HU CHAR 
492 XEGLD Indicator: European Union Member? XFELD CHAR 
493 XEGMD EC reporting country deleted XFELD CHAR 
494 XEGMIT Own funds in acc. Para. 53c (3) WERT4 CURR 
495 XEGSRV Indicator: Service in EU Area VAT 2010 XEGSRV CHAR 
496 XEGYYY Dependency source qty MENGV8 QUAN 
497 XEIBH_KK Create Separate Document in General Ledger XFELD CHAR 
498 XEIBK_KK Create Separate Document per Reconciliation Account XFELD CHAR 
499 XEIBV_KK Own Bank Details from Contract Acct/Contract Has Priority XFELD CHAR 
500 XEIEI_KK Line Item in Individual Document XFELD CHAR