SAP ABAP Data Element - Index X, page 12
Data Element - X
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 XV1DT Change date: View 1 DATUM DATS 
2 XV1FOS Indicator: updating in U1 update program XFLAG CHAR 
3 XV1NM Name of person in charge, who changed view 1 USNAM CHAR 
4 XV1ONLY Only Terminated V1 Updates XFELD CHAR 
5 XV1VER Radio button: updating in U1 update program X CHAR 
6 XV2DT Change date: View 2 DATUM DATS 
7 XV2FOS Indicator updating in V2 update program XFLAG CHAR 
8 XV2NM Name of the person in charge, who changed view 2 USNAM CHAR 
9 XV2VER Radio button: V2 updating X CHAR 
10 XV3DT Change date: View 3 DATUM DATS 
11 XV3FOS Indicator: updating in V3 update task XFLAG CHAR 
12 XV3NM Name of the person in charge, who changed view 3 USNAM CHAR 
13 XV3VER Radio button: Updating in U3 update program X CHAR 
14 XV4DT Change date: View 4 DATUM DATS 
15 XV4NM Name of the person in charge, who changed view 4 USNAM CHAR 
16 XV5DT Change date:View 5 DATUM DATS 
17 XV5NM Name of the person in charge who changed view 5 USNAM CHAR 
18 XV6DT Change date:View 6 DATUM DATS 
19 XV6NM Name of the person in charge who changed view 6 USNAM CHAR 
20 XVABEINTER Only Calculate Commission Once All Schd.Lines Published Ind. XFELD CHAR 
21 XVABG Indicator: Post complete retirement XFELD CHAR 
22 XVACC_ITAGCY Indicator: Valid for Coinsurer Commission XFELD CHAR 
23 XVACPACK IS-M/SD: Vacation Service: Postponed Delivery XFELD CHAR 
24 XVAGEWIST Check whether actual issue weight is maintained XFELD CHAR 
25 XVAGEWPLAN Check whether planned issue weights are maintained XFELD CHAR 
26 XVAL Indicator: Carry out validation? XFELD CHAR 
27 XVALE Indicator: Sent by ALE for distributed systems XFELD CHAR 
28 XVALGS Credit memo with value date XFELD CHAR 
29 XVALID Indicator: Carry out validation XFELD CHAR 
30 XVALID_CLAI_BRO Indicator: Posting Rule Applicable for Claims Management XFELD CHAR 
31 XVALID_COINS_BRO Indicator: Posting Rule Applicable for Coinsurance XFELD CHAR 
32 XVALID_COMM_BRO Indicator: Posting Rule Valid for Commissions XFELD CHAR 
33 XVALID_COST_BRO Indicator: Posting Rule Valid for Premium XFELD CHAR 
34 XVALID_PREM_BRO Indicator: Posting Rule Valid for Premium XFELD CHAR 
35 XVALTO_CA Expiry Date of Payment Advice Can Be Entered - Flag XFELD CHAR 
36 XVALU Indicator: values transferred, cannot be changed ? XFELD CHAR 
37 XVALUEONLY Create Documents for Value-Only Materials XVALUEONLY CHAR 
38 XVALUE_CHK IS-M: Check Value of Credit and Debit Memos XFELD CHAR 
39 XVALUT Indicator: Value date for payee X CHAR 
40 XVALUT_EB Assign value date to an acct when posting XFELD CHAR 
41 XVALU_KK Only enter search values XFELD CHAR 
42 XVALV Indicator: Propose current date as value date ? XFELD CHAR 
43 XVANZ Indicator: Display Proposal XFELD CHAR 
44 XVANZ_KK Item Can Be Cleared/Cleared Down Payment XFELD CHAR 
45 XVARIABLEDAYS IS-M/SD: Select Weekdays in Order XFELD CHAR 
47 XVARPVA IS-M/SD: Reference Edition Applies for Shipping Schedule XFELD CHAR 
49 XVARTYP_PE IS-M: CC assignment by PU variant type indicator XFELD CHAR 
50 XVARTYP_VA IS-M: Content by issue type indicator XFELD CHAR 
51 XVASAKTIV Indicator: Media issue mix synchronization active XFELD CHAR 
52 XVASC_ITAGCY Indicator: Valid for Subcommission XFELD CHAR 
53 XVASH Main item with supplementary logistics services XFELD CHAR 
54 XVASTYPE Main or Subitem Value Added Services XUPTYPE CHAR 
55 XVATC_ITAGCY Indicator: Valid for Temporary Collections XFELD CHAR 
56 XVATDATE Tax Reporting Date Active in Documents XFELD CHAR 
57 XVAVERDICH Summarization at issue level XFELD CHAR 
58 XVAVTYKORR Issue type corrected automatically XFELD CHAR 
59 XVBAG IS-M: Sales Agent For Agency Indicator XFELD CHAR 
60 XVBEA Indicator: Edit Proposal XFELD CHAR 
61 XVBEIN IS-M/AM: Sales Area Restriction Exists XFELD CHAR 
62 XVBELEGTYP IS-M: Preceding Document Type of Contract Settlement Item XVBELEGTYP CHAR 
63 XVBIS IS-M: Advertiser Sales Agent Indicator XFELD CHAR 
64 XVBONUS IS-M: Advance Bonus Indicator XFELD CHAR 
65 XVBST Changed stock levels only XFELD CHAR 
66 XVBUN Indicator: Affiliated Company? XFELD CHAR 
67 XVBUP_ARI Indicator: Posting in UPDATE TASK XFELD CHAR 
68 XVBUP_BF Indicator: Posting in UPDATE TASK XFELD CHAR 
69 XVBZUO IS-M/AM: COA Assignment From Other Sales Area XFELD CHAR 
70 XVB_KK Posting Successfully Carried Out XFELD CHAR 
71 XVEIN_KK Only One Contract Permitted XFELD CHAR 
72 XVEND Edit vendors XFELD CHAR 
73 XVERA Contract created due to data transfer KENNZX CHAR 
74 XVERB IS-M: Association Indicator XFELD CHAR 
75 XVERBBEZ IS-M: Distribution Zone XFELD CHAR 
76 XVERBR ABC analysis based on consmpt. X CHAR 
77 XVERBREL IS-M: Indicator - sales area relevant? XFELD CHAR 
78 XVERBUNDEN IS-M: Ad insert "linked" indicator XFELD CHAR 
79 XVERD Checkbox: Generate basic list for selected characteristics X CHAR 
80 XVERDAUART Quantity determination at sales document type level XFELD CHAR 
81 XVERDDRERZ Selection indicator for quantity det. at publication level XVERDDRERZ CHAR 
82 XVERDGRP1 Selection indicator for quantity determination (rept grp.1) XVERDGRP1 CHAR 
83 XVERDGRP2 Selection indicator for quantity determination (rept grp.2) XVERDGRP2 CHAR 
84 XVERDICHT For use in summarization XFELD CHAR 
85 XVERDIVWHI Summarization at CAR hierarchy level XFELD CHAR 
86 XVERDIVWKA Summarization at CAR category level XVERDPVA CHAR 
87 XVERDIVWNR Selection indicator: Summarization at CAR number level XVERDPVA CHAR 
88 XVERDPVA Summarization at edition level XVERDPVA CHAR 
89 XVERD_011Z Indicator: Group balance decides on allocation XFELD CHAR 
90 XVERD_KK Displayed Item Is Summarized XFELD CHAR 
91 XVERD_RUB IS-M: "Main Column" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
92 XVERF Dynamic availability check KZVBP CHAR 
93 XVERG Analyze historical periods XFELD CHAR 
94 XVERGA Indicator: Original transaction in past XFELD CHAR 
95 XVERGBEZPA IS-M/SD: Remuneration by carrier route flat rate XFELD CHAR 
96 XVERGPVADU IS-M/SD: Remuneration according to edition average XFELD CHAR 
97 XVERGPVAPE IS-M/SD: Remuneration according to edition period average XFELD CHAR 
98 XVERGPVAST IS-M/SD: Remuneration according to editions per day XFELD CHAR 
99 XVERGPVATD IS-M/SD: Remuneration according to daily edition average XFELD CHAR 
100 XVERGRIFF Issue sold out XFELD CHAR 
101 XVERID Long text indicator:Property values XFELD CHAR 
102 XVERKEHR Transport connections XTEXT50 CHAR 
104 XVERKZ Production Versions Exist for Reference Material CHAR1 CHAR 
105 XVERK_VERK Indicator: Do you want this entry to be linked? XFELD CHAR 
106 XVERLAG IS-M: Publisher Indicator XFELD CHAR 
107 XVERLEIG IS-M: Indicator: Owned By Publisher XFELD CHAR 
108 XVERM Property list indicator XFELD CHAR 
109 XVERMBEZ IS-M: Sales Agent Zone Indicator XFELD CHAR 
110 XVERMITTLR Selection Indicator - Sales Agent XFELD CHAR 
111 XVERMOBL Sales agent must be specified for order XFELD CHAR 
112 XVERMPROV IS-M: Sales Agent - Commission Recipient XFELD CHAR 
113 XVERMSACH IS-M: BP Authorized to Receive Gifts XFELD CHAR 
114 XVERRA_KK Payment method: Processed by broker/collections agency XFELD CHAR 
115 XVERRC_KK Payment Method: Processed With Payment Card XFELD CHAR 
116 XVERRSPACE_KK Payment Method: Processed via Bank Account XFELD CHAR 
117 XVERRX_KK Paymt Method: Processing by Internal Clearing/Deposit Acct XFELD CHAR 
118 XVERR_KK Processing type of payment method XVERR_KK CHAR 
119 XVERR_KNB1 Indicator: Clearing between customer and vendor ? XFELD CHAR 
120 XVERR_KORR Indicator: Clearing between customer and vendor ? XFELD CHAR 
121 XVERR_LFB1 Indicator: Clearing between customer and vendor? XFELD CHAR 
122 XVERS Insurance data indicator XFELD CHAR 
123 XVERSVLIST Summarized shipping preparation list for inserts XFELD CHAR 
124 XVERSVOR Check whether initial shipping run performed XFELD CHAR 
125 XVERSVORLF Initial shipping run carried out for inserts XFELD CHAR 
126 XVERSWRT Type of insurance value TEXT25 CHAR 
127 XVERS_EE IS-M: Indicator Shipping run completed successfully XFELD CHAR 
128 XVERS_GEST IS-M: Indicator Shipping has been started XFELD CHAR 
129 XVERTEILNG IS-M: Ad pre-print sales document type - distribution XFELD CHAR 
130 XVERTKUN IS-M: Sales Customer Indicator XFELD CHAR 
131 XVERTRAG Only items from selected contract XFELD CHAR 
132 XVERWENDNG IS-M: Read for usage XFELD CHAR 
133 XVERZIEL Distribute to what? XFELD CHAR 
134 XVFND_FAKT_EE IS-M: Sales Agent Determination for Billed Billing Datasets XFELD CHAR 
135 XVGTYPE Main item or sub-item for full product XUPTYPE CHAR 
136 XVG_BEZUG IS-M: Create reference to previous item XFELD CHAR 
137 XVIAF_FBWD Selection via DME file XFELD CHAR 
138 XVIAK_FBWD Selection via G/L accounts XFELD CHAR 
139 XVIEW Editing the asset views XFELD CHAR 
140 XVIEW0 View for legacy data transfer XFELD CHAR 
141 XVIEW1 Ind.:View 1 maintained XFELD CHAR 
142 XVIEW2 Ind.:View 2 maintained XFELD CHAR 
143 XVIEW3 Ind.:View 3 maintained XFELD CHAR 
144 XVIEW4 Ind.:View 4 maintained XFELD CHAR 
145 XVIEW5 Ind.:View 5 maintained XFELD CHAR 
146 XVIEW6 Ind.:View 6 maintained XFELD CHAR 
147 XVIEWFAKPER IS-M/SD: Display billing period in billing item XFELD CHAR 
148 XVIRT Indicator: Derived depreciation area XFELD CHAR 
149 XVJAH Indicator: Determine data for last period of previous year XFELD CHAR 
150 XVKAB Checkbox for saving sales price conditions XFELD CHAR 
151 XVKBURZUS IS-M: Determine Sales Office Responsible in Order XFELD CHAR 
152 XVKBW Sales price valuation active XFELD CHAR 
153 XVKNT_KK Dunning grouping per contract account XFELD CHAR 
154 XVKORGREL Indicator "Sales Organization" Relevant in Circulation Book XFELD CHAR 
155 XVKWR Sales value XFELD CHAR 
156 XVL_COPY IS-M: Copy template (w/o reference) XFELD CHAR 
157 XVM_NE_AG IS-M/SD: Sales Agent Cannot be Sold-To Party XFELD CHAR 
158 XVOBNK Sign (+/-) for del. costs differs fr. that of goods movement XFELD CHAR 
159 XVOID_KK Returns: Invalid Items XFELD CHAR 
160 XVONDAT Substitute 'from date' DATUM DATS 
161 XVORB Indicator: Proposal Run Edited? XFELD CHAR 
162 XVORE Indicator: Proposal Run Carried Out? XFELD CHAR 
163 XVORG No manual cancellation poss. for trans./event type XFELD CHAR 
164 XVORK Indicator: Document type for initial account assignment ? XFELD CHAR 
165 XVORKAS Sale only with advance payment XFELD CHAR 
166 XVORL Indicator: Only Proposal Run? XFELD CHAR 
167 XVORL1_DTA Output Field - Proposal Run TEXT16 CHAR 
168 XVORL1_TDTA Output field - proposal run TEXT16 CHAR 
169 XVORL2_DTA Outline Description: "Proposal Run" / "Payment Run" TEXT16 CHAR 
170 XVORL2_TDTA Outline Description: "Proposal Run" / "Payment Run" TEXT16 CHAR 
171 XVORLAGE Choose reference for creating an asset XFELD CHAR 
172 XVORLPN_KK Prenotification Simulation Run XFELD CHAR 
173 XVORL_F107 Valuation proposals only XFELD CHAR 
174 XVORL_F110 Indicator: Only proposal run ? XFELD CHAR 
175 XVORL_FPM Indicator: Proposal Run XFELD CHAR 
176 XVORQ_KK Only Provide Selection Proposal on Call XFELD CHAR 
177 XVORS Indicator: Default Company Code List? XFELD CHAR 
178 XVORSCHL IS-M: Default billing frequency XFELD CHAR 
179 XVORSCHLAG Basic category proposal for category XFELD CHAR 
180 XVORS_F02H Indicator: transfer sample values ? XFELD CHAR 
181 XVORS_M007 Indicator: Tax is input tax ? XFELD CHAR 
182 XVORT Indicator: Carryforward residual bal. for pmnt difference ? XFELD CHAR 
183 XVOSO_KK Offer Selection Proposal Immediately XFELD CHAR 
184 XVPAS Indicates price variance distributed for structured material XFELD CHAR 
185 XVPER Indicator: Determine data for previous period XFELD CHAR 
186 XVPLANTIME Route dep.time after delivery deadline in shipping schedule XFELD CHAR 
187 XVPLB Planning Variant XFELD CHAR 
188 XVPRSVNEU Price control has changed for the material BOOLE CHAR 
189 XVRDA_FKB4 Display not summarized XFELD CHAR 
190 XVRDE_FKB4 Summarized Display XFELD CHAR 
191 XVRGNG_030 Is CO business transaction relevant for account assignment? BOOLE CHAR 
192 XVRMAFB Indicator: Depreciation area is property area XFELD CHAR 
193 XVRMLST Indicator whether report creates a property list XFELD CHAR 
194 XVRMW Manual net worth tax value XFELD CHAR 
195 XVRSCH Investment support: Default indicator XFELD CHAR 
196 XVRSID Indicator: Insurance long text XFELD CHAR 
197 XVRSKU Recalculate cumulative insurance base value XFELD CHAR 
198 XVRTBEZIRK Ad pre-print zone XFELD CHAR 
199 XVRTPROPVA IS-M: Charitable transfer for specific editions XFELD CHAR 
200 XVRTR_FVVI Indicator: Use of contract? XFELD CHAR 
201 XVSEL Handling Units XFELD CHAR 
202 XVSGBOX Sales agency services provided by service company XFELD CHAR 
203 XVSPAUSST Shipping Document Type Can be Outsorted XFELD CHAR 
204 XVSPBTTREN Split Shipping Document Type by Mix Types XFELD CHAR 
205 XVSRVGES IS-M: Service Company Indicator XFELD CHAR 
206 XVSTSOND Input tax opting reason TEXT20 CHAR 
207 XVTBER_ZE IS-M/SD: Assign Default Sales Area in Central Access XFELD CHAR 
208 XVTDMNG_V IS-M/AM: Leading Sign for Distribution Planning XVTDMNG_V CHAR 
209 XVTPRO Relevant for commission XFELD CHAR 
210 XVTPROAB Commission settlement performed XFELD CHAR 
211 XVTREF_KK Assign Security Deposit at Contract Level XFELD CHAR 
212 XVTRF_KK Contract as dunning grouping criteria XFELD CHAR 
213 XVTRHJ Highest carried forward fiscal year GJAHR NUMC 
214 XVTWEGREL Indicator "Distribution Channel" Relevant in Circ. Book XFELD CHAR 
215 XVT_PLAZ IS-M: Indicator distribution "positioned" XFELD CHAR 
216 XVUMB Indicator: Perform complete transfer XFELD CHAR 
217 XVVFLURST_VERTRAG_ART Vertragsart Langtext TEXT35 CHAR 
218 XVVJA Ind.: Determine data for last period of year before last XFELD CHAR 
219 XVVL_OVER IS-M: Shipping preparation exceeded for item XFELD CHAR 
220 XVVPR Indicator: Determine data for period before last XFELD CHAR 
221 XVVWA Indicator: Financial Assets Management active XFELD CHAR 
222 XVWPR Indicator: BOM usage has high priority in alt. determination XFELD CHAR 
223 XVZAKT_KK Delay of Additional Account Assignment Features Active XFELD CHAR 
224 XVZNS Calculate Interest for Items XFELD CHAR 
225 XVZ_BETRAG IS-M: Amount for Sales Agent Commission Division Indicator XFELD CHAR 
226 XVZ_GLEICH IS-M: Equal Distribution Of Sales Agent Commission XFELD CHAR 
227 XVZ_PBAS Divide Commission Basis For Sales Agent Commission Indicator XFELD CHAR 
228 XV_ANZREC1 VALORDATA Number of records NUM6 NUMC 
230 XV_BRANCHE VALORDATA Industry Codetab. 03 NUM02 NUMC 
234 XV_HDLART VALORDATA Trading type Codetab. 17 NUM1 NUMC 
235 XV_INT053 VALORDATA Internal 053 CHAR53 CHAR 
236 XV_INT143 VALORDATA Internal 143 CHAR143 CHAR 
237 XV_KDINFO VALORDATA Customer information CHAR106 CHAR 
238 XV_KURSKOR VALORDATA Rate correction factor NUM07 NUMC 
240 XV_RECART1 VALORDATA N-th record type NUM1 NUMC 
242 XV_RNOMIN VALORDATA Invoice nominal NUM07 NUMC 
243 XV_SPRACHE VALORDATA Language Codetab. 31 NUM1 NUMC 
244 XV_SPUREN VALORDATA Tracks magnetic tape NUM1 NUMC 
245 XV_STABART VALORDATA Contract type for tax purposes NUM1 NUMC 
250 XV_TITELAR VALORDATA Security type Codetab. 05 NUM2 NUMC 
251 XV_TITELKZ VALORDATA Code for security short text NUM1 NUMC 
252 XV_TKURZTX VALORDATA Security short text CHAR19 CHAR 
253 XV_VZ Sign for employee/employer insurance CHAR1 CHAR 
254 XV_WAEHR VALORDATA Currency Codetab. 01 NUM03 NUMC 
256 XWAER Indicator: Different currency XFELD CHAR 
257 XWAERS Display currency text TEXT30 CHAR 
258 XWAERSK Currency key short text TEXT15 CHAR 
259 XWAERSL Currency key long text TEXT40 CHAR 
260 XWAERSSEL Indicator, selection according to currency XFELD CHAR 
261 XWAER_FKB4 Selection for display currency XFELD CHAR 
262 XWANF Indicator: Create a Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request? XFELD CHAR 
263 XWAOK Goods movement for reservation allowed XFELD CHAR 
264 XWARE Goods Invoice/Service Indicator XFELD CHAR 
265 XWAREMFP Ship-to Party XFELD CHAR 
267 XWARE_BNK Indicator: Goods Items/Delivery Costs/Both XWARE_BNK CHAR 
269 XWARN_GEN IS-M: Generate non-fulfillment warning XFELD CHAR 
270 XWARN_KK Send warning during exit codes (LOSS OF DATA) XFELD CHAR 
271 XWART Indicates that the value-only material is to be inventoried XFELD CHAR 
272 XWAUF Checkbox - break down value-only material XFELD CHAR 
273 XWBASISOBL Campaign framework must be specified in order XFELD CHAR 
274 XWBONI Reason for credit standing XTEXT50 CHAR 
275 XWBSZUS on accomm.entitlement cert. - Description XMBEZ CHAR 
276 XWBTA Goods movement for delivery occurs before transfer order XFELD CHAR 
277 XWBUK Indicator: Different Company Code Currency is Allowed XFELD CHAR 
278 XWBWRND Round automatically calculated replacement value XFELD CHAR 
279 XWBZABO IS-M: WBZ subscription XFELD CHAR 
280 XWBZFIRMA IS-M: Business Partner Is WBZ Company XFELD CHAR 
281 XWBZSTRKOR IS-M: WBZ, Street can be Corrected XFELD CHAR 
282 XWBZSTRSHORTBEZ IS-M/SD: Computer Center Uses Short Street Name XFELD CHAR 
283 XWBZTRANSL IS-M: Convert Address Data in WBZ Data Records XFELD CHAR 
284 XWDHANZAUS IS-M: Repetition indicator for insert mix XFELD CHAR 
285 XWDHBLGAUS IS-M: Repetition indicator for insert mix XFELD CHAR 
286 XWDHPVA IS-M: Repetition indicator for edition XFELD CHAR 
287 XWDHROUTE IS-M: Repetition indicator for truck route XFELD CHAR 
288 XWDOW Indicator: insert screen as window XFELD CHAR 
289 XWDRW_KK Permit Posting of Withdrawals in Cash Journal XFLAG CHAR 
290 XWEBB_FIS Participants of Biller Direct Application BOOLE CHAR 
291 XWECH Indicator: Create a bill of Exchange Posting? XFELD CHAR 
292 XWECH_074 Indicator: Special G/L type bill of exchange ? XFELD CHAR 
293 XWECS Indicator: Create a bill of Exchange Before Due Date? XFELD CHAR 
294 XWEEKDAYREL Indicator: Weekday Relevant in Circulation Book XFELD CHAR 
295 XWEIT_ZUOR IS-M: Indicator Additional Assignments for Sales Agents XFELD CHAR 
296 XWEOBL Alternative Ship-To Party Required in Order XFELD CHAR 
297 XWERBART IS-M: Role allowed for sales source XFELD CHAR 
298 XWERBEAKTREL Indicator: Sales Promotion Relevant in Circulation Book XFELD CHAR 
299 XWERBTRAEG Indicator: Advertising medium required for order XFELD CHAR 
300 XWERKABHOL IS-M: Pickup at plant XFELD CHAR 
301 XWERKREL Indicator "(Sending) Plant" Relevant in Circulation Book XFELD CHAR 
302 XWERR Data record incorrect or in processing XFELD CHAR 
303 XWERT Data content X or blank XFELD CHAR 
304 XWETEXT Business entity identification XMBEZ CHAR 
305 XWEUE Indicator: delivery surplus XFELD CHAR 
306 XWFAB Indicator: One Bill of Exchange per Invoice Item? XFELD CHAR 
307 XWFAF Indicator: One Bill of Exchange per Due Date? XFELD CHAR 
308 XWFAI Indicator: One Bill of Exchange per Due Date Interval? XFELD CHAR 
309 XWFBU Release via workflow when posting XFELD CHAR 
310 XWFFR Release necessary XFELD CHAR 
311 XWFZG Release items for payment XFELD CHAR 
312 XWF_ITEM IS-M/AM: Trigger workflow event XFELD CHAR 
313 XWHDA_KK Only reverse one repetition date XFELD CHAR 
314 XWHPO_KK Expanded Repetition Item XFELD CHAR 
315 XWHRKCUKK RE: Short Text of Second Currency for Correspondence TEXT15 CHAR 
316 XWHRKCUKL RE: Long Text of Second Currency for Correspondence TEXT40 CHAR 
317 XWIAA Plants abroad function activated? XFELD CHAR 
318 XWIND Indicator: Propose field in the window ? XFELD CHAR 
319 XWIRTART Business type TEXT60 CHAR 
320 XWITHREFERENCE IS-M: Copy With Document Flow Indicator XFELD CHAR 
321 XWKZ Indicator: Promotion rebate XFELD CHAR 
322 XWMHD Check Best Before Date/Production Date XFELD CHAR 
323 XWMPP Flag: copy WM-PP relevant data XWMPP CHAR 
324 XWOC Updating carried out at weekly intervals X CHAR 
325 XWOCH Negative trend in EWS XFELD CHAR 
326 XWOCO_KK Submit to collection agency, but do not write-off XFELD CHAR 
327 XWOFF Calculation of val. open XFELD CHAR 
328 XWOFF_KK Write off business partner items XFELD CHAR 
329 XWORT_KK Write-Off Request Transferred XFELD CHAR 
330 XWOTR_KK Validity of Write-Off Reasons XWOTR_KK CHAR 
331 XWO_KK Line Item Written Off XFELD CHAR 
332 XWPKN Securities ID number (Display PRF5) XKBEZ CHAR 
333 XWRITEFILE IS-M: Data is written to a file XFELD CHAR 
334 XWRITEOFF IS-U Deregulation: Aggr. Interim Values from Write Off KENNZX CHAR 
335 XWRKZ Indicator: Purchase order value exceeded XFELD CHAR 
336 XWROB Indicates that amount is compulsory XFELD CHAR 
337 XWROFF_KK Inform Collection Agency about Write-Off XFELD CHAR 
338 XWRTID Identical transfer of acquisition value XFELD CHAR 
339 XWSBR Reversal of GR allowed for GR-based IV despite invoice XFELD CHAR 
340 XWSOA Usage of batch-specific units of measure active XFELD CHAR 
341 XWSON Usage of batch-specific units of measure not active XFELD CHAR 
342 XWUNSCHANZ IS-M: Change to requested quantity XFELD CHAR 
343 XWURZEL Node in structure maintenance is a root XFELD CHAR 
344 XWVBU_042Z Indicator: Line Item for Bill Liability at the Bank? XFELD CHAR 
345 XWVOF Indicator: Customer bill of exchange payment before due date XFELD CHAR 
346 XXBUKZ Posting indicator BUKZ CHAR 
347 XXINVE Indicator: Display Capital Goods Indicator? XFELD CHAR 
348 XXI_VI Communication Using XI XFELD CHAR 
349 XXKUMUFLAG Cumulative Processing Indicator (Optimized Version) FLAG CHAR 
350 XXKZBAV Indicator for assigning special BAV indicator for R5/97 CHAR20 CHAR 
351 XXLLIST Excel list output CHAR0001PCAL CHAR 
352 XXLPCFILE Excel PC file CHAR256 CHAR 
353 XXLS_EBPP Bill in Microsoft Excel Format   CHAR 
354 XXML_EBPP Bill in XML Format (Biller Direct)   CHAR 
355 XXML_FIS FSCM Biller Direct: Bill in XML Format   CHAR 
356 XXML_INV_CA Invoice in XML Format BOOLEAN CHAR 
357 XXOR_KOMBI IS-M: Combined Booking Unit Divided By Content Indicator XFELD CHAR 
358 XXRDF Indicator: Post rounding difference as extra line XFELD CHAR 
359 XYEAR Yearly Evaluation XFELD CHAR 
360 XYESSB Small Business yes checkbox XYESSB CHAR 
361 XZAAN_074 Indicator: Payment request special G/L transaction? XFELD CHAR 
362 XZAEHLER Text about meter for incid. expenses consumption TEXT50 CHAR 
363 XZAEL Item has been counted XFELD CHAR 
364 XZAER_KK Determine and Display Last Payments Immediately XFELD CHAR 
365 XZAHL Indicator: Is Posting Key Used in a Payment Transaction? XFELD CHAR 
366 XZAHLBAR Also display clearing items for advance payments? XFELD CHAR 
367 XZAHLRYTH Payment frequency of condition item CHAR15 CHAR 
368 XZAHLWEG Pmnt method /cash receipt account CHAR15 CHAR 
369 XZAHL_KK Account balance: Simulated clearing postings XFELD CHAR 
370 XZAHL_KORR Indicator: Request for posting of payments possible XFELD CHAR 
371 XZAIG_KK Determine and Display Last Payments Only on Call XFELD CHAR 
372 XZALB_MHND Indicator: items payable (not to be dunned) ? XFELD CHAR 
373 XZALI_KK Output payment list XFELD CHAR 
374 XZANF Indicator: Payment demand XFELD CHAR 
375 XZANZ Indicator: Display Payment Run XFELD CHAR 
376 XZAPF Indicator: release for work scheduling required XFELD CHAR 
377 XZAUF Indicator: release for orders required XFELD CHAR 
378 XZAUS_KK Lot for Payment Orders XFELD CHAR 
379 XZAWE Indicator: Pmnt method and pmnt meth.supplmt ready for input XFELD CHAR 
380 XZBAT Indicator: Calculate payment amount automatically XFELD CHAR 
381 XZBDP Indicator: explosion in MRP required XFELD CHAR 
382 XZBGK_M007 Indicator: Tax base deductible portion is base XFELD CHAR 
383 XZBGS_M007 Indicator: Tax base is base for additional tax XFELD CHAR 
384 XZBRV_052 Print terms of payment in RV papers XFELD CHAR 
385 XZBSP Indicator: Select assigned budget structure elements? XFELD CHAR 
386 XZBSS_M007 Indicator: Tax base + tax amount = additional tax base XFELD CHAR 
387 XZBST_M007 Indicator: Tax amount is base for additional tax XFELD CHAR 
388 XZCLR_KK Acct balance: Item from zero clearing XFELD CHAR 
389 XZDEBI Indicator: Selection by Customer Account XFELD CHAR 
390 XZEBR_KK Line item line coloring XZEBR_KK CHAR 
391 XZEI1 Insert line before CAPP text XFLAG CHAR 
392 XZEI2 Inserted line 2 before CAPP text is active XFLAG CHAR 
393 XZEI3 Insert third line before CAPP text XFLAG CHAR 
394 XZEILE Rental agreement additional arrangements (1 line) XZEILE CHAR 
395 XZEIN Inpayment indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
396 XZEME Indicator: Payee ready for input XFELD CHAR 
397 XZEMP Indicator: Alternative payee in document allowed ? XFELD CHAR 
398 XZENK_XPO Indicator: Display head office items ? XFELD CHAR 
399 XZENTRAL Indicator: Central maintenance XFELD CHAR 
400 XZERO Propose Invoice Final Amount XFELD CHAR 
401 XZEROQUANTITY Allow Posting of Goods Movement Despite Zero Quantity XFELD CHAR 
402 XZE_ADRZB Note Validity Period of Address for Selection in Cent.Access XFELD CHAR 
403 XZE_INCLSP List BP with Block Attributes in Central Access XFELD CHAR 
404 XZFAE Indicator: Payment per Due Day XFELD CHAR 
405 XZFBD Indicator: Change Baseline Date for Payment XFELD CHAR 
406 XZFBO Indicator: Set Payment Deadline Baseline Date XFELD CHAR 
407 XZGABGRCHN Indicator: SC Home Delivery Settlement Archived XFELD CHAR 
408 XZGRDAT Indicator: Selection by Date of Entry XFELD CHAR 
409 XZGSPE IS-M/SD: Lock Indicator for Service Company XFELD CHAR 
410 XZGVH Processing of certificate in procurement active QXZGVH CHAR 
411 XZIAUS No interest if there is no depreciation planned XFELD CHAR 
412 XZIAU_KK Interest Calculation Used with Clearing XFELD CHAR 
413 XZIELAEN IS-M: "Target Quantities in COA Changed" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
414 XZIELANP IS-M: Change Target Quantities For Rolling Discount XFELD CHAR 
415 XZIELTAB1 Target table AS4TAB CHAR 
416 XZINE_KK Interest Calculation on Net Amounts XFELD CHAR 
417 XZINS Indicator: Management of interest XFELD CHAR 
418 XZINSEXP Indicator: Exponential Interest Calculation XFELD CHAR 
419 XZINS_047B Calculate Interest? XFELD CHAR 
420 XZINS_MHND Indicator: Do not display interest in the item XFELD CHAR 
421 XZINS_MHNK Indicator: Do not display interest in the dunning notice XFELD CHAR 
422 XZIPREL Indicator "Postal Code / ZIP Code" Relevant in Circ. Book XFELD CHAR 
423 XZIPZONEREL Indicator "Postal Code Area/ZIP Zone" Relevant in Circ. Book XFELD CHAR 
424 XZIRP_KK Interest Calculation for Clearing of Installment Plan Items XFELD CHAR 
425 XZKLF Indicator: release for costing required XFELD CHAR 
426 XZKOND Check box for overhead condition XFELD CHAR 
427 XZKRED Indicator: Selection by Vendor Account XFELD CHAR 
428 XZLAU_021 Indicator: Line layout specification possible ? XFELD CHAR 
429 XZLSCHMV Name of payment method of rent agreement in local language TEXT30 CHAR 
430 XZLSCHREL Indicator "Payment Method" Relevant in Circulation Book XFELD CHAR 
431 XZLSH_FPM Indicator: Breakdown Output by Payment Method XFELD CHAR 
432 XZLSH_KK Payment Form for Coll. Agency XFELD CHAR 
433 XZLSH_PAY Breakdown output by payment method XFELD CHAR 
434 XZLSP Indicator: manual payment block XFELD CHAR 
435 XZORG Indicator: Time-independent management of organiz. units XFELD CHAR 
436 XZORIGIN Indicator: Selection by Origin Indicator XFELD CHAR 
437 XZOUT_KK Also Output Total 0 XFELD CHAR 
438 XZPAF Indicator: release for planned orders required XFELD CHAR 
439 XZPSD IS-M: Payment Method Can Be Used in IS-M/SD XFELD CHAR 
440 XZRVA Indicator: explosion in sales order required XFELD CHAR 
441 XZSAKO Indicator: Selection by G/L Account XFELD CHAR 
442 XZSCH Indicator: payment method selected (customer/vendor master)? XFELD CHAR 
443 XZSER Indicator: ... ? not currently used XFELD CHAR 
444 XZSME Indicator: collective issue must be allowed XFELD CHAR 
445 XZSPR Indicator: Payment block ready for input XFELD CHAR 
446 XZSTZ_FVVI Indicator: Use additional letter with lease ? XFELD CHAR 
447 XZUABGRCHN Indicator: Carrier Home Delivery Settlement Archived XFELD CHAR 
448 XZUAB_MAN IS-M: Copy Manual Surcharges/Discounts XFELD CHAR 
449 XZUATEXT Text for entry//removal from land register TEXT60 CHAR 
450 XZUBRU Indicator: Enter gross transaction XFELD CHAR 
451 XZUCOD Ind: Manage asset values according to currency codes XFELD CHAR 
452 XZUFA_PS No Write Off for Future Due Date XFELD CHAR 
453 XZUGA No receipt XFELD CHAR 
455 XZUGARECH Success research performed XFELD CHAR 
456 XZUGAUFTR IS-M: Success research for order XFELD CHAR 
457 XZUGBRUTTO Indicator: Post acquisition gross (with depreciation) XFELD CHAR 
458 XZUGDA Indicator: Set date of the first acquistion XFELD CHAR 
459 XZUGNE Indicator: Current-year acquisition transaction XFELD CHAR 
460 XZUJHR Ind: Manage asset values by acquisition year XFELD CHAR 
461 XZUKU Analyze future periods XFELD CHAR 
462 XZUNET Indicator: Enter net transaction XFELD CHAR 
463 XZUOBEEND IS-M: Truck route-publication/edition assignment completed XFELD CHAR 
464 XZUOINACT IS-M: Indicator Sales Agent Assignment is Inactive XFELD CHAR 
465 XZUONEU IS-M: New truck route-publication/edition assignment XFELD CHAR 
466 XZUOR Indicator: List begins with assignment overview XFELD CHAR 
467 XZUORD Checkbox: Allocations XFELD CHAR 
468 XZUORDLI Indicates delivery item allocation XFELD CHAR 
469 XZUORDRT Indicates returns allocation XFELD CHAR 
470 XZUPFLEGEN IS-M: Only delivery for which issue mix assignment allowed XFELD CHAR 
471 XZUSATZ Assignment CHAR18 CHAR 
472 XZUSATZZUS IS-M: Insert delivery XFELD CHAR 
473 XZUSA_XPO Indicator: Additional field ? XFELD CHAR 
474 XZUSCH Indicator: Management of investment support XFELD CHAR 
475 XZUSEND IS-M: Send Box Number XFELD CHAR 
476 XZUSE_KK Determine Arrears Surcharges XFELD CHAR 
477 XZUSPE IS-M/SD: Lock Indicator for Carrier XFELD CHAR 
478 XZUST IS-M: Carrier Indicator XFELD CHAR 
479 XZUSTELLER IS-M: Parameter used to control existence of carriers XFELD CHAR 
480 XZUSTLLUNG IS-M: Delivery Type Home Delivery XFELD CHAR 
481 XZUSTREPLACED IS-M/SD: Substitute carrier XFELD CHAR 
482 XZUSZ_BSEZ Indicator: Is line item an additional tax posting ? XFELD CHAR 
483 XZUTXT Collateral additional text/description CHAR70 CHAR 
484 XZVAE Indicator: Change in Payment Proposal Permitted? XFELD CHAR 
485 XZVER Indicator: Record Payment History ? XFELD CHAR 
486 XZVEX_KK Payment Agreement Exists XFELD CHAR 
487 XZVUM Batch conversion due to change of batch status management XFELD CHAR 
488 XZWABR IS-M: Perform Interim Settlement Automatically XFELD CHAR 
489 XZWAE Indicator: Amount Limits in EUR XFELD CHAR 
490 XZWHR Indicator: Payment Method Allowed for Personnel Payments? XFELD CHAR 
491 XZWKEYK Short description of payment form with correction days XKBEZ CHAR 
492 XZWKEYL Description of payment form with correction days XTEXT50 CHAR 
493 XZWKEYM Description of payment form with correction days XMBEZ CHAR 
494 X_4C IS-M: 4C Color Indicator XFELD CHAR 
495 X_ABLADST IS-M/SD: Choose assignment type for unloading points XFELD CHAR 
496 X_ABR_REL IS-M: Business Partner Substitution Relevant for Settlemt XFELD CHAR 
497 X_ABWGR Transfer attendance/absence reasons XFELD CHAR 
498 X_ACCOUNT Export account assignment data for services XFELD CHAR 
499 X_ACT_SA IS-M: Current Sales Area Indicator XFELD CHAR 
500 X_ADDRESS_VTB IS-M: Business Partner Belongs to Current Sales Area Group XFELD CHAR