SAP ABAP Data Element - Index X, page 7
Data Element - X
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 XMMED Media reception XMBEZ CHAR 
2 XMNDL Indicator: Read Dunning Data in Logical Database ? XFELD CHAR 
3 XMNGA Total scrap quantity confirmed MENG13 QUAN 
4 XMNGA_CH Scrap to Be Confirmed CHAR17 CHAR 
5 XMNUL_D Materials with zero stocks also XFELD CHAR 
6 XMOD1_AD Account determination: Modification used ? XFELD CHAR 
7 XMODA Control is module-dependent XFELD CHAR 
8 XMODIF Record modified XFELD CHAR 
9 XMODIFPVA Edition-specific modifications XFELD CHAR 
11 XMODINT_VK Interest History Entry Modified with Event CHAR1 CHAR 
12 XMODK Adjustment method short description XKBEZ CHAR 
13 XMODM Adjustment method description XMBEZ CHAR 
14 XMODUS IS-M: Import mode for data transfer XMODUS CHAR 
15 XMOEB Description of furnished extent of rental unit AS4TEXT CHAR 
16 XMON Updating carried out at monthly intervals X CHAR 
17 XMONAT Start of exception: monthly XFELD CHAR 
18 XMONMI Indicator: Depreciation calculated from mid-month XFELD CHAR 
19 XMONTH Monthly Evaluation XFELD CHAR 
20 XMORE Indicator: Further details on the detail screen XFELD CHAR 
21 XMOREROUTE Several routes available XFELD CHAR 
22 XMOREVARIA Several shipping schedule variants found XFELD CHAR 
23 XMOREVPLAN Several shipping schedules exist XFELD CHAR 
24 XMOTHLP_SW IS-M: Display key word for Ad spec no. F4 Help XFELD CHAR 
25 XMOTIVDAT IS-M: Copy Ad Spec Data Using a Template Indicator XFELD CHAR 
26 XMOTIVDAT_JHAW IS-M: Copy Ad Spec Data Using a Template Indicator XFELD CHAR 
27 XMOTIVTEXT IS-M/AM: Text Exists for the Ad Spec Indicator XFELD CHAR 
28 XMOTIV_CP IS-M: Ad Spec is Transferred during Copying Indicator XFELD CHAR 
29 XMOTIV_NEU IS-M/AM: Create New Ad Spec Indicator XFELD CHAR 
30 XMOTIV_OVL IS-M: Copy ad spec data without template indicator XFELD CHAR 
31 XMOTLINKS IS-M: Ad spec is located on left-hand side of page indicator XFELD CHAR 
32 XMOTPOSUNI IS-M: Unique ad spec/item assignment indicator XFELD CHAR 
33 XMOTPROD IS-M: Ad Spec Technically Complete Indicator XFELD CHAR 
34 XMOTRECHTS IS-M: Ad spec located on right-hand side of page indicator XFELD CHAR 
35 XMOT_CHNGD IS-M: Ad Spec/Ad Insert was Changed Without Post-Editing XFELD CHAR 
36 XMOT_MULT IS-M: Additional Ad Specs Assigned Indicator XFELD CHAR 
37 XMOVE Indicator: Close period without checking XFELD CHAR 
38 XMOVS Indicator: move cash discount date XFELD CHAR 
39 XMOZAUSTEC IS-M: Ad spec was assigned in technical system indicator XFELD CHAR 
40 XMPGEN_TESTLAUF IS-M: Perform media issue generation in test run XFELD CHAR 
41 XMPMIGAKTIV Media product migration currently active XFELD CHAR 
42 XMPMIGFINISHED Media Product Migration Completed XFELD CHAR 
43 XMPRI_KK Dunning notices printed XFELD CHAR 
44 XMPRI_MAHN Indicator: Dunning notices printed? CHAR1 CHAR 
45 XMPROZGRD Reason for percentage rate increase XMBEZ CHAR 
46 XMPSACTIVE IS-M: Media Product Sales and Distribution Active XFELD CHAR 
47 XMPSAKTIV IS-M: Indicator: Product synchronization active XFELD CHAR 
48 XMREF Indicator: Reference number XFELD CHAR 
49 XMREF2 Long Invoice Reference Required XFELD CHAR 
50 XMRES Indicator: Payment notice for residual item XFELD CHAR 
51 XMRKML2TEC IS-M: Char.Relevant for Technical System (Ad Indicator) XFELD CHAR 
52 XMRKML2TEC_OL IS-M: Characteristic technical system (online) ind. XFELD CHAR 
53 XMSEBO Material provided to vendor, restricted-use stock XFELD CHAR 
54 XMSEG_MM Error between material documents and stock XFELD CHAR 
55 XMSEL Multiple selection CHAR132 CHAR 
56 XMSEL_BES_ Multiple selection, purchase order SYCHAR132 CHAR 
57 XMSEL_DEL Multiple Delivery Selection SYCHAR132 CHAR 
58 XMSEL_FRB_ Multiple selection, bill of lading SYCHAR132 CHAR 
59 XMSEL_KK Dunning notices selected XFELD CHAR 
60 XMSEL_LBL_ Multiple selection entry sheet SYCHAR132 CHAR 
61 XMSEL_LIF_ Multiple selection, delivery note SYCHAR132 CHAR 
62 XMSEL_MAHN Indicator: Dunning selection carried out ? CHAR1 CHAR 
63 XMSEL_OIINVCY_ Multiple selection, invoice cycles SYCHAR132 CHAR 
64 XMSEL_WER_ Multiple selection, plant SYCHAR132 CHAR 
65 XMSFAKR0 Increase dep. and exp. useful life for multiple-shifts XFELD CHAR 
66 XMSFAKR1 Increase dep. for multiple-shift use XFELD CHAR 
67 XMSFAKR2 Multiple-shift use has no effects XFELD CHAR 
68 XMSLBO Stock of material provided to vendor XFELD CHAR 
69 XMSLBU Subcontractor Stock in Transfer XFELD CHAR 
70 XMSPRE Project stock, restricted-use XFELD CHAR 
71 XMSPRL Project stock, unrestricted-use XFELD CHAR 
72 XMSPRQ Project stock in quality inspection XFELD CHAR 
73 XMSPRS Project stock, blocked XFELD CHAR 
74 XMSQBO Material provided to vendor (in quality inspection) XFELD CHAR 
75 XMSRV_KK Acct Balance: No. of Items not Regulated by Third Parties XFELD CHAR 
76 XMSTO_CA Dunning was Reversed XFELD CHAR 
77 XMSTO_KK Dunning Notice Reversed XFELD CHAR 
78 XMSTU Indicator: Details Screen Required for Taxes? XFELD CHAR 
79 XMSUS_CA Entry in Dunning History Required for Tech.Reasons Only XFELD CHAR 
80 XMSUS_KK Entry in Dunning History only Technically Conditional XFELD CHAR 
81 XMTDC_KK Cap Amount Applies to Each Invoice XKENNZ_KK CHAR 
82 XMTEI Indicator: Payment notice for partial payment XFELD CHAR 
83 XMTVEI Returnable transport packaging, restricted-use stock XFELD CHAR 
84 XMTVLA Returnable transport packaging, unrestricted-use stock XFELD CHAR 
85 XMTVQU Returnable transport packaging, in QI XFELD CHAR 
86 XMTVSP Returnable transport packaging, blocked stock XFELD CHAR 
87 XMTXT Indicator: Document header text XFELD CHAR 
88 XMTXT_KK Item selected XFELD CHAR 
89 XMULK_F05A Indicator: Open items from other accounts ? XFELD CHAR 
90 XMULTARCH_EBPP Bill in Format Multiple Archived Documents Biller Direct BOOLEAN CHAR 
91 XMULTARCH_FIS Biller Direct: Bill in Multiple Archived Document Format BOOLEAN CHAR 
92 XMULTBRO Indicator: Posting Rule Applicable for Multiple Totals Grps XFELD CHAR 
93 XMULTGRP_ALLOW_BRO Clarification Code Applicable for Multiple Groups XFELD CHAR 
94 XMULTHIE IS-M: Several Hierarchies Active Simultaneously Indicator XFELD CHAR 
95 XMULTIDOC_KK Generate Document for each Request Item XFELD CHAR 
96 XMUPD_KK Dunning proposal changed XFELD CHAR 
97 XMUPD_MAHN Indicator: Dunning proposal changed ? CHAR1 CHAR 
98 XMUSS Required Entry Field for Transaction Call XFELD CHAR 
99 XMUSTERL Indicator: Pass on sample to Production (ad pre-print) XFELD CHAR 
100 XMUSTER_OK IS-M: Sample Received and Checked Indicator XFELD CHAR 
101 XMUST_KK Dunning parameters are for copy template XFELD CHAR 
102 XMUST_PAY Copy Template For Parameter Entry XFELD CHAR 
103 XMUST_VK Indicator: Copy Template for Parameter Entry XFELD CHAR 
104 XMUTTER Muttergesellschaft VVEIGENT CHAR 
105 XMVANARTK Short description of LO adjustment type XKBEZ CHAR 
106 XMVANARTM Description of LO adjustment type XMBEZ CHAR 
107 XMVARTK Short description of RE contract type XKBEZ CHAR 
108 XMVARTM Description of type of RE contract type XMBEZ CHAR 
109 XMVERMITTL IS-M: Media Sales Agent Indicator XFELD CHAR 
110 XMVKT_KK Contract Account Not Unique XFELD CHAR 
111 XMVLV IS-M: Deletion Flag for Media Sales Agent XFELD CHAR 
112 XMVSPE IS-M: Lock Indicator for Media Sales Agent XFELD CHAR 
113 XMWASSER Long name: Type of water mains connection XMBEZ CHAR 
114 XMWKO_S Indicator: Do Not Copy Tax Code XFELD CHAR 
115 XMWNK Tax Code: Only Display Short Text XFELD CHAR 
116 XMWNO Indicator: Tax code is not a required field XFELD CHAR 
117 XMWSN Indicator: Base amount for tax is net of discount ? XFELD CHAR 
118 XMWST Calculate tax automatically XFELD CHAR 
119 XMZBUCH Indicator: Dunning Interest Should be Posted X CHAR 
120 XM_STAT Status of the Transmission CHAR35 CHAR 
121 XM_STATUS Transmission status /SAPHT/DRM_XM_STATUS CHAR 
122 XNAAUS No ord. depreciation with special depreciation XFELD CHAR 
123 XNABE_KK Special Entry in Tax Reporting Table XNABE_KK CHAR 
124 XNABRECHN Select output on service settlement XFELD CHAR 
125 XNABW_044A Valuation Method: Revalue Only - Do Not Devalue XFELD CHAR 
126 XNACH Indicator: Document Data Must be Reread XFELD CHAR 
127 XNACHBEARB IS-M: Post-Editing Required XFELD CHAR 
128 XNACHLAUF IS-M: Restart/Postprocessing in Data Transfer XFELD CHAR 
129 XNACHLIEF IS-M: Indicator 'Execute Subsequent Delivery' XFELD CHAR 
130 XNACHR IS-M: Send Output Indicator XFELD CHAR 
131 XNACHSEND Select redirection order items XFELD CHAR 
132 XNACH_ANLA Post-capitalization of asset XFELD CHAR 
133 XNAE_ACTIVE IS-M: North American Extension Active XFELD CHAR 
134 XNAFA Indicator: Managament of ordinary depreciation XFELD CHAR 
135 XNAFA0 Ordinary depreciation not desired XFELD CHAR 
136 XNAFAM Ordinary depreciation desired (with negative sign) XFELD CHAR 
137 XNAFAP Oridinary depreciation desired (with positive sign) XFELD CHAR 
138 XNAFAS Ordinary depreciation desired, as positive or negative XFELD CHAR 
139 XNAFVER0 Indicator: Calculate deprec. with change of dep. key XFELD CHAR 
140 XNAFVER1 Indicator: Calculate deprec. with change of dep. key XFELD CHAR 
141 XNAFVER2 Indicator: Calculate deprec. with change of dep. key XFELD CHAR 
142 XNAMA Enter deprec. on post-capitalization manually XFELD CHAR 
143 XNAME RP-DSV: Name of Employee CHAR45 CHAR 
144 XNAME_IDENT_KK Indicator: Name Identical XFELD CHAR 
145 XNAME_SIM_KK Indicator: Name Similar XFELD CHAR 
146 XNANL Create asset in receiving company code XFELD CHAR 
147 XNAPM Do Not Output Payment Medium Data XFELD CHAR 
148 XNAPR Print via Output Control XRADI CHAR 
149 XNASE Deactivate Application Filter XFELD CHAR 
150 XNATUR IS-M: Natural Person Indicator XFELD CHAR 
151 XNATUR1 Selection Indicator for Natural Person XFELD CHAR 
152 XNATUR2 Selection Indicator for Legal Person XFELD CHAR 
153 XNAUB_KK FPP4: Hide Field for Issuing Bank of Payment Card XFELD CHAR 
154 XNAUD_KK FPP4: Hide Field for Issue Date of Payment Card XFELD CHAR 
155 XNAUFPOS Select item output for order change XFELD CHAR 
156 XNAUFTRAG Select output for order creation XFELD CHAR 
157 XNAZUG Acquisition only in year depreciation started XFELD CHAR 
158 XNAZUG_NEW Acquisition in year of capitalization only XFELD_DEFAULT_BUKRS CHAR 
159 XNBAL Database Messages Not Issued as ALV XFELD CHAR 
160 XNBESTNEU IS-M: Orders created for subsequent deliveries XFELD CHAR 
161 XNBGM_KK Only Items from Previous Dunning Level XFELD CHAR 
162 XNBKZ IS-M: Postediting Indicator XFELD CHAR 
163 XNBPLAN Usage type ID according to development plan XTEXT50 CHAR 
164 XNBWA Next movement type from table 156N XFELD CHAR 
165 XNBWY Revaluation allowed XFELD CHAR 
166 XNB_ZUORD IS-M: Assignment to Unconfirmed Contracts Possible? Y/N XFELD CHAR 
167 XNCCL_KK FPP4: Hide Field for Blocking a Payment Card XFELD CHAR 
168 XNCHG Payment block, not changeable XFELD CHAR 
169 XNCHG_1124 Mass Change Documents: Item Not Changeable XFELD CHAR 
170 XNCHG_KK Hide Fields for Bill of Exchange Date and Target Details XFELD CHAR 
171 XNCON Display accounts to be confirmed XFELD CHAR 
172 XNCOP Indicator: Items Cannot Be Copied? XFELD CHAR 
173 XNCRC_KK No Cross-Company Code Postings XFELD CHAR 
174 XNDAT Indicator: Data cannot be determined XFELD CHAR 
175 XNDEC Number of decimal places XNDEC CHAR 
176 XNDEL_CA DMS: Correspondence Not Deliverable XFELD CHAR 
177 XNDL1_KK No Authorization XFELD CHAR 
178 XNDL2_KK Parameters Cannot Be Read XFELD CHAR 
179 XNDL3_KK Open Payment Orders XFELD CHAR 
180 XNDM_ABC_ZONEREL "NDM Zone" Indicator Relevant in Circulation Book XFELD CHAR 
181 XNDRUCK Repeat printing XFELD CHAR 
182 XNDSP_KK Account Balance: Do Not Display Items XFELD CHAR 
183 XNDUNNING Reconciliation Account Not Relevant for Dunning XFELD CHAR 
184 XNEBE Create purchase order automatically XFELD CHAR 
185 XNEED_CONT Contents description required for conflict check XFELD CHAR 
186 XNEGA Indicator: Negative values allowed XFELD CHAR 
187 XNEGA_KK Clearing Must Be Negative Posting XFELD CHAR 
188 XNEGB Negative stock allowed XFELD CHAR 
189 XNEGB_KK Creditworthiness Value is Negative XFELD CHAR 
190 XNEGOPTION IS-M: Item with Automatic Transformation to Chargeable XFELD CHAR 
191 XNEGP Indicator: Negative posting XFELD CHAR 
192 XNEGP_041C Indicator: Generate negative postings XFELD CHAR 
193 XNEGP_ACT Indicator: Negative Postings Permitted XFELD CHAR 
194 XNEGP_AUTO Indicator: Negative Posting of Automatically Created Items XFELD CHAR 
195 XNEGP_BE Negative Posting XNEGP_BE CHAR 
196 XNEGP_BF Indicator: Negative Posting XFELD CHAR 
197 XNEGP_BIW Indicator: Negative Posting XFELD CHAR 
198 XNEGP_BLA Indicator: Negative Postings Permitted XFELD CHAR 
199 XNEGP_KK Negative Posting XFELD CHAR 
200 XNEGP_LF Negative posting XNEGP_LF CHAR 
201 XNEGP_RDI_KK Negative Posting for Revenue Distribution XFELD CHAR 
202 XNEGP_VF Negative posting XNEGP_VF CHAR 
203 XNEGQ Allow Negative Quantities in Previous Period XFELD CHAR 
204 XNEGV Allow Negative Values in Previous Period XFELD CHAR 
205 XNEIN Answer to question asked: No XFELD CHAR 
206 XNEIP_KK Clear One Open Item Only XFELD CHAR 
207 XNEKO Indicator: 'Auxiliary account assignment' XFELD CHAR 
208 XNETA Indicator: Display net amnts first for open item processing? XFELD CHAR 
209 XNETABHOL IS-M: Pickup for network XFELD CHAR 
210 XNETAMNT_BRO Reported Amount is Net XFELD CHAR 
211 XNETB Indicator: Document posted net ? XFELD CHAR 
212 XNETCHANGE IS-M: Netchange run after finalization deadline XFELD CHAR 
213 XNETPRINC_ITAGCY Flag: Report Using Net Principle XFELD CHAR 
214 XNETTO IS-M/SD: Net pricing procedure XFLAG CHAR 
215 XNETT_FKB4 Display net item amount XFELD CHAR 
216 XNETT_KK Posting of added-value tax in net procedure XFELD CHAR 
217 XNETWR Indicator: Plus/Minus Sign for Total Net Value XFELD CHAR 
218 XNEUAF Indicator: Recalculate accumulated depreciation XFELD CHAR 
219 XNEUEEINT Generate new schedule line XFELD CHAR 
220 XNEUEPOS Generate new item XFELD CHAR 
221 XNEUKUNDE IS-M: New customer indicator XFELD CHAR 
222 XNEUP New item XFELD CHAR 
223 XNEUSTAT IS-M: Renewal status (renewed y/n) XFELD CHAR 
224 XNEUWB Indicator:Recalculate replacement value XFELD CHAR 
225 XNEU_AM Indicator: Asset purchased new XFELD CHAR 
226 XNEW Include new object XFELD CHAR 
227 XNEWASSET Indicator: New asset is being created as independent asset XFELD CHAR 
228 XNEWBV_KK Reaction to Changed Bank Details Returns XNEWBV_KK CHAR 
229 XNEWC Indicator: Read master data again XFELD CHAR 
230 XNEWCONTRACT IS-M: Create New Contract? ('X' = Yes) XFELD CHAR 
231 XNEWDOC_KK Document Posted in Current Invoicing XFELD CHAR 
232 XNEWP Indicator: New subledger account XFELD CHAR 
233 XNEWPG Indicator: New page when this sort field has new contents XFELD CHAR 
234 XNEW_AVM IS-M: Create new order when a copy is made? indicator XFELD CHAR 
235 XNEW_PUBL IS-M/SD: Item created by change of publication XFELD CHAR 
236 XNEW_QUAN IS-M: Determine new ad pre-print qties from planned circ. XFELD CHAR 
237 XNEW_TRANSACTION IS-M/AM: Use New Order Design Indicator XFELD CHAR 
238 XNEXT Next posting run XFELD CHAR 
239 XNEXTINV Indicator: Request with next bill XFELD CHAR 
240 XNEXT_V2DA Determine soonest possible home delivery date automatically XFELD CHAR 
241 XNEXT_V3DA Determine next possible distribution date automatically XFELD CHAR 
242 XNEXT_VDAT Determine next shipping date automatically XFELD CHAR 
243 XNFDO Cash management and forecast only YESNO CHAR 
244 XNFEHLERM Select output on distribution error message XFELD CHAR 
245 XNFVB_KK Additional Receivables in Standard Company Code XFELD CHAR 
246 XNGBK Indicator: Document type for posting subsequent adjustment XFELD CHAR 
247 XNGETRAGEN IS-M: Area not delivered XFELD CHAR 
248 XNGSB Indicator: Do not generate a posting from bus.area field XFELD CHAR 
249 XNGWD_KK Withdrawal of Negative Amount from Cash Balance XFELD CHAR 
250 XNHB Only Execute G/L Transfer Postings XFELD CHAR 
251 XNIBA_KK Hide Fields for IBAN in FPP4 XFELD CHAR 
252 XNINV_KK Suppress Zero Totals XFELD CHAR 
253 XNKGR Service Charge Group TEXT20 CHAR 
254 XNKON Indicator: Supplement for automatic postings ? XFELD CHAR 
255 XNKONDIT Number of conditions XTEXT11 CHAR 
256 XNKSL Service charges key name XMBEZ CHAR 
257 XNKSLK Short Text of Service Charge Key XKBEZ CHAR 
258 XNLDI_LSEP Indicator: New list ID ? XFELD CHAR 
259 XNLID Indicator: New spool request required XFELD CHAR 
260 XNL_AUSGB Qualifies for Discount if Ad Spec is Other BU Ind. XFELD CHAR 
261 XNL_WDHRB IS-M: Qualifies for Frequency Discount Indicator XFELD CHAR 
262 XNMRGOK Indicator: Numbering performed successfully XFELD CHAR 
263 XNNEUEEINT Generate new schedule lines XFELD CHAR 
264 XNOACTION IS-M/SD: No action in order XFELD CHAR 
265 XNOADRESS_VK Indicator: No Address Available XFELD CHAR 
266 XNOADVICE_EB Do not create payment advice XFELD CHAR 
267 XNOAFABE No area data required XFELD CHAR 
268 XNOAIB Indicator: Not an asset under construction XFELD CHAR 
269 XNOANNSCHL Indicator: Order deadline is not maintained XFELD CHAR 
270 XNOAUG_VK Standard Acct Maintenance XFELD CHAR 
271 XNOAUTHCHECK_BRO Do Not Execute Authorization Checks for User Data XFELD CHAR 
272 XNOAU_KK Account Balance: No Authorization Check XFELD CHAR 
273 XNOBEABFLG Unloading point sequence does not exist XFELD CHAR 
274 XNOBEABLST Unloading point not found XFELD CHAR 
275 XNOBEL IS-M: Do Not Perform Subsequent Debit XFELD CHAR 
276 XNOBE_055G Indicator: Field group not relevant for authorizations? XFELD CHAR 
277 XNOBK Indicator: Postings in one company code only XFELD CHAR 
278 XNOBOLLO_KK No Internal Determination and Posting of Bollo BOOLE CHAR 
279 XNOBUND IS-M: No postal packing XFELD CHAR 
280 XNOCARPERMESS IS-M: No Change of Carrier When Address Changes XFELD CHAR 
281 XNOCD_KK Specification of Validity Date Not Required XFELD CHAR 
282 XNOCHG_KK Ignore charges XFELD CHAR 
283 XNOCHG_TEC IS-M: Cannot be changed for technical reasons indicator XFELD CHAR 
284 XNOCH_KK Specification of Cardholder Not Required XFELD CHAR 
285 XNOCL ID: Batch determination w/o class selection XFELD CHAR 
286 XNOCLAR_BRO Transfer Post Clarification Amt Without Clarification Proc. XFELD CHAR 
287 XNOCL_KK No Clearing Examination XFELD CHAR 
288 XNOCOMPAUTHCHECK_KK Suppress Authorization Check for Company Codes XFELD CHAR 
289 XNOCON Quantity conversion not necessary XFELD CHAR 
290 XNODA Indicator: No default for the base date XFELD CHAR 
291 XNODBS No totalling in database for totals report XFELD CHAR 
292 XNODEFER IS-M/SD: Issue Revenue Not to be Accrued XFELD CHAR 
293 XNODEL_IST Flag: Do not delete the selected data record XFIELD CHAR 
294 XNODI_SFAP Indicator: Fields are hidden XFELD CHAR 
295 XNODI_VK Indicator: Fields are Hidden XFELD CHAR 
296 XNODRVL IS-M: Do Not Copy Ad Spec Master Indicator XFELD CHAR 
297 XNODUNN Exclude Loan from Dunning Run XFELD CHAR 
298 XNOER Indicator: Posting without revenue XFELD CHAR 
299 XNOFICA_PS Do Not Maintain Any Contract A/R or A/P Data XFELD CHAR 
300 XNOFIX_INDPAY Payment Specification: Hide Standard Fields XFELD CHAR 
301 XNOFLTR_BE IS-M/AM: Indicator Do not filter dates for additional BUs XFELD CHAR 
302 XNOGEBINDE No container packing XFELD CHAR 
303 XNOGL Indicator:Business Transaction Does Not Create Posting in GL XFELD CHAR 
304 XNOGPVT_REQU_BRO Clarif. Code Usable for Missing BP, IO XFELD CHAR 
305 XNOGRACE_BRO Post Items Without Shifting Due Date BOOLEAN CHAR 
306 XNOGVZ IS-M: Do Not Create Sales Agent Assignment Indicator XFELD CHAR 
307 XNOHW Indicator: Do not enter local currency? XFELD CHAR 
308 XNOINVM Ind: Do not select AuC belonging to inv. measure XFELD CHAR 
309 XNOISO Indicator: No ISO Currency XFELD CHAR 
310 XNOLANDPLZ Country or postal code missing from order data XFELD CHAR 
311 XNOLC_KK Payment Program: Local Currency Amounts Incomplete XFELD CHAR 
312 XNOLOCK IS-M/SD: Current record could not be blocked XFELD CHAR 
313 XNOLO_KK Account Balance: Do Not Read Locks XFELD CHAR 
314 XNOMESS IS-M: Indicator - Do Not Perform Output Determination XFELD CHAR 
315 XNOMS_KK No Information about Payment Assignment Reset XFELD CHAR 
316 XNOMU_KK Field Cannot Be Required Entry Field XFELD CHAR 
317 XNOPL Indicator: Only Read Open Items? XFELD CHAR 
318 XNOPO Indicator: Payment Order Instead of Payment Posting XFELD CHAR 
319 XNOPO_KK Payment Order Instead of Payment Posting XFELD CHAR 
320 XNOPR Indicator: Do not Print Item on Payment Advice Note/Form XFELD CHAR 
321 XNOPROP_REQU_BRO Posting without default XFELD CHAR 
322 XNOPS Indicator: Select only open items which are not special G/L? XFELD CHAR 
323 XNORA_KK No Retroactive Clearing Permitted XFELD CHAR 
324 XNORCD AM reporting: No record selected XFELD CHAR 
325 XNOREAD_KK Read Items from Database (Internal) BOOLE CHAR 
326 XNORENEWAL IS-M/SD: No Further Renewal Required XFELD CHAR 
327 XNORM Execution of Periodic Posting Run in Standard Mode XFELD CHAR 
328 XNORMAL IS-M: Display standard items XFELD CHAR 
329 XNORMALPOS Selection indicator for standard items XFELD CHAR 
330 XNORMBS_KK Acct statement transfer processing mode: Normal run XFELD CHAR 
331 XNORM_IT Selection: Normal Items XFELD CHAR 
332 XNOROUND_KK Rounding for Interest Calculation ROUNDZ_KK CHAR 
333 XNOROUTE Truck route not found XFELD CHAR 
334 XNOROUTPVA Truck route-edition assignment not found XFELD CHAR 
335 XNORUNDE IS-M: Delivery round missing for truck route XFELD CHAR 
336 XNOSB Small Business checkbox XNOSB CHAR 
337 XNOSEL_POSTACC_BROK Flag: No OI Selection for Postings on Account XFELD CHAR 
338 XNOSEPREV_KK Can Only Be Reversed with Invoicing Document XFELD CHAR 
339 XNOSIZE IS-M: Ad spec size is obsolete, only amount is relevant ind. XFELD CHAR 
340 XNOSKONTO Subsequent Capitalization of Discount Not Allowed XFELD CHAR 
341 XNOSPACEVTREF_OI_KK No Transfer of Documents without Contract XFELD CHAR 
342 XNOSPITZE IS-M: No odd containers XFELD CHAR 
343 XNOSPLITBS_KK Acct Statement Transfer: Do Not Split "Payment/Returns Lot" XFELD CHAR 
344 XNOSTATBW_KK No Other Statistical Items XFELD CHAR 
345 XNOSTATUS_KK Display Detail Screen Without Status and Notes XFELD CHAR 
346 XNOSU Indicator: Postings without special G/L transactions ? XFELD CHAR 
347 XNOTACTIVE New Asset Accounting Is Not Active XFELD CHAR 
348 XNOTE Indicator: Object has a Note XFELD CHAR 
349 XNOTES Selection: Memo entry exists XTEXT15 CHAR 
350 XNOTIZ Indicates Whether a Note Exists XFELD CHAR 
351 XNOTIZ_PAM IS-M: "Copy Notes" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
352 XNOTPOST Area Does Not Post XFELD CHAR 
353 XNOTRIG_KK Simulation Run without Invoicing Order XFELD CHAR 
354 XNOTROUTE No daily route found XFELD CHAR 
355 XNOTSTATPOS_KK Actually Post Cash Sec. Deposit Requests and Taxes BOOLE CHAR 
356 XNOTUNIQUE IS-M: "Repeated Use of CC in Hierarchy Possible" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
357 XNOT_FOR_PTYP IS-M/AM: Do Not Use for Create with Item Category Indicator XFELD CHAR 
358 XNOUML List output, update possible X CHAR 
359 XNOVARIANT No shipping schedule variant found XFELD CHAR 
360 XNOVER Radio button: no updating to info structure X CHAR 
361 XNOVERPLAN Shipping schedule does not exist XFELD CHAR 
362 XNOVER_MAN IS-M: Do Not Copy Manually Assigned Sales Agents Indicator XFELD CHAR 
363 XNOWA Indicator: Postings in local currency only? XFELD CHAR 
364 XNOWERB IS-M: No Advertising XFELD CHAR 
365 XNOWM_KK Do Not Select Work Mode Automatically XFELD CHAR 
366 XNOZA Indicator: Account is not counted XFELD CHAR 
367 XNO_ACCNO_042Z Indicator: No Account Number Required XFELD CHAR 
368 XNO_ADPRSV IS-M: Do not Transfer Ad Orders to the Technical System XFELD CHAR 
369 XNO_AENDAT IS-M/AM: Do not Update Change Data Indicator XFELD CHAR 
370 XNO_CCAUT IS-M/AM: Do not perform payment card authorization XFELD CHAR 
371 XNO_CHANGE IS-M: Indicator in cal.function: Selection cannot be changed XFELD CHAR 
372 XNO_CHDK IS-M: Do Not Generate Change Documents XFELD CHAR 
373 XNO_CHKCHNG No Change Dialog Box if Billing Dataset is Generated Again XFELD CHAR 
374 XNO_CMPRE IS-M/AM: Credit Management: Do not Perform Credit Check XFELD CHAR 
375 XNO_CM_LIS IS-M/AM: Credit management: Do not update order values XFELD CHAR 
376 XNO_DISPLAY_CA Do Not Display Item / Document CRM_BOOLEAN CHAR 
378 XNO_NEW_SPLITS IS-M: No new issue mixes are to be generated XFELD CHAR 
379 XNO_OUTOLD Do not fill order output determination *KOMKBJA XFELD CHAR 
380 XNO_OUTPUT IS-M: Do Not Perform Output Determination XFELD CHAR 
381 XNO_PAYMETHOD_ITAGCY Flag: Do Not Use Any Payment Methods XFELD CHAR 
382 XNO_PP_VK Hide Payment Plan Completely XFELD CHAR 
383 XNO_PRICE IS-M: Deactivate pricing for data transfer XFELD CHAR 
384 XNO_PROOF IS-M: Do Not Create Voucher Copy Orders XFELD CHAR 
385 XNO_REF IS-M/AM: Block for Copying with Reference XFELD CHAR 
387 XNO_RH_LBK IS-M: No Delivery Viability Set for Total Market Coverage XFELD CHAR 
388 XNO_RULE IS-M: Unloading rule not found XFELD CHAR 
389 XNO_SI IS-M: No ad insert XFELD CHAR 
390 XNO_STATIS IS-M: Statistics were not updated XFELD CHAR 
391 XNO_TECH_OL IS-M: Do not Transfer Online Orders to the Technical System XFELD CHAR 
392 XNO_TR_LBK IS-M: No delivery viability for carrying edition XFELD CHAR 
393 XNO_VORL IS-M: Block For Copying With Template XFELD CHAR 
394 XNO_VORW IS-M: Block for Copying with Template Repetition XFELD CHAR 
395 XNO_VT_LBK IS-M: No delivery viability set found for ad pre-print dist. XFELD CHAR 
396 XNPAY Reconciliation account not relevant for auto. payments XFELD CHAR 
397 XNPEK_KK New Item in Single Account XFELD CHAR 
398 XNPOS_KK New Item from Incoming Payment(s) XFELD CHAR 
399 XNPPY_KK Biller Direct: Partial Payment Not Permitted XFELD CHAR 
400 XNPSK_KK New Item in Collective Account XFELD CHAR 
401 XNPWD_KK Cash Journal: No Partial Withdrawal from Cash Bal. Possible XFELD CHAR 
402 XNRA1OWN Laufende Nummer der Eintragungen NRA1OWN CHAR 
403 XNRABT3 No. of entry in Section 3 of land register CHAR5 CHAR 
404 XNRECHER Select output on research XFELD CHAR 
405 XNSEB_KK Do Not Create Posting for Check Deposit XFELD CHAR 
406 XNSPL_1124 Mass Change Documents: Item Cannot Be Split XFELD CHAR 
407 XNSTP_KK Biller Direct: Payment Instruction Cannot Be Reset XFELD CHAR 
408 XNTTO Indicator: Base for calculating net withholding tax ? XFELD CHAR 
409 XNULB Materials with zero stock XFELD CHAR 
410 XNULL Zero count XFELD CHAR 
411 XNUMDRE_EP Automatic numbering: All editions (based on ind.period date) XFELD CHAR 
412 XNUMDRE_JG Automatic numbering: All editions (based on year number) XFELD CHAR 
413 XNUMDRE_MX Automatic numbering: All editions (based on IPer.and yr no.) XFELD CHAR 
414 XNUMEXTERN IS-M: Data transfer with external number assignment XFELD CHAR 
415 XNUMPVA Automatic numbering for individual editions XFELD CHAR 
416 XNUMPVA_EP Aut.numbering for specific editions based on ind.period date XFELD CHAR 
417 XNUMPVA_JG Automatic numbering for specific editions (based on year no) XFELD CHAR 
418 XNUMS_047A Include standard transactions? XFELD CHAR 
419 XNUNRK Short description of external usage type of rental unit XKBEZ CHAR 
420 XNUNRM Description of external usage type of rental unit XMBEZ CHAR 
421 XNURB Indicator: Company-code specific fields only? XFELD CHAR 
422 XNURZ_KK Select payment only XFELD CHAR 
423 XNUTZGRU Current usage of property XMBEZ CHAR 
424 XNUVO Suggest Zero Lines (Goods Receipts) XFELD CHAR 
425 XNUVR Suggest Zero Lines (Reservations) XFELD CHAR 
426 XNVBS Unchanged stock levels only XFELD CHAR 
427 XNVOR_F02H Indicator: do not transfer sample values ? XFELD CHAR 
428 XNWHRK Short text for currency of nominal amount TEXT15 CHAR 
429 XNWHRL Long text for currency of nominal amount TEXT40 CHAR 
430 XNWIEDERV Select output on system resubmission XFELD CHAR 
431 XNWPR_044A Lowest value princple XFELD CHAR 
432 XNWPR_KK Valuate According To Lowest Value Principle XFELD CHAR 
433 XNZAE Item will be recounted XFELD CHAR 
434 XOACP Assignment to Specified Accounting Principles XFELD CHAR 
435 XOARC Storage upon goods movements active XFELD CHAR 
436 XOBEW Vendor Stock Valuation Indicator XFELD CHAR 
437 XOBJALT Previous object number XKBEZ CHAR 
438 XOBJARTK Short description of object type XKBEZ CHAR 
439 XOBJARTM Description of object type XMBEZ CHAR 
440 XOBJECTION IS-M/SD: Right to object read for subscription XFELD CHAR 
441 XOBJLAGE District Location XTEXT50 CHAR 
442 XOBJW Indicator: object currency allowed RKACT CHAR 
443 XOBLE Indicator: Display original document ? XFELD CHAR 
444 XOBLG_SFAP Indicator: Fields must be entered? XFELD CHAR 
445 XOBLG_VK Indicator: Fields Require an Entry XFELD CHAR 
447 XOBLIGATORY_PS Shows Whether Missing Data is Allowed XFELD CHAR 
448 XOBLI_PAY Required Entry Field in Dialog XFELD CHAR 
449 XOBLR Item affects commitments XFELD CHAR 
450 XOBTYP Text for virtual object type TEXT50 CHAR 
451 XODAT Indicator: Data is too old XFELD CHAR 
452 XODERFU_KK Offer 'And -> Or' function in dialog box XFELD CHAR 
453 XODER_KK Link Criteria with OR XFELD CHAR 
454 XODUEIP_KK Consider Only Days Overdue For Installment Plan Interest XFELD CHAR 
455 XOFFER IS-M/SD: Create renewal offer XFELD CHAR 
456 XOFWH_KK Reverse Open Repetitions XFELD CHAR 
457 XOHNEIVW Exclusion from audit report XFELD CHAR 
458 XOITM_KK Pay Open Items XFELD CHAR 
459 XOLVBP Indicator: Selection between online and background printing KREUZ CHAR 
460 XONACC_BRO Post Broker Report Item on Account XFELD CHAR 
461 XONETIMECUST IS-M: 'One-Time Customer (OTC Customer) Indicator XFELD CHAR 
462 XONFI_CM Indicator: FI data only? XFELD CHAR 
463 XONLYCOLL_BRO Display relationships related to collections only XFELD CHAR 
464 XONLYMSDSPLIT IS-M: Mix only exists in M/SD (not in SD) XFELD CHAR 
465 XONLYSDSPLIT IS-M: Mix Only Exists in SD (not in M/SD) XFELD CHAR 
466 XONLY_INDATE_INIT_KK Only Correspondence without Date of Receipt BOOLE CHAR 
467 XONLY_STAT_INIT_KK Only Correspondence without Status BOOLE CHAR 
468 XONSD Indicator: SD Data Only? XFELD CHAR 
469 XONUL Materials without zero stock only XFELD CHAR 
470 XOORT Storage location of original documents TEXT32 CHAR 
471 XOPASG_KK Assignment of Payment to Request Through Classification Key XFELD CHAR 
472 XOPBE_KK Start with open item editing screen? XFELD CHAR 
473 XOPCM Indicator: Process open items with commands ? XFELD CHAR 
474 XOPEN Open Form/Close Form Required XFELD CHAR 
475 XOPENITEMS_MD FS-CD: Display All Receivables for a Contract XFELD CHAR 
476 XOPEN_CYCLE IS-M/SD: Indicator: Open Monitoring Cycle XFELD CHAR 
477 XOPEN_KK Permit Opening of Cash Desks in Cash Journal XFLAG CHAR 
478 XOPERZ IS-M: Generate Open Item (Bank Return) XFELD CHAR 
479 XOPIN Indicator: Items to be cleared initially inactive XFELD CHAR 
480 XOPN_F4_KK Determine open reconciliation key XFELD CHAR 
481 XOPRN_KK Delete printed correspondence only XFELD CHAR 
482 XOPSEL_IT Selection: Open Items XFELD CHAR 
483 XOPSE_KK Start with OI selection screen XFELD CHAR 
484 XOPTACT IS-M/SD: Delivery Viability Optimization Active XFELD CHAR 
485 XOPTB_042Z Indicator: Carry Out Bank Selection by Bank Group XFELD CHAR 
486 XOPTN_SFAP Indicator: Fields may be entered? XFELD CHAR 
487 XOPTN_VK Indicator: Field Is Ready for Input XFELD CHAR 
488 XOPTP_042Z Indicator: Carry Out Bank Selection by Postal Code XFELD CHAR 
489 XOPVW Indicator: Open Item Management? XFELD CHAR 
490 XOPVWA Ind.: Open item management in asset line items XFELD CHAR 
491 XOPWF_KK Release Items Written Off for Collection XFELD CHAR 
492 XOPWO_KK Submit Items Written Off XFELD CHAR 
493 XORB_042Z Use Orbian Payment Method? CHAR1 CHAR 
494 XORDB Indicator: source list already read XFELD CHAR 
495 XORDCANCEL IS-M: 'ADPRODORDER_CANCEL' active in technical system XFELD CHAR 
497 XORDERPOS_GENERATED Indicator: Shipping Order Items Generated for Mkt Coverage XFELD CHAR 
498 XORDER_GENERATED Market Coverage: Shipping Orders Generated XFELD CHAR 
499 XORDER_IN_CIC IS-M: Order Processing in the Customer Interaction Center XFELD CHAR