SAP ABAP Data Element - Index X, page 13
Data Element - X
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 X_ADJUST_RESTR Adjust limited item when creating/deleting an issue XFELD CHAR 
2 X_ADMINMODE_ALLOWED_KK Administrator mode is permitted by clarification user XFELD CHAR 
3 X_ADMINMODE_KK Selection screen was exited with administrator call XFELD CHAR 
4 X_ADRESSEN IS-M: Update indicator: relevant addresses revised XFELD CHAR 
5 X_ADRND IS-M: Business Address For Contact Person Indicator XFELD CHAR 
6 X_ADRNP IS-M: Home Address For Contact Person Indicator XFELD CHAR 
7 X_ADRS Internet address of vendor for external service entry TEXT255 CHAR 
8 X_AFABER Treat Derived Depreciation Area As Real Area XFELD CHAR 
9 X_AFPOS_FADE_IN Show order item XFELD CHAR 
10 X_AGGR_CHARACT1 Default Setting: Aggregated By Characteristic 1? BOOLE CHAR 
11 X_AGGR_CHARACT2 Default Setting: Aggregated By Characteristic 2? BOOLE CHAR 
12 X_AGGR_CHARACT3 Default Setting: Aggregated By Characteristic 3? BOOLE CHAR 
13 X_AGGR_CHARACT4 Default Setting: Aggregated By Characteristic 4? BOOLE CHAR 
14 X_AGGR_EBELN Default Setting: Aggregated By Purchase Order? BOOLE CHAR 
15 X_AGGR_MATNR Default Setting: Aggregated By Material? BOOLE CHAR 
16 X_AGGR_MWSKZ Default Setting: Aggregated By Tax Code? BOOLE CHAR 
17 X_AGGR_NETPR Default Setting: Aggregated By Net Price? BOOLE CHAR 
18 X_AGGR_RETPO Default Setting: Aggregated By Returns? BOOLE CHAR 
19 X_AGGR_SATNR Default Setting: Aggregated By Configurable Material? BOOLE CHAR 
20 X_AGGR_SELKZ Default Setting: Aggregated By Selection Indicator? BOOLE CHAR 
21 X_AGGR_WERKS Default Setting: Aggregated By Plant? BOOLE CHAR 
22 X_AGGR_XBLNR Default Setting: Aggregated By Delivery Note? BOOLE CHAR 
23 X_AKTION Indicator: Sales Promotion Postal Code XFELD CHAR 
25 X_AKT_GRP Indicator: Search in current group only XFELD CHAR 
26 X_ALLE Indicator: Process All Relevant Change Records XFELD CHAR 
27 X_ALLETAGE IS-M: "All weekdays" indicator XFELD CHAR 
28 X_ALLVB IS-M: "No Restriction Regarding Sales Areas" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
29 X_ALL_WTS Compare All Wage Types XFELD CHAR 
30 X_ANZ IS-M: Data Transfer from Ads XFELD CHAR 
31 X_ASADR IS-M: Indicator for order-specific address XFELD CHAR 
32 X_AUFBAU IS-M/SD: Choose organizational assignment type XFELD CHAR 
35 X_AVM_STOR IS-M: Processing due to Order Reversal XFELD CHAR 
36 X_BEILAGE Insert Exists XFELD CHAR 
37 X_BEMOT_FADE_IN Show accounting indicator XFELD CHAR 
38 X_BEZIRK IS-M/SD: Choose Assignment Type for Carrier Route XFELD CHAR 
39 X_BKS_ONLY Field name XFELD CHAR 
40 X_BLDAT Indicator: check invoice date XFELD CHAR 
42 X_BUKRS Indicator: check company code XFELD CHAR 
43 X_BUKRS_FADE_IN Show company code of the real estate object XFELD CHAR 
44 X_BUNDLE IS-M: Check postal packing for shipping date XFELD CHAR 
45 X_CANCITEM_SHOW IS-M/AM: Display Reversed Orders in Order Overview XFELD CHAR 
46 X_CESSION Accounts Receivable Pledging Active XFELD CHAR 
47 X_CHARGE_SUPPRESS_VK Do Not Take Transaction into Account for Dunning Charge Calc XFELD CHAR 
48 X_CM_LIS_NEU IS-M/AM: Credit Management: Restructure Credit Values XFELD CHAR 
49 X_CONT Service contract data will be exported XFELD CHAR 
50 X_CONV_LOW_CASE IS-M: Convert to Lower Case From Second Character XFELD CHAR 
51 X_CORR_DELETE_KK Correspondence Is Logically Deleted XFELD CHAR 
52 X_CORR_DUNN_EXC_KK Exclusion from Correspondence Dunning XFELD CHAR 
53 X_COSTS Transfer of cost centers XFELD CHAR 
54 X_COUNTER General counter X_COUNTER NUMC 
55 X_CUSTOMER_FADE_IN Show Customer Fields XFELD CHAR 
56 X_DABBZ_FADE_IN Show reference date of the real estate object settlement XFELD CHAR 
57 X_DD_PRENOTIF Direct Debit Pre-notification XFELD CHAR 
58 X_DD_PRENOTIF_042B Payment Runs for Direct Debit Pre-notifications XFELD CHAR 
59 X_DD_PRENOTIF_F110 Payment Run for Direct Debit Pre-notifications XFELD CHAR 
60 X_DD_PRENOTIF_FBL5 Indicator: Items from Payment Program Blocked XFELD CHAR 
61 X_DEL_BROKER_MD IO: Direct Input: Broker Assignment Deletion CHAR1 CHAR 
62 X_DI IS-M: Data Transfer from Services XFELD CHAR 
64 X_DIFFE Transfer of variances XFELD CHAR 
65 X_DIREKT Post Depreciation Area to G/L in Realtime XFELD CHAR 
66 X_DISTU Transfer of malfunction reasons XFELD CHAR 
67 X_DOCPART_LIST_KK Document Part List Is Used XFELD CHAR 
69 X_DRERZ IS-M: Ad insert type is a publication XFELD CHAR 
70 X_DUNNING_SUPPRESS_VK Transaction is not Taken into Account for Dunning Proposal XFELD CHAR 
71 X_DUPL_ROLLE_ZE Central/Classified Order Entry: BP Selectn -> BP No.Unique CHAR01 CHAR 
72 X_EMU_INSTPLN_HIST_KK Simulate History For Old Installment Plans XFELD CHAR 
73 X_ENABLE_EDT Activate Output with EDT XFELD CHAR 
75 X_ENTRY Entry data will be transferred XFELD CHAR 
76 X_EQWEEK IS-M: Same Week As Reference Entry Indicator XFELD CHAR 
77 X_EWCMRATE TCURR entries contained in tranport EWCM_X CHAR 
78 X_EXLGA Transfer external wage types XFELD CHAR 
79 X_EXPLUNIT Indicator: Use specified unit XFELD CHAR 
80 X_EZAWE_LOCKED_KK Lock Incoming Payment Method CHAR132 CHAR 
81 X_FEHLER IS-M: Incorrect data record ANKREUZ CHAR 
82 X_FEIERTAG IS-M: Public Holiday XFELD CHAR 
83 X_FILE PC file with service data for external entry XFELD CHAR 
84 X_FILLTEXT_KK Fill Text Field for Open Items KENNZ_KK CHAR 
85 X_FILTER TMC - Demographic Filter Applied XFELD CHAR 
86 X_FILTER2 TMC: Indicator - Merge with M/SD Subscriptions XFELD CHAR 
87 X_FILTER_EXCL Excluded by Specific Filter XFELD CHAR 
88 X_FIRSTMEDIACUST IS-M: BP Selection List - Display Media Customers Only First XFELD CHAR 
89 X_FIXED TMC - Do Not Overwrite Address During Shipping Run XFELD CHAR 
90 X_FKBER_FADE_IN Show Functional Area XFELD CHAR 
91 X_FKT Radio button for formula RADIOBUTT CHAR 
92 X_FLAG Customized ('C') or standard menu ('S') flag XFELD CHAR 
94 X_FXR_RATEX Indicator: Market Data Exchange Rate XFELD CHAR 
96 X_GEOEINH Choose assignment type for geographical unit XFELD CHAR 
97 X_GKGRUPPE IS-M: Postal code for major customer group XFELD CHAR 
98 X_GL_ONLY Field name XFELD CHAR 
99 X_GP_MORE IS-M: Several business partners for deliv.viability set XFELD CHAR 
101 X_GRKUNDE IS-M: Postal code for major customer XFELD CHAR 
102 X_HIER Allocate operands hierarchically RW_X_HIER CHAR 
103 X_HIER_SUBORG_BRO Flag: Responsibility for Subordinate Nodes BOOLEAN CHAR 
104 X_HISTORY Archive Check XFIELD CHAR 
105 X_IGNORE_SELOPT IS-M/AM: Ignore Selection Entries During Automatic Refresh XFELD CHAR 
106 X_IMKEY_FADE_IN Show real estate object XFELD CHAR 
107 X_INACT Flag for inactive input template X_INACT CHAR 
108 X_INAKTIV IS-M: Inactive object assignments XFELD CHAR 
109 X_INFO_REQ Information required > read and return X CHAR 
110 X_INKASSO IS-M: Field collectors exist XFELD CHAR 
111 X_INSERT Indicator: Only process INSERT change records XFELD CHAR 
112 X_INSTALLMENT_KK Contained in Installment Plan CHAR132 CHAR 
113 X_INTEREST_RELEVANT_VK Transaction Included in Effective Interest Determination XFELD CHAR 
114 X_INTN Mail inbox for external entry sheet data XFELD CHAR 
115 X_INVOICE_SUPPRESS_VK Transaction not Included in Invoicing XFELD CHAR 
116 X_IO_VALUE FS-CD: Value from Insurance Object Used XFELD CHAR 
117 X_ITEM_LIST IS-M/AM: Item List Shown or Hidden Indicator XFELD CHAR 
118 X_ITEM_TYPE_EXL IS-M/AM: Item Type is not Used Indicator XFELD CHAR 
119 X_IU_DEL IS-M: Delete Classic Internet User After Conversion XFELD CHAR 
120 X_KDAUF_FADE_IN Show sales order XFELD CHAR 
121 X_KDPOS_FADE_IN Show sales order item XFELD CHAR 
122 X_KOMMENT IS-M: SAPscript comment (long text) exists XFELD CHAR 
123 X_KOPF_BE IS-M: Several VC Recipients for Each Order Header Indicator XFELD CHAR 
124 X_KOSTL_FADE_IN Show cost center XFELD CHAR 
125 X_KSTRG_FADE_IN Show cost object XFELD CHAR 
126 X_KUM_PER Cumulative Scrap Qty of Subsequent Reporting Pts (Cur. Per.) MENG13 QUAN 
127 X_KUM_VOR_PER Cumulative Scrap Qty of Subsequent Rep. Pts (Prev. Periods) MENG13 QUAN 
128 X_LAND IS-M/SD: Choose country assignment type XFELD CHAR 
130 X_LEAD_RG Leading Document Item in Invoicing Document BOOLEAN_KK CHAR 
131 X_LIABILITY_ACC IS-M/SD: Complaint Category Liability Account Possible XFELD CHAR 
132 X_LIMIT Limit data from purchase order will be exported XFELD CHAR 
133 X_LOCKED Conditions field locked ANKREUZ CHAR 
134 X_LSTAR Transfer of activity types XFELD CHAR 
135 X_LSTAR_FADE_IN Show activity type XFELD CHAR 
136 X_MAIL Transmit download of service entry direct via Internet XFELD CHAR 
137 X_MATNR_FADE_IN Show material XFELD CHAR 
138 X_MAXUNIT Indicator: Use largest unit XFELD CHAR 
139 X_MBGBTR_FADE_IN Show quantity XFELD CHAR 
140 X_MCA_POSACC Indicator: Allow Posting to Position or Equivalent Accounts XFELD CHAR 
141 X_MENGE Scrap Quantity of Posting MENG13V QUAN 
142 X_MEN_PER Scrap Quantity in Current Period MENG13V QUAN 
143 X_MEN_SUM Total Scrap Qty of the Reporting Point for All Prev. Periods MENG13V QUAN 
144 X_MEN_VOR_PER Scrap Quantity in Previous Periods MENG13 QUAN 
145 X_MERGE Merge postal unit XFELD CHAR 
146 X_MILITARY Military ZIP code XFELD CHAR 
147 X_MINUNIT Indicator: Use smallest unit XFELD CHAR 
150 X_NICHTVERD IS-M: Non-Suppressable Content Component Indicator XFELD CHAR 
151 X_NORM Display structure without suspensions XFELD CHAR 
152 X_NOT_TOTAL_AMNT Do Not Include Items in Final Bill Amount E_XTOTAL_AMNT CHAR 
153 X_NO_ADD_REC_KK Additional Recipient Not Permitted XFELD CHAR 
154 X_NO_ALT_REC_KK Alternative Recipient Not Permitted XFELD CHAR 
155 X_NO_ARCHIVE_KK Suppress Archiving of Correspondence Type XFELD CHAR 
156 X_NO_ARC_KK SAP ArchiveLink Object ID Part Is Not Used XFELD CHAR 
157 X_NO_BALANCE_KK Suppress Balance Determination for Balanced Corresp. Types XFELD CHAR 
158 X_NO_CF FM - CF: Make no carry forward XFELD CHAR 
159 X_NO_DIALOG_KK External Call Without Dialog XFELD CHAR 
160 X_NO_REC_SIMU_KK Recipient Simulation Not Permitted XFELD CHAR 
161 X_NO_REPEATPRINT_KK Suppress Repeat Output for Correspondence Types XFELD CHAR 
162 X_NO_TESTPRINT_KK Suppress Test Output for Correspondence Types XFELD CHAR 
163 X_NPLNR_FADE_IN Show network XFELD CHAR 
164 X_ONL IS-M: Data Transfer for Online Ads XFELD CHAR 
165 X_ONLY_PY_LOG Only Display Payroll Log XFELD CHAR 
166 X_ORDER Service Order Data will be Exported XFELD CHAR 
167 X_ORT IS-M: Choose city assignment type XFELD CHAR 
168 X_OR_SPACE Two-value flag (X, ) X_OR_SPACE CHAR 
169 X_OSTAT Transfer of order status XFELD CHAR 
170 X_OTHERDAY Indicator: Other Date CHAR1 CHAR 
172 X_PAOBJNR_FADE_IN Show profitability segment XFELD CHAR 
173 X_PARAMID Use check box for parameter ID XFELD CHAR 
174 X_PART_NAME Name of New Main Borrower TEXT30 CHAR 
175 X_PERNR_FADE_IN Show personnel number XFELD CHAR 
176 X_PKHD5 Transfer Kanban control cycles XFELD CHAR 
177 X_PKPS5 Transfer Kanban containers XFELD CHAR 
178 X_PKST5 Transfer Kanban container status XFELD CHAR 
179 X_PLANT Transfer of plants XFELD CHAR 
180 X_PLANUNG IS-M: Relevant for planning indicator XFELD CHAR 
181 X_PLAN_PER Target Scrap in Current Period MENG13 QUAN 
182 X_PLAN_SUM Target Scrap MENG13 QUAN 
183 X_PLAN_VOR_PER Target Scrap Quantity in Previous Periods MENG13 QUAN 
184 X_PLZ IS-M: Choose assignment type for postal code XFELD CHAR 
185 X_POSTAEND Postal change service required XFELD CHAR 
186 X_POSTFACH IS-M: Postal code for XFELD CHAR 
187 X_POST_DB IS-M: Update indicator, postal DB edited XFELD CHAR 
188 X_POS_BE IS-M: Several Voucher Copy Recipients Per Item Indicator XFELD CHAR 
189 X_POS_IS IS-M: Several Advertisers Exist For Each Item Indicator XFELD CHAR 
190 X_POS_MV IS-M: Indicates that Several Sales Agents Exist XFELD CHAR 
191 X_PP_PROCESS Indicator: Exchange rate diffs partial payments by period XFELD CHAR 
192 X_PRICING_NEW Flag for New Price Determination (Change in Configuration) CHAR1 CHAR 
193 X_PROCNR_FADE_IN Show production process XFELD CHAR 
194 X_PROJECT Project stock XFELD CHAR 
195 X_PROT Output of a log of the selection data XFELD CHAR 
196 X_PRZNR_FADE_IN Show business process XFELD CHAR 
197 X_PS_LIS_NEU IS-M/AM: Partner Settlement: Restructure Bonus Values XFELD CHAR 
198 X_PS_PSP_PNR_FADE_IN Show work breakdown structure element (WBS element) XFELD CHAR 
199 X_RECHERCH IS-M: Parameter to control existence of researchers XFELD CHAR 
200 X_RECID_FADE_IN Show cost type XFELD CHAR 
201 X_RECNNR_FADE_IN Show Contract Number of Real Estate XFELD CHAR 
202 X_REGION_A IS-M: Copy region automatically (if maintained) XFELD CHAR 
203 X_RESSORT IS-M: Content Component of the Section Type Indicator XFELD CHAR 
204 X_REST FM - CF: Remaining percentage XFELD CHAR 
205 X_RET_BLOCK_ST Return block in period for which audit report made XFELD CHAR 
206 X_REVENUE_CYCLE_TRANSFER IS-M/SD: Transfer Remaining Credit Balance for Renewals XFELD CHAR 
207 X_REV_SIGN Indicator: Change +/- sign CSIGN CHAR 
208 X_RGL_ERF IS-M: Unloading rule required XFELD CHAR 
209 X_ROBINSON Robinson indicator (no advertising) XFELD CHAR 
210 X_ROUTE IS-M: Assignment Type - Truck Route XFELD CHAR 
211 X_RO_ALL IS-M: Find all roles for business partner XFELD CHAR 
212 X_RO_IK IS-M: Role - Field Collector XFELD CHAR 
213 X_RO_IK_N IS-M: New BP-delivery via.assignments not yet edited XFELD CHAR 
214 X_RO_ZU IS-M: Role - Carrier XFELD CHAR 
215 X_RO_ZU_N IS-M: New BP-delivery via.assignments not yet edited XFELD CHAR 
216 X_RUBRIK IS-M: Content component of the column type indicator XFELD CHAR 
218 X_SCHALTER Indicator: Postal code for counter collection XFELD CHAR 
219 X_SEC_REL_KK Security Deposits Released XFELD CHAR 
220 X_SEC_REV_KK Security Deposit Reversed XFELD CHAR 
221 X_SEMPSL_FADE_IN Show real estate settlement unit XFELD CHAR 
222 X_SERV Export service master records XFELD CHAR 
223 X_SGENR_FADE_IN Show real estate buildings XFELD CHAR 
224 X_SGRNR_FADE_IN Show property for immo business unit XFELD CHAR 
225 X_SGTXT_FADE_IN Show item text XFELD CHAR 
226 X_SHUFFLER IS-M/AM: Select Item Type Using a Dropdown List XFELD CHAR 
227 X_SI IS-M: Data Transfer from Ad Inserts XFELD CHAR 
228 X_SMENR_FADE_IN Show real estate rental unit XFELD CHAR 
229 X_SMIVE_FADE_IN Show Real Estate Lease-Out XFELD CHAR 
230 X_SNKSL_FADE_IN Show real estate service charge key XFELD CHAR 
231 X_SO Orders on hand XFELD CHAR 
232 X_SONDERV IS-M: Content Component Of The Special Publication Type Ind. XFELD CHAR 
234 X_SPLITT Split postal unit XFELD CHAR 
235 X_SPOOL_AGGR_KK Spool Aggregation at Job Level Required XFELD CHAR 
236 X_STOP_FLAG Stop Flag for Varying Processing XFELD CHAR 
237 X_STRAKTIV IS-M: Structure is Active XSTRUAKTIV CHAR 
238 X_STRASSE IS-M: Select assignment type 'street' XFELD CHAR 
239 X_STRUKTUR IS-M: Update indicator, related structures revised XFELD CHAR 
240 X_SW IS-M: Black and White Indicator XFELD CHAR 
241 X_SWENR_FADE_IN Show real estate asset group XFELD CHAR 
242 X_TAB Deviation from scheduled input date DAUER_6_1V QUAN 
243 X_TABN Schedule Deviation Input Negative DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
244 X_TABP Schedule Deviation Input Positive DAUER_6_1 QUAN 
245 X_TAB_ACTIVE_SEL IS-M/AM: Select Active Title Element XFELD CHAR 
246 X_TAKEOVER_KK Take Over Customer Data XFELD CHAR 
247 X_TARIF_FADE_IN Show total price XFELD CHAR 
248 X_TAX_NOT_VALID Tax Schedule No Longer Valid XFELD CHAR 
249 X_TG_ROUTE IS-M: Selection of assignment type for daily truck route XFELD CHAR 
250 X_TODAY Indicator: Today's Date CHAR1 CHAR 
251 X_TYPE_FLAG (SOLMAN App.Log) Flag for Message Type 'X' UFFLAG CHAR 
252 X_UEBER IS-M/AM: Copy Entry Indicator XFELD CHAR 
253 X_UNIMA Transfer of units of measure for material XFELD CHAR 
254 X_UNITS Transfer of units of measure XFELD CHAR 
255 X_UNREAD Read unread received mails only XFELD CHAR 
256 X_UNTERBRE IS-M: Structure suspended XFELD CHAR 
257 X_UPLOADED Entry sheet already imported XFELD CHAR 
258 X_USE_ITEMTABLE_KK Clarification Called with Table of Clarification Cases XFELD CHAR 
259 X_VAAUSCHL IS-M: Take account of issue exclusion XFELD CHAR 
260 X_VERB Indicator: update now XFELD CHAR 
261 X_VERPACKT IS-M: Delivery packed XFELD CHAR 
262 X_VORNR_AUF_FADE_IN Show Order Operation XFELD CHAR 
263 X_VORNR_FADE_IN Show network activity XFELD CHAR 
264 X_VT IS-M: Data Transfer for Distribution Items XFELD CHAR 
265 X_VTB_ADRESSE Cntrl/Classif.Order Entry: BP List -> Addresses for Each SA XFELD CHAR 
266 X_VTB_SPERREN_ZE Central/Classified Order Entry: BP list -> Document Block XFELD CHAR 
267 X_VVSSVWNR_FADE_IN Show management contract XFELD CHAR 
268 X_WARN_OFF IS-M: Deactivate warning XFELD CHAR 
269 X_WERKS Plant Stock XFELD CHAR 
271 X_WF_RESTR Place limited item in workflow when creating/deleting XFELD CHAR 
272 X_WITHDR Goods Movements Allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
273 X_WITH_ACC Account determination with triggering G/L account XFELD CHAR 
274 X_WORKC Transfer of work centers XFELD CHAR 
275 X_WSP IS-M: Data Transfer from Commercials XFELD CHAR 
276 X_XBLNR Indicator: Check reference number XFELD CHAR 
277 X_ZUEREIG IS-M: Assign events when creating campaign framework XFELD CHAR 
278 X_ZUPROV IS-M: Assign comm.recipient when creating campaign framework XFELD CHAR 
279 X_ZUSAPR IS-M: Assign gifts when creating campaign framework XFELD CHAR 
280 X_ZUSTELL IS-M: Postal code for home delivery XFELD CHAR 
281 X_ZUWTRAE IS-M: Assign adv.medium when creating campaign framework XFELD CHAR