SAP ABAP Data Element - Index T, page 21
Data Element - T
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
2 TMWNOMATCH_S No Match Segments   INT4 
3 TMWNOMATCH_SPO Post-Edit No Match Segments   INT4 
4 TMWNOMATCH_SPR Pre-Edit No Match Segments   INT4 
5 TMWNOMATCH_W Pre-Edit No Match Words   INT4 
6 TMWNOMATCH_WPO Post-Edit No Match Words   INT4 
7 TMWNOMATCH_WPR Pre-Edit No Match Words   INT4 
8 TMWPARAM Translation Middleware Parameter (Previously CHAR255)   STRG 
9 TMWREPEATED Repeated   INT4 
10 TMWREPEATED_S Repeated Segments   INT4 
11 TMWREPEATED_SPO Post-Edit Repeated Segments   INT4 
12 TMWREPEATED_SPR Pre-Edit Repeated Segments   INT4 
13 TMWREPEATED_W Repeated Words   INT4 
14 TMWREPEATED_WPO Post-Edit Repeated Words   INT4 
15 TMWREPEATED_WPR Pre-Edit Repeated Words   INT4 
16 TMWSTATTYPE TMW Statistics Type   CHAR 
17 TMWSTS Tax on Sales/Purchases WRTV8 CURR 
18 TMWTOTAL Total   INT4 
19 TMWTOTAL_S Total Segments   INT4 
20 TMWTOTAL_SPO Post-Edit Total Segments   INT4 
21 TMWTOTAL_SPR Pre-Edit Total Segments   INT4 
22 TMWTOTAL_W Total Words   INT4 
23 TMWTOTAL_WPO Post-Edit Total Words   INT4 
24 TMWTOTAL_WPR Pre-Edit Total Words   INT4 
25 TMWTRNSTAT_PO Post-Edit Translation Status   CHAR 
26 TMWTRNSTAT_PR Pre-Edit Translation Status   CHAR 
27 TMWXTRANSLATED Xtranslated   INT4 
28 TMWXTRANSLATED_S Xtranslated Segments   INT4 
29 TMWXTRANSLATED_SPO Xtranslated Segments   INT4 
30 TMWXTRANSLATED_SPR Pre-Edit Xtranslated Segments   INT4 
31 TMWXTRANSLATED_W Xtranslated Words   INT4 
32 TMWXTRANSLATED_WPO Xtranslated Words   INT4 
33 TMWXTRANSLATED_WPR Pre-Edit Xtranslated Words   INT4 
34 TMW_ALIGN_FLAG_POST 'Align performed at TAMO post analysis' Flag   CHAR 
35 TMW_ALIGN_FLAG_PRE 'Align performed at TAMO pre analysis' Flag   CHAR 
36 TMW_ANATYPE TAMO Analysis Type (Either Pre or Post)   CHAR 
37 TMW_CID Cross System Lock Check ID TMW_CID CHAR 
38 TMW_CTSUB ID for Time Substitution Activated TMW_CTSUB CHAR 
39 TMW_DATE Date From UTC Time Stamp   DATS 
40 TMW_DELTA_100_S Delta for match category 100 (segments)   INT4 
41 TMW_DELTA_100_W Delta for match category 100 (words)   INT4 
42 TMW_DELTA_50TO74_S Delta for match category 50 to 74 (segments)   INT4 
43 TMW_DELTA_50TO74_W Delta for match category 50 to 74 (words)   INT4 
44 TMW_DELTA_75TO84_S Delta for match category 75 to 84 (segments)   INT4 
45 TMW_DELTA_75TO84_W Delta for match category 75 to 84 (words)   INT4 
46 TMW_DELTA_85TO94_S Delta for match category 85 to 94 (segments)   INT4 
47 TMW_DELTA_85TO94_W Delta for match category 85 to 94 (words)   INT4 
48 TMW_DELTA_95TO99_S Delta for match category 95 to 99 (segments)   INT4 
49 TMW_DELTA_95TO99_W Delta for match category 95 to 99 (words)   INT4 
50 TMW_DELTA_NO_S Delta for match category no match (segments)   INT4 
51 TMW_DELTA_NO_W Delta for match category no match (words)   INT4 
52 TMW_DELTA_REP_S Delta for match category Repeated (segments)   INT4 
53 TMW_DELTA_REP_W Delta for match category Repeated (words)   INT4 
54 TMW_DELTA_X_S Delta for match category Context-TM (segments)   INT4 
55 TMW_DELTA_X_W Delta for match category Context-TM (words)   INT4 
57 TMW_LASTCHANGED Indicates last translator who changed the translation AS4USER CHAR 
58 TMW_LOGENTRY TAMO Error Description   CHAR 
59 TMW_MOB_ACTIVE Mobile Scenario active   CHAR 
60 TMW_OBJ Type of Tracking Object TMW_OBJD CHAR 
61 TMW_PERIODIC tasks must be performed after each upgrade   CHAR 
62 TMW_PREPROCESS_FLAG_POST 'Preprocess performed at TAMO post analysis' Flag   CHAR 
63 TMW_PREPROCESS_FLAG_PRE 'Preprocess performed at TAMO pre analysis' Flag   CHAR 
64 TMW_STAT Status of TMWFLOW Tracking Object TMW_STATD CHAR 
65 TMW_STATUS Status of the task MW_STATUS CHAR 
66 TMW_STOP_CLASS Middlware Stop Class   CHAR 
67 TMW_TARGET_FLAG_POST 'Target text available at TAMO post analysis' Flag   CHAR 
68 TMW_TARGET_FLAG_PRE 'Target text available at TAMO pre analysis' Flag   CHAR 
69 TMW_TASK Task to be performed after installation/upgrade   CHAR 
72 TMW_TDSUBLA Definition Subset for IDs TMW_TDSUBLA CHAR 
74 TMW_TDTSIGN Processing Indicator for Time Data ID TMW_TDTSIGN CHAR 
77 TMW_TDT_S IDs for Display Only XFELD CHAR 
79 TMW_TEL_SAVE_TYPE_POST Save Types recognized by TAMO (RAW or Active)   CHAR 
80 TMW_TEXT Description CHAR50 CHAR 
81 TMW_TIME Time From UTC Time Stamp   TIMS 
82 TMW_TM_FLAG_POST 'TM connection available at TAMO post analysis' Flag   CHAR 
83 TMW_TM_FLAG_PRE 'TM connection available at TAMO pre analysis' Flag   CHAR 
84 TMW_TTX_FLAG_POST 'TTX available at TAMO post analysis' Flag   CHAR 
85 TMW_TTX_FLAG_PRE 'TTX available at TAMO pre analysis' Flag   CHAR 
86 TMW_UPDATE_MODE Translation Middleware Update Mode (N, K, U, M, O) TMW_UPDATE_MODE CHAR 
88 TMW_XTRANSLATE_FLAG_POST 'XTranslate performed at TAMO post analysis' Flag   CHAR 
89 TMW_XTRANSLATE_FLAG_PRE 'XTranslate performed at TAMO pre analysis' Flag   CHAR 
90 TMXGUID Internal Identification for DMU Objects of Type RAW 16 CHAR32 CHAR 
91 TM_BBLFZ Amount at start of term/ last rollover date WERT8 CURR 
92 TM_BELFZ Amount at end of term WERT8 CURR 
93 TM_BNOMI Nominal amount WERT8 CURR 
94 TM_BRANCHE KW Attribute: Industry in SAPterm NAMESPACE CHAR 
95 TM_BSALDO Amount or balance T_BSALDO CURR 
96 TM_BSUMME Single or totaled amount WERT8 CURR 
97 TM_BTD_TYPE_CODE Settlement document type TM_BTD_TYPE_CODE CHAR 
98 TM_BZINSBLFZ Interest Total at Start of Term WERT8 CURR 
99 TM_BZINSELFZ Interest Total at End of Term WERT8 CURR 
100 TM_BZINSSTICH Interest Total on Key Date WERT8 CURR 
101 TM_COMPONT Component in SAPterm UFFCTR CHAR 
103 TM_COUNTRY KW Attribute: Country in SAPterm LAND1 CHAR 
104 TM_CTRL_KEY Control Key for Document Transfer to TM   CHAR 
105 TM_CTRL_KEY_DESC Control Key Description TM_CTRL_KEY_DESC CHAR 
106 TM_DATA_DYSPLAY Display Transportation Management Data CHAR40 CHAR 
107 TM_DEVCLAS Development Class in SAPterm DEVCLASS CHAR 
108 TM_DIVISION Division   CHAR 
109 TM_FLTEXT Tree Model - internal TM_FLTEXT CHAR 
110 TM_ITEMTXT Tree Model: Text of an item   STRG 
111 TM_LOGSYS Logical System for TM Document Flow   CHAR 
112 TM_NODEKEY Tree Model: Node Key   STRG 
113 TM_NODETXT Simple Tree Model: Text of a node   STRG 
114 TM_OBJECT Tree Model: Object Reference OBJECT REF 
115 TM_ONLINE Entry Class Indicator ONLINE_TXT CHAR 
116 TM_ON_CAT Terminology Concept Category TM_ON_CAT CHAR 
117 TM_PROP_V SAPterm Attribute Value TM_PROP_V STRG 
118 TM_PURCHASE_GRP_ID Purchasing Group   CHAR 
119 TM_PURCHASE_ORG_ID Purchasing Organization   CHAR 
120 TM_PZINS Interest rate DEC3_7 DEC 
121 TM_RELEASE KW Attribute: Release in SAPterm SYCHAR04 CHAR 
122 TM_SALES_GRP_ID Sales Group   CHAR 
123 TM_SALES_OFFICE_ID Sales Office ID   CHAR 
124 TM_SALES_ORG_ID Sales Organization   CHAR 
125 TM_SBSTDCP Nominal value as Commercial Paper principal XFELD CHAR 
126 TM_SCHANGE Change indicator XFELD CHAR 
127 TM_SCOMPCP Exponential discounting for term over 1 year XFELD CHAR 
128 TM_SKUEND Termination indicator XFELD CHAR 
129 TM_SKUENDM Period of notice in months XFELD CHAR 
130 TM_SKUENDT Period of notice in days XFELD CHAR 
131 TM_SLS_REASON_CODE SAP TM Credit Memo Reason Code   CHAR 
133 TM_SSAVED Save indicator XFELD CHAR 
134 TM_TEXT1_TXJCD Description of the tax jurisdiction code structure TEXT50 CHAR 
135 TM_VTWEG Distribution Channel   CHAR 
137 TM_XAKTIV Active status: description TEXT60 CHAR 
138 TM_XBETRAG Amount as text field T_XBETRG18 CHAR 
139 TM_XBKOND Condition amount T_XBETRG18 CHAR 
140 TM_XDIRTY Dirty Price as Text Field T_XBETRG18 CHAR 
142 TM_XFVMETH Update method text TEXT30 CHAR 
143 TM_XGSART Name of product and transaction type TEXT60 CHAR 
144 TM_XGSCHTG Description of working day method TEXT60 CHAR 
145 TM_XGUELT Effective date T_XDATUM CHAR 
148 TM_XRHYTHM Frequency indicator: description TEXT60 CHAR 
149 TM_XSTUECK Units as Text Field T_XSTUECK18 CHAR 
150 TM_XUNITS Units as Text Field T_XUNITS20 CHAR 
151 TM_XUSVR Indicator: US taxes changed at detail level ? XFELD CHAR 
152 TM_XVALUT Calculation date T_XDATUM CHAR 
153 TM_XZINSBM Description of interest calculation method TEXT60 CHAR 
154 TM_XZINSKZ Short text for interest frequency indicator TEXT60 CHAR 
155 TM_XZNSPRO Interest treatment for rollover: description TEXT60 CHAR 
156 TM_XZNSSTD Payment date for deferred interest T_XDATUM CHAR 
157 TM_XZTERM Payment date T_XDATUM CHAR 
158 TNAM10_KK Table Name (FKKOP or FKKOPK) CHAR10 CHAR 
159 TNAME Table name AS4TAB CHAR 
160 TNAME_011A Technical name for task HROBJEC_14 CHAR 
161 TNAME_021 Table Name AS4TAB CHAR 
162 TNAME_044J Table Name AS4TAB CHAR 
163 TNAME_180S Table name AS4TAB CHAR 
164 TNAME_514K Table name TNAME_514K CHAR 
167 TNAME_EB Table name CHAR10 CHAR 
169 TNAME_VK Table Name CHAR10 CHAR 
171 TNCLS Attendee class CHAR1 CHAR 
172 TNDRDAT Date of tender status DATUM DATS 
173 TNDRRC Acceptance Condition/Rejection Reason TNDRRC CHAR 
174 TNDRRC_BEZ Description of Acceptance Condition / Rejection Reason   CHAR 
175 TNDRST Tender Status TNDRST CHAR 
176 TNDRST_BEZ Description of Tender Status   CHAR 
177 TNDRZET Time of tender status UZEIT TIMS 
178 TNDR_ACTC Currency of Actual Shipment Costs WAERS CUKY 
179 TNDR_ACTP Actual Shipment Costs for Shipment WERT15 CURR 
180 TNDR_CARR Forwarding Agent Who Accepted the Shipment TEXT10 CHAR 
181 TNDR_CRNM Name of Carrier Who Accepted the Shipment NAME CHAR 
182 TNDR_ERDD Earliest Delivery Date DATUM DATS 
183 TNDR_ERDT Earliest Delivery Time UZEIT TIMS 
184 TNDR_ERPD Earliest Pickup Date DATUM DATS 
185 TNDR_ERPT Earliest Pickup Time UZEIT TIMS 
186 TNDR_EXPD Date on Which Offer Expires DATUM DATS 
187 TNDR_EXPT Time at Which Quotation Expires UZEIT TIMS 
188 TNDR_LDLG Length of Loading Platform MENG13 QUAN 
189 TNDR_LDLU Unit of Measure for Load Length MEINS UNIT 
190 TNDR_LDLU_ISO ISO Code for Unit of Measurement 'Loading Length' ISOCD_UNIT CHAR 
191 TNDR_LTDD Latest Delivery Date DATUM DATS 
192 TNDR_LTDT Latest Delivery Time UZEIT TIMS 
193 TNDR_LTPD Latest Pickup Date DATUM DATS 
194 TNDR_LTPT Latest Pickup Time UZEIT TIMS 
195 TNDR_MAXC Currency of Maximum Price WAERS CUKY 
196 TNDR_MAXP Maximum Price for Shipment WERT15 CURR 
197 TNDR_REST Ind.: Restrictive handling of tender to forwarding agent FLAG CHAR 
198 TNDR_TEXT Tendering Text TEXT80 CHAR 
199 TNDR_TRKID Forwarding Agent Tracking ID TEXT35 CHAR 
200 TNDSRC Source of Supply Type TNDSRC CHAR 
201 TNENNER Denominator in split ratio etc. NUM8 NUMC 
202 TNETPR_SD Trading Contract: Sales Price BAPICURR DEC 
203 TNETWR_SD Trading Contract: Net Value of Order Item BAPICURR DEC 
204 TNEUA_F02L Text: Resetting necessary TEXT30 CHAR 
205 TNF05KZ IS-H: Form Window Table Relevant Indicator (TNF05) XFELD CHAR 
206 TNIRW Transport flag: Funds reservation number ranges FLAG CHAR 
207 TNLST_BEZEI Name Nielsen ID TEXT20 CHAR 
208 TNMAPACT_D DD: Sign for TNMAP maintenance action DDFLAG CHAR 
209 TNOR_BI Standard move time (batch input) CHAR11 CHAR 
210 TNOTE Score for Subcriteria BEWER DEC 
211 TNOTIZ Memo book entry text available TEXT30 CHAR 
212 TNREC_EBJP Total no. of records NUMC10 NUMC 
213 TNT_Y_COVERAGE Coverage of the Stakeholder TNT_Y_COVERAGE CHAR 
214 TNT_Y_DENOM Denomination TNT_Y_DENOM CHAR 
215 TNT_Y_EXP_TYPE Type of Expectations TNT_Y_EXP_TYPE CHAR 
216 TNT_Y_GUID Contact Name TNT_Y_GUID CHAR 
220 TNT_Y_SEC_TYPE Security category TNT_Y_SEC_TYPE CHAR 
221 TNT_Y_SHARE_TYPE Type of Company Shares TNT_Y_SHARE_TYPE CHAR 
222 TNT_Y_SID Type of Security ID Number TNT_Y_SID CHAR 
223 TNT_Y_SID1 Type of Security ID Number TNT_Y_SID1 CHAR 
225 TNT_Y_STH_GRP Stakeholder Group TNT_Y_STH_GRP CHAR 
226 TNUMBER Number within a type CHAR1 CHAR 
227 TNUMFLD Table numeric field luxembourg WERTV8 CURR 
228 TNUMFLD_LU Table Numeric Field WERTV8 CURR 
229 TNUMI Transport flag: Intervals and group texts FLAG CHAR 
230 TNUMM Transport flag: CO document number ranges FLAG CHAR 
231 TNVTPT_PS Invoice type name CH_CHAR30 CHAR 
232 TO Values to CHAR24 CHAR 
233 TO100 Total remuneration at 100% CHAR12 CHAR 
234 TO108 Total remuneration at 108% CHAR12 CHAR 
235 TOAGE Age Upper Range DEC02 DEC 
236 TOAMTS_KK Upper Amount Limit For Statistical Item To Be Written Off WERT13 CURR 
237 TOAMT_KK To Amount WERT13 CURR 
238 TOBJA Indicator: display partial objects for object XFELD CHAR 
239 TOBJD Object ID: Attendee CHAR45 CHAR 
240 TOBJECT Transport object TOBJECT CHAR 
241 TOBJK Technical object number CHAR30 CHAR 
242 TOBJN DDIC name of technical object TOBJN CHAR 
243 TOBJNR_SIZE Size of Portion for Target Object Numbers SYST_LONG INT4 
244 TOBRELEASD Indicator: document not released yet KENNZX CHAR 
246 TOCOT Total of contributions CHAR12 CHAR 
248 TODATE Valid to Date DATUM DATS 
249 TODAT_CA Date To Which Payments Are Taken Account of (Dunning) DATUM DATS 
250 TODAT_KK Date Up to Which Payments Were Considered (Dunning) DATUM DATS 
251 TODAY System: Current date TEXT10 CHAR 
252 TODAYS_KK Tolerance Days for Interest Calculation NUMC3 NUMC 
253 TODDB Date of Death To RI_DATUM DATS 
254 TODDT Date of Death From RI_DATUM DATS 
255 TODDV IS-H: Date of Death From RI_DATUM DATS 
256 TODEL_KK Entry to Be Deleted BOOLE CHAR 
257 TODIRSTAT Object status in TODIR during exchange TODIRSTAT CHAR 
258 TODKZ IS-H: Indicator for Discharge Type "Deceased" XFELD CHAR 
259 TODN Definition of successor CHAR10 CHAR 
260 TODOF Further Processing with Credit Card Transactions TODOF NUMC 
261 TODOPGNAME TODO exceptions: Object name TODOPGNAME CHAR 
262 TODO_PRIO Priority of ToDo error message PRIORITY NUMC 
263 TODSP_KK No Interest Calculation Due to Tolerance Days CHAR1 CHAR 
264 TODUR IS-H: Cause of Death TODUR CHAR 
265 TODZB IS-H: Time of Death To UHRZT TIMS 
266 TODZT Time of Death From UHRZT TIMS 
267 TODZV Time of Death From UHRZT TIMS 
268 TOEMIN Maximum Price Unit in Object Currency NUM5 NUMC 
269 TOEXXX Price Units in Object Currency TOEXXX NUMC 
270 TOEZZZ Price Units in Object Currency NUM5 NUMC 
271 TOFIELD Receiver field FDNAME CHAR 
272 TOFIELD1 Target field FDNAME CHAR 
273 TOFMEAN Mean Fixed Prices Per UoM in Object Currency WERTV6 CURR 
274 TOFXXX Fixed Price Per UoM in Object Currency WERTV6 CURR 
275 TOGDELTA Price Variance for Each Unit of Measure WERTV6 CURR 
276 TOGGLE Toggle   CHAR 
277 TOGGLEDE Data element for maintaining display change toggle button st TOGGLEDOM NUMC 
278 TOGMEAN Mean Fixed + Variable Price Per UoM in Object Curr. WERTV6 CURR 
279 TOGOC Offset to next planned counter reading WZYKL CHAR 
280 TOGRR Tolerance group; Invoice Verification TOGRR CHAR 
281 TOGRRTEXT Explanatory text for IV tolerance group TEXT40 CHAR 
282 TOGRU Tolerance group for the business partner/G/L account TOGRU CHAR 
283 TOGRU_KK Tolerance group for contract account TOGRU_KK CHAR 
284 TOGRU_KKC Tolerance group TOGRU_KK CHAR 
285 TOGRU_S Tolerance Group for G/L Accounts TOGRU CHAR 
286 TOGXXX Fixed and Variable Price per UoM in Object Currency WERTV6 CURR 
287 TOKEN Sign for Range Tables TOKEN CHAR 
288 TOKENTYPE DMC: General Token Type   CHAR 
289 TOKEN_COL Column position of token (>= 0) SABP_INT2 INT2 
290 TOKEN_LEN Length of token SABP_INT2 INT2 
291 TOKEN_LEN1 Length of 'A part' of token SABP_INT2 INT2 
292 TOKEN_LEN2 Length of 'B part' of token SABP_INT2 INT2 
293 TOKEN_LEN3 Length of 'C part' of token SABP_INT2 INT2 
294 TOKEN_OFF1 Offset of ('A part of) token in overflow area SABP_INT4 INT4 
295 TOKEN_OFF2 Offset of 'B part' of token in STR or overflow area SABP_INT4 INT4 
296 TOKEN_OFF3 Offset of 'C part' of token in STR or overflow area SABP_INT4 INT4 
297 TOKEN_OVFL Flag (indicating token sequence does not fit in field STR) SABP_FLAG CHAR 
298 TOKEN_ROW Number of source line where token appears (>= 1) SABP_INT4 INT4 
299 TOKEN_STR Token sequence SYCHAR30 CHAR 
300 TOKEN_TYPE Token type (identifier, literal, list, comment) SYCHAR01 CHAR 
301 TOKNZ Character: to (from - to) CHAR01 CHAR 
302 TOKSTAR To cost element KSTAR CHAR 
303 TOLALL Flag: Tolerate all deviations XFELD CHAR 
304 TOLDY_KK Tolerance Days for Evaluation of Expiry Date NUM02 NUMC 
305 TOLERANZ Tolerance in Percent DEC3_2 DEC 
306 TOLERNEG Tolerance for Early Completion (%) NUM3 NUMC 
307 TOLERPLUS Tolerance for Late Completion (%) NUM3 NUMC 
308 TOLER_043G Grace Days TOLER_043G NUMC 
309 TOLINE Last displayed entry of table control NUMC4 NUMC 
310 TOLKZ Indicator: Underdelivery Tolerance for Stock Transfers XFELD CHAR 
311 TOLPZ Allowed deviation from planned operation duration in percent NUM03 NUMC 
312 TOLSL Tolerance key TOLSL CHAR 
313 TOLTAGE Tolerance days for calculating interest on arrears TAGE2 NUMC 
314 TOLTG Tolerance days DEC3 DEC 
315 TOLTG_042 Tolerance Days for Payables NUM02 NUMC 
316 TOLUE Planning file entry: overdelivery tolerance PROZENT100 NUMC 
317 TOLUEB Excess Tolerance Amount for Planned Balance in Concentrn WERT7 CURR 
318 TOLUN Planning file entry: underdelivery tolerance PROZENT100 NUMC 
319 TOLUNT Deficit Tolerance Amount for Planned Balance in Concentrtn WERT7 CURR 
320 TOLZE Absolute time unit tolerance MEINS UNIT 
321 TOLZT Tolerance, absolute in time unit DAUER_4_1 QUAN 
322 TOL_TEXT Description of tolerance for consumption control check TEXT30 CHAR 
323 TOL_UNPL Tolerance: Change in value, unplanned portion of entry sheet PRZ31 DEC 
324 TOL_VALUE Tolerance for change in total value of entry sheet PRZ31 DEC 
325 TOMARK Selection CHAR1 CHAR 
326 TOMID IS-H: Work Organizer Key N_ORGMID CHAR 
327 TOMID_AUT IS-H: Technical work organizer - authorization field N_ORGMID CHAR 
328 TOMIS Foreign Payments (Netherlands); Total ISO Coinage Code CHAR3 CHAR 
329 TON Successor object CHAR10 CHAR 
330 TONSS Total to be contributed to SI fund CHAR17 CHAR 
331 TOOL Tool Name TEXT25 CHAR 
334 TOOLBX Toolbox Name TEXT25 CHAR 
336 TOOLSET Tool Set Name TEXT25 CHAR 
338 TOOLUSAGE Tool assignment to development objects SWC_BOOL CHAR 
339 TOOMUCHID_ Indexes not defined in SAP DDIC CHAR18 CHAR 
340 TOOVERVIEW Documents to be revised CHAR1 CHAR 
341 TOPARTGEO IS-M: Higher-level geographical units ARTGEO NUMC 
342 TOPDAT Requirements Date for Causing Requirement DATUM DATS 
343 TOPDATE Checkbox Field for Date Display XFELD CHAR 
344 TOPDO Indicator: Top-down list XFELD CHAR 
345 TOPDW Total no.of weeks of sick pay DEC3_4 DEC 
346 TOPE2 Last Posting Period Allowed (in Interval 2) POPER NUMC 
347 TOPER Last Posting Period Allowed (in Interval 1) POPER NUMC 
348 TOPER_KK Upper Period Key PERSL_KK CHAR 
349 TOPER_SC To Date For Payment Plan Doc DATUM DATS 
350 TOPINCL User include in TOP PROGNAME CHAR 
351 TOPKD Number of top customers NUMC3 NUMC 
352 TOPLA Route planning indicator TOPLA CHAR 
353 TOPLEN_XBE Length of BU ID Code (Display)   INT1 
354 TOPLN Indicator: task lists managed by type in EC management XFELD CHAR 
355 TOPMG Top margin CHAR2 CHAR 
356 TOPNR Sub-calculation (CAPP) NUM4 NUMC 
357 TOPOLOGIEK Topography category (for home delivery settlement) TOPOLOGIEK CHAR 
358 TOPOPGROUP Upper-level operand group that contains the operand group OPGROUP CHAR 
359 TOPOS Total Number of Items, Tasks, and Activities TOPOS CHAR 
360 TOPPATH Display Booking Unit Path XFELD CHAR 
361 TOPST Increment for sub-calculations TOPST NUMC 
362 TOPTXT1 Price limit for franchise contract price limits TEXT20 CHAR 
363 TOPWRT Result of a sub-calculation CHAR15 CHAR 
364 TOP_EXIDV Identification of the Highest-Level HU of a Hierarchy EXIDV CHAR 
365 TOP_ID Superior Object ID CHAR40 CHAR 
366 TOP_NEWTXT Indicator: report specific text for sum total RW_RADIO CHAR 
367 TOP_REG Update function group general data declarations XFELD CHAR 
368 TOP_RES Renew function group TOP-include XFELD CHAR 
369 TOP_SETTXT Indicator: 'Sum total' text from set RW_RADIO CHAR 
370 TORDER Sequence INT4 INT4 
371 TOREC Foreign Payments (Netherlands); Total Number of Records NUM6 NUMC 
372 TOREL Target Release SYCHAR04 CHAR 
373 TOSAL To Salary NUM11 NUMC 
374 TOSTL Indicator: BOMs managed by category in EC management XFELD CHAR 
375 TOSYSTEM Target system of a transport request SYSNAME CHAR 
376 TOT01 Total Amount of Presentment WERT7 CURR 
377 TOTAB Table in which the allocation data is updated AS4TAB CHAR 
378 TOTABLE Receiver Table AS4TAB CHAR 
379 TOTABLE1 Target table AS4TAB CHAR 
380 TOTAL Total Number of Pages for Screen 5000 NUM01 NUMC 
381 TOTAL1 Total Size of DBSpace (KB) SINT4_NOS INT4 
382 TOTAL1034 TOTAL1034 TOTAL1034 CHAR 
383 TOTAL2 Total Size of DBspace SINT4_NOS INT4 
384 TOTALAMOUNT_CA Total Amount   CURR 
385 TOTALCONS Connects since 1st database connect   CHAR 
386 TOTALCOR_AM_CA Amount to Clarify WERTV8 CURR 
387 TOTALCPU Informix Total CPU (microseconds) FLOATING FLTP 
388 TOTALCPUCH Informix Total CPU (in microseconds) CHAR13 CHAR 
389 TOTALEXEC Total Number of Executions of Identical SQL Statements DECI10 DEC 
390 TOTALEXEC_D Difference: Number of Database Accesses (%) DECV10_2 DEC 
391 TOTALEXEC_L Maximum Difference: Number of Database Accesses (%) DECV10_2 DEC 
392 TOTALEXEC_LONG Total Number of Executions of Identical SQL Statements   DEC 
393 TOTALEXEC_SAW Standard Deviation: Total Number of Identical SQL Statements   DEC 
394 TOTALEX_S Number of Database Accesses (SELECT, UPDATE, and INSERT) DECI10 DEC 
395 TOTALEX_ST Number of Database Accesses (SEL, UPD, INS, DEL)(Statistics)   DEC 
396 TOTALEX_ST2 Number of Database Accesses (SEL, UPD, INS, DEL)(Statistics)   DEC 
397 TOTALEX_ST_D Difference: Number of Database Accesses (Statistics) (%) DECV10_2 DEC 
398 TOTALEX_ST_LONG Number of DB Accesses (SEL, UPD, INS) (Statistics)   DEC 
399 TOTALEX_ST_SAW Standard Deviation: Number of DB Accesses (Statistics)   DEC 
400 TOTALINV_AM_CA Amount to Clarify WERTV8 CURR 
401 TOTALLINES Total number of entries for table control NUMC4 NUMC 
402 TOTALNAME Name of the cell CHAR8 CHAR 
403 TOTALOBJECTS DB Operations; Number of Table Lines Edited SYST_LONG INT4 
404 TOTALP Total Number of Pages NUM1 NUMC 
405 TOTALREL_ACCTMNT_KK Consider Cleared Items in Final Invoice Amount TOTALREL_ACCTMNT_KK CHAR 
406 TOTALREL_CASH_DISC_KK Consider Charge/Discount Item in Final Invoice Amount XFELD CHAR 
407 TOTALREL_INT_KK Consider Interest Item in Invoice Final Amount XFELD CHAR 
408 TOTALREL_KK Consider Items In Invoice Final Amount XFELD CHAR 
409 TOTALSAMPLECOUNT Number of Sample Dates per Base Value TOTALSAMPLECOUNT INT2 
410 TOTALSUM Total for all entries in key figures matrix TOTALSUM DEC 
411 TOTALTAB Delete entries of summary table? XFELD CHAR 
412 TOTAL_ALLOC_VAL Qty to be Alloc. for all Recipients (W/O Put Away for DC) MENGE13 QUAN 
413 TOTAL_AMNT_USE Indicator: Use of bill sum total TOTAL_AMNT_USE CHAR 
414 TOTAL_AMT Total Value of Aggregate Level BAPICURR DEC 
415 TOTAL_AMT_HEAD Total Value of Aggregate Level BAPICURR DEC 
416 TOTAL_AMT_LOWER_LEVEL Total Value of Lower Level BAPICURR DEC 
418 TOTAL_AMT_SIGN_KK Debit/Credit Indicator of Invoice Final Amount SHKZG CHAR 
419 TOTAL_AMT_UPPER_LEVEL Total Value of Upper Level BAPICURR DEC 
421 TOTAL_DAY Number of Days CHAR5 CHAR 
423 TOTAL_INT Total number of intervals NUM4 NUMC 
424 TOTAL_KK Total amount WERT6 CURR 
425 TOTAL_NUMBER_VALUE Proxy Datenelement (generiert)   INT4 
426 TOTAL_OUT_KK Instalment total to BAPI interface BAPICURR DEC 
427 TOTAL_PAG Total Number of Pages NUM5 NUMC 
428 TOTAL_PO Only Complete Purchase Orders CHAR1_X CHAR 
429 TOTAL_POST_AMNT Tax base Amount posted till now WERT7 CURR 
430 TOTAL_REC Total Number of Records NUM5 NUMC 
431 TOTAL_SO Only Generate Complete Sales Orders CHAR1_X CHAR 
432 TOTAL_TAX_AMNT Total Tax Amount posted till now WERT7 CURR 
433 TOTAL_VAL Overall planning XFELD CHAR 
434 TOTAL_VALUE Total value of requirement coverage request for release WERT7 CURR 
435 TOTAL_VOL_CONTRI Total Volunteer Contribution WERT7 CURR 
436 TOTAL_XPO Number of Entries NUM03 NUMC 
437 TOTAM_B_KK Total Amount CHAR16 CHAR 
438 TOTAM_KK Total amount WRTV7 CURR 
439 TOTB BGC-PC End Record/Total Amounts CHAR013 CHAR 
440 TOTBE Foreign Payments (Netherlands); Total Amount NUM15 NUMC 
441 TOTBI Gross annual salary WERTV5 CURR 
442 TOTBLKFREE Total Freespace   INT4 
443 TOTBLKFREE1 Total Freespace NUMC10 NUMC 
444 TOTBR Gross annual salary NUM9 NUMC 
445 TOTC0 Total additional contribution CHAR12 CHAR 
446 TOTCRBAL Total Credit Balance WERTV9 CURR 
447 TOTCR_EBBE Total Credit CHAR15 CHAR 
448 TOTCR_EBBE2 Total of Credits CHAR15 CHAR 
449 TOTCR_KKBE Total of Credits CHAR15 CHAR 
450 TOTDA Total days DEC4_2 DEC 
451 TOTDBBAL Total Debit Balance WERTV9 CURR 
452 TOTDB_EBBE Total Debit CHAR15 CHAR 
453 TOTDB_EBBE2 Total of Debits CHAR15 CHAR 
454 TOTDB_KKBE Total of Debits CHAR15 CHAR 
455 TOTDELTIME Total Delivery Time in Days   DEC 
456 TOTDN Complete deduction WERTV5 CURR 
457 TOTEXTFREE Total Free Space in DBspace SINT4_NOS INT4 
458 TOTHP Gross Total Holiday Payment CURR9 CURR 
460 TOTLKUMKG Cumulative Value for All Periods: Total in CO Area Currency WERTV8 CURR 
461 TOTLP Number of entries in a list NUMC4 NUMC 
462 TOTORDQUAN Ordered Quantity in the Order Unit MENG13 QUAN 
463 TOTQT Total order quantity MENG13 QUAN 
464 TOTQTY_POS Quantity to Book In in BUn (Base Unit of Measure) MENG15 QUAN 
465 TOTR BGC-PC End Record/Account Numbers Total CHAR015 CHAR 
466 TOTRANSLAT Document to be translated CHAR1 CHAR 
467 TOTSM Total Sum WERTV5 CURR 
468 TOTTIME iSeries: Total Time (Database Monitor) QQDEC150 DEC 
469 TOTVAT_KK Total Tax Amount in Local Currency WRTV7 CURR 
470 TOTXT Receiver of Revenue Tax Office Text TOTXT CHAR 
471 TOTYP Object type: Attendee OTYPE CHAR 
472 TOTYTX Object Type Text: Attendee TEXT25 CHAR 
473 TOT_AMNT_BR_KK Brazil: Total amount per Payment method/Levy way. WRTV7 CURR 
474 TOT_AMT Amount of service for the company WERT7 CURR 
475 TOT_AMTACRCMP Total Amount Service for Vendor WERT7 CURR 
476 TOT_AR_KK Print Tax Totals XFELD CHAR 
477 TOT_DLLN Total number of deleted lines in EDI transmission /SAPHT/DRM_XMLNS DEC 
478 TOT_ERLN Total number of errored lines in EDI transmission /SAPHT/DRM_XMLNS DEC 
479 TOT_ITEM_BR_KK Brazil: Total number of items per Payment method/Levy way. NUMC8 NUMC 
480 TOT_LEVEL Total level SLEVEL CHAR 
481 TOT_LEVEL1 Total level RW_LEVEL DEC 
482 TOT_LN Total number of lines in EDI transmission /SAPHT/DRM_XMLNS DEC 
483 TOT_MNLN Total number of Manual lines in a transmission /SAPHT/DRM_XMLNS DEC 
484 TOT_PLAN_COST Total plant maintenance costs (planned) WERTV9 CURR 
485 TOT_SHMSIZ Total size of INFORMIX shared memory SINT4_NOS INT4 
486 TOT_SUMTYPE_CA FCC Account Balance: Type of Total TOT_SUMTYPE_CA CHAR 
487 TOT_SUMTYPE_KK Indicator for Subitem for TOTALS TOT_SUMTYPE_KK CHAR 
488 TOT_VAL Total Value in Local Currency WERT11 CURR 
489 TOT_VAL_TR Total Value in Transaction Currency WERT11 CURR 
490 TOT_VWLN Total Number of Viewed Lines /SAPHT/DRM_XMLNS DEC 
491 TOURN Outline tour TOURN CHAR 
492 TOURNR IS-M: Truck route number ZEBU NUMC2 NUMC 
493 TOURNR_CH IS-M: Truck route number (char field) CHAR2 CHAR 
494 TOVERFLOWS Number of accesses to overflow records   CHAR 
495 TOVMEAN Mean Variable Price Per UoM in Object Currency WERTV6 CURR 
496 TOVXXX Variable Price per UoM in Object Currency WERTV6 CURR 
497 TOWNSHIP_SH15 Short abbreviation of Township name (15 chars) TEXT15 CHAR 
498 TOWNSHIP_SHORT Long abbreviation of the Township name (24 chars) TEXT24 CHAR 
499 TOWRT Order Value WERT11 CURR 
500 TOYE2 Fiscal Year for Last Period Allowed (Period 2) GJAHR NUMC