SAP ABAP Data Element - Index T, page 33
Data Element - T
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 TXWRK_D Plant - short text CHAR30 CHAR 
2 TXWSET Description set for multiple counter plans TXT30 CHAR 
3 TXWSTRA Description of maintenance strategy TXT30 CHAR 
4 TXW_AAFAG Unplanned depreciation posted for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
5 TXW_AAFAL Proportional unplanned depreciation for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
6 TXW_AAFAP Planned unplanned depreciation for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
7 TXW_AAFAV Proportional cumulative unplanned depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
8 TXW_AAFAZ Unplanned depreciation to be posted CHAR16 CHAR 
9 TXW_ABBFA Company deduction   CHAR 
10 TXW_ABBFZ Tax deduction   CHAR 
11 TXW_ABBKU Customer deduction   CHAR 
12 TXW_ABGAN Total retirements and retiring transfers CHAR16 CHAR 
13 TXW_ACTIVKZ Flag: active CHAR1 CHAR 
14 TXW_ADDR File offset in bytes TXW_ADDR NUMC 
15 TXW_AFA_GJA Accumulated depreciation at fiscal year start CHAR16 CHAR 
16 TXW_AFPROZ Depreciation percentage rate CHAR9 CHAR 
17 TXW_AHPROZ Cutoff percentage rate CHAR9 CHAR 
18 TXW_AKKUR Exchange rate for letter-of-credit procg in foreign trade CHAR12 CHAR 
19 TXW_AKPRZ Depreciation percentage for financial document processing CHAR6 CHAR 
20 TXW_ALEDATE ArchiveLink export: Date SYDATS DATS 
21 TXW_ALELGHT ArchiveLink export status CHAR4 CHAR 
22 TXW_ALENAME ArchiveLink export: User name SYCHAR12 CHAR 
23 TXW_ALETIME ArchiveLink export: Time SYTIME TIMS 
24 TXW_ALIDATE ArchiveLink import: Date SYDATS DATS 
25 TXW_ALILGHT ArchiveLink import status CHAR4 CHAR 
26 TXW_ALINAME ArchiveLink import: User name SYCHAR12 CHAR 
27 TXW_ALITIME ArchiveLink import: Time SYTIME TIMS 
28 TXW_ALTKT_TXT20 CS G/L account short text (country specific) TEXT20 CHAR 
29 TXW_ALTKT_TXT50 CS G/L Account Long Text (country specific) TEXT50 CHAR 
30 TXW_AMPSID WBS element investment project (external representation) PS_POSID CHAR 
31 TXW_ANBTR Amount posted in AM CHAR16 CHAR 
32 TXW_ANSWL Acquisition value reducing transfers (year) CHAR16 CHAR 
33 TXW_ANSW_BEW Transactions on the acquisition value CHAR16 CHAR 
34 TXW_ANSW_GJA Cumulative acquisition value at fiscal year start CHAR16 CHAR 
35 TXW_ANSW_GJE Acquisition value at fiscal year end CHAR16 CHAR 
36 TXW_APPL Application where data is coming from TXW_APPL CHAR 
37 TXW_APPTEXT Application: Description DDTEXT CHAR 
38 TXW_AP_PRZ Percentage for requirement to capitalize CHAR6 CHAR 
39 TXW_AUFNG Posted revaluation of accumulated ordinary depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
40 TXW_AUFNL Proportional revaluation of annual ordinary dep. CHAR16 CHAR 
41 TXW_AUFNP Planned revaluation of accumulated ordinary depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
42 TXW_AUFNV Proportional cum. revaluation on ordinary depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
43 TXW_AUFNZ Revaluation to be posted on cum. ordinary depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
44 TXW_AUFTL Trip costs assignment in percent CHAR5 CHAR 
45 TXW_AUFTL11 Share of costs CHAR14 CHAR 
46 TXW_AUFWB Revaluation posted on replacement value CHAR16 CHAR 
47 TXW_AUFWL Proportional revaluation for the year on replacement value CHAR16 CHAR 
48 TXW_AUFWP Planned revaluation on replacement value CHAR16 CHAR 
49 TXW_AUFWV Proportional cumulative revaluation on replacement value CHAR16 CHAR 
50 TXW_AUFWZ Revaluation on replacement value to be posted CHAR16 CHAR 
51 TXW_AUSFK Output factor CHAR6 CHAR 
52 TXW_AUTH_VIEW_DEF Mode for Authority Check for View Def CHAR12 CHAR 
53 TXW_AVERAGEOR Average Option Rate   CHAR 
54 TXW_AW_PRZ Option to capitalize percentage CHAR6 CHAR 
55 TXW_BACKL_GJE Cum. revaluation of ord. depreciation at fiscal year end CHAR16 CHAR 
56 TXW_BAMNG Purchase Requisition Quantity CHAR17 CHAR 
57 TXW_BASMG Base quantity CHAR16 CHAR 
58 TXW_BCHWRT_GJA Book value at fiscal year start CHAR16 CHAR 
59 TXW_BCHWRT_GJE Book value at fiscal year end CHAR16 CHAR 
61 TXW_BELEG_BETRG Amount on individual receipt   CHAR 
62 TXW_BEMPREIS Issue price   CHAR 
63 TXW_BESONMAAK Special unit of measure   CHAR 
64 TXW_BEST_BEW Transactions affecting acquisition value (w/o inv. support) CHAR16 CHAR 
65 TXW_BEST_GJA Cumulative acquisition value at FY start (w/o CHAR16 CHAR 
66 TXW_BEST_GJE Acquisition value at fiscal year end (w/o CHAR16 CHAR 
67 TXW_BETFA Company amount: travel costs   CHAR 
68 TXW_BETFZ Miles/Kms amount for IRS   CHAR 
69 TXW_BETKU Customer amount: travel costs   CHAR 
70 TXW_BETPE Payroll: Amount per unit   CHAR 
71 TXW_BETRG HR Payroll: Amount   CHAR 
72 TXW_BKUAB Absolute Price Deviation   CHAR 
73 TXW_BMENG Confirmed quantity CHAR18 CHAR 
74 TXW_BNBTR Delivery costs in LC CHAR16 CHAR 
75 TXW_BPFTR Future timeframe allowed CHAR3 CHAR 
76 TXW_BPPAST Timeframe allowed in the past CHAR3 CHAR 
77 TXW_BPRZBT Usage in % for background activator CHAR6 CHAR 
78 TXW_BPSTRT Start planning/budgeting from current fiscal year CHAR3 CHAR 
80 TXW_BRGEW Gross weight CHAR16 CHAR 
81 TXW_BRGRU_VDEF Authorization Group View definition BRGRU CHAR 
82 TXW_BSMNG Quantity Ordered Against this Purchase Requisition CHAR17 CHAR 
83 TXW_BSTMG Purchase order quantity CHAR16 CHAR 
85 TXW_BWSHB Valuation Difference CHAR16 CHAR 
86 TXW_BWSHBB Gross Valuation Difference CHAR20 CHAR 
87 TXW_BWSHBO Old Valuation Difference CHAR20 CHAR 
88 TXW_CAPA Total data capacity (MB) NUM6 NUMC 
89 TXW_CATSPRICE Price in Transaction Currency   CHAR 
90 TXW_CCMPRF Estimated compression factor (in %) CHAR5 CHAR 
91 TXW_CGROUP Field for grouping control total CHAR30 CHAR 
92 TXW_CHECKS Byte-level check sum TXW_CHECKS NUMC 
93 TXW_CHKGRP Flag: Field is used to group checksums XFELD CHAR 
94 TXW_CHKTOT Flag: Field is checksum key figure XFELD CHAR 
95 TXW_CHK_COUNT Number of items in segment TXW_FI_POS   INT4 
97 TXW_CHK_HSL Total in segment TXW_BBACC WERTV9 CURR 
99 TXW_CHK_NGLCNT Number of entries in segment TXW_FI_NGL_POS INT4 INT4 
100 TXW_CHK_O_COUNT Number of FI line items on the database INT4 INT4 
101 TXW_CHK_O_DMBTR FI line item totals on the database WERTV9 CURR 
102 TXW_CHK_O_HSL GL/account total in local currency on database WERTV9 CURR 
103 TXW_CHK_O_NGLBTR New GL line items totals on database WERTV9 CURR 
104 TXW_CHK_O_NGLCNT New GL line item count INT4 INT4 
106 TXW_CLOSEDON Cost Collector Closed to Further Postings since DATS DATS 
107 TXW_CMPRF Estimated compression factor (in %) TXW_PERCNT DEC 
108 TXW_CNT Counter for number of records etc. INT4 INT4 
109 TXW_COCO_F Company code field name CHAR30 CHAR 
111 TXW_CONST Constant CHAR30 CHAR 
113 TXW_COOBJT CO Object number (converted into clear text) CHAR30 CHAR 
114 TXW_COST_BAHN Unreal trav. costs pub. transp. (PS)   CHAR 
115 TXW_COST_DIFF Difference Between Fictious And Actual Total Amount   CHAR 
116 TXW_COST_FAHRT_REAL Total Amount from Travel Cost Receipts (Public Transport)   CHAR 
117 TXW_COST_GESAMT Fictitious Total Amount (Comparison Calculation)   CHAR 
118 TXW_COST_GESAMT_REAL Total Amount of Travel Costs (incl. Accomm./Meals Per Diem)   CHAR 
119 TXW_COST_NAHV Unreal trav. costs pub. transp. (PS)   CHAR 
120 TXW_COST_SONSTV Unreal trav. costs pub. transp. (PS)   CHAR 
121 TXW_COST_TAGEGELD Total fictitious Per Diems (Comparison Calculation)   CHAR 
122 TXW_COST_TAG_REAL Total Per Diems for Actual Trip   CHAR 
123 TXW_COST_UNTERKUNFT Fictitious Amount for Accommodation (Comparision Calc.)   CHAR 
124 TXW_COST_UNTERK_REAL Total Accommodations Per Diems (including Accomm. Receipts)   CHAR 
125 TXW_COST_WEG Trip Segment Reimbursement Amount (Comparison Calculation)   CHAR 
126 TXW_COST_WEG_REAL Trip Segment Reimbursement Amount for Actual Trip   CHAR 
127 TXW_COST_ZUSCHLAG Unreal trav. costs pub. transp. (PS)   CHAR 
128 TXW_COUNT Number of Records NUM10 NUMC 
129 TXW_CO_MEINH Unit of measure CHAR3 CHAR 
131 TXW_CTOTAL Key figure field for control total CHAR30 CHAR 
132 TXW_CY_SPLIT Split number   CHAR 
134 TXW_DART_FDESC DART Field Description CHAR60 CHAR 
138 TXW_DEGFAK Declining-balance multiplication factor CHAR5 CHAR 
140 TXW_DELLGHT Status of extract (available/archived/deleted) SYCHAR132 CHAR 
141 TXW_DELNAME Deletion: User SYCHAR12 CHAR 
143 TXW_DESCR Worksheet description TXT40 CHAR 
144 TXW_DESCR50 Description CHAR50 CHAR 
145 TXW_DIRADR Segment directory address TXW_ADDR NUMC 
146 TXW_DIRVOL Volume id of segment directory TXW_VOL_ID NUMC 
147 TXW_DIVFLAG Flag: Apply maximum file size limit XFELD CHAR 
148 TXW_DMB2X Amount in Second Local Currency for Tax Breakdown CHAR16 CHAR 
149 TXW_DMB3X Amount in Third Local Currency for Tax Breakdown CHAR16 CHAR 
150 TXW_DMBE2 Amount in second local currency (LC2) CHAR16 CHAR 
151 TXW_DMBE3 Amount in third local currency (LC3) CHAR16 CHAR 
152 TXW_DMBTR Amount in Local Currency CHAR16 CHAR 
153 TXW_DMBTX Amount in Local Currency for Tax Distribution CHAR16 CHAR 
154 TXW_DMBUM Revaluation amount on back-posting to previous period CHAR16 CHAR 
155 TXW_DMSHB Amount in Local Currency with +/- Signs CHAR16 CHAR 
156 TXW_DMSHBBAS Base Amount in Local Currency CHAR16 CHAR 
157 TXW_DSKSPC Current free disk space in MB TXW_DSKSPC NUMC 
158 TXW_DTYPE_EXTR document type DART extract SADC10_DV CHAR 
159 TXW_DTYPE_VIEW document type DART view SADC10_DV CHAR 
160 TXW_DZBD1P Cash discount percentage 1 CHAR6 CHAR 
161 TXW_DZBD1T Cash discount days 1 CHAR3 CHAR 
162 TXW_DZBD2P Cash Discount Percentage 2 CHAR6 CHAR 
163 TXW_DZBD2T Cash discount days 2 CHAR3 CHAR 
164 TXW_DZBD3T Net payment terms period CHAR3 CHAR 
165 TXW_DZINSG Interest posted for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
166 TXW_DZINSO Debit interest rate CHAR10 CHAR 
167 TXW_DZINSP Interest planned for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
168 TXW_DZINZB Interest for the year to be posted CHAR16 CHAR 
169 TXW_DZUSAA Write-up on unplanned depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
170 TXW_DZUSSA Write-up on special depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
171 TXW_EFFWR Effective value of item CHAR16 CHAR 
172 TXW_EIGENMAAK Tare mass   CHAR 
174 TXW_EOLBYT Number of bytes for end-of-line mark NUM1 NUMC 
175 TXW_EPEIN Price Unit CHAR6 CHAR 
176 TXW_EQOPER Join operator CHAR1 CHAR 
177 TXW_ERLBT Revenue from asset sale CHAR16 CHAR 
178 TXW_ERST_KM_FA Reimbursement per KM (Comparison Calculation)   CHAR 
179 TXW_EXIT1 Flag: Fill customer-defined fields XFELD CHAR 
180 TXW_EXPSTR Segment structure TXW_EXPSTR CHAR 
181 TXW_EXT_ID Data extract ID (to be replaced in release 99 by txw_uuid) NUM4 NUMC 
182 TXW_EXT_SN_RANGE Flag: Extended regnum range XFELD CHAR 
183 TXW_FCCBTR Fixed value in CO currency CHAR16 CHAR 
184 TXW_FFACT Translation factor CHAR11 CHAR 
185 TXW_FIELD Field name CHAR30 CHAR 
186 TXW_FIELD1 Field name 1 CHAR30 CHAR 
187 TXW_FIELD2 Field name 2 CHAR30 CHAR 
188 TXW_FILE Physical file name TEXT132 CHAR 
189 TXW_FILEID View query file id NUM6 NUMC 
190 TXW_FILTER Flag: Only filter extract data - no restriction on JOIN XFELD CHAR 
191 TXW_FINAL Indicator for Final Result of Balance Sheet Valuation CHAR1 CHAR 
192 TXW_FIRSTD Address of first data record in file (volume) TXW_ADDR NUMC 
193 TXW_FISKU Tax Authority LIFNR CHAR 
194 TXW_FKIMG Actual invoiced quantity CHAR16 CHAR 
195 TXW_FKWRT Cumulative guaranteed discount (not used) CHAR22 CHAR 
196 TXW_FLAG Flag on(X)/off(' ') XFELD CHAR 
197 TXW_FLDCNT Number of fields (counter) NUMC4 NUMC 
198 TXW_FLDDEL Field delimiter for compressed records CHAR1 CHAR 
200 TXW_FQUANT Fixed Quantity in CHAR format CHAR16 CHAR 
201 TXW_FRATH Unplanned Delivery Costs CHAR16 CHAR 
202 TXW_FSIZE File size in bytes TXW_ADDR NUMC 
203 TXW_FWBAS Tax base amount in document currency (TC) CHAR16 CHAR 
204 TXW_FWBASB Tax base amount in document currency CHAR21 CHAR 
205 TXW_FWSTE Tax amount in document currency CHAR16 CHAR 
206 TXW_GBETR Hedged amount in foreign currency CHAR16 CHAR 
207 TXW_GBTFA Total company costs for miles/kms   CHAR 
208 TXW_GBTFZ Total IRS tax amount for miles/kms   CHAR 
209 TXW_GBTKU Total customer amount for miles/kms   CHAR 
210 TXW_GCBL0 Beginning balance in group currency CHAR20 CHAR 
211 TXW_GCBL1 Ending balance in group currency CHAR20 CHAR 
212 TXW_GCURR Group currency WAERS CUKY 
213 TXW_GEB_ABSCHR Depreciation posted (general) CHAR16 CHAR 
214 TXW_GEB_AUFWTG Appreciation on replacement value in current year CHAR16 CHAR 
215 TXW_GJA_AUFW Cumulative appreciation on replacement value for fiscal year CHAR16 CHAR 
216 TXW_GJA_BCHWRT Asset book value at beginning of fiscal year CHAR16 CHAR 
217 TXW_GJA_KANSW Asset acquisition value at fiscal year start CHAR16 CHAR 
218 TXW_GJE_AUFW Appreciation on replacement value in current year CHAR16 CHAR 
219 TXW_GJE_BCHWRT Asset net book value at end of fiscal year CHAR16 CHAR 
220 TXW_GJE_BWGWB Value adjustments on transactions, at FY end CHAR16 CHAR 
221 TXW_GJE_INVZ Investment grant at end of the year CHAR16 CHAR 
222 TXW_GJE_KANSW Appreciation on replacement value in current year CHAR16 CHAR 
224 TXW_GKWRT Upper limit for the condition rate CHAR17 CHAR 
225 TXW_GMNGA Previously confirmed yield in order unit of measure   CHAR 
226 TXW_GRENZWEAK Statistical value   CHAR 
227 TXW_GRWRT Statistical value for foreign trade CHAR16 CHAR 
228 TXW_GSTZHL Total number of units that is available as of this period CHAR20 CHAR 
229 TXW_HABNL Credit Postings Total in the Current Year CHAR20 CHAR 
231 TXW_HSL Amount in local currency CHAR19 CHAR 
232 TXW_HSNM1 House Number TEXT10 CHAR 
233 TXW_HSNM2 House number supplement TEXT10 CHAR 
234 TXW_HWBAS Tax base amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
235 TXW_HWBASB Tax base amount in local currency CHAR21 CHAR 
236 TXW_HWSTE Tax amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
237 TXW_IDAUR Actual Duration for Confirmation   CHAR 
239 TXW_IDXKEY Generic index key field TXW_IDXKEY CHAR 
240 TXW_IDXSZM Maximum memory allocation for data segment indexes (MB) NUM6 NUMC 
241 TXW_IDXTAB Flag: Use database table to sort index XFELD CHAR 
242 TXW_IFREMDWAK Invoice value in foreign currency   CHAR 
243 TXW_IJOIN Flag: Inner join XFELD CHAR 
244 TXW_IM_WAHKK APC value portion by origin CHAR16 CHAR 
245 TXW_IM_WBABTR Settled value of line item in company code currency CHAR16 CHAR 
246 TXW_IM_WBGBTR Total value of original line item in company code currency CHAR21 CHAR 
247 TXW_INCL_FIELD Included Field (by CI_ or Append) FLAG CHAR 
248 TXW_INDEX_RECLEN Index Record Length for Unicode Extracts TXW_INDEX_RECLEN NUMC 
249 TXW_INVZL Proportional investment grant for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
250 TXW_INVZM Investment Grant for the Year CHAR16 CHAR 
251 TXW_INVZV Proportional cumulative investment grants CHAR16 CHAR 
252 TXW_IOBJNM Related info object (RSIOBJNM in BRS) CHAR30 CHAR 
253 TXW_ISERH Confirmed break time   CHAR 
254 TXW_ISMNG Activity Currently to be Confirmed   CHAR 
255 TXW_ISMNW Actual work   CHAR 
256 TXW_ISRC Info Source (should be overwritten with RSISOURCE from BRS) CHAR30 CHAR 
257 TXW_JOA Joint Operating Agreement CHAR6 CHAR 
259 TXW_J_1BWHTACCBS Accumulated withholding tax real base amount(local currency) CHAR16 CHAR 
260 TXW_J_1BWHTCOLLCODE Official Withholding Tax Collection Code CHAR16 CHAR 
262 TXW_J_1BWHT_BS Withholding Tax Base Amount from Nota Fiscal CHAR16 CHAR 
263 TXW_J_1ICLRAMT Amount of EWT for which certificate is received from Custome CHAR16 CHAR 
264 TXW_J_1ISURAMT Surcharge amount CHAR16 CHAR 
265 TXW_KAAFA Cumulative Unplanned Depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
266 TXW_KALNR Cost Estimate Number - Product Costing NUMC12 NUMC 
267 TXW_KANSW Cumulative Acquisition and Production Costs CHAR16 CHAR 
268 TXW_KAUFN Cumulative revaluation of ordinary depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
269 TXW_KAUFW Cumulative revaluation on the replacement value CHAR16 CHAR 
270 TXW_KAWRT Condition base value CHAR21 CHAR 
271 TXW_KBETR Rate (condition amount or percentage) CHAR16 CHAR 
273 TXW_KBRUE Accrual Amount CHAR17 CHAR 
274 TXW_KEY1 Primary key field CHAR30 CHAR 
275 TXW_KEY2 Index key field CHAR30 CHAR 
276 TXW_KEYKO Account Assignment Allocation CHAR2 CHAR 
277 TXW_KEYZI Destination Assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
278 TXW_KGPROZ Reduction of base value by an entered percentage rate CHAR9 CHAR 
279 TXW_KINVZ Cumulative investment grants CHAR16 CHAR 
280 TXW_KKURS Condition exchange rate for conversion to local currency CHAR10 CHAR 
281 TXW_KLIMK Customer's credit limit CHAR20 CHAR 
282 TXW_KMAFA Cumulative reserves transfer CHAR16 CHAR 
283 TXW_KMEIN Condition unit CHAR4 CHAR 
284 TXW_KMPMG Component quantity CHAR19 CHAR 
285 TXW_KNAFA Accumulated Ordinary Depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
286 TXW_KOMXWRT Maximum condition value CHAR19 CHAR 
287 TXW_KONMS Condition scale unit of measure CHAR4 CHAR 
288 TXW_KONTO Account number CHAR16 CHAR 
289 TXW_KPEIN Condition pricing unit CHAR5 CHAR 
290 TXW_KSAFA Cumulative special depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
291 TXW_KSTBM Condition scale quantity CHAR20 CHAR 
292 TXW_KSTBW Scale value CHAR21 CHAR 
293 TXW_KUMNE Denominator for converting condition units to base units CHAR7 CHAR 
294 TXW_KUMZA Numerator for converting condition units to base units CHAR7 CHAR 
295 TXW_KURRF Exchange rate for FI postings CHAR12 CHAR 
296 TXW_KURSF Exchange rate CHAR12 CHAR 
297 TXW_KURSK Exchange rate for pricing and statistics CHAR12 CHAR 
298 TXW_KWERT Condition value CHAR18 CHAR 
299 TXW_KZINW Cumulative Interest CHAR16 CHAR 
300 TXW_KZKRS Group currency exchange rate CHAR12 CHAR 
301 TXW_KZWI1 Subtotal 1 from pricing procedure for condition CHAR20 CHAR 
302 TXW_KZWI2 Subtotal 2 from pricing procedure for condition CHAR20 CHAR 
303 TXW_KZWI3 Subtotal 3 from pricing procedure for condition CHAR20 CHAR 
304 TXW_KZWI4 Subtotal 4 from pricing procedure for condition CHAR20 CHAR 
305 TXW_KZWI5 Subtotal 5 from pricing procedure for condition CHAR20 CHAR 
306 TXW_KZWI6 Subtotal 6 from pricing procedure for condition CHAR20 CHAR 
308 TXW_LASTD Address of last data record in file (volume) TXW_ADDR NUMC 
309 TXW_LASTR Address of last record in segment (in bytes) TXW_ADDR NUMC 
310 TXW_LASTV Volume id of last record in segment TXW_VOL_ID NUMC 
312 TXW_LAZZT Default loading time CHAR6 CHAR 
313 TXW_LBKUM Total valuated stock CHAR16 CHAR 
314 TXW_LFILE Data File Name TEXT30 CHAR 
315 TXW_LFIMG Actual quantity delivered (in sales units) CHAR16 CHAR 
316 TXW_LGART_H Second wage type CHAR4 CHAR 
317 TXW_LGART_P Third wage type CHAR4 CHAR 
318 TXW_LGART_TAXFREE First wage type CHAR4 CHAR 
319 TXW_LGMNG Actual quantity delivered (in base units) CHAR16 CHAR 
320 TXW_LIMIT Indicator: Other Characteristics For Exceeding Maximum Rate CHAR1 CHAR 
321 TXW_LINENUM relation line number   NUMC 
322 TXW_LMENG Required quantity for in stockkeeping units CHAR16 CHAR 
323 TXW_LMNGA Yield to Be Confirmed   CHAR 
324 TXW_LNUM Relation line number NUMC2 NUMC 
325 TXW_LOADTG Gross loading time (ignoring work times) CHAR10 CHAR 
326 TXW_LOADTN Loading time in working hours CHAR10 CHAR 
327 TXW_MAFAG Acquisition Value Reducing Depr. CHAR16 CHAR 
328 TXW_MAFAL Proportional transfer of reserves for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
329 TXW_MAFAM Manual Transfer of Reserves for the Year CHAR16 CHAR 
330 TXW_MAFAP Planned Transfer of Reserves for the Year CHAR16 CHAR 
331 TXW_MAFAV Proportional cumulative transfer of reserves CHAR16 CHAR 
332 TXW_MAFAZ Transferred reserves to be posted for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
333 TXW_MAFWRT Maximum depreciation amount CHAR20 CHAR 
334 TXW_MAPRI Suspense Recovery Indicator JV_RECIND CHAR 
335 TXW_MAXDOC Maximum number of documents INT4 INT4 
336 TXW_MAXPRZ Maximum percentage rate CHAR8 CHAR 
337 TXW_MAXREC Data record block size NUM8 NUMC 
338 TXW_MAXSIZ Maximum file size in MB NUM6 NUMC 
340 TXW_MBWTOT Total Mat value CHAR16 CHAR 
341 TXW_MBZWRT Maximum base value CHAR17 CHAR 
342 TXW_MD_TD Master/transaction data TXW_TA_MD CHAR 
343 TXW_MEGBTR Total Quantity CHAR16 CHAR 
344 TXW_MEINS Base Unit of Measure CHAR4 CHAR 
345 TXW_MENGE Quantity CHAR16 CHAR 
346 TXW_MGVRG Operation Quantity   CHAR 
347 TXW_MIKBAS Minimum condition base value CHAR20 CHAR 
348 TXW_MINPRZ Minimum percentage rate CHAR8 CHAR 
349 TXW_MNG06 Committed Quantity CHAR18 CHAR 
350 TXW_MOREI Trip provision variant TXW_MOREI CHAR 
351 TXW_MWSBP Tax amount in document currency CHAR16 CHAR 
352 TXW_MWST2 Tax amount in second local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
353 TXW_MWST3 Tax amount in third local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
354 TXW_MWSTS Tax amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
355 TXW_MXHITS Maximum number of selected entries INT4 INT4 
356 TXW_MXKBAS Maximum condition base value CHAR20 CHAR 
357 TXW_MXPROZ APC investment support: Maximum percentage CHAR9 CHAR 
358 TXW_MXWRT Lower limit of the condition rate/amount CHAR17 CHAR 
359 TXW_NAFAB Ordinary depreciation on transactions (LC) CHAR16 CHAR 
360 TXW_NAFAG Ordinary depreciation posted in the current year CHAR16 CHAR 
361 TXW_NAFAL Proportional ordinary depreciation for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
362 TXW_NAFAM Manually Planned Ordinary Depreciation (Year) CHAR16 CHAR 
363 TXW_NAFAP Planned Ordinary Depreciation for the Year CHAR16 CHAR 
364 TXW_NAFAV Proportional accumulated ordinary depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
365 TXW_NAFAZ Ordinary depreciation to be posted CHAR16 CHAR 
366 TXW_NAFPRZ Prohibition to capitalize percentage CHAR6 CHAR 
367 TXW_NAME1 Name 1 TEXT40 CHAR 
368 TXW_NAME2 Name 2 TEXT40 CHAR 
369 TXW_NAME3 Name 3 TEXT40 CHAR 
370 TXW_NAME4 Name 4 TEXT40 CHAR 
371 TXW_NAPRZ Ordinary depreciation percentage rate CHAR8 CHAR 
372 TXW_NAVHW Non-Deductible Input Tax (in Local Currency) CHAR16 CHAR 
373 TXW_NAVNW Non-deductible input tax CHAR16 CHAR 
374 TXW_NA_ANZAL Number of messages (original + copies) CHAR2 CHAR 
375 TXW_NEBTR Net payment amount CHAR16 CHAR 
376 TXW_NETBTR Net value of the order item in document currency CHAR16 CHAR 
377 TXW_NETWR Value of invoice CHAR16 CHAR 
378 TXW_NETWRF Net value of the billing item in document currency CHAR17 CHAR 
379 TXW_NEXT_V Id of next volume TXW_VOL_ID NUMC 
380 TXW_NODUPS Flag: Eliminate duplicate records XFELD CHAR 
381 TXW_NTGEW Net Weight CHAR16 CHAR 
382 TXW_NU_EA_KM_SATZ Own Contribution: KM Rate to Place of Work after Move   CHAR 
383 TXW_OBJNROPTRATE Object number of object for option rate J_OBJNR CHAR 
384 TXW_OBJTP Object number - object type J_OBART CHAR 
385 TXW_OBJ_TYPE Reference procedure CHAR5 CHAR 
386 TXW_OJOIN Flag: Outer join XFELD CHAR 
387 TXW_ORT01 City TEXT40 CHAR 
388 TXW_ORT02 District TEXT40 CHAR 
389 TXW_PARM Parameter name for global settings CHAR30 CHAR 
390 TXW_PAROB1 Partner object (converted into clear text) CHAR30 CHAR 
391 TXW_PARTP Partner object type J_OBART CHAR 
392 TXW_PAYOT Service provider CHAR2 CHAR 
393 TXW_PBASATZ Base rate   CHAR 
394 TXW_PCKSIZ Package size for data selection (number of records) NUM4 NUMC 
395 TXW_PDVRS Sequential number of period NUMC2 NUMC 
396 TXW_PEINH Price Unit   CHAR 
397 TXW_PEMKURS Issue rate in percent   CHAR 
398 TXW_PERAF Depreciation calculation period MONAT NUMC 
399 TXW_PERI_F Period field name CHAR30 CHAR 
400 TXW_PERNR_D Personnel Number PERNR NUMC 
401 TXW_PIPATG Pick/pack time in workdays CHAR10 CHAR 
402 TXW_PIPATN Pick/pack time in work hours CHAR10 CHAR 
403 TXW_PKUAB Price deviation in percent   CHAR 
404 TXW_PKWRT Planned condition value CHAR22 CHAR 
405 TXW_PONVAL Purchase order net value CHAR16 CHAR 
406 TXW_POPTSATZ Real estate option rate   CHAR 
407 TXW_POTXT Name of Service provider CHAR50 CHAR 
408 TXW_PREIS Price in Purchase Requisition CHAR14 CHAR 
410 TXW_PRICE_KZG Price Name for Ending Inventory/Balance Sheet Valuation CHAR3 CHAR 
411 TXW_PRKST Costs in the activity   CHAR 
412 TXW_PROCESSID Settlement Identification -> Accounting Ref. Doc. Number CHAR16 CHAR 
413 TXW_PROZP Percentage preference determination CHAR6 CHAR 
414 TXW_PSPHI Project hierarchy (external number) PS_PSPID CHAR 
415 TXW_PSTLZ PO Box postal code PSTLZ CHAR 
416 TXW_PSWBT Amount for updating in general ledger (position currency PC) CHAR16 CHAR 
417 TXW_PS_ABORD Associated Superior Separation Allowance REINR NUMC 
418 TXW_PS_DATB1_DIENST Date on Which Work Ends REDAT DATS 
419 TXW_PS_DATV1_DIENST Date on Which Work Commences REDAT DATS 
420 TXW_PS_DAT_REDUC1 Reduction of Entire Separation or Travel Allowance Level 1 REDAT DATS 
421 TXW_PS_DAT_REDUC2 Reduction of Separation or Travel Allowance Level 2 REDAT DATS 
422 TXW_PS_PERIODENART Associated Trip Period Types CHAR1 CHAR 
423 TXW_PS_ST_TRGALL Start of Taxation for Complete Separation Allowance REDAT DATS 
424 TXW_PS_ST_TRGTG Start of Taxation for Per Diem Separation Allowance REDAT DATS 
425 TXW_PS_UHRB1_DIENST Time at Which Work Ends REUHR TIMS 
426 TXW_PS_UHRV1_DIENST Time at Which Work Commences REUHR TIMS 
427 TXW_PTRV_ARRVL Arrival at Accommodations/New Place of Work CHAR1 CHAR 
428 TXW_PTRV_DANTN Trip Number of Corresponding Trip to Start Work NUMC10 NUMC 
429 TXW_PTRV_DEPAR Departure from Residence or Place of Work CHAR1 CHAR 
430 TXW_PTRV_ENDRG Different End of Travel Allowance (in Separation Allowance) DATS DATS 
431 TXW_PTRV_FINTN Trip Number of Associated Business Trip Return NUMC10 NUMC 
432 TXW_PTRV_GRBER Border crossing: Trip type enterprise-specific CHAR1 CHAR 
433 TXW_PTRV_HDVRS Sequential Number of Travel Expenses Table THEADER NUMC2 NUMC 
434 TXW_PTRV_MOLGA Country Grouping CHAR2 CHAR 
435 TXW_PTRV_NDNST Name of New Workplace (P.S.) CHAR25 CHAR 
436 TXW_PTRV_OBJEKT Indicator for objects request, plan and expense report CHAR1 CHAR 
437 TXW_PTRV_RETRN Return to Residence/Workplace CHAR1 CHAR 
438 TXW_PTRV_UZKVG Confirmation of Moving Costs Refund CHAR1 CHAR 
439 TXW_PTRV_ZUSAG Admin. Office That Confirmed Moving Costs Compensation (PS) CHAR25 CHAR 
440 TXW_PT_ABART Employee subgroup grouping for personnel calculation rule CHAR1 CHAR 
441 TXW_PT_ABDAT Deduction date DATS DATS 
442 TXW_PT_ABEND Deduction for dinner invitation CHAR1 CHAR 
443 TXW_PT_ABKT Payroll Area CHAR2 CHAR 
444 TXW_PT_ABOVELIM Customizing limit for travel expense type exceeded CHAR1 CHAR 
445 TXW_PT_ABREC Indicator: open/to be settled/settled CHAR1 CHAR 
446 TXW_PT_ABRJ Payroll year NUMC4 NUMC 
447 TXW_PT_ABRP Accounting period NUMC2 NUMC 
449 TXW_PT_ABWH_TXT Description of Absence Type CHAR30 CHAR 
450 TXW_PT_ABZNR Absence assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
451 TXW_PT_ABZUG Deduction indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
452 TXW_PT_ACCDE Accomodations Deduction CHAR1 CHAR 
453 TXW_PT_ACCDT Trip settlement date DATS DATS 
454 TXW_PT_ACCTM Trip settlement time TIMES TIMS 
455 TXW_PT_ACC_RAG Per Diem/Flat Rate Settlement Based on Statutory Trip Type CHAR1 CHAR 
456 TXW_PT_ACTDATE Date From Which the Settlement Method Will Be Changed DATS DATS 
457 TXW_PT_ADDI Additional Information for Corresponding KMVER Table Lines CHAR1 CHAR 
458 TXW_PT_ADDRNMBR Address number CHAR10 CHAR 
459 TXW_PT_ALLTYPE Allowance Type CHAR1 CHAR 
460 TXW_PT_ALTWAGES Read Alternative Wage Types (Separate Payment Option) CHAR1 CHAR 
461 TXW_PT_ALZNR Assignment for alternative payment CHAR2 CHAR 
462 TXW_PT_AMTACT Reduced amount CHAR30 CHAR 
463 TXW_PT_AMTOP Open amount CHAR30 CHAR 
464 TXW_PT_AMTORG Original amount CHAR30 CHAR 
465 TXW_PT_ANTRG Indicator: Travel request or trip approved CHAR1 CHAR 
466 TXW_PT_ANUEP Number of Overnight stays for Per-Diem Settlement CHAR2 CHAR 
470 TXW_PT_ANZCA Calculation of Default Value for Number Field CHAR1 CHAR 
471 TXW_PT_ANZFR Number of breakfasts CHAR2 CHAR 
472 TXW_PT_ANZHL Number of miles/kms CHAR6 CHAR 
473 TXW_PT_APPROV Travel request or trip approved CHAR1 CHAR 
474 TXW_PT_APZNR PC205 assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
475 TXW_PT_AUFTL Share of individual receipt CHAR13 CHAR 
476 TXW_PT_AWLIN 10 digit number NUMC10 NUMC 
477 TXW_PT_AZMIT Number of passengers CHAR1 CHAR 
478 TXW_PT_BANKL Bank number CHAR15 CHAR 
479 TXW_PT_BANKN Bank account number CHAR18 CHAR 
480 TXW_PT_BANKS Bank country key CHAR3 CHAR 
481 TXW_PT_BEART Travel expense category CHAR1 CHAR 
482 TXW_PT_BEGIN Part of trip: Beginning date DATS DATS 
483 TXW_PT_BEGP Beginning of Settlement Period DATS DATS 
484 TXW_PT_BEGTIME Trip segment: Beginning time TIME TIMS 
485 TXW_PT_BELNR Document number CHAR3 CHAR 
486 TXW_PT_BEREI Trip type: Enterprise-specific CHAR1 CHAR 
487 TXW_PT_BERFR Trip type: Enterprise-specific CHAR1 CHAR 
488 TXW_PT_BETPA Additional travel flat rate: enterprise-specific CHAR1 CHAR 
489 TXW_PT_BETPR Indicator: Amount or percent CHAR1 CHAR 
490 TXW_PT_BETRAG Total amount CHAR14 CHAR 
491 TXW_PT_BETRG Amount on individual receipt CHAR14 CHAR 
492 TXW_PT_BETRGL HR Payroll: Amount CHAR21 CHAR 
493 TXW_PT_BHFNR Number of Grant for Separation Allowance NUMC3 NUMC 
494 TXW_PT_BLDAT Receipt Date DATS DATS 
495 TXW_PT_BTEXT Short receipt information CHAR10 CHAR 
496 TXW_PT_BTZNR Transfer assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
497 TXW_PT_BUSPU Business purpose CHAR50 CHAR 
498 TXW_PT_BUSRE Business partner CHAR50 CHAR 
499 TXW_PT_C1ZNR Pointer to cost accounting CHAR4 CHAR 
500 TXW_PT_CASH Cash payment indicator CHAR1 CHAR