SAP ABAP Data Element - Index T, page 34
Data Element - T
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 TXW_PT_CCARD Credit card number CHAR19 CHAR 
2 TXW_PT_CCOMP Payment card company code CHAR2 CHAR 
3 TXW_PT_CCTXT Delivered description of credit card transaction CHAR50 CHAR 
4 TXW_PT_CDOCD Document number of a credit card document CHAR20 CHAR 
5 TXW_PT_CEKEY Credit card expense key (supplied by credit card company) CHAR10 CHAR 
6 TXW_PT_CHACCO Chargeable Accomodations Retained During Absence CHAR1 CHAR 
7 TXW_PT_CMPTYP Comparison Calculation Type CHAR3 CHAR 
8 TXW_PT_CNTR National assignment indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
9 TXW_PT_COLOR Color of Selected Days in Calendar CHAR3 CHAR 
10 TXW_PT_COMDELI Commitments deletion indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
11 TXW_PT_COMITM Commitment Item CHAR14 CHAR 
12 TXW_PT_COMITML Commitment Item CHAR24 CHAR 
13 TXW_PT_COMWK Commit work CHAR1 CHAR 
14 TXW_PT_CURRISO ISO code currency CHAR3 CHAR 
15 TXW_PT_CURTYPE Currency Type And Valuation View CHAR2 CHAR 
17 TXW_PT_DATGH Border Crossing (Trip Out): Date DATS DATS 
18 TXW_PT_DATGZ Border Crossing (Return Trip): Date DATS DATS 
19 TXW_PT_DATUM Date for miles/kms covered DATS DATS 
20 TXW_PT_DATV1 From date DATS DATS 
21 TXW_PT_DATVS Date of the advance payment DATS DATS 
22 TXW_PT_DELEGAT Trip Type for Delegation (Norwegian Accounting) CHAR1 CHAR 
23 TXW_PT_DESCR Description CHAR50 CHAR 
24 TXW_PT_DESTIDENT Unique Identification for Destination Per Personnel Number CHAR17 CHAR 
25 TXW_PT_DRUCK Print status of a trip CHAR1 CHAR 
26 TXW_PT_DTANR Data medium exchange number CHAR1 CHAR 
27 TXW_PT_EDKEY Text editor line key CHAR3 CHAR 
28 TXW_PT_EDTXT Editor Text 70 Char long CHAR70 CHAR 
29 TXW_PT_EDTYPE Use of text editor CHAR1 CHAR 
30 TXW_PT_EMFSL Payee key for bank transfers CHAR8 CHAR 
31 TXW_PT_ENDDAT Part of trip: End date DATS DATS 
32 TXW_PT_ENDP End of settlement period DATS DATS 
33 TXW_PT_ENDTIME Trip segment: End time TIME TIMS 
34 TXW_PT_ERSTKZ Indicator for Sep. Allow. Reimburs. For Trips Home (per Day) CHAR1 CHAR 
35 TXW_PT_ESBON Deduction for meal coupon, canteen, etc. CHAR1 CHAR 
36 TXW_PT_EXBEL Assignment number CHAR18 CHAR 
37 TXW_PT_EXRATE Exchange rate CHAR12 CHAR 
38 TXW_PT_EXRATEV Indirect Quoted Exchange Rate CHAR11 CHAR 
39 TXW_PT_FAM_KENNZ Indicates Whether Trip Home Made by Family Members CHAR1 CHAR 
40 TXW_PT_FFACT Ratio for the "from" currency units CHAR11 CHAR 
41 TXW_PT_FIRMA Paid by company CHAR1 CHAR 
42 TXW_PT_FRSTK Deduction for free breakfast CHAR1 CHAR 
43 TXW_PT_FUARL Functional Area CHAR16 CHAR 
44 TXW_PT_GEBCTR Funds Center CHAR16 CHAR 
46 TXW_PT_GESKZ Indicator for definition of statutory trip types CHAR1 CHAR 
48 TXW_PT_GRGIO Region of Border Crossing: Return Trip CHAR5 CHAR 
49 TXW_PT_HDVRS Sequential number of trip costs table THEADER CHAR2 CHAR 
50 TXW_PT_HRGIO Region of Main Destination CHAR5 CHAR 
51 TXW_PT_HRPRNR HR payroll: Number CHAR21 CHAR 
52 TXW_PT_HZWRB Additional Amounts/ Income Related Expenses Flag CHAR1 CHAR 
53 TXW_PT_KFZKZ License plate number CHAR10 CHAR 
54 TXW_PT_KFZMA Vehicle make (type) CHAR17 CHAR 
55 TXW_PT_KGGEP Weight of baggage CHAR3 CHAR 
56 TXW_PT_KMGES Total miles/kms CHAR6 CHAR 
57 TXW_PT_KMINL Domestic miles/kms CHAR6 CHAR 
58 TXW_PT_KMKEY Miles/kms distribution CHAR2 CHAR 
59 TXW_PT_KMSUM Accumulated miles/kms at time of accounting CHAR7 CHAR 
60 TXW_PT_KMVNR Sequential number for ms/kms traveled CHAR3 CHAR 
61 TXW_PT_KOKEY Account assignment allocation CHAR2 CHAR 
62 TXW_PT_KUND17 Reason for trip (e.g. customer/requisitioner) CHAR17 CHAR 
63 TXW_PT_KUNDE Reason for trip (e.g. customer/requisitioner) CHAR59 CHAR 
64 TXW_PT_KURSB Exchange rate CHAR12 CHAR 
65 TXW_PT_KZNZA Reimbursement group for travel costs/additional flat rate CHAR1 CHAR 
66 TXW_PT_KZPMF Vehicle type CHAR1 CHAR 
67 TXW_PT_KZREA Trip Type: Statutory CHAR1 CHAR 
68 TXW_PT_KZTKT Trip Activity Type CHAR1 CHAR 
69 TXW_PT_LAND1 Trip country / trip country group CHAR3 CHAR 
70 TXW_PT_LFROM Starting Location of Trip Segment CHAR59 CHAR 
72 TXW_PT_LINE Line in results table ROT of cluster TE NUMC4 NUMC 
73 TXW_PT_LINENR Account assignment number of reference document NUMC5 NUMC 
74 TXW_PT_LNDFR Country of receipt CHAR3 CHAR 
75 TXW_PT_LOCTO End Location of a Trip Segment CHAR59 CHAR 
76 TXW_PT_LSTAY Meals per diem reduct. for longer stay at same place of work CHAR1 CHAR 
77 TXW_PT_LTLST Activity Type CHAR6 CHAR 
78 TXW_PT_MILES Accumulated miles/kms at time of accounting CHAR7 CHAR 
79 TXW_PT_MITAG Deduction for free lunch CHAR1 CHAR 
80 TXW_PT_MOREI Trip provision variant CHAR2 CHAR 
82 TXW_PT_MTIME Time of meal TIME TIMS 
83 TXW_PT_MWSKZ Tax on sales/purchases code CHAR2 CHAR 
84 TXW_PT_M_RECEIPTS Receipts of Expense Category M Not Allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
85 TXW_PT_NBKKL Travel Expense Type - Permissibility CHAR9 CHAR 
86 TXW_PT_NEADOPANZ Own Contrib.: No. of Days wth Outb. and Ret. Trip after Move NUMC3 NUMC 
87 TXW_PT_NEAENTF Own Contribution: Distance to Place of Work after Move CHAR6 CHAR 
88 TXW_PT_NETWORK Network Number for Account Assignment CHAR12 CHAR 
89 TXW_PT_NGRATIS Gratuitous Accomodations for the Entire Month CHAR1 CHAR 
90 TXW_PT_NGST Number of Additional Guests CHAR3 CHAR 
91 TXW_PT_NOMILES Indicator: No repeat of travel costs accounting CHAR1 CHAR 
92 TXW_PT_NO_UEPKZ Separate Per Diem Settlement of Accommodations Not Possible CHAR1 CHAR 
93 TXW_PT_NPTN Number of Business Partners CHAR3 CHAR 
94 TXW_PT_NSTF Number of Employees CHAR3 CHAR 
95 TXW_PT_OBJID Reference document: Current identification CHAR10 CHAR 
96 TXW_PT_OBJKEY Reference Key CHAR20 CHAR 
97 TXW_PT_OBJPOS Reference line item CHAR10 CHAR 
98 TXW_PT_OBJSYS Logical system of source document CHAR10 CHAR 
99 TXW_PT_OBJTYPE Reference procedure CHAR5 CHAR 
100 TXW_PT_ORT city CHAR40 CHAR 
101 TXW_PT_ORT1 Location CHAR17 CHAR 
102 TXW_PT_OVERTYP Value type of purchase order/sales order values CHAR1 CHAR 
103 TXW_PT_PAPREC Paper Receipt Exists CHAR1 CHAR 
104 TXW_PT_PAUSH Indicator: Travel expense type indiv. or per diem/flat rate CHAR1 CHAR 
105 TXW_PT_PAYCURR Accounting currency of expense receipt or advance CUKY5 CUKY 
106 TXW_PT_PAYOT Service provider CHAR2 CHAR 
107 TXW_PT_PCTG Provider category CHAR1 CHAR 
108 TXW_PT_PDOC Document Number of a (Paper) Document CHAR20 CHAR 
109 TXW_PT_PDVRS Sequential number of period NUMC2 NUMC 
110 TXW_PT_PERIO Number of trip period NUMC3 NUMC 
111 TXW_PT_PERM Period modifier NUMC2 NUMC 
112 TXW_PT_PERNR Personnel Number NUMC8 NUMC 
113 TXW_PT_PKWKL Vehicle class CHAR3 CHAR 
114 TXW_PT_PLACE Location CHAR50 CHAR 
115 TXW_PT_POBJNR Profitability segment number (CO-PA) NUMC10 NUMC 
116 TXW_PT_POHRS Number of Hours for Activity Allocation/External Services CHAR10 CHAR 
117 TXW_PT_POSNR Work breakdown structure element (WBS element) NUMC8 NUMC 
118 TXW_PT_POSTVRS 1st or 2nd posting of a trip version NUMC1 NUMC 
119 TXW_PT_PPRV Provider code CHAR3 CHAR 
120 TXW_PT_PR04O Use of Expense Type in Weekly Report/Business Trip CHAR1 CHAR 
121 TXW_PT_PR04X Sequence of Expense Types in Weekly Report CHAR1 CHAR 
122 TXW_PT_PRIEXP Expense Type for Private Shares CHAR4 CHAR 
123 TXW_PT_PRISTP Private stopover CHAR1 CHAR 
124 TXW_PT_PROTECT Protection indicator of entry CHAR1 CHAR 
125 TXW_PT_PROVIDER Field Control for Provider (Airline, Hotel Chain, ...) CHAR1 CHAR 
126 TXW_PT_PRTDATE Part of trip: Arrival date DATS DATS 
127 TXW_PT_PRTTIME Part of trip: Arrival time TIME TIMS 
128 TXW_PT_PRVEXC Expense Type Private Share Paid by Company CHAR4 CHAR 
129 TXW_PT_PRVEXP Expense Type Pay Back Private Share CHAR4 CHAR 
130 TXW_PT_PRZNR Business Process CHAR12 CHAR 
131 TXW_PT_PTRV_ESTC Indicator for Expense Type Containing Estimated Costs CHAR1 CHAR 
132 TXW_PT_PTRV_PRIV Expense Type that Includes Private Costs (Indicator) CHAR1 CHAR 
133 TXW_PT_PTRV_USEFL Usage indicator of travel expense type CHAR1 CHAR 
134 TXW_PT_P_CATEGORY Provider Category CHAR1 CHAR 
135 TXW_PT_P_GRUPN Travel Expense Type Grouping CHAR1 CHAR 
136 TXW_PT_RECVAL Expense Receipt Checked CHAR1 CHAR 
137 TXW_PT_RECWIZ Receipt Wizard CHAR1 CHAR 
138 TXW_PT_REDERGRU New Reimbursement Group for Reduction in Meals per Diem CHAR2 CHAR 
139 TXW_PT_REDUZ Reduced per diem/flat rate CHAR1 CHAR 
140 TXW_PT_REEND Fictitious End of Trip (Comparision Calculation) DATS DATS 
141 TXW_PT_REFNR Reference Document Number CHAR3 CHAR 
142 TXW_PT_REQKM Required Kilometers Traveled (Comparison Calculation) CHAR6 CHAR 
143 TXW_PT_RETXT Name for statutory trip type CHAR30 CHAR 
144 TXW_PT_RGION Trip country/trip country group/trip region CHAR5 CHAR 
145 TXW_PT_RKUNDE Reason for Trip (for example, customer/requisitioner) CHAR59 CHAR 
146 TXW_PT_ROTLINE Line in results table ROT of cluster TE NUMC4 NUMC 
147 TXW_PT_RSCHE Trip schema CHAR2 CHAR 
148 TXW_PT_RULTAG Rule Used to Change the Accounting and Taxation Method CHAR1 CHAR 
149 TXW_PT_RUNDATE Travel Management DME: Date of program run DATS DATS 
152 TXW_PT_RZIELORT Destination CHAR59 CHAR 
153 TXW_PT_SCANZ Number field control CHAR1 CHAR 
154 TXW_PT_SCBPU Field control for business purpose on receipt CHAR1 CHAR 
155 TXW_PT_SCBRE Field control for business partner CHAR1 CHAR 
156 TXW_PT_SCDB1 To date field control CHAR1 CHAR 
157 TXW_PT_SCDEC Description field control CHAR1 CHAR 
158 TXW_PT_SCDOC Field Control for (Paper) Document Number CHAR1 CHAR 
159 TXW_PT_SCDV1 From date field control CHAR1 CHAR 
160 TXW_PT_SCEDT Editor field control CHAR1 CHAR 
161 TXW_PT_SCENT Field Control for Participants in Entertainment Receipt CHAR1 CHAR 
162 TXW_PT_SCFRA Field Control for Number of Dinners CHAR1 CHAR 
163 TXW_PT_SCFRF Field control for number of breakfasts CHAR1 CHAR 
164 TXW_PT_SCLND Country/Region field control CHAR1 CHAR 
165 TXW_PT_SCMER Field control for service provider CHAR1 CHAR 
166 TXW_PT_SCPLA Field control: Place CHAR1 CHAR 
167 TXW_PT_SCRAU Field control for enterprise-specific trip type CHAR1 CHAR 
168 TXW_PT_SC_GUESTS Field Control Number of Additional Guests CHAR1 CHAR 
169 TXW_PT_SC_PARTNERS Field Control Number of Employees of Business Partners CHAR1 CHAR 
170 TXW_PT_SC_STAFF Field Control Number of Employees CHAR1 CHAR 
171 TXW_PT_SEGTXT Segment text CHAR50 CHAR 
172 TXW_PT_SPKUE Travel expense type CHAR4 CHAR 
173 TXW_PT_SPKZL Travel expense type CHAR4 CHAR 
174 TXW_PT_SPTXT Name of Travel Expense Type CHAR30 CHAR 
175 TXW_PT_STATU Status of Travel Expense Posting Runs CHAR2 CHAR 
176 TXW_PT_STRAS House Number and Street CHAR60 CHAR 
177 TXW_PT_S_RECEIPTS Receipts of Expense Category S Not Permitted CHAR1 CHAR 
178 TXW_PT_TAXBFIT Travel expense type for taxation only (additional amount) CHAR1 CHAR 
179 TXW_PT_TEXT Payee Text CHAR40 CHAR 
180 TXW_PT_TFACT Ratio for the "to" currency units CHAR11 CHAR 
181 TXW_PT_TKTXT Name for trip activity type CHAR30 CHAR 
182 TXW_PT_TLOCK Indicator: Trip locked CHAR1 CHAR 
183 TXW_PT_TRDOANZ Daily Return: No. of Days with Outb. and Return Trip NUMC3 NUMC 
184 TXW_PT_TREIANZ Daily Return: No. of Days only with Outb./ or Return Trip NUMC3 NUMC 
185 TXW_PT_TRENTF Daily Return: Distance fr. Residence to New Place of Work CHAR6 CHAR 
186 TXW_PT_TRGPRT Separation Allowance Action of Spouse at Same Location CHAR1 CHAR 
187 TXW_PT_TRINFO additional trip info CHAR72 CHAR 
188 TXW_PT_TRIPSPLIT Trip split (Norwegian accounting) CHAR1 CHAR 
189 TXW_PT_TRIPTYPE Name for enterprise-specific trip type CHAR25 CHAR 
190 TXW_PT_TXDAT Date for defining tax rates DATS DATS 
191 TXW_PT_TXJCD Jurisdiction for tax calculation - tax jurisdiction code CHAR15 CHAR 
192 TXW_PT_UEBDT DME transfer indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
193 TXW_PT_UEBERN Deduction for overnight stay CHAR1 CHAR 
194 TXW_PT_UEBKZ Per-diem accounting for accommodations CHAR1 CHAR 
195 TXW_PT_UEBLG HR Payroll transfer indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
196 TXW_PT_UEBNR Number of a cross-company code travel expenses postin CHAR16 CHAR 
197 TXW_PT_UEBRF FI transfer indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
198 TXW_PT_UEPKZ Per Diem Settlement of Accommodations CHAR1 CHAR 
199 TXW_PT_UHRGH Time: Border crossing(trip out) TIMES TIMS 
200 TXW_PT_UHRGZ Time: Border crossing(return trip) TIMES TIMS 
201 TXW_PT_UWZNR Line number for transfer split CHAR2 CHAR 
202 TXW_PT_U_RECEIPTS Receipts of Expense Category U Not Allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
203 TXW_PT_V0TYP Variable assignment type CHAR1 CHAR 
204 TXW_PT_V0ZNR Variable assignment number CHAR2 CHAR 
205 TXW_PT_VBAFM Type of investment/asset for capital formation CHAR1 CHAR 
206 TXW_PT_VEADOPANZ Own Contribution: No. of Days with Outb./Return Trip b. Move NUMC3 NUMC 
207 TXW_PT_VEAENTF Own Contribution: Distance to Place of Work before Move CHAR6 CHAR 
208 TXW_PT_VERPA Per-diem accounting for meals CHAR1 CHAR 
209 TXW_PT_VERPF Meals Deduction CHAR1 CHAR 
210 TXW_PT_VGRATIS Gratuitous Meals for the Entire Month CHAR1 CHAR 
211 TXW_PT_VPFRTI rate type indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
212 TXW_PT_VRSSQNO Numerator per trip version for posting interface NUMC4 NUMC 
213 TXW_PT_V_RECEIPTS Category V Not Allowed CHAR1 CHAR 
214 TXW_PT_ZEINH Unit of time/measurement CHAR3 CHAR 
215 TXW_PT_ZIKEY Destination assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
216 TXW_PT_ZWECK Purpose of Bank Transfers CHAR40 CHAR 
217 TXW_PVSTB Origin Indicator of Input Tax Document CHAR50 CHAR 
218 TXW_PWBTR Flat-Rate Value for Value Adjustment CHAR20 CHAR 
219 TXW_PYAMT Amount in Payment Currency CHAR16 CHAR 
220 TXW_P_ALMD Flag: Export all master data XFELD CHAR 
221 TXW_P_CCHR Flag: Extract standard cost center hierarchies XFELD CHAR 
222 TXW_P_CLGL Flag: Export only classic GL (no NewGL) XFELD CHAR 
223 TXW_P_COPR Flag: Extract CO primary postings XFELD CHAR 
224 TXW_P_COSC Flag: Extract CO secondary postings XFELD CHAR 
225 TXW_P_COST Flag: Extract CO document items for statistical cost objects XFELD CHAR 
226 TXW_P_CPAM Flag: Export asset documents (AM) XFELD CHAR 
227 TXW_P_CPBI Flag: Export billing documents (SD) XFELD CHAR 
228 TXW_P_CPCD Flag: Export Change Documents XFELD CHAR 
229 TXW_P_CPCF Flag: Export reconciliation documents (FI/CO) XFELD CHAR 
230 TXW_P_CPCL Flag: Export CML Documents (CL) XFELD CHAR 
231 TXW_P_CPCO Flag: Export controlling documents (CO) XFELD CHAR 
232 TXW_P_CPDL Flag: Export delivery documents (SD) XFELD CHAR 
233 TXW_P_CPEX Flag: Extract customer-defined data sources XFELD CHAR 
234 TXW_P_CPFI Flag: Export finance documents (FI) XFELD CHAR 
235 TXW_P_CPJV Flag: Export Joint Venture Accounting master data XFELD CHAR 
236 TXW_P_CPMM Flag: Export material documents (MM) XFELD CHAR 
237 TXW_P_CPOP Flag: Export Open Items List (FI) XFELD CHAR 
238 TXW_P_CPPO Flag: Export purchase order documents (MM) XFELD CHAR 
239 TXW_P_CPRE Flag: Export Real Estate Documents (RE) XFELD CHAR 
240 TXW_P_CPSD Flag: Export sales documents (SD) XFELD CHAR 
241 TXW_P_CPSG Flag: Export special G/L transaction figures (FI) XFELD CHAR 
242 TXW_P_CPSU Flag: Export tax data XFELD CHAR 
243 TXW_P_CPTR Flag: Export Treasury Documents (TR) XFELD CHAR 
244 TXW_P_CPTV Flag: Export Travel Management (TV) XFELD CHAR 
245 TXW_P_DDAT Flag: Clear previously retrieved data XFELD CHAR 
246 TXW_P_HCTD Flag: Extract historic transaction data XFELD CHAR 
247 TXW_P_KONV Flag: Extract billing document pricing conditions XFELD CHAR 
248 TXW_P_MSTR Flag: Enable selection of individual master data segments XFELD CHAR 
249 TXW_P_OLDTD Flag: Extract old transaction data XFELD CHAR 
250 TXW_P_PCHR Flag: Extract standard profit center hierarchies XFELD CHAR 
251 TXW_P_PROZEN Security percent CHAR7 CHAR 
252 TXW_P_SKB1 Flag: Include company dependent data for G/L accounts XFELD CHAR 
253 TXW_P_SU1 Flag: Select source tables automatically XFELD CHAR 
254 TXW_P_SU2 Flag: Select internal tax documents (BSET) XFELD CHAR 
255 TXW_P_SU3 Flag: Select external tax documents (TTXY) XFELD CHAR 
256 TXW_P_SU4 Flag: Select internal and external tax documents XFELD CHAR 
257 TXW_P_TAR Flag: Include data retrieved from archives XFELD CHAR 
258 TXW_P_TRMD Flag: Export master data transaction dependent XFELD CHAR 
259 TXW_QBSHB Withholding tax amount (in document currency) CHAR16 CHAR 
260 TXW_QBUFMX Maximum query buffer size in Megabytes NUM6 NUMC 
261 TXW_QFIELD Query field name CHAR30 CHAR 
262 TXW_QSFBT Withholding tax-exempt amount (in document currency) CHAR16 CHAR 
263 TXW_QSSHB Withholding tax base amount CHAR16 CHAR 
264 TXW_QUANT Total quantity CHAR16 CHAR 
265 TXW_RCDCNT Number of records (counter) NUMC8 NUMC 
266 TXW_RCDCNT10 Number of records (counter) NUMC10 NUMC 
267 TXW_REBDBENO DART RE-FX: Business Entity Number   CHAR 
268 TXW_REBDBUNO DART RE-FX: Number of Building   CHAR 
269 TXW_REBDMEAS Measurement Type   CHAR 
270 TXW_REBDMEASVALUE DART RE-FX: Measurement Amount: Available   CHAR 
271 TXW_REBDMEASVALUECMPL DART RE-FX: Measurement Amount: Capacity   CHAR 
272 TXW_REBDOBJASSTYPE Type of Object Assignment   CHAR 
273 TXW_REBDPRNO DART RE-FX: Number of Property   CHAR 
274 TXW_REBDRONO DART RE-FX: Number of Rental Object   CHAR 
275 TXW_REBDROTYPE Rental Object Type   CHAR 
276 TXW_REBPROLE Business Partner: Role   CHAR 
279 TXW_RECAIDENT Complete Object Identification, for example "BE   CHAR 
280 TXW_RECAINTRENO Internal Key of Real Estate Object   CHAR 
281 TXW_RECDCONDTYPE Condition Type   CHAR 
283 TXW_RECHNWEAK Invoice value   CHAR 
284 TXW_RECNBEG Date of contract start DATS DATS 
286 TXW_RECNNUMBER DART RE-FX: Contract Number   CHAR 
287 TXW_RECNTXT Contract name CHAR80 CHAR 
288 TXW_RECNTYPE Contract Type CHAR4 CHAR 
289 TXW_REEXPOREFDOCID Reference Document Number of Purchase Order   CHAR 
290 TXW_REEXPOREFITEMNO Number of Purchase Order Item   NUMC 
291 TXW_REFEXPSTR Reference segment for currency/amount fields TXW_EXPSTR CHAR 
292 TXW_REFSGD Reference segment data TXW_SEGDAT NUMC 
293 TXW_REFSGT Reference segment type TXW_SEGTYP NUMC 
294 TXW_REF_FNAME Reference Field Name CHAR30 CHAR 
295 TXW_REF_TAB Reference Table CHAR30 CHAR 
296 TXW_REGEL_KZ Indicator For Alternative Assignment of Travel Exp. Types CHAR2 CHAR 
297 TXW_REINR Trip number REINR NUMC 
298 TXW_REITAMTRANSTYPE Transaction Type of Asset Postings   CHAR 
299 TXW_REITDIFFDEDTAXAMT Deductible Tax Amount Difference   CHAR 
300 TXW_REITDIFFNONDEDTAXAMT Non-Deductible Tax Amount Difference   CHAR 
301 TXW_REITDIFFOPTRATE Differing Option Rate for Distribution   CHAR 
302 TXW_REITDSSTATUS Tax Breakdown Status   CHAR 
303 TXW_REITHASDIFFOPTRATE Has Differing Option Rate   CHAR 
304 TXW_REITNOTAXCORR Do Not Consider Item in Input Tax Correction   CHAR 
305 TXW_REITOPTMETH Method for Option Rate Determination   CHAR 
306 TXW_REITTCBASEDEDTAXAMT Basis for Input Tax Correction: Deductible Tax Amount   CHAR 
307 TXW_REITTCBASENETAMOUNT Basis for Input Tax Correction: Net Amount   CHAR 
308 TXW_REITTCBASENONDEDTAXAMT Basis for Input Tax Correction: Non-Deductible Tax Amount   CHAR 
309 TXW_REITTCBASESTATUS Release Status of Correction Object   CHAR 
310 TXW_REITTCBASETAXAMOUNT Basis for Input Tax Correction: Tax Amount   CHAR 
311 TXW_REITTCCALCAMOUNT Calculated Proportional Correction Amount   CHAR 
312 TXW_REITTCCALCDATEFROM Start of Calculation Period   DATS 
313 TXW_REITTCCALCDATETO End of Calculation Period   DATS 
314 TXW_REITTCCALCRESTYPE Type of Tax Correction Calculation Result   CHAR 
315 TXW_REITTCCALCYEARAMOUNT Correction Amount Calculated for Year   CHAR 
316 TXW_REITTCCORRDATEFROM Start of Correction Period   DATS 
317 TXW_REITTCCORRDATETO End of Correction Period   DATS 
319 TXW_REITTCFIRSTCALCDATE Date of first calculation   DATS 
321 TXW_REITTCIGNOREINCALC Ignore result in later calculations?   CHAR 
322 TXW_REITTCISEXTDATA Record from legacy data or correction   CHAR 
323 TXW_REITTCKEYDATE Key Date for Input Tax Correction   DATS 
324 TXW_REITTCMINAMTLIMIT Trivial Amount Limit   CHAR 
325 TXW_REITTCMONTH Month the Correction Is Valid For   NUMC 
326 TXW_REITTCNO Number of Correction Object   CHAR 
327 TXW_REITTCOPTRATE Option Rate Used for the Tax Correction   CHAR 
328 TXW_REITTCPOSTAMOUNT Posted Correction Amount   CHAR 
329 TXW_REITTCSERVICEDATEFROM Start period of service   DATS 
330 TXW_REITTCSERVICEDATETO End period of service   DATS 
332 TXW_REITTCTYPE Type of Tax Correction Object   CHAR 
333 TXW_REITTCYEAR Year of tax correction   NUMC 
334 TXW_RELEASEDON Date on which cost collector was opened DATS DATS 
335 TXW_RELNAM Relation name CHAR30 CHAR 
337 TXW_REMNW Remaining work   CHAR 
338 TXW_REPEAT_EXPORT Repeat archiv export/import XFELD CHAR 
339 TXW_REPID Reportname CHAR40 CHAR 
340 TXW_REQ Flag: Data segment is required XFELD CHAR 
341 TXW_RERADEDTAXAMT Deductible Tax Amount   CHAR 
343 TXW_RERANONDEDTAXAMT Non-Deductible Tax Amount   CHAR 
347 TXW_RESCSCKEY Service Charge Key   CHAR 
348 TXW_RESCSUID DART RE-FX: Settlement Unit   CHAR 
349 TXW_RIZZT Default pick/pack time CHAR6 CHAR 
350 TXW_ROUNDG Rounding period for shipping scheduling CHAR10 CHAR 
351 TXW_ROUNDN Rounding period in work hours CHAR10 CHAR 
352 TXW_RSTCK Number of units depr. in Unit of Prod. Depr. CHAR16 CHAR 
353 TXW_RSWRT Accumulated accruals values (not used) CHAR22 CHAR 
354 TXW_RWBTR Amount paid in the payment currency CHAR18 CHAR 
355 TXW_RWSKT Total cash discount for the pmnt transactn in pmnt currency CHAR18 CHAR 
356 TXW_SAFAB Special depreciation on transactions CHAR16 CHAR 
357 TXW_SAFAG Special depreciation posted in the current fiscal year CHAR16 CHAR 
358 TXW_SAFAL Proportional special depreciation for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
359 TXW_SAFAP Planned special depreciation for the year CHAR16 CHAR 
360 TXW_SAFAV Proportional cumulative special depreciation CHAR16 CHAR 
361 TXW_SAFAZ Special depreciation to be posted CHAR16 CHAR 
362 TXW_SAKNRF G/L Account from SAKNR CHAR 
363 TXW_SAKNRT G/L account to SAKNR CHAR 
364 TXW_SALDV Balance Carried Forward in Local Currency CHAR20 CHAR 
365 TXW_SALK3 Value of total of valuated stock CHAR16 CHAR 
366 TXW_SANWV Prop. statistical acquisition value retired CHAR16 CHAR 
367 TXW_SAPRZ Special Depreciation Percentage CHAR8 CHAR 
368 TXW_SBSEG Selection mode for table BSEG TXW_SBSEG CHAR 
369 TXW_SCHRW Asset Scrap Value CHAR16 CHAR 
370 TXW_SCOPE Object class CHAR5 CHAR 
371 TXW_SDATA Data container field TXW_SDATA CHAR 
372 TXW_SEGDAT Data file: Segment data code TXW_SEGDAT NUMC 
373 TXW_SEGDAT4 Data file: Segment data code TXW_SEGDAT4 NUMC 
374 TXW_SEGDESC Segment Description CHAR60 CHAR 
375 TXW_SEGDTEXT Segment Data Type: Description CHAR40 CHAR 
376 TXW_SEGM1 Segment name 1 CHAR30 CHAR 
377 TXW_SEGM2 Segment name 2 CHAR30 CHAR 
378 TXW_SEGMENT1 Segment name 1 CHAR30 CHAR 
379 TXW_SEGMENT2 Segment name 2 CHAR30 CHAR 
380 TXW_SEGNAME Segment Name CHAR30 CHAR 
381 TXW_SEGNUM Segment number NUM4 NUMC 
382 TXW_SEGTEXT Segment Type: Description CHAR40 CHAR 
383 TXW_SEGTYP Data file segment type TXW_SEGTYP NUMC 
384 TXW_SEGTYPE_TD Segment type transaction data XFELD CHAR 
385 TXW_SELFLD Flag: Field is selection field XFELD CHAR 
386 TXW_SEQNR Sequence number NUM3 NUMC 
387 TXW_SETTLEDON Date settled on DATS DATS 
388 TXW_SETTLVARIANT Settlement Variant CHAR50 CHAR 
389 TXW_SET_INT Segment set (internal) TXW_SET_INT CHAR 
390 TXW_SIZE Segment size in bytes TXW_ADDR NUMC 
391 TXW_SKNT2 Cash discount amount in second local currency (LC2) CHAR16 CHAR 
392 TXW_SKNT3 Cash discount amount in third local currency (LC3) CHAR16 CHAR 
393 TXW_SKNTO Cash discount amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
394 TXW_SMEFR Fixed Consumption Quantity CHAR20 CHAR 
395 TXW_SMEGR Consumption quantity CHAR20 CHAR 
396 TXW_SMENG Scale quantity in base unit of measure CHAR16 CHAR 
397 TXW_SMEVR Variable Consumption Quantity CHAR20 CHAR 
398 TXW_SOLLL Total of the Debit Postings in the Current Year CHAR20 CHAR 
399 TXW_STARTROW Start selection at row INT4 INT4 
400 TXW_STENR Tax code CHAR18 CHAR 
402 TXW_STTEXT Structure Text CHAR30 CHAR 
403 TXW_STUFE Level in project hierarchy NUM3 NUMC 
404 TXW_STZAHL Planned number of units in the period CHAR20 CHAR 
405 TXW_SVARIANT Select Variant (Yes or No) XFELD CHAR 
406 TXW_SWKFR Fixed Amount CHAR21 CHAR 
408 TXW_SWKVR Variable Amount CHAR21 CHAR 
409 TXW_TAXKEY Interface key HR Pay/FI-TV for tax codes CHAR2 CHAR 
410 TXW_TCCALCTYPE Type of Input Tax Correction Run   CHAR 
411 TXW_TCCBTR Total value in CO curr. in CHAR format CHAR16 CHAR 
412 TXW_TFACT Translation factor in CHAR format CHAR11 CHAR 
413 TXW_TFM_BBWHR Amount which changes position   CHAR 
414 TXW_TFM_BNWHR Nominal amount   CHAR 
415 TXW_TIMS6 Elapsed time in seconds NUM6 NUMC 
416 TXW_TIMSEC Elapsed time in seconds NUM5 NUMC 
417 TXW_TOCBTR Total value in object curr. in CHAR format CHAR16 CHAR 
418 TXW_TOTAL Checksum total CHAR24 CHAR 
419 TXW_TOTONLY Flag: Limit view output to totals only XFELD CHAR 
420 TXW_TPRMS Selection flags for transaction data sources CHAR20 CHAR 
421 TXW_TPVBTR Total price variance on CO curr. in CHAR form CHAR16 CHAR 
422 TXW_TQUANT Total Quantity in CHAR format CHAR16 CHAR 
423 TXW_TRAME Stock in Transit CHAR16 CHAR 
424 TXW_TSL Amount in transaction currency CHAR19 CHAR 
425 TXW_TSTMP Time stamp of change CHAR20 CHAR 
426 TXW_TXBFW Original tax base amount in document currency CHAR16 CHAR 
427 TXW_TXBH2 Tax base/original tax base in second local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
428 TXW_TXBH3 Tax base/original tax base in third local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
429 TXW_TXBHW Original tax base amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
430 TXW_TXT50 Text CHAR50 CHAR 
431 TXW_TXTLG Description TXT60 CHAR 
432 TXW_TXVIEW Data file view TXW_TXVIEW CHAR 
433 TXW_UEBPA_GBTFA Reimbursement amount (enterprise-specific)   CHAR 
434 TXW_UEBPA_GBTFZ Tax-free amount (IRS)   CHAR 
435 TXW_UEBPA_GBTKU Customer amount (invoice)   CHAR 
436 TXW_UKBAS Planned condition basis CHAR22 CHAR 
437 TXW_UMLMC Stock in Transfer CHAR16 CHAR 
438 TXW_UMREN Denominator for conversion to base units of measure CHAR8 CHAR 
439 TXW_UMREZ Numerator for converting to base unit of measure CHAR8 CHAR 
440 TXW_UMRPRZ Remaining value percentage rate for depreciation changeover CHAR5 CHAR 
441 TXW_UMSAV Beginning balance in local currency CHAR20 CHAR 
442 TXW_UMSAV1 Ending balance in local currency CHAR20 CHAR 
444 TXW_UNITNM Related unit fieldname (RSUNINM in BRS) CHAR30 CHAR 
445 TXW_URWRT Original Acquisition Value CHAR16 CHAR 
446 TXW_USPOBT Origin object number (converted into clear text) CHAR30 CHAR 
447 TXW_USPTP Origin object type J_OBART CHAR 
449 TXW_VALIDFROM Date: Valid from DATS DATS 
450 TXW_VALIDTO Date: Valid to DATS DATS 
452 TXW_VALUE Generic value field TXW_VALUE CHAR 
453 TXW_VALUTYP Valuation View   CHAR 
454 TXW_VAL_AREA Valuation Area CHAR3 CHAR 
455 TXW_VBUND Trading Partner RCOMP CHAR 
456 TXW_VERKO Costs from asset retirement CHAR16 CHAR 
457 TXW_VERS File size worksheet name TXW_WKSH CHAR 
458 TXW_VIEW_TYPE View type CHAR60 CHAR 
459 TXW_VOLDIR Data file directory TEXT132 CHAR 
460 TXW_VOLSET Data file directory set TXW_VOLSET CHAR 
463 TXW_VOLUME2 DART Data Volume (for Skip Seg) TXW_VOLUME_ALL_US CHAR 
465 TXW_VORHW Advance Amount in Settlement Currency   CHAR 
466 TXW_VORSC Amount of advance   CHAR 
467 TXW_VPFPA_BETFA Reimbursement amount (enterprise-specific)   CHAR 
468 TXW_VPFPA_BETFZ Tax-free amount (IRS)   CHAR 
469 TXW_VPFPA_BETKU Customer amount (invoice)   CHAR 
470 TXW_VPFPS_BETFA Reimbursement amount (enterprise-specific)   CHAR 
471 TXW_VPFPS_BETFZ Tax-free amount (IRS) CHAR14 CHAR 
472 TXW_VPFPS_BETKU Customer amount (invoice)   CHAR 
473 TXW_VRKME Sales Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
474 TXW_VTRZT Rounding-up period for delivery scheduling (in days) CHAR6 CHAR 
475 TXW_VU_EA_KM_SATZ Own Contribution: KM Rate to Place of Work Before Move   CHAR 
476 TXW_VVBFLART Area of area type   CHAR 
477 TXW_VVJLB Total valuated stock in year before last CHAR16 CHAR 
478 TXW_VVJSL Total valuated stock in year before last CHAR16 CHAR 
479 TXW_VVKBEMPR Issue price independent of currency   CHAR 
480 TXW_VWPROG Name of generated view query program PROGRAMM CHAR 
481 TXW_WAERS Document Currency Key WAERS CUKY 
482 TXW_WAVWR Cost in document currency CHAR16 CHAR 
483 TXW_WDMBTR withhold. tax amount in LC already withheld CHAR16 CHAR 
484 TXW_WKGBTR Total value in CO area currency CHAR17 CHAR 
485 TXW_WKKUR Exchange rate in value contract currency CHAR12 CHAR 
486 TXW_WKSH Worksheet name TXW_WKSH CHAR 
487 TXW_WMWST Tax amount in document currency (TC) CHAR16 CHAR 
488 TXW_WOGXXX Total value in object currency CHAR21 CHAR 
489 TXW_WRBTR Amount in document currency (TC) CHAR16 CHAR 
490 TXW_WRBTX Amount in foreign currency for tax breakdown CHAR16 CHAR 
491 TXW_WRSHB Foreign Currency Amount with Signs (+/-) CHAR16 CHAR 
492 TXW_WRTSEG Flag: Export all records to file XFELD CHAR 
493 TXW_WSKTO Cash discount amount in document currency CHAR16 CHAR 
494 TXW_WTGXXX Overall value in transaction currency CHAR21 CHAR 
495 TXW_WT_ACCBS Accumulated withholding tax base amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
496 TXW_WT_ACCBS1 Accumulated withholding tax base amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
497 TXW_WT_ACCBS2 Accumulated withholding tax base amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
498 TXW_WT_ACCWT Accumulated withholding tax amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
499 TXW_WT_ACCWT1 Accumulated withholding tax amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR 
500 TXW_WT_ACCWT2 Accumulated withholding tax amount in local currency CHAR16 CHAR