SAP ABAP Data Element - Index T, page 32
Data Element - T
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
2 TXCRM_BU_ADDR_VALID_FROM_C19 Validity Start of a Business Partner Address (CHAR 19)   CHAR 
3 TXCRM_BU_ADDR_VALID_TO_C19 Validity End of a Business Partner Address (CHAR 19)   CHAR 
6 TXCRM_COMT_CREATED_AT_USR_C21 Created At (Output in User Time Zone) (Character Length 21)   CHAR 
8 TXCRM_COMT_PRODUCT_GUID_C32 Internal Unique ID of Product   CHAR 
9 TXCRM_COMT_VALID_FROM_C19 Valid From (Time Stamp) (Character Length 19)   CHAR 
10 TXCRM_COMT_VALID_TO_C19 Valid To (Time Stamp) (Character Length 19)   CHAR 
11 TXCRM_CRMT_BILL_DATE_C19 Billing Date for Billing Index and Printout (CHAR 19)   CHAR 
12 TXCRM_CRMT_EXCHG_RATE_C11 Exchange Rate (Character Length 11)   CHAR 
13 TXCRM_CRMT_NET_VALUE_MAN_C21 Total Expected Net Value Products in Document Currency   CHAR 
15 TXCRM_CRMT_PARTNER_GUID_C32 GUID for an Individual Partner   CHAR 
16 TXCRM_CRMT_PRODUCT_GUID_DB_C32 Internal Unique ID of Product   CHAR 
17 TXCRM_CRMT_RULE_BILL_DATE_C32 Rule for Determining the Next Billing Date   CHAR 
18 TXCRM_CRMT_SUBTOTAL1_C21 Subtotal 1 from Pricing Procedure for Condition (CHAR 21)   CHAR 
19 TXCRM_CRMT_SUBTOTAL2_C21 Subtotal 2 from Pricing Procedure for Condition (CHAR 21)   CHAR 
20 TXCRM_CRMT_SUBTOTAL3_C21 Subtotal 3 from Pricing Procedure for Condition (CHAR 21)   CHAR 
21 TXCRM_CRMT_VALUE_DATE_C19 Fixed Value Date (Character Length 19)   CHAR 
22 TXCRM_CUSTOMIZING_DATA_C1 Master Data Indicator for Extract Report   CHAR 
23 TXCRM_GUID_C32 Globally Unique Identifier   CHAR 
24 TXCRM_MASTER_DATA_C1 Master Data Indicator for Extract Report   CHAR 
25 TXCRM_NOT_SPECIFIED_C1 Default Indicator for Extract Report   CHAR 
26 TXCRM_PRCT_COND_BASIS_C24 Price Determination: Condition Basis (Character Length 24)   CHAR 
27 TXCRM_PRCT_COND_RATE_C21 Condition Rate   CHAR 
28 TXCRM_PRCT_COND_REC_GUID_C32 ID of a Condition Record   CHAR 
29 TXCRM_PRCT_ITEM_NO_C32 Item Number   CHAR 
31 TXCRM_PRC_COND_PRICING_UNT_C32 Condition Pricing Unit   CHAR 
32 TXCRM_PRC_EXCH_RATE_COND_C32 Condition Exchange Rate for Conversion to Local Currency   CHAR 
33 TXCRM_TIMESTAMP_C19 UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) (CHAR 19)   CHAR 
34 TXCRM_VERSION_C3 Version String for Extract Report Parameter   CHAR 
35 TXCSS Rate of special additional contribution CHAR5 CHAR 
36 TXDA1_EB Transaction date, format MM/DD/YY CHAR8 CHAR 
37 TXDAT Date for defining tax rates DATUM DATS 
38 TXDAT_KK Decisive Date for Calculating Taxes DATUM DATS 
39 TXDAY Start of fiscal year, day TXDAY NUMC 
40 TXDCS Rate of the additional contribution CHAR5 CHAR 
41 TXDED Deduction rate CHAR5 CHAR 
42 TXDIM Dimension text TEXT20 CHAR 
43 TXEIN Name of time/measurement unit CHAR8 CHAR 
44 TXERG Text key supplement CHAR3 CHAR 
45 TXESO Text for purchasing information category TEXT20 CHAR 
47 TXETRANSLN Length of External Transaction ID TXETRANSLN INT4 
48 TXEXK_KK Key for tax exception CHAR16 CHAR 
49 TXFIBACKWD Search backwards TDBOOL CHAR 
50 TXFINEXT Automatically find next string after replacing TDBOOL CHAR 
52 TXFIPHON Find similar sounding words TDBOOL CHAR 
53 TXFISPELL Finds words with similar spelling TDBOOL CHAR 
55 TXFITEXT Search in text TDBOOL CHAR 
56 TXFIUPCASE Find with uppercase/lowercase distinction TDBOOL CHAR 
57 TXFIWORD Search for whole words only TDBOOL CHAR 
58 TXFLD Text field attributes TXFLD CHAR 
59 TXFLG Text indicator YNFLG CHAR 
61 TXFUS Text Name: Footer Lines TDOBNAME CHAR 
62 TXF_FOOD Tax-Exempt Meals per Diems Without Withholding (PS) - Bapi BAPICURR DEC 
63 TXGEN Indicator: text generation XFLAG CHAR 
64 TXGRFUN_KK Function Module for Control of Tax Display FUNCNAME CHAR 
65 TXGRKEY_KK Key for Tax Display in Invoicing   CHAR 
66 TXGRKEY_TXT_KK Name of Tax Key TEXT50 CHAR 
67 TXGRNAM_KK Grouping Characteristic Name   CHAR 
68 TXGRP Group Indicator for Tax Line Items NUM03 NUMC 
69 TXGRU Text Name: Complimentary Close TDOBNAME CHAR 
70 TXGRULE_KK Use of Characteristic Values TXGRULE_KK CHAR 
71 TXGRVALT_KK Alternative Characteristic Value   CHAR 
72 TXGRVAL_KK Value of Grouping Characteristic   CHAR 
73 TXI01 Tax Type (IDE IDOC) CHAR2 CHAR 
74 TXI04 Tax Jurisdiction Key (IDE IDOC) CHAR2 CHAR 
75 TXI05 Tax Jurisdiction Code CHAR10 CHAR 
76 TXI06 Tax Exemption Code CHAR1 CHAR 
77 TXI07 Use of a Line (IDE IDOC) CHAR1 CHAR 
78 TXI20 Print Sequence Number (IDE IDOC) CHAR20 CHAR 
79 TXIDN Text ID (Numeric Part) CHAR2 CHAR 
80 TXIND Text Printed XFELD CHAR 
81 TXIND_007A Tax Category for US Taxes TXIND_007A CHAR 
82 TXINT Payed interests RMBET CURR 
83 TXINV Physical inventory status TEXT20 CHAR 
84 TXINVZ_KK Counter for Tax Invoice TXINVZ_KK NUMC 
85 TXINV_KK Number of Tax Invoice TXINV_KK CHAR 
86 TXITEM_POS_KK Positioning of Tax Items in Invoicing Document TXITEM_POS_KK CHAR 
87 TXITM Field of a tax form TXITM CHAR 
88 TXITRANSID External View of SAP Transaction ID TXITRANSID CHAR 
89 TXI_ALL_ORG Single archive for all organisational units XFELD CHAR 
90 TXI_DELETE Delete Archive? XFELD CHAR 
91 TXI_FWAERS Following currency in exchange rate quotation WAERS CUKY 
92 TXI_LWAERS Leading currency in exchange rate quotation WAERS CUKY 
93 TXI_SPOTDAYS No. of working days between contract date and spot date CHAR06 CHAR 
94 TXJCD Tax Jurisdiction TXJCD CHAR 
95 TXJCD1 Tax Calculation Location - Tax Jurisdiction Code 1 TXJCD CHAR 
96 TXJCD2 Tax Calculation Location - Tax Jurisdiction Code 2 TXJCD CHAR 
97 TXJCD3 Tax Calculation Location - Tax Jurisdiction Code 3 TXJCD CHAR 
98 TXJCDIND Indicator: Jurisdiction code used for tax calculation CHAR1 CHAR 
99 TXJCDLEVEL Jurisdiction level for which tax amount is calculated KNTYP CHAR 
100 TXJCD_ACTIVE Is jurisdication code active? BOOLE CHAR 
101 TXJCD_BNK Jurisdiction code for delivery costs TXJCD CHAR 
102 TXJCD_DEEP Tax Jurisdiction Code - Jurisdiction for Lowest Level Tax TXJCD CHAR 
103 TXJCD_LEVEL Tax jurisdiction code level CHAR1 CHAR 
104 TXJCD_LOG Logical tax jurisdiction code TXJCD CHAR 
105 TXJCD_NOCD_KK Jurisdiction for Tax Calculation - Tax Jurisdiction Code TXJCD CHAR 
106 TXJCD_NSTX Jurisdiction for tax calculation - tax jurisdiction code TXJCD CHAR 
107 TXJCD_POA Jurisdiction code "Point of order acceptance" TXJCD CHAR 
108 TXJCD_POO Jurisdiction code "Point of order origin" TXJCD CHAR 
109 TXJCD_SF Jurisdiction code "Ship-from" TXJCD CHAR 
110 TXJCD_SO Tax jurisdiction code (sales organization (curr. not used)) TXJCD CHAR 
111 TXJCD_ST Jurisdiction code "Ship-to" TXJCD CHAR 
112 TXJCO_KK Jurisdiction code (specified value) TXJCD CHAR 
113 TXJCO_POA_KK Jurisdiction Code "Point of order acceptance" TXJCD CHAR 
114 TXJCO_POO_KK Jurisdiction Code "Point of order origin" TXJCD CHAR 
115 TXJCO_SF_KK Jurisdiction Code (Ship From) TXJCD CHAR 
116 TXKEY Internal Key for Line Items - Long Text DOKU_SEQN5 NUMC 
117 TXKOM_KK Processing Command TEXT03 CHAR 
118 TXKOP Text Name: Letter Heading TDOBNAME CHAR 
119 TXKOSTA Description of putaway status for inbound delivery CHAR50 CHAR 
120 TXKRS Foreign Currency Translation for Tax Items TXKRS CHAR 
121 TXKRS_BI Exchange Rate for Taxes CHAR10 CHAR 
122 TXKRS_BKPF Exchange Rate for Taxes KURSF DEC 
123 TXKRS_O Obsolete: exchange rate for taxes: do NOT use KURSF DEC 
124 TXLAW_FROM Date from which tax law is valid. DATUM DATS 
125 TXLAW_TO Date until tax law is valid. DATUM DATS 
126 TXLET Tax indicator CHAR2 CHAR 
127 TXLEV Tax level TXLEV CHAR 
128 TXLFN Texts for access sequence numbers TXLFN NUMC 
129 TXLINE Text editor text line TXLINE CHAR 
130 TXLINENR Number of the first editor line displayed TDCURSLINE NUMC 
131 TXLINE_COUNT IS-M: Counter for Lines in a Text NUMC3 NUMC 
132 TXLLIMIT Left text display limit TXLLIMIT CHAR 
133 TXMAK Macro Description CY_CHAR40 CHAR 
134 TXMIT Description of product group member TEXT40 CHAR 
135 TXMN_CURR Currency in which transmission data has been reported WAERS CUKY 
136 TXMOD Tax Modifier TXMOD CHAR 
137 TXMTH Start of fiscal year, month TXMTH NUMC 
138 TXMTN Tax month number NUM2 NUMC 
139 TXN08 Number of the standard text TXN08 CHAR 
140 TXNAM Text key for standard text CHAR20 CHAR 
141 TXNAM_ADR Text name for form text module short address TXNAM16 CHAR 
142 TXNAM_ALL Text name for layout form text modules TXNAM16 CHAR 
143 TXNAM_ANF Text name of the vendor declaration request TDOBNAME CHAR 
144 TXNAM_FOOT Text name for printing the form module footer TXNAM16 CHAR 
145 TXNAM_FUS Text name for formula text module footer lines TXNAM16 CHAR 
146 TXNAM_GRU Text name for form text module: Greeting TXNAM16 CHAR 
147 TXNAM_HEAD Text name for printing the form module header TXNAM16 CHAR 
148 TXNAM_KOP Text name for form text module letter header TXNAM16 CHAR 
149 TXNAM_MA1 Text name of 1st dunning of vendor declarations TXNAM16 CHAR 
150 TXNAM_MA2 Text name of the 2nd dunning of vendor declarations TXNAM16 CHAR 
151 TXNAM_MA3 Text name of 3rd dunning of vendor declarations TXNAM16 CHAR 
152 TXNAM_RHM Outline text name for vendor declarations TDOBNAME CHAR 
153 TXNAM_SDB Text names for layout-set module SDS sender TXNAM16 CHAR 
154 TXNER Text Number TXNUM CHAR 
155 TXNRM Text number TXNUM CHAR 
156 TXNUM Text number NUMC5 NUMC 
157 TXN_SEQUENCE_NO Transaction Sequence Number NUMC4 NUMC 
158 TXN_USE Usage with Reservation CHAR1_X CHAR 
159 TXOBJ Text object for depreciation trace TXOBJ CHAR 
160 TXPAGENR Page number of current page TDVALUE NUMC 
162 TXPFL Text is mandatory or should be displayed TXPFL CHAR 
163 TXPOS Indicator: text item XFELD CHAR 
164 TXPOS_KK Tax Referemce (Tax Reporting) TXPOS_KK NUMC 
165 TXPOS_KK_DI Data Category TXPOS for Direct Input CHAR4 CHAR 
166 TXPRF Rounding rule TXPRF CHAR 
167 TXRELCLAS_TEXT Tax Relevance Classification Description TEXT50 CHAR 
168 TXREL_007A 'Tax Relevant' Indicator (Only for External Tax System) TXREL_007A CHAR 
169 TXREPT_KK Print Tax on Receipt XFELD CHAR 
170 TXRES Residence tax XFELD CHAR 
172 TXRESTRING Replacement term TXSTRING CHAR 
173 TXRFS Tax refund indicator TXRFS CHAR 
175 TXRLIMIT Right text display limit TXRLIMIT CHAR 
177 TXRUL_KK Update Rule for Tax and Tax Clearing TXRUL_KK CHAR 
178 TXSERV Tax Service Name TXSERV CHAR 
179 TXSIM PS text to desribe a simulation version X CHAR 
180 TXSKL Text for Time Transfer Type TEXT25 CHAR 
181 TXSKP_KK Cash Discount Percentage TEXT06 CHAR 
182 TXSKT_KK Discount Amount TEXT11 CHAR 
183 TXSRC Source field of calculation TXITM CHAR 
184 TXSTATUS ABAP Text element navigation: Special interface (LDB) CHAR2 CHAR 
185 TXSTA_CHAR Tax status CHAR2 CHAR 
186 TXSTA_D Filing status TXSTA NUMC 
187 TXSTK On strike indicator XFELD CHAR 
188 TXSUM Target field of arithmetic operation TXITM CHAR 
189 TXT Compensation type text TEXT30 CHAR 
190 TXT01 Note text TEXT60 CHAR 
191 TXT01A_VK Dunning variant description TXT50 CHAR 
192 TXT01_052 Description of the Validity Area of the Conditions TEXT50 CHAR 
193 TXT01_VK Name of Open Item Grouping TXT50 CHAR 
194 TXT02_052 Explanation of First Payment Term TEXT50 CHAR 
195 TXT02_VK Description of Summarization for OI TXT50 CHAR 
196 TXT03_009 Period name short text TEXT03_GJV CHAR 
197 TXT03_052 Explanation of Second Payment Term TEXT50 CHAR 
198 TXT03_VK Sort Description TXT50 CHAR 
199 TXT04_052 Explanation of Net Payment Term TEXT50 CHAR 
200 TXT04_1 Object status TEXT4 CHAR 
201 TXT04_2 Object status TEXT4 CHAR 
202 TXT04_3 Object status TEXT4 CHAR 
203 TXT1024 Text of Length 1024 TXT1024 CHAR 
204 TXT1024_CA Invoice Text   CHAR 
205 TXT120 Text with Length of 120 Characters TXT120 CHAR 
206 TXT16 Text (16 Characters Long) TEXT16 CHAR 
207 TXT1R_PAY Long text reference CHAR30 CHAR 
208 TXT1T_PAY Long text type CHAR02 CHAR 
209 TXT1_052 Text for 'Selection parameter' TEXT35 CHAR 
210 TXT1_054 Text for 'Vary values' TEXT35 CHAR 
211 TXT1_055 Text for 'Vary sets' TEXT35 CHAR 
212 TXT1_056 Text for 'Fixed values' TEXT35 CHAR 
213 TXT1_057 Text for 'Individual Values' TEXT35 CHAR 
214 TXT1_058 Text for 'Or set' TEXT35 CHAR 
215 TXT20 Text for Criterion TXT20 CHAR 
216 TXT20A Text for Criterion TXT20 CHAR 
217 TXT20_009 Period name long text TEXT20_GJV CHAR 
218 TXT20_053 Reason Code Short Text TXT20 CHAR 
219 TXT20_082E View name TEXT20 CHAR 
220 TXT20_082T Field group name TEXT20 CHAR 
221 TXT20_ALLG General descriptive field TXT20 CHAR 
222 TXT20_ANGT Asset short description TEXT20 CHAR 
223 TXT20_ANKT Short Text for Asset Class Name TEXT20 CHAR 
224 TXT20_ICRC03 Account Group Name TXT20 CHAR 
225 TXT20_KK Account balance: Modified list type TXT20 CHAR 
226 TXT20_SKAT G/L account short text TEXT20 CHAR 
227 TXT20_SKAT_RFPSD G/L Account Short Text TEXT20 CHAR 
228 TXT25 Text TEXT25 CHAR 
229 TXT255 Text of length 255 SYCHAR255 CHAR 
230 TXT25_055T Description of the field group TEXT25 CHAR 
231 TXT27 Text 27 TEXT58 CHAR 
232 TXT2_011 Text for 'Additional parameter' TEXT35 CHAR 
233 TXT2_012 Text for 'Choose values' TEXT35 CHAR 
234 TXT2_013 Text for 'Choose sets' TEXT35 CHAR 
235 TXT2_015 Text for 'Or value(s)' TEXT35 CHAR 
236 TXT30 Text TEXT30 CHAR 
237 TXT30_043T Name of Tolerance Group TEXT30 CHAR 
238 TXT30_077T Account Group Name TEXT30 CHAR 
239 TXT30_082H Name of screen layout rule TEXT30 CHAR 
240 TXT30_BETR Description of plant profile TEXT30 CHAR 
241 TXT30_KK Language-Related Text Field TXT30 CHAR 
242 TXT35_KONTO Short Text for G/L Account or Customer/Vendor Account TEXT35 CHAR 
243 TXT40 Text, length 40 TEXT40 CHAR 
244 TXT40_015X Name of Report Recipient TEXT40 CHAR 
245 TXT40_053 Reason Code Long Text TXT40 CHAR 
246 TXT45_011Q Financial statement item text TEXT45 CHAR 
247 TXT50 Text TEXT50 CHAR 
248 TXT50_011A Name of task TEXT50 CHAR 
249 TXT50_011E Name of schedule TEXT50 CHAR 
250 TXT50_ALLG General descriptive field TXT50 CHAR 
251 TXT50_ANGT Asset description CHAR50 CHAR 
252 TXT50_ANKT Asset class description TEXT50 CHAR 
253 TXT50_BLG Document text TEXT50 CHAR 
254 TXT50_F02H Account name TEXT50 CHAR 
255 TXT50_ICRC03 Account Group Description TXT50 CHAR 
256 TXT50_KK Text 50 Characters   CHAR 
257 TXT50_SKAT G/L Account Long Text TEXT50 CHAR 
258 TXT50_SKATWEB G/L account long text TEXT50 CHAR 
259 TXT57 Text TEXT57 CHAR 
260 TXT60 Text (60) SMO7_TXT60 CHAR 
261 TXT68 Text TEXT68 CHAR 
262 TXT70 Text continued CHAR70 CHAR 
263 TXT80 Status Bar CHAR80 CHAR 
264 TXTAB_001D Text Number for Sender Details in Letter Window TDFORMNEW CHAR 
265 TXTAB_001G Text Name for the Sender Details in the Letter Window TDFORMNEW CHAR 
266 TXTAB_042T Sender in Letter Window TDFORMNEW CHAR 
267 TXTAB_047I Text number for sender details in letter window TDFORMNEW CHAR 
268 TXTAB_FPM Text Module for Sender in Letter Window TDFORMNEW CHAR 
269 TXTAB_IMMO Text number for sender details in letter window TDOBNAME CHAR 
270 TXTACT_ITAGCY Description of Activity TEXT30 CHAR 
271 TXTAFILL Tables: Number of Lines TDFILL NUMC 
272 TXTAFIRST Table display: number of first visible line TDFILL NUMC 
273 TXTAG Text application area CHAR5 CHAR 
274 TXTAG_AU Lower Date Limit for Tax Postings To Be Considered DATUM DATS 
275 TXTAG_I_KK Clearing Reason CHAR80 CHAR 
276 TXTAL Alternative key word TEXT20 CHAR 
277 TXTALINE Tables: line number TDFILL NUMC 
278 TXTAPPLAR Application Area Description TEXT40 CHAR 
279 TXTAR Text type TXTAR CHAR 
280 TXTAR_KO Condition table: Propose text XFELD CHAR 
281 TXTAUFR Indicator: Call up long text for control key XFELD CHAR 
282 TXTAW Display text exists XFLAG CHAR 
283 TXTBA Payment procedure type TXT20 CHAR 
284 TXTBZ Name of company code assignment TEXT50 CHAR 
285 TXTCD Tax Type Code - US TXTCD CHAR 
286 TXTCDFE Problem Code Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
287 TXTCDMA Activity Code Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
288 TXTCDOT Object Part Code Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
289 TXTCDQM Short Text for Coding QTEXT80 CHAR 
290 TXTCDSA Short Text for Coding TEXT40 CHAR 
291 TXTCDSM Task Code Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
292 TXTCDUR Cause Code Short Text TEXT40 CHAR 
293 TXTCD_ITAGCY Description of Cash Desk TEXT30 CHAR 
294 TXTCURT2 Amount Text for 2nd Local Currency CHAR12 CHAR 
295 TXTCURT3 Amount Text for 3rd Local Currency CHAR12 CHAR 
296 TXTDA Description of date type CHAR20 CHAR 
297 TXTDA_EB Transaction date, format MONddyy CHAR7 CHAR 
298 TXTDIS Ind.: Display field description for outlined dimension? XFELD CHAR 
299 TXTDO_CA Explanatory Text for Document TEXT100 CHAR 
300 TXTER Message Long Text TEXT35 CHAR 
302 TXTFB_KK Account determination: Function module for reading text FUNCNAME CHAR 
303 TXTFD Text field CHAR78 CHAR 
304 TXTFG Tax wage type indicator TXATT CHAR 
305 TXTFIX Fixed Portion of Total Value of Cost Estimate CVAL8 CURR 
306 TXTFLD Field name of relevant label TEXT30 CHAR 
307 TXTFLD_LU Text Field CHAR50 CHAR 
308 TXTFO_NFOM IS-H: Text Module for Footer TDFORM CHAR 
309 TXTFR_NFOM IS-H: Text Module Free Text in Form TDFORM CHAR 
310 TXTFR_VK Deadline Variant Text TEXT40 CHAR 
311 TXTFT Comments: Text for foreign trade processing TEXT40 CHAR 
312 TXTFU_001D Footer Text Number in Word Processing TDFORMNEW CHAR 
313 TXTFU_001G Footer Text Name in Word Processing TDFORMNEW CHAR 
315 TXTFU_047I Footer text number in word processing TDFORMNEW CHAR 
316 TXTFU_FPM Text Module for Footer TDFORMNEW CHAR 
317 TXTFU_IMMO Footer text number in word processing TDOBNAME CHAR 
318 TXTGES Total Value of Cost Estimate CVAL8 CURR 
319 TXTGF Customer Text Determination Procedure - FI TXTGR CHAR 
320 TXTGR Text Determination Procedure TXTGR CHAR 
321 TXTGRP_ITAGCY Description of a User Group TEXT30 CHAR 
322 TXTGR_H Text determination procedure: Header TXTGR CHAR 
323 TXTGR_I Text determination procedure: Item TXTGR CHAR 
324 TXTGR_P Text determination procedure for billing item TXTGR CHAR 
325 TXTGS Short text for branch office TEXT20 CHAR 
326 TXTGV Text Determination Procedure SD TXTGR CHAR 
327 TXTGZ Central Text Determination Procedure TXTGR CHAR 
328 TXTHE_NFOM IS-H: Text Module for Letterhead TDFORM CHAR 
329 TXTHOL Display text for Handover Loc (name, city, country, street) TXTHOL CHAR 
330 TXTHR Text Line from an HR Form TEXT132 CHAR 
331 TXTID Text Number CHAR2 CHAR 
332 TXTID_001G Sender Variant TXTID_001G CHAR 
334 TXTKEY Text number CHAR4 CHAR 
335 TXTKO_001D Header Text Number in Word Processing TDFORMNEW CHAR 
336 TXTKO_001G Header Text Name in Word Processing TDFORMNEW CHAR 
337 TXTKO_042T Text Element for Letter Header TDFORMNEW CHAR 
338 TXTKO_047I Header text number in word processing TDFORMNEW CHAR 
339 TXTKO_FPM Text Element for Letter Header TDFORMNEW CHAR 
340 TXTKO_IMMO Header text number in word processing TDOBNAME CHAR 
341 TXTKR Fund description TEXT25 CHAR 
342 TXTKT Short text for time types TEXT5 CHAR 
343 TXTKY Internal text number (12-character) CHAR12 CHAR 
344 TXTKZ Indicator: long text exists FLAG CHAR 
345 TXTK_093S Short key word for value field in derived depreciation area TEXT10 CHAR 
346 TXTLF Copy texts from delivery note XFELD CHAR 
347 TXTLFN Additional text (sequential number) CHAR2 CHAR 
348 TXTLN Line length of standard text NUM03 NUMC 
349 TXTLN_VK Text line length (text module) TXTLN_VK INT4 
350 TXTLZ Description for time types TEXT25 CHAR 
351 TXTL_093S Long key word for value field in derived depreciation area TEXT20 CHAR 
352 TXTMA_CC Payment Cards: Text Module for MAIL TDFORMNEW CHAR 
353 TXTMG Description of Notification Reason TXT45 CHAR 
354 TXTMID Display Internal Name XFELD CHAR 
355 TXTML Automatic Mail when Texts are Received by EDI TXTML CHAR 
356 TXTMNT Flag: Maintain field labels AS4FLAG CHAR 
357 TXTMODE_ITAGCY Description of a Mode TEXT30 CHAR 
358 TXTMVL Display Contents of a Text Module XFELD CHAR 
359 TXTNA Name of the Standard Text TDFORMNEW CHAR 
360 TXTNM Text number TEXT2 CHAR 
361 TXTNN Text Name for Notification CHAR17 CHAR 
362 TXTNN_KK Account determination: Text field TXT70 CHAR 
363 TXTNO Text number P03_TXTNO CHAR 
364 TXTNO_KK Note for Clarification TEXT72 CHAR 
365 TXTNR Number of text last used TXTNR NUMC 
366 TXTNR_001D Number of the Standard Text TXTNR_001D CHAR 
367 TXTNR_050T Text Number TXTNR_050T CHAR 
368 TXTNR_5M1T 67 text number for tax return TXTNR_5M1T CHAR 
369 TXTNU Text number TEXT2 CHAR 
370 TXTOB Object for which the text group is created TXTOB CHAR 
371 TXTOBJ_1 Text of Object for Global Performance Analysis Log TEXT60 CHAR 
372 TXTOBJ_2 Text of Subobject for Global Performance Analysis Log TEXT60 CHAR 
373 TXTOBJ_3 Text of Subsubobject for Global Performance Analysis Log TEXT60 CHAR 
374 TXTORG_ITAGCY Description of an Organizational Unit TEXT40 CHAR 
375 TXTPA Display text for partners (name, city, country, street) TXTPA CHAR 
376 TXTPD_KK Text for Payment Specification Category TXT40 CHAR 
377 TXTPN_VK Item Category Description TEXT40 CHAR 
378 TXTPOS Position of a text in a list of texts AS4POS NUMC 
379 TXTPRI Priority type description KBCHAR20 CHAR 
380 TXTPRINTLOC_ITAGCY Description of a Callpoint from Smart Forms TEXT30 CHAR 
381 TXTPS Item text indicator XFELD CHAR 
382 TXTRN_KK Type of Reset, if Reset without Dialog TEXT50 CHAR 
383 TXTRU_I_KK Reason for Callback CHAR80 CHAR 
384 TXTRZ_KK Text For Payment on Account, Repayment, or Transfer Posting TEXT50 CHAR 
385 TXTSB_KK Text for the substitute document category TXT15 CHAR 
386 TXTSELECTABLE_ITAGCY Description of Cash Desk Status TEXT60 CHAR 
387 TXTSEL_ITAGCY Description of a Selection Variant TEXT30 CHAR 
388 TXTSE_NFOM IS-H: Text Module for Sender in Letter Window TDFORM CHAR 
389 TXTSG Job title text TEXT25 CHAR 
390 TXTSI_NFOM IS-H: Text Module for Signature Specification TDFORM CHAR 
391 TXTSJ Text of tax subject TEXT30 CHAR 
392 TXTSK Description for Time Transfer Type TEXT5 CHAR 
393 TXTSL Text key CHAR5 CHAR 
394 TXTSLART Solution Subtype Description TEXT40 CHAR 
395 TXTSL_042Z Text key for the code line on the form CHAR2 CHAR 
396 TXTSMART Problem Subtype Description TEXT40 CHAR 
397 TXTSP Output Text for Short Address of Forwarding Agent   CHAR 
398 TXTSR_VK Name of Sort Variant TEXT40 CHAR 
399 TXTST Occupational status text TEXT20 CHAR 
400 TXTSTATUS_ITAGCY Description of Status TEXT60 CHAR 
401 TXTST_KK Status Indicator - Open / Cleared TXT20 CHAR 
402 TXTSU Text (non-language specific) TEXT30 CHAR 
403 TXTSV Designation for SI body CHAR20 CHAR 
404 TXTTA_KK Partial clearing made TEXT35 CHAR 
405 TXTTEXT Text Line TEXT80 CHAR 
406 TXTTI PS text description CHAR20 CHAR 
407 TXTTK Text for DUEVO activity - Miners' and miner workers' insuran TEXT18 CHAR 
408 TXTU1_KK Explanatory Text for Line Item TXT70 CHAR 
409 TXTU2_KK Explanatory Text for Line Item TXT50 CHAR 
410 TXTUN_001D Text Number for the Signature Details TDFORMNEW CHAR 
411 TXTUN_001G Text Name for the Signature TDFORMNEW CHAR 
412 TXTUN_042T Signature/Form of Greeting TDFORMNEW CHAR 
413 TXTUN_047I Text number for signature specifications TDFORMNEW CHAR 
414 TXTUN_FPM Text Module for Signature/Form of Greeting TDFORMNEW CHAR 
415 TXTUN_IMMO Text number for signature details TDOBNAME CHAR 
416 TXTUP Text Update Flag YNFLG CHAR 
417 TXTUPL Text for Upload CHAR32 CHAR 
418 TXTUX_KK Explanatory Text for Line Item TXT30 CHAR 
419 TXTVALCA Validation Category Description TEXT40 CHAR 
421 TXTVI_VK Content text variable (text modules) CHAR40 CHAR 
422 TXTVR_KK Note to Payee in Payment TEXT80 CHAR 
423 TXTVT_KK Specification in Note to Payee CHAR30 CHAR 
424 TXTVV Short description of electronic acct stmnt rejection reason CHAR40 CHAR 
425 TXTVV_EB Financial Assets Management Information Field CHAR40 CHAR 
426 TXTVV_VK Clearing Variant Text TEXT40 CHAR 
427 TXTVW_KK Note to Payee in Payment CHAR80 CHAR 
428 TXTWE Output text for address (short format)   CHAR 
429 TXTXT Tax Status Text (not used) TXTXT CHAR 
430 TXTYP Text type for depreciation trace TXTYP CHAR 
431 TXTYP_011Q Text type TXTYP_011Q CHAR 
432 TXTZ1 First line of text for production resources/tools TEXT40 CHAR 
433 TXTZ2 Second text line for production resources/tools TEXT40 CHAR 
434 TXTZA Indicator: Item Locked by Payment Program TXT30 CHAR 
435 TXTZE Alternative Payee/Payer TEXT12 CHAR 
436 TXTZG Input data status CHAR35 CHAR 
437 TXTZU Allowance name TEXT25 CHAR 
438 TXT_044HT Description for Flat Rate TEXT50 CHAR 
439 TXT_083T Name of leasing type TXT50 CHAR 
440 TXT_AAUART Alternative sales document type TEXT20 CHAR 
441 TXT_ACCMETHOD Component-Dependent Header for ACE_ACCMETHOD Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
442 TXT_ACCRULE Component-Dependent Header for ACE_ACCRULE Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
443 TXT_ANGBI Date up to which a quotation/inquiry is valid TEXT20 CHAR 
444 TXT_ANGVO Date from which a quotation/inquiry is valid TEXT20 CHAR 
445 TXT_AUART Sales document type TEXT20 CHAR 
446 TXT_BUKRS Component-Dependent Header for BUKRS Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
447 TXT_BUTTON Text on Browser Button TXT_BUTTON CHAR 
449 TXT_CLASS ABAP text elemnts: Selection - class CHAR1 CHAR 
450 TXT_COLLECTION_TEXT_TYPE_CODE Proxy Data Element (Generated)   CHAR 
451 TXT_DATAREF_KK Reference to Data DATA REF 
452 TXT_DATA_PROFILE Long text for data profile TEXT30 CHAR 
453 TXT_DATEFROM Component-Dependent Header for ACE_DATEFROM Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
454 TXT_DATETO Component-Dependent Header for ACE_DATETO Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
455 TXT_DSOH_STATUS Component-Dependent Header for ACE_STATUS Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
456 TXT_DS_CURRENCY Component-Dependent Header for ACE_DS_CURRENCY Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
457 TXT_ERF020 Text for meter reading data entry CHAR01 CHAR 
458 TXT_FEVOR Description of production scheduler TEXT30 CHAR 
459 TXT_FLD Text field CHAR29 CHAR 
460 TXT_FLG Indicator: PS texts XFELD CHAR 
461 TXT_GRUND Text on reason for change to order TEXT15 CHAR 
462 TXT_ID With ID display CHAR1 CHAR 
463 TXT_KONSE Text entered in document FLAG CHAR 
464 TXT_KUNRG IS-M: Payer or field collector TEXT30 CHAR 
465 TXT_KUNWE IS-M: Ship-to Party TEXT20 CHAR 
466 TXT_LINE_KK Lines of Dataset   CHAR 
467 TXT_MABNR Material (order number) description TEXT20 CHAR 
468 TXT_MEMO LCHAR8192 - Text Memo TEXT8192 CHAR 
469 TXT_OBJ_STATUS Component-Dependent Header for ACE_STATUS Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
470 TXT_ORIGIN Approval Origin in Order TEXT40 CHAR 
471 TXT_PARAM_NAME Component-Dependent Header for ACE_PARAM_NAME Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
472 TXT_PAR_CONTENT Component-Dependent Header for ACE_PAR_CONTENT Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
473 TXT_PAYMTID_ITAGCY Text for Payment Method Identification TXT_PAYMTID_ITAGCY CHAR 
474 TXT_PLANNING_PROFILE Long text for a planning profile TEXT30 CHAR 
475 TXT_PROCTYPE Transaction Category Description TXT_PROCTYPE CHAR 
476 TXT_PROG ABAP Text elements: Selection - program CHAR1 CHAR 
477 TXT_REF_KEY Component-Dependent Header for ACE_REF_KEY Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
478 TXT_REF_SUBKEY Component-Dependent Header for ACE_REF_SUBKEY Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
479 TXT_SCH020 Text for estimation of meter reading results CHAR01 CHAR 
480 TXT_SONS20 Text for other parameters CHAR01 CHAR 
481 TXT_SPL Column text TXT_SPL CHAR 
482 TXT_SPLIT_PROFILE Long text for the combination criteria TEXT30 CHAR 
483 TXT_SUBID Component-Dependent Header for ACE_SUBID Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
484 TXT_TOTAL_AMOUNT Component-Dependent Header for ACE_TOTAL_AMOUNT Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
486 TXT_UMZ020 Text for move-in/out CHAR01 CHAR 
487 TXT_UNIT Component-Dependent Header for UNIT Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
488 TXT_USEREX Display: Payment Carrier Print Program Run with User Exit TEXT20 CHAR 
489 TXT_VALDATE_FROM Component-Dependent Header for ACE_VALDATE_FROM Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
490 TXT_VALDATE_TO Component-Dependent Header for ACE_VALDATE_TO Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
491 TXT_VALID Component-Dependent Header for ACE_VALID Column SCRTEXT_L CHAR 
492 TXT_VBELN Document number TEXT20 CHAR 
493 TXT_VORB20 Header for for meter reading order creation CHAR01 CHAR 
494 TXT_VRGNG Labeling activity TXT40 CHAR 
496 TXUNS_ARI Indocator: Select from available texts? XFELD CHAR 
497 TXVOR Text for transaction/event TEXT30 CHAR 
498 TXWKLG Description of plant and storage location CHAR50 CHAR 
499 TXWKN Tax week number NUM2 NUMC 
500 TXWRK Work area tax XFELD CHAR