SAP ABAP Data Element - Index N, page 24
Data Element - N
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 NO_EVENT Suppress events KENNZX CHAR 
2 NO_EWDIA IS-H: All Cases Without Referral Diagnosis XFELD CHAR 
3 NO_EXCYCH No Extrapolation During Change of Cycle KENNZX CHAR 
4 NO_EXTR Generation of Extract Suppressed NO_EXTR CHAR 
5 NO_EX_DATA Flag: No Extractor Data available CHAR1 CHAR 
6 NO_FABKL Do not use factory calendar X CHAR 
7 NO_FAIL Number of Incorrect Records SYST_LONG INT4 
8 NO_FAILS Number of Incorrect Records SYST_LONG INT4 
9 NO_FAKSK No selection of sales documents with billing block AS4FLAG CHAR 
10 NO_FHDIA IS-H: All Cases Without Department Main Diagnosis XFELD CHAR 
11 NO_FHDIAOU IS-H: All Cases w/o Department Main Diagnosis for OU XFELD CHAR 
12 NO_FIKEY_KK Reconciliation Key Not Required XFELD CHAR 
13 NO_FLAG Flag Indicating That Distribution Should Not Take Place XFELD CHAR 
14 NO_FULLSCREEN No full screen mode KENNZX CHAR 
15 NO_FUNCALL No of Function Modules for User-Defined Dependent Validation NUM3 NUMC 
16 NO_GATE_DET Switch: No Gate Determination XFELD CHAR 
17 NO_GENSEND General Forwarding Not Allowed CHAR1_X CHAR 
18 NO_GENTASK No General Task CHAR1_X CHAR 
19 NO_GLOB_NUMB Switch: No Global Numbering XFELD CHAR 
20 NO_GOM Flag: Do not execute goods movement (no goods movement) XFELD CHAR 
21 NO_GUESTS Number of Additional Guests NO_GUESTS DEC 
23 NO_IMPORT No field content import SYCHAR01 CHAR 
24 NO_INFO Customizing info (not) display flag XFELD CHAR 
25 NO_IP_DATA Flag: No IP Data available CHAR1 CHAR 
26 NO_ITEMS Indicator: Bill of Material Contains No Items CHAR01 CHAR 
27 NO_KALK Price Activation w/o Price Calculation XFELD CHAR 
28 NO_KALKPOS Order item is not relevant to calculation XFELD CHAR 
29 NO_KHDIA IS-H: All Cases Without Hospital Main Diagnosis XFELD CHAR 
30 NO_KONTT_DERIV_PS No Default Acct Assignment on RE Contract XFELD CHAR 
31 NO_LEAN_SUPPLIER Indicator: No Direct Read of Source of Supply XFELD CHAR 
32 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_ALL Deactivate Delivery Quantity Checks: All XFELD CHAR 
33 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_KZTLF Deactivate Delivery Quantity Checks: Partial Delviery XFELD CHAR 
34 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_MINMG Deactivate Delivery Quantity Check for Minimum Quantity XFELD CHAR 
35 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_MMLI Deactivate Delivery Quantity Check: Inbound Delivery XFELD CHAR 
36 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_MNG0P Deactivate Delivery Quantity Check for Quantity 0 XFELD CHAR 
37 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_PACKING Deactivate Delivery Quantity Check for Packed Quantity XFELD CHAR 
38 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_PICKING Deactivate Delivery Quantity Check for Picked Quantity XFELD CHAR 
39 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_SCMNG Deactivate Delivery Quantity Checks for Delivery Units XFELD CHAR 
40 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_SERIAL Deactivate Delivery Quantity Check for Amount of Serial Nos. XFELD CHAR 
41 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_UEBTO Deactivate Delivery Quantity Check - Overdelivery Tolerance XFELD CHAR 
42 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_UNTTO Deactivate Delivery Quantity Check - Underdelivery Tolerance XFELD CHAR 
43 NO_LFIMG_CHECK_VBUMG Switch Off Delivery Quantity Check for GR-Posted Quantity XFELD CHAR 
44 NO_LIFO List Materials Without LIFO Indicator XFELD CHAR 
45 NO_LIST Indicator: No selection list XFELD CHAR 
46 NO_MARA Do not check material master XFELD CHAR 
47 NO_MAXERR Maximum Number of Message Categories SYST_SHORT INT4 
48 NO_MD_PROC Indicator: no master data processing FLAG CHAR 
50 NO_MESSAGING No Message Determination XFELD CHAR 
51 NO_MESSGE_KK Do Not Output Message XFELD CHAR 
52 NO_MESS_UPD Switch: No Output Determination XFELD CHAR 
53 NO_MM_DATA Flag: No MM Data available CHAR1 CHAR 
54 NO_MONTHS Number of months FLTP FLTP 
55 NO_MR_REQUIRED Indicator: No Meter Reading Results Required KENNZX CHAR 
56 NO_MSG_DISP ATP Server: "Do Not Display Message" Indicator XFELD CHAR 
57 NO_NAT Indicator: Do Not Display Country-Specific Infotypes CHAR1_X CHAR 
58 NO_NEW_BBP Do not Create New Budget Billing plans KENNZX CHAR 
59 NO_NEW_KOPO Creation of New Condition Item not Permitted XFELD CHAR 
60 NO_NOTE Flag: Note cannot be stored CHAR1_X CHAR 
61 NO_OBJNR Number of Objects to be Processed NUMC NUMC 
62 NO_OBJ_POS No MM object possible XFELD CHAR 
63 NO_OF_DOCUMENT Number of Tax-Relevant Documents   INT4 
65 NO_OF_HEADERS_TO_PROCESS Number of Headers to Process CIM_COUNT NUMC 
67 NO_OF_TRIALS_ENQ Number of Checks for KIPL Locks SYST_LONG INT4 
68 NO_OPDIA IS-H: All Cases Without Surgery Diagnosis XFELD CHAR 
69 NO_OP_INTO Number of input operand in next step INT4 INT4 
70 NO_ORDERS Number Of Orders   DEC 
71 NO_OTHER No other object permitted KENNZX CHAR 
72 NO_OTHR_KK No other object permitted KENNZX_KK CHAR 
73 NO_OUT X = contained in field list, but not displayed XFELD CHAR 
75 NO_PARTNERS Number of Employees of Business Partners NO_PARTNERS DEC 
76 NO_PATCH Not Supplied with Support Package (-> 'X') CHAR1 CHAR 
77 NO_PERNR Number of Personnel Numbers   INT4 
78 NO_PICKING Indicator: not relevant for picking XFELD CHAR 
79 NO_POD Switch: No Proof of Delivery XFELD CHAR 
80 NO_POOL List Materials Without Pool Allocation XFELD CHAR 
81 NO_PP_EB Do Not Post Account Statement Subsequently XFELD CHAR 
82 NO_PRCTR Select Objects Without Profit Center Assignment XFLAG CHAR 
83 NO_PREDECESSOR Correct Entries Without Predecessors XFELD CHAR 
84 NO_PREVPER Number of comparison period NUM2 NUMC 
85 NO_PRICE Lowest Price Determination without Comparison Price XFELD CHAR 
86 NO_PRICING_COPY Suppress Pricing Copy CHAR1 CHAR 
87 NO_PW_RECORD No Password Data Record for BACSBOX/BACSWAY (GB) CHAR1 CHAR 
88 NO_REFNR Reference Number Does Not Exist CHAR1 CHAR 
89 NO_REMSYS_DLV_CHG Switch: No Cross-System Changes to Delivery XFELD CHAR 
90 NO_REPORT Flag: Creating report not in node BOOLE CHAR 
91 NO_REQMNTS Do Not Store Requirements Records XFELD CHAR 
93 NO_REQ_QUT Number of Request for Quotations   DEC 
94 NO_RESCHEDULING Switch: No Rescheduling XFELD CHAR 
95 NO_RESET Number of Correctly Reset Records SYST_LONG INT4 
96 NO_ROUNDING Indicator: Suppress Rounding in Purchase Order Item XFELD CHAR 
97 NO_SAMPLE_DEV Exclude devices from sample drawing in I/R/R KENNZX CHAR 
98 NO_SCHEDUL Do Not Perform Transportation and Delivery Scheduling XFELD CHAR 
100 NO_SD_PICK_LIST Switch: No SD Picking List XFELD CHAR 
101 NO_SEL_ESSR Do not display selection screen at program start XFELD CHAR 
102 NO_SEND Forwarding not allowed CHAR1_X CHAR 
103 NO_SER_ENQ No Block when Assigning Serial Numbers XFELD CHAR 
104 NO_SER_ENQ_EGERR No lock for Assignment of Serial Numbers for Dev. Info Recs KENNZX CHAR 
106 NO_SIGN X = value displayed without +/- sign XFELD CHAR 
107 NO_SIMDOCS Number of Simulated Billing Documents from Simulation Index CHAR2 CHAR 
108 NO_SP No-Blocking Field NO_SP CHAR 
109 NO_SRV No services: Limits only XFELD CHAR 
110 NO_STAFF Number of Employees NO_STAFF DEC 
111 NO_STATISTIC Suppress statistics KENNZX CHAR 
112 NO_STATISTICS Deactivate Statistics Update NO_STATISTICS CHAR 
113 NO_STORES Space management: Do not select any sites XFELD CHAR 
114 NO_SUB Service assignment screen: Direct call XFELD CHAR 
115 NO_SUCC Number of Successfully Processed Records SYST_LONG INT4 
116 NO_SUCCESSOR Correct Entries Without Successors XFELD CHAR 
117 NO_SUM X = No totals created for this field XFELD CHAR 
118 NO_SWITCH DD: Switch cannot (yet) be performed DDFLAG CHAR 
119 NO_TABIDX Number of missing indices/tables in MONI INT4 INT4 
120 NO_TAX_UPD No update of internal tax memory CHAR1 CHAR 
121 NO_TEXTS Switch: No Texts XFELD CHAR 
122 NO_TMP_NAM Indicator: no renaming of temporary file XFELD CHAR 
123 NO_TPRICEC Do Not Include Transfer Price from Legal View CHAR1 CHAR 
124 NO_TPRICEP Do Not Include Transfer Price from Profit Center View CHAR1 CHAR 
126 NO_TRCHE Switch for checks prior to change to type TRANSP AS4FLAG CHAR 
127 NO_TRFC Processing Without tRFC SYCHAR01 CHAR 
128 NO_TRIGGER POS Outbound: Do Not Create Trigger File FLAG CHAR 
129 NO_UC Switch Off Unit Costing for PS Claim XFELD CHAR 
130 NO_UNAMB_CHECK do not check for unique numbers XFELD CHAR 
131 NO_UNITIES No. of premises NUMC6 NUMC 
132 NO_UNITIES_TO Proration date for number of premises DATS DATS 
133 NO_UPDATE Suppress database update KENNZX CHAR 
134 NO_VALUE Object value does not exist XFELD CHAR 
135 NO_VBUND Trading partner cannot be entered XFELD CHAR 
136 NO_WHOUSE_DET Switch: No Warehouse Number Determination XFELD CHAR 
137 NO_WITHDR Indicator: Do not reduce planned quantity by withdrawal qty XFELD CHAR 
138 NO_YEARS Number of years FLTP FLTP 
139 NO_YES Label "NO" or "YES" for getting tables with RFC ("SAPOSCOL") CHAR3 CHAR 
140 NO_YES_FLAG Yes/no indicator (fixed values: Y and N) NO_YES_FLAG CHAR 
141 NO_YES_TYPE Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
142 NO_YES_TYPE1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
143 NO_ZERO X = zero suppression XFELD CHAR 
144 NO_ZONADJ No Price Block Adjustment NO_ZOANADJ CHAR 
145 NPACK Net weight of shipping unit CHAR11 CHAR 
146 NPACO Confirmation report number DEC2 DEC 
147 NPAGE Number of pages of processed input NUM3 NUMC 
148 NPAGE_F05A Required Page PACK2 DEC 
149 NPAMB Standard air pressure PAMB DEC 
151 NPARENTTYPE Type of Container (Parent) NPARENTTYPE CHAR 
152 NPART Type of guaranteed net amount NPART CHAR 
154 NPAYMENT Sequential Number of Payment NUM2 NUMC 
155 NPAYT Start from ESG for PCR CHAR1 CHAR 
156 NPAYTOTAL Total Number of Payments NUM2 NUMC 
157 NPBED Zero values transferred to MRP CHAR1 CHAR 
158 NPCO1 Indicator: Nuclear nonproliferation - NP column 1 XFELD CHAR 
159 NPCO2 Indicator: Nuclear nonproliferation - NP column 2 XFELD CHAR 
160 NPCUR Do not prepare exchange rates XFELD CHAR 
161 NPCUS Do not prepare customer data XFELD CHAR 
162 NPED1 End of iteration: Number of steps QANZAHL2 INT2 
163 NPED2 End of iteration: Percentage PRZ32 DEC 
164 NPED3 End of iteration: Number of steps QANZAHL2 INT2 
165 NPED4 End of iteration: Amount P_99D_WERT3 CURR 
166 NPED5 End of iteration: Percentage PRZ32 DEC 
167 NPEINH New price unit PACK3 DEC 
168 NPERI New current period MONAT NUMC 
169 NPERIO No. of settlement periods per settlement variant NPERIO NUMC 
170 NPERIVGL Number of comparison periods ANZAHL1 NUMC 
171 NPERIVGL_COSPHI Number of comparison periods (cosine phi validation) ANZAHL1 NUMC 
172 NPERIVGL_VERBVER Number of comparison periods (consumption ratio) ANZAHL1 NUMC 
173 NPERN Data Access Tax Audit: PU12 No. of Employees in Data File NUMC6 NUMC 
174 NPFLG New page per new employee XFELD CHAR 
175 NPFOA Do not prepare follow-on items XFELD CHAR 
176 NPLA1 Wage type for guaranteed net amount LGART CHAR 
177 NPLA2 Deduction wage type for guaranteed net amount LGART CHAR 
178 NPLA3 Wage type LGART CHAR 
179 NPLA4 Wage type LGART CHAR 
180 NPLA5 Wage type LGART CHAR 
181 NPLA6 Deduction wage type LGART CHAR 
182 NPLA7 Statement wage type for deduction LGART CHAR 
183 NPLAN Chart of depreciation of the receiving company code AFAPL CHAR 
184 NPLDA Next planned date DATUM DATS 
185 NPLDA_INT Planned date for maintenance call DATUM DATS 
186 NPLDO Last planned date DATUM DATS 
187 NPLDZ Completion for Predecessor DATUM DATS 
188 NPLNR Network Number for Account Assignment AUFNR CHAR 
189 NPLNR_VERSI CO Version for Networks COVERSI CHAR 
190 NPLVAR New Plan Version CHAR2 CHAR 
191 NPM301KB IS-HCM: Short Text for EDI Data Collection Point TEXT30 CHAR 
192 NPMAT Do not prepare material master data XFELD CHAR 
193 NPMEC Do not prepare material group data XFELD CHAR 
194 NPOLBE IS-H AT: Kennzeichen politischer Bezirk CHAR1 CHAR 
195 NPOOLENDE_KK Check Number Ranges: End of Interval (Inclusiv)   NUMC 
196 NPOOLNUM_KK Check Number Lot: Number from a Check Number Lot   NUMC 
197 NPOOLORDER_KK Check Number Lot: Sort Sequence for Lot NUM3 NUMC 
198 NPOOLSTART_KK Check Number Ranges: Start of Interval   NUMC 
199 NPOOLTEXT_KK Name of Check Number Lot CHAR80 CHAR 
200 NPOOLTYPE_KK Check Number Lot: Usage of Number Interval NPOOLTYPE_KK CHAR 
201 NPOOL_KK Check Number Lot: Name of Check Number Lot CHAR20 CHAR 
202 NPOS Position of field in the field string NUMC3 NUMC 
203 NPOSFLAG Item Selection Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
204 NPRCHR IS-H: Preregistration Type Characteristic NPRCHR NUMC 
205 NPRCTR Successor profit center PRCTR CHAR 
206 NPREI New Price WERT11 CURR 
207 NPRGCAPRI IS-H: Preregistration - Tab Page Priority NUMC2 NUMC 
208 NPRGETRBY IS-H: Preregistration Initiated By NPRGETRBY CHAR 
209 NPRGETRGP IS-H: Initiating Employee/Business Partner RI_KUNNR CHAR 
210 NPRGETRGPNM IS-H: Preregistration: Name of Initiating Employee/Bus.Part. TEXT50 CHAR 
211 NPRGETROE IS-H: Preregistration - Initiating Organizational Unit ORGID CHAR 
212 NPRGINSON IS-H: Preregistration - Insurance Tab Page On/Off XFELD CHAR 
213 NPRGNR IS-H: Preregistration Number NPRGNR CHAR 
214 NPRGOU IS-H: Org. Unit for which Patient Can Be Preregistered ORGID CHAR 
215 NPRGOUNM IS-H: Sequence of Org. Units for Preregistration NUMC3 NUMC 
216 NPRGPRCON IS-H: Preregistration - Procedures Tab Page On/Off XFELD CHAR 
217 NPRGREFON IS-H: Preregistration - Referral Tab Page On/Off XFELD CHAR 
218 NPRGREMON IS-H: Preregistration: Comment Tab Page On/Off XFELD CHAR 
219 NPRGTRMCTX IS-H: Preregistration: Context in "Srg./Treatment,Admission" NCXTYP CHAR 
220 NPRGVMA IS-H: Employee Responsible RI_KUNNR CHAR 
221 NPRIMSEG IS-HCM: Indicator Primary Segment in Message Type XFELD CHAR 
222 NPRMJ Number of pers.numbers for multiple payroll NUM4 NUMC 
223 NPRNA Processing routine for guaranteed net amounts CHAR5 CHAR 
224 NPROG Program which contains module NMODUL PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
225 NPROL Consecutive no. rollover round per rollover date NUM02 NUMC 
226 NPRTAVLEXBP IS-H: Preregistration Type Is Available for Business Partner XFELD CHAR 
227 NPRTAVLWEB IS-H: Preregistration Type Is Available in Internet XFELD CHAR 
228 NPRTFALAR IS-H: Preregistration - Case Type Proposal FALLART CHAR 
229 NPRTID IS-H: Preregistration Type Identification CHAR10 CHAR 
230 NPRTLBEGDT Preregistration - Service in Hit List From Date RI_DATUM DATS 
231 NPRTLENDDT Preregistration - Service in Hit List Until RI_DATUM DATS 
232 NPRTLTDOU IS-H: Preregistration Type - Limited Number of Org. Units XFELD CHAR 
233 NPRTNM IS-H: Name of Preregistration Type TEXT30 CHAR 
234 NPRTSN IS-H: Preregistration Type Identifier TEXT10 CHAR 
235 NPRTVBEGDT IS-H: Preregistration - Start of Availability RI_DATUM DATS 
236 NPRTVENDDT IS-H: Preregistration - End of Availability RI_DATUM DATS 
237 NPRTVPRIO IS-H: Prereg.- Priority of Prereg. Type for Initiating OU N1D003 DEC 
238 NPRTWLSTA IS-H: Preregistration - Default Waiting List Status CHAR2 CHAR 
239 NPRTWLTYP IS-H: Preregistration - Default Waiting List CHAR6 CHAR 
240 NPRTWZTMN IS-H: Prereg.- Desired Time Changeable after Scheduled Appt XFELD CHAR 
241 NPRT_NAME Preregistration Type incl. Treatment Org. Unit   CHAR 
242 NPSET Do not prepare sales sets XFELD CHAR 
243 NPSRL Special rule for deduction CHAR2 CHAR 
244 NPSRT Sort field for guaranteed net amounts CHAR2 CHAR 
245 NPST1 ER bears deduction in first iteration step XFELD CHAR 
246 NPSTN ER bears deduction in all further iteration steps XFELD CHAR 
247 NPTAX Do not prepare tax rates XFELD CHAR 
248 NPTOTAL Number of Pages Allocated SINT4_NOS INT4 
249 NPTXART Type of PS text to be copied into the purchase requisition TXTAR CHAR 
250 NPTXT Guaranteed net amount TEXT18 CHAR 
251 NPUSED Number of Pages Used SINT4_NOS INT4 
252 NPVRG Network activity VORNR CHAR 
253 NPYFP No payment due as no employees or subcontractors paid NPYFP CHAR 
254 NQNTDIGSIN IS-HCM: EDI - Number of Digits Used for File No. (Inbound) NUM02 NUMC 
255 NQNTDIGSOU IS-HCM: EDI - Number of Digits Used for File No. (Outbound) NUM02 NUMC 
256 NQNTMAILS IS-HCM: Number of Messages NUMC10 NUMC 
257 NR3ACTION Log file action performed NR3ACTION CHAR 
259 NR3DISTRUN Distribution run counter NR3DISTRUN NUMC 
260 NR3FDATE Created on DATUM DATS 
262 NR3FTIME Created at UZEIT TIMS 
264 NR3HIGH Auxiliary Structure for Translation NR3HIGH CHAR 
265 NR3KEY Translation: Text line key NR3KEY CHAR 
267 NR3LDATE Last Changed On DATUM DATS 
268 NR3LOW Auxiliary Structure for Translation NR3LOW CHAR 
269 NR3LSYS System of Last Change SYCHAR08 CHAR 
270 NR3LTIME Last changed at UZEIT TIMS 
271 NR3LUSER Last Changed by TDUSER CHAR 
272 NR3MAXLEN Translation: Max. length of a PC component text NR3MAXLEN NUMC 
274 NR3MLANG Original Language SPRAS LANG 
275 NR3NAME Project name NR3NAME32 CHAR 
276 NR3OPTION Auxiliary Structure for Translation NR3OPTION CHAR 
277 NR3RELE Release NR3NAME4 CHAR 
278 NR3RUN Log file run performed NR3RUN CHAR 
280 NR3SIGN Auxiliary Structure for Translation NR3SIGN CHAR 
282 NR3STEP Log file action step performed NR3STEP NUMC 
283 NR3STRING Project information NR3STRING CHAR 
284 NR3SYSDESC Translation system RFC connection description NR3SYSDESC CHAR 
285 NR3TDATE Date of Last Transport DATUM DATS 
286 NR3TLINE Translation: PC component text line NR3TLINE CHAR 
287 NR3TNAME Technical Name of a Project NR3TNAME CHAR 
288 NR3TSYS Original system SYCHAR08 CHAR 
289 NR3TTIME Time of Last Transport UZEIT TIMS 
290 NR3TUSER Last Transporter TDUSER CHAR 
293 NRABN Number of recipient ABNNR CHAR 
295 NRAEN Internal sequential engineering change number NRAEN NUMC 
296 NRAKZ Assignment of Repayment Balance - Monthly Claim NRAKZ CHAR 
297 NRANG Rank in section 3 of land register NRANG NUMC 
298 NRART Type of partner number NRART CHAR 
299 NRATE Monthly claim WERT05 CURR 
300 NRBEL Document Number NRBEL CHAR 
301 NRBLO_KK Number of Blocks that Contain Keys NUM1 NUMC 
302 NRBUFFER Buffer flag CHAR1 CHAR 
303 NRBUFFER_L Flag whether interval is to be saved in a local file CHAR1 CHAR 
304 NRBUFFER_S Flag whether interval is to be saved in a local file CHAR1 CHAR 
305 NRBVV HR-DSV: Co. No. for Suppl. Insurance for Bank Employees NRBVV CHAR 
306 NRCASE Number range object design type CHAR1 CHAR 
307 NRCHECKASCII Check External Intervals for Non-ASCII Characters in Numbers XFELD CHAR 
308 NRCODE CUA interface code CHAR20 CHAR 
309 NRCODE_OLD CUA interface code CHAR4 CHAR 
310 NRCPU Number of CPUs   INT4 
312 NRDAY Number of Days (Austria) DEC4_2 DEC 
313 NRDDTEXT Free goods: Text output for exclusive or inclusive TEXT9 CHAR 
314 NRDOCS Number of Print Documents E_DOCFLG NUMC 
315 NRDYN_KK Logical screen number in account transactions VKLNR_KK NUMC 
316 NREFE Reference number CHAR10 CHAR 
317 NREFERENCE IS-HCM: Specification on Contents of Message Field TEXT60 CHAR 
318 NREGEL Normal preference determination rule P_REGEL CHAR 
319 NREGIO IS-H AT: Kennzeichen Region/Bundesland CHAR1 CHAR 
320 NREIN Number of the presentation CHAR4 CHAR 
321 NRELE1 Test no. ranges, 1-character group elements NRELETEST2 CHAR 
322 NRELE2 Test no. ranges, 2-character group elements NRELETEST3 CHAR 
323 NRELE4 Test no. ranges, 4 figure group elements NRELE4 CHAR 
324 NRELE5 Test no. ranges, 1-character group elements NRELETEST5 CHAR 
325 NRELE6 Test no. ranges, 2-character group elements NRELETEST6 CHAR 
326 NRELE7 Test no. ranges, 4 figure group elements NRELETEST7 CHAR 
327 NRELE8 Test no. ranges, 4 figure group elements NRELETEST8 CHAR 
328 NRELE8A Number Range Test, Four-Figure Group Elements NRELETEST8 CHAR 
329 NRELEM number range group elements, e.g. material type, doc. type CHAR30 CHAR 
330 NRELETXT Number range elements text TEXT80 CHAR 
331 NRELTXTELE Element text table element field name FDNAME CHAR 
332 NRELTXTLNG Element text table language field name FDNAME CHAR 
333 NRELTXTOBJ Element text table subobject field name FDNAME CHAR 
334 NRELTXTTAB Element text table name AS4TAB CHAR 
335 NRELTXTTXT Element text table text field name FDNAME CHAR 
336 NREMARKCEX IS-H: EDI - Comment on excluded case (user-defined text) TEXT100 CHAR 
337 NREMFIN Number of Recipient Determination NREMFIN CHAR 
338 NRES1 Person Responsible for Activity CHAR40 CHAR 
339 NRES2 Person responsible for vacancy CHAR40 CHAR 
340 NRES3 Person Responsible for Reference Activity CHAR40 CHAR 
341 NRES4 Second person responsible for activity CHAR40 CHAR 
342 NRES5 Third person responsible for activity CHAR40 CHAR 
343 NRES6 Second person responsible for activity CHAR40 CHAR 
344 NRES7 Third person responsible for reference activity CHAR40 CHAR 
345 NRESDATE IS-H: Resource Date   DATS 
346 NRESTIME IS-H: Resource Time   TIMS 
347 NREST_DF05 Net Amount of the Total Difference WRTV7 CURR 
348 NREXP Flag for export of messages to store XFLAG CHAR 
349 NREXTNR Name of number range number field for ext.number ranges CHAR10 CHAR 
350 NREXT_FK_KK Number Range for Foreign Key Check for Ext. Number Assgt CHAR2 CHAR 
351 NREXT_KK Number range for external number assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
352 NREXT_MD Number Range for External Number Assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
353 NREXT_PS Number Range for Ext. No. Allocation (Contract Object) CHAR2 CHAR 
354 NRFAKTOR Factor for free goods (inclusive) FLTP FLTP 
355 NRFHG Material qualifies for discount in kind NRFHG CHAR 
356 NRFIRSTL nth entry is the first line NUM03 NUMC 
357 NRFLG Information up to Employee is required for a Tax Form XFIELD CHAR 
358 NRFROM From number CHAR20 CHAR 
359 NRFROM_ALV From Number CHAR20 CHAR 
360 NRFUNCPART maximum function part TEXT452 CHAR 
361 NRGEW Indicator whether discount in kind granted NRGEW CHAR 
362 NRGEW_MDG Indicator whether discount in kind granted XFELD CHAR 
363 NRGRPTXT Number range group text TEXT60 CHAR 
364 NRHIJ Number of children DEC2 DEC 
365 NRHMI Number of challenged children DEC2 DEC 
366 NRHRS Number of Planned Hours DEC5_2 DEC 
367 NRIMJAHR Issue number (in year) JNRIMJAHR CHAR 
368 NRIMJAHR2 Issue number affix for double issues JNRIMJAHR CHAR 
369 NRIND Internal (' ') or external ('X') number range flag XFELD CHAR 
370 NRIND_ALV Indicator: Internal (" ") or External "X") Number Range XFELD CHAR 
371 NRINSTANZ Instance name (Number ranges in distributed systems) CHAR20 CHAR 
372 NRINSTLG Enlarged instance name for local buffering CHAR43 CHAR 
373 NRINTNR Number range number field name for internal number range FDNAME CHAR 
374 NRINT_FK_KK Number Range for Foreign Key Check for Internal Number Assgt CHAR2 CHAR 
375 NRINT_KK Number range for internal number assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
376 NRINT_MD Number Range for Internal Number Assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
377 NRINT_PS Number Range for Number Allocation (Contract Object) CHAR2 CHAR 
378 NRIVBUFFER No. of numbers that must be held in the buffer NUM8 NUMC 
379 NRIVBUFF_L No. of numbers available in local file NUM8 NUMC 
380 NRIVBUFF_S No. of numbers available in local file NUM8 NUMC 
381 NRKEYPART maximum key part TEXT40 CHAR 
382 NRKMV Sequence Number for Miles/Kilometers Traveled NRBEL CHAR 
383 NRKRE Number range for external number assignment NUMKR CHAR 
384 NRKREIS Number range for customizing interest calc. CHAR2 CHAR 
385 NRKRI Number range for internal number assignment NUMKR CHAR 
386 NRLENDOM Number length domain DOMNAME CHAR 
387 NRLENGTH Number range field length NUM02 NUMC 
388 NRLEVEL Number range status NUMC20 NUMC 
389 NRLEVELA Current number NRLEVEL CHAR 
390 NRLEVEL_ALV Number Range Status NUMC20 NUMC 
391 NRLFD Sequence number CHAR2 CHAR 
392 NRLIF Number of vendor of material NUMC4 NUMC 
393 NRMARK Processing flag XFELD CHAR 
394 NRMAT Employee registration number NUM6 NUMC 
395 NRMAXL Number of Entries NUM03 NUMC 
396 NRMIT Number of product group member MATNR CHAR 
397 NRMNG Discount in kind: Inclusive bonus quantity of item MENG13 QUAN 
398 NRMONTH Number of Months E_MTHFLG NUMC 
399 NRNR Number range number CHAR2 CHAR 
400 NRNRBANK Number range ID for payment advice data CHAR2 CHAR 
401 NRNRELEM Name of the number range element field FDNAME CHAR 
402 NRNREPOS Number range ID for line items CHAR2 CHAR 
403 NRNRNAME Name of the number range number field for number ranges FDNAME CHAR 
404 NRNRSUBOBJ Number range table subobject field name FDNAME CHAR 
405 NRNR_ALV Number Range Number CHAR2 CHAR 
406 NROBJ Name of number range object NROBJ CHAR 
407 NROBJK Object Number in Subscreen CHAR30 CHAR 
408 NROBJLEN Number range subobject length NUM02 NUMC 
409 NROBJSTXT Number range object text TEXT20 CHAR 
410 NROBJTXT Number range object text TEXT60 CHAR 
411 NROBJ_ALV Name of Number Range Object NROBJ CHAR 
413 NROFITEMS Number of Elements   INT4 
414 NROLLNAME DD: New data element name RONAME CHAR 
415 NRORD_EBBE Statement sequence number CHAR3 CHAR 
416 NRORD_EBBE2 Statement sequence number CHAR3 CHAR 
417 NRORD_KKBE Statement sequence number CHAR3 CHAR 
418 NROWS Number of Rows in Table SINT4_NOS INT4 
419 NRPAG Number of salaries NUM2 NUMC 
420 NRPERC Percentage for warning message NRPERC DEC 
421 NRPERC5 Number Range: Percentage 5, Two Decimal Places NRPERC5 DEC 
422 NRPKF Key for calculation of plan fixed costs NRWTE CHAR 
423 NRPLIMIT Negative Invoice Verification tolerance limit WERT7 CURR 
424 NRPOS Current Entry NRPOS CHAR 
425 NRPROZENT Free goods: Percentage rate PROZENT052 DEC 
426 NRPVF Key for calculation of planned fixed consumption NRWTE CHAR 
427 NRQUAN Number of numbers to be assigned NUMC20 NUMC 
428 NRRANGE_M_KK Number Range for Parallel Mass Processing NRRANGE_M_KK CHAR 
429 NRRANGE_S_KK Number Range for Individual Processing NRRANGE_S_KK CHAR 
430 NRREC_EBBE Number of records from types 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 CHAR6 CHAR 
431 NRREC_EBBE2 Number of records CHAR6 CHAR 
432 NRREC_KKBE Number of records CHAR6 CHAR 
433 NRRETURN Return code CHAR1 CHAR 
434 NRRETURN_DEC Return Code   DEC 
435 NRRHM_KK Logical frame number per screen for the contract account VKLNR_KK NUMC 
436 NRS External Data Transfer: Find Number of Entry Records EDT_NRS CHAR 
437 NRSCR_KK Logical Subscreen No. in Transactions for Contract Account VKLNR_KK NUMC 
438 NRSOBJ Number range object subobject value CHAR6 CHAR 
439 NRSOBJNAM Subobject data element DDOBJNAME CHAR 
440 NRSOBJ_ALV Value of Subobject of Number Range Object CHAR6 CHAR 
441 NRSORTK Sort criterion number NRSORTK CHAR 
442 NRSTS_KK Number range status INT1 INT1 
443 NRSWAP Flag: No rolling of intervals XFELD CHAR 
444 NRTAB Group table name AS4TAB CHAR 
445 NRTABIX Index of incorrect line NRTABIX DEC 
446 NRTABLES Oracle: No. of tables analyzed in a certain time interval   INT4 
447 NRTEXTIND Display elements with text flag XFELD CHAR 
448 NRTO To number CHAR20 CHAR 
449 NRTOBUFFER To number of buffer interval CHAR20 CHAR 
450 NRTOBUFFER_ALV To Number of Buffer Interval CHAR20 CHAR 
451 NRTO_ALV To Number CHAR20 CHAR 
452 NRUNI Number of units NUM3 NUMC 
455 NRVHRP1001 Number Range Check HRP1001 CHAR1_X CHAR 
456 NRVHRPADNN Number Range Check HRPADnn CHAR1_X CHAR 
457 NRVHRPNNNN Number Range Check HRPnnnn CHAR1_X CHAR 
458 NRVHRTNNNN Number Range Check HRTnnnn CHAR1_X CHAR 
459 NRVPLOGI Number Range Check PLOGI CHAR1_X CHAR 
460 NRWFW Net invoice value (incl. discount + tax adjustment) in FC WERT7 CURR 
461 NRWHW Net invoice value (incl. disc. and n.d. tax adjustm.) in LC WERT7 CURR 
462 NRYEAR To fiscal year GJAHR NUMC 
463 NRYEARIND Flag, whether number range object is to-year relevant XFELD CHAR 
465 NRZAA_KK Repayment request NRZAA_KK CHAR 
466 NRZAS_CA Payment Form Number NRZAS_CA CHAR 
467 NRZAS_KK Payment Form Number NRZAS_KK CHAR 
468 NRZEILE Data Access Tax Audit: Line Number DDLENG NUMC 
469 NRZLG Registration Number for VBL NRZLG CHAR 
470 NRZUGMAICO Free goods: Note Icon: Additional material entered CHAR4 CHAR 
471 NRZUO_EB Allocation number of the item to be cleared ZUONR CHAR 
472 NR_BEZRUND IS-M: SDoc.number for standard del.exception in del. round NUMC3 NUMC 
473 NR_BILL_CONTR Number of billable contracts NUM04 NUMC 
474 NR_DYNPRO Screen number for batch input recording SYNUM04 NUMC 
475 NR_ERROR Number of meter readings with errors NUM04 NUMC 
476 NR_EXTENTS Number of extents DEC3 DEC 
477 NR_IMPLAUSIBLE Number of implausible meter readings NUM04 NUMC 
478 NR_KOMP No. of Components INT2 INT2 
479 NR_OF_VPS Informix Number of Virtual Processors SINT4_NOS INT4 
480 NR_PLAUSIBLE Number of plausible meter readings NUM04 NUMC 
481 NR_PROJECT Project Number for SAP Partner NR_PROJECT CHAR 
482 NR_PROJTXT Text free for projects of SAP partners NR_PROJTXT CHAR 
483 NR_RANGE_PO Number Range Number for Purchase Orders in Backend System CHAR2 CHAR 
484 NR_RANGE_RQ Number Range No. for PReqs in Backend System CHAR2 CHAR 
485 NR_RANGE_RS Number Range Number for Reservations in the Backend System CHAR2 CHAR 
486 NR_RESPONS Project manager (SAP partner) NR_RESPONS CHAR 
487 NR_STARTS Number of Change Versions per Week   NUMC 
488 NR_SUBNR Subgroup order NUM2 NUMC 
489 NR_TAB_ENT Number of entries in a table NR_TAB_ENT INT4 
490 NR_TEILABO Number for partial subs.notification (SC/carrier route) NUMC3 NUMC 
491 NR_UNITS Number of Units NUM3 NUMC 
492 NR_UPLOADED Number of meter readings uploaded NUM04 NUMC 
493 NR_ZAEHLER IS-M: Counter to distinguish entries with the same number ISP_ZAEHL NUMC 
494 NR_ZEILE Verifikation : Zeilennummer INT4 INT4 
495 NSACT Activity rank number CHAR3 CHAR 
496 NSAKZ IS-H: Record Type Initiates New Object XFELD CHAR 
497 NSAPSERVIC IS-HCM: Indicator that Field Is Not Supported by SAP System XFELD CHAR 
498 NSASG Activity rank number of headquarters CHAR4 CHAR 
499 NSCHE Name for different schema CSCHM CHAR 
500 NSCHED Indicator: new schedule set CHAR1_X CHAR