SAP ABAP Data Element - Index N, page 17
Data Element - N
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 N2_LOGPRINT Print Log (in Batch) XFELD CHAR 
3 N2_LOGSP Logical Column Identifier N2_LOGSP CHAR 
4 N2_LOTEXT IS-H: Text for Medical Localization N2_LOTEXT CHAR 
6 N2_LPROTOCOL Log Text for Transport Log   STRG 
7 N2_LSKOMPL Surg: Complication key N2_LSKOMPL CHAR 
8 N2_LTEXT_LINE PMD: Rows (c72) for Long Text Buffer N2_72LINE CHAR 
9 N2_LTE_CATEGORY Category of a Text Module of the LTE N2_LTE_TB_CATEGORY CHAR 
10 N2_LTE_SM_TAG Day Markers N2_LTE_SM_TAG CHAR 
12 N2_LTE_TB_DESCRIPTION Keyword of a Text Module of the LTE N2_LTE_TB_DESCRIPTION CHAR 
13 N2_LTE_TB_KEYWORD Code of a Text Module of the LTE N2_LTE_TB_KEYWORD CHAR 
14 N2_LTE_TB_LEVEL Level of a Text Module of the LTE N2_LTE_TB_LEVEL INT1 
16 N2_LTRET Long Text Back XFELD CHAR 
18 N2_LVBEZ Length of Identifier SCRLEN NUMC 
19 N2_LVVAL Length Value SCRLEN NUMC 
20 N2_MAINPROC Evaluation of Principal Procedures XFELD CHAR 
21 N2_MAPPLIK OR: Form of Application N2_TXT30 CHAR 
22 N2_MARK Checkbox XFELD CHAR 
23 N2_MARKC Select Lab Value with Comment XFELD CHAR 
24 N2_MARKI Display Services without Values XFELD CHAR 
25 N2_MARKNA Selection of Unreleased Orders XFELD CHAR 
26 N2_MARKNW Selection of Unreleased Lab Values XFELD CHAR 
27 N2_MARKP Display Unreleased Services (Preliminary Values) XFELD CHAR 
28 N2_MARK_ORDER Selection Code for "Order not Released" N2_MARK_ORDER CHAR 
29 N2_MASNAHM Sg: Anesth. Procedures (20) N2_CHAR50 CHAR 
30 N2_MASSNAH Sg: Anesth: Procedures N2_ANGERAE CHAR 
31 N2_MATSCH Material Consumed TARLS CHAR 
32 N2_MAXLZ Maximum Line Width for Lists SYST_SHORT INT4 
33 N2_MCHKCHA Check for Change Method XFELD CHAR 
34 N2_MCHKVAL Value Check Method XFELD CHAR 
35 N2_MCLOSE Close Method XFELD CHAR 
36 N2_MD5_HASH License Key   CHAR 
37 N2_MEDDOSI Medication Dosage N2_CHAR08 CHAR 
39 N2_MENGE Quantity N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
41 N2_MERKMAL General Control Indicator   CHAR 
42 N2_MESSAGE_COLLECT Collect Messages? (See Docu) N1I1 INT1 
43 N2_MESSID Message ID N2_CHAR20 CHAR 
44 N2_METHOD Processing Function / Action / Method FUNCNAME CHAR 
45 N2_MGET Get Method XFELD CHAR 
46 N2_MINIT Link module: Init. method exists (yes/no) XFELD CHAR 
47 N2_MINLZ Minimum Line Width for Lists SYST_SHORT INT4 
48 N2_MINTUB Multiple Intubation XFELD CHAR 
49 N2_MITARBK Employee Code CHAR10 CHAR 
50 N2_MITARBN OR: Title and Name of Employee N2_TXT060 CHAR 
51 N2_MITID Employee ID N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
52 N2_MITNAME Employee Name N2_MITNAME CHAR 
53 N2_MLDG30 Universal Message Text Length 30 TEXT30 CHAR 
54 N2_MLDG35 Universal Message Text Length 35 TEXT35 CHAR 
55 N2_MLNUMC3 Unit: ml NUM03 NUMC 
57 N2_MMHG Volume Entry NUM03 NUMC 
58 N2_MMMENG Material Quantity N2_MMMENG NUMC 
59 N2_MMMENGE Material Quantity N2_MMMENGE NUMC 
60 N2_MODCV Include 'CheckValues' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
61 N2_MODDA Include 'Create Document' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
62 N2_MODDE Include 'Document Start' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
63 N2_MODDEND Include 'End of Document' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
64 N2_MODDIS INCLUDE for user exit display PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
65 N2_MODDP Include 'Check Document' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
66 N2_MODE Parameter Mode (Controls the Action) CHAR3 CHAR 
67 N2_MODEOP Include 'Print Output' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
68 N2_MODEOS Include 'Print End' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
71 N2_MODGSD_DIA (Gen-1) Include for Standard Dialog User Exits PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
72 N2_MODMODIF INCLUDE for modification user exit PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
75 N2_MODPUSH Pushbutton: Function include PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
76 N2_MODPV Include 'Print Values' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
77 N2_MODSAV Include 'Save Document' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
78 N2_MODTOP Include Modules -Page Start- PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
79 N2_MODTOPI Top Include for User Exits PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
80 N2_MODTOR Include 'Print Start' PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
81 N2_MODUS_EXTKOD Mode when Calling External Coding Process N2_MODUS CHAR 
82 N2_MONITOR Monitoring Type N2_ANGERAE CHAR 
83 N2_MOPEN Open Method XFELD CHAR 
84 N2_MPAI After Entry Method XFELD CHAR 
85 N2_MPBO Before Output Method XFELD CHAR 
86 N2_MSAPSCRIPT SAPscript Write Method XFELD CHAR 
87 N2_MSAVE Save Method XFELD CHAR 
88 N2_MULTIP External Data Supply of a Multiple Structure XFELD CHAR 
89 N2_MULTV Dispatch - Multiple Dispatch N2_MULTV NUMC 
90 N2_MV_ADART Addressing Type CHAR3 CHAR 
91 N2_MV_ADART_TEXT Addressing Type Text TEXT30 CHAR 
92 N2_MV_ADART_UNIK Unique Indicator XFELD CHAR 
93 N2_MV_AGER_AKT Current Output Device RSPOPNAME CHAR 
94 N2_MV_AGER_FIX Output Device Indicator N2_MV_AGER_FIX CHAR 
95 N2_MV_AGER_STD Standard Output Device RSPOPNAME CHAR 
96 N2_MV_CONVERTER_CLASS Document Converter Class Name CLASSNAME CHAR 
98 N2_MV_EMPFART_ADRART Default Addressing Type CHAR3 CHAR 
99 N2_MV_EMPFTYP Recipient Category CHAR10 CHAR 
100 N2_MV_EMPFTYP_ADRART Default Addressing Type CHAR3 CHAR 
101 N2_MV_EMPFTYP_EDLG Dialog on Entry XFELD CHAR 
102 N2_MV_EMPFTYP_TEXT Recipient Category Text TEXT35 CHAR 
103 N2_MV_EMPFTYP_VART Default Dispatch Route CHAR10 CHAR 
104 N2_MV_EMPFTYP_VERD Recipient Hidden Indicator XFELD CHAR 
105 N2_MV_EMPF_KOP Number of Copies NUMC3 NUMC 
106 N2_MV_EMPF_TEXT Recipient Text TEXT100 CHAR 
107 N2_MV_EMPF_TEXT1 Free Text 1 (Address) TEXT72 CHAR 
108 N2_MV_EMPF_TEXT2 Free Text 2 (Greeting Form) TEXT72 CHAR 
109 N2_MV_EMPF_TEXT3 Free Text 3 TEXT72 CHAR 
110 N2_MV_EMTYP_CLASS Name of Recipient Type Module Class CLASSNAME CHAR 
111 N2_MV_FILTERVAL Filter Value for Konverter BAdI   CHAR 
112 N2_MV_FS_ANTXT Field Control for Form of Address Text N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
113 N2_MV_FS_EMAIL Field Control for Email Address N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
114 N2_MV_FS_GPART Field Control for Business Partner N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
115 N2_MV_FS_LAND Field Control for Country N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
116 N2_MV_FS_NAME1 Field Control for Name 1 N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
117 N2_MV_FS_NAME2 Field Control for Name 2 N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
118 N2_MV_FS_NAME3 Field Control for Name 3 N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
119 N2_MV_FS_NAMZU Field Control Name Affix N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
120 N2_MV_FS_ORGID Field Control for OU N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
121 N2_MV_FS_ORT Field Control for Place N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
122 N2_MV_FS_PSTLZ Field Control for Postal Code N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
123 N2_MV_FS_STRAS Field Control for Street N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
124 N2_MV_FS_SUSER Field Control for SAP Users N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
125 N2_MV_FS_TELFX Field Control for Fax Number N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
126 N2_MV_FS_TELNR Field Control for Telephone Number N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
127 N2_MV_FS_TEXT1 Field Control for Text 1 N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
128 N2_MV_FS_TEXT2 Field Control for Text 2 N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
129 N2_MV_FS_TEXT3 Field Control for Text 3 N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
130 N2_MV_FS_TITEL Field Control for Title N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
131 N2_MV_FS_VORSW Field Control Name Prefix N2_MV_FSTKZ NUMC 
132 N2_MV_LFDEM Recipient Sequence Number NUM5 NUMC 
133 N2_MV_PRIO Priority of Converter BAdI   NUMC 
135 N2_MV_RECIPIENT_NAME Recipient Name TEXT100 CHAR 
137 N2_MV_REF_DISPATCHER Dispatch Route Class Reference Type IF_ISHMED_MV_DISPATCHER REF 
138 N2_MV_REF_MODEL Model Class Reference CL_ISHMED_MV_MODEL REF 
140 N2_MV_RSTATUS Dispatch Order Status N2_MV_RSTATUS NUMC 
141 N2_MV_RSTATUS_DATE Status Message Date DATS DATS 
142 N2_MV_RSTATUS_ICON Dispatch Status Icon CMP_ICON_2 CHAR 
143 N2_MV_RSTATUS_TIME Staus Message Time TIME TIMS 
144 N2_MV_VERSWEG Dispatch Route CHAR10 CHAR 
145 N2_MV_VERSWEG_CLASS Dispatch Module Class Name CLASSNAME CHAR 
146 N2_MV_VERSWEG_MULT Multiple Dispatch Control N2_MV_MULTV NUMC 
148 N2_MV_VERSWEG_TEXT Dispatch Route Text TEXT20 CHAR 
149 N2_MV_VERS_LFDNR Dispatch Attempt Sequence Number NUMC3 NUMC 
150 N2_NAHT Suture AS4TIME TIMS 
151 N2_NAME Local Application File Name CHAR64 CHAR 
152 N2_NARK Narcosis Data Element (Fixed Values) N2_NARK CHAR 
153 N2_NEUGEB OR: Newborn care indicator XFELD CHAR 
154 N2_NOABSEN Document Category Without Abstract Design N2_NOABSEN CHAR 
155 N2_NOBEZ Indicator: Without Label XFELD CHAR 
156 N2_NOBEZ_FFRAME Suppress descriptor XFELD CHAR 
158 N2_NODE_TYP PMD: Node Type (Type of Object)   CHAR 
159 N2_NODE_VALUE PMD: Node Value (Key of Object)   CHAR 
160 N2_NOOUT Output of a Field N2_NOOUT CHAR 
162 N2_NOREFRE No Reference Key Returned XFELD CHAR 
163 N2_NORMAL Normal Lab Value N2_VALUE CHAR 
164 N2_NOTFALL OR: Emergency Surgery XFELD CHAR 
165 N2_NOTFREE Indicator for "Unreleased Findings" N2_CHARKUM CHAR 
166 N2_NOVALUE Selection Indicator for Services Without Value N2_CHARKUM CHAR 
167 N2_NO_AUTHORITY_CHECK Authorization Check ? ON (= 'X') and OFF (=' ') ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
168 N2_NO_POPUP No Dialog Box ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
169 N2_NQUERY Perform New Search in Every Case XFELD CHAR 
170 N2_NR_AUTOSAVE Save on Release XFELD CHAR 
172 N2_NR_READONLY Entry Lock for Date, Time, EmR (Obsolete) XFELD CHAR 
173 N2_NR_RO_DATE Entry Lock for Date XFELD CHAR 
174 N2_NR_RO_TIME Entry Lock for Time XFELD CHAR 
175 N2_NR_RO_VMA Entry Lock for EmR XFELD CHAR 
176 N2_NR_STORNO Canceled Entries On/Off XFELD CHAR 
177 N2_NR_SUPPLEMENT Supplements On/Off XFELD CHAR 
178 N2_NR_VIEWTYPE Layout of Nursing Report N2_NR_VIEWTYPE CHAR 
179 N2_NUMBER Number (Amount) of Dcouments INT4_NOS INT4 
180 N2_NUMC3 PMD: General Help Field NUMC3   NUMC 
181 N2_NUMOCC Number of Rows NUMC03 NUMC 
182 N2_NUMPROB Number of Taken Sample N2_SEQN4 NUMC 
183 N2_OB NAD (No Abnormality Detected) XFELD CHAR 
184 N2_OBJECT_SALE License Sales Description N2_OBJECT_SALE CHAR 
186 N2_OBJTYPE Object Type for Message: Header, Element, Table N2_OBJTYPE CHAR 
187 N2_OBLIG Mandatory Entry N2_OBLIG CHAR 
188 N2_OCC6 PMD: Row Counter for Display (NUMC 6)   NUMC 
189 N2_OFFSET Offset for Lists NUM03 NUMC 
190 N2_OPAART OR: Type of Anesthesia N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
191 N2_OPABDG OR: Coverage N2_CHAR30K CHAR 
192 N2_OPANAVS Surg.Document: Anesthesia Process Key N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
193 N2_OPANAVT Surg.Document: Anesthesia Process Description N2_CHAR30 CHAR 
194 N2_OPBEGPL Surg. Document: Planned Surgery Start N2_UHRZEIT TIMS 
195 N2_OPBER Patient Prepped for Surgery AS4TIME TIMS 
196 N2_OPBEREI Duration until Prepped for Surgery NUM4 NUMC 
197 N2_OPDATUM OR: Operation Date N2_DATUM DATS 
198 N2_OPDAUER Surgery Duration NUM4 NUMC 
199 N2_OPDIAGS Surg. Documentation: Surg. Diagnosis Code N2_CHAR20 CHAR 
200 N2_OPDIAGT Surgery Doc.: Surgery Diagnoses Description N2_CHAR50 CHAR 
201 N2_OPDIAS1 Diagnosis Code N2_CHAR08 CHAR 
202 N2_OPDOKOE Presetting for Documenting OU in Surgery Docs N2_OPDOKOE CHAR 
203 N2_OPDRING Surgery: Priority N2_OPDRING CHAR 
204 N2_OPERAT Executor of the examination N2_OPERAT CHAR 
205 N2_OPFABT Operating Department N2_OPFABT CHAR 
206 N2_OPFACH OR: Operating Department ORGID CHAR 
207 N2_OPGLEI OR: Lubricant N2_CHAR30K CHAR 
208 N2_OPHARNA OR: Catheter N2_CHAR30K CHAR 
209 N2_OPINDIK Surgery Doc.: Surgery Indication N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
210 N2_OPMAEND End of Surgical Procedures AS4TIME TIMS 
211 N2_OPMATVS Surg. Doc.: Key for Consumed Material N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
212 N2_OPMATVT Surg. Doc.: Text of Consumed Material N2_CHAR30 CHAR 
213 N2_OPNACB Surgery Cleanup NUM4 NUMC 
214 N2_OPNR Surgery Number N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
215 N2_OPORT Anesthesia: Entry of Incision Site N2_OPORT CHAR 
216 N2_OPPROZS Op.Documentation: Procedures Key N2_CHAR20 CHAR 
217 N2_OPPROZT Procedures Description N2_CHAR50 CHAR 
218 N2_OPROOM Operating Room BAUID CHAR 
219 N2_OPSAAL Surg. Documentation: Number of Operating Room ORGID CHAR 
220 N2_OPTBEM Option: Comment on EDM Diagnoses XFELD CHAR 
221 N2_OPTECH OR: Technical Devices N2_CHAR30K CHAR 
222 N2_OPTFUNK Surg. Documentation: Surgery Team Functions N2_CHAR20 CHAR 
223 N2_OPTISCH Op.Table N2_CHAR15 CHAR 
224 N2_OPTKTX Option: Catalog Text in EDM Diagnoses Free Text XFELD CHAR 
225 N2_OPTKY2 Option: Key for External Data Module Diagnoses XFELD CHAR 
226 N2_OPTNAME Surg. Documentation: Names of Team Members N2_CHAR50 CHAR 
227 N2_OPTRKY Option: Reference Key XFELD CHAR 
228 N2_OPTWIN Options Window for EDM Parameter Struc XFELD CHAR 
229 N2_OPVORB Surg. Preparation NUM4 NUMC 
230 N2_OPZEIT Surgery Times N2_OPZEIT CHAR 
231 N2_OPZUTYP Assignment Type for Use in Document Profile N2_OPZUTYP CHAR 
232 N2_ORGERB Performing Organizational Unit ORGID CHAR 
233 N2_ORGFA Departmental Organizational Unit ORGID CHAR 
234 N2_ORGPF Nursing Organizational Unit ORGID CHAR 
235 N2_OUTPUTLEN Standard output length DDLENG NUMC 
236 N2_P120 Pushbutton - n Minutes Ago CHAR5 CHAR 
237 N2_PACSID Code of the PACS N2_PACSID CHAR 
238 N2_PARAMNR Position of Service Within Group N2_NUM3 NUMC 
239 N2_PARAMST PMD: Fixed Parameters for Query Routine TEXT65 CHAR 
240 N2_PARAM_CHECK Link Module: Controls the DocCheck Phase N2_LINKPARAM CHAR 
241 N2_PARAM_END Link Module: Controls the DocEnd Phase N2_LINKPARAM CHAR 
242 N2_PARAM_EXP Link Module: Controls the Data Export Phase N2_LINKPARAM CHAR 
243 N2_PARAM_IMP Link Module: Controls the Data Import Phase N2_LINKPARAM CHAR 
244 N2_PARAM_INS Link Module: Controls the Create Document Phase N2_LINKPARAM CHAR 
245 N2_PARAM_PAI Link Module: Controls the PAI (Command) Phase N2_LINKPARAM CHAR 
246 N2_PARAM_PBO Link Module: Controls the PBO Phase N2_LINKPARAM CHAR 
247 N2_PARAM_SAVE Link Module: Controls the Save Phase N2_LINKPARAM CHAR 
248 N2_PARAM_START Link Module: Controls the DocStart phase N2_LINKPARAM CHAR 
249 N2_PARENT Assigned Lab Order N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
250 N2_PARSTR Parameter Structure for External Data Module AS4TAB CHAR 
251 N2_PATDETAILS Display Patient Details XFELD CHAR 
252 N2_PATDIA Option: All Patient-Related Diagnoses XFELD CHAR 
253 N2_PATENR Institution in Patient Header TEXT15 CHAR 
254 N2_PATGEB Birthdate in Patient Header N2_DATUM DATS 
255 N2_PATGES Patient Sex N2_PATGES CHAR 
256 N2_PATHCHAR Separator for Pathological Indicator N2_PATHCHAR CHAR 
257 N2_PATHL Flag, Whether Only Pathological Values XFELD CHAR 
258 N2_PATID Patient ID in Patient Header TEXT30 CHAR 
259 N2_PATNAM Patient Name TEXT30 CHAR 
260 N2_PBAPP Pushbutton for Application TEXT03 CHAR 
261 N2_PBCONTEXT Content Reference to a Nursing Report Entry CHAR80 CHAR 
262 N2_PBDAT Date when Nursing Report Was Created RI_DATUM DATS 
263 N2_PBKEY Key of Nursing Report Entry (Obsolete) SYST_LONG INT4 
264 N2_PBKID Code of Basic Nursing Catalog N2_PBKID CHAR 
265 N2_PBKKTXT Short Text of Basic Nursing Catalog Entry TEXT30 CHAR 
266 N2_PBKTXT Text of the Basic Nursing Catalog Entry TEXT80 CHAR 
267 N2_PBKTYP Category of Basic Nursing Catalog N2_PBKTYP CHAR 
268 N2_PBNACH Supplement Indic. for Nursing Report Documentation XFELD CHAR 
269 N2_PBOKEY Key for Table Access N1KEY CHAR 
270 N2_PBSTAT Status Indicator for Nursing Report Documentation XFELD CHAR 
271 N2_PBSTKTXT Standardized DescText for Basic Catalog Entries CHAR50 CHAR 
272 N2_PBSTTXT Standardized Short Text for Basic Catalog Entries CHAR150 CHAR 
273 N2_PBTYP Type of Nursing Report Entry N2_PBTYP CHAR 
274 N2_PBVMANAME Name of Employee (EmR) ISH30 CHAR 
275 N2_PBZT Time of Nursing Report Creation UHRZT TIMS 
277 N2_PCODE Special Indicator (Presentation Code) CHAR4 CHAR 
278 N2_PCSTORELOC Storage / Storage Location N2_PCSTORELOC CHAR 
279 N2_PFETTBZ Identifier Bold? (Yes/No) XFELD CHAR 
280 N2_PFETTVL Value Bold? (Yes/No) XFELD CHAR 
281 N2_PFLEVEL Path Level of Documentation Element NUM02 NUMC 
282 N2_PIC_ROW Picture for a Row (Status)   CHAR 
283 N2_PIC_STUDY Picture of a Study   CHAR 
284 N2_PKEYBIS Nursing Key Within a Basic Nursing Catalog N2_PBKID CHAR 
285 N2_PKEYVON Nursing Key Within a Basic Nursing Catalog N2_PBKID CHAR 
286 N2_PKURSBZ Identifier in Italics? XFELD CHAR 
287 N2_PKURSVL Value in Italics? XFELD CHAR 
288 N2_PLABB Pushbutton for Cumulative Lab Findings CHAR01 CHAR 
289 N2_PMDC200 PMD: 200 Characters N2_PMDC200 CHAR 
291 N2_PMDFUNC PMD: Name of Dynamically Called Function Module FUNCNAME CHAR 
292 N2_PMDFUNC13 PMD: Name of Function Module FUNCNAME CHAR 
293 N2_PMDPVB_DELETE_EMPTY_ENTRY Save blank nursing report entry without query?   CHAR 
294 N2_POLYTR Surg: Polytrauma indicator XFELD CHAR 
295 N2_POPDOK Dialog Box Indic. for Querying Addit. Admin.Data XFELD CHAR 
296 N2_POPONLY Evaluate Main Surgery XFELD CHAR 
297 N2_PORT Port INT4 INT4 
298 N2_POS Item of Lab Values in Document N2_NUM3 NUMC 
299 N2_POSITION Current Item when Scrolling through Documents INT4_NOS INT4 
300 N2_POSTAN OR: Post-Anesthesia Rounds XFELD CHAR 
301 N2_PPCDE Pushbutton for 'Set Special Indicator' CHAR01 CHAR 
302 N2_PRGDLG Name of Dialog Application PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
303 N2_PRGEOP Form Routine 'Print Output' FUNCNAME CHAR 
304 N2_PRGREP Name of Print Program PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
305 N2_PRGTOP Name of Module for -Top of Page- FUNCNAME CHAR 
306 N2_PRIEND_GSD (Standard) User Exit PrintEND FUNCNAME CHAR 
307 N2_PRIEND_PRE (Customer) User Exit PrintEND before Standard FUNCNAME CHAR 
309 N2_PRINTFORM Activate With-Form Printing XFELD CHAR 
310 N2_PRINT_INLINE PMD: Print Inline   CHAR 
311 N2_PRINT_NEW PMD: Use New Print Technology N2_PRINT_NEW CHAR 
312 N2_PRIO Sequence of Doc. Category in Assignment (Profile) NUM02 NUMC 
313 N2_PRIO3 Priority Sequence Order - 3 Figure NUM03 NUMC 
314 N2_PRIOPT Print option N2_OPTION CHAR 
316 N2_PRIOUT_GSD (Standard) User Exit PrintOUTPUT FUNCNAME CHAR 
317 N2_PRIOUT_PRE (Customer) User Exit Print OUTPUT before Standard FUNCNAME CHAR 
318 N2_PRISONST Check Other Print Parameters XFELD CHAR 
319 N2_PRISTART_GSD (Standard) User Exit PrintSTART FUNCNAME CHAR 
320 N2_PRISTART_PRE (Customer) User Exit PrintSTART before Standard FUNCNAME CHAR 
322 N2_PROBEN OR: Type of Sample Taken N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
323 N2_PRODRUN Update Run (DB Changes) CHAR1 CHAR 
324 N2_PROGID Desktop Application Program ID TEXT30 CHAR 
325 N2_PROGKB Short Text of Program TEXT15 CHAR 
326 N2_PROGR Module Pool Name PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
327 N2_PROGRAM Name of a Desktop Application CHAR32 CHAR 
328 N2_PROGRAM_TEXT Long Text of a Desktop Application TEXT80 CHAR 
329 N2_PROPNAME Name of Characteristic N2_PROPNAME CHAR 
330 N2_PROPT Param.doc: Print option N2_OPTION CHAR 
331 N2_PROPVALUE Value of Characteristic N2_PROPVALUE CHAR 
332 N2_PROTV Dispatch - Logging N2_PROTV NUMC 
333 N2_PRTEXT Text for Diagnosis Priority N2_PRTEXT CHAR 
334 N2_PRZ_ALLOW_HIE Checkbox: Hierarchy Expanded On/Off XFELD CHAR 
335 N2_PRZ_ALLOW_KEY Checkbox: Allow SPC Name Change XFELD CHAR 
336 N2_PRZ_ALLOW_SEL Checkbox: Folder Selectable Allowed XFELD CHAR 
337 N2_PRZ_ALLOW_ZEIT Checkbox: Time Transfer On/Off XFELD CHAR 
338 N2_PRZ_BER_CHECK Checkbox: OU-Related Authorization On/Off XFELD CHAR 
340 N2_PRZ_HIT_BEZ IS-H*MED: More Specific Name of SPC Hit List TEXT80 CHAR 
341 N2_PRZ_HIT_DIS Release Hit List for Cross-OU Display/Copying XFELD CHAR 
342 N2_PRZ_HIT_NAME IS-H*MED: Name of SPC Hit List   CHAR 
343 N2_PRZ_HIT_USE Release Hit List for Cross-OU Use XFELD CHAR 
344 N2_PRZ_LFDNR IS-H*MED: Sequence Number per Hit List   NUMC 
345 N2_PRZ_MAXNR Maximum Number of Entries per Hit List   NUMC 
346 N2_PRZ_NKRS_DAT Sequence Number of SPC Hit List   NUMC 
347 N2_PRZ_OPS_ID IS-H*MED: Key of Procedure ID TEXT10 CHAR 
348 N2_PRZ_OPS_TXT IS-H*MED: Procedure Text TEXT80 CHAR 
349 N2_PSCIPRG SAPscript control program PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
350 N2_PSID Identification of Standardized Nursing Plan Catalog N2_PSID CHAR 
351 N2_PSKID Coding of the Standardized Nursing Plan N2_PSKID CHAR 
352 N2_PSKKTXT Short Text of Standardized Nursing Catalog Entry TEXT30 CHAR 
353 N2_PSKTXT Text of Standardized Nursing Plan Catalog Entry TEXT80 CHAR 
354 N2_PSSTKTXT Standardized DescText f. Nursing Standard Catalog CHAR50 CHAR 
355 N2_PSSTTXT Standardized Short Text f.Nursing Standard Catalog CHAR150 CHAR 
356 N2_PSTATUS Status of the prefetch rule: active, inactive N2_PSTATUS CHAR 
357 N2_PTXTEL Text Element in SAPscript Form N2_PTXTEL CHAR 
358 N2_PULINBZ Identifier Underlined? XFELD CHAR 
359 N2_PULINVL Value Underlined? XFELD CHAR 
360 N2_PUPILLE Pupil Findings in Surgery Anamnesis Form N2_PUPILLE CHAR 
361 N2_PUSHLNG_TOTAL Total length of the pushbutton N2_LNG_TOTAL NUMC 
362 N2_PW1AFBZ Window1: Paragraph Format Descriptor N2_ABSFORM CHAR 
363 N2_PW1AFVL Window1: Paragraph Format Value N2_ABSFORM CHAR 
364 N2_PW1CFBZ 1st Character Format for Label N2_CHRFOR CHAR 
365 N2_PW1CFVL 1st Character Format for Value N2_CHRFOR CHAR 
366 N2_PW1NAME Window name N2_WINNAM CHAR 
367 N2_PW1SQBZ Sequence Order in View NUM05 NUMC 
368 N2_PW1SQVL Print Sequence NUM05 NUMC 
369 N2_PW1SUPR Suppress descriptor when no data XFELD CHAR 
370 N2_PW1XBEZ Window1: X Position Descriptor NUM03 NUMC 
371 N2_PW1XVAL Window1: X Position Value NUM03 NUMC 
372 N2_PW1YBEZ Window1: Y Position Descriptor NUM04 NUMC 
373 N2_PW1YVAL Window1: Y Position Value NUM04 NUMC 
374 N2_PW2AFBZ Window2: Paragraph Format Descriptor N2_ABSFORM CHAR 
375 N2_PW2AFVL Window2: Paragraph Format Value N2_ABSFORM CHAR 
376 N2_PW2CFBZ 2nd Character Format for Value N2_CHRFOR CHAR 
377 N2_PW2CFVL 2nd Character Format for Value N2_CHRFOR CHAR 
378 N2_PW2NAME Window2: Name N2_WINNAM CHAR 
379 N2_PW2SQBZ Window2: Seq. Descriptor NUM05 NUMC 
380 N2_PW2SQVL Window2: SeqVal NUM05 NUMC 
381 N2_PW2SUPR Expand Table XFELD CHAR 
382 N2_PW2XBEZ Line Feed NUM03 NUMC 
383 N2_PW2XVAL Window2: X Position Value NUM03 NUMC 
384 N2_PW2YBEZ Window2: Y Item Descriptor NUM04 NUMC 
385 N2_PW2YVAL Window2: Y Item Value NUM04 NUMC 
386 N2_PZIELTAG Reaching Nursing Goal in x Days NUM4 NUMC 
387 N2_QPEXTRA Further Query Parameters for External Data Module TEXT80 CHAR 
388 N2_QS1AFA Med.Specialist 1st Assistant for QA with FR and PS N2_QS1AFA CHAR 
389 N2_QSAKENT Acute Inflammation Indicator for QA for FR and PS XFELD CHAR 
390 N2_QSANARE Regional Anesthesia Indic. for QA for FR and PS N2_QSANARE CHAR 
391 N2_QSDAUTG Duration in Days for QA for FR and PS N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
392 N2_QSDIAG Diagnosis Code for QA for FR and PS DIAID CHAR 
393 N2_QSFABT Department Code for QA with FR and PS ISH_FACHR CHAR 
394 N2_QSFPNR Flat Rate Number in QA with FR and PS N2_CHAR6 CHAR 
395 N2_QSJLEER Y / Blank Field for QA with FR and PS N2_QSJLEER CHAR 
396 N2_QSJN IS-H*MED: Yes / No Indicator Coded 1 or 0 N2_QSJN CHAR 
397 N2_QSOPPF Qualification of OR Nurse for QA for FR/PS N2_QSOPPF CHAR 
398 N2_QSOPS OPS Code (applicable in Germany) N2_OPS CHAR 
399 N2_QSSEX Sex for the QA with FR and PS N2_CHAR1 CHAR 
400 N2_RAD_PARAM RAD: Parameters   CHAR 
401 N2_RAD_WERT RAD: Value of General Parameter N2RAD_VALUE CHAR 
402 N2_RATEXT Recipient Type Text N2_TXT35 CHAR 
403 N2_RAW2 RAW Field with Length 2 N2_RAW2 RAW 
405 N2_RAWSTRING Byte String of Variable Length   RSTR 
406 N2_RBABSMB Radio Button to Update Within the Param. Doc. XFELD CHAR 
407 N2_RBABSOB Radio Button to Update Within the Param. Doc. XFELD CHAR 
408 N2_RBEZP Tab page for Reference Level Patient CHAR01 CHAR 
409 N2_RBKEINE Radiobutton -No Default- XFELD CHAR 
410 N2_RBKONMB Radio Button to Update Within the Param. Doc. XFELD CHAR 
411 N2_RBKONOB Radio Button to Update Within the Param. Doc. XFELD CHAR 
412 N2_RBPADOK Radiobutton -Document Conversion Param. Docu.- XFELD CHAR 
413 N2_RBPCDOK Radio Button -Document Conversion PC Document- XFELD CHAR 
414 N2_RBTDTM1 RButton: Doc.Cat.Transp.Variant w.Definite Design XFELD CHAR 
415 N2_RBTDTM2 RButton: Doc.Cat.Transp.Variants w.Abstract Design XFELD CHAR 
416 N2_RBTDTM3 Radio Button: Doc.Categ. Transp. Variants Complete XFELD CHAR 
417 N2_RBTRANSARTB RButton Transport Type BC Set XFELD CHAR 
418 N2_RBTRANSARTK RButton Transport Type Correction Request XFELD CHAR 
419 N2_RCHAR1 1st Reserve Field CHAR1 CHAR1 CHAR 
420 N2_RCHAR2 2nd Reserved Field CHAR1 CHAR1 CHAR 
421 N2_RCHAR3 3rd Reserve Field CHAR1 CHAR1 CHAR 
422 N2_RCHAR4 4th Reserve Field CHAR10 CHAR10 CHAR 
423 N2_RCHAR5 5th Reserve Field CHAR10 CHAR10 CHAR 
424 N2_RCHAR6 6th Reserve Field CHAR10 CHAR10 CHAR 
425 N2_RDESC Short description of a prefetch rule N2_RDESC CHAR 
426 N2_RDLZMIN OR: X-Ray Fluoroscopy Time (Minutes) NUMC03 NUMC 
427 N2_RDLZSEK X-Ray Fluoroscopy Time (Seconds) NUMC02 NUMC 
428 N2_REASON_CAT Reason Category for Treatment Order CHAR10 CHAR 
429 N2_REASON_CATT Language-Dependent Text of Reason Category TEXT60 CHAR 
430 N2_REASON_OBL Reason as Required Entry Field N2_REASON_OBL CHAR 
431 N2_REBER Authorization Object for Reading XUOBJECT CHAR 
432 N2_RECART Recipient Type N2_RECART CHAR 
433 N2_RECLNGT Occupied Bytes in Data Record INT2 INT2 
434 N2_REFDOK PMD: ID of Referencing Document CHAR30 CHAR 
435 N2_REFEREN Reference Module XFELD CHAR 
436 N2_REFFLD Reference Field for External Data and Links FDNAME CHAR 
437 N2_REFKEY Reference Key of a Referenced Object CHAR20 CHAR 
438 N2_REFSTATE Status of reference record N2_REFSTATE CHAR 
439 N2_REFTAB Reference Table for External Data AS4TAB CHAR 
441 N2_REGHOUR Regular Shift Reference Period XFELD CHAR 
442 N2_REGION Body region N2_REGION CHAR 
443 N2_REGSHIFT Regular Shift Time from To UHRZT TIMS 
444 N2_REGTIME Normal Time Reference Period XFELD CHAR 
445 N2_RENTE Pension Type N2_RENTE CHAR 
446 N2_REPX Report: X PosValue NUM03 NUMC 
447 N2_REPXBEZ Report: X PosDescriptor NUM03 NUMC 
448 N2_REPY Report: Y PosValue NUM04 NUMC 
449 N2_REPYBEZ Report: Y Position Descriptor NUM04 NUMC 
450 N2_RESID Result ID for Assignment of Lab Data N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
451 N2_RESTTIME Remaining Time Reference Period XFELD CHAR 
452 N2_RLABB Tab Page for Cumulative Lab Findings CHAR01 CHAR 
453 N2_RL_INTNUM Rote Liste interne Nummer original   CHAR 
454 N2_RMA Radiology employee(s) N2_RMA CHAR 
455 N2_RNUM Reserve field NUMC4 NUM04 NUMC 
456 N2_RNUM1 IS-H*MED: 1st reserved field NUMC4 NUM04 NUMC 
457 N2_RNUM2 2nd Reserve Field NUMC4 NUM04 NUMC 
458 N2_RNUM3 3rd Reserve Field NUMC4 NUM04 NUMC 
459 N2_ROEDLFL Surgery: X-Ray/Fluoruscopy Surface Dose (dGy/cm2) N2_MENGEML NUMC 
460 N2_ROEDLKV OR: X-Ray/Fluoroscopy kV N2_NUM3 NUMC 
461 N2_ROEDLMA OR: X-Ray/Fluoroscopy mAs N2_MAS DEC 
462 N2_ROEGONA OR: Gonad Coverage XFELD CHAR 
463 N2_ROEGRAV OR: Known Pregnancy XFELD CHAR 
464 N2_ROEKONM OR: Contrast Medium in ml N2_MENGEML NUMC 
465 N2_ROEKONT OR: Contrast Medium Used N2_CHAR30K CHAR 
466 N2_ROEMENS OR: Menses in Weeks N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
467 N2_ROENDL OR: X-Ray/Fluoroscopy N2_CHAR30K CHAR 
469 N2_ROOMHOUR Evaluation Using Opening Times XFELD CHAR 
470 N2_ROW Row Position SYST_SHORT INT4 
471 N2_RSTATUS Results Status for Lab Values N2_RSTATUS CHAR 
472 N2_RTEXT Print Label TEXT80 CHAR 
473 N2_RTXTLEN DocEl. Descriptor/Fixed Txt Length for Printout SCRLEN NUMC 
474 N2_RULEID Code of the prefetch rule N2_RULEID CHAR 
475 N2_RXFLD1 1st Reserve Field XFELD XFELD CHAR 
476 N2_RXFLD2 2nd Reserve Field XFELD XFELD CHAR 
477 N2_RXFLD3 3rd Reserve Field XFELD XFELD CHAR 
478 N2_RXFLD4 4th Reserve Field XFELD XFELD CHAR 
479 N2_RXFLD5 5th Reserve Field XFELD XFELD CHAR 
480 N2_SAALA Operating Room Exit AS4TIME TIMS 
481 N2_SAALE Arrival in Operating Room AS4TIME TIMS 
482 N2_SAPVAL Value of SAP Field N2_CHAR15 CHAR 
483 N2_SART Record Type CHAR03 CHAR 
484 N2_SAVREQ_FPUSH Save required XFELD CHAR 
485 N2_SBYHOUR On-Call Reference Period XFELD CHAR 
486 N2_SCHLWRT Keywords for Sysdef Objects TEXT_80 CHAR 
488 N2_SCRX Column Position of the Value NUM03 NUMC 
489 N2_SCRXBEZ Column Position of the Identifier NUM03 NUMC 
490 N2_SCRXBEZ_FFRAME Column (upper left corner) NUM03 NUMC 
491 N2_SCRXBEZ_REL Screen: X Pos. Identifier (Relative Position) NUM03 NUMC 
492 N2_SCRX_FPUSH Pushbutton: Column (X position) NUM03 NUMC 
493 N2_SCRX_REL X Position (Column) of the Value (Relative) NUM03 NUMC 
494 N2_SCRY Row Position of the Value NUM04 NUMC 
495 N2_SCRYBEZ Row Position of the Identifier NUM04 NUMC 
496 N2_SCRYBEZ_FFRAME Row (Upper Left Corner) NUM04 NUMC 
497 N2_SCRYBEZ_REL Screen: Y Pos. Identifier (Relative) NUM04 NUMC 
498 N2_SCRY_FPUSH Pushbutton: Row (Y Position) NUM04 NUMC 
499 N2_SCRY_REL Scrn: Y Pos. Value (Relative) NUM04 NUMC 
500 N2_SDOPT1 System Management Display Option N2_SDOPT1 CHAR