SAP ABAP Data Element - Index N, page 18
Data Element - N
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 N2_SDSORT Sort mode for printing the element list N2_SDSORT CHAR 
2 N2_SECOP Include Secondary Surgery XFELD CHAR 
3 N2_SECTIOC Caesarean indicator XFELD CHAR 
4 N2_SEGID Ident. for HCM Segment N2_SEGID CHAR 
5 N2_SEGPOS Position of the Field in the Segment N2_NUM3 NUMC 
6 N2_SELDATE Evaluation Period From To RI_DATUM DATS 
7 N2_SELKR Selection Criterion N2_SELKR CHAR 
8 N2_SELOPTION Selection Indicator XFELD CHAR 
9 N2_SEL_SCREEN "Without Selection Screen" Indicator ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
10 N2_SEND Indicator: Document Dispatch Allowed N2_SEND CHAR 
11 N2_SENDSYS Sub-System Name N2_CHAR8 CHAR 
12 N2_SEPRT Line Separator for Lists CHAR01 CHAR 
13 N2_SEPSIS Sepsis Indicator XFELD CHAR 
14 N2_SEPTIS Septic Indicator of the Surgery N2_CHAR5 CHAR 
15 N2_SEQ Sequence NUM05 NUMC 
16 N2_SEQN4 PMD: 4 Digit Sequence Number N2_SEQN4 NUMC 
17 N2_SERDESC Short description of a DICOM image series N2_SERDESC CHAR 
18 N2_SERIEID Code of the DICOM image series N2_SERIEID CHAR 
19 N2_SHIFTHOUR Evaluation Using Shift Time XFELD CHAR 
20 N2_SHOWICPMPERS Include Surgical Procedure Assignment XFELD CHAR 
21 N2_SHOWSRGDAT Display Date of Surgery XFELD CHAR 
22 N2_SHOWTASK Display Function XFELD CHAR 
23 N2_SITEXT Text for Diagnostic Certainty N2_SITEXT CHAR 
24 N2_SKEYBIS Nursing Standard Within a Nursing Std. Catalog N2_PSKID CHAR 
25 N2_SKEYVON Nursing Standard Within a Nursing Std. Catalog N2_PSKID CHAR 
26 N2_SKOMPL Complication code N2_SKOMPL CHAR 
27 N2_SONSTAN Other anesth. proced N2_SONSTAN CHAR 
28 N2_SOP Include Secondary Surgery XFELD CHAR 
29 N2_SOPONLY Evaluate Secondary Surgery XFELD CHAR 
30 N2_SORT_LFN Internal Sort Order   NUMC 
31 N2_SOURCE Source of an Object N2_SOURCE CHAR 
32 N2_SRGPERS Employees Involved in Surgery RI_KUNNR CHAR 
33 N2_SRGSERV Requested Service or Surgery Procedure TARLS CHAR 
34 N2_SRTDIR Sort Direction (Ascending/Descending) N2_SRTDIR CHAR 
35 N2_SRTPOS Sort Position NUM02 NUMC 
36 N2_SSTATUS Status of the examination and the DICOM study N2_SSTATUS CHAR 
37 N2_STABK Status of a Document (Language-Dependent Abbreviation) CHAR2 CHAR 
38 N2_STABLNR Number of Secondary Tables Created for Doc. Categ. NUM02 NUMC 
39 N2_STATUS Status for medical documentation objects N2_STATUS CHAR 
40 N2_STATUS_DATUM Date of Document Status DATUM DATS 
41 N2_STDDV Dispatch - Standard Output Device RSPOPNAME CHAR 
42 N2_STERILP OR: Check of Sterile Materials Performed XFELD CHAR 
43 N2_STORELOC Storage Location / Archive N2_STORELOC CHAR 
44 N2_STORELOC2 Storage Location (Only Used Internally) N2_STORELOC2 CHAR 
45 N2_STORELOC_OLD Old Indicator for Storage Location (NDOC-FALAR) N2_STORELOC CHAR 
46 N2_STRING Character String   STRG 
47 N2_STRTYP Type of Structure N2_STRTYP CHAR 
48 N2_STRUC Documentation Element: Structure XFELD CHAR 
49 N2_STRUCT External Data Supply of a Structure XFELD CHAR 
50 N2_STRUKTM Diagnosis Flagged as Generic Header XFELD CHAR 
51 N2_STUDYID Identifier of the DICOM study N2_STUDYID CHAR 
54 N2_SUBDYNP Screen Number for Subscreen DYNPRONR NUMC 
55 N2_SUBFORM Form Routine for Subscreen Data in the Report FUNCNAME CHAR 
56 N2_SUBID Sub-ID of Lab Service N2_SUBID CHAR 
57 N2_SUBPOOL Program for the subscreen PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
58 N2_SUPPRESS_CHECK Flag for Disabling Check in the Generator XFELD CHAR 
59 N2_SYSDEF_FLAG Flag in the System Administration   CHAR 
60 N2_TABFD Identifier of Field in the Table CHAR10 CHAR 
61 N2_TABKZ Indicator for Generation of Storage Structures XFELD CHAR 
62 N2_TABLE Name of a Structure or Table AS4TAB CHAR 
64 N2_TAGESW Daily Changeover XFELD CHAR 
65 N2_TARLS Service Number Within a Service Catalog N2_TARLS CHAR 
66 N2_TASK Task of Surgery Team Member N1VORGANG CHAR 
67 N2_TBS_CONTENT Binary Storage for TM   RAW 
68 N2_TCODE Transaction Code TCODE CHAR 
69 N2_TEAMREP Evaluation from Team Table XFELD CHAR 
70 N2_TECH IIndicator for Technical Field XFELD CHAR 
71 N2_TESTRUN Test Run (Log Only, No DB Changes) CHAR1 CHAR 
72 N2_TEST_ARCHIVE_CONNECTION Test Run, with Archive Connection Test CHAR1 CHAR 
73 N2_TEST_AUTHORITY_CHECK Internal: Simulate Authorization Check ISH_ON_OFF CHAR 
74 N2_TEXT Dialog Label TEXT80 CHAR 
75 N2_TEXT1 Text with Length 1 TEXT1 CHAR 
76 N2_TEXT30 30 Characters Text   CHAR 
77 N2_TEXT40 PMD: Text String 40 Characters N2_TEXT40 CHAR 
78 N2_TEXTB Text Module with Lab Data Transfer N2_CHAR2 CHAR 
79 N2_TEXTDARSTELLUNG Dialog display of a long text field N2_TEXTDARSTELLUNG CHAR 
80 N2_TEXTELEM Text Element for Language-Dependent Texts for ocx TEXT255 CHAR 
81 N2_TEXTMARKE Text Marks in Word   CHAR 
82 N2_TEXT_255 Text with 255 Characters for Data Transfer   CHAR 
83 N2_TEXT_DIA_EINFF Identifier text TEXT80 CHAR 
85 N2_TEXT_LENGTH Length of a Text Field   INT1 
86 N2_TE_ENTRY PMD: Placeholder Entry for SAPscript Text Element   CHAR 
87 N2_TE_NAME Full name of SAPscript text element (with prefix) N2_TE_NAME CHAR 
88 N2_TFLAG Flag if a Part Document Exists CHAR001 CHAR 
89 N2_TIDENT ID of Transfer File SYSUUID_C CHAR 
90 N2_TIME Time at Which Last Change Was Saved AS4TIME TIMS 
91 N2_TIMEREP Evaluation from Time Table XFELD CHAR 
92 N2_TIP_AUSW Selection Field XFELD CHAR 
93 N2_TIP_COMBO Combo Box Field XFELD CHAR 
94 N2_TIP_EINFF Tips for parameterizing simple fields XFELD CHAR 
95 N2_TIP_FIX Fixed Text XFELD CHAR 
96 N2_TIP_GROUP Simple Structure XFELD CHAR 
97 N2_TIP_JANEIN Yes-No fields XFELD CHAR 
98 N2_TIP_LINK Link element XFELD CHAR 
100 N2_TIP_MULT Multiple Structure XFELD CHAR 
101 N2_TIP_PUSH Pushbutton XFELD CHAR 
102 N2_TIP_SUB Subscreen XFELD CHAR 
103 N2_TIP_UEXIT User exits XFELD CHAR 
104 N2_TMPDLG Name of Template of Dialog Program PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
105 N2_TMPFLAG Temporary Flag in Sysdef N2_TMPFLAG CHAR 
106 N2_TMPREP Name of Template of Print Program PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
108 N2_TPDID Time Stamp for Surgery N2OZPID CHAR 
109 N2_TPDIDEMPTY Evaluate Non-Entered Time Stamps XFELD CHAR 
110 N2_TPDIDSEL Calculation Using Time Stamps XFELD CHAR 
111 N2_TPDIDTOTAL Calculation of Total Duration of All Documented Time Stamps XFELD CHAR 
112 N2_TPID Time for Surgery N2OZPID CHAR 
113 N2_TRANSART PMD: RButton Transport Type Correction Request N2_TRANSART CHAR 
114 N2_TRANSDAT Date of the Last DocCat-Transport N2_TRANSDAT DATS 
115 N2_TRANSISHREL ISH-Release of the Transport N2_GENREL CHAR 
116 N2_TRANSUSR User of the Last DocCat-Transport USNAM CHAR 
117 N2_TRART Transport Type for the Production System N2_TRART CHAR 
118 N2_TREE_TEXT_30 Text for DocCat-nodes N2_TREE_TEXT_30 CHAR 
119 N2_TSCIFOR Template for SAPscript form TDFORM CHAR 
120 N2_TSCIPRG Template for SAPscript control program PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
121 N2_TTIME Current Time Pushbutton TEXT20 CHAR 
122 N2_TXT1 Text Row e.g. for ABAP Sources TEXT72 CHAR 
123 N2_TXT2 1st Line of Middle Text TEXT72 CHAR 
124 N2_TXT3 1st Line of Text Below TEXT72 CHAR 
125 N2_TXT50 Text 50 N1C050 CHAR 
126 N2_TXT72 Text of Length 72 N2_TXT072 CHAR 
127 N2_TXT8070 Text 8070 Bytes TEXTV8070 LCHR 
128 N2_TXTANZ Counter for Lines to be Displayed in Text NUM02 NUMC 
129 N2_TXTLEN Identifier length in the screen SCRLEN NUMC 
130 N2_TXTLINE Text Line for PC Text Files TEXT255 CHAR 
131 N2_TXTLNG Text Length N2_LNGATTR INT2 
132 N2_TXTTOT Application Name for Doc. Processing TEXT70 CHAR 
133 N2_TYP Type of Desktop Application N2_TYP CHAR 
134 N2_TYPKOMP Surg: Type of Complication N2_TYPKOMP CHAR 
135 N2_TYPLIB TypeLib Desktop Application TEXT36 CHAR 
136 N2_UECHECK_ACTIV_AT PMD: User exit active with... N2_UECHECK_ACTIV_AT CHAR 
137 N2_UEXFKT PMD: User Exit - Form Routine FUNCNAME CHAR 
138 N2_UEXINCL_GSD2 PMD: Include for Std User Exits (GenVs 2) PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
139 N2_UEXIT_DEAKT Deactivate User Exit XFELD CHAR 
140 N2_UNIT Result Unit N2_UNIT20 CHAR 
141 N2_UPBER Authorization Object - Modify Document - XUOBJECT CHAR 
142 N2_UPDAT Change Date RI_DATUM DATS 
143 N2_UPDATETASK Asynchronous (ON) or Synchronous (OFF) Update? XFELD CHAR 
144 N2_UPDKZ_EXTCOD IS-H: Change Indicator for External Coding Tool UPDKZ CHAR 
146 N2_UPTIM Last Changed At UHRZT TIMS 
147 N2_USCIFOR User-defined SAPscript form TDFORM CHAR 
148 N2_USER User who Performed Last Save AS4USER CHAR 
149 N2_USE_ANFID Use Request ID as Order Number N2_CHAR1 CHAR 
150 N2_UTERM Terminal Identification TEXT20 CHAR 
151 N2_UUID32 UUID Length 32 SYSUUID_C CHAR 
152 N2_VALREF Type of Value Assignment (Direct/Reference) N2_VALREF CHAR 
153 N2_VALUE Result Value N2_VALUE CHAR 
154 N2_VALUECHAR Selection Indicator for "Unreleased Values" N2_CHARKUM CHAR 
155 N2_VALUE_255 Value presentation (intern.) N2_VALUE_255 CHAR 
156 N2_VARLOOP Indicator for Variable Step Loop in a Table XFELD CHAR 
157 N2_VARLOOP_FPUSH Pushbutton: Fixed in TC? XFELD CHAR 
158 N2_VBEZ Field Label TEXT80 CHAR 
159 N2_VDTID Document Category N2_DTID CHAR 
160 N2_VERBAND Dressing List N2_VERBAND CHAR 
161 N2_VERBART Dressing Type Key Field TARLS CHAR 
162 N2_VERLEG Transfer of Patient N2_VERLEG CHAR 
163 N2_VERS Version Number N2_VERS NUMC 
164 N2_VERSART Dispatch Type - Key   CHAR 
165 N2_VERSION Version Number of a Desktop Application CHAR10 CHAR 
166 N2_VERSION_EXTERN External Version of a Catalog   CHAR 
167 N2_VERSORG Hospital Care Level N2_VERSORG NUMC 
168 N2_VERWECH Surg: unplanned change of procedure XFELD CHAR 
169 N2_VETID PMD: vs_etid   CHAR 
170 N2_VFLAG Flag if a Document Version Exists CHAR001 CHAR 
171 N2_VGORT Surg: Transfer destination N2_CHAR08 CHAR 
172 N2_VIDEO OR: Video Exists Indicator XFELD CHAR 
173 N2_VIDEOAB OR: Video Documentation Storage Location N2_CHAR20K CHAR 
174 N2_VMAKZ Short Name of the Employee Responsible ISH_C12 CHAR 
175 N2_VNAME Name of Doc.Categ. View N2_VNAME CHAR 
176 N2_VOLUME1 Balance N2_VOLUME1 DEC 
177 N2_VOLUMEN Volume Entry N2_INT5 NUMC 
178 N2_VORBELE Default Module XFELD CHAR 
179 N2_VORBST1 Surg: Standard anesthesia preparation N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
180 N2_VORBST2 OR: Standard Anesthesia Progress N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
181 N2_VORBST3 Surg: Standard anesthesia reversal N2_CHAR10 CHAR 
182 N2_VSARTTEXT Dispatch - Dispatch Type (Text) N2_TXT35 CHAR 
183 N2_VSSTATUS Dispatch: Status ICON CHAR 
184 N2_VSTATUS Status of Lab Value N2_CHAR1 CHAR 
185 N2_VTEXT Reference to Long Text for Result Value N2_CHAR1 CHAR 
186 N2_VTYPE Internal Data Type of Result Value N2_VTYPE CHAR 
187 N2_VVERS Version of Document Category N2_VERS NUMC 
188 N2_WEEKDAY Weekday to Be Evaluated XFELD CHAR 
189 N2_WORK_TEXT Process Text Module XFELD CHAR 
190 N2_WREQUEST Trigger event? XFELD CHAR 
191 N2_WTABEXI Document Element Domains Contain Fixed Values XFELD CHAR 
192 N2_XFELD Reserve field XFELD XFELD CHAR 
193 N2_XMLCUSTFORMAT Ind.: XML Doc Cat uses Customer Customer-Defined XML Format N2_XMLCUSTFORMAT CHAR 
195 N2_XMLUPLOADFILE XML: Complete Name of Source File LOCALFILE CHAR 
196 N2_XPNAME PMD: Link Customizing Parameter Name   CHAR 
197 N2_XPOCC PMD: Link Module Parameter Counter   NUMC 
198 N2_XPRANUM PMD: Number of Recently Run XPRAs   NUMC 
199 N2_XPVALUE PMD: Link Module Customizing Parameter Value   STRG 
200 N2_XSLT_STYLESHEET Stylesheet for HTML Display of XML Document   CHAR 
201 N2_XTYP External Data Type (Display) N2_XTYP CHAR 
202 N2_XVBEZ X Pos. Descriptor NUM03 NUMC 
203 N2_XVVAL X Pos. Value NUM03 NUMC 
204 N2_YVBEZ Y Pos.Descriptor NUM04 NUMC 
205 N2_YVVAL Y Pos. Value NUM04 NUMC 
206 N2_ZAEHBEM OR: Comment N2_CHAR25K CHAR 
207 N2_ZAEHLOB Or: Type of Count Item N2_CHAR25K CHAR 
208 N2_ZEITL5 Time Field with Output Length 4 N1_UHRZEIT TIMS 
209 N2_ZEITPKT OR Documentation: Surgery Time N2_UHRZEIT TIMS 
210 N2_ZEITZUO Time-Based Assign. N2_ZEITZUO CHAR 
211 N2_ZKANZAL Number Field for Counting Control N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
212 N2_ZOINTRA Increased Number of Counting Items, Intra-op. N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
213 N2_ZSTEXT Text for Diagnosis Addition N2_ZSTEXT CHAR 
214 N2_ZTKOMP Time when Complication Occurred N2_ZTKOMP CHAR 
215 N3 Number in terms of time frame to go back NUM3 NUMC 
216 N301CREBDT IS-HCM: Start Date of File Creation RI_DATUM DATS 
217 N301CREBTM IS-HCM: Start time of file creation UHRZT TIMS 
218 N301DASART IS-H: Type of EDI Data Colection Point N301DASART NUMC 
219 N301FILE IS-HCM: Name of EDI file without any path specification TEXT30 CHAR 
220 N301FILEDT IS-HCM: Creation Date of (Last) EDI File RI_DATUM DATS 
221 N301FILEO IS-HCM: Logical file name (§301, §302) TEXT30 CHAR 
222 N301FILESZ IS-HCM: Maximum Size Permitted for EDI File in KB NUMC10 NUMC 
223 N301FILETM IS-HCM: Creation time of the (last) §301 file UHRZT TIMS 
224 N301MSGSZ IS-H HCM: Max. Size Permitted for EDI Message in KB NUMC10 NUMC 
225 N301NAME1 IS-HCM: EDI - Name 1 of the data collection point NAME CHAR 
226 N301NAME2 IS-HCM: EDI - Name 2 of the data collection point NAME CHAR 
227 N301PADDBED1 PKV 1-Bett-Zuschlag (in Prozent) INT4 INT4 
228 N301PADDBED1PD PKV 1-Bett-Zuschlag (pro Tag) WERT6 CURR 
229 N301PADDBED2 PKV 2-Bett-Zuschlag (in Prozent) INT4 INT4 
230 N301PADDBED2PD PKV 2-Bett-Zuschlag (pro Tag) WERT6 CURR 
231 N301PATH IS-HCM: Absolute Path of EDI File Without File Name TEXT50 CHAR 
232 N301PCOMPANIPC PKV max. Anzahl Tage Selbsbeteiligung INT4 INT4 
233 N301PCOMPANIST PKV Begeitperson, EUR je Tag WERT6 CURR 
234 N301PCOMSRVHSP PKV Allg. KH-Leistung (in Prozent) INT4 INT4 
235 N301PCONTRIBPD PKV Selbsbeteiligung EUR je Tag WERT6 CURR 
236 N301PCONTRIBST PKV Selbsbeteiligung Gesamt WERT6 CURR 
237 N301PCSRVHSPPD PKV Allg. KH-Leistung (pro Tag) WERT6 CURR 
238 N301PDELTABED PKV Diff. 1- zu 2-Bett (in Prozent) INT4 INT4 
239 N301PKV_KOUB Prozent/Betrag Kostenübernahme PKV INT4 INT4 
240 N301PMAXAMMPD PKV Höchstbetrag, EUR je Tag WERT6 CURR 
241 N301PMAXAMMST PKV Höchstbetrag, EUR gesamt WERT6 CURR 
242 N301PMAXDAYCON PKV max. Anzahl Tage Selbsbeteiligung INT4 INT4 
243 N301SNDBDT IS-HCM: Start date of data transfer §301 RI_DATUM DATS 
244 N301SNDBTM IS-HCM: Start time of data transfer UHRZT TIMS 
245 N301SNDCAL IS-HCM: §301 calendar ID for automatic dispatch control WFCID CHAR 
246 N301SNDEDT IS-HCM: End date of data transfer §301 RI_DATUM DATS 
247 N301SNDETM IS-HCM: End Time of Data Transfer Paragraph 301 UHRZT TIMS 
248 N3166 ISO 3166 N3166 CHAR 
250 N3A_ALL01 HI: Fee Radio Button N3A_ALL01 CHAR 
251 N3A_ALL02 HI: Prescription Radio Button N3A_ALL02 CHAR 
252 N3A_ALL03 HI: Home Visit Radio Button N3A_ALL03 CHAR 
253 N3A_ALL04 HI: Emergency Case Radio Button N3A_ALL04 CHAR 
254 N3A_ALL05 HI: Prescription Type Radio Button N3A_ALL05 CHAR 
255 N3A_ALL06 HI: Referral Type Radio Button N3A_ALL06 CHAR 
256 N3A_ALL07 HI: Service Type Radio Button N3A_ALL07 CHAR 
257 N3A_ALL08 HI: Means of Transport Radio Button N3A_ALL08 CHAR 
258 N3A_ALL09 HI: Radio Button: Not Specified / Yes / No N3A_ALL09 CHAR 
259 N3A_ALL10 HI: Start of Work Incapacity DATE DATS 
260 N3A_ALL11 HI: End of Work Incapacity DATE DATS 
261 N3A_ALL12 KV: RB-Leistungsart incl. geplante Notfallbehandlung N3A_ALL12 CHAR 
262 N3A_AUSDT HI: Date of Issue DATUM DATS 
263 N3A_BELEG Kennzeichen bei belegärztl. Behandlung XFELD CHAR 
264 N3A_CHAR10 Char10 mit Kleinbuchstaben N3A_CHAR10 CHAR 
265 N3A_DATC8 Datum im Formmat ggf. 00 N2_TXT008 CHAR 
266 N3A_DIATXT HI: Diagnosis Text TEXT72 CHAR 
267 N3A_F01A02 HI: F01A Accident XFELD CHAR 
268 N3A_F01A03 HI: F01A Side Effects of Treatment (BVG) XFELD CHAR 
269 N3A_F01A05 HI: F01A Subsequent Certificate XFELD CHAR 
270 N3A_F01A06 HI: F01A Work Accident XFELD CHAR 
271 N3A_F01A07 HI: F01A Accident Insurance Consultant XFELD CHAR 
272 N3A_F01A08 IS-H*MED: Incapacitated From DATUM DATS 
273 N3A_F01A09 IS-H*MED: Provisionally Incapacitated Until DATUM DATS 
274 N3A_F01A10 HI: Work Incapacity Determined on DATUM DATS 
275 N3A_F01A11 HI: F01A Initial Certificate/Subsequent Certificate N3A_FIRSTORNEXT CHAR 
276 N3A_F01A35 HI: Start of Treatment DATE DATS 
277 N3A_F01A40 HI: Medication Prescription Table NUMC3 NUMC 
278 N3A_F01A41 HI: Prescription Quantity NUMC3 NUMC 
279 N3A_F01A42 HI: Medication TEXT80 CHAR 
280 N3A_F01A46 HI: Number per Week NUMC2 NUMC 
281 N3A_F02A02 HI: F02A External Physician Treatment XFELD CHAR 
282 N3A_F02A03 HI: F02A Emergency XFELD CHAR 
283 N3A_F02A04 HI: F02A Accident XFELD CHAR 
284 N3A_F02A05 HI: F02A Side Effects (BVG) XFELD CHAR 
285 N3A_F02A06 HI: Suitable Hospital TEXT50 CHAR 
286 N3A_F02A07 HI: Suitable Hospital 2 TEXT50 CHAR 
287 N3A_F05A03 HI: Description of Medication TEXT50 CHAR 
288 N3A_F05A04 HI: Instructions for Use TEXT50 CHAR 
289 N3A_F07A08 Referral To TEXT30 CHAR 
290 N3A_F08A01 Referrer TEXT20 CHAR 
291 N3A_F08A02 Sequence Certificate Number NUMC5 NUMC 
292 N3A_F09A09 Other Means of Transport TEXT30 CHAR 
293 N3A_F09A26 Other Transport Routes TEXT30 CHAR 
294 N3A_F12A02 HI: F12A Assessment of .... not possible XFELD CHAR 
295 N3A_F12A03 HI: F12A Initial Prescription/Subsequent Prescription N3A_FIRSTORNEXT_V CHAR 
296 N3A_F12A04 Start of Prescription DATUM DATS 
297 N3A_F12A05 End of Prescription DATUM DATS 
298 N3A_F12A06 HI: F12A Accident XFELD CHAR 
299 N3A_F12A08 HI: F12A Instead of Hospital Treatment XFELD CHAR 
300 N3A_F12A09 HI: F12A to Ensure Outpatient Treatment XFELD CHAR 
301 N3A_F12A10 HI: F12A Instructions for Treatment XFELD CHAR 
302 N3A_F12A12 Number of Treatment Shifts N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
303 N3A_F12A13 HI: F12A Blood Sugar Measurement XFELD CHAR 
304 N3A_F12A14 Blood Sugar Measurement (Daily Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
305 N3A_F12A15 Blood Sugar Measurement (Weekly Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
306 N3A_F12A16 Blood Sugar Measurement (Start) DATUM DATS 
307 N3A_F12A17 Blood Sugar Measurement (End) DATUM DATS 
308 N3A_F12A18 HI: F12A Decubitus Treatment XFELD CHAR 
309 N3A_F12A19 Decubitus Treatment (Daily Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
310 N3A_F12A20 Decubitus Treatment (Weekly Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
311 N3A_F12A21 Decubitus Treatment (Start) DATUM DATS 
312 N3A_F12A22 Decubitus Treatment (End) DATUM DATS 
313 N3A_F12A24 HI: F12A Injections XFELD CHAR 
314 N3A_F12A25 HI: F12A Injections: Prepare XFELD CHAR 
315 N3A_F12A26 HI: F12A Injections: i.m. XFELD CHAR 
316 N3A_F12A27 HI: F12A Injections: s.c. XFELD CHAR 
317 N3A_F12A28 Injections (Daily Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
318 N3A_F12A29 Injections (Weekly Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
319 N3A_F12A30 Injections (Start) DATUM DATS 
320 N3A_F12A31 Injections (End) DATUM DATS 
321 N3A_F12A32 HI: F12A Medication XFELD CHAR 
322 N3A_F12A33 HI: F12A Prepare Medication XFELD CHAR 
323 N3A_F12A34 HI: F12A Administer Medication XFELD CHAR 
324 N3A_F12A35 Medication (Daily Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
325 N3A_F12A36 Medication (Weekly Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
326 N3A_F12A37 Medication (Start) DATUM DATS 
327 N3A_F12A38 Medication (End) DATUM DATS 
328 N3A_F12A40 HI: F12A Application of Supporting/Stabilizing Dressing XFELD CHAR 
329 N3A_F12A41 Application of Supporting/Stabilizing Dressing (Daily Freq.) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
330 N3A_F12A42 Application of Supporting/Stabilizing Dressing (Weekly Freq) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
331 N3A_F12A43 Supporting/Stabilizing Dressing (Start) DATUM DATS 
332 N3A_F12A44 Supporting/Stabilizing Dressing (End) DATUM DATS 
333 N3A_F12A45 HI: F12A Application of Pressure Dressing XFELD CHAR 
334 N3A_F12A46 Application of Pressure Dressing (Daily Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
335 N3A_F12A47 Application of Pressure Dressing (Weekly Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
336 N3A_F12A48 Pressure Dressings (Start) DATUM DATS 
337 N3A_F12A49 Pressure Dressings (End) DATUM DATS 
338 N3A_F12A50 HI: F12A Apply and Change Dressings XFELD CHAR 
339 N3A_F12A51 Apply/Change Dressing (Daily Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
340 N3A_F12A52 Apply/Change Dressing (Weekly Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
341 N3A_F12A53 Dressings (Start) DATUM DATS 
342 N3A_F12A54 Dressings (End) DATUM DATS 
343 N3A_F12A56 HI: F12A Other Treatment Measures XFELD CHAR 
344 N3A_F12A58 HI: F12A Instructions for Basic Nursing XFELD CHAR 
345 N3A_F12A60 Number of Shifts for Basic Nursing N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
346 N3A_F12A61 HI: F12A Excrements XFELD CHAR 
347 N3A_F12A62 Excrement Check (Daily Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
348 N3A_F12A63 Excrement Check (Weekly Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
349 N3A_F12A64 Excrement Check (Start) DATUM DATS 
350 N3A_F12A65 Excrement Check (End) DATUM DATS 
351 N3A_F12A66 HI: F12A Diet XFELD CHAR 
352 N3A_F12A67 Diet Monitoring (Daily Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
353 N3A_F12A68 Diet Monitoring (Weekly Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
354 N3A_F12A69 Diet Monitoring (Start) DATUM DATS 
355 N3A_F12A70 Diet Monitoring (End) DATUM DATS 
356 N3A_F12A71 HI: F12A Personal Hygiene XFELD CHAR 
357 N3A_F12A72 Personal Hygiene (Daily Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
358 N3A_F12A73 Personal Hygiene (Weekly Frequency) N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
359 N3A_F12A74 Personal Hygiene (Start) DATUM DATS 
360 N3A_F12A75 Personal Hygiene (End) DATUM DATS 
361 N3A_F12A76 Domestic Care, Daily Frequency N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
362 N3A_F12A77 Domestic Care, Weekly Frequency N3A_ANZAHL NUMC 
363 N3A_F12A78 Domestic Care, Start DATUM DATS 
364 N3A_F12A79 Domestic Care, End DATUM DATS 
365 N3A_F12A91 Start of Release from Work DATE DATS 
366 N3A_F12A92 End of Release from Work DATE DATS 
367 N3A_FACHR HI: Specialty TEXT30 CHAR 
368 N3A_INDSCH Indikationsschlüsell TEXT4 CHAR 
369 N3A_INSTKZ HI Fund Number / Institute Indicator TEXT7 CHAR 
370 N3A_KEWRD Kennzeichen EWR/CH XFELD CHAR 
371 N3A_KKNAME Health Insurer Name TEXT35 CHAR 
372 N3A_KKNUM Health Insurer No. TEXT15 CHAR 
373 N3A_KLNAME HI: Name of Clinic TEXT30 CHAR 
374 N3A_KONUN Kennzeichen Kontolluntersuchung XFELD CHAR 
375 N3A_KURAT Kennzeichen für Kurativ XFELD CHAR 
376 N3A_MITT Miiteilung für den weiterbehandelnden Arzt N3A_CHAR20 CHAR 
377 N3A_NUM2 numerisch 2 stellig N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
378 N3A_OARZTN HI: Contracted Physician No. (identical to N3A_VERARZ ) TEXT20 CHAR 
379 N3A_OFAXNR HI: Fax Number of Organizational Unit TEXT31 CHAR 
380 N3A_OORT HI: Location of Issuing Organizational Unit TEXT25 CHAR 
381 N3A_OPDAT Datum der OP DATS DATS 
382 N3A_OPLZ HI: Postal Code of Issuing Organizational Unit PSTLZ CHAR 
383 N3A_ORGNA HI: Name of Issuing Organizational Unit TEXT30 CHAR 
384 N3A_OSTRAS HI: Street, Number of Issuing Organizational Unit TEXT30 CHAR 
385 N3A_OTELNR HI: Telephone Number of Issuing Organizational Unit TEXT16 CHAR 
386 N3A_PATGDT Birthdate of Person Insured DATUM DATS 
387 N3A_PATNN Last Name of Person Insured TEXT30 CHAR 
388 N3A_PATORT City of Person Insured TEXT30 CHAR 
389 N3A_PATPLZ Postal Code PSTLZ CHAR 
390 N3A_PATSTR Street and Number of Insured Person TEXT30 CHAR 
391 N3A_PATVN Insured First Name TEXT30 CHAR 
392 N3A_PRAEV Kennzeichen für präventiv XFELD CHAR 
393 N3A_QUARTA Validity Quarter N3A_QUARTA CHAR 
394 N3A_RB1KR HI: Health Insurer Checkbox N3A_RB1KR CHAR 
395 N3A_RB1KR2 HI: Radio Button Bar Health Insurer with AI* N3A_RB1KR2 CHAR 
396 N3A_TXT KV-Textfeld N2_TXT70 CHAR 
397 N3A_VERARZ Number of Contracted Physician TEXT20 CHAR 
398 N3A_VERSNR Health Insurance No. CHAR20 CHAR 
399 N3A_VERSSE Supplement to Status of Insured Person TEXT3 CHAR 
400 N3A_VERSST Status of Insured TEXT4 CHAR 
401 N3A_VKBIS 'Valid to' Date of Health Insurance Card DATUM DATS 
402 N3A_WNAME Name des weiterbehandelnden Arztes TEXT50 CHAR 
403 N3BGARAUBE IS-H*MED: Work Incapacity Certificate (Sick Note) Issued XFELD CHAR 
404 N3BG_ABEH BG: Anzahl Behandlungen insgesamt INT3 NUMC 
405 N3BG_ABEHW BG: Eingabefeld "Behandlungstage pro Woche" INT3 NUMC 
406 N3BG_ABHMD General Therapy By Myself / By Another Physician N3_BG_M_AD CHAR 
407 N3BG_ADRES WCA: Address of Insured Person TEXT40 CHAR 
409 N3BG_AHBEH WCA: General Therapy Necessary N3A_NEINJA CHAR 
410 N3BG_AKTZE BG: Aktenzeichen TEXT30 CHAR 
411 N3BG_ALK BG: Alkoholeinfluss RB (k.Angabe/ ja /nein) N3BG_ALK CHAR 
412 N3BG_ALKN Alkoholeinfluss N3BG_ALKN CHAR 
413 N3BG_AMB_S WCA: Outpatient or Inpatient N3BG_AMB_S CHAR 
414 N3BG_ANL1 DU-Nummer des ursprünglichen D/H-Berichtes TEXT33 CHAR 
416 N3BG_ASS7 Sterbewahrscheinlichkeit Rahmen angeben N2_CHAR5 CHAR 
417 N3BG_AU3T Work Incap. 3+ Days N3A_NEINJA CHAR 
419 N3BG_AUBIS WCA: Certified WI Until DATS DATS 
420 N3BG_AUF1 Initiale Bewusstseinsstörung N3BG_AUF1 CHAR 
421 N3BG_AUF12 Liquorflussbeobachtung N3BG_AUF1 CHAR 
422 N3BG_AUF13 Liquorfluss Nase N3BG_AUF13 CHAR 
423 N3BG_AUF14 Liquorfluss Ohr N3BG_AUF13 CHAR 
424 N3BG_AUF15 Liquorfluss Wunde N3BG_AUF13 CHAR 
425 N3BG_AUF16 Blutung im Bereich des Schädels N3BG_AUF1 CHAR 
426 N3BG_AUF17 Blutung Nase N3BG_AUF13 CHAR 
427 N3BG_AUF18 Blutung Mund N3BG_AUF13 CHAR 
428 N3BG_AUF19 Blutung Ohr N3BG_AUF13 CHAR 
429 N3BG_AUF2 Dauer - Bewusstseinsstörung - Wert N2_NUM3 NUMC 
430 N3BG_AUF20 Blutung Wunde N3BG_AUF13 CHAR 
431 N3BG_AUF3 Dauer - Bewusstseinsstörung - Einheit N3BG_AUF3 CHAR 
432 N3BG_AUF5 Erinnerungslücke durch Trauma N3BG_AUF1 CHAR 
433 N3BG_AUF6 Dauer Erinnerungslücke vor Trauma - Wert N2_NUM3 NUMC 
434 N3BG_AUF7 Dauer Erinnerungslücke vor Trauma - Einheit N3BG_AUF3 CHAR 
435 N3BG_AUF8 Dauer Erinnerungslücke nach Trauma - Wert N2_NUM3 NUMC 
437 N3BG_AUTAG BG. AU noch Tage INT3 NUMC 
438 N3BG_AUVWB BG: vorauss. weiter bis DATS DATS 
439 N3BG_AUWO BG: AU noch Wochen INT3 NUMC 
440 N3BG_AVMA1 BG: Titel und Name des VMA TEXT70 CHAR 
441 N3BG_AVMA2 BG:Titel & Name VMA2 TEXT70 CHAR 
442 N3BG_A_S BG: RB ambulant ohne AU / ambulant mit AU / stationär N3BG_A_S CHAR 
443 N3BG_BART Behandlungsart N3BG_BART CHAR 
444 N3BG_BE111 Grobe Prüfung der Haut N3BG_BE111 CHAR 
445 N3BG_BE114 Bandführung N3BG_BE114 CHAR 
446 N3BG_BE116 Schubladenzeichen N3BG_BE116 CHAR 
447 N3BG_BE117 Bandführung der Gegenseite N3BG_BE117 CHAR 
448 N3BG_BE139 Punktat N3BG_BE139 CHAR 
449 N3BG_BE14 Blutergußverfärbung N3BG_BE14 CHAR 
450 N3BG_BEEI1 BG: Anzahl Behandlungseinheit pro Behandlungstag INT2 INT2 
451 N3BG_BEFBW BG: 3.2 in F2100 DATS DATS 
452 N3BG_BEHBE BG: Behandlungsbeginn DATS DATS 
453 N3BG_BEHEN BG: Behandlung abgeschlossen am DATS DATS 
454 N3BG_BEK10 Pupillenreaktion N3BG_BEK10 CHAR 
455 N3BG_BEK13 Puls N2_NUM3 NUMC 
456 N3BG_BEK14 Atemfrequenz N2_NUM3 NUMC 
457 N3BG_BEK4 Augenöffnung N3BG_BEK4 CHAR 
458 N3BG_BEK5 beste motorische Antwort N3BG_BEK5 CHAR 
459 N3BG_BEK6 beste verbale Antwort N3BG_BEK6 CHAR 
460 N3BG_BEK8 Pupillenweite rechts N3BG_BEK8_9 CHAR 
461 N3BG_BEK9 Pupillenweite links N3BG_BEK8_9 CHAR 
462 N3BG_BES1 Beschwerden N3BG_BES1 CHAR 
463 N3BG_BESM BG: Besondere Maßnahmen + Diagnostik TEXT30 CHAR 
464 N3BG_BETXT BG: Freitextangabe diverser Beschwerden TEXT100 CHAR 
465 N3BG_BEUG BG: Grad der Beugung INT3 NUMC 
466 N3BG_BEWER BG: Bewegung erlaubt INT3 NUMC 
467 N3BG_BEWGF BG. Bewegungsgrad gefährdet ab INT3 NUMC 
468 N3BG_BEWUM WCA: Scope of Movement TEXT20 CHAR 
469 N3BG_BHI13 derzeit nicht zu beurteilen N3BG_BHI13 CHAR 
470 N3BG_BHI9 Tätigkeit wieder auszuüben N3BG_BHI9 CHAR 
471 N3BG_BK12A Blutdruck 1. wert N2_NUM3 NUMC 
472 N3BG_BK12B Blutdruck 2. Wert N2_NUM3 NUMC 
473 N3BG_BVGL WCA: Question 1.5 F2100 DEC4_2 DEC 
474 N3BG_CHAR4 BG: Char 4 Feld N3BG_CHAR4 CHAR 
475 N3BG_DAT1 Datum mit unbekannten Teilen N3BG_DAT1 CHAR 
476 N3BG_DATS BG: allgemeines Datumsfeld für diverse Angaben in Formularen DATS DATS 
478 N3BG_DAUAU BG: Dauer in Zahlen (dreistellig) NUMC03 NUMC 
479 N3BG_DAUE1 BG: Einheit einer Dauer (Sekunden bis Tage) N3BG_DAUE1 CHAR 
480 N3BG_DAUE2 BG: Radio sek bis stund N3BG_DAUE2 CHAR 
481 N3BG_DAUE3 BG: Einheit der Zeitdauer (MIN/STD) N3BG_DAUE3 CHAR 
482 N3BG_DAUEH BG: Einheit einer Dauer (Tage-Jahre) / Festwerte N3BG_DAUEH CHAR 
483 N3BG_DIA1 Kennzeichen ob Schädel oder andere N3BG_DIA1 CHAR 
484 N3BG_DIA2 Fortlaufende Nummer N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
485 N3BG_DIA3 Fortlaufende Nummer N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
486 N3BG_DIABP BG: diastolischer Blutdruck N3BG_DIABP CHAR 
487 N3BG_EIN3 Eingetroffen mit N3BG_EIN3 CHAR 
488 N3BG_ENT3 Behandlung N3BG_ENT3 CHAR 
489 N3BG_ENT4 Glasgow-Coma-Score N2_NUMC2 NUMC 
490 N3BG_ENT5 Entlassung in andere Fachabteilung N3BG_ENT5 CHAR 
491 N3BG_FREQA BG: Atemfrequenz NUMC03 NUMC 
492 N3BG_GCSAU BG: GCS - Augenöffnung N3BG_GCSAU CHAR 
493 N3BG_GCSMO BG: GCS - beste motorische Antwort N3BG_GCSMO CHAR 
494 N3BG_GCSVE BG: GCS - verbale Antwort N3BG_GCSVE CHAR 
495 N3BG_GELEN BG: Gelenk TEXT40 CHAR 
496 N3BG_GPART WCA: BPART of Further-Treating Physician RI_KUNNR CHAR 
497 N3BG_HBR Ziffer des Begründungskataloges N3BG_HBR CHAR 
498 N3BG_KADR BG: Adresse Krankenhaus TEXT70 CHAR 
499 N3BG_KDI2 Entlassung woher/wohin DALE konform N3BG_KDI2 CHAR 
500 N3BG_KDI9 BG: Radio weitere Behandlung durch N3BG_KDI9 CHAR