SAP ABAP Function Module - Index B, page 40
Function Module - B
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 BKK_PAYM_POPUP_PENALTY_INTERV BCA: Dialog Box for Entering From-To Date 
2 BKK_PAYM_POPUP_RETURN_KEYS Dialog Box for Selection of Return Reason 
3 BKK_PAYM_PROCESS_GET_DATA Returns Medium and Payment Method for a Process 
4 BKK_PAYM_PROCESS_GET_TEXT Supplies the Text for a Process 
5 BKK_PAYM_SND_ADR_INSERT Update: Insert New Sender Addresses 
6 BKK_PAYM_TRANSACTION_PROCESS BCA: Processes in Payment Transactions, Characteristics 
7 BKK_PAYM_TRANS_RETURN Result of Internal Postprocessing at SAP 
8 BKK_PAYM_TRANS_SEND Transfer Payment Order to Payment Transaction Module 
9 BKK_PAYM_WRITE_MESSAGES BCA: Output Messages: Application Log and Job Log 
10 BKK_PAY_NT_TYPE_GET_TEXT Get the Payment Note Type Text 
11 BKK_PA_ACCOUNT_ADD Increase Object Number 
12 BKK_PA_ACCOUNT_CONV_ETOI Convert Account into Object Key 
13 BKK_PA_ACCOUNT_CONV_ITOE Convert Object Key into Account 
14 BKK_PA_ACCOUNT_GET_SORTNO Determine Sort Number from Account Object Number 
15 BKK_PA_ACCOUNT_RESET_OBJNO Reset Object Number (in a Bank Area) 
16 BKK_PA_APPL_DB_GET_ALL Retrieve All Defined Application Types 
17 BKK_PA_APPL_DB_GET_APPLFUNC Get Application FM to Be Called 
18 BKK_PA_APPL_DB_GET_DATA Retrieve Settings for Application 
19 BKK_PA_APPL_DB_GET_INTERVSIZE End-of-Day Processing: Retrieval of Interval Size 
20 BKK_PA_APPL_DB_GET_RELEVANT Retrieve Application Types Relevant for Application Type 
21 BKK_PA_APPL_DB_GET_TASKDIST Read Settings for Task and Job Distribution 
22 BKK_PA_APPL_DB_GET_TEXT Retrieve Description of an Application 
23 BKK_PA_APPL_DB_SET_RELEVANT Set Application Types Relevant for an Application Type 
24 BKK_PA_APPL_SCR_RELEVANT_APPL Interface for Changing Assignments Between Application Types 
25 BKK_PA_BKKMACCUNR_DB_GET BCA: Retrieve Data from Lock Table 'bkkmaccunr' 
26 BKK_PA_CLOSCTRL_SCR_OVERVIEW Overview of Current Mass Runs in End-of-Day Processing 
27 BKK_PA_CLOSCTRL_SCR_PREP_OUT Format Mass Run Data for Output 
28 BKK_PA_CLOSCTRL_SCR_REFR_OUT Format Output Data for Mass Data By Using Selection 
29 BKK_PA_DISP_BTC_RUN Start Processing of Parallel Tasks (Batch Version) 
30 BKK_PA_DISP_BTC_RUN_2 Start Processing of Parallel Tasks (Batch Version) 
31 BKK_PA_DISP_BTC_WAIT Wait for Processing End of Parallel Tasks That Are Started 
32 BKK_PA_DISP_CONSTRUCTOR Generate Dispatcher 
33 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_CHECK_EXISTENCE Check if Dispatcher Object Already Exists 
34 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_DELETE Delete Entries for Dispatcher 
35 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_DELETE_INTERVAL Delete Individual Interval 
36 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_DEL_INTVAREAS Delete Interval Areas for Host 
38 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_GET_INTVAREA Get Start Number From Interval Range for Each Host 
39 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_GET_INTV_LIMITS Get Interval Limits 
40 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_GET_JOBDATA Number of Jobs per Dispatcher 
41 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_GET_TASKSTATUS Retrieve Task Status 
42 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_INITIALIZE Initialize Intervals Before Distribution to Jobs 
43 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_INIT_HEADER Initialize Header Entries for Interval Management 
44 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_INIT_INTERVALS Initialize Interval Table 
45 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_SET_INTVAREAS Assign Interval Areas to Host Computers 
46 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_SET_INTVSTATUS Set Interval Processing Status 
47 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_SET_JOBINFO Set Information About Job That is Processing Interval 
48 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_SET_JOBS Transfer Jobs to Table 
50 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_SET_TASKSTATUS Set Parallel Processing Status 
51 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_UPDATE_HEADER Update Header Entries for Interval Management 
52 BKK_PA_DISP_DB_WAIT_FOR_LOCK Lock Header Entry in Dispatcher Table 
53 BKK_PA_DISP_DESTRUCTOR Delete Dispatcher Object 
54 BKK_PA_DISP_END_OF_TASK Acceptance of Data After Parallel Task Completed 
55 BKK_PA_DISP_FETCH_INTERVAL Generate/Get Parallel Processing Interval 
56 BKK_PA_DISP_GET_CURRENT_INFOS Get Current Data for Parallel Processing 
57 BKK_PA_DISP_GET_HEADER_OBJECTS Determine Header Objects from Table of Object Relationships 
58 BKK_PA_DISP_GET_JOB_DISTRIB Retrieve Current Job Distribution 
59 BKK_PA_DISP_GET_PROCESS Return Process for Dispatcher 
60 BKK_PA_DISP_GET_SERVERS_ALL Retrieve List of Servers 
61 BKK_PA_DISP_GET_SRV_WPNO Determine Current Server and Work Process Number 
62 BKK_PA_DISP_GET_TASKSTATUS Retrieve Task Status 
63 BKK_PA_DISP_INIT Initialize Dispatcher 
64 BKK_PA_DISP_JOBS_DISTRIBUTE Distribute Jobs to Host Computers 
65 BKK_PA_DISP_REFRESH_TASKDATA Refresh Status Information for Tasks 
66 BKK_PA_DISP_RUN Start Processing Parallel Tasks 
67 BKK_PA_DISP_SET_CURRENT_INFOS Set Current Information 
68 BKK_PA_DISP_SET_JOBSTART_ORDER Specify Start Sequence of Background Jobs 
69 BKK_PA_DISP_SHLP_EXIT_SERVER Example of a Search Help Exit for a Search Help 
70 BKK_PA_DISP_SPLIT Split Process into Parallel Branches 
71 BKK_PA_DISP_START_NEW_TASK Start New Parallel Task 
72 BKK_PA_DISP_WAIT_UNTIL_TASKEND Wait Until Number of Running Tasks < Maximum 
73 BKK_PA_EOFDAY_SCR_SELECT Selection of Mass Runs 
74 BKK_PA_HY_ADD Increase Object Number 
75 BKK_PA_HY_CONV_ETOI Convert Account Hierarchy into Object Key 
76 BKK_PA_HY_CONV_ITOE Convert Object Key into Account Hierarchy 
77 BKK_PA_HY_GET_SORTNO Determine Sort Number from Hierarchy Object Number 
78 BKK_PA_ITEM_CONV_ETOI Convert Account into Object Key 
79 BKK_PA_ITEM_CONV_ITOE Convert Object Key into Account 
80 BKK_PA_LOCKS_CHECK_FOR_RESTART Mass Run Locks: Check if Transfer to Postprocessing Necessary 
81 BKK_PA_LOCKS_DB_CHECK_LOCKCRIT Mass Run Locks: Check to See if Entry Exists for Account and Lock Reason 
82 BKK_PA_LOCKS_DB_DEL Mass Run Locks: Delete Object Locks in Database 
83 BKK_PA_LOCKS_DB_GET Mass Run Locks: Read Object Locks from Database 
84 BKK_PA_LOCKS_DB_GET_LOCKCNT Read Number of Previous Locks on an Object 
85 BKK_PA_LOCKS_DB_SET_OBJECTS Mass Run Locks: Set Locks on Objects 
86 BKK_PA_LOCKS_DB_UPD Mass Run Locks: Change Object Locks in Database 
87 BKK_PA_LOCKS_GET_ACC_AND_HY Retrieve Locked Accounts and/or Hierarchies 
88 BKK_PA_LOCKS_GET_DETAIL_TEXT Get Description of Detailed Lock Reasons 
89 BKK_PA_LOCKS_GET_LOCKS Mass Run Locks: Retrieve Locked Accounts 
90 BKK_PA_LOCKS_GET_PROCESSES Retrieve Mass Runs with Locked Objects 
91 BKK_PA_LOCKS_GET_RELEVANT Read Object Locks Relevant for Application Type 
92 BKK_PA_LOCKS_GET_TEXT Determine Description for Lock Reasons in End-of-Day Processing 
93 BKK_PA_LOCKS_RELEASE Mass Run Locks: Remove Object Locks 
94 BKK_PA_LOCKS_REMOVE_REL Mass Run Locks: Remove Lock Relationship Between Accounts 
95 BKK_PA_LOCKS_SAP_CHECK_IF_LOCK Check if SAP Locks Were Set 
96 BKK_PA_LOCKS_SAP_DEQUEUE Remove All SAP Locks Registered During Mass Run 
97 BKK_PA_LOCKS_SAP_REGISTER Register SAP Locks Set in Mass Run 
98 BKK_PA_LOCKS_SET_ACCOUNTS Mass Run Locks: Set Account Locks 
99 BKK_PA_OBJ_ADD Increase Object Number 
100 BKK_PA_OBJ_CONV_ETOI Convert External Object Key into Internal Object Key 
101 BKK_PA_OBJ_CONV_ITOE Convert Internal Object Key into External Object Key 
102 BKK_PA_OBJ_DB_GET_FUNCNAMES Retrieve Function Module to Convert Parallel Processing Objects 
103 BKK_PA_OBJ_EXTOBJ_TO_INTOBJ Parallel Processing Objects: Convert External Object Key into Internal Key 
104 BKK_PA_OBJ_GET_SORTNO Determine Sort Number from Object Key 
105 BKK_PA_OBJ_INTLOCKTAB_TO_EXT Convert Lock Table into External Display 
106 BKK_PA_OBJ_INTOBJ_TO_EXTOBJ Parallel Processing Objects: Convert Internal Object Key into External Key 
107 BKK_PA_PROCESS_CHCK_ACT_OTHERS Check If Objects Are Being Processed By Other Application Processes 
108 BKK_PA_PROCESS_CHECK_FOR_PROC Check If Objects Are Being Processed By Application Process 
109 BKK_PA_PROCESS_CONFIRM_OBJECTS Confirm End of Object Processing 
110 BKK_PA_PROCESS_CONSTRUCTOR Generate Object for Application Process 
111 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DB_CHECK_EXIST Check if Mass Run Still in Temporary Database 
112 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DB_CREATE_KEY Assign Key for New Mass Run 
113 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DB_DELETE Delete Entries 
114 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DB_GET_RUNDATA Retrieve Data for Mass Run 
115 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DB_GET_RUN_ALL Retrieve Administrative Data for Application Processes 
116 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DB_INSERT Initialize Entry for Application Process 
117 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DB_SET_RUNDATA Set Data for Mass Run 
118 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DB_SET_STEPCNT Set Counter Readings for Processing Steps 
119 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DEL_PRIPARAM Delete Current Print Parameters for Application 
120 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DEL_STARTPARAM Delete Current Parameters for Application 
121 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DESTRUCTOR Delete Administration Entries on Mass Runs 
122 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DET_DISPID Determine ID of Dispatcher That Belongs to Process 
123 BKK_PA_PROCESS_DISPID_PATTERN Generate Sample for Search for Corresponding Dispatcher IDs 
124 BKK_PA_PROCESS_GET_CURRENT Retrieve ID for Current Run 
125 BKK_PA_PROCESS_GET_DISP Retrieve Dispatcher for Process 
126 BKK_PA_PROCESS_GET_PRIPARAM Retrieve Current Print Parameters for Application 
127 BKK_PA_PROCESS_GET_STARTPARAM Retrieve Current Parameters for Application 
128 BKK_PA_PROCESS_GET_STATUS Retrieve Status of Current Application Processes 
129 BKK_PA_PROCESS_GET_STATUSTEXT Control: Get Run Status Text 
130 BKK_PA_PROCESS_GET_SYNCMODE Read Indicator for Synchronous Processing 
131 BKK_PA_PROCESS_INTERVAL R Process Interval Via Application 
132 BKK_PA_PROCESS_JOB Flow for Each Job 
133 BKK_PA_PROCESS_LOG_CONSTRUCTOR Initialize Application Log 
134 BKK_PA_PROCESS_LOG_CONV_MESG Convert Messages to Format for Application or Job Log 
135 BKK_PA_PROCESS_LOG_DET_EXTNUM Generate External Number for Header of Application Log 
136 BKK_PA_PROCESS_LOG_INIT_MESG Initialize Message Collector for Application Log 
137 BKK_PA_PROCESS_LOG_WRITE_MESG Write Messages to Application and/or Job Log 
138 BKK_PA_PROCESS_LOG_WRT_HEADER Write Header to Application Log 
139 BKK_PA_PROCESS_LOG_WRT_JOBLOG Write Messages in Job Log 
140 BKK_PA_PROCESS_RESTART Restart in Parallel Processing 
141 BKK_PA_PROCESS_RUN Allow Application Process to Run 
142 BKK_PA_PROCESS_SET_CURRENT Set ID for Current Run 
143 BKK_PA_PROCESS_SET_LOCKS Set Locks on Objects 
144 BKK_PA_PROCESS_SET_PRIPARAM Set Current Print Parameters for Application 
145 BKK_PA_PROCESS_SET_STARTPARAM Set Current Parameters for Application 
146 BKK_PA_PROCESS_START Start Parallel Processing 
147 BKK_PA_PROCESS_STATUS_STEP Determine Parallel Processing Status 
148 BKK_PA_REST_DB_DEL Postprocessing: Delete Objects 
149 BKK_PA_REST_DB_SET Postprocessing: Set Objects 
150 BKK_PA_RUNS_DB_GET BCA: Retrieve Mass Runs with Locked Accounts 
151 BKK_PA_RUN_DB_GET_APPLCATGTEXT Retrieve Description of an Application 
152 BKK_PA_RUN_DB_GET_RUNINFOS Retrieve Information on Mass Runs 
153 BKK_PA_RUN_DB_RM_SIMUL_RUNS Remove Simulation Runs from Internal Table 
154 BKK_PA_RUN_DB_SET_STEPCOUNTERS Set Counter Readings for Processing Steps 
155 BKK_PA_RUN_SCR_SELECTION_POPUP Mass Run Interface: Dialog Box for Selection 
156 BKK_PA_WORK_DB_DEL Processing: Delete Objects from Processing List 
157 BKK_PA_WORK_DB_SET Processing: Set Objects That Are In Processing 
158 BKK_PA_WORK_DEL_ACCOUNT Delete Account from Table of Objects to Be Processed 
159 BKK_PA_WORK_SET_ACCOUNT Include Account in Table of Objects to Be Processed 
160 BKK_PERIOD_CALC_FIRST_DUEDATE Determine First Due Date 
161 BKK_PERMNGT_ADD_DATE Include Date in Period 
162 BKK_PERMNGT_DB_UPDATE_PERIODS Save Archived Periods in Database 
163 BKK_PERMNGT_REMOVE_DATE Remove Date from Period 
164 BKK_PER_TASK_AUTHORITY_CHECK Authorization Check for Periodic Tasks 
165 BKK_POPUP_DISPLAY_LIST Dialog Box With User-Defined Buttons for Displaying Text 
166 BKK_POSITION_CHECK_COND Check Condition: Position Part 
167 BKK_POSITION_MAINTAIN Process Condition Position 
168 BKK_PREPARE_JUMP Prepare Navigation to Account/Business Partner etc. 
171 BKK_PRODUCT_BKKRS_IS_ALLOWED Is a Product Allowed in a Bank Area? 
172 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_BANK_ACCOUNT Checks Whether Product is a Bank Account 
173 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_CPD Checks if Product is a CpD Product 
174 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_DUEDATE Call a Term-Based Account on Working Days Only 
175 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_EMP_ACCOUNT Checks Whether Product Has Special Authorization Checks for Employee ACs 
176 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_FUNCTION R Checks if a Feature is Allowed in a Product 
177 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_LIMIT Checks if Limit is to be Checked for a Product 
178 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_TANTC_NOAC Checks if Product Allows Full Amount Notice Without Account Closure 
179 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_TDSTART_BAL Term Start According to Value Date-Based Account Balance 
180 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_TDSTART_INP Term Start According to Entry 
181 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_TERMACBAL Checks if Limit is to be Checked for a Product 
182 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_TERMTYPE Checks if Term Specification is Fixed or Variable 
183 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_TRANSACTION Checks if a Payment Transaction Operation Allowed in a Product 
184 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_VARTERM Checks if Term Specification is Variable 
185 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_VERS_EXISTS Checks if a Version Exists 
186 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_XADAPTMAXDEP Checks if Product allows Deposit adaption to maximm deposit. 
187 BKK_PRODUCT_CHECK_XADAPTMINDEP Checks if Product allows Deposit adaption to minimum deposit 
188 BKK_PRODUCT_GET Reads a Product 
189 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_ACKIND Reads the Old Product ID for a Product 
190 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_BEGRU Reads the Authorization Group for a Product 
191 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_DEFAULTS Supplies Product Default Values 
192 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_EXT_KEY External Key from Internal Key 
193 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_FIELDMODS Supplies All Field Modifications for a Product 
194 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_FUNCTIONS Supplies All Functions/Features of a Product 
195 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_INT_KEY Internal Key from External Key 
196 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_INT_KEY_RNG Table of Internal Keys From a Range of External Keys 
197 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_NAME Reads External ID and Name of a Product 
198 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_TRANSACTIONS Supplies a Matrix of All Transaction Types/Media Permitted in the Product 
199 BKK_PRODUCT_GET_VERSION Reads a Product Version 
200 BKK_PRODUCT_MAINTAIN Maintain Product in Dialog 
201 BKK_PRODUCT_VERS_GET_VALID Reads the Valid and Active Version of a Product 
202 BKK_PYNOT_DELETE Update Task: Deletion of Payment Notes 
203 BKK_PYNOT_GET Read Table of Payment Notes 
204 BKK_PYNOT_GET_WITH_TABLE Read Table of Payment Notes 
205 BKK_PYNOT_INSERT Update Task: Insertion of Payment Notes 
206 BKK_PYNOT_TMP_DELETE Update Task: Deletion of Payment Notes for Planned Payment Items 
207 BKK_PYNOT_TMP_GET Read Payment Notes for a Planned Payment Item 
208 BKK_PYNOT_TMP_GET_LIST Read Payment Note Table for Planned Payment Items 
209 BKK_PYNOT_TMP_INSERT Update Task: Insertion of Payment Notes for Planned Payment Items 
210 BKK_PYNOT_TMP_UPDATE Update Task: Change Payment Notes for Planned Payment Items 
211 BKK_PYNOT_UPDATE Update Task: Change Payment Notes 
212 BKK_PYNOT_WRITE_CHANGE_DOC Writes Payment Item Change Documents (Update and Delete) 
213 BKK_RANDOM Determines a Whole Random Number in the Module Area of the Parameter 
214 BKK_READ_EURODATE Read Euro Data for Object 
215 BKK_REFLIM_EXISTS Checks if a Reference Limit Exists 
216 BKK_REFLIM_F4 F4 Dialog Box for Reference Limits 
217 BKK_REFLIM_GET_ALL Reads Complete Table 
218 BKK_REFLIM_GET_AMOUNT Determine Reference Limit Amount 
219 BKK_REFLIM_GET_TEXT Determine Reference Limit Description 
220 BKK_REP_ACCNT_METHOD_GET_TEXT Reads the Name of an Object Method 
221 BKK_RFC_ACCNT_CLOSE R Account Closure Flagging by RFC (Internet Banking) 
222 BKK_RFC_ACCNT_GET_PARTNER_ADDR R Business Partner Addresses for Account 
223 BKK_RFC_BANKACCNT_GET_BALANCE R RFC: List of Account Balances for the Partner 
224 BKK_RFC_BANKACCT_BKKRS_COMCODE R RFC: Reads the Company Codes for Bank Areas 
225 BKK_RFC_BANKACCT_EXT_VIEW R RFC: Selects External Account View 
226 BKK_RFC_BANKACCT_GET_BUPA_LIST R RFC: Selects Business Partner for Accounts 
227 BKK_RFC_BANKACCT_GET_DETAIL R RFC: Detail Data for Accounts 
228 BKK_RFC_BANKACCT_INT_VIEW R RFC: Internal Account Keys from External Account Keys 
229 BKK_RFC_BANKACCT_RANGE_TO_LIST R RFC: Supplies Account Lists for Ranges Tables 
230 BKK_RFC_CHCK_ACCNT R Check Bank Details, Determine Bank Name 
231 BKK_RFC_COND_CALC_STC R Interface: Single Transaction Costing 
232 BKK_RFC_COND_GET_BKK9ACC R Selection of Accounts with Zero Amounts in Accrual/Deferral 
233 BKK_RFC_COND_GET_BKK9ACC_ACC R Check for Zero Amounts in Accrual/Deferral 
234 BKK_RFC_COND_POST_DECRE_BAL R Posting Date-Based Balances for a Period 
235 BKK_RFC_COND_POST_DECRE_BAL_HY R Posting Turnovers and Balances, Including for Interest Comp. Root Accounts 
236 BKK_RFC_COND_VAL_DECRE_BAL R Value Date-Based Balances for a Period 
237 BKK_RFC_COND_VAL_DECRE_BAL_HY R Value Date-Based Turnovers and Bals, Incl. for Interest Comp. Root Accts 
239 BKK_RFC_GL_FI_PERIOD_CHECK R FM Checks if Posting Period Is Open According to T001B 
240 BKK_RFC_GL_FI_PERIOD_DETERMINE R Determines the Period and Fiscal Year from the Posting Date 
241 BKK_RFC_GL_GET_ACCNT_BALANCE R BCA: Supplies Current Balance for Period for an FI Account 
242 BKK_RFC_GL_GET_BKPF_BSEG R BCA: Select FI Document Data (with Document No. or Reference Document No.) 
243 BKK_RFC_GL_GET_DOCNO_BY_AWKEY R Determines Document Number for a AWKEY 
244 BKK_RFC_GL_GET_FIDOC_SUMSZ R BCA: Select FI Document Data (with Totals Record Counter from BCA) 
245 BKK_RFC_ITEM_GET_LIST R Turnover Display by Selection Criteria 
246 BKK_RFC_PAYM_ITEM_FUT_PD_BAL R RFC: Output List of Planned Payment Items by Posting Date 
247 BKK_RFC_PAYM_ITEM_FUT_VD_BAL R RFC: Output List of Planned Payment Items by Value Date 
248 BKK_RFC_PAYM_ORDER_POST R Post Payment Order 
249 BKK_RFC_PROFIT_AND_LOSS_GET R Transfer of Interest and Charges 
250 BKK_RFC_SET_STATE_ISSUED R Set Check Status "Issued" 
251 BKK_RFC_SND_ACCNT_CHCK R Check for Posting Potential of an Ordering Party Item 
252 BKK_RTRN_PMNT_NOTES Payment Notes for Returns 
253 BKK_SAMPLE_ACCNT_STAT_OUTPUT OPEN BCA: Sample Function Module for Outputting Bank Statement Data 
254 BKK_SAMPLE_AUTHORITY_CHECK Logic for Authorization Check 
257 BKK_SEARCHBANKEXTENDED Lesen Bankdaten mit erweiterter Selektion 
258 BKK_SEARCHTRNSTYPE R Read Transaction Types/Offsetting Transaction Types 
259 BKK_SELECTION_TO_MESSAGE Put selection parameters and -options into messages 
260 BKK_SELECT_FURTHER_HIRARCHIES Checks if Other Valid Trees Exist on the Date After a Tree Number 
261 BKK_SELECT_HIRARCHIES Determines Due Hierarchies for Intended Interval/Balancing Date/Bank Area 
262 BKK_SELECT_PUT_ON Determination of Accounts that Are Still Due from Restart List 
263 BKK_SEPA_MANDATE_AUTH_CHK Authorization checks for mandate 
264 BKK_SEPA_MANDATE_DEFAULT_DATA Default Mandate data using Supplement Button 
266 BKK_SEPA_MANDATE_GET_LIST Get list of valid mandates 
267 BKK_SEPA_MANDATE_SHOW_LIST Show Mandate List for Account 
268 BKK_SET_SIGN_IN_AMOUNT Converts the +/- Sign for an Amount Field, if TBKK00-INDDIS = '-' 
269 BKK_SET_WORKFLOW_FLAG Set Global Indicator for Workflow 
270 BKK_SHLP_EXIT_ALIAS Beispiel für ein Suchhilfe-Exit eine Suchhilfe 
271 BKK_STACK_AUTHORITY_CHECK BCA: Authorization Check in Check Management 
272 BKK_STACK_BLOCK BCA: Lock Check Stack 
273 BKK_STACK_CHANGE_STATE BCA: Check Stack Status Changes 
274 BKK_STACK_CHECK_CHANGE BCA: Check Screen Values for the Check Stack Issue (Customer) and Lock 
275 BKK_STACK_CHECK_CHEQUE BCA: Check if an Interval Contains Numbers from a Saved Stack 
276 BKK_STACK_CHECK_CREATE_FLOAT BCA: Check Screen Values for the Stack Creation in the Float 
277 BKK_STACK_CHECK_NUM_ARE_IN_INT BCA: Check if All Numbers in an Interval Appear in the Check Stacks 
278 BKK_STACK_CHECK_PLACE_DELETE BCA: Check to See if a Stack Location Can Be Deleted 
279 BKK_STACK_CHECK_PREV_AND_NEXT BCA: Delete Created Stacks in Position Management 
280 BKK_STACK_CHECK_STATE_CORRECT BCA: Check if Status Is Correct 
281 BKK_STACK_CHECK_UNIQUE BCA: Check if Check Numbers in a Stack Already Exist 
282 BKK_STACK_CHECK_USER_DIFFERENT BCA: Check if the User Is Different from the "Created By" User 
283 BKK_STACK_CONV_BKKA5_FOR_SCR BCA: Convert Data in Structure bkka5 into Screen Structure 
284 BKK_STACK_CONV_BKKA6_FOR_SCR BCA: Convert Data in Structure bkka6 into Screen Structure 
285 BKK_STACK_CREATE_CHECK_INPUT BCA: Check Details for Stack Creation in Position Management 
286 BKK_STACK_CREATE_FLOAT BCA: Creation of a New Check Stack 
287 BKK_STACK_CREATE_MAIN_STACK BCA: Creation of a New Check Stack 
288 BKK_STACK_CREATE_NOBLOCK_STACK BCA: Create Check Stacks to Be Unlocked 
289 BKK_STACK_CREATE_PREPARE BCA: Prepare Creation of a New Check Stack 
290 BKK_STACK_DB_CHECK_INTV_BLOCK BCA: Retrieve All Stacks for a Position No. Interval (General Stack_div) 
291 BKK_STACK_DB_DELETE BCA: Delete Stack in Position Management 
292 BKK_STACK_DB_DEL_BKKA6 BCA: Delete Stack in Position Management 
293 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_ATT_PLACE BCA: Retrieve Location Settings 
294 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_BKKA5_NO_NR BCA: Retrieve Check Stack from BKKA5 (Without Number Interval) 
295 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_BKKA6_ACCOUNT BCA: Retrieve Check Stack from BKKA6 Using Account Number 
296 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_PLACE_BKKA7 BCA: Retrieve All Permitted Stack Locations 
297 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_PLACE_BKKA7T BCA: Retrieve All Check Stack Locations in Position Management 
298 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_PLACE_NAME BCA: Retrieve Texts for the Stack Locations 
299 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_PLACE_ONENAME BCA: Retrieve Name for a Stack Location 
300 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_STACK_BKKA5 BCA: Retrieve Check Stack from BKKA5 (with Number Interval) 
301 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_STACK_BKKA6 BCA: Retrieve Check Stack from BKKA6 
302 BKK_STACK_DB_GET_STACK_INTERV BCA: Retrieve Check Stack from BKKA6 Using a Check Number Interval 
303 BKK_STACK_DB_INSERT_BKKA6 BCA: Insert Data Records in BKKA6 (Table of Issued Stacks) 
304 BKK_STACK_DB_INSERT_BKKA7 BCA: Create Check Stack Locations in Table BKKA7 
305 BKK_STACK_DB_INSERT_BKKA8 BCA: Insert Stack Locations Including Settings in Table BKKA8 
306 BKK_STACK_DB_UPDATE BCA: Database Update of Changed Data for a Stack in Position Management 
307 BKK_STACK_DB_UPD_BKKA8 BCA: Update Check Stack Location Settings (Table BKKA8) 
308 BKK_STACK_DB_UPD_NEXT_RUN_NR BCA: Update 'Next Sequential Number' 
309 BKK_STACK_DELETE_CREATION BCA: Delete Created Stacks in Position Management 
310 BKK_STACK_DEQUEUE_MAX_STACK_NR BCA: Unlock Highest Stack Number 
311 BKK_STACK_FILL_ACCOUNT_DATA BCA: Retrieve Account Data for Printing Checks 
312 BKK_STACK_FILL_MEMORY_BKKA5 BCA: Fill Global Memory 
313 BKK_STACK_FILL_PLACE_MEMORY BCA: Write Settings for Location to Memory 
314 BKK_STACK_FILL_RANGES_FOR_DEL BCA: Fill Ranges Table of Stack Statuses Depending on Location 
315 BKK_STACK_GET_ALL_STACKS BCA: Retrieve All Data for Multiple Stacks (Sequential Numbers) 
316 BKK_STACK_GET_ATT_FOR_PLACES BCA: Retrieve Stack Location Settings for a Table of Locations 
317 BKK_STACK_GET_CHEQUES BCA: Request Checks from Stack Management 
318 BKK_STACK_GET_CHEQUE_NUMBERS BCA: Retrieve All Existing Check Numbers for the Interval 
319 BKK_STACK_GET_DATA_ADD_TO_NR BCA: Retrieve the Data for the Stack to Be Added 
320 BKK_STACK_GET_DIRECT_PLACE BCA: Select All Check Stack Locations Intended for Direct Creation 
321 BKK_STACK_GET_DISTRIB_PLACE BCA: Select All Check Stack Locations Intended for Distribution 
322 BKK_STACK_GET_HISTORY BCA: Retrieve Change History for a Check Stack 
323 BKK_STACK_GET_INTERVALS BCA: Retrieve All Stacks for a Position No. Interval (General Stack_div) 
324 BKK_STACK_GET_INTERV_NO_BUFFER BCA: Retrieve All Stacks for a Position No. Interval (General Stack_div) 
325 BKK_STACK_GET_MAX_NR_BKKA6 BCA: Retrieve Highest and Next Free Stack Numbers in Table BKKA6 
326 BKK_STACK_GET_MAX_NR_OLD BCA: Retrieve Highest Old Stack Number (Before Check Distribution) 
327 BKK_STACK_GET_MAX_STACK_NR BCA: Retrieve Highest and Next Free Stack Numbers 
328 BKK_STACK_GET_NEXT_RUN_NR BCA: Retrieve Highest and Next Sequential Numbers of a Stack 
329 BKK_STACK_GET_OVER_PLACE BCA: Retrieve All Check Stacks for a Stack Location 
330 BKK_STACK_GET_PLACE_ATT_MEMORY BCA: Read Global Table g_t_stack_place_bkka8 
331 BKK_STACK_GET_RECEIVER BCA: Retrieve Account Holder Including Address Data 
332 BKK_STACK_GET_STACK BCA: Retrieve All Stacks for a Check Type 
333 BKK_STACK_GET_STACK_FOR_APPEND BCA: Supplies Existing Stacks to Which New Stacks Can Be Added 
334 BKK_STACK_GET_STACK_FROM_MEMO BCA: Retrieve All Stacks for a Hierarchy 
335 BKK_STACK_GET_STACK_ONE_DIV BCA: Retrieve All Stacks for a Hierarchy 
336 BKK_STACK_GET_STACK_USE_FOLLOW BCA: Gets All Stacks that Use the Specified Stacks as Follow-On Stacks 
337 BKK_STACK_GET_STATE_TEXT BCA: Retrieve Status Text for a Stack (in Position Management) 
338 BKK_STACK_GET_STAT_CHANGE Stack: Retrieve Change History for Stack Status 
339 BKK_STACK_INSERT_NEW BCA: Save Flagged Stacks (Position Management) in the Database 
340 BKK_STACK_ISSUE BCA: Output Stack in Position Management (Assign Account) 
341 BKK_STACK_MODIFY_BKKA5 BCA: Update or Insert in Table bkka5 
342 BKK_STACK_NRRANGE_CREATE Create Number Range for Number Range Object (Any Subobject) 
343 BKK_STACK_PLACE_CHANGE BCA: Maintain Locations in Check Stack Management 
344 BKK_STACK_PLACE_CHANGE_ATT BCA: Format Locations in Position Managament for the Screen 
345 BKK_STACK_PLACE_DELETE_BKKA7 BCA: Delete Check Stack Locations from the Table 
346 BKK_STACK_PLACE_DELETE_BKKA7T BCA: Delete Check Stack Locations from the Table 
347 BKK_STACK_PLACE_DELETE_BKKA8 BCA: Delete Check Stack Location Settings 
348 BKK_STACK_PLACE_GET_OPTION BCA: Retrieve Settings for a Location and Position Type 
349 BKK_STACK_PLACE_INSERT_BKKA7T BCA: Insert Check Stack Location in Table BKKA7T 
350 BKK_STACK_PLACE_UPDATE_BKKA7T BCA: Update Check Stack Locations in Table BKKA7T 
351 BKK_STACK_PREPARE_BLOCK BCA: Prepare Stack Lock 
352 BKK_STACK_PREPARE_INSERT Preparation of the Inclusion of a Stack in Position Management 
353 BKK_STACK_PREPARE_ISSUE BCA: Prepare Stack Issue 
354 BKK_STACK_PREP_UPDATE_BY_ISSUE BCA: Prepare Tables for Saving when Checks Are Issued in Check Management 
355 BKK_STACK_REFRESH_ALL_INS Deletion of All Stacks to Be Newly Included in Position Management 
356 BKK_STACK_REFRESH_SAV_BKKA1 BCA: Deletion of Table g_tab_sav_bkka1 
357 BKK_STACK_REF_BKKA5_FLOAT BCA: Deletion of Table g_t_bkka5_db_float 
358 BKK_STACK_REF_CHANGE_LOG BCA: Initialize Tables of Change Documents 
359 BKK_STACK_REF_G_T_BKKA5_DIV BCA: Deletion of Global Table g_t_bkka5_db_div 
360 BKK_STACK_REF_G_T_BKKA6_DB_ALL BCA: Initialize Global Table g_t_bkka6_db_all 
361 BKK_STACK_REF_G_T_STACK_PLACE BCA: Initialize Global Table g_t_stack_place_bkka8 
362 BKK_STACK_RELEASE_BLOCK BCA: Remove Lock on Check Stack 
363 BKK_STACK_RELEASE_BLOCK_NEW BCA: Remove Lock on Check Stack 
364 BKK_STACK_SAVE_CHG_DOC_TRANS BCA: Write Change Documents per Transaction 
365 BKK_STACK_SAVE_STAT_CHANGE Check Stack: Write Status Change in Change Document 
366 BKK_STACK_SCR_CONV_STACKDATA BCA: Format Status Data of a Check Stack for Issuing 
367 BKK_STACK_SCR_FILL_PLACE_TEXT BCA: Retrieve Texts for the Stack Locations 
368 BKK_STACK_SCR_MAIN_STACK BCA: Selection of Stacks from Origin Location (when Distributing Checks) 
369 BKK_STACK_SCR_PLACE_ATT_DEL BCA: Delete Stack Location Settings 
370 BKK_STACK_SCR_PLACE_DELETE BCA: Delete Stack Locations 
371 BKK_STACK_SCR_PREPARE_BLOCK BCA: Prepare Check Stack Lock 
372 BKK_STACK_SCR_PREP_REL_STACK BCA: Dual Control: Prepare Check Stack Release 
373 BKK_STACK_SCR_SHOW_BLOCK_STACK BCA: Display Issued and Locked Check Stacks 
374 BKK_STACK_SCR_SHOW_HIST_BKKA5 BCA: Display Change History for an Available Stack 
375 BKK_STACK_SCR_SHOW_ISSU_STACK BCA: Display Issued and Locked Check Stacks 
376 BKK_STACK_SCR_SHOW_PLACE_BKKA8 BCA: Format Check Stack Locations Including Settings for Display 
377 BKK_STACK_SET_STATE BCA: Set Stack Status in Position Management 
378 BKK_STACK_SHOW BCA: Display Stack in Position Management 
379 BKK_STACK_SHOW_BKKA6 BCA: Display Issued and Locked Check Stacks 
380 BKK_STACK_SHOW_PLACES BCA: Format Locations in Position Managament for the Screen 
381 BKK_STACK_STATE_SET_BACK Delete Checks that Were Issued as a Stack, and Reset Stack Status 
382 BKK_STACK_STAT_GET_INFOTEXT Return of Information on Position Status 
383 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_BOTH_GET Supplies Released and Unreleased Standing Order Variants 
384 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_BUILD_PACK Package Formation for Parallel Processing of Standing Order Posting 
385 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_DELETE Delete Standard Order 
386 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_DEL_ACCNT Delete All Standing Orders for an Account 
387 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_GET Reads a Standing Order 
388 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_GET_ACCOUNT Reads All Standing Orders for an Account 
389 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_GET_AUTH Supply Data for Authorization Check 
390 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_GET_BY_ACT BCA: Reads Multiple Standing Orders by Activity 
391 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_GET_DATE BCA: Reads Multiple Standing Orders by Date (Including Payment Notes) 
393 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_INSERT Writes a New Standing Order to the Database 
394 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_INSERT_PAOR Saves the Standing Order/Payment Order Assignment 
395 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_MAINTAIN Maintain Standing Order in Dialog 
396 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_MULT_GET BCA: Reads Multiple Standing Orders (Without Payment Notes) 
397 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_MULT_UPDT BCA: Insert and Change Multiple Standing Orders in Database 
398 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_PAORN_GET Reads Assignment Between Standing Order and Payment Order 
399 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_UPDATE Changes a Standing Order in the Database 
400 BKK_STANDING_ORDER_WRITE_CHDOC Write Change Documents 
401 BKK_STAND_ORDER_AMOUNT_ROUND Standing Order: Rounds Off Amount 
402 BKK_STAND_ORDER_AUTH_AMOUNT Determine Amount Authorization and Control (Dual Control) Yes/No 
403 BKK_STAND_ORDER_AUTH_CHECK Standing Order Authorization Check 
404 BKK_STAND_ORDER_AUTH_CUST_CHCK Amount Authorization: Check Customizing 
405 BKK_STAND_ORDER_AUTH_RELEASE Dual Control Release Check Permitted 
406 BKK_STAND_ORDER_DEQUEUE Standing Order: Release Lock 
407 BKK_STAND_ORDER_DEQUEUE_SINGLE Standing Order: Release Lock 
408 BKK_STAND_ORDER_ENQUEUE Standing Order: Set Lock 
409 BKK_STAND_ORDER_EXECUTION_LIST BCA: List of Standing Order Executions 
410 BKK_STAND_ORDER_POST_ACCNT Check and Post Standing Orders for an Account 
411 BKK_STAND_ORDER_POST_PACK BCA: Processing of Due Standing Orders by Packages 
412 BKK_STAND_ORDER_SET_NEXT_DATE Standing Order: Set Next Execution Date 
413 BKK_STAND_ORDER_START BCA: Processing of Due Standing Orders 
414 BKK_T005U_SINGLE_READ Individual Selection From T005U 
415 BKK_TC_SHOW_ACCOUNT R Display Account from Total Commitment List 
416 BKK_TRANSACTION_MATRIX_DIALOG Maintenance of Transaction Types/Media in Matrix Form 
417 BKK_TRANSACTION_MATRIX_SHOW Display of Transaction Types/Media in Matrix Form 
418 BKK_TRANSLATE_D_C_INDICATOR converts db format (S/H) into language dependent (D/C) 
419 BKK_TRNSTYPE_DEBIT_CREDIT Checks if Transaction Type is Credit or Debit 
420 BKK_TRNSTYPE_EXISTS Check Existence of a Transaction Type 
421 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_ALL Returns All Transaction Types in an Internal Table 
422 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_ALL_CREDIT Returns All Credit Transaction Types in an Internal Table 
423 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_ALL_DEBIT Returns All Debit Transaction Types in an Internal Table 
424 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_ALL_DETAILS Supplies Whole Table 
425 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_ALL_WITH_TEXT Retrieves All Transaction Types with Text Depending on Language 
426 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_AVIS_INFO Notification Requirements for Transaction Types for Returns 
427 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_DETAIL Determine Attributes for a Transaction Type 
428 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_DIALOG Determine Attributes for a Transaction Type for Dialog Transactions 
429 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_FIPR Supplies All Transaction Types for Financial Product 
430 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_PARTNER_TEXT Transaction Type Text in Correspondence Language 
431 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_PMNT_DIRECTIO Determination: Incoming or Outgoing Transaction Type 
432 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_REVE_TRSNTYPE Determine Inverse Transaction Type for Payment Orders 
433 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_RTRN_KEYS Determine Return Reasons for Transaction Type 
434 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_RTRN_TRNSTYPE Returns the Inverse Transaction Type for a Transaction Type and Return Key 
435 BKK_TRNSTYPE_GET_TEXT Determine Transaction Type Description 
436 BKK_TRNSTYPE_HELP_VALUES F4 Help for Offsetting Transaction Types 
437 BKK_TRNSTYPE_RECEIVER_HELP Supports Search Help BKK_HELP_trnstype_receiver 
438 BKK_TRNSTYPE_REVE_HELP_VALUES F4 Help for Offsetting Transaction Types 
439 BKK_TRN_CATG2_EXISTS Check Existence of a Second Transaction Type Category 
440 BKK_TRN_CATG_EXISTS Check Existence of a Transaction Type Category 
441 BKK_UPT_DISP_GET_BTC_SERVERS Create and Start Jobs 
442 BKK_UPT_DISP_INIT_MAIN Main Initialization of Dispatcher 
443 BKK_UPT_DISP_INTERV_COUNT Indicator: Interval Processed 
444 BKK_UPT_DISP_INTERV_CREATE Create and Initialize Interval Table 
445 BKK_UPT_DISP_INTERV_DISPLAY Display of Interval Processing Progress in Status Line 
446 BKK_UPT_DISP_INTERV_GET_INTVNO Retrieval of the Number of the Next Interval to Be Processed 
447 BKK_UPT_DISP_INTERV_RETURN Indicator: Interval Processed 
448 BKK_UPT_DISP_JOBS_CHKNSET_END Enhanced Check for the End of All Parallel Jobs 
449 BKK_UPT_DISP_JOBS_START Create and Start Jobs 
450 BKK_UPT_DISP_JOBS_SYNC_END Synchronize with the End of All Parallel Jobs 
451 BKK_UPT_DISP_PARAMTAB_EXPORT Export/Save Parameter Table 
452 BKK_UPT_DISP_PARAMTAB_FILL Enter Values in Parameter Table 
453 BKK_UPT_DISP_PARAMTAB_IMPORT Export/Save Parameter Table 
454 BKK_UPT_DISP_PARAM_DELETE Deletion of Exported Parameters 
455 BKK_UPT_DISP_PARAM_GET Read an Exported Parameter 
456 BKK_UPT_DISP_PARAM_SET Export a Parameter 
457 BKK_UPT_DISP_START Start Dispatcher for Parallel Processing 
458 BKK_VALUEDAT_FOR_CC Retrieval of Value Date Transaction Figures Saved Separately for Cash C. 
459 BKK_VALUEDAT_FOR_CC_DIFF Calculates Difference in Value Date Transaction Figures for CC Run Date 
460 BKK_VALUEDAT_FOR_CC_READ Retrieve BKK62_CC - Entries with Value Date Transaction Figures for CC 
461 BKK_VALUEDAT_FOR_CC_UPDATE Save Val. Date Transaction Figures Saved Separately for Cash Concentration 
462 BKK_WORKL_DB_CHANGE_COUNTERS Change Object Counter 
463 BKK_WORKL_DB_CONFIRM_OBJ Confirm Processing End of Objects 
464 BKK_WORKL_DB_CONFIRM_OBJ_2 Confirm Processing End of Objects 
465 BKK_WORKL_DB_DELETE Delete Worklist 
466 BKK_WORKL_DB_GET_ALL_OBJECTS Retrieve Objects in Parallel Processing 
467 BKK_WORKL_DB_GET_COUNTERS Retrieve Counter Statuses of Objects in Parallel Processing 
468 BKK_WORKL_DB_GET_FOREIGN_OBJ Retrieve Objects that Are Processed by Other Mass Runs 
469 BKK_WORKL_DB_GET_OBJ_RESTART Retrieve Objects in Parallel Processing 
470 BKK_WORKL_DB_GET_RELATED_OBJ Read Subobjects Related to Header Object from Database 
471 BKK_WORKL_DB_INIT_COUNTERS Initialize Object Counter 
472 BKK_WORKL_DB_READ_COUNTERS Read Object Counter 
473 BKK_WORKL_DB_RESET_COUNTERS Reset/Initialize Object Counter 
474 BKK_WORKL_DB_SET_NEW_OBJECTS Include Objects in the List of Objects Being Processed 
475 BKK_WORKL_DB_UPDATE_COUNTERS Update Counter Readings 
476 BKK_WORKL_DEL_HIERARCHY Delete All Objects from a Hierarchy to Which an Object Belongs 
477 BKK_WORKL_DETERM_COUNTERCHNG Determine Changes to the Number of Objects in Different Statuses 
478 BKK_WORKL_DETERM_DESCENDANTS Use Object Relationships to Find Objects Assigned to Higher-Level Objects 
479 BKK_WORKL_GET_HEADER_OBJECTS Determine Header Objects from Table of Object Relationships 
480 BKK_WORKL_INIT Initialize Worklist 
481 BL00_EXPAND  
482 BL00_GET_PATH Auslesen Strukturkey 
484 BL00_LIST_HIERARCHIE Ausgabe Baumstrukturen 
486 BL01_BAUM_ANZEIGE to be deleted, please use ALV 
487 BL01_BAUM_ANZEIGE_FUNCTION to be deleted, please use ALV 
488 BL01_BAUM_GUI_FUNCTION to be deleted, please use ALV 
489 BL01_BAUM_GUI_STATUS to be deleted, please use ALV 
490 BL01_BAUM_PAINTER to be deleted, please use ALV 
495 BL01_LISTE_ANZEIGE_FUNCTION to be deleted, please use ALV 
496 BL01_LISTE_BAUM to be deleted, please use ALV 
497 BL01_LISTE_FARBE to be deleted, please use ALV 
498 BL01_LISTE_FELDNAMEN to be deleted, please use ALV