SAP ABAP Function Module - Index B, page 36
Function Module - B
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 BKK_BKKA_BKK84_GET Read Global Data from Table G_T_AC_CONDITION 
2 BKK_BKKA_BKK85_GET Read Global Data from Table G_T_AC_POSITION 
3 BKK_BKKA_BKKTERM_COLLECT Collection of Term Agreement 
4 BKK_BKKA_BUPA_PROCESS BCA: Process Business Partner 
5 BKK_BKKA_COUNTRY_GET BCA: Use of Country ID to Find Country 
6 BKK_BKKA_CUA Set CUA Status 
7 BKK_BKKA_DEQUEUE BCA: Unlock Account 
8 BKK_BKKA_DEQUEUE_ACCEX BCA: Unlock External Account Number 
9 BKK_BKKA_DEQUEUE_ALL Unlock all accounts 
10 BKK_BKKA_DEQ_ACCEX_BANKKEY BCA: Lock External Account Number in All Bank Areas for a Bank Key 
11 BKK_BKKA_ENQUEUE BCA: Lock Account 
12 BKK_BKKA_ENQUEUE_ACCEX BCA: Lock External Account Number 
13 BKK_BKKA_ENQUEUE_ACCREF BCA: Lock Reference Account 
14 BKK_BKKA_ENQUEUE_CHECK_CLOSE BCA: Lock Account with Checks on Processing by Balancing 
15 BKK_BKKA_ENQ_ACCEX_BANKKEY BCA: Lock External Account Number in All Bank Areas for a Bank Key 
16 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_AUTH1 Event AUTH1: Authorization Check 
17 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_CHGD1 Event CHGD1: Transfer Selection Values 
18 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_CHGD2 Event CHGD2: Collect Objects with Object ID 
19 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_CHGD4 Event CHGD4: Position Relevant for a Change Document? 
20 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DCHCK Event DCHCK: Checks Before Saving (For all Views) 
21 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DCHCK_AUTH_AV Event DCHCK: Check for Authorized Drawers 
22 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DCUAC Event DCUAC: Change Standard Interface 
23 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DCUAD Event DCUAD: Determine CUA Interface 
24 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DINP1 Event DINP1: Direct Input, Fill Initial Fields 
25 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DINP2 Event DINP2: Direct Input, Fill Data Fields 
26 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DLVE1 Event DLVE1: Exit Maintenance (One Account) 
27 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DLVE2 Event DLVE2: Exit Maintenance (All Accounts) 
28 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DSAVC Event DSAVC: Complete Data 
30 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_DTAKE Event DTAKE: Transfer Data in LM 
31 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_FCODE Event FCODE: Process Own OK Codes 
32 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_FMOD1_ACN_STAT Field Modification for Account Status 
33 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_FMOD1_EMP_ACC Field Modification for Employee Accounts 
34 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_FMOD1_FIPR Field Modification According to Product 
35 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_FMOD2 Event FMOD2: Field Modifications for Field Groups 
37 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_ISSTA Event ISSTA: Initialization 
38 BKK_BKKA_EVENT_XCHNG Event XCHNG: Data Changed? 
39 BKK_BKKA_IBKK40S_GET Read Global Data From G_STA_TAB_BKK40 
40 BKK_BKKA_IBKK50_GET Read Global Data from IBKK50 Structure 
41 BKK_BKKA_MEM_BKK40_GET Read Data from G_TAB_MEM_BKK40 
42 BKK_BKKA_NOTICE_KEY_GET Get Key for Notes 
43 BKK_BKKA_NUMBERS_READ Read Assignment of Temporary Number to Final DB Number 
44 BKK_BKKA_NUMBER_GET BCA: Use Internal Account Number (Create With Internal Number Assignment) 
45 BKK_BKKA_NUMBER_INIT BCA: Initialize Number Assignment 
46 BKK_BKKA_NUMBER_TEMP_GET BCA: Use Temporary Internal Account Number 
47 BKK_BKKA_NUMBER_TEMP_STATUS BCA: Find Status of Temporary Number Assignment 
48 BKK_BKKA_PAI_AUTO PAI (View Is Determined Automatically) 
49 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK005 PAI From View BKK005 (Access: BKKRS and Internal/External Acct Number) 
50 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK007 PAI From View BKK007 (Access: Product) 
51 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK008 PAI From View BKK008 (Access: Create Account As Offer) 
52 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK009 PAI From View BKK009 (Access: Deactivate Check Digit Procedure) 
53 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK011 PAI From View BKK011 (Identification: Account Numbers) 
54 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK013 PAI From View BKK010 (Product (New)) 
55 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK020 PAI From View BKK020 (Administration: Status) 
56 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK021 PAI From View BKK021 (Administration: Account Opening and Closure) 
57 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK022 PAI From View BKK022 (Administration: Indicator for Account Withdrawal) 
58 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK023 PAI From View BKK023 (Administration: Legacy Data Transfer) 
59 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK026 PAI From View BKK026 (Overview of Loro/Nostro Account) 
60 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK030 PAI From View BKK030 (General Data: Currency) 
61 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK031 PAI From View BKK031 (General Data: Public Holiday Calendar) 
62 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK061 PAI From View BKK061 (Conditin Group for Interest) 
63 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK062 PAI From View BKK062 (Condition Group for Charges) 
64 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK063 PAI From View BKK063 (Condition Group for Value Dates) 
65 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK070 PAI From View BKK070 (General Ledger Transfer) 
66 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK080 PAI From View BKK080 (Administration: Account Management) 
67 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK090 PAI From View BKK090 (Fields for Income Interest Tax) 
68 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK106 PAI From View BKK106 (Data for Bank Statement) 
69 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK110 PAI From View BKK110 (Locks) 
70 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK130 PAI From View BKK130 (Direct Debit Orders) 
71 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK132 PAI From View BKK132 (Create Direct Debit Order) 
72 BKK_BKKA_PAI_BKK150 PAI From View BKK150 (Currency Conversion) 
73 BKK_BKKA_PBO_AUTO PBO (View is Determined Automatically) 
74 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK004 PBO From View BKK004 (Header Data: Account Holder) 
75 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK005 PBO From View BKK005 (Access: BP and Account Number) 
76 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK007 PBO From View BKK007 (Access: Product) 
77 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK010 PBO From View BKK010 (Product (Old)) 
78 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK012 PBO From BKK012 (Identification: Descriptions) 
79 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK013 PBO From View BKK013 (Product (New)) 
80 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK020 PBO From View BKK020 (Management: Status) 
81 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK021 PBO From View BKK021 (Administration: Account Opening and Closure) 
82 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK022 PBO From View BKK022 (Administration: Indicator for Account Withdrawal) 
83 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK025 PBO From View BKK025 (Loro/Nostro Account) 
84 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK026 PBO From View BKK026 (Loro/Nostro Account) 
85 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK030 PBO From View BKK030 (General Data: Currency) 
86 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK031 PBO From View BKK031 (General Data: Publich Holiday Calendar) 
87 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK060 PBO From View BKK060 (General Data: Condition Area) 
88 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK061 PBO From View BKK061 (Conditiion Group for Interest) 
89 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK062 PBO From View BKK062 (Condition Group For Charges) 
90 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK063 PBO From View BKK063 (Condition Group for Value Dates) 
91 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK070 PBO From View BKK070 (General Ledger Transfer) 
92 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK080 PBO From View BKK080 (Administration: Account Management) 
93 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK090 PBO From View BKK090 (Fields for Capital Yield Tax) 
94 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK106 PBO From View BKK106 (Data for Bank Statement) 
95 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK131 PBO From View BKK131 (Positions for Direct Debit Order) 
96 BKK_BKKA_PBO_BKK150 PBO From View BKK150 (Currency Conversion) 
100 BKK_BKKA_REF_A_TERM_EXT_GET BDT get function for fixed term external disbursement reference account 
101 BKK_BKKA_REF_A_TERM_INT_GET BDT get function for fixed term internal disbursement reference account 
104 BKK_BKKA_REF_TERM_EXT_GET BDT get function for fixed term external collection reference account 
105 BKK_BKKA_REF_TERM_INT_GET BDT get function for fixed term internal collection reference account 
106 BKK_BKKA_SET_DELDATE Set Closure Date 
107 BKK_BKKA_TBKK51_GET Resubmission Reasons and Corresponding Texts 
109 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_CHCUR_REL_DEL Update When Currency Exchange Released 
110 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_CLOSURE_UNDO BCA: Update of BKK40 When Account Closure Reset 
111 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_FOR_CHCUR Update for Currency Exchange 
112 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_FOR_CLOSE Update for Account Balancing 
113 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_FOR_DUE_DATE Update of Change Document for New Due Date 
114 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_FOR_NACKIND Update when Product is Changed 
115 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_LAST_CHUSER BCA: Update of BKK40 - Dates of Last Change 
116 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_POS_DIRDEB Insert Positions for Direct Debit Order 
117 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_REF_ACCOUNT Update of Reference Accounts 
118 BKK_BKKA_UPDATE_TRANS_OLD_DATA Update for Account Balancing 
119 BKK_BKKC10_GET_FOR_DATE BKKC10: Read Balance for Date for Each GL Account 
120 BKK_BKKC11_GET_ACCT BKKC11: Select Records for Account 
121 BKK_BKKC12_CHECK_LAST_BP BKKC12: Checks Existence of Balance Types In Relation to a Date 
122 BKK_BKKC12_GET_ACCT BKKC12: Select Records for An Account 
123 BKK_BKKC12_GET_ACT_ACC BKKC12: Read Accounts and Balances to be Divided up for Current Calculatn 
124 BKK_BKKC12_GET_OLD_ACC BKKC12: Read Accounts and Balances to be Divided Up for Backdated Posting 
125 BKK_BKKC13_GET BKKC13: Read Account Changes up to a Certain Date 
126 BKK_BKKC13_GET_ALL BKKC13: Select All Records 
127 BKK_BKKC30_GET_ACCT_DATE BKKC30: Select Records for Account/Posting Date 
128 BKK_BKKC30_GET_ACCT_FIKEY BKKC30: Select Records for Account/Posting Date 
129 BKK_BKKC30_LIST_DETAIL General Ledger: Detail Display for Balance Sheet Preparation Data 
130 BKK_BKKC_FBC8DB_REFRESH_MEM Globales Gedächtnis FG FBC8DB initialisieren 
131 BKK_BKKL_CHCUR_LIMIT_EXIST BCA: Checks Wheter Individual Limits Exist for Currency Conversion Date 
132 BKK_BKKL_CREATE_CHCUR_LIMIT BCA: Conversion of Limits for Currency Exchange 
133 BKK_BKKRS_BANKKEY_GET_T Selection Table for Bank Areas for Bank Country/Bank Key 
134 BKK_BKKRS_BKKITNTC_SET_OLD Set Locked Items to Old, If Notice Lock Period End Before Posting Date 
135 BKK_BKKRS_CHECK_CUST Bank Area: Check Entry in Customizing 
136 BKK_BKKRS_CHECK_CUST_CHG_GL Bank Area: Check Change to GL Data in Customizing 
137 BKK_BKKRS_EXISTS Check to See if Bank Area Exists 
138 BKK_BKKRS_GET_BANKKEY Determine Bank Country/Bank Key for Bank Area 
139 BKK_BKKRS_GET_CLOSEDATE Find Balancing Posting Date for Bank Area 
140 BKK_BKKRS_GET_COMPANY_CURR Find Currency of Company Code for Bank Area 
142 BKK_BKKRS_GET_FLAG_TRACE Returns Contents of XTRACE Indicator 
143 BKK_BKKRS_GET_GLDATA Find Bank Area Attributes for GL Transfer 
144 BKK_BKKRS_GET_LANGUAGE Determines the Language of a Bank Area 
145 BKK_BKKRS_GET_LIST_PAYM_ACCTS Bank Area: Find List of Accts for Payment Transactions for Bank Area/Crcy 
146 BKK_BKKRS_GET_LIST_PAYM_ACCTS2 Bank Area: Find Suspense (CpD) Accts PaytTrans for Bank Area/Crcy Ranges 
147 BKK_BKKRS_GET_NOTIFY_CURRENCY Supplies Reporting Currency Using Bank Area Settings 
148 BKK_BKKRS_GET_PAYM Find Payment Transaction Data for Bank Area 
149 BKK_BKKRS_GET_PAYM_ACCOUNTS Bank Area: Find Payment Transaction Accounts for Bank Area/Currency 
150 BKK_BKKRS_GET_POSTDATE Bank Area: Find Posting Date 
151 BKK_BKKRS_GET_RANGE Reads a Range of Bank Areas 
152 BKK_BKKRS_GET_SHIFT_WDAY Finds Default Execution Date of a Standing Order 
153 BKK_BKKRS_GET_T Selection Table for Bank Areas 
154 BKK_BKKRS_GET_TEXT Find Bank Area Description 
155 BKK_BKKRS_GET_WAERS Find Currency Data for Bank Area 
156 BKK_BKKRS_INDEPEND_GET_CHARNUM Reads Number of Required Characters for an Incorrect Character in Name 
157 BKK_BKKRS_INDEPEND_GET_DATA Query Data Not Specific to One Bank Area 
158 BKK_BKKRS_INDEPEND_GET_DISPLAY Find Display Option for Amounts in BCA 
159 BKK_BKKRS_INDEPEND_GET_SIGN Finds The Display ID According to Amount With Plus/Minus Sign 
160 BKK_BKKRS_NEXT_CLOSE_DATE Set Posting Date for Balancing 
161 BKK_BKKRS_NEXT_POST_DATE Posting Date: Update Posting Cut-Off for Bank Area 
162 BKK_BKKRS_NTC_INACTIVE Set Notices to Inactive if Posting Date is After Withdrawal Period End 
163 BKK_BKKRS_PREPARE_POST_DATE Posting Date: Prepare Posting Cut-Off 
164 BKK_BKKRS_RANGE_TO_WHERETAB Convert Selection Options for Bank Areas in WHERE Tables 
165 BKK_BKKRS_REFRESH_POST_DATE Posting Date: Initialize for Posting Cut-Off 
166 BKK_BKKRS_SET_CLOSEDATE Find Balancing Posting Date for Bank Area 
167 BKK_BKKRS_SET_POSTDATE Set Posting Date for Bank Area 
168 BKK_BKKRS_TRANSF_TYPE_GET_DATA Query Data Not Specific to One Bank Area 
169 BKK_BKKRS_UPDATE_POST_DATE Posting Date: Call Update for New Posting Date 
171 BKK_BKKTERM_GET_BKKTERM_MULT BKKTERM lesen, mit Kontentabelle 
172 BKK_BKKTERM_GET_DATA_ACBAL Selektion BKKTERM für Abschluss 
173 BKK_BKST_ARCHIVE_OBJECT Archiving Item Key for Each Bank Statement 
174 BKK_BKST_READ_OBJECT Export Bank Statement Items from Archive 
175 BKK_BONUS_EXISTS Check For Existence of a Bonus 
176 BKK_BSDUPL_CHECK_EOS Check to See if End of Selection Reached for Duplicate Creation 
177 BKK_BSDUPL_EXECUTE Create Bank Statement Duplicates 
178 BKK_BSDUPL_SELECTION Selection for Bank Statement Duplicates 
179 BKK_BSDUPL_SELECTION_RESTART Account Selection for Restart in Duplicate Creation 
180 BKK_BUPA_ACTIVTY_TEXT_GET Determine Texts for Activities 
181 BKK_BUPA_ALIAS_ACCNT_GET_LIST List of Names for Account Holder and Authorized Drawer 
182 BKK_BUPA_ALIAS_CHECK Check BP Name Against Alias Table 
183 BKK_BUPA_ALIAS_GET_LIST Liste mit Aliasnamen zum GP 
184 BKK_BUPA_ALIAS_INIT Refresh Global Tables 
186 BKK_BUPA_BKK21_GET Globale Daten von Tabelle BKK21 lesen 
187 BKK_BUPA_CHECK_DEL_ALLOWED Checks if the archiving / deletion of a BP or BP-role is allowed 
188 BKK_BUPA_CHECK_HISTORY Checks the History Table of Business Partner 
189 BKK_BUPA_CHECK_OTHER_ACT_ACCNT Checks Whether There Are Still Active Accounts for BP Role 
190 BKK_BUPA_CHECK_POST_BLOCK Checks If Central Posting Lock is Active 
191 BKK_BUPA_CONVERT_ALNAME Konvertierten Aliasnamen erzeugen 
193 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_ARCH1 Archiving: Check Data 
194 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_ARCH3 OBSOLET: Zeitpunkt ARCH3: Datenarchivierung 
195 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_ARCH4 OBSOLET: Zeitpunkt ARCH4: Löschen nach Archivieren 
196 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_ARCH5 OBSOLET: Zeitpunkt ARCH5: Prüfen vor dem Archivzurückladen 
197 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_ARCH6 OBSOLET: Zeitpunkt ARCH6: Archiv rückladen 
198 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_CHGD1 Zeitpunkt CHGD1: Selektionswerte übergeben 
199 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_CHGD2 OBSOLET: Zeitpunkt CHGD2: Objekte mit Objekt-ID sammeln 
200 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_CHGD4 obsolet 
201 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_DCUAC Zeitpunkt DCUAC: Standard-Oberfläche verändern 
202 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_DELE1 Event DELE1: Check Before Deletion 
203 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_DELE2 OBSOLET: Zeitpunkt DELE2: Löschen nach Archivieren 
204 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_DINP2 OBSOLET: Zeitpunkt DINP2: Direct Input, Datenfelder füllen 
205 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_DLVE1 Zeitpunkt DLVE2: Pflege verlassen (alle Konten) 
206 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_FCODE Zeitpunkt FCODE: Eigene OK-Codes behandeln 
207 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_FCODE_2 Event FCODE: Process Own OK Codes 
208 BKK_BUPA_EVENT_SERC1_PSEARCH3 Erstellung der Selektionsbedingung für Alias in SERC1 
209 BKK_BUPA_GET_ARCH_DATA BPs That Are Released in BCA for Archiving/Deletion 
210 BKK_BUPA_GET_ROLES_FOR_TYPES BP Role According to Role Category 
211 BKK_BUPA_MESSAGES_CONVERT Convert Messages in BDT Format to That of MESG Structure 
212 BKK_BUPA_OBJAP_CHECK Checks if Application Object Exists 
213 BKK_BUPA_PAI_BKK110 PAI von Sicht BKK110 (Alias) 
214 BKK_BUPA_PAI_BKK111 OBSOLET: PAI von Sicht BKK110 (Alias) 
215 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_BEGR_GET_MULT Provides Authorization Group of Multiple Business Partners 
216 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_CHECK Checks if Business Partner Exists 
217 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_DATA_GET Provides General Data on Business Partner 
218 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_EXTENDED_SEL BCA: Enhanced Selection Control for Finding Business Partner Number 
219 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_GET_ADDR BCA: Return of Address Data for a Business Partner 
220 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_GET_ADDRNR BCA: Return of Address Number for Address Type and ID 
221 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_GET_ADDR_NO BCA: Return of Address Numbers for Address Type 
222 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_GET_DEF_ADRID BCA: Finding Default Address of a Business Partner 
223 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_GET_RLTYPES Selects All Role Categories of a Business Partner 
224 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_GET_WITH_NAME BCA: Returns Business Partner with Name and Role Category 
225 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_NAME_GET Provides Name of Business Partner 
226 BKK_BUPA_PARTNER_XUBNAME_GET Provides User Name of Business Partner 
227 BKK_BUPA_PBO_BKK110 PBO von Sicht BKK110 (Alias) 
228 BKK_BUPA_PBO_BKK111 OBSOLET: PBO von Sicht BKK110 (Alias) 
229 BKK_BUPA_RLTGR_EXISTS Checks if Role Category Grouping Exists 
230 BKK_BUPA_RLTYP_CHECK Checks If Role Category Exists 
231 BKK_BUPA_RLTYP_CHECK_RLTGR Checks if a Role Category is Assigned to a Role Category Grouping 
232 BKK_BUPA_RLTYP_GET_ADR_KIND BCA: Default Value for Address Category for Role Category 
233 BKK_BUPA_RLTYP_GET_ALL Provides the BCA Role Categories for a BCA Application Object 
234 BKK_BUPA_RLTYP_GET_TITLE Provides Header for Role Category 
235 BKK_BUPA_ROLETYPES_F4 F4 Dialog Box for Role Categories 
236 BKK_BUPA_ROLE_VALID_TO_CHANGE Change Valid-To Date of a Role 
237 BKK_BUPA_UPDATE OBSOLET: Verbuchung BKK21 (Aliasnamen) 
238 BKK_BUP_BANK_GET Bank Details for Business Partner 
239 BKK_BUS_FMOD_MAIN_ALV Field Control in ALV_GRID From BDT 
240 BKK_BUS_PBO_ALV Calls in PBO with ALV GRID 
241 BKK_CASHB_TYPE_EXISTS Check Existence of a Position Type 
242 BKK_CASHCONC_AT_RUNSTART Processes at Start of a Cash Concentration Run 
243 BKK_CASHCONC_CHECK_EOS Get Account Balancing Run for Restart 
244 BKK_CASHCONC_CHECK_LOCKS Check if Accounts Are Locked 
245 BKK_CASHCONC_EXECUTE Run Cash Concentration 
246 BKK_CASHCONC_GET_PARAM Get Parameters for Cash Concentration Run 
247 BKK_CASHCONC_GET_RESTARTRUN Get Cash Concentration Run for Restart 
248 BKK_CASHCONC_LOOP_INTV_DISTRIB Generate Intervals/Initialize Dispatcher 
249 BKK_CASHCONC_SELECTION Select Objects to Be Processed in Parallel 
251 BKK_CASH_AUTHORITY_CHECK BCA: Authorization Check for Means of Payment Management 
252 BKK_CASH_AUTHORITY_CHECK_MULT BCA: Authorization Check for Means of Payment Management 
253 BKK_CASH_BAL_CHECK Position Payment Transaction: Check Presented Position 
254 BKK_CASH_BAL_DB_BKKA1 BCA: Get all Position Data for Internal Key from BKKA1 
255 BKK_CASH_BAL_DB_DELETE Position DB: Delete Position 
256 BKK_CASH_BAL_DB_STACK_NR_BKKA1 Get all Position Data for a Stack Number 
257 BKK_CASH_BAL_DB_UPDATE Database Update of Changed Position Data 
258 BKK_CASH_BAL_DELETE_FROM_INS Delete Position From List of New Positions to be Inserted 
259 BKK_CASH_BAL_DELETE_FROM_UPD Delete Position From List of Positions to be Changed 
260 BKK_CASH_BAL_DELETE_LAST Position Payment Transactions: Deletion of Payment Item to be Processed 
261 BKK_CASH_BAL_GET_ALL BCA: Selection of a Position List for Each Account 
262 BKK_CASH_BAL_GET_BUFFER BCA: Get Update/Insert Tables From Buffer 
263 BKK_CASH_BAL_GET_CHEQUES Get Status Data for a Table of Checks 
264 BKK_CASH_BAL_GET_INTERNAL_KEY Position DB: Get Internal Key for a Position 
265 BKK_CASH_BAL_GET_LIST Position DB: Get Position List 
266 BKK_CASH_BAL_GET_NPOST_NOCHECK Position DB: Return Number of Unchecked Position Postings 
267 BKK_CASH_BAL_GET_STATUS Read Status Informaion on Position 
268 BKK_CASH_BAL_GET_STAT_CHANGES Position DB: Get Change History for Position Status 
269 BKK_CASH_BAL_GET_TYPE Position: Find Position Type 
270 BKK_CASH_BAL_INSERT_NEW Save Flagged Positions in Database 
271 BKK_CASH_BAL_NUM_CHECK_BKKRS Check If Ranges Exist in Number Range Object for Bank Area as Subobject 
272 BKK_CASH_BAL_NUM_CREATE Provides New Internal Position Number 
273 BKK_CASH_BAL_NUM_CREATE_INTERV Creation of a Number Range Interval for Bank Area 
274 BKK_CASH_BAL_PREPARE Position Payment Transaction: Prepare Position Posting in Payment Trans. 
275 BKK_CASH_BAL_PREPARE_INSERT Preparation of Position Transfer to Means of Payment Management 
276 BKK_CASH_BAL_PREPARE_UPDATE Prepare Change of Position Status 
277 BKK_CASH_BAL_REFRESH_ALL Position Payt Transactions: Initialization of Position Data to be Flagged 
278 BKK_CASH_BAL_REFRESH_ALL_INS Deletion of All New Positions to be Transferred to Means of Payment Mgt 
279 BKK_CASH_BAL_REFRESH_ALL_UPD Deletion of All Data Flagged for Change 
280 BKK_CASH_BAL_REFRESH_INS_STACK BCA: Delete Checks From Global Memory That Are Flagged for Insertion 
281 BKK_CASH_BAL_SAVE_REM BCA: Save Comment on Check (PF) 
282 BKK_CASH_BAL_SAVE_STAT_CHANGE Position Database: Write Status Change in Change Document 
283 BKK_CASH_BAL_SCR_ACCNT_OPTIONS BCA: Maintain Position Type Settings for Each Account 
284 BKK_CASH_BAL_SCR_F4_CASHB_TYPE F4 Help for Position Types 
285 BKK_CASH_BAL_SCR_MCODE_ACCOUNT BCA: Match Code Help for Account Number 
286 BKK_CASH_BAL_SEARCH_IN_BUFFER Position DB: Search for Position in Positions Flagged for Saving 
287 BKK_CASH_BAL_SET_BLOCKDATA BCA: Change Lock Reason and/or Lock Date To 
288 BKK_CASH_BAL_SET_DELETE_FLG BCA: Set Deletion Indicator 
290 BKK_CASH_BAL_STAT_BLOCK_INFO Information on Lock Reasons 
291 BKK_CASH_BAL_STAT_GET_INFOTEXT Return of Information on Position Status 
292 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_CHECK_CATG Check if Position Type is From Specified Position Category 
293 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_CREATE BCA: Create Position Types for Each Account 
294 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_DELETE BCA: Delete Settings for Position Types For Each Account 
295 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_FILL_BUFFER Update Global Data of Function Group 
296 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_GET_ACC_OPT BCA: Get Settings Account <-> Position Type 
297 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_GET_ALL All Position Types for Position Category 
298 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_GET_ALL_OPT BCA: Get All Position Type Settings for Each Account 
299 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_GET_CATG Position Category for Position Type 
300 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_GET_NAME Position Type Description 
301 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_GET_OPTION BCA: Get Position Type Settings 
302 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_GET_WARRANTY BCA: Get Guarantee Amount for Position Type 
303 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_MODIFY BCA: Change Position Type Settings for Each Account 
304 BKK_CASH_BAL_TYPE_XSEPARATE Check if Separate Position Number Assignment Set Up for Each Position Type 
305 BKK_CASH_BAL_UPDATE Position Payment Transactions: Write Flagged Position Data to DB 
306 BKK_CC_APPLLOG_WRITE Writes Application Log for Single Cash Concentration Run 
307 BKK_CC_CHANGE_AMOUNTS Converts Amounts of BKK620 to Target Currency/Not for Hierarchy < 1.2 
308 BKK_CC_MIN_MAX_TREENR Determination of Minumum and Maximum Hierarchy Number for Cash Conc. Type 
309 BKK_CC_UPDATE_FOR_CHCUR Conversion of Entries in BKK620 to New Account Currency in Conversion Rule 
310 BKK_CC_WRITE_CHDOC20 Call Up Change Document Creation 
311 BKK_CF_WRITE_CHDOC20 Call Up Change Document Creation 
312 BKK_CHAIN_CHECK_BEFORE_START Check to See if Processing Chain Can be Started 
313 BKK_CHAIN_CHECK_END_OF_STEP Check Job Status in a Processing Step 
314 BKK_CHAIN_CHECK_FOR_RESTART Check if Step Can Be Restarted 
315 BKK_CHAIN_CHECK_IF_RUNNING Check if Processing Chain is Active 
316 BKK_CHAIN_CHECK_START_NEXT_JOB Check and Start Next Report 
317 BKK_CHAIN_CHECK_VARIANTS Check Variants on End-of-Day Processing Reports 
318 BKK_CHAIN_COMPARE Comparison of Two Processing Chains 
319 BKK_CHAIN_COMPLETE_STEPID Complete ID of a Processing Step 
320 BKK_CHAIN_DB_DELETE Delete Entries for Processing Chain 
321 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_ACTIVE_CHAINS Get Active Processing Chains 
322 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_CURR_REPNO Get Number of Current Processing Step 
323 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_CURR_REPORTS Get Current Report Data of a Processing Chain 
324 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_HEADER Read Header Data of a Processing Chain 
325 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_LAUFID Assign ID for a New Processing Chain 
326 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_MASS_RUNS Get All Mass Runs of Report Chain That Called Mass Run 
327 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_NEXT_REPORT Get Next Report in Processing Chain 
328 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_REPCHAINS Get Processing Chains From Database 
329 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_REPCHAIN_ALL Get Keys for All Processing Chains 
330 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_REPOPTIONS Get Settings for Reports in a Report Chain 
331 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_REPORTDATA Get Settings for End-of-Day Report 
332 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_RETURNCODE Get Return Code of a Processing Step 
333 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_SEQ_BY_JOB Find ID of Report Chain By Using Job 
334 BKK_CHAIN_DB_GET_STEPDATA Get Data for Processing Step 
335 BKK_CHAIN_DB_INIT_REPORTCHAIN Initialize Processin Chain of Report 
336 BKK_CHAIN_DB_SET_MASS_RUN Register Mass Run In a Report Chain 
337 BKK_CHAIN_DB_SET_REPNOCURR Set Current Report Number (In Header Table) 
338 BKK_CHAIN_DB_SET_RETURNCODE Set Return Value at End of Called Report 
339 BKK_CHAIN_DB_SET_STATUS Set Status of Processing Chain 
340 BKK_CHAIN_DB_SET_USER_DATE_TIM Set User, Date, and Time of Last Start 
341 BKK_CHAIN_DB_UPDATE Update Report Data 
343 BKK_CHAIN_DB_UPD_FROM_TABLE Update Entries for Reports in Processing Chain 
344 BKK_CHAIN_DETERMINE_STATUS Find Status of Processing Chain From Report Status 
345 BKK_CHAIN_DETERM_NEXT_STEP PUBLIC: Set Return Code and Start Next Step/Trigger Event 
346 BKK_CHAIN_DETERM_RUNSEQUENCE Determine Sequence Using End-of-Day Processing Data 
347 BKK_CHAIN_GET_SEQUENCE_ID Get ID of Current Report Chain 
348 BKK_CHAIN_GET_STATUS PUBLIC: Get Status of a Processing Chain 
349 BKK_CHAIN_GET_TREPSTATUS Get Text on Report Status 
350 BKK_CHAIN_GET_TRETURNCODE Get Text on Return Value 
351 BKK_CHAIN_REFRESH_STATUS Update Status of Processing Steps in a Report Chain 
352 BKK_CHAIN_RESTART PUBLIC: Restart in Process Chain 
353 BKK_CHAIN_SCR_DATA_ITOE Convert Data of an End-of-Day Processing Chain to External Format 
354 BKK_CHAIN_SCR_EDIT Maintain Job Name and Variants of a Report Chain 
355 BKK_CHAIN_SCR_JOBLIST Job List for End-of-Day Processing Chain 
356 BKK_CHAIN_SCR_LIST List Display of Report for a Processing Chain 
357 BKK_CHAIN_SCR_LIST_OVERV List Display of Selected Processing Chains 
358 BKK_CHAIN_SCR_SELECT List Display of Selected Processing Chains 
359 BKK_CHAIN_SET_RC_MESSAGE Send Message on Return Code 
360 BKK_CHAIN_SET_SEQUENCE_ID Write ID of Current Step to Global Memory 
361 BKK_CHAIN_START_JOB Start Job for a Processing Step 
362 BKK_CHAIN_START_NEXT_JOB Report Chain: Start Next Report 
363 BKK_CHAIN_START_NEXT_STEP PUBLIC: Start Next Report in Processing Chain 
364 BKK_CHANGE_TO_TIMESTAMP Converts date and time into time stamp 
365 BKK_CHECK_4EYES_CLOSE_CONTROL Account Closure: Checks Activation/Deactivation of Dual Control 
366 BKK_CHECK_AUTHORITY_TYPE BCA: Check Authorization for Authorization Types 
367 BKK_CHECK_BANKS Check Existence of Country in T005 
368 BKK_CHECK_BANK_ACCOUNT Check Bank Details 
369 BKK_CHECK_BANK_ACCOUNT_DE Check Account Number Using German Procedure 
370 BKK_CHECK_BANK_ADDRESS Read Bank Master Data and Check Delete Flag, if Applicable 
371 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_CALC_PRODUCT Calculation of Weighted Product Totals for Module Procedure 
372 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_CALL_PROC Call Up of a Procedure for Check Digit Calculation 
373 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_CHECK Check The Check Digit of an Account Number Using Authorization Methods 
374 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_CHECK_BANKL Check The Check Digit of an Account Number Using Authorization Methods 
375 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_COMPARE Comparison of Calculated Check Digits with Check Digit of Account Number 
376 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_CREATE Return of a New External Account Number with Check Digit 
377 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_DETERM_DIGITS Find Relevant Part of Account Number 
378 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_EXCEPTION Process Special Cases 
379 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_GET_ACCN_EXT Get An External Account Number (Without Check Digits) 
380 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_GET_METHODS Find Methods for Check Digit Calculation 
381 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_GET_NEXT_NUM Get a Counter Number for External Account Number 
382 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_ITERATE_TRANSF Find Check Digits wtih Integrated Transformation/Module - Obsolete 
383 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_MODULO Find Check Digit With Modulus Procedure/Module - Obsolete 
384 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_NO_CHECK Do Not Calculate Check Digits/Module - Obsolete 
385 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_REST Complete Remaining Processing 
386 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_SUM_AND_COMPLE Valuate Total of Indidivual Products 
387 BKK_CHECK_DIGIT_TRANSFORM Calculation of Total of Transformed Single Values (Iter. Transf.) 
388 BKK_CHECK_HOLIDAY Check to See if Date is a Public Holiday 
389 BKK_CHECK_IF_INTEGER Check Character Chain for Integer Format 
390 BKK_CHECK_PAYMETHOD_ACC_SEPA Check if a Payment Method Exists 
391 BKK_CHECK_SEPA_MANDATE BCA : Check Module for SEPA Mandate 
392 BKK_CHECK_TBKK01E_EXIST Customizingdata special CPD-account 
393 BKK_CHECK_VDAT_BORDER To check if the value date is with in the limits 
394 BKK_CHEQUE_AUTHORITY_CHECK BCA: Authorization Check in Check Management 
395 BKK_CHEQUE_BLOCK Lock Checks 
396 BKK_CHEQUE_BLOCK_FILL_ADDRESS BCA: Fill Address When Notification Made About Check Lock 
397 BKK_CHEQUE_BLOCK_FILL_HEADER BCA: Fill Header Information 
398 BKK_CHEQUE_BLOCK_INFO_OUTPUT BCA: Output Notification if Check is Locked 
399 BKK_CHEQUE_CHANG_REM_TEXT BCA: Save Comment on Check 
400 BKK_CHEQUE_CHECK BCA: Check Payment Transaction - Check the Check (PF) 
401 BKK_CHEQUE_CHECK_CASHB_TYP BCA: Check if Check (PF) Type Is Allowed for Account 
402 BKK_CHEQUE_CHECK_RANGE Check (PF): Check Consistency of Check No. From/To and Number of Checks 
403 BKK_CHEQUE_CHECK_STATUS_CHNG Check (PF): Check if Status Change is Allowed 
404 BKK_CHEQUE_DELETE BCA: Delete Positions from Position Table BKKA1 
405 BKK_CHEQUE_DELETE_LAST Check Payment Transaction: Deletion of a Check Payment Item to be Processd 
406 BKK_CHEQUE_GET_BKKA1_HISTORY Check (PF): Get Change History (Including Account Number) 
407 BKK_CHEQUE_GET_STAT_HISTORY Check (PF): Get Change History 
408 BKK_CHEQUE_ISSUE Output Checks (PF) 
409 BKK_CHEQUE_ISSUE_FROM_STACK BCA: Issue Checks From Stack Management 
410 BKK_CHEQUE_ITEM_ALREADY_CHECK Check Whether Check (PF) Already Checked and Fill Global Memory 
411 BKK_CHEQUE_NO_BLOCK Unlock Checks 
412 BKK_CHEQUE_OUTPUT_BLOCKINFO BCA: Output Lock Information 
413 BKK_CHEQUE_PREPARE Check Payment Transactions: Prepare Check Posting in Payment Transactions 
414 BKK_CHEQUE_REFRESH_CHECK_TAB Delete Global Memory for Check (PF) Check 
415 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_BLOCK_2 BCA: Lock Checks (New Version) 
416 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_BLOCK_INTRO Screen: Locking Checks (Initial Screen) 
417 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_CLEAR_NO_WORKED BCA: Deletion of Indicator "No Processed Checks" 
418 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_CONV_ALLDATA Check Interface: Format Check Data for Interface Layout 
419 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_CONV_CHEQDATA Check Interface: Format Status Data of a Check for Issue 
420 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_CONV_HEADER Check Interface: Format Header Data for Display 
421 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_CONV_STATUSDATA Check Interface: Format Status Data of a Check for Issue 
422 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_CREATE Screen: Creation of a Check 
424 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_DETAIL Display Detailed Information About a Check (PF) 
425 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_FILL_BKKA1 BCA: Fill BKKA1 Fields for Authorization Check 
426 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_FILL_IBKK_CHEQ BCA: Fill Screen Fields in IBKK_CHEQ Structure for Authorization Check 
427 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_GET_BKKA1 Check Interface: Provide Values for Authorization Check 
428 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_GET_IBKK_CHEQ Check Interface: Provide Values for Authorization Check 
429 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_GET_MORE_COND BCA: Input of Selection Restrictions for Check (PF) Display 
430 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_GET_SELECT_COND BCA: Input of Selection Restrictions for Check (PF) Selection 
431 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_GET_SEL_PARAM BCA: Get Selection Parameters From Global Table (Internal Use) 
432 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_NO_BLOCK_2 BCA: Unlock Check - Selection Screen 
433 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_NO_BLOCK_INTRO Screen: Unlock Checks (Initial Screen) 
434 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_NO_WORKED BCA: Queries to See if Unprocessed Checks are to Be Displayed 
435 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_SET_NO_WORKED BCA: Set Indicator "No Unprocessed Checks" 
436 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_SET_SEL_PARAM BCA: Transfer Selection Parameters to Global Table (Internal Use) 
437 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_SHOW_2 BCA: Display Checks (PF) - New Version 
438 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_SHOW_HISTORY_2 Check Interface: Display Change History of a Check 
439 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_SHOW_INTRO Screen: Display Checks (Initial Screen) 
440 BKK_CHEQUE_SCR_SHOW_STATCHNGS Check Interface: Detailed Information About Status Change 
441 BKK_CHEQUE_SET_CHEQUETYPE Check (PF): Change Check Type 
442 BKK_CHEQUE_WORK BCA: Assign a New External Account Number to a Check (PF) 
443 BKK_CLEARING Cash Concentration: Find Carryforwards, Post Payment Order and Items 
444 BKK_CLEARING_DETERMINE_ROOTACC Cash Concentration: Finds Root Accounts in Ranges 
445 BKK_CLEARING_PREPARE_AND_POST Cash Concentration: Find and Post Payment Orders for Carryforwards 
447 BKK_CLOSCTRL_APPCTG_TO_CLTYPE Convert Application Category to Balancing Type 
448 BKK_CLOSCTRL_AT_END_OF_RUN Processes at End of a Mass Run in End-of-Day Processing 
449 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CHECK_ACCOUNT Check Accounts to See if Inactive, and if There are Function Locks 
450 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CHECK_ACC_IN_PROC Check Whether Account in Processing by Mass Runs 
451 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CHECK_DIALOGLOCK Check Whether Account is Locked in The Dialog 
452 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CHECK_ENDOFSEL Check Whether Selection Has Ended 
453 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CHECK_RUNSTART Check to See if Mass Run Can Start 
454 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CHECK_WITH_RULE Check to See if Mass Run Can Be Started 
455 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CLEAN_UP Delete Old End-of-Day Processing Runs at Start of a Run 
456 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CLTYPE_TO_APPCTG Convert Balancing Type to Application Category 
457 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CONFIRM_ACCOUNTS Confirm Account Processing 
458 BKK_CLOSCTRL_CONFIRM_HY Confirm Processing of Account Hierarchies 
459 BKK_CLOSCTRL_DB_GET_CLOSDATES Read Balancing Date of Mass Runs 
460 BKK_CLOSCTRL_DB_GET_FULLINFO Read Balancing Parameters at Last Start of a Mass Run 
461 BKK_CLOSCTRL_DB_GET_PARAM Read Balancing Parameters 
462 BKK_CLOSCTRL_DB_SET_PARAM Setting Balancing Parameters 
463 BKK_CLOSCTRL_DEL_PARAM Delete Parameters 
464 BKK_CLOSCTRL_DET_RETURNCODE Find Return Code From Run Status 
465 BKK_CLOSCTRL_GET_CURR_RUNS Get Balancing Mass Runs 
466 BKK_CLOSCTRL_GET_PARAM Get Parameters for Mass Run of End-of-Day Processing 
467 BKK_CLOSCTRL_GET_RESTARTRUN Select Mass Run for Postprocessing 
468 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOCK_OBJECTS Lock Objects in an End-of-Day Processing Run 
469 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOG_PARAMINFO Write Information About Parameters in Application Log 
470 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOOP_CONSTRUCTOR Administration of a Loop for Multiple Bank Areas 
471 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOOP_DESTRUCTOR Delete Object for Administration of a Loop for Multiple Bank Areas 
472 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOOP_GET_BKKRS Determine Bank Area Using Loop Counter 
473 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOOP_GET_CURR Get Bank Areas that Are Processed in Mass Run of End-of-Day Processing 
474 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOOP_GET_CURR_ALL Get Bank Areas That Are Processed by Mass Runs of End-of-Day Processing 
476 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOOP_INIT_DISP Generate Intervals/Initialize Dispatcher 
477 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOOP_INTV_DISTRIB Generate Intervals/Initialize Dispatcher 
478 BKK_CLOSCTRL_LOOP_SET_CURR Set Bank Area and Account Number of Current Interval 
479 BKK_CLOSCTRL_SCR_SELECT_RUN Balancing Interface: Select Mass Run 
480 BKK_CLOSCTRL_SEND_LOCK_MESSAGE Issue of Messages About Objects Locked in End-of-Day Processing 
481 BKK_CLOSCTRL_SET_DIALOGLOCKS Set Dialog Locks in Accounts to be Processed in the Mass Run 
482 BKK_CLOSCTRL_SET_LOCKS_HY Lock Cash Concentration Hierarchies for End-of-Day Processing 
483 BKK_CLOSCTRL_SET_PARAM Get Parameters for Mass Run of End-of-Day Processing 
484 BKK_CLOSE_INPUT_POST_DATE_CLOS Posting Date for Balancing Postings for Each Bank Area in the Dialog 
485 BKK_CLOSING_ACCT_STOCK_DELETE Deletion of Period to be Rebalanced 
486 BKK_CLOSING_ACCT_STOCK_MODIFY Save Period to be Rebalanced 
487 BKK_CLOSING_BDC_BKK9RK_DELETE Deletion of the Period to be Rebalanced from BKK9RK 
488 BKK_CLOSING_CHECK BCA: Consistency Check on Data for Account Time Periods 
489 BKK_CLOSING_CHECK_CONSISTENCY Balancing: Check Period Unit and Key Date are Consistent 
490 BKK_CLOSING_DB_GET_DATA Get Periodic Settings for Accounts 
491 BKK_CLOSING_DB_UPDATE_WITH_TAB Update Entries for Account Time Periods 
492 BKK_CLOSING_DELETE_BKKM2_NP Deletion of nonperiodic Bank Statements 
494 BKK_CLOSING_DETERM_NEXT_KEYDAT BCA: Calculate Next Key Date for Balancing 
495 BKK_CLOSING_DET_DATE_AND_ID Balancing: Find New Balancing ID (And New Due Date) 
496 BKK_CLOSING_GETDETAIL BCA: Get Time Period Dates for One/All Balancing Type(s) 
497 BKK_CLOSING_GET_ACCT_STOCK Selection of Accounts to be Balanced 
498 BKK_CLOSING_GET_ACCT_STOCK_ALL Selection of Accounts to be Balanced 
499 BKK_CLOSING_GET_ALL_NP_BS Bank Statement DB: Get Bank Statement List for an Account 
500 BKK_CLOSING_GET_BANKSTAT_NP Bank Statement DB: Get Bank Statement List for an Account