SAP ABAP Function Module - Index B, page 12
Function Module - B
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 BAPI_REQUEST_ADDPERIODS R BAPI: Add Execution Periods for Request 
6 BAPI_REQUEST_DELETEPERIODS R BAPI: Delete Execution Periods of Request 
8 BAPI_REQUEST_DELSPECIALDATES R BAPI: Delete Special Dates of a Request 
9 BAPI_REQUEST_EASYCREATE R BAPI: Create Request with Template 
11 BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_CHANGE R Planned independent requirement: Change planned independent reqmt 
12 BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_CREATE R Planned Independent Requirements: Create Planned Independent Reqmts 
13 BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_GETDETAIL R Planned Independent Requirements: Display Details for Pland Indep. Reqmts 
14 BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_SIMULATE R Planned Independent Requirements: Simulate Creating/Changing PlndIndepReq. 
15 BAPI_REQUIREMENT_CREATE R Create Requirement Coverage Request 
16 BAPI_REQUIREMENT_GET_LIST R List Requirement Coverage Requests/Requisitions 
17 BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE R Change Purchase Requisition 
18 BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE R Create Purchase Requisition 
19 BAPI_REQUISITION_DELETE R Delete/close purchase requisition 
20 BAPI_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL R Display Purchase Requisition Details 
21 BAPI_REQUISITION_GETITEMS R Read Purchase Requisition Item 
22 BAPI_REQUISITION_GETITEMSREL R List Purchase Requisitions Awaiting Release 
23 BAPI_REQUISITION_GETRELINFO R Display Detailed Release (Approval) Information on Purchase Requisition 
24 BAPI_REQUISITION_RELEASE R Release Purchase Requisition Item by Item 
25 BAPI_REQUISITION_RELEASE_GEN R Release Entire Purchase Requisition 
26 BAPI_REQUISITION_RESET_RELEASE R Cancel Release of Purchase Requisition Items 
27 BAPI_REQUISITION_RESET_REL_GEN R Cancel Overall Release of Purchase Requisitions 
28 BAPI_RESERVATION_CHANGE R BAPI to Change Individual Reservations 
29 BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE R Create Reservation 
30 BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE1 R BAPI to Create Individual Reservations 
31 BAPI_RESERVATION_DELETE R BAPI to Delete Individual Reservations 
32 BAPI_RESERVATION_GETDETAIL R Display Details of Reservation 
33 BAPI_RESERVATION_GETDETAIL1 R Display Details of Reservation 
35 BAPI_RESERVATION_GETITEMS1 R BAPI to Read Reservation Items 
36 BAPI_RESERVOIR_CHANGE R Change Resevoir detail 
37 BAPI_RESERVOIR_CREATE R Create new reservoir and zones 
38 BAPI_RESERVOIR_DELETE R Delete existing reservoir 
39 BAPI_RESERVOIR_GETDETAIL R Reservoir and Zone maintenance 
40 BAPI_RESOURCECO_SAVE_REPLICA R Replicate Individual CO Resources (ALE) 
41 BAPI_RESOURCE_GROUP_GET_DETAIL R Retrieve Detailed Information for Resource Group 
42 BAPI_RESOURCE_GROUP_GET_LIST R Retrieve a List of Groups in a Defined Area 
43 BAPI_RESOURCE_GROUP_GET_MEM R List the Members of the Resource Group 
46 BAPI_RETAILSITE_GETDEPARTMENTS R Determine departments of a plant (including description) 
47 BAPI_RETAILSITE_GETMATGROUPS R Material groups for a plant (retail plant) incl. description 
48 BAPI_RETURN_PROXY_CREATE R Proxy BAPI for Return Upload in SFA Context: Create 
49 BAPI_RE_AO_CHANGE R Change Architectural Object 
50 BAPI_RE_AO_CREATE R Create Architectural Object 
51 BAPI_RE_AO_F4_AUTHCHECK Berechtigungsprüfung für externe F4 Hilfe (BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET) 
52 BAPI_RE_AO_GET_DETAIL R Return Architectural Object Data 
53 BAPI_RE_AO_GET_LIST R Return Data of Multiple Architectural Objects 
54 BAPI_RE_AT_CHANGE R Anpassungsmaßnahme ändern 
55 BAPI_RE_AT_CREATE R Anpassungsmaßnahme anlegen 
56 BAPI_RE_AT_GET_DETAIL R Anpassungsmaßnahme-Daten zurückliefern 
57 BAPI_RE_AT_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Anpassungsmaßnahmen zurückliefern 
58 BAPI_RE_BE_CHANGE R Change Business Entity 
59 BAPI_RE_BE_CREATE R Create Business Entity 
60 BAPI_RE_BE_GET_DETAIL R Return Business Entity Data 
61 BAPI_RE_BE_GET_LIST R Return Data of Multiple Business Entities 
62 BAPI_RE_BU_CHANGE R Change Building 
63 BAPI_RE_BU_CREATE R Create Building 
64 BAPI_RE_BU_GET_DETAIL R Return Building Data 
65 BAPI_RE_BU_GET_LIST R Return Data of Multiple Buildings 
66 BAPI_RE_CG_CHANGE R Change Comparative Group 
67 BAPI_RE_CG_CREATE R Create Comparative Group 
68 BAPI_RE_CG_GET_DETAIL R Return Comparative Group Data 
69 BAPI_RE_CG_GET_LIST R Return Data of Multiple Comparative Groups 
70 BAPI_RE_CN_ADVPAY_EXT_CHANGE R Change AP Legacy Data Transfer (Real Estate Contract) 
71 BAPI_RE_CN_ADVPAY_EXT_CREATE R Enter AP Legacy Data Transfer (Real Estate Contract) 
72 BAPI_RE_CN_ADVPAY_EXT_GET_LIST R Return AP Legacy Data Transfer (Real Estate Contract) 
73 BAPI_RE_CN_CHANGE R Change Real Estate Contract 
74 BAPI_RE_CN_CREATE R Create Real Estate Contract 
75 BAPI_RE_CN_GET_DETAIL R Return Real Estate Contract Data 
76 BAPI_RE_CN_GET_LIST R Return Data of Multiple Contracts 
77 BAPI_RE_COSTS_EXT_CHANGE R Kosten - Altdatenübernahme ändern 
78 BAPI_RE_COSTS_EXT_CREATE R Kosten - Altdatenübernahme erfassen 
79 BAPI_RE_COSTS_EXT_GET_DETAIL R Kosten - Altdatenübernahme zurückliefern 
80 BAPI_RE_COSTS_EXT_GET_LIST R Kosten - Altdatenübernahme zurückliefern 
81 BAPI_RE_JL_CHANGE R Mithaftung ändern 
82 BAPI_RE_JL_CREATE R Mithaftung anlegen 
83 BAPI_RE_JL_GET_DETAIL R Mithaftung-Daten zurückliefern 
84 BAPI_RE_JL_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Mithaftungen zurückliefern 
85 BAPI_RE_LR_CHANGE R Grundbuch ändern 
86 BAPI_RE_LR_CREATE R Grundbuch anlegen 
87 BAPI_RE_LR_GET_DETAIL R Grundbuch-Daten zurückliefern 
88 BAPI_RE_LR_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Grundbücher zurückliefern 
89 BAPI_RE_MN_CHANGE R Change Mandate 
90 BAPI_RE_MN_CREATE R Create Mandate 
91 BAPI_RE_MN_GET_DETAIL R Return Mandate Data 
92 BAPI_RE_MN_GET_LIST R Return Data of Multiple Mandates 
93 BAPI_RE_MP_CHANGE R Umzugsplan ändern 
94 BAPI_RE_MP_CREATE R Umzugsplan anlegen 
95 BAPI_RE_MP_GET_DETAIL R Umzugsplan-Daten zurückliefern 
96 BAPI_RE_MP_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Umzugsplan zurückliefern 
97 BAPI_RE_NA_CHANGE R Einheitswertbescheid ändern 
98 BAPI_RE_NA_CREATE R Einheitswertbescheid anlegen 
99 BAPI_RE_NA_GET_DETAIL R Einheitswertbescheid-Daten zurückliefern 
100 BAPI_RE_NA_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Einheitswertbescheid zurückliefern 
101 BAPI_RE_NOTICE_CHANGE R Change Notice 
103 BAPI_RE_NOTICE_GET_LIST R Return Notices 
104 BAPI_RE_OF_CHANGE R Change Contract Offer 
105 BAPI_RE_OF_CREATE R Create Contract Offer 
106 BAPI_RE_OF_GET_DETAIL R Return Contract Offer Data 
107 BAPI_RE_OF_GET_LIST R Return Data of Multiple Contract Offers 
108 BAPI_RE_OO_CHANGE R Angebotsobjekt ändern 
109 BAPI_RE_OO_CREATE R Angebotsobjekt anlegen 
110 BAPI_RE_OO_GET_DETAIL R Angebotsobjekt-Daten zurückliefern 
111 BAPI_RE_OO_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Angebotsobjekte zurückliefern 
112 BAPI_RE_OO_SEARCH R Suche für Angebotsobjekt durchführen 
113 BAPI_RE_PE_CHANGE R Weitere Grundstücksverzeichnisse ändern 
114 BAPI_RE_PE_CREATE R Weitere Grundstücksverzeichnisse anlegen 
115 BAPI_RE_PE_GET_DETAIL R Weitere Grundstücksverzeichnisse-Daten zurückliefern 
116 BAPI_RE_PE_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Weit. Grundstücksverzeichnisse zurückliefern 
117 BAPI_RE_PG_CHANGE R Change Participation Group 
118 BAPI_RE_PG_CREATE R Create Participation Group 
119 BAPI_RE_PG_GET_DETAIL R Return Participation Group Data 
120 BAPI_RE_PG_GET_LIST R Get Data of Multiple Participation Groups 
121 BAPI_RE_PL_CHANGE R Flurstück ändern 
122 BAPI_RE_PL_CREATE R Flurstück anlegen 
123 BAPI_RE_PL_GET_DETAIL R Flurstück-Daten zurückliefern 
124 BAPI_RE_PL_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Flurstücke zurückliefern 
125 BAPI_RE_PR_CHANGE R Change Land 
126 BAPI_RE_PR_CREATE R Create Land 
127 BAPI_RE_PR_GET_DETAIL R Return Land Data 
128 BAPI_RE_PR_GET_LIST R Return Data of Multiple Pieces of Land 
129 BAPI_RE_RC_CHANGE R Fortführung ändern 
130 BAPI_RE_RC_CREATE R Fortführung anlegen 
131 BAPI_RE_RC_GET_DETAIL R Fortführung -Daten zurückliefern 
132 BAPI_RE_RC_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Fortführungen zurückliefern 
133 BAPI_RE_RO_ADVPAY_EXT_CHANGE R AP - Change Legacy Data Transfer (Rental Object) 
134 BAPI_RE_RO_ADVPAY_EXT_CREATE R AP - Create Legacy Data Transfer (Rental Object) 
135 BAPI_RE_RO_ADVPAY_EXT_GET_LIST R AP - Return Legacy Data Transfer (Rental Object) 
136 BAPI_RE_RO_CHANGE R Change Rental Object 
137 BAPI_RE_RO_CREATE R Create Rental Object 
138 BAPI_RE_RO_GET_DETAIL R Return Rental Object Data 
139 BAPI_RE_RO_GET_LIST R Return Data of Multiple Rental Objects 
140 BAPI_RE_SALES_REP_GET_LIST R Return Sales Reports 
141 BAPI_RE_SALES_REP_REPORT R Enter Sales Reports 
142 BAPI_RE_SR_CHANGE R Immobiliengesuch ändern 
143 BAPI_RE_SR_CREATE R Immobiliengesuch anlegen 
144 BAPI_RE_SR_GET_DETAIL R Immobiliengesuch-Daten zurückliefern 
145 BAPI_RE_SR_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Immobiliengesuche zurückliefern 
146 BAPI_RE_SR_SEARCH R Suche für Immobiliengesuch durchführen 
147 BAPI_RE_SU_CHANGE R Change settlement unit 
148 BAPI_RE_SU_CREATE R Create Settlement Unit 
149 BAPI_RE_SU_GET_DETAIL R Return Settlement Unit Data 
150 BAPI_RE_SU_GET_LIST R Get Data of Multiple Settlement Units 
151 BAPI_RE_TC_CHANGE R Berichtigungsobjekt ändern 
152 BAPI_RE_TC_CREATE R Berichtigungsobjekt anlegen 
153 BAPI_RE_TC_GET_DETAIL R Berichtigungsobjekt-Daten zurückliefern 
154 BAPI_RE_TC_GET_LIST R Daten mehrerer Berichtigungsobjekte zurückliefern 
155 BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE R Creation of a routing 
156 BAPI_ROUTING_EXISTENCE_CHECK R Check whether routing exists 
157 BAPI_RPC_CALCULATE_PRICES R Request Calculations and Adjust Requested Calculations 
158 BAPI_RPC_REFRESH_CALCULATIONS R Initialize Pricing Data (RFC-capable) 
159 BAPI_RP_RRM_OUTBOUND_DATA_GET R RRM Interface: Determine and Prepare Export Data 
160 BAPI_RRG_EXISTENCE_CHECK Marketing Planning - Check Existence of a Campaign 
161 BAPI_RRL_EXISTENCE_CHECK Marketing Planning - Check Existence of a Campaign 
162 BAPI_RSS_ADD_SCHEDULE R Create Redemption Schedules for Redemption Schedule Sets 
163 BAPI_RSS_CHANGE_SCHEDULE R Change Repayment Schedule Data 
164 BAPI_RSS_CREATE R Create Redemption Schedule Sets 
165 BAPI_RSS_GET_DETAIL R Read Redemption Schedules for Redemption Schedule Sets 
166 BAPI_RSS_GET_LIST R Read Header Data for Redemption Schedule Sets 
167 BAPI_RTMAT_RPL_SAVEREPLICAMULT R Create and Change Replenishment Master Data 
168 BAPI_SAG_CHANGE R Change a Scheduling Agreement 
169 BAPI_SAG_CREATE R Create a Scheduling Agreement 
170 BAPI_SAG_GETDETAIL R Read Out Details from Scheduling Agreement 
171 BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_CHG_STATUS R Additionals: Updating the Status of Additional IDocs 
172 BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_GET_PUR_LIST R Additionals Purchase Orders for an Additionals Vendor 
173 BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_REPLICATE R Request Detailed Data on Additionals 
174 BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_STORE_REPLI R Additionals Data for Material Carried in a Plant 
176 BAPI_SALESDOCUMENT_COPY R Copy Sales Document to a Subsequent Document 
177 BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA R Creating a Sales and Distribution Document 
178 BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA1 R Creating a Sales and Distribution Document 
179 BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEWITHDIA R Creating a Sales and Distribution Document 
180 BAPI_SALESDOCU_PROXY_UPLOAD R Proxy BAPI for Request Upload in SFA Context: Create 
181 BAPI_SALESDOCU_PROXY_UPLOAD_FC R Proxy Order Replication/Deliv. Creation from FC - EOM Proxy FC -R/3 SD, LE 
182 BAPI_SALESGROUP_GET_DETAIL R Sales Group: Display Name 
183 BAPI_SALESOFFICE_GET_DETAIL R Sales Office: Display Name 
184 BAPI_SALESOFFICE_GRP_EXIST R Sales Office / Sales Group: Existence Check 
185 BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE R Sales order: Change Sales Order 
186 BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGEBOS R Change sales order with BOS 
187 BAPI_SALESORDER_CONFIRMDELVRY R Kundenauftrag: Lieferungsrückmeldung Belegflussfortschreibung 
188 BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEBOS R Create Sales Order with BOS 
189 BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT1 R Sales order: Create Sales Order 
190 BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 R Sales order: Create Sales Order 
191 BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDATA R Create Sales Order, No More Maintenance 
192 BAPI_SALESORDER_GETDETAILBOS R Sales Order with BOS: Display Order Data 
193 BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST R Sales order: List of all Orders for Customer 
194 BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLISTBOS R Sales Order with BOS: List of all Orders for Customer 
195 BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS R Sales Order: Display Status 
196 BAPI_SALESORDER_PROXY_CREATE R Proxy BAPI for Request Upload in SFA Context: Create 
197 BAPI_SALESORDER_PROXY_UPLOAD R Proxy BAPI for Request Upload in SFA Context: Create 
198 BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE R Sales Order: Simulate Sales Order 
199 BAPI_SALESORDSTCK_DEBIT_CREDIT R Debit/Credit Material in Sales Order Stock 
201 BAPI_SALESORG_EXIST R Sales Organization: Existence Check 
202 BAPI_SALESORG_GET_DETAIL R Sales Organization: Display Data 
203 BAPI_SALESORG_OFFICE_EXIST R Sales Organization / Sales Office: Existence Check 
204 BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_ADD_ASGN R Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Add to Assigned 
205 BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_DELETE R Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Delete 
206 BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_GETLIST R Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Get List 
207 BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_REM_ASGN R Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Remove from Assigned 
208 BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_REPCH R Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Replicate Changed Objects 
209 BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_REPLIC R Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Replicate Objects on Demand 
210 BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_SAVE R Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Save from Memory 
211 BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_SETACT R Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document - Set simulated to active 
212 BAPI_SALES_AREAS_GET R Delivers the Sales Areas (TVTA) 
213 BAPI_SALES_AREA_OFFICE_ASS_GET R Delivers the Sales Office - Sales Area - Assignments (TVKBZ) 
214 BAPI_SALES_CONS_PROXY_UPLOAD R Upload CRM Consignment Posting 
215 BAPI_SALES_DEL_SCHEDULE_CREATE R BAPI for creation of releases in scheduling agreements 
216 BAPI_SALES_OFF_GROUP_ASS_GET R Delivers the Purchasing Groups - Sales Office - Assignments (TVBVK) 
220 BAPI_SBOOK_CANCEL R Cancel booking 
222 BAPI_SBOOK_GETDETAIL R Booking details 
223 BAPI_SBOOK_GETLIST R List of bookings 
224 BAPI_SCEC_CREATE R Create Shopping Cart 
225 BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN R Maintenance of Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule Lines 
226 BAPI_SCUSTOMER_CHANGEPASSWORD R Change flight customer's internet password 
227 BAPI_SCUSTOMER_CHECKPASSWORD R Check flight customer's internet password 
228 BAPI_SCUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA R Create flight customer 
229 BAPI_SDAREA_EXIST R SD Area: Existence Check 
230 BAPI_SDAREA_GET_LIST R SD Area: Possible Entries 
231 BAPI_SE37_CONSISTENCE_CHECK Consistency Check for BAPIs in Function Builder 
232 BAPI_SEARCH_EVENTTYPE_NAME R Find Business Event Types Using String in Object Text 
233 BAPI_SEARCH_EVENTTYPE_TEXT R Find Business Event Types Using String in Object Description 
234 BAPI_SECCODE_GETDETAIL R Read Section Code Data - for HR Use Only 
235 BAPI_SECCODE_GETLIST R Read Section Code Place List - for HR Use Only 
236 BAPI_SECURITYPRICE_GETDETAIL R Import a single security price 
237 BAPI_SECURITY_DEPOSIT_DISPLAY R BAPI: Anzeigen einer Sicherheitsleistung 
238 BAPI_SECURITY_DEPOSIT_OVERVIEW R BAPI: Überblick über Sicherheitsleistungen 
239 BAPI_SELECTEDSET_GETCODES R Provide code list for selected sets 
240 BAPI_SEPAMANDAT_CHANGE R Ändern und Verteilen eines Mandates 
241 BAPI_SEPAMANDAT_CREATE R Anlegen und Verteilen eines neuen Mandates 
242 BAPI_SEPAMANDAT_GETDETAIL R Lesen eines Mandates 
243 BAPI_SEPAMANDAT_SAVEREPLICA R Anlegen oder Ändern eines Mandates 
244 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_CHANGE R Ändern eines Mandates (obsolete: Neu -> BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_CHANGE1) 
245 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_CHANGE1 R Ändern eines Mandates für eine aktive Anwendung 
246 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_CREATE R Anlegen eines neuen Mandates (obsolete: Neu -> BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_CREATE1) 
247 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_CREATE1 R Anlegen eines neuen Mandates für eine aktive Anwendung 
248 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_EXISTENCECH1 R Prüfen der Existenz eines Mandates für eine aktive Anwendung 
249 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_EXISTENCECHK R Prüfen der Existenz eines Mandates (obsolete: Neu -> BAPI..._EXISTENCECH1) 
250 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_READ R Lesen eines Mandates (obsolete: Neu -> BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_READ1) 
251 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_READ1 R Lesen eines Mandates für eine aktive Anwendung 
252 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_SELECT R Selektion von Mandaten (obsolete: Neu -> BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_SELECT1) 
253 BAPI_SEPA_MANDATE_SELECT1 R Selektion von Mandaten 
254 BAPI_SERIESCONTRACTPLAN_CHANGE IS-M: Lieferplansätze ändern 
255 BAPI_SERIESCONTRACTPLAN_UPDATE IS-M: Lieferplansätze für Produkte ohne Ausgabenfolge anpassen 
256 BAPI_SERVFREQ_UPLOAD R BAPI: Upload route numbers for service frequency 
257 BAPI_SERVICECHAR_PROXY_UPLOAD R Upload CRM Service Characteristics Needed for Creating a CO Object 
258 BAPI_SERVICECONF_PROXY_UPLOAD R Upload CRM Service Confirmation 
259 BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_CREATE R Create service notification 
260 BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_GETLIST R Select service notifications according to customer or contact person 
261 BAPI_SERVICE_CHANGE R BAPI to Change a Service Master Record 
262 BAPI_SERVICE_CREATE R Creation of a Service Master Record 
263 BAPI_SERVICE_GETDETAILBOS R Read Detailed Data for a Service Master Record 
264 BAPI_SERVICE_GET_DETAIL R Read Detailed Data for a Service Master Record 
265 BAPI_SERVICE_GET_LIST R List Display for Service Master Records 
266 BAPI_SERVICE_RSV_PROXY_UPLOAD R Upload CRM service reservation of material 
267 BAPI_SERVNOT_ADD_DATA R Added Items, Causes, Activities, Tasks, Partners of the service notif. 
268 BAPI_SERVNOT_CHANGEUSRSTAT R Change the user status of a service notification 
269 BAPI_SERVNOT_CLOSE R Complete service notification 
270 BAPI_SERVNOT_COMPLETE_TASK R Complete Notification Task 
271 BAPI_SERVNOT_CREATE R Create service notification 
272 BAPI_SERVNOT_DEL_DATA R Delete Items, Causes, Activities, Tasks, Partners of the service notif. 
273 BAPI_SERVNOT_GETCATALOGPROFIL R Determine Catalog Profile for Notification 
274 BAPI_SERVNOT_GET_DETAIL R Get details about a service notification 
275 BAPI_SERVNOT_MODIFY_DATA R Modify a service notification or associated subdata 
276 BAPI_SERVNOT_POSTPONE R Postpone service notification 
277 BAPI_SERVNOT_PUTINPROGRESS R Put in process a service notification 
278 BAPI_SERVNOT_RELEASE_TASK R Release Notification Task 
279 BAPI_SERVNOT_SAVE R Save service notification 
280 BAPI_SERVNOT_SUCCESSFUL_TASK R Release Notification Task 
281 BAPI_SETREQSLIST_ADD_NEW_ITEMS R Agency Business: BAPI - Extend Settlement Request List 
282 BAPI_SETREQSLIST_COPY_AND_ADD R Agency Business: BAPI - Copy and Extend Settlement Request List 
283 BAPI_SETTLEMENTREQSLIST_CANCEL R Agency Business: Cancel Settlement Request List BAPI 
284 BAPI_SETTLEMENTREQSLIST_CHANGE R Agency Business: Change Settlement Request List BAPI 
285 BAPI_SETTLEMENTREQSLIST_CLOSE R Agency Business: BAPI Close Settlement Request List 
286 BAPI_SETTLEMENTREQSLIST_CREATE R Agency Business: Create Settlement Request List BAPI 
287 BAPI_SETTREQSLIST_GETDETAIL R Agency Business: BAPI Settlement Request List Detailed Data 
288 BAPI_SETTREQSLIST_GETLIST R Agency Business: BAPI Determine Settlement Request List Detailed Data 
289 BAPI_SETTREQSLIST_RELEASE R Agency Business: BAPI Release Settlement Request List Documents to FI 
291 BAPI_SET_ATECATT_KEY2 R setzen AT-Key in remote system 
292 BAPI_SET_RACCT R NO LONGER IN USE !!! This module has been closed down! 
293 BAPI_SET_RCOMP R NO LONGER IN USE !!! This module has been closed down! 
294 BAPI_SET_RCOMP_SORT1 R NO LONGER IN USE !!! This module has been closed down! 
295 BAPI_SET_RCOMP_SORT2 R NO LONGER IN USE !!! This module has been closed down! 
296 BAPI_SET_RCOMP_SORT3 R NO LONGER IN USE !!! This module has been closed down! 
297 BAPI_SET_RMVCT R NO LONGER IN USE !!! This module has been closed down! 
298 BAPI_SFLIGHT_GETDETAIL R Flight details 
299 BAPI_SFLIGHT_GETLIST R List of flights 
300 BAPI_SHIPMENT_CHANGE R Change Shipment 
301 BAPI_SHIPMENT_COST_ESTIMATE R Calculate Shipment Costs of Different Forwarding Agents for Shipment 
302 BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE R Create Shipment 
303 BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CANCELMULT R Agency Business: Cancel Vendor Billing Documents BAPI 
304 BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CHANGEMULT R Agency Business: Change Vendor Billing Documents BAPI 
305 BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CLOSEMULT R Agency Business: BAPI - Complete Vendor Billing Documents 
306 BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CREATEMULT R Agency Business: Generate Vendor Billing Documents BAPI 
307 BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_GETDETAIL R Agenturgeschäft: BAPI Lieerantenfaktura Detaildaten 
308 BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_GETLIST R Agency Business: BAPI Determine Vendor Billing Document Detailed Data 
309 BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_RELEASE R Agency Business: BAPI Release Vendor Billing Documents to FI 
310 BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_REOPENMULT R Agency Business: BAPI - Reopen Vendor Billing Documents 
311 BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CANCELMULT R Agency Business: BAPI Cancel Single Settlement Requests 
312 BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CHANGEMULT R Agency Business: BAPI Change Single Settlement Requests 
313 BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CLOSEMULT R Agency Business: BAPI - Complete Single Settlement Requests 
314 BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_COPYCHANGE R Agency Business: Copy and Change BAPI Single Settlement Requests 
315 BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CREATEMULT R Agency Business: Create BAPI Single Requests 
316 BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_GETDETAIL R Agency Business: BAPI Payment Documents Detailed Data 
317 BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_GETLIST R Agency Business: BAPI Determine Singe Request Detailed Data 
318 BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_RELEASE R Agency Business: BAPI Release Single Settlement Request Documents to FI 
319 BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_REOPENMULT R Agency Business: BAPI - Reopen Single Settlement Requests 
320 BAPI_SITELAYMOD_CHANGE R Layout Module: Update Material Data 
321 BAPI_SITELAYMOD_CHANGE2 R Layout Module: Update Material Data 
322 BAPI_SITELAYMOD_GETITEMS R Layout Module: Read Material Data 
323 BAPI_SITELAYMOD_GETITEMS2 R Layout Module: Read Material Data 
324 BAPI_SITELAYMOD_GETITEMS3 R Layout Module: Read Material Data 
325 BAPI_SLD_DEST_CREATE R Erzeuge eine primäre SLD-API Destination 
326 BAPI_SLD_DEST_LIST X Liste alle SLD-API-Destinationen 
327 BAPI_SLD_GET_ACCESS_SETTINGS R Gibt die Verbindungseinstellung des SLD API zurück 
328 BAPI_SLD_PRIMARY_DEST_CREATE R Erzeuge eine primäre SLD-API Destination 
329 BAPI_SLD_SET_ACCESS_SETTINGS R Setzt die Verbindungseinstellung des SLD API 
330 BAPI_SLD_SUPPLIER_CONFIG_SET R SLD-Supplier-Konfiguration in RZ70 
331 BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CHANGEMULTI R Change Sales Transactions 
332 BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI R Create Sales Transactions 
333 BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_DELETEMULTI R Delete Sales Transactions 
336 BAPI_SLS_BOOK_BOOKING_LIST R Read bookings of participants 
337 BAPI_SLS_BOOK_BOOKING_ONLINE R Read bookings of participants in online scenario 
338 BAPI_SLS_BOOK_BOOKING_ONLINE1 R Read bookings of participants in online scenario 
339 BAPI_SLS_BOOK_GET_PARTICIPANT R Selection module for participants of an event 
340 BAPI_SLS_BOOK_READ_INFTY_1001 R Read Info type 1001 for object from HR TEM 
341 BAPI_SLS_COM_SET_COMMENT R Import Comment 
342 BAPI_SLS_CUST_GET_LOOKUP_VALUE R Returned all lookups values 
343 BAPI_SLS_IOA_GET_IOASSIGN_LIST R Read Info Object Assignments from a location 
344 BAPI_SLS_IOA_GET_SELFTEST_TTY R Read of the ttype id from a defined IO in the selftest location 
345 BAPI_SLS_IOA_LOCATION_LIST R Read locations of Learningscape 
346 BAPI_SLS_IOA_TESTTYPE_GET R Read of test types 
347 BAPI_SLS_IOA_TESTTYPE_LIST R Read of Test types 
348 BAPI_SLS_MISC_GET_NEXT_ID R Get next id 
349 BAPI_SLS_PR_COMMIT R Check Existance (Test, Subtest, Performance Unit, Item) 
350 BAPI_SLS_PR_SELFTEST_COMMIT R Check Existance (Test, Subtest, Performance Unit, Item) 
351 BAPI_SLS_PR_SET_RESULT R Import Test Results 
352 BAPI_SLS_PR_SET_SURVEY_RESULT R Import Test Results 
353 BAPI_SLS_TST_CHECK_EXISTANCE R Check Existance (Test, Subtest, Performance Unit, Item) 
354 BAPI_SLS_TST_SET_TEST R Insert (Test, Subtest, Performance Unit, Item, Structure) 
356 BAPI_SL_GETTOTALRECORDS R Special Purpose Ledger: Select totals records for accounts 
357 BAPI_SMAPSTRUCT_READ R Read Solution Map Structure 
360 BAPI_SOLUTION_GETDETAIL R SDB: Get Solution Details 
361 BAPI_SOURCEDETERMIN_GETSOS R Determine Sources for Material/Material Group 
362 BAPI_SPRODUCT_READMULTIPLE R Read Components/Products 
363 BAPI_SRCSYSTEM_CHANGE R Changes a 3rd Party Source System 
364 BAPI_SRCSYSTEM_CREATE R Creates a 3rd Party Source System 
365 BAPI_SRCSYSTEM_GETDETAIL R Reads details about a logical system 
366 BAPI_SRCSYSTEM_GETLIST R Creates a list of source systems 
368 BAPI_SRM_DOC_CHECKIN_CONT_TAB R SRM BAPI: Set Document Content in Tables with Length 255 
369 BAPI_SRM_DOC_CHECKIN_VIA_TAB R SRM BAPI: Dokumentinhaltes via Übergabe von Tabellen setzen 
370 BAPI_SRM_DOC_CHECKOUT_CONT_TAB R SRM BAPI: Get Document Content by Specifying Tables 
371 BAPI_SRM_DOC_CHECKOUT_VIA_TAB R SRM BAPI: Dokumentinhalt via Übergabe von Tabellen holen 
372 BAPI_SRM_DOC_CREATE R SRM BAPI: Create Document 
373 BAPI_SRM_DOC_DELETE R SRM BAPI: Delete Document 
374 BAPI_SRM_DOC_EXISTENCECHECK1 R Check Existence of Document 
375 BAPI_SRM_DOC_GETLIST R Determine List of Documents 
377 BAPI_SRM_DOC_GET_COMP_INFO R SRM BAPI: Get Document Content by Specifying Tables 
378 BAPI_SRM_DOC_GET_VERSION_LIST R SRM BAPI: Get Information on Document Version 
379 BAPI_SRM_DOC_SET_STATE_CLOSED R SRM BAPI: Set Document Attributes 
380 BAPI_SRV_LOGISTIC_PROXY_UPLOAD R CRM Service: Proxy BAPI für die Logistik Szenarien 
381 BAPI_SRV_MVT_PROXY_UPLOAD R Upload CRM service confirmation 
383 BAPI_STANDING_ORDER_CHANGE R BAPI: Changes a Standing Order 
384 BAPI_STANDING_ORDER_CREATE R BAPI: Creates a Standing Order 
385 BAPI_STANDING_ORDER_DELETE R BAPI: Deletes a Standing Order 
386 BAPI_STANDING_ORDER_GET_DETAIL R BAPI: Supplies all Data on a Standing Order 
387 BAPI_STANDING_ORDER_GET_LIST R BAPI: List of Standing Orders for an Account 
388 BAPI_STDMATERIAL_GETINTNUMBER R Assign New Internal Numbers for a Material Type 
390 BAPI_STOREORDER_CHANGE R Change Documents (PR, PR, Delivery or Sales Order) From Store Orders 
391 BAPI_STOREORDER_CREATE R Creates Documents (PR, PO, Delivery or Sales order) From Store Orders 
392 BAPI_STUDENTACADRESULTS_GET R Read Student Performance Indexes 
393 BAPI_STUDENTFEEINFO_GET R BAPI: Get Fee Information of the Student 
394 BAPI_STUDENTGRANTINFO_GET R BAPI: Get Grant Information of the Student 
395 BAPI_STUDENTPROGRESULTS_GET R Get Progression Results of Student 
396 BAPI_STUDENTSCHOOLRESULTS_GET R BAPI: Get Student School Results for Financial Aid 
397 BAPI_STUDENTTESTRESULTS_GET R BAPI: Get Student Test Result for Financial Aid 
398 BAPI_STUDENT_ADDINDCOM_CHANGE R Method: Process Address-Independent Communication Data of Student 
399 BAPI_STUDENT_ADDINDCOM_GET R Method: Read Address-Independent Communication Data of Student 
400 BAPI_STUDENT_ADDRESSES_GET R Method: Determine All Addresses of the Student 
401 BAPI_STUDENT_ADDRESS_ADD R Method: Add Student Address 
402 BAPI_STUDENT_ADDRESS_CHANGE R Method: Change Student Address 
403 BAPI_STUDENT_ADDRESS_GETDETAIL R Method: Read Address Detail Data of Student 
404 BAPI_STUDENT_ADDRESS_GET_NUMB R Method: Read Address Numbers of Student 
405 BAPI_STUDENT_ADDRESS_REMOVE R Method: Delete Student Address 
406 BAPI_STUDENT_ADMIND_PROVIDE R Obsolete: BAPI: Online determination of student administration data 
407 BAPI_STUDENT_ADMIND_SAVEREPL R Obsolete:Define the student administration data interface to Financial Aid 
408 BAPI_STUDENT_ADMINISTRATION R Obsolete: Financial Aid: Student: Personal and administration data 
409 BAPI_STUDENT_BANKDETAILS_GET R Student - BAPI: Determine Bank Details 
410 BAPI_STUDENT_BANKDETAIL_ADD R Student - BAPI: Create Bank Details 
412 BAPI_STUDENT_BANKDETAIL_GETDTL R Student - BAPI: Change Bank Details 
413 BAPI_STUDENT_BANKDETAIL_NMBERS R Student - BAPI: Read Bank Detail Numbers 
414 BAPI_STUDENT_BANKDETAIL_REMOVE R Student - BAPI: Delete Bank Details 
415 BAPI_STUDENT_CHANGE2 R do not use: veraltet: Studenten ändern 
416 BAPI_STUDENT_CHANGE3 R Method: Change Student (From Release CM 4.64) 
417 BAPI_STUDENT_CREATEFROMBP R Method: Create Student for Existing Business Partner 
418 BAPI_STUDENT_CREATEFROMDATA2 R do not use: veraltet: Studenten anlegen 
419 BAPI_STUDENT_CREATEFROMDATA3 R Method: Create Student (Valid From Release CM 4.64) 
420 BAPI_STUDENT_DEQUEUE R Method: Unlock Student 
421 BAPI_STUDENT_ENQUEUE R Method: Lock Student 
422 BAPI_STUDENT_EXISTENCE_CHECK R Method: Check if Student Exists 
423 BAPI_STUDENT_GETDETAIL2 R do not use: veraltet: Ermittelt Detail-Informationen zu einem Studenten 
424 BAPI_STUDENT_GETDETAIL3 R Method: Read Student Data (From Release CM 4.64) 
425 BAPI_STUDENT_GETDETAIL_PERIOD R Methode: Studentendaten lesen (ab Release CM 4.64) 
426 BAPI_STUDENT_GET_NUMBERS R Method: Read ID Numbers of Student 
427 BAPI_STUDENT_IDENTIFIC_ADD R Method: Add Student Identification Data 
428 BAPI_STUDENT_IDENTIFIC_CHANGE R Method: Change Identification Data of Student 
429 BAPI_STUDENT_IDENTIFIC_GET R Method: Read Identification Data of Student 
430 BAPI_STUDENT_IDENTIFIC_GETDETL R Method: Read Identification Data of Student 
431 BAPI_STUDENT_IDENTIFIC_REMOVE R Method: Delete Identification Data of Student 
432 BAPI_STUDENT_PCARD_ADD R Student BAPI: Create Payment Card 
433 BAPI_STUDENT_PCARD_GETDETAIL R Student BAPI: Read Payment Card Data 
434 BAPI_STUDENT_PCARD_GETDETAILS R Student BAPI: Read Payment Card Links 
435 BAPI_STUDENT_PCARD_REMOVE R Student BAPI: Delete Payment Card Links 
436 BAPI_STUDENT_PCARD_SETDEFAULT R Student BAPI: Set Payment Card Link as Default 
437 BAPI_SUBTYPES_FOR_DESCRIPTION R Determine Subtypes of Description Infotype 
438 BAPI_SURCHARGE_EVALUATE R Evaluates a template 
439 BAPI_SURCHARGE_EVALUATEMULTI R Evaluates multiple templates 
440 BAPI_SVCHANGE_CHANGE_STATUS R Enter Count Quantity and Change Item Status from A to B or C 
441 BAPI_SVCHANGE_GET_ITEMS R Read Retail Revaluation Document for Store, Key Date, Item Status 
442 BAPI_SYMPTOM_CREATE R SDB: Create a Symptom 
443 BAPI_SYMPTOM_DELETE R SDB: Delete a Symptom 
444 BAPI_SYMPTOM_GETDETAIL R SDB: Get Symptom Details 
445 BAPI_SYNC_JOB_SET R Netweaver - MI: BAPI planning a job 
446 BAPI_SYNC_PROFILE_SET R Netweaver - MI:BAPI to set the profile (TX MEREP_PD) 
447 BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_ACKNOWLEDGE R Confirmation of an Alert 
448 BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_GETDETAILS R Read alert details 
449 BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_SPLITTDATA R Splits Alert Data into Logical Units 
450 BAPI_SYSTEM_DATASUPPLIER_REPT R Report Data for the CCMS Mon. Arch. Using XML (SALI Encapsulation) 
451 BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_BUILD R Creating a System Monitor Using a List of MTEs 
452 BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETDETAILS R Read (Display) Properties into System Monitor 
453 BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETLIST R Read All Monitors in a Monitor Set 
454 BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETTEMPLATE R Read All Monitor Templates for a Specific Monitor 
455 BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETTREE R Reports the Monitor Tree 
456 BAPI_SYSTEM_MS_GETDETAILS R Read the monitor set display properties 
457 BAPI_SYSTEM_MS_GETLIST R Read all stored monitor sets 
458 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_DISABLEALGEN R Switch Off Alert Generation for a Monitor Tree Element 
459 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_ENABLEALGEN R Switch On Alert Generation for a Monitor Tree Element 
460 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETALERTS R Read Alerts for a Monitor Tree Element 
461 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETGENPROP R Read General Properties of a Monitor Tree Element 
462 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETMLCURVAL R Read Current Values of a Log Attribute 
463 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETMLHIS R Read Value History of a Log Attribute 
464 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETMLPROP R Read Specific Properties of a Log Attribute 
465 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETPERFCURVAL R Read the Current Performance Values 
466 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETPERFHIS R Read the Performance Data History 
467 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETPERFPROP R Read the Specific Performance Attribute Properties 
468 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETSMPROP R Read the Properties Specific to a Status Attribute 
469 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETSMVALUE R Read Current Status Attribute Values 
471 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETTREE R Read subtree expanded by monitor tree element 
472 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETTXTPROP R Read Specific Text Attribute Properties 
473 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_RESET R Reset properties for monitor tree element 
474 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETGENPROP R Set the General Properties of an MTE 
475 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETMLPROP R Set the Specific Message Log Properties 
476 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETPERFPROP R Set the Specific Performance Attribute Properties 
477 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETSMPROP R Set the Specific Status Attribute Properties 
478 BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SPLITTDATA R Splits the Data for a Node into Logical Units 
479 BAPI_SYSTEM_MT_CREATEBYTEMPL R Creates a Monitor Tree Based on a Monitor Template 
480 BAPI_SYSTEM_MT_GETALERTDATA R Read alert data into monitor tree 
481 BAPI_SYSTEM_MT_GETPERFDATA R Import Current Performance Values for All Specified Performance Attributes 
482 BAPI_SYS_MNGMT_UTIL_GETCURSERV R Determine Current Available Servers and Services 
483 BAPI_TAB_T880 R NO LONGER IN USE !!! This module has been closed down! 
484 BAPI_TARGETGROUP_ADD_BP R Method for BUS1185: Assign Business Partner to Target Group 
485 BAPI_TARGETGROUP_CHANGE R BAPI for BUS1185 Marketing Target Group: Change Target Group 
486 BAPI_TARGETGROUP_CREATE R BAPI for BUS1185: Create Target Group 
487 BAPI_TARGETGROUP_DELETE R BAPI for BUS1185 Marketing TargetGroup: Delete Target Group 
488 BAPI_TARGETGROUP_GET_DETAIL R BAPI for BUS1185: Display Target Group Attributes 
489 BAPI_TARGETGROUP_GET_LIST R BAPI for BUS1185 MarketingTargetGroup: Display List of Target Groups 
490 BAPI_TARGETGROUP_REMOVE_BP R Method for BUS1185: Remove Business Partner from Target Group 
491 BAPI_TBA_DCS_GETDETAIL R Get DCS master data 
492 BAPI_TCM_CHANGE R Bapi Theo Calc Method change 
493 BAPI_TCM_CREATE R Bapi Theo Calc Method create 
494 BAPI_TCM_DELETE R Bapi Theo Calc Method delete 
495 BAPI_TCM_GETDETAIL R Bapi Theo Calc Method get detail 
496 BAPI_TC_GETDETAIL R Read Contract Details of Total Commitment 
497 BAPI_TC_ITEMS_CREATE_MULTIPLE R Create Contract Information in Buffer Tables 
498 BAPI_TC_ITEMS_DELETE_MULTIPLE R Delete Contract Information from Buffer Tables 
499 BAPI_TDINFOSET_CREATE_OBJECT R Creates a TD InfoSet Runtime Object 
500 BAPI_TDINFOSET_DELETE_OBJECT R Deletes a TD InfoSet Runtime Object