SAP ABAP Table - Index T, page 60
Table - T
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 TSCHEDULEPARAM2T External Scheduling Texts for Parameter 2 TRANSP C
2 TSCHEDULEPARAM3 Scheduling Parameter 3 TRANSP C
3 TSCHEDULEPARAM3T External Scheduling Texts for Parameter 3 TRANSP C
4 TSCICAL Settings for Sending Appointment Requests TRANSP S
5 TSCIT Katalog der Repository-Objekte TRANSP W
6 TSCMA Schedule Manager: Task List Index TRANSP E
7 TSCMAT Schedule Manager: Task List Names TRANSP E
8 TSCMSTAT SAPcomm: Spool <-> Application key TRANSP L
9 TSCON_PROJ_LOG Recording of processed projects TRANSP L
10 TSCON_SDLXLIFF SDLXLIFF object data (binary) TRANSP S
12 TSCON_T_CON Project creation connection TRANSP L
13 TSCTFGROUP Assignment of Application to Time Period Rule TRANSP S
14 TSCTFGRT Application-Dependent Texts for Time Period Description TRANSP S
15 TSDB6 DB6: Table With Tablespaces Allowed for DB2 Universal Databa TRANSP S
16 TSDDC Packages with Documentation Priorities POOL C
17 TSDDD Assignment: Technical Writer/Translator->Package POOL C
18 TSDDICREF Table Search: DDIC Reference of Transfer Value TRANSP S
19 TSDDT Assignment: Translator -> Package POOL S
22 TSDO1 User Parameters for Documentation POOL C
23 TSDOC User Parameters for Documentation POOL C
24 TSDUM Conversion Table for Text Symbols in Online Documentation POOL S
25 TSD_FUNC_ACT Activation of additional functionality in SD TRANSP G
26 TSE00 ABAP/4 Editor applications TRANSP S
27 TSE01 ABAP/4 Editor application Fcodes TRANSP S
28 TSE02 ABAP/4 Editor user commands TRANSP S
29 TSE03 ABAP/4 Editor update functions TRANSP S
30 TSE04 ABAP/4 Editor Line Command Meanings TRANSP S
31 TSE05 ABAP/4 Editor insert commands TRANSP E
32 TSE06 ABAP/4 Pretty printer statements TRANSP S
33 TSE061N Initial/Subsequent System POOL L
34 TSE07 ABAP/4 Editor pretty printer block statements POOL S
35 TSE08 ABAP/4 Editor pretty printer special tabulator POOL S
36 TSECLOG_SETTINGS Settings for Application Monitor TRANSP C
37 TSEGE Time Segment Events TRANSP A
38 TSEGEADR Time Segment Address for Event TRANSP A
39 TSEGH Time Segment Header TRANSP A
40 TSEGR Time Segment Relationships Between Events TRANSP A
41 TSEGWS01 WS Application-specific Additional Data for Date Segment TRANSP A
42 TSELFIELDS_01 HR Forms: Selection Options for Selections TRANSP W
43 TSELRANGES_01 HR Forms: Specifications of Selections TRANSP W
44 TSEQ02 Replenishment Strategy External Procurement SeqJC TRANSP C
45 TSEQ2T Control Cycle Profile (External Procurement) - Text TRANSP C
46 TSERIAL Serial Number Profile TRANSP C
47 TSERIALT Serial Number Profile Description TRANSP C
48 TSERVHANDLE Control for Maintenance of Service Frequency TRANSP C
50 TSEXC Standard Values for Performance Monitoring TRANSP G
51 TSEXIT Table Search : Possible Exit Times TRANSP S
52 TSE_CTXT_MENU ABAP Editor Context Menu Entries TRANSP S
53 TSE_CTXT_MENUT ABAP Editor Content Menu Entries Text Table TRANSP S
54 TSFDEVTY Smart Forms: Device Types for Languages TRANSP E
55 TSFG Forwarding agent freight group TRANSP C
56 TSFGH Hypertext: Do not use this table POOL E
57 TSFGL Hypertext: Do not use this table POOL E
58 TSFGT Forward. Agent-Freight Groups:Descriptn TRANSP C
59 TSFST Storage for Search Terms POOL A
60 TSH01 Name texts for shared memory segments POOL S
61 TSHCL List of Shell Classes POOL A
62 TSHM0 Name texts for shared memory segments POOL S
63 TSINA SAPBPT: Configuration Table TRANSP S
64 TSINB SAPBPT: Configuration Table (Translations) TRANSP S
65 TSIND SAPBPT: Class Descriptions TRANSP S
66 TSINE SAPBPT: Valid Classes in Integrated Inbox TRANSP E
67 TSINF Value Table for Domain INFDBSNAME TRANSP S
68 TSING SAPBPT: Config. - Classes Columns Belong To TRANSP S
69 TSINH SAPBPT: Assignment of valid function codes and classes TRANSP S
70 TSINI SAPBPT: Valid classes in integrated inbox TRANSP S
71 TSINK SAPBPT: General SAP configuration names TRANSP S
72 TSINL SAPBPT: General SAP configuration names (languages) TRANSP S
73 TSINN SAPBPT: Configuration Names TRANSP A
74 TSINO SAPBPT: General SAP configuration columns TRANSP S
75 TSINP SAPBPT: General SAP configuration filters TRANSP S
76 TSINR SAPBPT: Configuration names TRANSP S
77 TSINS SAPBPT: Inbox Filter Options TRANSP A
78 TSINU SAPBPT: Configuration Table User TRANSP A
79 TSIW_CONFIG SIW Configurations TRANSP E
80 TSIW_CONFIGT Configuration Texts TRANSP E
81 TSIW_CONTEXT Context of SIW project TRANSP E
82 TSIW_CONTEXT_VAR project variables TRANSP E
83 TSIW_HISTORY History of project Data TRANSP L
84 TSIW_IMPL SIW Implementation Project Head Table TRANSP E
85 TSIW_IMPL_PIECE Stück einer Projektimplementation TRANSP E
86 TSIW_LANDSCAPE SIW: landscape configuration TRANSP E
87 TSIW_LINK SIW Signature Field/Type Mapping TRANSP E
88 TSIW_LRU Least recently used projects TRANSP L
90 TSIW_MM_MATCHES Cached matches TRANSP A
91 TSIW_MM_REGISTRY Mapping Magician Registry TRANSP L
92 TSIW_MM_TEAPOTS Tentacles between structures TRANSP L
93 TSIW_MM_TENTACLE Tentacles between structures TRANSP L
94 TSIW_MM_TYPEDEFS Type definitions TRANSP L
95 TSIW_NAME_RESERV reserved names TRANSP E
96 TSIW_PROJ Root Table for project TRANSP E
98 TSIW_SXF_API Signature Exchange Format - API Component TRANSP E
99 TSIW_SXF_FIELD Signature Exchange Format - Field TRANSP E
100 TSIW_SXF_FIELDRL Field relations TRANSP E
101 TSIW_SXF_TYPE Signature Exchange Format - Type TRANSP E
103 TSIW_TEST_CLDEP Client-Dependent Test Table for SIW Mass TABU Producer TRANSP S
104 TSIW_TEST_TAB Test Table for SIW Mass TABU Producer TRANSP S
105 TSIW_TEST_TAB2 Test Table for SIW Mass TABU Producer with 6 key fields TRANSP S
106 TSKD Customer Taxes TRANSP C
107 TSKDT Customer Taxes: Texts TRANSP C
108 TSKEY Table Search: Entity Table of Individual Search TRANSP S
109 TSKEYT Table Search: Text Table of Individual Searches TRANSP S
110 TSKM Material Taxes TRANSP C
111 TSKMT Taxes: Materials: Texts TRANSP C
112 TSKT2 Statistics on the proposals pool POOL L
113 TSKT4 Log of Translations for Language Transport TRANSP L
114 TSKT9 Check Table for the Target Language TRANSP G
115 TSKTF Absolute file path for industry tables TRANSP L
116 TSKTL Translation Environment Settings: Long Text Editor TRANSP L
117 TSKTU Industry Short Text Search Strings TRANSP L
118 TSKTV Industry Short Text Found Strings TRANSP L
119 TSKTW Industry short text replacements TRANSP L
120 TSKTX Parameters for Short Text Utilities POOL C
121 TSKTY Translation environment presettings: Editor TRANSP L
122 TSKTZ Translation environment presettings: Worklist TRANSP L
123 TSL1D System Log Message (Formerly 100S or TSL01) TRANSP S
124 TSL1T System Log: Message texts (Formerly T100S, TSL01) TRANSP S
125 TSL2D System Log: Classification ID for Messages POOL S
126 TSL2T System Log: Message Class Names POOL S
127 TSL3D System Log Entry Types POOL S
128 TSL3T System Log: Log Entry Types POOL S
129 TSL4T SYSLOG Monitoring Categories TRANSP S
130 TSL5D System Log Filter Settings Used TRANSP L
131 TSL7T Syslog new assessment for monitoring TRANSP S
132 TSLE1 Platform TRANSP S
133 TSLE2 Errno numbers TRANSP S
134 TSLE3 Errno values description TRANSP S
135 TSLE4 Instances operating systems TRANSP L
136 TSLLT SLLT (translation accounting) settings TRANSP L
137 TSM01 Name texts for semaphores POOL S
138 TSMT_APPL Application TRANSP E
139 TSMT_APPLT Text Application TRANSP E
141 TSMT_CHECK_C Client-Dependent: Field Check TRANSP C
142 TSMT_CHECK_EXT Extension: Field Check TRANSP S
143 TSMT_CHKEY Key Fields of a Change Structure TRANSP S
149 TSMT_EXTENSION Mapping Extension TRANSP S
150 TSMT_MAPPING Group of Field Assignments TRANSP S
151 TSMT_MAPPING_C Client-Dependent: Group of Field Assignments TRANSP C
152 TSMT_MAPPING_EXT Extension: Group of Field Assignments TRANSP S
153 TSMT_MAPPING_SER Mapping and Service Interface Information TRANSP S
154 TSMT_PACKAGES Packages of a Package Group TRANSP E
155 TSMT_PACKAGE_GRP Group of Packages TRANSP E
156 TSMT_PACKAGE_GRT Text Application TRANSP E
157 TSMT_TR Call-Up of a Transformation TRANSP S
158 TSMT_TRCP Parameter of a Condition TRANSP S
159 TSMT_TRCP_C Client-Dependent: Parameter of a Condition TRANSP C
160 TSMT_TRCP_EXT Extension: Parameter of a Condition TRANSP S
161 TSMT_TRP Parameter of a Transformation TRANSP S
162 TSMT_TRP_C Client-Dependent: Parameter of a Transformation TRANSP C
163 TSMT_TRP_EXT Extension: Parameter of a Transformation TRANSP S
164 TSMT_TRT Transformation Text TRANSP S
165 TSMT_TRT_C Client-Dependent: Transformation Texts TRANSP C
166 TSMT_TRT_EXT Extension: Call-Up of a Transformation TRANSP S
167 TSMT_TR_C Client-Dependent: Call-Up of a Transformation TRANSP C
168 TSMT_TR_EXT Extension: Call-Up of a Transformation TRANSP S
169 TSMT_VARIANT Not Used: (Results Variant) TRANSP S
170 TSMW00 Actions for last service & BDoctype in error case TRANSP C
171 TSMW01 Actions for BDoctype in error case TRANSP C
172 TSMW02 Actions in error: defaults TRANSP C
173 TSMW03 Actions for last service & BDoc type & sender in error TRANSP C
174 TSMW04 Actions for services in error case TRANSP C
175 TSMW0_ERRBDOC Maintain Erroraction Bdoctype spec. TRANSP C
176 TSMW0_ERRDEFAULT Maintain Default Erroraction TRANSP C
177 TSMW0_ERRRECEIVE Maintain Erroraction Receiver spec. TRANSP C
178 TSMW0_ERRWTCHDG Maintain Watchdog TRANSP C
179 TSMW3STOP1 Configuration: Stop on errors TRANSP C
180 TSMW3STOP2 Stop configuration for BDoc types TRANSP C
181 TSMW3_00 BDoc Type Customizing TRANSP C
182 TSMW3_01 Generic Synchronization Bridge Activation TRANSP C
183 TSMW3_02 Generic Bridge: sBDoc Type Specific Activation Status TRANSP C
184 TSMW3_02A Generic Bridge: mBDoc Type Specific Activation Status TRANSP C
185 TSMW3_FC Control table for flow context TRANSP S
186 TSMW3_STAT Attributes of Bdoc Processing States TRANSP S
187 TSOCM_ACTIONS Actions in Change Request Management TRANSP E
190 TSOCM_ACTION_O_S Method in Change Management for User Status TRANSP E
191 TSOCM_ACTN_MESS Schedule Manager Action Status TRANSP L
192 TSOCM_ACTN_SCHED Determination of Execution Time of Actions TRANSP C
193 TSOCM_ACT_COLL Maintenance Table for Active Collective Order Transactions TRANSP E
194 TSOCM_ACT_DEF Defaults for Actions from TSOCM_ACTIONS TRANSP E
195 TSOCM_BPFCT_DEF Partner Function when Copying Current User TRANSP E
196 TSOCM_BPFCT_DEF2 Partner Functions: Transfer Logic and 4-Eyes Check TRANSP E
197 TSOCM_BPFCT_MAP Partner Function Mapping TRANSP E
198 TSOCM_CHCK_SCHED Determine Check Execution Time TRANSP C
199 TSOCM_CND_DF_CNT Conditions Especially for Context Checks TRANSP E
200 TSOCM_CNT_TY_CD Cardinality between Context Types TRANSP E
201 TSOCM_COLL_REQ Maintenance Table for Collective Order TRANSP E
202 TSOCM_CONDITIONS Conditions for Status Transition TRANSP E
204 TSOCM_COND_DEF Defaults for Conditions from TSOCM_CONDITIONS TRANSP E
205 TSOCM_COND_MAPP Conditions for Status from Status Schema TRANSP C
208 TSOCM_CON_ACTION Actions in CHARM Context for User Status TRANSP E
209 TSOCM_CON_ACTLNK Action Customization for Context TRANSP E
210 TSOCM_CR_CONTEXT Change Request Web UI: Context TRANSP A
211 TSOCM_CR_DEVSYS Collective Request: Context TRANSP A
212 TSOCM_CR_TYPE Collective Request: Transaction Type Configuration TRANSP E
213 TSOCM_CUS_FOLLOW Customer Follow on Transaction Types for the Collective Requ TRANSP C
214 TSOCM_EXTN_MESS Schedule Manager Action Status TRANSP L
215 TSOCM_INTGR_SW RFC Destination of SAP Change Manager TRANSP C
216 TSOCM_I_CHANGED Change CRM Document Context TRANSP A
217 TSOCM_I_CONTEXT Solution Manager Context for CRM Procedure TRANSP A
219 TSOCM_PROXY_IMPL Implementation of Proxy Instances TRANSP E
220 TSOCM_SBITM_CHCK Sample Lower-Level Change Items TRANSP E
221 TSOCM_STAT_PROP Attributes of User Status in Change Request Management TRANSP E
223 TSOCM_TIME_MAP Time Values Mapping TRANSP E
224 TSOCM_TRTY_MAP Mapping Transaction Type TRANSP E
225 TSOCX SAPoffice: SOC3 split TRANSP A
226 TSOEX SAPoffice: Trace Table POOL L
227 TSOFA SAP ArchiveLink - incoming faxes - path conversion TRANSP L
228 TSOPA SAPoffice: SET/GET Parameter TRANSP W
229 TSOPCFAV Favorites PC Documents TRANSP C
230 TSOPE Exclusion of Specific File Extensions TRANSP E
231 TSOPT SAPoffice: Parameter Texts TRANSP W
232 TSORA Table of valid ORACLE tablespaces TRANSP W
233 TSOS Import Log Records TRANSP L
234 TSOTD Valid Object Types TRANSP E
235 TSOTT Object Type Texts TRANSP E
236 TSOTX General texts for SAPoffice TRANSP S
237 TSOUT Table Search: Fields for Output TRANSP S
238 TSOUX SAPoffice: System User without USR02 TRANSP E
239 TSOVM SAPoffice: valid processing types TRANSP S
240 TSOVT SAPoffice: Processing types, text table TRANSP S
241 TSO_GEN_DATA Telco Service Object (Division-Independent) TRANSP A
242 TSO_GEN_DATAH Telco Service Object (Division-Independent) TRANSP A
243 TSP01 Spool Requests TRANSP L
244 TSP01P Spool: Part Table of a Spool Request TRANSP L
245 TSP02 Spool: Print requests TRANSP L
246 TSP02A Dynamic Attributes for Spool Requests and Output Requests TRANSP L
247 TSP02F List of frontend printing to be executed TRANSP L
248 TSP02FX List of Front-End Printing to Be Printed (Replaces TSP02F) TRANSP L
249 TSP02JT Job ticket data TRANSP L
250 TSP02L Spool: List parameters for spool and print requests TRANSP L
251 TSP02T Spool: Output Requests Waiting to Be Activated TRANSP L
252 TSP02W Spool: Output Requests Waiting for Processing TRANSP L
253 TSP03 Spool: Printer declaration TRANSP C
254 TSP03A Spool: Device description (new format) TRANSP C
255 TSP03C Spool: Device Description Extension TRANSP C
256 TSP03D Spool: Device Description (New Format) TRANSP C
257 TSP03L Spool: Long device names TRANSP C
258 TSP03POCCNF Print option configuration TRANSP C
259 TSP03POCPRE Printer option configuration: preselection TRANSP C
260 TSP03T Paper format in the device paper tray TRANSP C
261 TSP04 Spool: Access to paper types TRANSP S
262 TSP05 Spool: Protection rules TRANSP S
263 TSP06 Spool: Sequences for handling paper TRANSP E
264 TSP06A Spool: Implemented format type of a device type TRANSP E
265 TSP06POT Print options texts TRANSP E
266 TSP06T Text table: Title texts for print formats TRANSP E
267 TSP07 Spool: Paper used by the printer POOL E
268 TSP08 Spool: Paper formats TRANSP E
269 TSP09 Spool: Printer drivers TRANSP E
270 TSP09A Spool: ABAP based printer drivers TRANSP E
271 TSP0A Spool: Device types TRANSP E
272 TSP0B Spool: Mapping Device Types to XDC Description TRANSP E
273 TSP0C Spool: Change Log TRANSP L
274 TSP0E Data for optical archiving TRANSP L
275 TSP0F Archive device for archive ID TRANSP L
276 TSP0G Spool: Number ranges POOL L
277 TSP0H Printer pools TRANSP C
278 TSP0I Assignment of printers to terminals (room assignment) TRANSP L
279 TSP0K Print commands for host spooler (link type 'L') TRANSP C
280 TSP0L Spool events TRANSP L
281 TSP0N Graphical object TRANSP L
282 TSP0P Resources for formatting TRANSP E
283 TSP0Q Derivation resource TRANSP E
284 TSP0R Paper in the paper trays on the device TRANSP C
285 TSP0S Name Conventions For Spool Request Authorizations TRANSP E
286 TSP0T Assignment of local printer type to terminal TRANSP L
287 TSP0U Additional Information for Saved Data Transfer TRANSP C
288 TSP1D Spool: Format TRANSP E
289 TSP1T Spool: Long Text for Format TRANSP E
290 TSP2D Spool: Formats in a paper family/form POOL E
291 TSP2T Spool: Paper family (form) POOL E
292 TSP3T Spool: Command to prepare the printer for the paper family POOL E
293 TSP4D Spool: Check table for print control TRANSP E
294 TSP4T Spool: Explanation of the Print Controls TRANSP E
295 TSP5D LPQ formats (host spool system) TRANSP S
296 TSP5T Text for LPQ format from the spooler TRANSP S
297 TSP6D Type of connection to format program POOL S
298 TSP6T Text Table: Printer Access Method POOL S
299 TSP7D With or without cover sheet? TRANSP S
300 TSP7S With or without cover sheet? TRANSP S
301 TSP7T With or without cover sheet? TRANSP S
302 TSP8D Graphical object TRANSP L
303 TSP8T Description of graphical objects TRANSP L
304 TSP9D Resource TRANSP E
305 TSP9T Resource TRANSP E
306 TSPA Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions TRANSP C
307 TSPAT Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions: Texts TRANSP C
308 TSPCMDS Command Line Model for LOMS TRANSP C
309 TSPCONV External converter TRANSP C
310 TSPCPCDS CPC: Distribution status TRANSP C
311 TSPCPCDSE Extended distribution status information TRANSP C
312 TSPCPCFAV Target Systems and Target System Groups as Favorite Targets TRANSP C
313 TSPCPCPGC CPC: Printer group configuration TRANSP C
314 TSPCPCPGL CPC: Printer group list TRANSP C
315 TSPCPCPL CPC: List of CPC managed printers on central system TRANSP C
316 TSPCPCTPR OBSOLETE CPC: Target system group / printer group relations TRANSP C
317 TSPCPCTSGC CPC: Target system group configuration TRANSP C
318 TSPCPCTSGL CPC: Target system group list TRANSP C
319 TSPCPCTSL CPC: Target system list TRANSP C
320 TSPDD Table, Old SAP Version TRANSP S
321 TSPDD2 Table, Old SAP Version TRANSP L
323 TSPDEVCF Reconfiguration Table for OMS Devices TRANSP L
324 TSPEVDEV OMS Events for Devices TRANSP L
325 TSPEVJOB OMS Events for Print Requests TRANSP L
326 TSPG0 Display profile for sequencing TRANSP E
327 TSPG0T Text table - display profile TRANSP E
328 TSPG1 Display profile for orders TRANSP E
329 TSPG2 Order characteristic TRANSP E
330 TSPG3 Relationship between order profile and characteristics TRANSP E
331 TSPG4 Relationship between charact. values, colors and profile TRANSP E
332 TSPG5 Default Visualization Profile (Sequencing) of Plant TRANSP E
333 TSPI0 Initial profile for sequencing TRANSP G
334 TSPJSTAT Statistical data for output requests TRANSP L
335 TSPLOMS Logical Output Management Systems for Access Method 'E' TRANSP C
336 TSPOL Text Descriptions for LIFO Pools POOL C
337 TSPOPIMAN Printer manufacturers TRANSP S
338 TSPOPIP Printer / device type repations TRANSP E
339 TSPOPIPRN Printer / device type relations TRANSP S
340 TSPOPIPRN_WORK Printer / device type relations TRANSP S
342 TSPP0 Planning profile for sequencing TRANSP E
343 TSPP0T Text table - planning profile sequencing TRANSP E
344 TSPP1 Processing profile for sequencing TRANSP E
345 TSPP1T Text Table - Processing Profiles for Sequencing TRANSP E
346 TSPP2 Default Planning Profile (Sequencing) of Plant TRANSP E
347 TSPPF_PRPR_001 Print Profile TRANSP C
348 TSPPF_PRPR_001T Print Profile Name TRANSP C
349 TSPPF_PRPR_002 Print Profile Data TRANSP C
350 TSPPOSSUSER User-defaults for print options TRANSP C
351 TSPQSTAT Statistical data about print queues TRANSP L
352 TSPRF Standard Values for Performance Monitoring POOL L
353 TSPRIM Table Search: Fields for Access to Primary Table TRANSP S
354 TSPRIMOBJ Table Search: Encoding of Search Object TRANSP S
355 TSPRIMSEL Table Search : Encoding of Ordinary Table TRANSP S
356 TSPRMGCF Reconfiguration Table for OMS Callback Groups TRANSP L
357 TSPROMS Real Output Management Systems for Access Method 'E' TRANSP C
358 TSPSV Spool: Server table TRANSP C
359 TSPSVI Spool: Server Information (Updated by Spool Work Processes) TRANSP L
360 TSPUSROPT Spool: User-specific settings TRANSP C
361 TSPUSRSEL Spool: User-Specific Settings TRANSP C
362 TSP_ACTION Holds all actions that have to be performed TRANSP S
363 TSP_ACTIOT Contains a descriptive text for an action TRANSP S
365 TSP_ACTSCE Relatates action to scenario TRANSP S
366 TSP_COMSCE Asignment software component to scenario TRANSP S
367 TSP_SCENAR Support package cenario master table TRANSP S
368 TSP_SCENAT Text table for the description of scenarios TRANSP S
369 TSP_SPEVNT Events that are logged and their description TRANSP S
370 TSP_SPEVTT text table for events TRANSP S
376 TSP_TEST_REL Test Case Test Data Relation TRANSP S
377 TSP_TPATCH lists all SPs that are applied with the selected SP TRANSP L
378 TSR01 Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules TRANSP C
379 TSR0E Strategy for Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules TRANSP C
380 TSR0T Description of Strategy for Autom.Generation of Settmt Rules TRANSP C
381 TSRCG List of tables from which source coding is generated POOL G
382 TSRTB Sort strings TRANSP C
383 TSRTT Sort strings (text) TRANSP C
384 TSRVGRP Server Groups in Background Processing TRANSP L
385 TSRVLST Contents of Background Processing Server Groups TRANSP L
386 TSSEK Table Search: Secondary Table Accesses TRANSP S
387 TSST1 Statistic Editing Status Assignment Pers. Resp. DEVCLASS TRANSP S
388 TSST2 Editing status functions POOL S
389 TSST3 Editing Status Values TRANSP S
390 TST01 TemSe: List of objects and parts TRANSP L
391 TST02 TemSe: Protection rules TRANSP C
392 TST03 TemSe data TRANSP L
393 TST05 TemSe data types TRANSP E
394 TST06 Right to use 'rstsmain', 'rspomain' TRANSP C
395 TST07 Name conventions for TemSe objects TRANSP E
396 TST21 Memory for Used Trace Filter Settings TRANSP L
397 TSTAACTW TWB Status Management: Possible Actions of a Status TRANSP S
398 TSTAFPR Test Workbench status: Connection to test package TRANSP G
399 TSTAFTW Test Workbench Status Mgt: Connection to Test Package TRANSP C
400 TSTAHPR Status: Project Status Information TRANSP G
401 TSTAHTPR Project Management: Status Comments TRANSP G
402 TSTAHTTW TWB Status Management: Comment Rows TRANSP C
403 TSTAHTW TWB Status Management: Status Information TRANSP C
404 TSTAKEPR Status: Status Keywords TRANSP G
405 TSTAM Application object tables POOL S
406 TSTAMK Classification of SAP Tables by Expected Size in Production TRANSP S
407 TSTAPRTW TWB Status Management: Link Status to Problem Message TRANSP C
408 TSTAREPR Status: Employee Assignment to a Status TRANSP G
409 TSTASETW TWB Status Management: Status Values TRANSP G
410 TSTASTTW TWB Status Management: Status Value Texts TRANSP G
411 TSTATACT IMG status activities TRANSP S
412 TSTATC Selection specifications for a project TRANSP G
413 TSTATCE Selection specifications TRANSP G
414 TSTATCL Status Assignment to a Project Class TRANSP G
415 TSTATCP Assignment of selection to project and activity TRANSP G
416 TSTATCS Selection assignment for status object TRANSP G
417 TSTATCT Selection field text TRANSP G
418 TSTATEPR Project Management Status Values TRANSP G
419 TSTATF Customizing project related data for Function TRANSP L
420 TSTATH Status fields for an activity in a project TRANSP G
421 TSTATH4 Status information for Test Workbench TRANSP G
422 TSTATHT Texts for an activity in a project TRANSP G
423 TSTATHT4 Texts for an activity in a project TRANSP G
424 TSTATIMG Assignment of activity data for project, activity, view TRANSP G
425 TSTATP Status Assignment to a Project TRANSP G
426 TSTATPP Problem numbers for project and activity TRANSP G
427 TSTATR Project Resources TRANSP G
428 TSTATRE Resource specifications TRANSP G
429 TSTATRP Resource assignment to project and activity TRANSP G
430 TSTATRS Resource assignment for a status object TRANSP G
431 TSTATRT Resources text TRANSP G
432 TSTATS Status specifications for a project TRANSP G
433 TSTATSE Status specifications TRANSP G
434 TSTATST Status specification text TRANSP G
435 TSTATTPR Project Management: Status Text TRANSP G
436 TSTATUSCALC Trading Contract: Text Table Status Information TRANSP E
437 TSTATUSCALC_T Trading Contract: Text Table Status Information TRANSP E
438 TSTATUSCALC_TEW Trading Contract: Text Table Status Information TRANSP C
439 TSTATUSCUST Trading Contract: Table of Status Fields TRANSP C
440 TSTATUSCUST_POP Assignment Table for Profit Simulation in Trading Contract TRANSP C
441 TSTATUSCUST_PROF Trading Contract: Table of Status Fields TRANSP C
442 TSTATUSCUST_PR_T Trading Contract: Table of Status Fields TRANSP C
443 TSTATUSCUST_T Trading Contract: Table of Status Fields TRANSP C
444 TSTATUSFIELDS Trading Contract: Table of Status Fields TRANSP E
445 TSTATUS_CUST IS-U WA: Customer Status Indicators TRANSP C
446 TSTATUS_CUSTT IS-U WA: Customer Status Indicators - Texts TRANSP C
447 TSTATUS_SCENARIO Define The Scenario To Calculate Open Order/Delivery TRANSP C
449 TSTC SAP Transaction Codes TRANSP W
450 TSTCA Values for transaction code authorizations TRANSP W
451 TSTCA_C Values for Transaction Code Authorizations TRANSP W
452 TSTCC Additional Attributes for TSTC TRANSP W
453 TSTCCLASS User Interface Classification for Transactions TRANSP C
454 TSTCIACSF Names of Service Files for IAC Transactions TRANSP S
455 TSTCP Parameters for Transactions TRANSP E
456 TSTCRID Testtabelle für Very - analog CRID angelegt TRANSP A
457 TSTCS External Transaction Start with skip-first-screen Allowed TRANSP C
458 TSTCT Transaction Code Texts TRANSP W
459 TSTC_LOG SAP transaction codes TRANSP W
460 TSTC_SM Control table SU22: Auth.obj.maint. for transactions TRANSP W
461 TSTC_SRT Assign Transaction Codes to Reports TRANSP W
462 TSTDEV Expediting Standard Event TRANSP C
463 TSTDEVT Language-Dependent Description of Event TRANSP C
464 TSTE Invalid will not be used anymore POOL C
465 TSTGC Consolidation test data POOL C
466 TSTL Taxes: Valid Tax Categories for Each Country POOL C
467 TSTMT Taxes: Material: Texts (Obsolete, Superseded by TSKMT) POOL C
468 TSTNT Expediting Status Information TRANSP A
469 TSTNTY Status Information Type TRANSP C
470 TSTNTYT Language-Dependent Texts for Status Info Type TRANSP C
471 TSTOR Accounting Documents with Reverse Posting Date POOL A
472 TSTPH SAP Relesae for Translation Statistics TRANSP S
473 TSTRK VarChart Graphics: Strike-Through-Type TRANSP S
474 TSTRMAPP Time Stream Mapping for an Object TRANSP L
475 TSTRT VarChart graphics: texts on strikethrough types TRANSP S
476 TSUBSCRAREA Customizing for Single Screen Entry of a Confirmation TRANSP C
477 TSUM02 Replenishment Strategy SumJC & External Procurement TRANSP C
478 TSUM03 Replenishment Strategy JIT Call Stock Transfer TRANSP C
479 TSUM2T Control Cycle Profile (External Procurement) - Text TRANSP C
480 TSUM3T Control Cycle Profile (Stock Transfer) - Text TRANSP C
481 TSUMBP Scheduling Profile for Summarized JIT Calls TRANSP C
482 TSUMSCP Calculation Profile for Summarized JIT Calls TRANSP C
483 TSUMSCPT Text for Scheduling Profile SumJC TRANSP C
484 TSVARFB Table Search: Function Modules of Application TRANSP S
485 TSVARFBT Table Search: Function Modules of Application, Texts TRANSP S
486 TSVARI Where-Used List: Table for Key Reassignments TRANSP S
487 TSVER Text Descriptions for LIFO Layer Versions TRANSP C
488 TSV_SETEBENE Set Level for Service Objects TRANSP C
489 TSV_SETEBENET Set Level for Service Products (Texts) TRANSP C
491 TSWS Business Workflow: Definition of Views TRANSP G
492 TSWST Business Workflow: Texts for Views on Work Items TRANSP G
493 TSYIMPSTAT Transport Request Import Status TRANSP L
494 TSYNC Synchronization table for Dictionary - Processes TRANSP S
495 TSYPROJVER Project Versions TRANSP L
496 TSYREQUEST Correlation of Transport Requests Between Systems TRANSP L
497 TSYS1 Directory of Repository Objects TRANSP W
498 TSYS2 Directory of Repository Objects TRANSP W
499 TSYSDEF Information on Industry Switch TRANSP L