SAP ABAP Table - Index T, page 55
Table - T
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
2 TNCDF0 IS-H: DRG Coding and Grouping System Master Data Table TRANSP C
3 TNCDF1 IS-H: DRG Coding and Grouping System Customizing Table TRANSP C
4 TNCDF2 IS-H: DRG Coding and Grouping System File Name Table TRANSP C
5 TNCDF3 IS-H: DRG Coding and Grouping System User Customizing Table TRANSP C
6 TNCDF4 IS-H: DRG Coding and Grouping System Payer Determination TRANSP C
7 TNCEM_EL Listener Attributes Managed by Event Manager TRANSP E
8 TNCEM_ORD Determines Event Sequence Relation TRANSP E
9 TNCEM_SUBSCRIPT Listener Subscription Data for Event Manager TRANSP E
10 TNCF0 IS-HCM Message Fields TRANSP E
11 TNCF1 IS-HCM Message Fields - Texts TRANSP E
12 TNCH10 IS-H CH: Postal Code-to-Region Assignment TRANSP A
13 TNCH11 IS-H CH: Canton Tariff-to-Geographical Area Assignment TRANSP A
14 TNCH12 IS-H CH: Canton Tariff TRANSP C
15 TNCH12T IS-H CH: Canton Tariff - Texts TRANSP C
16 TNCH13 IS-H CH: Convention TRANSP C
17 TNCH13T IS-H CH: Agreements - Texts TRANSP C
18 TNCH20 IS-H CH: Code Groups for AHV Numbers TRANSP C
19 TNCH30 IS-H CH: Patient Category TRANSP C
20 TNCH31 IS-H CH: Patient Type TRANSP C
21 TNCH32 IS-H CH: Service Text Codes TRANSP C
22 TNCH32T IS-H CH: Service Text Codes - text TRANSP C
23 TNCH33 IS-H CH: Tariff Types TRANSP C
24 TNCH33T IS-H CH: Tariff Types TRANSP C
25 TNCH40 IS-H CH: Absence Rules TRANSP C
26 TNCH40T IS-h CH: Absence Rules - Texts TRANSP C
27 TNCH50 IS-H CH: Billing Agreements TRANSP C
28 TNCH50T IS-H CH: Texts for Billing Agreements TRANSP C
29 TNCH51 IS-H CH: Billing Agreement Items TRANSP C
30 TNCH52 IS-h CH: Determination of Billing Agreements TRANSP C
31 TNCH53 IS-H CH: Quantity Determination Service Generation TRANSP C
32 TNCH53T IS-H CH: Texts for Quantity Rules TRANSP C
33 TNCH54 IS-H CH: Gültigkeiten von ABRV für Externen Auftrag TRANSP C
34 TNCH60 IS-H CH: Times for Surcharge Services TRANSP C
35 TNCH61 IS-H CH: Percentage Services TRANSP C
36 TNCH62 IS-H CH: Percentage Reduction TRANSP C
37 TNCI0 IS-HCM Receipt: Event - General Message Type - Assignment TRANSP S
38 TNCI1 IS-HCM Receipt Parameters for Partner Systems TRANSP C
39 TNCMAPP IS-H Mapping Table, Assignment to External Codes TRANSP C
40 TNCMSCO IS-H: Scoring - Conversion of the HINR TRANSP C
41 TNCO0 IS-HCM Dispatch: Event - General Message Type - Assignment TRANSP S
42 TNCO1 IS-HCM Dispatch Control Without Dependencies TRANSP C
43 TNCO2 IS-HCM Dispatch Control with Org. Unit Dependency TRANSP C
44 TNCRESPO IS-HCM: Outstanding Acknowledgements for Subsystem (CommMod) TRANSP L
45 TNCS0 IS-HCM Message Segments TRANSP E
46 TNCS1 IS-HCM Message Segments - Texts TRANSP E
47 TNCS2 IS-HCM Message Segment - Field Assignment TRANSP E
48 TNCS3 IS-HCM: Segment-to-Group Segment Assignment TRANSP E
49 TNCST IS-HCM Communication Standards TRANSP E
50 TNCSU IS-HCM Communication Standards - Texts TRANSP E
51 TNCT0 IS-HCM Message Types TRANSP E
52 TNCT1 IS-HCM Message Types - Texts TRANSP E
53 TNCT2 IS-HCM Message Type-Segment Assignment TRANSP E
54 TNCTY Is-H: Definition of Country Versions TRANSP S
55 TNCTYT Is-H: Name of Country Version TRANSP S
56 TND01 IS-H: Borrowing purposes for documents TRANSP C
57 TND02 IS-H: Texts for borrowing reasons TRANSP C
58 TND03 Document Management: Borrower category TRANSP S
59 TNDBG IS-H: Authorization Groups for Screen Modification TRANSP C
60 TNDBT IS-H: Authorization Group Texts for Screen Modifications TRANSP C
61 TNDCV IS-H: Screen Fields Dependent on Country Version TRANSP S
62 TNDIA IS-H: Diagnosis Processing Parameters TRANSP C
63 TNDKG IS-H: GHA-SC structure (TO) TRANSP G
64 TNDR2 IS-H: Screens Used to Create & Change RF Customer in R/2 POOL G
65 TNDRG IS-H: DRG Billing Parameters TRANSP C
66 TNDYM IS-H: Screen Modifications TRANSP G
67 TNE00 IS-H: SAP User Exits TRANSP S
68 TNE01 IS-H: Customer User Exits TRANSP C
69 TNE0T IS-H: SAP User Exit - Description TRANSP S
70 TNE2G IS-H: Conversion tables SEM <-> CCP (TO) TRANSP G
71 TNEBM IS-H: SEM Structure (TO) TRANSP G
72 TNEHC_DOCTYPE IS-H: EHIC Health Insurance Card - Document Categories TRANSP C
73 TNEHC_DOCTYPET IS-H: EHIC Health Insurance Card - Document Category Texts TRANSP C
74 TNEI0 IS-H: Parameters for Data Transfer IS-H -> EIS TRANSP C
75 TNEIS IS-H: Character, Key Figure Determination (FM) EIS TRANSP S
76 TNEO_BILLTYP_DET IS-H: External Orders - Billing Type Determination TRANSP C
77 TNEO_CHARFAC_DET IS-H: Charge Factor Value Determination for External Orders TRANSP C
78 TNEO_FEEDIST_DET IS-H: External Orders - Determine Fee Breakdown Code TRANSP C
79 TNEO_ORDER_CAT IS-H: Order Categories of External Order TRANSP C
80 TNEO_ORDER_CATT IS-H: Order Categories - Texts of External Order TRANSP C
81 TNEO_ORDER_TYPE IS-H: Order Types of External Order TRANSP C
82 TNEO_ORDER_TYPET IS-H: Order Types - Texts of External Order TRANSP C
83 TNEO_WORK_ORG IS-H: Form Control for External Orders TRANSP C
84 TNETMAC Maintenance of mac addresses in SAP network monitor TRANSP L
85 TNETMONINF Network Monitor:Configuration data and work information TRANSP L
86 TNF01 IS-H: Catalog of Work Organizer Types TRANSP S
87 TNF02 IS-H: Description of Work Organizer Types TRANSP S
88 TNF03 IS-H: Work Organizers: Keys TRANSP C
89 TNF04 IS-H: Work Organizer Type-Event Assignment SAP Defaults TRANSP S
90 TNF05 IS-H: Form Windows and Elements for Work Organizers TRANSP C
91 TNF06 IS-H: User Control: Event and Work Organizer Type TRANSP C
92 TNF07 IS-H: Assign Output Device to Input Device (Printer-Term.) TRANSP C
93 TNF08 IS-H: Work Organizer-to-Printer Assignment TRANSP C
94 TNF09 IS-H: Texts for Work Organizers TRANSP C
95 TNF10 IS-H: Techn. Work Organizer - Org. Unit Assignment TRANSP C
96 TNF11 IS-H: Event - Technical Work Org. Filter TRANSP C
97 TNF30 IS-H: Work Organizers Without Selection Conditions TRANSP C
98 TNF31 IS-H: Work Organizers with Ins. Prov. Conditions TRANSP C
99 TNF32 IS-H: Work Organizers with Billing Type and Ins. Prov. Cond. TRANSP C
100 TNF40 IS-H: Smart Forms for Work Organizer Type TRANSP S
101 TNFAS IS-H: Department Status for Basic Medical Documentation TRANSP C
102 TNFAS_FS IS-H: Dependency of Case Status on Dept-Related Status TRANSP C
103 TNFCL IS-H: Case Categorization for Data Transfer IS-H -> SAP BW TRANSP C
104 TNFPS1 IS-H: Control Parameters for Determining FR/PS TRANSP G
105 TNFPSE IS-H: Rule Table for FRs Per Case and PSs TRANSP G
108 TNGOA IS-H: CCP Structure (TO) TRANSP G
109 TNGRP0 IS-H: Set Parameters for DRG Documentation TRANSP C
110 TNGRP1 IS-H: DRG Grouper Assignment TRANSP C
112 TNGRP3 IS-H: DRG Grouper File Conventions TRANSP C
113 TNHCF_BO Business Objects TRANSP E
114 TNHCF_BOT HCF: Business Objects - Text table TRANSP E
115 TNHCF_ID_DESC Description of Business Object identification TRANSP G
116 TNHCO IS-H: Basic Settings HCO TRANSP C
117 TNHCO_COLORD HCO: Definition Coll. Orders for Outpat.Case-Based Orders TRANSP C
118 TNHCO_CORD_SEL HCO: Char. Sel. for Coll. Orders for Outpat. Case-Bsd Orders TRANSP C
119 TNHL7 IS-HCM HL7 Conversions TRANSP C
120 TNICPM IS-H: ICPM structure - Delivery of ICPM catalog TRANSP S
121 TNIEBILL IS-H: Internet-Enabled Estimated Invoice - Not Supported Now TRANSP C
122 TNIRS IS-H: Settings for Insurance Relationships TRANSP C
123 TNIW3 Lowest Value: Document Types POOL C
124 TNIW4 Lowest Value: Movement Types POOL C
125 TNIW5 Lowest Value: Deval. by Rge of Coverage POOL C
126 TNIW5N Lowest Value: Devaluation by Range of Coverage (w. Version) TRANSP C
127 TNIW5W Lowest Value: Devaluatn by Range of Cov. for Each Val. Area TRANSP C
128 TNIW6 Lowest Value: Deval. for Reasons of Slow/Non-Movement POOL C
129 TNIW6N Lowest Value: Devaluation by Slow/Non-Movement (w. Version) TRANSP C
130 TNIW6W Lowest Value: Devaluation for Slow/Non-movement by Val.Area TRANSP C
131 TNIW7 Weighting Factors for Consumption Values (Deter.Lowest Val.) TRANSP C
132 TNIW8 Weighting of Stock Quantities (Deter.Low.Val.) POOL C
133 TNIW8H Weighting of Stock Quantities per Period (Lowest Value) TRANSP C
134 TNIW9 Reduction of Sales Prices (Lowest Value) TRANSP C
135 TNK00 IS-H: Diagnosis Coding Catalog Categories TRANSP C
136 TNK01 IS-H: Service Catalog Types TRANSP C
137 TNKAT IS-H: Texts for Classif. Types of Case Class. Categories TRANSP C
138 TNKAV IS-H: Medical Record Management Parameters TRANSP C
139 TNKAV1 IS-H: Medical Records to Be Borrowed TRANSP C
140 TNKFA IS-H: Code Specialties TRANSP C
141 TNKFH IS-H: Hierarchy of Specialties TRANSP C
142 TNKFO IS-H: Specialty-to-Organizational Unit Assignment TRANSP A
143 TNKFT IS-H: Text for User-Defined Specialty Category TRANSP C
144 TNKIV IS-H: Insurance Provider Attributes - Integrated Care TRANSP C
145 TNKLA IS-H: Classification Types for Case Classific. Categories TRANSP C
146 TNKRS IS-H: Number Ranges TRANSP C
147 TNKTR_KV IS-H: Settings for Federal PPA Insurance Provider Master TRANSP C
148 TNKTT IS-H: Texts for Case Classification Categories TRANSP C
149 TNKTY IS-H: Case Classification Categories TRANSP C
150 TNKVK IS-H: Define Terminal For Import HC Smart Card TRANSP C
151 TNKVMSGATTR IS-H: Message Assignment for PPA Work Station TRANSP S
152 TNLB IS-H: Key Table for Multiplication Factor Reasons TRANSP C
153 TNLBSN_ACT Burger service nummer BSN werte übername TRANSP C
154 TNLBSN_ID_STAT Burger service nummer ausweis status TRANSP C
155 TNLBSN_PARAM Burger service nummer algemeines parameters TRANSP C
156 TNLBSN_SOURCE Burger service nummer BSN quelle TRANSP C
157 TNLBSN_STATUS Burger service nummer status TRANSP C
158 TNLBT IS-H: Text table for exception billing comments TRANSP C
159 TNLCINV01 Sammelrechnung record information fur anzeiger TRANSP S
160 TNLCINV02 Sammelrechnung ruckgabe kodes TRANSP C
161 TNLDBC_01 Abrechnungs arten von Diagnose Behandlung Combinationen TRANSP C
162 TNLDBC_REFZEIT Bezugslaufzeiten DBC's pro Spezialgebiet TRANSP C
163 TNLDBC_TRDBC1 IS-H NL: Dummy DBC per Leistung TRANSP C
164 TNLDBC_TRDBC2 IS-H NL: Dummy DBC per anfragender Arzt TRANSP C
165 TNLDBC_TRDBC3 IS-H NL: Dummy DBC per Kostenträger TRANSP C
166 TNLDBC_TRDBC4 IS-H NL: Dummy DBC pro ausfuhrend arzt TRANSP C
167 TNLGGZ_ACT_CODE Geisteskrankheit activität kode TRANSP C
168 TNLGGZ_CARETYPE Geisteskrankheit sorgfrage TRANSP C
169 TNLGGZ_CIRCUIT Geisteskrankheit behandlungs kreis TRANSP C
170 TNLGGZ_CLOSE Geisteskrankheit sper kennzeichen TRANSP C
171 TNLGGZ_CO_HOUR Geisteskrankheit: Kostpreis Stundentarif TRANSP C
172 TNLGGZ_CO_STAY Geisteskrankheit: Kostpreis Aufenthaltskosten TRANSP C
173 TNLGGZ_DIAGN Geisteskrankheit diagnosen TRANSP C
174 TNLGGZ_GAF Geisteskrankheit GAF punktestand TRANSP C
175 TNLGGZ_GROUP Geisteskankheit gruppe TRANSP C
177 TNLGGZ_PARAM Geisteskrankheit parameter tabelle TRANSP C
178 TNLGGZ_PAT_GRP Geisteskrankheit patient gruppe TRANSP C
179 TNLGGZ_PERFORM Geisteskrankheit leistungscode ermittung TRANSP C
180 TNLGGZ_PRODUCT Geisteskrankheit productkode TRANSP C
181 TNLGGZ_PROF Geisteskrankheit berufsgruppe TRANSP C
182 TNLGGZ_SCHEMA Geisteskrankheit Behandlungsplan TRANSP C
183 TNLGGZ_SERVICE Geisteskrankheit leistungs gruppe TRANSP C
184 TNLGGZ_TARIFF Geisteskrankheit DBC tariff TRANSP C
185 TNLGGZ_VAL_DEC Geisteskrankheit validierungsbaum TRANSP C
186 TNLMR1 IS-H NL: LMR-instellingsnummer (WCC-code) TRANSP C
187 TNLMR2 IS-H NL: LMR Afdelingscodes / LAZR Polikliniek- of locatie TRANSP C
188 TNLMR3 IS-H NL: LMR Artscodes TRANSP C
189 TNLMR4 IS-H NL: LMR Verzekeringscodes TRANSP C
190 TNLMR5 IS-H NL: LMR Bewegingscodes TRANSP C
191 TNLMR6 IS-H NL: LMR Landcodes TRANSP C
192 TNLONGTERMSVC IS-H: Maintain Long-Term Accommodation Services TRANSP C
193 TNLS Nielsen ID TRANSP C
194 TNLST Description of Nielsen Indicators TRANSP C
195 TNLZR0 IS-H NL:LAZR Einstellungen für Schnittstellebearbeitung TRANSP C
196 TNLZR1 IS-H NL: LAZR Medische behandeling / Financieel consult TRANSP C
197 TNLZR2 IS-H NL:LAZR Afspraaksoort TRANSP C
198 TNLZR3 IS-H NL: LAZR Veldverplichting TRANSP C
199 TNLZR4 IS-H NL:LAZR Integriteitscheck TRANSP C
200 TNLZR4T IS-H NL: LAZR Integriteitscheck Teksten TRANSP C
201 TNM01 IS-H MM: Assign Plants to Institution TRANSP C
202 TNM02 IS-H MM: Material Requisition Parameters TRANSP C
203 TNM03 IS-H MM: Procurement Type Determination TRANSP C
204 TNM04 IS-H MM: Determine Materials for CO Reposting TRANSP C
205 TNM10A IS-H MM: Approval Types TRANSP C
206 TNM10K IS-H MM: Approval types (texts) TRANSP C
207 TNM20H IS-H MM: Hierarchy for Material Input Help TRANSP C
208 TNM20HT IS-H MM: Hierarchy for material input facility (texts) TRANSP C
209 TNM20L IS-H: MM hierarchic material selection TRANSP C
210 TNM20N IS-H: MM hierarchic material selection (nodes) TRANSP C
211 TNM50A IS-H MM: Active Ingredients TRANSP C
212 TNM50T IS-H MM: Active Ingredients (Texts) TRANSP C
213 TNM60A IS-H MM: Medical Categories for Materials TRANSP C
214 TNM60T IS-H MM: Medical Categories for Materials TRANSP C
215 TNMAP Assignment of global to (instance)local table names TRANSP C
216 TNMATLEI Define Default Material Service TRANSP C
217 TNNA1 IS-H NL: Billing parties per service (group) TRANSP C
218 TNNA2 IS-H NL: Dummy services by billing party TRANSP C
219 TNNA3 IS-H NL: Shifts TRANSP S
220 TNNC1 IS-H NL: Insurance verification procedures TRANSP C
221 TNNC2 IS-H NL: Insurance provider types (internal) TRANSP C
222 TNNC3 IS-H NL: Kostenübernahme von leistungen TRANSP C
223 TNNC4 IS-H NL: Anfordertypen bei WDS Kostenübernahme TRANSP C
224 TNND2 IS-H NL: Assign Requests to Business Partner and Category TRANSP C
225 TNNE1 IS-H NL: Gültigkeit Behandlungsscheine TRANSP C
226 TNNE2 IS-H NL: Reihenfolge Behandlungsscheine definieren TRANSP C
227 TNNE3 NL: Geschäftspartner TRANSP C
228 TNNE4 NL: Scheine und Leistungen TRANSP C
229 TNNE5 NL: Zeitpunkte zum Leistungsgenerierung TRANSP C
230 TNNF1 IS-H NL: Abrechnung Parameter TRANSP C
231 TNNG1 IS-H NL: Ordering business partner categories TRANSP C
232 TNNL1 IS-H NL: LMR discharge type TRANSP C
233 TNNL2 IS-H NL: LMR insurance file TRANSP C
234 TNNL3 IS-H NL: Dutch cities LMR TRANSP C
235 TNNL4 IS-H NL: Country code LMR TRANSP C
236 TNNLACTIV Sorge Aktivität kode TRANSP C
237 TNNLBLCKPHYS Blockieren pro Arzt TRANSP C
238 TNNLCAGR Sorge produkt kode gruppe TRANSP C
239 TNNLCARE Sorge produkt kode TRANSP C
240 TNNLCLAIM Haftungs code TRANSP C
241 TNNLCLASS_CAT Meldung Klassifikation Katalog TRANSP C
242 TNNLCLASS_MESS Meldung Klassifikation meldungen TRANSP C
243 TNNLCLOSE Abschlußkode TRANSP C
244 TNNLCLRU Abschließ regeln TRANSP C
245 TNNLCPCAT Sorge produkt Kategorie TRANSP C
246 TNNLCPRE Sorge produkt Relation TRANSP C
247 TNNLDIRE Diagnose Sorge produkt gruppe Beziehung TRANSP C
248 TNNLREJCLAS_CAT ISH NL Rejection Classification Catalogue TRANSP C
249 TNNLREJCLAS_MESS Rejection Classification Messages TRANSP C
250 TNNLRULES Regeln für Registrierung, Schließen und Zusamenstellen DBC's TRANSP C
251 TNNLRULES_CLOSE Verknüpfung abschuß regeln und abschluß kode TRANSP C
253 TNNLTP IS-H NL: An zu wenden Regeln auf Leistungen TRANSP C
254 TNNL_GRPMSG_MAP Grouper Msg Id nach SAP meldung Mapping TRANSP C
255 TNNP1 IS-H NL: Patient day services TRANSP C
256 TNNP2 IS-H NL: Insurance ranking order -> patient day class TRANSP C
257 TNNP3 IS-H NL: Service classes TRANSP C
258 TNNP4 IS-H NL: Classes for IP Types / Default Values TRANSP C
259 TNNR1 IS-H NL: Service exclusions (calculation rule) TRANSP C
260 TNNR2 IS-H NL: Service inclusions (calculation rule) TRANSP C
261 TNNR3 IS-H NL: Time-related rules TRANSP C
262 TNNR4 IS-H NL: Time-related rules TRANSP C
263 TNNR5 IS-H NL: Service Rules At Admission TRANSP C
264 TNNR6 IS-H NL: Define in- and exclusion rules TRANSP C
265 TNNRG IS-H NL: Zuweisung leistung(sgruppe) zu werte-regel TRANSP C
266 TNOBAPI BAPIs with exceptions that are not checked TRANSP S
267 TNOBJ IS-H: Objects for Client Reset Program TRANSP S
268 TNODE01 Node Table for General Structure Storage TRANSP S
269 TNODE01R General Structure Storage References TRANSP S
270 TNODE01T General Structure Storage Node Names TRANSP E
271 TNODE02 Test Organizer, Node Table TRANSP E
272 TNODE02A Test Organizer, Test Catalog, Plan, Package Attributes TRANSP E
273 TNODE02R Test Organizer, References TRANSP E
274 TNODE02T Test Organizer, Texts TRANSP E
275 TNODE02_A Test case attributes: Management TRANSP W
276 TNODE02_AC Test case attributes: CATT-specific TRANSP W
277 TNODE02_AP Test case attributes: Problem message data TRANSP W
278 TNODE02_AS Test case attributes: Training-specific CATT attributes TRANSP W
279 TNODE02_AT Test case attributes: Short texts TRANSP W
280 TNODEE Definition of attributes of a node type TRANSP S
281 TNODEH List of valid node types TRANSP E
282 TNODEIMG Node table for the new IMG TRANSP S
283 TNODEIMGR References for the new IMG TRANSP S
284 TNODEIMGT General Structure Storage Node Names TRANSP S
285 TNODEPR Node Table for General Structure Storage TRANSP E
286 TNODEPRR General Structure Storage References TRANSP E
287 TNODEPRT General Structure Storage Node Names TRANSP E
288 TNODERELN Node Table for General Structure Storage TRANSP S
289 TNODERELNR General Structure Storage References TRANSP S
290 TNODERELNT General Structure Storage Node Names TRANSP E
291 TNODEREV Structure Item Table for Review Structures TRANSP E
292 TNODEREVR References for Review Structures TRANSP E
293 TNODEREVT Structure Item Descriptions for Review Structures TRANSP E
294 TNODERTYPE Node type: Assignable link types TRANSP E
295 TNODES Node type: Valid sub-node types TRANSP E
296 TNODET Name of valid node types TRANSP E
297 TNONOCL Project class node type note type assignment TRANSP G
298 TNOTATW Note: Attribute table TRANSP G
299 TNOTECL Project class note type assignment TRANSP G
300 TNOTEED Valid editors for creating notes TRANSP G
301 TNOTEEPR Project management note types TRANSP G
302 TNOTEFPR Assignment of file extensions to doc. types TRANSP G
303 TNOTEP Project note type TRANSP G
304 TNOTESAV Note document temporary save TRANSP L
305 TNOTETEM Templates for notes TRANSP G
306 TNOTETPR Project management: Note type text TRANSP G
307 TNOTFPR Notes: Project link TRANSP G
308 TNOTFPR_VERS Versioning Data from Table TNOTFPR TRANSP G
309 TNOTFTW Test Workbench status: Connection to test package TRANSP G
310 TNP00 IS-H: Controlling the Customizing of Parameter Tables TRANSP S
311 TNP01 IS-H: Patient Classes TRANSP C
312 TNP01T IS-H: Text for patient classes TRANSP C
313 TNP0T IS-H: Controlling the Customizing of Parameters - Texts TRANSP S
314 TNPC1 IS-H: Coding of Occupancy Characteristics TRANSP C
315 TNPC1T IS-H: Coding of Occupancy Characteristics (Texts) TRANSP C
316 TNPEPP IS-H: PEPP Billing Parameters for Psychiatry/Psychosomatics TRANSP C
317 TNPEPP0 IS-H: Define Parameters for PEPP Documentation TRANSP C
318 TNPGR IS-H: Patient groups for PPR (Germany) TRANSP C
319 TNPOL IS-H: Modules for NV2000/BAPI Processing TRANSP S
320 TNPPR IS-H: Nursing Acuity Classification Parameters TRANSP C
321 TNPROC_MAT_REL Assignment of Single-Qty PrCd. to Material and Summary PrCd. TRANSP C
322 TNPROC_SERVICE Procedure Generation Using Services TRANSP C
323 TNR00 IS-H: Report Control: Applications and Texts TRANSP S
324 TNR01 IS-H: Report Control: Group - Application Asgmt. TRANSP C
325 TNR01T IS-H: Report Control: Texts for Groups TRANSP C
326 TNR02 IS-H: Report Control: Report - Group Asgmt TRANSP C
327 TNREL IS-H: Insurance Provider - Relationships TRANSP C
328 TNRGT Text for number range object groups POOL C
329 TNRO Definition of number range objects TRANSP E
330 TNROS TNRO Shadow Table for Number Range Object Transport TRANSP W
331 TNROST TNROT Shadow Table for Number Range Object Transport TRANSP W
332 TNROT Text for number range object TRANSP E
333 TNRS1 IS-H: Assignment of Service Rule Types to Callup Points TRANSP E
334 TNRS2 IS-H: Check procedure for service rules TRANSP C
335 TNRS2_CT IS-H: Check Procedure for Rules - Case Category Restriction TRANSP C
336 TNRS6 Number range sub-objects TRANSP L
337 TNRSF IS-H: No Longer Use (New: TN39A/TN39T) TRANSP C
338 TNRSO Number range sub-objects POOL L
339 TNRSO4 Number range sub-objects TRANSP L
340 TNRT2 Test no.ranges: with, w/o subobj.;indep.grp;1 no.range field POOL L
341 TNRT2T Test no.ranges: with, w/o subobj.;indep.grp;1 no.range field POOL L
342 TNRT2X Test no.ranges: with, w/o subobj.;indep.grp;1 no.range field POOL L
343 TNRT2XT Test no.ranges: with, w/o subobj.;indep.grp;1 no.range field POOL L
344 TNRT3 Test no.ranges:with,w/o subobj.;indep.grp; 2 no.range fields POOL L
345 TNRT3T Test no.ranges:with,w/o subobj.;indep.grp; 2 no.range fields POOL L
346 TNRT5 Test no.ranges: with, w/o subobj.;indep.grp;1 no.range field POOL L
347 TNRT5T Test no.ranges:with,w/o subobj.;indep.grp; 2 no.range fields POOL L
348 TNRT6 Test no.ranges:with,w/o subobj.;indep.grp; 2 no.range fields POOL L
349 TNRT6T Test no.ranges:with,w/o subobj.;indep.grp; 2 no.range fields POOL L
350 TNRT7 Test no.range:with subobject;dep. grp;1 no.range field POOL L
351 TNRT7T Test no.range:with subobject;dep. grp;1 no.range field POOL L
352 TNRT8 Test no.ranges:with subobject;;2 no.range fields POOL L
353 TNRT8A Test no.ranges:with subobject;;2 no.range fields POOL L
354 TNRT8AT Test no.range:with subobject;dep. grp;1 no.range field POOL L
355 TNRT8OT Test NoRanges:with Sobj;Rel. Grp;2 No. Range fields POOL L
356 TNRT8T Test no.range:with subobject;dep. grp;1 no.range field POOL L
357 TNS00 IS-H: Program Lock When Creating Statistics TRANSP S
358 TNS01 IS-H: Institution with a block for statistics transfer TRANSP C
359 TNS02 IS-H: Age-Group Classification for Statistics TRANSP C
360 TNS03 IS-H: Mandatory master record fields for the service stats. TRANSP C
361 TNS04 IS-H: Check table for mandatory master record fields TRANSP S
362 TNS06 IS-H: Switch for controlling the statistics transfer TRANSP C
363 TNS07 IS-H: Check table for the switch for statistics transfer TRANSP S
364 TNS08 IS-H: Algorithms for calc. quantities for service stats. TRANSP G
365 TNS09 IS-H: Re-Map Services for Service Statistics TRANSP C
366 TNS20 IS-H: Service Statistics TRANSP C
367 TNS21 IS-H: Descriptive Texts for Statistics TRANSP C
368 TNS22 IS-H: Line Texts for Statistics TRANSP C
369 TNS23 IS-H: Assignment of Services to Lines in Statistics TRANSP C
370 TNS24 IS-H: Log File for Totals Records File Services TRANSP L
371 TNS25 IS-H: Factors for Determining Std Billing Days TRANSP L
372 TNS26 IS-H: Discount Factors for Specific Case Classifications TRANSP C
373 TNS27 IS-H: Variable Totaling of Geog. Statistics TRANSP C
374 TNS28 IS-H: Assignment of org. units to services in statistics TRANSP C
375 TNSRVF01 IS-H: Form-Based Service Entry Header (Form Attributes) TRANSP C
376 TNSTA0 IS-H: Used Profiles Status Med. Basic Documentation TRANSP C
377 TNSTS IS-H AT: Zeitstempel für Statistikaufbau (veraltet !!!) TRANSP A
378 TNT0 IS-H: Categories of Service Assignments TRANSP C
379 TNT0T IS-H: Texts for Category Table of Service Assignments TRANSP C
380 TNT1 IS-H: Specialty-Related Service Catalogs TRANSP C
381 TNT2 IS-H: Struct. Def. for Data Transfer from Seq. Files TRANSP G
382 TNT2S IS-H: Record Types TRANSP G
383 TNT3 IS-H: Definition of Service Rule Types TRANSP E
384 TNT3A IS-H: Use of Service Rule Types TRANSP E
385 TNT3T IS-H: Texts for Rule Types TRANSP E
386 TNTHCLASS Medication: Therapeutic Classes TRANSP C
387 TNTHCLASST Medication: Therapeutic Classes - Texts TRANSP C
388 TNTHSYS Medication: Classification System of Therapeutic Classes TRANSP C
389 TNTHSYST Medication: Classification System of Therap. Classes - Texts TRANSP C
390 TNTP International Article Number (EAN) Categories TRANSP G
391 TNTPB Descriptions of EAN Categories TRANSP G
392 TNTRABR Subsequent Settlement: Central Control Table TRANSP C
393 TNTRARCHIVE Customizing Settings for Archiving Arrangements TRANSP C
394 TNUSERTERM Assignment of User and Terminal TRANSP C
395 TNUSR IS-H: Fixed Values User Master TRANSP C
396 TNVRGC IS-H: Bus.Transaction Check on Single Field Level (Customer) TRANSP C
397 TNVRGR IS-H: Business Transaction Check on Single Field Level (SAP) TRANSP S
398 TNVSL IS-H: Rules for Determining Multiplication Factors TRANSP C
399 TNVVA IS-H: Relationship to main insured TRANSP C
400 TNVVB IS-H: Texte der Verwandtschaftsverhältnisse TRANSP C
401 TNV_SUBOBJ Progress Tracking Object:Activities and Networks TRANSP A
402 TNWATBETTEN IS-H AT: Bettenanzahl pro Abteilung und Station TRANSP A
403 TNWATDIA_STERNKR IS-H AT: Diagnosen: Stern-Kreuz-Plausibilität TRANSP A
405 TNWATINTENS Systemsteuerungsparameter Intensivdokumentation TRANSP A
406 TNWATKBDIA IS-H AT: Leistungsgenerierung - Ausschluß über Diagnosen TRANSP C
407 TNWATKBGEN IS-H AT: Leistungsgenerierung TRANSP C
408 TNWATLROPGR IS-H AT: Leistungsregel - Höherreihung OP-Gruppen TRANSP C
409 TNWATLROPLST IS-H AT: Leistungsregel - Höherreihung OP-Gruppen TRANSP C
410 TNWATLRTKGR IS-H AT: Lregel - Höher. Tageskliniken - TK-Gruppen TRANSP C
411 TNWATLRTKLST IS-H AT: Lregel - Höher. Tageskliniken - spez. TK-Leistung TRANSP C
412 TNWATOEARZT IS-H AT: Arztzuordnung zu OE TRANSP C
413 TNWATRDNOT IS-H AT: ELDA Codes für Rückmeldung-Entlassung TRANSP G
414 TNWATSCD IS-H AT: Systeminformationen für EDI-Scoring TRANSP A
415 TNWAT_AAD IS-H AT: Ausschluss ambulanter Datenaustausch TRANSP C
416 TNWAT_ABB_BEFRGR IS-H AT: Befreiungsgründe für die Ambulanzgebühren TRANSP C
417 TNWAT_ABB_BEFRGT IS-H AT: Befreiungsgründe für die Ambulanzgebühren (Text) TRANSP C
418 TNWAT_ABB_KBL IS-H AT: Ambulanzbeitrag KB-Leistungen TRANSP C
419 TNWAT_ANATOMY Codes für Anatomie fein TRANSP G
420 TNWAT_BETR IS-H AT: Ermittlung Betreuungsschein TRANSP C
421 TNWAT_DEKADE_H IS-H AT: Customizingtabelle für Dekaden (Kopfdaten) TRANSP C
422 TNWAT_DEKADE_P IS-H AT: Customizingtabelle für Dekaden (Positionsdaten) TRANSP C
423 TNWAT_DEK_KOST IS-H AT: Dekaden (Kostenträgerdaten) TRANSP C
425 TNWAT_EDI_FACDEF IS-H AT: EDIVKA Korrekturenfaktoren und Nebenbedingungen TRANSP C
426 TNWAT_EDI_KOM IS-H AT: EDI Kommentar (K12) - Vorlagen TRANSP A
427 TNWAT_EDI_KONDMP IS-H AT: EDIVKA Konditionen zu Korrekturfakt./Nebenbeding. TRANSP C
428 TNWAT_EDI_SERVMP IS-H AT: EDIVKA Ermittlg Arzt-/Haus-Leist. über Tarifgruppen TRANSP C
429 TNWAT_EDI_VERTR IS-H AT: EDIVKA Vereinbarungen Krankenhaus und Versicherung TRANSP C
430 TNWAT_EURS IS-H AT: Ermittlung Ursache der Behandlung TRANSP C
431 TNWAT_GIN_PINCD IS-H AT: GINA PIN-Code der O-Card zur Dialogpoolerzeugung TRANSP C
432 TNWAT_GIN_PORTS IS-H AT: GINA Portdefinition (log. Port für GINA-Proxy) TRANSP C
433 TNWAT_GIN_PORTVP IS-H AT: GINA Port-Vertragspartnernummerzuordnung TRANSP C
434 TNWAT_GIN_TERMCR IS-H AT: GINA Zuordnung Terminal - CardReader TRANSP C
435 TNWAT_GIN_USRTRM IS-H AT: GINA Zuordnung User - Terminal TRANSP C
436 TNWAT_GIN_VERS IS-H AT: GINA Schnittstellen- und Proxyversionseinstellungen TRANSP S
437 TNWAT_LEIKOM_HDR IS-H AT: Leistungskombinationen umschlüsseln - Header TRANSP C
438 TNWAT_LEIKOM_POS IS-H AT: Leistungskombinationen umschlüsseln - Position TRANSP C
439 TNWAT_NKRS_NEW IS-H AT: neue Nummernkreise für jährliche Umstellung via Job TRANSP C
440 TNWAT_OE_ABBEXC IS-H AT: Ambulanzbehandlungsarten für Ambulanzgebühren TRANSP C
441 TNWAT_OE_VPNR IS-H AT: Vertragspartnernummern für Ambulanzen TRANSP C
442 TNWAT_SCOEWKOMM IS-H AT: Scoring - Std-Kommentar für akzept. Errors/Warnings TRANSP C
443 TNWAT_SCOMSGCL IS-H AT: Scoring Nachrichten-Klassifizierung TRANSP C
444 TNWAT_SCOMSGCLT IS-H AT: Scoring Nachrichten-Klassifizierung - Texte TRANSP C
445 TNWAT_SCOMSGID IS-H AT: Scoring Nachrichten (+ Klassifizierung) TRANSP C
446 TNWAT_SCOMSGIDT IS-H AT: Scoring Nachrichten - Texte TRANSP C
447 TNWAT_SCOPARAM IS-H AT: Scoring - Parameter TRANSP C
448 TNWAT_SCOVARI IS-H AT: Scoring- Standard-Layout (Karteireiter) TRANSP A
449 TNWAT_SCO_HGRS IS-H AT: Höchstgrenzen für Scoring TRANSP A
450 TNWAT_SRULE_OPT IS-H AT: Einstellungen fürs Leistungsstorno abh. Leistungen TRANSP C
451 TNWCH10 IS-H CH: Anästhesierisikoklasse TRANSP C
452 TNWCH100 IS-H CH: Honoraraufteilkennzeichen TRANSP C
453 TNWCH100T IS-H CH: Texte zu den Honoraraufteilkennzeichen TRANSP C
454 TNWCH101 IS-H CH: Pools für Honorarabrechnung TRANSP A
455 TNWCH101T IS-H CH: Texte zu den Pools TRANSP C
456 TNWCH102 IS-H CH: Positionen zum Pool TRANSP A
457 TNWCH103 IS-H CH: Ermittlung des Aufteilungscodes TRANSP A
458 TNWCH104 IS-H CH: Customizing Verrechnungskonto TRANSP C
459 TNWCH105 IS-H CH: Buchungsvarianten TRANSP C
460 TNWCH106 IS-H CH: Kontenfindung (Honorarabrechnung) TRANSP C
461 TNWCH107 IS-H CH: Abrechnungsartenermittlung für Honorarabrechnung TRANSP C
462 TNWCH108 IS-H CH: Punktwertermittlung für Honorarabrechnung TRANSP C
463 TNWCH10T IS-H CH: Anästhesierisikoklasse - Texte TRANSP C
464 TNWCH11 IS-H CH: Anästhesietyp TRANSP C
465 TNWCH11T IS-H CH: Anästhesietyp - Texte TRANSP C
466 TNWCH12 IS-H CH: Anästhesiecode TRANSP C
467 TNWCH12T IS-H CH: Anästhesiecode - Texte TRANSP C
468 TNWCH13 IS-H CH: Sitzungscode TRANSP C
469 TNWCH13T IS-H CH: Sitzungscode - Texte TRANSP C
470 TNWCH14 IS-H CH: Mengenermittlung Leistungsregel OP TRANSP C
471 TNWCH14T IS-H CH: Texte zu den Mengenformeln der LstRegel OP TRANSP C
472 TNWCH150 IS-H CH: Definition Zeit-/Maßeinheiten TRANSP C
473 TNWCH150T IS-H CH: Texttabelle zu Zeitmarken TRANSP C
474 TNWCH20 IS-H CH: Radiologiegruppe TRANSP C
475 TNWCH20T IS-H CH: Radiologiegruppe - Texte TRANSP C
476 TNWCH21 IS-H CH: Radiologie-Gruppendefinition TRANSP C
477 TNWCH30 IS-H CH: TarMed Leistungsdauer umschlüsseln TRANSP C
478 TNWCH70 IS-H CH: Classes TRANSP C
479 TNWCH70T IS-H CH: Classes - Texts TRANSP C
480 TNWCH71 IS-H CH: Service in Enhancement to Other Insurers TRANSP C
481 TNWCH71T IS-H CH: Service in Enhancement to Other Insurers - Texts TRANSP C
482 TNWCH72 IS-H CH: IV Procedures TRANSP C
483 TNWCH72T IS-H CH: IV Procedures Texts TRANSP C
484 TNWCH73 IS-H CH: Rejection Reason Codes TRANSP C
485 TNWCH73T IS-H CH: Rejection Reason Codes - Texts TRANSP C
486 TNWCH74 IS-H CH: Vertragstypen Zuordnungstabelle TRANSP C
487 TNWCH75 IS-H CH: Zuordnung KÜ-Verfahren <<->> Kantonstarif TRANSP A
488 TNWCH76 IS-H CH: Zuordnung Kostenübernahme - Rückweisbegründung Code TRANSP A
489 TNWCH77 IS-H CH: KÜ-Verfahren TRANSP C
490 TNWCH77T IS-H CH: KÜ Verfahren Texte TRANSP C
491 TNWCH78 IS-H CH: Zuordnung KÜ-Verfahren => Klasse TRANSP C
492 TNWCH79 IS-H CH: Zuordnung KÜ-Verfahren => Kantonstarif TRANSP A
493 TNWCH80 IS-H CH: Charge Factor Value Determination TRANSP C
494 TNWCH81 IS-H CH: Billing Type Determination TRANSP C
495 TNWCH82 IS-H CH: Punktwertermittlung für TARMED-Leistungen TRANSP C
496 TNWCH83 Ermittlung der Baserate TRANSP C
497 TNWCH84 Ermittlung des Kostenteilers TRANSP C
498 TNWCH85 Verwendung Kostenteiler pflegen TRANSP C
499 TNWCH90 IS-H CH: Honorarrelevanz TRANSP C
500 TNWCH90R IS-H CH: Zuordnung Rolle->Konditionsart TRANSP C