SAP ABAP Table - Index T, page 65
Table - T
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 TXW_IBU DART: IBU add-on extraction function modules TRANSP S
2 TXW_INDEX Temporary table for data segment index TRANSP L
3 TXW_INDEX_01 Temporary table for data segment index TRANSP L
4 TXW_INDEX_02 Temporary table for data segment index TRANSP L
5 TXW_INDEX_03 Temporary table for data segment index TRANSP L
6 TXW_INDEX_04 Temporary table for data segment index TRANSP L
7 TXW_INDEX_05 Temporary table for data segment index TRANSP L
8 TXW_LOCK1 Lock object for INDX (Tax Data retention) TRANSP C
9 TXW_LOCK2 Lock object for data file TRANSP C
10 TXW_R_STAT Status/Trace for TXW-data retrieval from archives TRANSP A
11 TXW_S_ANEA Retrieve ANEA from archive TRANSP L
12 TXW_S_ANEK Retrieve ANEP from archive TRANSP L
13 TXW_S_ANEP Retrieve ANEP from archive TRANSP L
14 TXW_S_BKPF Retrieve BKPF from archive TRANSP L
15 TXW_S_BSEG Retrieve BSEG from archive TRANSP L
16 TXW_S_COBK Retrieve COBK from archive TRANSP L
17 TXW_S_COEP Retrieve COEP from archive TRANSP L
18 TXW_S_COFI Retrieve COFIS from archive TRANSP L
19 TXW_S_EKKO Retrieve EKKO from archive TRANSP L
20 TXW_S_EKPO Retrieve EKPO from archive TRANSP L
21 TXW_S_GLT0 Retrieve archived GLT0 data TRANSP A
22 TXW_S_KNC1 Retrieve archived Customer master data TRANSP A
23 TXW_S_LFC1 Retrieve archived Vendor master (transaction figures) data TRANSP A
24 TXW_S_LIKP Retrieve LIKP from archive TRANSP L
25 TXW_S_LIPS Retrieve LIPS from archive TRANSP L
26 TXW_S_MKPF Retrieve MKPF from archive TRANSP L
27 TXW_S_MSEG Retrieve MSEG from archive TRANSP L
28 TXW_S_VBAK Retrieve VBAK from archive TRANSP L
29 TXW_S_VBAP Retrieve VBAP from archive TRANSP L
30 TXW_S_VBPA Retrieve VBPA from archive TRANSP L
31 TXW_S_VBRK Retrieve VBRK from archive TRANSP L
32 TXW_S_VBRP Retrieve VBRP from archive TRANSP L
33 TXW_VARIA Contents of Variant of TXW-archive retrieval TRANSP A
34 TXW_VC_LOCK Locktable view output TRANSP L
35 TXW_VWLOG View query log (replaced by txw_vwlog2: uuids) TRANSP A
36 TXW_VWLOG2 View query log TRANSP A
37 TXW_VWLOG2_U Data view query log TRANSP A
38 TXW_VWLOGAL2 View query log - ArchiveLink TRANSP A
39 TXX_ADMI_EXTR DART-Administration --- Extract_Data--- TRANSP A
40 TXX_ADMI_PAR DART-Administration ---Segment-Management--- TRANSP A
41 TXX_ADMI_RES DART-Administration ---Resource Management --- TRANSP A
42 TXX_ADMI_SEGS DART-Administration ---Segment-Management--- TRANSP A
43 TXX_ADMI_VW DART Administration: Tax View File TRANSP A
44 TXX_ADMI_VW_U DART Administration: Tax View Relationships TRANSP A
45 TXX_APPL Value Table: Applications TRANSP E
46 TXX_APPLT Value Table: Applications TRANSP E
47 TXX_ARCH_OBJ Archiving Object Assignment ILM TRANSP E
48 TXX_CON Control Information: SAP Segments TRANSP S
49 TXX_C_CON Control Information: Customer-Specific Segments TRANSP C
50 TXX_C_DATASETS Assignment of Segments to Datasets TRANSP E
51 TXX_C_DSET_NAMES Datasets - Value Table TRANSP E
52 TXX_C_DSET_NAMET Datasets - Text Table TRANSP E
53 TXX_C_GLO Basic Settings TRANSP C
54 TXX_C_REF Reference for Currency and Quantity Fields TRANSP E
55 TXX_C_RELA Relationships Between Segments TRANSP E
56 TXX_C_RELA_GCDE Relationships Between Segments TRANSP E
57 TXX_C_SEL_FL_D Customizing: Display Selection Indicators TRANSP C
58 TXX_C_SOEX Reference Tables for Segments TRANSP E
59 TXX_C_STRC Segments for Data Extraction TRANSP E
60 TXX_C_STRCT Segment Description TRANSP E
61 TXX_C_V0 View: Header Area TRANSP E
62 TXX_C_V0T View: Description TRANSP E
63 TXX_C_V1 View: Data Segments TRANSP E
64 TXX_C_V2 View: Join Conditions TRANSP E
65 TXX_C_V3 View: View Fields TRANSP E
66 TXX_C_VOL View File: Directory Set TRANSP C
67 TXX_C_VOLT View File: Directory Set Description TRANSP C
68 TXX_EXTR_TEMPL DART-Administration --- Extract_Data--- TRANSP A
69 TXX_LOCK1 Lock Object for INDX (Control Data Retention) TRANSP C
70 TXX_RAOB Registered Archiving Object TRANSP E
71 TXX_RAOB_TABLES Table classification of registered Archiving Object TRANSP E
72 TXX_SEL_FLAGS Selection Parameters TRANSP S
73 TXX_VC_LOCK Lock Table - Generated Tables TRANSP L
74 TYC_BSPRD_DEF Basis Spread Definition TRANSP C
75 TYC_BSPRD_MD Basis Spreads: Market Data TRANSP A
76 TZ01 Table for maintenance of ratings POOL C
77 TZ01T Table for the maintenance of ratings (Text) POOL C
78 TZ02 Legal entity POOL C
79 TZ02B Relationship table for contracting party classification TRANSP S
80 TZ02T Legal Entity (Text) POOL C
81 TZ10 Customer application type POOL C
82 TZ10T Customer application type (text) POOL C
83 TZ11 Stock indicator POOL G
84 TZ11T Stock indicator (Text) POOL G
85 TZ12 Changes in net assets POOL C
86 TZ12T Changes in net assets (Text) POOL C
87 TZ13 Tax office stock indicator POOL C
88 TZ13T Tax office indicator (Text) POOL C
89 TZ14 BAV asset group stmt 101 POOL S
90 TZ14T BAV asset group stmt 101 (Text) POOL C
91 TZ15 BAV asset group stmt 102 POOL S
92 TZ15T BAV asset group stmt 102 (Text) POOL C
93 TZ16 BAV asset group stmt 201 POOL S
94 TZ16T BAV asset group stmt 201 (Text) POOL C
95 TZ17 Asset group C11/76 Asset 6 (Annual stock overview) POOL S
96 TZ17T Asset group R11/76, appendix 6 (Text) POOL C
97 TZ18 Appendix group R11/76, appendix 1-5 and R2/87, append. 1-2 POOL S
98 TZ18T Asset group R11/76, append.1-2 and R2/87 append.1-2 (text) POOL C
99 TZ19 Asset type in acc. with BAV PRF3 and PRF8, sub-section 7 POOL S
100 TZ19T Asset type in acc.with BAV PRF3 and PRF8, sub-sect. 7 (Text) POOL C
101 TZ1APPL Activation of Time Zone Support per Applikation Range TRANSP G
102 TZ21 Control of cost elements for BAV statements POOL C
103 TZ22 Asset classes relationship table -- BAV- Sub-section POOL C
104 TZ24 Relationship key contracting party classification TRANSP S
105 TZ24T Relationship key contracting party classification (Text) TRANSP S
106 TZ25 Regulatory reporting list control TRANSP S
107 TZ25T Indicator for list selection TRANSP S
108 TZ27 Allocation: Valuation area for internal stock indicator TRANSP C
109 TZ28 Asset Type According to Regulatory Accounting Requirements TRANSP S
110 TZ28T Asset Type in acc. with Reg.Acctng Requirements / Text TRANSP C
111 TZ28T_UMS Umsetzungstab Texte Gesetzesänderung BAV 2002 TRANSP A
112 TZ28_ARCHIV Asset Type According to Regulatory Accounting Requirements TRANSP S
113 TZ28_ARCHIVT Asset Type in acc. with Reg.Acctng Requirements / Text TRANSP C
114 TZ28_UMS Umsetzungstab. Gesetzesänderung BAV 2002 TRANSP S
115 TZ29 BAV asset group stmt 600 TRANSP S
116 TZ29P Check table for indicator SNW600 TRANSP S
117 TZ29T BAV asset group stmt 600 / Text TRANSP C
118 TZ30 Premium reserve fund list TRANSP S
119 TZ30T Premium reserve fund list number / Text TRANSP C
120 TZ31 Subsection TRANSP S
121 TZ31T Subsection / Text TRANSP C
122 TZ32 BAV asset group stmt 102 TRANSP S
123 TZ32T BAV asset group stmt 102 / Text TRANSP C
124 TZ34 Value Table Credit Type Regulatory Reporting TRANSP S
125 TZ34T Text Table Credit Type Regulatory Reporting TRANSP S
126 TZ35 Value table credit class regulatory reporting TRANSP S
127 TZ35T Text table for credit class regulatory reporting TRANSP S
128 TZ36 Check table for R5/97 appendix 3/4 TRANSP S
129 TZ36T Text table for indicator appendix 3/4 circular R5/97 TRANSP S
130 TZ37 Indicator for circular R5/97 appendix 5 TRANSP S
131 TZ37T Text table provision of security according to app. 5 R5/97 TRANSP S
132 TZ38 Indicator for circular R5/97 appendix 8 TRANSP S
133 TZ38T Text table for indicator reason for message appendix 8 R5/97 TRANSP S
134 TZ39 Indicator for circular R5/97 appendix 10 TRANSP S
135 TZ39B Relationship table indicator R5/97 append. 10 for prod. cat. TRANSP S
136 TZ39T Text table indicator appendix 10 R5/97 mix type TRANSP S
137 TZ40 Customizing regulatory reporting field control for contract TRANSP C
138 TZ41 Customizing reg. report. fld. ctrl. for prem. res. fund TRANSP C
139 TZ43 Relationship Table for Fund Categories - Pure Bond Funds TRANSP C
140 TZ45 Headings for BAV Lists TRANSP C
141 TZA11 Output control acc. to circular R96 appendix 11 TRANSP S
142 TZA11R Values for classifying appendices acc. to R96/11 TRANSP S
143 TZA11R1 Values for Classifying Appendix 10 According to R5/97 TRANSP S
144 TZAF Product categories TRANSP S
145 TZAFT Product categories text TRANSP S
146 TZANGVOR Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator TRANSP C
147 TZANGVORT Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator TRANSP C
148 TZART Value types for CAPP TRANSP C
149 TZATT Value types for CAPP (texts) TRANSP C
150 TZB03 Flow categories TRANSP S
151 TZB04 Flow Type Groups Definition for Cash Flow Display TRANSP S
152 TZB05 Trans. type - Trans. type groups allocation for cash flow TRANSP S
153 TZB06 Table of relationships between flow types (ref. flow types) POOL C
154 TZB07 Flow types relationship key POOL S
155 TZB08 Flow types per posting application TRANSP C
156 TZB09 Posting control table TRANSP S
157 TZB0A Definition of flow types TRANSP C
158 TZB0C Flow category texts POOL S
159 TZB0D Texts for transaction type groups TRANSP S
160 TZB0G Texts for relationship indicators POOL S
161 TZB0H Texts for posting control indicator POOL S
162 TZB0I Flow type groups text table TRANSP S
163 TZB0J Relationship: Flow type - External flow type TRANSP C
164 TZB0K External flow types for evaluations TRANSP C
165 TZB0L Texts: External flow types for evaluations TRANSP C
166 TZB0N Assign Contract Type - Relationship Cat. - Activity Cat. TRANSP S
167 TZB0O Separation, sort documents for posting interface TRANSP S
168 TZB0P Assign flow to a unit category TRANSP S
169 TZB0R Allocation: Flow type groups and print columns in reports POOL S
170 TZB0S Reversal logic of individual posting activities TRANSP S
171 TZB0T Flow types text table POOL C
172 TZB0U Assign Contract Type - Activity Category TRANSP S
173 TZB0V Unterpositionen aus Bewegarten für OeNB-Meldung Österreich TRANSP C
174 TZB0W Assign Activity Category - Reversal Transaction Grouping TRANSP C
175 TZB10 Flow type groups check table TRANSP S
176 TZB10V Meldewesen Österreich: Beteiligungsformen TRANSP C
177 TZB11 Activity-dependent one-time conditions POOL C
178 TZB11V Meldewesen Österreich: DÜVA-SS Bewegungsartenumschlüsselung TRANSP C
179 TZB12 Entry activities REHER TRANSP S
180 TZB13 Texts entry activities REHER TRANSP S
181 TZB1V Melderelevante Bewegungsarten Österreich TRANSP C
182 TZB21 Processing group TRANSP C
183 TZB21T Name of Clerk (Processing Group) TRANSP C
184 TZB22 Processing Type TRANSP C
185 TZB22T Name of Processing Type TRANSP C
186 TZB23 Assign clerk TRANSP C
187 TZB24 Flow Type Group TRANSP C
188 TZB24T Name of Flow Type Group TRANSP C
189 TZB25 Assign Flow Type to Flow Type Group TRANSP C
190 TZB26 Account group TRANSP C
191 TZB26T Name of Account Group TRANSP C
192 TZB27 Assignment of G/L account to account group TRANSP C
193 TZB28 Selection Key TRANSP C
194 TZB28T Name of Selection Key TRANSP C
195 TZB29 Processing category TRANSP S
196 TZB29T Name of Processing Category TRANSP S
197 TZB2V Melderelevante Produktarten Österreich TRANSP C
198 TZB30 Processing Key TRANSP C
199 TZB30T Name of processing key TRANSP C
200 TZB31 Assignment of Processing Categories to Processing Key TRANSP C
201 TZB32 Name of User Function Keys TRANSP C
202 TZB33 Pmnt PP: Default Susp. Acct Cust. for Refund by Bank Transf. TRANSP C
203 TZB34 Payment PP: Default Payment Meth. for Refund by Bank Transf. TRANSP C
204 TZB3V Meldungsarten Österreich TRANSP S
205 TZB40 Account Clearing: Excluded Flow Types TRANSP C
206 TZB41 Account Clearing: Amount Limits TRANSP C
207 TZB42 Account Clearing: Checks at Contract Level TRANSP C
208 TZB43 Account Clearing: Checks at Customer Account Level TRANSP C
209 TZB4V Priorität der Kennummern für DÜVA-SS (Österreich) TRANSP C
210 TZB50 Internal Bank Numbers for Returned Direct Debit Charges TRANSP C
211 TZB5V Versicherungssparte für DÜVA Österreich TRANSP C
212 TZB60 Payment Type TRANSP S
213 TZB60T Payment Cat.Description TRANSP S
214 TZB6V Österreich: Meldewesen OeNB Definition Unterpositionen TRANSP C
215 TZB7V AT Großkreditevidenz: Finanzgeschäftsvogangstyp zu melden TRANSP C
216 TZB8V Meldewesen Österreich: DÜVA-SS Schulden Bew.Arten umschl. TRANSP C
217 TZB9V Meldewesen Österreich: Umschl. Stockkennz. - Vermögensart TRANSP C
218 TZBA Holding POOL C
219 TZBABG Customizing: Accrual/Deferral Flow Types TRANSP C
220 TZBABGZB Flow Types: Interest Basis for Accrual/Deferral TRANSP C
221 TZBAG Output control for BAV reports TRANSP S
222 TZBAT Holding share (Text) POOL C
223 TZBBB Allocation of program-internal flow types POOL C
224 TZBCKVWBEPI Backup: Flow data - Position/Actual TRANSP A
225 TZBK Financial Assets Management valuation areas POOL C
226 TZBKL Logic for creating and updating value date reference units TRANSP S
227 TZBKM Define Types of Corporate Actions TRANSP C
228 TZBKMT Text table for TZBKM TRANSP C
229 TZBPV Control table for CH regulatory reporting (BPV) TRANSP C
230 TZBR Relationship table for contracting party classification TRANSP C
231 TZBRA Name of grouping table R11/76 app.4 - TRANSP C
232 TZBSA Name of grouping table R11/76 app.4 - Coll.sec.type TRANSP C
233 TZBZ Company code: Additional data TRANSP C
234 TZBZ_FS_CAL Calendar enhancement for Financial services TRANSP C
235 TZC37 Financial Assets Management status definition TRANSP C
236 TZC3A Steuerung Großkreditmeldung Ö (Vertrag/Promesse) TRANSP C
237 TZC3N Zuordnung Kreditart/Klasse zu Wertfeld für GKE-Meldung OeNB POOL C
238 TZCURC_EU EMU Basket Currencies TRANSP C
239 TZCUSTCALLTYPE TestZone: Customizing Aufruftypen TRANSP G
240 TZCUSTCALLTYPE_T TestZone: Aufruftypen Texte TRANSP G
241 TZCUSTDEST TestZone: Customizing System Landscape Destinations TRANSP G
242 TZCUSTTSTYPE TestZone: Customizing Testsuiteypen TRANSP G
243 TZD0A Darwin: Customer default values per trans. type for KNA1 POOL C
244 TZD0B Darwin: Customer default values per for KNB1 POOL C
245 TZD1 Value table for intra-entity loan groups POOL C
246 TZD1T Text table for table TZD1 POOL C
247 TZD37 Texts for TZC37 POOL C
248 TZDEA Trader register TRANSP C
249 TZDG1 Value Table 1: Additional User-Specific Partner Data (gen.) TRANSP C
250 TZDG2 Value Table 2: Additional User-Specific Partner Data (gen.) TRANSP C
251 TZDG3 Value Table 3: Additional User-Specific Partner Data (gen.) TRANSP C
252 TZDG4 Value Table 4: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (legal pers.) TRANSP C
253 TZDG5 Value Table 5: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (legal pers.) TRANSP C
254 TZDG6 Value Table 6: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (legal pers.) TRANSP C
255 TZDG7 Value Table 7: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (legal pers.) TRANSP C
256 TZDG8 Value Table 8: Addit. User-Specific Partn. Data (nat. pers.) TRANSP C
257 TZDG9 Value Table 9: Addit. User-Specific Partn. Data (nat. pers.) TRANSP C
258 TZDGA Additional User-Specific Partner Data 1: Text Table TRANSP C
259 TZDGB Additional User-Specific Partner Data 2: Text Table TRANSP C
260 TZDGC Additional User-Specific Partner Data 3: Text Table TRANSP C
261 TZDGD Additional User-Specific Partner Data 4: Text Table TRANSP C
262 TZDGE Additional User-Specific Partner Data 5: Text Table TRANSP C
263 TZDGF Additional User-Specific Partner Data 6: Text Table TRANSP C
264 TZDGG Additional User-Specific Partner Data 7: Text Table TRANSP C
265 TZDGH Additional User-Specific Partner Data 8: Text Table TRANSP C
266 TZDGI Additional User-Specific Partner Data 9: Text Table TRANSP C
267 TZDV98 Conversion matrix BAV premium reserve fund list 1998 TRANSP S
269 TZE01 Incoming Payment: Order of Evaluation Criteria POOL C
270 TZE02 Incoming Payments: Evaluation Criteria POOL C
271 TZE03 Incoming payments: Allocation table POOL C
272 TZE04 Incoming payments: Name of user-specific structure POOL S
273 TZE0B Incoming payments: Organizational criteria texts POOL C
274 TZEG1 Value Table 10: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (nat. pers.) TRANSP C
275 TZEG2 Value Table 11: Addit. User-Specific Partn.Data (nat. pers.) TRANSP C
276 TZEGA Additional User-Specific Partner Data 10: Text Table TRANSP C
277 TZEGB Additional User-Specific Partner Data 11: Text Table TRANSP C
278 TZFB Calculation base value table TRANSP S
279 TZFBT Text table for TZFB Calculation base POOL S
280 TZFO Release object for release procedure TRANSP C
281 TZFO1 Definition of release objects TRANSP E
282 TZFOH Release procedure: Object hierarchy for release POOL C
283 TZFOT Release object text POOL C
284 TZFS Release status definition for the release procedure POOL S
285 TZFSP Release status parameters TRANSP C
286 TZFST Release status definition texts POOL S
287 TZFUND Zuordnung Gattung Fonds zur Zuführungsart BAV TRANSP C
288 TZGR Grouping rules for automatic payments POOL C
289 TZGRT Name of grouping rules POOL C
290 TZIN1 Document Header Data from Source Document (PS Int.Calc.) TRANSP A
291 TZIN2 Interest Document:Segment Int.Indicator & Valuation Category TRANSP A
292 TZIN3 Interest Document: Currency Type Segment TRANSP A
293 TZIN4 Interest Document: "Objects Affected" Segment TRANSP A
294 TZK01 Condition types TRANSP C
295 TZK02 Condition group, condition group - condition type allocation TRANSP C
296 TZK03 Alloc.of VZZKOPO fields to field string items(MODIFY SCREEN) TRANSP S
297 TZK04 Condition Groups POOL C
298 TZK05 Allocation: Calculation type - KOPO fields POOL S
299 TZK06 Documentation key for condition type-dependent documentation POOL E
300 TZK07 Condition type-dependent detailed description skopo TRANSP C
301 TZK08 Allocation: Calculation type - KOPO fields TRANSP S
302 TZK09 Relationship between condition types TRANSP C
303 TZK0A Condition type texts (Table TZK01) POOL C
304 TZK0D Condition groups: Texts (language-dependent) POOL C
305 TZK0F Text table for documentation key (TZK06) POOL E
306 TZK0G Texts for condition type-dependent detailed description POOL C
307 TZKM1 Event-controlled modification of condition items POOL C
308 TZKMK Event-controlled modification of condition items TRANSP C
309 TZKMKT Event-controlled modification of condition items TRANSP C
310 TZKMT Event-controlled modification of condition flows TRANSP C
311 TZKMTT Event-controlled modification of condition items TRANSP C
312 TZKN1 Fields as influencing factors for acct assignment reference TRANSP C
313 TZKN2 Allocation of values to value groups TRANSP C
314 TZKN2T Allocation of values to value groups TRANSP C
315 TZKN6 Allocation of charact. group to acct.ass.ref. via invoice no TRANSP C
316 TZKN7 Acct assignment reference via the invoice no. TRANSP C
317 TZKN8 TR: Acct assignmnt ref.determination Def. value groups TRANSP C
318 TZKN8T TR: Acct assignmnt ref.determination Def. value groups TRANSP C
319 TZKN9 Acct assignm.ref.:Check tab.for permitted table-/field names TRANSP S
320 TZKV Correspondence activities TRANSP C
321 TZKVT Correspondence activities (texts) TRANSP C
322 TZKV_ADDON Correspondence Activities TRANSP C
323 TZM37 Transition matrix of internal status POOL C
324 TZN01 Product type numbers POOL C
325 TZN02 Number components POOL C
326 TZN03 Number components (Text) POOL C
327 TZN04 Standard check digit procedure table POOL S
328 TZONE Customers: Regional zones TRANSP C
329 TZONT Customers: Regional Zone Texts TRANSP C
330 TZPA Financial Assets Management Product Types TRANSP C
331 TZPAB Financial Assets Management product types TRANSP C
332 TZPAB_ADDON Addon for Product Types of Asset Management TRANSP C
333 TZPAT Financial Assets Management product type texts TRANSP C
334 TZPLP Financial Assets Management Plausibility Checks TRANSP C
335 TZPZE Incoming payment distribution prioritization POOL C
336 TZPZZ Partner and address management installation parameters POOL C
337 TZR1 Convert Roles between Applications TRANSP C
338 TZR3 Application area / external role allocation POOL C
339 TZR4 Allocation of external roles to various application areas TRANSP C
340 TZR96 Circular R5/97 Control Table for Report Program RFVZBR00 TRANSP S
341 TZR96A11 Text table for circular R96 Appendix 11 TRANSP S
342 TZRCL Treasury: Valuation Classes POOL C
343 TZRE External role TRANSP C
344 TZRET External roles (Texts) POOL C
345 TZRG Grouping of external roles (in application) POOL S
346 TZRGT Grouping of external roles (Texts) POOL S
347 TZRI Internal role of partner POOL S
348 TZRIT Partner internal role (Texts) POOL S
349 TZRPR Treasury: Valuation Principles POOL C
350 TZRPT Valuation principle description TRANSP C
351 TZRR0 Treasury: Valuation Areas TRANSP C
352 TZRR1 Treasury: Valuation Areas at Company Code Level POOL C
353 TZRR2 Treasury: Valuation Areas at Company Code/Product Type Level TRANSP C
354 TZRRT Treasury: Name of Valuation Areas POOL C
355 TZRR_ANNOT TestZone: Result Repository Annotations for Events TRANSP L
356 TZRR_DEP TestZone: Result Repository Deployments TRANSP L
357 TZRR_DEP_ARTIF TestZone: Result Repository Deployment Artifact TRANSP L
358 TZRR_DEP_LOCA TestZone: Result Repository Deployment Location TRANSP L
359 TZRR_DEP_PROP TestZone: Result Repository Deployment Properties TRANSP L
360 TZRR_DEP_TST TestZone: Result Repository Test Tool TRANSP L
361 TZRR_EVARG TestZone: Result Repository Arguments of Events TRANSP L
362 TZRR_EVATTR TestZone: Result Repository Attributes of Events TRANSP L
363 TZRR_EVCMD TestZone: Result Repository Event Command TRANSP L
364 TZRR_EVENT TestZone: Result Repository Events During Execution TRANSP L
365 TZRR_EVPAR TestZone: Result Repository Parameters for Events TRANSP L
366 TZRR_EVTC TestZone: Result Repository Event Test Case TRANSP L
367 TZRR_EXEC TestZone: Result Repository Start Activity Data TRANSP L
368 TZRR_EXPROP TestZone: Result Repository Toolspezifische Erweiterungen TRANSP L
369 TZRR_HEAD TestZone: Result Repository Execution Header Data TRANSP L
370 TZRR_IFRAG TestZone: Result Repository Interaction Fragment TRANSP L
371 TZRR_PCI TestZone Result Rep.: SUT Product Component Information TRANSP L
372 TZRR_PROP TestZone: Result Repository Tool-Specific Extensions TRANSP L
373 TZRR_RPA TestZone Result Rep.: SUT Registered Problem Attributes TRANSP L
374 TZRR_RPA_A TestZone Result Repository: Zuordnung Reg.Problem Attribute TRANSP L
375 TZRR_RSATTR TestZone: Result Repository Attributes of Execution Results TRANSP L
376 TZRR_SDESC TestZone Result Rep.: SUT Solution Information TRANSP L
377 TZRR_SUT TestZone Result Repository: System under Test Information TRANSP L
378 TZRR_VERDICT TestZone: Result Repository Execution Result TRANSP L
379 TZRR_XML TestZone: Result Repository Storage in XML TRANSP L
380 TZS01 Screen control: Possible control fields per module pool TRANSP S
381 TZS02 Screen control: Field val.-specific cntrl customer setting TRANSP C
382 TZS03 Screen control: Field val.-specific control default values TRANSP S
383 TZS12 Sort strings for object POOL C
384 TZS13 Real estate objects acct settlement profile proposal POOL A
385 TZSBW Valuation methods POOL C
386 TZST Reasons for reversal POOL C
387 TZST1 Reasons for reversal (Text table) POOL C
388 TZSZ1 Fields as factors for allocation of clerks TRANSP C
389 TZSZ2 Allocation of characteristics to characteristic groups TRANSP C
390 TZSZ5 Check table for permitted table-/field names (clerk alloc.) TRANSP S
391 TZSZ6 Alloc. of characteris.groups to clerk via invoice no. TRANSP C
392 TZSZ7 Clerk allocation via the invoice no. TRANSP C
393 TZT01 Derivation rules for tax flows POOL C
394 TZT15 Info. in acc.with §18 German banking act (Texts) POOL C
395 TZTF_CMD Time Field Table of Existing Commands TRANSP G
396 TZTF_CMD_L Time Field Language-Dependent Tokens for Commands TRANSP G
397 TZTF_CMD_USER Time Field: User-Dependent Descriptions for Tokens TRANSP G
398 TZTF_SEL Selection Table for F4 Help (Time Field) TRANSP S
399 TZTXTS01 Word processing: Form letters POOL C
400 TZUN Rules for 'Allocation' Field Layout POOL C
401 TZUNI Currency units POOL C
402 TZUNIT Currency Units - Texts TRANSP C
403 TZUNT Assignment Rule Names POOL C
404 TZUSA Price notations TRANSP C
405 TZUSAT Price notations - Text table POOL C
406 TZV01 Form-of-Address Key POOL C
407 TZV02 Salutation key POOL C
408 TZV03 Object categ.for objects which addresses can be assigned to POOL S
409 TZV04 Key for partner share types in objects POOL C
410 TZV05 Types of restraint on drawing TRANSP C
411 TZV06 Internal position/employee group POOL C
412 TZV07 Alloc.of application/role category/dunning parameters TRANSP C
413 TZV09 Relationship - Reference relationship link POOL C
414 TZV0D Texts for keys of partner share types POOL C
415 TZV0E Type of restraint on drawing: Text table TRANSP C
416 TZV0F Internal position/employee group text table POOL C
417 TZV10 Entity table for address category POOL C
418 TZV11 Relationship category of partner-partner relationship TRANSP C
419 TZV13 Search and replace strings for phonetic partner search POOL C
420 TZV15 Key for information in acc. with §18 German banking act POOL C
421 TZV37 Activities and their internal status area POOL S
422 TZV50 Form of address / Letter / ID POOL C
423 TZV51 Form of address / Letter / ID POOL C
424 TZVOBTYP Type for Objects to Which Addresses are Assigned TRANSP S
425 TZVORG Transaction allocation - Date / Transaction / Number POOL W
426 TZW01 Resubmission periods (Deadline reminder) TRANSP S
427 TZW01T Text table for TZW01 Application areas for resubmission POOL S
428 TZW02 User <-> Determine message POOL C
429 TZWR0 Valuation in cross-depot TRANSP A
430 TZWR1 Valuation in sec.acct position TRANSP A
431 TZZKD IS-IS: Business trans./Role alloc. --> Doc.category TRANSP C
432 TZZTG Transaction code - Correspondence activity allocation TRANSP C