SAP ABAP Table - Index T, page 17
Table - T
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 T71LE2 Exercise methods allowed TRANSP C
2 T71LEW0 Exercise Period TRANSP C
3 T71LEW0R Exercise Window Rule TRANSP C
4 T71LEW0T Exercise Window Rule: Texts TRANSP C
5 T71LEW1 Exercise Groups TRANSP C
6 T71LEW1T Exercise Groups: Texts TRANSP C
7 T71LL1 Life event types (check table) TRANSP C
8 T71LL1T Text table for life event type TRANSP C
9 T71LL2 Life event type TRANSP C
10 T71LP1 Long-term incentive plans TRANSP C
11 T71LP2 Long-Term Incentive Plans: Distributed Stock TRANSP A
12 T71LS1 Stock Splits TRANSP C
13 T71LS2 Stock Splits TRANSP A
14 T71LTI01 LTI Plan Attributes TRANSP C
15 T71LTI02 LTI Plan Time Dependent Attributes TRANSP C
16 T71LTI03 LTI Plan Pricing Information TRANSP C
17 T71LTI04 LTI Plan Payroll Data TRANSP C
18 T71LTI05 Stock Unit TRANSP C
19 T71LTI05T Stock Unit Text TRANSP C
20 T71LTI06 Conversion of Stock Units TRANSP C
21 T71LTI07 Vesting Rule TRANSP C
22 T71LTI07T Vesting Rule Text TRANSP C
23 T71LTI08 Vesting Schedule TRANSP C
24 T71LTI09 Exercise Window Rule TRANSP C
25 T71LTI09T Exercise Window Rule Text TRANSP C
26 T71LTI10 Exercise Windows TRANSP C
27 T71LTI11 Life Event TRANSP C
28 T71LTI11T Life Event Text TRANSP C
29 T71LTI12 Default Values for Life Events TRANSP C
30 T71LV1 Vesting rule (check table) TRANSP C
31 T71LV1T Text table for vesting rule TRANSP C
32 T71LV2 Vesting Rule TRANSP C
33 T71LV3 Life event vesting TRANSP C
34 T71LW Assignment of Workflow Event -> Life Event TRANSP C
35 T71LY1 Amount Types for Payroll of Exercised Awards TRANSP S
36 T71LY1T Texts: Amount Types for Payroll of Awards TRANSP S
37 T71LY2 Wage Types for Awards Payroll TRANSP C
38 T71SS1 Web control survey data TRANSP C
39 T71TCS1 TCS category TRANSP G
40 T71TCS1A TCS category attribute TRANSP G
41 T71TCS1T TCS category text TRANSP G
42 T71TCS2 TCS subcategories TRANSP G
43 T71TCS2A TCS subcategory attributes TRANSP G
44 T71TCS2T TCS subcategory text TRANSP G
45 T71TCS3 Assignment of TCS subcategory - wage types TRANSP G
46 T71WL1 Web links TRANSP C
47 T71WL1T Web links text TRANSP C
48 T71WL2 Parameter for link structure TRANSP C
49 T72A0 HR-PF: Account Types TRANSP E
50 T72A0T HR-PF: Description of Account Types TRANSP E
51 T72A1 HR-PF: Account Types per Fund TRANSP C
52 T72A2 HR-PF: Totals Value Types TRANSP E
53 T72A3 HR-PF: Schedule Modifiers TRANSP E
54 T72A3T HR-PF: Schedule Modifiers (Texts) TRANSP E
55 T72A4 HR-PF: Assignment of Processing Schedule to Schedule Modif. TRANSP E
56 T72A5 HR-IB: History PF recalculation TRANSP A
57 T72A6 HR-IB: Parameters for a PF recalculation TRANSP A
58 T72A7 HR-PF: ESS Control for Universal Evaluations TRANSP E
59 T72A8 HR-PF: Control Parameters for ESS Scenarios TRANSP C
60 T72A9 HR-PF: Total Compensation Statement Integration TRANSP C
61 T72AA HR-IB: Relevance of PF Recalculations TRANSP C
62 T72AB HR-IB: Eligibility of PF recalculations TRANSP C
63 T72AC Varainats for the Wage Maintenance Debugger TRANSP A
64 T72AD Value types of a variant for the Wage Maintenance Debugger TRANSP A
65 T72B0_BW HR-PF-BW: Permitted PC Activities for BW Extraction TRANSP C
66 T72B1_BW HR-PF-BW: Permitted Value Type per PC Activities for BW TRANSP C
67 T72F0 HR-PF: FI Posting Characteristics of Value Types TRANSP C
68 T72F1 HR-PF: FI Feature Determination TRANSP C
69 T72F2 HR-PF: FI Funds Modifiers TRANSP C
70 T72F2T HR-PF: FI Funds Modifier Texts TRANSP C
71 T72F3 HR-PF: FI Account Modifiers TRANSP C
72 T72F3T HR-PF: FI Account Modifier Texts TRANSP C
73 T72F4 HR-PF: FI Characteristics of Symbolic Accounts TRANSP C
74 T72FA HR-PF: FI Index Table TRANSP A
75 T72FB HR-PF: FI Index Table (Overview) TRANSP A
76 T72P0 HR-PF: Determination of Payroll Values for PF Value Types TRANSP E
77 T72P1 HR-PF: Wage Type Categories for PF TRANSP S
78 T72P1T HR-PF: Wage Type Category Texts for PF TRANSP S
79 T72S0 Pension Fund Control parameters TRANSP G
80 T72S0T Pension Fund Control Parameter (text) TRANSP G
81 T72T0 HR-PF: TS Processing Reason TRANSP E
82 T72T0T HR-PF: TS Processing Reason TRANSP E
83 T72T1 HR-PF: TS Person Grouping TRANSP E
84 T72T1T HR-PF: TS Person Grouping TRANSP E
85 T72T2 HR-PF: TS Data Areas TRANSP E
86 T72T2T HR-PF: TS Data Areas TRANSP E
87 T72T3 HR-PF: TS Characteristics of Data Areas TRANSP C
88 T72T4 HR-PF: TS Master Data TRANSP C
89 T72T4T HR-PF: TS Master Data Field Descriptions TRANSP C
90 T72T5 HR-PF: TS Account Data TRANSP C
91 T72T6 HR-PF: TS Account Data Totals Formation TRANSP C
92 T72T9 HR-PF: TS Payroll Data TRANSP C
93 T72TA HR-PF: TS Payroll Data Totals Formation TRANSP C
94 T72TB HR-PF: TS Parameter Values TRANSP C
95 T72TF HR-PF: TS Characteristics of Processing Reason TRANSP C
96 T731 Key Figures in Info Library (Transport Table) POOL S
97 T731N Info Sets in LIL (Transport Table) POOL S
98 T731O Info Set Texts in LIL (Transport Table) POOL S
99 T731P Info Set Assignment in LIL (Transport Table) POOL S
100 T731T Key Figure Texts (Transport Table) POOL S
101 T74AA COBRA-qualified dependent/plan type assignment TRANSP A
102 T74AB COBRA dependent of qualified beneficiary TRANSP A
103 T74F1 Benefit adjustment grouping TRANSP C
104 T74F2 Benefits insurance coverage grouping TRANSP C
105 T74F3 Benefit employer contribution grouping TRANSP C
106 T74F4 Benefit employee contribution grouping TRANSP C
107 T74FA Benefit insurance plan TRANSP C
108 T74FB Benefits Coverage Rule Variant TRANSP C
109 T74FC Benefits Insurance Coverage Rule TRANSP C
110 T74FD Benefit Savings Plan TRANSP C
111 T74FE Benefit employer contribution rule variant TRANSP C
112 T74FF Benefit employer contribution rule TRANSP C
113 T74FG Benefit employee contribution rule variant TRANSP C
114 T74FH Benefit employee contribution rule TRANSP C
115 T74FI Benefit credit plan TRANSP C
116 T74FJ Benefit credit rule variant TRANSP C
117 T74FK Benefit credit rule TRANSP C
118 T74FL Benefit miscellaneous plan TRANSP C
119 T74FM Benefit Standard Savings Selection TRANSP C
120 T74FN Benefit Standard Spending Account Selection TRANSP C
121 T74FO Benefit standard credit selection TRANSP C
122 T74FP Benefit Standard Miscellaneous Selection TRANSP C
123 T74FQ Benefit standard stock purchase selection TRANSP C
124 T74FR Benefit evidence of insurability TRANSP C
125 T74FS Benefit evidence of insurability option assignment TRANSP C
126 T74FT Benefit evidence of insurability option jump assignment TRANSP C
127 T74FU Benefit combined coverage limit TRANSP C
128 T74FV Benefit combined coverage limit expression TRANSP C
129 T74FW Benefit combined contribution limit TRANSP C
130 T74FX Benefit combined contribution limit expression TRANSP C
131 T74FY Benefit prerequisite plan TRANSP C
132 T74FZ Benefit corequisite plan TRANSP C
133 T74G1 Benefit adjustment grouping text TRANSP C
134 T74G2 Benefit insurance coverage grouping texts TRANSP C
135 T74G3 Benefit employer contribution grouping texts TRANSP C
136 T74G4 Benefit employee contribution grouping texts TRANSP C
137 T74GA Benefit insurance plan texts TRANSP C
138 T74GB Benefit insurance coverage rule variant texts TRANSP C
139 T74GE Benefit employer contribution rule variant texts TRANSP C
140 T74GG Benefit employee contribution rule variant texts TRANSP C
141 T74GJ Benefit credit rule variant texts TRANSP C
142 T74GL Benefit miscellaneous plan texts TRANSP C
143 T74GU Benefit combined coverage limit text TRANSP C
144 T74GW Benefit combined contribution limit text TRANSP C
145 T74HA Benefit adjustment reason TRANSP C
146 T74HB Benefit adjustment authorization TRANSP C
147 T74HC Benefit adjustment reason/workflow event assignment TRANSP C
148 T74HD Benefit stock purchase plan TRANSP C
149 T74HE Benefit payment model assignment TRANSP C
150 T74HF Benefit Date Types for Dynamic Eligibility TRANSP C
151 T74HG Benefit Family Member Grouping TRANSP C
152 T74HH To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
153 T74HI Benefit reasons for off-cycle payroll assignment TRANSP C
154 T74HJ Benefit zip code group TRANSP C
155 T74HK Benefit zip code group assignment TRANSP C
156 T74HL Benefit forms TRANSP C
157 T74HM Benefit Compensation Model TRANSP C
158 T74HN Benefits Assignment of Wage Types to Compensation Model TRANSP C
159 T74HO Benefit Equivalent Length of Service TRANSP C
160 T74HP Benefits Uniform Resource Locator (URL) TRANSP C
161 T74HQ Benefit Information on Doctor Search via Internet TRANSP C
162 T74HR Benefits Number of Dependents per Subtype TRANSP C
163 T74HS Benefit Dependent/Beneficiary Eligibility Rule Variant TRANSP C
164 T74HT Benefits Dependent/Beneficiary Eligibility Rule TRANSP C
165 T74HU COBRA Subtypes of Additional Qualified Beneficiaries TRANSP C
166 T74IA Benefit adjustment reason text TRANSP C
167 T74IG Benefits - Family Member Grouping Text TRANSP C
168 T74IJ Benefit zip code group text TRANSP C
169 T74IM Benefit Compensation Model Text TRANSP C
170 T74IP Benefits Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Text TRANSP C
171 T74IS Benefits Dependent/Beneficiary Rule Variant Text TRANSP C
172 T74_BPS00 Benefit request category TRANSP E
173 T74_BPS00T Benefit request category text TRANSP E
174 T74_BPS01 Benefit point account type TRANSP C
175 T74_BPS01T Benefit point account type text TRANSP C
176 T74_BPS02 Benefit point account attributes entity TRANSP C
177 T74_BPS02T Benefit point account attributes entity text TRANSP C
178 T74_BPS03 Benefit additional point rule variant TRANSP C
179 T74_BPS03T Benefit additional point rule variant text TRANSP C
180 T74_BPS04 Benefit point grouping TRANSP C
181 T74_BPS04T Benefit point grouping text TRANSP C
182 T74_BPS05 Benefit additional point rule TRANSP C
183 T74_BPS06 Benefit point account attribute TRANSP C
184 T74_BPS07 Benefit request type TRANSP C
185 T74_BPS07T Benefit request type text TRANSP C
186 T74_BPS08 Benefit request type limit rule variant TRANSP C
187 T74_BPS08T Benefit request type limit rule variant text TRANSP C
188 T74_BPS09 Benefit request type limit grouping TRANSP C
189 T74_BPS09T Benefit request type limit grouping text TRANSP C
190 T74_BPS10 Benefit request type limit rule TRANSP C
191 T74_BPS11 Benefit request type attributes TRANSP C
192 T74_BPS12 Benefit request type option TRANSP C
193 T74_BPS12T Benefit request type option text TRANSP C
194 T74_BPS13 Benefit point conversion rule TRANSP C
195 T74_BPS13T Benefit point conversion rule text TRANSP C
196 T74_BPS14 Benefit request employee eligibility grouping TRANSP C
197 T74_BPS14T Benefit request employee eligibility grouping text TRANSP C
198 T74_BPS15 Benefit request dependent eligibility grouping TRANSP C
199 T74_BPS15T Benefit request employee eligibility grouping text TRANSP C
200 T74_BPS16 Benefit request type eligibility rule TRANSP C
201 T74_BPS16T Benefit request type eligibility rule text TRANSP C
202 T74_BPS17 Benefit request type catalog TRANSP C
203 T74_BPS18 Benefit request purpose TRANSP C
204 T74_BPS18T Benefit request purpose text TRANSP C
205 T74_BPS20 Benefit request detail status TRANSP C
206 T74_BPS20T Benefit request detail status text TRANSP C
207 T74_BPS21 Benefit request type allowed absence types TRANSP C
208 T74_BPS22 Benefit request type eligibility rule attribute TRANSP C
209 T74_CCE01 Benefit Personal Adjustment Reason TRANSP C
210 T74_CCE01T Benefit Personal Adjustment Reason Text TRANSP C
211 T74_CCE02 Benefit Assignment Personal Adjustment Reason TRANSP C
212 T74_FBN00 Flexible Benefits Plan Type Attribute TRANSP C
213 T74_FBN01 Flexible Benefits Plan Indicator TRANSP E
214 T74_FBN01T Flexible Benefits Plan Indicator Description TRANSP E
215 T74_FBN02 Flexible Benefits Scheme Attribute TRANSP C
216 T74_FBN03 Flexible Benefits ComCar Infotype Records' Date Indicator TRANSP C
217 T74_FBN04 Number of Holiday Buying or Selling for Holiday Plan TRANSP C
218 T74_FBN05 Flexible Benefits Holiday Buying or Selling Limitation TRANSP C
219 T74_FBN06 Holiday Buying/Belling Grouping TRANSP C
220 T74_FBN06T Holiday buying/selling grouping description TRANSP C
221 T74_FBN07 Flexible Benefits Holiday Plan Quota & Wage Type Setting TRANSP C
222 T74_FBN08 Annual Tax Free Boundary TRANSP C
223 T74_FBN09 Benefit Plan Option Jump Assignment TRANSP C
224 T74_FBN10 Event Attribute for Flexible Benefits TRANSP C
225 T74_FBN11 Buying/Selling Holiday Factor TRANSP C
226 T74_FBN12 Additional funding limitation TRANSP C
227 T74_FBN13 Benefit Insurance Plan Option Relevant Family TRANSP C
228 T74_FBN14 Benefit Plan Relationship for Provider Report TRANSP C
229 T74_FBN15 Define Corequisite Insurance Plan Options Check TRANSP C
230 T74_FBN16 Annual Flexible Benefits Plan Cost Pro-rate for New Starter TRANSP C
231 T74_FBN17 Define Corequisite Insurance Plan Options Check(Enhancement) TRANSP C
232 T74_FBN_GB00 Flexible Benefits National Insurance Neutrality TRANSP C
233 T74_FBN_GB01 Flexible Benefits Plan General Attribute (GB) TRANSP C
234 T74_FBN_GB02 Flexible Benefits Plan Company Car Attribute (GB) TRANSP C
235 T74_FBN_GB04 Flexible Benefits Plan GB Pension Attribute TRANSP C
236 T74_FBN_GB05 Flexible Benefits Employee Pension Contribution Rule (GB) TRANSP C
237 T74_FBN_GB06 Assign NI neutrality difference wage type TRANSP C
238 T74_FBN_GB07 Flexible Benefits Cost Period for Company Car (GB) TRANSP C
239 T74_FBN_GB08 Option Salary Sacrifice of Flexible Benefit Plan GB Pension TRANSP C
240 T74_FBN_GB09 Assign wage type for Additional. funding TRANSP C
241 T74_FBN_GB11 Email Data for GB Flexible Benefit TRANSP A
242 T750A Vacancy published in advertisement TRANSP C
243 T750B Advertisement TRANSP C
244 T750C Recruitment instrument TRANSP C
245 T750D Medium TRANSP C
246 T750E Text for applicant group TRANSP C
247 T750F Text for applicant range TRANSP C
248 T750G Unsolicited application group TRANSP C
249 T750H Text for medium TRANSP C
250 T750I Text for unsolicited application group TRANSP C
251 T750J Applicant Activity Type TRANSP C
252 T750K Applicant group TRANSP C
253 T750P Text for action type TRANSP C
254 T750R Permitted document formats for internet applications TRANSP C
255 T750X Vacancy TRANSP C
256 T751A Applicant Status TRANSP S
257 T751B Text for applicant status TRANSP S
258 T751C Applicant status reason TRANSP C
259 T751D Allowed Combination of Status and Status Reason TRANSP C
260 T751E Applicant Action Type TRANSP C
261 T751F Text for applicant event type TRANSP C
262 T752A Last Send Date for Object IDs POOL G
263 T752B Default Values for the SAP-Resumix Interface TRANSP C
264 T752C SAP Resumix: Imported Fields TRANSP C
265 T752D SAP Resumix: Exported Fields TRANSP C
266 T752E SAP Resumix: Transferred Applicants TRANSP C
267 T752F Employee Data from External Systems (Temporary Storage) TRANSP A
268 T75APGET Posted requisitions TRANSP A
269 T75HRURL URLs used in HR Applications TRANSP C
270 T75HRURLT HR : Text independant url reference names TRANSP C
271 T75REQST Requisition Status Table TRANSP A
272 T75RQPOST Posted requisitions TRANSP A
273 T76MGE_ACPI Derived Compensation Package Items TRANSP C
274 T76MGE_ADM International HR Administrator TRANSP C
275 T76MGE_ASCOL Mapping Table for COLI Providers and Assignment Types TRANSP C
276 T76MGE_ASFS Allowed Family Status for Assignment Types TRANSP C
277 T76MGE_ASI Assignment Types TRANSP E
278 T76MGE_AST Assignment Types Text Table TRANSP C
279 T76MGE_BCPI Base Compensation Package Items TRANSP C
280 T76MGE_CAG Global Payroll Categories TRANSP E
281 T76MGE_CAIN Mapping Table for Categories and Infotype Groups TRANSP C
282 T76MGE_CALC CPIs calculation TRANSP C
283 T76MGE_CAT Text Table for Global Payroll Category Types TRANSP C
284 T76MGE_CEX Mapping Table for Exchange Rates and Assignment Types TRANSP C
285 T76MGE_CFL Currency Fluctuation Protection TRANSP C
286 T76MGE_CGR Groups of Countries TRANSP C
287 T76MGE_CGROUP Mapping Table for Groups of Countries and Countries TRANSP C
288 T76MGE_CGROUPT Text Table for Country Groupings TRANSP C
289 T76MGE_CKI Checklist Items TRANSP C
290 T76MGE_CKL Checklist Table TRANSP C
291 T76MGE_CKT Text Table for Checklist Items TRANSP C
292 T76MGE_COL Cost of Living Allowance Index TRANSP C
294 T76MGE_COLPRT Text Table for COLI Providers TRANSP C
295 T76MGE_COMTT Text Table for Global Commuting Types TRANSP C
296 T76MGE_COMTY Global Commuting Types TRANSP C
297 T76MGE_CPI Compensation Package Items TRANSP C
298 T76MGE_CPIT Text Table for Compensation Package Items TRANSP C
299 T76MGE_CPI_N Compensation Package Items TRANSP C
300 T76MGE_DIT Storage of Document Types TRANSP C
301 T76MGE_DST Document Status TRANSP C
302 T76MGE_DTT Text Table for Document Status TRANSP C
303 T76MGE_ELI Eligibility for Compensation Package TRANSP C
304 T76MGE_FAC Factors for compensation packages TRANSP E
305 T76MGE_FACT Text Table for Compensation Package Items TRANSP E
306 T76MGE_FORMSETUP Global employee: Form Setup TRANSP C
307 T76MGE_FST Family Status TRANSP E
308 T76MGE_FSTT Text Table for Family Status TRANSP C
309 T76MGE_INT Country-Dependent Wage Type Attributes for Interfacing TRANSP C
310 T76MGE_MAP Mapping Table from Global Employees to Standard TRANSP C
311 T76MGE_MULT Multiplication Rules for Base CPIs TRANSP C
312 T76MGE_OLSEQ Offer Letter Sequencing TRANSP C
313 T76MGE_PYP Global Payroll Types TRANSP E
314 T76MGE_PYT Text Table for Global Payroll Types TRANSP C
315 T76MGE_REG Mapping Table for Regions and Countries TRANSP C
317 T76MGE_REQ Collection Tables for Requests for Global Assignments TRANSP L
318 T76MGE_RET Text Table for Regions TRANSP C
319 T76MGE_SCL Evaluation Methods for Compensation Package Items TRANSP E
320 T76MGE_SCLT Text Table for Evaluation Methods for CPIs TRANSP C
321 T76MGE_STA Assignment Status TRANSP E
322 T76MGE_STASEQ Status Sequence for Assignment Type TRANSP C
323 T76MGE_STAT Text Table for Assignment Status TRANSP C
324 T76MGE_SUM Summation Rules for Base CPIs TRANSP C
325 T770A Day Segments TRANSP A
326 T770AF HR Query: Function Modules for Customer's Additional Fields TRANSP C
327 T770B Assignment of Day Segments to Day Schedules TRANSP A
328 T770C Restrictions POOL S
329 T770P Infotypes with Repeat Field Groups for RP Query TRANSP E
330 T770Q Additional Fields and Table Fields HR Query TRANSP E
331 T770R Table Accesses for HR Query TRANSP E
332 T770S Module Calls for HR Query TRANSP E
333 T770T Function modules providing texts for special fields TRANSP E
334 T770U Text field information on table fields TRANSP S
335 T772S Subtypes of Infotype 1002 with SAPscript TRANSP E
336 T777A Building Addresses TRANSP C
337 T777ACTION Activities for special personnel actions TRANSP S
338 T777B Appraisal Types TRANSP E
339 T777BIRTH Exrend relationship maintenance until birthday TRANSP G
340 T777C Texts Restrictions TRANSP C
341 T777D Infotypes - Dialog/Database Assignment TRANSP E
342 T777DITCLASS HRBAS Infotype Logic and Infotype Container Classes TRANSP E
343 T777DITOPER HRBAS: Infotype Operations TRANSP E
344 T777DIT_GEN_BL Generic Business Logic TRANSP E
345 T777E Allowed Relationships TRANSP E
346 T777F Function Code Assignment to Planning Status TRANSP C
347 T777G Health Examinations TRANSP C
348 T777GUID1 HR: Global Object ID for HR Objects TRANSP A
349 T777H Object Type Hierarchy TRANSP S
350 T777I Infotypes per Object Type TRANSP E
351 T777IBO Allowed Business Object Types per Object Type/Infotype/Subt. TRANSP E
352 T777IFPROPC HRBAS: Infotype Field Properties TRANSP C
353 T777IFPROPS HRBAS: Infotype Field Properties TRANSP S
354 T777L Conversion Factors TRANSP E
355 T777M Definition of Actions TRANSP E
356 T777N Name Format TRANSP G
357 T777NAME1 HR Namespace: Table Entries TRANSP L
358 T777NAME2 HR Namespace: Table Entries from Non-SAP Systems TRANSP L
359 T777NAME2C HR Namespace: Software Components of the Systems TRANSP L
360 T777NAME2P HR Namespace: New Table Entries TRANSP L
361 T777NAME2S HR Namespace: Required Entries for Systems TRANSP L
362 T777NAME2T HR Namespace: Log CVERS of Systems TRANSP L
363 T777NAME2U HR Namespace: Administrators TRANSP L
364 T777O Object Type Texts TRANSP E
365 T777P Plan Versions TRANSP G
366 T777Q Proficiency Texts TRANSP G
367 T777R Request - Server - Table TRANSP S
368 T777S Planning Status TRANSP S
369 T777SESTREX Search Engine Service/TREX for PDOTYPES TRANSP S
370 T777T Infotypes TRANSP E
371 T777U Subtype Texts TRANSP E
372 T777V Relationship Texts TRANSP E
373 T777W Authorities/Resources Texts TRANSP C
374 T777X Reasons Texts TRANSP C
375 T777Z Infotype Time Constraint TRANSP E
376 T778A Evaluation Paths TRANSP E
377 T778B Appraisal Types TRANSP E
378 T778C Restrictions TRANSP C
379 T778G Health Examinations TRANSP C
380 T778L Languages Supported in HR-PD TRANSP C
381 T778M Actions TRANSP E
382 T778O Object Types TRANSP E
383 T778P Plan Versions TRANSP G
384 T778P2 Plan versions TRANSP L
385 T778Q Characteristic Values TRANSP G
386 T778S Planning Status TRANSP S
387 T778T Infotypes TRANSP E
388 T778U Subtypes TRANSP E
389 T778V Relationships TRANSP E
390 T778W Authorities/Resources TRANSP C
391 T778X Reasons TRANSP C
392 T7791 Assignment to SAP Organizational Object Type TRANSP E
393 T779M Matrix Types TRANSP E
394 T779O Object Types Allowed for Rule Resolution TRANSP E
395 T779T Texts for Matrix Types TRANSP E
396 T779W HR-CA: Event Linkage TRANSP S
397 T779X HR-CA: Event Linkage for Customer TRANSP C
398 T77AB Day Schedule Texts TRANSP A
399 T77ACOL Column Framework: Columns in a Column Group TRANSP S
400 T77ACOLC Column Framework: Columns in a Column Group TRANSP C
401 T77ACOLINI Intial Settings for Array Type Column TRANSP S
402 T77AD DB Tables for Additional Data TRANSP S
403 T77ALECOMB HR: Distributable Relationship Between Orig. and Replication TRANSP G
404 T77ALERELA HR: Distributable Relationship Direction TRANSP G
405 T77ALESIN HR Master Data Distribution: Serialization in ALE Inbound TRANSP C
406 T77ALESOUT HR Master Data Distribution: Serialization in ALE Outbound TRANSP C
407 T77ALE_DEF Interface Characteristics TRANSP S
408 T77ALE_FILTER1 HR Master Data Distribution:Filter 1 TRANSP C
409 T77ALE_FILTER1T HR Master Data Distribution: Fileter 1 - Description TRANSP C
410 T77ALE_FILTER2 HR Master Data Distribution:Filter 2 TRANSP C
411 T77ALE_FILTER2T HR Master Data Distribution: Filter 2 - Description TRANSP C
412 T77ALE_IF HR Interfaces to FI/LO TRANSP S
413 T77ALE_IFT HR Interfaces to FI/LO: Texts TRANSP S
414 T77AM Time Schedule TRANSP A
415 T77AP Aspects TRANSP C
416 T77AR Additional Data on Relationships TRANSP E
417 T77ARCH Archiving Subobjects TRANSP E
418 T77ARCHLINE Definition of Archiving Subobjects TRANSP E
419 T77ARCH_T Archiving Subobjects TRANSP E
420 T77ARRAYTP Column Framework: Definition of Column Groups TRANSP E
421 T77ARRAYTT Text Table for t77arraytp TRANSP E
422 T77AS Aspects TRANSP C
423 T77AT Evaluation Path Texts TRANSP E
424 T77AU Bottom-Up TRANSP C
425 T77AW Definition of Evaluation Paths TRANSP E
426 T77AW_SCEN Assignment of Eval. Paths (MDT)->OrgPub Scenario (Customer) TRANSP C
427 T77AW_SCEN_SYST Assignment of Eval. Paths (from MDT)->OrgPub Scenario (SAP) TRANSP S
428 T77BA Appraisals TRANSP E
429 T77BB Appraisal Criteria Texts TRANSP E
430 T77BF PA-PD: Form of Appraisal TRANSP C
431 T77BG PA-PD: Form of Appraisal (Possible Relationships) TRANSP C
432 T77BK Appraisal Criteria TRANSP E
433 T77BR Criterion Values TRANSP E
434 T77BT Criterion Values TRANSP E
435 T77BW Development Plans: State Keys TRANSP E
436 T77BWT Development Plans: State Key Texts TRANSP E
437 T77BX Further Processing of Development Plans TRANSP C
438 T77BY Texts for Development Plan States TRANSP C
439 T77BZ Development Plan States TRANSP C
440 T77CAR Reason for Cancellation of Attendance TRANSP C
441 T77CART Reason for Cancellation of Attendance TRANSP C
442 T77CD Infotypes - Customer-Specific Settings TRANSP C
443 T77CDOC Management of Change Doc. Object Class for Infotypes TRANSP E
444 T77CDOC_CUST Activate Change Documents TRANSP C
445 T77CNODORD Scenario-Specific Definition of Nodes in Search Range TRANSP C
446 T77CNODO_T Text Table for Table T77CNODORD TRANSP C
447 T77CNOD_EX Excluding Nodes from Search Range TRANSP C
448 T77CO User Interface TRANSP S
449 T77COL Column Framework: Definition of Columns TRANSP E
450 T77COLFIELD Translation of Column Name(Column Concept)/Field Name/Query TRANSP S
451 T77COLHEAD Column Framework: Composite Definition for Column Headers TRANSP S
452 T77COLHTYP Column Framework: Defining Column Header Types TRANSP E
453 T77COLH_C HR-OM: Customer-Specific Overwriting of Column Headers TRANSP C
454 T77COLOTYP Column Framework: Column-Object Type Assignment TRANSP S
455 T77COLT HR-OM: Texts on Column Definition for Structures TRANSP E
456 T77CR Reasons for Cancellation of Business Event TRANSP C
457 T77CREATED_QUERY OM: Queries Already Generated in the System (Local) TRANSP L
458 T77CRT Reasons for Cancellation of Business Event TRANSP C
459 T77CS Suitability Ranges for Career and Succession Planning TRANSP C
460 T77CSEATGB Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range TRANSP C
461 T77CSEATTO Text Table for T77CSEAT_O TRANSP C
462 T77CSEAT_E Exclude Search Tools from Search Range TRANSP C
463 T77CSEAT_O Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range TRANSP C
464 T77DB Shift Groups for Organizational Units TRANSP C
465 T77DT Texts for Shift Groups TRANSP C
466 T77EB Shift Planning: Entry Profile Texts for Table T77EP TRANSP E
467 T77EC Shift Planning: Definition of Profiles TRANSP E
468 T77ED Shift Planning: Definition of Shifts TRANSP C
469 T77EDAYCUST Select Subscreens from Detail Dialog Box TRANSP C
470 T77EDAYCUST_E Entity Table for Tab Pages in Detail Dialog Box TRANSP E
471 T77EDAYCUST_T Text for Subscreen Selection from Detail Dialog Box TRANSP E
472 T77EH Shift Planning: Proposal Lists for Assignments TRANSP E
473 T77EHT Shift Planning: Proposal Lists for T77EH Text Table TRANSP E
474 T77EI Contents of Info Column for Shift Planning TRANSP E
475 T77EIRNLTGRTYPE Electronic Illness Reporting NL: Trigger Types TRANSP E
476 T77EIRNLTGRTYPET Electronic Illness Reporting (NL): Trigger Types Text TRANSP E
477 T77EIRNL_BCKPRXN Electronic Illness Reporting NL: Association Backend & Proxy TRANSP E
478 T77EIRNL_BCK_PRX Electronic Illness Reporting NL: Association Backend & Proxy TRANSP E
479 T77EIRNL_MSGFLD Electronic Illness Reporting NL: Fields per Message TRANSP E
480 T77EIRNL_MSGPRX Electronic Illness Reporting NL: Message proxies TRANSP E
481 T77EIRNL_MSGTGR Electronic Illness Reporting NL: Message triggers TRANSP E
482 T77EIRNL_MTYPE Electronic Illness Reporting NL: Message Type TRANSP E
483 T77EIRNL_MTYPE_T Electronic Illness Reporting NL: Message Types Text Table TRANSP E
484 T77EIT Text Table for T77EI (Info Column for Shift Planning) TRANSP E
485 T77EJ Info Column: Pre-sets TRANSP G
486 T77EO External Object Types TRANSP E
487 T77EOPT Shift Planning: Assignment Options Setting TRANSP G
488 T77EP Shift Planning: Entry Profiles TRANSP E
489 T77ER Substitution Types in Shift Plans TRANSP C
490 T77ES Selection ID for Shift Planning Profile TRANSP C
491 T77ET Shift Planning: Descriptions of Shift Abbreviations TRANSP C
492 T77EV External Relationships TRANSP E
493 T77EVOPT Shift Planning: Proposal Determination Options TRANSP E
494 T77EVOPTT Texts for Assignment Strategies TRANSP C
495 T77EVOPT_DEF Default Assignment Strategy for Shift Group TRANSP C
496 T77EZOPT Shift Planning: Assignment Options TRANSP S
497 T77EZOPT_T Shift Planning: Assignment Options Texts TRANSP S
498 T77FAR Reason for Course Failed TRANSP C
499 T77FART Texts: Reason for Course Failed TRANSP C
500 T77FB Forms of Further Training (France) TRANSP C