SAP ABAP Table - Index T, page 20
Table - T
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 T77WWW_LECC Color codes for life event menu TRANSP E
2 T77WWW_LECCP Color code allocation to service TRANSP E
3 T77WWW_LECCT Color codes long texts for life event menu TRANSP E
4 T77WWW_LEDATA Life Event Specific Settings TRANSP E
5 T77WWW_LESTATUS Status Information for Life Event Service TRANSP L
6 T77WWW_LE_EP Provider Configuration for External Services TRANSP E
9 T77WWW_MNT ESS Name of Menu TRANSP E
10 T77WWW_REASON Reason Table (Reject Reason, One way Journey Reason, etc.) TRANSP C
11 T77WWW_REASONT Reason Text Table TRANSP C
12 T77WWW_REP ESS Report names TRANSP E
13 T77WWW_RQTYP Request Types Domain Values TRANSP S
14 T77WWW_SC Control Table for Country-Specific Screens in Web Services TRANSP E
15 T77WWW_SDATA Required Data for External Services TRANSP E
16 T77WWW_SDE ESS Deactivate Service and Change Catalog Item TRANSP C
17 T77WWW_SMAP ESS Application / Content Service Mapping TRANSP E
19 T77WWW_SRVN ESS Name of Service TRANSP E
20 T77WWW_WHO Control Table for Selection and Output Fields in Who's Who TRANSP G
21 T77WWW_WHO_PARA ESS Who's Who: Parameters per Country Grpg and Appl. Type TRANSP G
22 T77WWW_WHO_SRD ESS Who's Who: Field Selection per Country Grpg & Appl.Type TRANSP G
23 T77ZA Additional Conditions for Time Constraint 3 TRANSP S
24 T77ZC Check Table: Additional Conditions for Time Constraint 3 TRANSP S
25 T77ZR Infotype 1001 Time Constraint (Target Object Type-Dependent) TRANSP E
26 T77ZT Text Table for Additional Conditions - Time Constraint 3 TRANSP S
28 T787I Infotypes for Standard Object Types TRANSP S
29 T787O Text Table: Standard Object Types TRANSP S
30 T787T Text Table: Infotypes for Standard Object Types TRANSP S
31 T787U Text Table: Subtypes for Standard Objects TRANSP S
32 T787V Text Table: Relationships for Standard Objects TRANSP S
33 T788E Check Table for Allowed Standard Relationships TRANSP S
34 T788O Check Table for SAP Standard Object Types TRANSP S
35 T788T Check Table for Standard Object Infotypes TRANSP S
36 T788U Check Table Subtypes for Standard Objects TRANSP S
37 T788V Check Table for Standard Relationships TRANSP S
38 T78NR Prefix Numbers for Standard Object Types TRANSP W
39 T78NRI Prefix Numbers and Number Intervals for Standard ObjectTypes TRANSP C
40 T790 Warranty Transaction - Initial Values TRANSP S
41 T790G Warranty Type TRANSP C
42 T790G_T Warranty Type Text TRANSP C
43 T790T Warranty Category Functions TRANSP S
44 T790T_C Warranty Category Default Values TRANSP C
45 T790_C Warranty Default Values - Initial Transactions TRANSP C
46 T791Z Permitted Warranty Counters - General TRANSP C
47 T799BATTRIB00 HR Attribute Types TRANSP E
48 T799BATTRIB01 HR Attributes TRANSP E
49 T799BATTRIB01T HR Attributes TRANSP E
50 T799BATTRIB02 Fixed Values of HR Attributes TRANSP E
51 T799BATTRIB02T Fixed Values of HR Attributes TRANSP E
52 T799BATTRIB03C Customizable Values of HR Attributes TRANSP C
53 T799BATTRIB05 HR Attributes of HR Attribute Class TRANSP E
54 T799BATTRIB06C Define HR Attribute Class TRANSP C
55 T799BATTRIB06CT Assign HR Attribute Group to HR Attribute Class TRANSP C
56 T799BCFG Form Group - Output Type - Customizing TRANSP C
57 T799BCFT Form Output Type - Customizing TRANSP C
58 T799BEFG Entry Form Group TRANSP E
59 T799BEFGT Form Group - Description TRANSP E
60 T799BFOR Output Form Type TRANSP E
61 T799BFORT Output Form Type - Description TRANSP E
62 T799BMFG Logical Form Group TRANSP E
63 T799BMFGT Logical Form Group - Description TRANSP E
64 T799BRNDFC Field Dependent Rounding (customer specific settings) TRANSP C
65 T799BRNDFS Field Dependent Rounding (SAP-delivery) TRANSP S
66 T799BRNDM Rounding Methods TRANSP E
67 T799BRNDMT Rounding Methods (Description) TRANSP E
68 T799BSFG Form Group - Output Type TRANSP E
69 T799BSFT Form Output Type TRANSP E
70 T799L00 Protection Property TRANSP C
71 T799L01 Protection Property Description TRANSP C
72 T799L02 Event Grouping TRANSP C
73 T799L03 Event Grouping Text Table TRANSP C
74 T799L04 Event Relation Table TRANSP C
75 T799L05 Relation Table Protection Reason TRANSP C
76 T799L06 Relation Table Org. Code TRANSP C
77 T799L07 Relation Table Event Code TRANSP C
78 T799L08 Law Table TRANSP C
79 T799L09 Law Text Table TRANSP C
80 T799L0A Decision Relation Table TRANSP C
81 T799L0B Usage rules TRANSP C
82 T799L0C Usage Rule Text Table TRANSP C
83 T799L10 Employee Grouping and Number of Days in Divisor 30 TRANSP C
84 T799L11 Day Type Used in Divisor 30 TRANSP E
85 T799L12 Text of Day Type Used in T799L11 TRANSP E
86 T799L13 Day Type and Priority for Adjustment in Divisor 30 TRANSP C
87 T799L14 Day Subtypes in Divisor 30 TRANSP S
88 T799L15 Absence Grouping for Day Type in Divisor 30 TRANSP C
89 T799L16 Function module for changing the priorities standard setting TRANSP C
90 T799L20 Retroactive Accounting Reasons TRANSP C
91 T799L21 Define Retroactive Accounting Types TRANSP E
92 T799L22 Retroactive Accounting Areas TRANSP E
93 T799L23 Define Valid Retro Acctg Methods for Countries TRANSP S
94 T799L24 Define Valid Retro Acctg Methods for Retro Acctg Areas TRANSP E
95 T799L25 Define Bases for Retro Acctg Areas TRANSP E
96 T799L26 Define Valid Cumulation Freezing TRANSP S
97 T799L27 Determine Cumulation Freezing TRANSP C
98 T799L28 Calculations to be Excluded TRANSP S
99 T799L29 Exclusion Groupings TRANSP C
100 T799L2A Texts Retroactive Accounting Reasons TRANSP C
101 T799L2B Texts Retroactive Accounting Areas TRANSP E
102 T799L2C Texts of Calculations to be Excluded TRANSP S
103 T799L2D Define Wage Types for Calculations to be Excluded TRANSP C
104 T799L2E Define Exclusion Criteria Groupings TRANSP C
105 T799L2F Texts of Exclusion Groupings TRANSP C
106 T799L2X Retroactive Accounting Types TRANSP E
107 T799L2Y Texts Retroactive Accounting Types TRANSP E
108 T799L30 HCM Log category structure enhancements TRANSP C
109 T799L40 Legal categories for absence types TRANSP E
110 T799L41 Texts of legal categories for absence types TRANSP E
111 T799L42 Asignment between absence types and legal categories TRANSP C
112 T799L_ADDON Add-on Latinamerican Countries TRANSP S
113 T7AR01 Activity code (CIIU) TRANSP C
114 T7AR02 Additional data by Company TRANSP C
115 T7AR02B Bank description for Social insurance payments TRANSP C
116 T7AR02D Historical Additional data by company TRANSP A
117 T7AR03 Activity code (CIIU): T7AR01 Texts TRANSP C
118 T7AR04 Workplace Health Insurers (ART) code TRANSP C
119 T7AR05 Additional information by Company TRANSP C
120 T7AR06 Ministry of Labor activity code TRANSP C
121 T7AR07 Ministry of Labor activity code: T7AR06 texts TRANSP C
122 T7AR08 Code of position held for MySimplification TRANSP C
123 T7AR09 Code of position held: T7AR08 texts TRANSP C
124 T7AR0P Personnel area/subarea additional information TRANSP C
125 T7AR10 Allocation special schooling assistance by establishmnt type TRANSP C
126 T7AR11 Additional information by subtype TRANSP C
127 T7AR1P Contribution reduction area TRANSP S
128 T7AR20 Date for final settlement of income for financial year TRANSP C
129 T7AR21 Contract category code for SIJP TRANSP S
130 T7AR22 Contract category code for SIJP: Texts T7AR21 TRANSP S
131 T7AR23 Assignment of contract category to contract type AR TRANSP S
132 T7AR24 Locality code for SIJP TRANSP S
133 T7AR25 Locality code for SIJP: T7AR24 texts TRANSP S
134 T7AR26 Employee grouping for Social Insurance contributions TRANSP C
135 T7AR27 Employee groupings for SI contributions: Texts T7AR26 TRANSP C
136 T7AR28 Assignment of SIJP periods to settled payrolls TRANSP A
137 T7AR2P Percentage of contribution reduction to Internal Rev. (DGI) TRANSP S
138 T7AR30 Types of work contract in Argentina TRANSP C
139 T7AR31 Social Insurance employee subgroups: Allocations TRANSP C
140 T7AR32 Percentage of contribution reduction by contract type TRANSP S
141 T7AR33 Contribution reduction percentage by employee subgroups TRANSP S
142 T7AR34 Welfare Fund code TRANSP C
143 T7AR35 Social Project code: T7AR34 texts TRANSP C
144 T7AR36 Private Pension Fund Companies (AFJP) code TRANSP C
145 T7AR37 Private Pension Fund Companies (AFJP) code: T7AR36 texts TRANSP C
146 T7AR38 Employee activity code TRANSP C
147 T7AR39 Employee activity code: T7AR38 texts TRANSP C
148 T7AR3P Contribution reduction zone: T7AR1P texts TRANSP S
149 T7AR40 Contract types in Argentina TRANSP S
150 T7AR41 Contract types in Argentina: T7AR40 texts TRANSP S
151 T7AR42 Social Insurance employee subgroup grouping TRANSP S
152 T7AR43 Social Insurance employee subgroup grouping: T7AR42 texts TRANSP S
153 T7AR44 Scale for Welfare Fund distribution percentages TRANSP S
154 T7AR45 Additional information for absences TRANSP C
155 T7AR46 Welfare Fund plans TRANSP C
156 T7AR47 Assign pay scale (II) to collective agreement class TRANSP C
157 T7AR48 Grouping for pay scale processing TRANSP C
158 T7AR49 Text of grouping for pay scale processing TRANSP C
159 T7AR4P Personnel area/subarea: Social Ins. and family allow. data TRANSP C
160 T7AR50 Income tax categories TRANSP S
161 T7AR51 Income tax categories: T7AR50 texts TRANSP S
162 T7AR52 Wage type allocation to income tax category TRANSP E
163 T7AR53 Limits and values by income tax category TRANSP S
164 T7AR54 Income scale for income tax calculation TRANSP S
165 T7AR55 Income tax deduction destination entities TRANSP C
166 T7AR56 Income Tax - Deductions reduction TRANSP S
167 T7AR59 Assign pay scale (II) to collective agreement class TRANSP C
168 T7AR5P Family allowance areas: Codes TRANSP S
169 T7AR60 Relationship between fam. mem type and family allowance type TRANSP S
170 T7AR61 Rules for generating family allowance wage types TRANSP S
171 T7AR61C Rules for generating family allowance wage types TRANSP C
172 T7AR62 Grouping for Social Insurance contribution factoring TRANSP S
173 T7AR63 Text for grouping of Social Insurance contribution factoring TRANSP S
174 T7AR64 Conversion of currency values TRANSP S
175 T7AR65 Pay scale agreement category identification TRANSP C
176 T7AR66 Internal Revenue Service (DGI) agency code TRANSP C
177 T7AR67 Internal Revenue Service (DGI) agency code: T7AR66 texts TRANSP C
178 T7AR68 Guaranteed net amounts - Groups of deduction rules TRANSP S
179 T7AR69 Vacation provision: Calculation wage types TRANSP C
180 T7AR6P Family allowance areas: Codes and texts TRANSP S
181 T7AR70 Social Insurance contribution percentages TRANSP S
182 T7AR71 Internal Revenue (DGI) area category for contributn reductns TRANSP S
183 T7AR72 Internal Revenue (DGI) Area Category - Texts TRANSP S
184 T7AR73 Assignment of Contribution reduction area to category TRANSP S
185 T7AR74 Contribution percentage by Category and Soc. Ins. Type TRANSP S
186 T7AR75 Annual Extra Payment (SAC): Off-cycle payroll run data TRANSP C
187 T7AR76 Guaranteed net amounts - Wage types transfer of differences TRANSP C
188 T7AR80 Employer data according to ANSeS Census Report TRANSP A
189 T7AR81 Named person/family member data accord. to ANSeS Census rep. TRANSP A
190 T7AR82 Assignment of ANSeS document type TRANSP E
191 T7AR83 Assignment of ANSeS province code TRANSP C
192 T7AR84 Assignment of ANSeS nationality code TRANSP C
193 T7AR85 Assignment of ANSeS marital status code TRANSP C
194 T7AR86 Number of employees and Company accord. ANSeS Census selectn TRANSP A
195 T7AR87 Reasons for action additional information TRANSP C
196 T7AR88 Service character TRANSP S
197 T7AR89 Service character: T7AR88 texts TRANSP S
198 T7AR90 Rules for calculating compensation TRANSP C
199 T7AR91 Assign collective agreement to pay scale type TRANSP C
200 T7AR92 Collective agreement TRANSP C
201 T7AR93 Collective agreement: T7AR92 text TRANSP C
202 T7AR94 Basic wage limit agreement for seniority compensation TRANSP C
203 T7AR95 Severance pay code TRANSP E
204 T7AR96 Severance pay code: Texts T7AR95 TRANSP E
205 T7AR97 Assign. sev. pay code to grouping of sev. pay legal norms TRANSP E
206 T7AR98 Employee grouping for Severance pay calculation TRANSP C
207 T7AR99 Employee grouping for Severance pay calculation: Text TRANSP C
208 T7ARM1 My Simplification: Work relationships TRANSP A
209 T7ARM10 MS: Courts - Secretariat TRANSP C
210 T7ARM11 MS: Courts TRANSP C
211 T7ARM2 (Dependents) additional data TRANSP A
212 T7ARM3 My simplification: CBU TRANSP A
213 T7ARM4 My Simplification: Family links TRANSP A
214 T7ARM5 My Simplification: Business activity addresses/addresses TRANSP A
215 T7ARM6 My Simplification: Nationality-country code relationship TRANSP C
216 T7ARM7 MS: Level of training - school type relationship TRANSP C
217 T7ARM8 MS: Postal Code - Town TRANSP C
218 T7BR01 Losing leave entitlement: rules TRANSP C
219 T7BR02 Additional information for absence and quota generation TRANSP C
220 T7BR03 Relate wage types to old results TRANSP C
221 T7BR04 Definition of circumstances TRANSP E
222 T7BR05 Text table of circumstances TRANSP E
223 T7BR06 Parameters Responsible branch - SIAL TRANSP C
224 T7BR07 Parameters Responsible branch - SEFIP TRANSP C
225 T7BR0A Split of absence valuation periods TRANSP C
226 T7BR0F Third-party payment assignment TRANSP C
227 T7BR0P Personnel areas assignment to branches/c.sites groups TRANSP C
228 T7BR1B Union TRANSP C
229 T7BR20 Brazilian Job Occupation Code TRANSP C
230 T7BR4C Wage types for leave valuation TRANSP C
231 T7BR596 Application groups TRANSP C
232 T7BR596T Application group texts TRANSP C
233 T7BR596W Wage Types associated to application groups TRANSP C
234 T7BR7B School grade TRANSP E
235 T7BR7C Education TRANSP E
236 T7BR7T Education description TRANSP E
237 T7BR7U School grade description TRANSP E
238 T7BR81 Reserve area definition TRANSP E
239 T7BR81T Text for reserve area TRANSP E
240 T7BR82 Definition of contribution codes TRANSP E
241 T7BR82T Text for contribution codes TRANSP E
242 T7BR83 Definition of reserve code TRANSP E
243 T7BR83T Text for reserve codes TRANSP E
244 T7BR84 Wage types for reserves TRANSP C
245 T7BR85 Relationship between function and contribution TRANSP E
246 T7BR86 Wage types for saving entitlement to leave reserve TRANSP C
247 T7BR90 Rules for calculation of severance pay TRANSP C
248 T7BR91 Percentage of SIB contribution for third-party payment TRANSP C
249 T7BR92 Combination of Entities TRANSP C
250 T7BR93 Entities belonging to Third-party Code TRANSP C
251 T7BR94 Discount percentage on third-party payment TRANSP C
253 T7BR96 Severance pay code: texts from T7BR95 TRANSP E
255 T7BR98 Employee grouping for calculation of severance pay TRANSP C
257 T7BR9A Discount percentage on third-party payment TRANSP C
258 T7BRAB Additional information for absences TRANSP C
259 T7BRAE Economic activity TRANSP C
260 T7BRAG Harmful agent exposure codes (FCSWI) TRANSP S
261 T7BRAI Inflation adjustment TRANSP C
262 T7BRAP Branches and/or construction sites grouping TRANSP C
263 T7BRAS IAI percentage for special retirement TRANSP C
264 T7BRAT Economic activity description TRANSP C
265 T7BRAX Description of harmful agent exposure codes (FCSWI) TRANSP S
266 T7BRB1 Branch - general information TRANSP C
267 T7BRB2 Branch - Social insurance body TRANSP C
268 T7BRB3 Branch, SIAL report TRANSP C
269 T7BRB4 Branch - Withholding Income Tax Declaration TRANSP C
270 T7BRB6 Branch - Employee tab page no. TRANSP C
271 T7BRB7 SEFIP: revenue Sports Event/ Sponsored Subscription TRANSP C
272 T7BRB8 SEFIP: other informations per site TRANSP C
273 T7BRC0 Construction site code TRANSP C
274 T7BRC1 Construction site information TRANSP C
275 T7BRC2 Company - General information TRANSP C
276 T7BRCB Brazilian Job Occupation Code (by position) TRANSP C
277 T7BRCO1 Field composition of GSW TRANSP C
278 T7BRCO2 Collect codes of GSW TRANSP C
279 T7BRCO3 Collect codes of GSW due to retroactive accounting reason TRANSP C
280 T7BRCO4 Groups for GSW fill in TRANSP C
281 T7BRCO5 Compensation balance of GSW TRANSP A
282 T7BRCO6 Field values of GSW (FCSWI) TRANSP A
283 T7BRCP Wage type assignment for absence double compensation TRANSP C
284 T7BRCS HBRRAIS table for the salary type TRANSP C
285 T7BRCT Worker categories description (FCSWI) TRANSP S
286 T7BRCX Worker categories (FCSWI) TRANSP S
287 T7BRD0 Transfer of payroll external results: PRS TRANSP C
288 T7BRDE Dependents eligibility for income tax TRANSP S
289 T7BRDR Withholding Income Tax Declaration withholding code TRANSP C
290 T7BRDT Withholding Income Tax Decl.withholding code description TRANSP C
291 T7BRE1 Full description of marital status TRANSP C
292 T7BREC Marital status description TRANSP C
293 T7BRES Schools TRANSP C
294 T7BRFM Employee movement code for FGTS TRANSP C
296 T7BRFT SAWF code description TRANSP C
297 T7BRG0 Calculation rule characteristics TRANSP C
298 T7BRG1 Alimony: calculation models TRANSP C
299 T7BRG2 Calculation model descriptions TRANSP C
300 T7BRG2T Calculation models texts TRANSP C
301 T7BRG3 Default values TRANSP C
302 T7BRG4 Calculation unit for alimony TRANSP E
303 T7BRG4T Description of calculation unit for alimony TRANSP E
304 T7BRGR SIB table - Self-employed TRANSP E
306 T7BRMP Employment relationship TRANSP E
307 T7BRMT Description of employment relationship TRANSP E
308 T7BRNA HBRRAIS table for nationality TRANSP C
309 T7BRNJ Legal nature of establishment TRANSP C
310 T7BRNT Description of establishment legal nature TRANSP C
311 T7BRPM0 Table of penalty and interest percentages TRANSP A
312 T7BRPP Wage types for planned period TRANSP C
313 T7BRPZ Wage types for planned period TRANSP C
314 T7BRQC Quota compensation types TRANSP E
315 T7BRQT Absence quota type TRANSP C
316 T7BRRA Employee's movement code to SIAL TRANSP C
317 T7BRRK Hazard and health risk grouping TRANSP C
318 T7BRRT Description of movement code to SIAL TRANSP C
319 T7BRS1 Child allowance eligibility of subtypes of IT21 TRANSP C
320 T7BRSA Movement code for FGTS withdrawal TRANSP C
321 T7BRSB Exclusion of movement code for FGTS withdrawal TRANSP C
322 T7BRSF Child allowance TRANSP E
324 T7BRSS SS Relation between value type (BRSOC) and wage type TRANSP C
325 T7BRST Description of movement code for FGTS withdrawal TRANSP C
326 T7BRT0 Legal rights associated with employee situation TRANSP C
327 T7BRT1 Desligamento Legal Entitlements TRANSP C
328 T7BRT2 Transportation type TRANSP C
329 T7BRT3 Transportation type description TRANSP C
330 T7BRTA Union dues TRANSP C
331 T7BRTF Description of FGTS movement code TRANSP C
332 T7BRTH Third-party code TRANSP C
333 T7BRTM Punch clock codes TRANSP C
334 T7BRTP Transportation ticket description TRANSP C
335 T7BRTR Transportation ticket TRANSP C
336 T7BRTT Third-party code description TRANSP C
338 T7BRWT Assignment of wage types for absence in double TRANSP C
339 T7BRX0 Table for Labor Debits Update TRANSP C
340 T7BRX1 Labor Debits TRANSP C
341 T7BRX2 Retrocalculation areas/Incoming wage types TRANSP E
342 T7CCE_CUM_RT_PER Cumulate Wage Types from RT in RT_PERSON TRANSP E
343 T7CCE_DIST_APPL Distribution application TRANSP E
344 T7CCE_DIST_APPLT Distribution Application Text TRANSP S
345 T7CCE_DIST_BASIS Distribution basis TRANSP E
346 T7CCE_DIST_DIST Distribution Definition (Wage Types) TRANSP E
347 T7CCE_DIST_METH Distribution Method TRANSP E
348 T7CCE_DIST_METHT Distribution Method Text TRANSP E
349 T7CCE_DIST_RULE Distribution Rule TRANSP E
350 T7CCE_DIST_RULET Distribution Rule Text TRANSP E
351 T7CCE_DIST_WRKT Distribution Working Time TRANSP S
352 T7CCE_DIST_WRKTT Distribution: Working Time Text TRANSP S
353 T7CCE_GPASG Assignment of Grouping Rule to Grouping Reason TRANSP E
354 T7CCE_GPASGC To be deleted !!! TRANSP C
355 T7CCE_GPASGCM To be deleted !!! TRANSP C
356 T7CCE_GPASGM Assignment of Grouping Rule to Grouping Reason TRANSP E
357 T7CCE_GPASGS To be deleted !!! TRANSP S
358 T7CCE_GPASGSM To be deleted !!! TRANSP S
359 T7CCE_GPREASON Grouping Reasons for Personnel Assignments TRANSP E
360 T7CCE_GPREASONT Grouping Reason: Text TRANSP E
361 T7CCE_GPRULE Grouping Rules for Personnel Assignments TRANSP E
362 T7CCE_GPRULET Grouping Rule: Text TRANSP E
364 T7CN09 Periods of Notice (CN) TRANSP C
365 T7CN0P Personal Areas/Subareas (CHINA) TRANSP C
366 T7CN10 Tax Calculation for Casual Worker TRANSP C
367 T7CN11 Tax Rate for Additional Tax TRANSP C
368 T7CN13 Salary information (CN) TRANSP C
369 T7CN14 Contribution change reason TRANSP C
370 T7CN15 Social insurance authority institution information TRANSP C
371 T7CN15T Social insurance authority institution name TRANSP C
372 T7CN16 Public Housing Fund authority institution information TRANSP C
373 T7CN16T Public Housing Fund authority institution name TRANSP C
374 T7CN17 Minimum Salary TRANSP C
375 T7CN17T Minimum Salary Area Description TRANSP C
376 T7CN18 Extended insurance authority institution information TRANSP C
377 T7CN18T Supplementary Insurance Authority Institution Name TRANSP C
378 T7CN1A Contribution change reason text TRANSP C
379 T7CN20 Contribution base TRANSP C
380 T7CN21 Contribution Group TRANSP C
381 T7CN21T Contribution Group Text TRANSP C
382 T7CN22 Pass Rule ER-to-EE TRANSP C
383 T7CN23 Contribution Level TRANSP C
384 T7CN23T Contribution Level Text TRANSP C
385 T7CN24 Contribution Type TRANSP C
386 T7CN25 Contribution Area TRANSP C
387 T7CN26 Contribution switch period TRANSP C
388 T7CN27 Social average salary switch period TRANSP C
389 T7CN28 Service Fee to Holding Location TRANSP C
390 T7CN28T Service Fee to Holding Location TRANSP C
391 T7CN29 Social insurance TRANSP C
392 T7CN2A Contribution Area Text TRANSP C
393 T7CN2P Assign Sup. Insurance Authority Institution to PA/PSA TRANSP C
394 T7CN2W Assign Wage Types for Supplementary Insurance TRANSP C
395 T7CN2Y Contribution Type Text TRANSP C
396 T7CN30 Tax Withholding Fast Formula TRANSP C
397 T7CN31 Special rule category TRANSP C
398 T7CN32 Tax Area TRANSP C
399 T7CN33 Exempted Amount Table TRANSP C
400 T7CN34 Special Calculation Rule TRANSP C
401 T7CN35 Special rule rely on protocol TRANSP C
402 T7CN36 Tax grouping for company TRANSP C
403 T7CN36T Text Table for Tax grouping for company TRANSP C
404 T7CN37 country codes for china tax TRANSP C
405 T7CN38 Occupation category TRANSP C
406 T7CN38T Occupation category Text TRANSP C
407 T7CN39 Income category TRANSP C
408 T7CN39T Income category Text TRANSP C
409 T7CN3A Special rule category text TRANSP C
410 T7CN3B Tax Area Text TRANSP C
411 T7CN3E Special rule rely on protocol TRANSP C
412 T7CN3F Reported Tax Data TRANSP A
413 T7CN40 Personal File Category TRANSP C
414 T7CN41 From/To Category TRANSP C
415 T7CN43 Apply Status TRANSP E
416 T7CN44 Social Class Status TRANSP C
417 T7CN45 Personal Identity TRANSP C
418 T7CN4D Personnel Class Status Text TRANSP C
419 T7CN4E Personal Identity Text TRANSP C
420 T7CN4T Personal File Category Text TRANSP C
421 T7CN4U Text for From/To Category TRANSP C
422 T7CN4W Apply Status Text TRANSP C
423 T7CN53 Occupation TRANSP C
424 T7CN54 Role in project TRANSP C
425 T7CN55 Achievement(Result) Level Code TRANSP C
426 T7CN56 Achievement(Reward) Code TRANSP C
427 T7CN57 Position Category Code TRANSP C
428 T7CN58 Position Name Code TRANSP C
429 T7CN59 Political status TRANSP C
430 T7CN5P Position Category Code Text TRANSP C
431 T7CN5Q Position name TRANSP C
432 T7CN5R Political status text TRANSP C
433 T7CN5S Occupation Text TRANSP C
434 T7CN5V Text for role in project TRANSP C
435 T7CN5W Achievement Level Code Text TRANSP C
436 T7CN5Y Achievement(Reward) code text TRANSP C
437 T7CN60 Appointment Reason Code TRANSP C
438 T7CN61 Position Level Code TRANSP C
439 T7CN62 Position Type Code TRANSP C
440 T7CN63 Going Abroad Purpose Category TRANSP C
441 T7CN64 Expense Provider Category TRANSP C
442 T7CN65 Occupation status for family member TRANSP E
443 T7CN67 Political Affiliation Exception Type TRANSP C
444 T7CN68 Project Type TRANSP C
445 T7CN69 Project or Achievement Related Infomation TRANSP C
446 T7CN6Q Project Type Text TRANSP C
447 T7CN6R Political Affiliation Exception Type Text TRANSP C
448 T7CN6S Position Level TRANSP C
449 T7CN6T Appointment Reason Text TRANSP C
450 T7CN6U Position Type Text TRANSP C
451 T7CN6V Going Abroad Purpose Text TRANSP C
452 T7CN6W Expense Provider Category Text TRANSP C
453 T7CN6X Occoupation status text TRANSP C
454 T7CN71 Province Key for CN TRANSP C
455 T7CN80 Service year Valuation Rule TRANSP C
456 T7CN81 Sick leave deduction rate TRANSP C
457 T7CN82 Define Relevant Absence Types TRANSP C
458 T7CN83 Long Sick Leave Salary Payment Rate TRANSP C
459 T7CN84 Medical Treatment Entitlment and Accumulation period TRANSP C
460 T7CN90 Year end tax declaration reported information - CTXE TRANSP A
461 T7CNDC Define Disability Classification TRANSP C
462 T7CNDCT Text Table for Disability Classification TRANSP C
463 T7CNDE Employee Grouping of Disability TRANSP C
464 T7CNDET Text Table for Employee Grouping of Disability TRANSP C
465 T7CNDG Define Disability Grade TRANSP C
466 T7CNDGT Text Table for Disability Grade TRANSP C
467 T7CNDX Tax Policy for Disability Employee Groups TRANSP C
468 T7CNRA Assignment of Tax Calculation Rule to Income Category TRANSP C
469 T7CNRX Tax Calculation Rule Configuration TRANSP C
470 T7CNTC Define Tax Calculation Rule TRANSP C
471 T7CNTCT Text Table for Tax Calculation Rule TRANSP C
472 T7CNTX Tax Rate or Amount Paid by Employer TRANSP C
473 T7DEPBS25TR Reason for Time Specification Type TRANSP C
474 T7DEPBSNV01 Calculation Types Retroactive Pension Insurance TRANSP C
475 T7DEPBSNV01T Calculation Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance - Texts TRANSP C
476 T7DEPBSNV02 Calculation Reasons for Retroactive Pension Insurance TRANSP C
477 T7DEPBSNV02T Calc. Reason for Retroact. Pension Ins. - Texts TRANSP C
478 T7DEPBSNV03 Employment Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance TRANSP C
479 T7DEPBSNV03T Employment Types: Retroact. Pension Ins. - Texts TRANSP C
480 T7DEPBSNV04 Deferment Reasons Retroactive Pension Insurance TRANSP C
481 T7DEPBSNV04T Deferment Reasons: Retroactive Pension Insurance - Texts TRANSP C
482 T7DEPBSNV05 Suspension Types Entitlement Periods of Retro. Pension Ins. TRANSP C
483 T7DEPBSNV05T Suspension Type Entitlement Period Retro. Pens. Ins. - Texts TRANSP C
484 T7DEPBSNV06 Deferment Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance TRANSP C
485 T7DEPBSNV06T Deferment Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance - Texts TRANSP C
486 T7DEPBSNV07 Booking of Retroactive Pension Insurance Results TRANSP C
487 T7DEPBSNV08 Control of Program for Paying/Posting/Printing RPI TRANSP C
488 T7DEPBSNV0A Assignment of Calculation Types to Process Scenarios TRANSP C
489 T7DEPBSNV0B Assignment of Calculation Reasons to Calculation Types TRANSP C
490 T7DEPBSNV0C Assignment Class for Generation Infotype 0883 TRANSP C
491 T7DEPBSNV0D Assignment of Absence Types to Suspension Types TRANSP C
492 T7DEPBSVAVG01 Current Pension Value (East, West) TRANSP C
493 T7DEPBSVAVG02 Conversion Values Pension TRANSP C
494 T7DEPBSVAVG03 Annual Maximum Remuneration Point Values TRANSP C
495 T7DEPBSVAVG04 Average Remuneration TRANSP C
496 T7DEPBSVAVG05 Legal Basis for Reimbursements TRANSP E
497 T7DEPBSVAVG05T Legal Basis for Reimbursements - Texts TRANSP E
498 T7DEPBSVAVG06 Overriding of Values from Table T5D80 TRANSP C
500 T7DEPBSVAVGAGA Age and Calculation Rule of Retirement Age Limit TRANSP C