SAP ABAP Table - Index T, page 36
Table - T
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 TCYDT Texts for overall profile detailed list TRANSP E
2 TCYE Capacity planning: Object type table for detailed cap. list TRANSP S
3 TCYET Capacity planning: Object table for detail list TRANSP S
4 TCYF Profile detailed list: Displayed fields TRANSP E
5 TCYFT Texts for displayed fields profile TRANSP E
6 TCYMI Matrix identifications TRANSP C
7 TCYMIT Definition of transition matrix TRANSP C
8 TCYMPP Customizing Settings for Workforce Planning TRANSP E
9 TCYMPPT Texts for Workforce Planning Profiles TRANSP E
10 TCYMPP_PERIODS Period Split for Workforce Planning TRANSP E
11 TCYP Profile detailed list: Criteria grouping TRANSP E
12 TCYPT Texts for criteria grouping TRANSP E
13 TCYS Profile detailed list: Sort criteria TRANSP E
14 TCYST Texts for sort criteria profile TRANSP E
15 TCYTM Transition matrix TRANSP C
16 TCZ01 Source Files for Application TRANSP C
17 TCZ02 Language-dependent source for original application files TRANSP C
18 TCZ02T Descriptions for laguage dependent source for originals TRANSP C
19 TCZGL Global DMS Settings TRANSP C
20 TD01 Table for collateral keys TRANSP C
21 TD01T Text elements for TD01 Collat.sec.type TRANSP C
22 TD02 Table of Loan Classes TRANSP C
23 TD02T Text Table for TD02 Loan Classes TRANSP C
24 TD03 Assign Loan Type -> Product Type TRANSP C
25 TD03A Define Loan Type POOL C
26 TD03T Texts for Table TD03 security types TRANSP C
27 TD04 Reason for Notice TRANSP C
28 TD04T Text table for TD04 (notice types) TRANSP C
29 TD05 Target group table POOL C
30 TD05T Texts for table TD05 target groups POOL C
31 TD05T_AT IS-IS: Texts for TD05_AT TRANSP C
32 TD05T_AT_FS IS-IS: Texts for TD05_AT TRANSP C
33 TD05_AT IS-IS: ÖNB-Target groups TRANSP C
34 TD05_AT_FS IS-IS: ÖNB-Target groups TRANSP C
35 TD06 Document type POOL C
36 TD061 Value table for type of file TRANSP C
37 TD06A Text table for TD061 Type of File TRANSP C
38 TD06F Texts for document groups POOL C
39 TD06G Document group POOL C
40 TD06T Text table for TD06 document types POOL C
41 TD06U Document groups dependent on statuses of transaction types POOL C
42 TD07 Purpose of loan TRANSP C
43 TD07T Purpose of loan (Texts for table TD07) TRANSP C
44 TD09 Loan Maturity TRANSP C
45 TD09T Term of loan (texts) TRANSP C
46 TD10 Indicator for special treatment of loan TRANSP C
47 TD10T Indicator for special treatment of loan (texts) TRANSP C
48 TD11 Home statement POOL C
49 TD11T Home statement (texts) POOL C
50 TD12 Storage location indicator for file original documents POOL C
51 TD12T Filing indicator name for file original documents POOL C
52 TD13 Type of offer or contract acceptance POOL C
53 TD13T Text table for TD13 (Contact/offer acceptance type) POOL C
54 TD14 Value table for tax preferential treatment ID POOL C
55 TD14T Text table for TD14 (Tax preferential treatment ID) POOL C
56 TD15 Residential development financing types POOL C
57 TD15T Residential development financing types (text table) POOL C
58 TD16 Borrower's note security value table TRANSP C
59 TD16T Texts for borrower's note loan securities TRANSP C
60 TD17 Branch office TRANSP C
61 TD17T Branch office text table TRANSP C
62 TD18 Business regions TRANSP C
63 TD18T Business region text table TRANSP C
64 TD19 Organizational Unit (Contract Management) TRANSP C
65 TD19T Organizational Unit (Contract Management) TRANSP C
66 TD20 Allocation of key for wording / Order POOL C
67 TD20T Texts for TD20 POOL C
68 TD21 Reasons for generating incoming payments immediately TRANSP C
69 TD21T Reasons for generating incom.pmnts immed. (texts) POOL C
70 TD22 Special arrangement indicators POOL C
71 TD22T Texts for special arrangement indicators POOL C
72 TD27 Loan notice types TRANSP C
73 TD27T Notice Type for the Loan TRANSP C
74 TD28 Notice arrangements (lender) TRANSP C
75 TD28T Notice arrangements (lender) TRANSP C
76 TD29 Notice Arrangement for Borrower TRANSP C
77 TD29T Notice arrangements (borrower) TRANSP C
78 TD30 Distribution Channel TRANSP C
79 TD30T Distribution Channel TRANSP C
80 TD47D Form selection legal dunning procedure in loans TRANSP C
81 TD47E Form selection for dunning notices TRANSP C
82 TDA10 Alloc. of to ok-codes and screen overview POOL S
83 TDA11 Allocation of OK-codes to the POOL S
84 TDA12 Loans master data field control TRANSP S
85 TDA14 Field Control Loan Master Data Loans for Business Operations TRANSP S
86 TDA5 Non-Accept.Reason TRANSP C
87 TDA5T Reason for non-acceptance (texts for TDA5) TRANSP C
88 TDACCOUNTDETS Account Determination Open Item Transfer Posting TRANSP C
89 TDACCOUNT_DET_S Account Determination Open Item Transfer Posting TRANSP C
90 TDACC_PRINCIPLE Accounting Principles for Parallel Valuation TRANSP C
91 TDALE_EXP ALE Export Relevance per Company Code TRANSP C
93 TDALE_EXP_GROUPT ALE Processing Groups Text Table TRANSP E
94 TDALE_EXP_LOAN ALE Export Relevance Per Loan TRANSP C
95 TDAPPLBUDAT Check Table: Permitted Defaults Posting Date per Application TRANSP S
96 TDAPPLICATIONS Field Catalog - Applications TRANSP S
97 TDAPPLICATIONST Field Catalog - Applications Text Table TRANSP S
98 TDATAGROUPS Datensatzgruppen TRANSP A
100 TDATS R/3 DD: Control for Generating Data Interfaces TRANSP S
101 TDB08 Flow Types per Posting Application Additional Data TRANSP C
102 TDB1 Flow types for incoming payment rejections POOL C
103 TDB23 Activity Type - Control of Requirements TRANSP C
104 TDBAFINGP Customizing Table for Roles Relevant for BaFin TRANSP C
105 TDBBB Allocation of program-internal flow types TRANSP C
106 TDBILL_CATEG Invoice categories TRANSP S
107 TDBILL_CATEGT Description of Billing Categories TRANSP S
108 TDBILL_FORMAT Bill Format (Paper Bill / Paperless Bill) TRANSP C
109 TDBILL_FORMATT Description of Bill Format (with Print / without Print) TRANSP C
110 TDBILL_PAR Settings for Billing TRANSP C
111 TDBL Form line items (credit stnd.check, doc.values, csh budget) POOL C
112 TDBLT Text table for TDBL (debit and income types) POOL C
113 TDBOCLICALC_REL Processing Options for CLI Differ. for Each Bus. Op. Subcat. TRANSP C
114 TDBO_BALANCE Flow Grouping for Calculation of Interest on Arrears TRANSP C
115 TDBO_BALANCET Text Table for Flow Grouping to Calculate Int. on Arrears TRANSP C
116 TDBO_CFEXC_IN Exception Table for Inflow Behavior TRANSP C
117 TDBO_CFEXC_OUT Exception Table for Outflow Behavior TRANSP C
118 TDBO_CFHEAD_IN Header Entry for Control of Inflow Behavior TRANSP C
119 TDBO_CFHEAD_OUT Header Entry for Control of Outflow Behavior TRANSP C
120 TDBSELVER SVER: Testtabelle für Double-Byte Selektionen. TRANSP L
121 TDBUDAT Default Posting Date TRANSP S
122 TDBUDAT_T Texts: Default Posting Date TRANSP S
123 TDCAPTR_GSTEER General Control Data of Capital Transfer TRANSP C
124 TDCAPTR_POSTPR Indicator Manual Postprocessing TRANSP C
125 TDCAPTR_POSTPRT Texts for Manual Postprocessing Capital Transfer TRANSP C
126 TDCAPTR_REASON Capital Transfer Reasons TRANSP C
127 TDCAPTR_REASONT Texts Capital Transfer Reasons TRANSP C
128 TDCAPTR_REPCH Repayment Change Indicator Capital Transfer TRANSP C
129 TDCAPTR_REPCHT Texts for Repayment Change Indicator Capital Transfer TRANSP C
130 TDCAPTR_TEMPL Templates for Capital Transfer TRANSP C
131 TDCAPTR_TEMPLTXT Texts for Capital Transfer Templates TRANSP C
132 TDCAPTR_TRANSB Transfer Behavior Capital Transfer TRANSP C
133 TDCAPTR_TRANSBT Texts for Transfer Behavior TRANSP C
134 TDCAP_CUST Settings/Preassignments for Capitalization of Overdue Items TRANSP C
135 TDCAP_GSTEER General Control Data TRANSP C
136 TDCAP_POSTPR Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing Capitalization TRANSP C
137 TDCAP_POSTPRT Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing Capital. Texts TRANSP C
138 TDCAP_REASON Reason for Capitalizn TRANSP C
139 TDCAP_REASONT Reason for Capitalization: Texts TRANSP C
140 TDCBRSTATFLD Assignment of Status Field No. to Credit Bureau Field Name TRANSP S
141 TDCBRSTSMA Assignment of Status Profile to Credit Bureau Field TRANSP C
142 TDCBR_PAR Define Parameters for Credit Bureau TRANSP C
143 TDCHARAC Processing Characteristics TRANSP E
144 TDCHARAC2 Processing Characteristics TRANSP S
145 TDCHARAC2_T Processing Characteristics Text Table TRANSP S
146 TDCHARACVALUE Values for Processing Characteristics TRANSP E
147 TDCHARACVALUE2 Values for Processing Characteristics TRANSP S
148 TDCHARACVALUE2_T Processing Characteristic Value Text Table TRANSP S
149 TDCHARACVALUE_T Processing Characteristic Value Text Table TRANSP E
150 TDCHARAC_T Processing Characteristics TRANSP E
151 TDCHARGE_GSTEER General Control Data TRANSP C
152 TDCHGCATG Change Category TRANSP S
153 TDCHGCATGSUB Change Sub-Category TRANSP S
154 TDCHGCATGSUB_T Change Sub-Category Text Table TRANSP S
155 TDCHGCATG_T Change Category Text Table TRANSP S
156 TDCLD Hypertext: control table POOL E
157 TDCLI_INSURANCE Table of Credit Life Insurance Rates TRANSP C
158 TDCLI_INSURANCET Text Tables for CLI - Rates TRANSP A
159 TDCLI_INS_1 Table of Credit Life Insurance Rates TRANSP C
160 TDCLI_OCCUP Table of Occupational Keys for Credit Life Insurance TRANSP C
161 TDCLT Hypertext: text on control table POOL E
162 TDCL_EXCEPTION Consumer Loans: Correspondence Without Correspondence Tool TRANSP C
163 TDCOMPONENTS Field Catalog - Components TRANSP S
164 TDCOMPONENTST Field Catalog - Componenets Text Table TRANSP S
165 TDCOMPVAR Field Catalog - Components Variants TRANSP S
166 TDCOMPVART Field Catalog - Components Varients Text Table TRANSP S
167 TDCONDCATEGORY Condition Category TRANSP S
169 TDCONDVER_ACP Condition Verification: Permitted Condition Constellation TRANSP S
170 TDCONDVER_CPV Condition Verification: Permitted Condition Constellation TRANSP S
171 TDCONDVER_CUMSG Condiotion Verification: List of Customizable Checks TRANSP S
172 TDCONDVER_CUMSGT Condition Verification: Texts for Customizable Checks TRANSP S
173 TDCONDVER_FC Condition Verification: Define Field Properties TRANSP S
174 TDCONDVER_FP Condition Verfier: Field Item Customizing TRANSP S
175 TDCONDVER_FV Condition Verification: Define Permitted Field Values TRANSP S
176 TDCONDVER_MSG Condition Verification: Update Checks and Define Msge Type TRANSP C
177 TDCONDVER_SBFIMA Condition Verification: Permitted Flow Categories TRANSP S
178 TDCONDVER_SBZITI Condition Verfication: Permitted Calculation Categories TRANSP S
179 TDCOND_PROP Currency-Dependent Default Setting of Conditions TRANSP C
180 TDCORRESP Fields for Correspondence, e.g. Action if Undeliverable TRANSP C
181 TDCOTYP_ACT Assignment Business Operation/Role ---> Correspondence Type TRANSP C
182 TDCOT_FLDCTRL Field Control for Condition Item TRANSP S
183 TDCOT_LOANFUNC List of Application Functions Supported (Condition Table) TRANSP S
184 TDCO_OPT_TEXT Correspondence Tool: Optional Text Modules TRANSP C
185 TDCO_USER_TEXT Definition of Custom Text for Correspondence Tool TRANSP C
186 TDCREDIT_CUSTOM Customer-Specific Solution for Borrowing TRANSP S
187 TDCT Dialog Modules TRANSP W
188 TDCUSTCHECK Control Table Customizing Checks TRANSP E
189 TDCUSTFIELDST Field Catalog - Customizing Field Status TRANSP C
190 TDDAT Maintenance Areas for Tables POOL G
191 TDDC_TABSTRIP Tabstrips Control TRANSP C
192 TDDC_TABSTRIPT Tabstrip Text Control TRANSP C
193 TDDEBTTR_GSTEER General Control Data TRANSP C
194 TDDEBTTR_PAYM Payment info. for reactivated items after borrower change TRANSP C
195 TDDEBTTR_REASON Reason for the Borrower Change TRANSP C
196 TDDEBTTR_REASONT Text Table for Borrower Change Reason TRANSP C
197 TDDEBTTR_STATUS Status Transfer Matrix TRANSP S
198 TDDEFCMETH Determination of Counter Method Using Dunning Procedure TRANSP S
199 TDDEFPROD Control Dunning Using Product Type TRANSP C
200 TDDEF_CUST Settings/Preassignments for Deferral TRANSP C
201 TDDEF_GSTEER General Control Data TRANSP C
202 TDDEF_POSTPR Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing TRANSP C
203 TDDEF_POSTPRT Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing Texts TRANSP C
204 TDDEF_REASON Reason for Deferral TRANSP C
205 TDDEF_REASONT Texts for Reason for Deferral TRANSP C
206 TDDG1 Value table 1 User-specific loans key TRANSP C
207 TDDG2 Value table 2 User-specific loans key TRANSP C
208 TDDG3 Value table 3 User-specific loans key TRANSP C
209 TDDG4 Value table 4 User-specific loans key TRANSP C
210 TDDGA User-specific loans key 1 text table TRANSP C
211 TDDGB User-specific loans key 2 text table TRANSP C
212 TDDGC User-specific loan key 3 text tables TRANSP C
213 TDDGD User-specific loan key 4 texts TRANSP C
214 TDDIR Active field exits for data elements TRANSP C
215 TDDIRS Field exits on particular screens TRANSP C
216 TDDISB_GSTEER General control data TRANSP C
217 TDDISB_REASON Reasons for Manual Postprocessing TRANSP C
218 TDDISB_REASONT Texts for Reasons for Manual Postprocessing TRANSP C
219 TDDISB_TEMPL Disbursement: Template TRANSP C
220 TDDISB_TEMPLTXT Disbursement: Sample Text TRANSP C
221 TDDUNNLVL Dunning Levels by Number of Overdue Installments TRANSP C
222 TDDUNN_CORRESP Fields for Correspondence, e.g. Action if Undeliverable TRANSP C
223 TDEPEND Abhängigkeiten TRANSP A
224 TDESC_REASON Reason Categories TRANSP C
225 TDESC_REASONT Reason Descriptions TRANSP C
226 TDESC_TYPEMAP Assign a New Key to Escrow Flow Category for FIMA TRANSP S
227 TDESRT049E CML Corr.: Assignment of Posting Area - ISR Partic. Number TRANSP C
228 TDESRTZB0A CML Corr.: Sequence for Printing Items TRANSP C
229 TDESRVDINVIH CML Corr.: Invoice Header TRANSP A
230 TDESRVDINVIP CML Corr.: Invoice Positions TRANSP A
231 TDEVC Packages TRANSP W
232 TDEVCT Texts for Packages TRANSP W
233 TDEVOBJCL Assignment of Development Objects to a Project Class TRANSP G
234 TDEVOBJP Object List of Program Objects in a Project TRANSP S
235 TDFFB_CFHEXEPT_O Exception Table for Controlling Outflow Behavior TRANSP C
236 TDFFB_CFHHEAD_O Header Entry for Controlling Outflow Behavior TRANSP C
237 TDFIELDCATALOG Field Catalog - Field Catalog TRANSP S
238 TDFIELDGROUP Field Catalog - Field Groups TRANSP S
239 TDFIELDGROUPT Field Catalog - Field Groups Text Table TRANSP S
240 TDFLDCATALOGT Field Catalog - Field Catalog Text Table TRANSP S
241 TDFLOW_EXT Permitted Flow Types Per Region TRANSP C
242 TDG03 DG: Specify Transport Type TRANSP C
243 TDG04 DG: Short Description for Transport Type TRANSP C
244 TDG09 DG: Define dangerous goods classes TRANSP C
245 TDG10 DG: Label for dangerous goods classes TRANSP C
246 TDG101 Dangerous Goods Packaging Status TRANSP G
247 TDG102 Dangerous Goods Packaging Status Descriptions TRANSP G
248 TDG103 Indicators for Transport TRANSP C
249 TDG104 Description of Transport Indicators TRANSP C
250 TDG105 Assign Transport Indicators to Dangerous Goods Regulation TRANSP C
251 TDG107 DG Indicator: Display Old Indicators in DG Supplement TRANSP C
252 TDG11 DG: Define Classification Code (Risk Potential) TRANSP C
253 TDG111 Profiles for Additional Information for Danger Label TRANSP C
254 TDG112 Description of Profiles for Additional Information TRANSP C
255 TDG12 DG: Description for Classification Code TRANSP C
256 TDG15 Water Pollution Classes TRANSP C
257 TDG153 EHS: Collective Mode-of-Transport Categories TRANSP C
258 TDG16 DG: Label for water pollution class TRANSP C
259 TDG17 DG: Define danger label TRANSP C
260 TDG18 DG: Description for danger label number TRANSP C
261 TDG21 DG: Link table to text IDs TRANSP C
262 TDG22 DG: Description for user-defined texts TRANSP C
263 TDG27 DG: Hazard notes TRANSP C
264 TDG28 Descriptions for hazard notes TRANSP C
265 TDG29 DG: Labels for Printing TRANSP C
266 TDG30 DG: Text table for printing labels TRANSP C
267 TDG31 DG: Hazard Identification Numbers TRANSP C
268 TDG32 Text table for hazard identification numbers TRANSP C
269 TDG33 DG: Hazard-Inducing Substances TRANSP C
270 TDG34 DG: Description for hazard-inducing substances TRANSP C
271 TDG35 DG: VbF Classes TRANSP C
272 TDG36 DG: Description for VbF classes TRANSP C
273 TDG37 DG: Dangerous Goods Storage Class TRANSP C
274 TDG38 DG: Description for Storage Hazard Classes TRANSP C
275 TDG39 DG: Processing status for DG master data TRANSP C
276 TDG40 DG: Description for processing status TRANSP C
277 TDG41 DG: DG Indicator Profiles for Material Master TRANSP C
278 TDG42 DG: Desc. DG indicator profiles for material master TRANSP C
279 TDG43 DG: Selection date for DG documents and DG checks TRANSP C
280 TDG47 DG: Text names for DG material-master independent texts TRANSP C
281 TDG48 DG: Description for DG material-independent texts TRANSP C
282 TDG49 DG: Permitted Primary Languages TRANSP C
283 TDG51 DG: Derivation of Secondary Language TRANSP C
284 TDG61 DG: Regulations TRANSP C
285 TDG63 DG: Derivation of Regulations TRANSP C
286 TDG65 DG: Dangerous goods mode of transport category (dummy) TRANSP C
287 TDG66 DG: Text Table for Mode of Transport Categories TRANSP C
288 TDG67 DG: Define UN numbers (new) TRANSP C
289 TDG68 DG: Text table for UN number (new) TRANSP C
290 TDG69 DG: Define Checkbox Structure for Filling/Distribution TRANSP C
291 TDG70 DG: Checkbox Structure Description for Filling/Distribution TRANSP C
292 TDG71 DG: Define Checkbox Struct. for Filling/Distribution (Pack.) TRANSP C
293 TDG72 DG: Checkbox Structure Desc. for Filling/Distrib. (Packag.) TRANSP C
294 TDG73 DG: Identification Number Type TRANSP C
295 TDG74 DG: Description of Identification Number Type TRANSP C
296 TDG75 DG: Hide Messages when Writing Log TRANSP C
297 TDG77 DG: Priorities for Validity Areas per Regulation TRANSP C
298 TDG79 DG: Making Filling More Flexible: Assignment Table TRANSP C
299 TDG81 Dynamic Tab Titles for Dangerous Goods Master TRANSP G
300 TDG82 Descriptions for Dynamic Tab Titles TRANSP G
301 TDG85 Exceptions to DG Regulations: Assignment Profiles TRANSP C
302 TDG86 Exceptions to DG Regulations: Assgmt Profile Descriptions TRANSP C
303 TDG87 Exceptions to DG Regulations: Assgmt Objects to Assgmt Prof. TRANSP C
304 TDG91 Text Pattern Profiles TRANSP C
305 TDG92 Description for Text Pattern Profiles TRANSP C
306 TDG93 Assign Text Pattern Profile to Output Types TRANSP C
307 TDG95 DG: Define Level of Dangerous Goods Packaging TRANSP G
308 TDG96 DG: Text Table for Level of Dangerous Goods Packaging TRANSP G
309 TDG97 DG: Approval Code Types TRANSP C
310 TDG98 GG: Text Table for Approval Code Types TRANSP C
311 TDGA1 DG: Activating Dangerous Goods Checks TRANSP C
312 TDGA11 DG: Relevant Dangerous Goods Master Tables for SD Process TRANSP C
313 TDGA3 DG: Dangerous goods - check schema - determination routine TRANSP C
314 TDGA5 DG: Dangerous goods - check methods TRANSP C
315 TDGA6 DG: Labels for dangerous goods check routines TRANSP C
316 TDGA7 DG: Usage profile for dangerous goods check routines TRANSP C
317 TDGA9 DG: Check Schema Determination Routines for Shipment Docs TRANSP C
318 TDGB1 DG: Defining dangerous goods check schema TRANSP C
319 TDGB2 DG: Description for dangerous goods check schema TRANSP C
320 TDGB3 DG: Assignment DG check schema/DG check methods/reaction TRANSP C
321 TDGB5 DG: Assign DG Check Schemas for Shipping Documents TRANSP C
322 TDGB7 DG: Assign DG check schemata for transport documents TRANSP C
323 TDGB9 DG: Assign Dangerous Goods Check Schemas for Sales Documents TRANSP C
324 TDGC1 DG: Output Conditions for Material Master Fields TRANSP C
325 TDGC3 DG: Output Conditions for DG-Independent Texts TRANSP C
326 TDGC5 DG: Dangerous Goods Management Profile for SD Documents TRANSP C
327 TDGC6 Text table for DG indicator profiles in the delivery header TRANSP C
328 TDGC7 DG: Controlling EDI Processing TRANSP C
329 TDGD1 DG: Definition of a Regulation Profile TRANSP C
330 TDGD11 EHS: Determ. Routine for Templ. Proc. in Shipping and Sales TRANSP C
331 TDGD13 EHS: Validity Template Processing for Sales Documents TRANSP C
332 TDGD15 EHS: Validity Template Processing for Shipping Documents TRANSP C
333 TDGD17 EHS: Determ. Routine for Template Processing in Shipment TRANSP C
334 TDGD19 EHS: Validity Template Processing for Shipment Documents TRANSP C
335 TDGD2 DG: Description Regulation Profile TRANSP C
336 TDGD3 DG: Assignment Regulation to Regulation Profile TRANSP C
337 TDGD5 DG: Definition of an Indicator Category TRANSP G
338 TDGD6 DG: Description Indicator Category TRANSP C
339 TDGD7 DG: Assignment Indicator Category / Regulation Profile TRANSP C
340 TDGD9 DG: Specify Checkbox Struct. for Temp./One-Time Mat. Maint. TRANSP C
341 TDGS1 DG: Table fields for long texts in DGTMD TRANSP S
342 TDGS2 DG: Field Names for DGTMD and DGTM2 (DG Master) TRANSP S
343 TDGS3 DG: Field Names for DGTPK (Packing Requirement) TRANSP S
344 TDGT1 DG: Alloc. route, dep. country, dest. country a. RoRo ind. TRANSP C
345 TDGT2 DG: Transit countries, leg indicator, indicator sea/air TRANSP C
346 TDHIERKRIT Evaluation Criteria POOL C
347 TDHIERKRITPRIO Incoming Payment: Order of Evaluation Criteria TRANSP C
348 TDHIERKRITSORT Incoming Payment: Assignment Table TRANSP C
349 TDHIERKRITT Incoming Payments: Assignment Criteria Texts TRANSP C
350 TDHIERPLAN Hierarchy Plan TRANSP C
351 TDHIERSET Hierarchy Settings TRANSP C
352 TDI01 Entity Type - View Assignment TRANSP W
353 TDIAGTPL_ATTR template attribute part TRANSP S
354 TDIAGTPL_ELEM template element TRANSP S
355 TDIAGTPL_PARAM Table of dynamic parameters for templates TRANSP S
356 TDIAGTPL_PARAM_T Translation table for dynamic templates TRANSP S
357 TDIAGTPL_TRANS table containing the translatable fields used in templates TRANSP S
358 TDIA_OPAY_ORD Outgoing Payment Sequence of Evaluation Criteria TRANSP C
359 TDIA_ORD_ASSIGN Outgoing Payment Assignment Table TRANSP C
360 TDIA_ORD_CRIT Outgoing Payment Evaluation Criteria TRANSP C
361 TDIA_ORD_CRITT Outgoing Payment Evaluation Criteria Texts TRANSP C
362 TDIBP DDS: context TRANSP C
363 TDIBP_T DDS: context - language-dependent description TRANSP C
364 TDICO DDS: type of copy TRANSP C
365 TDICO_T Language-dependent description of copy type TRANSP C
366 TDICT DDS: communication type TRANSP C
367 TDICT_T Language-dependent description of communication type TRANSP C
368 TDIEV DDS: context - event allocation TRANSP C
369 TDIEX DDS: user exits for the distribution types TRANSP C
370 TDIM DDS: medium TRANSP C
371 TDIMCT DDS: possible media for communication type TRANSP C
372 TDIMPLEMENTRULES Processing Rules for Contracts with Stop Codes TRANSP C
373 TDIM_T DDS: language-dependent texts for medium TRANSP C
374 TDINSURE_CAT0 Do Not Use: Insurance Categories TRANSP S
375 TDINSURE_TYPE0 Do Not Use: Insurance Categories TRANSP C
376 TDINSURE_TYPE_T0 Temporary Use: Insurance Categories - Texts TRANSP C
377 TDINTEB Internal Level of Financial Assets Management TRANSP S
378 TDINTEBT Name for Internal Level of Financial Assets Management TRANSP S
379 TDINTER_FIELDCAT Field Catalog for Converting Modification Groups TRANSP S
380 TDIOA_BAL_COND Assignment Condition Type to Flow Type Grouping - IOA Calc. TRANSP C
381 TDIOA_BO Interest on Arrears Active in BO Interest on Arrears Calc. TRANSP C
382 TDIOA_FT_BALANCE Assignment of Flows to Flow Type Grouping - IOA Calculation TRANSP C
383 TDIOA_GSTEER General Control Data for Interest on Arrears Calculation TRANSP C
384 TDIOA_NOPOSTCALC Flow Types Without Recalculation TRANSP C
385 TDIOA_SCHEMET Text Table for Profile Definition IOA Calculation TRANSP C
386 TDIOA_SCHEME_BAL Assignment of Product Type to Profile and Flow Type Grouping TRANSP C
387 TDIOA_SCHEME_DEF Profile Definition for Interest on Arrears Calculation TRANSP C
388 TDIOA_TEMPL Template for Interest On Arrears Calculation TRANSP C
389 TDIOA_TEMPLTXT Template Texts for Interest on Arrears Calculation TRANSP C
390 TDIOA_TRIV_AMT Trivial Amount per Currency and Profile IOA Calculation TRANSP C
391 TDIPDPLAN Payment Plan Hierarchy TRANSP C
392 TDIPDPLANT Texts for Payment Plan Hierarchy TRANSP C
393 TDIPDRULES Customizing Table, Definition of Processing Rules TRANSP C
394 TDIPDRULEST Text Table for Rule Key TRANSP C
395 TDIPR DDS: definition of plotters TRANSP C
396 TDKK1 Definition of Correspondence Class TRANSP C
397 TDKK2 Predefine Correspondence Class Assignment for Partner TRANSP C
398 TDKKT Correspondence Class Texts TRANSP C
399 TDKWG GBA control table-Output TRANSP S
400 TDKZ Exception Table for DE, DO, TB in Customer Res. with "Y"/"Z" POOL S
401 TDL1 Collat.securities preferential treatment ID table POOL C
402 TDL1T Collat.securities special treatment ID text table POOL C
403 TDL2 Indicator Table Guarantee Type 1 POOL C
404 TDL21 Indicator Table Guarantee Type 2 POOL C
405 TDL21T Text Table Indicator Guarantee Type 2 POOL C
406 TDL2T Text Table for Guarantee Type 1 Indicator POOL C
407 TDL3 Pledge status indicator table TRANSP C
408 TDL3T Pledge status indicator text table TRANSP C
409 TDLO Loan report layout parameters TRANSP S
410 TDLOANFKO Condition Types per Application Partial Function Loans TRANSP C
411 TDLOANFUNC Flow Types per Application Subfunction for Loans POOL C
412 TDLOANREPLACE General Data for Discharging Loan TRANSP C
413 TDLOANSUBFUNC Application subfunction for loans TRANSP S
414 TDLOANSUBFUNCT Name of Application Subfunction in Loans TRANSP S
415 TDLOAN_CPPART Default Sttng of Permitted Roles and Roles for Partner Copy TRANSP C
416 TDLOC_ACTIVE Activate Localization TRANSP C
417 TDLOC_FEAS_FUNC Define Country-Specific Functions TRANSP S
418 TDLOC_FEAS_FU_T Text Table for Country-Specific Functions TRANSP S
419 TDLOS_CONTROL Loan Origination: Control Parameters TRANSP C
420 TDLOS_DISCHANNEL Loan Origination: Assignment of Sales Channels TRANSP C
421 TDLOS_FEE_CODE Loan Origination: Permitted Charges/Insurance Policies TRANSP C
422 TDLOS_FEE_CODET Loan Origination: Permitted Charges TRANSP C
423 TDLOS_INS_BP Loan Origination: Business Partner Data for CLI Calculation TRANSP C
424 TDLOS_MAP_COND Loan Origination: Assignment of Conditions TRANSP C
425 TDLOS_MAP_PAYF Loan Origination: Assignment of Payment Methods TRANSP C
426 TDLOS_MAP_TARIF Loan Origination: Assignment of Insurance Rates TRANSP C
427 TDLOS_ORIGINATOR Loan Origination: Loan Originator TRANSP C
428 TDLOS_PURPOSE Loan Origination: Assignment of Loan Purpose TRANSP C
429 TDLOS_SAVE Loan Origination: SAVE modules for saving loans TRANSP S
430 TDM01 Data Model Conversion Log TRANSP E
431 TDM02 Assignment of Entities to SAP Tables TRANSP E
432 TDM03 Entity Short/Long Name TRANSP E
433 TDM04 Entity Type TRANSP E
434 TDM05 Data Model Short/Long Name TRANSP E
435 TDM06 Data Model TRANSP E
436 TDM07 Assignment of Entities to Data Models TRANSP E
437 TDM08 Relationships Between Entities TRANSP E
438 TDM09 Entity Attributes TRANSP E
439 TDM10 Assignment Synonyms-Entity TRANSP E
440 TDM11 Assignment Entity - Alias Name TRANSP E
441 TDM12 Attribute Short/Long Name POOL E
442 TDM13 Attributes of entity types, assignment of data elements TRANSP E
443 TDM14 Customizing attributes of entity types TRANSP E
444 TDM19 Specialization category POOL E
445 TDM20 Specialization POOL E
446 TDM21 Entity Specialization Category TRANSP E
447 TDM22 Entity Specialization Category Text TRANSP E
448 TDM23 Assign Specialization Category to Target Entity TRANSP E
449 TDM25 Assign Entities to Data Element POOL E
450 TDM26 Specialization Category: Short/Long Name POOL E
451 TDM27 EDM Cluster: Short/Long Name TRANSP E
452 TDM28 EDM Clusters TRANSP E
453 TDM29 EDM Cluster Assignment: Data Model-Entity Type TRANSP E
454 TDM30 User Directory TRANSP E
455 TDM31 Check Table for Owner TRANSP E
456 TDM99 User Authorization for EDM Tool POOL C
457 TDMAHNS_MAN Loans: Manual Dunning Level TRANSP C
458 TDMAHNS_MANT Loans: Text for Manual Dunning Level TRANSP C
459 TDMAZNB Customizing: Automatic Incoming Payment Postprocessing TRANSP C
460 TDMFC ADW Data with Incorrect Code POOL E
461 TDMODEL_FIELDFLT Hidden Fields for Loans TRANSP S
462 TDMODEL_FIELDTXT Field Texts for Consumer Loans TRANSP C
463 TDMV1 EDM varchart positions TRANSP E
464 TDNONDUEITEMS "Billed but Not Due" Charges TRANSP C
465 TDNOTEPAY_ACT_C Define Country for Extension Note to Payee TRANSP S
466 TDNOTEP_REFTYP Assign Note to Payee in PMW TRANSP C
467 TDNOTEP_REFTYPFP Assign Note to Payee in PMW TRANSP C
468 TDNOTICE_INTACC Receivables Interim Account for Business Operation Notice TRANSP C
469 TDNOTICE_INTACCT Texts for Receivables Interim Account TRANSP C
470 TDO1 Object construction methods table POOL C
471 TDO10 Indicator for Condition of Object TRANSP C
472 TDO10T Indicator for Condition of Object (Description) TRANSP C
473 TDO11 Indicator for Collateral Object Fixtures and Fittings TRANSP C
474 TDO11T Indicator for Collateral Object Features (Description) TRANSP C
475 TDO12 Indicator: Area Description for Object TRANSP C
476 TDO12T Object Area Description Indicator (Description) TRANSP C
477 TDO1T Texts for TD01 Object Construction Methods POOL C
478 TDO2 Part of building name POOL C
479 TDO2T Text table for TD02 part of building name POOL C
480 TDO3 Valuation qualification indicator POOL C
481 TDO3T Valuation qualification ID// Text for TD03 POOL C
482 TDO4 Type of valuation procedure POOL C
483 TDO4T Type of valuation procedure// Texts for TDO4 POOL C
484 TDO5 Valuation rating base POOL C
485 TDO5T Rating base valuation// Texts for TDO5 POOL C
486 TDO6 Land register type indicator POOL C
487 TDO6T Text table for land registry indicator POOL C
488 TDO7 Administration cost types POOL C
489 TDO7T Text table for administration cost elements POOL C
490 TDO8 Property Conditions for Collateral Objects TRANSP C
491 TDO8T Property Conditions for Collateral Objects (Description) TRANSP C
492 TDO9 Heritable Building Right Indicator for Collateral Objects TRANSP C
493 TDO9T Type of Heritable Building Right (Descriptions) TRANSP C
494 TDOCU Control Table for the Document Manager POOL S
495 TDOKU Documentation: Class Table POOL S
496 TDOKUIMG Node Table for General Structure Storage TRANSP E
497 TDOKUIMGR General Structure Storage References TRANSP E
498 TDOKUIMGT General Structure Storage Node Names TRANSP E
499 TDOPAPPL Application Descriptions CML TRANSP S
500 TDOPAPPL_T Application Indicators Text Table TRANSP S