SAP ABAP Table - Index T, page 8
Table - T
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 T5C1M Family-Related Bonuses TRANSP C
2 T5C1N Family Equalization Fund TRANSP C
3 T5C1O Cantons/Municipalities (CH) TRANSP C
4 T5C1P EO Compensation (CH) POOL C
5 T5C1Q HR-CH: Company department short-time work POOL C
6 T5C1R Text for Company Department POOL C
7 T5C1S Withholding Tax Rates (CH) POOL C
8 T5C1T Texts for Withholding Tax POOL C
9 T5C1U Profession Categories TRANSP C
10 T5C1V Texts for Profession Categories TRANSP C
11 T5C1W ASM statistic texts POOL C
12 T5C1X Paying Offices (CH) TRANSP C
13 T5C1Y Fee for Withholding Tax POOL C
14 T5C1Z Company Pension Fund Factors POOL C
15 T5C20 Time Quotas for Subapplications CH TRANSP C
16 T5C21 (Further) Training Institutes TRANSP C
17 T5C21T Name of (Further) Training Institutes TRANSP C
18 T5C22 (Further) Trainings TRANSP C
19 T5C22T Descriptions of (Further) Trainings TRANSP C
20 T5C23 Further Calculation Formulas for Cumulation Wage Types TRANSP C
21 T5C2A Text on Tax Liability TRANSP C
22 T5C2B Withholding Tax Bases TRANSP C
23 T5C2C Withholding Tax Liability TRANSP C
24 T5C2D Withholding Tax Calculation TRANSP C
25 T5C2E Special Table 13th Monthly Wages TRANSP E
26 T5C2F Tax Cantons TRANSP C
27 T5C2G Texts for Withholding Tax TRANSP C
28 T5C2H WhT Tax Records TRANSP C
29 T5C2H_EXT WTx Rates (Basis as of 100,000) TRANSP C
30 T5C2I WhT Accounting Number TRANSP C
31 T5C2J Withholding Tax Liability TRANSP C
32 T5C2K WhT Table Structure TRANSP C
33 T5C2L Withholding tax - payroll number TRANSP C
34 T5C2M Payroll unit - withholding tax TRANSP C
35 T5C2MT Payroll unit: Withholding tax texts TRANSP C
36 T5C2N Payroll unit - wage statement TRANSP C
37 T5C2NB Remarks for Payroll Unit Wage Statement TRANSP C
38 T5C2NT Payroll unit - wage statement texts TRANSP C
39 T5C2O Conversion of Residence Status for Vaud TRANSP C
40 T5C2O_CHILD EMP-ACI: No. of Children TRANSP C
41 T5C2O_FAMST EMP-ACI: Assignment of Marital Status to Event TRANSP C
42 T5C2O_SCALE EMP-ACI: Conversion of Scale Names for File TRANSP C
43 T5C2P WHT Geneva: Conversion of Pay Scale Indicator TRANSP C
44 T5C2P_ABRNR Employer Data for WHT Accounting Geneva TRANSP C
45 T5C2P_FAMST WHT Geneva: Conversion of Marital Status from Infotype 0002 TRANSP C
46 T5C2P_KONFE WHT GE: Assignment of Religion Key for File (GeTIS) TRANSP C
47 T5C2P_LOCCD Withholding Tax Geneva: Place of Residence Municipality TRANSP C
48 T5C2P_STREET Withholding Tax for Geneva: Street Name Conversion TRANSP C
49 T5C30 Salary Comparison: Function Numbers TRANSP C
50 T5C30T Salary Comparison: Function ID TRANSP C
51 T5C31 Salary Comparison: Function Assignment TRANSP C
52 T5C32 Salary Comparison: Industry Codes TRANSP E
53 T5C32T Salary Comparison: Industry Descriptions TRANSP E
54 T5C3A HR-CH: PF: Total transaction types TRANSP C
55 T5C3B HR-CH: PF: Total wage types - texts TRANSP C
56 T5C3C HR-CH: Share of Hourly Wages TRANSP C
57 T5C3D HR-CH: UVG/SUVA premiums TRANSP C
58 T5C3E HR-CH: plant section text internal/UVG TRANSP C
59 T5C3F HR-CH: Valuation of Absences TRANSP C
60 T5C3G HR-CH: Reduced Working Hours Grace Days TRANSP C
61 T5C3H HR-CH: Control of End of Year Bonus (13th Wage) TRANSP C
62 T5C3I HR-CH: Application Key Switzerland TRANSP E
63 T5C3IT HR-CH: Application key Switzerland TRANSP E
64 T5C3J HR-CH: Assignment of Application Keys to Payroll Units TRANSP C
65 T5C3K Assignment Name AHV Number TRANSP S
66 T5C4A Municipality TRANSP C
67 T5C50 ELM: Control Data Extraction TRANSP C
68 T5C51 ELM: Grouping Payroll Units for Enterprise TRANSP C
69 T5C52 Internal Institution ID TRANSP C
70 T5C53 Conversion Table Marital Status TRANSP C
71 T5C54 Conversion Table Residence Status TRANSP C
72 T5C60 Notification Formats TRANSP E
73 T5C61 Obsolete TRANSP E
74 T5C62 Versions of Notification Formats TRANSP E
75 T5C63 Layouts TRANSP E
76 T5C64 Validity Periods of Versions for Each Notification Format TRANSP E
77 T5C65 Derivation of Relationship Between Child and Bonus Recipient TRANSP C
78 T5C66 Message ID Number for Notifications to FamRelBReg TRANSP A
79 T5C67 Employer Data for Overall Monthly Report (Fam.Rel.Bonus Reg) TRANSP C
80 T5C70 Message Numbers TRANSP A
81 T5CA0 Employee Attributes TRANSP E
82 T5CA1 Texts for EE Attributes TRANSP E
83 T5CA2 PC Value Types TRANSP E
84 T5CA3 HR-CH: Value type descriptions TRANSP E
85 T5CA4 Processing Schedules TRANSP E
86 T5CA5 Processing Schedule Names TRANSP E
87 T5CA6 PC Method Types TRANSP E
88 T5CA7 PC Method Type Names TRANSP E
89 T5CA8 PC Method Determination TRANSP E
90 T5CA9 PC Method Variant Determination TRANSP E
91 T5CAA Parameter Areas TRANSP E
92 T5CAB Parameter Area Name TRANSP E
93 T5CAC Parameter Range Determination TRANSP E
94 T5CAD PC Parameter Values TRANSP E
95 T5CAE PC Operations TRANSP E
96 T5CAF Operation Descriptions TRANSP E
97 T5CAG PC Method Definitions TRANSP E
98 T5CAH Schedule Value Types TRANSP E
99 T5CAI EE Groupings for PC Method Assignment TRANSP E
100 T5CAJ Name of EE Groupings for PC Method Assignment TRANSP E
101 T5CAK PC: Text Templates for Operation Conditions TRANSP E
102 T5CAKE PC: Text Templates for Operation Conditions TRANSP E
103 T5CAL PC: Operation Parameter Descriptions TRANSP E
104 T5CAM Operation Parameter Names TRANSP E
105 T5CAN Text Templates for Line Types TRANSP S
106 T5CAO Line Selection of Processing Schedules TRANSP E
107 T5CAP EE Attribute Classes TRANSP E
108 T5CAQ HR-CH: Identification of EE attribute classes TRANSP E
109 T5CAR Message for Employee Attribute Combination TRANSP C
110 T5CAS Assignment of EE Attr.classes to IT Entry Fields TRANSP C
111 T5CAT PC Value Type Attributes TRANSP E
112 T5CAU Texts for PC Value Type Attributes TRANSP E
113 T5CAV Value Type Attribute Assignment TRANSP E
114 T5CAW Parameter Range Determination Groupings TRANSP E
115 T5CAX Parameter Range Determination Grouping Texts TRANSP E
116 T5CAY PC Activities TRANSP E
117 T5CAZ Texts for PC Activities TRANSP E
118 T5CB0 PC Value Sets TRANSP E
119 T5CB1 Texts for PC Value Sets TRANSP E
120 T5CB2 PC Data Type Value Sets TRANSP S
121 T5CB3 PC Parameter Attributes TRANSP E
122 T5CB4 PC Schemas TRANSP E
123 T5CB5 Texts for PC Schemas TRANSP E
124 T5CB6 PC Forms TRANSP E
125 T5CB7 Texts for PC Forms TRANSP E
126 T5CB8 PC Evaluation Types TRANSP E
127 T5CB9 Texts for PC Evaluation Types TRANSP E
128 T5CBA PC Schema of PC Evaluation Type TRANSP C
129 T5CBB PC Output Sequences of a PC Evaluation Type TRANSP C
130 T5CBC Compatibility of PC Schemas and Output Sequences TRANSP C
131 T5CBD PC Form Attributes TRANSP G
132 T5CBE Value Type Field Assignment TRANSP G
133 T5CBF Individual Processing of a PC Schema TRANSP G
134 T5CBG Output Sequences TRANSP E
135 T5CBH Texts for Output Sequences TRANSP E
136 T5CBI Group Formation Types TRANSP E
137 T5CBJ Texts for Group Formation Types TRANSP E
138 T5CBK Output Assignment Types TRANSP E
139 T5CBL Texts for Output Assignment Types TRANSP E
140 T5CBM Output Sequence Steps TRANSP C
141 T5CBN Messages for PC Operation Conditions TRANSP G
142 T5CBO Additional Selection Parameters for Reports TRANSP G
143 T5CBP PC Calculations TRANSP E
144 T5CBQ PC Calculation Names TRANSP E
145 T5CBR Views for PC Online Evaluation TRANSP E
146 T5CBS Texts for PC Online Evaluation Views TRANSP E
147 T5CBT Control of PC Calculation TRANSP C
148 T5CBU Field Selection for PC Online Evaluation View TRANSP C
149 T5CBW Value Type Attributes for Dialog TRANSP C
150 T5CBX Settings for PC Schema TRANSP G
151 T5CBY Processing Contexts TRANSP S
152 T5CBZ Processing Context Name TRANSP S
153 T5CC0 PC Method Steps Add-Ons TRANSP E
154 T5CC1 Characteristics of Output Sequences TRANSP G
155 T5CC2 HR-PF: Grouping for Value Types TRANSP E
156 T5CC3 HR-PF: Grouping for Value Types (Texts) TRANSP E
157 T5CC4 HR-PF: Value Type Grouping TRANSP E
158 T5CD2 Mapping Infotype 3230 Value Type Acc. to DTA Posting Val.Ty. TRANSP E
159 T5CD3 House Bank Pension Fund for Non-Recurring Payments TRANSP E
160 T5CD4 Pension Fund Data for EHO File TRANSP E
161 T5CDB PA-PF-CH Specific Enhancement for T5PCB (EMZ, and so on) TRANSP A
162 T5CE0 HR-CH: Master Data Sheets TRANSP E
163 T5CE0T HR-CH: Master Data Sheet Names TRANSP E
164 T5CE1 HR-CH: Data Origins for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
165 T5CE1T HR-CH: Data Origin Names TRANSP E
166 T5CE2 HR-CH: Read Control for Master Data Sheets TRANSP E
167 T5CE3 HR-CH: Order of Text Elements for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
168 T5CEA HR-CH: Output Procedure for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
169 T5CEAT HR-CH: Name of Output Procedure for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
170 T5CEB HR-CH: Derived Intotype Values TRANSP S
171 T5CEBT HR-CH: Names of Derived Infotype Values TRANSP S
172 T5CEI HR-CH: Infotype Output for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
173 T5CEJ HR-CH: Infotype Output for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
174 T5CEK HR-CH: Derived Infotype Values for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
175 T5CEL HR-CH: Values from Infotype 0279 for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
176 T5CEM HR-CH: Attribute Classes for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
177 T5CEN HR-CH: Payroll Units for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
178 T5CEO HR-CH: Data from Payroll Units TRANSP E
179 T5CEP HR-CH: Data from Infotype 0041 for Master Data Sheet TRANSP E
180 T5CP0 HR-CH: Pension funds TRANSP E
181 T5CP1 HR-CH: Texts for pension funds TRANSP E
182 T5CP2 HR-CH: Control of pension funds TRANSP C
183 T5CP3 HR-CH: Field assignment for infotype 279 TRANSP E
184 T5CP4 HR-CH: Value assignment for fields (BI) TRANSP E
185 T5CP5 HR-CH: Infotypes for BI TRANSP E
186 T5CP6 HR-CH: Employee groupings for field assignment infotype 0279 TRANSP G
187 T5CP7 HR-CH: Texts on EE groupings for field assignment It 0279 TRANSP G
188 T5CP8 HR-PF: Frame Texts for Infotype 0279 TRANSP C
189 T5CP9 HR-CH: Infotypes for Overview in Administrator Interface TRANSP C
190 T5CPA HR-CH: Determination of Wage Types for PF Value Types TRANSP E
191 T5CPB HR-CH: Pension fund postings TRANSP A
192 T5CPBS01 Employee Activity Key TRANSP C
193 T5CPBS01T Employee Activity Text (Male/Female) TRANSP C
194 T5CPBS04 Assgt Municipality (Distr) -> Cost-of-Living Level Allow.Lvl TRANSP C
195 T5CPBS05 Cost-of-Living Allowance Levels and Amounts TRANSP C
196 T5CPC PF Calculations TRANSP E
197 T5CPD PF Calculation Texts TRANSP E
198 T5CPE Control of PF Calculations TRANSP E
199 T5CPF Fund Function View TRANSP E
200 T5CPFT Fund Function Names TRANSP E
201 T5CPG HR-CH: Authorization groups for PF accounts TRANSP C
202 T5CPH HR-CH: Texts on authorization groups for PF accounts TRANSP C
203 T5CPI HR-CH: Settings for PC Schemata for PF TRANSP G
204 T5CPJ Fund Function View Categories TRANSP E
205 T5CPJT Fund Function View Category Names TRANSP E
206 T5CPK HR-CH: PF account index TRANSP A
207 T5CPL HR-CH: Column Headings for Infotype 0279 List TRANSP G
208 T5CPM Infotype 0279 Fund and Employee Grouping Data TRANSP G
209 T5CPN PF Functions in Fund Function View Category TRANSP E
210 T5CPO HR-CH: Quantities of Input Parameters for PF Calculations TRANSP E
211 T5CPP Input Parameter Texts for PF Calculations TRANSP E
212 T5CPQ Input Parameter Quantity Value Types for PF Calulation TRANSP C
213 T5CPR Additional PF Re-Calculation Infotypes TRANSP E
214 T5CPS Additional Infotype Field Values for PF Calculation TRANSP E
215 T5CPT Parallel processing variants TRANSP C
216 T5CPTT Parallel Processing Variants Text TRANSP C
217 T5CPU PF Functions TRANSP E
218 T5CPUT PF Functions TRANSP E
219 T5CPV Control of PF Functions TRANSP E
220 T5CPW Ad Hoc Query Field Assignment TRANSP C
221 T5CPX RFC Destinations for the Distributed Execution of Reports TRANSP C
222 T5CPY Individual PF Account Views TRANSP E
223 T5CPYT PF Account View Texts TRANSP E
224 T5CPZ HR-CH: Personnel number account number assignment (PF) TRANSP A
225 T5CQ0 Account View Control TRANSP E
226 T5CQ1 Account View Posting Value Types TRANSP E
227 T5CQ2 Account View Arrangement TRANSP E
228 T5CQ3 Account View Result Value Types TRANSP E
229 T5CR0 HR-CH: Rules for Determining the Pension Start TRANSP E
230 T5CS1 HR-CH: Control of SI TRANSP E
231 T5CS2 HR-CH: Application Key Switzerland TRANSP E
232 T5CS3 HR-CH: Creation of Wage Types for SI TRANSP E
233 T5CS4 HR-CH: Application Key Switzerland TRANSP E
234 T5CS5 HR-CH: Creation of Wage Types for SI TRANSP E
235 T5CS6 HR-CH: Period Wage Types for Gross/Net Iteration TRANSP E
236 T5CS7 HR-CH: Premium Rates for Insurance TRANSP C
237 T5CS8 HR-CH: Texts for Contribution Rates for Insurance TRANSP C
238 T5CS9 HR-CH: Payroll unit - AHV/UI TRANSP C
239 T5CS9T HR-CH: Payroll unit - AHV/UI TRANSP C
240 T5CSA HR-CH: Payroll unit UVG TRANSP C
241 T5CSAT HR-CH: Payroll unit UVG TRANSP C
242 T5CSB HR-CH: Payroll unit: Social Funds TRANSP C
243 T5CSBT HR-CH: Payroll unit: Social Funds TRANSP C
244 T5CSC HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Voluntary Accident Insurance TRANSP C
245 T5CSCT HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Voluntary Accident Insurance TRANSP C
246 T5CSD HR-CH: Payroll Unit - Sickness Indemnity Insurance TRANSP C
247 T5CSDT HR-CH: Payroll Unit - Sickness Indemnity Insurance TRANSP C
248 T5CSE HR-CH: Payroll unit: NBU additional insurance TRANSP C
249 T5CSET HR-CH: Payroll unit: NBU additional insurance TRANSP C
250 T5CSF HR-CH: Payroll Unit - ASM TRANSP C
251 T5CSFT HR-CH: Payroll Unit - ASM TRANSP C
252 T5CSG HR-CH: Payroll Unit BFS TRANSP C
253 T5CSGT HR-CH: Payroll Unit BFS Text TRANSP C
254 T5CSH Grouping for Social Insurance TRANSP E
255 T5CSHT Grouping for Social Insurance Switzerland TRANSP E
256 T5CSI Grouping for Insurances TRANSP C
257 T5CSIT Grouping for Social Insurance Switzerland TRANSP C
258 T5CSJ Payroll Units for the Employer Statement TRANSP C
259 T5CSJT HR-CH; Payroll Unit AGBE TRANSP C
260 T5CSK HR-CH: PAyroll Unit Compensation Fund VD TRANSP C
261 T5CSKT HR-CH: Payroll Unit Compensation Fund VD TRANSP C
262 T5CSL Value Table Enterprises for ELM TRANSP C
263 T5CSLT Text for Value Table Enterprises for ELM TRANSP C
264 T5CSM HR-CH: Payroll Unit BVG ELM TRANSP C
266 T5CSX HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 1 TRANSP C
267 T5CSXT HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 1 TRANSP C
268 T5CSY HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 2 TRANSP C
269 T5CSYT HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 2 TRANSP C
270 T5CSZ HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 3 TRANSP C
271 T5CSZT HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 3 TRANSP C
272 T5CZ1 HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Family-Related Bonuses TRANSP C
273 T5CZ1T HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Family-Related Bonuses TRANSP C
274 T5CZA HR-CH: Scope of Validity of Child Benefit/Training Bonus TRANSP E
275 T5CZB HR-CH: Code for Calculating Age of Child TRANSP E
276 T5CZC HR-CH: Counting Class for Children for Fam.Allow. TRANSP C
277 T5CZM HR-CH: FAK Reduction Rules TRANSP E
278 T5CZN HR-CH: FAK Reduction Rules TRANSP E
279 T5CZO HR-CH: Amount of Child Benefit TRANSP C
280 T5CZP HR-CH: Amount of Bonus Paid after Birth of Child TRANSP C
281 T5CZQ HR-CH: Calculation Rule for Child Benefit TRANSP C
282 T5CZR HR-CH: Calculation Rule for Bonus Paid after Birth of Child TRANSP C
283 T5CZS HR-CH: Calculation Rule for Household Allowance TRANSP C
284 T5CZT HR-CH: FAK Contribution TRANSP C
285 T5CZU HR-CH: Different Payment of Family-Related Bonuses TRANSP C
286 T5CZV HR-CH: Differing Reduction Rules TRANSP C
287 T5D03 Employee Group/Subgroup TRANSP C
288 T5D0A Absence Attributes TRANSP C
289 T5D0C Absence Distribution POOL C
290 T5D0D Part Time Work During ParentalLeave TRANSP C
291 T5D0F Fictitious Run Controls TRANSP E
292 T5D0FT Fictitious Run Contol Texts TRANSP E
293 T5D0G Fictitious Runs TRANSP E
294 T5D0GT Fictitious Run Texts TRANSP E
295 T5D0H Assign Fictitious Run Control to Fictitious Run TRANSP E
296 T5D0I Fictitious Run Control: Wage Type Assignment TRANSP E
297 T5D0L HR: Derivation of Wage Types Dependent on Processing TRANSP E
298 T5D0M HR: Processing Routines for the Derivation of Wage Types TRANSP E
299 T5D0N HR: Texts for Processing Routines for T5D0M TRANSP E
300 T5D0O Processing Category for Absences TRANSP C
301 T5D0P Plant/Personnel Subarea (D) TRANSP C
302 T5D0S Grouping of Absences TRANSP C
303 T5D0T Pay Scale Area Groupings TRANSP C
304 T5D0U Assignment to Pay Scale Area Groups TRANSP C
305 T5D0V Wage and Salary Types (National Attributes) TRANSP C
306 T5D0W Assignment of Pension Organization to Personnel Area TRANSP C
307 T5D10 Procedure for Expected Due Contributions TRANSP C
308 T5D11 Calculation Procedures and Indicators of Health Ins. Funds TRANSP C
309 T5D12 Reason for Exemption from Insurance Liability TRANSP E
310 T5D13 Jobs (Germany) POOL C
311 T5D14 Features of Earnings Survey for State Statistics Office POOL C
312 T5D15 EDI Funds TRANSP C
313 T5D16 Advanced Payment - Statement of Contributions Paid TRANSP A
314 T5D17 Subsequent Administration of Locked HI Funds TRANSP C
315 T5D18 Processing of Assessment Thresholds TRANSP E
316 T5D19 Assignment of Individual SI Contribution Funds TRANSP C
317 T5D1A Social Insurance Contributions TRANSP C
318 T5D1B Special SI Rules POOL E
319 T5D1C Texts for Special Rules for SI POOL E
320 T5D1D Help View for SI Attribute Combinations POOL E
321 T5D1E Social Insurance Attributes and Their Various Combinations POOL E
322 T5D1F Reasons for Exemption from SI Contributions POOL E
323 T5D1G Contribution Scales for Supplementary Insurance POOL C
324 T5D1H Supplementary Insurance TRANSP C
325 T5D1I Health Insurance Contributions for the Compulsory Insured POOL C
326 T5D1J Health Insurance Contribution Rates TRANSP C
327 T5D1K Branch Offices TRANSP C
328 T5D1L SI Withholding Deductions (D) POOL C
329 T5D1M HI Contributions Reduced Voluntarily TRANSP C
330 T5D1N Calculation of HI Amount POOL E
331 T5D1O Health Insurance Funds, Voluntary Contributions POOL C
332 T5D1P Social Insurance Keys TRANSP E
333 T5D1Q Special Rules for Supplementary Insurance POOL E
334 T5D1R Special Rules Supplementary Insurance Texts POOL E
335 T5D1S Gross SI TRANSP E
336 T5D1T SI Assessment Threshold POOL E
337 T5D1U SI Processing POOL E
338 T5D1V SI Processing Routines POOL E
339 T5D1W Supplementary Pensions POOL C
340 T5D1X Supplementary Pension (D) Percentage Rates POOL C
341 T5D1Y Social Insurance Divisions w/ Valid SAP Contribution Groups TRANSP E
342 T5D1Z Contributions to Care Insurance, Voluntarily Insured TRANSP C
343 T5D2A Tax Offices (D) TRANSP E
344 T5D2B Municipality Key (D) TRANSP E
345 T5D2C Check I Taxes (D) POOL E
346 T5D2D Tax Features (D) TRANSP E
347 T5D2E Check II Taxes (D) POOL E
348 T5D2F Gross Taxable Amounts (D) POOL E
349 T5D2G Tax Procedure (D) POOL E
350 T5D2H Church Tax Rates (D) POOL E
351 T5D2I StADUEV Notifications: Transfer Numbers TRANSP A
352 T5D2J StADUEV Form Control TRANSP E
353 T5D2K Family Funds (D) TRANSP E
354 T5D2L Church Tax Areas (D) TRANSP E
355 T5D2M Month of Issue: Employment Tax Statement (Tax Germany) TRANSP A
356 T5D2N Religious Denomnations Liable for Tax (D) POOL E
357 T5D2O ETNotif.: Asssignment - Cumulation Wage Type to Key Figure TRANSP E
358 T5D2P ETNotif.: Key Figures TRANSP E
359 T5D2Q ETNotif.: Totals Formation for Key Figures TRANSP E
360 T5D2R ETStmt: Additional Data with Required Tag TRANSP C
361 T5D2S Derived Tax Wage Types POOL E
362 T5D2T Tax Feature Texts (D) TRANSP E
363 T5D2U Derived Tax Wage Types with Additional Key Field TRANSP E
364 T5D2W StADÜV Kennzahlen TRANSP S
365 T5D2Z StADUEV Key Figures TRANSP E
366 T5D30 Attributes for Reimbursing Employer Expenses TRANSP C
367 T5D31 Professionals Pension Organization (PPO) TRANSP C
368 T5D32_GT Workers' Compensation Associations Hazard Pay Scales TRANSP C
369 T5D32_UV Workers' Compensation Associations TRANSP C
370 T5D33 ELENA: Employment Agencies' Key Directory TRANSP C
371 T5D37 Applications for Classification TRANSP E
372 T5D38 Wage Type Classification TRANSP C
373 T5D39 Classification of Specifications TRANSP E
374 T5D3A Workers' Compensation Associations TRANSP C
375 T5D3A_ABWUV Alternative Determination of Responsible AI Carrier TRANSP C
376 T5D3A_ABWUVT Texts for Alternative Determination of AI Carrier TRANSP C
377 T5D3A_MSL Membership Key for AI Data of Company TRANSP C
378 T5D3B Workers' Compensation Associations - Hazard Pay Areas TRANSP C
379 T5D3C Workers' Compensation Associations - Texts POOL C
380 T5D3D Hazard Pay Areas of Workers' Compensation Associations POOL C
381 T5D3E Reduced Hours Compensation/Seasonal RHC: Approval Periods TRANSP C
382 T5D3E_SVERST RHC: Period for Flat-Rate SI 100% Refund TRANSP C
383 T5D3F Pension institutions (D) TRANSP C
384 T5D3G Capital Formation TRANSP E
385 T5D3H Investment Types for Capital Formation TRANSP E
386 T5D3I Reduced Hours Compensation - Variant Table TRANSP E
387 T5D3J RHC Variants Texts TRANSP E
388 T5D3K Capital Formation Variants TRANSP C
389 T5D3L Capital Formation Savings Payments-Special Rules Table-Texts TRANSP C
390 T5D3M Assignment of a Valuation of Pay Scales for Statistics TRANSP C
391 T5D3N Valuation of Pay Scales for Statistics TRANSP E
392 T5D3O Capital Formation Constants TRANSP C
393 T5D3P HR Technical Assignments for Workers' Compensation Assoc. TRANSP C
394 T5D3R HR-DEH: Entry of External Data TRANSP C
395 T5D3S_EHVE Additional Data: Reporting Company for Earnings Survey TRANSP C
396 T5D3S_EHVS Additional Data Report Company for Earnings Structure Survey TRANSP C
397 T5D40 Value Credit for Flexible Working Hours Policy TRANSP C
398 T5D41 Name of Value Credit TRANSP C
399 T5D42 Attributes of Value Credits TRANSP E
400 T5D43 Name of Value Credit Attributes TRANSP E
401 T5D44 Assignment of Attributes to Value Credits TRANSP C
402 T5D45 Assignment of Wage Types to Value Credits TRANSP C
403 T5D46 Flexible Working Hours Policy: Management of Disr.Ev. ITD TRANSP A
404 T5D47 Correction of Contributions on Basis of Previous Month TRANSP C
405 T5D48 Flexible Working Hours Policy: Management of Value Credits TRANSP A
406 T5D49 Assignment SI Contribution Rates U1 TRANSP C
407 T5D4A DEUEV Occupation Codes POOL E
408 T5D4ATS DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 TRANSP S
409 T5D4ATS_BRF DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Occupations TRANSP S
410 T5D4ATS_UMS35 DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Conversion Table Old(3)->New(5) TRANSP S
411 T5D4ATS_VAL DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Input Help TRANSP C
412 T5D4B DEUEV Occupation Code Texts POOL E
413 T5D4C DEUEV Pensioners/Applicants TRANSP E
414 T5D4D Texts for Pensioners/Applicants TRANSP E
415 T5D4E DEUEV Nationality Key TRANSP E
416 T5D4EL DEUEV Country Codes TRANSP C
417 T5D4F Wage Types for Contribution Calculation Sec.23c TRANSP E
418 T5D4FL Properties of Notional Run Controls Sec. 23c TRANSP E
419 T5D4G DEUEV Activity Keys for Miners' and Mine Employees' Ins. POOL C
420 T5D4H DEUEV Occupation Code for Miners' and Mine EEs' Insurance POOL C
421 T5D4I DEUEV Text on Reason for Change of Miners' & Mine EEs' Ins. TRANSP E
422 T5D4J Special Key: Miners' and Mine Employees' Insurance POOL E
423 T5D4K Special Key: Miners' and Mine Employees' Insurance TRANSP E
424 T5D4L Special Key: Miners' and Mine Employees' Insurance TRANSP E
425 T5D4M Official Social Insurance Key TRANSP S
426 T5D4N Types of Benefits for Unpaid Absence TRANSP E
427 T5D4NT Texts for Benefit Types TRANSP E
428 T5D4O DEUEV Permissible Name Extensions TRANSP S
429 T5D4P Person Group Key SI TRANSP S
430 T5D4Q Texts for Person Group Key TRANSP S
431 T5D4R DEUEV: Assignment to Recipient Funds TRANSP C
432 T5D4S DEUEV: File Counter TRANSP A
433 T5D4T HIF Receiving Office for the E-Mail Procedure TRANSP C
434 T5D4U File Numbers for E-Mail Procedure with Health Ins. Funds TRANSP A
435 T5D4UMS Conversion of Characters Not Supported by DEUEV TRANSP C
436 T5D4V E-Mail Procedure Contribution Statement: Admin. of Seq. Nos TRANSP A
437 T5D4W HIF Receiving Office for E-Mail Procedure (Forwarding) TRANSP C
438 T5D4X Administration CoNo Certificates E-Mail Procedure TRANSP C
439 T5D4X_STAT Status - Admin. Contrib. Statmt Certificates E-Mail Proc. TRANSP A
440 T5D4X_ZERTR Certificate Request - Admin. Contrib. Statmt Certificates TRANSP A
441 T5D4Y List of HI Funds TRANSP A
442 T5D4Z Health Insurance Fund List per Contribution Statement TRANSP A
443 T5D5A OBSOLETE: Check Table for COLA Level/Partner Indicator POOL S
444 T5D5B Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Employer Table TRANSP C
445 T5D5C Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Payroll Table TRANSP C
446 T5D5D Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Notification Fields TRANSP C
447 T5D5E Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Table of Notfctn Reason TRANSP C
448 T5D5F Case groups POOL C
449 T5D5G Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Combination Table TRANSP C
450 T5D5GT Insurance Types for Supplementary Pension in Public Sector TRANSP G
451 T5D5H Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Taxing Features TRANSP C
452 T5D5HT SP Tax Models TRANSP C
453 T5D5I Assgmt: Contract Model -> Ins. Feature for Voluntary Ins. TRANSP C
454 T5D5K Case Group Catalog POOL C
455 T5D5L Family-Related Bonus Classes and Career Assignment POOL C
456 T5D5LN Pay Scale Assign. for Guaranteed Payts: COLA/Fam.-Rel Bonus TRANSP C
457 T5D5N Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Account Number Table TRANSP C
458 T5D5R Supp. Pension Pub. Sector: Customizing fr Contrib. Statement TRANSP C
459 T5D5T Case Group Catalog - Texts POOL C
460 T5D5Z Supplementary Pension Public Sector: SPI Data TRANSP C
461 T5D6A Adjustment Types TRANSP S
462 T5D6B Equalization Reasons TRANSP C
463 T5D6C Special Garnishment Cases TRANSP E
464 T5D6D Fields for Special Cases for Garnishment POOL E
465 T5D6E Execution Rules for Garnishment Special Cases POOL E
466 T5D6F Text Table for Garnishment TRANSP E
467 T5D6G Employer Costs - Garnishment POOL C
468 T5D6H Garnishment Pension Scheme Age Pay Scales TRANSP S
469 T5D71 Period Calculation TRANSP C
470 T5D71T Function Model Texts for Period Calculation TRANSP C
471 T5D72 Houses TRANSP C
472 T5D73 Official Housing TRANSP C
473 T5D74 Employee Accommodation TRANSP C
474 T5D75 Employee Accommodation - Price per Square Meter TRANSP C
475 T5D76 Official Housing Rule - Modifiers TRANSP C
476 T5D77 Maximum Remuneration for Official Housing TRANSP C
477 T5D78 Official Housing Rule TRANSP C
478 T5D79 Wage Type Control for Official Housing Gross Amount TRANSP C
479 T5D7A Catalogs of Service Types TRANSP C
480 T5D7B Texts for Catalog of Service Types TRANSP C
481 T5D7C Service Types TRANSP C
482 T5D7D Service Type Texts TRANSP C
483 T5D7E Service Categories TRANSP C
484 T5D7F Service Category Texts TRANSP C
485 T5D7G Variants for Different Pay Scale Elements TRANSP C
486 T5D7H Spouse Component - Exception and Reason - TRANSP C
487 T5D7I Spouse Component -Text- TRANSP C
488 T5D7J Control of BDA and COLA Relevance (Basic Pay) TRANSP C
489 T5D7K Parameters for Determining Proposed Pay Seniority TRANSP C
490 T5D7L Auxiliary Table for Higher Grouping and Promotion TRANSP C
491 T5D7LN Next Pay Scale Group for Higher/Lower Grouping TRANSP C
492 T5D7M Value of Remuneration Groups TRANSP C
493 T5D7MN Value of Pay Scale Groups TRANSP C
494 T5D7N Determination of Hiring Level Model 8 TRANSP C
495 T5D7O Grouping Company Code/Service Type Catalog TRANSP C
496 T5D7Q Models for Control of Contribution TRANSP C
497 T5D7QT Function Model Texts: Special Payment TRANSP C
498 T5D7R Models for Controlling Vacation Bonus TRANSP C
499 T5D7RT Function Model Texts: Vacation Bonus TRANSP C
500 T5D7S Evaluation Areas in Statistics TRANSP C