SAP ABAP Table T5D5E (Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Table of Notfctn Reason)
SAP_HRCDE (Software Component) Sub component SAP_HRCDE of SAP_HR
   PY-DE-PS (Application Component) Public Sector
     P01O (Package) HR Germany: Public Sector
Basic Data
Table Category TRANSP    Transparent table 
Transparent table T5D5E   Table Relationship Diagram
Short Description Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Table of Notfctn Reason    
Delivery and Maintenance
Delivery Class C   Customizing table, maintenance only by cust., not SAP import 
Data Browser/Table View Maintenance X   Display/Maintenance Allowed 
Field Key Data Element Domain Data
Length Decimal
Short Description Check
1 MANDT MANDT MANDT CLNT 3   0   Client *
2 MGKEY VMGKY VMGKY NUMC 2   0   Notification Reason Key  
3 MELGR MELGR MELGR NUMC 3   0   Number of Notification Reason  
4 MTATB MTATB MTATB NUMC 2   0   Reason for Notification  
5 SAART MTATB MTATB NUMC 2   0   Reason for Notification  
6 DIFMG DIFFM MELGR NUMC 3   0   Notification Reason for Difference Notifications  
7 DIFGR DIFGR DIFGR CHAR 1   0   Reason for Difference Notification  
8 MELAR MELAR MELAR NUMC 2   0   Type of Notification Table  
9 GTEXT TXTMG TXT45 CHAR 45   0   Description of Notification Reason  
10 LOEKZ LOEKN XFELD CHAR 1   0   Deletion indicator  
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